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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 19, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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astronaut on the lunar surface by the end of the decade watch american moon shot on have a great weekend. >> julie: a fox news alert. iranian officials are saying another incident has involved a british oil tanker intercepted by the iranians. meantime, iranian officials denying the united states destroyed one of its drones over the strait of hormuz after the u.s. adversary interpreted thintercepted the. hello i'm julie banderas in for dana perino and this is the daily briefing. also president trump saying the u.s. navy warship shout down iranian drone after being forced to take defensive action. the president putting the regime on notice. listen.
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>> we hope for their sake they don't do anything foolish. they do? they will pay a price like nobody has ever paid a price. >> julie: national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with more. hi, jennifer. >> julie, this is a seventh tanker that we now understand that the iranian revolutionary guard corps navy says that it has taken into custody, forcing it off course. it's a british-flagged oil tanker, swedish owned. the swedes have put out a statement. but this is the seventh incident, a new incident in just moments ago we learned about. defense officials tell me there is clear evidence that this was an iranian drone that the u.s. shot down yesterday. and that by the iranian leadership that the u.s. shot down american drone are far-fetched at best. in fact, this video released by the iranians today to prove the u.s. navy did not shoot down its drone appears to prove the opposite, that
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an iranian drone was above a u.s. navy vessel. experts say it appears to be from 2018 and does not involve the uss boxer. marines on board the boxer used this safety the art electronic jamming device yesterday to bring down the iranian drone. the device causes the electronics on board a plane to jam. the relatively new technology deployed at sea for the first time in january. the uss boxer is an amphibious assault ship with 2,000 u.s. marines on board. traveling through the strait with five other american warship. it occurred as it transited the strait of hormuz 10:00 a.m. local time according to defense officials. a "wall street journal" reporter on board the boxer described hours of harassment by the iranians, including revolutionary guard corps fast boats coming within five hundred yards of the boxer before being shoed off. the incident comes after the iranians shot down a u.s. drone last month, which they claim had entered iranian
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waters. president trump has -- did call off a military counter attack in that incident just minutes before missiles were about to launch at iran. >> it is a very dangerous situation. there are a lot of naval vessels where they shouldn't be. >> iran's foreign minister speaking to reporters in new york yesterday has offered to allow inspectors into their nuclear facilities immediately if the u.s. and allies lift the crushing sanctions that are strangling its oil-dependent economy. a senior administration official here in the u.s. tells me, quote: the president has repeatedly said he is willing to have a conversation with iranian leaders, if iran wants to make a serious gesture it, should start by ending uranium enrichment immediately and having an actual decision-maker attempt to negotiate a deal that includes a perm end to iran's maligned nuclear ambitions, including its development of nuclear-capable missiles.
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the head of u.s. central command general frank mackenzie is in the region trying to form a coalition of allied navy vessels to escort the vessels through the strait of hormuz. julie. >> julie: thank you very much. let's bring in daniel. thank you for talking to us. a lot of moving here. iran shoots down a month ago. and then u.s. reports it shot down iranian drone which iran denies. the deputy foreign minister claims that the u.s. actually potentially shot down one of its own drones, which is doubtful. nonetheless, what do these escalations tell you. >> well, iran has been mounting basically a strategy of nuclear blackmail and incremental aggressive military operations against us and our allies in the persian gulf recall that they attacked oil tankers in may and in june. they have used their proxy militants the houthis in yemen to launch missile attacks against our allies saudi arabia.
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they are interested in having us eliminate those sanctions which are crippling iran's economy and returning to the very flawed iran nuclear deal. we refused to do it. and yesterday the president was very clear with rules of engagement that if the iranians continue to fly these drones dangerously close to our ships in the persian gulf that we'll shoot them down. and that's one way for us to ensure that there are no miscalculations, those clear statements of rules of engagement. >> julie: just to explain to our viewers how dangerously close these drones are they said it's a thousand yards from a ship. the president also yesterday said that the u.s., quote: called on all nations to condemn iran's attempt to disrupt freedom of navigation and global commerce. here is the commander in the middle east general frank mackenzie jr. on that and then i have a question for you. >> we believe that is an international responsibility. not a united states responsibility. but the united states is very happy to be part of a solution. and we're going to work very
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aggressively with our partners both in the region and with those partners internationally that move commerce through this critical part of the world to come to a solution that will enable the free passage of critical oil. >> julie: here is what is critical. the united states is not the only one that should be patrolling these shipping lanes in the strait of hormuz. how do we get our european allies to jump in i understand they are afraid they might escalate the tensions there. but i mean how much more are they going to escalate before other countries and our allies step in. >> the first thing is that the restraint that this administration has shown, which is all that the administration has done so far very flexible, proportional response, responses to iranian aggression. that restraint has helped us build the kind of coalition we need with our european partners. our state department special envoy for iran brian hook has been mounting a full court diplomatic press. we have south korea, japan, and china and india offering to help secure the persian gulf. and that is important. we do want a coalition.
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and i think our restraint has played -- military restraint has played a big part in enabling that to happen, frankly. >> julie: the u.s. is setting up a base in saudi arabia. this is the first time this has happened since the gulf war 1990. this is a big deal. it's part of the pentagon's plan to address tensions with iran. how do you think this base and the hundreds of troop setting up shop in the mideast are going to tamper down this crisis. >> there is a couple things we need to do again. i mentioned the rules of engagement. the other make it clear to iran if they launch any sort of strikes against us it's regime suicide that's why we sent the uss abraham to the region. and b-52 to our base in qatar. plus openings up the idea for negotiations. there have been some reports of back-channel negotiations between the united states and iran. that's ultimately what's going to solve. this but we have got to do it on our terms, not iran's. and you can't allow them to
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blackmail us into negotiations which would just lead to another flawed agreement that even democrats like senator schumer didn't support the first time around. >> julie: yeah, a maritime initiative, a failure to initiate one would be a huge blow to the united states. and it's just about, i guess, waiting to see if europe and our allies will actually get in on this. daniel hoffman, thank you very much for your expertise as always. thank you. >> julie: fox news alert. american citizen is in new york city in a courtroom right now facing charges for supporting isis. authorities say he allegedly traveled to syria. to become a sniper and also a weapons' instructor. laura ingle is following this for us. >> hi, julie. this guy had been living in brooklyn, new york, before he purchased a one-way ticket to turkey in 2013 so he could get into syria where federal investigators say he has been fighting for isis as a sniper for the last five years. now, we expect 42-year-old
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to make his first court appearances you said this hour in federal court in brooklyn to face charges of providing and attempting to provide material support including training services and personnel to isis. now, he was detained overseas by the syrian democratic forces also known as fdf and was transferred into fbi custody and arrived in new york just yesterday. the complaint states that asainov traveled to istanbul turkey to get into syria where he joined isis and became a sniper for the terrorist organization. federal investigators say he rose through the ranks overtime to become isis amir in charge of training other isis members in the use of weapons. he also attempted to recruit another individual to travel from the united states to syria to fight for isis. now, julie, he could get up to 20 years in prison if convicted on the current charges. more could be coming. the government requesting a permanent order of detention pending trial. we have a producer there in the courtroom. we will bring you the latest once we get it.
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>> julie: all right, laura ingle, thank you. have you noticed it's hot outside? that's because the heat wave is affecting millions of people from vermont to oklahoma this weekend. how hot is it going to get? and the actions you need to take. and one town how jeffrey epstein was able to roam hours at a time in violation of a plea deal 11 years ago. ♪ ♪ ates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress
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. >> julie: much of the united states will be feeling the heat this weekend. listen up. it could be dangerous. tens of millions of are expected to experience record high temperatures. joining me now is chief meteorologist rick reichmuth to lay it all out. a lot of red and orange behind you. >> rick: there is actually what i just did here was put up tuesday's temperatures just so we have something to
11:15 am
look forward to. it is going to get better tuesday and wednesday of next week. we will get a really big break across the eastern seaboard and central plains. i just say that because so many people are tired already. the heat especially right in the central plains where they have been baking all week long. that's the heat that's moving towards the east. you see this little break here across parts of the appalachians, that's only because the elevation that you are not as hot. but the humidity is certainly in place. this is what it feels like right now. you see all that pink. that is where we have got temps that feel like 90 to 100 plus. that's going to be worse throughout the after. right there across kind of that central plains areas of iowa, minnesota, risk, illinois, you see that pink, we are going to be dealing with spots in excess of 110. it's not as bad this afternoon across parts of the eastern seaboard when i say not as bad. still feels like triple digits moves to the east tomorrow. watching these temps going to feel like maybe 110 to 115 for some places, especially once you got right in towards this
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mid-atlantic delmarva peninsula, washington, d.c. tomorrow afternoon. feeling like 112. this is dangerous heat. it's also going to put a big poll on the electrical grid. watch out for that know where your cooling centers are in you don't have the aget ac strong enough where you live. show you the actual air temperatures. also really hot. especially across the central plains today. we get that break tomorrow. tomorrow north platte dropping about 25 degrees. going to be a big break. they have been dealing with these temps all week long. that heat though, towards the east, at least all weekend. julie? >> julie: all right. rick reichmuth. thank you so much. to add insult to injury in wisconsin, nearly 7,000 homes and businesses are still without power after a fire at a substation in madison. no one was hurt. that's the good news. the city, however, is under an excessive heat warning with temperatures expected to reach the mid 90's and feel as hot as 110 degrees. so for more on how to stay cool during this heat wave senior attending physician of emergency medicine at
11:17 am
saint barnabas hospital and dear friend of mine is here to talk to us about all the precautions that you can take. if if you do not have airconditioning, there are things can you do not all of us are blessed to have airconditioning. >> so true. many areas in the bronx don't have airconditioning. come down to lower floors in multiple dwelling buildings. using a lot of cool water. stay in shady areas. we have public libraries. cooling centers, malls, movie theaters, places where you can go to get airconditioning to at least beat the heat a little bit. >> julie: keep your lights off and shades down. >> computer equipment, any electrical appliances you have turn them off generate heat not necessary. keep the shades and blinds closed on the sunny portions of the apartment. and open them slightly on the areas that are shaded. so that you can get a little cool ventilation in and yet block a lot of the sun and heat. >> julie: what's interesting. we tell everybody to drink plenty of water but also what you eat.
11:18 am
apparently if you eat lighter. don't eat heavy meals. >> most definitely, that's 100 percent correctly. smaller meals, maybe portion them throughout the day and smaller amounts. nothing heavy, i agree. you need lots of fluids though. remember, no alcohol elk fluids because they help dehydrate you. caffeinated beverages dehydrate you as well. they work against your body to keep cool. >> julie: there are elderly and children. never leave a child unattended anywhere. >> or pet. never leave a child or a pet. >> check on elderly. when you think about the elderly you think about medications people are on. how does the medicine and medication actually complicate things when the temperatures get so high. >> there is a lot of over-the-counter medications as well as many prescription medications which for some reason keep your body running at a higher temperature, keep your metabolism up. those can work against your efforts to stay cool. so you want to make sure if you are on those medications you stay out of direct sunlight. other medications will help your skin tan quicker, you know, when you take them,
11:19 am
certain anti-by 00 sticks. don't want to be in the heat prescription medications when you don't need to be. >> julie: thank you very much. great to see you. >> keep cool this weekend and lots of fluid. >> julie: we will try to take your advice. iran intercepting yet another oil ship as u.s. forces arrive in the region. we will have more on that straight ahead. and robert mueller set for his appearance on capitol hill next week. how he might avoid reporters' questions before he ever even gets to the witness chair. ♪ ♪ ♪ more, more, more ♪ how do you like it, ♪ how do you like it ♪ ♪ more, more, more ♪ how do you like it, how do you like it ♪ all you can eat is back. how do you like that? applebee's.
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click, call, or visit a store today. >> julie: a fox news alert iran seizing control of a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz. this the latest in a series of incidents involving the revolutionary guard targeting tankers. let's bring the anchor of "special report" bret baier. what are rehearing regarding u.k. ship. >> julie, good afternoon, this u.k. oil tanker, the company put out a notice that it lost contact with this vessel some time today. we are being told through the associated press and the iran revolutionary guard that it seized this vessel with iranian ships, small
11:24 am
crafts and a helicopter. there are 23 people on board. the reason this is significant is obviously because continued escalation. there you see the company's statement about this during the strait of hormuz transit. this is an escalation. you had will uea vessel and oil tanker taken control of by the iranian vessels in that area. you obviously had the -- not shoot down but bring down of a iranian drone that the president announced yesterday. >> julie: right. >> bret: this is high tension in that region. >> julie: had sure is. you just mentioned the statement from the u.k. company and we have it. let's put it back on the screen. we literally just got. this we didn't read it though. u.k. vessel was approached by unidentified small craft and helicopter during transsift strait of hormuz while the vessel was international waters. we are presently unable to contact the vessel which is heading north toward iran 23 sea farers on board.
11:25 am
no injuries and their severity is of primary concern to both owners and managers. you just mentioned and you brought up the fact that the president yesterday discussed the fact that the united states basically ha drone that was shot down. iran denied that claim and then today the deputy foreign minister of iran said that in fact, it's possible that the united states shot down its own drone. this seems highly unlikely. what are you hearing about that? >> bret: no. the pentagon is confirming that they wrought down an iranian drone. and it wasn't shot down. it was brought down with this kind of new device that jams the. >> julie: electrical. >> bret: diffuses it and brings it down. the secretary of state just moments ago said it went down. foreign ministers zarif doesn't know about it or blue-eyed it. i can't account for his statements you had this back and forth but more importantly back and forth in the strait of hormuz. now the u.s. military through the navy is going to be moving assets and has
11:26 am
assets in the region according to head of centcom essentially escorting various vessels and there you have the possibility, at least, of something, you know, ticking off and creating a military incidents. this is high tension. and this is, you know, for all the back and forth we hear about in washington and who said what? this is the news that really matters day to day that potentially could lead to a big incident. >> julie: this is also frustrating for the united states the president has he said time and time again he needs european allies to jump in and actually assist in trying to secure this shipping channel where this is all taking place. we just, in fact, got some sound from the united states secretary of state mike pompeo on all of this. let's play that and then we will react. >> in the end, president trump will make the decision about how to proceed. he has made clear we're prepared to conduct negotiations with no preconditions, the iranians continue to say well they will talk if and only if the united states does something. we need them to come to the
11:27 am
table it's the right way to resolve these challenges. >> julie: who is going to come to the table first? >> that's a great question. i think the iranians don't have a lot of options, julie. they are in an economic pinch. and iran wants the world to believe that it's dangerous or possibly risky to go through the strait of hormuz and thereby oil goes up. if they go over the line and push it too far, there will be u.s. military response directly. and that changes the dynamic 100 percent. so, it is a game of chicken that iran is playing currently. and we will see however this goes, the response by the administration will be interesting. and the brits will weigh, in obviously, because it's a u.k.-flagged vessel that is now in iranian control as of this afternoon. >> julie: i mean, let's talk about how serious it would be for the failure to secure support for the maritime initiative. not only would that be a big blow to the efforts made by the united states, it would be a blow to its sunni muslim ally saudi arabia, the united arab emirates to
11:28 am
isolate shia this thing is escalating by the day. who is going to take the you were hand. obviously the united states wants to tamper things down but without our allies, can we do it? >> bret: yeah. i think they are hoping that the allies will be on the u.s. side. they are increasing sanctions. just yesterday more sanctions on two iranians who directly have been helping iranian militias inside iraq. there is a long history here. and the europeans have to make a decision whether they are going to stand with the u.s. it's been tense. those relationships, obviously. but i think this event today may change the dynamic a little bit in europe. >> julie: yeah. and now with that base that had just been reopened since 1990, right, in saudi arabia. it's just showing the united states is certainly putting up a fight here. i'm hoping they get some help. >> bret: they may. and obviously they are saying that if you continue to test us, we will do
11:29 am
something. the issue here is you don't want it to go out you have control. so they have been trying to tamper back with sanctions and small actions. but, if these boats attack, something tells me there will be a forceful response. >> julie: all right. bret baier, thank you very much. we will watch you on "special report" tonight, shall we? >> bret: thanks, julie. >> julie: all right. see you then. so president trump's battle with the so-called squad still going strong with neither side backing down. and it is round 2 of the democratic debates and the stage is all set. ♪ ♪ i had no idea why my mouth was constantly dry. it gave me bad breath. it was so embarrassing. now i take new biotene dry mouth lozenges whenever i'm on the go, which is all the time. new biotene dry mouth lozenges. freshen breath anytime, anywhere. new biotene dry mouth lozenges. but how do i know if i'm i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car
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>> julie: it has been item 34u89ous week in politics. starting with president trump politics. campaign rally the next night. before the president yesterday disavowed the chants of send her back directed at representative ilhan omar. but today the feud is not
11:34 am
letting up as the president and the minnesota lawmaker keep up the fight. take a look. >> up to them. they can go wherever they want or they can stay. she should love our country. [chanting send her back] >> when i said i was the president's nightmare, where you are watching it now. we are going to continue to be a nightmare to this president because his policies -- because his policies are a nightmare to us. >> that stadium was packed. it was a record crowd. and i could have filled it 10 times as you know. those are incredible people. those are incredible patriots. she is lucky to be where she is. let me tell you. and the things that she has said are a disgrace to our country.
11:35 am
>> julie: a lot to discuss with our panel today. antjuan seawright is a former advisor to hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. lisa booth is a fox news contributor. that tweet, that was last sunday. that was not even a week ago. it does feel longer. the president now trying to distance himself from the "send her back" chants that were happening. it turns out that his wife and his daughter were part of the reason why he came out and tried to disavow those. do you think that's enough and does he need to do more in order to sort of tamper down the, you know, the hate that is kind of surrounding this whole thing. >> i think if he is at another rally the and the chants start again he could be hey, let's not do. this let's be honest about the fact that it is politically advantageous for both groups to let this fight continue. president trump, you look at polling at what axios reported on mexico like alexandria ocasio-cortez and representative omar have been defining faces of the democratic party. they are absolutely toxic with key groups of workers
11:36 am
like white working class of voters people live in michigan in mccomb county. president trump sees this politically advantageous these members politically toxic to these voters as the defining face of the democrat party. also you look at issues like socialism, which are toxic to these voters as well and tying these members to that and if you look at the squad and some of these members if you are ocasio-cortez or omar this elevates your profile and take advantage of this moment to elevate yourself politically as well. both sides see this as politically advantageous and going to continue to attack each other. >> julie: go on antwon. >> there is no secret that the president is a racist. there is no place he [inaudible] in place rhetoric. tickles the ear of some of his base and he gets a response. i think you are right in that regard, lisa. for democrats we have to be careful. donald trump loves the distraction. he wants to have a personality value and not have a policy discussion. we saw that in the 2016. the more we play into this the more i think we do ourselves a disservice.
11:37 am
yes we must call it out for what it is. i think we should pivot and talk about some of the policies. i'm not worried about his words. although they mean everything and they have tremendous impact in this environment and really put these four members of congress in harm's way. the fact of the matter is some of the policys we have seen come out of this white house mean more from me from a generational standpoint more so than his words in a tweet. >> julie: both parties are hurt by. this i don't think anybody comes out a winner. i think that something that politico's reporter writes and puts it very well and i want to read it. no one truly won the week. and the loser? america. the whole country lost this week. this should be a country united not divided. >> i want to respond to what you have h. just said we live in a day and age where alexandria ocasio-cortez is pointing the finger at nancy pelosi and calling her reyes. her chief of staff was on twitter saying that centrist democrats likening them to segregationists and then have you members of the congressional black caucus calling the justice
11:38 am
democrats primarying people of color. we have this circular fire squad you are a racist, you are a racist. and that's the day and age we live. is nancy pelosi a race nist your opinion as well. >> this is what you will not get out of me. you will not get out of me that her chief of staff was wrong. you won't get any disagreement about that. >> that means you agree with what alexandria ocasio-cortez said? she also said about. >> nancy pelosi being a racist? >> yes. >> squad also said that nancy pelosi put their lives in danger. >> julie: let's start with nancy pelosi. she was called a racist. >> nancy pelosi far from a racist. the fact of the matter is. >> julie: why did she say that then? >> because of what pelosi and clyburn were able to do. we have barbara leah black woman in leadership. we have maxine and so many other women of color who chair committees and subcommittees. i don't disagree with the congresswoman from new york. but what i will say is that all of this has become the distraction but the right wants to go numb to what donald trump two. >trump. >> julie: two wrongs cannot make a right. >> cannot go numb to trump's
11:39 am
rhetoric because it causes deep harm. >> julie: the comments made about israel and some have accused her of being anti-semitic. those are hateful comments as well it. does not make it right for her to turn and for the president to then turn and say something like go back to your country either. they are both wrong. >> nancy pelosi also said at aipac that the bds movement is a dangerous, big gouted movement and that's something that you have representative omar introducing a resolution to spearhead support of the boycott divestment and sanctions. >> julie: i'm getting a hard wrap here. i'm so sorry, guys. i wish i could take up the next 20 minutes, thank you both. >> thank you. >> julie: time for campaign trail mix the drawing for the next democratic debates bernie sanders not paying his staffers $15 per hour. and mixed messages about the state of one candidate's campaign. peter doocy is in washington. peter? peter peter julie, the first time kamala harris challenged joe biden on a debate stage, he admits he was not prepared. and if she wants to try to
11:40 am
do it again, she will have her chance, because there will be two nights worth of democratic do baits later this month and last night's live draw puts harris and biden on the same stage. the stage the night beforehand is going to feature bernie sanders and elizabeth warren as the headliners on stage together and that showcases the primary's most progressive candidates. if at any point bernie sanders decides to try to push for a $15 minimum wage though, some of his staffers might be scratching their heads because there is a report in the "the washington post" that staffers are working more than 60 hours a week and because of that their hourly wage is below the hourly wage that their big boss, bernie sanders, is pushing for. this report also cites a draft statement from the unionized campaign staff to management. part of it says this: given our campaign's commitment to fighting for a living wage of at least $15 an hour, we believe it is only fair that the campaign would carry through this commitment to its own field team.
11:41 am
there is, though, no talk about bernie sanders exiting the race any time soon. but the same camp he said for john delaney. a report by the news report axios quotes anonymous staffers as saying the former maryland congressman is not made for the moment and that since he didn't break out at the first debate and isn't spending enough money to be competitive he should drop out before september to position himself better for a possible cabinet spot. delayne says through a spokesman, the report is not correct and they have spend more than $19 million on the campaign which he says is plenty, adding that nobody on the staff asked him to drop out and he has no plans to drop out. julie? >> julie: all right, peter doocy, thank you. and we'll be right back. (wheels screeching) (clapping) (sound of can hitting bag and bowl) (clapping) always there in crunch time.
11:42 am
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>> trace: i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. president trump set to leave the white house for the weekend minutes for now. we will see if he weighs in on a number of headlines including the breaking news of iran now claiming it seized a british oil tanker. that and the rest of the day's news coming up on shepard smith reporting. ♪ >> julie: all eyes will be on capitol hill next week as robert mueller is set to finally testify before congress. but, with everyone watching, just how can mueller avoid all the cameras before he sits down to speak? fox news senior capitol hill producer chad pergram explains how star witnesses often avoid the media before their moment in the spotlight. >> movie stars always go through the back door, the oscars and the grammies, capitol hill mite not have the same glitz as hollywood, but, the stars of the show come through the back doors here, too. think baseball star roger clemens, hillary clinton confidante huma abedin for a closed door interview
11:47 am
benghazi. former fbi director james comey and former counsel for president trump michael cohen. robert mueller is the marquee witness. that means a lot of cat and mouse from the press corps trying to capture the best shot as mueller comes to capitol hill. for the judiciary committee, u.s. capital police often bring in star witnesses through underground garage raburn office building. they block of the corridor and lock an h elevator before escorting witnesses to the hearing room. some witnesses try to duck the press and the chase is on. >> do you have anything to say. >> i do not. >> former cia director david petraeus alluded every photographer in washington as he arrived for a closed door predawn hearing on benghazi. testimony t. was as cloak and dagger as they cop. the nation's top spy wasn't going to waltz in through the front door. officials brought you him in through the subterranean tunnel a block away from the capitol. they then petraeus tunnels
11:48 am
and sight unseen. some things are counter intuitive. some of the biggest hearings happen in this room in the hart senate office building. back door where the witnesses come in is the next building over here in the dickerson senate office building. capitol police close off entire floors to usher in brett kavanaugh and his accuser christine blasey ford. we're here in the raburn house office building. this is where robert mueller will testify next week. sometimes there is no cat and mouse at all. sometimes the big time witnesses just scroll right through thstrollthrough the fro. i have been told they have asked for no special security arrangements for mueller next week. this might be where he comes in next week. >> julie: it will be interesting to see. mueller testifies next wednesday. the question is will he actually speak to reporters? is that even possible? what can we expect? >> anything is possible. but he is pretty closed
11:49 am
lipped. we have been told he might refer back to specific sections in his report. give yes or no answers. so if he is not going to give too much to lawmakers. he might not say much at all to reporters in the hallway. >> julie: are you hearing anything from democrats? >> yeah, democrats are trying right now to structure the hearing, to etch out what they want to get into. there are five particular sections dealing with obstruction that they are going to hit on in the hearing next week. i was told that what they are trying to do is animate the mueller report as one person put it to me earlier today, we have seen the book but thought movie comes out on wednesday, julie. >> julie: oh, yeah. that's a really good way of putting it. chad pergram, thank you. get the popcorn. >> thank you. >> julie: the 50th anniversary of the apollo moon land something tomorrow. thousands of people will be at cape canaveral to help celebrated. this includes our own kristin fisher whose parents were astronauts in the space shuttle program. this is going to be a very special moment. hey, kristin. >> hi, julie. one of the great legacies of the apollo program was its
11:50 am
ability to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and astronauts. and indeed thousands of people are going to be coming here this weekend to the kennedy sportscenter to marspace center that momentman n including the vice president. self-going to be making a major announcement tomorrow about the nsa is a's new mission the art mass program to return astronauts to the moon in five years. today the vice president was in the oval office along with president trump to honor the apollo 11 mission and the astronauts. buzz aldrin was also in the oval office. and he said despite the promise of artemis, he is frustrated that it's taken this long to go back. >> disappointed in the last 10, 15 years. now we have a number one rocket right now in the u.s. and we have the number one space craft. and they cannot get into lunar orbit with significant maneuvering capability. >> right. >> and that's a great
11:51 am
disappointment. >> now tomorrow during a special edition of america's news headquarters live from the kennedy space center, i'm going to be interviewing buzz aldrin and the vice president where we can dig in a bit deeper on what buzz aldrin was just saying and what the vice president and president trump intend to do with nasa over the next few years. julie, we are going to be broadcasting live from inside the suit-up room. that's the room that all the apollo astronauts use to get ready in right before they went out to the launch pad. very historic space. and i'm excited to absorb the space and share shah excitement with all of our viewers. julie? >> julie: that is so cool. kristin fisher, thank you so much. be sure to head on over to fox nation for more coverage of the al p apollo 11 mission. check out the documentary american moonshot. find out the way florida park is keeping homeless out a little funny but weird. facebook event to storm area 51 goes viral. what the creator is saying
11:52 am
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♪ >> julie: oh, yeah. that jam. you may have heard the song "baby shark." now a florida park is playing on this repeat to push homeless people out. it stopped. tyrus is here. >> wow. >> julie: does this irritate you? i'm going to have you have this conversation -- >> i like dad shark. >> julie: i want more. >> you want more? >> julie: this is supposed to drive people out. palm beach county is trying to drive people out, the homeless people out. is it unfair? is it cruel? unusual punishment? >> when i first heard it, how hilarious. once we put a label on a group
11:57 am
of people, they're not human anymore. we're driving out homeless and drug addicts. they need help. instead of playing baby sharks, which attracts children -- >> julie: it does. >> your driving to drive out the homeless and a tract children -- >> julie: seems twisted. not to be a debby downer. if you're trying to get homeless people out, move them to a safe place -- >> the majority of homeless are in a mental health situation, addiction to drugs. we can go on and on and the opioid crisis. the answer isn't playing nursery rhymes to drive them away. we have to help them or give them facilities to go to so they're not in parks. >> julie: here's a statement from west palm beach.
11:58 am
>> julie: i want to play this sound about playing the music and how it can affect you. this is coming from a guy that lives in the park. we can hear from how it affects the people they're targeting. listen. >> by playing the music, it can get to you psychologically over and over again. it is a warfare. you're not allowed to do that in combat. prisoners of war anymore. it's against the law. but they decided to try it. >> julie: it's a bizarre way to get the homeless out. trying to push them out by -- >> pushing them to where? where are you pushing them to? the neighborhoods? >> julie: good point. >> obviously if you're residential address is a park, you obviously don't have anywhere else to go. so that's my issue with this. yeah, sounds funny and great. like i said, my kids love that song. i love the daddy part.
11:59 am
i don't -- >> julie: i like it personally. we don't want to make light of it. it's a fun song. >> it is. >> julie: and on alexa, it's on repeat. as annoying as it is, i don't like them tying to it the homeless. >> play it in the shelter. >> julie: a warning from the federal government, don't storm area 51 in september. it's a joke. this facebook movement to get this crew of people that will storm area 51. the government says there is no such thing. what is this about? >> let me get this straight. the internet nation is going to get away from their screen and storm something? they're going to run in the desert, climb fences and kick in coors. possibly have to go down or upstairs. i think we're pretty safe in this situation. you cannot troll if you're not in front of your computer or on your phone. if you have ever been in vegas, desert ain't no joke. we might see bodies laying on
12:00 pm
the ground if it were tweeting for help. >> julie: thank you. be sure to catch tyrus always on fox nation. thanks for joining us. shep? >> trace: and we begin with breaking news. president trump set to leave the white house any moment for the weekend. white house in new jersey. we'll see if he stops to talk to reporters about the big headlines and word that iran has seized another oil tanker ship in the all-important strait of hormuz. this time a british tanker. one more escalation in the face off between iran and the west. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. iran intercepted the ship after iran denied that a drone was downed. the pentagon said indeed it did happen. let's get to jennifer griffin.


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