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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 22, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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going to send god bless america. we asked him when he came to us, he then said -- we asked them to come to the reception. >> harris: congrats, the president at your own wedding. here's dana. >> growing tensions as the nuclear renegade cover as a spy ring for the cia. i am julian for dana and this is the daily briefing. the u.s. pushing back against claims of a civilian espionage operation to steal secrets for the cia. president trump speaking about that, calling it a big lie. >> i write a report today about the cia, that's a false story. they put out propaganda. let's see what happens with the wrong.
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we are ready for the absolute worst we are ready for that. >> julie: for a new information as they hold a crew of a british tanker captive creating the terrified hostages for all the world to see. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. what else has have they done? >> they posted on twitter photos of americans they said were the cia handlers of the 17 iranians they say they arrested today accused of working with the cia. those photos included pictures of the americans with their families. we have chosen not to show the photos. iranian state television also aired this video showing commandos and black ski masks roping down a helicopter on the deck of that british oil tanker friday night. earlier this month a british warship blocked three boats from commandeering a spike in british
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tanker, but that same british warship was an hour away this time i could not stop the iranians from seizing this oil tanker. here's the radio exchange between the iranian gunboat swimming. >> you are ordered to change your course to 3-6-0. 3 degrees immediately. you will be safe. >> we are conducting transit passage under international law, you must not be impaired, instruction. >> they ignore the navy and proceeded to seize the oil tanker. the minister says the royal navy is too small to handle its missions around the world. any indication that the u.s. plans to get involved? >> not according to secretary of
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state mike pompeo who spoke this morning. >> the iranian regime has a long history of lying. they lied where they shut down and they now live the last few days about where they took down this tanker. it's part of the nature to lie to the world. >> he added that it was the responsibility of the british navy to escort those ships and protect those ships. iran says it was retaliation for the royal marine seizing a super tanker on july 4th for transporting oil to syria in violation of sanctions, they are still holding that tanker. bread will have a new prime minister wednesday when theresa may resigns. jeremy hunt announced britain would seek to put together a european lead protection missio mission. >> julie: jennifer griffin, thank you. for more on this let's bring in michael saying, the director at the washington institute and the former director at the security council.
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always great to see you. i want to start with a couple of things. the claims they arrested 17 spies, mike pompeo is you just dismiss their announcement saying that the iranian regime has a history of long and we all know that. the president then tweeting this, "capturing spies, totally false." we have that tweet? i will read it. more lies on propaganda, put up by religious regime that is badly failing and has no idea what to do. their economy is dead and will get much worse. iran is a mess. i also want to add a new -- some of the spies have been sentenced to death. what reason would iran have to lie about this? >> secretary pompeo was right. iran has a history of lying to put this in some context, just about anyone the iranian regime arrests is labeled a spy or a terrorist. it's something that is common to
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authoritarian regimes and frankly it comes out of this desire to basically smear anyone was engaged in any activity you don't like, even innocent activity like journalism. somehow under the direction of a foreign power, somehow a threat to the nation. >> julie: has there been any confirmation at all that anyone has gone missing? when you hear cia spies being arrested and sentenced to death clearly there has to be somebody out there that could confirm or deny that? >> obviously the president quite emphatically denied that. usually they don't comment on such things. >> julie: the cia has not commented. >> i think we can take that at face value. it's an attempt to smear these unfortunate people and connect them to some external power when in fact they are probably not at all. >> julie: the video we are watching -- dramatic video that came out, this is the tanker that was seized by the card and
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you can see them wearing black masks and they are roping down the helicopter. this dramatic video released and there is audio that also came out with the moments leading up to the capture. listen to this. >> you are ordered to change your course, 3-6-0. 3-6-0 degrees immediately. if you do he will be safe. >> we are conducting passage, under international law your passage must not be impaired, obstructed or hampered. please, you are not attempting to violate international law but attempting. >> julie: 360 degrees they wanted them to head back and they had every right to be there lawfully and iran continues to muddy up the waters quite
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literally, the regime is acting more like a toddler. not getting its way and getting in the way of oil tankers will international will have the reason to pass. what is the next step? >> this was indeed an act of piracy as secretary pompeo said and the british foreign secretary said, but it's also an act of retaliation. they were quite clearly trying to parallel with the british had done to their tanker, but of course the two situations aren't comparable. the british were enforcing their european sanctions only transport of oil to syria when they took the tank and they had no justification for their actions and i think what makes it more outrageous is the fact that they did it with the royal navy right there and while we hear those radio transmissions we don't hear things like warning shots for example. the british have announced they will keep up their maritime patrols, but one wonders if that's going to be sufficient given that there was a royal navy vessel and they can do
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anything. >> julie: before i let you go a british warship had prevented a seizure last week, but this time that warship apparently wasn't there, close enough to prevent this so the question now is will european allies get online and protect the shipping lanes? >> hopefully they will and hopefully they will beef up their presence and look at the rules of engagement. i think it will also take american leadership. i don't think we can say, this is a european problem. if we want them to stand tough against the iranian regime we will need to help stiffen their spines. >> julie: thank you. >> julie: a double murder mystery after a couple taking a road trip is found dead. what investigators have learned so far. plus, why robert mueller's testimony could make or break it for the democrats. >> we had a total no collusion finding, the democrats were devastated by it, they went crazy and they are doing
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>> julie: new reaction from president trump to the former counsel's testimony. listen to this. >> i'm not going to be watching. maybe i will see a little of it. i will not be watching mueller
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because you can't take all those bites out of the apple. we had no collusion, no obstruction, we had no nothing. we had a total no collusion finding. >> julie: has testimony will be high-stakes for both parties here at the committee, chairman jerry nadler. >> they present evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and we have to present -- let him present the effects of the american people and then see where we go from there because the administration must be held accountable and no president can be above the law. >> julie: joining me now, lena trainee, first i want your take on congressman jerry nadler's comments. >> congressman jerry nadler obviously is the head of the committee and he knows who would bring forth potential impeachment proceedings and i think that puts a lot of democrats and what they are looking at, they hope he will
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say something on wednesday that will only stoke more support from impeachment and i interviewed more than a dozen members of congress and staffers and they said, on the democratic side that they look at this as an educational opportunity. i don't think that most americans read all 400 pages and they want robert mueller to highlight the most damaging aspects. >> julie: when you bring up impeachment it reminds me of the president's comments he made earlier live on fox when we were playing back that tape, but he was talking about how that backfired badly. last week the democrats try to move on a boat democrats themselves voted against it. clearly the impeachment vote since that mueller report for some 400 pages of it were released have not necessarily lead to impeachment, so how is that hearing with robert mueller going to change things? >> there is a difference on what happened last week. congressman greene has brought forth and try to get in the
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impeachment vote on the floor before last week, but what happened last time was a lot of democratic members were saying this is not the time to do it and this is not the issue. he was trying to use the president's racist tweets to bring forth an impeachment battle. essentially that had backfired, but i think a lot of people still believe this investigation even though it's been wrapped up by robert mueller, there could still be things that come to light that show they might get more of the american public on board and a lot of members have said that -- jackie speier on the committee said, my 5 minutes to have him frankly read passages from the report that she finds to be damaging. >> julie: she told you that on the report. he can put that up on the screen to show our viewers how excited she has to question him. she said my fantasy is when i get 5 minutes and i will have them read him experts and that will be powerful. democrats are hell-bent on
11:17 am
asking pointed questions about the report and bringing up specific sentences on whether certain details and site in between the words .2 obstruction of justice because they know they don't have collusion. the president has had no collusion, no obstruction. those are his two main themes here. our republicans all worried? >> republicans aren't from my conversations. they have a different agenda frankly, democrats want to educate the public on the report and republicans will be grilling him on the origins. how did this start? why did it take so long, and also what a lot of members told me is that their biggest priority to find out when robert mueller established that he could not prove that there was any collusion in light and bring that conclusion out earlier and so that is why a lot of republicans will be looking. it will be interesting to see the opposing agendas. >> julie: speaking of both
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sides, house republicans about to throw out and lobby tough questions of mueller at wednesday's hearing as well which will be a first. here's republican congressman doug collins, the top republican on the committee on just that. watch. >> we have some great guys that are going to ask him really pointed questions to make sure the american people understand this is not a vacuum at the democrats have completely to say the president was doing something wrong. you look at it in general they need to be part of this picture. the mother report is a one-sided report that has not been question from the other side. this is our chance to do that. >> julie: what will republicans try to prove? >> a lot of members are trying to look at similar to what the president's narrative, undermine the credibility of the justice department and the investigation. president trump and several members have said, they've called as a witch hunt essentially and that is what i think a lot of the republicans will be trying to prove or make
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him answer to. other questions, lisa page, peter stroke, agents that people believed were biased in their text messages and they showed they had some disdain for president trump. they will be brought into this. other questions will be who authored the report. some members say that andrew weissmann was the top prosecutor on his team but he also had some connections to hillary clinton. he went to an election night party for her back in 2016, wondering whether he had a big role on that report. they are trying to get to the credibility of it in the integrity of the investigation. >> julie: alayna train, thank you very much. we appreciate you coming on. massive protests in puerto rico with thousands and the streets demanding the governor's resignation. also costa rica issuing a national alert after 19 people died from tainted alcohol. plus, new developments on the double murder case north of the
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corruption and years of scandal. bryan llenas joins us now. hi. >> today was a historic day, hundreds of thousands of puerto ricans taking the streets. the tenth straight day of protests. people asking, ricky, resign, that is the name of the movement, allegations of corruption and mismanagement of millions of dollars and his cabinet. all of the starting -- look at this video coming credible. these people were blocking the major highway going into san juan. this could end up being the largest demonstration. this all started when 800 pages of text messages were leaked people started saying these messages and what she was speaking with 11 of his top aides and making misogynistic, homophobic comments, mocking hurricane victims and people said they had enough and moments ago president trump at the white house started
11:25 am
commenting -- he made a comment about the governor for the first time. take a listen. >> you have been competent, totally, grossly incompetent leadership at the top of puerto rico. the leadership is corrupt and incompetent. >> we spoke to people on the street and they said this is exactly why but need him to resign right now because obviously he is not a good representation of the president of united states things are governor is corrupt and somebody he can no longer work with. he spoke on facebook live and he said i will not seek reelection. i will resign as president, he chose not to resign and that really added to the fire and make people angry before the movement take a lesson. >> i think the most upsetting thing is that he thinks he can get away with anything that he can do whatever the hell he wants. basically starting to make fools
11:26 am
out of puerto ricans and we've had enough. >> ricky martin, they were all here today. big puerto rican singers on top of the highway shutting things down. people tell us that he does not resign now, things are only going to get worse and maybe even not resort to violence. any net percent of these protests have been peaceful. >> julie: bryan llenas, thank you. health officials and costa rica issuing a national alert after edley's 19 people died from apparently drinking tainted alcohol. they say it was mixed with toxic levels of a chemical used in antifreeze and complicated 30,000 bottles of liquor. laura ingle is following this. >> this all started in early june and unlike the situation in the dominican republic were mostly tourists died after consuming alcohol, health officials and costa rica say
11:27 am
these tabs range in location and age group with the one common denominator being those who died all appeared to have drunk goose that had toxic levels of methanol the costa rican ministry of health has confirmed the 19 suspected deaths happened between june and july. 14 men and five women between the ages of 32 and 72 died in five different locations throughout the central american republic while it's still not known how the deadly levels got into the bottles of liquor consumed by these victims, the government has confiscated 30,000 bottles of alcohol suspected to be poisoned with brands including . as a national alert was issued the ministry has warned people who live in and are visiting against consuming alcohol from the specific brands and say vendors who sell drinks could face criminal sanctions. the worlds health organization so the poisoning outbreaks are
11:28 am
often tied to counterfeit or informally made drinks and experts say, you may not even realize if you drink methanol right away. >> the problem with methanol is that it's a much more dangerous than alcohol. they can damage your kidneys and you might not realize this at first and then you can die. even 30 milliliters which is two-thirds of a shot glass is enough to cause permanent blindness. >> julie: a first the first tis outbreak has happened. >> thank you very much. new polls showing bernie sanders losing support among new hampshire voters and why the vermont senator can no longer take the state for granted. plus, police and canada desperately searching for clues in a brutal murder of a north carolina woman and her boyfriend as they investigate other mysterious deaths close to where the couple was found.
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11:34 am
by people who were also put off by the clintons cronyism and the legacy problems and all of that corruption jazz, people were put off by all that and said i will cast a vote for bernie sanders. that gave him what ended up being 45% of the vote in the democratic party. he thought those were his voters. what they really were gorgeous voters not available to hillary clinton elizabeth warren is making an increasingly effective pitch for the those voters, she has plan oriented and she has a policy for everything, but she also has something else. she makes an argument that she is more electable than bernie sanders who as a democratic socialist and an older white male isn't exactly in touch. >> julie: a survey center poll, and found bernie sanders dropping 11 points and that's just since april.
11:35 am
joe biden still takes the lead with elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, buttigieg and the primary. it's interesting how she has made him seem outdated. maybe he should start drinking beer with people. >> i don't know if that will do it and he probably enjoys a cold one, i don't know. no way the two of them -- they are not both coming out of new hampshire. they both represent neighboring states and both are well known, both have a claim to new hampshire. there is no way that bernie sanders could lose new hampshire or come behind elizabeth warren and make an argument to go forward. the real challenge, as long as they are dividing the vote it becomes harder for them to take on joe biden who despite slippage maintains a strong status as the front runner. >> julie: until that next debate. kamala harris could quickly catch up. strategist talk to "the boston globe" and here is a
11:36 am
portion of that interview. new hampshire is not his to lose anymore, it's not a contest between bernie and joe biden because both are slipping. it's a contest between four war five of them. does bernie have to win in new hampshire? here's the thing come all of them do. good point. >> a grain of salt, people who were former campaign advisors. some sour grapes there. i also tend to disagree, i don't think joe biden has to win in new hampshire nor do i think that kamala harris kamala harris has to win in new hampshire because the beginning of the nominating process is ideological extreme, old, white. iowa, new hampshire or both outliers compared to the rest of the party. the rest of the primaries. as soon as you get to south carolina and then nevada and super tuesday, those things look very different. if they look credible coming out to iowa and new hampshire, they can run a table from there and
11:37 am
have no problem. >> julie: i have to move onto another topic before i let you go. admits the me too movement. many recognitions resignationse politician is regrading his. al franken cried as he discusses resignation and here is part of that. he said and she is saying this, when i asked if he truly regretted his decision to resign he said oh, yeah, absolutely. he wish he appeared before a committee as he requested allowing him to marshall that counters the narrative aired in the press. it's extremely rare for senator to resign under pressure, but it's done. the question is would he have survived if he had not resigned? >> what all of that forgets, this was about an alabama special senate election. the resignation of the senator from minnesota was about an election in alabama and which
11:38 am
republicans had omitted a guy who been accused of improper attitudes and treatment of teenage girls when he was a prosecutor, way more and this was about us taking it to the republican and claiming the high ground at the moment where the meat to moral panic was at the pinnacle moment and al franken was collateral damage. i'm sure he regrets having to resign but we can't pretend the moment was in the moment. >> julie: thank you very much. regrets, i've had a few. i always like that song. thank you. time for campaign trail mix. a fund-raising battle, the economy and payroll topping, peter doocy is live in washington. what do you have? >> money doesn't win elections, but it helps. last month the committee brought in more than twice as much of the democratic national committee. more than 20 million to the rnc and less than 9 million to the
11:39 am
dnc according to account done by politico. some of the democrats have sworn off trying to woo wealthy donors including elizabeth warren, a new warning about an economic doomsday within the next year. she writes, but i look at the economy i see a lot to worry about. i see manufacturing sector and recession and a precarious economy that is built on debt, both household debt and corporate debt that is vulnerable and i see a number of serious shots on the horizon that could cause our economies shaky foundation to crumble. her primary rival mayor pete has had some shakiness of his own and had to spend some time off each are lately managing lately managing unrest in south bend after a police involved shooting of a black man and police forces are telling fox they are so unsatisfied with him handling,
11:40 am
that's a big discussion. who is staying and who was going? you will see a max exodus, our administration is a joke. mayor pete was a fund-raising leader so cash is not a concern but other contenders are using accounting trades to make it seem like they have more money in the bank than they do. waiting until the reporting period tends to report thought. amy klobuchar, michael bennet are among those whose records reveal they might have used these strengths to make you look like they are more popular with donors paying tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for the first day so that they can pay people, but it looks like they have more money in the first place. silly. >> julie: okay, that explains it. thank you. a double murder north of the border, beth bath baffling inv.
11:41 am
a couple's unaccented road trip through canada and we have experienced car trouble. jonathan serrie has more on this bizarre investigation. >> one of those victims is the son of a police inspector in australia, the new south wales police force has sent two bits attacked after canada to serve as liaisons, it appears has american girlfriend of north carolina were fatally shot while traveling in a remote part of northern british columbia. the young woman's family wants answers. >> want this to be personal. this was someone selling, someone's daughter. >> this isn't enough. this is not enough. there is a huge safety concern for people traveling in canada or around that area. it is concerning.
11:42 am
>> canadian authorities say homicides and this part are highly unusual and they are downplaying rumors the couple may have fallen victim to a serial killer. >> at this point we have nothing to indicate that their deaths are linked to any other active and ongoing investigations in that area's province or that there is a heightened risk to public safety because of this. >> a week ago today the royal canadian police found the young victim's bodies in a blue minivan along the highway, known as the alaska highway. the crime scene is located 12 miles south of the hot springs, they are posted electronic billboards in that area urging the public to provide any dashcam video they may have recorded in the area on july 14th or 15th and obviously the rcmp would like to speak with anyone who has had a contact with that couple during
11:43 am
that time. >> julie: thank you so much. escalating tensions the war of words between the squad and president rouhani. >> i am going nowhere! not until i teach this president ! ♪ one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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11:48 am
that on the rest of today's events as fox news continues on the next hour. ♪ >> julie: president trump is firing back as he faces repeated attacks from the squad. >> on the one mentioned that brown people should speak for brown people and muslim people should speak for muslim people and you hear all this, that's not what our country is about. i think they're very bad for our country. i think they're very bad for the democratic party. i think you see that and they're pulling them away left. >> julie: joining me now, juan williams, the secretary of the new york young republicans coalition, the giver talking. the president tweeted he doesn't believe these four congress woman will be capable of loving our country. what do you think? >> i think he is on a defensive -- he had a troubled
11:49 am
week on the issue of race and he is now trying to make them out to be the ones who have a problem as i just read, tweeting they tweeting very racist group of troublemakers. that's a guy who i think is revealing his own anxiety at the moment, people calling him a racist. that is what that's about. these people not only took the time to run for office, they were elected to office and swore an. >> julie: he is referring to that tweet come he calls them young, inexperienced and not very smart. the squad, some of them have made some un-american comments which they would understand this president will not lie back and let those comments go unnoticed. >> realistic, we are talking about politics. i think when you are talking about voters that will not be an effective vehicle right now. i think you are talking about
11:50 am
what the president is talking about, maybe i can't look into your soul. some love can be toxic. when you sit here and find compassion for al qaeda but you can't for the men and women who were on our border, that sounds toxic. when you have the congresswoman presley talking about guess what? there's only one way to be a black voice, muslim voice, may be of love for the communities but it sounds like toxic love. those are the issues that are coming to the forefront. americans will see, for my political purpose i don't think it's a quercetin's that they are all he sent >> julie: what is toxic is the racism and the congresswoman and man and the president they do fight fact. that's what will bring the country down and we are built on a country full of immigrants, black, white, asian and that is part of america and that is why
11:51 am
a lot of people legally immigrated to this country. what is the next step? this cannot continue. many people argue that he didn't really mind that at the time. i think the president is trying to dial back his rhetoric, but is he doing enough? >> not if he is tweeting this morning that they are a racist group of troublemakers. that's a guy who is becoming more defiant and angry in response to the criticism that he is receiving. even when he did sort of step back and say well i didn't like that, it's not good because many republicans have come to him, apparently even his daughter. this is not good. this is not good for the country. this is not good for one people out of money. to see him now doubling down, i find it very regrettable and i think you say hopefully this stops, but what if it's a
11:52 am
political strategy based on appealing to a certain type of voters with identity politics? >> julie: frank bruni from "the new york times" writes how democrats defeat donald trump, it's not about getting what the democrats want and americans deserve, it's about getting rid of trial. we used all those words in 2016, racist, demagogue and he won, stop talking so much about the america he is destroying and save that oxygen for the america democrats want to create. there are a lot of complaints coming from the democratic side. who is going to get her to posted all of this in the election and trump comes out and he says he supports the black community in the latino community and democrats say he is a racist. what point does this catch up? >> black and brown people in america, that's a fact.
11:53 am
they are calling everything racist. joe biden was a racist. nancy pelosi was a racist then they try to say that the congresswoman from the midwest was a native american was a southern white segregationist. at the end of the day if you are truly passionate about making a difference where black and brown people in america you have to be consistent not given to these tales. >> julie: thank you. happy monday. nearly 150 million americans the personal information stolen in the hack and now they've reached a massive settlement and what that means for you, we will tell you next. ♪ let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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look limu. a civilian buying a new let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> julie: agreeing to pay up to $700 million for the data breach in 2017. that exposed personal information of nearly 150 million people.
11:58 am
brett larson joins me now. this is a big settlement. >> basically half the country's information has been exposed thus the massive settlement. it breaks down interesting -- it's a lot of numbers. there are $300 million. they are ponying up for a free credit monitoring. a 300 million, that's the number we want to pay attention to because this is how it affects people and this is what they've got. what they've got is troubling because they have social security numbers from 147 million people. 145 million social security. those are easy things to deal with. if somebody gets your credit card number, cancel and get new one. when someone has your social security number, that is when you are in trouble. you have to check your credit report and keep a lock on your file and i always suggest to keep an eye on your bank accounts come any unusual transactions.
11:59 am
as if somebody has your date of birth they could call the credit card company and say they are you and make some changes and get their hands on a new card that you weren't aware of that they issued. it's really bad. >> julie: stolen identity is a huge problem. if you get your identity still want to takes years to get it back. >> i should also point out they set money aside for that sort of thing. >> julie: good. brett larson, thank you. an amazing moment when a couple gets a surprise halfway through their wedding. a man who is alive today thanks to their child's donated heart on the good news is that he brought a stethoscope so they could listen to their little boy's heart beat for first time. >> to me this is where it belongs. with his wonderful and awesome
12:00 pm
family. >> julie: that brings you chills. the couple encourages others to become organ donors because you never know who's life you can save. thank you for joining us, i'll be back here tomorrow and the rest of the week. here shepard smith. >> shepard: breaking news on fox news channel. corkery puerto rico's governor s interview, protest across the island and beyond. he will join us live ahead. i am shepard smith. that scandal prompting ten straight days of demonstrations on the u.s. territory and today's protest could be the largest in puerto rico's history. organizers say they expect nearly 1 million people to show up and if so that is about one-third of the island's total population. protesters already close the biggest mall and shut down a main highway. they say they will not quit until the


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