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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 22, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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business network center elizabeth warren plans that has house majority introducing a bill to cancel millions of student loan debt. remember, elizabeth warns that we can look at a financial crisis if we don't do stuff like that. here comes "the five." ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody, juan williams, it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the democrats are desperately trying to revive the russian inclusion talking points ahead of this week's hearing with special counsel robert mueller, now even though mueller did not find collusion in the doj ruled there was no obstruction, democrats refuse to accept reality and move on. for example how should jerry nadler said the report could provide evidence for impeachment. >> the report presents substantial evidence the
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president with misdemeanors and we have to present or let mueller present those facts to the american people and see where we go from there. the administration must be held accountable and no president can be above the law. >> jesse: adam schiff is going further claiming he can go to jail. >> he is essentially unindicted code conspiracy or an individual one as the person who directed michael: with this fraudulent campaign scheme and mike, if the evidence supports that h. speed for how green not giving up on impeachment fantasy. >> at this president will be impeached, i am convinced of it. i believe my colleagues are moving in that direction and i trust that will happen sooner rather than later. >> jesse: president trump dismissing the hearing to resurrect the witch hunt. >> i'm not going to be watching probably maybe i will see a little bit but i will not be watching mueller because you
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can't take all those bites out of the apple. we had no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. we had a total no collusion finding. the democrats were devastated by it. all they care about is a pony investigation. >> jesse: he will deftly not be watching the mueller hearing. >> the thing i've enjoyed most about this president sayed the 3,000 aspect where he does live tweet along with almost everything. and i really hope he does. he shouldn't hold back. but this is the time and place for digesting things in real time. but you know, you were saying the democrats are dusting off the russian inclusion talking points. they better skip ahead to 2020 because the chinese are looking at the russians going, amateurs. [laughter] >> with infiltrated the software and done so much more. >> jesse: that is the company you are referring to, the
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software and net working but do you think the democrats or living in the past? >> juan: i really don't understand it. because the president is saying the democrats and mueller can't have a second bite at the apple. this will be bad for the democrats. he is apparently alarmed that he's got something to hide. i thought no construction, something. >> jesse: a 400 page report. >> juan: he should ask mueller to stand up and say exactly what's in the report. instead, he's running my you know like something's wrong. nobody pay attention. nobody home, nobody here. >> jesse: he looked like he was sitting to me, tyrants, this is like mueller hearing wait. >> this whole process i would go with the mueller report. typically an investigation happens i like to get to the end before we pass judgment, weird that way. i don't think mueller was a straightforward guide. i don't see him saying anything
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different except turn to page 35 for every question they ask. question number 27, i don't think this will be an exciting day for either side. at the end of this, the democrats thinks he committed a high crime and republicans don't believe he did. that will be the end of the day. >> jesse: he's not an exciting person but the most exciting part will be the republicans on the committee asking tough questions that mueller has not answered. >> absolutely. when did you determine there was no conspiracy? at what point the last warrant renewal in june 2017, you didn't renew it in the fall. did you find out then and why didn't you let the american people know there was no conspiracy before the midterm elections? why didn't you investigate the predicate of original counterintelligence? what launched this? can you tell us that? it is going to be a field oh four -- field day for
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republicans. jerry nadler is trying to ruffle up impeachment because the numbers have been falling. 21% according to latest "wall street journal"'s news poll. the share of americans in favor of impeachment hearings. 21% down six points and even down nine points to 39% for the democrats. so trying to have a dog and pony show. the only problem is no dogs or ponies will be there. dogs and ponies are awesome and it's an old rooster bob mueller and a bunch of weibel wobbler's. >> juan: bill barr, bill barr absolutely said no obstruction, no collusion. and bill barr said go ahead mr. mueller testified. >> then i think that is the most important thing because if you have some sort of diplomat between what the attorney general said when he summarized the report and the author of the report, robert mueller, then republicans and democrats should try to
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reconcile. but i think that it's very fair. and i think we should get to the bottom of that because we deserve the truth. but what is problematic for democrats is what he is talking about, i don't think we will find anything new. i don't think they will jostle robert mueller's brain, oh, my gosh my totally forgot. there was just one thing and i meant to charge it and he has to be removed from office now. then hillary slides in. >> juan: here is to that point. the real question that democrats can ask. something we all want to know for democrats. is there a reason you chose not to indict the president because of justice of policy? and if that is the case, why didn't you talk to the president? why didn't you talk to john jr.? why did you make these conclusions. >> jesse: because john jr. didn't speak to the mueller -- he spoke and the president gave written answers.
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>> juan: not to mueller. >> jesse: yes he did. when you are out in the streets come out in the bars with your people? >> tyrence: when you are out picking? under cherry trees, enjoying wine. >> jesse: has anybody came up to you and said mueller -- >> tyrence: no, because the american people just like myself and we have moved on from this. here is the thing. mueller, that was the point of the whole report. he is not going to make new law or personal opinions. i think people wanted him to say, hey what would you do in that situation? based on the laws in front of me. it is the same thing. if the rules are different as far as a sitting president can and can't do, we need to look at that. but he's not going to create -- that's what the supreme court is for and that's not what mueller will do. >> if you read the mueller report volume 1, volume 2 at the end of the day no investigation was obstructed. not the fbi counterintelligence
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investigation, not the mueller investigation, 500 search warrants, no witnesses interfered and they can interview anybody they wanted to even people in the white house. >> jesse: to that point the big entree was collusion. and they didn't find in a conspiracy to collude with the russians to interfere in the election. i think the rest of the country has moved on. >> juan: wait a second, they did find many instances more than 100 of context. >> jesse: not illegal, juan not a crime. >> juan: they did not find a conspiracy or any think that this is so 100% locked in. >> jesse>> but that is the law. >> jesse: influences campaign and the russians wanted donald trump to win, that is all. there was no evidence. from up there from the congressman, never. i would say if you are supposed to be looking into russian
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interference into the election, why didn't you not look into hillary clinton dossier? >> but that is a fair question. if you are talking about contacts from russia, if that is the threshold, juan a lot of russians who had contact with the person being paid millions of dollars by the dnc. if it is problematic to have russians giving information in order to affect the outcome of an election, that has to be problematic as well if we are going to be consistent and apply -- >> juan: clearly, you know what, an american company and you can hire an american company to do whatever you want. >> jesse: they can go to the russians and say, hey -- >> that is different than having vladimir putin on the line. >> how do you know she wasn't contacted? >> president obama what did he say to him? cut it out. >> jesse: what the heck is beto doing?
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widespread mockery. ♪
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♪ >> jesse: the 2020 circuits keeps rolling on. senator bernie sanders campaign is being mocked after announcing it will be cutting staffers hours and ordered to pay them a $15 an hour minimum wage. this is after bernie's own staff accused him of paying "poverty wages." what the heck is beto doing? the struggling democrat hosting this green photo of himself lying on the floor in the airport and challenging his campaign staff to a push-up contest.
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>> can you do push-ups for the presidential campaign? >> jesse, who is more of an embarrassment at this point? it's a jump ball. >> jesse: that his top masculinity. i think the push-up thing is wrong. he should have done it on his knees to be gender inclusive and some on the staff felt left out so that would be my suggestion to him. what is going on here, they are trying to out masculine themselves, biden started it but if there was a real push-up contest, this is who i think would win. either booker or pete but a judge. and then booker just looks jacked. >> you have to remember cory booker was a division i football player also. >> jesse: the bernie thing, this is what happens when socialism runs headfirst into capitalism.
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capitalism will always win. it's like in football the oklahoma drill one guy stands up, boom, they run into each other. socialism will always lose. he's a total hypocrite. he didn't even realize this was going to happen. i can imagine the conversation with the campaign finance chairman, bernie, you know, if we give everybody minimum wage we have to reduce their hours. bernie is just like, come again? he doesn't understand it. [laughter] it doesn't compute. >> my favorite parts must be six bernie was upset this was being discussed in the media. there was one comment and it does bother me people going outside of the process and going to the media. he is this close to an inflatable raft in front of his campaign bus. [laughter] >> juan: i don't get this at all. it seems to me what he is saying in fact just debated in congress. the house passed $15 minimum wage. a lot of people do not think this is radical but the problem is it's a burden on a small
2:17 pm
business when you don't have a larger structure in place for example, paying for health care. how will you bump up to pay people really what he is a minimum wage that the living wage, $15 an hour's not radical. so to me, the real problem here is that bernie is at a moment of transition in american life. we have not put in place the $15 minimum wage. and his staff is saying, we demand it because you are out there calling for it. so i don't think it is hypocrisy. i think he is in a swede. >> jesse: he had to reduce their hours. >> juan: that is exactly right. >> jesse: the same thing happens with private sector. >> juan: if congress and we as the american people hey, the larger structure has to be changed to help smaller business and small campaign, then he would be able to do it but right now how does he pay for health care, how does he pay for the benefits? >> like amazon $15 minimum wage, kostka $15 minimum wage and we can go through all the private companies that pay that amount.
2:18 pm
well, you know what he's got to pay all and he proves that socialism doesn't work. i want to get back to beto, help him. >> i can't because this is the problem when you force things. this is why williams is doing so great. the people are getting behind her. yeah, she's weird but she's genuine. that is what the people like. the push-up contest one for the poor buddy in the orange shirt. did you see him? he hates his job right now. raise the wage to $17, and literally, look at him -- >> jesse: you posted this? >> five and six, he's on four, for kids. not fair he signed up to that but to go back to the outcome of that is what a lot of small businesses are doing. louisiana, a lot of business tried to be proactive and bump people up to $15 an hour. what they end up doing is fire half of the staff so they can make -- not only paying more but
2:19 pm
they have to increase their type of insurance. they have to pay more for insurance for an employee that makes $15 an hour that they higher rate of insurance to what ends up happening they have to cut the staff and they have to make up for that work in a short amount of time which puts stress on employees $15 an hour but you have to work a lot harder. so there's a lot of problems with just saying, we need to move it to this. it depends on the jobs. that is why you continue to improve to get better jobs. i didn't stay at arby's for reasons. i didn't stay there for a reason. >> the sanders campaign. >> but you have to realize bernie sanders campaign's and the 1%. he is a top-tier presidential candidate. he has millions and millions of donors. even still, he cannot support his basic ideas and he's having to do what small businesses have to do. of course, amazon and costco can pay their workers $15 an hour. mom-and-pop businesses cannot afford it. if the government forces them to
2:20 pm
do that, they will force them out of business. bernie sanders will not have the kind of help he needs to run the campaign that is going to get him the nomination which is a lot of people all over the country, particularly in the critical states knocking on doors. those are the people that will have their hours cut and they will go from 60 hours a week to 42 hours a week. that will not be enough. that is the reality and that is why they don't have minimum wage laws in place like denmark. >> juan: in fact, you guys have said people get hurt by this. but more people are help in terms of higher wages that allow them to support their families. >> actually the cbo just did an analysis nonpartisan analysis, that showed 3.7 million people will lose their jobs. with a $15 an hour -- they won't benefit from the higher wages. because they will always stay up $15 an hour. >> juan: $15 right now --
2:21 pm
>> one come i don't think they will right you a thank you note. >> juan: it's a bump. >> it's not a pump if you are out of a job. >> eagle -- then he fired him. >> way to digress, juan. i wanted to and i'm beto doing push-ups. you can't run for president if you don't know who you are. that is the message. growing concerns in costa rica with tainted alcohol kills 19 people. the shocking details next. ♪ the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it.
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♪ >> juan: a deadly crisis in costa rica with concerns about vacation travel. officials now have come from 19 dead from alcohol tainted with methadone -- methadone.
2:26 pm
that health ministry support team income of five men from age 72 have died over the past few month and so far authorities have seized $30,000 of alcohol suspected of being tainted. as you remember investigators looking at bootleg liquor as the possible cause of death of several americans in the dominican republic. they can, what is your reaction? it is unbelievable someone would poison alcohol and give it to you. we hear about like cocaine and heroin, sometimes being poisoned with things, but this is supposedly regulated content, alcohol? >> dagen: it is probably toxic moonshine which kills people around the world every year. even earlier this year, if you go back this year and googled toxic moonshine, there were 154 people killed in india, a couple hundred more after drinking this. based on my background growing up in the rule south come i made
2:27 pm
some phone calls about how thist somebody putting methanol into the alcohol. what happens, when you distill moonshine come into very first vapor to boil off during distillation, this contains most volatile alcohol including methanol and it's called the 4 shot, southern lingo, throw away the first cut. because that is where the very dangerous methanol is. it comes from pectin when you make corn liquor. corn has pectin in it and that's why you get that toxicity in this alcohol. it is basically somebody that doesn't know how to make moonshine making it and someone that doesn't want to throw anything away. and they make as much as possible so they have higher margin and they make money whatever illegal alcohol they are selling. but they have no way of detecting -- >> juan: this is really new to me. >> tyrence: no one is following this. >> juan: into the bottom
2:28 pm
because methanol is cheaper than distilled alcohol. >> dagen: the fermentation process. it is two different types of alcohol, methanol versus ethanol alcohol. that is the kind of alcohol in beer, wine, liquor. >> tyrence: i'm learning so much right now. >> dagen: two-thirds of a shot of methanol could cause permanent blindness. >> that is the old joke about drinking moonshine it makes you blind. i don't mean to interrupt -- >> tyrence: please do. >> if you called anybody who's ever made real moonshine and still in the woods, the first thing they will tell you is throw away the first cut. >> juan: jesse, this is so interesting. a revelation because i thought someone was poisoning the alcohol. they say no, bad, bad distilleries. jesse come again for the whole argument from conservatives typically less government, less regulation. this would be an argument for thank god the government is telling people how to do this
2:29 pm
and checking to make sure they don't poison them. >> jesse: way to spin it against republicans, juan. no regulation, you have to have something there to check the bottles. that is why i brought a little cheat sheet if you guys are ever in a bar. >> tyrence: if you have a cheat sheet but not anything on my cheat sheet. >> jesse: so we do have a bottle and a minibar. here is how you check to see if it can be tampered with or a problem. see if the bottle is loose on the top. >> tyrence: okay. >> jesse: that sounds obvious but a lot of people don't do that. >> jesse: number 2 at an authentic hologram against the bottle cap. that means it's legitimate. you pour it down like that and it's tapped, you should see you should not see particles floating around and that means it's contaminated. the glue on most of the labels is specific. you should not be able to pull up the label. >> tyrence: i disagree because that is a skill set for those of us that drink beer. you will back me up on this -- i
2:30 pm
don't know with teeth, but that means -- >> jesse: maybe you are drinking tainted alcohol. >> tyrence: but to your point hers was better because of the bottling process. the mixed bag. >> no because they could used bottles and then pour into whatever they made. then they sell them as new bottles. they are essentially reusing the bottles and putting up your stuff in there. but it kind of holds to your theory, another island going to the dominican republic. >> i'm glad you brought that up. >> tyrence: he has the transcripts, ladies and gentlemen. >> jesse: i'm crossing up virgin islands into investigation. they have an alibi. let's put it that way. barbados and aruba and puerto rico still remain suspects at large. they have a lot of motivation for this caribbean espionage.
2:31 pm
and will remain at large. >> juan: you think the puerto ricans and the barbadian's. >> jesse: there is a lot of tourism dollars. i want to let them off of the hook at. >> juan: they are shipping bad alcohol -- >> jesse: it's not necessarily happening there, it's an inside job. >> dagen: we know 14 americans have died in the dominican republic in the last two years. >> tyrence: not going there. >> dagen: 19 people in costa rica and not necessarily americans but i want to know how many non-americans died in the dominican republic of the same thing? >> jesse: you think americans are being targeted? >> dagen: so many people are literally poison they are not releasing those statistics and causes of death. >> they are people around the world being poisoned by bad moonshine again because they don't have hillbillies. [laughter] >> juan: by the way a new crane of alcohol called angels cut. >> tyrence: that is, angels? >> jesse: you're not missing
2:32 pm
without. >> juan: by the way i like that the government can regulate and i can trust when i pick up a bottle it's not tampered with. >> dagen: well i'm not giving you -- >> jesse: elizabeth warren using the anniversary moon landing to push a new climate change plan. it will rocket right at you next on "the five." ♪ the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. e-commerce deliveries to homes so chantix can help you quit slow turkey.rkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit.
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♪ >> tyrence: climate hysteria with rhetoric. take a look. >> there is a lot of people going back on the green new deal. the planet in peril in the past, who came forward to save earth? from the scourge of, it totalitarian regimes? we came forward to. >> the world will end in 12 years if we don't address climate change and your biggest issue is -- your biggest issue
2:37 pm
is how are we going to pay for it? >> you cannot go too far on climate change. the future of the planet is at stake. >> tyrence: and elton elizabeth warren criticize to compare herself to jfk and use anniversary of them moon landing to fight climate change. what do you think about this, jesse watters? >> jesse: they just set apollo program is racist and sexist last week so i don't know if that is a comparison for the democrats. cory booker scares me. he looked hysterical -- >> tyrence: he was fired up. >> jesse: i think he needs a new outfit too come with a sweater and button down collar everywhere he goes. when somebody comes up to me and says give me all your money where you will die, that is a scam artist. >> tyrence: or a really good robbery. [laughter] >> jesse: and that is what they are doing picking you up and raising your taxes. >> tyrence: juan comic you know i love you to death but
2:38 pm
here we go. do you think the democrats need to take a page of the playbook? they are fearmongering and it is terrible. republicans the big think they push terrorism and made it feel like harassed outside of your house. we have to do something now. and democrats, like this. you tell somebody in 12 years something that is going to happen, we might call you back 11 years and three months and say, what is going on? they try to scare you into thinking about things but they don't do a good job. they give you the solution. you have to work on peer mongering. to make us pay attention. >> juan: well met, if it's going to take fearmongering. i think personally they have a democratic primary. there's not much debate among that climate change is a real issue and we need to do something about it. so they were in fact speaking to people who can vote for them and give them a nomination. i think they are sneaking by the way to most americans at this point. they are deafly not speaking to
2:39 pm
the hard right tromp climate change deniers if you will. >> tyrence: >> juan: i don't think there is anything radical but maybe they need to ramp up fearmongerg but that to me -- >> jesse: there is nothing radical about the green new deal? >> juan: no. >> jesse: it's $129. >> dagen: juan come i would have more interest in that line of thinking if it were about the green new deal, but that was a , all this stuff and bernie sanders say again that there is no bill too big in order to tackle climate change but tackling everything else but climate change without. >> juan: there was climate change and there but as you point out a lot of the kitchen sink in there. >> dagen: that is too much kitchen sink and not enough sponge. >> juan: let's have a conversation rather than zero like the republicans? >> dagen: it's not irrational
2:40 pm
conversation which is the problem. it is an emotional conversation. i want to address something elizabeth warren said. elizabeth warren and cory booker are trying to evoke these memories of world war ii and some of the incredible history that we have with military and the space program. but the difference between the apollo program and now, elizabeth warren is saying we all came together and we got guys on the moon. and that was pretty historic 50 years ago. a phenomenal feat that jfk called out 1961 and by the end of the decade we would have a man on the moon and that happened. you have to bring people together in order to do that and these people cannot exist. the political career cannot exist and less constant division and elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, that is "the squad," the president come i will give you that. there is no way to get people to come together when you live for pushing them apart. >> juan: wait a second how was it pushing them apart -- >> tyrence: you take it home. you think of moonshine experts
2:41 pm
on this. comparing yourself to anyone like jfk, she has a bad -- things don't play well to her when she compares. >> dagen>> washing her dog with, that caught fire over the weekend. they are lying to the american people. if they want to fight climate change, we will all pay six to $10 per gallon for gasoline, period. we will not be able to drive a car of our choosing. we will have to drive a vehicle that actually might produce co2 emissions in making it because of the battery and because of the coal required to produce the electricity used to charge the car. it will hurt the poor. it will hurt the working man and woman who has to drive two hours round-trip to get to their job. stop lying to the american people. if you want to fight climate change and change the car that we drive and change how we create electricity, we will also put millions of people out of work.
2:42 pm
how did that work out for hillary clinton, speaking of the coal miners, we will put the coal miners out of work. yeah, that really, really -- >> tyrence: don't you dare thrive. come on, juan, give it to us. >> juan: i thought it needed an antidote if you know what i mean. >> tyrence: you can do that during the commercial break. tom brady, a phenomenal heat wave warning for criminals and a video. don't go anywhere. ♪ it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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♪ >> dagen: welcome back. it is time for the fascist seven. first up -- nfl superstar tom brady may be a six time super bowl champ but he will not win data of the year any time. watch this. [screaming] the poor >> dagen: accused of a responsible parenting after drinking 6-year-old daughter off of a cliff in costa rica during a recent vacation. jesse, has the concussion got into him? >> jesse: i don't think so. i think he's a punk liking guy, but bill belichick must of had a
2:47 pm
attack. they should band that kind of activity in your contract, super bowl champs. >> dagen: i didn't know you were a fan? >> jesse: a lot of people got hurt in the afc but i think the yank of the daughter got everybody upset. >> dagen: that is it. >> tyrence: i have absolutely no problem with his parenting. what would be better to let her go and have her slide down the rocks? he had to pull her over. he literally and she was safe again. that is good daddy right there. dad sometimes you have to pull them and to them safe. >> dagen: we would be having this conversation if it was a little boy because it would teach him to be a man and jump off of the cliff but instead teaching her how to have some guts. although i love the comments on instagram come all of these liberties rock, did he had to wait and kelly slater the surfer, is that shoulder okay? [laughter] >> or worried about the little
2:48 pm
girl who famously -- horn labrum. >> she did? >> no, no, no. >> i know someone said that online. i've have a torn labrum. >> i'm going to trust tom brady as a parent to decide whether or not that was a safe activity. the second thing to say, that guy is an athlete and one hell of a risk-taker so i guess he's a risk-taker. i wouldn't do that with a kid and especially if the kid was fully aware and as jesse said, it looked like he was dragging the kid. he must have said, let's do this. >> jesse: you would do that with gisele. >> juan: a grown woman? >> jesse: no giselle being a you know what. >> tyrence: there was no injury. a good daddy. [laughter] before father of the year. >> dagen: the recent heat wave a weapon to fight crime. in massachusetts, jokingly
2:49 pm
taking to facebook to politely ask all possible criminals to take a weekend off. extreme need, we are asking anyone of thinking of doing criminal activity to hold off until monday. stay home, bench, play with face app, practice karate in the basement. we will meet again monday when it's cooler, and sincerely the popo. does that work for you, juan? >> juan: yeah, that is great when the police have a sense of humor. they have a tough job. that is great. it is entertaining for the community and a sense of connection to the police. better than the louisiana cup threatening alexandria ocasio-cortez, that i don't like. >> jesse: i think aoc on twitter. >> juan: where? >> tyrence: not the one threatening her life. >> jesse: that is not the one i'm talking about. >> dagen: massachusetts, do the police always -- >> tyrence: sure, why not? you know what, i would like to see the comments from the
2:50 pm
criminals that would write in, okay, cool, no problem. i guarantee there's a few. we got one, check this one. it's hot and maybe that hits one or two. >> dagen: we can do this on monday, great? i'm just glad they said popo, my favorite word, popo. >> jesse: i'm not using that. >> dagen: or the five oh. and finally, an act of bravery or just plain dangerous. you be the judge. that is a fisherman in martha's vineyard calmly dragging a shark he had caught him putting back into the water. so, red shorts and nantucket redshirt. that's what they call pain. isn't that fun? >> dagen: that is fun. are there not a lot of men on
2:51 pm
martha's vineyard that so fixated on this? oh, my god, he's got a shark by the tail. and then throws it back in the water. although i did think it was robert wolford. he's got a place on the vineyard so i was thinking -- i'm putting that challenge out. >> i think shark wrestling is attractive and i think a lot of people go to martha's vineyard to see that. >> jesse: only on the land. i wouldn't do it. even if i was saving the sharks life to him i wouldn't do it. >> dagen: may be jealous israel. >> tyrence: giles 100% is real but that is called catch and release. that is what you do, you take the picture in your release, hats off to him, good job, man. you wear what you want when you grab a shark by the tail. >> dagen: juan can you blame this on republicans? >> juan: it is the trunk. that was very, very republican no, --
2:52 pm
i didn't understand he cut this. he was a fisherman and got it caught in his net, is that what happened? >> tyrence: unhooked it. >> jesse: fishing for sharks? >> dagen: you've been fishing. >> juan: but he could release it. >> dagen: he wanted to take a little little bit. >> tyrence: you catch a shark and bring it and to show it off. >> dagen: absolutely, one more thing is up next. the right here. ♪
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♪ >> time now for "one more thing." remember when you guys were little and you had a loose tooth and one of the ways you could go about getting it out of your mouth is that you tie a string around it and then to the doorknob and then slam the door? this little girl from oklahoma had a different idea. ties it to a ball on the tee, hits it, and knocks are toothless. got to give it to her, that's one way to do it. another way to do it, by your swag at fox news -- shop -- a
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free tote bag if you buy more than $50 worth of gear. so go there and check it out. it carries a tote with all the stuff in it for the picnics. >> i will take you -- >> i might never come home. >> i got all my teeth still, thank goodness. be me up. take a look at these pictures. at those little dogs are not in the store window, they are on facebook and they're wearing tinfoil hats and giving piggyback rides to outer space aliens. why? the animal shelter is launching a pet adoption program and is having out of this world success because they joined in a facebook event to invade area 51 in search of aliens from outer space. the adoption program is having so much success, already 11,000 shares, and the center is now pumping that up using the
2:58 pm
hashtag #stormshelter. it is so successful they are no alien eyes and more pets. adopt a pet. >> tyrus. >> dana perino will be very proud for me. i did a story on -- spike, we know and love, is getting ready to go to doggy college. as an honorary uncle had to go there and check it out and make sure it was safe. a chance to do some training. met some really great people, had a really great interview. that is zach, he was a lot of fun. it was a really great experience and when the dogs go there for six months they get ready to change somebody's life and help somebody with independence and for everybody out there i'm going to be running -- will look at the whole entire thing on friday and if you want a chance to donate to spike's college career, visit and then big promo, big announcement speaking of dogs, i will be speaking to the top dog, my
2:59 pm
former boss, snoop dogg, this week. tune in only on fox nation. >> there is no liberal indoctrination at that doggy college, and right? >> no. dogs don't play with that. they are all about love and possibilities, that's it. >> a former navy seal was out for a morning run when he ran by the navy seal monument and the flag, the american flag, had come loose from the pole. he tried three times to climb the pole without success. on his fourth attempt with a friend's help, he got up there, but the flag back where it belonged and he said this, the gold stars on this monument and the sacrifice that has been made for all of us was something i wasn't going to pass by. >> beautiful. quickly, kennedy buried >> god bless him. saturday night you always like to throw a ranger. police got a lot of noise complaints. they found a mechanical bull. he told around to quiet down and one of the police officers lasted 30 seconds and he rode
3:00 pm
that bowl right into the sunset and then he fell off. >> urban cowboy. >> that wasn't scott running that bowl, i will tell you that. >> set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. >> bret: jesse, thank you. this is a fox news alert. a couple of moments ago president trump tweeted out about a budget deal with democrats. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is here tonight, kind of blowing up the top of the show with the breaking details, that a deal is in the works you. >> that's right. if they were facing a lot of pressure because of course there was a warning from steven mnuchin, the treasury secretary, that they could potentially hit the debt ceiling. if the government's ability to borrow money while the lawmakers are in recess. if the house is due to leave on friday so the president announcing a short time ago there is an agreement, significant news. huge aspect there. it let's take a look at the tweet. the president saying "i'm pleased to announce a deal has been struck with senate majority leader mitchne


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