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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 22, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that bowl right into the sunset and then he fell off. >> urban cowboy. >> that wasn't scott running that bowl, i will tell you that. >> set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. >> bret: jesse, thank you. this is a fox news alert. a couple of moments ago president trump tweeted out about a budget deal with democrats. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is here tonight, kind of blowing up the top of the show with the breaking details, that a deal is in the works you. >> that's right. if they were facing a lot of pressure because of course there was a warning from steven mnuchin, the treasury secretary, that they could potentially hit the debt ceiling. if the government's ability to borrow money while the lawmakers are in recess. if the house is due to leave on friday so the president announcing a short time ago there is an agreement, significant news. huge aspect there. it let's take a look at the tweet. the president saying "i'm pleased to announce a deal has been struck with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, senate
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minority leader chuck schumer, speaker of the house nancy pelosi and house minority leader kevin mccarthy on a two-year budget and debt ceiling with no poison pills." the president goes on to say "this was a real compromise in order to give another big victory to our great military and vets. some conservatives on capitol hill have been complaining about offsets. we haven't heard that, that is something we will be hearing from conservatives in the next day or so. >> bret: when the president tweets this, that there is a deal, it doesn't mean there are the votes yet. they still have to line up the votes. if you're mentioning the conservative pushback. there is concern that he's giving away the store to get this deal done. is there a problem, do you think, getting votes to get up or something like this? >> my in the house democrats will lead to do this to get out of town for six weeks and say we did what we needed to do. some republicans may go longer because they are concerned about hitting the debt ceiling over the recess, but i bet we will hear from another to a number of
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conservatives in the house on the senate saying how do we go home to our constituents when i have been no offsets that we are aware of at this point and greatly concerned about that in terms of our debt is 22 trillion and growing every day, so they would like to be able to go home to their constituents and say we will cut elsewhere to pay for all of this. the president obviously emphasizing the military and our troops and concerns about dangerous world out there and making sure our military has the best. democrats want to go home and say they got a lot of domestic spending for their priorities. >> bret: talked a lot about growth, not a lot about cutting, but he's mentioned before. we will see where this goes. mike emanuel with the breaking news, thanks. pakistani prime minister today in the oval office, my interview with the prime minister's shortly a host of different topics, but first, john roberts tells us the president had a whole lot to say about other issues including the upcoming mueller testimony on capitol hill. good evening. >> the testimony is scheduled for wednesday and there are a
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few instances in which congressional testimony has been more anticipated but one of the central players in the mueller investigation today said he has better things to do than to hang on every word. >> in the oval office with pakistan's prime minister president trump said he would not be glued to the tv watching robert mueller's testimony wednesday. >> no, i'm not going to be watching -- probably. maybe i'll see a little bit of it. i'm not going to be watching mueller, because you can't take all those bites out of the apple. >> president trump has repeatedly chastised democrats for wanting a do over on the mueller report, insisting its findings were clear-cut. >> we had no collusion, no obstruction. we had no nothing. we had a total no collusion finding. the democrats were devastated by it. if they went crazy. they got off the deep end. >> the chairman of the committee that will taste to take the first bite of mueller, jerry nadler says the president, general and others have been
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lying about what the mueller report said. >> they said it found no collusion, no obstruction, that it exonerated the president. all three of those statements are absolute laws. lies. i found a great deal of collusion, a great deal of obstruction of justice by the president, and it found -- pointedly refused to exonerate the president. >> president trump slammed democrats were obsessing over scandals instead of getting things done. >> they're not doing health care. they're not doing infrastructure, they're not lowering drug prices. i'm altering drug prices but the democrats don't seem to care about drug prices. all they care about is a phony investigation where the report was written. >> the president also kept up the drumbeat against the four congresswomen who comprised "the squad," tweeting this morning ""the squad" is a very racist group of troublemakers who are young, inexperienced, and not very smart." >> i think a very bad for our country, i think they're very bad for the democrat party.
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i think you see that and they're pulling the democrats way left. >> at a town hall meeting, squad member alexandria conseil cortez fired right back. >> want to start telling american citizens to "go back to your own countries," this tells you that this president's policies are not about immigration, it's about ethnicity and racism. [cheers and applause] >> as he wages battles on multiple fronts, a moment of quiet reflection for the president. this morning he and first lady melania trump traveling to the supreme court to pay respects to justice john paul stevens lying in repose in the great hall of the court building. president trump also referenced today last week's vote on an impeachment measure saying supporters of impeachment in the house got slaughtered. but it should be pointed out that a lot of democrats have been waiting to see what robert mueller has to say on wednesday before they go down the impeachment road, so we will see what happens. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. thanks. complete coverage of the mueller
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hearings here on fox starting in the morning. equifax will pay up to $700 million to settle with the federal government and states over a data breach exposing social security members and other private information of nearly 150 million people. it happened in 2017. the settlement would provide up to $425 million in monetary relief to consumers and $100 million civil penalty. stocks were up today, the dow gained 18, the s&p 500 finished ahead 8, the nasdaq jumped 58. president trump says there is zero truth in iran's claim that 17 iranian nationals were arrested for supplying, were actually working for the cia. the detentions are just the latest incident as tensions increase between iran and the west. correspondent trey gangsta has the latest from our middle east newsroom. >> new video shows an iranian flag flying above a british oil tanker. seized friday by iran in the
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persian gulf. dramatic images show iranian troops armed with machine guns rappelling from a helicopter to take over the vessel. >> please confirm that you are not intending to violate international law by unlawfully attempting to board. >> the 23 member crew was taken into custody and iranian video released today shows them still on the vessel and with the british government is calling an active state piracy. the iranian takeover of the ship comes after the united kingdom seized an iranian oil tanker earlier this month near the strait of gibraltar, suspected of trying to deliver oil to syria. >> iran is trying to present this as a tit-for-tat incident following the government of gibraltar's action in the fourth of july. >> the showdown between the british and iranians is just one of numerous areas of iranian tension with the west unfolding right now. today, iran announced it has
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arrested 17 alleged members of the cia. according to the iranian intelligence ministry, some of the defendants will be executed. the ministry claims those involved in the spy operation were promised immigration to the united states along with money and a job. president trump reacted to the statement today. >> i think very importantly i read a report today about cia -- that's totally a false story, they put out propaganda. they put out lies. >> the iranian economy continues to suffer from u.s. sanctions card it done my target in the country's main export, oil. iran could enjoy a better economic future by harnessing their energy, but they would first have to change their behavior. >> if you want to come and show that you can be a good neighbor, a good citizen of the world, and talk. will be more than happy to bring you in to the fold. >> bret: trading's reporting from our middle east newsroom. if there is more pressure right
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now on puerto rico's embattled governor to resign. it tens of thousands, some say hundreds of thousands, jamming the streets of san juan at this hour in what may be one of the largest of several demonstrations over the past week and a half. jeff paul is there again tonight. good evening, jeff. >> good evening. despite these protesters being told that the governor here in puerto rico will not seek reelection in 2020, it has only reigniting what they are doing out here. thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of protesters just over here in san juan standing outside the entrance to where the governor lives and there were even more today just outside of old san juan. that's were tens of thousands of other protesters -- the biggest mall in puerto rico. also the highway where they blocked out any traffic pretty much moving in each direction. at the same time, while all of this was happening, the governor here in puerto rico doing his
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first one-on-one interview, it was very testy, with our own. take a listen. >> again, i have apologized -- my effort is to apologize to all of them. >> you can do that here if you want to have a mea culpa. if you want to have a me a call but you're welcome to do that here. >> i apologize. >> you don't want to do so. >> spoke to ricky martin, -- >> what about the survivors of the dead people who were made light of? >> of course. that as well. i apologize for all of the things that i have -- >> that was the first time the governor has really talked to anybody in the past week since the protests exploded here in puerto rico. at the same time with all that happening, president trump also commenting about what's
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happening here in puerto rico. take a listen. >> the governor has done a terrible job. i'm the best thing that ever happened to puerto rico because we did a great job in puerto rico. i have a real understanding of puerto rico. you have incompetent -- totally, grossly incompetent leadership at the top of puerto rico. the people of puerto rico are great. >> now you can see more and more people are starting to pack into the streets and we expected to get even more packed. people who are outside of the city are making their way here and i think everyone here in san juan is hoping that this can stay -- of course we had the protests on wednesday that got out of control. it only takes a few people, the police out here saying they will use tear gas if things get out of control. >> bret: jeff paul on the ground in san juan. thanks. ♪ elizabeth warren's warning of
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another major financial crisis. that is one of the headlines in america's election headquarters tonight. another involves preparation for next week's second round of democratic debates. here is correspondent peter doocy. >> biden and booker. they come from different backgrounds but they're using the same language to describe trump. >> this guy is a lot like george wallace than george washington. >> this is somebody who is very similar to george wallace. >> biden and booker also have the same plans next wednesday. they'll stand next to each other at their next debate. biden may be targeted for his role in crafting legislation blamed for mass incarceration by booker. >> 86% of the women we incarcerate our survivors of sexual assault but a prison system that was supercharged by the things like the 1994 crime bill. >> people to judge has a question to make different problem. privately complain about low morale after watching the mayor hinder a police-involved
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shooting of a black man. one officer tells "i think you're going to see a mass exodus. our administration is a joke." the mayor was asked in iowa if the south bend pd has a racism problem. >> it's a difficult conversation to have, especially with officers who may believe that they are being accused of something. >> a different sort of sirens going for it for elizabeth warren, who writes "when i look at the economy today, i see a lot to worry about. the manufacturing sector in recession, a precarious economy that is built on debt, both household debt and corporate debt, and that is vulnerable to shocks." warren's pictures are new. bernie sanders are familiar. >> four years ago i said we need a rate for federal minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. because that's even though some standards of staff continue to complain they're being paid under 15 an hour but on this issue, the democratic socialist and the democratic front runner agree. >> should they be paid a $50 minimum which? >> i think so yes.
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>> is that what you're paying your fielder don't i feel organizers? >> i got to double check it. i think we are buried >> with that, joe biden, the candidate who is running to restore the american idea, shares a preference with bernie sanders, the candidate who is calling for a political revolution. which means that as the primaries and caucuses grow closer, the front runners inching further to the left. >> bret: peter, thank you. up next, it fox news exclusive about a high-tech way, way advance border security and why government officials are refusing to use it. plus, my exclusive interview with the pakistani prime minister. ♪ ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles
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>> bret: tonight it fox news exclusive, a trio of government workers blowing the whistles on officials who apparently felt he was a cutting edge program to screen out detainees linked to open criminal cases and boost security along the southern border. catherine herridge has the story you'll only see here on fox news channel. >> we have a great tool that was mandated by an approved by congress as a law and we are not using it. >> three government whistle-blowers are speaking out alleging a homeland security dna pilot program designed to screen individuals held by customs and
3:19 pm
border protection agents against an fbi database for violent crime was derailed. >> u.s. citizens -- illegal aliens in this country are and have been harmed due to our agency not collecting dna. >> separate from dna family screenings, the whistle-blowers provided fox news with government records. in 2010, the already-approved dna collections did not go forward after that homeland security secretary janet napolitano got a waiver from then-attorney general eric holder citing "severe organizational, resource and financial challenges." >> it was never meant to be on pause permanently? >> knowing that we've spoken to that has read those documents can reasonably state that it's an indefinite pause. >> in 2016 the whistle-blowers say they were assigned to the stalled dna project and while it still wasn't operational, improved technology could have slashed processing times.
3:20 pm
>> wiped this area inside their cheek six times, close the cover, drop it into this envelope, it would be sealed, placed into a box and that would be shipped to the fbi that night for processing. >> we are talking 15, 30, 45 seconds? >> yes, ma'am. >> last spring then-homeland security secretary kiersten nielsen was peppered with questions about the program's status. >> we are working on the pilot right now. >> the pilot is occurring right now? >> we are in the planning stages. >> there is no current pilot program? it's basically dead in the water. >> they filed this complaint with government investigators. the office of special counsel says it "fully supports these whistle-blowers" and "there was a substantial likelihood of wrongdoing by cbp." based on a variety of factors homeland security said "there are currently no plans to change this waiver dhs is moving forward on a dna testing pilot to verify familial relationships." >> the other response here is
3:21 pm
that other agencies are picking up the slack. >> we know ice is far from collecting dna from everyone we turn over to them. >> in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. >> bret: up next, another "special report" exclusive, i go in depth with pakistan's prime minister about his country's effort in the war on terror in his meeting today with president trump. first, beyond our borders tonight, a car bomb by islamist in somalia's capital has killed at least ten people. police say a vehicle packed with explosive and parked near a busy checkpoint near the airport detonated their by remote control. china is harshly criticizing a weekend demonstration in hong kong where eggs were thrown at its liaison office. it's accusing the demonstrators of violence without mentioning a violent attack against pro-democracy protesters and civilians the same night in which at least 45 people were injured. the costa rican held ministry says it has confirmed 19 deaths from consumption of alcohol
3:22 pm
tainted with methanol. government officials have seized around 30,000 bottles from brands suspected of containing methanol. liquor sellers sometimes dilute products with toxic methanol to increase profit margins or raise alcohol content. costa rica, not dominican republic. india has successfully launched an unmanned spacecraft on a mission to the far side of the moon. the probe is scheduled to land on the lunar south pole in september. they will send a rover to drip down might explore water deposits confirmed by previous mission that orbited the moon. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. back. ♪ you get the price match guarantee. so if you find your room at a lower rate, hilton is like... we're gonna match that rate and give you an extra 25% off. what would travel sites do if you found a better price? that's not my problem, it's your problem. get outta here! whoa, i really felt that performance. it's just acting, i'm really good at it.
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and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ ♪ >> bret: as we told you earlier, pakistani prime minister, imran khan, met with president trump at the white house to talk about the sometimes-difficult relations between the two nations and the war on terror. a short time ago i spoke with the prime minister and began by asking about his oval office visit with the president. >> i was very happy with the meeting. i found president trump refreshing in the sense that -- someone has a straightforward man, no mixing of, no juggling with words. just came out straight with things and not just me, my whole delegation. we loved the meeting. >> bret: a lot of your meeting
3:27 pm
today dealt with afghanistan and the future there. at one point the president talking to the press while you were there, said this. >> if you wanted to fight a war in afghanistan and when it, i could win that war in a week. i just don't want to kill 10 million people. does that make sense to you? i don't want to kill 10 million people. i have plans on afghanistan that if i wanted to win that war, afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the earth. it would be gone. it would be over literally in ten days and i don't want to go that route. the one were you surprised by that kind of formulation? >> i guess what the president meant was if he had a scorched-earth policy where a military machine went from one side of afghanistan to the other with airplanes -- the u.s. has the greatest firepower in the history of mankind, but clearly that would be devastating and
3:28 pm
already people in afghanistan have suffered for decades of conflict. the number of people who died in these four decades. the last thing afghanistan needs is more violence. it needs peace. the taliban should become a part of the political process, so then you will have a government which can represent the people of afghanistan. >> bret: have negotiations with the taliban been productive, sufficiently productive, in your mind? >> i think they've been the most productive so far. up-to-date they have gone the furthest for the two sides coming together. >> bret: former defense secretary and general jim mattis, i interviewed him before he left his position. i asked him about afghanistan, he said this. >> if we live 20 odd of the most dangerous terror groups in the world centered in that region and we walk out of there, then we know what will happen, our
3:29 pm
intelligence services are very specific that we will be under attack in a number of years. >> bret: what do you say to that, concerned that if the u.s. -- even after all this time, that if we leave, we leave ourselves vulnerable again? >> the u.s. has no issues of taliban ever attacking any country outside afghanistan. simply because taliban is a localized movement. it's not some international terrorist movement. i believe if there is a stable government in afghanistan, which broad-based political government after the elections, that would be the best guarantee that there would not be any groups that would threaten the united states or the western countries. >> bret: there's people who look at the taliban and say they are just not there yet. in your country just yesterday there was a suicide bombing of the pakistani taliban they saiy
3:30 pm
were behind. as we are negotiating with the taliban, they are still initiating these attacks. >> the danger is for afghanistan and pakistan, that if we do not have some sort of peace settlement in afghanistan, the dangers of isis -- isis is more of a danger not just to us, pakistan and afghanistan, but actually to other countries too. >> bret: you mentioned in the oval office that there may be some announcement about the others who are being held. what happened? >> i think two or three americans, one australian who have been kidnapped, held in afghanistan -- and pakistan is playing its part and i think we are very close, we hope to give some good news in the next 48 hours. >> bret: fantastic. will you release the jailed
3:31 pm
dr. in pakistan, who many believe helped the cia bring down bin laden? >> this is a very emotive issue because in pakistan he is considered a spy. >> bret: for the u.s.? >> a spy for the u.s. and we in pakistan always felt that we were an ally of the u.s. and that we had been given the information about osama bin laden. we should have taken him out. >> bret: you understand the skepticism of the isi and all of the leaking that was going on in the early days >> it was isi which gave the information which led to the location of osama bin laden. if you ask cia it was isi which gave the initial location through the phone connection. >> bret: but the u.s. was acting after being attacked on
3:32 pm
9/11 to try to get the mastermind. >> bear in mind that pakistan was fighting the war for the u.s. and pakistan wasn't attacked. >> bret: a good relationship, why not let this doctor go? >> but at the time, it hugely embarrassed pakistan. we were an ally of the u.s. and the u.s. doublecrossed us and actually came and bombed and killed a man. >> bret: not just a man. the terrorist who killed 3,000 plus americans. >> let's not forget that pakistan lost 70,000 people in this fight. we were fighting this war for the u.s. and we lost all these people fighting this war so there was obvious that a lot of anger about the way this whole thing was done, but that's all in the past. >> bret: if you're the prime minister, you can make the decision, can't you? >> there are some decisions in a
3:33 pm
democracy that even a prime minister finds difficult because we do have an opposition. but this is something that can be negotiated. >> bret: overtime? >> yes, we also have someone in prison in the u.s., a frail woman. yes, we could negotiate some sort of swap. >> bret: was that talked about today? >> not today, but in future, because we know that the united states wants the doctor, so we can negotiate. no negotiations have started but we could negotiate. >> bret: if india said we would give up our nuclear weapons, would pakistan? >> yes. because nuclear war is not an option. between pakistan and india, the idea of nuclear war is actually
3:34 pm
self-destruction because we have two and a half thousand mile border. also i think there's a realization -- and there was some incident that happened last february and you again had tension at the border. an indian plane was shot down in pakistan. so there's a realization and that's why i asked president trump if he could play his role, the u.s. is the most powerful country in the world, the only country that could mediate between pakistan and india and the only reason for 70 years we have not been able to live like civilized neighbors is because of that. >> bret: the indians responded right away after that news conference and they put out a statement saying "we've seen a president's remarks to the press, that he's ready to mediate if requested by india and pakistan on the issue.
3:35 pm
no such request has been made by the prime minister. all outstanding issues with the pakistanis were discussed only bilaterally." it goes on to talk about the various agreements only between india and pakistan. bilaterally. >> because bilaterally there will never be -- there was one point when there was the general and prime minister where we did get a bit close to the resolution of the kashmir issue, but since then we are pulled apart and i really feel that india should come on the table. u.s. could play a big part, president trump certainly can play a big part. we are talking about 1.3 billion people on this earth. imagine the dividends of peace if somehow that issue could be resolved. >> bret: do you think iran wants a nuclear weapon?
3:36 pm
>> i can say about iran wanting a nuclear weapon, but we certainly hope that this does not become a full-blown conflict. >> bret: and what are you doing? can you help with the transit of ships? >> we would love to help if, obviously, we were asked, because we are a neighbor of iran, but i'm just saying from what pakistan has been through and this war on terror has cost us over 70,000 casualties, over 100 billion rupees lost to the economy, we still haven't recovered from it. last thing we want is a conflict in iran, which is odd is that going to affect us. not just affect us, it will affect oil prices. it will affect uae, saudi arabi
3:37 pm
saudi arabia. we would do anything for there to be a peaceful resolution. >> bret: there are concerns about your nuclear weapons and if terrorists ever could possibly get control of them. that's one of the concerns the pentagon and the intelligence community here worries about. is there a worry? >> they have absolutely no need to worry about pakistan's nuclear weapon because pakistan has one of the most professional armies. we have one of the most comprehensive, command and control. we share our intelligence with the u.s. about the way we have -- with the safety measures about our nuclear program. >> bret: last thing, the relationship deteriorated obviously after the osama bin laden rate, it deteriorated after a lot of back and forth. the aide was cut by president trump.
3:38 pm
today, what's your sense after this meeting in the oval office about the financial relationship and the counterterrorism relationship? >> the whole idea of the meeting was that we should be on one page. the mistrust which has dogged our relationship -- pakistan, was it an ally or was it an enemy? attacks by an ally. all this mistrust in the past, we want to actually reset our relationship based on understanding that we are on the same page, we want peace in afghanistan. pakistan will do everything to help the taliban, and the dialogue table so that there is peace. i think we struck that understanding today. i think i came out feeling that we are really -- we really are no allies in both of us want
3:39 pm
peace in afghanistan and we will do everything -- pakistan it will do everything possible to ensure that this peace process goes forward. >> bret: mr. prime minister, we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> bret: president trump and democrats agree on a budget and debt deal ahead of a big week of testimony. will get reaction from the panel when we come back, but first, singer art neville has died. he was a mainstay of the new orleans music scene. he had been in declining health. our condolences to his daughter, an anchor here at fox news. art neville was 81. ♪ look limu. a civilian buying a new
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3:44 pm
capitol hill. a two-year budget and debt ceiling. no poison pills. this was a real compromise in order to give another big victory to our great military and vets." what the fallout of this, what are the numbers and what does it mean? spring in our panel, chris stirewalt's politics editor at fox news, leslie marshall, and byron york. it just getting all these numbers and bottom line is it takes the debt ceiling issue past the 2020 election, which is the key thing for all of these lawmakers. >> absolutely. bottom line is a whole lot more federal spending and just blow a big hole in the debt ceiling, although it's actually just being suspended until july 31st 2021, which will be conveniently not only evidencing a president -- newly-elected president, but also after every member of the house and a third of the senate will have been reelected to this issue. already been texting with conservative members of the house we do not like this, they
3:45 pm
are giving it a d or a d- rating and actually there are some liberals are complaining about it too, so we are getting the complaints in the standard places, those conservatives who still care about fiscal discipline. >> bret: in a campaign, as you're looking at the democrats getting ready for another debate, the president is not talking about cutting the deficit or the debt and democrats are not definitely not talking about that. so is this issue? pickle capitol hill, everybody on capitol hill is angry but when his people go home on his break to the left and right to their constituents it's really a win for both. nancy pelosi comes off as a great leader, the president comes off as a great deal, as they want to, and the democrats get what they want. if you have a debt limit raised. you have more spending on a domestic level. republicans don't like that but republicans get the defense increased budget, they like that, so they both moments a local we gave you. the government doesn't shut down and i think it was smart -- >> bret: my kids don't love it. they're going to be paying the
3:46 pm
bill. >> at the end of the day, politicians are doing what they do best. politicizing before an election, the president can't help, republicans camped out at a great economy -- even if they shut it down they will be blamed for it because they are in power. >> bret: evolution we have here. mitt romney, paul ryan campaigned in front of a debt clock in the race in 2012. >> barack obama once said about a debt ceiling increase that it was unpatriotic to have this kind of debt. we don't -- calling this a government doesn't quite work because that's not really what we're doing. if we have stupid outreach politics where people spend their times being angry about tweaks that accomplish nothing and then in the end we get the bipartisan news. if you talk about your kids, we are talking grandkids and your great grand chances in your great, great grandkids. it was madison who told us that posterity has no vote and we are screwing over posterity in a
3:47 pm
really astonishing way with this. another $300 billion in spending, two years of no budget cap -- or no debt limit, this is rank amateurism. >> bret: congress said they wanted to go back to regular order. this is not regular order. >> and there still is plenty of room for a little drama when everybody comes back. >> bret: still hurt the cats. >> thinks that we will not have any poison pills. we are not going to have any of these traps but there's plenty of room for the stuff to happen. the other thing to remember is as far as the republicans are concerned, president trump has never been a fiscal conservativ conservative. >> bret: but he's taken over the party, has he not? >> he has. the party has been -- the party of fiscal conservatism in name only. look at the spending that went through the entire george w. bush of administration. this is a sore spot and it always ends up like this. >> bret: okay, we have more because we are little condensed because of the pakistani borough
3:48 pm
minister we have the mueller hearings this week after a short break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico for your boat. enjoy the water, enjoy the savings.
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♪ >> i'm not going to be watching mueller. >> the report presents very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.
3:52 pm
>> we had no collusion, no obstruction. we had no nothing. >> all three of those statements are absolute lies and he is essentially an unindicted coconspirator. >> what they're doing is just hearing after hearing after hearing. speak of the do, the do over. ladies and gentlemen, taxpayers, you are paying for this nonsense. >> maybe i was a little bit of it. >> bret: back with the panel, wesley, the mueller hearing, full coverage on wednesday. people haven't read this but they are to see the movie. essentially. >> i'm going to get in a lot of trouble. i don't agree. when you look at what is polling, this is not an issue that democrats care about or republicans coming up with an election year and in addition to that, what does it do? i think that we are going to see the headline -- i hope i'm wrong, but this is a nothing burger. we are going to see that because mueller has said he's not going to go outside the scope of this
3:53 pm
report. >> bret: let me interrupt you though. doj has just sent this letter instructing robert mueller to keep his testimony to the information within his report. as he said to the reporters in the first press conference, now it is in a letter to him saying keep your testimony to the report. >> i think what democrats want is to be very specific with regard to obstruction of justice and having the american people herein if, in fact, they are interested enough to to an end. i'm not sure they will be. >> bret: chris. >> most congressional hearings devolve into the self-seeking actions of individual lawmakers trying to generate sound bites for themselves. maybe i will be surprised, maybe it will be stimulating and revealing but i think it will probably be mostly showboating. >> bret: for democrats, they're going to go on the report and the details probably going to refer to page whatever. for republicans, there are openings that were not covered in the report for that he did not touch on that they may ask
3:54 pm
about. >> absolutely. what about the dossier? you interviewed christopher steele. does a lot of questions about the origins of the investigation. what about george papadopoulos and his mysterious guy -- there's a ton of things they could get into if they wanted. if mueller really follows this directive from the justice department about staying within the black and white page of his report, and he's really not going to talk about it and we all know -- at least we think we know that the first question in this is going to be would you have indicted the president but for the office of legal counsel finding? and how was he going to answer that is probably the biggest -- >> bret: didn't do any other indictments when it came to obstruction. there weren't any other indictments when it came to conspiracy. >> he did not allege that there was a conspiracy to obstruct justice and there were others who were discussed in the report that if he had wanted to indict him for obstructing justice there would have been no prohibition on indicting a
3:55 pm
private person and then the president could have been an unindicted coconspirator, but that didn't happen. >> bret: the biggest part is what russia did do and what russia attempted to do and what the u.s. is doing to prevent that from happening again. >> and honestly that is what i think the american people would care most about left or right and democrats and republicans can sore stomach score some points. if there's going to be grandstanding, especially people running for office to be president on the democratic side and those may be answers we can get but again i'm not sure because he is going to stay completely within the lines on all the questions whether it be russia, obstruction of justice, the dossier. i'm not sure that either side is going to get the answers that they seek to get those headlines. >> bret: it is worth watching because i'm angry with martha. >> tuning! >> it's a great bucket of warm spit. it's my favorite. [laughter] >> bret: great teasing for the program. panel, thank you very much.
3:56 pm
a little different show with the pakistani prime minister tonight. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts after this very short break. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ applebee's all you can eat is back. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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♪ >> martha: good evening, everybody, i am martha maccallum and this is "the story." today, this story by journalist jane mayer titled "the case of al franken." it may become a watershed moment in america and perhaps a realization among some that maybe #metoo went a bit too far. she herself came under fire for publishing one of the most flimsy allegations against bret kavanaugh. >> the corroborating witness that you said has all the details including kavanaugh's name, where that witness come from and where that witness get the information about this from, if that person doesn't know? >> he remembers it. he was in the same