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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 22, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> laura: that's the subway. he was wearing boxers, right mike i'm glad. no one stops to stare, they just keep walking right by. that's new york. don't forget, check out my podcast, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here very shannon. >> shannon: thank you so much. we start tonight with a fox news alert. the trump administration announcing tonight, starting tomorrow it will fast-track deportations of illegal immigrants across the country. if they've been here less than two years, ice will have the authority to deport them without a hearing. it all comes in the wake of congresswoman ocasio-cortez's call for a 9/11 commission-style investigation to president trump's immigration policy. we have immigrations art just ahead. we will also hear from pro-trump beauty queen kathy, nearly stripped of her titles she says because of an anti-conservative bias. the pageant tells a different
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story. she will join us live. and "fox news @ night" investigates a trier of government workers blowing the whistle on officials they say never implement a program to test the dna of people apprehended at the border to compare it against an fbi database of violent crimes. catherine herridge goes inside the dhs for this exclusive report. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin with our chief breaking news correspondent, trace gallagher, on a case of this -- dramatically escalate the case of deportations and it comes amid yet more squabbling with "the squad." hey, teresa. >> hi, shannon. the president is angling as a focus of his reelection campaign and he is jamming up reimbursement -- enforcement. last week they announced one that would ban migrants who passed through to the country en route to the u.s. from speaking the mexican solomon tomorrow the department of homeland security will go public with a plan to expedite deportations. so the measure would bypass immigration judges and say that
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anyone who cannot prove they've been in the u.s. continually for at least two years can be deported from anywhere in the country. a 2004 regulation limited deals deportations to within 100 miles of the border and this could affect a significant number of people. in fact, in the first three months of this year, 39% of illegal immigrants who came in contact with ice had been in the u.s. for less than two years. the aclu was vowing to fight the plan, as is democratic senator dianne feinstein. meanwhile freshman alexandria across the el cortez says that if democrats win back the senate and the white house, she has an idea on how to investigate the separation of families at the u.s. border. watch. >> if the 9/11 commission, they were charged with investigating and making sure they dug up every nook and cranny of what happened and how it happened in
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our system. and i think that kind of study is what's going to be required in order to reunify as many children with their parents as possible. but that's the work that we have to do. >> remember, ocasio-cortez made the widely disputed claim that migrants are less being held in detention centers were drinking out of toilets. she also voted against the emergency aid border bill and supported a boycott the company providing vets for children being held at the border. finally, another member of "the squad" is also stroking the feud with president trump. representative ilhan omar says his immigration policies are racist, quoting here, "you should all end this charade and accept that this racist president once every black, brown person deported and muslims band. his immigration policies say this much. the president has of course repeatedly countered "the squad" by saying they hate america. shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much.
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so the trump administration set to make the next move it says will help manage the overwhelm crisis at the border. critics say it will terrorize people. 20 is like to talk about the fight, the acting director of u.s. citizenship and immigration services, ken cuccinelli, good to have you with us tonight, sir. >> shannon, it's always good to be with you. >> shannon: 's new policy set to go into effect tomorrow, senator dianne feinstein, one of the top democrats in the senate says this. "it's just one more attack on our immigration system and the rule of law. it's a shame that the president feels the need to go after immigrants in this manner." your response? >> it is a head-shaking surprise to me when i hear elected senators -- and frankly, the bill that this is based on is bipartisan, who still oppose actually enforcing the law. the 2004 regulation you all talked about in the introduction actually restricted the law dramatically and all president trump is doing here is
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actually going back to the statute. so if congress doesn't like the statute, they shouldn't be blamed, blaming president trump. president trump is enforcing the law. or he's trying to. it's congress that needs to get its act in gear. >> shannon: the president of the leadership conference on civil and human rights says this is how this is going to play out when it goes into effect tomorrow. it's is the new directive flows directly from the racist rhetoric of the president has been using, this new role is going to terrorize communities of color. it really reads like a send them all back policy. i believe that's a reference to the president saying that certain people should go back to where they came from. >> certainly people who are here illegally should go back to where they came from, and that's with this policy is about, for the people who are here illegally, and as you noted, ice -- 40% of the people they encountered in the last year, i think it was the last year, the data you all used, had been in the u.s. less than two years.
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this creates a much smoother and more expedited removal process, and that is a big part of our problem, shannon, is that there's so much due process. there's so many opportunities for illegal immigrants to throw wrenches in the works of our legal system and congress has allowed them to do that, that it takes them forever to get through the due process pipeline, but even with that is over a million people in this country who have orders to leave the country for disobeying those orders. that's the other pool from whom ice has to go after for deportations. they have a big job, and this regulation really just takes us back to the original statute, will help them do their jobs more smoothly, more easily, and safer for the officers as well. >> shannon: okay, so in our
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report, trace gallagher talked about one of the freshman congresswoman that the president has been going back and forth with, congresswoman ilhan omar. one of her tweets so basically this president is a racist and you should just accept that he wants to deport all brown and black people and muslims, to ban them as well. how does the administration respond to a tweet like that? >> first of all, if the president were racist, i wouldn't work for him. and this is just cheap political gamesmanship by one new person in congress -- who frankly has done nothing to help in this area, has called the crisis a fake. has called it manufactured, who didn't vote for the appropriation last month to help children who are here illegally, but who we want to care for properly -- they wouldn't even vote for that. congresswoman omar wouldn't even vote for that end in one month shannon, in one month, just as
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we said at the department of homeland security, we were able to get from 2500 kids in facilities not made for them down to just a couple of hundred and only a handful of those have been there more than 72 hours, which is our measure to try to get them on to more kid-appropriate facilities, and now we can do that with no help from congresswoman omar. none. zero. >> shannon: we know both sides of the aisle says there's a problem so finding the solution is going to be the difficult part. thank you for joining us. we want to go to some breaking news now. all day long with been covering -- thousands of people we are told have taken to the streets to protest now against what they are seeing some type of corruption there. also some -- private text messages from the governor there was being called by a number of people to resign. the shots we are trying to take you to live in puerto rico, we are told there is teargas potentially being used now with those large protests. a number of people trying to take cover, trying to get inside
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buildings. we are going to assess that situation, check out and see what we can do life and we will go back there for a report as soon as we know more and give you those life pictures. meanwhile in mexico, tonight they're sitting setting a new record for homicides in the first half of the year. cartel and gang violence pushing murders up by 5%. there were 3,080 killings in june and an average of 100 murders per day nationwide. 17,608 murders in the first half of this year. that's not the most reported in history, even more than during mexico's 2011 drug war. breaking news from the ninth circuit tonight from a friend francisco-based federal court rejecting the trumpet restrictions requests to stop asylum-seekers from being released on bond while their cases move through the court system. trump administration says it will appeal the decision and expects to win. the president renewing his attacks tonight on freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, ayanna pressley and rashida "tucker carlson tonight"
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tlaib. brandon was racist. before robert mueller's highly anticipated congressional testimony, correspondent kristin fisher is here on the white house beat tonight. a. >> also tonight, the justice department is warning former special counsel robert mueller to stick to what's in his report when he testifies on wednesday. >> two days before one of the biggest hearings to hit l in decades, the associate deputy attorney general rights to the reluctant star witness that "any testimony must remain within the boundaries of your public report and that the department generally does not permit prosecutors such as you to appear and testify before congress." but mueller isn't just any prosecutor and wednesday's twin hearings before the house judiciary committee and intelligence committees are just any hearings. they are the public culmination of the two-year investigation into the president of the united states, but the man at the center of it all insists he won't tune in. >> no, i'm not going to be watching.
8:11 pm
probably. maybe i will see a little bit of it. i'm not going to be watching mueller because you can't take all those bites out of the appl apple. we had no collusion, no obstruction. >> the chairman of the committee that will question mueller first, jerry nadler, says it's precisely comments like that that of the reason democrats have fought so hard to get mueller to testify in public. >> that was the chairman of the judiciary committee jerry nadler who is going to be one of the very first people to question bob mueller when he testifies on wednesday, a big day, and of course president trump in addition to all of that continuing to ramp up his attacks on those four freshman democratic congresswoman, and he is also talking today about the supporters of last week's houseboat on an impeachment
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measure. he says that they got slaughtered. some democrats of course opposed it. and now we kind of wait and see if mueller's turns the tide at all in that push to perhaps impeach the president, shannon. >> shannon: a number of democrats say they are not abandoning that potential back. thank you very much. meanwhile president trump turns the table on "the squad," flipping the script on the accusation that he is the one stirring up racial tensions. chris hahn, charlie hurt next. s. wow. he won't even recognize you. seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon. woo! maui!! boom navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission.
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>> shannon: the president tonight accusing the group of four freshman democrats known as "the squad" of being very racist. running is now, aggressive progressive podcast host chris hahn and fox news contributor and author of still winning, charlie hurt. we too have you both, gentlemen. thank you for joining us. >> going to be here.
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>> shannon: we are having some technical difficulties so we can't play the video but if you've watched for the week and you've probably seen the video from back in 2016 of now-congresswoman rashida tlaib being escorted out -- >> good video, i recommend it. >> shannon: she was very energetic at a protest essentially with president trump and she is now quoted as saying confronting trump was the most patriotic and courageous act i could. charlie. >> yeah. now that she's been in congress i think that's probably a far better place for her to be. she's a heckler, she believes in going into private events and shutting down peoples constitutional right to free assembly and free speech is shouting and trying to shut down people from having such a gathering. but her performance in congress i don't think has been any better than that so she had to go back to doing that may be. >> shannon: let's play something that -- -- we can't. technical difficulty is. i will just paraphrase for you.
8:18 pm
congresswoman liz cheney says this we can all of these attacks from "the squad" calling the president racist -- we talked in the last segment about congresswoman omar saying basically the present wants to deport anyone who is black or brown. it liz cheney says this isn't about race or gender. these members of the house of representatives fundamentally believe in policies that are dangerous to this nation and as republicans we are going to fight against those even if the mainstream media accuses us of racism. chris, is that just sort of the old standby is something that people don't want to be called that and they are afraid -- for a lot of people it silences them when you say that word. >> i think that liz cheney needs to tone it down a little bit. people are going to have disagreements over policy. if the president shouldn't be saying that they should go back. in fact, he's the president, therefore junior members of the house of representatives. he needs to do better. he needs to show grace. he needs to be a leader. people say things that are outside of our norms here in the united states of america at his rallies, he needs to calm them
8:19 pm
down the way that barack obama did at rallies, the way the john mccain did at rallies. we are going to disagree in this country. everything we say can't be black and white, you are evil, i'm good, that's not the way it works. we need to come to the middle, we need to compromise. if this president is incapable of doing it. he thinks it's good politics. he is dead wrong. it's going to cost an election if he continues down this road. >> shannon: a lot of people would say that needs to work all the way around, that both sides need to stop with the rhetoric and sharp at the table and try to get something done like on the border where everybody agrees, including "the new york times," that there is a massive crisis. what you make of this point that chris makes that we are so divided right now but there really is no middle ground for folks? >> but don't forget not everybody agreed that there was a problem with the border just a few months ago. remember one president trump shut the government down in order to address the crisis at the border you have democrats in congress uniformly saying there's no problem down there, there's no crisis, it's manufactured. thankfully we have some democrats were stepping forward and admitting indeed there is a
8:20 pm
problem. if the problem of course -- also have people like aoc down there and fantasizing about people drinking out of bullets, which is just beyond me how that contributes to any kind of solution here. but going back to the issue of race, congresswoman presley recently made the comment that we don't need any more black politicians who aren't speaking the way black people should think and speak. we shouldn't have brown politicians who aren't speaking away brown politicians should speak. that is by definition -- >> that is not what she said. >> i encourage her to read it in context. >> i've read it. you didn't. >> i did read it. literal by definition -- >> you are paraphrasing it poorly, like you always do. i don't know where you got your story. >> shannon: gentlemen, let me read you something verbatim. this comes from emory mcclendon, he describes himself as a conservative, he says "liberals love to use racism to divide us. political correctness is only beneficial when it supports
8:21 pm
their cause." he says if they were truly concerned about racial animosity, wife virginia governor ralph northam still around after admitting to being in blackface or a kkk outfit in an old yearbook photo? chris. >> i called for him to resign that night on this air, not your show, but another show. a lot of democrats did and i don't know why he still there and if it was up to me be gone right now, but the president use -- i know you are but one of my kind of thing, that's not working here. he's the president of the united states. he needs to be better. he needs to not use racist things like go back to your home place, go back to your country. he needs to stop it right now. he needs to have grace. he's the leader of the free world. his words matter more than anybody else's words and talking about what anybody else said is irrelevant to this conversation. >> shannon: got to leave it there. there's plenty of heat and light on twitter at all the other social media platforms. grace is the idea. that's the word for tonight. chris and charlie, thank you
8:22 pm
both, your graceful appearances. thank you. puerto rico's embattled progressive governor, protesters jamming old san juan again tonight and riot police are taking positions amid demands that governor ricardo resign over insulting private texan allegations of corruption. jeff paul joining us live with the latest. hey jeff. >> after a day of protests, hours and hours of people protests, now here in the streets of san juan, puerto rico. we are behind the police lines here where things just got out of hand. there was teargas shot just moments ago here in the streets of old san juan and thousands and thousands of people here dispersed. they ran just on the street where you can see further beyond us there are other police and state police here that are trying to get the crowd to clear out. they were given several warnings, including two investigators out here.
8:23 pm
that's when they started shooting the teargas into the street. saw a lot of people running. they were throwing rocks back and forth. anything they could find to pick up and throw back out if these police officers here sort of hold their ground out here to wait and see what could happen next. this is sort of what's played out on wednesday, just a few days ago, there was a big protest with the people in the streets and then people started sort of getting out of hand, throwing things at police but these protests have been very peaceful by march but as it is with the segments, it just takes the actions of a few to sort of ruined it for all the other people demonstrating in their course of demonstrating because the more the governor here in puerto rico to resign. >> shannon: he had an interview today with our own shepard smith that made a lot of headlines. he was pressed on whether he would apologize to people. he said he had had some apologies. but to this idea of whether he would resign or not, last i heard he said i won't run again but he's not stepping down. any change, any movement you can
8:24 pm
detect on that front? >> we spoke to the governor too and he -- and i asked him is there anyway -- -- is there anything that could happen where you would resign and he just kept deflecting and set i want to finish out my term. i was elected by the people. he made no mention of resigning, so it seems that this will continue if he does not resign and i asked him too if this keeps happening every day, every week where there will be big protest in a sort of dodged that question too just saying i'm here to lead, i was elected by the people and that's what i'm going to do throughout the rest of my term. >> shannon: jeff, we will check back in with you as the situation warrants there. thank you so much, stay safe down there. more news right after this brea break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:29 pm
consequences for former fbi director james comey. the report cites two unnamed u.s. officials who claim that the doj inspector general will soon file a report with evidence that comey not only misled the president, but that he was "essentially running a covert operation against the president." making tonight, the white house and bipartisan congressional leaders reaching what they are calling a compromise budget deal for nearly $3 trillion in spending over two years that would suspend the debt ceiling until after the next election until july 2021. it raises spending by nearly $50 billion over current levels and it foregoes the spending cuts that were initially sought by the trump administration. largely the work we are told of house speaker nancy pelosi, treasury secretary steven mnuchin and senate minority leader chuck schumer. president trump announcing the deal on twitter says "this was a real compromise in order to give another big victory to our great military and vets." fiscal conservatives -- new
8:30 pm
footage of the seemingly healthy growth that british black tanker being held by iran. the seizure friday was just the latest provocation as regional tensions continue to rise. troubling new intelligence is reportedly made public by the united kingdom. david's font is tracking iran for us tonight gary david. >> hey, shannon. those 23 british crewmembers being held against their will by iranian officials. iran says it's payback for a ship seizure just a few weeks ago. chilling images of crewmembers aboard a british tanker seized by iran highlights just how bad things are between the two countries. iranian militants armed with machine guns took over the british oil tanker friday in the persian gulf. now the country's flag flies high above the u.k. >> please confirm that you are not attempting to violate international law by unlawfully attempting to board. >> a warning that meant nothing to iran, who now has total control of the ship.
8:31 pm
>> the u.k. ship has turned off its signaling for more than the time that it was allowed to do so. was passing through the wrong channels, endangering the safety and security of shipping and navigation in the strait of hormuz, for which we are responsible. >> on july 4th that u.k. sees an iranian tanker to the strait of gibraltar following a concern the tanker was on its way to deliver oil to syria. according to the u.s. state department, since 2012, iran spent more than $16 billion helping the assad regime in syria. some of that money went to partners in iraq and yemen. >> i therefore urge iran to release her and her crew and observe the rules that safeguard commercial shipping and benefit iran as much as any other country. >> according to a report from a british intelligence officials within am i five and am i six believe iran is funding sleep or terror cells across europe. more specifically in the united kingdom.
8:32 pm
the united states also at odds with iran is watching the u.k.-iran conflict intensely. >> the iranian regime has a long history of lying. they lied about where the shaft on the american uav. they now live in the last few days about where they took down this tanker. it's part of the nature of the ayatollah to lie to the world. >> iran's foreign minister said last week he be open to talks with the united states if the u.s. would lift sanctions on iran. no indication from the white house that would even be considered at this time. shannon. >> shannon: david's mom, thank you very much. this is a fox news alert. venezuela's crime-plate caracas -- a massive block. if there are reports that much of the country has also lost power. venezuela socialist government blaming a series of electromagnetic attacks. meanwhile, mayor bill de blasio warning new yorkers there could be more power outages throughout that city and thunderstorms through tonight. the 2020 contender slamming
8:33 pm
conrad for not getting satisfactory answers as to why the power has been going out all across the big apple. time out for the real news roundup. turns out it's hard to find a special prosecutor in illinois willing to investigate the state's handling of the just a small case. the chicago sun times reporting several illinois state's have turned down offers citing costs and time constraints. smollett's -- calling it "travesty of justice." also back in new york city, bill de blasio coming under fire of his video surfaced of nypd officers being drenched by young men tossing buckets of water on them in brooklyn and in harlem. the head of the cities police benevolent association patrick lynch tells "the new york post" he blames the "antipolice rhetoric coming out of city hall." meanwhile, a new study finds no evidence that white officers are more likely to shoot minorities and officers of color. researchers analyzed more than
8:34 pm
900 reports and found increasing diversity among officers may not necessarily reduce racial disparity in police shooting. finally, oregon becoming one of the first states to allow students to take until health days. just like a sick day. under the law, students can take up to five days in a three month period. reporter said a lot helps to remove stigmas around mental illness while opponents say hitches gives kids more ways to skip school. a beauty pageant winner in michigan structure for title for what she calls bias against conservative viewpoints. she responds to what pageant officials are saying happened next i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits. so we changed that. as a financial health coach, i help people every day. i try to put myself in their shoes from my own experience. i connect to them because i've been there. helping families like mine save a little money changes everything.
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8:39 pm
calling people racist, even when they're not. >> stripped 20 rolled kathy up or missed crown after winning last week for controversial tweets she posted more than a year ago. in a letter, pageant officials wrote "her social media post again mike obtained an appropriate content violating being of good character." the president trump-supporting college students that she lost her title for stating her opinion in tweets taken out of context. one tweet reads "did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? fix problems within your own community before blaming others." zhu claims that wheat was in response to someone calling cops pigs that target black people. >> there are incidences where it does happen. i understand that. but there the context i was just saying you shouldn't label all cops as bad people. there should be solutions within your own community to fix whatever problems you are having too. >> the former beauty queen is also defending another tweet she
8:40 pm
says she posted at her previous florida college after she walked by a stand and was asked to try on a hijab for inclusion. she said she didn't want to try on a sacred garment tweeting "there is a try on hijab booth at my campus so you're telling me it's not just a fashion accessory and not just a religious thing for you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under islam? "zhu says women are oppressed and stoned and muslim countries. she stands by the tree. kathy zhu assess the director for the miss america pageant called her tweets racist and islamophobic in a phone call. we reached out for the organization for comment but have not heard back. shannon. >> shannon: matt finn, thank you very much. where joint meant by the former miss michigan in the miss world american pageant system, kathy, thank you for joining us tonight. good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: matt outlined some of the tweets that were apparently offensive to the directors that got you in trouble. did you think they were provocative when you tweeted them or do we now see how people could be offended by them?
8:41 pm
>> i see how people could be offended by them but everything i tweeted was with statistics and facts. if those were my opinions, so i don't think that it should have been reduced to one tweet. i think people should look at my character. my other tweets and this is more of a bigger problem than just a tweet. i think this is a bigger problem of pageants censoring young women. young women's voices. >> shannon: you think if you had a different view points that you would be in trouble now? i know in reading some of the pageant will stay safe there shouldn't be a political platform. and expect people to be of good character. they were worried about your tweets being insensitive or inappropriate. >> if i wanted to be cookie-cutter perfect i would have just been on the pageant and probably have one map, but the thing is i have real opinions, i'm a real woman. i experience real things and real emotions and i do have a voice of my own. >> shannon: where do you go from here? i want to read something from jezebel in the headline was "the rapid life cycle of a conservative martyr." the use that." for say the path the story charted over the weekend landed
8:42 pm
zhu among the ever increasing number of conservative "martyrs" enjoying a brief spin in the limelight as a symbol of the perceived discrimination faced by those with -- trump politics. they say essentially you could be us liberty for a few minutes among conservative circles because you are pointing out in your estimation, the way you've been discriminated against because of her political beliefs, what you make of their characterization of your case? >> i've been posting while politics and since i was 17 in high school and have been going about this past since high school until now. this is only a jump-start next in my career and i'm so glad to be able to show my voice, show my opinion to the public. >> shannon: do not think the pageant officials in choosing you, going through this process had looked at your social media. should this be part of what pageant judges are considering these days? >> i gave them all my social media handles. first they should have vetted me better, honestly, and second, they didn't even give me time to
8:43 pm
explain. they just saw this one tweet, immediately thought i was racist, islamophobic, and then d ground me. so i think that people should really have a dialogue. have an open dialogue and understand the point of view before judging someone. >> shannon: when you go for another pageant? >> probably not. this is actually check off my bucket list but other than this one i think i will just continue to show my voice instead of being in pageants. >> shannon: kathy zhu, thanks for joining us, good to talk with you today. we reached out to the pageant and try to get some comment from the directors as well and we have not heard from them, so we will stay on the case, thanks. exclusive reporting. if whistle-blowers tell our catherine herridge at a program to test the dna of people apprehended by border agents against an fbi violent crime database was put on hold during the obama administration and never actually activated. senator ron johnson responds to those whistle-blowers after the break.
8:44 pm
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>> shannon: tonight fox news exclusive. government whistle-blowers taking on officials were apparently failed to use a cutting edge program to screen out detainees linked to violent criminal cases and booths securities along the border. catherine herridge has the story you will see only on fox news channel. >> we have a great tool that was
8:48 pm
mandated by and approved by congress as a law and we are not using it. >> three government whistle-blowers are speaking out alleging a homeland security dna pilot program designed to screen individuals held by customs and border protection agents against an fbi database for violent crime was derailed. >> who's slipping through? >> u.s. citizens, lawful permanent residence and illegal aliens in this country far and have been harmed due to our agency not collecting dna. >> separate from dna family screenings, the whistle-blowers provided fox news with government records. in 2010, the already approved dna collection did not go forward. after that homeland security secretary janet napolitano got a waiver from then-attorney general eric holder citing "severe organizational, resource, and financial challenges." >> so it was never meant to be on pause permanently? >> known that we've spoken to that has read those documents
8:49 pm
can reasonably state that it's an indefinite pause. >> in 2016 the whistle-blowers say they were assigned to the stalled dna project and while it still wasn't operational, improved technology could have slashed processing times. >> they would wipe the area inside the cheek six times, close the cover, drop it into this envelope, it would be sealed, placed into a box and then that would be shipped to the fbi that night for processing. >> is aware talk, what, 15, 30, 45 seconds? >> yes, ma'am. >> last spring kirstjen nielsen was peppered with questions about the program's status. >> what is dhs doing to collect dna from non-u.s. persons being detained under united states laws, understanding that there is a requirement? >> we're working on a pilot right now. >> the pilot is occurring right now? >> yes, sir. we are in the planning stages and we are doing it in batches. >> there is no current pilot program. it's basically dead in the
8:50 pm
water. >> they filed this complaint with government investigators. the office of special counsel says it "fully support this whistle-blowers" and "there was a substantial like little wrongdoing by cbp." based on a variety of factors, homeland security said "there are currently no plans to change this waiver but dhs is moving forward on a dna testing pilot to verify familial relationships." >> the other response here is that other agencies are picking up the slack when it comes to dna. >> we know ice is not collecting -- far from collecting dna from everyone we turn over to them. >> in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. >> shannon: for instant reaction on what should happen next in the wake of his was a lukens, senator ron johnson, chairman of the homeland security committee joins us. we carry with us. >> hello, shannon. >> shannon: she also make notes that now acting dhs secretary was in a position of authority with cbp when these things were not done. so what's the next step? bring him to the health, have them answer questions?
8:51 pm
how does this program get moving? >> we will conduct oversight. if this is news to me that they weren't doing what they should have been doing. the dna test and aware of is really checking for fraudulent families and if they were supposed to be doing this as an excuse, but it certainly is understandable when he and cbp and ice are dealing with this overwhelming problem of primarily people coming in as family units. 4600 people per day coming through the border. down to about 3500. that's a caravan a day that we are having to process and basically we are dispersing them all across the country, and we are highly concerned that a pretty high percentage of those family units are fraudulent families we have an adult -- under testimony hsi witness said a child was sold for $84. when i was done of the border, there was reports of a 3-year-old boy just abandoned in a field i guess one is fraudulent parent didn't need him anymore. that is a dimension of this
8:52 pm
illegal immigration crisis that's not really being talked about, the human trafficking element. the abuse to these migrant pilots. during the journey and quite honestly once again to america. we have reports of them being put in stash houses, they are being beaten, those beatings are being videotaped. the videotapes are sent back bo central america demanding ransom. people being forced into involuntary servitude. it's not just the conditions on the border which nobody likes, but it is the men and women of the border patrol that i think are really performing heroically trying to cope with this unbelievable and overwhelming situation. >> shannon: so i hear from both sides of the aisle pointing the finger at these horrible circumstances that these young children are being forced into. everybody's pointing the finger to different portions of it whether it's the trafficking, was happening at the border. into tension, those kinds of things, but where's the appetite to actually do something to resolve it? >> i got three democrats to join me in a letter supporting pilot program on calling operation safe return. it is meant to rapidly and more
8:53 pm
accurately determined those individuals that clearly don't have even a credible fear claim and safely return them home to safe zones within central america. they exist. so we need to supply a consequence. we have to start removing people to communicate first to the human traffickers. a bipartisan basis, we are not going to allow you to exploit our broken system, and also the people in central america, don't indict yourself to these human traffickers. don't mortgage or home, don't pay them a year salary. don't suggest yourself and your children to a dangerous journey and maybe some pretty bad conditions even in america if you're put in one of these stash houses or forced into involuntary servitude. >> shannon: one of the critics of the operation safe return breakfast. they are being given talking points about the status including saying they are being persecuted because of their beliefs. this is easy to say it difficult to prove. if they don't think it's going to solve the problem long-term. >> are not looking for a total solution. i'm looking at the very first step to get that data. we don't really have a solid data in terms of how many people
8:54 pm
really fail even a credible claim here. my guess is very few. that will be informative right there. we will have gao and dhs, ig personnel monitor and give us the metrics right away so we can adjust the program. but this is strictly a pilot program and the goal again would be to show central americans on a bipartisan basis we are going to say no. we are going to stop this, we are not going to let you exploit our laws. it's going to take some time. that's the first at. >> shannon: i have to ask you very quickly if you want to comment on the budget deal that's coming together. a number of fiscal conservative saying they are very upset about it, but it doesn't deliver any of the discipline of the white house seemed to say would be part of any deal. >> that's my concern as well. i've been here nine years. we see deja over and over. just a few leaders that come up with these deals. if either increase the debt ceiling or suspended without putting forward any structural reforms. in my own committee we passed the preventing government
8:55 pm
shutdown act. if you don't pass up reparation bills are just just fund government last year's levels. if you completely and government shutdowns. i'm calling on both chambers to take that bill up, passive, and we could put a lot of this to rest. >> shannon: we will watch as this budget deal comes together and comes to about where you have to make a decision. we will see in the coming weeks. thank you. what are midnight heroes did with an extra ticket to a baseball game will make you smile. we are right back after this. on and clearer skin. man 2: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 2: ...with humira. woman 3: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. announcer: humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma,
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> how are you feeling? feeling good? there we go. >> shannon: after a friend flaked out on going to a red sox game, three buddies went on a mission to create a memory for someone else. so sean, pedro and francisco decided to give their extra ticket to an unsuspecting man they met on the streets. they sang songs and cheer from the stands come up that night they say they will never forget. the guys say they just wanted to be kind to someone and hope to
9:00 pm
inspire -- you guys are are midnight heroes. hope you had a great time. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent your evening with us. good night for now from washington. i'm shannon bream. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." maybe you've noticed this from watching tv in the past couple of years. when it's about tax returns or executive orders or of courseou russia, the left strikes and law and order post. nobody will finger wagging your faces above the law in this country. nobody. not even drumroll please, the president of the united states. >> he disrespects law and believes he's above the law. no president is above the law. >> nobody ought to be above the law. >> nobody is above the law not even the president of the united states. >> we live in a country where


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