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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 23, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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continue our coverage. wall-to-wall coverage here on the the fox news channel. and thank you for joining us. i'm julie banderas. here is shepard smith. ♪ speed limit breaking news and alive look at the u.s. senate floor, lawmakers are about to vote on extending the 9/11 victim compensation fund for decades. we will talk with a 9/11 first responder who was also a lawyer for the retired nypd prick detective at lou alvarez who fought for his fellow heroes until the day he died. but first today, a fox news urgent. an ole miss college student arrested and charged with murder. the victim of coed at the university, who sheriff's deputies found dead, shot eight times. the suspect is 22-year-old brandon these belt, coming out
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of the detention center this morning who had been a student at ole miss but the universities that was suspended. he made his first appearance today where a reporter described him as being somber and stone-faced. the victim, 21-year-old allie casteel. she was from st. louis and a major in marketing and business administration, on track to graduate next spring. she was last seen alive friday night outside of a bar on the oxford square which is the center of the town's nightlife. surveillance video shows she walked up to the door of the place, stopped, turned around and walked out of camera view. she never went in and we don't know where she went next. her roommates had to return home at midnight and then went back out at some point. if the roommate said she didn't hear her leave and didn't know where she was going. the next morning on saturday, a local sheriff's deputy on patrol in harmon town, about a 30 minute drive from campus on the
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north side of sardis lake here, that's where they found casteel's remains. the exact location, remote area called buford's arrange, her body riddled with bullets. friends from her hometown say they can't believe she's gone. >> you don't ever think it's going that. >> shepard: her sorority sisters describe her as a ball of light, who always had hers while on her face. and one person said that she was quite possibly the nicest person she had ever met. jake thompson is on the line with us, a reporter for the oxford eagle and has been covering this since word of her death on saturday. jake, do we know at the suspect and allie knew each other? i know at one point they were both in the business school. >> thanks for having me on. we know that they knew each other.
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we do know that they knew each other but we haven't yet figured out to what extent that relationship went to. >> shepard: do we know when he was suspended from school and what that was involved? >> i was informed by university officials shortly after his arraignment which was around 11:30 a.m. that they had suspended him from school and from the school of business administration. i would assume all of this kind of happened this morning once word got out that it was he who had been charged. >> shepard: there are several agencies involved but lafayette county is leading it. do we have a motive? >> clear and confirmed motive, no. we heard people and friends speculate things which we don't go want to go into because nothing is concrete but right now we have no reason why allie
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was alive at midnight but not 10:30 a.m. saturday morning. >> shepard: did he have a record locally or otherwise? >> we found something in 2015, he had been arrested for public intoxication in walton county, florida, like a spring break thing, but that was all we found in terms of previous record. >> shepard: was there any sort of be for some sort of argument or anything like that on campus or otherwise? >> in terms of public conflicts that anyone witnessed, nobody has come forward and said that something happened friday night were leading up to saturday morning. so as of right now it's pure speculation and we are hoping to figure that out as the week goes along. >> shepard: full disclosure, i went to school there and have a home there, my family lives there. it's a small town and things don't happen like this. i wonder what it's like at the moment. >> i guess it's very somber, is
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the word. it's quiet with summer and students in and out, some taking summer school and some are not, allie was taking summer school classes and teaching a fitness class as well. it's one of those things that doesn't happen in oxford. it's a quiet, pleasant tone if you will end this is something that has rattled everybody. >> shepard: at 21-year-old coed, found shot in oxford lake. thank you. also breaking, and this one has taken a new turn, a manhunt in canada. the two teenagers we reported yesterday went missing are no longer considered missing. the two teenagers are now the main suspect in the killing of a young couple in the murder of a man found dead in a burned-out truck. canadian national police telling people to be on the lookout for these two on your screen.
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warning, the pair is armed and considered very dangerous. this is a developing story, and much more on it as we get new details. a judge in puerto rico issuing a search warrant for governor ricardo rocio and some of his staffers as part of a criminal investigation. this is new today. the islands justice department is looking into whether they committed any crime after leaked text messages from an online chat showed them making homophobic and misogynistic comments. that video from last night in san juan, protesters vowing to continue demonstrations which have been going on for ten days until the governor resigned. they say it's not about the messages. they say governor russ seo and his government are corrupt. they said again, not going
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anywhere. this drone video shows how large the protest became yesterday. they shut down the major highway and the capital. russ seo had his one-on-one interview and when i asked him to name even one single supporter, here's how the conversation went. >> governor, who has come forward to support you? >> there are folks that have supported me. >> who specifically is supporting you today? >> there is a protest out there. >> one name. -- if you're not able to give me the name of one person who supports you continuing as governor, is that correct? >> i can. the mayor of sand -- mayors of
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different municipalities. how the hem and for example. >> shepard: since that interview, have your humanness, the mayor of san sebastian has said he does not support the governor. he told fox news, and i quote, it's not true that i support the governor. >> after your eye opening interview with the governor we actually set him aside to press him a little more on the idea of resigning. he was pretty vague at some point falling back that it was the people who elected him but we did remind him that and we asked him what it would take if there would be any chance that he would consider stepping down,
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and here's what he had to say. >> is it time to take a hard look and say it's time to resign? >> i'm committed to the rule of law, and i've made the consideration. and i made the consideration where i'm not going to seek office again. >> that did not seem to be good enough for the hundreds of thousands of protesters. in fact some say it has ignited them, like putting gasoline on the fire. they want him to resign. >> do we know what's next? >> it seems like they are resting a little bit today, as was the last time they had a major protest but we are hearing about under the plan protest on friday where we are going to perform a human chain to block
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the highway surrounding san juan and also hearing about another march on saturday. if you had these big planned protesters, always the possibility you can get out of hand. for hours and hours, there are peaceful protests and demonstrations, no major clashes between the protesters and police. authorities say just right around 11:00 at night there were rocks being thrown at them so they gave the protesters some mornings and, they sat fired off so much teargas they ended up firing one of those canisters right into the vehicle of a guy who lives here in town and that set that car on fire. here's what he had to say. >> it is what it is. is going to have side effects and this is unfortunately one of the side effects. >> so as long as this governor
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remains in office, the protest will continue. >> shepard: jeff paul live in san juan. lawmakers are getting ready for tomorrow's high-stakes hearings with the former special counsel robert mueller. democrats and republicans both looking to shape with the public thinks about the russia investigation. and now we are learning of a letter laying out what mueller is and is not allowed to say. of course, aloud is the wrong word because robert mueller no longer works for the government. he's a private citizen. and new in the last hour he wants company on the witness stand.
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afternoon, he wants his chief of staff there with him. this will be the first time the former special counsel will take questions from lawmakers about his report on the russian interference in the 2016 election. the back-to-back hearing is expected to last about five hours and it fox news will have live coverage beginning at 8:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. democrats say they plan to highlight some of the report's findings about president trump especially instances of possible obstruction of justice noted by mueller. republicans say they plan to focus on the origins of the russia investigation. the justice department has told the former special counsel to stick to the findings in the report but that directive is not binding as he is now a private citizen. still, mueller told us in prepared remarks that his report as his testimony. and now he wants his chief of staff here with him.
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if sworn in, he would theoretically be able to answer for us to be 12. so is it possible to hear from mueller at all? >> our friend chad pergram has an expression that on capitol hill there are three ps, policy, procedure and politics. it's okay to veer away from the policy or politics but when it comes to procedure you have to follow the house rules and republicans i've already objected to the notion that mueller's special counsel at the session could answer questions because it's a violation of the notification. theoretically it's possible, and they wanted the left to right testimony spelled out for tomorrow. >> as you know at his press
12:18 pm
conference, bob had said that he intended to stick with the public report and not go beyond that, and in conversations for with the department has staff was reiterating that that was their position. they asked us for guidance in writing to explain, or to tell them what our position was. we responded in writing and the department sent the guidance that they have requested. >> so that two-page letter in effect said it's a very narrow scope from miller's testimony tomorrow and it reads in part, should you testify? because that of course is his testimony as a private citizen. the testimony of the work of the special counsel's office, may 29th specifically, the information discussed during her testimony does not go beyond the public version of your march 22nd 2019 report or your
12:19 pm
may 29th public statement. the guidance goes on to say the government does not go on to talk about anything behind the heavily redacted blackout section or beyond uncharged third parties and that's an exceptionally broad category. in the meantime, he will have his lawyer at his side during tomorrow's session. aaron's ugly as counsel for robert mueller and the ranking and the witness list would jeopardize whether tomorrow's hearing complies with the rules of the house. he called this an apparent stunt, unsurprising in light of the democrats repeated attempts to circumvent, misrepresent, and there are some more contacts on aaron sibley. he was the director at the fbi and what was known as the pens
12:20 pm
bomb investigation, the investigation into 9/11. and then he returned to work alongside him at the special counsel. >> shepard: catherine herridge live in washington. fox news as i mentioned will cover the mueller hearings in their entirety. bret baier and martha maccallum will anchor our coverage starting at 8:00 eastern time right here tomorrow morning. new details and a series of mysteries in canada. what police are saying connects the missing teenagers with the remains of a man found in a burning truck. and, with the murders of an american woman and her boyfriend. on the run, armed and dangerous, in canada. that's next. ♪ of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over $600 a month.
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>> shepard: the trump administration announcing it will give immigration officers more power to deport migrants without allowing them to appear before a judge. starting today the deportations can apply to anyone who's been in the country without documentation for less than two years. before this announcement these kinds of deportations are typically only allowed immediately after somebody crossed the border. in the meantime the administration has announced the results of the immigration enforcement rates earlier this month. john roberts reporting live from the north lawn. >> immigrations and customs enforcement's this morning in a conference call finally out with numbers related to its expanded interior enforcement actions that have been involved in over the past couple of weeks, at one level. i.c.e. was going after 2200 people for operations that have been widely condemned by democrats as mass deportation rates after two weeks of conducting enforcement under
12:26 pm
operation border resolve, i.c.e. said it arrested 35 people. 18 were members of family units and others were collateral arrests of people found to be in the country illegally. there were far greater numbers arrested under what is called operation cross check which targets people call involved in criminal activity between may 13 and july 11. 899 people were arrested and 605 of them had criminal convictions and at 90s we were facing criminal charges. also you mentioned this of the top, dhs also moving to expand so-called expedited removals, a program that was created in 1986 and a law passed during the clinton administration that allows customs and border protection to quickly deport people who sneaked into the country and do not have an asylum claim or pending integratioimmigration court pro. it first started in 2004 and there were certain restrictions on it at the time. had to be applied within 14 days
12:27 pm
of arrival and within 100 miles of the southern border. under this expanded application people have been able to be removed from the country if they've been here less than two years and beyond 100 miles of the border. in a statement, he says we are past the breaking point and must take appropriate action to enforce the law among the u.s. borders and within the country's interior. this designation makes it clear that if you have no legal right to be here we will remove you. democrats instantly criticized the move even though in 1996 the bill was passed on a bipartisan basis and signed by president bill clinton. >> shepard: on another matter, president trump and lawmakers have reached a budget deal. spending and the debt have gone way up. >> definitely. they had not reached the deal. so what this does is it raises the debt ceiling for a period of two years now which means that during the election year, it's a
12:28 pm
$2.7 trillion deal which also eliminates spending caps that were established in the 2011 sequester providing for about an additional $320 billion over two years about the caps. house speaker nancy pelosi said at dear colleague let her to her caucus urging her to approve the deal and while conservatives are railing against the spending, in the senate, mitch mcconnell said republicans had to take the deal in order to provide adequate funding for the military. >> the nature of divided government means that certainly isn't the agreement that republicans would have written all by themselves. for example i will never understand why they treat the united states armed forces like a republican priority. and we will see how much blowback he gets over the next
12:29 pm
few days. what we are learning about accused teenage killers in canada and why investigators feel they believe that these two could be behind another crime. they are described as armed, dangerous and on the run. we will hear from police, next. but first, fire firefighters rescued a 5-year-old girl dangling by her head on the side of the building. look at this, you can see her hanging about five stories up, her head caught between the rails. this is in china. others broke into the locked apartment to help get her free. investigators say she was home alone while her mom went out to get food. ♪ boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life.
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>> shepard: we are watching capitol hill and the senate has just started voting. i have been moments ago on funding for the 9/11
12:34 pm
first responders who are sick and dying after sacrificing so much after the attack. we will keep an eye on the boat and update the results when they come in. breaking news, two teens once thought to be possible victims and missing are now suspected killers. over and over, and they are right now on the run. police say kim macleod and briar shea michalski are wanted for the murder of a young couple in canada along with another victim found hundreds of miles away. that's the latest from police in canada who say the teams are dangerous and on the run. the couple, an american and her australian boyfriend were found dead in a remote area called the highway of tears in bc, british columbia. we are also getting a look at the video of the young couple. not long before they died you see them having a hug at a gas station.
12:35 pm
family members describe them as world travelers who met while traveling and will really just enjoying life. investigators say the teens, the suspects, could also be behind a good third killing after cops found a man's body a couple miles away from their burned trick pickup truck here that you see from last week. rick leventhal is reporting. >> this story completely flipped in the last hour. instead of a search for two missing teens who might be the victims of a serial killer, the mounted police are saying those teens are thought to be suspect and arms and dangerous. their family said they were on the road looking for work when they went missing last week. police, as we mentioned, found their truck burning on the side of a remote highway. about a mile from the vehicle, authorities found a body, a bearded man in his 50s or 60s and they released a sketch trying to identify the victim.
12:36 pm
a young couple was found dead shortly thereafter, who were on a three week road trip. their chevy van broke down along in alaska highway and they were found shot to death at the scene. the couple as you mention could be seen filling the vans tank and cleaning the back windows and sharing a hug at a gas station shortly before they were killed. here's more from the police. >> the rcmp are now considering kim macleod and briar show michalski as suspects in the suspicious death and double homicide of lucas fowler and china dese. >> shepard: police did not say with the motive might have been in this case. do we know anything else about the suspects? >> before the news conference there was no indication that the missing teens might be a threat, they were just kids out looking for work. the families of the calls and text stopped late last week. now police say if you see these
12:37 pm
men, don't approach them. take no action, call 911. cam is 6'4", with dark hair, and brown eyes. briar is also 6'4" and sandy hair. they are believed to be driving a great 2011 toyota rav4. police say they might have changed their appearance, they were last seen in northern saskatchewan and they are on the run. >> shepard: rick leventhal in the newsroom. british dese is on the line now, the brother of china dese. so very sorry. thank you for joining us. >> no problem. >> shepard: i'm told you just got off the line with investigators, what have you learned, if anything? >> not much that hasn't already been revealed in the news. they have changed the two young
12:38 pm
boys status from victims of this happening, it is suspects. there is a really large manhunt underway right now. the one we keep hearing they may have been some sort of confrontation? >> i don't know. is that regarding the bearded man statement? >> shepard: just trying to figure out why in the world anyone would want to hurt these travelers, it just makes no sense. >> it blows my mind. my dad saw the video that came out of them hugging at a gas station and getting ready for their trip and it was so bittersweet. he started crying. because that's all as a dad he would ever want for your daughter is to find someone be that happy and in love with someone. it's really bittersweet and there is a lot of new feelings
12:39 pm
for all of us. it's been frustrating, it's a bit of a distraction to try to delay the grieving process like that because there is just so much information. we are all just at a complete and utter huge loss and trying to even compromise what this means. when i go to bed at night, i feel like -- it feels like my sister is still going to come back. and it doesn't feel like she's not there. it was so overwhelming. >> shepard: british deities, the brother of the murdered woman, china dese. good luck to you and your fami family. a live look on capitol hill. i mentioned the senate voting,
12:40 pm
on extending the fund to help the sick and dying survivors in the attacks of 9/11, the voting is underway. it's my belief that we will get a final tally on this before the news hour is up so, within the next 20 minutes. my goal, the goal is to give you the names of everyone who voted against this. so we will work on that. hang with us. (woman) somebody would ask her something and she would just walk right past them because she didn't know they were talking to her. (deborah) i just could not hear. i was hesitant to get the hearing aids
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>> shepard: a live look now, now at least at the senate floor where lawmakers are voting to give the sick and dying american heroes the help they need to. in this hour, senators are expecting to pass legislation to extend the 9/11 victim compensation fund for decades. i told you that i would let you know who voted against this, and so far there are two no. michael lee and rand paul. they are concerned about oversight and race. back in february, -- it has just passed, i just got word from the producer in my ear that the measure has passed. the 9/11 victim compensation fund will be extended. back in february, officials warned the fund was running out
12:45 pm
of money and they had to get benefit payments up to 70%. while lawmakers while lawmakers haggled over the of details the bill sat in the bowl on capitol hill. first responders including lou alvarez made a emotional pleas before congress. alvarez died of cancer weeks later without ever seeing this bill passed. the collapse of the world trade center sent a thick cloud of toxic dust over were lower manhattan for weeks. i say toxic now because we know it was, but they assured us, doctors and nurses and everyone working down there that the air was perfectly safe and it was not. thousands of construction workers, police officers, firefighters and others breathed in those fumes for weeks on end while digging through the piles of smoldering debris or supporting the effort.
12:46 pm
it is estimated that as many as 95,000 will eventually become ill. then, there are the first responders that rushed in to help after the attacks at the pentagon and in shanksville, pennsylvania. so now that the senate has voted to help the sick and dying survivors, extended is an item and we expect to hear from 9/11 survivors. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. and it happened. >> the outcome is not endowed, with 75 cosponsors, and it's been coming up for 15 years. noted, it's been a long struggle. >> every state that came from ground zero for the pentagon, and that's what it's about, the spirit of the american people, the humanity and the american
12:47 pm
people and we all came together. today the senate is going to come together and take our worst day, at worst week, worst month and certainly worst 18 years. >> he met with first responders about a month ago and mcconnell committed to giving this measure about before the august recess. he told reporters a few minutes ago that the senate would act in a compassionate and bipartisan way. another member of the senate g.o.p. leadership expressed strong support a short time ago. >> we have an obligation to help out these fellow americans so today i'm proud to be voting to continue to reauthorize the september 11 victim compensation fund. these families deserve the competition and the peace of mind and that's what we aim to do here in the united states senate. >> the senate democratic leader, a new yorker praise the first responders for fighting for the benefits. >> they need to come down and
12:48 pm
lobby for this bill, push this bill and force this bill to move. they are the ones that deserve the credit and we are just so glad that we are at the very end of this long, long travailed that will recognize the need of these beautiful, wonderful, brave first responders. >> several amendments by conservatives rand paul and mike lee were defeated and now this bill will be headed to the president's desk by the end of the week. >> shepard: mike emanuel on the hill. i promise we will give you the names of everybody in the senate that voted yes except for two, michael lee of utah and rand paul of kentucky. the senate voted today to confirm president trump's pick first defense secretary. army secretary mark esper will lead at the pentagon and he is set to be sworn in tonight. this will end the longest period that the pentagon has had without a permanent leader in american history. jennifer griffin reporting
12:49 pm
period >> this afternoon, the pentagon has the first permanent defense secretary in seven months. the vote was 90-8 and the nos included nearly all the democrats running for president in 2020. kamala harris, amy klobuchar, ron wyden, cory booker, kirsten gillibrand and elizabeth warren who had unsuccessfully pressed esper to recuse himself of all decisions including his former employer, the defense giant raytheon or whom he was chief lobbyist for seven years before being appointed army secretary by president trump. >> so is it safe to say that you are more closely aligned to secretary mattis than president trump? >> i don't know where to pick between the two but clearly i share secretary mattis' abuse. >> esper was a west point graduate and graduated in 1986
12:50 pm
and served as an infantry officer during the first gulf war. he faces a host of immediate challenges including what to do about rising tensions with iran. while u.s. ships begin escorting tankers through the strait of hormuz, and turkey, which just bought a state-of-the-art russian defense system despite u.s. protests. is taking over a time at a time when the pentagon has a $738 billion budget but waning influence on the trump cabinet. advisor john bolton and secretary of state pompeo have filled the vacuum resulting in the absence of jim mattis who resigned in december. >> shepard: jennifer griffin, live from the pentagon. before you hit the beach, wait till you hear what might be in the water. a new report names the dirtiest beaches in america. we will have them for you and a live report from one of them come up next. ♪
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12:55 pm
in north carolina the state can no longer decide for you where you go. a federal judge has just approved a settlement that protects the rights of transgender people and it lets them use whatever restrooms matches their gender identity. that ends a fight that has lasted for years and started with the so-called bathroom bill. it required transgender people to use public restrooms that match their gender on the birth certificate. another bill later replace them. state law doesn't get to weigh in on where transgender people go to the bathroom. weather alerts, and heavy rains and severe thunderstorms drenching much of the u.s. after a deadly heat wave blanketed much of the eastern part of the country. this video shows flash flooding rushing through the streets of brooklyn here in new york city. aaron calandra is with us.
12:56 pm
it's hot and now it's wet. >> it's cool. this is the cold front, and that's through the mid atlantic. it would seem watches and warnings in place through north carolina and virginia. it's a very short period of time, so your commute home you could see some detours and closures, and of course turn around, don't drown. we will see this from georgia all the way up to virginia beach. gusty winds and flooding downpours, those are the concerns. this is the region from norfork to raleigh where we expect to see flash flooding. here are reports from yesterday. the storm reports lots of wind associated with that front tearing through yesterday in
12:57 pm
new york. as you mentioned, we saw a whole lot of flooding. more than three and a half inches of rain dropping at jfk but the good news is we will now see a beautiful weather pattern throughout the rest of the weekend. we have a high-pressure system building, dry, sunny and low humidity and temperatures are fantastic in the 70s and 80 80s. here's that front again. that was a tropical depression, and that is because of the front. that was high out of the atmosphere preventing it from strengthening. we will see very little impacts because of that. although low pressure systems are's expected to develop out of that, there's a very small chance of seeing development from louisiana into the big bend
12:58 pm
florida. there is a very small chance the issue is that this is a low-pressure system that will have a lot of time. >> shepard: thank you very much. it is a new report that warns about danger in the water at the beach. not any type of sea creature but bacteria. jeff flock got all dressed up and wait to one of the beaches that made the list. hello jeff. >> i come to you from what could be the dirtiest beach in ameri america. the group environment america did a study, more than 2,000 beach as they surveyed across 29 states on all the coastal states. they found that at least one day last year more than half of these beaches had a bacteria level that is enough the epa says, to make you sick. now what's the problem?
12:59 pm
not to put too fine a point on it, siegel material in the wat water. not just from humans but from animals. take a look at this map and we will show you the worst beaches in america at least four high bacteria counts. one in your home state, a bad one is gulfport east in mississippi. 67% of the days they tested, the water wasn't safe. a beach in california not too far from los angeles, half the time the water was unsafe. and the one i'm standing on here in chicago. and it's likely not today because this is normally calm
1:00 pm
here. when you have waves like this that wash of the pollution out but most days it's not like this and it's not pretty. that's the way it is. >> shepard: it's now time for the other man, neil cavuto is coming up on the fox news channel. >> neil: getting ready for the railing of watching them ramp up the spending because everyone is focusing as bob mueller prepares to testify before congress tomorrow. not so much on washington spending like there is no tomorrow, a lot more debt and a lot more worry. and that would be on top of both. they warn that big spending measure in a moment. but first, catherine herridge with the big hearing with attorney general william barr now weighing in on that. >> a short time ago the top republican on the house judiciary committee put out a