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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 23, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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not sure what chemicals are going to be used to get them unstuck. maybe not environmentally friendly, but they are doing it live. without would bring that to you. if you can't this up in washington. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story," hosted by martha maccallum, who is not stock starts right now. >> martha: am stuck to my chair so i don't blow away. good evening, bret. good to see you. all right, everybody out there. a lot of breaking news on the eve of the mueller testimony and with each new development is more clear that the marine and former cia director and special counsel is a reluctant witness. in his own words on may 29th he said as much. >> i hope and expect this will be the only time i will speak to you in this manner. i will not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress. >> martha: chairman nadler of new york had other plans and a desire to keep digging.
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>> we are carrying on conversations with him and he will come in and if we have to subpoena him we will. >> will that be by the end of the summer if he doesn't come in? >> i think it would be way before that. >> martha: so here we are july s morning some outrage about a letter that was sent by attorney general bill barr saying that mueller would stick to the four corners of his report tomorrow. the ag made it clear that the request for those parameters came from bob mueller himself. >> in conversations with the department, his staff was reiterating that that was their position and they asked us for guidance in writing to explain or to tell them what our position was. responded in writing. >> that mueller had requested? >> yes. >> martha: there you go. late in the day another request. her mother would like to have a
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close aide. aaron zebley in case he needs to consult on any responses or reactions about the investigation. that request was approved. zebley will not be directly questioned and he will not provide any answers. zebley, just to give you some background here, was a key figure in the hillary clinton email investigation. he then moved over with robert mueller to the russia probe. and then tonight in totally separately -- in other big news as we head into an election year, attorney general barr dropped another bombshell. there will be a justice department probe into the work of firms such as google, facebook, and amazon. they didn't name the firms, but that's the kind of company that we believe we are talking about here. all of that in a moment. tonight we get the story from two lawmakers who will be the questioning tomorrow. in moments congressman matt gaetz but first we go to eric swalwell, a member of the house judiciary committee.
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congressman, thank you very much for being here. >> of course, of course, good evening. >> martha: good evening to you. so first of all, why do you think there was this late decision to add aaron zebley to the table there? >> honestly, i don't know. to me, the most significant person in the room tomorrow is no one other than bob mueller and that's who we will direct the questions two and we expect he will lay out what the russian state, how the trump campaign benefited and asked for more help and how the president sought to obstruct an investigation. >> martha: see you believe most people did not read the report, that they don't know what's in it and you expect, from what i heard you say earlier that robert mueller will say things that will really sort of get the american people to sit up and take notice. what is it that you think is going to say that will really get the american people's attention tomorrow? >> that we were attacked and that the russians attacked something that we all treasure,
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republicans and democrats, which is our ballot box and whether it actually affected the result or not they wanted to and that there was a campaign that eagerly welcomed it and then once the police looked into it, the president tried to cover it up. so you and i am of this is our jobs, we work on this every day. most people i know, they take their kids to school, they go to work, they go to church. this isn't what they focus on but bob mueller raising his right hand and laying it out, that's going to be different. >> martha: according to a cbs poll, most of them seemed to have move on. 53% say that democrats should drop it and move on. 58% believe that they've heard enough on the russia story, it went on for two years. something like 465 days. almost 500 pages of reports and millions and millions of dollar dollars. >> actually we made money off of this investigation.
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the investigation cost about $25 million but we see more than that in assets from donald trump's campaign manager paul manafort. >> martha: so it's a win-win. [laughs] >> no. it passed the prologue, going to your question earlier, if past is prologue. we should look at the past to inform what we need to do to protect us against future attacks. it's not just russia. other countries have these capabilities so i hope this wakes all of us up that we have to unite as republicans and democrats, say it doesn't matter who any country helps. we never want to see something happen. >> martha: i think you will find a lot of agreement on that for sure. some of the key questions, most likely to come tomorrow, as far as robert mueller's, do you think the president colluded with the russian government? if he is at -- if he's asked that point blank, what you think it was a? >> i think you will say the laws that were written at the time he did not violate a conspiracy law. but again, this is where we have a learning experience. just because a prior congress
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didn't imagine any campaign whatever work so closely with foreign adversary doesn't mean that we want it to happen again or that we should shirk the responsibility to write laws so that no campaign, democrat or republican, does this. we don't want to see this mess ever happen again. >> martha: and what if he says -- what if the question is asked do you believe -- did you find any evidence that there was construction on the white house or the president. but to think the president will say? >> yes. but his job because he was not able to indict the president because of the president of austria's own policies of the department of justice, it's really now in congress' court as far as what's next. i happen to believe we need an impeachment inquiry because no one is above the law and we can't allow this to stand, otherwise future presidents will think they can do this and i don't think we want presidents obstructing investigations. >> martha: we will be watching. congressman, thank you very much for being here tonight. appreciate it as always. let's bring in congressman matt gaetz, republican member of the house judiciary committee who will also be asking questions and or tomorrow.
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>> thanks for having me. >> martha: you listen to the congressman there, he's going to be one of the counterparts asking questions. what did you think of his reasoning for wanting to have this process tomorrow? >> for here's what we know, for 22 months president trump was falsely accused by my good friend eric swalwell and others being an agent of the russian government. that was the language they use. i think it was a democrats focus on how the president reacted to that false accusation and i think you'll see republicans focus on why the false accusation was made in the first place. who did we miss trust to get to this point where we spent so many millions and so many months investigating something that wasn't true and i know many of the country are eager to hear when robert mueller came to the conclusion that there would be no chargeable criminal conspiracy with russia and the trump campaign. >> martha: do you think you're going to get a straight answer on that tomorrow? to go i hope we do. i think it's an easy question to be able to answer. if robert mueller plays too cute -- if this is just a dramatic reading of the report.
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>> martha: asked trey gowdy what he thought his response to the question will be and is it probably when we finish the report. >> but we do know of three things that the special counsel get to the attorney general prior to the report being released for the special counsel indicated that there was not a chargeable criminal conspiracy on this collusion issue. we would like to know when it was. >> martha: one of the things i would be listening to closely and i imagine everybody else will as well, the question to robert mueller, did you believe that if this wasn't a sitting president, you had enough to indict. what you think his answer to that would be? >> he wrote about that quite a bit. he wrote that there were really three principal reasons why there was not an indictment on collusion apart from the special counsel view. one is that the president has legitimate article to powers that he was utilizing. second the president was largely acting in public in a notorious way and fair that there was no underlying criminal offense. if none of those have anything to do with the special counsel opinion. they all informed on why there
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was no charge from robert mueller. >> martha: thank you so much. >> looking forward to tomorrow. >> martha: let's turn our attention to byron york, chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner" and a fox news contributor. byron, your thoughts on the discussion so far and as i said, i think that's one of the key questions here, because it seems like there's a little bit of daylight between the department of justice's understanding of whether or not robert mueller thought he had enough to indict but couldn't because he's a sitting president, or whether that was not the case. >> that is going to be the first question from democrats, which is what you have indicted the president were it not for the office of legal counsel finding that you can't indict a sitting president. what you have done otherwise? i do not expect them to answer because mueller has given no indication anywhere that is going to say anything other than what's in the report. so when representative gates wants to find out how this thing got started, wants to find out when did you know there was no
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conspiracy and coordination. it's not in the report. he's not going to say it. i think he was actually given some support and that in this guidance that he asked for from the justice department. you just played the quote of the attorney general saying they ask for guidance in the justice department gave in writing, that basically says don't go outside the report. >> martha: saying to his former boss i'm going in there to testify, i'm going to stick to the four corners of the report, it would be helpless to me if you also send a letter -- like a letter from home saying "look, he's not allowed to say anything other than what's in that report," right? >> i would love to tell you everything but the justice department doesn't want me to. but really mueller has never given any, any indication that he's going to go outside the report. >> martha: just back to this question, just to make -- just a simple fight because we talked about the olc decision and all of that. the assumption that you hear on the part of a lot of people are in opposition to the president is of course he was guilty, but robert mueller knew that he couldn't indict a sitting
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president, and that the only reason that he didn't. but robert mueller's discussions with the justice department, as outlined, that on several different occasions told him that was not the case, that he was separate from the question of whether or not you can indict a president. he did not have anything to indict him on, correct? >> absolutely. it was for about both from mueller -- we parted from bill barr, who said it came from mueller. the fact is on the actual facts of the obstruction allegations, the president has significant defenses. the investigation was not actually obstructed. didn't happen. there was no underlying crime involved. there was no conspiracy or coordination for the investigation was focused on, and the president has a number of defenses in each example about saying that he wanted mueller fired and then letting it drop. it never happened.
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each example that mueller has for the democrats will site, there is a presidential defense forever one of them. >> martha: so that's another piece of information tonight that the house wants to go back and subpoena don mcgahn, the president's lawyer. that's one of the hottest button issues in the whole report, was the president saying that he wanted don mcgahn to fire mueller. he said i will quit before i do it in the president dropped it ultimately, right? >> the big picture is the democrats want to breathe life into the mueller report. 448 pages long, most americans have not read it. it was a democratic quote going around a lot from the judiciary committee. most people didn't read the book, but they'll watch the movie. so if they can't turn mueller into a good movie, maybe they can turn don mcgahn into a good movie, so i would love for them to continue trying to do that. >> martha: looking for kind of the performance art theatrical version -- the living, dancing, breathing version of the mueller report. we will be watching together
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♪ >> people are saying that's a good thing. if they me over there. that's what they wanted. >> martha: president trump hopeful hopeful that his frosting was with theresa may and even his mention in front of her that boris would also make a good prime minister -- remember that -- might be behind him. >> they asked him about boris johnson, i said he will be a great prime minister. he's been very nice to me. >> martha: that was on
4:18 pm
theresa may was still prime minister. he's about to lead a new era perhaps for our special relationship. boris johnson captured the attention of the u.k. with moments like this when he was mayor of london. he was celebrating the olympics, which were in the united kingdom that year. he backed brexit and then watched as theresa may failed to get a deal on what many called a soft or watered-down version of the u.k.'s own england-first program to lead the e.u. and what brexit people saw this as effort to control great to great britain. tomorrow he will become the 77th u.k. prime minister. david has the story for us tonight. >> boris johnson will come to ten downing street with a little bit of humor when he takes over the official reign of prime minister. he's calling himself the dude. we will get to that in just a minute, but boris johnson has been angling for this job for quite some time. many say he's been doing it for
4:19 pm
years since he's been mayor of london. now he has set to take over as prime minister now that he's going to lead the conservative party. if the announcement this morning. johnson has quite a bit on his plate with a new job. he has to come up with a deal, not just any deal, but a successful deal to lead the united kingdom out of the european union, better known as brexit. theresa may tried but was not able to get it done during her tenure. johnson a strong proponent of brexit, says he will get it done. listen. >> already -- deliver, unite and defeat was not the perfect acronym for it collection to election campaign since unfortunately it's bell's dud but they forgot the final e, my friends. e for energized. i say to all the doubters, dude, we are going to energize the country. we are going to get brexit done. >> johnson will not have a partner in president trump. the two men get along incredibly well. if they have similar opinions, especially on brexit and other
4:20 pm
foreign policy matters. he will officially take the reins tomorrow, but there's a little bit of a process. he will head over to meet with her majesty queen elizabeth, ask your permission to form a government. interesting to know if he wl be prime minister number 14 for her majesty queen elizabeth. she started with winston churchill. interesting fact, martha, boris johnson was one of the upper east side of manhattan, he holds dual citizenship. >> martha: interesting. i did not know that. when elizabeth says she sees prime ministers come and go but she stays on and on. here now, charlie hurt -- thank you very much david. charlie hurt, "washington times" opinion editor. why we must do it again. good to see you tonight. it's so interesting to look back at the boris johnson past. he was the mayor of london, as we pointed out. then, after he led the brexit movement, he sort of got pushed aside. theresa may took over, wasn't a big fan of the whole idea but she made him foreign secretary. but then he bolted because he didn't like the way things were going with how she was trying to pull it off. >> and i think that's kind of
4:21 pm
the key to why boris johnson and donald trump get along very well, because they are just so totally unconventional, they are willing to sort of take on campaigns that are the regular politicians would never dream of touching and of course brexit, all the experts -- much like all the experts, all that for -- this was not going to happen, not something anybody needed to worry about and we remember all of the people in the united states saying the same thing about donald trump. and these guys, they are both guys that like to be discounted and they like to have people say that they don't have a shot at something and then they love proving everybody wrong, especially the experts. >> martha: is going to have an uphill battle and as david rightly pointed out, he will go to form a government. we will go to buckingham palace and meet with the queen to do that. she's been down that road many, many times, but as she watches all of this unfold and the rest of great britain does as well, they have a very similar dynamic going on there that we do here.
4:22 pm
they got a very hard left that gets a lot of attention. jeremy corbyn, and annette got boris johnson on the other end of the spectrum, which way they are going to end up going i think will be very informative to all of us around the world. >> i think without a doubt but i do think it's important to remember brexit did happen some of the vote did happen and it has survived a lot of efforts by the establishment to undermine it, but these are the people who stood up for it -- stood up against adolf hitler all alone. they are the people that i was with the united states came in and helped defeat him, but for a period there they were the only people standing up for what they believed in and when i think about that, i think it does not surprise me there might be sort of a silent majority there that really does yearn to have their independence back. they are a proud people, they have good reason for being proud people and so i think all of the experts who are yet again -- and i agree, it seems like an
4:23 pm
insurmountable task that he's got between now and october october 31st, but i don't put it past him. >> martha: seems like nobody likes the middle ground and then he's going to push for the hard brexit to be sure. and whether or not those numbers have grown in this stretch of time will be interesting to watch i think for americans as well. last question for you on iran because jeremy hunt, foreign secretary in the u.k., also ran against boris johnson. he wants there to be a coalition in the persian gulf to help each other get through the golf safely. is that going to materialize and will boris johnson be the right ally for president trump against iran? >> i think so. i think both of them look at all problems as -- unconventional ways and if you look at the situation in the gulf right now, it is unacceptable that you have iran basically committing piracy on the high seas. it is totally unacceptable. that doesn't mean that we should go to war or anything like that, but it does need to be stood up
4:24 pm
to and i think both donald trump and boris johnson are people who are willing to just see it in very plain terms, that this is not acceptable. >> martha: there kind of like cousins across the pond. >> are we going to do when they are gone and we have to go back to covering it with normal boring politicians. i'm going to quit! >> martha: don't quit, charlie. there's always going to be a crazy politician on the corner. >> i'm going to go to farming or something. >> martha: thank you, charlie. good to see her tonight. when we come back on the rooftop you're in washington, exclusive reaction to the white house to all of these stories tonight at the atlas for the mueller report tomorrow from the white house, next. ♪ (cymbal crash) energizer ultimate lithium. guinness world records title holder for longest-lasting aa battery. with advil liqui-gels, what stiff joints? what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts.
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4:29 pm
night about the new yorker's jane mayer who wrote a hit piece on brett kavanaugh but now says that then-senator al franken was railroaded. he was forced to resign from the senate a bit sexual misconduct allegations. she called for franken's resignation along with several colleagues, she stands by that decision in the face of this information. >> it was eight allegations, credible allegations, so the truth is, yes, i would stand by those eight women today because they have a right to be heard. have a right to tell their truth, especially if they are not being believed or ignored or listened to and if the person they are speaking out against is a powerful man. >> martha: so keep an eye on that story and also tonight, just hours now away from robert mueller's testimony on capitol hill. right behind me here on this beautiful evening washington, d.c. if the judiciary committee today signing off on an unusual request from the former special counsel to have his right hand
4:30 pm
aid sworn and also as a witness beside him, which has fueled a bit of speculation this evening over what he may or may not say about president trump. you're now exclusively, the white house principal -- hogan, good to see you tonight. sure it's been a busy day at the white house, some reporting late today that says the president was not anxious about tomorrow's testimony, that he was irritated about the whole process. is that accurate? >> he's definitely anxious. i wouldn't even call him irritated. we know how this plays out. we've already read the end of this book. this is been going on now for two years. there's no collusion, no obstruction, complete and total exoneration for the president and no matter how bad the democrats want the ending to be different it's going to be the same. bob mueller said this many times, he's not going to deviate from the report, so we expect more of the same tomorrow and it's wasting the taxpayers time and money. >> martha: a lot of folks who watch all of this unfold think that this process is designed in
4:31 pm
part to continue the discussion, to keep this in the bloodstream and to keep alive the opportunity, potentially, for impeachment proceedings or at least to keep it as an electoral issue as you head into 2020. >> right, what congress' popularity lies somewhere between the chicken pox and the plague. no one likes congress and this is the exact reason why. because they waste so much time and energy and effort just trying to make themselves look good as opposed to getting work done for the american people. we've seen this play out time and time again in the facts of this case don't bode well for the democrats. they don't like fax anyway but they sure don't like it here because the president has been cleared of any wrongdoing. if they want to do this over and over and over again and hope somehow, someway, that there is a new outcome, but there won't be. this has been litigated to death. the american people cared about one thing. if first congress lied about collusion. they didn't have any evidence of it. they said they did. then i lied about a cover up and said that existed too but there was no evidence of that either and nobody has called them out in the press at all.
4:32 pm
it keeps saying to have all this evidence, then why do you need mr. mueller's testimony if you have all this evidence? show it. they don't, because they know donald trump is done nothing wrong here. >> martha: a couple sort of quick topics before i let you go. one is this debt ceiling budget deal that was passed. if it wasn't too long ago the president passed a similar deal, said he wanted to get the money for defense and he said i'm not going to do that again. there doesn't appear to be any concern about running up the debt in the country anymore. we are not hearing anything about the from the white house. why is that? >> that's actually not true. in fact, the president's budgets that he put forward in the past were actually the largest cuts in spending of any president in history, but no one voted on them. the political reality exists here that democrats like to hold the military hostage. the president has rebuilt the military, it's the strongest most powerful entity on the planet. he's done so right by the people serving his country, giving them the biggest race they've had in ten years, but democrats say, look, if you're going to spend money on the military to protect the american people, which is
4:33 pm
what the federal government should do, then we are going to hold each dollar you spend on the military hostage as a ransom, if you will, to spend on all of our domestic pet projects. the president felt as though we need to move forward on rebuilding the military, so that's where we sit right now but there are plenty of plans in the future -- >> martha: we didn't see much movement in this regard when republicans had all three, the white house and the house and the senate. >> the president put forth a plan that would all the cuts in spending -- that's exactly right. >> martha: is kind of i think mind-boggling to a lot of people who look at the $22 trillion debt number out there. another quick question for you before we go on iran and whether or not the president thinks he will find a partner in boris johnson when it comes to what needs to be done, and i don't know what needs to be done because it's a pretty tough situation in the gulf and iran, what's the next move there? >> luck, the president has a great relationship with the u.k. and boris johnson. you saw him three today you think -- he thinks he's going to
4:34 pm
a great job they're buried the love of the people in the u.k., the queen and others when we went to that state visit was incredible. we heard it from so many people in the ground who said they've never seen someone interact with the president -- with the queen that way. they've never seen her engage in such a long conversation, had such a good relationship, so we want to use that relationship to build our partnership with the u.k. and we will continue to do that and all the world are starting to see what we know about iran, which the obama administration ignored. they had been aggressors in his world for a long time. if they are doing it, they've done it to the u.k. and now we have an even stronger partnership in the fight. >> martha: the press secretary, head of communications for the white house. we haven't seen a press briefing, are we going to see one anytime soon? >> i'm sure. that decision is always up to the president but let's keep in mind, the press secretary, the comms director, she's wearing a lot of hats right now. she's a very talented woman. she's going to do an incredible job in that role and quite frankly each person who has it makes the world that they wanted to be that suits the president the best and she's doing that right now.
4:35 pm
>> martha: so no plans for a press conference anytime soon? >> after the president, he makes those decisions. >> martha: thanks for coming by. a bit of a -- shocking scene caught on camera. a group of police officers were taunted, doused with water's and appeared to take the high road. this video is absolutely unbelievable. the former acting as director is here to respond to this and discuss the disk to climate and respect across america for the men and women who serve. >> [laughter] ♪ at visionworks, we guarantee you'll see great
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4:40 pm
have a last-minute change allowing an attorney to help robert mueller with his testimony before congress tomorrow. what a disgrace to our system. heard of this before. very unfair, should not be allowed. a rigged witch hunt!" that tweet coming in from the president with regard for what we will see tomorrow morning and we will be covering all of that starting at 8:00 tomorrow morning life here on fox news. also tonight, simply appalling. police officers in new york taunted and bullied and doused with water. one gets a bucket thrown at his head as he is in the middle -- this is just unbelievable, while he's trying to make an arrest. if the video is all over the internet. everybody has looked at this today, it is provoking outrage, raising questions about rising lawlessness. listen to this.
4:41 pm
>> my god. they came over here. [indiscernible] >> martha: this is hard to watch. nypd chief terrence monahan responded to the attacks on my apartment waiting apart "new york city's cops and communities have made remarkable progress together but every new yorker must show respect for our cops, they deserve nothing less." here now to talk about that in the latest of the border, where another kind of lawlessness has been in effect in some areas, tom homan, fox news contributor, forming acting director of borders and customs enforcement. you were a police officer in upstate new york. it breaks my heart to watch these officers crossing the street and trying to hold themselves together while they are being attacked, essentially. >> it's truly disgusting. if you think about it, these men and women chose a life of service to the city or the
4:42 pm
country if you are a nice agent and they leave the safety and security of their home every day and their job requires them to carry a gun and put on a bulletproof vest to serve the nation and the communities. you see that video, it's totally disgusting. >> martha: obviously in new york the eric garner case has gotten attention. there's a lot of tensions over that, the fact the police officer was not prosecuted and we're still waiting to find out ultimately what his status will be in the police force. listening to a former police officer, he feels this goes back to ferguson. this tension that exists in this country. >> it does. i know a lot of police chiefs in my career with ice and a lot of major city police chief's call the ferguson effect, that's when i started losing the respect based on false information. and people on the ark, if they just think back even to 9/11, whenever buddy is running away from the danger, who is running straight to the danger? firemen and policemen. they deserve our ultimate respect.
4:43 pm
they put their lives on the line for this country every day and put politics aside. when these people are in trouble and they are in danger, for they going to call? they are going to call the men and women just vilified in the day. >> martha: obviously the number of people who want to be police officers are declining. that's not good. you can't blame them. who wants to sign up for that? >> the morale of law enforcement is down right now. they want to vilify them and the women of federal law enforcement every day calling border patrol nazis and you see the constant attack on law enforcement, you can't blame them for morale being down but i think the men and women who chose the profession, they are going to do honorably, they will try to ignore all this eight. it affects their families too. wives and children are being bullied in schools and churches because they are serving the nation. i think this country needs to stand up for what's right and stand up to respect the men and women who choose a service to this country. >> martha: have talked a lot
4:44 pm
are beastly but the folks who work at the border and alexandria ocasio-cortez has spoken out very much against them. she would like to see ice abolished. she believes that dhs was something that was created after 9/11 that should not exist and here's what she said about her -- the way that she looks at the people who are coming across the border, let's play that. >> i think migration to me is liberation. it's the ability to move and be -- it's the freedom to be, really, is what we are talking about and i think that all people should be free to be here and in our communities. >> i think we should be free of her being a congresswoman. i know she's been a congresswoman for six months, she thinks she knows everything. she knows a lot about a thing. she wants to abolish the federal law enforcement agency. she wants to abolish dhs, a quarter million patriots that serve this nation.
4:45 pm
abolish a whole department for her to do her job. if she doesn't like what ice does for lex with the border patrol does, she's a legislator, change the law, but don't try to abolish an entire agency. it's something you don't like. if she needs to understand the department of homeland security, all those agencies already existed in other departments. it made sense to bring all those agencies that defend this nation and keep our homeland safe under one umbrella. >> martha: as you say she's in congress and she would like to change that. see if she can get anywhere with it. good to see you tonight. thanks very much for coming in. coming up here tonight on "the story," breaking development in the murder of a 21-year-old college student, what we are now learning about the fellow student who is charged with her murder tonight, next. ♪ i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> martha: an arrest has been made in the killing of 21-year-old ole miss student ally kostial, who was found dead near a lake off-campus and tonight a fellow classmate is behind bars for murder. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher joins us with the new update this evening. what can you tell us about this awful story? >> martha, ally kostial was last seen live on surveillance video
4:50 pm
friday night when she stopped outside a bar in oxford near the campus of ole miss come about instead of going inside the bar she apparently decided to go home. then around midnight, without her roommates knowing, she left the house again and disappeared. her body was found the next day by sheriff's deputies on control and harm in town about 20 miles from the ole miss campus. she had been shot eight times and was found along the shores of a lake, popular spot for students to hang out by the water or ride atvs. it's unclear how she got from oxford to harmon town and investigators say they are following several leads about how she ended up by the lake, but police have now arrested 22-year-old brandon theesfeld for killing her. if police won't say what led to the arrest, but he is also a student at ole miss and like ally kostial, he was in the business school. it's unclear how or if they knew each other. if he made his initial court appearance today, did not enter a plea, and the judge has not
4:51 pm
yet ruled on the possibility of bail. a friend of ally kostial's told a local tv station she was quite possibly the nicest human being that i've ever met, and here's some other friends. watch. >> she loved outdoors. she loved just hanging out with her friends. she was just like that person you always wanted to be around. >> when i was around her eye just felt like my spirit being lifted. >> her family says she was in oxford attending summer school and teaching fitness classes at the campus fitness center. if she was working towards a bachelors in marketing and was a former member of the alpha phi sorority. >> martha: awful story, very sad, thank you very much. coming up next, president trump touts a bipartisan deal with congressional leaders on the budget, but even some republicans want to know what happened to draining the swamp. we are going to talk to one of them next. ♪ as my broker, what am i paying you to manage my money?
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>> we are going to drain the swamp of washington. going to make it happen. >> when we went on november 8th, we are going to washington, d.c., and we are going to drain the swamp. speak well, you remember that of course beer tonight, president trump is being accused by some of his critics of falling back on that promise after reaching a budget deal worth $1.37 trillion, "the new york times" reported that it would raise funding by $320 billion over existing caps and allow the government to just keep on borrowing, most likely, averting a fiscal crisis beer they wrote the question is really? in the long term, is that true customer journey now, one of the oneness of the deck on republican punk congressman, chip roy, and member of the jat budget committee.
4:57 pm
you know, the "washington examiner" piece said that trump is draining the swamp of the tea party it is that tru true? steege links for having me on here when i ran for congress about 18 months ago, i decided to run because i thought he could secure the border and balance the budget. we had a strong military, clear mission, health care freedom, they got out of the way of the american people. the people of texas sent me here to do that. let me say, $320 billion at on the top of the budget casimir ardea $22 trillion in debt is not with the people of texas sent me to washington to do. we are racking up about a hundred million dollars in debt per hour. think about a good hundred million dollars of debt per hou hour. see coming home you can even wrap your brain on it. >> you can't. this deal is about as swampy of a deal if you could possibly have an only in washington does this deal makes sense. i can tell you all the people in texas 21 are lighting up my phone lines telling me this is a bad deal. >> i want to play larry kudlow, economic advisor to the president, when he was asked about this today. he is what he he said. >> we never get the spending
4:58 pm
restraints that we would like to get but i must say, in the difficult atmosphere today, one of the key things in this administration, we got a two-year extension on the debt limit so there is no threat to our credit standing and by the way, in terms of the overall budget numbers, they are really manageable. >> well, fine, chip. >> this is washington speak, write question mike this is what you hear constantly in this town. the sense of self-reliance and the sense of character of the nation, that's what is at stake when we are trying them all wrapping up this kind of debt for our children and grandchildren pair there is no justification for spending the kind of money when we are running trillion dollar deficits. >> as people, regular cruise citizens out there in america, all you see is gridlock. no one can agree on anything but then all of a sudden it's like oh, well suddenly we have an agreement and the agreement is to spend a lot more taxpayer dollars and goals sides a shake hands and say is in a gray?
4:59 pm
we can do things on a bipartisan basis we just been much more money. >> that's the problem here they never sat down at a table. it like businesses do to meet a bottom line here they just sit downs are right, while we want to spend more on defense, let's throw it away. >> i spoke to hogan gidley of the white house just a few moments ago and that's what he said is the problem. he said we are so committed to increasing defense spending that we cannot get the house to go along with it unless we give them what they want in terms of non-defense spending as well. he said you know, we are in a box. we have no choice. >> well, i don't agree with that. i'm proud to represent houston, the army futures command in austin, texas, and about a hundred thousand veterans in texas 21. it's clear that we give them the clear mission and tools that enable let me type, they don't want take you sure of the nation were hanging on the facts and that's precisely what this deal will do. speak all right. it we will stay tuned for your thank you very much for a congressman work, great to see you tonight.
5:00 pm
so, that is the story of this tuesday, july 23rd, 2019. but as always, the story goes on. we will be here to give it to you tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. eastern. to an end, bret baier and i live coverage of the mueller hearing. ♪ 'soi good eveni welcome to "tkecason tonight." tomorrow, the former special counsel robert mueller will spend the entire day testifying before congress. that means that for yet another 24 hours, our leaders will fixate on the virtually nonexistent threat we supposedly face from the government of russia. russia! it's a show of course, it's a diversion. but our news networks will dutifully amplify it anyway. they always do. turn on cnn or msnbc tomorrow it any point in the day and you will hear breathless covers of defense that contains precisely zero news. why are they doing this? why are they so anxi t


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