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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 24, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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gotten her ready for school was a mental note, those are not shorts for the future. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> wednesday, july 24th, more disrespect for those who protect and serve after water was dumped on nypd officers, one officer is in the head with an empty bucket, we have another nasty video. >> new calls for the top cop resignation. he said he wouldn't testify that hours from now robert mueller will have no choice but to tell the american people. >> live in washington with major 11th hour change and how it could impact the testimony. if you thought the 2020 dems
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were literally grasping at straws. >> wait until you hear how the trump campaign is cashing in on them. "fox and friends first" now. ♪ >> it is going to be a big day. 5 hours we are looking at. keep that tv tuned into fox, you don't want to miss it. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. >> we are covering all of it. all eyes on capitol hill as
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robert mueller -- >> donald trump slamming the 11th hour decision to let his never trump are lawyer pull up a chair at the witness table. >> what we can expect at this highly anticipated hearing. >> fair to say we are in a state of anticipation in washington. at the judiciary committee, this is where both hearings will happen. just under 31/2 hours when it gets underway the judiciary committee will go first, that started 8:30 a.m.. an opening statement from jerry nadler, 5-minute opening statement from the ranking another -- member, he will deliver opening statement in the
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questions begin. there are 41 members on the judiciary committee but mueller will not be alone. a last-minute request by mueller, chairman nadler approved it, did not like it. robert mueller is asked for his never trumper to help with answers. what is this about? his lawyer representing the basement server guy who got off free in the cricket hillary case, this should not be allowed, rigged witchhunt. after this hearing the intelligence committee will come in at noon led by chairman adam schiff who was upset that mueller was given that doj letter and here is what chairman schiff wrote to mueller disapproving of letter saying it attempts to undo circumscribe your testimony and represents another attempt by the trump
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administration to obstruct oversight activity. coming up with william barr who said it was mueller himself who requested the guidelines. listen. >> they asked us for guidance in writing to explain or tell what our position was so we responded in writing the departments of the guidance they requested. >> it all starts by the judiciary committee when jerry nadler goes into it, democrats are looking for obstruction. here is where it is headed. >> the president and attorney general have systematically lied to the american people, they said no obstruction, it is important the american people understand what was in that
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report and we will go from there. >> republicans touch on the dirty dossier, we see where this goes, the historical significance of these hearings is lost on the fact that this is the first time we are hearing from robert mueller after a 2-year investigation into donald trump and the question of collusion. >> we are past the point of disrespect, the new york police union, a new video shows offices harassed on the subway. >> one of several despicable acts against officers in new york city this week. >> todd pyro joins us with growing calls for change, so many across the country are angry. >> change calls for the police commissioner to resign. the shocking request after the latest attack against brave men and women in blue.
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>> the subway rant following this video going viral. drenched with buckets of water by folks in harlem and brooklyn him identifying one as a gang member. new york city union leader, the final straw. >> i'm asking police commissioner o'neill that you voice the confidence of the members and please re-sign in the interests of public safety. >> former mayor bernie -- rudy giuliani, evidence of a suspended problem at the top and spread through the nation. >> this mayor is a disgrace. i don't care if he says it shouldn't happen. it shouldn't happen. >> it is happening all over the
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country, democratic left-wing lunatic liberal mayors and governors letting people do what they want. >> new york city police benevolent association demanding strong laws to protect cops following these videos tweeting and part words of support are meaningless if not backed up by concrete action to address the lawlessness on our streets, adding they do not typically prosecute attacks like this. only showing a ticket -- it has become a top trending topic nationwide but like they said words are hollow at some point. >> a really sad story. jillian: an urgent manhunt underway for teens suspected of 3 murders in canada. they are wanted in the killings of a north carolina woman and
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her boyfriend and another man. >> we are asking for the public, if you spot either of them consider them dangerous. do not approach. take no action and call immediately 911. >> reporter: china and lucas fowler were shot and killed on a remote highway in british columbia. days later they were reported missing when police discovered their abandoned truck on fire with a dead body nearby. police say they were spotted driving 1000 miles away. it is unclear why they are considered suspects but we will keep you updated on that. >> massive cheers in puerto rico after reports that the governor is stepping down. people have been in the streets for days. puerto rican newspaper reporting the embattled governor will resign after a week of protests.
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leaked messages reveal insensitive comments, on sunday he announced he would not seek reelection next year but he did thou to stay in office and that has changed. >> ice agents arresting 35 illegals out of 2000 targeted in donald trump's crackdown on illegal immigration. of those arrested 18 were members of family units, 17 people were not originally targeted to be taken into custody. these arrests come after democrats like nancy pelosi and failed presidential candidate hillary clinton issued warning fires on how to avoid ice at of the operations. lots of cleanup underway after
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severe storms on tornadoes. cape cod, massachusetts hit with two rare twisters. >> a tornado completely ripped off a hotel roof, terrifying guests, unbelievable video. guests inside the hotel on vacation, thankfully nobody was hurt. jillian: a man stuck on a sailboat with 80 mile-per-hour winds. >> this is insane! >> that is not where you want to be. >> janice been with what to expect. >> i think what happened was we had a water spout that came on land. once that happens it becomes a tornado and because of that cold front, that cold front slicing through record-breaking temperatures. wait until you see the temperatures. you can see the tornado reports on cape cod and many wind reports as the front sliced
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through and moved offshore. it will be a much better day, quieter day and look at the temperatures. 60s all over the place, 67 in new york, 58 in buffalo. that is a cold front in the month of july. you see that front moving offshore, some showers and thunderstorms moving across the rockies and a much better day, quieter day for the northeast when days ago we were talking record heat. still potential for flooding, the good news is no severe weather on the east coast. very refreshing, not a lot of humidity. summer is not over yet. rob: a fox news alert. and old murder mystery, 21-year-old college student
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found dead. >> her classmate behind bars, police tried to unravel a motive. >> robert mueller will take center stage with his so-called never trumper attorney. will this reveal any surprises? >> efforts from democrats trying to destroy the president have gone unchallenged, today the table finally turned, we will be right back. oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes
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>> in just hours robert mueller will testify before two house committees. rob: he won't be alone. 11th hour request to have his deputy, or as it is but never trumper lawyer sitting beside him. >> here is the chairman of the
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committee ted harvey. thank you for joining us. as we know, robert mueller said he wasn't going to elaborate on anything but was in the report. do you expect that to hold true today? >> this is an important morning. the republicans finally after three years have a chance to interrogate, cross-examine the prosecutor where up to this point no one has been able to cross-examine the prosecutor and he has a lot of questions to answer and it will be an interesting morning to see what questions he answers and what republicans put to him. >> this lawyer being there what does this mean for the hearing and why is it only republicans seem to be offended by this? >> good question. why is he there? mueller is a very accomplished attorney. i don't understand why he would need an attorney next to him, he's not being questions for
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something illegal, he was simply the prosecutor. the republicans will have a chance to talk to mueller and what his attorney does has to be seen. >> let's look at the things in this report to refresh people's memory, investigated 10 potential acts of obstruction of justice, mueller said he -- william barr found insufficient evidence for obstruction charge. you know he is going to be grilled on obstruction. what do you expect to hear in terms of obstruction today? >> the key thing is there was no crime committed.
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the mueller report went at length to try to develop a narrative that there was obstruction but i assure you if there was a crime mueller would have come forward and said there was a crime and he wouldn't have just laid it out the way he did. >> of democrats tried to fit him down and ask did the president obstruct justice is he going to say no? >> i do. i don't think there is any other way. >> he did not invite, did not say there was a crime committed. you read those 10 items laid out, not one of them is a crime. >> let's hear what james comey had to say. >> if this were a case about someone other than the president they would already be indicted. on at least several obstruction incidents, director mueller if pressed would reach a decision on some of them that there is sufficient basis to charge the president. >> he goes the other way. what do you make of that? >> what was the follow-up question? today when asked which crime the
2:19 am
president committed? comey has thrown out plenty of things, he did commit crimes by leaking to the media during the investigation but he never said in that interview what the crime was that trump did because he can't because there was no crime there. rob: thank you for your time, we do appreciate it. we will see what happens. exciting nevertheless. jillian: fascinating to hear he answers that obstruction, one of the criticisms of the reported he left it. rob: and republicans get into other stuff. 19 after the hour. if a picture is worth 1000 words, what does this would say to you? the jon stewart mitch mcconnell encounter that has gone viral. >> forever 21 gets ripped after sending diet bars with plus sized -- carly shimkus with social media eating it up.
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rob: john stuart emerged as one of the biggest advocates of the 9/11 victims compensation fund fight. >> stuart is going viral after sharing a photo that is kind of awkward moment with mitch mcconnell. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with online reaction. carley: they say a picture is worth 1000 words but this is worth so much more. john stuart accused mitch
2:24 am
mcconnell of failing to prioritize the victims compensation fund. yesterday before the vote the two crossed paths and take a look at that smile. after the bill passed john stuart thanked mitch mcconnell for getting it done. listen to john stuart's reaction on the passage of yesterday's bill. >> a sea of praise on social media. one twitter user says today john stuart became a hero. first responders on 9/11 will get the care and help they deserve. john on twitter says thanks for serving your countrymen. god bless those who are ill and for fallen and their families. janice dean chiming in with a viral tweet saying god bless john stuart, he shamed those that needed shaming and those who are no longer with us, never
2:25 am
forget our first responders. speaking of those no longer with us, mitch mcconnell honored luis alvarez on the senate floor. he spent his dying days fighting for the passage of this bill. >> this is bizarre. shoppers are shocked to find a diet bar in close they ordered online. >> a misunderstanding landing forever 21 in hot water. some customers said they received diet atkins bars in their orders and customers the complained ordered plus sized clothing so they complained on social media that the retailer was that shaming them. forever 21 released a statement to clear this up saying the freebie items were included in all online orders across all categories for a limited time and has since been removed.
2:26 am
we apologize for any offense this may have caused our customers so like people who order plus size clothing, that is where the controversy is. some people on social media say the outrage is silly, if anyone is offended they can send them to me. one more twitter user chiming in saying i will take the free food. >> it is kind of weird. >> sending it to everybody. this is pretty hilarious. antagonizing your opponent in this way. >> cities and restaurants across the country limiting their plastic straw usage we learned on friday how donald trump feels about them. watch this. >> it is interesting about plastic straws. what about the plates, the wrappers and everything else that are much bigger and made of
2:27 am
the same material? the straws are interesting. >> his campaign started selling trump themed plastic straws and people purchased $200,000 in one week. the online description says liberal paper straws don't work. expert trolling. the life of an ole miss college student cut tragically short, her body found 30 miles from campus apparently shot multiple times. >> a fellow student is behind bars. how did this young man know her and why would he do this? we are live in oxford as police tried to unravel a motive. >> nypd officers under attack, new video of an assault on a subway just days after other
2:28 am
officers were drenched with buckets of water. >> our next guest, nypd union boss, calling for the police commissioner to step down.
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>> a young man behind bars charged with murder of his mississippi classmate. >> aishah hasnie is in oxford with what led police to that suspect. a horrible story. >> at 22-year-old is here at the lafayette county jail charged in the murder of allie castillo who was 21 years old and taking summer classes at all this down the road, friday night outside a bar near campus, she went home
2:32 am
around midnight and left again, she and brendan were seen on surveillance video at a market, that is not far from where cops found the bodies the next day. there are reports that she was shot multiple times and her family and friends are devastated. >> never think it is going to be your friend. >> i was out of breath and i heard about it. >> sources tell our fox affiliate it appears brendan has blood on his clothes and weapon in his car when police arrested him at the convenience store in south and this. this is a surveillance picture of him walking into the store. moment later cops close in on him. investigators tracking his cell phone and credit card activity, his father released a statement
2:33 am
to the local nbc affiliate saying i know my son is innocent and i have reasons to believe that. i would ask everybody to please give him presumption of innocence until proven otherwise. he is being held in jail without any bond, could be back in court today. we will update you if that happens. >> when the call comes they run toward danger but new video shows nypd officers enduring harassment from those they swore to protect. >> violated the harm. >> it is tough to watch, the
2:34 am
president of the sergeant association calling for the resignation of the nypd commissioners, telling us why you're putting the blame on him. >> i put the blame on neil, the nypd is being run into the ground. what we are suffering is -- the eric gardner case, sent to the scene where he was directed by chiefs -- over period of time, almost three years we had a sergeant shoot and kill 66-year-old woman, subsequently charged for murder. we have mixed messages from the police commissioner and we are seeing the effect on cops in the street who were hesitant to get
2:35 am
involved, specifically in minor crimes and those officers taking action, we think they should have taken action but we're second guessing. what happens if an individual gets hurt? what if someone gets killed in the process as we saw in the gardner case and this department does not back them. we have a video going around with views on a subway train, this has become an epidemic but this stems from failed policies, days since the started to appear. it has been nothing more than informative. police commissioner he hasn't defended any of the officers.
2:36 am
and it is time that you redesign. in the interest of the department -- >> the police benevolent association put out a tweet saying yesterday's videos were isolated incidents and buckets of water, then goes on to say new york city police officers are confronting this abuse or worse on a daily basis, we are past the point of disrespect, misbehavior is putting cops and new yorkers in danger and i would argue this is putting people in danger and police officers in danger across the country because you see videos like this and people want to replicate or one up it. is that hurting us? >> just think, if nypd officers are not defending themselves from buckets of water what defense or protection will the
2:37 am
public get when someone who is victim of a crime will we see police responding but the hesitancy that is occurring is becoming epidemic across the nation. a different viewpoint last night gave a hold direction where officers should do, he has been long past his stay in law enforcement, didn't work on people being videotaped and second-guessed. and officer who was under investigation for 5 years in the nypd was indicted. >> i want to ask you, the mayor in this case ran a campaign to get elected on dividing police from the community they serve and put a lot of this on them and a lot of people. >> again i am no fan of the mayor. he is running new york city into the ground. he picked commissioner o'neill
2:38 am
to represent -- we are grown adults. i had 38 years in the nypd and i know the difference between right and wrong and i know what is "happening now" is wrong but he is doing nothing about it. the mayor, if o'neill doesn't resign the mayor needs to remove him. rob: thank you for your time. we do appreciate it. 38 after the hour. bob mueller's hearing is expected to be the most highly anticipated congressional hearing in decades. jillian: who could benefit from this showdown? democrats or republicans? that debate is next.
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>> the trump campaign benefited and asked for more help and how the president sought to instruct the investigation. >> why did he not get to the bottom of the dossier that was false, that we know is false. why did they make connections to russia when they weren't there?
2:42 am
>> democrats and republicans have a laundry list of questions for robert mueller when he testifies today so which side will benefit the most? here is democrat political analyst kelly harmon and republican strategist alex vogel. thank you for your time. it will be an interesting day. i think a lot of democrats are hanging on what robert mueller will say when asked about obstruction. if he doesn't go into any other details in his report how do democrats come out on top of this? do they? >> thank you for having me on the show. great to be here. mueller's testimony is one of the most exciting things in decades in congressional hearings and it's important to remember democrats are going to focus on obstruction of justice and ask mueller questions, did
2:43 am
trump direct his former white house counsel to fire mueller and ask him to say in public that in fact he did not tell him to do that or whether there was witness tampering and i think the democrats are going to get to the bottom of it and the american people have the right to know and they will find out what is going to happen. >> if you thought the book was born you will think the tv show is even more boring. director mueller was pretty clear when he last spoke to the public and the exact line was the report is my testimony. if that is accurate and i assume it is, people on the other side of the aisle will be bitterly disappointed when the results is the same. they can ask the director to read excerpts, they can ask him to read pages. all of that is out there. it is a settled issue. a little nuts that we are having
2:44 am
him come back. first we had the report and then the statement and then actors reading it live and now we have the director answering questions about it. he has been clear what he was going to talk about and it is solely within the 4 corners of the report. so other than that it is a show trial. >> i'm curious, if mueller does as he said he would stick to what is in the report and not elaborate on anything does the president come out on top of this? >> at the end of the day if this is boring and by boring i mean director mueller sticks to that and only talks about what is in the report, the president does win because there's nothing else to add. my assumption is when we all review all of this, the various statements, both sides will find things they like. i think the president will enjoy the fact that director mueller's
2:45 am
conclusions don't change. i think democrats will have him read certain excerpts from the report which they find damning and try to jump on that. the challenge for them frankly is if they are successful in making this exciting in their view all that really does is make it harder for nancy pelosi to rain in the squad from a really unfortunate path they appear distant to head down. >> that leads to my next question for kelly. if there is no big bombshell are democrats going to be able to move on from this? >> absolutely democrats will move on from that. remember what mueller said. if mueller thought trump did not commit a crime he would have said so and he didn't say that. it is important for the americans to know, this will possibly reshape people's opinion of this trump in the 2020 election. >> that the argument people keep going back to. we have to leave it.
2:46 am
>> there is an opinion you can't indicted sitting president and so it is up to congress to make a determination whether he should be impeached or not. >> we will see in the next few hours what bob mueller will say. people will have their eyes glued to the tv. thank you. 14 minutes until the top of the hour. time to check in with brian kilmeade. >> second time we are checking in with each other, we touched base this morning to preview the preview of the show. we are talking and previewing mueller's testimony and the addition of his chief of staff who set everything up. he will be next to him during the screening which makes people wonder what does robert mueller know about his report? we will discuss that and we will be joined by hall of famer, finest closer in the history of the game, mariano rivera who will respond to critics
2:47 am
attacking him because he kind of like the president and tends to be conservative and his pro-israel and as we count down to robert mueller at testimony what happened to matthew whitaker, acting attorney general when jeff sessions called it a day? will join us to talk about what we can expect from robert mueller and rudy giuliani, the president's personal attorney. there is no better show than this one so i urge you to please get dressed. back in a moment. huh, boring, boring, you don't need to see that. oh, here we go. can you believe my client steig had never heard of a home and auto bundle or that renters could bundle? wait, you're a lawyer? only licensed in stockholm. what is happening? jamie: anyway, game show, kumite, cinderella story. you know karate? no, alan, i practice muay thai, completely different skillset.
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>> new details about what happened at a grocery store where erica thomas claims she was a victim of racially charged rhetoric. >> you need to go back where you came from.
2:51 am
rob: a witness is crying foul in a newly revealed police report saying it was thomas who used the phrase go back where you came from. >> you heard the story of the boy who cried wolf? we grew up with that story. we live in the time of the politician who cried racism. walk into the express line and one thing over someone is going to scream at you and it has nothing to do with their race or your race. >> eric sparks insists he never use the phrase against that woman. >> paying off student lunch debt. and children and up in foster care if parents didn't pay up. that is their only option.
2:52 am
>> that gets their attention, certainly did. too heavy for some people. >> the district not explaining why they refuse to accept donations. rob: very liberal berkeley, california becomes the first city to ban natural gas. the order to prevent new residential buildings from having natural gas for heating and hot water, city leaders say they are aiming to create buildings free of any fossil fuel usage. the city eliminated gender language like the term manhole. that was entertaining. jillian: baseball player gets a stadium, dancing to rob's favorite song.
2:53 am
washington national outfielder walking up to the plate as the crowd and his team danced to the kids song. >> 2 runs with a single, help the nationals when 11-1 over the rockies. jillian: cheers to this, national tequila day. rob: celebrating coming up next. ♪ otin' 15% smoother, and their kids love 'em 15% more. with getaway deals of at least 15% off, you can be a booker at
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>> we are celebrating with tequila fish tacos. >> we have everything. >> we are not going to get into the list of everything because everything is tequila -based. >> celebrity chef, thank you for joining us. >> today is the finest today of their ear, tequila, everyone is happy when they have tequila. >> you can cook with this stuff, who knew? >> you can. this is tequila spiked blt guacamole and i'm here to show you it's not just her drinks and goes well with food especially smoky things.
2:58 am
>> looks delicious. >> it's actually super delicious to make. we are going to add avocado. what makes it blt is there is lettuce and we use iceberg so it's nice and crunchy. >> i have lettuce, bacon bacon is a very important part. tomato and onion, lime juice and the most important part, you have to say cheers. makes it all together and it's really delicious. we like to put it out out our parties in glassware. has bacon and it. >> you can touch it. this is looking really good. >> then we have fish tacos. these are marinated in tequila, lime juice and a little bit of cilantro this is pickled cabbage with some chipotle so
2:59 am
little sweet, little salty a little sour and we also do grilled corn so it's really fun at a party. you can make your own topping. we put these out and you can add whatever you like. i call these like the cooler older sister of a taco because they are fun at a party, easier to eat an equal ground with a drink in one hand in this and the other. this is peach basil margarita. a very cease also like to use fruit in the summer and as we all know fruit goes great. >> i don't like peach. >> come on. >> so, this is called strawberry margarita. actually, has all the ingredients of a margarita, tequila, simple syrup, lime juice and lime zest and the only ingredient that's different is that we mixed in the cream cheese. >> margarita inside a
3:00 am
strawberry. >> basically a margarita shot and also gluten-free. >> i'm going to take a strawberry. >> we hollow out the strawberry and typing in very fun and easy. >> >> steve: all eyes on russia to dc robert mueller on this july, 24th will sit down in front of two different committees to answer all the questions. of the big question is what will he say? ainsley: robert miller takes the tv station today. it will be the tv version of the book.


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