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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 24, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the final bell is ringing on wall street. the dow is down on the session, the s&p 500 is hitting an all-time high. the best in business and we're expecting to hear live from president trump shortly. >> did you actually totally exonerate the president? >> no. >> at any time in the investigation, was it curtailed or stopped? or hindered? >> no. >> did other witnesses lie to you? >> i think there probably is a spectrum of witnesses in terms of those that are not telling the full truth and those are outright liars. >> thanks very much. outright liars. >> you can charge all kinds of people around the president with false statements. but the guy who launches -- the guy that puts this story in motion, you can't charge him. i think that's amazing. >> i'm not certain i agree with your characterizations.
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>> when he's called your characterization a witch hundred, that was always false? >> i'd like to think so. >> it's not a witch hunt. >> it's not. >> i agree with the chairman when he said donald trump is not above the law. he's not. he damn sure shouldn't be below the law, which is where volume two of this report puts him. >> neil: it's done or is it? did bob mueller fail to deliver anything special for those hoping to bring president trump down? welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." you have looking live at the white house where the president is expected to leave for a campaign event in west virginia. the president tweeting moments ago, truth is a force of nature. he's likely to make remarks before he hops on marine one. probably on the bob mueller and the series of developments in question. back and forth between two different committees on capitol hill. we're live on the capitol where speaker nancy pelosi is going to join democratic committee chairs
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of today's hearings. the head of the judiciary committee and the house intelligence committee. what will they next move be from here? keep in mind, they're about to begin a six-week august resense that will go into september. we have fox team coverage on how both sides are playing this. blake burman at the white house celebrating this. chris swecker on his former boss. just watch this. we begin with catherine. >> neil, good afternoon. we had five hours of testimony. not a lot of major headlines outside the 448-page mueller report. there is something for the president's supporters and for his critics. one of the key pieces of testimony came in exchange with the democratic chairman of the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler. he asked the former special counsel about a legal memo from the justice department and whether it made him feel handcuffs because it's safe to say that you cannot indict a
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sitting president. here's that exchange. >> the statement would be that you would not indict and you would not indict because under the olc opinion a sitting president ask not be indicted. unconstitutional. >> you cannot state that because of the olc opinion? >> the olc opinion with some guide, yes. >> under the department of justice policy, the president could be indicted for obstruction of justice crimes after he leaves office, right? >> true. >> in another exchange that followed, the former special counsel seemed to strengthen this idea that he had the evidence to indict the president on obstruction of justice charges, but then in the afternoon session a short time ago, the former special counsel clarified his earlier testimony. >> i want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by mr. lieu, he said you don't
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charge the president because of the olc opinion. that is not the correct way to say it. as we said in the report and as i said in the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime. >> the special counsel found that there was no conspiracy between the trump campaign and russian officials. as you know, neil, they didn't reach a decision whether there was obstruction of justice by the president. they said in the report they could not bridge criminal charges or nor could they exonerate the president. he said he had to indict or be silent. >> can you give me an example other than donald trump where the justice department determined that an investigated person was not exonerated because their innocence was not conclusively determined? >> i cannot. this is unique -- >> you can't -- time is short. i have five minutes. let's leave it at you can't find
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it because i'll tell you why. it doesn't exist. >> you managed to violate every principle and the most sacred positions about prosecutors not offering extra analysis about crimes that are not charged. >> so new information was put into the record about the genesis of the fbi russian probe. devin nunes said it didn't come from an official project. the five is. this is a network of intelligence from the u.s., the canada, new zealand, australia and the u.k. the tip came from a foreign politician. so not official intelligence. robert mueller testified that he decided against issuing a subpoena for the president, do an in-person interview because he felt it would be too time consuming and important to expeditiously deal with the allegations and finally mueller issued a warning during the afternoon hearing saying the
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russians are still meddling in american's elections, neil. >> neil: catherine herridge, thank you very much. the president you know has tweeted on this among some of his comments calling today's hearing an i'm -- embarrassment. he usually talks to reporters. not all the time. blake burman at the white house with more. hi, blake. >> hi, neil. you think that would be the case. we hope it would be the case as we expect to hear from the president shortly. as relates to the mueller hearings, the trump campaign, the rnc have called it a disaster for democrats. the press secretary said it was a quote embarrassment. a little while ago, since both hearings have wrapped up, we got the first take from the president in which he just took to twitter and wrote the following saying "truth is a force of nature." after the first hearing earlier
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today, the president seemed gleanful at what he had heard or seen writing i'd like to thank the democrats for holding this morning's hearing. that was a 180 from earlier in the day where the president started with twitter and being critical of robert mueller saying he's highly conflicted and saying of the investigation, it was the biggest witch hunt in u.s. history. after that first hearing before the house judicialry committee, the president's personal attorney jay sekulow said the case is closed saying it's time to move on. sekulow writing at 1 point, it's also clear that the special counsel conducted his investigation unimpeded. the american people know the issue is over and they understand that the case is closed. so as we stand here, neil, 4:05 on the north lawn, we anticipate president trump on the south lawn any moment. he's heading to west virginia for a campaign event later this evening. we will see what the president has to say most likely
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momentarily, neil. >> neil: i can't imagine he would pass up an opportunity. we shall see. blake burman at the white house. so for democrats pushing impeachment and pushing this big event today, do they regret it? depends who you are. former deputy assistant to the attorney general, tom dupree. what do you make of just how this all went down? >> it has to be a massive disappointment for the democrats. they wanted a rock solid performance by robert mueller today. that's not what they got. bob mueller was not what i anticipated. he was halted. he was hesitant. he seemed disconnected from key aspects of his own report. even when they ride to get him to confirm things in the report, you think would be low hanging fruit, he stumbled and asked for pages. he wouldn't give the democrats the one thing that they wanted, which is the statement that in his mind, the president
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obstructed justice. bob mueller was clear he wasn't prepared to go there. >> neil: to be fair to bob mueller, he didn't want to be here. he wanted the report to speak for itself. what surprised me and you know this process better, you know bob mueller better, he didn't have his fastball today. i'm not meaning to disparage him. he didn't know a lot. maybe that was his way of not answering a lot or leaving it as a report. certain details that came to light made he wonder, did he delegate a lot of this? did his staff write this up mother than he did? >> doesn't surprise me that he would have delegated a lot. the investigation was big. we know the number of witnesses. but at the same time, i think he would have been more attune to the need to show that he was master of the report that he was in command of the material. he said things like he sat in on very few interviews. for bob mueller, it wouldn't be a problem to sit in the back of the room to show his active
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participation and involvement. i think this performance today will fuel speculation about how involved was bob mueller that will bear his name in history. >> neil: i'm wondering if on the part:0 democrats hoping to use this as a launching pad for maybe impeachment hearings when they get back from recess to go full throttle in that direction, what do you think? >> hard to see people getting more fired up about impeachment after today. there will be a constituency that will be pounding the team for impeachment. you'll see a shift reflected in what congressman schiff said where the focus is or morality and ethics -- >> neil: that was unusual. this went from breaking laws to doing things that wasn't morally right. >> i was listening to see if schiff would close his statement in high crimes and misdemeanors, which is a constitutional standard for impeachmencimpeach.
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he focused on ethics. that's what you say in an election, not impeachment. >> neil: what did you make of the number of republicans that said i have no further questions or i'm not going to pursue that? it was almost like they said i think i've delivered any point? >> reminds me of what i'm in court and you have a feeling that the judge is on your side. the number 1 rule of the lawyer is sit down. if the judge is about to rule in your favor -- >> neil: i have no further questions. >> they left time on the table which is unusual. i testified multiple times in house of the house. they don't like leaving seconds on the table. so when the republicans starting ceding their time again and again that tells you something. >> neil: stick to this. it works for you. thanks, tom. to put it mildly, i want to bring your attention to the
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corner of wall and broad. would we have had the gains like in the nasdaq and the s&p 500? not so much the dow if this had gone differently or more adversely for the president. we won't know. we know that we have regards in the nasdaq and the s&p 500 and the dow down about 79 points. i have to tell you, boeing was the lions share of that. it's indicating a lot of problems with the 737 max. now indicating that that thing might not be flying any time soon, maybe ever. we're on that. back at the white house where we could be hearing from the president of the united states who thinks this all went well for him today. a lot of people on both sides of the aisle, at least on this matter agree. most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪
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he was tweeting out through the course of the day. he was making the entire mueller hearings. that seemed to be going his way and he liked the way that it presented him, not as any sort of a criminal and that where this sort of thing would not really develop into much more than what it has. it won't move the needle, which again is just to the president's liking. fox news contributor joins us, janine and heather and becca from "the washington examiner." becca, your thoughts on where this goes now. >> right now what is clear about this, democrats will try to carry this to 2020. we had senator elizabeth warren talking about impeachment earlier today. it's a dead horse they're going to beat. they're going to haul it around like "the weekend at bernies" and jazz up the base. everything in the report the most damning is the best thing
1:17 pm
that republicans can say about it it's not criminal but it's not great. nothing that we don't know about trump. it's baked into the cake. as long as the economy continues to zip along, i don't think any of this will stick. dicks will absolutely try to make it stick. >> neil: now you have the clock you're dealing with and the calendar, kevin. they go on the break that could take them back after labor day. then i wonder what the sentiment would be to take further action or have more hearings or what. >> we have to see what comes of this. there's a lot of people that didn't read the report. there's members of congress that didn't read the report. a lot of people tuned in to the hearings. it's very interesting. it will be interesting to see just what people think about some of the things that mueller said. he did confirm that. in his mind, the president did commit obstruction. he was asked if the only reason he wasn't indicted is because of the olc opinion. he said yes.
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it wasn't -- >> neil: he did not say outright obstruction. he didn't charge the president with that. he echoed what he did in the report. it wasn't enough either way to go. the reason i point out that distinction, did it move the needle? is it going to change anything? if you like the president, you still do. if you dislike him, you still do. i like "the weekend at bernie's" analogy. clearly mueller wasn't in the house. this will not move the needle. this was a huge loss for the democrats and the anti-trump media. they hung their hat on the russian collusion and that there's a there there. that adam schiff said there was more evidence out there that he knew about. there's nothing there. today was even more proof of that. mueller did not show up. he wasn't in the house. he appeared weak.
1:19 pm
he could not recall or answer basic questions. that's because i don't think mueller wrote this report. mueller is a figurehead with this. the anti-trump lawyers are the ones that really did all of this work, which is why mueller has no idea what's going on. i was waiting for him to say, what report are we talking about? >> neil: you know, i was a little surprised by that. i wondering how this will look to be fair to mr. mueller, he didn't want to be put in this position. he didn't want to testify. for a prosecutor to be speaking for congressional body let alone two of them and didn't want to add fuel to that fire. i was surprised that he seemed to have a hands off relationship because there was so much with which he at least appeared to be unfamiliar, unless he was being very cunning about it. what did you make of that? >> he's being cunning, this is the frustration i had. he signals days and days that he did not want to to testify and if he did, he would only speak about what is in the report,
1:20 pm
which is publicly available so we have these two hearings of panels about a publicly available document and he's there to the best of his memory, 400-plus pages, trying to recall everything in it while they're reciting things back that we all have access to in the first place. i don't fault him. he a career layman. i respect him. i don't think there's anything wrong that you can say about robert mueller. there's no reason to criticize him. this spectacle -- the united kingdom has a new prime minister. here we are doing dramatic readings of a publicly available document watching this image of congressman berating a 74-year-old man. this was not the best use of our time. >> neil: and you left out the s&p and the nasdaq hitting
1:21 pm
records. that's fine. you're biassed about the market. i'm kidding. kevin, let me get a sense of relief that was hearing from some of the candidates running. in their heart of hearts, they don't want this thing dragging on. what do you think of that? >> i'd agree and most americans do as well. we're tired of this. it's been three years. what is in the report is in the report. we didn't get anything new. polls have shown that election interference is well beneath other issues in terms of importance in the minds of voters, democrats and republicans. what people want to hear about is healthcare, immigration, climate change with the younger people. i don't want democrats to take the bait here. we need to focus on those issues to beat trump in 2020, not on the mueller report, collusion issue. that won't be a winner for us. >> neil: we shall see. i apologize. two live developments we're waiting for. one from the president whether
1:22 pm
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>> i've been in this business 25 years. in those 25 years, i've not had an occasion once to ask somebody about their political affiliation. what i care about is the capability of the individual to do the job and do it quickly and seriously and with integrity. >> neil: all right. that was the criticism of this investigation, that it was a bunch of democrats or democratic sympathizers that were leading it. the president of course haas been charging that throughout the process.
1:26 pm
he's answering reporters questions right now on this and other situations. we'll bring that to you live very soon. to hillary vaughn on capitol hill on how this is spinning out, hi, hillary. >> hi, neil. some house democrats are doing a victory lap trying to hype up their caucus following testimony from former special counsel robert mueller because they think that they effectively made the case to the american people for impeachment. one person they have not convinced is nancy pelosi who told our fox team today that she only tuned in a little bit to the testimony and democratic congressman al green also telling fox that what was missing from today's team was a wow moment. other democrats in the hearing room today had a different view of how things played out for their party. >> for people that have read the mueller report or followed the issues, this was not surprising. for people that did not, this should have blown their mind. >> ultimately a majority of our
1:27 pm
caucus will believe in impeachment. >> the time is long passed to begin the process of considering whether or not articles of impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanor ought to be filed. today's testimony further supports that argument. >> the former special counsel's testimony had a few hiccups. he had to walk back a key part of his testimony in exchange for democratic lawmakers over why they decided not to make a decision on obstruction of justice. house republicans also are not convinced by today's affairs saying they don't think that mueller's moment helped democrats make the case. >> politically they can. they can't do it based on this particular hearing. i don't know that in advanced their cause for impeachment. i'd say it didn't advance their cause for impeachment. that being said, you know, articles of impeachment are political operation and, you know, whether another 115 democrats will jump on board
1:28 pm
today, this hearing wouldn't have convinced me if i was on their side. >> the big question, did democrats bring any voters over to their cause. a new poll shows 49% of voters that were polled said -- 49% of voters said there was zero chance of what mueller said would change their mind either way about the president. 23% said there was only a small chance that mueller's testimony would make a difference. neil? >> hillary, thanks very much. to former fbi assistant director, chris swecker. chris, what did you make of his performance today? bob mueller's performance. >> yeah, first i think it was a complete stalemate. the ball wasn't moved an inch today one direction or the other. i've known bob mueller, served under him 2 1/2 years and probably sat in about 500 meetings with him. he was not hitting on all cylinders. that was not a stellar
1:29 pm
performance. maybe he was tired. he was not sharp today. >> neil: i think a lot of democrats expected him to deliver the goods and to raise the concerns about remind congress it's up to you now to follow up on some of the clear crumbs that i dropped for you to pursue. did that work? >> i was very convinced when the report came out regarding the obstruction noncall. i'm convinced after his testimony that he did mean to put this matter in the hands of congress. whether he -- i don't he's putting his finger on the scale. i believe he punted to congress or punted to the american people in terms of the next election. one thing is certain, this matter is out of the hands of the judicial system. it's now in the hands of congress or the american people. you know him very well.
1:30 pm
you'll refer to that and all. i'm beginning to wonder about his management style. i got the i'm press that he delegated a lot. there was a lot that he seemed unfamiliar or maybe he was doing that by design so they dropped the line of questioning. he had his moments where he wasn't detached by seemed out of touch. >> yeah, many moments when he couldn't find his words. very inarticulate for robert mueller. you know, i thought it was a sign when he -- when there was a decision made to have his general counsel sitting next to him sworn in. that was a tip-off to me that he wasn't confident in his knowledge of the report. i don't think that he knew it, chapter and verse. >> neil: they swore that counsel in the first hearing with the understanding that questions would be directed at him. that never happened. >> right. you mentioned his management
1:31 pm
style. he does tend to delegate. i believe there were many signs today that this staff had a very heavy role in making some very important decisions in this investigation and the report itself. >> neil: all right, chris. thanks for taking the time. a guy that has worked with him for so many years. chris swecker. we told you we were following what the president said about this. he tweeted about it. this is a good day. he's still talking to reporters. you know the drill. you'll see it back and hear what the president had to say about this. keeping on top of developments in puerto rico and san juan. ricardo rossello is still meeting with his cabinet. a lot of protesters there the past week that have been demanding that he go. earlier this week, he spoke with shepard smith to say he would wait until the end of 2020, not
1:32 pm
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1:36 pm
>> neil: all right. here's the president remarks. they didn't lay a give on him rememberfering to the bob mueller testimony before two house committees. the president feeling confident that mueller failed to do what he said a lot of democrats to do. sort of nail him to the wall. maybe pave the way to impeachment hearings. he might be right about that. given the fact that the markets absorbed she's body blows, the dow down. a lot of that was just boeing and this idea that its 737 max could be delayed and not put off indefinitely and they had their worst quarter in history. here's charles payne. what do you make of that market reaction? >> the overall market today was phenomenal, neil. >> if it were going to
1:37 pm
opposite -- i think the markets are not red or blue, they know a crisis was calling, they'll sell off. >> yeah, here's the irony. as the hearing went on and boeing layered it on, not only do we have a terrible quarter, we may have to put production on hold. that stock started to crater and the broader marked moved higher and higher. you had two to one stocks up versus down. really remarkable. >> neil: nasdaq thing was remarkable. not to get in the weeds here. it hits a high but without the help of apple or amazon or the other big names that will be the target of the administration going after them. >> you're right. at one point last year, back in october of last year, when we were all-time highs, be six stocks, those stocks and a couple others you just named were responsible for almost the
1:38 pm
entire move. now we've got a market where about 470 stocks were up out of the southbound 500. most of them up double digits, 10 to 20%. today it was about the chip companies. texas instruments had 1 of their best sessions. >> not relying on the cheap stuff, that it's spread out. >> it is. you want to see the coca-colas doing well, the boring stocks doing well. these names where people don't -- who are risk averse, they don't want to be in a stock because any stock can be up 20 points a day can be down 20 points a day. >> neil: you're right. >> so you have to accept the risk. good to see people with the tamer portfolios participating. >> neil: we're waiting to hear how democrats convening on capitol hill. these six committee chairs, i assume among them intelligence and judiciary, are kind of passing out what next. it's going to be really hard to rev up the ante for more
1:39 pm
impeachment hearings. >> it is. early on after bob mueller spoke and before he could clarify some comments to ted lieu, the democrats thought they had something there. the new yorker put out a headline that he all but said "the washington post" -- the headlines are going out fast and furiously. bob mueller walked that back. if you're going to be honest about this, the most vulgar tweet out there by a democrat is from michael moore. it's vulgar but it's michael moore. the same token, it's the most honest assessment of today, let it go. >> neil: so what happens now? if you're in the marks, you're looking for some continuity, whatever that can be. it's straight on to the election there. >> straight on to the election. they did the budget this week. it's not the budget that traditional republicans always said that they wanted. every time they got a chance to put one in, it never looks --
1:40 pm
>> neil: neither party is very constraint. >> that won't be an issue. mueller won't be an issue. right now looks like it's really clear sailing with respect to the economy and the stock market. it's just a matter of keeping it going to 2020. >> neil: thanks, buddy. charles payne read on that. the president is still talking, too. you know the drill on that. he speaks, they rush the tape back. maybe it's not taped anymore. it's all digital. when he's done, they'll get that back. we'll run in the newsroom. we're also watching closely what's going on in san juan, puerto rico, where the governor is still holding as we speak a meeting with his cabinet. you might recall protesters there have been gathering with the worst financial crisis there on the fact that they're missing billions of dollars and the fact that big cruise lines have taken them off of their tour list for ships. it's a big financial hit.
1:41 pm
he's said he's not inclined to run for election next year. the protesters say they want him out now. in an interview with shepard smith earlier in the week, that was the point that shep kept pounding. they want you out now. the indications are in a meeting that he's trying to explain otherwise or cave in to the reality that he's not a very popular guy. after this. i've always been excited for what's next. i'm still going for my best... even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'll go for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? sharing my roots. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve
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our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. >> you ever fired a special counsel before? >> no. >> were you allowed to complete your investigation unencumbered? >> yes. >> you resigned as special counsel when you closed the off in late 2019, >> that's correct. >> neil: all right. with me now, a woman asking those questions, debby luskow. thanks for being here.
1:45 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> neil: you were trying to illustrate the point that the president wasn't trying to interfere with him. in the end, tried to fire him, remove him or any of that. might have been a lot of rumors out there. in the end, he got to finish the project, got to leave as prosecutor himself. but on his terms, not on any presidential demands. is that what you were saying? >> yeah, you're right. several democrats that spoke before me kept on bringing up on how the president wanted to fire mueller and he told mcgahn and then he was trying to do things -- the bottom line is, he didn't fire mueller. mueller was able to do his entire investigation without being obstructed by any kwun. he himself resigned. so i thought it was really not a good point by the democrats. in fact the entire day was a failure for the democrats. chairman nadler had publicly
1:46 pm
said that his purpose for doing this was to try to sway the public opinion towards impeachment. and i don't think he got this from this hearing at all today. in fact, i totally think it was a failure. >> neil: what was the mood of your democratic colleagues afterwards? i know right from there, mr. mueller went on to the intelligence committee. but i was reading some disappointment in their faces that either maybe strange performance or the fact that he couldn't recall a lot of key details that this had been a big disappointment for them. >> well, you know, i hope you're right. it should have been a disappointment to them. i quite honestly was surprised that mr. mueller seemed to be having difficulty asking -- answering some fairly simple questions. then he contradicted himself a few times. especially about this olc opinion. that's why i brought that up. it was right before me that
1:47 pm
mr. lieu was talking about the olc opinion and i wanted to correct that for the record. he seemed to be confused about that, too. >> neil: in other words, how far he could go on the obstruction of justice charge. what happens now? we know that nancy pelosi is meeting with all of the key committee heads, including the judiciary and intelligence about what to do now. we don't know what will come of that. she's going to speak to give us a what next thing. what do you think will happen? >> well, if the democrats are smart, they would stop this. because the american people are seeing through it. i mean, how many subpoenas does chairman nadler and the other committees have to deliver and how many contempts of congress? it's just becoming common place now. you know, the american people are ready to move on. really address the important issues. in fact, i had a local radio
1:48 pm
station in arizona ask me today, why are you not focusing on the russia interference in our elections so that it doesn't happen in the future? why are the democrats not focusing on that? i don't know why they aren't. >> neil: do you think republicans should insist on the origins of this investigation or move on? >> well, i think the american public probably wants us to move on. unfortunately what we have seen so far from my democratic counter parts is just about in every committee in the house, they're using it to influence the 2020 election. so i don't have high hopes that they're going to stop on this because they just want it to keep coming up in the media. so then i think it's fair game. if they're going to continue, then we want to get to the root of the problem like what started this to begin with. was there russian influence in the steele dossier? these are legitimate questions
1:49 pm
that were brought up today in the testimony. i do think they need to be answered. >> neil: do you think -- the president has wrapped up his q&a are reporters and heading out to west virginia for a fund raiser tonight. he was saying things like we had a good day today, no defense for this ridiculous hoax. that if you looked at the polls and what they're showing, it's a big day for our country, the republican party. he's pretty pleased. are you? >> well, i think he should be pleased. because like i said, i think chairman nadler said it publicly in the past, that he wanted to do this because he didn't think the american people read the report. so he wanted to get mueller on tv and get some got-yous or something to sway public opinion for impeachment. it backfired on them and
1:50 pm
backfired because first of all, there's nothing there. secondly, mr. mueller himself seemed very disoriented, couldn't answer certain questions. so i don't think that worked in their favor. >> i was surprised by that myself, congresswoman. we shall see. thank you for taking the time. i know you had a crazy day yourself. >> thank you. >> neil: let's go to alayna treene on this. we're waiting for the tape to rush to us from the president. he's just wrapped up what seemed to be a long series of questions with reporters on the south lawn before heading out to west virginia for this campaign event. he has said by and large that on the exoneration issue and what mueller was saying, he didn't have the right to exonerate. he folded because he didn't have the right to exonerate. look at the report. every one of these networks put up their hands. what do you make of that? >> that's a really interesting line of questioning.
1:51 pm
i was chatting with a lot of republican members that were there during the questioning. republicans and people on -- within the trump administration and on the campaign. they were saying that a lot of them pointed to congressman radcliff's questioning. this is where he brought up the exoneration. he's a few of the republicans that have a lot of legal experience. he brought up why did you make the point that -- about exoneration? that's not your job. a lot of people were cheering on radcliff during that. congressman meadows told us that he was the star of the show. so it was interesting that the president really hyped that up. again, we didn't really learn a lot from today. i know that speaking with a lot of members prior to his testimony they weren't expecting to hear a lot but at least hoping for democrats, some sort of dramatic clip to come of it if it wasn't going to be some sort of new revelation and mueller wasn't giving them any
1:52 pm
of that. >> neil: mueller telegraphed that that wasn't going to happen. he was going to stick to the know. little did we know he was literal about that. also hearing -- i don't know how typical this is of the democratic representatives. pennsylvania representative dean saying that these democratic probes of the president are not over. they've just begin. what do you make of that? >> the other day, yesterday actually, speaker pelosi's office released the six-page memo outlining some of the framing that they wanted house democrats to adopt on this message. one of them is that yes, mueller's work, he's finished with this report but we're not done here. they plan to continue their oversight efforts into the fall. that's what congressman dean was getting at. they're just showing that they want to continue to want to harp on what robert mueller used his complete investigation to continue their own oversight in the house. >> all right.
1:53 pm
thank you very much. >> neil: all right. now to the president of the united states speaking on the south lawn to reporters about these developments. >> so we had a very good day, the republican party. our country. there was no defense of what robert mueller was trying to defend in all fairness to robert mueller. whether his performance was a bad one or a good one. everybody understands that. everybody understands what is going on. there was no defense to this ridiculous hoax. this witch hunt that's been going on for a long time. pretty much from the time i came down on the escalator with our first lady and it's a disgrace what happened. but i think today proved a lot to everybody. in fact, some of my biggest opponents wrote things today that i wouldn't have believed they would have written. i appreciate that they did that.
1:54 pm
this has been a very bad thing nor our country. despite everything we've been through, it's been an incredible 2 1/2 years for our country. the administration, our president, me, we've done a great job. we've got the strongest stock market, the best unemployment numbers, the most number of people ever working in the history of our country right now. almost 160 million. our military has been rebuilt and getting even stronger. we've done a great job. we've done it under this terrible phony cloud, a phony cloud. that's all it was. they should be ashamed of themselves. absolutely ashamed. you know who knew it was a phony cloud more than anyone else? schiff and nadler and schumer and pelosi. every one of them. they all knew it was phony stuff. you look at the polls.
1:55 pm
the polls are showing it may be more than anybody else or anything else. i've had my best polls. i don't say why. but people see what has gone on in our country with this whole thing. i've been going through it for three years, three years. all nonsense. so this was a very big day for our country. this was a very big day for the republican party and you can say it was a great day for me. i don't like to say that. it's great. i'll tell you what, i very much appreciate those incredible warriors that you watched today on television, republicans, that defended something and defended something very powerful, very important. because they were really defending our country more than anything else. they were defending our country. but they were warriors and been warriors a long time. everybody knew it was a hoax,
1:56 pm
especially the democrats. i wish we could be a fly on the wall in those rooms where the democrats would go and talk before and after meetings. they would be laughing and smiling and say can you believe that we're getting away with this? but in the end, they didn't get away with it. there is no such thing. he didn't have the right to exonerate. you know, it's very interesting. people mentioned exoneration. that was something where he totally folded. he never had the right to exonerate. it was covered very well by congressman turner and put to a conclusion. we were -- if you take a look at not only the report, beyond the report. take a look at not what he said but what he was forced to say. even your networks and your network and your network and
1:57 pm
your -- every one of these networks, they put up their hands. you know, we had a couple of cases with -- actually we had about six cases where they asked our people, our representatives, television networks, please don't come in tonight. we're not going to be doing much on it. the reason they're not, because it's over. go ahead. >> [question inaudible] >> are you concerned you could be indicted out of office? >> wikileaks is a hoax just like everything else. all of those problems having to do with crime with the biggest hoax of all. it was a witch hunt, a total witch hunt. when you saw robert mueller's statement, and then he did a recap, he did a constriction. you know what the correction was and you still asked the
1:58 pm
question. you know why? you're fake news. you're one of the most. the fact that you asked that question, you're fake news. because you know what? he totally corrected himself in the afternoon and you know that just as well as anybody. kaitlyn? >> [question inaudible] >> i don't know whose answers weren't. his answers weren't. if you look, the whole report, you take a look at what they did. some of the things that he didn't even know about, some of the things he didn't even know what was going on. but you know, in the end, what he did, he actually, probably came through for himself. the performance was obviously not very good. he had a lot of problems. what he showed more than anything else is that this whole thing has been three years of embarrassment and waste of time for our country. the democrats thought they could
1:59 pm
win an election like this. i think they hurt themselves very badly for 2020. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't know. go ahead. frankly whether or not he did, wouldn't matter to me. he did nothing wrong. he did nothing wrong. it's always a very unimportant meeting. it was only important to the fake news. go ahead. >> [question inaudible] >> you're fake news and you're at the top of the list also. let me tell you. go back to -- it's not what he said. read his correction. read his correction. if you read his correction, you'll find out. that's why people don't deal with you. you're not an honest reporter.
2:00 pm
>> [question inaudible] >> their party is in shambles right now. they have the squad leading their party. take a look at so many of the people that were the most outspoken, and they say this was a devastating day for the democrats, and you know it, john, and everybody else knows it. this is a devastating day for the democrats. a very dumb and unfair question. if you look at his correction, he took that totally out of play. he made his decision based on the facts, not


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