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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 25, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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what i hope is that some innocent citizen or police officer doesn't get killed. that's my concern. >> reporter: thank you for your expertise on this story. we'll continue to follow it. i'm harris. here "the daily briefing." >> julie: democrats beating the drum for impeachment after robert mueller said the report did not exonerate president trump. i'm julie banderas in for dana perino. senator ed markey coming out today calling on house democrats to begin impeachment proceedings immediately against the president, while republicans are saying case close. >> why would you ever even bring up peachment after yesterday's hearing? that should be put to bed. that is over. we watched it. we heard it. we've read it. what more can they make up? >> julie: but house speaker nancy pelosi not quite there
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yet, vowing to push ahead with more investigations. >> my position has always been, whatever decision we make in that regard would have to be done with our strongest possible hand, and we still have some outstanding matters in the courts. it's about congress, the constitution and the courts. and we are fighting the president in the courts. >> julie: chris wallace joins me now, anchor of fox news sunday. yesterday, wow. that was quite a show. what comes next after the mueller testimony? investigations, lawsuits and impeachment or all of the above? >> investigations, yes. lawsuits, yes. impeachment, no. and if i can translate pelosi speak to you, that's basically what she was saying is we're gonna run this out. they've got a bunch of cases where they have brought subpoenas against people, subpoenas to see documents. some of those will be adjudicated in the courts. they've got those contempt
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citations against various officials. they're gonna keep this running well into the fall. i think to a large degree, it's a holding action by nancy pelosi and the house leadership who, have never been enthused about the idea of impeachment. it would be a political show that goes nowhere. certainly there's been so bipartisan buy-in among republicans in the senate. the only way to get this is if you get, i'm trying to think, 20 republican senators, 47 democrats. you have to get all 47 democrats and then 20 republicans. i don't think there's a single republican at this point who's for removing the president. so it would be, i think, a tremendous political waste. in addition to which, you have the hearing yesterday, i think from the pro impeachment camp was a big disappointment. secondly on tomorrow, the house goes out of session, goes on recess, for six weeks, so
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there's no momentum. >> julie: the president claimed victory. he said mueller did a horrible job. he said he wasn't going to watch. you said you bet he would watch. i think you were right. how do you think it went for democrats yesterday? >> well, not well. look, there are a lot of things -- that's why i hesitated the idea of saying the president should declare victory except in one narrow way that he should have, maybe the most important way. it certainly not like he got a clean legal bill of health yesterday. there were a lot of damaging facts that were related. and to the degree that he came forward and he didn't often, but that mueller did say some things that were negative about the president in terms of enumerating allegations in his report. but in the end, if you're donald trump, there's one question that you have to ask yourself. this is where it was a big
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victory for him. are you closer or further away of impeachment at the end of the day? yesterday, which conceivably could have been a bad day for the president, you'd have to say impeachment was even more distant than it had been at the beginning of the day. so in that sense, it was a victory for the president. he doesn't want to be impeached. it may have been also been a victory for nancy pelosi. she doesn't want to expend the political capital to impeach the president. she said it was bad to hold on to their majority in november 2020. i think impeachment was not much of a prospect going into yesterday. it's even more of a long shot today. >> julie: joe biden weighed in on impeachment talks on the campaign trail. >> there's a lot in this report, and i think that if they continue to stonewall the information available that the congress is entitled to get, then, in fact, i think they have
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no choice but to file articles of impeachment. >> julie: would they have no choice? >> i have to say, that's not the best clip of joe biden. they're not going to impeach him. let me just say this. unless there is some huge new piece of new information that comes out, the congress, the house is not going to impeach donald trump. they have had 22 months, the mueller team investigated. we got the report. there was some damaging allegations in there. but the country seemed to have made up its kind, both the members of congress and the public, that they don't want to see this president impeached. some democrats were holding out hope that robert mueller was going to make a strong case yesterday. he didn't make a strong case. so unless there's something new there and you got to think after 22 months there isn't, there's not going to be an impeachment. just not going to happen. >> julie: there are some
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democrats who are clinging onto that chance. the caucus meeting that happened yesterday after the house judiciary committee, the chairman jerry nadler pushed to launch impeachment proceedings. despite pelosi's hesitancy. he has gone as far as to say the committee could launch proceedings on its own. is that likely to happen? >> no. jerry nadler is gonna buck nancy pelosi, who's the speaker of the house? and do this over her opposition? no, i don't think there's any chance that he will do that. look, at this point there are 95 votes in favor of impeachment. that's not even a majority of the democrats, let alone a majority of the house. there really is not the sentiment at this point. at this point, if there were impeachment, i don't think the president would be impeached, let alone go to the senate and get a two-thirds majority to remove him. we keep talking about this. the president is not going to be
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impeached. >> julie: the democrats are going to keep talking about it, but the odds are not in their favor. thank you very much, chris wallace. always great to see you. we'll watch you on sunday. >> thanks, julie. >> julie: the house oversight committee just voted along party lines authorizing chairman elijah cummings to subpoena all white house work communications sent via e-mail and personal cell phones. this could affect ivanka trump and jared kushner. mike emanuel is live with more. mike, what more do we know about those subpoenas? >> reporter: party line 23-16 vote to authorize subpoenas going after communications, white house communications done on personal devices or e-mail accounts that were not forwarded to their government account. >> these are messages that impact the american people. that right now all i hear is this fear from the other side of information that might come
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about ivanka, an we got to protect -- that's all i hear, you're choosing to protect family members of this current administration that have access to information. they are at the table making decisions on behalf of the american people. they don't have any privacy anymore. >> reporter: republicans call it a fishing expedition and say it is another attempt to go after president trump and his family. >> understanding she's turning over e-mails in response to it and making those records public. why are we doing this? because they're working with us to comply with the law. >> reporter: some republicans say it is democrats to quickly change the subject after robert mueller's testimony. julie? >> julie: what are expectations heading into the house vote today on the budget? >> reporter: well, president trump is urging the house gop to get on board, tweeting house republicans should support the two-year budget agreement which greatly helps our military and our vets. i am totally with you. the house republican leader
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knows some of his members are not on board. >> i don't believe we can get half af our caucus to support this. our caucus, our fundamental principle is to make sure we have our house in order. we understand we live in a house that has to find compromise. this is not the bill that we would write. we're not in the majority. >> reporter: a key senate democrat is expressing concerns about a deal which boosts spending and also increases the government's ability to borrow money. >> i wish we would have done a clean raising of the debt ceiling. i don't think the credit of the united states government should be held hostage, but i'm very concerned about the fiscal irresponsibility in this proposal. >> reporter: the house will go first in assuming it passes today, it will be off to the senate next week. julie? >> julie: thank you very much. >> did the presenter ever say
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jill was safe? >> yes. >> did the presenter call jewel, quote unquote totally safe more than once? >> yes. >> julie: shocking testimony from teens who say a juul employee told their class vaping products are safe. company executives on capitol hill this hour. plus will nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez find any middle ground when they meet behind closed doors? until i almost lost my life. my doctors again ordered me to take aspirin, and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. listen to the doctor. take it seriously. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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>> julie: meeting between speaker pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez is pushed back. an aide for nancy pelosi telling fox it will happen tomorrow instead of today. this comes after the so-called squad members have been splitting from the party on recent votes. associate editor for the reason
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is here. tell us about this meeting, first of all. why are they having this meeting? mostly because aoc has been throwing punches at pelosi. what's to be expected out of this meeting? >> i think they represent two very different halves, or maybe not equal halves of the democratic coalition. pelosi obviously speaking for older, more moderate democratic voters who are more numerous, who occupy and live in states they want to win in the next election cycle. aoc is speaking for the young stridently progressive intersectional democratic socialist group who you need to work on campaigns, right? you need their enthusiasm to generate into a victory. so they have to heal this divide because they have to work together. you need both halves to make this work. so i see why pelosi is upset at some of the sniping some of the members of the squad are doing. she has to recognize they are popular with a kind of young new
11:16 am
party who is going to represent the party. >> julie: the squad, the question is now, who is leading the party? these congress members, these freshmen congress women, have gotten so much attention that they've taken a lot of attention away from pelosi, but have they taken her power away? the president is loving every second of it. here's the president on the squad yesterday. >> their party is in shambles right now. they've got the squad leading their party. they are a mess. where even you take a look at strive and so many of the people that were the most outspoken and they say this was a devastating day for the democrats. you know it, john, and everybody else knows it. this was a devastating day for the democrats. >> julie: talking to our john roberts there. so, was it a devastating day for democrats? >> with the mueller stuff was just terrible, right?
11:17 am
it was the death nail of this effort to create a legal rationale for getting rid of trump, other than just defeating him in the election. why won't they concentrate on that? i think it's been a distraction. there is a way for the left to get rid of trump. they can just defeat him in the election. but they've been so focused on this other opportunity to do it that would prove so disastrous, i think. now, pelosi knows that, and that's why she's been trying to tamp down on that, but to the frustration of people like aoc and the squad, if that's what we're calling them. >> julie: i have a poll pitting pelosi up against alexandria ocasio-cortez as far as being favorable among their fellow democrats. they're about equal. pelosi rates more positively than negatively by 41 points and alexandria ocasio-cortez by 39. for comparison, mcconnell received a net positive by nine points among republicans. so it's safe to say that alexandria ocasio-cortez does yield a lot of power. >> yeah. >> julie: i don't know how
11:18 am
influential she'll be though when it comes to getting pelosi to see eye to eye with her on things such as impeachment, for example. these freshmen congress women want to see the president impeached. there's no doubt about it. i wonder how much impeachment talks will come up. >> probably shows you not everyone who is following these things as closely as we are in the media, right? some people are vaguely aware. >> julie: some people have no clue what's going on. >> they see a picture and say, i like her, but they're not following the minute to minute fighting. >> julie: does pelosi come to terms with the fact that she needs to come to work with these people. >> it's been thrust upon her. she's becoming the face of the party. certainly for the right that wants to portray her as the face of the party. pelosi does need to recognize that. i think she probably does. she wants to harness probably aoc and the squad's popularity
11:19 am
among a certain kind of young progressive to help advance the eventual nominee's chances. >> julie: okay. robby suave, thanks. new action from north korea as the country fires two short range missiles off its eastern coast into the sea. the missiles marking the first by the country since president trump met with kim jong-un at the dmz last month. north korea ramped up pressure on the u.s. and south korea in recent days over joint military drills planned for the summer. the north views the exercise as a rehearsal for an invasion. fox news alert now. 16 marines from camp pendleton have been arrested on a variety of illegal activities. plus, navy s.e.a.l.s. serving overseas ordered to return home after breaking the rules. and the manhunt continues for two teens linked to a string of murders. the father of one suspect giving a grim outlook on how he thinks the search will end.
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11:24 am
ranging from drugs to human smuggling. national correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. jennifer, what else can you tell us about today's arrest? >> reporter: that's right. the marine corps announced 16 marines were arrested during a battle formation at camp pe pendlet pendleton. eight other marines from the first marine division were taken in for questioning on their involvement in alleged drug offenses unrelated to today's arrest. information gained from a human smuggling investigation precipitated the arrests, we're told. none of the marines arrested served in support of the southwest border support mission, julie. >> julie: there is also news, amy, i understand of some navy s.e.a.l.s. getting into trouble. right? >> reporter: that's right. it's not just marines. u.s. officials tell me a platoon of roughly 20 navy s.e.a.l.s. from team 7 were sent home for drinking alcohol while deployed
11:25 am
in iraq an embarrassing end for this unit. general order number 1 prohibits alcohol use on deployment. a spokesman for the command issued the following statement. quote, the commander of special operations joint task force operation inherent resolve in iraq ordered the early redeployment of a platoon to san diego due to a perceived deterioration of good order and discipline within the team during nonoperational per kwrosd. the commander lost confidence in the team's ability to accomplish the mission. it's the latest incident to phar the navy s.e.a.l.s. following the court-martial case earlier this month involving the chief eddie gallagher, aquitted of premeditated and attempted murder of an isis teen during deployment to iraq two years ago. he was found guilty of the charge of posing for an unofficial photo with the corpse of a dead isis fighter.
11:26 am
he was also from seal team 7. just last week the navy times reported six members of seal team 10 based outside norfolk virginia used cocaine and cheated on their drug test to avoid getting caught, according to a navy investigation. they, too, have been disciplined. in may, two navy s.e.a.l.s. were charged in the murder of a decorated green beret on assignment in west africa. staff sergeant was killed following a hazing incident. >> julie: i understand you have breaking news out of the senate. >> reporter: that's right. we understand the senate has confirmed to be the next chairman of the joint chiefs general mark milly, currently chief of the army. he will take over from general dunford this fall. we understand the vote was 89-1. democratic senator from oregon
11:27 am
jeff murkley was the lone hold just. >> julie: thank you very much. great to see you. the search intensifying for two suspects in the murder of an american woman, her australian boyfriend and another man. now the father of one of the suspects said his son is on a suicide mission and is ready to go out in blaze of glory. police connected all three killings yesterday, right? >> well, julie, police were searching for the boys after their burned out camper van was found 300 miles from where that couple was found shot to death. during their search, police found another man's body. they connected all three killings and yesterday charged those boys in one of the deaths. the 18 and 19-year-olds are wanted for the murder of leonard dick. the 64-year-old biology professor was married, father of two boys. the teens have not yet been charged with the murders of a north carolina woman and her australian boyfriend, lucas fowler. 2 couple was traveling in
11:28 am
british columbia when they were found shot on the highway. this video is from just two days before their bodies were found. the father of one of the suspects warns his son is seriously troubled and wants to go out in a blaze of glory. he said his son breyer struggled when his parents divorced and may have bought a suit for his own funeral. >> a normal child doesn't drive across the country killing peop people. a child in serious pain does. >> i'm so sorry all of this had to have happened. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: police say those boys are armed and dangerous, julie. >> julie: where do police think they are right now? >> reporter: right now the focus is about 1500 miles from north dakota and minnesota at the u.s. border. the boys left british columbia
11:29 am
july 1st telling their families they were going to look for work in the uconn. 15 days later fowler and deeds were found dead. the camper turned up to the west along with the body of that professor and most recently a toyota the boys were driving was found. police are warning people do not try to approach them. >> julie: what a tragic story. thank you. joe biden says he's not going to be so polite at the next debate. so who is in his line of fire? take a guess. plus, the trump campaign rakes in big bucks selling something really simple. why it's driving democrats crazy. ancestry...gave us context.
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>> julie: peter doocy is in indianapolis. hey, peter. >> reporter: many joe biden backers argue he should be the nominee because they think he is the most electable. but cory booker came here to indianapolis today to argue that just because someone seems electable doesn't mean they've been doing everything they can to earn every primary vote. >> it is not enough to show up in our communities today with a promise of a better tomorrow. what were you doing five, ten, 15 or 20 years ago to fight for racial justice, combat racial inequality? >> reporter: still, a new poll shows why biden allies are making the electability argument. these new numbers have biden with 39% support in south carolina, more than 25 points ahead of the second place kamala harris. the number one issue for primary voters there, healthcare, with immigration a distant second.
11:35 am
the leader of the field in fund-raising everywhere in the last quarter was mayor pete buttigieg. he was also the leader in private jet travel. the ap polled money for flights out of financial disclosures and found he flies private more than anyone else in the field, including the former vp. but a spokesman for buttigieg said we are careful with how we spend our money and fly commercial as much as possible. we only fly commercial when the schedule dictates. the plane everyone wants is air force one. the president's reelection campaign just showed how easy it is for them to raise six figures with a gimmick by selling straws. 15 bucks a pop. what's so special about the straws? you see on the screen. just that they're not made out of paper. they are red, they say trump, and they are plastic and the campaign pitch, says it on the website, add the straws to our
11:36 am
cart is that liberals pay for straws don't work. >> julie: i love it, thank you, peter doocy. so meanwhile biden gearing up for the next debate, warning he's ready to take the gloves off. the former vice president telling the detroit news he won't be as polite as last time when it comes to senator kamala harris. here's what he said earlier to our own peter doocy. >> reporter: what did you mean when you said you aren't going to be as polite in the next debate? >> we'll see. >> julie: hmm. those are fighting words. author of the smallest minority in the age of mob politics. so what do you think he means by not being as polite? obviously, he got hammered by kamala harris, when she started talking about his history with civil rights, etc. but he is planning on taking the gloves off. >> i think it goes more to his relationship with kamala harris.
11:37 am
i think the democrats are looking for a confrontational candidate. they're looking for a cultural and political deliverance from the trump era. they want someone who will stand for repudiation. frankly, i don't like his chances that much, even though he's ahead in the polls. >> julie: look how president trump came out against hillary clinton. he took the gloves off and look how it worked for him. maybe that's sort of ha biden needs to do. >> democrats are pretty much where the republicans were during that election. they were frustrated with obama and were looking for a candidate who would not only win, but who also would constitution an repudiation of him. >> julie: he said i'm not going to be as polite this time. this is the same person who asked me to come to california and nominate her in her convention. ouch. >> yeah. it's a little bit of a burn.
11:38 am
it's also, i'm old, i have been around a long time. i'm the guy you used to call for things. i think this running on who you were in the past is not a very good strategy for democrats who are trying to position themselves other than something they were 10 or 15 years ago. even during the obama years. they had an ideological awakening. >> julie: biden has a huge lead in the democratic field. latest poll according to the latest poll, 31% put biden in the lead. harris, warren sanders trail. how might this change moving forward? and how huge is the stakes going into the second debate? >> well, the guy in the lead among the republicans in july 2015 was a guy bush, who didn't even get close to the nomination. i think it's a little earlier to declare biden a run away favorite. i kind of suspect harris is really the toughest out of the group. i think she's a natural politician. she's smart. she seems ruthless in a way
11:39 am
elizabeth warren isn't, really. i think if i were betting my own money on her, i would say it is a biden/harris contest. >> julie: in a head to head matchup, i want to check out this next poll. biden putting at the top again. the only candidate that would hypothetically defeat trump in ohio. biden 50%, trump at 42%. you just mentioned the election is so far off but we're going to look at these polls. if the election were next week, would president trump have something to worry about? >> i think ohio is not really a swing state any more. it's become a republican state. i think the question democrats will be asking themselves, do i want someone likely to beat trump or make me feel good about myself as a progressive and carry the democratic socialist banner forward. biden is one of though things and not the other. people strong will have a harder time in the general election, i
11:40 am
think. it will be an aoeud lodgeally driven primary. new video capturing the mississippi college student hours before she was killed as we learn about the man accused of the crime. and distractions behind the wheel. a new report on how age affects the safe use of car technology on the road.
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11:44 am
>> shepard smith on the fox newsdesk. an inventor attempted an amazing feat flying high above the english channel. it would not end well. the rest of the video and the rest of the day's happenings when fox news continues for the
11:45 am
next hour. >> julie: if you are distracted by that technology in your car, you might be on the older side, apparently. according to a new report, it shows older drivers. we're not talking about texting while driving, but using things like the navigation system or even blue toot. finding drivers 55 to 75 took an average of eight seconds longer to use than those 21 to 36. for example, it took the older group an average of 40 seconds to use gps compared to 31 for younger people. welsh police releasing new video of allie just hours before the university of mississippi student was killed. this as we learn more about the classmate charged with her murder. jonathan serry is live in oxford mississippi with more. >> reporter: she was seen walking here in historic
11:46 am
downtown. it shows her leaving a bar heading west card a local bar. they were seen at a convenience store about a 45 minute drive from oxford. after sun rise deputies suffered her body at a lake side fishing camp. police sources were quoted as saying all of the gunshots were confined to the victim's torso. they used credit card and cell phone data to track the suspect to a gas station where they arrested him monday. sources say his clothes appeared to have blood on him and police found a weapon in his truck. brandon ceasefelled has been charged with one count of murder. defendant's father issued a statement insisting his son is innocent and urging the public to presume him innocent until proven otherwise. his attorney spoke with local media. >> i haven't seen any of the
11:47 am
evidence. i want to fully interview the defendant in this matter. and see what we can discover on our own. >> reporter: both the defendant and victim were students at the school of business administration where ally was studying marketing. one student who lived across the hall from the defendant had this reaction to ally's murder. >> i truly believe that he manipulated her emotionally to have her believe that he loved her the same way she did. i think he had her on the hook until the very last second. >> reporter: ally is from the st. louis area, julie. that is where funeral services are scheduled to take place on saturday. back to you. >> julie: thank you very much. president trump is claiming victory after robert mueller's testimony on capitol hill. it mostly mirrored the special counsel report submitted to attorney general bill barr in the spring, but house democrats are still moving forward with investigations and they are
11:48 am
keeping impeachment on the table. let's bring in former chief counsel to senator diane feinstein. thank you very much for talking to us. there was one bombshell that turned out to not be a bombshell after all. it was when, it indicated to the house judiciary committee that if it was not for the olc, the rule which states that a sitting president cannot be indicted while in office, that mueller would have criminally charged the president based on the findings of the investigation. mueller back pedalled on those remarks at the top of the second hearing in front of the house intelligence committee. we have both those moments then we'll get your reaction. >> the reason, again, that you did not indict donald trump is because of the olc opinion stating that you cannot indict a sitting president, correct? >> that is correct. that is not the correct way to say it. as we say in the report and as i said in the opening, we did not reach a determination as to
11:49 am
whether the president committed a crime. >> julie: this not confusing not only for lawmakers, but for the public. did the report find the president committed a crime or not? >> no, it didn't find the president committed a crime. as soon as robert mueller gave that answer, he didn't really mean to say it the way it came out. i wasn't surprised at all when he took the first opportunity to back pedal. he really made a point in his report of saying that, well, look, ten things that sure looked like obstruction of justice, but we're not gonna find anybody committed an actual crime. >> julie: when asked by kenneth buck of colorado if trump could be charged with obstruction of justice after president trump left office, he responded yes. he asked the question twice. here's that. >> could you charge the president with a crime after he left office? >> yes. >> you believe that he committed -- you could charge the president of the united states
11:50 am
with obstruction of justice after he left office? >> yes. >> julie: there's no point in mueller is making that he committed a crime, but will he be charged when the president leaves office. that's the question then? >> yes. that's a standard justice department dogma that you can't charge a president while he's in office, but he's open to charges after he leaves office. i would be very surprised if that happens in this case though. i don't think there will be a real appetite after an election for going after somebody criminally. i mean, that's kind of a third world approach and not really in keeping with american traditions. >> julie: so do you think that this is now done? nancy pelosi has basically said she thinks it's premature to go after impeachment and begin that whole rigamarole. freshmen congress women would love to see that. what happens next? likelihood of impeachment is
11:51 am
pretty much null and void. >> well, i don't think we can really say that at this point. i think heys going to happen next is that the house committee, different house committees are going to continue their investigations. i think speaker pelosi was clear on that yesterday that there's going to be continued hearings, continued investigations by the committees and it's going to interact and be reinforced by litigation to bolster the authority of the committees. but i also have to observe that that's a pretty slow train and we're running out of track here timewise. the next election is a year and four months away, so the further it goes down the road, what's the point of impeaching somebody in the middle of a campaign? >> julie: it's been reported that 13 of mueller's 17 associates were democrats. zero were republicans. nine were democratic donors, six were hillary clinton donors.
11:52 am
some were close allies of the clintons. so it begs the question, is it time to investigate the investigators? >> well, i think the investigators are being investigated. attorney general barr got a virtual special counsel, not the exact right word, but a u.s. attorney especially appointed to investigate the investigators in going after the origins. i think that's a sideline. it doesn't affect the fundamental questions of, what did the russians do to interfere with our election? and did donald trump try to obstruct justice? >> julie: neil quinter, thank you very much. an e-cig giant under fire as lawmakers look into juul marketing amid the rise in teen vaping. >> i believe the presenter was sending mixed messages by saying, juul is totally safe and following up every totally safe statement with, but we don't want you as customers. >> julie: be sure to check out the latest episode of "i'll tell
11:53 am
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>> julie: a look at other stories in the news. an american citizen claims 26 ps wrongfully held by u.s. border agents. he says he was detained for nearly a month and wasn't given enough food. cheers erupting after the embattled puerto rican government announced his resignation. the justice secretary will replace him. all the metals of the 2020 olympics will be made from 80,000 tons of recycled -- get this -- mobile phones and other electronics after a two-year donation drive in and around japan. executives for e-cigarette maker juul on capitol hill right now. house subcommittee is investigating the company's
11:58 am
potential role in teen vaping spikes. christina with more. >> this has been an ongoing story. you have house democrats putting this hearing on. it's been two days. it's literally going on right now they're looking into whether juul is marketing specifically to youth. if you look at a 2018 2018 stu, they found that students, high schoolers, middle schoolers, 3.6 million of them were vaping. that number, you don't think it's big? it increased 1.5 million in just one year. you can understand why they are wondering, is juul being marketed towards children with flavors like mango and mint? they be 20 minutes ago you had opening statements. the chairman spoke. listen to what he had to say about juul. >> today we'll learn how juul effectively used social media influencers to build a youth oriented brand, making vaping a
11:59 am
cultural phenomenon. as an aside, just before i came to this hearing, my wife informed me that my child high school is now installing vaped detectors in the restrooms. >> yesterday you had high school students testifying saying that juul representatives went to the school to tell them about juul and how to use it. the argument from juul's perspective is no, it's an opportunity for long-term smokers to quit smoking. the executive said juul smokers -- quitting cigarettes but turned to juul within six months. at least they are not burning. both worlds are very intertwine intertwined. >> julie: they were going into the classrooms of ninth graders. measure 16-year-olds. christina, great to see a very picture-perfect moment goes viral. little joseph isn't 2 years old but he loves the orlando bride soccer team and the good news is
12:00 pm
he met carson pickett. both are missing their left farms but it didn't stop them from sharing a fist bump. the photo of the reunion as going viral. thanks for joining us. i am julie banderas. here is shep. xp when they are going to go out in a blaze of glory, that from the father of one of the teenage suspects in the killing of an american woman and her boyfriend. the suspects dad says his son is on a suicide mission. >> he's going to be dead today or tomorrow. >> shepard: also, jeffrey epstein, new mystery. how did they convicted sex offender end up injured and nearly unconscious behind bars. the wrapper, the reality star, the president teaming up for a bit of international diplomacy. why they are all fighting for the freedom of the wrapper.


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