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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 25, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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he met carson pickett. both are missing their left farms but it didn't stop them from sharing a fist bump. the photo of the reunion as going viral. thanks for joining us. i am julie banderas. here is shep. xp when they are going to go out in a blaze of glory, that from the father of one of the teenage suspects in the killing of an american woman and her boyfriend. the suspects dad says his son is on a suicide mission. >> he's going to be dead today or tomorrow. >> shepard: also, jeffrey epstein, new mystery. how did they convicted sex offender end up injured and nearly unconscious behind bars. the wrapper, the reality star, the president teaming up for a bit of international diplomacy. why they are all fighting for the freedom of the wrapper. "shepard smith reporting" starts
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now. >> "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news desk. >> shepard: breaking news anna live look at the white house where president trump is set to speak during this hour. will keep an eye on it. first, a killing spree, two teenagers on the run and a father who warned his son will not be taken alive. there is a manhunt right now for two suspects accused of killing at least three people in canada. among the victims, an american tourist and her boyfriend, now these are the suspects you're seeing seeing and now the father of one of the suspects says his son is on a suicide mission and won't go down without a fight. >> a normal child doesn't travel across the country killing people. a child in some very serious pain does. he's going to be dead today or tomorrow. i know that.
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i love you. i'm so sorry all of us had to happen. i'm so sorry that i couldn't rescue you. >> shepard: victims lucas fowler and china deese were on a road trip when their van broke down along a remote highway. their bodies found last week and their van, this van, chynna deese's brothers has the murders were so brutal that an open casket is out of the question. police are warning people if you see these two, get away. and then call 911. jacqui heinrich with an update. she is live in the newsroom. >> police were searching for those boys when the couple was found shot to death. 300 miles away, police discovered their burned-out
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camper van on the side of the road and set off looking for the teens and during the search, they found another man's body and later connected all three killings, charging those boys and one of the deaths yesterday. 18-year-old briar schmegelsky are wanted for the murder of leonard dyck. this video is from two days before their bodies were found. the search has ramped up with nationwide arrest warrants and the father of one of the suspects is warning that his son is seriously troubled and wants to go out in a blaze of glory. alan schmegelsky says his son struggled when his parents divorced and may have recently bought a suit for his own funeral. he doesn't know how all of this escalated. >> all i can say is my son did
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not have any real guns. my son did not have a vehicle. my son does not know -- he was very introverted. he was very heavy into video games. >> police say the boys are armed and dangerous. >> shepard: do we know the search is focused right now? >> the focus is in manitoba. the boys left british columbia on july 1, telling their families they were going to look for work in the uconn. 15 days later, fowler and chynna deese were found dead. there camper turned up to the west four days later. most recently, a toyota of the boys were driving words found in saskatchewan. police are warning everyone if you see the fugitives, do not approach them. >> shepard: jacqui heinrich, the corporal with the royal canadian mounted police.
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any update, anything new? >> right now, we are still working in northern manitoba. that was the last sighting that we had. were going to focus our efforts there. want to remind people they've had several days had started. they could be literally anywhere across the country right now. anybody anywhere who sees them, please let us know. they could be anywhere. they could be going by car, train, who knows how far they could've gotten by now. >> shepard: i'm sure you've heard the one suspects father talking about how he's not going to go down easy and expects him to be dead. that's got to be, i don't know, that would set me back if i were an officer looking for them. >> it's a tragic thing for that person to say. we don't want anything like that. we want everyone to go home safe. that's all police officers and the suspects included, if they wanted to turn themselves then we would gladly do that and i don't want to see this go down in a hail of bullets.
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>> shepard: any leader idea about why this might've happene happened? >> at this time, we don't know what their motives are or their destination or with their thoughts are. it's a long way from northern british columbia. 3300 kilometers. why they ended up in that small town in northern manitoba, we don't know. again, investigators want to speak to them and get to the bottom of all of it. >> shepard: good luck. hopefully catch them before anything else horrible happens. appreciate your time very much. thank you. a beach vacation ends in an ambush, man from utah and his wife dead. their 12-year-old son shot but alive. who is behind the crime? a mystery at a manhattan jail cell. you've heard about this, right? the accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein found hurt and on the floor in federal lockup. did somebody attack him or did he do this himself?
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refinance to a lower rate now at newday usa. refi now at >> shepard: and american family ambushed in mexico. word that a couple was on the run with their somnolence and gunmen jumped out, and then the shooting started. cloudy, with the rest of the story. claudia. >> many of the details surrounding the brutal double murder are murky. no one has spoken publicly and just about all we have to go on a reports from media outlets in mexico. a gofundme page set up by relatives in utah which is where this family was from. rose nielsen naylor says 48-year-old paul nielsen was her brother, and so far her gofundme page has raised more than $47,000, money that will go directly to jakob nielsen, who was paul's son. another family member took the facebook to say they have made
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arrangements to bring paul's boy back home. the post asking people not to speak to the media. some donors have commented on why there is no mention of paul's wife, 43-year-old janeth vazquez, who was also allegedly killed. nor is there any mention of the couple's 12-year-old son who apparently survived the shooting and is now an orphan. this alleged attack happened a week ago today in the early morning hours as the family was traveling in mexico. local reports say they were headed for acapulco to the beach resort town when they came to a checkpoint or roadblock and again, all of this according to local reports, group of armed men ordered everyone out of the car and then gunned the parents down execution-style right in front of their son. we have reached out to a family spokesperson as well as to the u.s. embassy in mexico, and as soon as we have any new information, we will pass that along. >> shepard: claudia cowan, is the state department weighing in?
12:13 pm
>> in just a brief statement issued over the weekend, the state department said "we are aware of reports of the death of an american citizen in the mexican state of guerrero. we offer our sincerest condolences. out of respect for the family during this difficult time, we have no further comment." guerrero is widely known as one of mexico's most dangerous areas, and the u.s. state department advises americans not to travel there. >> shepard: claudia, thanks. claudia cowan. something happened to jeffrey epstein in jail. we don't yet know who's behind it. the convicted sex offender found, as guards describe it, almost unconscious in his jail cell with injuries on his neck. law enforcement sources telling that to "the new york post." the post. company and fox news paren company share common ownership. sources tell the paper investigators are trying to figure out whether it was a suicide attempt, a ploy to get transferred to another jail, or an attack.
12:14 pm
prosecutors say the multimillionaire abused dozens of girls as young as 14 years old at his homes in manhattan and florida. he cut a deal on similar charges in 2008, spent about a year in jail for that one but was on work release for half a day six days a week. epstein has pleaded not guilty to these new charges and is behind bars without fail and now a big beat now. rick leventhal with the story. he's outside the metropolitan correctional center in lower manhattan. >> the federal bureau of prisons still won't confirm what may have happened here at the mcc. the u.s. marshals service will only tell us there was an incident. they say they are still waiting for all the facts to be gathered before making any assumptions or comments. what we know is based solely on unnamed sources speaking to multiple news outlets with varying details. that he was found semiconscious in his cell with marks on his neck, possibly blue in the face, sprawled on the floor, or in a fetal position, suggesting he may have tried to hang himself
12:15 pm
but he could have been attacked by another inmate. or this was simply as you said a ploy to try to get transferred because he is apparently not happy with the conditions here at mcc. epstein, worth more than half a billion dollars, could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted on the federal charges of exploiting dozens of underage girls at his mansions in new york city and palm beach, florida, . attorney lisa bloom who represent some of the alleged victims tweeted "the epstein accusers i represent and i don't wish suicide upon anyone, not even a recidivist predator who has tricked and hurt so many women. we want him to stay alive his face the justice and accountability which is so long overdue, and it's coming." shep, as far as we know epstein is back in his cell here in federal lockup. >> shepard: do we know what's next for him? >> there is a status hearing on july 31. we don't have a trial date set yet. maybe we'll learn then. we know his attorneys appealed the nobel decision earlier this week and we are still waiting
12:16 pm
for judge to rule on it. >> shepard: rick leventhal, thank you. justice department announcing the united states will execute federal death row inmates for the first time since 2003. five convicted murderers now set to be executed starting this december. back in 2014, president obama requested a review of capital punishment and lethal injection drugs after a botched execution in oklahoma. the attorney general william barr says "we owe it to the victims and their families to carry forward this sentence opposed by our justice system." drg reports it will use one drug instead of a controversial three drug combination. which some argued could cause unnecessary suffering. we are learning more about the death of a ole miss coed murdered, and the classmate accused of shooting her eight times. we are live in oxford, mississippi, with what police reportedly found on the suspects
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>> shepard: some of the final images now now open ole miss student while she was still alive. police say this is surveillance video of 21-year-old ally kostial leaving a bar called funky's. hours later, police found her body on the north side of sardis lake, shot eight times, about a 30 minute drive from campus. we are also learning more about her classmate now charged with her murder. this is he. police sources tell fox 13 years in memphis that cops tracked brandon theesfeld to a gas station there. they say was wearing enormous
12:22 pm
baseball t-shirt and it looked like there was blood on his clothing. we will speak to a student who was his neighbor in the campus dorm. first jonathan serrie reporting. he's live on towne square in oxford. jonathan. >> , this town square is where the surveillance video of ally kostial was taken. it's also the home to the lafayette county courthouse. that's where the defendant, 22-year-old brandon theesfeld of fort worth, texas, will appear for a bond hearing. once his defense team files a motion for bond. the daily journal of tupelo reports theesfeld's father hired lawyers and they plan to enter a not guilty plea. in the meantime, theesfeld is being held in the lafayette county detention center. >> as you can imagine how you would feel if you were in jail in a state that's not your home state, overwhelmed with the
12:23 pm
magnitude of what's going on. >> both the defendant and victim were students of the school of business administration at ole miss. the defendant's father, daniel theesfeld, released a statement insisting that his son is innocent, could not release any further details but urging the public in the meantime to presume him innocent until proven otherwise. again, theesfeld's father is hiring this prominent defense team to represent his son in the ongoing proceedings. >> shepard: some of the biggest names in law in that region. they offered. >> yes, very prominent defense team. the father apparently a doctor in texas. has the money to hire these lawyers and is determined to prove that his son is innocent, not guilty of these crimes. >> shepard: what are you hearing from the victim's family?
12:24 pm
>> yeah, allie's father posted on facebook funeral arrangements. there's going to be visitation friday. funeral services taking place saturday morning. both taking place in suburban st. louis where the family lives. meanwhile, back here in oxford, students describe ally as a friendly person who enjoyed helping others. she was a member of the alpha phi sorority which is tied black ribbons are on the front columns of the sorority house in ally's memory. >> shepard: jonathan serrie live in oxford. thank you. to rex or vita, the suspects neighbor during their freshman year in the same dorm. new the victim through friends and is a journalism student at ole miss. what can you tell us about this guy? >> i personally did not have a really good relationship with him. my time in the dorm with him, i really found them to be extremely rude and just overall, a good word is privileged. >> shepard: i read on your
12:25 pm
twitter feed that when you heard it was a journalism student, you've been covering it and then when he found out who it was, you wrote on twitter you weren't surprised. why's that? >> i was shocked but not surprised, only because i knew the type of person that he was and he had no respect for women. i mean, somebody had done something like this, they have to have no respect for women. >> shepard: they had gone to a formal together and kind of dated off and on at some point. is that right? >> yeah, that's what i've gathered, that they were not an exclusive relationship but they were on off. >> shepard: this sort of thing at a small town like that during summer school, i'm guessing it has the place really rattled. >> absolutely. i know you went ole miss and during the summer, there is just a certain vibe here and is very quiet. i mean, there's hardly anybody here. to hear something happening like this, it shook the entire community. now we are all just beside ourselves just really trying to
12:26 pm
figure out the truth. >> shepard: you did a lot of digging into his social media and his family and the rest. i don't know if they are revealing but some notable things on there, do you want to tell us about any of that? >> i think everyone should do their own independent digging into the story because there's a lot to find as far as his father especially. he had multiple social media accounts. they were pretty radical. they will show you why brandon was the way he was. his own father was that way. >> shepard: so if this was such a bad kid and people kind of knew it around town, if one person in oxford knows it, usually everybody does. were there no warning signs on this guy? >> i think an important thing to realize is people can disguise themselves. that's why i didn't associate myself with him because i knew what type of person he is. others might not have.
12:27 pm
people can really just camouflage. >> shepard: yeah, i hear you. rex, student at ole miss, journalism student. shared space in the same dorm. they were the same dorm for a while. all the best. thank you. navy seals have been sent home accused of drinking while deployed. that's one story. 16 marines arrested on charges involving human smuggling drugs. that's another. they are both going to bring lab reports from the pentagon coming up and celebrating celebrationn puerto rico. we've been reporting in the turmoil, the cries for the governors stepped down. it seems he figured it out. others will tell you they believe it when they see it. the latest live from san juan, as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news hold my pouch.
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12:32 pm
president trump is expected to speak any moment along with his daughter ivanka. we will keep an eye on it once it's underway. earlier today president trump on her confirmed secretary of defense mark esper. secretary esper's confirmation means the pentagon has a permanent leader for the first time in about seven months for close to it. during a speech this afternoon, president trump said he has absolute confidence in esper's ability to lead the defense department. military officials busting more than a dozen marines for illegal activities ranging from drug offenses to human smuggling. this happened during early morning blast at camp pendleton in southern california. our national security correspondent, jenna jennifer griffin, live at the pentagon. speak of the marine corps announced 16 marines were arrested during a battalion forn charges ranging from human smuggling to drug related
12:33 pm
offenses. eight marines from the first marine division were taken in for questioning on their involvement in alleged drug offenses unrelated to today's arrest. information gained from a previous human smuggling investigation precipitated the arrest. none of the marines arrested or detained for questioning served in support of the southwest border support mission, we are told. >> shepard: a navy seal platoon is getting sent home in a separate instance. drinking while on deployment, is that right? because that's right. u.s. officials tell me the platoon of roughly 20 navy seals from seal team 7 were sent home to san diego for drinking alcohol while deployed in iraq and embarrassing and to a deployment to the special operations unit. general order number one privates alcohol use on deployment. a spokesman for u.s. special operations command issued the following kurt statement. "the commander of the special operations joint task force
12:34 pm
order the early redeployment of a seal team platoon to san diego due to a perceived deterioration of good order and discipline within the team during nonoperational periods. the commander lost confidence the team's ability to accomplish the mission." it's the latest incident. tomorrow, the seals following the highly controversial court pressure placed earlier this month involving eddie gallagher, acquitted of premeditated and attempted murder of an isis teenager two years ago. he was found guilty of charges of posing for an unofficial photo with the corpse of a dead isis fighter. he also was from seal team 7. just last week the navy times reported six members of seal team 10 based outside norfolk, virginia, used cocaine and cheated on their drug tests to avoid getting caught, according to a navy investigation. they too have been disciplined. in may, two navy seals and two marines were charged in the
12:35 pm
murder of a decorated green beret while on assignment in west africa. staff sergeant strangle to death during a brutal hazing incident. a member of seal team 6 cut a plea deal and the other is awaiting sentencing. >> shepard: i can't remember ever hearing of a whole seal team getting sent home. >> i don't think it's happened, certainly not in quite some tim time. i can't think of an instance in the last 12 years that i've heard of such a thing. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. north korea has testfired a new type of missile we are told and apparently all of south korea is within its range. all of this from u.s. official who reviewed the latest intelligence assessment. we started getting word of this last evening, before sundown on the east coast. officials say north korea fired off two test missiles and officials are most concerned about the second one. that one flew far enough to hit anywhere in south korea.
12:36 pm
both missiles splashed down etsy to the east. these are the countries first missile test since the month of may. rich edson is there, he's live in washington. also the first since president trump met with the dictator kim jong un last month. >> all happening while the trump administration of trying to restart negotiations on north koreans north koreans weapons program. the state department says it's urging north korea to avoid any escalation in the region. >> we continue to urge the north koreans to resolve all the things the president and chairman kim have talked about through diplomacy. we urge no more provocations and that all parties should abide by our obligations under u.n. security resolutions. >> national security visor john bolton was also in the region meeting in south korea. north korea has criticized him and secretary of state
12:37 pm
mike pompeo, demanded the united states change its negotiation position, and offer north korea sanctions relief. the u.s. has said sanctions will remain until north korea dismantles its weapons programs. last month, president trump unexpectedly invited tim to meet him in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea. the two leaders agreed to resume discussions between officials. there has been difficulty getting the talks moving. in february, president trump and kim jong un failed to reach a broader agreement at their summit in hanoi. north korea has recently criticized planned u.s. south korean military drills, claiming they pose a threat to the north. last summer, president trump and kim agreed that the u.s. would suspend some of its military drills with south korea in exchange, north korea promised to halt testing its nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. north korea stuck to that pledge, firing only shorter range missile since last year. late 2017, the northwest testing achievement trigger
12:38 pm
intercontinental ballistic missiles that analyst they were capable of reaching the mainland u.s. and firing them over japan. >> shepard: rich edson live in washington. the governor of puerto rico says he is resigning effective next friday. word came overnight in a video announcement. puerto ricans waited for hours on end after reports the announcement would come yesterday afternoon, and we finally heard the news, that ricardo rossello with his way out, they celebrated in the streets. this late-night party after nearly two straight weeks of enormous protests, calling for the governor to get out. hundreds of pages of leaked documents showed governor rossello, staffers making homophobic and misogynistic comments, even down talking victims of the hurricane that ravaged the island. he continued to say he would not step down throughout all the protests. the governor said he was listening to the people but would continue to govern. it seems he finally realized the
12:39 pm
power to govern comes from the people. hundreds of thousands of them wanted him gone. >> translator: i have listened to you and spoke to my family and thought about my children. i made the following decision. with sorrow, i am announcing today that i will be renouncing -- resigning the post of governor. >> shepard: but not yet. jeff paul reporting, he's live in san juan. when does he go and how sure are we? >> the letter of resignation finally received by lawmakers here. they seem somewhat satisfied. doesn't sound like they're going to move forward the impeachment process. meanwhile back here where many of these protesters used together out here chanting and yelling, now that has shifted into celebration.
12:40 pm
but the announcement getting very dramatic last night. governor ricardo rocheleau promising that there would be an announcement yesterday. that video didn't come out hours and hours after the promise and you could feel the tension. everyone got kind of quiet and listened to any phone that was streaming the announcement they had been waiting for. [cheering] >> the protest movement's historic partly because it's the first time in the modern era where governor has resigned. it's also very historic given that most of the protest movement was pushed along by young people. >> right now i'm happy. i'm proud.
12:41 pm
we are living proof that we survived a very horrible hurricane and a very horrible person to govern and represent us puerto ricans. >> there's a lot of stuff to do. we got the first guy out but there's a lot of corrupt people we want to get out of here. >> are you happy? what's your feeling? >> we are excited. most of all i'm relieved. >> the governor he reportedly beginning -- was beginning to put in process the impeachment process but today after receiving the official letter of resignation, doesn't sound like they're going to move forward. the last day for the governor, august 2, next friday. >> shepard: what happens next? >> the line of succession here in puerto rico goes the governor, secretary of state. the reason why it's not going to the secretary of state is because that official resigned days and days ago amid the chat scandal. the next person in line is the
12:42 pm
secretary of justice, wanda vasquez. the protests we fencing, the marches and celebrations, you're already hearing people shouting. a lot of the people here feel she is an extension of everything that was wrong with ricardo rossello. this is a big "if" but if ricardo rossello and in the few days he has left of governor appoints someone as secretary of state, then that person would become governor. but we are not hearing any rumors of that happening. >> shepard: that would row them up. jeff paul on scene in san juan. thank you. one day after the former special counsel robert mueller warned that russia is at this moment working to interfere in our elections, the top republican in congress blocks two election security measures. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying the bills are designed to help democrats. the minority leader chuck schumer says the senate
12:43 pm
should work on another bill. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reporting on this. cindy hyde-smith of mississippi blocked it and there hasn't been a single stand-alone legislation on election security since we found out what the russians did. what's going on there? >> clearly they have work to do. democratic leader chuck schumer tried to bring about how spell it would require paper ballots and provide money for the election assistance commission. here was part of his pitch. >> if we invite the russians to interfere by not doing enough and they do and americans lose faith in the fundamental wellspring of america, our grand democracy, this is the beginning of the end. of democracy in this country. >> robert mueller sounded the alarm about the risk of russian interference in next year's
12:44 pm
election and beyond. he warned expect they will do it again during the 2020 campaign. some lawmakers call mueller's testimony a clear call for more election security, a wake-up call that every american. set a major-league mitch mcconnell called it partisan legislation, a bill that only received one republican vote in the house. >> it's just a highly partisan bill from the same folks who spent two years hyping up a conspiracy theory about president trump and russia and who continue to ignore this administration's progress at correcting the obama administration's failures on this subject in the 2018 election. therefore i object. >> the other bills offered by connecticut democrat senator richard blumenthal that would require candidates, family members and campaign staffers to notify the fbi if they receive an offer of foreign assistance to their campaign. that was blocked too, in the united states senate politics is one senator to slam on the brakes. >> shepard: mike emanuel on
12:45 pm
capitol hill. there are a lot of ways to get across the english channel. you can try a boat, you can try a plane. you can take the chunnel underwater. we do not recommend traveling by hoverboard. a daredevil tried crossing between britain and france today. he was going fine until, well, until it wasn't. from the eiffel tower to big bend, europe is feeling the heat. a look at the incredibly high temperatures having records across the continent next. a migfrom aimovig. to be there for the good... and not so good. for the mundane.
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>> shepard: flying frenchmen trying to cross the english channel on a jet powered hoverboard. you know where this is going, right? he calls it a fly board and it lived up to its name, carrying him more than halfway across. while the takeoff was smooth, the landing left something to be desired. benjamin hall has that. he's live in london. >> hi, shep. so close to success. this was supposed to be a great example of french innovation, french ingenuity, french
12:50 pm
compliment. what brought it down in the end ultimately was french bureaucracy. what was supposed to happen was that tommy's ipod i was going to fly off at 85 miles an hour, 21 miles across the english channel at about the height of 20 yards. it would mark the 110th anniversary of the first ever powered flight across the channel and it would set its own record. earlier today, he lifted off with 42 meters of kerosene strapped to his back. the problem is the fly board has a flying time of 10 minutes. he had to refuel midway, hovering above a boat precariously while more kerosene was pumped in. french authorities refused him permission to do it in french waters claiming the watery was too busy. this was days before. coming to his safety was the english government is that he could do it in english waters. when he reached the boat, his deal was running out and they didn't have much time left.
12:51 pm
the wave knocked the board over sending him tumbling into the sea. he had to be rescued before he sank. nevertheless despite this, he says he it was amazing. >> it was like flying the dream. it was amazing. at the beginning, i didn't see england. it was like being alone above the sea. >> you might remember the fly board shot to fame a few weeks ago when zapata fluid in front of president macron. he flew for a few minutes. it loud france. it led the french government give him a defense grant to try to bring it into the french army. any people said it was going to make a pretty easy target to shoot down. i know that you want one of these. i know you want to try flying it yourself. sadly he says it's not that
12:52 pm
easy. not available on the market and it takes about 100 hours to learn how to stand on it. it's quite a ways from being in your house. it's everyone's dream, i'm sure. >> shepard: i don't have 100 hours. and really no dreams. they have all been crushed. thank you. then hall live in london. today was the hottest -- excuse me. ever have allergies? the hottest it's ever been in paris, at least since we started keeping records. temperatures there soared above 100 degrees fahrenheit. same thing in belgium and germany and in the netherlands, as there this dangerous record-breaking heat wave sweeping all across europe. here are some people trying to keep cool in front of the louvre. there they are. temperatures and parts of france reached 108. in the netherlands, 107. one oh six, one oh three, and 100 degrees in some parts of
12:53 pm
england. president trump and kim kardashian are teaming up to help a rapper name to a$ap rocky. so far it's not working. we we are watching breaking new. president trump and his daughter talking at the white house about job creation. so far, no mention of the news of the day or anything related frankly. we'll keep watching to see, to see. we'll keep watching to see at the bottom of the screen. we'll keep watching to see if the president makes some news. if he does, we'll bring it to you. that is still ahead. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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join the fight at but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? >> shepard: a$ap rocky is in trouble and having a hard time shaking it. that grammy nominated rapper charged with assault in sweden after president trump and kim kardashian got involved. muscular save a musician and two other people beat somebody in stockholm last month. the trial is expected to start next week.
12:58 pm
a$ap rocky says it was all self-defense, and now he could face two years in a swedish prison. kim kardashian, kanye, and justin bieber have all backed the free a$ap rocky movement. president trump said he spoke with both kanye and the swedish prime minister and that the prime minister assured him that rocky will be treated fairly. trace gallagher with the rest of the story. >> this was initially treated as a minor incident but then a$ap rocky is detained, started canceling tour dates and that's when the celebrities started getting involved. rocky says he was being followed and harassed by a man named mustafa. rocky posted some videos on instagram that his lawyer says proves that he was acting in self-defense. the prosecutors say that rock is videos only tell part of the story and they have surveillance videos and witness statements that dispute rocky's allegation allegations. tmz has video of mustafa jabari
12:59 pm
being punched, kicked, hit with a glass bottle. in an attack that lasted several minutes. 600,000 people, including as you said, justin bieber, have now signed a free rocky petition and president trump says he will personally vouch for rocky's veil of his release. sweden does not have a bail system so it appears the rapper will stay in jail until his trial next week. as you say, he could get two years. more likely he's looking at a pretty steep fine. >> shepard: his mom thinks there's something else and play? >> yeah, the mom thinks it's about race, telling tmz, "i don't want to call the race card but that's what it's looking like. if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck. close what human rights activist in sweden told "the new york times" that race is problematic in sweden but the a$ap rocky case is not about racism and we should note mustapha jaffar a, the alleged
1:00 pm
victim, is an immigrant from afghanistan. >> shepard: trace gallagher, thank you. the final bell is ringing on wall street. it's a down day. neil cavuto will have the best in business and the headlines of the afternoon starting right now. >> neil: thank you, shepard. looking live on capitol hill. how's taking on the two-year debt ceiling measure that seemed to be sliding easily. here's the problem. a lot of republicans are the ones bulking, saying that we are spending ourselves into oblivion and a lot of them pointing the finger at the president. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." it's all about the debt and getting something done so we don't have to worry about. minus the minor issue of driving trillions of dollars more into reading over the same period of time. chad pergram on where it stands. >> in about 45 minutes, they will start a roll call vote to