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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 30, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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end, and protect your property. >> neil: i'll just leave it at that. all right, natalie. thank you very much. now, here comes the five. ♪ >> hello, i'm jesse watters, and this is the five. president trump is not backing out dominic down. he's also taking direct aim at al sharpton for trying to make his criticism about race. watch this. >> i pointed out that tremendous corruption has taken place in baltimore. people have called from baltimore thanking me so much, because all that money that's been spent over 20 years has been stolen and wasted by people
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like elijah cummings. i and the least racist person. he's a racist. for squandering billions of dollars in baltimore. administration officials explaining the large sum that's going to the city. >> president trump has given $16 billion in 2018 alone to elijah cummings district in federal grants. my question to you guys is this. what are you actually doing with the money so that it benefits residents in the community, for once instead of politicians? >> jesse: finally, president trump is sticking to the facts. the media is ignoring them, saying they don't have data to back up their points.
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>> won a president says rat and rodent infested, what do you think? is that racism? >> let's talk about the word infested when it was used against our jewish brothers and sisters through the holocaust. >> there's so many stunning parallels to what hitler was doing. >> he's taken all the worst qualities of every fascist dictator. he is mimicking them. he's repeating them. >> jesse: i think, what happened is they try to play the race card, and it didn't work. they bring in the hitler card. it's idiotic. >> greg: is no different than a concentration camp, because they actually target.
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i wanted to change. it is necessary for an opposition party to do this sort of thing that trump is doing. usually, your side won't call you out, so baltimore is an absolute mess, and we know it. the democrats want to call it out. they are kind of calling themselves out. they may not keep getting the money if they actually fix things they've broken. if you see criticizing a person of color as a racist, you might be racist. certainly, you can't criticize john, because he's black. this is the most pandering that i've heard. you should be able to. maybe you won't might help the people.
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you might think he's a jerk. they'll take that. call him a jerk, he doesn't care, but maybe someone might do something about baltimore. >> jesse: what do you think about greg's point that perhaps democratic leaders don't really want to fix the problem there, because they want the problem to exist. they want the dependency. they want the federal money. can they not fix it or they don't want to fix a question mark with the issue question >> juan: i think the issue is. let me just say that i think the issue here is not what greg said, by the way. i think the president is trying to distract from elijah cummings effort and oversight on trump. he sees elijah cummings, especially when elijah cummings went after his immigration policy, separating children from parents at the border, he saying, hey wait a second, elijah cummings, why are you talking about what's going on at the border? you should be talking about baltimore. >> it's a counterpunch. >> juan: yeah. that's what it is. it has nothing to do with the
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problems. >> does the president want to fix baltimore? >> juan: no, it wanted. secondly, if you have a lot of people in baltimore who have been very clear that trump is not sincere in his attack on them, they don't see any effort from the president, but the president has never shown interest in dealing with this. big ticket items like the hopkins hospital. >> there's also a lot of people who are backing up what the president said, including one of the pastors. you have the president of baltimore in his district, being interviewed about the conditions, saying that he hasn't done anything for them. nothing has changed. but, to greg's point about solving this problem, for them
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to solve this problem, they would have to admit that there's a problem. we are in this crazy zone that there was a reporter today doing a live shot, and a rat ran behind her, but we are not allowed to talk about rats, infestation, and the problem that is happening in the city. baltimore needs to admit the first step in the first step program. the only way it is going to change is if they have an intervention, which trump is doing. trump has said that he would work with elijah cummings to solve the problem and that's exactly the point. he's willing to work with anybody to solve the problem, even if you do say horrible things about him. >> what do you think? >> dana: that's all nice open-ended question. i would like to do that from a communication standpoint. he took some questions from the press. all the questions, the democrats still don't know how to turn the tables back on president trump. they haven't learned it. give me a moment.
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so the president sends out a tweet. this happens almost every saturday or sunday, going back to relate did the president have a strategy? they ask him this. he says, no, no strategy. zero strategy. this is like, i want to solve a problem. i'm bringing this up. the other thing that, from the dominic a communication standpoint that's pretty impressive, the trump campaign s not the well-oiled machine that you are used to. what are they have no? they have an opposition research team that's amazing. so the president on a sunday morning or a saturday morning can tweet this. what happens immediately? the opposition research team is able to say, oh, no, bernie sanders said this in 2016. oh, the mayor said this. they are able to prove this.
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diagramming the sentence, they are not able to actually talk about the issues. that's where he continues to win. the first person who is able to say, oh, yeah? what about this, mr. president? instead, they have these arguments. >> juan: dana, this picks up on what greg was talking about. they have serious problems, high rates of poverty. the president comes in, what does he do? demeans people in terms of what human being would want to live here? the way that he talked about john lewis wants to pay more attention. if he cared, he would also be talking about some of these white congressman republicans who come from districts of much higher poverty rates of whites and blacks. >> greg: when he talks about new hampshire.
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i love how he refocuses. now, people are relearning about the issues of baltimore. now, we get to learn more about al sharpton, who has been recapped as the civil rights leader. the original great hoax of our time. to the race thing, trump was friends with al sharpton, now he's not friends. so was he racist then and not racist now? heat targets so many people. the mueller is over. he's pointing out problems on the democrat side. the democrats are on the defensive and the media is on the defensive. >> dana: i'm not saying that there aren't possible negative consequences. i'm just saying, if the democrats have been three years,
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have not figured out a way to turn the tables on him, and then they spent four days diagramming a sentence, and it doesn't work for them. >> juan: right now, he's calling elijah cummings a thief, suggesting that cummings has been stealing federal dollars. i don't care about that. what i care about is going after people who had a reputation. hang on. 51% of american voters say trump is a racist. you guys don't hear this. >> greg: i love how the polling says that the president is racist after months and months of the media saying the president is racist. >> juan: i wrote a book about this just after he was elected. it was true then. most americans say that he is racist.
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>> greg: americans need to reject the people who push race as a weapon, because everything else they have fails. see one that doesn't make bernie sanders a racist either? >> juan: they do point them out. >> greg: right, because they are democrats. if a democrat says infestation and. greg previews the democratic debate, up next. ♪ i'm finding it hard to stay on top of things. a faster laptop could help. plus, tech support to stay worry free. worry free. boom! ha.ha. boom! now, save up to 40% off furniture. up to 40% off at office depot officemax or
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>> greg: of the debate tonight is like a freeway with a lot of drivers going somewhere terrible in a hurry. the problem is, that lane is now backed up. engines are revving, going nowhere good. if only one or two candidates checked their side views and checked that vacant middle lane, they'd hopped right to the front. that's the thing about sanity, it's attractive to the rest of us who can see where that lane goes. now, a movement to the middle lane would make sense, but the media will ticket you for any infraction that might come with expressing any moderate views. racism, sexism, those are the labels. that's where the far left lane takes you, which is where you find all the sheep, for now. in that lane, mistaking the
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attention from the press. instead, it only represents the screw just voice of the press and social media, who are now the loudest voices at the party. one is heading the wrong way, the other cheering them on, knob dominic never pausing to check e damage they leave behind. it's a slow commute. when you do with your doors locked. emmanuel said this about the 2020 democrats. so often, you resort to chasing. >> juan: i can't believe that greg is asking me about social media. call management. >> greg: that's what you've been saying, though. >> juan: the problem for me
2:18 pm
is, i came from a time when campaigns were really about new cycles, as opposed to compulsioe compulsive. it works. the problem is that these things have real impact. i mean, you look at what happens today. i think it's carty b had an interview, right? guess what. 2.4 million people? that's unbelievable to me. >> greg: you are a big carty b fan, so that's going to influence you. >> i do admire her. she actually has sat down, done interviews. she is thoughtful. i think it's not just the media that's pushing them. i think it's twitter. the thing about joe biden, on twitter, he gets trashed.
2:19 pm
but he is going up in the poll. i wonder, wait, is he the establishment that's going to be proved wrong? it's the one i want to talk about biden's predicament. he faces two of them. this is what they are. number one, biden is likable, because he is on different undisciplined. what we all like about him is he is grabby and sane wrong things all the time, but he has to be near perfect tomorrow in order to get by. i don't think that you can kind of turned that switch off after so many years. the second thing is, when biden is attacked, he gets super frantic and defensive and starts to spit firing all of his
2:20 pm
legislative rundown's for the last three decades. it comes off as extremely crazy and uptight and wild and defensive. but he needs to remain calm when he is attacked like that. but trump's in his head, because he's supposed to be sleepy joel, so he can't act calm. he can't rise above it and act sturdy and study or the name sleepy joel will stick. >> juan: your times up. speak of the debates at 8:00 p.m. >> greg: this is the undercard, katie. nobody should really be watching this. they should be watching tucker and hannity. watched the thursday highlights. >> i'm sure that the nonbiased
2:21 pm
moderators. i think the most interesting point is how they have affected michigan. democrats have been frantically trying to get those voters back in their corner. almost every single democrat running against him has said that they are going to appeal those. 25% of people in michigan, 25% was the average tax cut in michigan. that's a lot. there are 200,000 people who are now no longer paying. that's something that joe biden has talked about defending and bringing back. i think when you look at the policy positions, they are going to be going after president trump to try to keep the focus off the war going on with the left. i'm not so sure that they are going to make an impact. >> juan: you have sanders versus warren.
2:22 pm
warren has already come out with some endorsements that used to go to bernie sanders. >> but she doesn't have carty b. >> juan: no, she doesn't have carty b. as you know, she's going up in the polls back. >> i'm so confused about carty b though, because she did that rant about taxes. so too don't know. i think the real matchup, marion williams. she will drown hate with buckets of love. i'm going to keep talking like that for the rest of the show. the video ahead, with love. ♪ jardiance asks: while managing your type 2 diabetes- why think about your heart? because with my type 2 diabetes, i'm more likely to have a fatal heart attack or stroke. lower a1c helps,
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>> ted cruz gets an unexpected welcome at the airport. surrounded by a group of angry immigration protesters. they slammed him for conditions at the border. watch this. >> americans will not be silent. americans will not be silent. free the children. for the children. for the children. >> juan: senator appeared unfazed by the situation. even stopping to take a picture with fans in the middle of the chaos. dana, how would you handle this? >> dana: may be not as graciously as he did. he has a great sense of humor. this either turns people away from running for office. the fact that he is unfazed shows that you have to have a
2:28 pm
level, as a conservative, as someone who can just sort of deal with it, not overreact to come because imagine he had. that video would be everywhere. i thought he handled it right. i'm upset that it happened to him. >> juan: he is an elected public official. people should speak to him. >> greg: did not airports, one. [laughs] >> juan: , because he might be looking for a cinnabon. >> dana: i don't know what time this was, but any time, in the airport, actually, not a good idea, probably. but this kind of thing is not effective. them chanting, freed the children. where are you going to put the children? they've been taken away from sex traffickers. they've been prevented from sending been sent to sex traffi.
2:29 pm
custody is not a good one either. >> juan: but if we look at the substance of the matter, i think a lot of people are upset about separating children from parent parents. >> katie: they are not always parents. >> juan: the question is, should our politicians be doing something different? >> greg: yeah. fix the border laws. thus with the republicans have been saying for about a year, and the democrats have done nothing. here's the deal. some guy takes his phone, and there was a picture of a dead migrant baby, face down in the rio grande, and he shoves it in my face, and he goes, don't you care about this? of course i care. >> greg: of course dominic sorry about that
2:30 pm
those are the things that save lives. those are compassionate ideas, and those are the kind of things that give everybody security and safety on both sides of the border. these protesters, they don't know anything about the floras agreement. or the fact that democrats didn't do anything for six months while republicans were asking for money to help this. they don't care about the traffickers or the fact that the migrants. the narcotic smugglers go the other way. they don't know anything about that. they just want to chant and get in your face. >> greg: maybe they didn't care. see two i think we both care and everyone wants to fix the problem. >> greg: there's nothing cruel about what's going on. they could be traffic. >> juan: oh, stop.
2:31 pm
>> greg: do you think that's a good idea, juan? >> juan: that's the issue. policy put in place by this president, do dominic to in fact try to discourage people from seeking asylum. greg, get in here. space mxp to that is the embodiment of twitter. this is the football now that they can use. you know they are not playing anywhere. that bothers me. of course a lot of free. love it. but, the airport is sacred. people are their worst selves at the airport. and they are their worst selves at protests. and he did something funny.
2:32 pm
he was at an event that attracted left-wing protesters. what did he do? he rolled ablated over them and invited them to breakfast at applebee's. that's we need more of. >> juan: greg, you can't get in there unless you are going somewhere. >> greg: where are they going? to hell. >> juan: they are never going anywhere. they are looking for a welfare plate dominic flight. how much will cost you? you're going to be surprised. that's next on the five. ♪ [ dogs barking ] what about him? let's do it.
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's people dominic >> dana: puts a staggering price on the green new deal would cost some homeowners at least $70,000 in the first year. that number rises to a quarter million dollars after five years. experts warned that cost could search even higher. the big question is, will studies like this stop democrats from moving forward? or will they continue to press ahead? i think the answer is, press ahead. >> jesse: yes. that means, typical liberalism. look at gun free zones. they are now used for target practice. look at raising the minimum wag wage. everyone gets laid off. since 1968, they have spent trillions of dollars fighting poverty. do you know what the poverty rate was in 1968?
2:38 pm
12%. do you know what it is 58 years later? 12%. all this money, and we did absolutely nothing. and, like the mueller report, i think everyone should read the green new deal. pay close attention. everybody is guaranteed access to nature. everyone is guaranteed a job. if you don't go to work, they are going to pay you. plants lots of trees. get rid of all nuclear power plants. no more drilling in alaska. no more drilling off the gulf coast. the question isn't how we pay for it, but what we will do with all of the shared prosperity. [laughs] 21 make money. >> juan: i understand why. imagine that as dominic everyone would have access to every part.
2:39 pm
i think you guys should question the source of the studies. >> katie: why? >> juan: i say the source of the study. >> greg: i'm glad you mentioned it. if every billionaire and american company pools all their resources together to fight climate change, there wouldn't be nearly enough. >> katie: all the things that you just rattled off prove that it's not about the environment or being green at all. the chief of staff said that this is not about the environment. this is about change in the economic structure of the united states to a socialist marxist model. it's not about the environment. kamala harris signed onto this idea that anything that passes with the green new deal would also have to get an equity
2:40 pm
scoring by the congressional budget office paired what you think of that? >> juan: i think the cost of the inaction is pretty great. if we do nothing, and so far republicans have no plan. at least they are putting forth an idea. jesse goes on to say well, it's this. >> katie: they said it was. >> jesse: guaranteed income if you don't want to work? >> juan: the point is that you have someone putting forth ideas. and then you get these groups pretending that they are impartial, saying oh, it's going to cost so much. see for the researcher, daniel turner. we will allow him to defend himself. >> greg: i believe in climate change. i don't believe in climate
2:41 pm
models. a lot of this insanity is based on climate modeling, which is never been right. these climate models fail. if you put trillions of dollars on the green new deal, that would be like hopping into a plane that has never flown, but some so-called experts are saying, hey, it might fly. it's crazy. the problem with climate data is that it goes through two tunnels. the first is the grant money tunnel. the climate modeling. the second tunnel is the media. >> dana: one is talking about cei, not being impartial, but all these models, where the grant money comes from, that's not being impartial. >> greg: you can question the modeling all you want, because everybody knows that it screwed up. but the mets
2:42 pm
they are smart people, but they've never taken a science class, they've never taken an economics class. they don't even know how to read this. >> dana: they are telling me we have to go. tsi signs a missile launcher. there may be a gross reason why your food delivery order feels a little light. it's all up next. ♪ ♪ more, more, more ♪ how do you like it, ♪ how do you like it ♪
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♪ >> dana: welcome back. it is time for. so much for packing light. take a look at what one guy had in his suitcase. that's a missile launcher that tsa found inside a checked bag and baltimore. turns out the guy is in the military. he was trying to bring home a souvenir from kuwait. thankfully, there was no real threats, and the man was eventually allowed to take his thread. this was one of those weapons that eric had. speaker did he get to keep it?
2:47 pm
>> no, he didn't get to keep it. >> dana: it's worse than water bottles in your carry-on. that's annoying. >> greg: that's what you worry about. okay. i worry when they go through my stuff, and they just start pulling stuff out that you don't want people to see. it's a medical device, jesse. >> katie: what if they put stuff in your bag? what if they actually take something out of someone else's bag and put a missile launcher in your bag? >> juan: . what i thought about this guy was, wow. he's a special case. but a missile launcher? this guy is a gem. >> katie: so, military weapons
2:48 pm
are not permitted. they are and also not illegal. up next, it's shark week. greg's favorite. you know what that means. just to shark attacks in two days. here's the trend. >> i came back out here with my buddy read, and the same thing happened again. it definitely shows how many sharks are out here. >> katie: on the other dominic same day, another person was bin the arm. people are saying that there's nothing to worry about. i wonder how marion williamson feels about the shark. >> greg: this is more antishark propaganda. think about it.
2:49 pm
compared to the amount of harm sharks due to the amount of antishark press they get, they are the most maligned creature on the planet. dogs kill more people in a month than sharks probably kill in years. i blame steven spielberg for this one. sharks don't do that much damage, but we think they do, and it's wrong. it would be called neck. they would strangle you with their neck. >> katie: they have very strong necks. >> juan: we have had dogs maligned. but what strikes me here is that, you are exactly right, there is more chances of getting her to buy a car crash, gun shots. i could go on. but you know, it's scary.
2:50 pm
it's kind of entertaining to these kids, right? >> greg: shark infested waters, or is that racist? >> dana: yeah, i think he's fine. >> katie: that's what we don't have a beach there. >> dana: there may be a gross reason why. according to a new study, delivery drivers admit to taking a bite out of your meal. >> dana: i don't believe that this is true except if you order fries. if it smells good, and you are in the car, you're in traffic, whatever. i don't think that they are eating your burrito. >> jesse: you have to smell it first. if i was hungry, i would dabble.
2:51 pm
but i wanted to admit in the study that i devil. that's where they are stupid. >> greg: i never order something that has more than two or three of a kind. >> juan: i think this is an east coast, west coast issue. i don't think that most people are ordering food from food delivery places. >> dana: that's true. >> juan: their cities in the middle of the country. >> greg: really? prove that. >> dana: will be right back ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology
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>> time now for one more thing. dana. >> yesterday i showed her pictures from my vacation out west by one to tell you you know i love a small world story. so i'm in bozeman headed to newcastle wyoming. stop at a starbucks and i go in and this woman is like oh, my gosh, i wanted to meet you, her name is sean backlund and she's helping her dad joe flynn. she had skipped church because she was going to help her dad sell this book, which is about their dog. it is pretty amazing. he had a very unique stroke-like accident, left him fully paralyzed, but they were able to get his help in his life back. you still living in her dad joe flynn has written this book and told her god wanted you to miss church today so you can meet me and we can talk about the show -- talk about the book on the show and i told her eye would do it and congratulations to them of this book into their sweet little dog bubba. >> stood up god for dana. >> who wouldn't? >> i'm kidding, america.
2:57 pm
i'm kidding! >> don't at me. don't even talk to me. >> all right, so my monologues was a big hit in new jersey, there's me with tom talking about stuff. here's the crowd lining up for questions. you come to the show, you could to ask questions for an hour and then you get to meet me afterwards if you pay extra. a nice little family here. here's the dates for the next shows. orlando, florida, . that's september 14th. atlanta, georgia, september 15th. omaha, nebraska, jacksonville, durham, north carolina, -- >> stop yelling. >> am i yelling? i sound like a carnival barker. ticket info, let's sell these babies out. >> i think you should add a stop in baltimore. >> they grow up fast. take a look at my twin granddaughters. that's wesley and pepper and
2:58 pm
fake wigs starting to look like teenagers. the 7-year-olds began the birthday weekend with a trip to medieval times, a dinner party place that features nice pretending to joust. here are the two princesses with their crowns and here they are with their bodies, the other girls who attend the party. later they had a birthday party for the family. their mom, the legal eagle, made this astounding case. crowned by king arthur's sword and the stone. and finally, here i am with the girls and a lovely mom. so from pop pop, happy birthday, ladies. >> i like that shirt, notice that? >> i never had parties like tha that. >> big flooding in pakistan. did you hear about that? >> no i didn't. >> it was all over the news and like the local weather anchors in the united states, the pakistani anchors want a little nuts too. watch this.
2:59 pm
>> that's how you report from a flood. >> we want to see you out there. >> let's go. >> discriminating against short reporters. >> speaking of dedication, i'm on b26 tonight. there it is. how dedicated is that? >> i love your -- >> i'm going to see jessie out the reporting in the deepest of floodwaters. the story i love because it reminds me of the time out in the outdoors with my dad. an 18-year-old girl from massachusetts caught a 700-pound bluefin tuna that measured 9 feet long. her name is devon. she went out with her father, by the way it is fisherman. but they spent ten hours -- ten hours really listening in, switching off together, teamwork every four or 5 minutes. blue two has averaged about 830 pounds. this one was almost 100 pounds. they are huge.
3:00 pm
>> he's fighting for his life, it's an innocent tuna. >> you can tell them for six -- >> social goals, those are expensive. set your dvr, never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: thanks, jesse. president trump equates living in baltimore with living in hel hell. senator elizabeth warren bernie sanders life of the same aggressive brace is round two of the presidential debate -- if you'd apply for a capital one credit card in the last 14 years, a hacker may have stolen your personal information. we have an update tonight. this is "special report." ♪ >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier coming to you tonight from los angeles. across the country, president trump said today living in baltimore is like living in hell and he says people who live there are glad he's saying that. ifhe


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