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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 1, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tune in every night at 8:00 p.m. to a show that is the sworn and totally sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. the great show, "hannity," and is a lie from new york city. have a great night, see you tomorrow. ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" here we start tonight with the fox news alert peered by the way, coming up tonight, rush limbaugh will be have had minutes away. first, president trump just math wrapped up another massive rally in the all-important state of ohio where he just roasted the uninspiring far left field of democrats who want to replace him for coming out, we are going show you how president trump responded to his 2020 rivals and we will break down last night's debate, tonight, basically another complete and utter train wreck but first, we do turn to a name or major developing story surrounding america's most holier than now super patriot knows better than all of us jim comey. the hills john solomon is
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reporting that the doj inspector general, michael horowitz, has in fact refer james comey to a possible prosecution. this has now tonight been confirmed by the fox news channel. the full horowitz report is not imminent, it's confident and it should horrify every american. according to solomon, the report will conclude that the fired fbi director, jim comey, leaked classified information, and showed a lack of candor. let me break this down. he violated 18 usc 793. that's a felony. it's called the espionage act. and he lied over and over again. look at your screen. james comey, likely broke all of those laws, at least for, according to the fox news legal analyst, our friend, craig jay. hewitt you might remember, you know papadopoulos has been on the show, and his wife, he had to go to jail for a couple of weeks? he was convicted of lying peered he went to jail. lieutenant general flynn, convicted of lying, he is
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awaiting sentencing even though interestingly enough, the fbi agents who interviewed him didn't think he was lying. but after he couldn't afford his attorneys and he was going bankrupt and had to sell his home and after being set up by a bragging, super patriot jim comey, laughing at the fact that he was taking advantage on day four of the new administration, something he would never do in the obama abortion administration, after his deputy andrew mccabe said that you don't he annoy her. that's how super patriot treats a veteran. and he brags about setting him up. also, michael cohen, remember him? convicted of lying. paul manafort, convicted of lying. yes, they are all facing jail and so is paul manafort. tonight, james comey seems to be getting a free pass, at least for now. however, the investigations into fines of views, the origins of the ones for ongoing.
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so while super patriot james comey appears to be dodging charges right now, i'm told by my sources tonight this is just a tip of what is a giant iceberg of corruption. here with a lot more, he broke the story, he is the executive price has the president of the hill, investigative reporter john solomon is with us. after your report last night, i did my own digging and i made a lot of phone calls and i said okay, so, if, in fact, they believe that he was going to be prosecuted, the attorney general has declined, i understand there is a real deeper reasons for it. that's what you are reporting tonight. >> yeah, listen pure there are two reasons. this isn't a very strong case if you're going to court and a jury in new york city or washington, d.c. it has some complexities to it that doesn't make it easy for a jury to understand but the bigger question here is, is the fbi director's testimony about the fisa process of the russian
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investigation accurate? did he do his job when he signed the pfizer war and? is that fisa warrant falls? was there a fought fraud perpetrated under court and the american public to get access to the donald trump campaign and target for surveillance? those are the more important and weightier question that attorney general barr and john durham and inspector general michael horowitz are weighing. we should look for it. he's a a thing for everyone to watch. if this is going to get serious at some point, john durham is going to have to panel the grand jury. the thing we should all be watching for, does the grand jury grand jury get in pounds, to the subpoenas go up, that'll be a sign the that the department is looking at criminal activity here right now, there's no sign of that. that's what i'm going to be watching for the next couple weeks. >> sean: usually they tried to hide the fact if they are going to panel the grand jury. we know james comey was literally worn in multiple occasions. you broke a least one of those stories about ten days before
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call me signed the first fisa warrant in october 2016 before the election. he was also worn what we know by bruce ohr as was everybody else for there are potentially other cases where he was warned about the dossier not being verified, it being political, but that's only one path. now, and the mueller report, correct me if i'm wrong, the professor joseph misfit, he was in fact, they thought he was a russian agent. we found out he wasn't a russian intelligence guy. then you have steffes von alper, he is spying on carter page, sam clovis, and papadopoulos, who set that up? who do we know who was involved in that end was intelligence formed out to other countries, allied countries, because it would've been otherwise illegal to do in this country and it was circumventing american want to do so? >> i can report absolutely that the durham investigators have now obtained an audiotape deposition of joseph mrs. where
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he describes his work, why he targeted papadopoulos, who directed him to do that, what directions he was given, and why he said that entire process of introducing george papadopoulos to russia in motion. in march of 2016, which is really the flash point in turning point of this whole russia collusion narrative, i can also confirm that the senate judiciary committee has also a fame to that position so you and you now have a senate and a federal prosecutor. >> sean: other tapes? i've been hearing rumors about tapes involving papadopoulos. is that true as well? >> well, we know there are transcripts. you and many members of congress on your show talking about it. those trend sieves would suggest there is tapes. we will eventually see the words that george papadopoulos used and whether the fbi properly disclosed incidents evidence to the fisa court. my sources tell me there's a big problem there. that happened on james comey's watch. >> sean: great reporting for john solomon, thank you.
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also, thanks to judicial watch, last name we first learned fbi agents and actually showed up in james comey's watch one month after he was fired to collect the confidential, yes, maybe illegal memos about the president that he had and that calmly and effectively stole from the government. so let's get this straight just to sum it up. super patriot jim comey sold classified materials from the government and link that information to the press. let's see, pre and meditative fraud, lied to a core, unverifiable evidence that he never tried to verify, lying to judges on multiple occasions, then aligned to the president, spying on the trump campaign, the trump transition team, and then president trump. that would be called abuse of power. clearly major crimes seemingly committed and tonight, james comey, well, he knows better than we smelly walmart shoppers and trump voter spirit he will be held accountable.
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that i will assure you. more tonight, this is about bruce ohr's three oh two's. here to explain, judicial watch president, fox news contributor, sara carter. just to explain a three oh two, this is the written memorandum of understanding agents when they interview specific witnesses. is that a good way to put it? >> absolutely pure that's exactly how to put it. that's exactly a witness. did they go back, they filed her nose into these throughout she was and then those have to be verified, signed off by both agents who were there, and then they were set into the system and they become a part of the fbi's collection of evidence. >> let's talk about what you found. these throughout she was with bruce ohr, we've been waiting for that information for quite a while. what are we likely to discover? >> well, there was a lot of corruption going on at the fbi through bruce ohr who worked at the justice department with a suit for them last september of
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2018. they have been delaying the release of them and they finally told the court they're going to give them to us by monday and these throughout two documents, bruce ohr's communications, after christopher steele was cut off by the fbi, a from funding, the fbi was paying christopher steele during the campaign, just like the clinton campaign and the dnc were. and so, they had to cut him off so they used bruised or as a cut out. they cut him off because he was leaking. so they cut him off because his wife worked over there at fusion gps with steel as well. so steel was laundering's information about trump through the doj into the fbi in really a secretive, dishonest fashion. obviously the fisa courts capped the rest of this and i'll tell you, the justice department has delayed the release of this
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information. the fbi has released delayed the release of this information. my perspective on john's were supporting, it's disheartening to hear that james comey steals records, leaks them in order to get to special counsel, and the justice of apartment thinks it's no big deal. >> sean: what about far left christian? >> i know that's what the signs are and i hope something good happens but if they can get -- >> sean: on barr's decision here, i'm having too many people tell me that this is way bigger and he's far deeper into this than anybody probably knows at this moment. i do want to ask one question as a follow-up to what tom fitton is said to sarah, we do know also that after he was fired fog and leaking, we do know that he was trying to use or to still funnel information to the
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special counsel, robert mueller. we don't have any decay indication whether or not he was successful without blood he was certainly trying and trying particularly hard. >> that's exactly what he was doing. sean, the complexity of this and what bothers me too, it's the same thing that tom was talking about. it's the bigger picture here. if you have all of these people working in concert with one thing in mind and that is to get rid of president trump you that is to find some way to implicate him and to connect him to russia and if you look at what just happened right now, even with call me, and i sure hope that will be her hearing is true, that they intend to look at the full scope of this because americans will not accept a two-tiered justice system. they can't just watch comey walk away and not have to pay any price for this unless there's something else happening. i've been carrying hearing that john drum is working diligently. they are not classifying his investigation as a criminal
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investigation. >> sean: i heard the words they are not going for the low-hanging fruit here today and that information they consider to be low-hanging fruit. >> let me tell you though, they went after the low hanging -- card and what that means. but they sure didn't have a problem going for low-hanging fruit. >> sean: the low-hanging fruit meaning that's the easy stuff but the stuff that is more severe is where they are going. >> you prosecute someone on an easy charge where, in the hopes of getting bigger information from them. to separate the two out -- >> sean: there might come that point. i -- i got the sense that they are not going to start with the smallest and weakest part of their case. they are going to start with the strongest part of their case. that's what was told to me. thank you both. we are going to follow this day by day, issue by issue. the amazing thing is, we have a situation with the very same people, hillary clinton, if any
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of us, violated the espionage act, top secret classified information on a secret server, that violates all the laws that gregg jarrett, we talked about earlier, they save her probe certain prosecution, i promise you i wouldn't take subpoenaed documents and destroyed them the way she did. it would leak the dirty dossier that was never verified that people, hacks and the press, like msnbc, got out to "the washington post," before the election to impact the election for "the new york times" actually says it was probably russian disinformation from day one. when he really think deeply about that, and then they try to bludgeon trump with their insurance policy afterwards, knowing the bulk of information is unverifiable, yeah, we've got a lot to unpeeled here in terms of the onion. we will have more throughout the show but now, let's turn to the radical socialist 2020 dumpster fire which is the democratic party. go fake news cnn programming well, it's usually pretty bad.
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they usually have a hard time getting a million people in one given hour. that's pretty bagged for a big cable channel b illustrates a bay, it took a failure to a whole new level. like a train wreck, sad to harden look away from. in case you are one of the few hundred million americans that didn't tune in your, small sample of the things you might've missed. >> we can no longer allow a white nationalist to be in the white house. >> i can talk to those white women in the suburbs and explained to them what white privilege actually is. that when there son is walking down -- >> we need to do everything we can to start removing the climate in the right direction but we also need to start moving our people to higher ground. >> where there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking and in obama biden administration? >> no. we would work it out here we will make sure it's a lemonade -- >> the first thing i'm going to do when i'm president is i'm going to clo are clorox the
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oval office. >> we lost the state of michigan because everybody from republicans or russians were targeting the suppression of african-american voters. >> sean: that's only the tip of the debate of what happen here. oddly enough though what you didn't hear during tonight's, five hours of debates on fake news cnn was the name of robert mueller. not a single time. now, look, this is the same network that for over two years, every second, minute, hour of every day, nonstop, breathless, historical coverage, mueller speculation including coverage every day. not one word. not one word about you nine. the special counsel. at all of these debates. maybe that's because the new democratic bull, and of course the media's nondemocratic part cam, an extension of the press office, it sews support for impeaching president trump
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taking. mueller, that if she was dead going in. here we told you about that a long time ago but let's not lose sight of a very important fact that was confirmed in last nights debate. there are no moderates running in the democratic party. there just aren't. it's radical and even more radical purity green new deal, medicare for all, may be, no health care choices. but free health care for illegal immigrants. candidates on stage have big plans for all of your hard-earned money. this is a new radical extreme socialist democratic party. without oil and gas to light a lot of our economy, in a matter of weeks, the american dream will collapse. as a matter of fact, proved that even president obama, as bad as he was as president, is to moderate for this new scary crop of candidates. let's be clear. the left-wing media mob doesn't care when democrats push their baseless conspiracy theories or promote their wild socialist policies or pal around with bigots and they don't seem to
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care about anti-semites. but criticizing obama? if that used to be strictly prohibited. take a look. >> is it a smart strategy to attack the obama administration? >> i watched all night long in disbelief, in disbelief as nearly everyone of them on that stage went after joe biden/barack obama. insanity. >> i just don't fundamentally get the strategy of going after the most popular democratic president in modern memory. >> back off of obama and his legacy. there are other ways you can go a joe biden without taking out barack obama. >> i'm wondering why people who want votes from democrats spend all last night trashing barack obama. >> and trying to go after the front runner joe biden, they would even sacrifice trying to throw barack obama in front of the bus which does not show real stability and self-confidence. it really shows desperation. >> sean: joining us now,
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former secret service agent in fox news contributor, dan bongino. and geraldo rivera. geraldo, we don't always agree on everything. but when you take the green new deal and you take obama's not liberal enough for this crowd on stage, and illegal immigrants, everything's free, no oil and gas, no combustion engine, how do you beat donald trump with that agenda? because even sleepy crazy crazy uncle joe is buying into it. >> i think it's pretty clear that he has kind of a mueller ask senior citizen tempo to everything he says. he seems really, and i say this with respect and affection for the service to his country, but joe biden seems to of lost a step. and when you look at the others in the radical agenda, i agree. if it wasn't for tulsi gabbard, she stole the show. she was practical. she was reasonable, she was
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focus. she really, i thought, did the best job of any of them out there. the others were all over the place and the way they attacked joe biden, i mean, they should have been arrested for attempted mugging. >> sean: i don't know how to react to that. dan? >> well, what you saw last night, let's be clear. i was a manifesto on how to destroy america. we talked about confiscatory tax rate destruction of our economy, sowing racial discord, i don't know if you got it, did you catch the endless attacks on law enforcement? you would've thought last night on that stage that the real enemy in this country was our police officers. that was a manifesto on how to destroy the country. it's now clear that the candidates running for president, outside of an isolated few who displayed some sense of sanity, have entirely given up on america. everything that makes this country great, economic freedom, health care liberty, the idea of some kind of regional harmony, all of that was thrown out of
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the window last night and that . it was disturbing. >> sean: doesn't come down -- got into the day, let's be realistic. polls don't tell the whole story but it's biden, it's come all, it's warren, it's sanders, anybody you see breaking the rie beyond like before? >> i think that watching kamala harris get absolutely tongue-tied when tulsi gabbard went after her for arresting people who smoke pot, 1500 of them in penitentiary in california during her term as attorney general, four weed smoking and low-level dealing of marijuana, i think when you saw kamala harris become so tongue-tied, here was a woman who last session, you know, now a senator from california and of course, last lesson she was the darling of the media appeared she was the one that took on joe biden. she was the one who was going to carry this brave new deal forward against president trump but as soon as she was
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confronted by tulsi gabbard, she seemed to dissolve. kelsey was much more innovative, a military veteran, a polynesian samoan. the first -- she's a hindu. i mean, this is walking talking diversity. she had them all looking at her tailpipes. but in terms of who are they are going to put against president trump, remember, it's not going to be 20 again strong, it's going to be one again strong. which of them could hold their own against him? i don't see any of them really having the wherewithal. it's the one you see anybody besides, the one where you, kamala, warren, sanders, anybody else? >> i don't. i usually debate and disagree but i think it was right about biden. whether it's fair or not, when you are an older candidate, you have to be crisp. you just have to be crisp on
6:22 pm
stage or people are going to make judgments about your age and i think he just wasn't tried last night, biden. >> sean: that's probably the best you are going to get out of biden. that's the best. i think you are probably right. i don't think is going to get better for him. all right, thank you both. got to roll. when i come back, you don't want to miss rush limbaugh, of the special anniversary for him and we are going to ask him about the democratic debate, the squad, call me, mueller, and what he thinks happens in 2020. ♪ i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap.
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>> sean: today is the 31st anniversary of his radio show and the dav network, joining is now from the abbey become a southern command is in the one
6:27 pm
years. i think -- >> is flat out amazing good know, the time has raised by on certain things and other days it's just been slow and sloppy but man, and libelous. we'll live. it's such a great opportunity to have to be able to talk about these things that really matter to the future of the country with so many millions of people. it's really been an honor and it's ongoing. i mean, there's still nothing i do that i get more enjoy enjoyment out of than this. also appearing on fox. i've been very blessed to be invited here by you and i can't thank you enough for having me on. >> sean: 's brush, i think you've got the greatest compliment ever from mary nowlin. i think it was after the clinton years she goes, i don't know how we would've survived but you being there every day. i think a lot of conservatives, including myself, feel that way. >> well, it's been a lot of time
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but it's interesting if you go back, it started in 1988, and in 1988, there was nothing that the three networks and the two big newspapers and cnn. in terms of conservatism in the media, it would probably be the national review, william buckley's magazine, bob terrell, that was it. but now there is more media and for four years, there wasn't anything. it was me and me on tv. then you got your show and other conservatives started to appear in radio engine and it just built and built and finally fox goes on the air in 1996 but during the clinton campaign, not to brag, and the mary matalin was right. there was nothing else except us on the radio doing battle with that and it's amazing to think back to elder things that have happened and where we are. i played a clip of myself today
6:29 pm
on charlie rose. in 1992, this is 27 years ago, and i'm talking, he wants to know why i think radical environmentalists are actually socialist and he thinks i'm full of it. he's having a lot of fun with me, he's laughing. this is the days when these people use to invite me on their shows when they thought it was harmless and fun like a circus act to have on. but these people had no idea of the seriousness that we brought to this but 26, 27 years ago, and here today, in that debate last night, andrew yang, i think, i can't believe this has not gotten more reaction. andrew yang said we are too late. we don't have time anymore. it's time to move our people to higher ground. talking about climate change. to higher ground. stop and think about that. move our people to higher ground. jay ansley then came out and
6:30 pm
admitted what all of this climate change is. he said every progressive liberal issue is wrapped up in climate change and it is. climate change is what allows them to poison the minds of young kids, to blame people for causing a problem and then offering them redemption. make them feel like they have meaning in their lives by saving the planet. it's gone to the point, these people actually have convinced people that we can change the weather. that we can change the temperature. and none of this is true. it's a literal lunacy and insanity that has become mainstream on that side of the aisle and they are going down the tubes with it. it's remarkable. it's remarkable. i watch the debate last night. i'm on the floor laughing through much of it. you know it's bad when rahm emanuel has to go on tv today and criticize these people for being nuts with this agenda. i mean, gloria marge on cnn,
6:31 pm
where was the inspiration? where was the inspiration? there isn't any inspiration. people need to understand how the democrats see americans. this is the thing that just boggles my mind. they look out over this landscape, they see nothing but suffering. they don't see anybody other than the victims of this, victims of that. then they position themselves and the people are going to fix it and yet even with the other people, us, who have caused all of this, there isn't anything they talk about that involves improving life. they do not offer anybody anything uplifting and they haven't preempted a group of voters that even things uplifting. their voter group is mired in all types of misery, injustice, to the point they are covering up george washington murals in san francisco. rather than cleaning the human off the streets out there.
6:32 pm
it's an amazing thing to see how this is all transforming. your guests just before me on this show, stop and think of it. three years ago, nobody thought the donald drunken whimpered i'm talking about in the mainstream. the media, the washington establishment, nobody thought he could win. tonight, nobody thinks anybody on that democratic debate stage could win. in just three years, we have gone from a candidate that everybody was laughing at him thinking had no prayer and was an even serious about winning to now, nobody on the democratic side, they are asking michelle obama to get in and save us. if they are doing that, nobody they are running now has a slight chance or even a prayer. >> sean: let me ask you. my buddy bill cunningham, you know bill from cincinnati, radio talk show host, great guy, funny. he is telling me they will line up at six in the morning to see the president.
6:33 pm
i was -- you were gracious enough. you invited me to your wedding. the only people you see lined up around the block for long periods of time usually can sing well, play piano, or guitar, explain the trump phenomenon versus what we are singing here. >> well, the trump phenomenon evening, echoes back i think to the differences that the democrats and the price that we have in the way we see the country. we conservatives, and i'm gonna take the opportunity in this style or appearance tonight to remind people who the conservatives are pure we love everybody appeared we people. we see i see a potential as we look out over the country. we want people to be the best they can be. we want people to be happy. we realize what a blessed opportunity it is to be born in
6:34 pm
the united states of america and we want everybody to maximize their potential because that's how you get a gate great country great is how you get great innervation, that's how you get great modernization, great mili, great anything. great people. it's the people of this country who make it work. now, the democratic party, that's just a foreign language to them. those kind of people stop and think, those people are of no use to the democrats. the democrats are threatened by people who can rely on themselves. they are threatened by people who can take care of themselves. they are threatened by people because those people are not dependent. those people are not going to be in need. those people and are running around trying to figure out who it is that is responsible for their unhappiness and their misery. they are too busy taking advantage of the blessed opportunity to live in this country and not everybody is but the point is, we have freedom to be and do whatever we want. the democrats want to put obstacles in people's way.
6:35 pm
the left wants to shackle people. they don't believe in people. they don't believe in freedom and liberty because they don't trust people. they think most people are decrypted and dishonest and racist, sexist, bigoted homophobes. i don't know how in the world anybody on that side things that they are going to put together a majority to win a national election with that kind of an agenda. anyone that thinks america is not great, not exceptional, unmoral or unjust, how do you feel that this is a genuine kind of serious movie movement on that attitude about the country? >> sean: stay right there. rush, his 31st anniversary. he is with us for the rest of the hour. we will ask him about the combing news and of course, socialism and the election of 2020 as we continue tonight.
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stay with us. ♪ -uh, yes. 55 is a suggestion.'s kind of like driving with his dad. -what a sign, huh? terry, can you take a selfie of me? -take a selfie of you? -yeah. can you make it look like i'm holding it? -he did show us how to bundle home and auto at and save a bunch of money. -oh, a plaque. "he later navigated northward, leaving... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us.
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>> sean: we now continue on the 31st anniversary of the rush limbaugh show. rush limbaugh, we talked about this phenomenon where people will wait in the pouring rain 20 hours to see donald trump. >> that's because trump appeals to people in a way that i just talked about. he appeals to people's but her interest. this is what people don't understand about all trump had to get caught up in the weeds, they get caught up in all the manners and yet the man touches everybody's hearts, talking about greatness, talking about inspiration and aspirational living, being great. everybody wants that. everybody wants to improve their lives and their families for them self. he touches me, he's got a bond
6:41 pm
with his voters that nobody can break. he's got a bond that is innate. not everybody can create this bond. it is not a democrat on that stage either night that has any kind of a bond with anybody in the democratic party. trump is untouchable. there's not one person on the democratic stage the last two nights that i can even be on stage with trump and not be overshadowed by his presence. >> sean: but still, rush, we follow elections. this is our life. this is what we do. for any republican to win the presidency, they always have to thread the needle. florida, north carolina, mark meadows state, ohio, you've got to pick off, and michigan, pennsylvania, it's not ever going to be easy and there's always that appeal, old, we will take all of your fear way and everything will be taken care
6:42 pm
of. >> well, you know, i guess maybe i've been at this for so long and i do have to remind myself that they have a lot of supporters. that's one of the scary things. you watch the debate last night and you hear this lunacy. it was lunacy. it was genuine -- go if you can define normalcy in any which way we have in common come those people are lunatics. and then you realize, that people aren't plotting it. i was worried about a 20 years ago when people would laugh and nobody's ever going to believe that they said. and now, here we are. i do believe it. i understand the threat here. and let me give an example of where i think we have a golden opportunity. tulsi gabbard came out of nowhere last night because she reamed kamala harris. now, what is the media doing today? i love this. guess what? to explain tulsi gabbard, they are saying that she's actually
6:43 pm
working with the russians who are still working with trump and our game plan is to become a third-party independent candidate to split the democratic vote. they started this russian insanity and now they are wedded to it. they can't let it go of it. and there's nothing in it for them on this. there is no winning with it i don't believe. now, i'm not a political professional. when you talk about threading the needle in all of these days, i just say, just have trump each on. just appeal to people and their better interest and he can permeate this noise like he did in 2016. >> sean: three words i want to throw at you. agree new deal. >> well, it's a trick. the green deal, even alexandria ocasio cortez, her chief of staff, admitted that it's not about the climate.
6:44 pm
it's not about the weather. it's an economic plan. and it is. it's designed to get massive federal power, grow the federal government, under the pretense that average americans cannot be left to live their lives without ruining things, especially in democratic party. it's unaffordable, it will never happen, and the premise behind it is bogus. there is no man made it climate change. there is nothing we can do to stop whatever the weather is going to do. we can make it warmer, we can't make it colder. we can't change hurricanes directions, we can anticipate them. we can't create them. and yet, they are campaigning and trying to give the people, i mean, look at millennials. it's really sad it is a lot of young people who really think this plan is not going to be habitable by the time i hit 65. these people are ruining people's lives. there ruining their futures all in pursuit of power for
6:45 pm
themselves. it's disgusting on a level to me. and i think we need to be called out and i think this stuff needs to be said point blank to them because the media it is not going to do it. the media is their best buddies and a support group. it's a big battle. i'm just optimistic that i'm confident that these people can be beat because they are getting nuttier and nuttier every day. they are demonstrating it. we don't have to tell people that. they are showing is. >> sean: it's never been easier. in that sense, you're right. 31st anniversary of rush limbaugh. we will ask him about mueller, the deep state, the witch hunts, the media mob, much more, straight ahead. stay with us. ♪ after walking six miles at an amusement park... bill's back needed a vacation from his vacation.
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>> sean: as i continue, joining us, the rush limbaugh. 31 years broadcast excellence. this is a milestone. i remember when i first heard about you, i was -- i started in radio 1987. i was in a college radio statio radio station. this guy comes up to me and says have you ever heard of the sky rush limbaugh? you created a huge fire storm out there in san francisco. it was a barbecue place a boycott of you and you sent all of your listeners into the barbecue place and they came back. so, 31 years, it's amazing accomplishment and you are righ right. >> you are one of my first guest host, sean. we kind of been in this together. we've been connected since this all started. it's -- look good i know time is limited here. sometimes people accuse me of being a little too pollyannaish and not aware of some of the pitfalls you say, threading the needle. i'm not naive. i know how difficult it is. i'm not trying to claim this is
6:51 pm
going to be easy. i want people to look at the democrats. i'm sick and tired of being afraid of these people get i'm sick and tired of people acting intimidated by democrats, especially this current crop. there is no reason to fear these people. i know they have the media on their side. donald trump doesn't fear them. donald trump doesn't let them intimidate him. donald trump is showing how people on our side can win for the first time in many, many years that i've been doing this. he is showing people every day how to win and there is an art to knowing how to win, not just playing the games and not being on the stage. the democrats are making themselves gigantic targets to this russia thing. it's blown up in their face. the media is not telling anybody, but it has. they've got nothing. all the lawsuits are being thrown out now. colin was thrown out, there is nothing. we've been in a race. this is but call me, i know everybody is upset and it looks like home he is going to walk.
6:52 pm
i have faith. i faith that the people doing this investigation are going to hold these people accountable. for three years, two years, we've been hearing that all of this is going to come to fruition and a lot of people are frustrated, disappointed. they were today when it was said to call me is not going to be prosecuted for all reasons because he didn't intend to do it. there has to be accountability here. and i think that it's going to happen at great timing for the 2020 election. let's just see. >> sean: i agree with all that. i actually see similarities between you and tron. let me tell you what two of them are. number one, you've got to be able to take a punch. you paved the way for a lot of us that our conservatives in the media. you have taken more than your fair share. and then, you've got to fight for what you believe. my biggest criticism criticism of republicans is that they are weak, a lot of them, and timid and afraid to do what you do
6:53 pm
every day. to do what trump is doing. you're right. showing them the way. just fight for what you say you were going fight for. >> well, look. they're two different things going on. i don't have to get votes. you and i can succeed with people hating us. or disliking us. >> sean: there's a lot of them, rush. >> people who need to win elections, people that don't like him don't vote for him. so i understand their reasons for but i think i can be overcome with attitude and confidence. this fear of being called a racist, everyone needs to get over that now because all of us are racist. everybody's races. they can't talk about any buddy now without labeling them as racist. this thing that trumped it about baltimore, it's about time this stuff is called out. the democrats run cities or astounds or stay, with one party rule, those places are suffering
6:54 pm
greatly. the people they are suffering. drug addiction, their suffering jug infestation and they are suffering filth and nobody ever calls them out on it because you can't because the democrats supposedly are the ones with compassion so you can criticize them. the heck with that. they deserve to be criticized. they deserve to be called out. it was cummings and himself 20 years ago. everybody seen the video now, who referred his own city as drug-infested and nobody said it was racist back then. trump is really showing a lot of people how to take these people on. you know, we've got this never trumper problem that i think is kind of like an elephant or a fly on an elephan elephant's split people make it out to be bigger than it is because these were supposedly the intellectual leaders of our party. they've been rendered irrelevant could they know it. they are probably going to a vote democrat if they had a chance simply because, how are
6:55 pm
they going to sell cruises now? for 20 years, they thought they were the intellectual leaders of conservatism and they never got much done. i know we are out of time. i'm sorry. i like being here. >> sean: i should have just given you the whole hour. 31 years. i just want to tell people 15. when you started in syndication, there were less then 200 talk show radio stations in america. now there are thousands, rush, happy anniversary. thank you for being with us. when we come back, more "hannity," right after this. ♪
6:56 pm
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7:00 pm
support what would be the destruction of this economy, we are all needed, its hands on deck. biggest choice election in our lifetime, let not your heart be troubled. if laura ingraham starts right now. i worked so hard that our, i'm exhausted. rush was great. he's great. >> laura: any hour of the day, people forget, you are on three hours a day, i used to be on three hours a day and then i got sanity. any hour of the day, you call hannity and his monologue is going. >> sean: it's amazing, this is a phenomenon. talk radio is the number one format in all of radio, he starts in 1988, there are less than 200 talk stations -- we have


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