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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 2, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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up our country, the rage filled democratic party is trying to tear america apart. the greatest betrayal committed by the democrats is their support for open borders. it's the only thing they do good. they stick together. their policies are no good. they are lousy politicians. but they stick together like glue. no one has paid a higher price for the far left's destructive agenda than americans living in our nation's inner cities. you must never forget that the 2020 election is about one thing. it's about you, our spirit is strong. our stride is back and our stand is clear. we are finally putting america first. [cheers and applause] >> about time. ♪
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♪ steve: well, it was a busy night. ainsley: yes, it was. steve: u.s. bank arena cincinnati. stacked up as high as the fire marshall would allow. ainsley: he said must be democrats that are in office because there are a lot of people throughout in 100-degree heat that want to come in and they're not letting them. steve: rules are rules. brian: two nights of democrats dominating the rules. time for the president to go into a battleground state saying okay, i have been watching the debates. the president could take notes from night two of debate 2 and know how to hit exactly barack obama's policies. because it was the democrats hammering barack obama and it was the president just did the follow-up hitting last night. ainsley: he said i can't believe that they really bashed president obama last night and the night before. and then he also was talking about those four congresswomen. the freshman congresswomen and slamming them as well. brian: but not as much. >> the democrats spent more
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time attacking barack obama than they did attacking me, practically. [cheers] >> the great pocahontas who is now lying and cheating her way to the presidency, if possible she is trying to win, remember? she defrauded people with her credentials. she said she was indian. and i said i have more indian blood than she does and i have none, i'm sorry. for the last 20 years, china has taken hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars out of our country. they would love to see you a guy like sleepy joe biden who has no clue what the hell he's doing. [cheers] they would say to sleepy joe, sir, just sign right there, oh, okay. [laughter] any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical
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socialism and the destruction of our great, our beautiful, our wonderful american dream. we're not going to let our country ever go down the route of socialism. [cheers and applause] steve: and a big roar there. the 2020 themes, if that last night was a preview of the coming campaign would be a lot about immigration and also regarding branding democrats as radical socialists. there were questions whether or not the crowd would start chanting send her back. they did not. he made it very clear he didn't know exactly what he was going to do. he didn't want that to happen. he said i don't want to be controversial. for the most part he wasn't. brian: right. but he was concise in his message. it's pretty clear that he thinks that elizabeth warren and joe biden look looked the strongest.
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democrats were beginning to panic. you look at rahm on "wall street journal." got a few sound bites chief of staff saying what are you doing criticizing barack obama. when you see eric holder basically tweet out the same thing. brian fall lodge, also an obama spokesperson say really, you are going after 8 years of president obama instead of three years of donald trump? you have to wonder if there is panic on the left that there is nobody on those two stages capable of taking out donald trump. ainsley: rush limbaugh said there is no one that can compete with president trump as far as his enthusiasm, his charisma. in the middle of that speech last night he had to walk away from the podium it. sounded like the protest. steve: yes, there were two. ainsley: three and a half minutes he stopped and he said where is law enforcement? then he asked the crowd is there a democratic mayor in your town? where is law enforcement? finally is t. seems like they removed them and the crowd went crazy. steve: they were shouting immigrants built america. and the mayor of cincinnati, by the way, is a democrat.
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his name is john cranially. but to brian's earlier point, you saw over two nights, 20 different candidates. one of whom presumably will be the nominee for the democrats who will it be? michael moore doesn't think that person, whoever it is, could possibly beat the current president of the united states, and that's why he suggests very familiar name. watch this. >> she is a bee loved american, and she will go in there and she would beat him. she would beat him in the debates. he wouldn't be able to bully her. he wouldn't be able to nickname her. ainsley: is he talking about michelle obama. she is beloved around the world. and she was interviewed by this 12-year-old young lady who has a history of writing and she is a journalist. she is cute. and she was writing an article for the amtrak magazine called the national. she interviewed michelle obama and her question to her before we play. steve: it's a great
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question. ainsley: the question was, just between us, is there even a 1% chance that you would consider running just between us, how cute is that? >> michelle says to her "just between us and the readers of this magazine, there is zero chance. there are so many ways to improve this country and build a better world, and i keep doing plenty of them from working with young people to helping families lead healthier lives. but sitting behind the desk in the oval office will never be one of them. it's just not for me. brian: remember famously she was the one who didn't want to run for president. she was not into the political career. becomes a community organizer, not making much money and then starts getting into politics really strained their family for years. then as he had more and more success, they -- the challenges continued when their kids were very young. they grew up in the white house. i think she was as much as i think she enjoyed the opportunity, i think she was definitely looking forward to getting out after 8
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years. this is pretty consistent. steve: sure. speaking of consistent. we, over the last couple of months have heard from the republicans and in particular the president has taken the lead on this. we have got to do something on our southern border, which is the crisis pointed regarding immigration and the asylum and the loopholes and things like that. yesterday, lindsey graham passed out of committee a bill that would address that the democrats are furious. he said they broke the rules. he didn't break the rules. but, nonetheless, the president himself last night was talking about the democrats and we all need to work together, essentially is what he is saying. but the democrats won't. and he has this observation. >> the greatest betrayal committed by the democrats is their support for open borders. it's time for democrats to end sanctuary cities. and catch and release. do you know what you do? you catch them, and then you release them. and then you say would you please report back in four
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years from now? we could end it immediately if the democrats caved. we are keeping them out all together. we are replacing random migration and we are replacing the lottery system. how about the lottery system? the country puts the name in the basket and you pick people out of the lottery. it's an immigration system that's totally broken and we're going to win the house. we're going to win the senate. we're going to win the presidency. and we are going to do a merit based immigration system. [cheers and applause] merit based. [cheers and applause] brian: by the way joe biden end it cad he wanted to do a merit based system a ph.d. you should stay. we want to keep you. everyone jumped all over him and said that's the double standard and this that we don't need anymore. i don't think there is anything wrong with keeping your first round draft picks go. to stanford or jail we trail yo -- or goto yale. we should keep you.
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it's a joe biden talking point. steve: actually, that's a rush limbaugh kind of talking point. here he is observing last night with sean hannity about how this president has a special bond with the voters in that particular swing state of ohio that is special. >> he appeals to people's better interest. this is what people don't understand about donald trump. they got caught up in the tweets and get caught up in all the manner that's supposedly doesn't have. he has a bond with his voters that nobody can break there is not a democratic on that stage either night that has any kind of a bond with anybody in the democrat party. trump is untouchable. nobody on the democrat side -- they are asking michelle obama to get in and save them. if they are doing that that's a tantamount admission that nobody they are running now has a slight chance or even a prayer. brian: i don't think you could even question that look, barack obama definitely had an attachment to an audience and a following. you know, there were
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appearance in 2018 and see the passion that he had behind him. donald trump has the same thing. and no one so far of the 2322 technically in the race have even gotten close to it. i would say this. it would be interesting to see if any candidate who wants to do immigration reform chooses it first. when you first win, have you got a chance to do one policy. barack obama chose okay. obamacare. the president chose to kill obamacare. if president trump wins, there will be a chance to do one big thing. immigration reform. i hope he chooses. because it's the number one issue. steve: that's sad to think that a president would be elected and can only get one thing done. when george w. bush had jordans in the senate and the house. he tried to get something done and his own party wouldn't let him do it. so good luck. ainsley: if the economy continues to stay this strong and if he continues to be strong on immigration and the democrats are not. and you have all these
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progressives saying open borders, they don't want. i think it will be hard to beat him. i really do. steve: the excitement level. i'm looking forward a year from now when it will be donald trump on a stage vs. one of the democrats. who on that stage over the last couple of nights that we have seen can possibly keep up with him in the energy department? he is at a certain pitch that is hard to duplicate in american politics. ainsley: interesting that america is favoring either president trump or joe biden depending on what party you are in. steve: that would be a contrast. ainsley: they are both rust belt blue collar workers both have money brew blue collar. brian: if you are a voter and you are working in the energy sector, especially in ohio, fracking, and you watch those debates goodbye oil and gas. anything. ainsley: green new deal. brian: coal, goodbye. you can't feel good in knows
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industries if a democrat is running for president. including joe biden is going to get rid of it. steve: primary season is different than general election. in the general electioner there trying to appeal to the independents so they get away from the crazy things they said in the primary. we are talking about things on both sides of the aisle. ainsley: even though immigration is important. the economy as well, because think about it, if you lost your job, how do you put food on the table? how do you send your kids to college. >>the folks that work in the coal industry. the guy we interviewed yesterday pete interviewed in the diner says he is getting so much more business because donald trump is in office. steve: they were able to buy six new cement mixer trucks. ainsley: because the housing industry is booming. brian: pete had six free breakfast. ainsley: that was nice of you to give him your card. brian: that's true. steve: he is back in cincinnati. jillian joins us. ainsley: happy friday. steve: very sad news. jillian: it is sad news. start off with fox news
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alert now. the grand daughter of robert f. kennedy found dead on the famous heinous por line hyannist compound. died of a overdose. our hearts are shattered by the loss of our beloved sersha. she cared about friends and family. the grandmother said the world is a little less beautiful today. she was 22 years old. we have another fox news alert now. overnight north korea launching a third missile test in just 8 days. the regime trying to pressure the u.s. and south korea to end a joints military exercises. president trump, after the second launch, saying he is not concerned. >> short range missiles, we never made an agreement on that. i have no problem. we will see what happens. but these are short range missiles. they are very standard. jillian: secretary of state mike pompeo is at a security conference in thailand today. he says he was ready to meet
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with north korea while there. but now that seems unlikely. and we have another fox news alert. the u.s. officially pulls out of the immediate range nuclear forces treaty. bans the production of all short and medium range missiles except those launched from the sea. president trump and nato allies say russia violated the treaty by refusing to destroy its new missiles. it comes as the pentagon prepares to withdrawal u.s. troops from afghanistan in a proposed deal with the taliban to end america's longest war. about 14,000 u.s. troops are currently in afghanistan. and this is new and breaking right now. r. kelly is due in a newark new york courtroom to face sex crime charges. his lawyer says he can't find him. the attorney for the r and b star filing a letter to the federal judge saying he hasn't been able to meet with his client since he landed in new jersey yesterday. the bureau of federal prisons web sites lists kelly in brooklyn.
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kelly is so terrified of flying he had to be drugged to get on that plane to new jersey. that is most definitely a developing story this morning. we will continual to keep an eye on all of them. ainsley: that could be a problem if you can't find your client. steve: what time is he supposed to be in court? ainsley: he took a flighted from brooklyn to new jersey. brian: on drugs. ainsley: that's not a far drive. if you don't like flying. curious. jillian: we will keep an eye on that. ainsley: thank you, jillian. steve: president trump last night taking aim at the democratic party over their handling of america's inner cities. >> no one has paid a higher price for the far left's destructive agenda than americans living in our nation's inner cities. brian: now the president seems ton focusing on that. ben carson got a first hand look. says the president is telling the truth. he joins us live next. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> no one has paid a higher
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price for the far left's destructive agenda than americans living in our nation's inner cities. for decades these communities have been run exclusively by democrat politicians. the democrats have taxed and regulated jobs and opportunity out of these cities. steve: there is the president last night in cincinnati calling out the price that some inner cities have had to pay for years of being led by democrats in office. brian: here to weigh in is dr. ben carson. is he secretary of housing and urban development for the trump administration. you saw the negativity and anger last weekend. and you were trying to make it into something good from here on in. eye dr. carson how do we go from scrutiny on baltimore to make this situation better. >> first thing we have to do is acknowledge it's a problem. everybody needs to acknowledge that and you know, we have gotten to a situation in our country now where when you hold people
3:21 am
responsible, they don't like it. they call you a racist. it kind of reminds you if you have children you are raising them and you have one that chronically doesn't carry out their chores, do their responsible thing, and you call them out for it and they say you like him better than you like me. basically the same kind of thing that's going on here. instead of doing that people need to be willing to work together. when i was baltimore a couple days ago and just looking at a lot of the squaller there, and there are good things there, too. i must point that out. the people are the ones who are suffering when we have squaller there. i saw so many young men sitting on porches, able-bodied young men. i'm looking for a way now -- why are going to be talking about this in washington. how can we get those young men employed in terms of cleaning up the neighborhoods in terms of, you negotiation helping to repair. so structures gaining some skills that will allow them to move up the economic
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ladder. steve: um-huh. dr. carson, over the last couple of days, the president has been critical of elijah cummings who has been a congressman from a district there in baltimore for a very long time. an area where you lived president has suggested that his administration has given 15 or $16 billion and a lot of financial mismanagement. nobody knows where the money went. what's he talking about? >> well, you know, that's a problem not just in baltimore lots of different places fiscal mismanagement. one of the things that we have done at hud is to have a new dashboard put together by our cio and some of the other dementsz that actually gives us a realtime readout of where the money is and how it's being spent. we have never had that before. so it was necessary to put all kinds of restrictions on people. and we will be able to give
3:23 am
them a little more freedom now but be able to watch exactly what they are doing. ainsley: it's necessary to rebuild these inner cities. thank you. let's move on to this next topic because mayor pete buttigieg is the mayor of southbound, indiana. they have a housing crisis there in his own backyard because fbi agents went out on wednesday at 1:00 p.m. and raiding the housing authority. what happened? what are they looking for? has there been a crime committed? >> well, it's not a new problem. southbound has been having problems with their housing authority for some time. in fact back in 2015, the mayor appointed a whole new six-person board because of that. obviously things have not been going well with that board. people have been doing some things that are illegal. that's why the legal authorities have gotten involved. you know, it requires true oversight because people are given large amounts of
3:24 am
money, they are giving opportunities to make money. sometimes they are not 100 pe don't look at things very carefully. brian: you know, it's amazing. when everyone was screaming racist, racist, racist. people of baltimore were saying help me. hopefully from here on in, we can put scrutiny and we can help. ben carson. >> absolutely. brian: you have to lead the charge. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: on the southbound story, we reached out to southbound housing authority for comment have not heard back at this hour. we will follow that story. dr. ben carson will push his programs. ainsley: 24 after the top of the hour. the president firing up the crowd in cincinnati last night. which moment was an a plus? lee carter has the new dials. they're just in ♪ let it roll ♪ down the highway ♪
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can you believe it? women can also open up their own business as a push to modernize. changes will go in effect end the month. keep your fingers crossed. rebuilding a base in afghanistan that was never actually rebuilt. that according to a watchdog report. the state department rushed the project using inexperienced contracting company. a consultant even warned the department it was a bad idea. the project was eventually scrapped in 2016. sorry about that bad story. ainsley will change the spirit. ainsley: all right. thank you, brian. president trump firing up that crowd last night in cincinnati so what were the top moments and how did americans reacted? let's ask partner and president at maslansky and partners lee carter. hey, lee, good to see you. >> great to be here. steve: he has the rally last night night after two debates and then his rally.
3:29 am
first sound bite we want to play. blue line democrats, red line republicans, yellow are independence. she asked 100 people about what they thought of it and then can you see based on their reaction. okay. so the first sound bite is president trump attacking democrats on stage because they kept slamming president obama who democrats love. watch this. >> when i was watching the so-called debate last night and i also watched the night before, that was long, long television. and the democrats spent more time attacking barack obama than they did attacking me, practically. ainsley: the democrats you polled did not likes that. >> they did not like that at all. what i think is always interesting right now is independent line. a lot of people were agreeing with president trump. they did not understand the strategy of attacking obama. essentially i know they were trying to take out biden.
3:30 am
i don't think it was a smart strategy at all and a lot of people agreed with that. ainsley: democrats said open borders that's a republican talking point. the president addressed that last night. watch this one. >> but the greatest betrayal committed by the democrats is their support for open borders. democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents they put foreign citizens before american citizens. we're not going to do that. ainsley: look at the independents. >> independents were right up there with republicans who gave a plus: i think this is so interesting how divided we are on immigration. democrats are not for open borders. when you look at those independents. they were right up there with him. the person who won the debate on immigration was biden who actually did talk about stronger borders. so i think the democrats really need to be careful about this issue because it is one that fires up a lot
3:31 am
of folks. ainsley: yeah. the president was fired up last night and talked about some of his accomplishments. watch the dials here. >> we have the number one economy on earth. we have created 6 million new jobs since election day. more than 7 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps. 123,000 more ohio workers are employed today than when i was elected. think of that number. ainsley: wow. >> you look at this and think how could democrats give this an f, which is they did. republicans a and independents a b. talk about good stuff that's happening. how could democrats not like it. they say they don't believe it. they think the president is lying. ainsley: the numbers don't lie. more people are back to work. >> they really believe that the president is making this up. that they don't believe that it's as good as he says it is. and they think it's false. ainsley: maybe they don't want to believe it. look at the independents. >> very, very interesting. i say republicans are from
3:32 am
mars, democrats are from venus right now. look at everything totally differently. fascinating to understand why though. ainsley: thank you for being here have a great weekend. the july job reports due out this morning. what can we expect? stuart varney weighs in coming up next. ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. did you know congress is working to end surprise medical billing?
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>> we have created 6 million new jobs since election day. nobody would have thought that was possible. more than 7 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps. [cheers] and they are happy. they are happy. 123,000 more ohio workers are employed today than when i was elected. think of that number. [cheers] steve: well, the swing state of ohio is critical for the re-election of president trump. that's one of the reasons he makes so many trips there. there he was in cincinnati. and that's where we find a very familiar face this morning. ainsley: that's right. pete hegseth is live there good morning to you, pete. pete: good morning, guys. steve: that was quite a rally last night. pete: it sure was.
3:37 am
almost 20,000 people packed in u.s. bank arena here in downtown cincinnati. you guys can't see it. but i'm in the shadow of the great american ball park. cincinnati reds. i have been to this stadium. it's beautiful. last night that was basically the rope line. the line went all the way around the stadium waiting to get in. that was one of a couple lines. the crowd in there enthusiastic as they have ever been as the president hit on a lot of common themes. especially on economy. staying more on script. saying i don't want to make any controversy as you guys heard but ultimately alluding to his feud with elijah cummings. talking about inner cities and have they have been devastated by democrats. also alluding to feud with so-called squad saying the democratic party is now run by the far left extremists. took the shots that he wants to take but more or less stayed to the script. part of what we asked folks at the rally is, what's most important to you? we asked that to diners yesterday after the democrat debate and we asked it of trump supporters at the rally. when you come to this thing, what's your biggest take away?
3:38 am
this is what they said to us. >> just like every one of his rallies, he had a personal message for ohio. got everybody going. it was great. >> a lot of energy. it was like a high school pep rally. really great. >> i think jobs. that's the most important thing. >> record unemployment for minorities. i think that's just speaks volumes about it. >> i think economy is pretty good. you know, a lot of jobs. i think it's very encouraging, you know, for americans. >> right now i'm kind of the immigration problem because it does cost the country a lot of money. >> pete: you hear a lot about immigration, open borders, medicare for all. healthcare for illegals paid for by everybody. ultimately in the state of ohio where job growth has been strong. he won by 9 points before. you hear that off the lips of almost everybody. i either have the job i want or i'm making more than did i before. that's going to have a big impact going into 2020. we will see when we get the job numbers today if there
3:39 am
is even more wind at the back of the trump campaign. brian: we will talk about that shortly. pete, there is a lot of foreign policy challenges. talk about iran. rockets set off by little rocket man in north korea. you fought in afghanistan. ryan crocker looks like we could be skidding towards an end 18 year war. ryan crocker, a former ambassador in iraq says he worries we may be watching a replay of the way it ended in vietnam. a thirst to get out, get us out prematurely. the taliban can't be trusted like the north vietnamese. the whole thing collapses. do you have that same worry. >> i'm worried about it too. brian the war has gone on too long. i don't want to nation build there i think bringing troops home at some level is important thing. if you lunge at a deal the lessons are clear on that. look how badly the obama administration wanted an iran deal so they got a terrible deal. look how quickly barack obama wanted to get out of iraq and he created the conditions for identifies. we arisis.
3:40 am
we are sitting at the table with the taliban. peace deal they are calling it withdraw deal and critics calling it surrender deal. can you keep a small number of troops there and basically end the war without handing the future of the government to the taliban. i know some folks involved in this process. the taliban is reading this as weakness. those how they read it when i was there in 2011 and 2012. they want to take over the capital of kabul and take over the entire country. if we don't do it right that's where it could be headed. i understand the impulse but a lot of things could go sideways. brian: a lot of blood has been shed there and has to end in the right way. ainsley: thank you, pete. we will talk more with you about that coming up. bring in stuart varney host of varney and company host of my take with stuart varney on fox nation. good morning, stuart. >> good morning all. ainsley: the president was touting the economy last night. >> no wonder the democrats failed to mention the strong economy in their two debates this week because they don't have a growth plan and
3:41 am
obviously president trump does. the democrats seem to me to have a cracks plan. no fossil fuels, no private health insurance. >> that's a con straxz of the economy. rather than the expansion that president trump has got. i think we are going to get more evidence of this expansion in this very strong economy. literally in about one and a half hours. 8:30 this morning we have the jobs reported. i'm not going to predict the numbers. but it will show that the economy remains very, very strong. probably with a record number of people employed and we are still going to be very close to the historic low of 3.7% unemployment. it's going to be a strong report. steve: right. the -- there was a strong reaction on wall street when it was announced that the president was going to levee another tariff against china. but sell-off yesterday it looks like there is going to be another sell off today according to the futures. but ultimately, this isn't that much different than what we have already been doing to them. >> look. we have had about a year of these negotiations and talks
3:42 am
and statements from the u.s. and china. it'sable obviously going to last a lot longer. there is no immediate fix to this trade fight. in fact, at this moment it's escalating. the truce is over. there is escalation in place. more tariffs probably coming. this is going to drag on for much longer and wall street doesn't like it. brian: here's the thing, stuart, not only are negotiations not going anywhere, we were in the back stretch and they pulled back. they did not follow through on buying our agricultural goods did. not follow through on cracking down on fentanyl. those are the two things -- those are votes of competence the president was seeing if they are legitimately trying to deal with us. they are shing they can't be trusted in front of our face. >> the president is showing he will stick to a tough line and he is not going to have it. steve: he won't just take any deal. >> no. he won't just take any deal. he wants a deal and going to be a good one for the united states. if he can't get it the tariffs come on. he is still at it. ainsley: you mentioned the jobs reported. what do you expect.
3:43 am
>> i think you will see unemployment rate stay around 3.7%. do you realize how low that is. i have lived in america for 40 odd years i haven't seen 3.7% before. maybe 3.6 under trump, i don't know. ainsley: 7 million americans are off food stamps. think about that. >> that's right. what is it 125,000 extra employed people in the state of ohio? steve: job number today is expected to be about 164,000 new jobs. >> that's pretty strong. might be stronger than that here is something that was buried by the media. steve: shocking. >> in the first two years of the trump presidency, wages and salaries, increased 42% more than in the last two years of the obama administration. ainsley: that's great. people can ask themselves are you better off today? the answer for most people is yes. >> shows you the trump presidency which turned the economy around. don't give me this that obama started the recovery. well, maybe the recovery started in the obama years but they expansion, that
3:44 am
started with president donald trump. brian: he got $700 billion to start that recovery with the stimulus package. that certainly helped. >> 800 billion. brian: i forgot a hundred billion. then you are talking real money. stuart, do me a favor. can you host your show on 9 to noon on fbn and then start your weekend. >> okay. i will do it. ainsley: he called you baby. >> slang. brian: just don't call me kid. >> never. ainsley: jillian is behind us. good morning to you at home. let's talk about this investigation that's underway right now after elijah cummings baltimore home is robbed. police looking into whether anything was taken during the break-in last weekend. it happened several hours before the president called cummings a bully and criticized the city as rat and rodent infested. democrats slamming the president as racist for those comments. but as we told you about yesterday, you are seeing it right there. newly released newly surfaced credit voyeur by
3:45 am
the trump campaign shows cummings cawlgt city drug infested. police arrest a man in the latest water attack on the nypd. steve larosa now facing charges for spraying a water bottle on traffic officers. the nypd commissioner says the tough guy behavior will never be tolerated. >> this is something that needs to be addressed. and as i said in there. cops aren't victims. we are not victims. we are here to help victims. we are here to prevent people from becoming victims. that's why we are the police. jillian: several videos surfaced last week of people attacking cops with water. now trying to make those attack felony crimes. a high school is under fire for planning a prayer event for students heading back to class. the freedom from religion foundation calling for an investigation into the worship service after the alabama school posted about the event on facebook. the group claims it is a violation of church and state. school officials have not commented. a look at your headlines. ainsley: it's interesting. usually if it's voluntary they don't have a problem
3:46 am
with it. we need to continue to follow that thanks, jillian. steve: 14 minutes before the top of the hour it's a beautiful day in new york city. janice dean is out on the street where wil folks are lining up. janice: hi, everybody. are you excited to see justin moore. >> yes. >> are you excited to be on "fox & friends." >> yes. janice: people will be coming into fox square in a matter of moments to see our summer concert series it. is 73 here in new york. refreshing. not a lot of humidity. 62 across the great lakes. we will deal with the potential for showers and thunderstorms for the plain states as well as florida and the southeast. and the four corners. otherwise fairly quiet. but we are also watching the tropics. we will keep an update on what's going on out in the pacific and area of disturbed weather out in the atlantic we will watch. also want to make mention my friends that next weekends the annual second annual tunnel to towers delmarva 5 k run and walk august 10th celebrating our first responders and military service members. it is happening, i will be
3:47 am
there. if you want to join us, near the beautiful row who he beth beach you can visit tunnel 2 to register for the event in delaware happening next saturday. i'm bringing my whole family. of course we love everyone involved with tunnel 2 towers. ainsley: go to their website and sign up 11 bucks a month. they take it out of your bank account. you don't even feel it. janice: yeah, everybody. back inside. steve: big crowd. we will be out is there in a minute. speaks of our heroes they served with our country with valor. and now these elite navy seals are taking on the hudson river here in new york city. they are going to swim from jersey to new york city. ainsley: i hope they are wearing goggles. but first they join us live on the fox square. look at them, working out, of course. strong. ♪ ♪ [farmers bell]
3:48 am
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♪ ♪ brian: all right. 30 navy seals teaming up to swim across the hudson river
3:52 am
here in new york city all in an effort to show that no veteran gets left behind. ainsley: before they take the water tomorrow they are joining us live on the fox square today with how you can help. steve: that's right. here with more we have jack right over there. he is the founder and ceo of gi go fund and bill brown former navy seal along with 20 members of the navy seals right behind them. good to have you all here. let's start with you, bill. are you sure you want to swim across the hudson river because the current is substantial. >> i'm having second thoughts now. [laughter] ainsley: start in new jersey and go to ellis island where the statut statue of liberty is. >> celebrate our nation's freedoms and liberties. ellis island to honor all those men and women who came to our nation for a better life. celebrate our diversity. manhattan, do a flag run to 9/11 memorial first responder statue and honor all the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11. steve: how long is this going to take. >> a little over two hours.
3:53 am
brian: did you know that? ainsley: you are the toughest that is critical is in. >> we founded after one of my best friends was killed. none of us who were the founders were veterans at all. we just knew we wanted to give back to the community. we think that's what's super important getting civilians involved. that's how we can support these men and women get civilians involved. get them engaged and help support them in whatever they may need. veterans homeless. raising money here. veterans starting their own businesses. veterans looking for jobs. we are advocating for veterans in every single way. ainsley: what's your stroke. >> five stroke. ains. steve: pete hegseth has been dispatched to cincinnati where they had the big rally last night. pete, you have something you would like to inject into this conversation, right? pete: well, yes. i love this effort from the
3:54 am
gi-go fund. they are jumping in the hudson river tomorrow at 8:15. we wanted to cover it. the problem is we're on the air for "fox & friends weekend" from 6 to 10:00. so we are going to do something i have certainly never done on the program. and i don't know if it ever has been done about halfway through the show i'm going to high five another anchor who is going to sit in my spot. get in the car and go down to liberty state park in new jersey and i'm going to try to jump in the hudson river. steve: oh my goodness. ainsley: that's awesome. try to make the swim. steve: pete, first of all, you cannot swim which i know for a fact. but here is the good news. pete: i am not a sea, land and air specialist, thatch i know. i'm not a seal. bill brown has something for you right now. look at this. it's a camo speedo for you. ainsley: can you show off the tattoos now. pete: i will do it. if they are going to do it i'm going to have to do it.
3:55 am
>> if you are going to peacock, do it like a patriot. ainsley: he is army. pete: i'm just trying to stay afloat, guys. you guys will need to give me some tips. we will be two hours in the water and have a camera on a boat tracking the whole thing. ainsley: we will get ready to tell you some advice. remi is on transformer fuss saw the movie. is he a navy seal. family from nigeria. dad died because the government took his property. mom moved him to the bronx. he was into drugs found jesus and became a navy seal and now swimming. and he is an actor as well. obviously. what's your advice for pete? >> just keep going. don't quit. don't let the cold goat to you and don't let the water get to you. brian: i'm worried about the hudson in particular. ainsley: are you wearing goggles? >> goggles. i was offered a biosuit. steve: it is the hudson river. pete: it is the hudson. >> are you excited about. this absolutely. janice: will you also be wearing a suit like pete is
3:56 am
going to be wearing. >> we do everything as a team so absolutely. janice: pete, i will be showing up to work tomorrow. [laughter] pete: tune in. tune in tomorrow and see what happens. steve: like to contribute to your organization. how do they do that. >> support these seals. brian: are you guys going to finish the race? >> absolutely. i have a sense they will. justin moore concert, too. right? >> absolutely. ainsley: thank you for your service and all you do. thank you, pete. thanks, remi. steve: that pretty much wraps up hour one of "fox & friends" for this friday. big two hours still ahead. we have congressman michael waltz, geraldo rivera are here as well. ainsley: plus it's our all-american concert series country star justin moore. we thank sandals for that. steve: just in time. ♪ ♪ ♪ real good life
3:57 am
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vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. together like glue. no one has paid a higher price for the far left destructive agenda than americans living in our nation's inner cities. you must never forget that the 2020 election is about one thing. it's about you, our spirit
4:01 am
is strong. our stride is back. and our stand is clear. we are finally putting america first. [cheers and applause] >> it's about time. ♪ somebody else will ♪ if i don't ♪ walk up ♪ name right now ♪ offer to buy you a drink sit down ♪ if looks could kill ♪ somebody else will. ainsley: go ahead, brian. brian: this is unbelievable season for our summer concert series. ainsley: really has been. brian: justin moore is as big as it gets. is he red hot right now. ainsley: that song right there is extremely popular. he also sings a song that is so funny. got to listen to the lyrics why we drink. a song that will make you cry if you watch the video on youtube. it is called the ones that didn't make if back home. talking about our law enforcement officers. very special.
4:02 am
steve: he is going to kick off one hour from now right out at fox square. drop by 48th and sixth avenue. today our summer concert series is brought to you by sandals. brought entertainment to fox square for the big show. which, you will be able to watch on fox nation if you don't have it, download it. >> navy seals sticking around. 15eu6rest environment in the world. ainsley: they need some food. some protein before that big swim. brian: evidently they're concerned about their physics. they are so ripped they know they will be on camera if they jump into the water. concerned about having too much protein before bid swim. ainsley: dave's famous barbecue is out there. they can eat protein and maybe pasta before they jump in. steve: i think the headline is tomorrow if you watch "fox & friends weekend" pete hegseth is going to be wearing that outfit in the hudson river we will see how he does. ainsley: so strong makes me
4:03 am
feel safe they are fighting for the country. brian: pete wearing a speedo nothing new. steve: someone feel free to adjust his wikipedia case. the president of the united states was in cincinnati last night. you saw the rally here on fox news channel. 17,500 people there at the u.s. bank arena in cincinnati. the president has connections to ohio. he has talked about it in the past. 50 years ago his father actually owned the swift and i have lagvillage complex in thd hill area. he has connection not only through his family but also he won ohio last time. he needs to win ohio again this time. brian: he won by 9 points last time. after listening to the democrats for two straight days, he had had enough. he wants to end the news cycle with him on stage. ainsley: he is familiar with skyline chili and gators ice cream he said to that entire audience i worked for my dad in the swiften village. >> he says does anyone know where the swiften village
4:04 am
is. some people clapped and got excited. also fun when someone famous comes into your town and relate to people. that's what he did there. steve: he talked about immigration. he talked about how he is branding the democrats as radical socialists. he did also escalate attacks on liberal cities, run by liberal democrats. watch this. >> no one has paid a higher price for the far left's destructive agenda than americans living in our nation's inner cities. they have paid a dear price. you see what's happening. you see our inner cities. we spend billions and billions and billions for years and years and years and it is stolen money, and it's wasted money. and it's a shame. for decades these communities have been run exclusively by democrat politicians and it's been total one-party control of the inner cities.
4:05 am
for 100 years it's been one-party control and look at them. we can name one after another but i won't do that. [laughter] [cheers] >> because i don't want to be controversial. [laughter] we want no controversy. steve: maybe the crowd wanted a little controversy. brian: he was himself. he also know fuss remember the president in the back stretch when he had to get into gear, he stuck to his message. he knew two weeks ago he had a great rally and everyone focused on the one chant. he wanted to make sure that his message of going after democrats, going after their debate themes, mysteriously they went after their own former president barack obama and now, pivoting because the another major issue in this country is now inner cities and how they have been ignored and run by democrats. ben carson said i have an opportunity here to go front and center with some of my programs.
4:06 am
he joined us earlier. he knows all about baltimore. he says they are ready to take action. >> first thing we have to do is acknowledge it's a problem. every needs to acknowledge that we have gotten to a situation in our country now where when you hold people responsible, they don't like it. they call you a racist. and instead of doing that you know, people need to be willing to work together. when i was in baltimore a couple days ago just looking at a lot of the squaller there -- and there are good things there too. i must point that out. the people are the ones who are suffering when we have squaller there. steve: no doubt about it. baltimore has got some problems and the president has suggested, mr. carson as well commented on the fact that there has been a lot of financial mismanagement in the number of american cities. and they have to figure out where the money has gone. mr. -- dr. carson was talking about how at hud they have developed some sort of dashboard so on a computer they can see where all the money is going all the time.
4:07 am
but, to the point about baltimore, the news yesterday was that elijah cummings' apartment was broken into, what, about four hours before the president sent out those tweets last week. brian: before. that's key. so that's how bad this neighborhood is. 1999 video is defsz staghtsd for those who want to label the president's remarks racially tinged because it was commenting on a city and lawmaker and nothing to do with the color of the skin. meanwhile the president of the united states talked last night about putting america first and talked about cincinnati in particular. >> our nation is stronger today than ever before. [applause] we have the number one economy on earth. our spirit is strong, our stride is back. and our stand is clear. we are finally putting america first. [cheers and applause] it's about time.
4:08 am
we have created 6 million new jobs since election day. nobody would have thought that was possible. more than 7 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps. [cheers] and they are happy. they are happy. 123,000 more ohio workers are employed today than when i was elected. think of that number. ainsley: that's incredible putting food on the table, sending kids to college. that's what it is all about when you are a parent. stuart varney was on our couch earlier. he made an interesting observation. when you watch those two debates not once did you ever hear them talk about the economy. listen. >> no wonder the democrats failed to mention the strong economy in their two debates this week. because they don't have a growth plan obviously
4:09 am
president trump does. no fossil fuels, no private health insurance, that's a contraction ever the economy rather than the expansion that president trump has got. i think we are going to get more evidence of this expansion and this very strong economy. steve: well, we did hear from at least one democrat during the debates and they said, look, this booming economy, it was started with barack obama. that was one positive thing about barack obama before for the most part the entire stage on wednesday night tore down his legacy. brian: deregulation has been key and under reported. it's not a sexy thing to report. where the president gets the most credit for or should is giving people the opportunity to grow their business, take chances and experiment. is he not giving people -- those jobs are growing because he is taking down a lot of the obstacles that stopped these businesses from flourishing while backing up the energy sector. ainsley: think how good the economy is now. 2008 some of our friends
4:10 am
were losing their jobs. it was awful. you had hard-working people. the economy was bad. they were good people. not like they did anything wrong at their jobs. they just lost them. there is a man who can relate to that he has kids. he has a hard-working man. he was surprised when he got the pink slip. so he applies online for all these jobs. he lives in phoenix. and he said nothing is happening. so, look at this. he goes out and he stands in traffic and he hands out his resumes. 110-degree heat. brian: he has a family. ainsley: he was just laid off, look. steve: that's right. somebody there on camel back road took a picture of him and tweeted it out and said i love that he was not asking for a handout. just for people to consider him for a job. well, that tweet right there went viral. and patrick hogland wound up getting hundreds of job offers from companies that he said would not hire you without experience because they saw his determination they offered him a position even without an interview
4:11 am
and that at the end of the day patrick hogland now has a new job. is he working with a concrete grinding company. and he thanks all of the companies that wanted to take a chance with -- for this man with all that grit and determination on a day when it was 110 degrees standing out in the sun on camel back road in phoenix, arizona. brian: right. steve: trying to get a job to feed his family. brian: he got an interview. he nailed it. they offered him a job right there. he had other options. steve: hundreds. ainsley: hundreds of options. brian: another story that i think is important. a new poll was released that less than half of students in today's america think that the united states is the most powerful country on the planet. the numbers don't lie. we are. but when asked, they seem to not understand about our country. which country do you think is currently the most powerful in the united states? only 48 percent said the u.s. 30 percent said china. 6 percent said russia. so most of the people of the next generation of have been told in schools country not that good, not do too well.
4:12 am
ainsley: do you know why we are in a trade war with china. because we are the number one economy in the world, students. and china is number two. we are doing pretty well. steve: russia was number three a long way back at only 6%. what do you think about that? email us brian: incredit dibleg shrinking country of russia. 12 minutes after the hour. hey, jillian. jillian: good morning. sad news to pass along. let's begin with this fox news alert now. the granddaughter of robert f. kennedy found dead on the famous hyannisport compound. the "new york times" ports she died of apparent overdose. in a statement the family says, quote: our hearts are shattered by the loss of our beloved saosra she cared about friends and family and grandmother ethel. the world is a little less. she is the niece of correspondent doug kennedy. she was 22 years old. also breaking overnight. north korea launching a third missile test in just 8
4:13 am
days. the ar regime trying to pressure the u.s. and south korea to end joint military exercises. president trump, after the second launch, saying he is not concerned. >> short range missiles. we never made an agreement on that. i have no problem. we will see what happens. these are short range missiles. they are very standard. jillian: secretary of state mike pompeo is at a security conference in thailand today. he says he was ready to meet with north korea while there. but now that seems unlikely. an american man accuse aced of fighting for isis in syria back on u.s. soil to face justice. charged with providing material support to the terror group. he and his brother left texas in 2014 to join isis when he was a teenager. he was captured earlier this year in syria and could face 20 years in prison. and this methods star takes his nickname sirously. aka the squirrel makes insane catch. check it out.
4:14 am
>> long one for mcneil crossed the line, up against the screen and he hung on. unbelievable play by mcneil. jillian: you could see it right there. mcneil leaping into the chicago white sox's new protective netting to grab a fly ball. of the mits by the way did win 4-0 brian kilmeade. brian: mcneil is going for a battle title but plays like that will keep him in contention. there are about four games from the last wild card spot. that's amazing. steve: i have a new question about the new netting out there. if the ball touches the netting. brian: foul ball. steve: he got it before it hits the net. brian: it's not like you can play off the walls. yeah. but it's good. people are protected and so are the outfielders. jillian: few stadiums have done it so far. ainsley: i like it so far. brian: derek jeeter went into the stands and into a seat that was -- ainsley: remember that little child that was hit. i like the net.
4:15 am
jillian: couple pep people hit. ainsley: yes. it's not pretty. steve: jillian, thank you very much. brian: heading to italy for ritzy climate change conference. guess how they got there. did they take a train? they used private jets and super yachts? how are they on gas? steve: does that make sense if they are talking about global warming? talking about hypocrisy next on this friday "fox & friends." ainsley: bring your shades. ♪ black and it's white ♪ we fight we make up ♪ we kiss is indicated for 6 symptoms... claritin-d is indicated for 8... including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d. get more.
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a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. >> employment crisis is the existential crisis for our world. >> the greatest threat to humanity is global climate change. >> science tells us we have 12 years before we reach the horizon of catastrophe when it comes to our climate. >> listen to scientists on this and they are very clear we don't have more than 10 years to get this right. steve: 10 or 12 or something like that. some of the left sounding the alarm on climate change naming it as the top threat at the second round of the debates. meanwhile, the rich and famous attending google's climate change conference facing backlash after flocking to the event in italy using over 100 private
4:20 am
jets. suggested helicopters and mega yachts. joining us now the executive editor of climate and author of the politically incorrect guide to climate change mark verano. mark, good morning to you. >> thank you, steve. happy to be here. steve: have you all these fat cats flying on over 100 private planes, why do you have a problem with that. this is a typical average climate summit. including the united nations has their annual summit. same thing happens. private jets fly. in they fly in chefs and produce caviar. they have lavish events that literally produce more than multiple african nations put together do in a year. in the case here with all this flying. leonardo decaprio himself said his annual flying could be the equivalent of 10,000 cars on the roads. so this summit is just the latest where the hollywood glitter ate come together and essentially mock little
4:21 am
people do come in the most carbon intensive way and talk about real change for everybody else. steve: here here leonardo decaprio where he talks about how people need to that i can changes in their lifestyle. >> climate change is the most fundamental and existential threat to our species. the solutions we seek require all of us to make real changes in the way we live our lives, operate our businesses and govern our communities. steve: so what do you say about that? >> it's amazing. he went on to say get out of the grip of fossil fuels. this is one of the biggest disconnects in the climate debate. we can call it comic relief. but in a real way they call it the greatest threat yet, they, themselves, can't alter their lifestyle in any way, shape, or form. my favorite are the hosts theft google cow founders co-fos they have air yachts. 767 a private airport.
4:22 am
they drive electric car. virtue signaling at its highest. at the same time, they will go out there and talk about how the world can transform and people will have to do with less while they live it up in the most lavish miles of private beach with private spas, yachts. katy perry also there worked for the u.n., talks about the danger to the children as she arrives that super yacht at this event to talk climate change. the best is prince harry speaks barefoot at this event. nothing says sirius or moral authority i don't go conveys moral authority like speaking barefoot. i almost didn't wear shoes today because i wanted to come across with greater moral authority and connection to the earth, steve. steve: google has invited all these people, they are spending something like $20 million to do it. they are probably since they are talking about global warming. they probably are not releasing. this the impact of the google camp attendees it has been estimated that with 114 private jets flights they released 100 metric tons of
4:23 am
co 2. the federal government go yachts. they operate about 500 plus litters of dissell for an hour. so, you know, that's just the fine print about how much it really cost the environment, i guess, to make it all happen. >> leonardo decaprio's famous quote i will fly anywhere in the world to talk about global warming. severe disconnect here they are literally talking about in their proposals things like the green new deal which they all support. limiting transportation, air travel, remaking our lives and putting austerity and limits on real people at the same time in order to talk about this and plan, they go all out and i mean in the most mockery and lavish way you can imagine. we see this across the board. bernie sanders, actor harrison ford big activist admitted he has flown up the coast in his cheeseburge cheeseo
4:24 am
get a cheeseburger. actor governor's mansion air drying your clothes to save carbon emissions. this is just a big disconnect. and this turns off the public more than they will ever know. the public is disgusted by this kind of behavior. steve: do as i say not as i do. marc morano from climate thank you very much. >> no more shoes for me. steve: it's the weekend. thank you, mark. all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, congresswoman ilhan omar's comments about 9/11 inspired an army veto take her on. up next, you will meet the decorated war hero and long time police officer who wants her seat in the u.s. congress. ♪ don't judge me ♪ because it ain't nobody's life but mine ♪ and i only get one shot ♪ so i take it one shot at a time ♪
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♪ ainsley: the u.s. officially pulls out of the immediate range nuclear forces treaty. steve: that's right. moments ago secretary of state mike pompeo tweeting the u.s. and nato agree russia violated the inf and leaving the agreement is in the best interest of our collective security. treaties are worthless unless respected by all signature tors. brian: wait a second. i thought the president really goes easy on russia. is this another example of them going easy on russia. kevin corke is live at the white house to break down the military moves. hey, kevin. >> good morning, guys. clearly this is a circumstance where the u.s. said this sort of tied their hands with respect to china and the fact that the russians weren't complying with the deal anyway. that's why we are seeing this action effective in a couple of days. in fact, effective right
4:29 am
await a minute let me take to you a statement. you just mentioned a tweet by the secretary mike pompeo secretary of state he also had a statement i want to share part of it. it's lengthy this part i think you will find instructive. he says this. russia is solely responsible for the treaty's demise dating back to the at least the mid-2,000s, developed, reduced flight tested and now fielded multiple battalions of noncompliant missiles. so as he said, listen, if they not going to fault deal, the deal itself is worthless. the withdraw has stoked fears of a new arms race. although this deal goes back to 1987, as you see miguel govern chevy and ronald reagan back then, deterrence equal footing and thus u.s. action immediately. i also want to mention. this this is interesting. fox news has confirmed a reduction in u.s. forces in afghanistan. you probably know the numbers are somewhat low especially when compared to the surge, about 14,000 american troops on the
4:30 am
ground, that could be reduced to about 8,000 moving forward. senator lindsey graham from the great state of south carolina tweeting this i hope any agreement will be a good deal for america that protects our homeland, our allies and our interests. it is one thing to end the war with honor and security, it is another to simply hope it goes away. so, you know that we have been talking about this at length. this idea of getting together the u.s. and its negotiators with those forces on the ground in afghanistan. try to come up with some sort of an agreement. it appears that's happened. we will see what it all looks likes a it's finally unpacked. for now, guys, back to you. steve: kevin, thank you very much. the report from the white house. meanwhile, switching gears. congresswoman ilhan omar still facing backlash for these comments about september the 11th, 2001. >cair was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something
4:31 am
and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. ainsley: those comments inspiring decorated u.s. army veteran and long-time minnesota officer chris kelly to run for omar's congressional seat in 2020. brian: officer kelly joins us now. chris, you don't really have political experience but you certainly have patriotism with your background in law enforcement and the military. but what caused you to jump in this mostly democratic district as an independent? >> well, steve, thanks for having me and i was inspired by the 9/11 comments. look, 3,000 americans died. and the first responders, many more first responders died responding to this. it is very dismissive and disrespectful. and i figure you can complain or you can try and do some things. so here is an opportunity to jump in the race. and try and make a
4:32 am
difference. ainsley: chris, tell us about what the voters are like there? we have heard stories. we know ilhan omar is from that area. we now how progressive she is. we heard one of the city councils in your state decided not to say the pledge of allegiance, thankfully they reversed that what are the folks like there? >> well, it is heavily democratic area. however, that being said, i think the lack of action by congress person omar will allow me -- there will be a lot of disaffected democrats. and there will also be republicans who aren't satisfied with congress not doing anything. this gives me the opportunity to come in here and make a difference like i said. i'm on the ground here every day. i see the problems. i talk to the people. and this gives me an opportunity to make a difference and to continue to serve. steve: how would you describe, officer kelley, congresswoman omar's tenure in the congress so far? her impact on your district?
4:33 am
>> well, she is campaigning everywhere else, raising money in california. now she is overseas. she is not in the district. and people are noticing. many people have said to me what is she doing for us? she seems to be worried about her own celebrity. and you know, making the news. she is not doing her job. brian: what do you. >> here is an opportunity for somebody to come in and have an opportunity to take the job from her. brian: chris, what do you bring to the table? how are you going to make your beliefs front and center at the same time reflect the community that's heavily democratic that would put someone like congresswoman omar in her extreme views in office? >> well, like i said, i'm on the ground every day. i talk to people. i see the problems like drug use, homelessness, terrorism recruitment that's going on. the people in district need a voice and i am somebody who is not embroiled in
4:34 am
controversy like she is. and i believe i will make a good representative because, again, i am service-oriented. i spent my life in public service and i want to continue to serve. steve: you are an actual member of the squad, the minneapolis police squad. you have been there 20 years. ainsley: where are you going with that? no he is not. steve: chris kelley thank you for joining us and good luck to you. ainsley: thank you for your service, army, army reserves and veteran of the police force. running for congress in minnesota's fifth congressional district as an independent. we wish you all the best. >> thank you so much for the opportunity, i appreciate it. ainsley: you are welcome. 34 minutes after the top of the hour. president trump rallying voters in ohio last night. and this morning pete hegseth is in cincinnati. he has got reaction from the folks in that crowd live next. brian: plus our all-american concert series continues with country super star justin moore. he was kind enough to weave to us. weave -- wave to us. ♪ old dirt road ♪
4:35 am
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♪ >> the democrats spent more time attacking barack obama than they did attacking me, practically. [laughter] >> great pocahontas, who is now lying and cheating her way to the presidency, if possible. for the last 20 years, china has taken hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars out of our country.
4:39 am
they would love to see a guy like sleepy joe biden, who has no clue what the hell he's doing. we're not going to let our country ever go down the route of socialism. [cheers and applause] steve: well, you saw the president live on the channel last night with that rally from cincinnati. brian: right. also he brought up one of the many gaffes that joe biden did was say that we can't take another 8 years of donald trump. i'm pretty much that would be impossible. we would have to break the constitution. but i don't know, maybe pete hegseth, pete, do you think the country could take 8 more years of donald trump? pete: that's a lot of winning, brian. [laughter] brian: for a long time. brian: right. what's going on there in cincinnati? pete: we shall see. a lot of folks in line, probably wish he could have 8 more years. much has been made ever since his inauguration of crowd size. but you can't ignore that an arena like this, u.s.s. bank arena, full to the gills, thousands of people waiting
4:40 am
outside. i had someone tell me if the cincinnati reds won the world series i wouldn't see a line like this. two and a half years into his presidency to see that level of enthusiasm which you heard inside the arena as well is indicative of the amount of support this president has. he said i don't want to get -- i don't want to get controversial tonight, he stayed away from naming names of the so-called squad or elijah cummings. he did talk about the extreme left policies and inner city mayors and democrats that have disseminated inner cities around the country that ultimately was a big part of his message last night. he also talked about the pontsdz on the democrat side. debates they have h we went out and asked folks after the event, who do you think has the best shot of beating president trump? does anyone have a chance at beating president trump? here is what folks had to say. >> no. i don't think so. not from the ones that i have seen prior to before the debate. i don't think there is anyone that's going -- i
4:41 am
think donald trump is going to win by a land slide. >> trump 2020. >> if they love their own party, they would have just gotten a couple of people and, you know, rallied behind them. the fact that they still have over 20 people vying for the candidacy, it's just ridiculous. >> just look at what trump has done, and, you know, it's a no-brainer. >> a lot of folks, -- hey, guys, a lot of folks noted like the president did from the stage democrats taking as many swipes at former president obama as they did of president trump. that is indicative of a party moving very far left very quickly which a lot of trump supporters believe is a good thing for him in 20206789 enthusiasm across the board here in cincinnati last night. steve: pete, there is enthusiasm here at fox today because you revealed to the 28 navy seals who are going to swim across the hudson tomorrow that you are going to swim with him. folks need to tune in to see you swim from new jersey to new york city. brian: tattoos and all.
4:42 am
pete: i have not trained for it. i feel like i'm surrounded by qualified people. steve: life savers. ainsley: they say no man behind. pete: life savers potentially. no man behind will have to be the motto. brian: we will always have a kayak if you need it. pete: have a camera person in a boat. ainsley: oh, okay. pete: can i get in the boat if i need to with the cameraman. ainsley: a plus for trying. proud of you. pete: thanks a lot. steve: thanks for going out to cincinnati to cover the rally. pete: of course. jillian: that is must-watch tv cannot wait to see that tomorrow. meanwhile today, this is what is happening in the news. james comey firing back over the doj's decision not to prosecute him. comey slamming meadows on twitter saying he is waiting, quote, for the facts before he talks about them at me next time bra. yeah he is bruh. his response after truth is
4:43 am
coming and the verdict won't be pretty. meadows did not tag comey's social media account. 10-million-dollar theft ring. court documents show two store fronts in washington state posed as pawn shops and shoplifted items online. agents say a paver delivery drivers were in on the scheme for six years. packages mental to go to amazon warehouse or post offices. no charges have been filed so far. a small plane dodges traffic making an emergency landing on a highway. the insane moment caught on an officer's dash camera in washington state. >> my engine quit. in 21 years, this is a first. >> a plane landed on pacific avenue. >> good day to be alive. >> the pilot, thankfully is fine, and no one on the ground was hurt. a relaxing job takes a terrifying turn, watch this. >> go on.
4:44 am
no. jillian: can you imagine being that jogger. a black bear charging at a woman. she says she thought he she'd would be mauled. the bear stood on behind legs in front of her. it eventually did run away. the woman was not hurt. those are your headlines. send it back to you steve or bruh. you are outside now. [. [cheers and applause] steve: our special guest. thank you, jillian. top charting power house justin moore. [cheers and applause] steve: album late night and long neck. [laughter] ainsley: husband his new single the ones that didn't make it back home. it's incredible. watch the video. already is a huge hit. type of song that he is most proud to play. brian: we're thrilled to have justin moore here play on our concert series. justin, welcome officially.
4:45 am
round of applause. >> thank you. [cheers and applause] >> it's good to be back. we have done this fortunately a few times. you guys keep having us back. i don't know why. brian: you get bigger and bigger. ainsley: your lyrics are so great. especially right there if you watch the video. a wife being told -- a mom being told her son is not coming back. shows a picture of him with his wife. she morphed into the classroom. child she is teaching. there is an accident at the school and an officer who responds is that child's dad. it's beautiful. it just reminds us of the people that are serving our country and what they go through. what inspired you to do that? >> well, i had one grandfather retire from the navy and another air force. they instilled in me along with my parents the importance much the sacrifices that our men and women make daily inside and outside the country, you know, overseas. so we wrote the song to honor them it. goes beyond our military. it's police officers, fire department, teachers now are in the line of duty, you know. so we just wanted to shine a
4:46 am
light on all of those men and women. steve: you will be performing that in the next hour. >> we will. steve: i'm looking at your catalog of songs. i'm noticing a trend. >> i know where this is going. steve: jesus and jack daniels. airport bar, never gonna drink again. [cheers] ainsley: one of his number ones why we drink inspired by his mom. steve: the morning after you wrote what happened the night before when you wrote never gonna drink again? >> i drank too much. [laughter] and so everybody has had that moment where they say man i drank so much last night, i'm never doing that again, and then, you know, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon you get to feeling pretty good. steve: you got a song out of it. brian: i'm fascinating by the writing process because i know i can't do it. you say you approached this album differently. you went there and let it happen. you wrote when you were inspired to. you rented the studio. tell me how it happened.
4:47 am
>> well, early on in my career, before i had a record deal. so 17, 18 years ago, i would just drive down to the beach when i lived in nashville, in florida, which was about a 7-mile ride and just kind of locked myself in a hotel room, drink beer and write songs. whatever came out came out. and i wrote a lot of my first two albums that way. so fast forward to this album when i knew we wanted to go back and do a really traditional country album, which is what i love and do best. my wife and i have -- thank you. we have had a beach house down there in destin for like seven years. and somehow i slipped it past her and said hey, i'm going to go on a writing trip for four or five weeks, so me and my five or six buddies locked ourselves in my house and drunk beer and wrote songs. hence. brian: are you hiring? >> yeah, come on, man. ainsley: your wife stayed at home for four weeks. >> hopefully it's paying off this week since we have the number one album in the
4:48 am
country. hopefully it's paying off. [cheers and applause] steve: go back to the day when your uncle said you were out of high school and said you know what? you need a job, you can join my band. >> yeah. i always was obsessed with sports and played sports in high school. steve: razor backs. >> yeah, arkansas radars backs. thought that i was going to make money playing baseball and then i stopped growing at 5'6". [laughter] i thought i have got to do something else. i will picked up guitar, joined my uncle's southern rock band and fell in love with music. january january here you are today. brian: i love that you coach your kids, too. you find a way to do that. >> yeah. it's good until i get to chewing on the referees and the umpires. brian: that's justin moore. steve: is everybody ready for the show? [cheers and applause] all right. justin, we will hear you start singing in about 10 minutes. >> thanks, man. appreciate you having me. steve: meanwhile, politics 2020 democrat pete pete buttigieg sounding the alarm
4:49 am
on climate change during this week's debate. but what he forgot to tell you, how much he is spending on private planes. brian: tony katz is going to be here live and weigh in on all this hypocrisy. he is eating now. floss first, please. janice: wave, everybody. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ some big news from mr. clean. stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. try new clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. and it's great for bathrooms! just keep pumping the power nozzle to release a continuous burst of mist and make quick work of big jobs. it even works on stainless steel.
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brian: all right. 2020 presidential candidate pete buttigieg sounding the alarm on climate change during the democratic debates. watch. >> i'm running for president because our country is running out of time. science tells us we have 12 years before we reach the horizon of catastrophe when it comes to our climate. but here's the good news. it's not too late. we have got to summon the courage to walk away from the past and do something different. this is our shot. will. ainsley: meanwhile the southbound mayor reportedly has spent more money on private jets than any other democratic presidential candidate. so, is he more talk than he is action? steve: radio talk show host tony katz is based in indiana. he flew to new york not on a private jet. >> i tried. i asked a man for a ride. i was like pete, you know, we are friends.
4:54 am
steve: you have known mayor pete for a long time. does this surprise you he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars? they all do spend a lot of money on private jets. >> right. brian: i don't know if anybody actually knows pete pete buttigieg his work with governor pence that he talks about. he was a mayor working with a governor. it's pretty standard. the idea of taking private flights reality in southbound, away from major airports and have you got to get from point a to point b. proving the idea that private is always better than the public option. he didn't have to go exactly where some government agency set up an airport to get to where a government agency provides an airport. he was able to move about freely, which is what we all want to do and what his party is completely against. very, very ironic. ainsley: that's a good point. brian: for mayor pete he has a huge problem. he has a lot of money. if he looks like a hypocrite in this circumstance, every single one of those people on the stage have the same stance with him when it comes 20 climate change. >> right. but don't think about the money as huge. the money he raised in that second quarter, that
4:55 am
28.8 million that's before southbound. before the police involved shooting. before he threw the police under the bus. before the anger of the fraternal order of police. let's take a look at fundraising asb. after southbound. that's where we will find out how well pete buttigieg is sticking and connecting and growing. steve: we did get a statement from the buttigieg campaign regarding the private travel we fly commercial as often as possible and only fly noncommercial when the schedule dictates. and to your earlier point, flying in and out of southbound, indiana can be challenging at times it? >> can. listen, southbound is a place you are going to go see notre dame and see them play. southbound is an opportunity just waiting. he talks a lot about his plans. he talks a lot about what's coming down the road. he talks about 12 years as we just saw in that clip to solve the climate crisis. he had 8 years to solve a serious housing crisis and race crisis in southbound and hasn't done it. i don't think he is going to get that climate thing done either. ainsley: the president knows that middle america is very
4:56 am
important to him. they love him in middle america and love him in the south. new york, california a different story, obviously. brian: except the people here in new york. [cheers] ainsley: most of them are from the south, brian. he really resonates in those areas. he has reminded the folks, awful america about hillary clinton's deplorable comment and did he that at the rally. what's your response? >> i think that when people heard deplorables, they were kind of stunned that someone like hillary clinton could call anybody else a deplorable. but the truth is everybody has kind of moved onto the next phase. they are ready for an entire presidential cycle being called racist and bigots and xenophobes and this, that, and the other. what they are saying yeah, show me my paycheck. yeah, show me were the country is safer. tell me whether we are taking on china or not. they are going to go to real issues and totally going to dismiss the nonsense. steve: ladies and gentlemen, round of applause for our friend tony katz. ainsley: geraldo coming up at the top of the hour. steve: wait a minute, what's
4:57 am
this. >> i always bring cigars. a beautiful cigar and can you leisure more about that on the podcast. i did as it a plug and for love. >> steve: steve nicely done. geraldo top of the hour. he smokes. real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. . . my experience with usaa
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5:02 am
just drank beer? steve: he would check into a hotel somewhere. in other words in the beginning he wasn't really a songwriter but he did stay last night at a holiday inn. brian: that definitely did work. ainsley: he talks about why he drinks every single day, and every day has a different reason. steve: speaking of a special concert series brought to you by our friends at.brian: i find itf you're hanging withoutove songs and drinking. that's what happened. if you go to the poconos with those heart-shaped hot tubs, you write about love songs. steve: what's that like, brian? brian: i am not sure. i don't even know how to write that. ainsley: if you go, take your
5:03 am
clorox. president trump took his message to the ohio rallying the voters. listen what the president said last night. >> while republicans are working every day to build up our country, the rage-filled democrat party is trying to tear america apart. the greatest betrayal committed by the democrats is their support for open borders. you must never forget that the 2020 election is about one thing, it is about you, our spirit is strong, our stride is back and our stand is clear. we are finally putting america first. [cheering] it is about time. brian: that is the president of the united states, but, pete hegseth comes in, "fox & friends weekend." sometimes the president uses some things and exaggerates but do you do have a democratic
5:04 am
party talking about decriminalizing border crossings. basically if you get here you can stay here. pete: yes, health care for illegals as well. i mean there is no need for hyperbole or exaggeration when they are just saying it on the debates. that made last night so interesting. comes on heels of two democratic debates. there is ton of revelations where the democrat party is, which is really far left. he noted how much time they spent attacking their former leader barack obama instead of president trump because he wasn't left enough for them. so in that sense president trump had his almost his own summer concert series. a big rally, a lot of enthusiasm. packed with waiting areas outside. not enough room for anybody to get in. any presidential candidate would want that support 2 1/2 years in. we had a chance to talk to folks at the rally, ask them about issues most important to them. won't surprise you what is at the top of most people's lips.
5:05 am
listen. >> like everyone of his rallies he had a personal message for ohio. got everybody going. it was great. >> a lot of energy. like a high school pep rally. that is great. >> jobs is the most important thing. >> record unemployment for minorities. that is the speaks volumes about it. >> i think economy is pretty good. a lot of jobs. i think it is very encouraging, you for americans. >> right now i'm kind of, immigration problem because it does cost the country a lot of money. pete: guys, everyone was talking about the economy and jobs here in ohio. think about it, that is one topic that was not talked about at all in the two nights for democrats. pretty hard to run against the economy president trump ushered in. people are grateful for it. talking a lot about it. steve: pete, thank you very much the jobs numbers will be out in 25 minutes. we'll have peter morici to
5:06 am
analyze that. brian: business-related story you're responsible for, a friend of mine john who owns holiday inn expresses, thanks you for the plug. steve: you're welcome. brian: fantastic. steve: have i mentioned how great the ritz-carlton is? brian: it is fantastic. steve: let's bring in geraldo rivera who only stays at ritz-carltons from out in the hamptons. >> erica would leave me if he stayed at inn express. it is very nice place. i have absolutely nothing against it. steve: exactly. what do you think of the president escalating attacks on liberal cities over the last week? >> whether it is by design or by chance you know. here you had the criticism of the president and the border facilities by elijah cummings, long time democratic legend who runs west baltimore, some say
5:07 am
runs it into the ground. so the president was insulted. he shot back at elijah cummings. that led to the entire discussion which i think helps republicans about dysfunctional urban centers inevitably run by old time democratic machines as cummings demonstrates in baltimore and, kind of morphs that in as you saw in the rally, his other favorite issue, sanctuary cities, undocumented immigrants. all of these, you know the, contradiction, as you noted between the democrats and their republican, president on the trail the distinction is the president says the best for america and democrats are saying, let's be nice guys and spread the wealth. i think the president may be on to something but i do, i have my little modest radio talk show in ohio reflects the enthusiasm of the crowd in cincinnati but i hesitate to bring up the fact
5:08 am
that the one big poll i saw from ohio in last week is that the president loses to the democrat 50-42, joe biden. now i don't know biden would be nominated. i don't know that the poll would be consistent with others subsequent polls but it is not over until it's over. that enthusiasm doesn't necessarily if i have the full picture what the political reality is right now. brian: so the president last night brought up the inner-city issue which i hope he takes on and tries to help. let's listen. >> no one has paid a higher price for the far left destructive agenda than americans living in our nation's inner cities. they have paid a dear price. you see what's happening. you see our inner cities. we spend billions and billions and billions for years and years and years and it's stolen money and it's wasted money and it's a
5:09 am
shame. for decades these community have been run exclusively by democrat politicians. ainsley: geraldo, what would that be like? you have got these democrats worried about the well being of illegals. meanwhile our own americans are living in poor neighborhoods, in some of these inner cities, what if the president takes on inner-cities, and this is just the beginning? >> ainsley, it is a very potent issue, a tantalizing possibility politically speaking, if the president indeed using the language, look how we are suffering even as we are generous to outsiders, if that catches fire in the inner-city neighborhoods, if he can whittle away overwhelmingly pro-democratic vote among african-americans particularly, less so from latinos but still substantially, if he whittles away minority vote goes to
5:10 am
democrats, he can pad a margin that is razor thin. it is good politics. it is politics of resentment. reality if you go to west baltimore, you are in a third world country, bereft with drugs and violence. the weakness in the argument, big cities like los angeles, despite the homeless problem in los angeles, san francisco, in new york, you have big cities run by democrats that are run pretty well, as much as i don't like bill de blasio. the crime in new york city, for example, new york is the safest big city on earth. it is inconsistent reality perhaps but there is no doubt, when you go to camden, detroit, baltimore, yes in my own cleveland there are plenty of problems, plenty of urban problems that are, like a chronic toothache to the residents. brian: geraldo, you know better than most he benefits from three terms with mike bloomberg and
5:11 am
two terms with rudy giuliani. steve: let me ask about this -- >> san i say something? it is interesting to me, brian brings up giuliani and bloomberg, under two republican mayors, we had things like stop-and-frisk, very aggressive policing, stopped take off edge of a crime wave there. and when you look at kamala harris as attorney general, and indeed even cory booker as mayor of newark, they made their bones back in the day, hard to believe, just five, 10 years ago, being strong on crime, tough on crime, going after the predator and the you know, the career criminal were good things. now kamala harris has to run scared away from her record as tough on crime, as cory booker, who brought in rudy giuliani's firm into newark. he had to run away from that record as well.
5:12 am
see how things have changed so quickly. three, four, five years, it is a whole different discussion. not talk about being tough on crime. you're talking about being too tough on crime. steve: geraldo i will ask my question next week. have a great week out in the hamptons. >> i'm sorry,. steve: steve we have a three-hour show. >> call me when you get off. jillian has headlines. jill jell we begin with the fox news alert. the granddaughter of robert f. kennedy found dead on the hyannis compound. soirse hill kennedy was found on the property. she cared deeply about friends and family. especially her grandmother ethel, who said the world is a little less beautiful today. hill is the niece of fox news correspondent, doug kennedy. she was 22 years old.
5:13 am
breaking right now, r. kelly will make his first court appearance on sex crime charges in new york in a few hours. his lawyer says they are now in contact after claiming he could not locate the r&b singer. that was earlier this morning. kelly is expected to plead not guilty to sexually abusing women and girls. he was flown from illinois to new jersey yesterday. kelly is so terrified of flying he had to be drugged to get on the plane. puerto rico's embattled governor will resign today but we still don't know who will take his place. ricardo rossello pledged to step down after massive protests with puerto ricans upset over inappropriately leaked text messages. the secretary of state will likely replace rossello but he might not have enough votes for confirmmation. we'll follow that. nfl quarterback drew brees shows he is a new orleans saint both on and off the field. he took a break from training camp in louisiana, to meet with
5:14 am
11-year-old joseph who had surgery. he gave the boy hugs and autographs. those are the headlines. brian: made his day. ainsley: that is so nice of him. fox news alert. thousands of troops from afghanistan. steve: florida congressman michael waltz served there and has a warning. he will join us live next. over 10 years. olay's hydration was unbeaten every time. olay, face anything. most people think a button is just a button.
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and go see, fast & furious presents, hobbs & shaw. now playing. brian: fox news alert. the pentagon set to draw, get this, thousands of troops of afghanistan after seven round of talks after a proposed deal with taliban to end the war. what about the standing army or government of afghanistan, are they in the talks? we have former green beret commander who served in afghanistan, congressman out of florida, congressman michael waltz. is this good news or bad news? >> brian, i have no problem 10ering into a deal but i don't like this deal. they promised enter into a cease-fire. they are still bombing children in cabell. they promised to talk to the afghan government but they have not done that yet. most importantly, they promised promise,ed to keep al qaeda and
5:19 am
isis at bay, even if you believe that promise which i don't, how do they have the capability of thousands of u.s. troops and 300,000 afghan army have struggled to do over the last 18 years? so i understand the president's frustration, too hard, to long, too expensive, but at the end of the day, these troops are an insurance policy keeping half the world's terrorist organizations at bay. we cannot have a situation with what president obama did where he just tried to wish the war away in iraq, pulled our troops out. we ended up with isis and the entire catastrophe that has been syria. brian: we're now rebuilding afghanistan. we're stopping terror organizations from taking root while getting intelligence on the ground and taking them out. 22 different terror groups have already been located and identified in afghanistan. it would be devastating for us to leave it to china, russia, iran. let's move on to another challenge. north korea. >> sure. brian: they launched two short-range ballistic missiles
5:20 am
on thursday similar to projectiles launched earlier this week. the president is not concerned. they were not included in a treaty agreement but it is violation of a u.n. deal. >> so i completely supported the president in the first couple of engagements and sit-downs. it was out of the box thinking t was something different than all these other administrations failed but enough is enough at this point. you know the north koreans have not declared their nuclear sites. they are not taking the steps that they promised to do. what got them to the table in the first place was a full maximum pressure campaign. the thing the north koreans care about the most is their wallet and their back pocket and the regime's revival. we need to fully resume the maximum pressure campaign until they start stepping up to the plate. brian: "rocket man" doesn't understand blowing the deal after lifetime. the president took risks. >> it is huge opportunity. brian: letting his people starve.
5:21 am
>> i think the chinese are behind this, brian, ramping up the pressure because of the president is putting on them. brian: on them big time. next, tulsi gabbard stands out. had the guts to take on foreign policy. nobody would. she fought in the war to her great credit. what she said about the president, i want you to listen with me and comment. >> not only have we not gone after al qaeda who is stronger today than they were in 9/11, our president is supporting al qaeda. his support and alliance with saudi arabia that is both providing direct and indirect support, directly to al qaeda. brian: he is directly supporting al qaeda, saudi arabia, we have alliance since the 1920s? >> well tell that to hamza bin laden, usama bin laden's son who our forces just killed, heir apparent to al qaeda. again, back to my point. the president has kept our foot, our military's foot on these
5:22 am
terrorist groups neck. my point previously talking about afghanistan, we have to keep the pressure on. so he is absolutely gone after al qaeda. we destroyed the caliphate. but the movements are not destroyed. we have to keep up the pressure. i respect her service, but for reasons i don't understand, she has become a apologist for the assad regime. they have literally massacred civilians in prisons, hospitals, refugee camps. is despicable. brian: you're not a france of saudi arabia or france. the choice is not saudi arabia or france but saudi arabia or iran. there are a bunch of bad people in the neighborhood. this is a relationship more functional. lastly when she brings up yemen, she talks about supporting terror in yemen. the houthi rebels are not a humanitarian organization. they just killed 40 people yesterday. they're supported by iran. we should understand the choice here and stop making simplistic arguments.
5:23 am
michael, thank you for what you do. >> also, al qaeda is in yemen too. we can't forget that. we have to keep up the pressure. brian: absolutely. 23 minutes after the hour. sick new trend, nypd cops drenched with water. two lawmakers say enough is enough. one of them joins us live to explain what he wants to do about it. here is the great justin moore, performing, till my last day. ♪ don't every doubt i'll be around, baby don't you ever forget ♪ ♪ till my last day, till my last
5:24 am
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♪ brian: quick headlines right now, so let's get started. we now know why the family of gangster john dillinger want to dig up his body. they don't think it is him. two relatives claim that the fbi agents killed another person in 1934 thinking it was dillinger. the fbi calls that a myth. the exhuming of his body will be part of a new documentary we'll see if geraldo will host. a new blood test could diagnose alzheimer's disease
5:28 am
decades before symptoms begin. they look at a certain protein that causes changes in the brain. the test is 94%. accurate. i'm not shush i want that test. back to you guys. ainsley: over the past few weeks we've shown you video of new york police officers being harassed out on the streets. [shouting] >> oh! >> they came over here to talk to us and they violated. steve: a lot of that was happening in new york city. long island, new york officials are saying enough is enough with the dousing of police officers. and are pushing for legislation to protect officers and increase the penalties for those who target law enforcement, finally. ainsley: here to discuss is one of the officials leading that charge, suffolk county executive steve balone. thanks for being with us. >> thank you.
5:29 am
ainsley: it's a terrible problem here in new york city. are you seeing that out on long island? >> i have the privilege of overseeing one of the largest police departments in the county i, suffolk county. we have some of the lowest crime rates in the country. the lowest in the history of our county right now. that is thanks to the hard work of men and women of law enforcement so i have i have a unique perspective. my reaction like every american that saw the videos i was disturbed, disgusted, quite frankly angry about it. these people step out -- steve: where is the respect? >> when you get to the point where, people perceive this is acceptable behavior, that's a wake-up call for us. we all have to stand up to say, clearly, plainly, this cannot happen. >> that is why you're trying to introduce legislation in front of the problem in case it makes it out there? >> we're supporting legislation at the state level that makes it clear law enforcement officers need to be protected when they're out there.
5:30 am
the important thing they're doing their job to keep us safe, keep our communities safe. if they're looking over their shoulders out doing their work they will not be able to do their jobs effectively. this is an attack on all of us. when you attack a police officer, you're attacking public safety and law and order. steve: i was talking to a police officer in new york city. today it is water, tomorrow it could be gasoline. you don't know. what is this legislation trying to do, because currently it's a misdemeanor. the people who through the buckets of water on the cops says they were pretty much immediately released. the. >> you have to really prove injury there. effectively under the current law, what you're looking at is the equivalent to a traffic violation. and that can't be. we need to make it clear that when police officers in uniform, out there responding to calls that they need to be respected and that they need to be protected. they need to know we have their backs out there trying to keep us safe.
5:31 am
ainsley: wonderful. thank you so much. appreciate it, steve. he is the son-in-law of jack and alice scala watch our show every morning. >> so happy i made it. steve: 8:30 here in new york city. we have breaking news on the economy. the jobs number is being released. we are going to share it with you on the other side of a time out with reaction from economist peter morici. ainsley: here is justin moore performing, "small town usa". [music playing] (michelle) i know what it's like to be in a financially struggling family. we had a lot of leftovers...[chuckles] i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits.
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stay smooth and fight heartburn fast with tums smoothies. ♪ tum tum-tum tum tums steve: we are back with a fox news alert. the july jobs number has just been released. ainsley: 164,000 jobs were added in july. that is slightly less than economists predicted. brian: basically right on the nose. the unemployment rate remains unchanged at 3.7%. that is a pretty strong. less than in june but as predicted in july which is a pretty strong number. peter morici, former chief economist for international trade commission, university of maryland professor weighs in. peter, do you feel good about the number? >> it is right on trend. the economy continues to expand, maybe not at the blockbuster pace as the tax cut but the economy is healthy. i would like to see more robust growth but it's a decent number.
5:36 am
brian: the other problem people have is what is going on internationally. they say it is pushing back against the tax cuts because of a necessary battle we're having with china on trade. >> well the battle with china on trade is being overblown by the liberal press. brian: not really. >> the appreciation of the dollar should more than compensate for the, for the tariff. the chinese basically have been getting a price cut in terms of what they sell us, also, if you look at the actual dollar value of the tariff, it is not huge. right now there is a lot of things dysfunctional in the global economy that liberals would like to deny. for example the way the european union is run. the way the fed is run and so forth. and they blame everything on the tariff. i wouldn't be surprised if you have me on here in january, and they blame terribly cold day in maine on the tariffs. >> that is very interesting. i didn't know that about the currency. that's interesting, thank you for bringing that to the table. last night trump was talking, the president was talking about
5:37 am
china and taxing china more. listen to this. >> we've taken the toughest ever action to stand up to china's trade abuse last 20 years chinas taken hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars out of our country and now we're stopping the theft. until such time as there is a deal, we will be taxing the hell out of china. that is all there is. okay? [cheers and applause] ainsley: he said that is what china has been doing to us, and it is time for him to look out for america. what are your thoughts? >> i'm all in favor of taxing the remaining 300 billion import. he imposed tariffs on less than half of our imports from china, 250 billion. 10% on the remain being 300 billion is not very much. again, exchange rate adjustment completely wipe that out. my feeling he ought to go all the way to 25 now. this gradualism is not enough.
5:38 am
that he should be much tougher on huawei than he is. and basically president xi is buy cycling him trying to get past the election, figuring he will have joe biden to deal with. we know joe biden has no convictions. brian: kind of good the democrats seem to be on the same page as the president, right? chuck schumer is saying all the tough things. >> that is the remarkable thing about his critics in the economics profession, in "the wall street journal" and elsewhere. hillary clinton ran on the same platform when it came to china. she wanted to impose a big tariff. mitt romney, who is hardly a reagan eight as conservative as we would think of one, ran on a platform of a 25% tariff. even barack obama when he first ran for president was talking about getting much tougher but we know that the only thing, you know barack obama was able to get tough with was rich people. steve: peter morici. >> really you know that's all. steve: there you go. with awry sense of humor. thank you very much.
5:39 am
ainsley: jillian has some headlines for us. jillian: always wearing the bow tie. >> it is his look. jillian: we'll talk about this headline for a second. a man gets 60 days in prison for poisoning his wife's coffee. a michigan woman catching her husband in the act after setting up a hidden camera. the woman tells the judge, she felt sick and blurred vision after drinking the coffee. her now ex-husband said he started spiking her drinks after she filed for divorce. he will serve his time on the weekends. his ex-wife plans to appeal. amazon delivery drivers accused in a 10 million-dollar theft ring. court documents show two storefronts in washington state posed as pawn shops, sold shop listed items on line. federal agent say a pair of delivery items were in on the screen for six years, swiping packages meant to go to an amazon warehouse or post offices. no charges have been filed so far. how about this, less than half of american college
5:40 am
students, 48% believe the u.s. is the most powerful country in the year. according to a new college poll survey, about 30% of respondents think china is more powerful than the u.s. other students voted for russia, the uk or germany. a man watch as crook breaking into his home on his cell phone, just because he wasn't physically there, doesn't mean he couldn't scare him off. >> i saw the guy in my living room, hell, this is not happening. what am i going to do. so i hit the button, sounded siren. then i get the question, do you want to sound the siren. i was, yes, yes. jillian: sounded the siren. the thief broke in with a shovel before swiping coupons and a key. the suspect is on the run. that is a little scary. steve: doorbells and surveillance camera really work. ainsley: he sold coupons?
5:41 am
jillian: take away your locks. steve: take away a lot of shovels. brian: janice dean brought a lot of friends. are they still down there? janice: we have a wide shot. justin moore is ready to perform. we love you justin. we are with the lovely people from sandals. wave. what are you doing here? >> brian. i'm spinning music. janice: 74 in in new york city. '60s across the great lakes. we have a stationary front that brings potential for showers an thunderstorms across the plain states. all the tropical moisture moving into florida in the southeast and south west. we have a couple storm systems in the atlantic and pacific. we'll watch over the weekend for development. are you excited for justin moore, d.j.? >> , absolutely.
5:42 am
janice: can i wear the hat? how do i look? brian: exactly like justin. steve: thanks to sandals for making it possible for the "all american concert series." we'll hear from our performer in two minutes. brian: we have what made america great, six new episodes on "fox nation," the netflix for conservatives. i'm excited about this one. we only shot it last week. i have not even seen it yet. i think you're going to like it, if you like "the star-spangled banner" and would like to know where it came from. this is all about fort mchenry. watch. >> when we look up every day here at fort mchenry they will lower the flag at the end. day and raise it for the beginning of the day. that has happened for over 200 years. >> it is so moving. it is a right all not only here with north mchenry but a ritual for the soul of the united states. being here feels like you were dropped in a time bucket here at the country in 1814, 1815.
5:43 am
it happens as you look at this panorama. brian: when the flag was still there, the battle of baltimore. francis scott key was on a ship in the bay, a british ship, trying to get a prisoner off, he looked up, saw the dust cleared and america withstood the greatest bombing of that era. we begin to turn the war around. it all happened right there. you will love it. that brought me to baltimore two weeks ago. who knew it would happen. ainsley: do you walk the grounds, isn't it amazing, think about the people that fault our country. brian: you have to go if you're in baltimore. steve: in washington, the actual flag is at the smithsonian. it is there in the special dark room. brian: if you want to learn more about the series, live from stage, america great from the start. i will be in charlotte, north carolina and birmingham, alabama. on the ninth in charlotte, the next day over in alabama. still deciding whether i'm
5:44 am
driving or flying. november 16th, san antonio, texas. go to ainsley: maybe mayor pete will let you use the plane. brian: i don't want the blowback. only using it if it's a solar plane. i want to safer the planet. we have only 10 years. steve: is there such a thing? brian: i'm working on it. >> download the app for "fox nation." it is awesome. look at cooking with steve, bible studies with me and much more. steve: all on your phone. brian: i do bible study and you do history? ainsley: all right. i would love history. would you like the bible study? brian: i'm a quick read. i'm a quick read. ainsley: stick around. it is moment you've been waiting for. justin moore performs next. ♪
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♪ jillian: good friday morning to you, welcome back. some quick headlines. a popular beach is closed for two days after great white sharks are spotted yards from the show. incredible video show the beasts lurking off cape cod. the beach is back open today. there have been 23 great white shark sightings in the past week. a relaxing job turns into terror. >> no. jillian: a black bear charging a woman on vacation in canada. she says she thought she was going to be mauled. that the bear stood on its behind legs in front of her. it eventually ran away.
5:50 am
she was not hurt. take it outside. steve: thank you, jillian. ♪ steve: we are kicking off week 11 of the "all american concert series," sponsored by our friends at sandals. ainsley: we love sandals. they're known for celebrating, honeymoons, weddingses, birthday parties. check it out. here is justin more performing, the "the ones that didn't make it back home. ♪ little june, she was planning a welcome home barbecue, green bean casserole, grandma's
5:51 am
recipe ♪ ♪ there was a knock on the door around 2:00, two uniforms, her heart stopped ♪ ♪ living free ♪ this is for the ones that didn't make it back home, the ones you ain't seen in so long, wish they were here ones, not forgotten ♪ ♪ ♪
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and traffic stopped for them cadillac lights, johnny sold beer half price that night, and everybody raided em high singing ♪ ♪ here's to the ones that didn't make it back home, the ones we ain't seen in so long, the hold up a beer ones, the wish they were here once ♪ ♪ they're in a better place up there, but they sure left a hole down here, we just go on living, and go on missing the ones, the ones, that didn't make it back home ♪ ♪ back to the that front porch, back through that front door, to the life they were fighting for ♪ ♪ here's to the ones that didn't make it back home, the ones we
5:53 am
ain't seen in so long, the hold up a beer ones, the wish they were here ones, the not forgotten but gone ♪ ♪ they're in a better place up there, but they sure left a hole down here, we just go on living and go on missing the ones, the ones that didn't make it back home ♪ ♪ ♪ the ones that didn't make it back home ♪ [cheering]
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5:57 am
>> welcome to "fox & friends" live from new york. >> welcome to the show. >> how long does it take you to do your hair? >> no comment. >> that was a little taste of our live studio audience shows. our next one will be on september 6. >> sign up on "fox & friends".com and we'll get your name and try to contact you and
5:58 am
get you out here. you have to provide your own transportation. it's what we have to stay in gillian's mansion. >> look who is up here on the stage? >> how good was justin moore today? [cheering and applause] >> is it possible to sing that last song and knowing not to get emotional when you were inspired by parkland and the men and women who lost their lives. >> it is always fun to have a hit record and we've been blessed to have a lot of them but more special when it's a song like this that you hear firsthand from folks how it impacts their lives in a positive way and i feel blessed to be a part of it. god sent it to me somehow. i don't know where it came from. i'm proud it did. >> you'll sing a song called why we drink? >> it was inspired by my mother and i probably needed to elaborate on that.
5:59 am
long story short. my parents live 500 or 600 yards in front of my wife and i. sometimes when we get a babysitter for our four children the four of us will go somewhere to eat. we did it a couple of years ago. i ordered a drink and our appetizer was taking a while. i ordered three or four more and my mom said why do you drink so much? i never found a reason not to. i wrote a song about it. >> you're with people in the audience having a great time steve, right? and justin the good news is you've got brand-new fans. what is your name? >> jeff. >> jeff had never heard you before and decided to buy all your albums on apple music and make you rich. >> correct, absolutely. >> where are you from? >> bill: illinois. >> these ladies are from michigan. >> having a special day? >> very special. >> that's about wrapping up the show. how about everybody giving a big wave.
6:00 am
so long. >> bill: good morning, everybody. fox news alert. the job situation holding steady for the month of july. labor department reports we had 164,000 last month. unemployment rate holds steady 3.7%. right around the number we expected. so more on the jobs front throughout our show this morning on that breaking news. and we have more breaking news. last 24 hours major decisions from the white house. the trump administration has made both a bold move in russia as well as the war in afghanistan as we say welcome to friday here. good morning, everybody as we get rolling for the next three hours. i'm bill hemmer. smitty, snow and ice to see you. -- nice to see you. >> sandra


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