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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  August 3, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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modern democratic party
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fighting over the legacy of barack obama? >> what used to be, obamacare was the most lifting you can think of and now the modern policy position. china , what is clearly a progressive position in trying to normalize it. obamacare is still a bad idea. the other side of the says mainstream media trying to guess light america about barack obama. they knew it wasn't enough. watching this left party trying to take barack obama and say he is -- >> if you think it is effective, where do you think the vast majority of the democratic voting bases? have a gun too far left kick you what is the reaction? >> people we hear all the time, they are as progressive as you get.
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may be people at home are afraid to speak up for being afraid to be called a racist, who don't speak out. my theory is if you have a progressive candidate moderates will vote for them in 2020. if they have a moderate candidate i'm not sure progressives show up. they are true believer kind of people like ocasio cortez who won't vote for beds for kids. >> how do any of these run against this economy donald trump has delivered? new job numbers released yesterday, 157 million employed in july, record, this is just another chapter in a very long growing book of economic success, democrats will tell you in public or private that this
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is the biggest challenge. >> you don't run against this economy. they can talk about raising the minimum wage and getting people $15 an hour. proving this idea of living wage isn't true or go the pizza buttigieg route and say you don't increase that minimum wage than your anti-christian, not really a good christian. the numbers are great, absolutely terrific. and -- >> haven't figured out about it because they barely talk about it in the debate to see how little the economy was discussed but they were in the midwest and in cincinnati where the president spoke. in detroit there was a headline from an op-ed that said donald trump's policies rebuilding the
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midwest. a portion of the op-ed from government run healthcare to open borders, bigger government, higher taxes and illegal immigrants, americans across the country from all walks of life experience strong economic headwind, people across america, with the pulse on the midwest, folks at the rally ultimately ohio is better off, better oppounitie is this the recovery -- >> and consumer confidence. and people from the coast realize -- let's give credit where it is due. indiana, it was mitch daniels, mike pence, unbelievable pro
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growth. in illinois bruce round or didn't do the job well and this is somebody just signed a bill that attacks gun owners, gunshots are closing all over illinois because they made it impossible for people to engage second amendment rights, the president's policies - there is what is happening in your state and municipality, people have to go out and vote and change because otherwise you end up with illinois when you could have indiana. >> openly admitting raising taxes on the middle class, taking away private insurance. >> bill diblasio -- >> one of the most frightening and remarkable things that came out of that debate. everything was absolutely surreal the second mike, bill diblasio using we will tax the wealthy and howard dean kind of voice. >> and 10 more to go. >> appreciate it.
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autopsy reveals no sign of trauma in the sudden death of kennedy hill, the granddaughter of the late robert f kennedy. there are reports she died of a drug overdose, final cause of death will have to wait on the toxicology report. hill is the niece of doug kennedy. we now know the name of the fighter jet pilot killed in a training crash, lieutenant charles walker was flying through death valley when his f-18 his a canyon wall. 7 people on the ground word. lieutenant walker was 33 years old and leaves behind a wife. a deputy goes out of her way to protect the business's fall american flag, the holding caught on surveillance video. ukrainian restaurant over said he is overcome with patriotism. >> not a lot of people will do that in my country, respect the flag, made me proud to be in this country.
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>> i would like to think anybody who has the opportunity to live in america would do the same thing. >> the flag been torn down during a storm. >> is a question for you. why do we need a wall. you are looking at it. smugglers dismantling the border fence and driving into the united states. tom homan is next and he's going to weigh in. ♪ this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
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cvp releasing the shocking video showing smugglers near central california and driving it into the us. here to react paradise director and fox news contributor tom homan. unbelievable. what do you make of this?
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>> glad you are showing that as the administration takes heat, people saying building a new wall, you should replace existing fencing, these original barriers are in strategic locations based on data, they are being beats, dilapidated and falling apart, that is why border patrol replaced existing fences with a new wall that can't be beat, a lot of anti-digg technology and other things. that's why the administration is doing what they are doing. this film shows the american people the administration has a plan based on border patrol intelligence, doing the right thing, what needs to be done in those areas. >> agents say they want infrastructure, manpower and technology, infrastructure would have helped here but they've also called on congress to act to close loopholes but one
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senator, kirsten gillibrand of new york is taking it in the opposite direction, she introduce legislation on wednesday the would essentially provide attorneys for those caught crossing the border illegally claiming asylum, a quick quote from her press release. my their proceedings acts would ensure the most vulnerable individuals can be represented by an attorney not only to guarantee more humane way to process asylum claims that would improve the efficiency of our immigration courts and help our country to a better job managing our immigration system. your reaction? >> is always ctr. gillibrand is wrong. she couldn't be more wrong. if you offer these people free attorneys and government offense do you think that will stop the flow or bring more people? give you an attorney paid for by the government to sue the government for the right to stay
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here. this is ridiculous. this will slow up the court process beyond belief. you give everybody attorney at taxpayers expense that will ramp up the process for a decade. this is bad. it will hurt immigration court, it will hurt the entire process and drive the numbers up. obviously she's not talk to anyone about that because she is wrong, couldn't be more wrong. >> you raised a good point, 900,000 asylum claims backlog which is part of the crisis at the border but why then, surely she is aware of the situation? why is she doing this? >> this is a desperate attempt of someone not doing well in the campaign to throw something out. most americans won't understand this, this is a wrong idea, it will do the complete opposite,
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that 9000 backlog, you will get a 9000 backlog. >> i want to show you a picture, down in texas at this facility, this is an agent, we blurred the child's face, this was a central american migrants who falsely claimed to be this child's father and it is fraudulent, what do you make of this? >> something we need to talk about to the american people. when the pilot program as high as 25%, 30% were not families based on dna testing. the fact is kids are being trafficked, rented and given to unrelated adults, a free ticket to be released in the united states, the loophole needs to be fixed, just not driving numbers down, it is about protecting children being trafficked. we need to close this loophole.
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>> great insight, thanks for being here this morning. emily, a fox news contributor joins us about her dream on driving a race car and she will tell us how it all went. years she is. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> forever our ip is a new charity restoring cars for families of soul and -- fallen soldiers. >> emily lived out her racecar driver dream to join the team on launch day and joins us now. what a opportunity.
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>> we all support veterans causes so strongly, such an honor to be part of not only the launch of that veterans charity but to witness the moment the 1981 restored court that was revealed to the killed in action soldier's blue star family, goldstar family so take a look here. >> we are in pinehurst, north carolina, a pretty impressive shot, some amazing muscle cars, the launch of new charity forever our st. >> it is a nonprofit organization, buys veterans for veterans. it was set up to honor responders who were killed or wounded in the line of duty and have had a dream to complete, we complete those dreams by finishing their project and pass those cars off to them again to tell the story and continue to honor them.
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>> the restoration was done by veterans. >> innovation is two things, special forces veteran owned business and here we are. >> everybody that works here is a veteran as well. >> yes. >> what does it mean for you to work on these cars? >> a great honor because they did so much for us. >> tell us about the car. >> 1981 corvette. sergeant bradley killed in afghanistan on march 4, 2002, in operation anaconda. his mother, his brother here today. >> you will see it for the first time today. >> present you with brad's dream. go ahead and open it up. >> oh my gosh! ♪
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>> rev it up again. >> would have loved it. >> want go for a ride? >> okay. let's go. >> we will go from here to the straightaway. are you ready? >> yes. >> all right. >> 7 years ago you had this idea. now it is here. >> i cannot wait to see where this goes in 6 months, a year.
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air force, navy, marines, the firefighters hear stories and tell phenomenal stories and finish dreams. >> how did it feel to drive it? >> like it was hugging me. >> knowing what it feels like it is exciting to know other families will share that feeling and hang onto a piece of someone they love. amazing, thank you. >> pretty awesome. >> it was an amazing experience and on the drag strip, we can enjoy the cars. that is exciting too. >> what can folks do to support what they are doing? >> they can learn more and donate and they want more stories.
3:29 am
if anyone has ideas please go there and our website. >> ever want to be a professional racecar driver? >> know, i never did. just a hobby. >> you looked very comfortable in that car. >> you are saying if there are goldstar families with a fallen servicemember who had a story of a car this will restore it and potentially give it back to them. >> exactly. if you left behind a dream car, the charity comes in, restores it and from start to finish it is all veterans for veterans so you saw that innovation performance technology shop they used to restore the car which is all veteran owned and operated. >> you are going to be busy. got a lot of calls yet? >> there are more. the more the merrier.
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>> they want to hear from you so, they want to hear from you. >> file of navy seal eddie gallagher ripped the nation and this morning there are new developments. eddie, his wife and brother, join us live with reaction to the news and the year and a half long battle to clear eddie's name right here on fox. urke) a "rock and wreck." seen it. covered it. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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♪ ♪ >> come on, nathan. do it again.
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yeah! >> i think they call that heat. >> it's your shot of the morning. a viral speed pitch challenge makes a baseball fan's dream come true by landing him a minor league contract with the oakland a's. pete: nathan patterson is signing with the oakland a's after firing a 96 mile-per-hour during speed pitch. >> he has been playing for a while and talking to the a's since february. it was this incredible pitch that sealed the deal. that's pretty awesome. i had to ask before happened i said well 96, how good is that? i had to ask you guys first. pete: that's a good pitcher's throw in the high 80's and low 90's. if you can take that as a raw talent. but you go to a baseball game to participate in a, you know, fast pitch contest and you leave with a contract, that's pretty
3:35 am
cool. griff: let you know, too. if the a's were far in talks or whether he wasn't getting the attention he wanted so puts this up on twitter and tweets at him oh by the way look at this. jedediah: i feel like i would be a solid 25. pete piatt you got 40 in you at least. jedediah: we will try it out one day. turn to headlines for you now. the officer accused of using a in the death of eric garner will fight to keep his job. the officer for daniel pant lay owe making remarks after a judge recommended he would be fired. pat lynch rebuked the judge's recommendation. decision passed down today saying that this police officer was reckless is ludicrous. >> the officer is suspended pending a final decision by the nypd commissioner. and a college professor is comparing president trump to former venezuelan president hugo chavez. in an interview about his new book, the union college educator said, quote, chavez
3:36 am
and trump have nothing in common when it comes to the content of their political messages. however, both drew on a similar repertoire of rhetorical tactics which includes targeting the media. he went on to to compare fox news to the venezuelan state run press. got to love it. take a look at this jaw-dropping video. off duty officer catches an suv flying through the air on his dash cam. the car drifted, hit a driveway. and then launched several feet into the air before crashing into a ditch. the florida officer rushed in to rescue the driver and the passenger. >> female inside that was at the closest point to the door, the car was smoking. and i just asked her to grab my arm so i could pull her out. >> both people are thankfully expected to be okay. and it's unclear why the suv went off the road. those are your headlines. we are heading over to you, pete. pete: thanks, griff and jed. all right, it was the case that gripped the nation. the trial of navy seal eddie gallagher. watch. >> decorated navy seal with
3:37 am
19 years of service and eight combat tours is now behind bars accused of murdering an isis fighter. >> everything that's been said is complete fabrication, rumor. >> he is stripped of all of his rights and due process and thrown in jail. >> a military judge finally dropped two charges against edward gallagher. >> they are a sign of an overreach and over zealous prosecution. >> stand which the prosecution took slandered my husband and slandered our family. >> shocking twist eddie gallagher's lawyers say prosecutors inside on them. >> case is falling apart and their own misconduct is getting revealed. >> bombshell testimony. >> courtroom stunned as corey scott took the stand saying he is the real killer. >> the government's witness admits to the killing. it's unbelievable. >> the pathologist testified that isis teenager could have died from a stabbing but that he couldn't determine the cause of death because there was no evidence. >> a fox news alert.
3:38 am
decorated navy seal eddie gallagher found not guilty on murder charges in the death of an isis fighter. >> this vindication, i hope, will be a eleven learned to everybody. pete: wow. now, a new development the navy dismissing charges against gallagher's platoon leader and ordering review of its justice system. here with us now live in the studio to open up about their fight for justice is navy seal special operations chief eddie gallagher himself wife andy gallagher and brother sean gallagher. thank you all for being here. it's been great to talk to you remotely and in person a few times throughout this process. i kind of watched you guys as you watched that eddie, i will start with you. when you think about the last year and, you know, on july -- what's happened even the last month of your life, how do you take it all in? >> you know, it's still surreal at this point. it's hard to take in. and i got plenty of thoughts on the matter but, unfortunately i'm still in the navy and they still have the thumb on me and they are looking for any reason to prosecute me right now. so, i'm going to have to
3:39 am
pass off that question. pete: before we do the pass-off though, how has the last month been being able to live more of a normal life? >> you know, it's been great. i have been happy to be home, be back with my kids and my wife, and just trying to enjoy life as best as possible. but, unfortunately, we are still in this fight. so, but we're keeping our heads head high, you know, and charging forward. pete: got a new tattoo by the way. >> i did. pete: i recognize those eyes. >> got it in awrnl of my wife here. pete: she has been an amazing fighter you have on behalf of your husband and his legacy and a lot of guys go through on the battlefield for our country. process and how it stands right now, andrea. >> my thoughts on it are very troubling to say the least. i'm still troubled. to see all of that footage, it's just it does seem just like a dream that almost i guess more of a nightmare. the problem, i think, with the system is everyone told
3:40 am
us to trust it. everyone told us trust the process. trust the system. well, we did, we won. and we're still being terrorized. pete: still to this day. >> update our viewers then what is eddie and you guys still dealing with. >> he should have been retired. and they are withholding that they are not letting him retire. they are withholding the decisions. they are trying to take away his rank. they are trying to take away his retirement. his ability to get disability. all of these factors are just sour grapes because they lost. pete: so they lost but now they are trying to reduce him in rank and. >> yeah. pete: what's the rationale for all the things they are doing? >> vindictiveness. eddie and andrea and the family have been through something that nobody should go through. a year and a half fighting to prove your innocence versus being presumed innocent. eddie is vindicated. we went through the process and came out victorious and yet, and, yet, they are still trying to as eddie said put their thumb on him. one of those things they are
3:41 am
so mad that they lost they're trying to do anything that they can gets out to take his rank. the guy has been in 8 combat tours. they are going to say in 10 years when you need to go to the v.a. you can't do anymore. that's what they are holding over us now, still. all we want to do is retire peacefully and let eddie and his family do what they earned, is live a normal life. go home, be with their family, and, yet, they are still prosecuting him, even though he has made it through. pete: you mentioned that system, the president took an action this week, when it was publicly noticed that the prosecutor's in this case were given awards for losing the case and we know about some of the surveillance things that went on, the improper action. yet, they still got awards. >> the president revoked those awards. your reaction to his move. >> i think the president has been brilliant in this. he has seen so much symptom similarity in what he has gone through. i think that's why he has been proactive. my husband has been
3:42 am
villainized and smeared and lied about. his own commands has been consistently betraying him through this process. commanders rosen bloom one of the worst bad actors in all of this is still in cahoots with the authority admiral boulevard is still treating him as if he is guilty: that's the problem when you have this system that's so flawed, it's troubling to know that you can have the best possible outcome but he is still in this position. it's very sad. pete: eddie, i know you are limited on what you can say. pass if you need. to say what would your message be to the president, to the commander-in-chief who has been monitoring this case throughout the process. >> once again, i would like to say thank you for stepping in and doing the right thing and being the true leader that you are. you know, he is probably looking at this in dismay. you know, it's an embarrassment to what the navy did, how they awarded these prosecutors for what they did to me and my family. and i'm glad he just did the right thing. pete: still not over and
3:43 am
ultimately your ask is just let the man retire. >> absolutely. pete: let the case be over. >> yeah. i want my husband home. i want want father of my children home. we don't deserve anymore. he served nine and a half months and that's not okay. pete: too much to begin with. we have to leave it right there unfortunately live tv. thank you for being here. >> thanks, pete. pete: more "fox & friends" coming on the other side. ♪ oh, oh ♪ everybody's dreaming big ♪ everybody's just getting by ♪ there we go ♪ everyday american ♪ granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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3:47 am
iowa to reach bill de blasio? >> well, we have what's called absentee mayor. he just disappeared. like one minute is he here and one is he gone. one minute is he in a gym 11:00 working out. people try to approach him and talk to him. two years we have been trying to talk to him about a major major fire disaster problem in the city. he doesn't want to meet with us. and it gets very, very frustrating. jedediah: have you tried to set up an actual face-to-face? >> we have. jedediah: oh there is no formal record with that with city hall? >> we have a formal record, yes. it basically from the city, responding to your series of emails, based on our understanding of your proposed settlement, would do not believe that the meeting you have requested would be productive. so we have been trying. this email. here is another email to another person that works in the city. jedediah: multiple times. >> in fact, wait, i will show you another email that we just sent out a few days ago requesting a meeting. so, i mean, if the mayor's
3:48 am
office is accusing us of not sending any emails they can check from a couple days ago. jedediah: we have a statement from city hall regarding this, too. i want to read it and get your reaction. they have said we are committed to giving new yorkers experiencing homelessness the opportunity to remain in their communities, we look forward to opening this site and providing high quality shelter services to those who need it the most. the issue there is a homeless shelter plans to build this shelter on billionaire's row. that's a group of luxury buildings that face central park. not everyone that lives on billionaire's row is a billionaire. >> thank you. jedediah: what's your reaction to that statement and what's the issue with the shelter itself? >> first of all, i just want to make a correction, okay? this isn't about a shelter being built opening up on billionaire's row or on 58th street. this is about a more serious matter. this is about a matter where the city contracts the opening up the shelters to outside agencies who then contract slum lords who own
3:49 am
these buildings and these buildings are fire traps. i will give you an example. there was a major fire -- and you probably heard about it -- about 8 weeks ago in harlem where a family of six perished in the fire, four of which were children. children. these four children perished unnecessarily in this fire. why? because the city rushes to open up -- you know, whether it's affordable housing or whether it's, you know, a shelter, the city rushes to open these up. they contract them out. they go like this. we have nothing to do with it. jedediah: you are not concerned with it being a shelter. you are concerned with it being a safe shelter and who is supervising the whole process. >> yes. so let me finish. this in this it building a fire in the kitchen. >> kids playing with the stove. fire in the kitchen. all trapped in the bedrooms. couldn't get to the fire escapes on the other side of the kitchen. all the department of buildings had to do was spend $100 and put a door in on the side where the bedroom is where they could have accessed the building. these poor children would be
3:50 am
living today. i want to add something to that now, there is a building that they want to open up on 58th street that's a fire trap called the parksf wte hotel it. has one stairway. on staircase. jedediah: we unfortunately have to leave it here but we appreciate you coming here and appreciate what you said and perhaps bill de blasio will see your billboard. >> we request that he meets with us, thank you. jedediah: we will see if he does. the latest trend in travel is disconnecting. so what's the best place to go if you want to unplug? kurt the cyberguy is breaking down the top disconnect destinations and they are coming up next. ♪ i've got love ♪ i got the
3:51 am
♪ applebee's all you can eat is back. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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♪ ♪ griff: the latest trend in
3:54 am
travel is not about where you are going but what you are going without. jedediah: luxury destinations are embracing no technology policies to help you disconnect with your phone and reconnect with yourself. pete: here with the top disconnect destinations kurt the cyberguy usually talking about connecting. >> right. very few people know this the late steve jobs was as big of a technologist as he was, he would go to hawaii to a place that had nothing. no tvs, nothing, nothing, nothing. that is the trend now for everybody else. i think we are waking up to the idea that technology overwhelms us and it's a really good idea to disconnect. now resorts are catering to that. i was just recentfully hawaii we experienced something and i thought wow, these rules are very strict but they were beautiful. if you go to this resort called coo coo ula it's magnificent private resort latest resort in hawaii. the rule is you may not use the cell phone underneath the cover of any building. you also cannot have your ringer on.
3:55 am
so you never get distracted by people using their cell phone while you are there. and they built this incredible farm as an experience. youo go to the farm, pick on their 10 acres fruits, vegetables, lettuces, come back and they will cook it for you or bring it to your accommodation and make it there. it is a magnificent, amazingly renourishing way to get rid of technology with your family and enjoy life and really just celebrate each other again. jedediah: kurt, this looks like my fantasy. i'm looking for a vacation just like this. when i saw you were coming on the show give me all the names. what else have you got? >> dead on the list 300 people on a waiting list for a place called prairie summit. it's in oregon, an hour away. look at that house on 40-foot still towers. it's got nothing. there is no tv. there's a toilet, it's outside. and people are in line to get a night there.
3:56 am
pete: so people are paying more money. >> more money to have less. pete: less accommodation. sounds like the best business deal ever. >> right. griff: the bathroom is on the ground. >> it's on the ground. but they do griff, have a funnel for emergency number ones that will -- you can use. [yuck] >> make sure you are fully aware what you are paying for. >> exactly one of the other places you are looking at hotels are now creating campsites adjacent to them. so there is glamping. jedediah: glamping. look at that. >> beautiful big sur area people sign up -- by the way that's the community bathroom right there. it's not completely low tech. but, you have no tv. it's not about the internet. and it's about just reconnecting with nature and reconnecting with each other. and having just taken a vacation like that, it was a blessing to have everyone in the family disconnect and be part of it. griff: you sold me on getting off the grid.
3:57 am
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♪ ♪ i'm picking up good vibrations ♪ she's giving me excitation ♪ i'm picking up good vibrations ♪ she's giving me. jedediah: you ready, hegseth. pete: feeling something i don't know if it's good vibrations. maybe it's nerves. i'm about to hear the sound of water in my ears. [splashing] griff: if you are just waking up across the country, pete is going to undertake the challenge of swimming in the hudson river for a good cause. pete: with about 30 navy seals, going to take a couple hours. i only have a few minutes
4:01 am
left before i have to leave. gi go fund great veterans administration raising money for veterans homelessness. it's going to be in three phases. most of which we will show you on this program live. we will go from new jersey liberty state park swim to the statue of liberty. do a bunch of pushups and pull-ups there and swim to ellis island and do a bunch of pushups and pull-ups there and swim to the island of manhattan. get out and more pushups and pull-ups they are doing a run for the 9/11 memorial. i don't know where we will be at that point. most of this will be live on "fox & friends." i think later on in a few minutes i'm going to go find the anchor that's going to replace me for the rest of the show. jedediah: remember to pace yourself. don't exten expend all your energy. i used to expend in the first 200 meters and i was done. griff: get comfortable. bunch of triathlons you have strong currents. warm water. not swallow the water because could be bacteria in there. get in comfort zone. i would remind you these navy seals have water training. you were in the army.
4:02 am
they are land born animals. pete: i have no training. none. jedediah: you will do great. confidence in you. adrenaline rushing. don't forget to eat something now. you need energy to help you out. pete: this footage is from the practice they did i was not involved. in they did not let me know about the practice. jedediah: that might have tired you out, pete, to do a whole practice like that and do the whole swim that might have been too much. griff: you got this. pete: normally i drink coffee this morning only drinking water. can't get cramps. that would be a problem. for some of the program it will be in a little box right here on your screen as they swim and we talk about real news. jedediah: we cheer them on. griff: news we do have asylum policy would have stopped border crossers from seeking asylum. jedediah: comes as two dozen democrats tour shelters. pete: let's see what they say when they come back. garrett tenney live in el paso, texas. >> good morning, y'all.
4:03 am
this specific policy said you were only eligible to claim asylum if you come through u.s. through a legal port of entry like this one. if you are caught crossing the border somewhere else, you are not eligible. the federal judge in this case said that -- it conflicts with federal immigration law though that says any alien can apply for asylum regardless of where they cross the border. in his ruling, judge moss said as a matter of common usage no one would draw meaningful distinction between a rule providing that children may not apply for a driver's license and one providing that children are not eligible to receive a driver's license. both locations mean the same thing. now this is one of a number of measures the trump administration has taken to curtail asylum seekers. over the past two days this congressional delegation has repeatedly taken issue with those policies including the migration protection protocol or return to mexico act. yesterday, the lawmakers were also fired up after they were not allowed to meet with migrants being held at an ice detention
4:04 am
facility here in el paso. >> the one thing can i say with confidence, the one thing we can say with confidence about conditions in this facility is that we can say nothing with confidence about conditions in this facility because we were not provided the access that is required to be able to evaluate that. >> ice tells that's they simply did not have enough advanced notice to go through the legal requirements to get approval for those interviews and meetings to take place. we should note this is the largest congressional delegation that's come to the border so far this year. talking with several of these lawmakers over the last few days, they have told me they do not expect any action to be taken to address the larger issues of the immigration crisis, the loopholes in our immigration system until after the next election. so this crisis not going anywhere for at least the next year and a half. y'all? griff: hurt, garrett, thank you. that's troubling news to hear that. the border patrol officials have said from the beginning
4:05 am
they need three things, infrastructure, manpower, technology, but they need those laws changed. program noted when we were setting this up, we showed a police rescue situation rather than president trump. these things happen as a reporter. pete: wrong video. griff: garrett tenney, sometimes these things happens. pete: his point is a good one at the end there. going to make policy go to the court this case the court is ruling against the trump administration. they have tried to deter asylum seekers from doing it the illegal way as opposed to the proper way. jedediah: big topic what to do asylum seekers and how to go about the reform of the asylum system has been one of the key features. this strikedown is important. and now people are going to be saying listen, if you don't like the law, change the law. apparently court has comes out and says this violates law to not come through poorst entry. griff: reason why there won't be an appeal. we played video. this is cbp showing
4:06 am
smugglers dismantling outdated border infrastructure el centro, california. taken down that little barrier and driving straight into the u.s. the point is that those individuals, if caught, would likely claim asylum because they know that's how to game the system. pete: that video obviously sped up for the purposes of division. that barrier is an anti vehicle barrier, right? >> correct. pete: over time can you dismantle if if you have enough equipment. why isn't there a wall there? is there a plan for a wall to go there? do you know that portion of the border? griff: i can't speak to el centro. when i spoke to president trump a few months ago in calexico, california it's not too far, have you these areas that were between new mexico, all the way to california and this is certainly one of them in el centro where there was really no need for a wall until we had a surge. now we are saying we have got to put it up here. i'm pretty positive this is an area where they would like infrastructure.
4:07 am
jedediah: we have spoke can tom homan last hour. he talked about the reason why border patrol is replacing existing fencing with a wall. take a listen. >> people are saying, especially in media well you are not building new wall in new location. you are replacing existing fencing. put in strategic locations based okay data, arrest data and intelligence reports from the border patrol. they are being beat. they were dilapidated, falling apart. that's why the border patrol is replacing existing fencing with a new wall that can't be beat. the administration has a plan. it's a strategic plan based on border patrol intelligence. they are doing exactly the right thing, what needs to be done in those areas. griff: what tom is talking about, we just saw two and a half billion being allocated from the department of defense. that's going to be 100 miles of new wall. but there is also some 100 miles of existing barrier that will be replaced. so they are making some progress. pete: a lot of that is about the wording, too. is that considered existing barrier? that barrier right there or is that considered new wall? well that to me doesn't look like a wall.
4:08 am
if you put a wall there, that, to me, is new wall because had you an anti vehicle structure that could easily be gotten through. jedediah: yeah. pete: people spin for their own purposes whether progress is being made or not. you add $3 billion to the border based on what the border patrol needs, you are going to get fracture and wall that has been badly neated for a long time. griff: debate we are having that you saw out in detroit as well at the democratic debate is that a number of those candidates want to make it so that that car we saw coming across would not be a crime to do what they are doing. you would decriminalize at the border. so you have to look at really where this debated has moved in just two of what -- pete: decriminalize here your summons see new two years? jedediah: pretty much. pete: that's our policy you don't have a border. jedediah: yeah. pete: one of the things that got some attention, i got some mention in the debates this week was russia, foreign interference in what's going on. a lot of people, if you look around, are worried about internal interference in 2020 to include big tech companies. big social media companies and whether or not they are
4:09 am
putting their finger on the scale against this president. well, yet another former google employee, he was on tucker carlson's program earlier -- later this week, and he talked about how the tech giant won't listen to who he wants -- who google wants to lose in 2020. this is last night. listen. >> they have openly stated that they think 2016 was a mistake. they thought trump should have lost in 2016. they really want trump to lose in 2020. that's their agenda. they have very biased people running every level of the company. they have quite a bit of control over the political process. that's something we should really worry about. jedediah: that's kevin, a former google engineer. what he is saying right there is confirming what so many people for so long have said about google, about twitter, about facebook. there is this sense that conservative voices are being scwawciousd and that these engines, in particularly search engines are agenda-driven. he right there is saying, yes, that is, in fact, the case. that there are consequences for employees, potentially,
4:10 am
of those companies who are of a differing viewpoint that there is a collectism that resides there and they are agenda driven that is a very care j reality. google is the most widely used search engine. i don't know anyone that doesn't use google. pete: what's the most googled name of this debate. what's the most searched name. people are using google. and if it what they drive you to is negative for president trump or positive for a candidate, that is a huge influence. jedediah: it sure does. pete: this is interference through a company. the question is will they be held to account for it? do they care? griff: talking about how marion williamson was the most googled candidate searched for. pete: marion williamson and all the other suggestions can you. that happens to everybody. check your own name. jedediah: they absolutely shape the conversation and perception that people who use these search engines have of what is positive or negative. and they have a huge impact, like it or not. so if there is an agenda is there, it will, you know, have this impact. let us know what you think.
4:11 am
actually. do you think that these search engines have a lot of power. and do you feel that places like google are, in fact, are agenda-driven. griff: do you think pete is going to make the swim successfully with the navy seals. pete: what time isn't it? i'm not washing my hands but i'm pretending i do. jedediah: 10 after 7:00. pete: my mom told me if i eat i can't get in the pool for an hour. jedediah: you have some time. pete: a little snack. i'm literally going to go. we have replacement on the hook. i'm going going to go find him. guys, i'm also going to try to start getting mentally prepared. my dad used to say you have to think about your success. i'm going to think about my pool back in the day. griff: you got this. pete: and my ability to swim from the deep end to the stairs. [splashing] pete: i was on vacation a couple weeks ago and i swam to the middle of the lake that seemed to be okay. okay. [jaw's music] pete: i'm a rookie in this
4:12 am
place and rookie in the water. look, my man. tv's todd piro will be taking the con. are you ready to go. todd: i am ready to go. this is for you. jed and griff gave gave you some advice. i will give you advice. when you get out of the water make sure you have dr. sealing and dr. saphier get antibiotic. pete: you know new york is not clean. >> whatever the opposite of clean that's the opposite. pete: hold it down. todd: i got it. pete: i have got to go. you are in good hands. griff, as todd makes his way up, sayonara to you. i shall see you soon. this is for a great cause. jedediah: you got this. we are cheering you on, you got it. griff: we will see you soon. jedediah: we will see you soon, pete. 2020 democrats like bernie sanders rushing to support al sharpton this week. >> thank you above all for your ache tim. >activism. >> your years of leadership. >> on the forefront in the
4:13 am
fight against racism. jedediah: is he really the right person to be cozying up. to say alveda king says al sharpton needs a reminder of what her uncle stood for and she joins us live coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ i want it that way... i can't believe it. that karl brought his karaoke machine? ♪ ain't nothing but a heartache... ♪ no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. ♪ i never wanna hear you say... ♪ no, kevin... no, kevin!
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4:17 am
first responders and canines rushed to the scene to dig out victims trapped beneath 10-foot high piles of rubble. authorities roped off hundreds of miles of shoreline around the scene as a precaution. officials say bluffs give way four to 8 times a year but never like this. and three people are arrested in the deadly shooting of an lapd police officer. the suspects are being held on suspicion of murder without bail in the death of juan diaz. the off duty officer was shot and killed at a taco stand last weekend after asking a group of men to stop drawing graffiti on the wall. the mayor honoring his memory. >> when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up as a little boy he was one of those boys who said a police officer. i think many of us fill that out and say that when we are 6 or 7. he actually did it. jedediah: diaz was a two year veteran of the department. he was 24 years old. and president trump's former campaign manager could be soon launching a campaign of his own.
4:18 am
corey lewandowski is considering a senate run in new hampshire. >> people in new hampshire deserve an opportunity to have someone who represents them, who believes in smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation. if i run for the u.s. senate those will be some of the things i will talk about. i will be there to support the president and his agenda. jedediah: lewandowski has not made a final decision but could take on two term democrat neither jeanne shaheen. those are your headlines. griff: all right. democrats rushing to al sharpton's defense this week after president trump blasted him as a, quo, con man. todd: should they be cozying up to him. podesta in the "the washington post" and "new york times" criticizing the candidates for ignoring sharpton's controversial past. jedediah: joining us with her reaction is fox news contributor dr. alveda king, niece of dr. martin luther king jr. welcome to the show all vada. >> well, good morning, "fox & friends," somehow everybody? todd: great. jedediah: thank you so much for being here. i saw this praising of al sharpton. i wanted to get your
4:19 am
reaction. what do you make of it. >> you know, reverend sharpton is not a peace maker, is he a pot stirrer. he stirs it up. sometimes he will touch things that nobody else wants to talk about. he will put it out there in such a bold, sometimes ugly way that you have to talk about it. you can't ignore it. the only thing is he doesn't remember what my uncle martin luther king jr. was all about. peace, love, coming to the table, talking, not slamming each other, not stabbing at people. so he does what he does well i have to say that. griff: alveda, the democrats running for 2020 are praising him as a civil rights champion. as you are aware al sharpton's national action network has not always been on the side of fighting for issue's civil rights. >> well, the civil rights movement of the 20th century was bathed in prayer when we took the knee. i was a youth organizer back then. we asked god to forgive us and guide us. that type of thing. sometimes when we say civil rights, it makes people think oh, he is great. is he for civil rights and
4:20 am
all of that. but, is he for civility? is he for calmness? is he for coming to the table and making peace and justice? no, not-most of the time. like i say, he forces to you look at issues you might ignore otherwise. todd: dr. king, knowing you like i do know you, i'm always curious as to why al sharpton is the paragon of virtue with black america, especially in the media and not you, quite frankly, because have you done so much in these communities. have you given so much of your time, not just to black communities but to all communities. why sngtsd it you that they are talking about. >> people call me all the time. i'm not the great alveda king, i'm the grateful alveda king. god has forgiven me of many things. let's call referenced sharpton. then somebody says well, maybe not. we are getting that a little bit more. like i say, he has a purpose. he does that well. but he is not a peace maker. i want remind america referenced al sharpton is not a peace maker.
4:21 am
jedediah: dr. king, al sharpton has a history some would describe as race baiting there have been anti-semitic comments he has made. some have augeringed he has incited violent in the past or condoned violence in the past. what do you think the impact is of 2020 democratic contenders coming out and without any reflection, it seems, on his record just praising him? >> well, you know, reverend sharpton is skilled at race baiting. so are the democrats. is he a racist. she's a racist. and what they won't tell is you racism is socially engineered. separate races. we are one blood acts 17-26. one race. president trump says we all bleed the same. here we are red-blooded americans who should be able to do something whether we are democrats or republicans or whatnot. but they stir up race baiting socially engineered, science says we are one human race. god says it. you know. griff: all right, dr. king, thank you very much for being with us today. >> thanks for the opportunity. griff: pete is headed to the hut sohudson river to swim with
4:22 am
navy seals. todd: carley shimkus is already there we will check in with shimkai next. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, your plans can change in minutes. your head wants to do one thing, but your gut says, "not today." if your current treatment isn't working, ask your doctor about entyvio. entyvio acts specifically in the gi tract to prevent an excess
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♪ i whispered underneath my breath ♪ you heard it ♪ darling, you look perfect tonight ♪ todd: beautiful song. time now for news by the numbers. first $736.7 million that's how much poll stars are projecting ed shearn has brought in for divide tour. the singer celebrated with this instagram post the
4:26 am
british singer beat out u2. i heard they are pretty good with the music who previously held a record with 75.4 million bucks. he is awesome. next 1.1 billion. that is how much these bags of cocaine are worth. german custody will. it's germany's biggest single seizure of cocaine ever. finally 3. that's how many people broke into a school in michigan taking the floor cleaning machine on a joy ride. their little adventure caused about $1,200 worth of damage. jedediah: well, navy seals are teaming up this morning to swim across the hudson river right here in new york city. todd: all in an effort to show no veteran gets left behind. griff: joining us with 24/7 reporter carley shimkus. jedediah: hey, carley. griff: are you going to be on that yacht behind you? carley: there is a yacht behind me? i didn't even notice.
4:27 am
there it is. i hope there are cocktails there. i will find out later. listen, guys, history is being made here today. this is the first ever, the first ever legally sanctioned swim across the hudson river. and the reason this is the first time they are doing that is because it is so darn hard, which is why it's taking a team of 30 navy seals to get it done. plus one pete hegseth. what they are going to be doing today is they are starting at liberty state park in jersey city. the navy seals are getting there flag raising ceremony kick things off with 100 pushups, 20 pull-ups and diving into the water. swimming to points right near the statue of liberty and then going to ellis island and then they are making the really long swim across the hudson to battery park which is in lower manhattan. that's not although. then they are getting out of the water, grabbing big american flags and they are running to the 9/11 memorial. so, the reason they are doing this is amazing. they are trying to support the gi go fund. which is an incredible
4:28 am
charity that helps veterans find employment and housing. they have already helped thousands of people so far. and like you guys said, their mission is to never leave a soldier behind. and that means veterans as well. so everybody is going to be working out and i'm going to be watching them work out and bringing it all to you guys. griff: great. jedediah: thanks, carley. we will check back in with you real soon. now head over to bill brown who is with those navy seals. is he a former navy seal himself. he is one of the organizers. bill, what can we expect to see? we are all really excited. >> you can expect a lot of good guys to do a lot of great things. we are going to swim. we are going to do some pushups. we will do some pull-ups to honor our nation's freedom and liberties. go to ellis island and going to swim and do some pushups and pull-ups to honor all the men and women who came to this nation for a better life celebrate our nation's diversity. then do the long stretch all the way to battery park. we are going to do a flag run. we are going to go to the special forces first
4:29 am
responder statue and 9/11 memorial. drop some pushups and pull-ups to honor all of those who died on 9/11. griff: bill, let me ask you one question. pete is on his way now to you guys. have you come up with a contingency plan should he struggle throughout this swim? >> yes. we have a good buddy of mine cars larson who is going to be his lifeguard on duty. his swim buddy. we will make sure he is in good hands. we have a little life vest for him so he will be fine. griff: do you have a contingency plan should pete out swim your seals? jedediah: i wouldn't worry about that. >> some things will never happen and that is one of them. [laughter] todd: bill, i'm sorry to get all journalistic here i have a serious journalistic question to ask. does pete have to wear those shorts? >> absolutely. with pride. [laughter] todd: god bless. god bless. >> god bless. jedediah: it looks like a really challenging obstacle for someone like me sitting
4:30 am
on the couch. pete is not a professional swimmer. do you have any tips for somebody like him going into today's race? >> take it slow, take it easy, and never give up. griff: hey, bill, one quick logistics question because aas carley shimkus reporter following him throughout the morning said this has never been done. how much logistics and planning did you have to do to put this course together? >> you know what? we had a lot of great help from the new jersey state police, new york, new jersey port authority. fdny and nypd. they all came together and together we did a great thing. and i'm so proud of all their support and help we got. there is no way it would have happened without the nypd, without new jersey state police, without the fdny. it's a gorgeous, beautiful thing without the port authority, i can't thank those good men and women enough. thank you so much. together we are going to do something beautiful here.
4:31 am
griff: we can't wait to see it. we see the statue of liberty over your shoulder. this is going to be exciting morning. great job. look forward to watching more. thanks, bill. todd: thanks, bill. griff: a mcdonald's worker refusing to serve first responders simply because they were wearing a badge. the backlash, you won't believe it, coming up. ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms
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4:35 am
♪ ♪ something to keep you cool ♪ pete: yum, yum. mustard flavored ice cream, french's releasing it. nothing really sounds better. jedediah: today happens to be national mustard day. we are celebrating with french's mustard ice cream and oscar meyer hot dog ice cream sandwiches because why not? todd: french's says they created the flavor i'm wondering why too to bring together all two american classics ice cream and mustard do the two belong together what do you think? griff: that is fantastic. jedediah: do you like it. griff: i like mustard i'm not a mayo or ketchup guy this is unbelievably fantastic mustard ice cream. todd: it's actually good. why couldn't be here on porter house steak day this is actually good. jedediah: describe it for me. i'm weary with the baby in my belly, is he very reactive is it tangy or
4:36 am
sweet? todd: actually sweet with little bit of an after taste. griff: this is the hot dog oscar mayer ice cream stand witch that goes with it. jedediah: basically a pete hegseth dream. are you going to try that, too. griff: i'm going to put if i can a little bit of the mustard on the hot dog. todd: oh no, not that. i'm good. griff: hold on. jedediah: see if you like it. todd: go to rick. jedediah: what do you have to say? what do you think? rick: it's amazing. i love it. griff: did you have it with the hot dog. rick: no reason to do it with a hot dog. this is a mustard dessert that doesn't go with the hot dog. this is amazing. like i just want to keep eating this the whole time. i love mustard so much. it's ideal. i absolutely love it. talk weather. you will want this in a few spots across the country. take a look at the map. show you what's going on. temp wise down across the
4:37 am
south it is warm. 82 in dallas. that's where the heat is some storms moving your way though. big storms right along the coastal areas of the carolinas. rough day really to be honest with you. a lot of moisture moving in across the southeast. we will see showers across florida. not a good day to be out at the beaches around the outer banks, anywhere along the carolina coast line, georgia coast line. a rough day. rip current as well. still hot all across areas of the central plains. overall august right about where we should be, 112 tomorrow in phoenix did. you get enough, griff? griff: not quite enough. i put the mustard on the hog dog ice cream sandwich not quite as good. jedediah: we have other news here so we will get to headlines for you now. remains of 25 u.s. korean war service members identified. north korea turns the remains over last summer following president trump's first meeting with dictator kim jong un. vice president pence attended the repatriation ceremony as the 55 boxes of
4:38 am
remains arrived in honolulu the 25 names will be made public in the coming weeks as their families are notified. and a police officer dragged down a highway after a traffic stop turned south. dash cam video showing the moment the suspect hits the gas with georgia officer nathan daily hanging out the window. daily clung to the car until he hit a van and fell onto the road. officers eventually caught the suspect and he faces several charges. daily posted a video you from the hospital saying he is okay. and a mcdonald's worker fired after she refused to serve paramedics, in a facebook post a florida emt said he went into this location to use the bathroom when the employee told him they don't accept officers. when he said he wasn't with police, the worker said she wouldn't serve anyone with a badge. wow. and nobody saw this coming after a suspect who led police on a chase gets out
4:39 am
of the car. watch. >> try to pit maneuver. boom, boom, boom, boom. it's a woman. jedediah: the woman was arrested while wearing a flowy maxy dress in los angeles. police say the car had been reported stolen and those are your headlines. wow. we're going to head over to griff, todd and rick. guys, what are you doing? what have you got? todd: fall right around the corner, bass pro shops and cabela's gearing up to hunt. and they want you to join because as they say it's your season. griff: that's right. in a few days they will kick off fall hunting classic which is packed with sales, seminars and swee sweepstakes. rick: here. >> excited to be here. rick: maybe not talking about the fall. >> not ready for fall. >> at bass pro and cabela's they are saying it's your season. what better way to get geared up than the fall hunting classic which starts
4:40 am
next week at bass pro shops and cabela's across the country. great sales. archery workshops and seminars. we are red are to help you get geared up for your season. rick: the outdoors can be instem dating. you can educate people and don't have to feel ashamed and ask questions like how do i get started? >> that's right. you know, at bass pro shops we really take pride in the fact that our outfitters are experts in the sports we serve. hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, you name it. we know our stuff and we are ready to share that information with you to help you get started. griff: particularly archery seminars, talk to me about that. >> we have archly workshops going on at our stores during the fall hunting classics talk about archery shooting. we have great stuff for the kids. archery ring set up for the kids. free hunting seminars by pros. all free. all the stuff. rick: have you it for us here. >> we have it set up. we have really cool bows here. the first thing i want to do
4:41 am
is wake you through how to load it up and get started. rick, here is your bow. be intrigued by redhead. first thing you want to do is set your arrow down. pull your back. >> this is a compound bow. >> this is a compound bow. this is a great bow. when you pull it back, put one finger above, two fingers below. pull it back. do your peep sight. put the green dot where you want to hit. there you go. so these bows are great. when i was growing up my dad had to buy me a new bow almost every year. but these bows will be with you your entire career because they go from 20 pounds. >> nice. rick: that was not nice. i hit the hay. >> keep pulling. there you go. now look through that peep. up a little bit. there you go, let her fly. perfect. todd: alan, knowing bass pro shops like i know having done the welcome to santa thing. this is going to be in the same area as welcome to santa. can you guarantee that there
4:42 am
will not be archery and santa at the same time? because i want kids to have a christmas. >> santa is coming up. griff: in the actual shop they can shoot -- >> -- we will be set up for kids to come in to shoot to experience just what you guys are experiencing, to really have some fun and get to learn the outdoors. find out what it is like to shoot a bow and see if they like it. it's so much fun. griff: going to throw it to you, jed but first i'm going to hit this bulls eye. >> whoa. >> there you go. rick: see you later on, alan. jed, back to you. jedediah: thanks, guys. he is leading in the polls. surely democrats can name one of joe biden's accomplishments, right? um, wrong. >> are there any accomplishments that come to mind that you can point to for joe biden? >> no. >> he is honest and decent man. >> i don't know of a specific accomplishment of his. jedediah: oh, boy. well, there is more of that where that came from. don't miss it. ♪ ♪ (male announcer) now's the time...
4:43 am
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4:46 am
do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody. griff: 46 minutes after the hour. quick headlines. balloons like this are reportedly flying over the midwest right now as part of a military surveillance test. the guardian reports the pentagon is launching up to 25 radar equipped balloons. the balloons are flying over these six states. technology is designed to track drug traffickers and security threats. and san francisco international airport is banning the sale of plastic water bottles to cut its carbon footprint. travelers will have to buy metal or glass bottles starting august 20th. the airport sells roughly 4 million water bottles every year. former vice president joe biden may be leading in the polls but can democratic voters name one of his major
4:47 am
accomplishments? check this out. >> are there any accomplishments that come to mind that can you point to for joe biden? >> no. >> anything? >> no. you know, i don't know if i have an answer for that. >> he served with very much distinction with obama. >> he is an honest and decent man and that to me speaks volumes. >> being vice president. i mean, he has been there a long time. he has staying power. >> i don't know of a specific accomplishment of his. jedediah: you just saw cabot phillips in that video. set media directors for campus he joins us with more. welcome, cabot. >> thanks for having me on. jedediah: joe biden has been in politics for a really long time. shouldn't it be a little concerning with all that time that's passed no one can name his accomplishments? >> it's absolutely concerning joe biden is that guy in politics 40 years and he is saying i deserve a participation trophy make me president. that's his participation trophy. this is indicative of how many people in the
4:48 am
democratic party yes they are supporting him and yes he is leading in the polls. i think a lot of those people in the polls feel is he inevitable. he has been hand picked by the party of course this is someone we need to support. 2016 a candidate hand picked by the establishment and voters felt fronted and like they never really had a choice that they had to go along with it. right now we are in that stage with joe biden where people are supporting him because there is that name recognition and because they feel like the party is going to inevitably pick him anyway. not necessarily because they are fired up about him or know his accomplishments. jedediah: cabot, it's deja vu. i feel like i relive this all the time. you had jeb bush he is the most electable, he is inevitable. it never works. why don't they learn on either side? >> i think the establishment on both sides really has this mindset of we know what's best for people and republicans, of course, got fed up with that we will have to see if democrats do that this year. it's also interesting how throughout his career joe biden has constantly been touting his connection with obama. especially for the last
4:49 am
decade of course well, president obama, that's my guy. that's my accomplishment. watch the debate. president obama is no longer popular with the democrat party because the party has moved so far to the left that now it's almost an attack on someone to say well you stood along with president obama in his 8 years. i think out the window goes that entire accomplishment that joe biden was touting. i think that's going to hurt him on the campaign trail seeing how far the party shifted. griff: quickly, kevin, did the voters you spoke to give biden credit for the obamacare for the major accomplishments of the obama administration? >> absolutely not. people said i like what he did as vice president. he was a nice man there were no actual accomplishments. one person all day said his work on obamacare was instrumental. i have been on over 100 campuses with campus reform it's exact same thing with young people there is enthusiasm gap where set first name a lot of the people bring up but they are not excited. i think as we get into the primaries and into more states where biden is he is going to have to capitalize and get to the point where is he point to something and say this is why you should vote for me.
4:50 am
he hasn't done it yet. and runs the risk will falling behind as people learn about other candidates. griff: hurt, cabot phillips, we will see you on the campaign trail. >> appreciate it. jedediah: he is just 13 years old. he says this device can save kids' lives. meet the teen inventor hoping to stop hot car deaths coming up next.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
♪ ♪ todd: welcome back. 53 minutes after the hour now. country rattled and father heart broken by the death of 1-year-old twins in new york after being left in a hot car for hours. unfortunately, child hot car deaths continue to be a tragic problem in our country with 24 deaths so far this year. jedediah: but one young inventor is hoping to change that creating a device that would alert parents if a child is in their car. he joins us now to show it
4:54 am
how it works. 13-year-old inventor bishop curry. thank you so much for being here. >> hi. jedediah: so, bishop, tell us what you came up to address this issue? >> so basically i came up with a device that saves babies from dying in hot cars. usually on hot summer days. todd: cool. jedediah: can you show us how it works? >> oh, yeah. so i have already paired it up and calibrated it so far. but i will talk through how it works. so basically it's a little sensor in there that detects my hand moving like a little bit but it doesn't move out of the way. and so once my hand stays here for long enough, the fan will kick on. y'all can't see it but like that little yellow light starts flashing. and after about like 90 seconds or. so the fan will start kicking on and blowing cool air. and then i have a phone right there. and it will get the text message to the phone saying hey, your baby's in the car.
4:55 am
todd: that's awesome. >> that's basically the bare bones on how it works. todd: now, why would you. -- that's awesome you hear the fan. you need to cool down the situation. how did you decide that this was an important enough problem going on in the country that you wanted to do something about it? >> well, it was like my point when i was deciding when we were all sitting, watching the news when a baby, a baby girl named fern died that was -- didn't live so far from us. and i got really upset because i was seeing like all these hot car deaths happening here and there. i was like when is somebody going to do something about it. i took my shot. i'm doing something about it. i asked my dad since he works at toyota, which is a big company, if they could help. and they just kept reaching out to so many people until we got to where we are right now. jedediah: bishop, i have to say you are 13 years old and you are really really impressive the fact that you came up with not only you had the inspiration to do this but that you figured out the science of what
4:56 am
could work here. how did you do that? >> well, figuring out the science is basically just like scrolling to see on the internet seeing what type of -- which part would fit where and which part would work best, you know. jedediah: that's amazing. >> we got a team to help build it into what it's like right now. todd: quickly bishop, last question. what is your message to kids out there have a dream want to building is, start a company, something like that. >> there is basically nothing holding you back. true there are going to be so many set backs, but if you are persistent with it, you can get it done. todd: awesome stuff. jedediah: bishop, you have to get on shark tank. this is great stuff. thank you for being here and addressing such an important cause. todd: thanks, bishop. his story going viral arizona dad begging on the streets in 110-degree heat not for a hand out but for a job. he joins us with the man who
4:57 am
hired him. jedediah: pete arice at the hudson river. there he is. bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ the business of family time... ...and downtime. ...and you time. ...and forgetting what time it is...altogether. modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business is making time, our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at
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♪ ♪ griff: nothing like firing up a little billie squires pete hegseth. jedediah: navy seals doing pushups and pull-ups getting ready for their swim across the hudson river. look at them go, man. they are really fired up. good shape. wow. pete, i don't know, we are going to bring new now. pete hegseth, you are about to join this team of navy seals. pete: we are literally about to go. jedediah: whether a do you think, pete? pete: going to leave i want to talk to a couple of them. caj is going to be my buddy. >> hundred pushups for a frog man of ours who burned on a jump two years ago. this whole thing is about honoring our fellow seals and about raising money to
5:01 am
help veterans. pete: absolutely. we have been talking about the swim. these guys are legit in great shape. speaking of great shape, remi over here ready to smoke all of us. realmy, what are you thinking about when you jump in the water? i know this is a swim with a cause. >> yeah, i'm thinking about two things. one, just representing all those who died on 9/11. and two, all the homeless veterans. one in six homeless are veterans. so we have a saying on the teams never leave a person behind. and so, by doing this we are not leaving anybody behind, even homeless veteran. pete: don't leave me mind, kaj. we just about hundred pushups. what a beautiful shot if you can take that shot statue of liberty that will be our view as we try to make it across the hudson to that first location and then on to ellis island and manhattan. so i got two pretty good battle buddies with me this morning. now it's time to jump in the water you can track us. griff: how are you feeling? are you rethinking this
5:02 am
thing? pete: we will keep walking. i'm not rethinking anybody. it's motivating. you see these guys out here. great shape. served our country god knows how many tours. how many tours have you done? >> did i four deployments in the global war on terror. pete: four and three i bet if you walk in that group, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8. you look out guys from many generations pretty exciting. motivating and thrilling to thinking about jump not guilty water with these experts. i'm an army guy i want to stay on this ground. these guys know what they're doing in the water so they won't leave me behind. >> used to taking the army to the fight. here we go. pete: thanks, guys. we will see you when we jump in the water. jedediah: stay focused now. zone, in you know. pete: trying. got the fins ready to go. jedediah: we will see you soon. griff: this is going to be good stuff. gi-go fund. jedediah: serious competition. those guys aren't messing around. todd: supermarket marvels. they are ripped.
5:03 am
so best. todd: there is a reason you and i didn't go. jedediah: he will do great. pete is going to make us all proud. we will be cheerleading him from here. i have full confidence in him. i think he is going to show up. griff: i agree. meanwhile we have news to cover. that is coming off the heels of the debate. i was out in detroit for you guys. we saw something that was really alarming or, i suppose, interesting. and that was president obama coming under attack. vice president biden attacked. the warren and sanders saying, listen, we are not good with obamacare anymore. we want to take away your private insurance. attacking the border, wanting to decriminalize at the border. and really we put together a montage of some of what we heard particularly wednesday night. listen. >> vice president biden, i didn't hear your response when the issue came up of all those deportations. you were vice president of the united states. i didn't hear whether you tried to stop them or not using your power, your influence in the white house. >> if you elect me
5:04 am
president, you are not electing me to follow. you are electing me to lead. >> mr. vice president, it looked like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't. >> mr. vice president, you can't have it both ways. you invoke president obama more than anybody in this campaign. you can't do it when it's convenient and then dodge it when it's not. jedediah: you have to wonder what president obama was thinking sitting at home watching that like hey, hold on a second. i thought we were all on the same team here. a lot of those hits came in when it came to the issue of healthcare and deportation. i was surprised it was so prevalent. joe biden stood by president obama. remember, he was his vice president. he wants to defend that legacy. he came in with this tweet saying i was surprised at all of the attacks on president obama's record at the dem debate. the obama-biden administration led the fight on obamacare and saved from the brink of disaster. he was a great president. we don't say that enough. i think that is an appeal to a lot of voters out there who he wants to kind of open their eyes and recognize that the party pass moved so far left that it has now
5:05 am
even become disconnected from the likes of president obama who many democratic voters around the country supported just a short time ago and kind of bring some re to the situation of hold on a second, let's take a look at what we are criticizing now. things have changed a little too quickly and maybe in the wrong direction. griff: we are seeing now, although fox news has not confirmed it, social media is abuse with fundraising emails from the biden campaign trying to fund raise off of these attacks on obama's record. todd: sort ever the summary of the points you two just made. we are seeing people involved with the obama white house saying like really? what's going on? take a look at this quote from steve elmendorf in an article are in politico stay away from barack. that pretty much says it all. stay away from barack obama. i don't know why i would attack barack obama or his record or any part of him when he is the most popular person in the party. and i don't think it helps for the general election voters either. i don't know what they are thinking. and that was my big take away from wednesday but
5:06 am
really from thursday night. i'm sitting back there and thinking you are attacking a guy with 97% approval rating. that's why that biden fundraising email, if it is, in fact, a real email, makes total sense. he knows he was a punching bag. but, at the end of the day, he is the centrist democrat, if you can even say that anymore, on that stage. he has a two to one lead. he knows that the twitter verse, which was the -- what you saw on the stage from 18 of the candidates, like that's not reality. that is not middle america. that's not what they want. tow the line. try to stumble to the finish because you had a two to one lead. jedediah: we actually talked to tony katz about this issue and he talked about how the dems are pushing a far left agenda. listen to what he had to say. >> what we used to be 10 years ago obamacare was the most left thing can you think of and now it's the moderate policy position? that's trying to take the country and move it in a direction and what is
5:07 am
clearly a progressive position and normalize it. the other side says the mainstream media was trying to gaslight america for a decade about barack obama. they knew it wasn't good enough. watching this really radical left party try and take barack obama and say that guy is just a george bush in disguise. that's something else. jedediah: yeah. i think this is an amazing point that he is making. yes, there has been a far left shift here. the question is where do the voters stand? i'm curious where those democratic voters stand on these issues. when they were watching this debate how they felt about what was being said? were they saying hold on a second why were so you critical of president obama. why are you critical of obamacare? why are you being so extreme or were they siding with those candidates that were saying listen, and holding president obama's record accountable? that remains to be seen. todd: email us at let us know what you think about the direction or the strategy of attacking president obama. but, first, we need to show you pete is about to get wet. here's a live look. you are looking now at those navy seals and, pete, about
5:08 am
to get in the hudson river. there are strong, dangerous current. it's never been done. this actual path that you are seeing our cameraman looking around. they are going to swim there to the statue of liberty. the water is about 81 degrees. i looked at it. these are things you do, you know, a lot of times triathlon you want to know what you are getting into. too cold or too warm. 81 is not bad. conducive to bacteria by the way. it's a comfortable sort of temperature. different when you are talking about swimming as far as as he is going to go. that's only one of three links. now i believe this is the seals and pete starting out their swim right now. and as you can see that's a long ways to go for just this first leg. >> griff, you mentioned the water temperature and current. jed and i are from this area. there is this underlying notion of he is in the hudson river. it is not a clean waterway. >> he has already been warned about that. we gave him some tips about that and some recommendations of people he could talk to about that.
5:09 am
but, yeah. i think you have to be in the right head to do this, too. luckily pete is the kind of guy that can get into that kind of head. when you see water for such a stretch like that, i think you can be a little intimidating and get in the right behin mindset. it looks like they are disorganized. having create space. one of the things can you worry about most can you feel claustrophobic. you can get disoriented. nice pete has training in this sort of thing get comfortable and relax your body. what you are going to see is these guys swimming in a specific sort of direction. they have their own space arranged them. todd: look in the middle there you see the guy with the cap on. jedediah: white cap. that is pete right in the middle there look at him. todd: did he just turn around? griff: he did. todd: is he waving at us? can you hear us? >> look at that pulling up stopping for a second, too.
5:10 am
griff: little advice i was giving him if you are swimming and if you can't tell you are swimming left, right sometimes it helps to pull up for just a second. jedediah you: ceelf. go back in. his form is looking good though. jedediah: i give him credit for doing. this it can be intimidating. is he in the water with some of the best this country has to offer. thesere the people most well trained and best shape. he jumped right in there for a good cause. i him a lot of credit. todd: it doesn't look like it's that far. remember fleet week a couple of months ago? think how many very, very large ships were in this very body of water? this is a swim and a half. and this is no joke. griff: that's a great point, todd. because, any distance of swimming, even if it's only 200 or 300 meters in a large body of water is daunting and intimidating in and of itself. when you are actually in that water and you pull your head up to kind of look and you can see how far away that is. i don't know what this distance is. it's clearly at least i
5:11 am
would say a quarter to a half mile. maybe further. jedediah: we are going to keep our eye on these navy seals and our eye on very own pete hegseth and let you know how he is doing. we will be showing you this throughout the show today and hopefully he does great. i have full confidence. i know viewers after the home have full confidence, too. you know pete. he is a fighter. todd: shot with the statue of liberty brings it all home as to why these brave men and women do to defend this great nation. griff: he is going to crush it. jedediah: he is going to crush it. we will turn to headlines for you now. three people dead and two hurt after a collapses popular beach in southern california. first responders and canines rushed to the scene to dig out victims trapped beneath 10-foot high piles of rubble. authorities roped off hundreds of miles of shoreline around the scene as a precaution. officials say bluffs give way four to eight times a year but never like this. and two planes are intercepted over president trump's new jersey golf course where the president is sending the weekend.
5:12 am
the first happened at 7:30 last night and the second about a half an hour later. norad says in both cases the pilots briefly stopped communicating with air traffic control. each pilot then real established contact and left the area. and the final cost of robert mueller's two-year russia investigation is 31.8 million taxpayer dollars. the justice department revealing the total cost. most of it went to staff salaries and prosecutors' expenses. mueller said there was insufficient evidence to show the trump campaign colluded with russia and refused to say whether the president obstructed justice. that's the headlines. quite a big price tag. that is a big price tag. that's taxpayer money, that's your money and my money and all of our money. griff: it is indeed. tulsi gabbard took on kamala harris. now claims the media has picked a side. todd: allie beth stuckey says not so fast. she joins us live coming up.
5:13 am
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receding gums, and possibly... tooth loss. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax. ♪ ♪ jedediah: moments ago navy seals jumping in the hudson river to honor our nation's heroes. griff: and our very own pete hegseth is swimming with them right now. todd: carley shimkus is not swimming but she is following the path. carley, describe what the feeling is like out there. >> if i do wind up swimming with them you know something really went wrong on my end. this is incredible. look at them go. they are about to come over my right shoulder right here. this actually is going to be the most difficult part of the swim for them because of
5:17 am
the current. after they get past the statue of liberty they will pick up about a two minor current so it will get a little easier for them. this part is going to be a big challenge for them. right now i'm on a new jersey state trooper boat. i was talking to some of the officers about how they plan to keep everybody safe. and what they are going to do is they are actually forming a circle with boats and jet skis around all the swimmers, they are calling it a force field and they want to have all eyes on every single swimmer at all times. they are also going to be doing that to keep commercial traffic and other boats away from them. this is a really a team effort. it's not only the new jersey state police. it's also the coast guard, the nypd and the fdny, too, all working together to make sure that this mission is accomplished and, of course, like i said before, this is for charity. the gi-go fund. and if you want to contribute, you can go to slash seal swim. really important i wanted to mention that. so, they are out there. they are doing it.
5:18 am
and this is, like i said, the first time something like this has ever happened before. and i have confidence in pete, too. i think he is going to do just fine out there, guys. jedediah: carley, he looked great. he got right in the water. i was saying, you know, it's very intimidating because these are navy seals. these are the best we have in this country. they are in the best shape. pete dove right in. did you get to talk to him at all before he went in or see if he was looking confident or shaky? carley: i know. i have been on the boat the whole time so i missed him, but i did talk to a couple of the seals yesterday. they were on "fox & friends" talking about it. and everybody was so excited to be a part of this. this was a mission that pretty much started on social media. they got the word out, and then it was supposed to be about four navy seals doing it and then over 30 signed up. jedediah: wow. >> this is something they didn't even know it was going to be this big. but everybody want to help all the veterans out and everybody else in need with, you know, schooling, financial aid and housing,
5:19 am
as well. griff: carley, quickly, this is a mission pete has pretty much joined. it's because he wants to raise awareness and raise funds for the gi-go fund. carley: yeah, i know. exactly the gi-go fund they have helped thousands so far. and i'm really excited, guys, to see these navy seals come my direction a little more -- oh, yep, i think -- yeah, i think i see them right over there i will try get a little closer to them, too. i hear they are not wearing a lot of clothing. griff: no shots there. todd: i saw that coming a mile away. carley: i will let that linger. jedediah: thank you, carley. we will check back in with you real soon. todd: all right. griff: tulsi gabbard took on kamala harris during this week's debate. now tulsi says the media has picked a side. allie beth stuckey says not so fast. she joins us live coming up next. ♪
5:20 am
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♪ chanting] griff: at least a dozen anti-ice protesters are arrested in oregon after blocking the driveway to a federal immigration office. you see dozens marching through portland demanding the government defund ice, close migrant detention centers and provide protections to refugees. the protest was part of a nationwide effort. and, this the governor of new hampshire is blaming the state's southern neighbor for a june crash that killed seven bikers. the republican leader says the driver suspected of causing the wreck should have had his license suspended in massachusetts for previous violations and should have never been on the road. he is charged with negligent homicide. todd? todd: griff, thank you very much. competition heating up among the 2020 democrats. congresswoman tulsi gabbard
5:24 am
going viral for taking on senator kamala harris. >> senator harris says she is proud of her record as a prosecutor and that she'll be a prosecutor president. but i'm deeply concerned about this record. there are too many examples to cite but she put over 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when asked if she ever smoked marijuana. todd: but did gabbard's remarks prompt backlash from the media? that's what her camp is claiming after this fiery interview. >> when sitting down with someone like bashar al-assad in syria, do you confront him directly and say why do you order chemical attacks on your own people? >> i want to break this down to. >> it's really a yes or no answer. do you confront him. >> come back here on msnbc you guys talk to me about these issues. it sounds like these are talking points that kamala harris and her campaign are feeding you. >> it's not a talking point. >> here to react host of the podcast relatable allie beth stuckey. >> thank you for being here. is this an attempt by the mainstream media
5:25 am
specifically msnbc like you saw there on the screen to weed out quite frankly the only one somewhat centrist in the entire democratic field as we saw tulsi gabbard and promote somebody like harris or was that a fair question? >> i'm not sure if that particular interview proved that they have already picked their candidate that they are unanimously against tulsi gabbard. i mean, i think this is a fair question. she has some interesting distances on syria that we probably would want to know if she was going to be the president of the united states. however, i think we have seen generally throughout the media that they are not really unanimously behind a particular candidate. i mean, cnn ripped clas after the last debate. they used to love joe biden. now they are calling him on his record on crime. they used to love beto they dropped him like a hot potato. same thing with pete buttigieg, asking if he is really woke enough. what this tells us they are not singling anyone out like tulsi gabbard or any candidate as far as supporting them or attacking them goes but the democratic party and even leftist media
5:26 am
seem to be having an identity crisis, trying to decide just how far left they want to go. todd: okay. i feel that's a fair point. that said, with regard to gabbard, what do you make of this headline from nbsz news russia's propaganda machine discovers 2020 candidate tulsi gabbard. those are fighting words, right? >> yes, absolutely. i was actually going to say that i think that they have been a little bit unfair in that regard, i mean, they ran that story about, you know, her basically being a russian agent nbc did. if i were tulsi gabbard i would be a little bit upset by that. i do think that's unfair and unfounded. again, we have kind of seen this weird back and forth about a variety of candidates in the democratic party that are running. and so i just am not sure that we can say that's a united front against or for a particular candidate at this point. todd: one of the main take away lines from the entire debate week, if you will, was this exchange between elizabeth warren and john
5:27 am
delaney with regard to john delaney saying, you know, guys, i don't know if these leftist policies are going to work. here is what elizabeth warren had to say to that. >> i think democrats win when we run on real solutions not impossible promises. when we run on things that are workable, not fairy tale economics. >> you know, i don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for. [cheers and applause] >> i don't get it. todd: allie beth stuckey as you know when you attack president obama, his friends in the mainstream media will sometimes go to his defense. check out this "the washington post" editorial board comment. why go to the trouble of running for president ideas that can't work. obviously a play on what warren said. ambition is essential in other words but not sufficient. the country faces big challenges that call for creative solutions. they also call for wisdom, honesty and even a bit of modesty about government's limitation. that's "the washington post."
5:28 am
we saw something similar in the "new york times." will that message filter down to the candidates and to the twitter verse, if you will? >> i'm not sure about that. i'm really curious to know actually what the twitter verse thinks about elizabeth warren's ambition. i mean, this kind of proves the point that i was making earlier. i would have said elizabeth warren was the darling of left wing media as far as democratic candidates go. but now we see, like you said, the editorial board for the "the washington post" saying hey, hey, hey, if you are going to be a socialist you at least have to have the math check out. you at least have to be a little bit practical. i would not have guessed that that would have come from "the washington post." but, again, i think that we are seeing this conflict between, you know, how far left they are going to go and how practical they actually want to be. i just don't think that democrats have figured that out yet. todd: i agree. i was dumbfounded watching these debates, a combination of hard core socialism and like watching in part a republican debate with all the attacks on obama. my mind was blown.
5:29 am
i can't wait for september. i'm sure you can't wait either. allie beth stucky, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. todd: he just compared trump to hugo chavez. guess what he does for a living? yeah, is he teaching your kids in college. he is a professor, and he was just getting started when "fox & friends" on a saturday returns. (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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5:33 am
♪ ♪ griff: where is he? we are looking for him. it's your shot of the morning. we want to find our "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth swimming in the hudson river with a team of navy seals from across our great nation. todd: all for an amazing cause honoring our veterans and their loved ones. jedediah: they're making stops at the statue of liberty and ellis island before arriving in battery park here in new york city. griff: you are looking there at that ship. carley shimkus who has been following and reporting for us describing a flotilla of nypd, port authority boats that are trying to help sort of make sure that they are safe. jedediah: pretty cool to see. i keep looking for him. i feel like we are playing where in the world is pete hegseth. trying to figure it out. todd: the swimmers are basically in -- arriving on that boat as we speak. you know, after you swim across the hudson river, you deserve a little bit of a boat ride. they are not done. they will continue their
5:34 am
antics if you will showing how amazing these men are as athletes. amazing to watch. jedediah: nobody who anybody in a swimming pool knows swim something extremely tiring. they deserve a ton of credit. obviously doing it for amazing cause today. honoring veterans and just a fantastic group of people. and you feel that energy. i mean, we are sitting over here. i can't imagine what carley is feeling. we are sitting over here and feeling that sense of patriotism and that sense of team work that they all have just being in that water together and income it together and plowing through. griff: if you look here as we come around this fdny ship you can see. so seals are completing it. and we expect we may see pete, actually. he is going to be wearing a whited cap coming out of the water. he has been swimming footer least i believe 30 minutes. the average time of an average swimmer in triathlon about 35, 40 minutes is about a mile. even this first leg has been quite a distance. you see. todd: oh my gosh. jedediah: oh, wow. griff: that's one of the seals in the swim today.
5:35 am
jedediah: two more legs to go. all these exercises they have to do in between each leg. not even like it's a whole break. duty first leg and then you get to relax. have you got to work out in between there they are not messing around. griff: they did 100 pushups in case you missed the start when pete joined us. they all did 100 pushups before they got in the water for this monster swim, the first of three legs. and when pete was talking to us, he was out of breath. the seals were out of breath even before they got wet. jedediah: look at them approach. todd: important to point out the security going on. this is a major waterway for commerce, for pleasure, for a lot of things. they need to sort of bubble the men that are doing this swim today to make sure nobody, unfortunately would hit them. they have done that nypd, coast guard, so many first responders out there making sure that these guys have a safe passage for not just leg one but leg two and leg three. whatever is going on on the boat with the pull-ups and burnups. griff: this guy doesn't even look tired.
5:36 am
jedediah: some don't look winded. that's impossible. i need to take lessons from them. we will continue to follow this and search for pete. we will get update for you on how is he doing. i'm sure he is in the water and fighting strong. i have full confidence in him. we will get update on and this how all these guys are doing and pay tribute to these amazing people doing this for us for this fantastic cause. do you know what i want to talk about. todd: what a transition. i feel so weak. jedediah: i have been waiting to talk about netflix. how many you at home watch netflix. if my husband and i are watching a show together on netflix and he decides he is going to watch a little bit ahead, that is a big no-go. i know that's a big no-go for a lot of people. netflix heard what we were saying and they came up with a contract for viewers. a watching contract. check out what's in it. i won't fall asleep. i won't get distracted by my phone causing the other person to rewind because i missed something. i won't continue watching a show without the other person present. jeremy, my husband, if you are at home, did you hear
5:37 am
that one? i won't talk once the show is on in the event i come across a spoiler. finally, i won't share it with the other person. now, this, i think, quite frankly, is the key to a successful marriage. todd: here's my take away on this, yeah, it's cute, yeah it makes sense for normal people. i am not norm imagine, shocking. i get up at midnight some days. 7:00, 8:00 at night netflix i'm falling asleep i have a two hour drive up and two hour drive back. i'm tired, america. i'm tired. i'm going to fall asleep and you are going to deal with it, amanda. sorry, you touched a nerve. griff: i don't have anything to add to that. jedediah: do you think it's the secret to a healthy healthy marriage to obey the netflix contract. griff: whether it's netflix or not you can't spoil for other people. todd: true. griff: you can't aget ahead because it ruins the later conversation. but the falling asleep part, i'm pretty guilty of that. todd: thank you, griff. jedediah: let us know at are you a netflix viewer and would you
5:38 am
sign that contract and would your partner sign it too. right now we will go to headlines. the officer accused of using a chokehold in the death of eric garner says he will fight to keep his job. the lawyer for officer daniel ban the lay owe making the remarks after a judge recommended he be fired. union leader pat lynch rebuked the judge's recommendation. >> the decision that was passed down today saying that this police officer was reckless is ludicrous. jedediah: the officer is suspended pending a final decision by the nypd commissioner. a college professor is comparing president trump to former venezuelan president hugo chavez. in an interview about the new book, his new book, the union college educator said, quote: chavez and trump have nothing in common when it comes to the content of their political messages. however, both drew on a similar repertoire of rhetorical tactics which includes targeting the media. he went on to compare fox news to the venezuelan state
5:39 am
run press. and take a look at this jaw-dropping video. an off duty officer catches an suv flying through the air on his dash cam. the car drifted, hit a driveway, then launched several feet into the air before crashing into a ditch. the florida officer rushed in to rescue the driver and passenger. there was a female inside that was at the closest point to the door. the car was smoking. and i just asked her to grab my arm so i could pull her out. jedediah: both people are luckily expected to be okay. it's unclear why the suv went off the road. and ben and jerry's new ice cream will have you feeling the burn. bernie's back is the first of several bernie sanders themed flavors in the works and it's so sweet and -- >> ice cream symbolizing holding politicians' feet to the fire. you have to mush it around and redistribute all that wealth and put it back where it's supposed to be down
5:40 am
with everything else. jedediah: just when you thought you seen it all. vermont based another tribute bernie's yearning back in 2016. those are your headlines. head over to todd, griff and rick. do you want bernie's ice cream? how do you feel about that. griff: feeling the bern, thank you. bass pro shops and cabela's are gearing up for fall hunting classic. this year they want to make sure it's your season for hunting. rick: here to preview some of the high tech gear they have on sale is bass pro shops and cabela's alan treadwell. sorry about that. welcome back. you guy does a cool thing in fall hunting classic you let gear be traded in. >> how cool is that? back basically because our customers demanded it. what it is you bring your old worn out stuff and trade it in on brand new stuff. save $100 on trail cameras and optics and up to $40 on boots bringing in old stuff
5:41 am
and trading it in on the latest greatest gear. griff: talk about some of this gear you are pointing to here. >> i brought a couple things with me i think is pretty cool technology wise. cellular game cameras have been out a couple years but technology better and better. trail cameras less than $100. plan in that data right to your phone. now it's a one-stop shop. app. on phone, sending pictures straight to your phone. people are using them for hunting and security and lake house so they know what's going on. pretty cool stuff. rick: can you just see animals at night. >> yeah. takes pictures at night. another cool thing is the plans have gotten so low. this gives you 100 free photos a month. plans start at $4 a month. for $10, unlimited. rick: okay. griff: technology obviously playing a big deal. what else do you got here in the more traditional sense? >> you know, smell for animals is really big, fright they can't smell you. if they smell you they are not going to come in. i have been using this bag and i love it.
5:42 am
ozone generating bag. what it does is throw your old nasty clothes in there turn it on and it takes the smell away. i mean it's almost like magic. basically what happens is ozone technology the ozone seeks out and destroys molecules that we consider smelly, mold, mildew bacteria and viruses and alters their structure down to something not smelly end of the process turns back into oxygen completely safe. todd: i know this is supposed to be used for hunting can college students use this for doing laundry. >> 100 percent. if you don't have access to a washer and dryer this takes care of it. for 150 bucks come on. griff: go to bass pro >> bass pro show you all about the trade-in sales and all the stuff we have coming up. free workshops going on across the country. pretty cool stuff. griff: thank you very much. jed?
5:43 am
jedediah: well, his employment story is going viral. an arizona dad standing on the streets in 100-degree heat, not looking for a handout but for a job. next he joins us live with the woman who hired him. ♪ ♪ (male announcer) now's the time... to tune... fix fletching... and practice until your groups are tight and consistent. it's time to get your season off to the right start. so head to bass pro shops and cabela's archery gear up sale. come check out the newest gear from archery's top brands, with huge savings so you can stock up on the gear you need. plus get your bow outfitted, tuned and sited right in the store. bass pro shops and cabela's. your adventure starts here. you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills?
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5:46 am
>> welcome back. we have a live look at our very own pete hegseth. you can see him in the water there with that white hat on. he is swimming across the hudson river with the navy seals. he got into the -- look there you see him there with the white hat, you guys? wow, is he doing fantastic. these are some of the best in our country in terms of being in shape. they are doing this for an amazing cause. they are honoring our veterans today. they are all doing it
5:47 am
together. we are seeing some great team work. we are seeing a great cause manifested here. and our very own pete hegseth was brave enough to get in the water. he is not a pro-swimmer. he was in the army. he is very committed to the cause of helping these veterans, very, very passionate about that. wanted to get in that water for the "fox & friends" team and leave our mark and make sure everybody knows how much we care about this causes a well. and from what can i see he is doing a fantastic job. this is, i believe, the second leg we are in now? am i correct? we are in the second leg of this race. but he is hanging tight. and hopefully he ate a snack which was my -- is that him taking a little break over there? pete is taking a little break. that's okay. have you got to catch your breath every now and then,ing as anyone knows is extremely extremely taxing on the body. very difficult, especially if you are not a pro-swimmer or is someone who does this all the time. obviously competing with the navy seals is no small task. we wish him the best of luck. we will check back with him
5:48 am
in a little bit to see how is he doing. we are cheering him on there we are glad he is there for this amazing cause. a father who was laid off found a new way to land a job by taking it to the streets. the man you see here, patrick was spotted out handing out his resume on the side of the road in phoenix. a driver passing by decided to help out posting this rest my twitter. the post went viral and patrick's perseverance paid off because he landed a job. joining us now is newly employed construction worker patrick hoalland new boss owner of flat line concrete terry burkhardt and the woman who posted his resume online. thank you all for being here. this is such an amazing story. i want to start with you, patrick with how this all started for you are and what made you take that sign and hit the streets in the way you did to try to land a job? >> well, i lost my job and i was throwin filling out applicas
5:49 am
and sending my resume to places. i wasn't getting very many responses and i was struggling to pay some bills. i knew i needed to get a job past. the idea popped in my head, and i thought it was funny at first. but i decided to just do it because i know that standing on the road there are so many people that pass by. somebody was bound to see it and, you know, maybe give me a job. and it was a crazy thing to do but i'm so glad that did i it. jedediah: patrick have you been rehabilitating your life now for about a decade doing a great job. melissa, when does it come into play that you noticed patrick and you decide you need to do something about this? >> yeah. so i was driving back to my office for a meeting and i just happened to be at a stoplight at busy intersection where patrick was standing with his sign. glanced over and noticed his huge smile and 110-degree phoenix heat and his sign caught my attention. it was creative. i own marketing and pr
5:50 am
agency. my first instinct was maybe can i hire him. i loved his drive and creativity. so i rolled down my window, motioned over to him to hand me a resume. and the light changed. so we didn't even have a chance to talk. so when i got back to my office, i looked at his resume and realized he didn't really have experience for my company. but i have a wide network online so i figured i will post it on social media and see what happens. and it just blew up quickly and it's amazing. jedediah: guys, this is an amazing, amazing story. we have to break out of this for just a moment. we are going to carley shimkus. fox news headlines 24/7 reporter who has been following pete's path. and look we have pete hegseth out of the water. he has stepped out of the water from his swim. it looks like he is -- i'm not sure what's happening now. but he may be taking a little break here but can you see that he is a little winded and out of breath. but is he doing absolutely fantastic. >> pete: hey, guys. one of them out there i just
5:51 am
grabbed on to his waist. he pulled me along. those current are no joke in the hudson river. i will tell that. one leg down. they tell me two to go. i don't know how we do it. carley, you have been up here. what do you make of it. carley: listen, i will give you a big old hug. i'm so proud of you. pete: no, no, no. these are the guys. carley: look at all these guys. pete: they did it for real. i need some help out there. carley: that's amazing. i have got to ask you how are you feeling right now? how was the swim? pete: you guys know, you try to get around that corner, you guys know how to swim through currents, did i not. i felt like for a half hour i was swimming in one place. >> you know, you just got to keep swimming. you know? like dory says. pete: honestly, what do you do when you have nothing left in the tank. i had nothing left in the tank. seals yelling keep going, keep going. i know in your training in the real thing you hear that all the time. how do you push to that next level? >> mind set is everything. pete: mind set is
5:52 am
everything. carley: none of you guys had to do this today but you did. i'm going to ask you why did you sign up to do this. >> i think it's a great cause. you know, the gi-go fund is supporting homeless veterans here in new york city. and, you know, i think that every veteran has already sacrificed a lot. and, you know, there is no reason any of them should ever be homeless. and if there is anything that i can do to help promote that or anything, i'm all about it. carley: what's your name. >> hitch agar. carley: thank you for your service. pete, there was a little bit of struggle by the statue of liberty. what happened? >> two things i wasn't moving slash going backwards also not good in fins. learning on the fly a little bit. not an excuse. these guys know how to use them i'm just not fast with. they one of the guys i believe was my man right here. live on fox right now. did i not beat you. i had assistance. but there was a point at which this man right here he said grab my shorts. and let me swim and i just
5:53 am
grabbed on. carley: all about team work. >> a little power boat. carley: you don't seem winded whatsoever. wow, it's like you have done this before. >> we had a good conversation on the way out. pete: we did. he listened to me breathe. i watched him swim smoothly. carley: did you train for this at all? pete: no. and it shows. >> i don't want to embarrass you but you still owe pushups and pull-ups. pete: oh my goodness. i will try. carley: you guys are doing pushups and pull-up for a reason. symbolicfully from front of the statue of liberty celebrating america's freedom and heading over to ellis island to do more pushup and pull-ups to celebrate america's diversity, right? >> right. carley: fantastic. pete: i know you have it in you. america they are the navy seals legit. i do have it in me based on what you saw first hand. >> my good army friend there is a reason we are the premier a maritime commando force in the world. you did fantastic. beyond the symbolism of the statue of liberty and ellis island, this is also about
5:54 am
army and navy. one team, one fight all working together and it's an honor to swim with you my friend. pete: it was an honor to draft off of you. carley: amazing. fantastic. >> we only had 200 yards and then swim around and then we get to the end of that and we find out i guess we have still got to go all the way to the boat. pete: 150 yards. i think can i do that. carley: you guys nervous before you started the swim. >> this is my nervous face right here. [laughter] carley: fantastic. pete: my goodness. guys, whatever little faith you had in me to begin with we found it. we will see how we go for the rest of it. jedediah: thanks, guys. we will check back in with you. pete is doing a great job. regardless of what he says. that's tough work and doing an amazing job. we will continue to follow his journey. right now we are going to bring back newly employed construction worker patrick hoagland pat's new boss carrie burkhardt and the woman who posted his resume online. melissa.
5:55 am
we were talking to you before about what inspired you to do something for patrick when you saw that he had this sign out there? what was it about his sign that caughtour eye though? >> i mean, instead of asking, you know, for a handout, most the time you see signs that ask for money. he was asking people simply take his resume. i had never seen anyone do that before on the side of the road. an we haven't phoenix and i was immediately impressed. jedediah: carrie, when do you get involved in this story and what has it been like for you working with patrick? >> i got involved -- i saw his segment on fox news. and immediately the first thing that i noticed was that he was wearing a construction shirt. and i thought okay. this could be a potential employee. and then i watched how he interacted with, you know, the people and i thought this could be an energetic employee. and he also stood out in 110-degree heat for four straight days. and we work in unair conditioned buildings quite often in our line of work.
5:56 am
and i just knew that he would be a good candidate. so we emailed him and he immediately responded back and i invited him to come to a job site and just check it out because you have to be a good fit for both of us. he came and checked it out. and there is little things that you see that you know it's going to be a really hard worker. and i watched him and immediately invited him to join us. and it has been -- he has worked for us one straight week. we work hard. it's been a pleasure. and the bottom line is he stands for perseverance. and i stand for perseverance and that's what i noticed in patrick. jedediah: patrick, congratulations to you on the job. some people have saluted your commitment and the way you went about this. thank you all for being here. i'm sorry for the interruption earlier. >> no worries. jedediah: fantastic story that we absolutely love highlighting. thanks so much. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. jedediah: 2020 democrat kirsten gillibrand wants to give illegal immigrants an attorney. is that a good idea? retired ice director tom
5:57 am
homan sounds off at the top of the hour. plus, we will check back in with pete. he just wrapped up swimming with the navy seals. ♪ going down the road i've only known ♪ that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. .. now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win. switch to geico. this is not just a headache. this is not just a fever. this is not just the flu. it's meningitis b... and you're not there to help. while meningitis b is uncommon... once symptoms appear, they can progress quickly and can be fatal...
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sometimes within 24 hours. before you send your teen to college... make sure you help protect them. talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination.
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6:00 am
>> look at that. >> great start tonight:00 a.m. watching navy seals and pete hegseth swim across the hudson river to honor our veterans. heard him talk a little bit.
6:01 am
doing great. everybody needs a little bit now and then. >> if you are just waking up, pete swam all the way across the hudson river. it is challenging and people turn up, that is the shot, his path, he did this for good cause, go g.i. team. how was it? >> it was not easy. what a wonderful case to say hello out of the water. the cause they are doing it for is amazing. serious human assistance, he swam while i rode along. got towed a little bit of the way. it was mercy because there was a
6:02 am
current, they got through it like better. they were long gone from what i could see. i was hanging along for the ride. >> it isn't. >> what is the energy like? you have this amazing team and you are there to salute veterans. >> just a fly on the wall, if you can see it, and they wonder if the army can hang tough. i will give it a go because the current is in our favor. and give it a try. >> just remembered don't fight it, cut across it. >> and thought it.
6:03 am
>> you were watching from the boat. i didn't beat the river. i hope the river will help me. >> i thought you did great. you are on the bull right now. >> with some assistance. i'm about to jump back in. >> i haven't had time to do that. and jumping back in the water. >> it is all to support the g.i. gold fund which is an incredible charity. people in need, the mission of every military man is not to leave anybody behind. >> i was the last one. i didn't leave anyone behind. just go fool on. >> what america wants.
6:04 am
>> you have the courage, get back in that water. >> we are ready to jump. >> ago get them. >> more of that coming up throughout the show and the way to start. carly shimkus's favorite assignment. we see him about to go back in the water, a tough swim. we have some news. hold on. diving in. >> one of the things you were talking to pete and he was talking with other seals, they are going up the river and getting some assistance with the current and it is a different thing when you have the current
6:05 am
in your favor as opposed to fighting it. >> i give them a lot of credit on the first leg and cheered them on and said great job. i am going to jump in for round 2 but i give a lot of credit, an amazing experience. it is across the hudson river with a navy seal. >> i have news to get to and that is this. a federal judge ruled against donald trump's policy that would have stopped illegal border crossings from seeking asylum. >> 2000 democrats for the border to see condition that migrant shelters. >> good morning. you can always clean asylum, one of these legal port of entries, if you are cost trying to cross the border somewhere else, not that you can't apply for asylum but you are not eligible to. the federal judge in this case
6:06 am
is that conflicts with federal law. if any alien can apply for asylum regardless how they come into the country, as a matter of common usage, no meaningful distinction between a rule providing children may not apply for a drivers license and both mean the same thing. this is one of a number of measures they need to crack down on asylum applications which he claims are mostly fraudulent. over the past few days this congressional delegation has repeatedly criticized the impact of those policies including return to mexico agreement but yesterday lawmakers were fired up after touring a nice detention facility where they were not allowed to meet privately with any migrants. >> the one thing i can say with confidence, one thing we can say
6:07 am
with confidence about conditions in this facility as we can say nothing but confidence about conditions in this facility because we were not provided the access required to evaluate that. >> there was not enough advance notice that would allow them to speak with migrants. another take away over the last few days, it doesn't look like it will be over any time soon. several lawmakers told me their chances of congress taking the immigration system. before the 2020 election are essentially 0 and anything that happens will take place after the election at some point. and the election 20 campaign trail, there was another story,
6:08 am
kirsten gillibrand, got new legislation, attorneys for indigenous removal fair act, essentially would seek to provide illegal immigrants with an attorney, they have a right to an attorney now, if you don't have a court-appointed one that is what this proceedings act would do, give them access to an attorney. the press releases my fair proceedings act would insure the most vulnerable individuals can be represeedy torney processing asylum claims and other protections but would improve the efficiency of immigration courts and doing a much better job of managing the immigration system. you will recall there were 900,000 cases backlog than immigration courts, as much as
6:09 am
the facilities along the border, the former ice director on the show speaking earlier, here is what he said about that. >> senator gillibrand is wrong. if you offer them free attorneys, just want to stop the flow or bring more people. we are going to give you an attorney paid for by the government to sue the government for the right to stay here. this is ridiculous. this goes beyond belief. >> one keyword is when she talks ablnerle people in that press release, talking about children, individuals with disabilities, victims of abuse, torture, violence, 200% of the federal poverty level, representation as of right now does not guarantee representation for those that are in a vulnerable bracket.
6:10 am
>> a bunch of really good lawyers, i believe that good lawyers can move things faster. in this case talking to types of lawyers in these cases. not the best lawyers and they come cheap and you also have good lawyers that offer their services pro bono but at the end of the day they may take on a case and no way would handle the massive influx so to the point this is going to slow down the system, not speed it up. this could be an abject disaster. >> every aspect whether it is border security, this new bill brought up by gillibrand about asylum in the protection loopholes is so polarizing and divisive i don't think democrats and republicans will come together, definitely not during election season, to dig those heels in and not come to the table. we will see what happens and what happens. we will turn to your headlines.
6:11 am
now signs of trauma in the sudden death of a 22-year-old, the granddaughter of the late robert f kennedy. there are reports she died of a drug overdose. final cause of death will have to wait on toxicology report. he is the niece of fox news correspondent doug kennedy. a suspect who fired a shot at police is on the run. an officer stopped the driver overnight in rochester, new hampshire, the suspect opened fire and ran off into nearby woods. the police ordered residents to stay in their homes. the officer was not hurt. asap rocky is back in the us landing in los angeles overnight. the rapper was released from a swedish jail after being arrested last month in a street fight. he pleaded not guilty saying he was acting in self-defense. the president spoke to sweden's prime minister offering to vouch for the rapper's bail.
6:12 am
a young inspirational quarterback is one step closer to achieving his dream of becoming the first double amputee to play in the nfl. 14-year-old calendar hodge throwing a perfect touchdown pass at a detroit lions practice. a lot of legs as a toddler. his dream is to win the super bowl. those are your headlines. >> if it doesn't motivate you i don't know what will. >> very inspiring. until now, women in saudi arabia couldn't travel without a man. >> a member of the council of foreign relations breakdown the rights for women overseas coming up next. with drivewise.
6:13 am
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6:16 am
>> women's rights advance overseas, saudi arabia grant women the right, the historical right to drive. member of the council of foreign relations, so glad you are here, glad to have you to talk about these issues. what do you make of this? >> it is a historic development that worked for decades. it is important to understand that saudi women before this ruling had passports, couldn't travel but always with verbal or visible consent with male guardians. now they said all citizens over the age of 21 travel without any official consent for any family member and all women without consent.
6:17 am
this is a response that is advocating a lot of economic reforms and social reforms, and the scandals for women seeking asylum in thailand and australia and canada and that holds that problem regardless of their family's approval. >> let's look at the recent progress in saudi arabia. 2015, and granted the right to drive. there first drivers licenses, 2019, travel independently. when things like this, these are major major steps in saudi arabia. how much resistance is there to reforms of this kind? >> there may be social customs and some conservative families that would be very upset at this.
6:18 am
more than 30% of saudi arabia, more than half of saudi arabia is under 13. that under 30 group relates to mohammed bin selman who came into power in 2016 and relate to him and they haven't lived the experience i did 20 years ago. they don't know it. also they have decapitated a lot of the orthodox fundamentalist clergy that removed from office or effectively silenced. he moved them to one side and that is in keeping with progressive saudi families. many of the saudis like the lifestyle we do. they vacation in the west, go to europe, study in america, london and so forth. this will be very much supported by their families. there is more to be done. women still can't marry without mail consent. they need permission of a male family member. they consider their father if he
6:19 am
doesn't give permission and go accordingly, the judge becomes the guardian. women cannot leave a state facility without mail consent, they can't leave a domestic violence shelter built by my tremendous plan and human rights activist who revolutionized the care of victims of domestic violence. they cannot leave jail even if the judge lifts the sentence without mail consent. but the united states should be saluting the kingdom on this development and it is tremendous. our relationship with saudi arabia has been course for the last with the incident with a journalist and instead bull that was brutally murdered, but we are committed to saudi arabia. we just moved for the first time since 2003500 to the prince self and airbase in saudi arabia, that is with a military base and love you to iran's rising bellicosity in the region and the kingdom is the return of $4.5 billion in its economy. >> we thank you so much for
6:20 am
sharing this with us and i'm interested to see where this dialogue goes. a huge milestone. we have to bring in pete and carly. pete just got out of the water. how are you doing over there? >> that is the question i will ask pete. how are you feeling? >> reporter: lost all my confidence in leg one but with the current and the guys i'm swimming with, this one was doable in the backdrop, you are staring at the statue of liberty. >> you are staring. >> how do you feel from america 20? i say america. >> all-america, all freedom all beauty. land of the free, all the way behind and how are you feeling? that was a great little lag. one more to go. >> you did not have to do this. why did you want to be part of this? >> i'm in on of these guys and what they do and how many were left alone on the battlefield and what is their fellow guy lost in a jump, they are remembering him today.
6:21 am
it was a jump. tell me about it. >> memorial day, here with the leapfrog and showcasing navy seals and freedom and had terrible traumatic catastrophic malfunction on his parachute and ended up burning in the hudson. a big reason we're doing this is to remember him as well is support the homeless veterans in new york. >> make the risk i take of jumping in the hudson nothing compared with you guys do and what guys are doing right now across the globe to keep us free. to get to do this on a beautiful day in new york city is an honor and a blessing. >> never leave a man behind. what does that mean to you? >> a lot more today after these guys didn't leave me behind. you work as a team and they work in teams every day. at a different level with a platoon and the army, these teams get dropped by themselves in dangerous missions, things
6:22 am
america will never know about. a team is everything you guys. >> beautiful seeing you jump into the unknown today and it was hard, a crazy current pushing around in the beginning but you persevered, never gave up and this last one you just posted on through, you did it in 20% of the time the first one took with a smile on your face the whole way and that his wife and that is today. >> how about leg 3. >> before the last leg. >> that is the hardest one for sure. no, no, no. we like to say the only easy day was yesterday. today we say the only easy leg was the last leg. time to get it on. >> you guys are doing pull ups and push-ups that i haven't even done yet. just tuesday through these guys are doing 100 push-ups and 20 pull ups between every swim and they are at the next level. i'm in our of what they do. >> this has to be cool for you
6:23 am
guys because it is a brotherhood and you all feel like you are doing something once again together. >> brotherhood ends with a country came together after 9/11, no matter our differences we all came together after that to fight for freedom and our country needs more of that these days too. >> absolutely right. you got to go there. i will send it back to you and that you guys do more work. >> motivation from these guys. >> amazing, well done, well done, more push-ups, more pull ups. we are going to turn to a group making music for 30 years but confederate railroad being dropped because of their name. the lead singer is fighting back in an interview with fox nation. watch. >> what do you tell people? you changed the name of the
6:24 am
band? >> that would never happen. for one thing nobody would know who we were. that makes no sense. i have had great supportive of my career, i would never consider changing out of fear of offending them. >> here with more from his interview is the host of starnes country on fox nation and author of the book culture g.i.. thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> before we break into analysis of what this means for society, breakdown the controversy a little more. >> a couple weeks ago there was a block outside chicago and they found out confederate railroad was performing at the state fair and they asked the question is it appropriate for a band named confederate railroad to appear at the illinois state fair.
6:25 am
that is wednesday lawmakers got involved and decided they were going to hold a contract and disinvited confederate railroad because they said the band's name was racially offensive. here is the thing. snoop dogg is going to be performing so it is okay for snoop dogg but not okay for confederate railroad which is a good wholesome family-friendly country music band. >> it is generating pushback from country music stars like charlie daniels who said this political correctness thing is totally out of control, when you cancel confederate railroad band because of their name is giving into fascism plain and simple and our freedom disappears piece by piece, sick of it, he says. >> this is part of a much bigger problem we are facing in america right now. that is the focus of my new book culture jihad.
6:26 am
there is an effort to eradicate american history and leftists are going after art, banning books, banning music, banning sculptures and paintings and they are even going after band names like confederate railroad. >> got a response from individuals involved. here is from illinois. we believe this decision is in the best interests of serving all people of our state. the same thing happened it also county, new york. the ulcer county fair must be an event everyone can enjoy. any showcasing a symbol of division and racism run counter to that principle and will be vigorously opposed. is it too late? is the roller coaster coming down the mountain at this point or is there a way we can avoid a johnson socialism. >> i answer that question in the book, yes we can. but we have to take a stand. confederate railroad did the right thing. they did not given. they didn't back down to this cultural jihadist as i call them
6:27 am
but if we are going to reclaim american values, take a stand against these attacks on our freedoms we have to stand together and fight back. >> more of this on starnes country, your fox nation show. >> it is going great. we get into the heartland and talk about great things in this country and talk about the big issues of the day too. we got to get you guys on the show. >> thank you so much. whatever you do don't change your name because it is the greatest 4 letter word in the english language. you are a lucky guy. forget sickness and health, try you shall not watch netflix without you. emails are pouring in on this netflix marriage contract coming up. ♪ heard it through the grapevine
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can i see it? no. philadelphia dips. so good, you'll take all the credit. who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. ♪ >> reporter: rocking out, he can't help himself. >> may be time to hear certain bands including ac/dc. >> you know what i have been doing a lot?
6:32 am
watching a lot and there is a rule in my house my husband and i have that if you're going to watch something on netflix together we have to be on the long road together, cannot go ahead of me. if he goes ahead of me we have problems. it doesn't go over well. we have an unofficial contract. netflix is unveiling official contract, echo watching contract and what it says i won't policy, won't get distracted by my phone causing the other person to rewind because i missed something, and continue watching a show without the other person present, i won't talk while the show was on in the event i come across a spoiler it won't share with the other person. i think i have said the key to a successful marriage because if you break a netflix pool it all comes undone from there.
6:33 am
>> this is a tweet -- a tweet from jeremy, not your jeremy. this is an actual unwritten contract between me and my wife. bill emails -- to do something rather than watch tv. >> no need for signing a contract, i don't watch. >> what are you into right now? >> stranger things. just watched season 3. i'm not going to give away anything. definitely watch that. even on who, shark tank, if you go ahead and watch you can't do that. >> if you had a few days off and jeremy was working and had downtime wouldn't you watch ahead? >> go watch something else i don't want to watch like harry potter stuff for the stuff he likes.
6:34 am
this is our sacred space so we obey the rules and no one is unhappy. >> you have a sacred space, the weather station and it goes where you go which is something. >> like a lot of those shows. anybody watch hit streak? it is amazing. we have a nice start across the northeast, some big storms to the south. coastal areas a rough weekend if your plans were for the beach in south carolina, north carolina, florida not a great weekend, a lot of tropical moisture, nothing tropical meaning tropical storm or hurricane a lot of juicy air, scattered showers across the northeast. tomorrow will be a much drier day. today a little bit sticky.
6:35 am
sticky across the south and we see thunderstorms and coastal areas but it is t as bad. across the northern plains a lot of storms moving through, flooding in kansas this morning towards oklahoma and across the west the heat continues to bake, drier and hot. back to you. >> rick did not curse. it is the name of the show, the guys who made the dog show movies and all that stuff they were really funny. it is not spelled the way it sounds. i am your lawyer. >> we are going to bring in pete hegseth and carly shimkus. how are you feeling? >> we are two legs in. if you can pan in here, the
6:36 am
third leg, the swing continues, we are heading across the river to the tip of manhattan. we are about to follow. pretty smoked here. a couple seals, one gentleman in particular carried a flag, name and rake and what you are carrying it for. >> the flag of honor, they got all the names of the american lives lost on 9/11 so we are all carrying these. >> not only swimming it but carrying a flag with them as well. what does that flag mean to you? >> remembering the sacrifice made by those in new york city, they dropped everything they were doing, risked their lives to save all the people in the buildings and not thinking of themselves but thinking of everyone else and that is what we are trying to do today to support the homeless veterans. >> go fund is supporting it.
6:37 am
it is amazing to stand in between the statue of liberty and lower manhattan where the towers fell, gives you the inspiration as we jump in the water. you've been watching me the whole way. can i make the final leg? >> you will crush this last one seeing the improvement from the first leg to the second leg, you may be walking on water by that time. can't be worse than the first leg. a shout out. >> do you think that was due to griff's advice? >> you told me to go with the current and i just road it. that has to be my advice. there is no part of me that wants to swing that up right now. >> you got this. i love it, you're getting back in the water. off goes pete. the courage to show up, he went for the second leg and now going fothe third, totally on
6:38 am
adrenaline. here he goes into the water. this is not a small thing. this is serious swift in a big river. hats off to our colleague, pete, for doing this and doing it for such a great cause. here we go. i love it and showing up. >> once you are in their, in the midst of that energy. i think he is going to do it and really proud of him. all 3 of us this morning, i had a feeling he was going to pull through and he is doing that. >> all that teamwork making sure he got through that. you can see he has the courage so that is a good sign that will
6:39 am
help him. stronger than he started. as we take a break from that it is a wrap for the second round of debates but our next guest says the candidates didn't come away. >> a look at the more eyebrow raising moments coming up. >> joe 33030. throw your hats up. nerves whent moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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>> 42 minutes after the hour. balloons like this, the surveillance test. and radar equipped balloons. the technology designed to track drug traffickers and security threats. san francisco international airport banning sale of plastic water bottles, travelers will
6:43 am
have to buy metal or glass bottle starting august 20th, they saw 4 billion bottles every year, got to ask them is glasses security threat? 2020 democrats having a second round of debates and a few exchanges raising eyebrows. >> the most memorable moments -- >> thanks for having me on. >> i want to listen to marianne williamson's dark psychic force. >> if you think this want penis iss iss iss os ins iks iis inss is going to deal with this dark psychic force, the democrats will see very dark days. >> that is something. i treasure the marianne williamson moments. >> they are so cringe worthy. what i like about marianne is
6:44 am
she tricks you into thinking she is normal so she will talk about the water in flint and infrastructure and then she will go dark psychic forces and you are like that is right, she is crazy. i want her to be my friend, life would be so much better hanging out. >> imagine drama or theater. one of those drama or theater professors, very dramatic and flowing with the language. >> go to the coffee shop and have a cappuccino and pay with psychic energy. >> vice president joe biden, and on the website, a text message, listen to this. >> if you agree with me, go to joe 30330 and help me in this fight. >> i think he meant text that.
6:45 am
>> i felt for him in that moment. i really did. >> that was the end. seriously. sleepy joe show me anything. all the other candidates were going go to my website, go to my website. in joe's heart of hearts he wants to go with the flow. it didn't compute to him. website, numbers, 303 -- if he becomes president all you have to do is hack the teleprompter and they will get what they want. >> mayor pete buttigieg's campaign bought of that website. >> before we let you go we saw pete get his arm work in. some of the candidates got it during the debate.
6:46 am
>> throw your hands up. >> throw your hands up. >> like two angry old muppets. >> bernie sanders is preaching socialism and he knows it failed like all the other candidates every time bernie should talk they should be allowed to do this. you are preaching socialism, baby. what was it like in the obama household. barack and michelle were watching and every question was their failed policies. barack is sitting there. can't believe this is happening. michelle cutting the sleeves of the very top she ever bought, had to be horrible. >> thank you. a good point you may before barack obama was quite alarmed.
6:47 am
>> thanks. >> still to come, on fox square, but hunting classic collection. atv coming up next. ancestry provided me the opportunity to bring all of these stories that i've heard to life. i wanted to keep digging, keep learning... this journey has just begun. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at
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when i wear my best camouflage. what better way than our biggest hunting of the year at bass pro shops. >> one of the key parts is what they are not using anymore. how cool is that? >> to take something that is worn out and the greatest, best technology and get money off, to utilize the entire program. >> let's talk about your gear. you have some high tech -- >> keeping that technology theme going, silent hide on the end. that is my stable. during the classic, 20 bucks of government. >> it is for animals, just wants to make that clear. >> this has bone dry technology which means 100% waterproof but it is great for those cooler
6:52 am
mornings. >> what about the lease? >> it has built in technology to attack those antimicrobials that makes sense. >> you've given paychecks before? >> brand-new. how cool is this? >> something i am excited about. johnny morris knocked it out of the park. this is the woodsman addition which means camouflage, up friends, you got a -- bigger tires on it. this is a bigger machine. >> every time you going to this category -- >> it as best -- listen to how quiet it is. you and i are talking 60 to 70,
6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:58 am
after blocking the driveway to a federal immigration office, marching through portland demanding the government defund ice, close like detention centers and grant protections to refugees. it is part of a nationwide effort and nobody saw this coming. a suspect who led police on a chase gets out of the car. watch. >> going to try a pit maneuver. boom boom boom boom. >> the woman was arrested while wearing a dress in los angeles. the car was reported stolen. >> we are not going to bring in carly shimkus live on hudson river. you have been following this all day. watching navy seals and pete hegseth cross the river. how has it been? >> reporter: amazing. the work isn't over. they are crossing the hudson river and will end up in battery
6:59 am
park in lower manhattan where they will get out of the water and go for a run for the 9/11 memorial flag. how incredible is that? this experience has been so inspirational to see our nations heroes give up there saturday to honor the fallen, to honor our country and the, rotary between these guys has been really cool to see as well. they clearly have a special bond. i want to give a special shout out to a couple groups of people. new jersey state police, port authority, nypd, coast guard, army corps of engineers. they work in conjunction to each other. and the police and nypd, a lot of family members gave up there time and we are so proud of pete.
7:00 am
>> thank you. this has been amazing. we ask about what it was like. >> if he is a little tired. >> see you tomorrow. >> forget putting pressure on china. as donald trump putting it on himself? presidential candidates counting. did the president take things too far? i am neil cavuto. the president doubling down on a potential trade war with china that might already be on. we have mark meredith, the president is mulling his next move and we have deirdre bolton in new york where they are bracing for the next it. we begin with mark in


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