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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 5, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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dvr it. if you can figure that out, you get a merit badge. by the way, we are doing y some live events and you are welcome to those. you can find tickets on have a great night. sean hannity is next. be to >> sean: all right, by the way, the mayor of new york will come on the show and i'm going to b give him a chance to express his views. >> tucker: [laughs] good for you. >> sean: this is an opportunity for him. listen, i want him to explain it. i want these candidates to explain it. give him a chance. and i will be fair unless he forces me to go into 25 years worth of experience and then i will have to unload but i prefer not to. i'd rather have people hear from him and be fair. that'sig what i'm trying to do. all right, tucker, thank you. figures, he wants a fight. all right, tonight we start this program, we really need to pray for every single person, every family, every neighbor, everybody that was impacted by the horrific violence over the
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past weekend. in el paso, texas, in dayton, ohio, we also need to pray for everyone killed this weekend in chicago. in baltimore, in detroit, cities you don't hear a lot about, just seeing again a terrible ongoing wave of brutality, murder, et cetera. people in the media, the mob, theyey are not talking about it because apparently, they can't bludgeon president trump and blame him. these cities sadly have been run by the most compassionate, so they tell us, liberals, for decades. the most violent cities, theo most poverty in these cities, innocent men, women, and children gunned down in cold-blood, every day in every big city all across this country. a and by the way, they are all part of our american family. their families, their loved ones, this is our family, our united states. they'lles never be the same, the families, and the disgusting monsters, people, for whatever sick, twisted, ugly, evil agenda they carry out these heinous acts, they deserve to rot in
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hell. like many of you, i am disgusted.n we are all americans. when these acts of evil are perpetrated against our families, we have the right to be upset and demand that we fix the problem. the president today reiterated once again that hate has no place in this country. he's right. watch. >> in one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. these sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america. hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart, and devours the soul. we have asked the fbi to identify all further resources they need to investigate and disrupt hate crimes and domestic terrorism. whatever they need. >> sean: america tonight is mourning and predictably, within minutes, there are people that
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race to politicize, exploit, acts of violence, to score cheap intellectually dishonest politicalap points. bash president trump again, bludgeon president trump as, usual, and tonight, they are already some raising money off of this. this is beyond shameful. we will have more of that in a moment but first, joining us with an update on the motives of these derangeded killers, two vy different political agendas, now, we have heard about the one in el paso, texas, we didn't hear about the guy in dayton. apparently a socialist and an elizabeth warren supporter which speaks volumes about the agenda driven media. trace gallagher. what's the latest? >> we know more on both now we know that 21-year-old patrick crusius drove more than 600om miles from his home in the dallas area to el paso with the intent of killing as many people as possible. he allegedly killed 22 includin sevens mexican citizens. investigators say he went to the
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crowded walmart shopping center because he was hungry.y. he had apparently ate, left, and returned with a gun and 19 minutes before the shooting, a manifesto, possibly linked to the suspect, and was posted online. it relates to the shooting earlier this year in christchurch, new zealand. he said he prepared for this attack and it was a response to "the hispanic invasion of f texas." it goes on to blame immigration for everything from a loss of jobs to pollution. the author criticizes both political parties and says his hatred predates president trump but that the fake news mediaia will blame the president. meanwhile, the motive of the dayton shooter remains unknown and police still aren't sure if wn-year-old connor betts was targeting his 22-year-old sister. megan betts was among the nine killed. police also don't know if politics played a part in a rampage but the associated press said a twitter account that appears to be from the gunman
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shows he labeled himself a leftist. bemoaned the election of president trump and supported elizabeth warren. he also encouraged people to cut theh fences of immigration detention centers and connor betts' high school classmates reportedly say suspended for compiling a "hit list" and "rape list." >> sean: unbelievable. it's evil in both cases. not about politics despite thehe way the media is spinning this. now clearly the shooters they had different ideologies, opposite political beliefs. they were both hate-filled psychopaths and of course, we are still learning new information as the investigations unfold. should be a time for mourning, prayer, we've got to help these families. this is not the type of political grandstanding and even fund-raising, really? minutes after the attack, minutes, the media mob democrats raced to politicize these acts of violence. raced to blame president trump.
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of course, but they are silent on the politics of the daytonra shooter. what does that tell you? does that not speak volumes? take a look. >> what we needed to hear from the presidents were words that he is incapable of speaking which is, i'm sorry, i apologize. >> the president of the united states has to stop igniting the flames of hatred and bigotry. >> these shootings were clearly at least in part a result of his racist rhetoric, that's clear. >> for those of you who were funding donald trump's reelection campaign, you may want to take note that because you keep writing checks to this president, it's on you. it really is. it's all on you because you are funding this white supremacist ycampaign. >> our commander-in-chief and he is encouraging this. he doesn't just tolerate it, he encourageses it. >> i want to say with more moral clarity that donald trump is responsible for this. >> is it fair to tie the president to this violence?
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>> well, whether or not it's fair, he is going to have to answer those questions. >> sean: the same people, russia, russia, russia, collusion, collusion, collusion, stormy, stormy, stormy, the same people. the same exact people. the dog bites, the bee stings, if you're feeling sad, it's all donald trump's fault. if donald trump cures cancer and gives $5 million to every american, that would be his fault as well. and for the left of strategy, only the latest in the political gamesmanship that they have. one more opportunity for them to push their agenda and also bludgeon the president. take guns away from law-abiding americans, never think outside of the box how to keep americans safe and the shooter in daytonca was reportedly, let's see, a big fan of elizabeth warren. a huge fan of socialism. no one in the media interestingly is going over his political background. nobody's blaming elizabeth warren for the actions of a psychopath and to do so, frankly, would be unfair and
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despicable. for example, you might remember the lunatic that opened fire on the group of lawmakers that were practicing for a charity baseball event in 2017. remember that guy right there? he wanted to kill as many republicans as possible. remember congressman steve scalise? he nearly died that day. others were seriously injured. no one on the left blamed bernie sanders. that guy loves bernie sanders. and by the way, neither did we on this program. this is what i said then. take a look. >> sean: remember the bernie sanders supporter, the one that targeted republicans of baseball practice? well, was the media blaming democrats for that? no. and by the way, they shouldn't have and i don't blameor bernie either. >> sean: was we have done for years on this program, we talk about violence in chicago. right here on this program, no one will talk about this issue. see those names?
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we scroll the names of all the people shot and killed that you never heard about in theha windy city. in the hopes that maybe we would help this city, help our fellow americans, stop this violence. the media ignored all of it. the violence continues to this day. wait till you see the numberss from this weekend alone. we will break those down for you also, without a doubt, there have been hate filled evil monsters on all sides of the political spectrum. unabomber, great. anarchist. he loved and had al gore's little book. others, take place in 2016, remember this in texas, five police officers murdered two others injured by a man who stated that he wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers. did democrats blamed the group, oh, black lives matter, the group that we have on tape chanting "what we want, dead cops?"
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or "pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon." no, i don't remember them blaming them at all. in fact, one of the black lives matter's cofounders actually got an invitation, after those words were said, to the obama white house. now imagine if president trump had done we could go on but at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter, does it? every single life, let me pause, is a gift from god, the grace of god, and protected by our military. that's how we live free. every living soul is created by the same god. 99% of good people, people with a conscious, a heart, and a soul, know that to be true. and every two years, every four years, republicans are racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic, islamophobic, they want dirty air, water, they want to kill children, they want to feed grandpa and grandma cat food and throw them over a cliff. that's a lie. it's always been a lie. it's cheap politics at its worst. these acts of violence over the weekend, it should cause every single american heart to be
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hurting and to be alarmed. we should look for real solutions but also respect our constitutional rights. don't infringe on the rights of hundreds of millions of americans, because all of thosee politicians, most of them and hollywood left, they have their armed guards. most americans can't afford that. the outrage from the left feels incredibly disingenuous again and frankly, it's grotesque. how the things that they now inpoliticize. i remember madonna, i think about an awful lot about blowing up the white house or of johnny depp, oh, when's the last time an actor killed the president? or, of course, the severed head, kathy griffin. just the tip of the iceberg. democrats in the media spending months claiming that the emergency at the border was a manufactured crisis. that's a lie, too, because look at the statistics from the administration. during a two year period, over 4,000 americans murdered by illegal immigrants in the country. let's see, a hundred thousand violent assaults carried out by
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illegal immigrants against legal citizens. 30,000 violent crimes, yes, illegal immigrants against american citizens. thousands of americans murdered, all in a two-year period, all these assaults, tens of thousands brutally assaulted, yet, no panic from democrats, no panic, no calls from action from the media mob, no solutions to stop this from happening. now, if we are going to use the left's logic, wouldn't thath mean they are against the border wall and these crimes that occurred, that they are responsible? based on their logic, the answee would be yes, but i can respect that maybe people have honest differences on these issues ando let's not forget tens of thousands of illegal immigrants also arrested for smuggling drugs. each week in this country, i said it many times, heroin is killing 300 americans. about 300 every week. 90% of the heroin in this country comes across that southern border. add to that, a new drug called
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fentanyl. don't all lives matter? well, the people who don't want to secure the border, are responsible for the heroin deaths, considering 90% of the heroin comes across the border, are they complicit? do you see a correlation? let's talk about the lives of our children. american children. in the past two decades, multiple schools have faced these mass shootings. i have been calling for a long time, every school, secure the perimeter of those schools. equip them with retired police and military. they should be on every floor of every school and the solution i offer, also proposes every school hire these people if they donate 15 hours a week to the local school, let's take itf and make it that they pay no income taxes, state, federal, at all, as a thank you for them donating their time. it won't cost us a penny, the security personnel donate the 15 hours, our schools are safer, we
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could do that with stores, malls, we could do that pretty much anywhere the public areas. courthouses, we can expand it out everywhere and keep americans safe. all americans. way, still today, so many of our academic institutions are softti targets. there are gun-free zones, unable to respond to an act of violence until the police are first called and depending where they are, how long it's going to take for them to get there. there, when they get it's over. we could do better. and don't forget, the citizens of chicago, baltimore, detroit, other cities, wrecked by this violence. this weekend, look at baltimore, reached its 200th homicideol for the year. we are only in august. chicago, this weekend, seven more murdered, 52 others, this weekend wounded by gunfire in the city of chicago. anybody in the media mob talking aboutod that? remember, i showed that we scrolled the names of so many others ignoring the ongoing emergency. we will put the scroll back up
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your we will show you exactly what was happening, names you would never heard of before. names that matter. they are all human beings, they are all part of our american family. h m this network, this show, the only one that i know of that routinely shines a light on the human crisis, the human cost, the human toll in all of this. the left seems to care only that which it fits its narrative. it's all politics. former chicago mayor, obama chief ofof staff, remember he said once, you never let a serious crisis go to waste and by that i mean that it is an opportunity to do things you could not do before. now as we speak, they are exploiting the violence over the weekend to push strict gun control while almost totally ignoring issues like mental health. a look at what's happening in one a mile from nancy pelosi's house, drug addicts shooting up, needles all over the place, urinating, defecating, feces smell all over the place, and what has she done? nothing. what if those people should have drugson and get violent? and in the lead up to 2020, many are using this as one more
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opportunity. it's a daily wake-up call. wake up, how can i hate president trump and bludgeon him today? we are going to blame trump? that means we blame bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, that means we blame every big city that has been run by radical liberals for decades that has this high rate of violence killing our american family. they are responsible. every person that dies of a drug overdose, they are responsible. those politicians that won't build a wall, if we take their logic to its ultimate conclusion. even though by the way the president has repeatedly once again condemned racism and hatred over and over to the point that if you need any more proof, this is one big shameful political game for democrats, look at your screen. the dnc, wow. already raising money off this tragedy. wow. they must need it pretty badly. so, too, is elizabeth warren,
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trying to make money for their campaigns, off the backs of these acts of violence. if that's not sick, disgusting and despicable, don't we need better than that? here now, fox news contributor, dan bongino. formative florida attorney general, pam bondi. this is our american family, pam. it's interesting the coverage in el paso, texas, and the coverage in dayton. two ideological opposites. they seem to be ideologically motivated. but they only talk about one. why? >> why? because it hurts the president of the united states in their minds. sean, by the way, thank you for telling all of us to pray. i know the president is praying and we are praying. when a presidential candidate says we don't want your prayers, that's a new low for our country. so yes, these two deranged individuals who committed these shootings are horrible monsters and deserve to be punished and they have mental health issues
10:18 pm
and the president has come up with a plan to help stop it and that's what we are doing in this country. >> sean: i don't think it's because i thought of it but let's stop school shootings. let's start there.nk let's stop mall shootings. let's start there. i like to see the perimeter of every school in america surrounded by retired police,e. retired secret service, and i want guys to donate 15 hours. i think we could cover every school, every hour, every day, add a metal detector, i think we're going to have safer schools, have one armed guard on every floor of every school, the perimeter and inside every hall of every mall. now that gives us an instant response opportunity that we normally wouldn't have. would that save lives in your expert opinion? >> i find it interesting that when it comes to protecting the people that matter, the president of the united states obviously regardless of party, the leader of the free world,
10:19 pm
did you notice when i was in the secret service, when we took president obama back to chicago, a violent city, nobody said, hey, guys, disarm, don't worry, it's chicago, they have strict gun laws here. yeah, it's not a joke. i say that because that's the proposal they want to propose for your kids. >> sean: wait a minute, dan. we protect our politicians with armed guards.en hollywood stars can afford arm security. my point. right. my point is exactly that. that when it comes to protecting people that matter, elites, political leaders, what is the secret service and others doing? obviously they have trained men and women with firearmsme out there to protect them. they don't say, oh, don't worry, donald trump is going to washington, d.c., today, they have good gun control laws, everyone in the secret service, take your weapons out and leave them here. you would be openly mocked. yet when that same suggestion is made for kids, people go oh, that that make sense. no, it doesn't make sense.
10:20 pm
>> sean: all of that video we are watching on the side of the screen, you see those guys who have the guns, the ones that carry guns because their jobs are dangerous? you know, the ones that are pigs in a blanket and they want fried like bacon? those are the guys that are going into the buildings. into the areas to save lives ane they did in dayton. pam bondi, you know these guys. >> i do, and every day our brave men and women in law enforcement go out and fight for us. those were heroes in dayton. they saved so many lives. and all of us, i know the president, everywhere he goes, we cannot thank enough the great men and women in uniform and dan, for your service, for what you have done. every day they go out -- >> sean: well, maybe we should just douse them with water then and not arrest the people that we have on video dousing cops with water. i will ask mayor de blasio about this on wednesday. i got to tell you, 9/11, they go
10:21 pm
up, everyone else is going down. they know what it might happen and it did happen. same with this. look at the field, the baseball field. dan bongino, if you are up against a rifle and you only have a pistol and you are in an open field, i would say the odds are 99% that the rifle is going to win. am i wrong on that? >> no, you have better range, better siting, yeah, you a better range, better ballistic capabilities but the fascinating thing about the video, the dayton video, with these heroic police officers running to the problem, number one, they did it within seconds. in other words, there was no thinking. 30 seconds to take him out. it took them seconds to respond. which says, they didn't even think about it. in other words, nobodyid calculated, well, am i going to be hit, i could be paralyzed, could be killed. >> sean: look at those guys. you see the cops. those are the pigs in a blanket. what do we want, dead cops? >> some of them aren't even
10:22 pm
seeking cover. did you notice the video? they are not even seeking cover, they are looking for the problem.e >> sean: they are wide open just like in that field where scalise was shot. listen! if you know anything about firearms -- my mom was a prison guard and i was trained when i was ten in the use of a pistol because my mom kept a loaded gun right next to the bed. they didn't have the safes that i have today. walking out with a pistol in an open field against -- you're done! you're dead! if this guy has any skill whatsoever, you are finished and they did it anyway! that's how good these people are. all right, thank you both. when we come back, all right, the media mob predictably hit am new low this weekend. we get full reaction, sean spicer, joe concha, they are with us next. more coverage and more breaking news, straight ahead. ♪ before you take anything, i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors
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i'll pass. ♪ >> sean: the democrats mainstream hate trump media once again using the horrific tragedies this time in el paso, texas, to attack president trump. while republicans are saying they are to blame for the mass shootings over the weekend. predictable. pathetic. sad. watch. >> he didn't talk anything about the gun reform, he didn't talk anything about the two bills that are sitting at the steps of machine gun mitch mcconnell where the background check and closing the charleston loophole are sitting at the senate and it's time for mitch mcconnell to get off his rear end and do something. >> what i was looking for today, andrea, was for that radicalizer in chief to come out and say i personally rebuke and eject to the ideology of hate.
10:28 pm
>> but what he has got to understand is that when you have language, that is, racist, and that is virulently anti-immigrant, there are a mentally unstable people in this country who see that as a sign to do terrible things. >> sean: joining us now with reaction is joe concha, and first action senior advisor, former white house press secretary, sean spicer. i counted literally minutes, and i didn't know what the motivation would have been in el paso, joe, i didn't know what it would be in dayton. turns out we have both sides of the political spectrum. it is not something that should be politicized at all. i don't blame bernie sanders for what happened to steve scalise. steve scalise does not blame bernie sanders. i don't blame elizabeth warren for dayton. i don't blame president trump for el paso. if we use this logic of the left, every single illegal immigrant that kills an american, everyone that dies from drugs that cross the
10:29 pm
border, every single sexual assault, violent assault by an illegal immigrant against america based on their logic, we should blame them. i don't blame them. i can understand there might be some honest political differences or politicizing building the wall but, this is what is predictable. the media, the democrats will use any and every opportunity to bludgeon president trump. if he cured cancer, they would find a way to spin it into him being a horrible person. >> and blaming trump in this situation as you mentioned, i blaming the president, it's very predictable and i think the american people are onto it. however, morning counsel poll found that 64% of the voters polled say the media has done more to divide the country. 17%, less than one in five, sayt the media actually has united the country more so the perception is there that, yes, this is exactly what's going toh happen in these situations and
10:30 pm
bias of omission here is incredible. the fact that the el paso shooter and his background was analyzed ten times more than -- >> sean: no, no, no, you're wrong. a hundred thousand times. a hundred thousand times. it was almost exclusively they ignored the dayton shooter's political thought process, which was very different than the guy in el paso. both evil, and you can't blame v people for the evil actions of anybody. sean spicer. >> i think your analysis has been spot on. this has been too much focus on who is to blame. the reality is, suicide in this country is way up, especially among our veterans. too many people are killingg people through gun violence. the president today was pitch-perfect. everybody's been out there in the media and on the left criticizing the president. today he stood before america, talked about how we all should support these communities, sympathize with these families, pray for them, but also, he offered solutions. he talked about the red flag. there's too much going on with mental health in this country
10:31 pm
and the president today offered real solutions.h how we can all come together, whether it's video games or movies or tv shows, or the media, something is going wrong where people are realizing that either they need to kill themselves to find solace or they need to kill others. both are completely wrong and i think that this is one of those moments in america where instead of figuring out who is to blame, we can figure out what to do ani for every critic of the president of united states, today, he stood before america and said, let's come together, let's find those areas where we can find some common ground and solve this problem. and so i get that the left wants everything to do about guns. those of us on the right are concerned about the culture, the violence on the media and the video games and movies.tu let's find the common ground that the president put forward today, that lindsey graham talked about. come together and say to america, we get it. let's stop figuring out who to blame because you're right, we didn't blame bernie sanders after the congressional massacre.
10:32 pm
we stopped and we have to stopop for a moment and say how do we move forward and fix this. and for once, come together today and say the president was right. he called out hate and bigotry and offered a way forward. let's all join in that for once, put politics aside, and say this is the way to go. >> sean: listen. this is our american family but you know what, look at thehe silence in chicago by the media mob, look at the silence in baltimore, l.a., look at the silence of 1 mile from nancy pelosi's home. i think we are the only people who covered it. i remember making the decision to scroll the names of people we have never heard from, shot, murdered, killed in chicago. nobody had ever heard of this. why? why is there the democratic rule for decades, poverty? the only thing i don't like this video as i used to be skinny then. go ahead. >> [laughs]
10:33 pm
let me see if you on cable news on any news over the last 24 hours heard about this.ny a chicago hospital, mount sinai, had to stop accepting patients to its trauma center because they were overwhelmed with patients of people that were shot. you mentioned the number before, 52 shot in chicago this past weekend. nobody speaks about that. and by the way, mass shootings have been going on in this country for a long time now. columbine happened under president clinton, virginia teca happened under george w. bush, newtown has been under president obama, those presidents weren't blamed, president trump shouldn't be blamed here either and the fact that we are doing that, that's what divides the country. >> let's make this a policy fight about what you want but today, let's come together, agree that president trump was pitch-perfect in saying. >> sean: it's never going to happen. >> for once -- we keep leaning
10:34 pm
on this. one time, let's just agree that the president did the right thing and let's all stand behind him and then fight about higher taxes and lower taxes another day. today, let's come together as a >> sean: i agree, sean, but sadly it's never going to happen. the dog bites, the bee stings, you're feeling sad, blame trump. when we come back, liberal cities around the country, their problems are horrific. over 50 people shot over the weekend. did you hear about that? larry elder, lawrence drones will weigh in on that and more, straight-ahead. -meg! there you are. did you take a picture of the cake
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♪ >> sean: the leftist outrage has unfolded in full display. the 2020 democrat candidates blaming the president for the tragedies that took place over the weekend.
10:39 pm
oh, not the one in dayton, that was a person who supported elizabeth warren and was a huge socialist. not hearing a lot about the epidemic of violence that is and defines every weekend in cities, liberal cities, from sea to shining sea, chicago alone this weekend, how many of you heard the news that seven people were killed this weekend? over 50 wounded in weekend shootings. "new york times" reported the windy city had its worst weekend of gun violence in 2019 and this year alone, 1600 people have been shot along with 300 homicides in the city alone. violence has gotten so bad that chicago hospital reportedly stopped accepting patients after the trauma shelter was overwhelmed with shooting victims this weekend. according to the "chicago tribune," 300 people have been shot this year. meanwhile, the city of baltimore, in the news a lot. it hits its 200th homicide this weekend. its supposed cease fire weekend. how's that out for you?
10:40 pm
here now with reaction, syndicated radio talk show host, larry elder, and lawrence jones. you know, we have been a little bit ahead of the curve here there you have graciously as our correspondent, gone to baltimore, you had a passionate discussion. i just saw a video that we weren't able to air with a residence there. you did the same 1 mile from nancy pelosi's district. shooting up drugs, needles all over the place. people shooting up a mile from her house. a mile from her office and the other direction. l.a., the encampment, larry elder knows all about that but you've seen it up close. decades of democratic liberal rule, why don't we ever talk about it? >> there is no talking about it because there's no political gain. look, my heart hurts for the people in texas, my home state, dayton. >> sean: me too. >> but at the end of the day, this is happening every single day so why isn't the media covering this the same way they covered these incidents, when
10:41 pm
they are happening every single weekend? some of the media would say, well, it's not really news because it happens all the news. it's still americans losing their life. it still americans that are struggling with addictions, it's still americans that are in poverty and the fact that no one cares unless they can target president trump, it's insane. >> sean: you know, what was your nickname back in the day? this age of south-central? and other things, but here's the thing.. that was at a time when the s, crips, the bloods, the violence, south central, it was just out of control. i've never added up howso many people were killed, how many people were murdered, they are american citizens, they are our family, are they? now in chicago, now l.a., now it's san francisco, baltimore, every city, and all this violence, not a peep from liberals. >> well, the reason they don't want to talk about is because you have to step back
10:42 pm
and ask what's going on here and that's a breakdown of the american family. 70% of black kids now are raised without dads in the home and obama said a kid raised without a father is five times more likely to be poor, nine times more likely to end up in jail, nine times more likely to drop out of school, 20 times more likely to end up in jail. it is the number one problem facing this country and no one wants to talk about that because that means they have to rethink the welfare state that has incentivized women and in to marry the government and allow men to abandon their responsibility. in chicago, we haven't talked about in chicago, the last two days, two black mothers who were anti-gun activists were gunned down on a corner where they were engaging in anti-gun activism. what is that alln about? there was very little coverage about this and baltimore -- >> sean: let me ask you this -- >> it will exceed its total of last year. it is the number one murder capital in the world for a big city with having more per capita murders then chicago and even st. louis.nene >> sean: i have an idea. i know the president is pretty busy so he doesn't need to listen to me but i remember what the president did before.
10:43 pm
what if president trump adopted baltimore and said, okay, we are going to show you how it's doneo we are going to hire the contractors, determine which buildings of the 17,000 abandoned homes are structurally sound, which aren't, then i0 bring in bernie marcus, i think bernie marcus could be convinceb to give the president at costt everything needed to build a home. maybe i'm wrong, i'm i speaking out of hand. maybe the president could then help rebuild baltimore. and then say, okay, now fix detroit, fix chicago, fix l.a., fix san francisco. is that a good or bad idea. >> that's a good idea and it'sci the first step to showing that you actually care about our american city where thee republican party -- the democrats have destroyed it. this is family. exactly. >> sean: what you think,
10:44 pm
larry? >> well, we've already passed the law for so-called opportunity zones but the problem is far deeper. it's a cultural problem that has made worse by governmentit intervention. we need to rethink welfare. >> got to be on the ground. >> sean: i agree with both of you. but can't we open a door, i mean, if you can't get rid of the rats and you have 17,000 abandoned buildings, we have no idea if they are even structurally sound, aren't there basics we can do to at least give people a shot without breaking the bank? go ahead. >> how about vouchers. how about giving inner city parents an option out of the bad underperforming government we have 13 high schools and government where zero of the kids can do math at grade level. 0%. 1 who sends their kids to a school like that if he or she has an option? obama hated vouchers. trump supports them. but trump is a racist? give me a break. >> sean: african-american unemployment, lowest ever again.
10:45 pm
youth unemployment, african-american community, lowest ever again. wow. not bad for a guy that supposedly hates black americans. how did the obama-barton policies work for black america? not do well. thank you both. ocasio-cortez's former chief of staff under a lot of political trouble, potentially. we've got jesse watters, dr. sebastian gorka straight-ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: it looks like thet real speaker of the house, alexandria ocasio-cortez, and her team is in hot water following the departure of her chief of staff. joining us now, from the west coast newsroom with the latest on then breaking news, chief newsrr correspondent out there, trace gallagher.
10:50 pm
by the way, he was the guy who said, oh, the green new deal has nothing to do with climate change. that was the guy. tell us about his problems tonight. >> he's worked on the green new deal but the controversial chief of staff, for congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, he suddenly resigned on friday. now our corporate cousin, "the new york post," is reporting that he is being investigated by federal officials for fund-raising violation. the federal election commission said complaints only lead to investigation if there is enough evidence to back them up. in this case, the issue is two political action committees or pacs that he started to support progressive candidates. the allegation is that more thae a million dollars was funneled from the political actionmi committees into two private companies that are controlled by him. of course, pacs are subject to a very tight rules on spendingg and fund-raising that private companies are not subject to. alexandria ocasio-cortez denied there was any wrongdoing and says this is nothing more than "conservative interest groups filing bogus proposals."
10:51 pm
aoc's office says charkabarti resigned as chief of staff to help a nonprofit work on the green new deal. >> sean: thank you. now the far new look left is trying to beat president trump by any means necessary in 2020, even if it involves policies that hurt you, we come of the american people. let's go to hpr's bill maher, the patriotic man again, who says he's hoping, praying, rooting for a recession. i guess it won't affect his job not going to affect his livelihood. take a look. >> isn't the fed cutting rates now just going to make the next economic downturn worse? what's your production? i've been hoping for recession. >> recessions are really bad. people lose their jobs. it's going to make it tough. >> that's my point.
10:52 pm
there you go. that's all i was saying. >> sean: joining us now, author of the book, "why we fight," salem radio host sebastian gorka, also cohost of "the five," "watters world" ," and jonathan guillen. let me start with you if i can, dr. gorka, this is pretty simple to me. i come from working class roots. i've been financially independent since i was ten. i worked in restaurants, construction, the media likes to remind me of that and i'm like, yeah, i'm kind of proud of thatm it made me the person i am today. a recession impacts real people. real lives, real families, real income, real jobs. why would anyone ever hope for that?am >> [laughs] sean, look, we disagreed with about everything president obama did during his time in the white house but neither of us would say we would wish that he
10:53 pm
would utterly fail and as a result, the people of america would suffer economically. but this is the left. bill maher is the epitome of the left and it's people like himm and his attitude that propel a complete political outsider, problem fixer like donald trump into the white house. but he's fine because he's going to be running around in his limousine drinking his champagne but his utter derision for the rest of america is why donald trump is in the white house. >> sean: i actually give the guy credit.e the guy speaks his mind, he's honest. like, i just, i have some level of respect for that. the problem is, he's not talking about his life or his hollywood friends lifestyle. he's talking about, oh, the hill with everybody else. if it means getting rid of trump, i don't care if the family suffered.
10:54 pm
mortgages are can't be paid, rent can't be paid, food can be put in the refrigerator. >> i think at the beginning of this segment, you said by any means necessary.s that's the key to this. and yes, he does tell the truth but no, he doesn't tell you the full story and that's what the left does. he -- what he said is a perfect example, by any means necessary, he would be willing to go down the road to get rid of trump, to usher in what he believes isr best for this country. that reflects everything that the democrat party and the left is in this country are about and it reflects their communist ideology and foundation and i do believe bill maher has that same foundation. >> sean: the bottom line is about obama, which dr. gorka pointed out, we knew his policies would fail. we didn't want them to but socialism fails. >> right.. you want the country to succeed but maybe the political party you oppose to fail, but bill maher is a political sadist.ay he wants his fellow american citizens to feel pain so the democratic party can regain power. and like you said, he doesn't
10:55 pm
have any skin in the game. he is rich enough to ride out a recession. his own audience, they are going to lose their own jobs but this is what this is about. he's hit on it. he's actually right. a recession is the only thingt. that can defeat donald trump. none of the democrats can defeat the president head to head in the general election and deepra down, every democrat knows that and that's why they are resorting to these desperate, cheap, dirty political tricks like the insurance policy, like impeachment, and like antifa, because it just shows you howy, weak of a position they are in electorally and they are using socialism now to seize the power because once they get the power, they're going to destroy t anything that gets in their path. >> sean: thank you, all. when we come back, mayor of new york, bill de blasio, will join us on the show. coming up, we will give you a preview. ♪ owoman 1: i had noyou a symptoms of hepatitis c. man 1: mine... man 1: ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c.
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>> sean: watch good announcement than is we've invited all 2020 democrats on the show to accept, good for him to the mayor new york city mayor bill de blasio with the canada cecum agenda and much much more this d week.let not y. laura ingraham, hi. >> laura: hannity, i cannot wait to see that. >> sean: let me ask you a question, here is my take on this, if he wants to come in and fight, okay, i'm a professional. i've done this 25 years. if he wants an opportunity to reach an audience and make a persuasive argument for his agenda, i will give him that aplatform. i give him a lot of credit for saying yes. how do you argue you can battle china, vladimir putin, the evil regime thereand you can't come . >> laura: i agree. i don't have a lot of great things to say about his policies and the way he's handling it.


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