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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 5, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> sean: watch good announcement than is we've invited all 2020 democrats on the show to accept, good for him to the mayor new york city mayor bill de blasio with the canada cecum agenda and much much more this d week.let not y. laura ingraham, hi. >> laura: hannity, i cannot wait to see that. >> sean: let me ask you a question, here is my take on this, if he wants to come in and fight, okay, i'm a professional. i've done this 25 years. if he wants an opportunity to reach an audience and make a persuasive argument for his agenda, i will give him that aplatform. i give him a lot of credit for saying yes. how do you argue you can battle china, vladimir putin, the evil regime thereand you can't come . >> laura: i agree. i don't have a lot of great things to say about his policies and the way he's handling it.
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>> sean: he will tax the hell out of us. >> laura: but hannity, he should show your respect. you're one of the state's largest taxpayers, i mean, my gosh he should give you the red carpet for you. he should serve you hors d'oeuvres in the studio.ald into his state. >> sean: i agree. i'm telling my boss at fox, let me get out of i'm in prison. i want to live in texas, florida or both. i will save a fortune. >> laura: hannity, great show tonight. you set a lot of great stuff. and it was really, really powerful. thank you so much, sean, laura. i'm laura ingraham, and this is "the ingraham angle" from a very somber washington, d.c., tonight. it is an important show for a lot of reasons. not the least of which is to properly mourn the victims of this horrific series off shootings over the weekend and to search for practical solutions and hold those pushing
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division and more hatred accountable. and we will bring you important voices throughout this hour. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick in just a few moments. he will be with us and victor david hanson on the political minds of these killers and alan dershowitz on why some of the call for gun compensation should have all americans worried about their ownie right. plus, my angle dives into the way democrats have tried to turn theseat tragedies into a disgusting political spectacle. but, first, we have live to el paso, texas, where at least two vigils are under way. 22 who lost their lives over the weekend. fox' garrett kenny is standing by, garrett. >> laura, today itit was heartbreak all over again for this town as we started to get the names and see the faces and
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hear the stories of the 22 people whose lives were stolen. one of those at the vigil, you mentioned by family and friends for the youngest victim, javier rodriguez, and he likeho soccer and was about to be a sophomore in high school. another of the victims 87-year-old whose daughter came here on saturday desperately looking for answers after her mother left her and never came home. >> somebody needs to tell meabo. 6 somebody tell me where she is. i want to know with my mom is dead or alive or if she is in walmart. she would have called. she has seven kids. 20 something grandkids and i don't know how many great grandkids. >> in addition to those heartbreaking stories you so often in these type of situations hear the heroic stories of everyday people stepping up, rushing towards danger. one example of that is a woman i spoke to who ran towards the gunfire when she heard it breaking out in the walmart. when she got inside, she helped a young mother lying on the floor shot in the leg and desperately yelling, where is md son, after she had been soseparated from her son from
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gunshots that broke out. another example, army specialist blendan oakley who helped carried to safety some of the children, like that woman who had been separated from her parents amongst the chaos. >> what i did is what i am supposed to do. i don't understand that it is heroic, and i know i'm looked as a hero but that is not the reason for me. i'm just focused on the kids. it hurts me. i lost like they were part of me. >> laura, when we woke up this morning, el paso the eighth deadliest shooting in u.s. history. it's now the seventh after two more victims passed away at the hospital.y the doctors are hopeful that that will stay the same and that the 15 remaining victims who are
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at the hospital will all be able to pull through. laura. >> laura: garrett, i think it's much for that tonight. tony made from senate texas lieutenant governor dan patrick first, dan, everybody's heart is breaking to hear those stories lost mothers, fathers, young people in el paso. it is almost too much to take, but what do you expect from the president's visit on wednesday? >> i expect the president to yes come here and, with a message of hope and unifying message, laura. you know, when you said, you know, everyone's heart is breaking, including mine and everyone in texas. you know, since 2016 i've been lieutenant governor since 2014 with governor abbott who's had a shooting every year. five police officers in dallas and summer springs, the school shooting and now this. and it breaks your heart every time. but, what brings me hope, laura,
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is what that last young man talked about in tears, that he wanted to save more. we are a good country, laura, of great people. and most of the people, black white, brown, middle-aged and old, are really good people. but, unfortunately, we have been taken over by a culture of death and a culture of evil. we have seen evil played out this past weekend both in el paso and dayton. and we have great heroes like law enforcement who have come to the rescue, and first responders the same people that people were throwing water on last week in new york. these are the people that saved us in times like this. >> laura: dan, it is so inspiring. that young army sergeant in his words in tears. but, of course, this is a political season. and politics is going to affect the conversation and the aftermath.
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and texas native from of course el paso, beto o'rourke was among the first, not surprisingly, to point fingers right back at president trump. let's watch. >> in this president's maiden speech for the highest office in the land, he chose to talk about communities like mind to describe mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals. he did not only welcome violence against them but since u.s. service members, thousands of them to the border. he wanted the killer to be afraid and then to act on that fear. and, you know what, he did. >> laura: dan, one of the most reprehensible things i've heard over the 48 hours, that was one of them. that he wanted violence. the president wanted violence to rain down on the border because he wanted to enforce the border. >> you know, laura, i'm not going to comment on beto o'rourke or the people on the other side because i think it is a despicable thing to take
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despicable actions in the last 24 hours. i'm just not going to go there. but, laura, when you look at the root cause of this, we live in a country that has become more anti-flag, more anti-god, moreae anticulture. and you step back and what do we expect? culture that no longer values life, 44 million abortions. a culture like i said yesterday you go to church on sunday and you try to bring your kids upright but when they go to school on monday, when the kids get out of school, we don't let them talk about these types of issues.. we have lost our moral compass. we are anti-law enforcement until we need law enforcement. and, i have been ridiculed on l itter and facebook, and i don't care. that is another part of the overall problem of this evil is the meanness and the hatred in the comments on everybody's post. you in high school to make a post and it's hateful.
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we see the video games, and i've been criticized for that, laura, that is a big part of this manifesto. >> laura: we have a culture that has become so course and so polluted. and i'm sure at various times we all take part in that. we all have some responsibility but the aftermath of the shooting, to turn it into a moment to like, get new twitter followers is just reprehensible. the people of el paso are doing the tribute right. dan, we have to go, but thank you for your words tonight. we really appreciate it. and our thoughts are with the people of el paso. we do pray for them tonight. >> we need those prayers >> laura: you've got them. you've got them. if you've beenen watching the coverage over the past 28 hourst you might come away with the impression that mass shootings aree a phenomenon since president trump was inaugurated. well, sadly, as dan referenced, we know that is not the case,
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joining me now to put this tragedy in some perspective, the fbi national spokesperson and someone who has studied at length and depth domestic terrorism, john, in all of these years, have you seen an increase in these mass shootings? >> actually, the past years the numbers have been much less than we have seen in previous years. the obama administration depending upon how you are defining the deadly shootings we've had as many as 32 shooting incidents during his years of presidency. >> laura: john, to listen to the coverage, much of it is politically tainted, but you would think that america is more violent than it was 20 years ago. and we have a gun culture. we have a gun nut population
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that is just literally tossing guns to deranged peopleus who he a political axe to grind. why do you think -- every tragedy takes the life of someone, and so it's like you can't one-up tragedies. they are all tragedies. but things have actually gotten better, but the media coverage has gotten, what, worse? less perspective?? >> there is politicians out there, as you can clearly see, that are taking advantage of this tragedy. i have seen situations and i was at mandalay bay when the shooting happened there and people wanted to talk about gun controll while there were still victims on the ground. idit is absolutely ridiculous. so the reality is we have had shootings under every presidential administration documenting back to johnson's administration. it's not about who's in office. meit's about the other issues tt we need to address. and people who are using it's to get votes, it is reprehensible. >> laura: john, one of your
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former fbi colleagues equated trump's immigration rhetoric to this. >> there is an eerie similaritya between what we're seeing with white hate radicalization and islamic violent extremist radicalization to jihad. and they see in the president a mentor or a similar type of figure to that type of calling to people to jihad. >> laura: so supporting strong borders is the same at calling for violent jihad in the united states. >> it's funny, i work the oklahoma city bombing back in the '90s when clinton was in office, and we had all of these white malaysians doing all sorts of things. the reality is evil is out there in the world. people are busy trying to pin on one political party or another so that they can benefit with
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votes instead of tackling the actual problem. i wish congress would do something rather than try to w impeach a president or get votes for their side and really look at what these issues are in the country. otherwise, it will just continue. >> laura: all right, john thank you for your expertise tonight. and, now, we have new details on the deadly shooting in dayton, ohio, that left nine dead and dozens injured just hours after that massacre in el paso. fox mike tobin's live from dayton. mike. >> laura, there is a vigil in bell brook where the gunman lived with the sister he killed. people out there said that the sister megan overshadowed her brother. she was more popular and a young woman who knew the brother for a long time said he did display his p share of mental illness. >> i knew him, i guess, in the darker moments, yeah. he said he had hallucinations, voices in his head that scared him. >> i wouldn't say that other people put him in that dark place. that was his own issues he was
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dealing with himself. i don't feel like others ostracized him. people were afraid of him, and i feel that was valid. >> the dayton daily news go to people who knew him and said he had displayed warning signs and threatened to shoot up other bars, that he had held a gun to the head of a friend. and the article goes on to say they did, in fact, report him to the police. the associated press ran an article dating back in high school suspended for compiling a hit list of classmates and even compiled a list of girls he wanted to rape. and the police chief was asked about that today and said they could not confirm that information andea cautioned against extrapolating information from 10 years ago to connected to what happened over the weekend. as far as the social media profile goes, the twitter pages down but an article with digest of his twitter page. it really points to a jumbled mess of a person who is into satanism, socialism, leftist
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politics. he was into guns, violence. he wanted to vote for elizabeth warren. he ran one quote that there is no freedom but to kill. hours before the massacre here he clicked "like" on articles about the massacre in el paso. as far as that sister who he lived with in bell brook, among the first people killed when the gunfire started here in dayton laura. >> laura: thanks, mike. joining me to respond, senior fellow at the hoover institution. victor, you have written and said there is a common threadann the left's handling of the recent mass shootings. what is it? >> you know, terrible things happen and we want to have empathy for the people we should have empathy for, but there is a sick feeling that we almost prayed god, oh, i hope that thio
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mass murdering monster did not voice any ideology that is remotely connected to anything that i might feel like. and i'm responsible. so we played this sickd game. no sooner have the dead died and then we were told white supremacy is connected with donald trump. donald trump is responsible. and then we are told that the dayton person didn't have anything to do with ideology and a way that would be asymmetrical. so i think what people are confused about, they don't know whether ideology and politics affects these mentallyy unstable people or it doesn't. if it seems to be useful, as we saw with the progressive candidates in the el pasove cas, then it does. if it's not useful in the dayton case or james hopkins and the steveea scalise shooting or blak lives matter and johnson shooting of a police officer there's no connection so it creates a sense of confusion and anger. and more importantly, throughout history, we know how to stop this, in a way, and we have
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deterants and enhancement. it used to be we deterred the mental proclivities by putting people in a mental hospital under observation but the last 50 years since maybe "one flew over the cuckoo's nest," jack nicholson -- >> laura: we can't do that. > he's has to be liberated ad everyone has become a nurse ratchet. we have 600,000 people in our cities that are mentally unstable that are homeless. we have these shooters that should have been a put away. we can't do it. and there is a whole entertainment industry that t te left tells us, words matter, vigils matter.but not shooting . >> laura: but not there. >> like where we romance people that are going out with semiautomatic weapons shooting people in the streets and are heroic. or we can't talk about rapse music. this asymmetry has got everybody confused.
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>> it is so transparent. >> we don't want the progressives to step up and say, we have answers. we have stopped inner-city shooting in chicago and baltimore. progressive government does it. gun control does it. empathy does it. but it doesn't. >> laura: if obama had the answer to this, there would be no shootings under obama's presidency. so we know that. >> there wouldn't.s >> laura: and there is no right president for stopping this. it has not stopped and it's although gotten somewhat better the last few years. i want to play something for you. this happened tonight. this is joe biden. he was on with anderson cooper, and he was talking about all the things that he would do if he were president.. and he was interrupted on the show. twatch. >> how would you deal with all of these assault weapons that are already out there to people? >> what i would do is i would try to institute a national buyback program. and i would move in the direction to make sure that
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that, in fact, what we try to do, get them off the streets. >> that is not confiscating? >> that's not walking in their homes, going through the gun cabinets, et cetera. >> so people would be allowed to keep the weapons they already have. >> laura: as we know, he also butted in and about the assault weapons ban and didn't lower gun violence. that is the problem there. victor, your quick response. >> we've never had a buyback program a that worked. and, by the way, joe biden kamala harris, cory booker should not lecture people about the relationship of rhetoric and violence. joe biden has threatened to beat up the president twice and cory booker said the same thing last week and kamala harris joked about it. >> laura: victor, thank you so much in just moments, my angle exposes the left's shameless use of these shootings with political narratives. don't go away.
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>> laura: haters capitalizing on tragedy. that is the focus of tonight's angle. evil was visited upon el paso and dayton over the weekend. that anyone can carry out such vicious carnage against innocent people is unfathomable. mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles brothers, sisters, friends went
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to the store to carry out everyday tasks and they never came home. families are completely shattered. and the larger american family is left wondering how these acts of domestic terror could be prevented. good people from different points of view will debate and disagree on next steps. that is the way it should be. but, what should not happen is political point scoring and demonization in the wake of this tragedy. using horrific criminal acts to condemn a sitting president and by implication of supporters wounds our body politic and just when it needs to heal. but even before all of the next of can were notified, democrats seized the opportunity. >> donald trump is responsible for this.ns >> tolerated, encouraged it. >> there are mentally unstable people in this country who see that as a sign to do terrible terrible things.
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>> there is a consequence to the words that the president of the united states speaks. >> laura: now, this is a narrative the left has tried to make stick since trump descended the golden escalator. so rather than debating policies that could perhaps reduce the sorts of heinous acts, they take the easy route.ol they hurl invective and poisonous charges of racism and xenophobia. they struggle to defend their own support of open borders, and that is because most americans don't agree with him on that issue. most americans reject the notion that you are a racist if you aren't for, i don't know, abolishing ice. of course, 2020 democrats struggled run against trump's economic record, one that is improving the lives of every race, creed and ethnicity in this country.ry rather than come up with practical policies that appeal to most americans, theywi hopped back and forth from unworkable
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ideas like the green new deal to their tedious trump is a racist story line. how sad that for democrats the weekend shootings are not national tragidy to be addressed with unity but the final epilogue of a play they open four years ago. >> he has a racist and he stokes racism in this country. >> the vision and bigotry to fan the flames of hate has been his political strategy. >> the president has got to stop that racism and that xenophobia immediately. >> he uses the microphone in a that i is about sowing hate and division in our country. >> the president is a flaming racist and piece of [bleep]. donald trump is an evil [bleep] canker sore on american whole landscape. we need to get him out of office. >> laura: the language of
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inclusion, and loved. ain't liberalism grand? every twisted word of the el paso shooters suppose that manifesto attempting to tie the shooting to the president. now, what you probably haven't heard is that the same manifesto also called for population control to fix environmental degradation and uses thenv title inconvenient truth. will al gore have to disavow the shooter, as well? and how convenient that we have heard almost nothing about the suspected dayton shooter social media history. he was evidently a big fan of elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, antifa, socialism and called the isis facility at fire called the isis facility at fire bomber a marter. but none of this matters. whye are we picking through the words of evil lunatics trying to connect the dots and figure it all out? whether inspired by people on the right or the left, they are nuts, period.
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what the country needs now is healing and unity. president trump tried today to reassure a violence-weary nation by condemning the attacks and the hateful ideologies behind them. >> in one voice, our nation must condemned, racism, bigotry and white supremacy. these sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place ine america. >> laura: it was excellent, the president condemned in the strongest of terms the perverse ideology of white nationalism. he should call it out whenever it rears its ugly head. but, sadly, it doesn't matter to the democrats, they are hell-bent on exhausting their narrative. last march, remember cory booker was saying this. >> for him to fail even to condemn nazis, to me that is
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being complicit to the violence that is happening. >> laura: yet today after president trump did just that he said itenen didn't count. >> you know, the president in his remarks was weak and he was wrong. this to me as a presidential failure, failure to take. responsibility. a failure to lead, a failure to address a nation in crisis. the real solution to help keep americans safe. it is unacceptable. it is a failure ofof leadership. >> laura: so you get it, right, trump is never going to satisfyv these people. and then the great lady lifted up her skirt. "the new york times" editorial board called on moderate republicans, big tech and anyone else to do more to condemn white nationalists even if the president condemns them from one side of the mouth and extolled
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it as ethno-nationalism from the other. so after a weekend when two madmen targeted people with deadly force, "the new york times" decides this editorial to respond by targeting tv hosts who dare to say that america has borders and laws and that both should be enforced. whoever thought, by the way, a newspaper that published the pentagon papers would arrive at a place whereca they would advocate silencing speech in order to win an argument or an election. but that is exactly what they are doing. trump is not a racist. he is not anti-immigrant. he married two, after all. he done justice reform and push for opportunity zones precisely because he knows urban america couldin never be left behind. and it has been left behind. ithe wants all americans to do better and be l happy. and his supporters are overwhelmingly good people. they cherish their families, their freedom and our constitution.dri they value legal, not illegal immigration. most americans, i think they are
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smarter than the democrats think they are. they see through these brazen efforts to capitalize and fund raise off tragedy and pain. they see the not so subtle efforts to limit speech and the far left has its way, limitt where the president campaigns this election season. that means, they are most lunatics will threaten violence should trump show up in places like chicago or miami. that is what i predict. but their vitriol and their hatred will not win the day. pragmatic solutions that come from principaled thinking will. faith leaders have. said, and i agree, that despite the wealth as a nation, we are in a spiritual crisis, and it affects us all, especially our culture and our politics. and although the cynics will of course ridicule it, millions upon millions of americans tonight will continue to rely on prayer.
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not on politicians or pundits for strength. through these awful times. and that is the angle. coming up, president trump suggested today that he had opened a red flag law, but is that the right response? or does it run the risk of infringing on your rights? alan dershowitz is here with his thoughts next.
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>> we must make sure that those
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judged to pose a grave risk tot public safety do not have access to firearms, and that if they do, those firearms can be taken through rapid due process. that is why i have called for red flag laws, also known as extreme risk protection orders. >> laura: the president calling for more red flags in the wake of those deadly shootings in el paso and dayton. proponents say these laws can prevent unstable potentially violent people from buying guns. but what potential for government abuse? joining me now, alan dershowitz the law professor of meredith authored the intro to the published version of the mueller report. alan, what is your concern most about how these red flag laws operate? >> i've written two books and more than 20 articles on how
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difficult the predicting of violence by human beings that we tend to very much over predict. and somebody fit the profiles with the violence. if it's limited only to looking at people ownership of guns and perhaps raising some questions i would not have any particular difficulty, and i don't have opposition to precisely what the president called for. but, what i worry about is the next step could be surveillance and ultimately, detention, as some countries have. we have it in the united states for years during the second world war. we detaineddi people administratively on h predictios they might commit hostile conduct. so i worry about the slippery slope. limited to only make sure these people who have the guns are stable and are not a direct threat. i think gets to the problem, but if we start detaining people, it could really infringe on civil
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liberties. >> laura: and is it not, the difficulty in taking or diminishing someone's constitutional rights for thought? i mean, you have to haveve probable cause a crime has been committed or there's imminent bodily harm under most standards incorrect? and that is a hard thing to make these wild threats and five seconds later, they're in a store. and that is very problematic and there have been instances in a maryland, professor where a 61-year-old veteran who came with a red flag to take away his guns and ended up dead. marylandng officer serving red flags in a fatal shooting. it is a complicated stuff.peopls easy. >> very complicated. and the implications of trying to predict violence go well beyond just trying to control guns. and i worry that if the next step is surveillance or detention or anything else,
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look, it depends on whether you think guns or a right or privilege.if you support a broaf the second amendment, then you are taking away someone'sconstin predictions that could be false, and most likely will be false. if you believe that gun ownership like car-driving isa , that is a different matter. >> laura: of course, it is individual rights. i want to ask you quickly,li mexico threatened to take legal action against the united states because of these killings, seven mexican nationals were killed. a horrific attack. but 75 americans every year have been gunned down in mexico than any other country combined. what is the likelihood that that is a lawsuit against the united states and somehow would survive scrutiny? >> what is lower than zero? maybe 10 degrees below zero. there's no chance. there would be a question of standing.
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there would be a question of what the right is. what the claim is against the united states. what could the united states doi consistent with the constitution to have afforded more protection. i don't think it has a ghost of a chance. i don't think they really mean it. i think it is a good political gesture. we have to make sure our courts are not abuse for political purposes by any country or any individual no matter what their party's or affiliation is. >> laura: alan, thank you so much tonight.ia coming up, after her sister was killed in a parkland, florida, massacre, the left and the media used it to advance their own political agendas. he is here next to explain why they may be doing the same thing now.stay there.
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>> i'm sorry, mr. president, you own this one. this one is on you. >> and reading that manifesto, you see so many parallels to the kind of message president trump has tried to deliver. >> the other unique part of thes era is trump's rhetoric on race, his rhetoric about black and brown people. >> laura: now, the media shamelessly blaming republicans, the nra, the president for this terrible el paso and dayton shootings. according to the same playbook employed after hunter's sister meadow was killed in the parkland high school shooting last year. he joins me now, hunter, and
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with these horrific shootings bring it all back for you. you have been through the most horrible thing anyone can imagine. and yet, you watch the just brazen politicization of your sister's tragedy, your family's tragedy and now today, another one?st >> yes, laura, to be quite honest, i was never a political guy until my sister was murdered in parkland.d. then i wanted to know what happened, how it happened and why it happened. my family looked for answers and accountability. because of that, we were called nra shields. it's almost like trying to figure out the facts. it has toa. be conservative thi. i guess the left just attacks anything that isn'ton gun-contr, and i won't stand up for it anymore. i'm done with it. >> laura: today, if you are foru believe people with deportation lodged against them, should be deported, then you are basically xenophobe, and somehow responsible for the shooting. that is where it has gotten. that is where we derived that.
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>> laura, if you look at the media, it seems like the media and democrats are eager to hear el paso shooter was a white supremacist. they use that to simply bash donald trump. tia but when the media found out it was a dayton, ohio, shooter was a bernie sanders socialist supporter, they were absolutely silent.ut the hypocrisy they showed was absolutely vile, disgusting, and i hope i can expose a little bit of it tonight on your show. >> laura: hunter, instead they what say, well, politics obviously had nothing to do with the dayton shooting. they just completely swot that away. and so victor davis hanson touched on this today, but it is so appallingly obvious what they are doing. and i think they really believe americans are that stupid, that they will follow what john legend says instead of what the facts of the situation are. >> and if you look at the marjory stoneman douglas shooter and the dayton shooter, i see a
11:44 pm
lot of similarities. the parkland shooter had the police called to his house 25 times yet he was never arrested. he told school officials that he had a desire to kill, and they never did anything. or look at the dayton shooterhel and a rape list to school. they were terrified to show up to the school because he was there. and my advice, don't go and preach gun-control but look at the facts. a whole all levels of government accountable. there are these political correct policies that say we should not be arresting students or institutionalizing them. well, if they are psychopathic criminals, we kind of have to. we have more rights than they do and it's a priority that we protect ourselves. >> laura: hunter, thank you for being here tonight.i know it isu to talk about, this and we really, really value your opinion. >> of course. >> laura: and democrats rhetoric
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on the shooting, as we said, way over the top. we were not going to put this in the whole show but we kind of had to and especially here things like beto o'rourke clearly trying to somehow bring back his flagging campaign. >> the writing has been on the wall since his maiden speech coming down the escalator describing anyone who is surprised is part of this problem right now, including members of the media asked, do du think the president is racist? jesus christ, of course, he is racist. >> laura: with inflammatory statements like that, democrats backlash in the next election. joining me now cofounder of real politics, tom bevan. tom, beto has zero chance to become president. i would say now, as a citizen of texas, he has a less than zero chance of becoming president. what is your assessment here? >> i don't think beto is in any jeopardy of winning the democratic nomination orbecomin,
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but his rhetoric which is so over-the-top comparing the trump administration to the third reich. you had pete buttigieg the, administration condones white nationalism at the highest level of government. these are the kind of, this is the kind of language over-the-top rhetoric thater doesn't match with reality. as you pointed out in the program. the public knows this, right? this has been going on for decades under various presidents and a complicated issue that involves a lot of different things. there is no connection to be able to point and laid the blame and say, donald trump has blood on his hands. so i think that is where democrats when they get into a general election setting certainly a primary 90% say that donald trump is a raging racist, but that's not where the middle country is. i think that is where they may in fact backlash if they are now
11:47 pm
comeing out with over-the-top rhetoric and that's all they say, trump is a racist, that will not be enough to beat him but hurt the democrats. >> tom, you see thiso, desperate desire foror candidates especially whether castro, beto buttigieg, they think this is going to be their moment. but they always underestimate the common sense of the american voters. i mean, most people just think whetherr they drive a truck up o a restaurant, or you can make off of the internet or a pressure cooker. a gun that is modified that you can buy legally anywhere, these, people will find a way to kill, and it's up to us to try to find them before they commit these horrific acts. i think most people look this is a common sense matter. they don't look at it politically. >> i think that is right. look, trump came out and condemned the shootings and condemned white nationalism and that was not good enough for democrats. you will see him go to dayton el paso and the extent he shows up and offers empathy, condoning whiteco nationalism again and again, it willte not please democrats and that will become more evident as they criticize
11:48 pm
him while the public will be seeing the president doing his duty trying unify the country again. again, i think the democrats risk overshooting the mark there. >> laura: we will see what happens in el paso if the president does, indeed, go and i believe they will disrupt that as well. tom, thank you for being with us tonight. coming up, trump says the media, what does he see don lemon do to a black pastor who refused to condemn the president? that is next..
11:49 pm
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11:51 pm
>> president trump was not shy today about laying the blame at the feet of the media. and he was right. case in point, don lemon, black pastor bill owens on his show interviewriendly quickly turned into a hostile browbeating after owen's merely refused to call trump a racist. >> any concern for you the president used the meeting with black leaders to insulate himself from that criticism? >> i don't think so. i don't think that at all because i've been to the white house four times in five months. >> i knowou it is hard for you. you think it is hard to believe
11:52 pm
that trump is racist, but he repeatedly used racially charged language. >> i find president trump, leaders of all colors, he attacks who he will, he is his own man. >> it sounds like you are condoning attacks, is that christianly or godly? >> m i'm not his judge. let me give you a little background. i work in seminary. >> i appreciate your giving me your biography, i do, but the sake of time because i don't have a lot of time with you. >> laura: that is not condescending or by the way, that went on for about eight minutes. here now to debate this is cooper, liam terrel civil rights attorney, all right, where is this man moderated them debate, don lemon. your response after seeing this. >> first of all, he should not have been at the debate. this guy has and ax to grind. he is a political opponent, not a journalist. he is not even a person who is a
11:53 pm
talking head. he actually tries to weigh in in a way to manipulate the outcome. and it was really, really irresponsible, very unprofessional the way he handled that interview. frankly, i would have thought that there would have been a lot more difference to a minister brought in to discuss his ministerial activity. >> laura: i think, leo, it always seems to me that black conservatives are just reviled by the left and held up for such ridicule. they did it to colin powell, initially. they did it to condoleezza rice. they did it to justin thomas. they've done it to tom sowell, walter williams, and this t blak pastor just went to a few meetings at the white'e ridiculed for eight straight minutes on cnn. >> first of all, i like horace cooper, and he's conservative.t.
11:54 pm
>> laura: special. special. >> i like you too, leo. thank you very much. this minister ducked the question. i think don lemon asked questions, and i think if i was a member of his congregationi we questions. what that pastor did not want to do, laura, he did not want to criticize the president. >> laura: he didn't want to call him a racist, leo.. he refused to call him a racist, don lemon put him on a cross, that is what happened. >> he told the truth. >> anyone in this country ever honestly, honestly believe that donald trump hasn't said things that have been offensive? that pastor obviously went into immediate denial. >> the pastor? come on, horace -- the pastor explained -- >> horace then leo. >> the pastor explained thee president is an equaloppor.
11:55 pm
he doesn't single out it means he's not a racist. in fact, his record is the opposite of a racist. he's put more pick-up homes in the black -- more homes. >> laura: guys, guys, let me tell you something. at the beginning of the interview, he was identified on a lower third of the screen as a faith leader. but, when don lemon could notsqe out of it, then it turned into "controversial pastor." so they literally revealed their bias in the lower third of the screen.6 you have to admit, that is funny. >> that is funny, hilarious. i don't dispute that. what i dispute is last week, we. in a poll, 51% of the country says trump is racist. so the pastor goes into denial. that is my concern. >> i'm going to give you some facts. >> i'm giving you one.
11:56 pm
>> i will give you one. the last 50 years, only one president who has kicked more black americans out of their house,d who has destroyed the savings of more black americanse unemployment line more black americans. >> oh,h, my gosh. >> if that reported is what we want to measure, then he's a racist. >> how did we get there laura. that's a shift. he thought we were talking about lemon and the pastor. >> a racist would not have done all of the great things that he has done for black americans. >> we're out of time. we always run out of time. both of you,it horace and leo.thank you very m. we'll be right back with final thoughts. ..
11:57 pm
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at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month. >> laura: okay, right now >> right now outside mitch mcconnell's house a woman is on facebook live in louisville and she said she hope someone just
12:00 am
stabs the am fer in the heart please. massacre moscow mitch is a hashtag trending on social media tonight. remember the media have been taking shots at the majority leader in the past week including msnbc's morning show. check out my new podcast, shannon bream has all the news, they take it all from here. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert, donald from heading to el paso despite some texas democrat warnings he's not welcome. the commander-in-chief may be heading to dayton, ohio as well. both communities in morning-after back-to-back mass shootings leave 31 people dead and dozens more injured, 2020 democrats placing the blame directly on donald trump and at times profane attace


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