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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 6, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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hate has no place in america. we can and will stop this evil contagion. rob: donald trump urging americans to come together, 30 innocent lives were taken over the weekend. jillian: the steps this administration is taking to help a broken nation. calls for unity garnered praise from the new york times except this won't be the headline you will see this morning. rob: force an about-face on the paper's front page. the heart stopping moment a little boy falls through a manhole. shannon: "fox and friends first" continues right now. you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: we begin with a fox news
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alert. walmart mask arising is to more victims died in the hospital. jillian: how that suspect ended up there in the first place. >> in a makeshift memorial. in the parking lot of the walmart where the shooting took place. the gunman drove anywhere from 10 to 11 hours from his home in suburban dallas in el paso. he got lost in the neighborhood in el paso and wound up at the walmart because he was hungry. city officials believes there is no coincidence there city was targeted because it is a border town that prides itself on its bicultural population.
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>> an evil individual. >> with the death toll at 22, police have released the names of all the victims ranging in age from 15-90. donald trump had this reaction to last weekend's mass shootings in texas. and ohio. >> these barbaric slaughters are an assault upon communities and attack upon our nation and crime against all of humanity. >> reporter: 1500 people attended the memorial vigil for the youngest victim, xavier rodriguez, at the high school where he was about to begin his sophomore year. friends say he was a good student and enjoyed soccer. carpenter greg vanas who on his victims with hand written memorials delivered crosses to a gathering place overlooking the crime scene. it is a place for prayer and hope.
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>> we are strong and we will always be strong. >> this is an attack on all of us. what we need to be as human. >> reporter: police say 27 people suffered injuries in the attack. 15 of them remain hospitalized, 2 of them in critical condition. >> one more died and another -- ohio governor mike the wine will unveil new gun and mental health measures after a gunman opened fire on -- killing 9 people there. rob: passing red flag laws would remove guns from person found to be dangerous, donald trump supporting this. jillian: the shooter fired off 5 rounds in 30 seconds before being shot and killed by police in dayton.
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he had 250 rounds on him. rob: one of the victims his own sister. a motive initiating remains unknown. candles, flowers and balloons continue to grow in dayton. the president is expected to visit el paso after condemning racism in the wake of two mass shootings that killed 31 people. >> moron white house's push to bipartisan solutions to gun violence. can it be done this time? >> time will tell. good morning, the president says it is time to put partisanship aside and find common ground and denounced white supremacy and hate. >> and one voice our nation must condemn racism and white supremacy. these sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america.
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mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun. >> some democrats say the president's words don't go far enough. they want congress to act swiftly. bernie sanders tweeting donald trump made a statement is an vowing hatred and white supremacy. i say to the president talk is cheap. we need action. stop the racism, stop the anti-immigrant bigotry coming out of your mouth, tell mcconnell to pass gun safety legislation. the american people want -- the majority leader and lawmakers to return to washington issuing a statement saying senate republicans are prepared to do our part. he added partisan theatrics and campaign rhetoric will only take us farther away from the progress. americans to services protesters gathered outside mcconnell's kentucky home where he is recovering from a fractured shoulder. former president obama is weighing in not mentioning donald trump by name but saying we should sell the reject
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language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feed a climate of fear and hatred or normalizes racist sentiments. el paso's mayor who has not only seen eye to eye with donald trump had this to say. >> is coming out here on wednesday. i asked donald trump to support our efforts with the resources available. our recovery is no small task. >> as for your question on the renewed calls for gun-control the house passed a new background check bill in february but it stalled in the senate. now the big question is can divided washington get anything done? only time will tell. >> red flag laws rowing and popularity in the last few years. >> with the graham is offering a bipartisan red flag bill with richard blumenthal. he says common sense gun law both parties can get behind. >> this is not going to be a
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federal law. a federal grant program, to get a federal grant you have to have due process. there has to be a threat of harm to oneself or others before the police and it can only be the police, you have a hearing, you've got to have more likely than not a standard that there is a threat of bodily injury. 7 days later a full-blown hearing, clear and convincing evidence where the gun owner can come in and defend themselves in the government -- by clear and convincing evidence, the person was disturbed, danger to themselves and others and if the test is met they can see the gun and get the person to help they need and in parkland, florida crews had 22 to 40 visits by the cops, they had no way to stop it, did everything to take an ad in the paper to kill people. what i want to do is encourage these laws with robust due process and that is the president's goal also.
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jillian: 17 states and washington dc have red flag laws, 12 of those dates i got after the parkland heights shooting last year. rob: we will find out about the gilroy garlic festival in california. authorities giving an update on the deadly attack that left 3 people dead including 2 kids. the shooter killed himself. jillian: china threatening to take action if the us sets up new missiles in the asia-pacific region. >> china will not stand idly by and be forced to take countermeasures should the us deploy intermediate-range ground-based missiles in this part of the world. jillian: the morning coming days after mark spoke in favor, within months us recently pulling out of nuclear arms
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control treaty the china is not a part of sparking fears of an arms war. russia warning able develop new nuclear missiles if the us starts doing the same. vladimir putin issuing that warning days after the united states left the landmark arms treaty dating back to the cold war. russia violated the terms of the agreement that bans certain land-based missiles was the kremlin denies those claims and ordering surveillance of us missile development. rob: programming alert was new york city mayor bill diblasio is set to come face-to-face with one of the harshest critics, the presidential candidate has agreed to an interview with sean hannity tomorrow at 9:00 pm eastern time. the discussion will focus on the 2020 election and his candidacy is bill diblasio's latest poll numbers are coming in at around 1%. any way to get his numbers. that will be a very interesting episode.
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jillian: donald from calling for change in the wake of double mass shootings but what kind of change is needed? are red flag laws the answer take you they could be abused, breaking down the proposal that protect your rights while keeping people safe. >> the device i was using was not equipped for a 290 pound man. rob: what happens when a 6 foot 5, 290 pound football player tries to ride his bike? this is going viral. metamucil every day. it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like.
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>> we must do a better job identifying and acting on early warning signs. i am directing the department of justice to work in partnership with local, state and federal
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agencies, to develop tools that can detect mass shootings before they strike. >> calling for strake in double mass shootings. rob: what changes needed and on such a polarizing issue what can congress do? jillian: joining us to respond is texas congressman, appreciate it. i am curious what the so-called red flag laws, a lot of people, this shooter in ohio has this alleged kill and rape list and people are saying how is this person able to legally access a gun and was can we do to stop this? and how to stop it from going forward? >> red flag losses have potential to stop it but also to do harm. because the red flag law is an infringement to infringe upon
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your constitutional right, but it could happen. with my bill i have a bill out. hr 838. this will not be an infringement on anyone's civil rights, a way to grab someone's guns, or do anything like that. a bipartisan bill, it is terrible to be sitting here talking about this horrible tragic incident, two incidents that seem to be occurring on a weekly basis. my heart goes out to the victims and families but we have a solution. the american people. every comment i hear is congress, please come together, get a bipartisan solution to this and let's act. we had the taps act, hr 838 introduced last session,
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introduces the beginning of the session and 100 members of congress cosponsoring equally bipartisan, democrats and republicans, we have 50 outside groups and associations. rob: tell us what that is. and republicans in the nra's pockets, this will not solve anything. how do you defend against that? >> before we started the interview. how does somebody come out of the blue and do something like this? this fellow had given off a lot of signals, he had a rape list, a hit list etc.. the shooter in parkland, marjorie stoneman douglas had interaction with local police
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department 39 times. these people don't just come out and snap and do this on the spur of the moment, they plan, they talk. we know about this. this threat is called behavior, threat assessment or management and it is not anything new. this is a process that is scientifically proven, or come up with the us secret service after president reagan had an assassination attempt and that is over 35 years ago. this is not an expansion of any law. it works into the hands of local and state police, any other entity to be trained up, this is a training program and it will save lives. and congress, capitol hill
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police, the threat assessment method and many celebrities in los angeles police department used it. >> you wonder -- >> if it is good enough for the president, celebrities, it is good enough -- >> if proven why aren't we currently doing it? >> it is happening on the federal level. people in law enforcement, university schools, private entities, can put these dots together and stop these people and mitigate them.
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rob: the kind of weapons we allow siblings get into the country, ak-47, 2 of them in 24 seconds, 30 people were shot, 9 were killed. the weather like that be acceptable? >> we always knee-jerk reaction, democrats go, gun-control, let's arm everybody. we have to get away from the weapon and the instrument of use here. we've got to be proactive. in less then a minute, this shooter was interdicted by the police in dayton, ohio, in one minute he was able to kill people and -- once the first shot is fired your too late. you have to be proactive. the tax act, hr 838 would be proactive. the people want it.
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jillian: it is 19 after the hour. new york city police officer after they were doused with water. >> one of the most disturbing, embarrassing situations that i have seen. i don't know how -- jillian: the city's mayor bill diblasio took much of the blame. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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jillian: the new york times came to democrats who didn't like the paper's headlines following donald trump's call for unity.
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>> trump urges unity, here with the reaction online. >> following the mass shooting, new york times print editor announced the cover of today's paper would read trump urges unity versus racism but this headline led to widespread back lash from the president's critics who called it in accurate. beto o'rourke, unbelievable. kirsten gillibrand, that is not what happened. cory booker responded, lives literally depends on you doing better, please do in new york city mayor bill diblasio responded what happened to the truth is worth it? not the truth, not worth it. because of that back lash the paper changed the headline to a sailing hate but not guns. the change coming after some angry -- they said they would cancel their suspensions.
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>> and having to walk away by that. >> andrew cuomo. and he is also blaming police leadership. >> one of the most disturbing situations, i don't know how we are training these officers, that is an assault. the retreat. >> the head of the nypd's largest police union agrees with cuomo saying cops don't have the support and backing of the mayor while the police commissioner, they feel they have to walk away, but rather than accused of using that.
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any functionality, we pick interesting leaders, bill diblasio condemned these what about attacks. jillian: a fox news alert, nearly all mass shooters, a young man alienated from society. what is going on. a psychologist to the problem is identifying mental illness. rob: every rose has its thorn. something more dangerous hidden inside a bouquet of flowers. ♪
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"shaving has been difficult for me i have very sensitive skin, and i get ingrowing hairs" "just stopping that irritation.... that burn that i get. i wouldn't use anything else" ♪ jillian: a fox news alert, 22 people confirmed dead after a shooting rampage at in el paso walmart.
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doctors say two patients died in the hospital. the gunmen targeted el paso because of its bicultural population but where the shooting occurred may have been random. >> took $10-$11 from texas to el paso, was lost in a neighborhood. after that he found his way to walmart. jillian: police say the suspect is cooperating with the investigation. 15 victims remain in the hospital. rob: mike dewine will unveil new gun and mental health measures after a gunman opened fire killing 9 people. officials reveal the shooter fired off 41 rounds. 30 seconds before being shot and killed by police in dayton. he had 250 rounds on him.
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governor dewine back to senate leaders on passing red flag laws which would remove guns from a person found to be dangerous. donald trump supporting the laws to dayton, ohio a couple days after strongly condemning racism and white extremism. jillian: communities more in these tragedies, we are asking what could lead people to commit such unthinkable horrific acts of violence. rob: let's look at the mind of a mass shooters, reclaiming community and -- thanks for coming on this morning. tell us, these killers have something in common. tell us who these people are. >> when we look at the aggregate of those involved in these you see there is a loneliness and isolation of young white men coming from disenfranchised,
2:32 am
emotionally and spiritually, families were there is abuse, drug and alcohol use or spiritual affiliation. there is not real connection between community and society and lack of understanding of social mores and values we have here. jillian: something we have been thinking about is you hear the term alienation a lot of these people feel alienated from communities, their families, from society. how can we as a country be more alienating nowadays. i feel like we are more accepting community than we were 10, 15, 20 years from now but how can those things happen? >> what i believe is negative judgment on others on unskilled attempt at finding love. when we have negative comments from people who are different or not like we are we end up alienating ourselves and them.
2:33 am
we need to have a community of people, tolerant of people differences but there are two kinds of people, those opening up and becoming more tolerant and those angry at that tolerance and they may find solace and community in the internet in the dark web where they found arousal and validation and voices that are not like the ones we have in the real world. rob: what these people have in common, these killers come from disenfranchised homes, isolated from their community and have an obsession with the internet. for as long -- for a long time there have been loaners. you see them in high school, the quiet kid the didn't have any friends. they have always existed. they have always been this violence. what do you think has changed? >> we have to make inventory of their families in which these people come from and instead of
2:34 am
pointing fingers at those with rhetoric we have to look at a new era and recognize that we around our dinner tables may say things our children are listening to. we have our own negative comments and when engaged in conversations we don't realize we are saying things our children are developing negativity about. i'm not sure it was different in the olden days but we are much more involved with each other through social media and the negativity is more available and rampant on a daily basis. rob: disengaged with each other, so much disengagement, always on their phone. >> a fascinating statement because what happens when involved in social media outlets like cell phones or gaming we are lacking 1-to-1 i contact like we are having now and there are motor neurons in our brains that actually generate a sense
2:35 am
of compassion and kindness and ethical value between one another. when you stare at the screen we are missing that and there comes the lack of moral and ethical development. jillian: thank you for being here. rob: some other headlines, north korea threatening to take a new road after firing two more missiles, before launching two weeks, this move comes as the us and south korea begin new joint military drills, the rogue nation calling that a violent violation of peace talks as the united nations report accuse north korea of funding its nuclear program by stealing $2 billion from bank through cyberattacks. jillian: democratic hopefuls placing donald trump for the back to back mass shootings. >> the policy of this administration amounts to nothing but an onslaught. >> i say to donald trump stop
2:36 am
your anti-immigrant rhetoric. jillian: democrats speaking at a latino conference as the dnc fundraisers off of the tragedy, donations to help them prevent gun violence. rob: check this out. and suv towing a camper caught -- caught on camera flipping out of control. police dashcam video capturing the swerve from side to side before this thing rolls over several times across the highway in australia. debris scattered in the aftermath. the driver and passenger were not seriously hurt. jillian: adult life is pretty tough. stubborn pooch film on the streets of new york city going viral for its dramatic refusal to get up. it is tired, the video has been
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viewed 3 million times. rob: i think it wants the belly rub. one or the other. >> everyone like they belly rub. >> you are into the belly rub you jillian: don't let it hang there. >> my kids do that too. if they want something they will park themselves. good move on you. current temperature 73 new york, 69 in chicago, 70 des moines, we are dealing with a stubborn cold front across the interior northeast, the great lakes, bringing showers and thunderstorms, maybe severe storms later on. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes that you see in the green and yellow, we are not talking a severe weather outbreak but we could see potential for watches or
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warnings, here is your future radar, fairly quiet pattern, potential for showers and thunderstorms to build up over the next couple days across the central us. otherwise very quiet, very summerlike across much of the country and now activity happening in the atlantic basin. that is great news. a message i approve of. jillian: if you approve then we approve. rob: she got a belly rub. that could change everything. jillian: what is the next story? not getting involved. thanks. appreciate it. jillian: more serious news to get to. it is 38 after the hour. a third shooting plot foiled at the last minute. the suspect that grandmother stopped him from carrying out the attack. >> we are requiring people who aspire to be president have to
2:39 am
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira.
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enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in?rom that's right! great! here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy. rob: a group of people going after california for targeting the president's tax returns was bipartisan group of voters suing over what they call them unconstitutional attempt to keep donald trump off the ballot. jillian: this could turn into a massive legal battle. >> reporter: four plaintiffs, one democrat and an independent joining in a federal suit blasting the new law as an unprecedented attempt to add additional qualifications for the president. under the new california law presidential and gubernatorial
2:43 am
candidates must disclose five years of federal income tax returns in order to be listed on the state's primary ballot. all in an effort to give voters details about a candidate's finances. here is going to gavin newsom in an attempt to justify the law. >> ever since richard nixon released his tax returns in 1973 the people have the right to know if there president of the crook, it has become the norm that presidents of all political stripes release their tax returns. >> those suing including a judicial watch say the california law fundamentally changes the constitutional requirements to run for president, violating the first and 14th amendments in the process. judicial watch's president sang california politicians in their zeal to attack donald trump passed a law that unconstitutionally victimizes california voters. it is an obvious legal issue a state can't amend the u.s. constitution by adding qualifications to run for president. the courts can't stop this
2:44 am
abusive law fast enough. the california governor, also democrat jerry brown vetoed a previous version of the same law saying it creates a slippery slope and document could be demand be tending on the political party in power such as health records. i don't think anybody wants that. jillian: alarming numbers showing more kids quitting sports than ever before. was behind easily retirements? should we be worried about the next generation. what parents should know. rob: what is coming up on "fox and friends"? >> reporter: we will discuss the same thing with kobe bryant and other high-profile athletes, saying kids are playing sports before ninth grade, used to have 45% playing, now 38%. this is a great issue, hope you
2:45 am
all stay. we will be talking about gun violence over the weekend and how this is a political opportunity, democrats full-blown blaming donald trump for all of that. we will discuss that and blowing up china america trade war. how republicans and democrats can come together to push back on red china. among our guests, kellyanne conway live, counselor to the president of the united states. and then john bolton will be here, national security adviser renewing sanctions on venezuela like you have never seen before, judge andrew napolitano, what the president is proposing and what lindsey graham is proposing. in the country trio behind all the gold in california helping military families in need. the man behind the cars, larry gatlin, will be joining us on the couch, don't miss a minute of the to the addition of "fox
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and friends," you have to finish, can you promise me you will? rob: we are going to try. jillian: don't know if we can live up to you. >> i fully believe in you and rob. jillian: we are not going to quit. we are coming right back.
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kim jong un grandmother stopped the potential mass shooting by turning in her grandson. the texas woman convincing william patrick williams to -- he revealed his plans to shoot up a hotel and commit suicide. with loaded magazines, knives and clothing, williams is facing 5 years in jail for lying to a
2:50 am
firearms dealer about his address was a little boys rescued from a manhole, caught on camera in china. this 3-year-old steps onto a broken manhole cover and there he goes dropping right down into the sewer and his parents looking down trying to figure out what he is doing, dad, quick thinking considers going down to be will before he reachedes down it is able to pull his son right out, the toddler is okay. jillian: tough to watch. pro athletes teaming up to launch a campaign called don't retire, kid, after a study shows 62% of kids have quit playing sports. >> i'm here to announce my retirement from sports, baseball, basketball, all of them. i was having fun and now it is time to call it quits. jillian: should we be worried about the next generation? joining me is often disconnected, how to reconnect digitally distracted kids and
2:51 am
family therapist, thanks for your time. when you hear stuff like this what do you make of it? >> when i was a kid i played sports. i played a lot of pickup sports. we go out to the field, home run derby in football season and tackle football and nowadays sports is so concentrated for a lot of kids to one sport and parents are pushing the kid to excel at that sport and that is part of it. jillian: we would play a different sport every season but now it seems parents and kids are so focused on playing that one sport, getting real good at that one sport so you wonder if that adds to the percentage of kids who are not playing all these sports. >> another component is we are up against the screens, video games, social media, smart phones and people spending more
2:52 am
time indoors and outdoors. we have to get them outdoors. >> what makes videogames different? we had them when i was younger. >> nowadays they have hundreds of engineers behind-the-scenes doing everything to get the ultimate -- on people's minds. jillian: kids who have 62% of american children have quit playing sports, 62% and look at this, participation drop rates, 2008, 45% played sports in 2018, dropping to 38% of kids. i also wonder if the conversation of concussions is get off parents into allowing as easily their kids to play sports like football, soccer, things that are important to that conversation. >> the concussion protocol, we hear about that all the time especially in a sport like football but you think football you think concussion. there are a lot of other sports. all of that plays into it and i
2:53 am
coached for many years also and the competitiveness out there, kid that young age are competing. i don't care if we win. just have fun and enjoy the sport. jillian: when i was a kid i played a lot of sports and my dad was my coach for a lot of my jeans and my softball team in particular. whether we won orlosky was one of the best coaches out there and he was never mad, never getting competitive, he would take our team and that is a memory. i am sad for kids that they don't have those memories and don't learn development of skills for later in life. >> it teaches sports, teachers get, rather and failure. it really breeds young men and
2:54 am
women. to get kids back into sports and not get out of sports. jillian: they taught me how to golf. get out there and play, get off your phone for a second. it is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. trading christopher paper, only one problem, no one is recycling mcdonald's new straws. >> was not equipped for a 290 pound man. jillian: a 290 pound football player tries to write a kid's bike. going viral this morning, we are coming right back. good thing they discovered gain flings with oxi boost and febreze odor remover. gain flings. seriously good scent.
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oprah pope poppulp. . .
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rob: cbs is launching its own suspect description delivery service. it looks a lot like prime. care pass will allow customers to receive free shipping on prescription medications and other drugstore products for a flat fee of 48 bucks a year. the program was tested in three cities before cbs announcecvsannounced nationwide rollout. jillian: replaced plastic straws can't actually be recycled. mcdonald's insist the issue is with the waste management infrastructure hasn't kept pace with the emergence of
2:59 am
paper straws. ironically the chain's plastic straws were recyclables. rob: ultimate irony. george w. bush sharing adorable picture of first grandson daughter jenna bush hager gave birth to henry harold. mad his name wasn't jorm. fold people magazine he was looking forward to having a fishing buddy. jillian: jj watts makes a kid's day but then breaks the little kid's bike. check it out. >> pretty awesome i broke the bike. the bike i was using was not equipped for 290-pound man. jillian: do you think? >> the defensive end joint practice. he says he got the kid a new bike. rob: finally the ugly. every rose has its thosh. this buoy quay has something a little more dangerous had
3:00 am
a knife in it. finding the blade hiding between the stems passenger's carry on bag. that passenger will face a civil penalty. jillian: have a good day everyone. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> this is a fox news alert. you are looking live at the white house 1600 pennsylvania avenue where it was announced yesterday that the president tomorrow will be heading to dayton and el paso, the cit site of those mass shootings. ainsley: yesterday he was there in the diplomat being reception room and he spoke for 10 minutes condemning racism. he had a pretty powerful speech talking about the red flag laws which would identify people who are likely to commit violence. >> in one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. these sin niszster identifiedologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america. we must stop


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