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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 8, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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were grieving and morning, politicizing tragedy is not a good thing, none of us should do it, the hate and the rhetoric we have heard over the last 4 or 5 days has got to take a break. taking some time off, see you back soon, great guest host in the meantime and shannon bream in the fox news team, take it away. shannon: we will miss you. the president fresh off his visit with first responders and victims of the shootings in el paso and dayton facing a new line of attack, democrats invoking white supremacy to describe the president. here what rush limbaugh has to say about that coming up. donald trump signaling he supports background checks and red flag laws. will he take executive action. the nra is weighing in and coming up former acting attorney general live.
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a new violent film about elites hunting down deplorables, human beings, one nation his pulled the ad and one major hollywood production company scrambles about the marketing of this movie as many ask why was it even made. we have fox team coverage, garrett tenney standing by in el paso, karl rove, kristin fisher on how donald trump and the first lady spent the day. >> reporter: we didn't see much of donald trump today. all his meetings with survivors in hospitals were close to the press but there was a moment late tonight, his last stop in el paso where we watched him here the story of one of the heroes. officer rodriguez is one of the first responders to the walmart shooting in el paso, told donald trump she rushed in never thinking 2 of her relatives were inside.
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>> my cousin is fighting for his life. >> reporter: donald trump raised first responders, the emergency operations center the protest that followed donald trump wherever he went continued. >> send him back! >> reporter: donald trump started by saying he didn't want to the about the political divisive is that has gripped the country after 31 people were shot and killed. >> i would like to stat of the political fray. >> before the day was over donald trump attacked several of the 2020 opponents on twitter and senator sherrod brown of ohio in dayton's mayor. >> i had it with sherrod brown. he and the mayor. >> reporter: the senator and mayor accompanied the president as he visited, they complement at his bedside manner. >> the first responders were grateful the president of the united states came. >> he was confident, he did the right thing. >> reporter: they were critical
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of the president for not supporting on assault weapons ban and for the language he has used which face a few the sites of shooting. >> i'm very concerned about a president that relies on this rhetoric. >> the president insisted that he has not emboldened white supremacist. >> my critics are political people trying to make points. in many cases are running for president and are low in the polls. >> joe biden double down on the charge. >> this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. >> reporter: race and gun-control are the dominant issue on the campaign trail and would be on capitol hill of congress was in session. donald trump floated the idea of calling congress back early. >> i will bring them back. >> reporter: donald trump says he sees no political appetite for renewing the assault weapons ban but he believes the time a be right for universal background checks. >> a great appetite, strong
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appetite for background checks and we can bring back background checks like we never had before. >> reporter: bringing up background checks would require mitch mcconnell's support and so far he has resisted pressure to bring back senators back early from recess. >> we will talk to the attorney general about executive action, what the president can do and how gun rights supporters feel about that. let's go live to el paso. garrett tenney has been peeking to members of the community updating the president's visit. >> reporter: today was a tale of 2 presidents. for some this was a visit from the commander-in-chief, the consoler in chief but for others the agitator in chief and that was on display outside university medical center in el paso where the president's supporters and protesters line
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the street during his visit. >> i find it hypocritical that our president comes in here to play the part of him being a sympathizer when in reality it has been in his rallies that he painted us as an unsafe city and inspired the shooter to drive 9 hours to commit murder. >> we shouldn't start blame each other for our words. we should actually try to get together and find out what to do next. >> reporter: as the president landed, 700 people attended the el paso march downtown including el paso native beto o'rourke. >> talked about mexican immigrants so many have found a home in el paso though they commit crimes at a horrible rate, called them rapists and criminals, sought to make this country afraid of us. has sought to keep us down. >> reporter: to put the protest
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in perspective the president was last here in february. the protest numbered in the thousands. the city still has 21 funerals to prepare for, the first earlier today. officials have said that is where this community efforts are going to be and you can see that here at this memorial which has continued to grow night after night as thousands of people have come out to pray together and honor and remember the 22 people whose lives were stolen on saturday. >> we've heard how they come together to support each other regardless of background. they are there to pull together. thank you for covering it for us. in peach walking castro is trending on twitter after the texas democrat posted a list of 44 trump reelection donors from his own district was one of those donors is under fire for
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naming and shaming on twitter has actually donated castro's campaign too though he will not do that again and he's not the only one. tonight congressman castro's 20 brother julian who is running for president responded to donald trump on twitter, quote, joaquin and i will keep fighting, the american people will fight against your hate, your corruption and your ego and we will win. across the country there are vigils tonight for the victims in el paso and dayton. our next guest, a proud texan where one of the vigils is underway and the beauty chief of staff under george w. bush karl rove, great to see you tonight. we know the people of texas are strong and resilient but they have faced a number of these situations and now looking at the president's response we were talking about the fact whether he goes within an hour or doesn't go or speaks or doesn't speak there are going to be critics who no matter what the
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president does at a time like this. >> he made the right decision to go. he met with victims and first responders. this is not a day to make a speech, this was a day to comfort people and they did so in dayton and el paso the president was doing exactly, pictures speak volumes about his perception in dayton and el paso and medical facilities where people were struggling to recover. >> in texas senator ted cruz had a lot to say about how both sides need to calm down and 21 funerals to go in el paso. a stunning number. >> everyone in the political arena just ratchet down the rhetoric. it is fine to disagree on a policy issue or substantive issue but the hateful and
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inflamed rhetoric you see on both sides of the aisle is not good. >> reporter: it seems it has gotten worse in the last 48 hours. >> i think it has. i have written about this in tomorrow's wall street journal. i have been taken aback by how many democrat candidates are saying the president is an accomplice to these murders and date in and el paso, how he is responsible. the accusation that he is responsible, cory booker said it, so did mayor pete buttigieg, so did robert francis o'rourke and also how this is been used politically, think about this, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders both say the president is responsible and call him a racist and both of them sent out fundraising emails drawing on these two massacres in el paso and dayton. elizabeth warned to raise money
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for democratic senate candidates and bernie sanders to ask people to sign a petition, names he would later solicit i'm sure for his campaign and this afternoon joe biden went out and gave this speech again suggesting the president was directly responsible for these murders and immediately sent out, so talk about politicizing something that should never be politicized, these people are doing that and what gets me is think about this. we accuse bernie sanders of inciting the guy who tried to go republican house members. almost killed steve scalise, shot a capital police officer, shot 2 other individuals at a baseball practice and he turned out to be an ardent bernie sanders supporter and raged on the internet and social media against donald trump's policies,
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should we blame bernie sanders? nobody in their right mind would suggest that. how battle as before in, turns out the guy in ohio apparently was a fan of hers, a self-proclaimed leftist, a fan of bernie sanders, praised antifa, attacked donald trump and his policies. should we blame them because he was a supporter of theirs? obviously not but that is where we have come in our society and our politics is broken enough. this is not something we should find acceptable for political candidates particularly the ones struggling to get attention, to point the finger and say the president of the united states is directly responsible for somebody who has committed a heinous act in el paso a heinous act in dayton, ohio. >> a lot of the folks i talked to, the article is excellent but most americans out there safe through the parties out, they want a little unity, that is what they want to hear from people regardless where they are coming from so let's hope we can
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get there. karl rove, thank you very much. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell campaign twitter account still apparently suspended late this evening, twitter suspending the mcconnell campaign account because it violated guidelines by posting video of the protest outside the republican senate majority leader's home. the video shows the protester threatening, asking to step the blank in the hearts of twitter says it has to come down because they don't post threats regardless of the nature of them, meanwhile politico tonight reporting that the white house is circulating draft of an executive order intended to address allegations of bias against conservatives at social media companies like twitter. later this week donald trump's to a fundraiser in new york hosted by real estate developer stephen ross. among other things ross partially owns the miami dolphins and the couple business chains. customers are threatened to
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boycott his equinox and soul cycle gems if you go through the trump fundraiser. they say they have nothing to do with the event and do not support it. house judiciary committee is trying to force former white house counsel don mcgann to testify. the panel suing to make and comply with a subpoena. it is also challenging trump administration assertions of various privileges and immunities regarding former white house employees. former acting attorney general matt whitaker joins us live to tackle the legal debate along with talk of a timeline for impeaching the president. painting all conservatives as violent white supremacists, what's trump in the mainstream media are saying tonight. we will debate where the country goes next. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> hyperbole, conspiracy and more.
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the media commentators going into overdrive ramping up attacks on donald trump and conservatives in the wake of the mass shooting. our chief trace gallagher looks at it. >> reporter: we have gone to a new level, on top of fueling hate with his words the president is signaling white supremacists through a type of secret code system and this person is not just an nbc contributor but a former fbi assistant director of counterintelligence who is accusing the president of having an interior motive by ordering flags be flown at half staff until august 8th. the change the numbers 88 are very significant in the a nazi and white supremacy movement because the letter h is the eighth letter of the alphabet so to them the numbers 88 together stand for hail hitler. >> reporter: he says the president should have been
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advised to steer clear of the 88. host on the network had to apologize for agreeing with a guest who came to this baffling conclusion. >> what do you do with an infestation? the natural conclusion is to attempt extermination. >> a president talking about exterminating latinos. >> they apologized and condemned the president in one tweet quoteing i spoke about trump calling for an extermination of latinos, my mistake was unintentional and i'm sorry. trump's constant assault on people of color and his use of the word invasions describe the flow of immigrants is intentional and constant and there is more, like this tweet from director and author quoting it would be great if all media outlets paid their respects to victims of the el paso shooting
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and dayton shooting respectively by not covering racist in chief trump's visit to each city, nobody wants him there. is like a murderer returning to the scene of the crime to gloat. for the record it should be noted the president overall was warmly received indictment el paso. shannon: thank you very much. somehow profile democrats following suit in this new attack against donald trump. >> clear language and in code this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. >> that is echoed in congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez tweets, white supremacy is often subconscious and
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clearly our nation has not been inoculated. white supremacy is the nation's original sin, the driving logic of slavery, of native genocide, of jim crow, of segregation, of mass incarceration of, quote, send her back. it never went away, just went dormant with former clinton pollster doug shown and lieutenant governor of texas dan patrick, thank you for being with us tonight. i want to read to you under the headline of the new york times conservatism has a violence problem. to pretend the problem is symmetrical, mainstream conservative politicians use the rhetoric of physical violence much more often starting with the current president of the united states and right-wing extremists have a culture of violence unlike anything on the left. its consequences are fatal again and again. your response? >> i hate to dignify the comments biden and beto and others have made because being here does something different to you because you feel the pain of the community so i don't want to go down the ugly political sliding board the democrats of
12:22 am
gone down but beto is showing himself to be nothing more than the biggest political huckster i have ever seen trying to turn his 2% into something more on the backs of this tragedy. this is the worst of times in the best of times. we have seen in america, we have seen it in texas. it is a terrible time but you see the best of people coming out and i spent a lot of time with the president. i was his campaign chair, he has been here many times, we have had quiet time together, personal time. i have seen them in action, this guy doesn't have one racist bone in his body. he loves everybody. we walk in the back way for security, through the kitchen, he shakes every hand doesn't matter what, you are or who you vote for, he loves everybody and this is just a scurrilous attack on this president and it is hurting our country. we are trying to heal and they're trying to divide. we are different in texas because today governor abbott and myself and the speaker met
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with the el paso delegation. we are not hearing them. in texas we are one texan. at a time like this like after hurricane harvey or the school shooting or other disasters we have had it is not republican or democrat. we are all texans trying to come together and we go to separate corners when the election comes but we are together right now. what i'm seeing on the national scene is disgraceful and it is hurting our country but people have common sense. the american people are smart and see right through this and it will propel trump to a bigger win. >> words have power. they are very powerful and a lot of folks are slicing enticing what was said. rush limbaugh had this to say about how democrats are using specific words as a means to a end? >> they are trying to trick people, pull the will over their eyes to set up anybody who opposes mass migration as a racist.
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racism and ray his first lost its impact of your comes white supremacist and white supremacy. >> reporter: if someone who has advised democrats do they need to be careful in using the specific words? >> i think we all need to be careful in the language we use, democrats and republicans. specifically applied of the things lieutenant governor patrick said that he met with his democratic colleagues from el paso. this is a model for what we need on the national level. we've got 2-tone down the rhetoric, pass background checks which the president said he will support, red flag legislation which the republicans have indicated support for and let's go -- if someone is ineligible to get a gun, prosecute him. let's come together around legislation to try to solve our
12:25 am
problems rather than engaging in slimy matches where the democrats are bad, the republicans are worse or vice versa. let's come together and solve problems. that i understand to be the best of times and the best of what this country stands for. shannon: we have talked about people of el paso and folks come together and reach across any differences or barriers to help each other. are you hopeful that can happen on the national stage as well? >> i'm hopeful because the people of america are good people and not on these extremes on either side. that is not where america is. in texas and el paso, strong christian states, in texas when we go to our knees it is not because we are going to surrender to the shooters or the haters or the white supremacists or domestic terrorists, we get on our knees and pray to god and we ask for understanding.
12:26 am
i talked to a great-grandfather who lost members of his family and he said it is not up to us to question god. it is up to us to trust god and that is happening here in el paso. these are good people coming together. there were 4 or 5 or 600 people who said that is a small number of protesters, the president was welcome everywhere. i went with my democrat senator to give blood today, everyone told the president we are glad he's coming. in the hospital the president told me everyone said thank you for coming. people were glad the president came and he handled it properly. >> let's get legislation passed, let's let this moment not pass, a tragic moment, let's at least get background check legislation passed now. call congress back into session now immediately. shannon: thank you both very much.
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china ratchets up its battle plans revealing its end game in the ongoing trade war. what our sources and beijing are telling us tonight.
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>> shannon: right now defense secretary mark esper is in mongolia on his first international trip since being confirmed as the new pentagon >> defense secretary mark esper is in mongolia on his first international trips and being confirmed as new pentagon chief, the country between russia and china is strategic reuters reporting deepening ties with mongolia is part of a new defense strategy to focus on countering beijing and moscow. breaking news on tariffs china is digging in amid escalating trade tensions with the us tonight. sources and beijing are telling foxbusiness network's edward lawrence the chinese hearing out of plan right now to retaliate. >> reporter: a lot of movement in china signaling a trade dispute, chinese sources are
12:32 am
telling us they expect 10% tariffs on additional $300 billion with chinese imports to be imposed on september 1st. those sources are also telling us they believe they are preparing for the 10% tariffs to go to 25% because china refuses to buy us agriculture, chinese government officials are in an annual government retreat where our sources say they are working on ways to retaliate that will not affect china's economy. one idea being considered is to fully support government companies and support foreign companies in china just not from the us. the chinese economy is slowing, donald trump looking at that believing the chinese will need a deal. >> companies leaving china because of the tariffs and we are in a very good position as to whether or not a deal will be made. i will tell you this, china would rather make a deal very badly. >> reporter: tariffs on china increasing, possibly more to come. the treasury department says the
12:33 am
treasury is taking in $63 billion in tariffs over the past 12 months, that is on all tariffs on all countries including steel and aluminum. in june alone $6 billion has been collected, the president ending again he might use part of that money for a bailout for farmers for the third year in a row in the us and china positioning trying to see which one will play first and concessions were trade deal, a global game of economic chicken. >> reporter: thank you very much. more than 600 illegal immigrants were detained while working in several different food processing plants across mississippi. the operation coordinated by federal agents, ice, the justice department and homeland security. >> to those who take advantage, to those who use illegal aliens for competitive advantage or to make a quick buck we have something to say to you. if we find you have violated
12:34 am
federal criminal law we are coming after you. >> reporter: the companys involved could be charged with knowingly hiring illegal immigrants or tax documents and wage fraud. new tonight some gangs in new york using mod's to plan their crimes. rick leventhal is cracking their code. >> reporter: seemingly innocuous symbols take on sinister meeting according to the new york post as a way for gang members to communicate without getting caught. the gas pump is a universal code for gang so if you're going into gang mode you post a pump. the nypd gang squads is to thumbs up for the knuckles facing each other is the sign of the critics and their rivals the bloods signal their affiliation with a magician's top hat. of gang members want to disrespect rivals they will post the symbols upside down or if they really want to taunt their
12:35 am
rivals will live stream video on snapchat, a practice known as cyber banking. the post reports the most popular sites for gang members include what's apps, cover me, kick messenger and messages disappear soon after they are sent making it harder for cops to track but they avoid facebook which they call fed book because authorities have been monitoring facebook for years looking for evidence of illegal activity and finding, locking up numerous gang leaders who post things they probably wish they didn't. it is getting tougher since they can't monitor messages sent in the chat apps so are relying on confidential informants who can grab screenshots of gang activity and reaching out to parents to monitor kids social media, seminars to teach these symbols and warning signs. one red flag. if could live in a certain neighborhood and have thousands of friends online it might not something in their popular. it could mean they are up to no good.
12:36 am
>> it has been called television's biggest opener drug market and the feds are cracking down topping the western roundup. the us attorney's office launching a federal initiative to combat crime in the tenderloin district, federal law enforcement agencies including the fbi targeting crime including drug trafficking, firearms offenses and sex trafficking. yes means no and no means yes. that's what phoenix residents will encounter an upcoming measure on whether or not to spin the city of light rail. a yes vote would stop the expansion while a no vote would continue it. the wording is making it hard to educate voters while city officials are urging everyone to read the fine print on their ballot. california's only no wolfpack is doubled in size. wildlife officials released video showing 3 new pups. authorities trying to help gray wolves make a slow come back after getting nearly wiped out in the 1920s.
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a washington woman now on powerful antibiotics to counter venom injected into her chin when she posed with an octopus on her face and it bit her. she said the pain was intense and she couldn't get the bleeding to stop for half an hour. she got her revenge by having the octopus for dinner. trump's openness the background checks and red flag laws raising concerns from the nra. acting attorney general matt whitaker joins us live. ns, because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. i/p ú:]÷ug< offers free so bookers can book now... and ask their boss later. [do you want breakfast or no?]
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>> must make sure those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety do not have access to firearms and if they do those firearms can be taken through rapid due process. >> donald trump signaling
12:42 am
support for red flag laws and background checks in the wake of recent mass shootings and he already took executive action via the justice department to been bump stocks was what else might he do? joining the former acting attorney general matt whitaker, thank you for joining us. i want to read something from columbine survivor who happens to be the colorado house gop leader and sees this. the policies serve one purpose, gun confiscation without due process. it will further stigmatize military and veterans and put police in danger and does nothing to deal with problems of mental illness. i'm asking the president to ignore senator graham and their abscission to pass a gun confiscation bill. how does this play out? what people have to be convinced to go along with this. it wouldn't be a federal law that federal grant money but there is a lot of talk about it now. >> when i was on the school safety commission is acting attorney general. we looked at red flag laws and a recommendation was each statecraft their own laws, there are 17 on the books currently and would like to see how those
12:43 am
are playing out. the president mentioned you would have some form of due process but the men and women in law enforcement need as many tools as we can to deal with mental health. when i was attorney general and chief of staff of sessions i heard a lot in law enforcement about the help they needed dealing with the mentally ill in their communities. >> you think it is a funding issue? >> i don't think it is a funding issue. to some extent it is hard to predict when somebody is going to tip over. we heard a lot of talk in the last couple days about tragedies in ohio and texas and it is hard to predict when an individual is going to seek that avenue to act out. law enforcement is doing so many things. if they need more tools, each state legislature should look
12:44 am
hard at how to craft for their state. >> due process issue is a big when you are going to have to convince a lot of people before other folks feel comfortable getting on board with that when dealing with a constitutional right. >> you can get in court pretty quick in front of the judge if you need to. >> it is the other side, making sure -- the parties, representation but we will see. the devil is always in the details. i want to ask about the talk of moving forward, there are fights over subpoenaing done began to get him to testify, how democrats say they need that to determine whether they are moving forward with a formal impeachment inquiry. years house judiciary chairman democrat jerry nadler. >> if we get to that in late fall or the latter part of the year. >> he says he has a timeline. >> he does. i know don mcgann said he did
12:45 am
not when is the president do anything unlawful or illegal services another waste of time, trying to continue the investigation by democrat members of congress. it will end of not bearing any fruit in the important work of americans including gun violence, immigration and all the other things congress should spend their time working on on behalf of the american people being ignored. shannon: you are nancy pelosi cautioning them they need to do that but now we are hearing talk that she is starting to be more open to the idea. we will see, the committee chairman is talking about it openly. we will talk about that and these other legal fights that continue. >> let's do it soon. this is a fox news alert. in southern california there are between 8 and 10 crime scenes going on after a mass stabbing. police say four people have been killed in a series of robberies
12:46 am
and stabbings in garden grove and santa ana. the suspect has been arrested after stabbing a security guard. new details coming in so we will track that and get you more information. a controversial movie about privileged vacationers hunting down human deplorables for sport sparking a lot of backlash. >> they are not human beings. >> get your popcorn, we debate this after the break. beside youd up ahead... you can keep your mind on bigger things. ♪ safety first. ♪ and second. ♪ and throughout the all-new ram 1500. motor trend's 2019 truck of the year. ♪
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♪ >> hunting human beings for sports. >> they are not human beings. >> every year bunch of elites kidnapped normal folk like us where they get you. >> and hunt us for sport. >> universal studios reportedly reevaluating its marketing strategy for an upcoming horror movie in which ritually turned so-called human deplorables. according to the hollywood reporter which says espn has pulled an ad for the film. let's bring in the founder of catalina magazine and the founder of turning point usa
12:51 am
charlie kirk for more. to let folks know him a little more about the plot it follows a dozen them aga types a week up in a clearing and realize they are being stocked for sport, features guns blazing along with other ultraviolent killing is the elites take off their prey. all for creativity and free speech, not sure who thought this was a great idea especially heading into an election year. >> they have a right to make foolish decisions and for the last couple days i have agreed with words matter and they can lead to violence and my goodness you have a whole movie. how do this even get a production. it is not funny. they have a right to do it. they are saying it is satire way they are calling these individuals deplorable title deplorables, and one point to viewers that is important, we have seen how these particular
12:52 am
films have negative affects and the netflix series that focused on teenage suicide we have seen a direct correlation in teenage suicide since the series came out on netflix so make no mistake these films can have real cultural impact. unbelievably insensitive a couple days after two mass shootings that this is potentially advertised. i agree with deemphasizing it but how was this made in the first place? >> if you bring up the idea that some of what is happening in our country is cultural in nature, we have violent video games, violent movies, people immediately say that is not a factor or where we should be focusing. i've seen the ads, they are terrifying and discussing, don't care who is hunting who, humans going after each other, do we need this in our society? >> now we don't need it but it is like the walking dead.
12:53 am
these things are disturbing and disgusting and charlie and i are going to agree for the first time ever in a debate that words do matter and the words in this movie at this time in a nation when we are grieving the death of so many innocent people words do matter and many people putting the blame on the president right now and his words so to put out a movie that is going to do the opposite, to make liberals hunting conservatives, that is disturbing and maybe years from now we will look back on it but like they pulled the interview, so many movies have been held back because the timing is disturbing. now is not the time. when words matter. >> quote in the hollywood reporter articles his employees of different departments were questioning the wisdom of making such a movie in these times in light of the horrific recent
12:54 am
shootings, is this not the most craven dangerous exploitation. i have seen the trailers, they've been out there. espn has pulled the ad for now but there was supposed to big ad blitz in september. movies take a long time to make, no way they could have known the timing they were going to face. any chance the movie goes away altogether or is it more popular than ever because there will be so much controversy? >> potentially but i thought the same thing, a different way of analyzing it. it takes a lot of planning. there were meetings about this and lots of variations of scripts that went through this, $18 million budget. this was not just a foolish tweet, this is a multimillion dollar production by a major moviehouse where the east coast of the entire film is conservative trump supporters being hunted for sport by liberals. that is not funny, not entertaining. is a marketing gimmick? i would love to see them defend
12:55 am
that. this is gone through months if not years of iteration of the final conclusion i don't care when this would be released weather was in a time of national mourning or not it is not funny, not appropriate and should be condemned. shannon: thank you both for weighing in. we've got to run. not our heroes walk on two legs. our midnight heroes prove that next. every month.
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♪ >> shannon: shannon: after the tragic shootings in el paso some adorable therapy dogs are working to put smiles on the faces of victims and first responders. they are specifically trained to seek out individuals in crisis and try to provide comfort to them. they arrived in el paso sunday and providing unconditional love ever since. to those adorable pooches, trainers and handlers and
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everyone who arranged this, everyone bonding together, you're all tonight's midnight heroes. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. >> we had an amazing day. i did an incredible job. the enthusiasm, love and respect. >> you believe the president is a racist, is the president a white supremacist? >> he is. >> thursday, august 8th and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4 am on the east coast donald trump visiting shooting victims in texas and ohio. the 2020 democrats determined to divide. how the presidenig


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