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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 8, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> donna: and dan, i just want you to protect me when i feel scared. >> dan: i got to show my stuff stuff. >> dana: never miss an episode of "the five," up next. with a young man, and clearly the octopus never saw the movie "alien." >> and last weekend's mass shooting, faces calls for new gun control from without. in battles for control from within. plus, hunting political opponents as sports, a new movie is called losing so much if fear. this is "special report" ." good evening come on john roberts and n for bret baier, the democrats new
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weapon is the same as his old weapons. the president continues to defend himself as opponents last weekend mass shooting in hoyle. now several of the democrats seeking to replace him in the oval office are openly calling the president a white supremacist. >> good evening, john, do mass shootings this week a month congressional democrats are pushing the white house to call and senators to return to washington and address of bills that would expand it background checks. they have moved from criticizing the president to calling him a racist. >> when he has done is even worse, he's a white to premised across this country. >> cleaning president trump is a racist and white supremacist. she joins former congressman and senator bernie sanders and
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elizabeth warren. campaigning in iowa, warren told "the new york times" "he has done the week and then not least talked about white supremacists as fine people. done everything he can to stir up racial conflict and hatred in this country. this afternoon, former president joe biden. >> i think every thing the president has done to encourage us what to permissive. >> they are running a predictable tire to play, he references congressman, alexandria ocasio-cortez and house speaker nancy pelosi singled out newly elected women of color. at one which they never cease to use when they are down or run out of facts. if racism, they are truly disgusted. less than a week after a mass shooting in el paso, investigators are treating it as a domestic terrorism case and another in dayton, democrats and republicans are again discussing solutions to gun violence. >> the larger point, frankly, here is we need to find ways to
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legislate together. the president's leadership on taking real steps on background checks will be critical. >> the mayors of el paso, dayton, and more than 200 cities have written senate leadership's to call people back to washington to consider a pair of house passed bill that expands back on checks. it "the tragic events and el paso, are just the latest reminders that our nation can no longer wait for our federal government to take the actions necessary to prevent people who should not have access to firearms and being able to purchase them." >> ceo has just released the statement, he said the nra opposes any proposal that infringes on the rights of law-abiding americans. it would not have prevented the shootings from this past weekend. john. >> john: mitch mcconnell saying the back ground checks will be front and center when caucus comes back.
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they find some cells in the familiar and unpopular position opposing the rising call for gun control. but cowboys tells us this evening, the nra, is dealing with a major conflict within its own organization. >> hello, 911. >> hello? i can't hear you. >> it is no predictable pattern after this common form of frontage. they renew their call for gun control. >> enough is enough. republicans mostly resist, nra pushes back, calling the loyalty of its representatives and clout in washington. at this time may be different, three mashed readings in seven days comes from internal strife at the nra, the nra claims its ceo tried to have the nra by a multimillion dollar estate in the texas gulf for ceo
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wayne lapierre. they tell fox news that the allegations are patently false. additionally, three members of the nra board resigned this week signing reckless spending. the sheer repetition of that mass shootings, may change the dynamic. it has with his former nra member. >> the nra is losing membership because people like me, jumped out of it. because they're so radical. nobody wants to come. >> conscious that webmaster writer and ar-15 owner, for trashing eight new york post editorial that comes ar-15 are regularly used only in mass shootings, french rights falls, falls, falls, i use want to protect my family . stepping towards pot copper mice. >> were going to come up with something that is going to be really, very good, beyond anything that's been done so fa far. >> what he means is to be seen. joe of west virginia told
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"the wall street journal" that the president supports expansion of background checks and flag laws. it would give congressional republicans cover. under fire from protesters and e he recovers from a fractured shoulder, he ways in calling a radio station and engaging in bipartisan could discussion that will meet the senates' threshold. >> were going to begin the discussion during the august break and when we get back hopefully we will be in a position to agree on things on a bipartisan basis and go make a law. >> they are generally followed by a spike in an art a revenue, and by an increase in >> john: thug, washington, doug, thanks. president trump is launching new attacks against a texas congressman who tweeted the names and employers of donors to the president from his district.
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this comes as one of the president's high dollar supporters faces a serious business backlash over his political beliefs. tonight correspondent gillian turner looks at the rising costs of political free speech. >> president trump kick the twitter feed with democratic lawmaker joaquin castro, up another dodge today for posting and licks of texan who considered committed. i do not know who he is paid who makes a full half of them self every time he opens his mouth. for the privacy rights of the donors, the president of the senate leadership says one reason to protect the mega donors and anonymity. they often protect donors identities. >> i think all of this is designed to ratchet up the cost of supporting president trump or supporting other conservative causes.
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if that's outside of the best tradition of our democracy, and fact i think it's ultimately un-american. >> also inspiring ire on social media today, media billionaire stephen of the miami dolphins. anti-trump activists responded to the rallying cry to boycott fitness brands soulcycle and equinox. in which he holds states. stakes. what's your policy on canceling that your owner is enabling racism and mass murder. stephen ross tells fox news i have known donald trump for four years and while we agree on some issues, we strongly disagree on many others. they are both now distancing themselves, they don't endorse
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the fund-raiser and they are not supporting it in any way. the good news for president trump it can be at the event they will drop anywhere from 600 to $250,000 a pop for his reelection efforts. john. >> john: they fund-raiser, gillian turner tonight, jillian, thank you. there's an upper were tonight of a movie that depicts what the one presenters hunting the portables for support. the basic premise, man hunting man has been a hollywood stable going all the way back to 1932, it's the most dangerous game. but the suggestion of political and the proximity of last week's shootings, now with jonathan but the details. >> good evening, the hollywood reporter claims the movie was originally called "red state versus blue state" and then an earlier screenplay wanted the characters "nothing is better then going up to the manor and
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slaughtering thousands of deplorable," that's what hillary clinton used the donald trump supporters during that 26 election campaign. we confirmed that line that the portables is in the movie, but we haven't seen is one of the trailers by universal and which two characters that discuss the right of wealthy people among other humans. we pay for everything, so this country belongs to us. says the character played by hillary swank, it is just business, hunting human beings for sport. now universal having second thoughts about the movie seems possibly its release. telling fox news in a statement, auto sensitivity for the country's recent shooting tragedies, universal pictures and the filmmakers of "the hunt, was good have recently pulled this marketing campaigns as they are reviewing materials at
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moving forward. >> when you have hyper political kinds of confrontation with gory violence thrown in, i thick it's just a cultural loser. i think it's too bad that the hollywood "industry" can do better for our society. >> we have not seen the movie or read the screenplay but this would not be the first time real life events have impacted movies. the release of collateral damage and starring was pushed back after the 9/11 attack and the rs postponed after a mass shooting in las vegas. so now the projected release date of "the hunt" september 27th. >> john: jonathan out of los angeles, thank you. if most of the democratic presidential candidates are in iowa this week enjoying corn dogs and funnel cakes. one of the traditional stops of
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the campaign stops. from iowa state fair. >> i feel good about it. >> joe biden is not a first timer at iowa state fair but this time around he holds a third time's a charm to charm the iowa caucus cougars because of the barack obama and minister should. >> that that has spoiled the front runner in presidential candidates like elizabeth warren, bernie sander bernie sanders, are passing the victory for the democratic party. >> i'm not sure those senators can win montana or wisconsin or pennsylvania or michigan, places that we need to win. >> senator warren is also in iowa campaigning and disappearing to already shrug off mark progressive helices. if >> we need to get rid of
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house. >> i don't need agree with that. >> there also concerned with trade with china. >> we have to rely on trade, we raise soybeans, we have done damage to the soybean craze, we won't get that. in terms of playing the long end, pig farmers are on the present side. >> it's also about the fried food the candidates each. there are dos and don'ts of her 2020 hoping to impress. one part producer has been helping candidates grilled pork chops for 27 years at iowa state fair. >> he's a good guy. he knew what he was doing. the ones that don't, you can tell. >> john, iowa produces more parking than any state in
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america. they produce 90,000 pieces of pork every year, but senator cory booker chelsea gabbard won't get to have any because they don't eat meat. they will have to politely convince a state of meat lovers to love them without letting their food. >> john: certainly a lots at the state fair, hillary tonight, thank you. there is growing to stomach concern that isis is renting a come back lucas expense from the pentagon tonight. >> in march, the right the whie declared that all isis activity was gone. they could be back in syria returning to its insurgent routes in iraq. a refugee camp in northeast syria, there are 43,000 isis supporters and family members with minimal security watching over them. according to the report. it also says, the iraqi military
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"lacks the whole forces in areas we captured from isis and u.s. fighters elect personnel" 10,000 isis fighters remain detained in syria, but many countries are reluctant to take a foreign affairs back. secretary of state mike pompeo says he is not read the report but said the president is not letting his guard down. >> it's incredibly michael of the success we have had versus isis, and the challenge that continues to present to the world. putting all the right things. >> one bombers used to patrol the battlefield for ten hours at a time. but the u.s. has only conducted one strike since april in syria against isis. a different story in iraq where hundreds of air strikes have been taking place for that time. the new top diplomat warned it's a new threat. >> are you worried that they're making resurgence? >> i think islamic based terrorism is going to come back.
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but something we are going to see in that area. >> u.s. military has cut roughly half its workforces in zurich , syria. if that doesn't seem to be happening. >> john: lucas, thanks, blowback from raids in mississippi targeting almost 700 expected a legal illegal immigt workers. pittsburgh, a man fatally stabbed a woman who was talking to a police officer in a downtown bus stop. they say the suspect slashed a nether woman before he was taken into custody. they had minor injuries, police have not yet revealed. >> police block off the roads to southern california apartment compex were two people are stabbed during a man's rampaging into cities. he tags multiple global locations left four people dead and two wounded
3:17 pm
the guard was killed, the man is a known gang member. this is a live look and orlando, big stories there, the united launch alliance says it's rocket into orbit. a communication satellite for the airports. it's the fifth satellite in the series which provides highly secured jam proof connectivity between u.s. national leadership and deployed military forces. that is tonight's look from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ this was me six years ago...
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♪ >> john: another strong day for wall street after a big sell-off, the dow getting 371 today, s&p 500 was up 54 and the nasdaq jumped just a little bit more than hundred 66. at first it was peter, no former fbi deputy director is suing th. in the justice department over his fire. he was dismissed after the justice department general reporter found he had misstated his involvement in the media disclosure regarding the fbi investigation. if he has denied any wrongdoing. justice department spokeswoman declined to comment.
3:22 pm
federal immigration officials as enforcement actions almost 700 people were arrested at seven food processing centers in the state of mississippi. corresponded steve harrigan shows it tonight from our southeast bureau. >> largest singles state workplace in u.s. history took place hours before president trump landed in el paso, more on the murder of 22 people by a gunman accused of targeting hispanics. critics of the president were quick to try to link the two events. >> there interested in terrorizing the community a month they say have succeeded. >> the raid was planned months in advance, it targeted both those working illegally in the u.s., and the companies that knowingly employ them. >> to those who take advantage of illegal aliens, to those who use illegal aliens for competitive advantages. to make a quick buck.
3:23 pm
if we find that you have violated federal law, we are coming after you. >> workers were zip tied in bus to a airport hangar, some will be arrested, others to party, or others released. the rate it of that rested friends outside their home. >> they were outside the turmeric, it was locked, and she was gone, i went and picked them up. >> this young girl says her father is gone. >> i just want to see my daddy. i want my dad to be free and everybody else, i'm scared of them. >> acting isa director says they are trying to ensure everyone's well-being.
3:24 pm
>> what we have done, and leading far forward and established a process to working with school liaison officers. >> some school bus drivers were told to check to make sure a parent was in the house before dropping off a child. if no parent was visible, a school bus driver were told, take the children back to school. john. >> john: steve, from atlanta, steve, thank you. president trump is tweeting that the acting national director of intelligence is retiring. gordon took over after dan resigned, the president said, she will lead on august the 15th, he says the new acting d and i will be there soon. if i'm the two nations don't particularly get along are making a lot of people very nervous right now. at first, the under burgers tonight, venezuela has suspended negotiations with the opposition within that your assets in this country are being frozen. representatives of opposition
3:25 pm
leader says that venezuela's rightful president had been preparing for new talks today nicolas maduro. israeli troops raided a palestinian village after the bombing of the 19-year-old soldier with stab wounds was found near a jewish settlement. mr. benjamin has denounced the killing is a terror attack and is following the killers will be brought to judges. justice >> schools tested with lead, following with the blaze of notre dame cathedral. there is a deep clean and removal of hazardous substances at the school near the cathedral. tons of toxic lead from the burning of the metal roof sank into the air. some of the stories are beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ for real this time.
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♪ b1 there is growing tensions among the contended nuclear na. tonight come on the problems are escalating. senior foreign affair greg. >> nuclear armed pakistan facing off over cashmere, war, terrorism, blood shed, experts
3:30 pm
are concerned. >> the potential to blow up is there, the potential is greater today than it was a week ago. >> in the last few days, india cut off communications, advised by their country. the area would now lose internationally sanctioned special status as the hindu majority part of india. the prime industry ministers sy would lose it. >> this is the beginning of a new era. muslim majority of pakistan controls its own part of cashmere and the so-called line of control has threatened to cut off diplomatic ties and other measures complaining that the loom muslims in kashmir would be repressed. they told special report last month. >> we have not been able to live
3:31 pm
like civilized neighbors is because of kashmir. >> the president offered to mediate. as possibly to gain leverage over the big powerful india, they discussed mediation, the matter was a bilateral issue with pakistan. >> we call for calm and reassuring by all parties breed we want to maintain peace and stability and wheeze support direct conservation, conversation between them >> the last thing we need right now is a new shooting war in asia. john. >> john: greg watching it tonight from london. thanks. ♪ ukraine newly elected president is asking vladimir putin to help him fighting.
3:32 pm
they continued to spar over russia's capture of ukrainian sailors last year. in tonight's whatever happened to segment, how those sailors seem to be pawns in a much bigger game. amy kellogg. >> ukrainian sailors were captured last supper it when the naval ship they were on they have been moving from the black sea to the ukrainian port. at that him it's up by russia sparked international outcry including from president trump who canceled a planned meeting with russian meeting with vladimir putin. the crew is still in pretrial detention, accused of violating russian laws. it russian showed some of the sailors confessing to trespassing. in may, entered his internatiol
3:33 pm
tribunal they claimed it does not recognize the court jurisdiction. >> they are hostages of bigger game between ukraine and russia where they were imprisoned and taken over to russia to show who has the upper hand in the black sea. >> many are cautiously optimistic about the newly elected president, he has stepped up diplomatic efforts. >> different sides are saying and comprised of different questions, and what it will ask for. >> but they're playing top two, they had taken part capture of the ukrainian sailors. it russia immediately decried that the move as piracy and hostagetaking. saying the sailors were there, the ongoing authorization of the peninsula. >> the newly created not just to
3:34 pm
threaten ukraine, but also to support the future operations in syria. >> they have not let up the pressure on the sailors come out last month members of congress called for new sanctions and just the other day, the state department called on moscow to release the sailors and to facilitate a prisoner as exchange. fox news. >> john: here at home, the political rhetoric it just keeps getting hotter and hotter, democratic presidential candidates on president trump, a white supremacist. we will get more action with a panel when we come back. ♪ st anything. even a "three-ring fender bender." (clown 1) sorry about that... (clown 2) apologies. (clown 1) ...didn't mean it. (clown 3) whoops. (stilts) sorry! (clowns) we're sorry!
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- please call or go online right now. if operators are busy, please call again. or go to right away to give. ♪ >> is the president white supremacist? >> he has also made that very clear. >> i believe what he has done he
3:39 pm
has emboldened white supremacists. across this country. >> everything the president has encouraged whites and pharmacists. >> to take partisan shots when were trying to come together, it's just cheap. >> john: the political rhetoric at turning white hot, the democratic presidential candidates calling the president white supremacist. where does this all go from here? matthew continetti is the chief of the washington beacon, anna palmer, and tom bevan. now, senator ted cruz said yesterday, people on both sides of the political i'll need to take this down a bit because it's getting out of hand. where we headed out with all of this? >> to take down the rhetoric has been something, everyone says needs to happen. it's not going to happen, let's be clear, both the president and
3:40 pm
these 2020 candidates are going to continue to fire on all cylinders against each other. if i think this is a very advantageous path on the democratic side to rally the debate. it president always hitting back on democratic candidates, fox news, and others. >> the deck democrats democratic candidates right now, using the shootings as leverage. listen to her. >> how worried are you that something like this will inevitably be happening again? >> it will be. >> this is the blatant scare tactics that the left side always tries. >> john: they travel to el paso to convert the victims, and this is going on at the same time. is this out-of-bounds? or is this just the new political rally. >> we have a long history of
3:41 pm
mass shootings. the shooter in el paso had a political ideology that inspired him. and this all takes place in the middle of his very competitive democratic timing. if so all these ingredients you kind of have a mix for rhetorical mutual assured destruction between the democrats and the republican party of donald trump. >> the democrats are saying that the president is going back to the book as well. racist, the democrats are trying to throw anything they can against the president and see if something sticks, it is labeling white supremacists sticks how much damage could potentially due. >> are living in two separate realities, 88% of democrats think he is a racist, you got into bed it's somewhere in the
3:42 pm
middle. it's like were living in two separate realities. democrats risk going too far with the rhetoric because us couple days we have seen, he condemned the shootings, he condemned whites of pharmacy , he went to el paso, the public is seeing that, while they're saying at the same time the language getting ratcheted up ag democratic candidates and among other networks. he's happy that these things happen. i think that contrast doesn't serve the democrats a very well. if they are saying but let's dial this down a little bit because the best thing for us to do is to work together for the good of the country. >> we are in for a rough presidential season, there is more and more divisive rhetoric on both sides. leisure point, frankly, here. is we need to find ways to legislate together. >> these are flaming arrows of
3:43 pm
their firing back and forth. >> the real question is going to be can they come together on gun control and some of these issues, background check, they're kind of inciting such aggressive language against each other? >> there's been disagreement from a many different forms as to whether or not white supremacy is a growing problem globally and here in the country. listen to what christian said. he is a former neo-nazi who announced tries to keep people away from these groups. and he the white supremacist ideology is spreading more into the mainstream than it ever has before. there are checks and balances to counter, there aren't programs being funded to people disengage from some of the rhetoric coming from the very top is emboldening extremists. does the president need to be more forceful in denouncing this poster mark has he managed that initiaw response and what's going on? >> the eyes of the public, i
3:44 pm
think steps of the and administration could take to address list. try to read the article is at some of these people who have been drawn to this ideology. it doesn't help we have alexandria ocasio-cortez basically driving the message of the democratic party forcing "the new york times" to change a headline because she didn't like the message it signed. and then have a presidential candidates basically preparing talking points that the president is a white supremacist. by labeling him a white supremacist and by labeling his voters and intimidating them with the same label and trying to get him to silence because you are distracting, i think, for measures that we can take to address the real problem of this ideology. >> john: it was pointed out earlier, it is been such a competitive presidential race. we just expected this is not the peak. this is a war, were just going to go up from here? >> where do we go. they've already compared to an administration to the third reich, we've heard all sorts
3:45 pm
of -- there's not much more incendiary language that we could have. it is unfortunate, i think part of the reasons that it's unfortunate, we have seen this play out time and time again. in the public reveals, they feel rightfully angered, sad, the public understands it's a complicated problem and it needs the attention of both parties to come together. at lower the rhetoric, and try to find the confident solution that involves mental health, gun-control, whatever the case may be but we need to get further and further away from that because were sort of in a high political situation. don't spew were going to take a pause, more with the panel, were going to talk about the new movie scheduled for release in late september where deplorables are hunted by the one per centers. stay with us. of ♪ ping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough.
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♪ >> john: i don't want anybody harassed or targeted. because he put their names in public. what i would like for them to do is think twice about supporting a guy was feeling heat in this country. >> he was helping that they would be discombobulated or harassed or whatever, i just think we all have a right way, american right of free speech. >> this is not about money, it's
3:50 pm
about where we live, how we feel, how we consider ourselves to be human. >> the motive of this is to make this as painful as possible to be a trump supporter. >> congressman joaquin castro publishing a list of donors to president trop he's working on this presidential campaign is this out-of-bounds? >> it crosses a line, it's silly and stupid on several levels. if one of which, several of these donors have given to joaquin castro. if he is out in his own donors. if i don't think they're going to be giving again. at this is an effort to intimidate trump supporter's by labeling them white supremacists or by naming and shaming. if what this does, it forces trump supporters to have only one way they can express their support for him and to be
3:51 pm
through the privacy of the ballot boxes. there a lot of people who went and bent they voted for the president until election day. >> john: one of the things were talking about during the break, stephen ross who is the owner of the miami dolphins, also has the ownership stake in equinox and soulcycle is having a fund-raiser for the president in the hamptons over the weekends. now people are boycotting. both equinox and soulcycle. because of the connection. daily i egner who is a comedian, also the voice of to moan in the lion king tweeted "hey, equinox, what's your policy and canceling memberships and once you find your own your owner is enabling mass murder." money talks, especially with the sponsors. so cycle in a statement, endorses the fund-raising being held later on this week. he says, look, i'm raising money for president trump with to.
3:52 pm
i agree with him what's some things, i don't agree with them on all things. people are trying to boycott them. >> i think such a profound example of the shame culture. we have seen time and time again with the and other public archives, giving political donations. if ten companies have to grapple with this weather they're going to give to the republicans not, they're in place don't like it. >> john: this is another -- companies have been boycotted it before, but not for this particular reason and soulcycle as far as i know, i've never gone to soulcycle. i'm a calisthenics person. the ideology of people at soulcycle tends to be leaning left. so are you attacking the very people that you probably identify with and ultimately punishing them? >> it's going to cost them jobs and whatnot. it very counterproductive in that sense. i agree, we have reached a new level here.
3:53 pm
the castro brothers and he said, this is public information. well, sure. there's a lot of public information that's out there, addresses, things of that nature that we don't use. because it was clear that the intent -- he even admitted it. if you want people to think twice about supporting trump. in other words, intimidate them out there support for donald trump. i think that's where we get into very dangerous place, and again, it's just to another level. it makes a lot of people not just -- republicans, but people other in the country and comfortable. >> john: jonathan hunt, rcr to "the hunt," is scheduled to come out on september 27th. which portrays a group of one per one percent-ers, hunting deplorables. a reference what hillary clinton called trump supporters.
3:54 pm
university professor says it's a saturday satire, but see what he says. >> the question is how is it going to be perceived by the audience out there. there's one thought, that by hunting down deplorables, we are making a statement about the value of trump supporter's in the nation. other people are saying, well, the bad guys in the show are the liberal elites who are doing the hunting. but that is still portraying them in a stereotypical insensitive way as well. >> universal picture put the production on hold in the wake of the mass shooting. >> there's also a major pothole in this movie, that the deplorables would never allow themselves to be disarmed. [laughter] 's we want what of this? is this all too close?
3:55 pm
>> i think of the wake the tragedy, it feels like it's in very bad taste. >> only in hollywood would someone like this, this is a good idea, we should make this movie. >> john: panel, think so much, when we come back protecting the protected. ♪ to be their best, kids need good nutrition. and practice... lots of practice. get them started right with carnation breakfast essentials. it has protein plus vitamins and minerals to help kids be their best. carnation breakfast essentials. when i walked through a snowthat's when i knewtte, i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus intense craving relief. every great why, needs a great how.
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so i only pay for what i need. then i won the lottery, got hair plugs, and started working out. and so can you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> john: finally tonight, the blue. we later also wants to be a police officer when he grows up. until then, he can do everything he can to protect his future comrades. future officer levi on a quest for vests. he has raised $3,000 to buy bullet proof vests. in his free time, he looks to
4:00 pm
provide officers with snacks. there's a young man who's got a future. thanks for watching "special report." i'm john roberts in washington. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum is on. >> martha: hello, everybody. democrats have one goal for candidates. they want to make president trump a one termer. if you've noticed, the light of attacks that passed several dave's has quickly shifted from this, not long ago... because there are quick instances of obstruction of justice. >> what is in the report is enough. >> beyond the shadow of a doubt, collude with the russian government. >> martha: now to this sentiment, really almost overnight. >> speak of the president is a white supremacist. he is.


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