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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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after that, all back up or out i will have my butler do it. go to cunningham alabama the next day and i will do it again at 8:00 and then in san antonio on the 16th. we are just about sold out and all is any venues. go to brian her, now it's time for sean hannity. take it away, sean. >> thank you. buckle up. as we began, breaking news, huge amounts of breaking news in our investigation into the investigators but i want to stop and say something. between now and the fall, everything we have ever reported is true and this is just the beginning of what will be a huge confirmation that we have been right all along because breaking just moments ago, the bruce ohr three oh two's have now been released and they are jamming and revealing in so many ways. we have been demanding this particular document now for over a year and finally, judicial watch, they have obtained these all important records. from background, these 302's,
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what they are artificial notes from the fbi's interviews with the doj official bruce ohr if you now, between 2016 and may of 2017, asians with the bureaus that spoke to or multiple times about his contact with at the phony russian dossier author, the one that hillary paid for, christopher steele, and of course, his wife's research firm, the ones that, well, they put together the dirty dossier, fusion gps, without any question or ambiguity at all. these three oh two that the fbi, fusion gps, who was working on behalf of the clinton campaign, she was paying for it, christopher steele, the obama state department, the obama doj, all of them, working together to dig up dirt on all things donald trump. before and after the election. the after part would be the insurance policy part. think about this. via upper echelon, as i call,
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highest levels of our government, and the clinton campaign, working together, using their immense power, these incredible resources, tools of intelligence, to stop donald trump one way or another. this is the single biggest abuse of power, corruption, scandal, in american history. we've got a lot of ground to cover, we will explain it all in detail. it's going to take time throughout the hour. joining is now with more, judicial watch president, tom fitton. first, let me applaud you. you have through judicial watch, and freedom of information act request, you've done this country as great service, this is just the beginning here what i have read, and i have them all, hang on, right here in front of me. it's and revealing on multiple levels. why don't we begin to go through them. >> well, let's start from the beginning. christopher steele have been working for the fbi during the campaign and the fbi fired him because he was a leaguer.
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so they went to bruce ohr, whose wife was working at fusion gps, after the election, and started talking to or who was talking to steal, and glenn simpson, fusion gps. and these are the reports of those discussions. and according to these documents, the first one they release, it's clearly referencing steel, although they don't mention his name. he says that this person, presumably steele, was quote, desperate that donald trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being the u.s. president. so, this is how it starts off, sean. with the source desperate to keep the president out of office after he is elected. so, bruce ohr continues to talk to the fbi and the doj. he confirms that it glenn simpson at the fusion gps had been talking to the state department and this information was going over to a state department official, the clinton campaign, and the fbi. talk about a joint operation.
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steel and bruce ohr are communicating using the what's app application. an application that provides secure communication which is, you know, if that doesn't suggest there is something wrong going on, i don't know what does. and frankly, the fact that bruce ohr is being interviewed at all, repeatedly at a witness in this investigation, doj official? what is he witness? >> sean: this is important here the fourth highest ranking doj official at the time. >> he interviewed a dozen times by the fbi and this get child operation. he is funneling information directly from fusion gps on thumb drives to him, including a thumb drive from his wife's research for your fusion gps to get tromp and they stripped the fusion gps off of the document. >> sean: slow down. this is important to us we give him the thumb drive but he took away the fact that his wife worked for fusion gps.
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as a lot of damning information here not only for bruce ohr, nellie ohr, christopher steele, but also glenn simpson, of such fusion gps trade let's slowly keep going through the information that is in here. >> glenn simpson confirms that he is directing or confirms that he was directing leaks from fusion gps to the mother jones and other publications. you have bruce ohr working for the fbi and trying to set up continued communications back with christopher steele. remember, steele had been cut off and the fbi is using or to try to convince him to meet with them and these documents show. now you have bruce ohr acknowledge off and the fbi is using oor to that his wife knew that she was working on behalf of the clinton campaign and conducting this investigation for fusion gps. and the fbi, christopher steele goes to root bruce ohr and he's
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worried about his business and he is creating a proposal to work with the fbi again and again, bruce ohr is the intermediary here. the state department can indications show that simpson was talking to a top state department official under obama repeatedly. it so, this is top level that the state department working with the clinton campaign operative on this get trump effort. it shows you the broad nature, unprecedented nature, secretive nature, corrupt nature, of the investigation targeting trump that involved the fbi, the doj, and the state department and you know, when you look at the corruption as it is described here, because it is corruption, then you have to step back and recognize none of this was told to the faisal courts. >> sean: we also know from bruce ohr's previous notes that have been revealed that steele,
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after he was fired from lysing and leaking, was still trying to funnel information to hurt then president-elect and president trump. two special counsel robert mueller peer now, we haven't gotten any confirmation beyond the fact that it would seem to fit what we have is a nexus here of fusion gps glenn simpson, clinton campaign funding, we have the john solomon reporting that the fbi determined in early 2013 that at some point, over 90% of the steele dossier was garbage and not verifiable but we also know it's unverifiable because an interrogatory in great britain, we know steele didn't stand by his own dirty dossier. yet, all this information, and you see a desperation pair then you see more acknowledgment oh, yeah, still had an agenda, he hated trump. okay, hillary hates tron. nellie ohr is digging up dirt on donald trump. and together, they are all
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working and bruce ohr is in the middle of this. what do you think the impact is the specifically on bruce ohr because he is now only been demoted how many times? >> well, you know, bruce ohr, the initial impression one had of him was that he was a receiver. just a receiver and a conveyor of information paid these documents show he was an active participant in the effort to get trump here we have all of their documents we have uncovered from the state department showing he was working with state department officials to get allegations against trump in russia going and obviously, he was conflicted in sunday because of his wife's professional relationship with fusion gps. another big points that we should mention is, bruce ohr confirms in these fbi reports that steele told him he met with the mccain staffer in october of 2016 obviously about the dossier. and just before mueller was appointed, that's when all of
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that was coming into a head just days before mueller was appointed. the fbi's efforts to meet with christopher steele and the united kingdom, and you have to wonder if mr. mueller, and i suspect he did, took up the baton and began again to continue his working relationship with fusion gps. >> sean: stay right there. tom fitton of judicial watch, they got this information, these three ot is being released is a lot of information here to break down. we are also tracking and other developing story out of the washington swamp because we have now known to leaker and wire himself, andrew mccabe, he has followed peter strzok's league. apparently this is their strategy. they now, too, are suing the federal government for wrongful termination. good luck with that. coming's right-hand man, andrew mccabe, fired for repeatedly lying to the fbi. the inspector general reported that the cable lacked candor. by the way, we just heard that about coming here by the way, there will be more into come on
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then. mccabe was caught red-handed linking government information. according according to reports, he was facing a criminal investigation for his misconduct but andrew mccabe wants you to know that he has been wronged. he wants to collect more of your hard earned tax dollars. this comes from a brand-new report out tonight, sara carter, investigative reporter, revealing more information about the former deputy assistant director who was reprimanded by the inspector general for leaking that sensitive information via here now with more on that, the executive vice president and investigative reporter from the house, john solomon, fox news contributor, sara carter, we have come a long way in over two and a half years from on peeling the layers of the onion. sarah, let's start with your report. john, i know you have a lot to add to this, especially in light of you figuring out that the fbi had a spreadsheet that proved a 90 plus percent of the dossier was a lie. sarah, tell us what you know. >> so, one of the issues that we were looking into was the
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inspector general's summary that was released in may. it was a short summary that said deputy assistant director at the fbi had actually leaked information to the media, sensitive information, that was under seal, basically in the court appeared there was a lot of concern, a lot of people reference to that report but no one was ever known. according to my sources and according to people that i've spoken with, it was brian parliament at the time when he leads that information, he was head of the fbi division here in the international division, operations division, the fbi in washington. he was transferred, actually, to new york, kind of shuffled aside by christopher wray and moved over to the head of counterterrorism new york and i was told just recently that it was several weeks ago that he was actually walked out of the office. he is now on leave and depending come i'm assuming, an investigation right now. this is important because this
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is what was happening inside the highest levels of the fbi. it was related to russia, the leaks were related to the russian investigation, obviously we have been able to talk to him himself, i reach out to the fbi, it was confirmed by a senior doj official that the reason they didn't decide to prosecute was into under william barr, and that specific. it was made prior to william barr coming into being at the attorney general. so this was a concern i had after what happened with james comey and that they decided not to prosecute him. so here we see its systemic habit by senior level fbi officials of leaking to the media sensitive and classified information and i guess the concern would be here, and as judicial watch comported, that there's 14 of them, only 14 have ever been reprimanded. so, there's a lot of concern, there's a lot of fbi's sources are very upset with the fact that people are not paying the
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price for breaking the law while others, like michael flynn, who were forced basically, strong-armed into a guilty plea. >> sean: after they told him he didn't need a lawyer and they sent their agents to take care of the cats, believe, call me and said would never do that to the obama or bush administration here let me bring in john solomon. i specifically want to see, and we a confirmation of this, match or was the conduit for steele after steele is fired from lying and leaking and what's more interesting about this is ohr a new steele was desperate and by the way, we know that ohr said he warned everybody in 2016 that in fact, and steele was political and hated trump but desperate at this point that trump not be elected, then it gets into what we also know from bruce ohr's notes, he was not only a conduit for christopher steele after being
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fired for lying and leaking but he was the conduit to the special counsel's office and andrew weissmann was also warned in august of 2016 about steele's political agenda, hillary paying for it, not verifiable. >> absolutely. first, it's great to be joining you from the great campus. it's awesome to be here. >> sean: by the way, two of the nicest people you'll ever meet. i wish i was there with you. >> so today is the most extraordinary day in the unraveling of the russia case for this reason. what's take it at 30,000 feet. first, everything that's in the bruise or through tease, nearly everything was on your show because of the reporting that you of work done to expose us. now, the rest of the media gets to see this. the fbi allowed itself to be used for a political dirty trick. the state department, the fbi, bruce ohr, his private citizen life, nellie ohr, glenn simpson,
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christopher steele, they were in a triangulated relationship to get donald trump with a dirty political intelligence that turned out to be wrong and that is the ultimate result of this investigation and the two man men that ran it most closely, andrew mccabe and peter strzok, want the american people to believe that they are victims for allowing that ruse to go on. it is irrefutable that the fbi was used and helped facilitate a political dirty trick where there shouldn't have been any fbi involvement. these 302's are clear. steele was as flawed and as you could possibly have. could politically motivated, spewing uncorroborated things, going to job mccabe before the election, all of those or breach of protocol. and the two men who allowed all of that to happen, peter strzok, and andrew mccabe, they want us to feel like they are victims. this is a backward story and i think the american public will be able to figure out who the
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real victims were, the american public. >> the amount of contacts that was internal analysis by our own catherine herridge, but it she rightly points out and reminds us that the amount of contact was so frequent after, in fact, christopher steele was fired and that ohr was the conduit, they used watts avenue, which is an application to shield their communications, and then the fbi began the briefing after steele was fired but steele is still feeding information ohr. he is the conduit even into the special counsel's office. sarah, how are we to interpret that? why would ohr by the way, his wife is responsible for a lot of these lies that fusion gps put out. why would he be a conduit to the special counsel's office who was involved in that? why weren't they taking information from a known liar
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and leaguer? why was ohr entertaining in any of the information he was feeding? >> i mean, this is the main reason why john jerome is being asked to look into the special counsel in robert mueller because these questions need to be answered. and also, with significantly important here is christopher steele is a foreigner. this is a foreigner messing into a u.s. election and being utilized by people in an opposition. so this is what is so significant about this and this wasn't just dirty tricks. this is an attempt at a soft coup. that's exactly what this is. >> i want to get this because there are multiple messages of . we have the phony clinton paid for russian dossier which was unverifiable. they used it anyway. they even used in knowing steele had lied and leads her long after they knew it, he is still acting as a conduit.
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we are going to get back to all of this and we got, again, everybody has been warned but they did it anyway for they still use the lying information as the balancing information for the fisa warrants but more broadly, then they outsourced spying, which would have been illegal by our intelligence community, and then they spied a backdoor way, joseph mitford, looking into carter page, sam club's, and papadopoulos. all right, stay right there, you were going to be with us for a long time, for the rest of this hour, joining us live now on the phone, former new york mayor, mr. rudy giuliani. the amount of contact with christopher steele, who everybody knew, and then confirmed by this point, line, leaking, hated trump, and feeding the special counsel's office through his conduit bruce ohr? really? >> sean, we have known this for a year. and then, i think i investigated
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this a year ago when i took on his defense. you can't believe what's going to come out. and this is of the dramatic revelation now. but bruce ohr said to to the prosecutors that his wife is a conflict of interest ten months ago. it's because we had a justice department that was completely warped. the fact is, these are crimes that are shocking. these are crimes that go to the very heart of our republic. these people had a plan to stop the republican candidate from getting elected and then they executed a plan to remove him from office on false evidence, false testimony, the whole thing was made up. from the very beginning. and they sold it to 90% of our media. it's a tragedy. it's a tragedy. >> sean: mr. mayor, they knew it all since 2016 that it was an
6:20 pm
unverifiable document. andrew weissmann broke the report that there was a spreadsheet debunking the dossier but they still used it as the bulk of information to continue to spy on carter page and the trump presidency. >> credits. any andrew weissmann who was from the very beginning, and then he trampled over three to four people's rights, the press didn't care because they were going after donald trump so, you can just destroy people if you are going after donald trump, whether it's there or not, this is a terrible crime. the dimensions of it, you still don't realize. there's plenty of evidence of what happened in ukraine, plenty of evidence of what happened in the u.k., and italy. this is a massive conspiracy to try to deprive the american people of the person they elected as president. that should never happen. >> sean: these 302's are also
6:21 pm
full confirmation of the reporting that steele had contact with victoria newland and kathleen cadillac and jonathan weiner in the state department. they all knew that this guy was desperate to get the dirt out on trump but the fact that it then continued after he was proven to be a liar and leaguer and that or went along with it, who also went along with it? how high up today go mr. mad? >> jim comey. he put his signature on an affidavit swearing that the nation was verified. i mean, i don't want to presume that he is guilty but it leaves someone should question whether he shouldn't go to jail. >> sean: do you believe, mr. mayor, do you believe that it looks like it john jerome is spending an awful lot of time in europe, 16 hours, he apparently had. >> i know why he's spending a lot of time in europe.
6:22 pm
he spent a lot of time investigating u.k., italy, ukraine, and australia. >> sean: their outsourcing of techniques that are illegal, in other words, did our top intelligence officials, did they outsource spying on american citizens for the purpose of hurting president donald trump or candidate trump order transition to be president trump? did they outsource intelligence gathering methods to spy on americans, to circumvent u.s. law, and outsource it to even allied countries question mike did that happen sir? >> there is plenty of evidence that it happens. plenty of evidence. some of it is documentary. at some of it already recorded and for a year, people in europe have been trying to get this to
6:23 pm
our fbi and they have been thwarted and ignored and pushed aside. there was a deliberate effort to cover this up. it didn't just happen. even during the trump administration, it was a deliberate effort to cover this up to protect the pride of wrongdoing p.a. that's really sick. there's something really wrong with that. and we've got to get to the bottom of it because we have to get this cancer out of our justice system and our intelligence apparatus. >> sean: mr. matt, i know you stepped out of an event to join us. thank you very much. >> these are very important things to be able to deal with intelligence honestly, decently, and these people have disgraced thousands of really good people who do this every day. it's a shame. and it's only a few of them. >> sean: is only a few. very important point. fbi, cia, they are better than you and me. they put their lives at risk and then they got a couple of people
6:24 pm
at the top who have completely corrupted themselves. >> sean: mr. mayor, thank you for stepping out of your event to spend time with us. we appreciate your infinite insight. this is huge news tonight. joining us now, ohio congressman jim jordan. remember jim jordan and guys like matt gaetz and certainly mark meadows and john ratcliffe, i don't want to miss anybody. they have behind closed doors, as congressman doug congress reveals, you are asking the right questions at the right time. now that we have these three oh two and all of this confirmation that you are hearing tonight, we seem to have two separate paths that we use for spying. again, the 99% of the fbi, great people. the premier law enforcement agency in the world. on our intelligence i, the premier intelligence agencies in the world. but at the highest levels, it seems that both we had
6:25 pm
outsourcing of tactics and means of supplying on americans that would be illegal, they did it purposely to circumvent american laws and on had a sigh, we have the dirty dossier. then we have a guy that's fired for lying and leaking and he's got a conduit and the conduit is bruce ohr whose wife, by the way, how to build the dirty russian dossier for hillary clinton and fusion gps. it as you read this, fill in the blanks so the audience here can understand this completely. >> that last point i think it is important. why do you terminate your direct relationship with christopher steele and then encourage a top justice department official to keep meeting with him and then coming in briefing knew about each of those meetings into that conversation? it seems like you are trying to hide something or camouflage something when you do that. what's i can, why do you do through twos? because you are out to get something or someone. who are they are to get? the president of the united states for a look at the 12 302's and noticed the day. there are three verses p.a. there is a birthright after the
6:26 pm
election, the birth right after the inauguration, and then the eight ones may right after the special counsel's names. so this all just shows they are out to go after the president of the united states and never forget, the guy who is leading the investigation said clinton should leave it a hundred million to zero. they stop sean. we got a insurance policy. that's the key take away beauty of been on this for -- >> sean:'s interesting grid i haven't been many of us. in congress, it's been guys like jim jordan, doug collins, jug doug ratcliffe, here it's been all of us, joe, victoria, victoria toensing, gregg jarrett, i'm going to miss people, tom fitton who is still with us, he will join us in a minute, let's go back and look
6:27 pm
at the questions we were asking in the beginning. let's -- what now will we write on and what now do we know may be thate didn't know before? >> i think one interesting revelation beer and most everything on ohr, steele, simpson relationship is, we've done a good job of getting that out there long before it came out and it's shameful that the doj capped that for two and half years and drop them in the jet of august when most people at the beach, i don't think that's an accident because this is embarrassing to the fbi and the doj and a big way. there are a couple of important revelations. we know the nellie ohr specifically created the dossier on paul manafort. he has a question we need to find out from his lawyer's good were they ever given out in discovery? did they know that nellie ohr had a created dirt to be used against paul manafort? that's a very important revelation. there is talk in the area of
6:28 pm
multiple contacts between cadillac and steele. it much earlier and much more extensive suggested in this notes. i think we need to look at that and find out if there are other records of the stage of state department beyond the ones we recently found in the law student september. here is the most important revelation. it is clear now that the that the state department was her major conspirator in building the story. going back to win the state department invited ukrainian prosecutors here in january of 2016 and met with them along national security council and asked them to find dirt on paul manafort come all the way through facilitating these contacts with christopher steele, john boehner, victoria newland, kathleen cadillac, three people that probably need to be deposed by congress now so we can find out what they were doing here but you have a state department acting like an actual legal justice department armenta that is very troubling. if your job is diplomacy. >> sean: stay right there. sarah, we are going to get back to you.
6:29 pm
but, first, way and on more of this breaking news. we will have a big part to play in this and in the united states senate. south carolina senator lindsey graham. senator, i think we are beginning now the painting the pictures filling in with the corroboration, not that we needed it, we haven't been long here. we've been way out of the car of the to great reporting of people we have on the show tonight and many others that are a mention. but these are questions now that your committee will be dealing with. to get to the bottom of it. take this news and tell us how you would interpret it. >> this is the tip of the iceberg. i know personally there's a lot more out there and the word that keeps coming up his bias. the people investigating clinton wanted her to win and trying to lose. the people who started the investigation against president trump wanted him to lose and heard a win. the chief source of the faisal warrants was mr. steele who hated trump's got so there a common theme here that the
6:30 pm
investigation of trump was very biased and the fact that mccabe has sued is very interesting to me. it gives me a chance as the chairman of the committee to look into whether or not the fbi acted inappropriately towards mr. mccabe or was it his fault that he got fired? i would look into that. >> sean: is it fair for me to say the following -- all of this cast of characters, the majority of them were involved in a rigged investigation where the evidence into violating the espionage act was overwhelming and incontrovertible and not being the underlying crime, the subpoenaed emails that were deleted and acid washed and beaten up with hammers, et cetera, that would be a slam-dunk obstruction case. is it fair to say the russian line is that hillary clinton bought and paid for and even steele didn't stand by what is, in fact, used as the basis of a
6:31 pm
phis application on four separate applications, denying the civil liberties of carter page and also, spying into the trump campaign, trump transition, and later, trump presidency, and is it fair to say that it is looking more likely every day that the top officials in our intelligence community of used their power and to circumvent american law, outsourced things that would be illegal for them to do, spying on americans, and using spies like joseph smith's fluid and stuff on helper, and allies of ours, again, on a separate track, to again spy on the trump transition, trump presidency? is that a fair conclusion at this point where we are going? >> yeah, i think it's a pretty good overview. the question for me is, is the reason hillary clinton wasn't prosecuted is because they wanted her to be president and they knew that if they bought a
6:32 pm
case against ray clinton for compromising classified information, she will lose the election and they didn't want her to lose? i think the insurance policy is what we are seeing here. getting into the trump campaign, the faisal warrant against carter page was a fraud, i believe. and the counterintelligence investigation is something we need to look at really closely. >> sean: let me go back to sara carter. is it fair to say, rigged investigation. is it fair to say russian lies used as a basis, no lies, unverifiable lies the foundation just by also outsourcing of intelligence methods that would be illegal to circumvent american laws and that all of this now is going to come into play? >> all of this is going to come into play and so much more. senator graham is absolutely right. this is just the tip of the iceberg. i know that john durham and
6:33 pm
others inside the department of justice are looking at various aspects of this, some of which are going to stand in the audience when they hear about it because they are just not going to even imagine it coming to them that way. what we know is this. and let's go back to your first question that you asked john. you said when this all started, years ago, let's not forget, that then chairman devon nunez, when we he was head of the house intelligence committee, looking into irregularities with masking some americans. remember, that is so important here because when we are looking at the intelligence community and the government and particularly what was happening under the obama administration, the on mappings were extraordinary. no one had ever seen anything like this. that means they were actually unmasking communications between americans, overseas, they were taking those, removing all their years. they extended, the ability for people within the intelligence community to then it spread in
6:34 pm
these, what they call, tech cuts. these conversations through alt. that's how the information leads on michael flynn and then russian ambassadors. i think something that is going to be extraordinary here is to find out how many unmaskings, how why they occur, who were they looking at, and how those were elites and then when you think of fusion gps and the state department, they are going to be the epicenter of all of this because you have to think, how did it start and why was it spreading, and you can look at those transcripts, the 302's, they are out there now. judicial watch has them for everyone to see. look at the may judicial watch of three oh two and how terrified steele was of what comey was going to say to congress. >> sean: stay right there. we are going to have more on this breaking news. tom quinn stays with us, sara carter, jim jordan, senator lindsey graham, as we continue with this breaking news development, confirmation of so much that we reported over the last two and a half years. where's it going? we will get to that, next.
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>> sean: just breaking, the speed to 302's have now been released. the contents or damage if you are now undeniable, irrefutable proof that we have been right all along. america's powerful government bureaucracy was in fact weaponized against the trump campaign. the trump transition and the trump presidency, we continue now with congressman jim jordan and senator lindsey graham. i have a funny feeling, jim, that in the house, jerry nadler and adam schiff, adam schiff by the way is a guy that we actually have on tape colluding with russians trying to get dirt on donald trump it we have the tape. so i wanted. but we will put that aside. now the question is, now that we
6:40 pm
know this all happens, now that we know that steele come with a liar, the leaker, had a conduit, bruce ohr, now that we know that conduit even went as far as to trying to feed special counsel robert mueller's team more dirt, now the question is, what laws are we talking about likely broken here? >> well, bill barr will get to the bottom of it. he said that three months ago. he said -- we know that's the case but we also know now that the head of the doj, the top of the doj was bruce ohr. he use the terms political surveillance and the term unauthorized surveillance. i think the big irony here, and what drives americans crazy is the very week we get this information, bruce ohr's, 302's, the very week we get that is the same week at these people at the upper echelon are suing the american taxpayer to give pay
6:41 pm
for wrongful termination. andrew mccabe lied to three times under oath. peter strzok ran both investigations and was fired because of things he said like trump will. stay warm while, lack of candor and paul manafort, lack of candor. and they went after michael cohen, lack of candor. they all played a criminal price. now we have the fbi, former fbi director's super patriots jim comey apparently you had a lack of candor. that's just the tip of the iceberg for him. i suspect lindsey graham, i'm just thinking that maybe if my name was brandon and my name was clapper, and might not be sleeping too well tonight. >> well, let's go back to what jim just said about a lawsuit. mccabe would have you to believe that horowitz is the guy that believes that mccabe violated his duties, right?
6:42 pm
cool replaced strauch? it was molar? it will mueller fired struct. it was horowitz that told us about what mccabe did wrong. the trump justice if the department i don't think will hold water but -- >> sean: do you believe that they lied purposely, they were warned numerous times. do you believe that they purposely lied in a pfizer application, a premeditated fraud on the court to obtain a warrant to spy on the trump campaign transition and presidency? speech of the best you could say is that they were incompetent, the most likely outcome is that they wanted our results. here's what we're looking at. systematic corruption at the highest level of the department of justice, and be sbi against president trump and in favor of hillary clinton.
6:43 pm
>> sean: you are saying they tried to rig a presidential election. they tried to destroy a duly elected president. >> this is what this is all about. systematic corruption at the highest level of department of justice and the fbi in favor of clinton to the point that she got a pass on something you would've went to jail for it did they ignore every stop sign at every stop sign out there and press forward knowing it was an allowable knowing there was an insurance policy? you are the only guy and a few people at fox are talking about this. if the shoe were on the other foot, if this were a democratic president and this was a republican operative, being paid for by the rnc, you could not turn on your television. so to my friends on the other side, i gave mueller the space to do his job, he reached a conclusion, no collusion, no
6:44 pm
charges regarding obstruction, please help me find out if -- >> sean: don't hold your breath senator. you are going to suffocate the deal died here but jim jordan, here's the thing. as bad as i thought pfizer was going to be, premeditated fraud, denying the constitutional civil liberties of one american for no darn good reason at all, based on the opposition paid for a russian lies, all, as "the new york times" suggests, there was probably come from the get-go, it was likely russian disinformation. which means that it looks like the russians might have really wanted hillary to win in the end but here's the question. as bad as premeditated fraud on the fisa court is, it sounds like the horowitz report, which i think will lead to indictments, should come in my view, might be nothing, compared to what may become a durum report. >> well, we will have to see.
6:45 pm
mr. horwitz's report we hope comes in september and like lindsey said, it was just last year when mr. horwitz told us about andy mckay lying three times under oath and that's why he got fired. and as lindsay said, peter strzok got terminated because bob mueller fired him because of the text messages. >> sean: real quick, do you believe they will be held accountable? real quick. >> i do. there will be charges. that's not my lane but -- >> sean: let me go back to sarah and tom and john really quickly here. do you use three believes, as i do, that as bad as the pfizer report will be, now it has gotten much deeper and klapper, brandon, are far more deeply involved in something that may
6:46 pm
even be more sinister than anything else? >> i think attorney general barr is a statement that there was spying and political surveillance that goes beyond what we see in these ohr documents today tells me that there is a much deeper layers still to be revealed but we don't know what that is yet. so before we can assign -- >> sean: to that you believe that they outsourced spine that would be illegal? >> there are suggestions of it. there is evidential suggestions but not enough to say conclusively. >> sean: what do you say? >> well, they were paying steele during the campaign. we have documents they may have been no attempt to any three times during 2013 and then they continue to work with him after trump was elected. these documents show there was never a good basis to suggest there was russia collusion, for all the big revelations we have, there is no revelation that trump did anything wrong and it just further undermines the collusion hoax. >> sean: last question. we are going to have the horowitz report, we are pretty confident we know the outcome. as of right and was passed aside, they purposely lied to spy on americans. but now, are we going to have
6:47 pm
bar or durum report that's even worse? >> jerome is investigating. jerome's not even -- climbing, this is a serious investigation by the department of justice but we are going to have to see if he calls a grand jury bid we may not know that. it may leak it we may find out. but this is a very serious investigation by john durham and horowitz. >> sean: will people be held accountable and charge brush marks because they better be. they better be. because the american people are not going to put up with the two-tiered system of justice. >> sean: john solomon, will people be charged? >> i have a degree of confidence that that will happen and less of more evidence comes out. >> sean: so they only charged flynn, call me, but the other guys do the same thing and get away with a question mark >> you know, if -- it won't happen unless there is more transparency like this because if the terms corruption -- goat stew and give
6:48 pm
it up. we got to get the answer. great work tonight. sarah, thank you also paid senator graham and jan jim jordan, geraldo rivera, sebastian corbett, next period of straight. ♪ back then, we checked our smartphones times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed! but ocuvite has vital nutrients... ...that help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
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>> sean: our top story. bruce ohr 302s her out. they confirm what we've been reporting for two years. joining us, don -- dan bongino. geraldo rivera, sebastian gorka. dan, we will begin with you. it couldn't be more damning and then when you see that now the investigation, christopher steele and, you have to think the heat is on.
6:53 pm
>> it is clearly information laundering. they were taking christopher steele's original information, flooding it through the state department, the fbi, and making it appear like it was independent sources verifying. tonight, the michael isikoff piece. >> sean: the one who printed russian propaganda? >> same guy, same guy. >> sean: dr. gorka. >> it's hard for the average viewer to keep track of everything you and your colleagues have unmasked in the last few months. 302s, fisa court's and everything else. let's put it into a simple sentence. hillary clinton, the dnc, and the obama administration at the highest levels used the u.s. intelligence community and foreign governments and foreign agents to include british intelligence, the australian government -- >> sean: italian intelligence.
6:54 pm
>> italian intelligence to derail an american election into illegally spying on republican presidential campaign and then afterwards a presidential administration. that is the enormity of the scandal we are talking about, and people have to go to jail, sean. >> sean: geraldo, you're going to be celebrating 50 years with an unbelievable career. i've never seen anything like this. i couldn't even imagine it. i couldn't write a novel that has proven to be true like this. >> you have to take a victory lap. pat yourself on the back. without you, never would've happened. remember what almost happened here. you had credible media sources, renowned media sources reporting that the president of the united states was reliably accused of being a spy for the russians, committing treason against the republic of the united states of america.
6:55 pm
that's what he was accused of. there was credible reporting that the 25th amendment to have them removed from office was being discussed at the highest levels. >> sean: and impeached. >> and for what? because bruise wife -- bruce -- bruce ohr's wife. the b.s. lined up. it's a sin. it's outrageous. if it wasn't for this little show on this little network, it will all would've unfolded. >> sean: all the people we've had on tonight, including you three, add joe digenova, and others, we are getting to the truth. it's happening. straight ahead (woman) somebody would ask her something and she would just walk right
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♪ >> sean: taking it to a new level. i want to thank the people, the gregg jarretts, judge puros, the
7:00 pm
victoria toensings, the sarah's, the john solomons, the tom fittons of the world, joseph digenovas of the world, jay sekulows of the world. we will never be the media mob. let not your heart be -- tammy bruce is doing an awesome job filling in. >> i can see you, and that's what all of america likes seeing. >> sean: not all of america. it's a pleasure. thank you. check out your show on >> tammy: i appreciate it. i am tammy bruce in for laura ingraham, and this is "the ingraham angle" from los angeles tonight. the left is ramping up its


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