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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 9, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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have an impact. indicate duchess kate tried to get her to wave to the crowd. she is adorable. the whole family is. >> have you got to go. see you later. ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: a husband and wife team that simply worked. pete: they have a bunch of five, top 15 national hits. ainsley: fox square. thompson square. here is some of their music. happy friday. pete: brought it you by sandals. dave's famous barbecue. brian: best season we have
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ever had in terms of the lineup and crowds. unbelievable summer. it's finished strong but first things first. pete: you are giving them motivational speech? brian: come on thompson square. ainsley: potential shooting foiled by everyday hero when a man walks into walmart armed with a rifle. brian: chilling incident happening in missouri days after 22 people were killed at a texas walmart. pete: aishah joins us with more on the takedown. >> that incident causing panic for shoppers in springfield, missouri. look at this, several customers called 911 when they saw this man walking around the store in fatigues and holding a rifle. he was carrying more than 100 rounds of ammunition. and looked like he was recording himself. a store manager saw him and pulled a fire alarm to get everyone out of there. and that's when a former firefighter stopped the suspect and held him at gunpoint until police got
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there. >> i've been in public safety for a long time. even though i'm no longer in public safety, i still feel that i can still protect people if i need. to say that was my intention. hopefully my actions prevented something like el paso from happening. >> that firefighter now being called a hero. police say the suspect did not fire his weapon. >> he was compliant with us. but his intent was not to cause peace or comfort to anybody that was in the business here. in fact, he is lucky he is alive, still, to be honest. >> the suspect is now behind bars as police try to figure out a motive. of course right now the country on edge days after the back-to-back shootings in el paso and dayton that left 31 people dead. pete, brian, ainsley. brian: aishah, it do have it coe been pretty bad. pete: off duty firefighter with a conceal carry permit
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that first confronted him. folks inside the store saw it pulled the alarm. the off duty will firefighter pulled the fire alarm to hold them at bay. brian: let's find out what this guy was up to. pete: yeah. brian: three minutes after the top of the hour. ainsley: we saw this protest out in front of mitch mcconnell's house trying to wake him up in the middle of the night. he is at home on break and he hurt is his shoulder and he is there recovering. here is. so video posted online. mitch mcconnell was iced out of twitter when he tried to retweet a video and twitter said no, you need to take that down. if you don't, we're going to continue to keep your account suspended. pete: go ahead, brian. brian: go ahead, pete. pete: his campaign account retweeted it like you said. nearly trying to expose the
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levels personal threats, vitriol, nastiness. ainsley: it was someone else's video he tried to retweet. pete: to show the threats he is facing and twitter secretary of defense that not acceptable. brian: there is a sense in this country conservative voices are being silenced. dennis prager video pro-american in history they are being pushed back because some people don't like it. there is this proof that is really hard to explain but twitter tried. here's what they said. the users were temporarily locked out of their accounts for a tweet that violated our threats personal safety. the threats were against the person who retreated it. it happened at his house. they were already on twitter. they were talking about immigration. they were talking about guns. and he just access this is totally out of control. this is emblematic of the double standard, i believe. here is senator josh hawley, he sees the same problem. >> this is all too typical from twitter and big tech.
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you have congressman castro out there actually calling for retribution against trump supporters, against trump donors, posting their names. twitter doesn't do anything about that. but when mitch mcconnell whose life is threatened and he exposes what these left wing wackos are doing and twitter shuts him down? they senso censor him? ainsley: have you jesse hunt the spokesman for the national editorial senatorial committee will actions toward leader mcconnell's campaign are outrageous. we will not tolerate it and send our resources on the platform that silences conservatives. the republican congressional committee says we will stand firmly with our friends against anti-conservative bias ted cruz says don't spend a single penny on twitter until mcconnell's account is restored. brian: the rnc and the trump
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campaign had planned on spending 300,000 to 500,000 a month in august alone. you think it's only going to ramp up as you get closer and closer to have the election. right now we are keeping that money on the sideline. your honor what kind of wake-up call they are looking for. it's really disturbing. not only the protests. but when mitch mcconnell gets sidelined and they see the embarrassment and the bias and they adjust. it works against any type of business plan. pete: you would think. so it takes a moment where someone so powerful gets treated the way individuals are treated who are conservative. so mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader's campaign gets blocked. all the republican groups, the trump pain, other starts to say we are not going to spend on ads on twitter. that's the type of moment it would take for twitter to realize we are biased. we are targeting conservatives. and if things don't change we are going to lose users on our plot form. it's moments like this that could be seminolely
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important. brian: mitch mcconnell called into a local radio station to talk about this. >> i have a word for everybody who has been in the yar front yard and for everybody who is trying to get in my space. i will not be intimidated by you people, not a chance. not a single thing do you is going to alter how i operate on behalf of my constituents and the country for whom i have a significant amount of responsibility. i intend to carry out that responsibility responsibly, as i always have in the past. and no matter what the obstacles. pete: i have no doubt he means it. you look at what he has done with judges and confirmations and not jumping for a special session for gun legs which he doesn't support. is he not afraid to stand on his own and big asset to the president in that regard. ainsley: can you please help me with this? i want to get the senate back to washington because they are on recess, they are on summer break. mcconnell said no all we
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are going to do is sit across the table from each other and finger point and nothing is going to get done on gun control. we need to discuss it and come together. brian: big support everywhere of the president is coming up at 8:30. a lot time if you are a supporter of the president you get blow back. it doesn't bother mitch mcconnell and other people peter will be with us later. ainsley: co-founder of paypal and sits on the board of facebook. brian: 8 minutes now after the top of the hour. it's a crisis now we all admit it at the border. what we have seen from the spring into the summer has been staggering numbers of illegals coming across our border. some want to be apprehended. there is others that we don't even know came in and some up to absolutely no good. there is good news. ainsley: the good news is the numbers have dropped two months in a row. not as many people coming across the border. significant drop, actually. look at this. june was 104,000. and july 82,000. 21% drop. pete: have you got what's the reason for this? it is summer.
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it's warmer. you see a seasonal dip usually as well. what people are really pointing to is we put pressure on mexico to deploy their national guard, to work with central american companies to try to stem the flow to work on a third safe country proposal where if you are seeking asylum you stay in mexico. you add all those things together and it starts to send a serious signal to that country which hasn't been taking this seriously at all for a long time but now is the time. it was the tariffs, guys. it was the threat of we are going to tax your imports if you don't get serious about immigration that have helped bring these numbers down. as you said, we still don't know how many are crossing that aren't apprehended. brian: i give democrats credit because leadership was in guatemala yet. cuellar not in leadership been trying to talk sense to his party for a while in texas. now they went to guatemala. they understand the problem is within those country us and see what resources they need to keep their people there and come across and
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apply in an orderly fashion. pete: like the first thing democrats have done in a long time on this. brian: nancy pelosi is there. pete: even then. investing 10, $20 million is going to have the return on investment that we want? ainsley: the mayor of nashville, he releases a spanish language video on how to avoid ice. his name is david brilly. >> he says this. if you are a family member encounter with ice it's important you know your rights and have a plan. watch this video to learn more. how unbelievable is. this combine with law enforcement and enforce the law us in the town you are elected to serve. coaching people how to beat law enforcement. ainsley: i told them they have the right to remain silent. not sign papers before speaking with a lawyer. do not answer their doors unless they have orders signed by a judge. pete: he barely won an opportunity to go into a race there carol swain who is a friend, a great conservative, almost beat
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him to get into a run off to get the nashville mayor. it's not as liberal as a town other places it is liberal. hoping folks here illegally, i mean that is indicative of exactly where the democrat party is. brian: i will say this. this is in the heels of the arrest of over 600,000 ace as they raided over in. ainsley: 600, not 600,000. brian: 600 people in a chicken processing plant. a series of them. they saw the raids there. they saw the detainments, so they're taking action. shows you how far tennessee is changing. tennessee used to be a bright red state with politicians that would never do something like that. enough to they have a blue stated that flies in the face of law enforcement so often. blue city. pete: blue city. we will have ken cuccinelli acting director of u.s. citizenship and immigration to talk about that as well. those raids, people are trying to tie them to el paso and things like that. they have been in planning for months.
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nothing to do with that. brian: 11 minutes now after the top of the hour. jillian mele has found her way off the turf and inside. jillian: that's right. first one out of texas, a manhunt intensifying for a gunman who shot and killed two people in the middle of rush hour. investigators say the investigator slammed into another car in houston before he got out of his van with another person and opened fire. >> we do have witnesses that say it was a long rifle that he was firing. what i mean by long rifle, it was a gun similar to an ar-15. jillian: police say a trash bag filled with marijuana was found in the suspect's van. a motive is not yet known. a cell phone belonging to the dayton shooter sun locked by the fbi. sources tell cbs news the gunman had multiple phones and it sun clear if all of them can be accessed right now. the agency also working to uncover the suspect's social media accounts. days after he shot and killed nine people, including his own sister. president trump naming
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counter-terrorism chief joseph maguire as the acting director of national intelligence. the move coming after deputy director sue borden resigned. the staff shakeup follows dni dan coats announcing his resignation after two and a half years. john ratcliffe withdrew from consideration from the job after his qualifications were questioned. a 90 classic rock band releasing new music for the first time in 14 years. ♪ there's nothing i can do ♪ i only want to be with you ♪ jillian: so exciting. hooty and the blow below fish announcing the details of album in a decade. imperfect circle will be out november 1st. i can't wait. brian: it's going to be great. ainsley: they are doing unite tour and they are ending in our hometown at the university of south carolina. they always come back. jillian: must go. ainsley: i know. i know. my brother is going to go.
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and i just got invited to go to the concert. maybe we can broadcast live from down there. pete: headlines ainsley was not. that's all she was talking about. ainsley: gavin loves him, too. gavin is our executive. brian: i have not met him. ainsley: i always say his title wrong. is he our executive producer. there he is host of the show. you were here he hosted for who? brian: filled in for steve. in the small studio. he filled in. it was my idea for him to spin off hoot i can't understand the blowfish and darius rut kerr an rutgers couny music. [buzzer] pete: you are the executive producer. ainsley: brian takes credit for everyone's fame. if they were on "fox & friends" they are famous because of brian. pete: might be true. brian: i was the one that told the bay city rollers to break up. ainsley: what about chomps
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square. brian: in real life and music they should stay together. pete: there you have it. almost 15 minutes after the top of the hour. latest climate change. boogie man going after meat and rice. latest quest in the quest to save the planet. sorry, brian, go ahead. now i'm reading your stuff. brian: meat loaf is singing us out. says don't put your barbecue on the chopping block just yet. his reality check is coming up next. pete: make meat loaf louder, please. ♪ ♪
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may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go beyond. because beyond risk...
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welcome to the neighborhood, guys. there is reward. ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. brian: latest item on the chopping block to put climate change activists. eating less meat is crucial to saving the planet. the planet we are discussing is earth. here to weigh in climate and author of politically incorrect marc morano. if we don't stop eating meat, what will happen to the pla planet? nothing good to the u.n.
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>> the u.n. is after it again. after saving the planet in 2013 with the u.n. paris agreement. celebrations and finally done it. they are now saying they didn't save the planet. now we need a massive expansion of the u.n.'s regulatory power by limiting and reducing and actually getting rid of meat eating all together. brian: the u.s. eats more meat they claim. the american consumption of beef 57 pounds per year. poultry 110 and pork rinds 50. what do those numbers do to the environment. >> they claim that meat eating is one of the most destructive environmental. emissions from cows in past reports more emission than all of the transportation sector. airlines, planes, automobiles, combined. they have made the cow their primary target. this goes into the green new deal as well. the green new deal is going after meat eating as well. the former united nations chief actually said they want to treat meat eat eating.
3:21 am
banish meat eating to separate sectors like smokers in restaurants. former u.k. advisor in the u.n. we need to make meat-eating soaring cost. if your behavior like eating meat is at odds with the climate agenda you are at odds with the regulatory state. talking about 19% tax in germany right now. brian: if we have to get rid of energy sector because now we have to tell the farmers and tell those ranchers get rid of cattle, is anyone going to work anymore or just get andrew i can't think's $1,000 a month and go to the walmart? meanwhile, here's a look at how much we have. they say america eats 25% of the world's meat. so, again, all eyes on us. >> all eyes on us. back in the 1970s, they predicted a food catastrophe based on the cooling square. now because of global warming we meet to change eating habits. control by the u.n. empowering themselves with
3:22 am
this report. they claim more than 100 experts came together. open call by the united nations for activist policy in taxes and regulation and we have seen activists come out with the meat patch like nicotine patch allergies people won't eat meat. it's getting whackier and whackier. they are dead serious. they are going after meat eating in way we have never envisioned. tanks. brian: how soon before protesters go into a restaurant start screaming at them with loud signs. we don't want to tell people what to eat, actually they do. it would be beneficial for both climate and human health if people in many rich countries consumed less meat and politics would create appropriate incentives to that effect. appropriate incentives make it so expensive that people don't want to eat meat. >> appropriate incentives is
3:23 am
tax. this is what the entire agenda is about. no impact on the climate. studies one from carnegie mellon says vegetables have three times the supposed impact than meat does. depends how food is prepared. farming less intensive than human farming. we know best and regulate how you eat. brian: look it up, senator elizabeth warren got schooled by an iowa farmer yesterday on the neil and everything else democrats stand for. marc morano, thank you so much: >> thank you. brian: clarifying the u.n. call. steven ross, mirpts investor, set to hold a trump fundraiser today. will members actually quit? rob schmitt hit the streets to find out. >> this isn't going to do anything. why would i cancel my manipulate? >> maybe i will upgrade. >> for things to get like this and people to be, i don't know, very disrespectful.
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ainsley: mark esper meeting with the south korean president moan jae-in on first internasht trip. promising to maintain fresh on north korea until the regime denukes. and two russian bombers just intercepted off the coast of alaska. spotted in international airspace between the u.s. and canada. they never entered american territory. second time a russian aircraft has been spotted in this area in a second month. brian: republicans taking on twitter after the platform froze. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's re-election account simply because it shared hostile video of threats shouted outside of his home. >> here is kayleigh mcenany. thank you for being here this morning. >> thanks, pete. >> suspension of the majority leader's campaign account.
3:28 am
other republican campaign committees have followed suit. it appears that the trump campaign is standing shoulder to shoulder. how far will you go with this to take on twitter bias. >> we are taking it all the way to the end. until mitch mcconnell's account is restored. i mean, it is amazing, pete, that this morning as i talk to you you, hamas has a working twitter feed but the u.s. senate majority leader does not that is object seen, twitter was asked about hamas having this account after they weighed similar violent threats, they were told, media research center was told that there are exception for violent extremist group. mitch mcconnell as a victim is banned. hamas is out there operating. absurd. brian: one could hurt twitter more than anyone else. and i believe you work for him. the president of the united states. if he decided he didn't want to tweet, use another platform, that would be a body blow that they might not be able to recover from,
3:29 am
perhaps. >> might be, yes. absolutely. there is no doubt president trump drives twitter. is he a huge part of their success. right now we are trying to get to them by our financial means. we will see if that works. hopefully twitter has a wake-up call. president trump doesn't have to go and address his mega phone to the world and his way around the mainstream media. ainsley: there are all these republican groups protesting now saying we are not going to spend our money on twitter anymore. this is a statement from mcconnell's campaign manager kevin golden. this is a problem with the speech police in america today. twitter will allow the words of massacre mitch to trend nationally on their platform but locks our account for posting actual threats against us. we appealed and twitter stood by their decision saying our account will remain locked until we delete the video. do you think they should delete the video so their account can be unlocked? >> no. they shouldn't. they should not as a victim have to delete a video where they are exposing the violent rhetoric of the left. the victim should not be blamed here.
3:30 am
but that's exactly what twitter is doing. we shouldn't be surprised though. they shadow banned jim jordan and mark meadows and ronna mcdaniel. instagram does the same. facebook does the same. these social media outlets sensor public figures. what are they do to innocent conservative men and women who don't have the megaphone around the country. inexclusive and social media platforms need to answer for their censor shop. brian: quick answer on gun reform. the president is looking into background checks. the nra looked up the phone and said don't try it. you will lose your base. where is the president at this right now on this? >> you know, the president's heart goes out to those victims. and he is looking at every single possible way to stop these shootings. is he looking at background checks has not come to a final determination on that yet. he certainly is looking at these red flag laws when 81% of these shooters communicate their intent to someone before hand, that individual, like the one
3:31 am
here in parkland, florida who said i you want to be a school shooter should not have a weapon. that's a point on which we all agree. pete: you recognize the concerns of conservatives red flag laws there is a due process that gets undercut when someone can just say i think you are a threat and authorities step in and take your gun away? >> absolutely there is due process. every american is entitled to that we protect the second amendment. the president stands by the second amendment. there has been no greater propony negligent of the second amendment. we have to look at the mental health aspect of this. that's what red flags do. they differ from state to state. would have to be one, of course, that respects due process but, of course, takes weapons from someone who is mentally ill like the parkland shooter who did not deserve to have that weapon and had an articulated threat. ainsley: thanks, cailee. pete: cailee, thanks a lot. have a great friday. >> thank you. pete: joe biden talking education on the campaign trail. how did it go? not so great. >> we have this notion that somehow if you are poor you
3:32 am
cannot do it. poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as the white kids. ainsley: diamond and silk have a lot to say about that gaffe. he had another gaffe too they will tell you about. ♪ ♪ that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. expedia. at vand look great. guarantee you'll see great "guarantee". we uh... we say that too. you gotta use "these" because we don't mean it. buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really. visionworks. see the difference. did you know congress is working to end surprise medical billing? that's when patients are hit with medical bills they thought would be covered by insurance. the problem is big insurance companies want a one-size-fits-all approach that lets them decide
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brian: steven ross set to hold a fundraiser today for president trump despite days of boycotts. ainsley: boycott activists demanding people their manipulate at the gym because of pro-trump event. pete: would members be actually willing to cancel or is twitter an echo chamber. rob schmitt hit the streets to find out. rob, thanks for being here. >> down in manhattan went to equinox most of the people we went to are not trump supporters which made it even more interesting. check it out. >> i think you should keep politics out of it. i like equinox. i have been a member for ages and just go with it. rob: i suspect you are not going to be canceling your manipulate. >> no way. it's a great club. >> it's dysfunctional thinking. i'm going to cancel my manipulate because i want to feel like i'm taking some sort of action against a i don't agree with this is not
3:37 am
going to do anything. why why cancel my manipulate. rob: what do you think people are calling for you to cancel manipulate. >> i think i will upgrade. one of the best gyms in the city. that's why i work out here. >> for people to be very disrespectful. i don't know. >> trump 2020. >> i'm actually an instructor. rob: are politics going too far? are they getting too crazy? >> i mean, yeah. everyone has a right to make a decision, freedom of speech. free will. >> i think it's separate. politics are his politics and business is his business. i love the gym and i'm going to go because it's about me and my workout. rob: most of the people i talked to yesterday are liberals are new york liberals. they didn't vote for trump. they don't like trump. when you look at what steven ross owns. if you are trying to make an impact on steven ross. i mean, the guy has. you live in a related building. ainsley: and i'm a member of equinox. >> owns the miami dolphins.
3:38 am
he has money all over the place. funniest thing the time warmer center he built that. that's where cnn has housed a lot of their broadcasts for a long time. are you going to boycott cnn because you don't like trump? brian: maybe. now all of a sudden. pete: now i'm in for it. ainsley: some things we use on a daily basis that i'm sure people give money to the democratic party or republican party. i don't need to know your politic with his shop in your store. rob: let me talk to steven ross side. i have always been an activist in the democratic process while some prefer to sit outside of the process and criticize. i prefer to engage directly and support the things i deeply care about. i have and will continue to support leaders on both sides of the aisle. he loves what trump is doing on china and loves the economic perspective of donald trump. that's what he is a fan of. he says he doesn't agree with everything. brian: you can be friends with the guy and disagree with some his policies. rob: remember what that was like before three years ago. ainsley: san antonio castro was trying to call the
3:39 am
donors. the barbecue business on that list is doing well. rob: that's the funniest thing. you see what they are trying to do. this is very divisive. it might work against their wishes. it could come back to haunt. pete: affirms that regular people cut through all of this pete. brian: people afford $250,000. pete: no, no the people afford equinox. rob: $200 a month for a gym. ainsley: i wish they would lower the cost. $200 a month for a gym. brian: stay on your back on a machine. ainsley: diamond and silk from fox nation are with us. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. ainsley: what do you think about this hollywood's push to equinox and soulcycle. >> maybe it's time to boycott hollywood. they glorify violence. they oversexualize our society. maybe it's time to boycott them. listen, they don't get to tell us thousand think or how to vote.
3:40 am
who we should contribute to. they don't get to do that. >> that's right. >> i think it's time for americans to stand up, to stand up to hollywood. >> um-huh. >> if we want to shop somewhere, we will. if we want to go work out somewhere, we will. you don't get to tell us to boycott something because you don't like it. >> that's right. >> they don't think for us. we can think for ourself. >> that's right. >> we have got to get your thoughts on another topic. joe biden hit the trail again. weighs hiding initially during the start of his presidential campaign, afraid of the gaffes that he may commit and afraid of the far left part of his democrat party which he is not necessarily in step with. he was at the iowa state fair yesterday and had this to say as he tried to talk about education. listen. >> the other thing we should do is we should challenge these students. we should challenge students in these schools that have advanced placement programs in these schools. we have this notion that somehow if you are pour, you cannot do it. pour kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids, wealthy kids, black kids,ation kids.
3:41 am
i really mean it. think how we think about it. pete: autopsy poor kids just as bright and talented as white kids. >> you know, every time joe opens up his mouth, it echos the sentiments of bigotry and racism. >> yes, it does. it seems to me is trying to divide us based on race and socioeconomics. i don't know what he is trying to do. i wish he would go somewhere and sit down. you would think his black advisors would tell him certain things to say. certain things he should not say. >> that's right. >> i want to point out something. >> um-huh. >> you know, back in the day, there was ballers, shock collars, rappers that wanted to be just like donald trump. you name me one black man that wanted to be like joe biden. segregations and kkk members. he should sit down. >> that's right. >> maybe he could be president of geritol but not the president of the united states. he won't represent us all. >> that's right. brian: i didn't know that presidency was up for
3:42 am
election of geritol. i had no idea there was a vacancy. joe biden also had another gaffe when he talked about he wants to be on the side of truth vs. fact. he wants to be on the side of truth, not fact. i think his advisors get really nervous when he doesn't use the prompter, all bets are off. >> it's going to come from his mouth. when you talk about truth and fact. if you don't have the facts you can't come to the truth. he doesn't understand that. >> that's right. >> he has been doing this 50 years. he is 76 years old? bye-bye joe, go home. a no for joe. >> his true colors are shining very brightly. pete: that's true you do it for 50 years and this is what you get. maybe it's time to hang it up. ainsley: thanks, ladies. good to see you. catch them on fox nation. netflix for conservatives. pete: diamond and silk. have a great weekend. brian: jillian, you can't have a good weekend yet you are still working.
3:43 am
jillian: just a few hours from that extremely dangerous escaped inmate could be anywhere. police now offering a more than $52,000 reward for information leading to curtis ray watson. suspected of killing a female corrections officer and escaping a tennessee prison on a tractor. take a look at this. investigators releasing these three mug shots showing what watson might look like with different hair styles. watson serving 15 years for a kidnapping charge. nbc universal is moving ahead with plans to release its controversial film "the hunt." >> every year a bunch of elites kidnap normal folks like us. where did they get from you. >> wyoming. >> older. >> and hunt us for sport. >> the company is facing backlash from critics who claim the film promotes violence against so-called deplorables. it is due out on september 27th. a studio official tells fox news, quote: there are no plans to not release the movie. no plans to move the release
3:44 am
deputies ran after a plan driving a car into walmart. see the man zoom through the entrance with the deputies trailing behind. this is near tampa, florida. customers trying to avoid the man before he crashed into a register. the suspect is under arrest. police say he was upset and demanding to speak to a manager before the wild ride. remains of an american airman killed in the vietnam war are found and flown home. >> activity going right side of the aircraft. taking one of our servicemen home. 52 years and coming. [applause] jillian: the colonel's casket draped with an
3:45 am
american flag after loaded off the plane. his son watching. he was 5 years old in 1967 when he last saw his father. he will be buried with full military honors this weekend. brian: the son flew home his dad's body from vietnam. pete: i got chills just thinking about that story. he was 5 when his dad went off. shot down in vietnam. all these years later they find his remain and is he a pilot and flies his dad home. brian: first missing for five years. '69 he went missing. and declared him dead in 1974. this journalists realized this moment and started taking pictures and were able to bring that up close and personal. ainsley: after vietnam you know the response to all the veterans that fought. and now this man comes home to all these cheers. it's bittersweet though. pete: it took a long time. i take some solace in the fact that our country never forgets those guys still there trying to find those remains and bring them home
3:46 am
properly. brian: what do you say to a vietnam veteran? welcome home because they never got that. ainsley: janice dean outside with one of our college associates anna collins who goes to the university of south carolina. hey, anna, hey, janice. >> how are you doing, anna. >> i'm good, how are you? what college do you go to. >> university of south carolina. janice: south carolina, you are a southern girl. >> yes, ma'am. janice: how about doing the weather for me. >> i'm ready. janice: you are going to do great. >> strong to severe thunderstorms will be possible across parts of the northern plains. heavy rain could cause flooding over the central u.s. and into the mississippi river valley. hot temperatures continue from texas into florida. the humidity will make it feel over 100 in major u.s. cities. back to you, pete, ainsley and brian. janice: good job, anna. didn't she do great? i have to promo something i'm doing on saturday, all
3:47 am
right? can i take over a little bit. >> yes. janice: delmarva 5 k walk and run happening tomorrow celebrating our first responders, military service members. visit tunnel 2 to register. the weather is going to be spectacular in delaware. i will be emceeing the event. my whole family is coming. you anna can come along, too. >> i will be there. janice: how was she? was she great? [cheers] janice: and the crowd goes wild. we are here for the summer concert series. are you going to hang out for that as well? >> yes, of course. janice: barbecue from famous dave's. sandals is here. whole line up of folks back inside. ainsley: she did great. good job, anna. this is her second year as a college associate. she did such a great job last year. she got to come back and she requested to be on our show this year. pete: now she is doing a 5 k she didn't even know about. ainsley: anna, we will put to you work. thanks so much. great job. terrifying video as a pilot crashes in the middle of
3:48 am
nowhere and get this. he records his own rescue. >> reality is setting in that this could be a wild. the bugs are so bad. pete: it's what he did afterwards that got him rescue you had. brian: that pilot joins us live with survival tips. ♪ joy ♪ let it move you ♪ let it move you ♪ with oxi boost and febreze odor remover. gain flings. seriously good scent.
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3:52 am
♪ ♪ jillian: good morning, welcome back. quick headlines now. democrats cry foul on a bill continue to crease penalties for harassing cops. new york state republicans pushing a bill to make throwing water on police a felony. punishable by up to 4 years in prison after a viral video showed new york's finest getting stoked. critics say bill overreaction since pouring water on cops is already an criminal offense. alexandria ocasio-cortez wants a lawsuit tossed out. democratic socialist asking a federal judge to dismiss former new york assemblyman doug hiken's case. he says his first amendment rights were violated when she blocked him on twitter. ocasio-cortez argues hiken lacks standing to open the suit. we will see. ainsley. ainsley: a pilot crashes mid-air in the middle of nowhere and he records his own rescue. >> reality is setting in
3:53 am
that this could be a while. the bugs are so bad. the smell of fuel is just thick. pete: a minnesota mining executive was flying from newfoundland to question back when his plane encountered engine trouble and slammed into a mountain side. ainsley: it's what he did after the crash that got him rescues fire hours after stranded in the wilderness. pete: here with pilo survival tips is matt. >> start a little bit from the beginning without too much context. when did you realize you were going down and what did you do? >> yeah, good morning, guys. how are you doing? pete: good morning. >> it was a normal flight. one i have done numerous times before. i was 30 minutes into the flight and noticed my engine readings were off. i divert you had to the nearest airport but it was still 25 minutes away. 25 minutes after i diverted the engine lost power and it made a sound i will never forget. ainsley: what was going through your mind at that point? >> i don't remember,
3:54 am
actually. it was a lot of tunnel vision. a lot of focus on just flying the airplane. what i do recall was talking to the air traffic control, making sure i relayed my coordinates. i flew a aircraft that has airframe parachute. so i felt like i would get on the ground but if i survived that i was most concerned about being rescued because i was in a very remote area. pete: you parachute out, the plane crashes. you realize you don't have your g.p.s., you go back to the airplane and get it. at what point do you realize i'm at a pretty dicey spot and how did you make a decision what to do next as far as rescue? >> well, the diesiest spot and where i was most scared was right after i got out of the plane. i looked back at the plane and saw that a tree had impaled the plane. i couldn't believe that it didn't kill me. i also knew without the g.p.s. that it would take a while to get found. that's when i was most scared. once i got the g.p.s. and i was able to send s. >sos and get
3:55 am
acknowledgment that it was received, it changed my feelings quite a bit. ainsley: matt, several questions for you. you are obviously recording so you had your phone with you, right? could you not call 911? >> no. ainsley, there was no cell service out there. it was just the g.p.s. satellite. it actually took me about an hour to find ground that was open up enough, it was such thick forest. i wasn't able to send and receive messages. i climbed up a hill and got a clear opening. pete: give us tips here. you clearly thought through this flyin flying over these remote areas. what tips would you give people were they to be in a similar situation? >> one of the things i hope comes out of this is the awareness of flying over remote terrain. i was prepared but i wasn't fully prepared. if i wasn't fortunate that everything went perfect, i would have been in the woods much longer and i wasn't prepared for that the things i would have done differently is certainly packed more water. make sure you are dressed for where you are going or where you could crash, not
3:56 am
where you have came from. i was dressed like i was going to the beach and i landed in a place that was covered in insects and i wasn't dressed for the occasion. two way radios. i would have packed a two-way radio. water, more communication capabilities. and better prepared from a dress perspective. ainsley: maybe bug repellent, too. are you living life differently. >> absolutely. you can't go through something like this and have it not change your life. i'm very grateful to be alive. now my challenge is to figure out how to use this gift to try to be a better person. pete: matt lehtinen. glad you are here. >> appreciate it. pete: democrat joaquin castro facing backlash for outing trump donors on line. one donor on that list didn't donate any money. ainsley: how did that happen? he joins us life to explain and his message for the congressman next hour.
3:57 am
pete: coming up we have geraldo rivera, dan bongino and peter thiele. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ offers free so bookers can book now... and ask their boss later. [do you want breakfast or no?] free cancellations! [definitely breakfast.] how good is that? be a booker at
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♪ you gonna cisz me o kiss me o? ♪ we going to do this or what? ♪ know i like you a lot pete: if it's friday, brian, what is it? brian: it is the summer concert series, the all-american concert series brought to you by sandals. this year sandals has been sponsoring which i think is the best season ever. i think they will be writing about this for generations. ainsley: sandals for couples only. one time i said you should take your kids. no, don't brings your kids. pete: today sandals resorts showed us a shot right at
4:01 am
the beginning. brought us private dining and butler service from their resorts. not just swim up bar and all the cool stuff you get. private butler and dining service at those resorts. brian: what's the biggest source of stress when you go on these? >> money, money. all inclusive. >> pete, you guessed it. what are you going to eat? brian: no. you guess, what's the biggest source of stress on these vacations? [laughter] joel, you cannot play anymore. it is getting your towel on the beach chair and you got to get up early enough to do it or else you would be sitting there on the side of the pool. ainsley: that's what you do -- the men go out. the women say honey, go reserve two chairs. brian: or you put speakers down there and i will put the right one on the right chair and left one on the other chair. ainsley: that's not true. brian: i'm not sure how that benefited the show. pete: i don't think it did. ainsley: leave the beach and have to go back to go to the
4:02 am
restroom leave wallet or bag. here you don't have to worry about all that. all inclusive. already paid for. you don't have to take your wallet to the beach. pete: you brought it full circle. brian: that's vacation. let's talk about getting back to work. guess what, the investigation of the investigations continues as more light is being shed on what was really taking place when president trump became president-elect and turned into the president of the united states. that is regarding the 302s that were released yesterday. these are interviews that the fbi did with subjects related to this investigation. more light is spread on the role of bruce ohr and christopher steele. ainsley: bruce ohr was the associate deputy editor of at the time. because of tom fitton's group they sued to get this interview released and they used the freedom of information act. doj releases partially redacted interview that the fbi had with bruce ohr. pete: first one 302 from
4:03 am
november 22nd, 2016. this is after president trump was elected says ohr new redacted reporting on trump's ties to russia were going to go to the clinton campaign. john weiner at the u.s. state department or the fbi or was aware that glen simpson was passing redacted information to many individuals or entities and at times redacted at the name would attend meetings with simpson. brian: guess what? this guy christopher steele hired by fusion gps. fusion gps had nellie ohr there. nellie ohr, bruce ohr's wife there. when christopher steele was found leaking to the press, they said steele, you're out. buff it turns out he was never out. through the what's app. they were communicating bruce ohr to christopher steele to circumvent and cut donald trump. ainsley: for six months. brian: to cut donald trump off at the knees. christopher steele was so incited by the thought of donald trump becoming president after he was
4:04 am
actually had his contacts severed with the fbi, it turns out, according to these reports, that the communication continued from 2016 all the way through 2017. pete: that's major headline, bruce ohr, senior doj official continued communicating with christopher steele even after bob mueller was appointed. by the way, i didn't look at this until now, bruce ohr still has a job. he still works at the department of justice. it's unbelievable. this next 302 goes even further with it. another one redacted thanks to the good work of tom fitton from january 27th, 2017. ohr received a what's app. innovation like texting in a secure mode from christopher steele independent indicating redacted and steele would like to keep the line of communication open with future contact. ohr replied in the affirmative which means hey i'm open to keep talking to you and bruce ohr willing to
4:05 am
do that. brian: pretty astounding. as lindsey graham said yesterday, this is the tip of the iceberg. he is chairman of the senate judiciary committee. he is perfectly capable of getting information. he also knows a lot more than we know of going, fulfilling. this. ainsley: we heard yesterday peter strzok was suing because he lost his job. we have also heard this morning that mccabe is now suing since he lost his job right before he was supposed to retire. something in those 302s that struck me. it says a individual is linked to the dossier. i assume it's christopher steele. it doesn't say because the names are redacted. bruce ohr said this desperate that donald trump not get elected and passionate about him not being the u.s. president. brian: i will take you one step further. christopher steele, not an american, was hired by an american company, fusion gps to get information on donald trump's ties to russia, which there were none. and it looks as though christopher steele got information that wasn't verified. ainsley: not verified at all.
4:06 am
dossier unverified. brian: it might have been russian disinformation. pete: correct. brian: throw christopher steele off and poison america to distract us two and a half years. ainsley: that unverified information, that dossier, was the sole reason that the fisa application was confirmed over and over and over and that's why they got to survey donald trump's campaign. pete: it's incredible. brian: here is jim jordan. >> said this three months ago failure at the you were echelon of the fbi. we know that's the case. the big irony here and what drives americans crazy the very week we get this information bruce ohr's 302s the very week we get this the same week the people at the you were etch lob suing the american taxpayer to get paid for wrongful termination. andy mccabe who lied three times under oath. peter strzok who ran both investigations. and who was fired because of things he said like trump we'll stop trump. >> they didn't go after
4:07 am
general flynn. pete: it is amazing irony. ronald reagan once say the closest thing to eternal life is government program. the closest thing is a government job. all the protections you get. bruce ohr can't be fired. mccabe and strzok are firing to get their jobs back. we are learning more and more about the deep state conspiracy to unelect a duly elected president and what's going to be done about it? brian: even though mccabe is worshiped on other channels, keep in mind, too. mccabe and comey disagree on key elements of what happened in the fall of 2016. and mccabe was found inspector general of not being candid. while they were revealing criminal charges. paperwork and go to lunch? how long going to take to review mccabe's situation and refer him for criminal referral. pete: releasing the memos that james comey took will not lead to prosecution. it makes your head spin about where justice. brian: real quick, jerry
4:08 am
nadler is also pursuing impeachment proceedings on the president of the united states. ainsley: yes, i know. republicans are fighting back after what happened to mitch mcconnell. sau the protesters out in his front yard. he re-tweets a video on it on twitter. twitter ices him out and says your account is suspended until you delete that video. is he just like i retweeted a video that someone else put up there about what they are doing in my front yard. republicans are fighting back. have you republican groups saying we are pulling our money from twitter. we are not going to advertise on twitter anymore. pete: hrcc republican national committee. the trump campaign as well are going to start removing paid twitter ads. we can use it for free. they use it to reach voters and push messages and hundreds of thousands of dollars. when you have an example of a senate majority leader, the most powerful man in the u.s. astronaut, mitch mcconnell, his campaign account blocked by twitter, it shows this is their only resource. unsuspend us.
4:09 am
ainsley: only problem is if republicans stop advertising on twitter does that mean just democratic messages. pete: in a paid way, yes. ultimately, it just exposes how biased the platform truly is when you consider what julian castro and joaquin castro posting campaign donors. brian: president decides i'm not tweeting anymore. that is a body blow they might not be able to recover from. here is what twitter says to fox news. the users were temporarily locked out of the account for violating our violent threat policy. threats involving physical safety. his own physical safety. he put it back in their face. mitch mcconnell hopped on the radio and said this about his situation. >> i have a word for everybody who has been in the front yard and for everybody who is drying to get in my space, i will not be intimidated by you people, not a chance. not a single thing do you is
4:10 am
going to alter how i operate on behalf of my constituents and the country for whom i have a significant amount of responsibility. i intend to carry out that responsibility responsibly as i always have in the past. and no matter what the obstacles. brian: the man that stood up to president obama on merrick garland's nomination that was steadfast with kavanaugh and has been pretty steadfast even stand up with the president. ainsley: his campaign manager had a really good message about this. he said why is it okay for them to tweet certain words about my boss, mitch mcconnell? and one of the words he uses he sees on twitter a lot. pete: #massacre mitch. ainsley: why are they allowed to say that and yet we can't post a video of protesters in front yard. pete: without double standards the left wouldn't have any standards at all to include twitter. this is what cailee mac nanny national press secretary for president trump had to say about this.
4:11 am
listen. >> they should not as a victim have to delete a video where they're exposing the violent rhetoric of the left. the victim should thought be blamed here. that's exactly what twitter is doing. we shouldn't be surprised though. they shadow banned jim jordan and mark meadows and ronna mcdaniel, instagram does the same. facebook does the same. these social media outlets sensor public figures who are conservative. what are they doing to innocent men and women who don't have the mega phone around the country industry inexcusable and these social media platforms need to answer for censorship. pete: she made a great point hamas has an active twitter account to which they can post. the senate leader does not today. brian: froze his account or human being. pete: maybe hours and days afterwards. at this point it's intentional. ainsley: let us know what you think about it. and now let's hand it over
4:12 am
to jillian who has headlines for us. happy friday. jillian: happy friday to you. let's start with this story a firefighter stops a potential shooting at a walmart. police say a man showed up to the store with a bullet proof vest and rifle in springfield, missouri. a man pulled the fire alarm to get people out. held him until police arrived. >> i have been in public safety for a long time. and even though i'm no longer in public safety, i still feel that i can still protect people if i need. to say that was my intention. hopefully my actions prevented something like el paso from happening. jillian: the suspect is under arrest. police officers say he had more than 100 rounds of ammunition. the gang member arrested for a deadly stabbing spree is due in court today. zachery is accused of murdering four people during a two hour rampage is southern california. he was arrested outside a gas station covered in blood police say he is extremely dangerous. >> this person should have
4:13 am
been in prison. he is a violent individual who should have never been considered for early release. >> we just know this was a random act of violence and the guy unleashed evil across our two counties. >> cass continu he was out on b: >> this is formal impeachment proceedings hopefully by the end of the year. vote to -- vote articles of impeachment to the house floor or we won't. jillian: house judiciary chairman jerry nadler is not waiting for pelosi who has been hesitant on impeachment. the committee is looking into alleged misconduct by the president relate touted russia probe. and how about this? a huge preseason moment for a player who lied his way into a tryout is now going viral. watch this. >> inside the 15. and he gets one block and he
4:14 am
is gone. and he is gone. taking it the distance for the touchdown. jillian: that's cleveland browns damond shehe returns the punt for a touchdown. he made the rossy after checking into a tryout claiming he knew a team official even though he wasn't invited. so, there you go. he is like the star of the team now after that. i mean, it is only pree pre-season but everyone is talking about him now. brian: i sense the movie of the week. after school special. pete: they are saying he had $200 to his name and two bags and sleeping outside the facility and able to lie his way in and get a tryout. jillian: you never want to lie but good for him on the outcome. ainsley: that's determination. put me in, coach. pete: know a guy, let me in. brian: it worked. pete: someone needs to check the brown's. ainsley: progress at the border. apprehensions dropping for the second straight month.
4:15 am
brian: yep. acting director ken cuccinelli says the crisis is far from over. he joins us live next. most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship
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4:19 am
for the second straight month. ainsley: customs and border protection in july they encountered 82,000 people along the u.s. mexico border. that's a drop from 21% from the month before. the officials are crediting mexico for helping with the crackdown on illegal immigration. pete: joining us now acting director of citizenship and immigration services ken cuccinelli. ken, thanks for being here this morning. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. pete: put those numbers in context for us. they still seem high for a lot of people. what do you give credit to the drop for? >> well, first of all, this drop ask a result of president trump keeping his promises on immigration unfortunately he hasn't gotten help from congress in doing that as we have been requesting for some time now. he continues to use every tool in the toolbox and you mention mexico. this president has dealt with mexico in a way completely different from any of his predecessors republican or democrat. and he has succeeded. we are getting cooperation from mexico that we have not
4:20 am
gotten before. they are patrolling their own southern border more vigorously than before. we also have the remain in mexico program where tens of thousands you have people who have come across our border illegally have had to wait in mexico for their asylum hearings so they don't get released into the interior of this country. so president trump's different path of dealing with this is succeeding. and we also hope that with the first steps in the guatemala cooperation agreement, moving that forward again because the president has dealt with the northern triangle countries differently that that offers more opportunity to keep reducing these numbers. brian: all right. so the numbers are going down but they are still extraordinarily high. but do you notice the democratic delegation was in guatemala yesterday what do you hope they see or hear? are you encouraged or discouraged that they are there. >> i'm always encouraged when i see attempts to find facts and truth in this debate.
4:21 am
as you all know and have you talked about it on your show, a lot of rhetoric flies around. but there are some basic facts that are hard to escape. and you mentioned just while this last month's numbers are an improvement, they are still crisis level. 82,000 people coming across that southern border exceeds any month for years except for the last four months. and so we still have a lot of work to do. things we have been asking congress to do, including the congressman down there in the northern triangle countries, including the speaker herself. and they have taken zero action on this stuff. nothing. and we aren't truly going to get our arms around this problem for the long term until congress closes some of those asylum loopholes that we have been all but begging them to do. ainsley: ken, what about this nashville mayor. his name is david briley. and he was blasting the president for immigration raids in his area. he released a video online
4:22 am
spanish language video how to avoid ice. telling them not to open the doors unless an agent has an order signed by a judge. don't sign any papers before speaking to a lawyer, and they have the right to remain silent? >> well, when we have government officials aiding and abetting people in violating our laws we have fallen to a pretty bad place. it isn't just this mayor. we have seen it in los angeles, in one of the biggest cities of the country we have seen this same sort of behavior. the reality is and a lot of americans don't know this over a million people here illegally have gone all over the due process pipeline. believe me, we provide a lot of due process for folks and still have federal orders for their removal, and they refuse to obey them. so, if you are ice, if you are matt al bans, the acting director of ice, you have enormous tasks in front of you just with people already through the court process, the adjudication to
4:23 am
determine they shouldn't be here any longer. there is a lot of people we need to remove. mayor's like that one in tennessee don't help. pete: speaking of enforcing the law and removal, down in mississippi there was a series of raids on poultry processing plants. ult matily 640 workers detained. we just learned that 300 of which were released. there has been a lot of spin and hyperbole about these actions. tell us what the context is and why they happen. >> well, first of all, ice has dramatically increased their enforcement actions over the last year. this year over the last year. literally 2, 3, 4, five times. and then some. and what you saw in mississippi was an operation involving seven locations with three employers who ice's investigations demonstrated were breaking the law by hiring illegal aliens instead of american citizens. and mind you, mississippi is a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the country. this is not a situation
4:24 am
where there is no one else available. we also have the h 2 program visa program for legally present aliens to participate in employment. that isn't what was happening here. that's why ice was busting these folks. and they have literally were using hundreds of illegals to do their work, to beat other people in their business. so they were cheating here. and they are being held accountable now thanks to ice. brian: all right, ken, decrease but still not -- >> still a long way to go. brian: long way to go. let's hope august numbers decrease again. thanks ken cuccinelli. joaquin castro facing backlash for outing trump donors. one person on that list didn't donate any money. pete: what? how did that happen? he joins us live to explain coming up next. so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work.
4:25 am
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brian: president trump suggests he could commute the sense of rod blagojevich's 14 year term some republicans are raising a red flag about the former illinois governor. fox business network grady tremble is live in chicago with reaction this morning. bit of a surprise, grady. >> yeah, not a huge surprise, brian. the former reality show host, now the president has been considering commuting the sentence of contestant on his show for some time. he first brought it up about a year ago. then he mentioned it again on air force one on wednesday. then yesterday he tweeted this rod blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison. he has served seven. many people have asked that i study the possibility of commuting his sentence and that it was a very severe one. white house staff is continuing the review of this matter. and you might remember
4:29 am
blagojevich was at the center of a federal investigation more than a decade ago accused of corruption. he was convicted on more than a dozen counts, one of those including trying to sell the senate seat vacated by president barack obama. blagojevich was impeached and removed from office in 2009. he has been in prison in colorado since 2012. the president's tweet giving new hope to the family. his wife tweeted this yesterday. our president's comments on air force one make us very hopeful that our almost 11-year nightmare might soon be over. we are very grateful. and in a rare moment of agreement, the president seems to have the same view as the referenced jesse jackson as well as his son former illinois congressman. they sent a letter to the president last week saying they support the move. right now though there is no timeline as to when the pardon might actually happen. guys? brian: all right. we will see what happens. pete, ainsley, take it away. pete: thanks, brian. democratic congressman
4:30 am
joaquin castro facing more backlash for a tweet exposing trump donors from his district. ainsley: he says it was his father who actually donated to president trump and even supported hulaian castro's run for mayor in 2009. pete: harper joins us now. let me get this clear. your father was the one that donated to president trump but your name is on the list. your business targeted. but, at the same time, you had been supportive of joaquin castro when he ran for mayor. what do you make of being outed on twitter for your private financial support? >> we supported julian castro for mayor in 2009. pete: excuse me. >> not joaquin. i don't know joaquin but have met and spent time with mayor castro. ainsley: how did your name get on the list if you didn't actually give money, it was your dad. and do you share the same name as your dad. >> we share the same first
4:31 am
name. we have different middle names. my father goes by his middle name and i go by the name harper. and so he does not use the name harper. he uses his middle name. so, naturally, when the news story broke, all of the attention was directed towards me, which is fine. i would rather that be the case than my retirement aged father. pete: how have you reacted to this targeting because of your political views? >> well, i have a wife and three kids living at home. so when we learned of the news we convened together as a family and talked about situational awareness. we talked about exit strategy, avoiding and exiting conflict, talked about staying low, staying close to home. and just being at our very highest senses. it's been like that the last
4:32 am
few days. ainsley: harper, you are a trump supporter, right? >> yes, i am. ainsley: what is your message to joaquin castro who put you and your family in a state of fear? >> so, my issue really has to do with i have seen some of the responses of mayor castro and congressman castro, and my -- the dissemination of a list of a donor list is certainly fine and i don't take issue with that at all. if that makes sense to somebody to do that. the other part, the other ingredient, so there is three ingredients in my view. the other greed cents would be representative castro's platform. he is a sitting u.s. congressman. if he sends a tweet or if he sends an email, the press picks it up. and it becomes amplified. unlike if i send a tweet or email, i'm just an ordinary citizen operating a business and raising a family, my tweets are just within my
4:33 am
circle of community as a sitting congressman, his information that he disseminates goes to a very large audience. the third issue has to do with the side bar on the list which was, to me, involved claims of racism and other things that i don't think were appropriate. i have seen the list. and the list is composed of fine members of our community, people that have helped build this community, people responsible, moms, dads, retirees, and to associate these people with those types of claims is just wrong. if he wants to name-call other politicians, well, other politicians have signed up for that. that's what they do for a living. it's unfortunate in our political environment that we see more mudslinging than
4:34 am
we do putting forth ideas. pete: yep. >> but that's just the way it is, i guess, in this day and age. so my point is that to wrap all that up and to send it out in a tweet, combine the three greed cents and detonate it with innocent, private citizens in his own city, i just don't understand it. and it lacks common sense to me. pete: of course, harper, we don't have a lot of common sense in our discourse right now. very briefly, would this deter from you supporting the president in the future. >> from president trump? pete: yeah. >> absolutely not. i think the overwhelming response i have received is thank you, even though i didn't contribute, thank you for contradicting to make america great again. i have had unsolicited invitations from linked in. i have had numerous phone calls. i think all this does is galvanize the interest in reinvigorate making america great again which is what i think all the donors were interested in supporting.
4:35 am
has been effective. ainsley: thank you, harper for coming on. >> you bet, thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. our all-american concert series brought to you by sandals continues. thompson square is here ♪ ♪ but in my mind i'm still 25. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium. what sore muscles? what with advpounding head? .. advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil.
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4:39 am
go the stores and restaurants the impossible whopper. apparently plant-based instead of meat based. brian: so, in other words it's not meat. brian: hi, tyrus. >> hi. is it good. >> mcdonald's. pete: congressman, i think the whopper is the single. >> cheat snack. when i'm not on sensible meals whopper. pete: can't beat the real whopper. i have tasted it but it's still pretty good. ainsley: it is. but i taste a lot of bread. normally you can taste more than meat. brian: being that they are
4:40 am
eating should i introduce our guest? >> whenever you want. brian: really going well. tyrus is here. he is with the famous fox nation. what is the favorite shows is the one you are on. >> i do like this show, yeah. it's fun. brian: tell me about "enough said?" it's not a political show but conversations with people you wouldn't necessarily have a conversation with because unfortunately we are living in a time where mainstream media tries to push that narrative where no one gets along anymore. and i issue talking with a lot of different guests and never meet your heroes. i met lowe ferrigno who was my hero and we had a great conversation. i went back to my old boss. whenever you quit a job it's usually weird to come back and sat with snoop and that was cool. i don't like country music that much and john rich and i had a great conversation. it's just about getting back to the conversation and saying it's pretty easy to do. brian: you don't like
4:41 am
country music john rich. >> after talking to him. the reason i don't like country music it's so damn sad. then he explained to me why it's sad. i was holding a lot of stuff inside i didn't want to deal with the sadness. it really was. it's okay to be sad in the car when you drive. ainsley: your hero is the incredible hulk lou ferrigno. >> my father woken up with a sad look on face. he gets in the car and slams the door. dad, how was the interview? they said they couldn't do the interview because they can't understand your speech. he said it should have been me. that wake a wake-up call. i'm going to learn one thing in life to be the best i can be with myself. pete: that was his father's reaction to his first performance. >> we cured his dad issues which was awesome.
4:42 am
how that happened was i watched all the time. it runs on a loop the private gym i work out at. he looked uncomfortable. never wanted to assume it was arnold schwarzenegger picking on him. his father was there and his father was very, very verbally abusive his whole life because he had issues with his hearing. i don't want call it a disability but his impairment. but he was very jealous at him and yelling at him and doing it during the pumping iron competition. and i asked him about it. we talked about fathers for 45 minutes. ainsley: what did he say about his dad? did his dad ever apologize later in life. >> we both have father issues. and we both understood they didn't have the ability to apologize because they were weak. it was nothing that we did. it was cool that we talked about that. someone as powerful as him that he has carried that with him and we were able to talk about how bad our dads were. ainsley: did that push you? >> it pushed him and amazingly a lot in common in terms of fire and wanting to
4:43 am
be bigger than life and we both kind of accomplished that. it was really cool to sit down and talk with somebody. like i said normally when you speak with people you don't get because things like that don't happen. it does happen. we are just not hearing about it. the conversation is still around. brian: by the way, he is still working out. >> yeah. he and his daughter started fitness. we did the interview in a gym. it's lou ferrigno. ainsley: where does he live, california. >> yeah, he lives in california. pete: mentioned former boss interview snoop dogg. >> made him cry. he cried. yeah. i gave him the cry. we did the talk about all the fake stuff like his youth football program i was a part of that. i beat him for mvp coach that year. talked about that. we had one kid in particular who was homeless no one knew it. i followed him home one night. he rode.
4:44 am
his nickname was pretty hair. worst kid on the team. i kept working with him had. got in the game long story short and he made a tackle. huge story for us. we found out his mother was in rehab and he didn't want to be away from her. she was hiding behind places. that's the essence who he is. ainsley: that was on a football team. >> he has a whole league. he has a whole youth football league for the inner city where they didn't have to play as much to play football because football is very expensive. brian: let's take a quick look. >> most celebrities in your position have huge egos, i have seen you working with guys first shot and treat them the same as if it was quincy jones. how are you able to manage that ego? >> because i used to be that same kid sometimes giving the attention and giving somebody the proper respect they deserve at the level that you and bring them to that level and when they get past your level they will never forget what you did for them.
4:45 am
pete: folks want to get "enough said"? >> break from the political battle you know what i'm saying? check it out. pete: fox nation. ainsley: fox nation, free trial run. free during that time period. netflix for conservatives. brian: thanks, tyrus. meanwhile, here is julian. jillian: how much does that chain weigh? >> two and a half pounds. ainsley: jillian, you are the vegetarian out of the group. jillian: you left me out of that thanks. crazy story in new jersey. a family spooked by letters from a mystery stalker their home after five years. the couple started getting notes from someone who called themselves quote the watcher after buying the new jersey house for more than $1 million in 2014. one of the letters read, quote: i am pleased to know your names now and the name of the youngblood you have brought me no one was ever charged.
4:46 am
the family tooking $500,000 loss on the sale. a truck veers off the road and launches into the air. stop what you are doing and watch this. jillian: that is scary, see the man get off the ground as the truck and trailer crashes down send ago cloud of dirt into the air. this all happening outside an auto repair shop outside of austin, texas, no one was hurt, thankfully. this will have you smiling all day. a man with cerebral palsy shares the moment of his fears of swimming alone. >> see how it goes. jillian: that is 20-year-old damion gross beaming when he is done. can you see why this video is now going viral.
4:47 am
good job. let's go outside to miss janice dean a check on the forecast. pretty nice out. >> there beautiful. i want to introduce you to two nathan where are you from. >> syracuse, university. highland, new york. janice: did you find it fun here. >> absolutely. i loved every minute of it. janice: wonderful. you look great in a suit by the way. isabel is second year where are you from. >> philly nyu. janice: are you ready to do the weather my friend. >> always, janice. janice: take it away. >> all right. hot and humid weather continues across the south today. heat advisories are posted from texas to florida where it will feel well over 100 degrees. strong to severe thunderstorms will be possible over the northern plains and heavy rain could cause flooding. that's your forecast. back to you, pete, ainsley, and brian. janice: oh my goodness. wasn't she amazing? [cheers] janice: wonderful job. thank you so much for coming. thanks, everyone for coming. would you come here next week? >> always. janice: okay. lovely, fantastic. our college interns.
4:48 am
thank you very much. and ainsley, brian, and pete. [applause] pete: emmy nominated smash hits are you going to kiss me or not, brian. brian: this morning husband and wife country music duo thompson square is back and better than ever. ainsley: that's right we have shawna and kiefer and they have a son cooper. how old are cooper. >> 3 now. ainsley: they grow up so fast. tell us about your success, how y'all met and became a group. >> oh my gosh. >> i thought it was like a short thing. we met in 1996. >> in nashville at a singing competition. >> we moved there respective stays. we have been apart probably two weeks. >> in twentsd years. brian: on and off the stage. hits start rolling out. you took a few years off to raise your son. >> we never wanted to have kids and all of a sudden it bit both of us. and we are like i don't want to miss out on fatherhood.
4:49 am
so we decided to start a family. took a pause on the music to get to figuring that out, which we haven't figured out yet 100 percent. just creating music and together raising a family. just enjoying life again. pete: very cool. did it change your inspiration coming out with little cooper? >> gave us so much to write about. new single masterpiece is all about him. brian: got up at 5:30 in the morning and started writing. >> this record was completely finished called something different. i woke up one morning like 5:30 about that title. got up grabbed my guitar and started writing what that meant to me. what'sth best thing in my life and masterpiece it was cooper. i started writing and waiting for her. we had to go back in the studio and change the name of the album. oh, crap. ainsley: what are you all going to be performing for us? brian: a lot. >> playing all that and all
4:50 am
the hits. ainsley: can't wait. pete: look forward to it. thompson square. [cheers and applause] ainsley: more "fox & friends" right after the break. ♪ the way you are looking at me right now ♪ [music playing] (vo) this is jerry.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
♪ brian: all right, important segment.
4:54 am
020 democratic hopefuls are wasting no time for blaming president trump for the deadly shooting in el paso, right? our next guests asks whether anyone has actually read the gunman's manifesto. here the chief correspondent for "the washington examiner" brian york. you did, you wrote about it. this terrorist is clear many democrats have said write out president trump inspired the el paso shooter. the only evidence for that, the soul evidence for that is the manifesto that he wrote. and we have seen some stories quoting little bitty snippets of the manifesto a few words here and few words. there nobody went to read the whole thing. when you go and look at the whole thing, it's clear that the shooter, patrick crusius was very upset about immigration. there is no doubt about that. he was upset because of things that he had read from
4:55 am
many other sources and then he expressed all sorts of anxieties and concerns about many other topics. for example, he was very concerned about automation and the job losses that it would cause in the future. not only automation but the environment as well. i will just read you a little list. he was concerned about a universal basic income, about oil drilling, urban sprawl, water sheds, plastic waste, paper waste. texas turning blue. recycling, healthcare. there was a long list of things in manifesto. brian: byron, he goes on to say my opinion on automation predate trump and his campaign for president. i put this here because some people will blame the president or certain presidential candidates for this attack. this is not the case. i know that the media will probably call me a white supremacist anyway and blame trump's rhetoric. media's for fake news. reaction to this attack will likely just confirm that
4:56 am
look, do we want to take him at his word or not? you can't have it both ways. >> yeah. he was actually very precent in that. but, the thing to remember about looking at the whole fan must toe is there is a basic insanity to it because he would take these concerns about pollution. he was worried about the watershed becoming polluted. he was worried about all of these things, and then, which is a lot of people are concerned about, these are common concerns, especially of young people. and then he went on to conclude that the answer was to murder hispanic immigrants. there is the insane disconnect. the criminal disconnect in all of this. this is not to excuse what he was doing but, remember, the question we're talking about is was he inspired by president trump? if you read the manifesto, it is just not there. brian: important column, byron. this is insane individual who said he was going to die and never give up and gave up without a fight.
4:57 am
so this guy should never be legitimized but to blame trump is just not accurate. just like to blame bernie sanders for the other one is not right. thanks, byron york. >> thank you, brian. "these" because we don't mean it. buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really. visionworks. see the difference. . . ♪ ♪ ♪
4:58 am
introducing the all-new chevy silverado. with fifty industry-firsts. it's the strongest, most advanced silverado ever. this is not just a headache. this is not just a fever. this is not just the flu. it's meningitis b... and you're not there to help. while meningitis b is uncommon... once symptoms appear, they can progress quickly and can be fatal...
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♪ ♪ are you gonna kiss me or not ♪ you're about to miss your shot, are you gonna kiss me or not ♪ it was the dang kiss i ever had, except that for that long one
5:01 am
after that i knew i if i wanted this thing to last, sooner or later i'd have to ask for your hand, so i took a chance, bought a wedding band and i got down on one knee, and you smiled and said to me, are you gonna kiss me or not? ♪ ♪ are we gonna do this or what? brian: this is staple for the summer concert series since we started. thompson square, people are downloaded this right now. if they haven't downloaded it. ainsley: this is the song brian sang yesterday. brian: i didn't sing to you. i will be looking at you. pete: three ribs from famous daves. you don't want any part of this. ainsley: we thank sandals for sponsoring our all american summer concert series.
5:02 am
and providing barbecue for us. it is lunchtime. pete: they are a great couple. been together 20 years. tons of hits. they took pause for their kid cooper. and then they are back. brian: masterpiece is out. we will highlight the song. ainsley: they named the songs because their son is a masterpiece. pete: i thought they named it after our geraldo rivera who is up next. how are you, this morning. >> major, nicest thing you ever said about me. pete: probably true. i love you geraldo. we love having you on fridays. we're talking a lot about the border. everyone has an opinion on it. numbers are part of how people view it. new numbers in july, the numbers of people apprehended in july, down dramatically, still a high
5:03 am
number, 82,000. your reaction to these numbers, how we got here, why that kind of drop? >> i used to live on tomkins square park in the lower east side of new york. spiritually it adds significance to my appearance here this morning. i'm heartened by the drop. it shows that some of the actions being taken by the trump administration getting mexico on board particularly is having an impact. the numbers as you say are still high by historic standards but there is a drop. i was just thinking, this morning i took, you know, google out and added up the total population of gall maul la, he el salvador, honduras, only 30 million people. all three of these countries are in the united states of america. the part of drop you ever one
5:04 am
has come that wanted to come. as we battle to stop illegal i am my operation, we're also concerned with our own souls. we're concerned with doing things that are appropriate and humanitarian terms. fingerprints, i really do think that the federal government under the president's direction now has its policy they will not separate children from their families at the border. i think part of that just our inability to cope with the huge tsunami of immigrants but it was something i thought was awful in terms of our own tradition as an immigrant nation. i'm glad they did that i do have to add though, this is probably where we'll have some problems in terms of, getting along, i am absolutely appalled by this sweep in mississippi over the last couple of days in which
5:05 am
almost 700 undocumented workers in the poultry processing plants in mississippi have been arrested. some of them here for decades, almost all of them were citizen children. what in the world is the point of rounding up 700 hard-working otherwise law-abiding people, working in the crappiest job in america, that american citizens just refuse to? i don't understand it. brian: you know why. >> i do know why. brian, 300 have been released back. not only the crackdown, it is message to everybody else. the word is now, come in and you get to stay. 900,000 backlog. it will take four years before you even get your time in court. so the message, it is not okay to hire. it is not okay to come. it is not okay to stay if you are going to circumvent the system. they had been planning the raid for a while. got 600. 300 plus were back. they have, they will have their status examined. >> i think it's a perfect way
5:06 am
for i.c.e. to have the worst reputation of any law enforcement agency in the country. brian: why? >> if you take these highly trained agents, and you have them apprehending a guy who worked there for 15 years and the american tv viewer, we saw it last night, see his 11-year-old daughter sobbing, where is my daddy, i don't have any daddy to take care of me. pete: you're appealing to emotions. we have a rule of law. to get past the talking look at details. they were using fraudulent social security numbers and identities which is breaking the law. you can't come here illegally, misrepresenting who you are, no matter how long you have stayed here. by enforcing those laws you encourage businesses to operate legally. when you don't enforce the rule of law, it is open season. what are the laws? why does it matter? why do we even have them to begin with? >> this is the way, i listen, i
5:07 am
absolutely appreciate your sincerity, pete, i believe that you absolutely, with your heart of hearts believe everything you just said but here is an example of what i'm talking about. why arrest 700 hard would have working shlubs, been there forever. you want to affect the policy, arrest the boss, who runs the plant. brian: they're in trouble too. >> i didn't hear one, one arrest of one boss in this whole thing. all these low level -- brian: talked to the u.s. attorney. geraldo, i talked to the u.s. attorney last night on tucker. they're all in trouble. they have all been charge and rounded up. ainsley: geraldo said why is it fair they're taking american jobs. other americans might want those jobs, that factory, telling what they're paying them, maybe they're getting ahead hiring and paying less. let's move on. talk about mitch mcconnell.
5:08 am
these people he wrote a letter to the president, help me get the senate back so we can pass some laws to keep guns out of hands of certain people or background checks, that we can work on gun laws. mitch mcconnell said, you know what? we're not doing this, going back to point fingers at each other. take a rest, take the next month off, come back, reconvene in september when we are supposed to come back. what are your thoughts on that? >> well i think first of all mitch mcconnell is in kentucky with a fractured shoulder. and i never heard of congress giving up its august recess to come back unless it was war. i thought it was a nonstarter to begin with. i do absolutely believe, i hope to express this to the president, face-to-face, in the near future, i do believe that we are on the cusp of real gun control legislation. not, sweeping, not assault weapons ban, nothing that dramatic, but i do think we can
5:09 am
get the universal background check. i do think the so-called red flag laws can be passed which someone who is, like the 21-year-old in texas who expresses, you know, emma stuart to his own parent, who wonders how he got an ak-type weapon, she could under a red flag -- brian: the 24-year-old in dayton. >> the 24-year-old in dayton with a rape list and a kill list. these kids could be denied access to these weapons of war. the president, i thought he would do it after parkland. i spoke to him after he visited survivors in park land. you can't buy a beer. can't by a machine gun. pete: machine guns are not legal. that is the problem with this debate. machine gun. that is not what people are using. they are automatic rifles. >> bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,
5:10 am
that is not a machine gun. that is not a machine gun, how do you kill 22 people in 34 seconds. because you're a lunatic who unhinged shouldn't have the rifle if you have the right laws. >> i'm with you on that. i'm with you on that. brian: we need an hour for each one of these topics. 50 year anniversary since the charles manson slayings. you had a chance to sit down with the lunatic, charles manson in 1988. here is a little of that interview. >> did you tell those women to kill somebody? >> no. no. hey, let me tell you something about a woman. the women i got, i don't got to tell them what to do. if i got to tell him what to do, sit them up on the highway, get them away from me. i don't deal with women they know what to do. if they don't know what to do, they stay away from you. >> in your case they knew to can
5:11 am
i will. >> they knew to take care of me. >> they knew to kill. you are left a bloody trail. >> whoa, whoa. you haven't seen the bloody trail yet. ainsley: wow. tell us about, geraldo? >> well in san quentin ainsley. he has as you can see, like hitler, like mussolini, stalin, manson has this macabre, murderous, horrifying charisma. this charisma made him a pop culture figure. he was tried for nine homicides. but it might have been 900,000 if he had his way. the pop culture come 50 years since the 1969 horrible murders in the los angeles area. in the 30 years ago i interviewed him in san quentin. still today he was one of the most popular t-shirts that existed. you look at him, you wonder how
5:12 am
he managed to get these upper middle class kids to murder for him. so you see that he has this, this wicked appeal somehow. it is a mystery to us. that is the fascination, the fact that manson, this career criminal, this little nobody, could attract such a following and get them to do things like, i hate to tell you in early morning hours, what they did to sharon tate and these other vick tis. she was pregnant. i just tell you that. repeated stabbings and so forth t was so horrible. it led to the creation, manson, you can directly trace it, the whole security business on the west side of los angeles and in other affluent cities throughout the country is a result of the manson murders, the reaction, the horror about it. brian: one of historic interviews geraldo rivera has done. enjoy your weekend. >> thank you. ainsley: that was pretty
5:13 am
powerful. i would have been so scared to sit next to him. brian: he pushed to do it. 13 minutes after the hour. hey, jillian. jillian: good morning to you. a manhunt intensifying for a gunman who shot and killed two people in the middle of rush hour. the shooter slammed into another car in houston, before he got out of his van with another person and opened fire. >> we do have witnesses who say it was a long rifle that he was firing. what i mean by long rifle, it was a gun similar to an ar-15. jillian: police say a trash bag filled with marijuana was found in the victim's van. the motive is not yet known. estranged husband of a missing connecticut mom is due in court. we learn the search for jennifer dulos has cost police $600,000 in overtime. he is charged in connection with the disappearance. police say surveillance video showing someone who looks like
5:14 am
dulos dropping bags into several garbage cans the day she vanished in may. items in the trashcans tested positive for jennifer's blood. new wave of 2020 democrats headed to the iowa state fair today. julian castro, john delaney, andrew yang, marianne williamson and tulsi gabbard will be there. they're talking about this moment from the democratic front-runner. >> we choose unity over division, we choose science over fiction. we choose truth over facts. jillian: that was one of a few moments. former vice president joe biden when he tried to say we choose truth over facts. i don't know what that means. brian: that will really catch on. thanks, jillian. new records reveal the fbi continued to use the steele dossier for fisa applications despite the author's known anti-trump bias. pete: dan bongino is fired up about that.
5:15 am
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♪ pete: welcome back. bombshell new records reveal despite apparent anti-trump bias, not apparent, there was one, the fbi continued to use the steele dossier to spy on the trump campaign. ainsley: top official bruce ohr kept in contact with christopher steele even after robert mueller's appointment. brian: why is that a big deal. author of "spygate," dan bongino is here. you called this thing two years ahead. you told me on a cab ride in washington. >> going to that, event. brian: let's pretend as though people haven't been watching this closely as we have. why does this matter so much, the 302 proving that bruce ohr was in contact with the fired british agent, christopher steele? >> you have to understand this as a information laundering operation from the start. there was an effort to target the trump team with information
5:20 am
that was fact allly inaccurate he was colluding with the russians. if i was targeting brian kilmeade for a bank robbery he didn't do, how to fabricate a story, you have to ask how would i give the story credibility and teeth? i would have it doing about multiple people talk about the bank robbery and how you did it even though you didn't do it. this is what happened. christopher steele is the front. it is it is steele dossier. it is not the simpson dossier. why was steele used as a front for false information? why was his name slapped on it? the answer is simple. the steele had been a credible source for the fbi in the past the working on the fifa case, the soccer corruption case. in front of a judge they could present steele as a front for false information, which made the kilmeade bank robbery story sound legit. brian: trusted ally of fbi. >> trusted ally of fbi. what is the damning bombshell in all this, i didn't get through the whole thing, but i have been
5:21 am
through the most of it, steele may have not even have written the dossier. he may have been part of it. nellie ohr, bruce ohr's wife, department of justice, contracted by the clinton campaign gps. nellie ohr wrote a dossier on manafort. that begs obvious question, if steele's name was on the dossier because he was credible in the past, did he enwrite it? is the lie that much worse you slapped his name on political information to make it legitimate. devastating. brian: he gets fired in the fall. he keeps on talking to bruce ohr,s who wife has a opposition research company, fine. so they're communicating through whatsapp. a confidential app, when you don't want people to see your communication. that is now revealed. christopher steele, i i want to add something to this was determined to speak to the fbi about a month ago. one of the terms was, he thought he was about to be thrown under the bus. does that make your wheels turn? >> yes.
5:22 am
again, adds to the theory here. i call this, this is the focus of my second book. this is the movie script theory. christopher steele's name is used on this this is what i think he means by being thrown under the bus on this dossier, information he did not create. christopher steele already acknowledged in sworn depositions he hadn't been to russia during this time period. brian: because he would have been arrested. he had to use sources in russia. >> what i mean by the movie script theory, go back to 2007, not 2017, there is a "wall street journal" article written by who, you won't believe this, glenn simpson. i encourage you to read that article today, compare it to the dossier. it is the dossier. same information. from 12 years ago. they took a movie script simpson had, slapped christopher steele's name on it, changed a few of the names to donald trump. i'm telling you read it today, the cast of characters, fertash, paul manafort, they are all in the 2007 christopher, glenn simpson article.
5:23 am
it is devastating. brian: dan the election happens. from one of 30's it, the one from january 2017, the communication continues. let me read this excerpt from the 302. it says, ohr received a whatsapp notification from christopher steel indicating he and steele would like to keep line of communication open for future contact. what is the rationale for ongoing future contact? the president has been elected, they're still talking? >> here is the great part about this. damaging for the left. christopher steele is already on record with the fbi being deemed this is their quote, not mine, not suitable for use. they fire him in november. the question is, that is on the record, november. he is not suitable for use anymore. was he really fired? the answer is obviously not. now to answer your question, why then put on paper that he is not suitable for use? because it creates a good public face. we're not using this guy anymore. behind the scenes, back channel information. the answer is obvious when you think about it. it is the only source of
5:24 am
information. brian didn't rob a bank. trump didn't collude with russia. the only source of the rumor is steele. ainsley: individual with links to the dossier, i assume that's steele, was desperate donald trump not get elected. was passionate about him not being u.s. president. >> why is that devastating? the reason that is devastating fbi footnote on paper, on fisa, we possess no derogatory information about the source. gee, you think he fact he doesn't want the president of the united states as a political agenda is derogatory? brian: or found leaking to the press. >> kind of sort of, a big deal? brian: unbelievable. ainsley: thanks, dan. pete: equinox and soulcycle facing boycotts because their chairman an investor is hosting a trump fund-raiser, but do members even care? brian: rob schmitt hit the streets to find out. ainsley: first here is thompson square performing, if i didn't have you.
5:25 am
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♪ ainsley: billionaire investor stephen ross will hold a fund-raiser for president trump today. brian: after many democrats and celebrities pushed for members to cancel their memberships with two of his investments soulcycle, equinox he is
5:29 am
minority owner. pete: would members of the gym be willing to cancel? rob schmitt hit the street to find out. rob. >> we wept to the one down the street in bryant park. talked to a lot of people. >> you should keep politics out of it. i like equinox, been a member of ages. >> you will not be canceling your membership? >> no way [laughter] it has a great club. >> it is dysfunctional thinking. i mean cancel my membership because i want to feel like i'm taking some sort of action towards the administration i don't agree with, this isn't going to do anything. why would i cancel my membership? >> what do you think of the idea people calling for people to can't he will membership? >> i might upgrade. one of the best gyms in the city. that is why i work out here? >> for things to get like this, people are disrespectful. >> i'm actually an instructor. >> are you? politics going too far?
5:30 am
is it getting too crazy? >> i mean, yeah. everyone has a right to make a decision. freedom of speech, free will. >> i think it is separate. i think his politics are his business and his business is his business. i loved gym. i'm going to go because it is about me and my workout. ainsley: people are not giving up that gym membership. it's a beautiful gym. >> like i said a lot were anti-trump. they are not going to give it up. they think it is ridiculous. brian: one of the dolphins players, kenny stills, here is what ross said himself to us, i always been an active participant in the democratic process. some prefer to sit outside the process i prefer to engage directly, support things i deeply care about. i will support leaders on both sides of the aisle. for $250,000 you can speak to the president at his hamptons place. >> nice house out there in bridge hampton. pete: common sense from regular folks. leave the politics i want to go to the gym. >> for even leftists this is too
5:31 am
far. brian: you say leftists? what about michael loftus. good morning to you, michael. >> good morning, how is it going? ainsley: what are your thoughts about this? >> i'm kind of bummed out, because i thought there would be, i've been boycotting the gym for a while. that's my excuse for not getting ripped. why, why am i sitting here playing videogames and eating pizza? because i'm boycotting the gym. brian: so let me ask you, are you tired of the outrage? doesn't seem like something, everyone is outraged about something else, every single day? because someone hosting a fund-raiser for this horrible person called the president of the united states? >> it is getting really booed out there because, not only do they want to punish you for your political beliefs, they want to punish you financially, punish your family, literally knocking the food out of your kids mouths
5:32 am
when they want to take you out of business. the only thing scarier, this isn't that funny, when the outrage mob, when you feed them, look what happened to the "new york times." when they literally changed the headline in "the new york times" because the mob was outraged, the same people, when you argue with them, they will go, but it was in "the new york times." well it is now because you had them put it in. they're literally trying to change reality. pete: the worst thing you can do in the scenario is cave. it only incentivizes behavior even more. get your take on a new film out of hollywood is apparently a a sat tie but a legitimate film called "the hunt." elites hunting deplorablables or middle america. >> every year a bunch of elites kidnap normal folk like us. where did they get you from? >> orlando. >> hunt us for sport.
5:33 am
pete: how do you react to that? >> i tell you what. i thought it was great. i can't wait to see it. this is like a love letter to the "basket of deplorables," seriously. it is elite on an island hunting rednecks. that is going to be a short movie. that will be a short movie. because if it like my buddies, they're off that island in like ten minutes. hillbillies five, elitists zero. ainsley: after all the shootings though, just timing of this and shootings that we've seen over the last few days at walmart and you know, we've seen them in schools, it is just, i don't know, these are people, they're hunting down people. that is the premise of this? brian: come on michael, what are you thinking? >> well, what am i thinking? i'm thinking it's a metaphor because i'm a writer. i write comedies. i do standup, blah. the whole thing, it is actually
5:34 am
a very like pro-right message to this. the timing might be bad on the release but it is like, you've got the entire, half of the country has been marginalized and demonized. at least in the movie, they get to fight back. it is kind of like, the story of america. i remember the last time a bunch of elitist snobs decided hillbillies didn't get to vote. then the hillbillies didn't lie that, they fought back. brian: they fought back and won. like tarzan against thurston howell. i will take tarzan. pete: michael, appreciate it. brian: if you have never seen him do standup, he is fantastic. pete: mitch mcconnell's twitter account was shut off posting film of protesters outside his house. now republicans are responding. ainsley: first here is thompson square performing, "everything i
5:35 am
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♪ pete: the couch got a lot richer. billionaire silicon valley investor peter neil calling out
5:39 am
google in an op-ed, questioning their priorities working on artificial intelligence in china. at its core artificial intelligence is a military technology. why is the company sharing it with a rival. >> critics slamming mr. thiel saying he has his own conflict of interest. brian: here to set the record straight, peter thiel. peter, thanks for joining us. first off, you're calling out google, they walk away from a contract with the pentagon but they walk into a contract with china? >> they have a a.i. research lab in china. they had a contract for maven to help the u.s. military. a.i. are the crown jewels of google's r&d effort and, yes, they would argue that they're not working directly with the chinese military. the counterpoint is you have to just look at constitution of the communist party of china which says that you're supposed to have civil, military fusion. brian: would you ever do that? >> i would not set up an a.i. research lab in china, absolutely not. this is unprecedented.
5:40 am
i think in the last, if you look at the entire cold war history, the last century, i don't think there is ever a case where a major u.s. company refousted to work with the u.s. and worked with our major geopolitical rivals. it is not like this weird liberal thing. it is absolutely unprecedented. >> you say they refused to work with our military. can you elaborate on that? >> it was project maven. the initial application was to help satellite images, vision, process, satellite images in military context. you had employee protest. it was not passive thing. it was active decision to pull out that set our military back quite a bit because they had to start over. pete: made a active decision to work with the greatest rival on the global stage. here is what google had to say about it with "fox & friends." i can't even finish the statement. we do not work with the chinese military. as you state working with a chinese company ends up in the
5:41 am
hands of chinese military. >> one-party state. it is single thing. there is not separation between the civil and military. pete: have we lost patriotism in silicon valley they have lost allegiance to america or is it open season around the globe? >> silicon valley likes to think of itself cosmopolitan or globalist. that is not actually what is going on here. it is just, it is just insular form of parochialism, borderline autistic. it is people at google don't think of patriotic, unpatriotic, they don't think of china political rival. they are unaware what is going on out on campus. brian: they marginalize your point of view. facebook sits on the facebook board of trustees. he has conflict of interest.
5:42 am
that you're trying to get back at them by using this forum. >> it would be best to engage in the argument itself. that is the best argument people can come up with, they're not talking about what is going on. facebook does not have an a.i. lab in china. does not work with china the same way which google does. and i think i will leave it at that. ainsley: what's your reaction to mitch mcconnell? you know, they have iced him out, they shut down his account, basically, twitter did, because he reposted a vido. now republican groups are saying we'll not give money now to twitter and advertise? >> well, you always have the question, are these things sort of innocent accidents or are they sort of intentional acts of political sabotage. the republicans i think are right to be somewhat suspicious because the stuff keeps happening. and silicon valley is something of a one-party state. that is, i think that is why people are suspicious. if you had a lot of people working at twitter, making campaign donations to trump or
5:43 am
something like that, maybe we wouldn't be as suspicious. brian: peter, i see a line. people raising hands, why are all the tea party organizations being marginalized by is. had an investigation, turns out there was a point of view, they were marginalized by irs. guess what happened? election went past, the midterms, tea party was marginalized. republicans did not have success. mission accomplished of the as people put up red flags, facebook, twitter, not facebook, google. >> google. brian: social media seem to be working against republicans, while you protest they're still working against conservative points of view and the election is less than a year away! >> i think there are a the lot of very important issues involving the big tech companies that, these platforms, that where they would rather us not talk about, google would rather us not talk about the ai military usage. the question about bias is an important question. and to some extent, i think the question is whether people will
5:44 am
be distracted or not. always game of distraction. pete: peter does our government have recourse? you say silicon valley doesn't think in terms of patriotism but our president does. if our companies are using their technology to advance our enemies, at one point shouldn't the government step in to say that is not okay? >> my proposal let the fbi or cia look into what is going on. we should establish perfectly clearly the technology is flowing to the chinese military. there is a question what does google know about this. ainsley: we have a statement from twitter to go back to the mitch mcconnell thing. the users were temporarily locked out of a their accounts for a tweet that violated violent threats policy, that threatened physical safety. pete: do you believe a word of that? >> this is technically correct but the problem with twitters these things keep happening. the context, there is outside story of what happens in twitter to the outside world.
5:45 am
there is inside story to the companies where they are semitotalitarian one-party states like north korea. brian: these people are yelling, threatening mitch mcconnell. he retweeted it. they sideline mitch mcconnell for threats on him. real quick, are you supporter of the president's? >> yes. brian: have you felt blow back personally professionally because of that? >> it is always hard to tell. one thing if everybody in silicon valley was anti-trump. i don't think, majority are but of course most people who are republican conservative are uncomfortable saying that. that is the real problem. it is the sort of political correctness where you can't speak out. ainsley: thank you for being here with us. congratulations on all your success. co-founder of paypal, sits on the board of paypal. pete: speaking truth. ainsley: jillian has more headlines. jillian: we'll start out with this story because an extremely dangerous inmate could be anywhere. police offering $52,000 reward
5:46 am
for information to curtis ray watson. he is suspected of killing a female corrections officer and escaping a tennessee prison on a tractor. investigators releasing these three mug shots showing what watson might look like with different hairstyles. watson was serving 15 years for a kidnapping charge. drug and pesticide company bayer could pay billions to settle lawsuits tied to roundup weed killer. the company is facing 18,000 claims that allege the product causes cancer. bloomberg reports that bayer could pay $8 billion to settle. the company has not yet commented on the report. remains of an american airman killed in the vietnam war are found and flown home. 52 years later. look at this touching moment at the dallas airport made even more special since that hero's son was the one flying the plane >> as you probably noticed, a little bit of activity going on on right side of the aircraft. he is taking one of our
5:47 am
servicemen home to dallas. 52 years and coming. particular serviceman -- jillian: colonel roy knight's casket draped in an american flag loaded off the southwest plane. his proud son, captain brian "night watching" on. he was five years old in 1967 when he last saw his father. he was shot down and killed in vietnam. he will be buried with full military honors this weekend. pete: second time we done the story. second time i pot chills. internalize five-year-old boy going off to war, missing in action, he flies him home? brian: journalist took the pictures, looked up his obituary 1969, realized he was missing four years. he was finally declared dead in 1974. ainsley: wow. you remember what happened to our vietnam vets when they came home. they were spit on. they were not thanked.
5:48 am
we have the opportunity to thank them. did you see pictures of airport terminal. so many people looking through the glass. hats off to his son for bringing his dad home. i know that, can't imagine, can't imagine going to war, leaving your family, shot down. pete: welcome home, colonel. welcome home. ainsley: god bless. brian: janice dean outside with one of our great college associates, natalie. janice: our college associates are graduating. are you excited for natalie to do the weather? >> yes. janice: natalie, take it away. >> showers and thunderstorms possible over the northern plains into mississippi valley. heavy rain could also cause flooding. heat humidity happenings on over the south where it will feel over 100 degrees. that is the weather. back to you, pete, ainsley, brian. janice: wasn't she aamazing? [applause] all right. are you guys ready, the moment we've all been waiting for.
5:49 am
who is coming out? >> thompson square. janice: take a look. whoo-hoo. ♪ [ giggling ] let's play dress-up.
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>> hey, everybody, i'm bill hemmer. president leaves the white house likely taking questions and there are many. when did the fbi know the dossier was dodgy? how will the gop handle the twitter issue? tech companies meeting at white house. what can be done on these mass shootings? sean spicer, lara trump, steve scalise. it is friday, folks, see you in seven minutes, top of the hour. brian: bill, we'll be watching. week 12 of our all american summer concert series sponsored by sandals. ainsley: that's right. here is thompson square, performing masterpiece, written about their son.
5:54 am
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>> thank you sandals and thompson square this morning. >> all of you here in the audience download the song masterpiece for 69 cents. >> bill: good morning. expecting in reaction, the president any moment now. fox news obtains documents showing the f.b.i. was fully aware that the man behind the anti-trump dossier was bias but used it any way repeatedly. good morning, everybody. it's friday. >> julie: you keep count? >> i'm bill hemmer. julie, welcome back. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. i always catch you in a good mood. president trump set to depart from the white house in less than 30 minutes from now and he could react to this latest bombshell development, submarines of f.b.i. interviews with a top d.o.j. official revealing he knew about steele's anti-trump bias at least a


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