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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 9, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> thank you sandals and thompson square this morning. >> all of you here in the audience download the song masterpiece for 69 cents. >> bill: good morning. expecting in reaction, the president any moment now. fox news obtains documents showing the f.b.i. was fully aware that the man behind the anti-trump dossier was bias but used it any way repeatedly. good morning, everybody. it's friday. >> julie: you keep count? >> i'm bill hemmer. julie, welcome back. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. i always catch you in a good mood. president trump set to depart from the white house in less than 30 minutes from now and he could react to this latest bombshell development, submarines of f.b.i. interviews with a top d.o.j. official revealing he knew about steele's anti-trump bias at least a month before initiating
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the fisa warrants. >> bill: with that information republicans calling it systematic corruption at the highest levels of justice and they say it's just the tip of that iceberg. >> the people who started the investigation against president trump wanted him to lose and her to win. the chief source of the fisa warrant was mr. steele who hated trump's guts. the common theme. the investigation of trump was very biased. >> bill barr said there was a failure of leader at the upper echelon at the f.b.i. we know that's the case. >> bill: leland vitter picks up the case from the north lawn this friday. good morning. >> good morning to you, bill. not a bad piece of news for the president as he heads off on his summer vacation. boards marine one in about 30 minutes. we'll ask him about this. but it certainly plays into the trump narrative that people at
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the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. knew that the dossier was dirty or at least highly questionable when they applied for -- this all goes back to what bruce ohr of the d.o.j. knew and when he knew it. specifically that he kept talking to christopher steele six months after he was fired by the f.b.i. for leaking and that ohr knew steele didn't like president trump. let's go back to september 2016, a month before the initial fisa warrant to surveil the trump campaign. much of that fisa warrant was based on the so-called steele dossier. ohr knew an individual with links to the dossier was desperate that donald trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being the u.s. president. >> the best you could say is they were incompetent. the most likely outcome is that
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they wanted a result. here is what we're looking at. systematic corruption at the highest level of the department of justice and the f.b.i. against president trump and in favor of hillary clinton. >> we keep hearing those words systematic corruption. this is the drip, drip, drip of information before that formal d.o.j. inspector general report that is expected sometime soon, date to be determined. see if the president weighs in on this drip, drip, drip. he used some of the same language we used from lindsey graham and tougher language at similar marine one departures. he is headed for a fundraiser at the home of billionaire steven ross. a new playbook against president trump, a number of celebrities have called for boycotts of ross's businesses. you have to wonder if the president worries about
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boycotts of friends and donors will start to play into the fundraising coming up for his reelection. >> bill: thanks. >> julie: trump campaign and republicans going to war with twitter saying they'll no longer buy advertising on the site all over their belief the social media giant has an anti-conservative bias. we're getting brand-new information and reaction from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell days after this campaign site was locked out of twitter. >> i will not be intimidated by you people. not a chance. not a single thing you do is going to alter how i operate on behalf of my constituents and the country for whom i have a significant amount of responsibility. i intend to carry out that responsibility responsibly as i always have in the past no matter what the obstacles. >> julie: doug mcelway has the story from washington
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>> conservatives have long suspected that social media companies have engaged in a pattern of shadow banning conservative thought. social media big wiggs have maintained that mistakes are made but usually because of algorithms. they're programmed by human beings. junk in and junk out. republicans are deeply skeptical. >> they should not as a victim have to delete a video where they're espousing the violent rhetoric of the left. the victim should not be blamed but that's what twitter is doing. we shouldn't be surprised, though. they shadow banned jim jordan, ronna mcdaniel. instagram does the same, facebook does the same. >> that's why the nrsc issued a statement that said twitter's hostile action toward mcconnell are outrageous and we won't tolerate it. the national republican national committee said i've directed to halt all spendsing
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with twitter until they quit targeting team mitch. we'll stand with our friends against anti-conservative bias. twitter issued a statement says the users were temporarily locked out because of our violent threats policy. you heard what was said about that. in july president trump said that he will explore all regulatory and legislative solutions to protect free speech. julie. >> julie: let me ask you both mcconnell and the president have signaled some kind of willingness to compromise on gun legislation. what's the latest on this? >> that compromise seems to expand background checks. how that would work largely remains to be seen. mcconnell said in discussions -- that discussions will get underway during the august recess that they'll take something that can pass the senate's 60 vote threshold when congress reconvenes. the president tweeted i'm the
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biggest second amendment person there is but we must work together for the safety of our country. common sense things good for everyone. passions the end to wane over time. unless we've got more bloodshed on our hands which is always a possibility. >> julie: anything is possible. >> bill: tom bevan, editor of real clear good morning from washington share a little bit what happened outside mcconnell's house the other night. louisville, kentucky. just watch. >> stab him in the heart, please. >> we can't call white men terrorists? we've then terrorists since is beginning of this country. >> bill: that is just a sample, tom. that's civil. >> look, the rhetoric has sort of spun off the rails
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particularly on the democratic side after the mass shootings. we've seen targeting of naming and shaming of donors. seen folks now on the left and 2020 candidates ramping up the campaign saying trump is a white supremacists and seen death threats outside mitch mcconnell's house. setting aside the twitter issue. that's important and one that conservatives have justifications for thinking there is discrimination there. this is part and parcel of the fact we now escalated everything about our political landscape right now to -- we need to bring it down. folks want to see us not going in this direction but the other direction and lowering the rhetoric. >> bill: an outrage machine all the time. >> every day 24/7. >> bill: that was retweeted on mcconnell's campaign site. his team wanted to show america what was happening outside of his house. that's why mcconnell's feed was
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shut down. msnbc, this is from yesterday. i don't know if you heard this. roll this. >> people of color are already targets under the administration. i have no problem with shining the light back on the donors who fund this kind of racialized hate. i go further. i want pitch forks and torches outside this man's house in the hamptons. >> bill: he said i've been to the hamptons, it's nice. no reason it has to be. there is no reason he should be able to have a nice little party? >> he did say he wants -- it should be a peaceful protest. calling for torches and pitch forks is not a peaceful metaphor. we have folks encouraging and escalating this kind of behavior which will lead to violence. no question about it. and we just need to sort of
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ramp it down and cool things off. unfortunately to your point we're an outrage culture now 24/7 driven by some folks in the media in particular but social media and twitter. there is no getting away from it unfortunately. >> bill: mitch mcconnell. stab him in the heart. josh mccauley is talking about the big tech and twitter. >> this is all too typical from twitter and big tech. congressman castro calling for retribution against trump donors posting their names. twitter doesn't do anything about that. mitch mcconnell whose life is threatened and he exposes what the left wing whackos are doing and twitter sensors him? >> bill: he summarizes what you were just saying. >> there is a real issue here about censorship on social media platforms. conservatives are rightly concerned these companies are
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run by liberals. they're making rules and enforcing censorship against conservative voices and it needs to be addressed. what can the government do about it? trump is looking at a potential executive order. that's not necessarily the right solution, either. it's a thorny, complicated question but one that needs to be addressed. >> bill: thank you, tom. a little bit of ice on that, bring it down a little bit. tom bevan in washington big show today here. former white house press secretary sean spicer is up in 20 minutes. steve scalise is our headliner. he has firsthand experience with gun violence in america. hour three senior trump campaign advisor lara trump stops by. a lot of questions for all of them. the outrage machine is bam, bam, bam. >> julie: it never slows down. does it? we have much more. major manhunt underway for an escaped inmate in tennessee. police are saying he is
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extremely dangerous. more on his whereabouts straight ahead. >> bill: one of the largest ice raids we've seen, close to 700 illegals arrested in mississippi. half have been released. brandon judd with the national border patrol counsel. he will join us and we'll get the facts from him in a moment. >> julie: the fight growing outrage over a new movie depicting the killing of trump supporters. nbc universal says it will still go forward with the movie. we'll discuss it all next. can my side be firm? and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed it can... with your sleep number setting. can it help keep me asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's your last chance to save up to $600 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. ends wednesday.
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>> julie: missouri police arrested a man who showed up at a wal-mart in springfield wearing body armor and carrying a loaded rifle. shoppers going into panic mode and fleeing the store. off duty firefighters held the man at gun point when he tried to leave. they found more than 100 rounds of ammunition when they arrested the 20-year-old
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suspect. the incident rattling nerves after five days after a wal-mart shooting in texas that left 22 people dead. >> bill: new this morning. nearly half of the 700 arrested in the massive immigration sweep in mississippi have been released. ice agents raiding seven poultry processing facilities. mike hurst said this to brian last night working for tucker. >> this administration, this president, is all about law and order. and our country was founded upon the rule of law. and i've heard the president say before a country without borders is no country at all. and i agree with that. i would add that without laws we have no order. and without the enforcement of laws we have no justice. >> bill: we'll bring in brandon judd on that. president of the national border patrol counsel. welcome back to our program here. how do you arrest 700 and then
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let half go within 36 hours? how does that happen? >> it all has to do with the family separation. you looked at how many people we have in custody. do they have children at home and is there another parent at home with those children? and if there wasn't, we did it for humanitarian purpose and again it was the right decision to make but we also made it so that we could know who we had in custody, where they were, and so we can keep track of them going into the future. it is not like we released these individuals to say that we're never going to put you through the proper deportation proceedings. we have to make sure we have the proper steps in place to insure the safety and well-being of the children of these individuals. >> bill: why would these businesses specifically be targeted, brandon? >> so this was an ongoing investigation into who was hiring illegal aliens, who was
6:18 am
paying them under the table potentially, and where are these fraud documents coming from that these individuals are obtaining in order to work? if you peel back all the layers of this particular story, what you will find is there were a myriad of crimes that were committed not just that these individuals were in the country illegally but now they're working illegally. most likely they obtained documents that were fraudulent. that's illegal. you have companies hiring people illegally. there is a lot of crimes that were going on in this story. it was a long-term investigation and a very important investigation because it sends the message that we are going to look for and go after those employers. we'll also look for and go after those individuals that are in our country illegally and also taking jobs away from united states citizens. >> bill: the mayor of nashville is a democrat. if you or family member have an
6:19 am
encounter with ice you need to know your rights and watch this video to learn more. what do you think of that move on behalf of that mayor? that's not the only place you can find it in california and on billboards in new york city as well. >> we're seeing it all over the country. it is very disgusting to know that individuals are helping people that knowingly violated our laws that are trying to escape justice. and now you have mayors that are helping them escape justice. this is an issue that if we do not follow the law and order, we become no better than any country around the world. we just saw in mexico 19 individuals were murdered and strung up because mexico does not follow the rule of law. we have to follow the rule of law in this country. that's what made our country great. >> bill: i'm seeing that 20% decline in apprehensions at the u.s. border in the southwest. i'm seeing there is credit
6:20 am
given to mexico and credit given to guatemala. is that where the credit goes or do you just see the temperatures crank up in the american southwest and it would bring those who want to cross lower as we see in a seasonal change here? >> we always see a lower number of people in the summer months. but we don't see dramatic decreases like this. when we think that credit needs to be given to mexico and guatemala. the credit has to be given to the administration for putting the pressure on mexico and guatemala to enforce their own laws. because that pressure was put on them mexico is actually stepping up and becoming a true border security partner and they're stopping those individuals at their borders and stopping them from crossing our borders illegally. that's where the credit needs to be put. >> bill: significant drop. thanks for running that down with us today. brandon judd with me. thank you, sir.
6:21 am
>> thank you. >> julie: the nypd looking to take action against several water dousing incidents here in new york city. listen. >> common sense says you don't dump a bucket of anything on a police officer. >> julie: republicans have a bill that would make this a felony but now it's facing pushback from democrats. why? new york state assemblyman mike lipetri is here. did you see this? >> he was a big man. he was happy. i felt his love. he was strong, very strong. >> bill: emotional homecoming. an air force officer losing his life during the vietnam war. who brought him home finally next.
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>> the street is uneasy and the street is turning against new york city police officers. >> it's a sad day in the history of new york state when we have to legislate civility. we now have individuals drenching on-duty police officers with buckets of water during routine patrols. this legislation will criminalize this behavior. >> julie: new york lawmakers and police unions together calling for action last week after a series of attacks in which police officers were doused with buckets of water. the police officers left with nothing to do but walk away. there is a republican bill that would make these incidents a felony and it is now facing democratic opposition. here with me now is new york
6:26 am
state assembly man mike lipetri. why? >> this is what happens when you have one-party rule that folks are promoting a pro-crime, anti-cop agenda. when you put criminals first and communities second it's a lose/lose for everybody. >> julie: why would throwing a bucket of water at a police officer's head be nothing short of assaulting a police officer. >> it is a serious offense. people want to shrug it off and say it's no big deal. >> julie: if the bucket hits the police officer in the head that isn't considered assault? >> that would be. a matter of whether officers can feel like they can arrest them or whether politicians have their back. >> julie: how is it the police officers don't have the security to know the higher ups will back them if they don't have the right to arrest somebody who has just assaulted them. it don't add up.
6:27 am
>> we're lacking common sense in new york state. i'm trying to push forward this legislation. both sides of the aisle should agree. if you're for safe communities you're for this bill. >> the assembly speaker comes out and talks about whether the bill gets brought up for a vote. he indicating his opposition here. >> we'll have to make it where both assembly and senate pushes forward. not about party politics but what's best for the people. >> he says police officers should be respected. i don't know if always proposing new penalties and laws is the answer. we should continue to try to establish more of a community and police response. i think that's more beneficial instead of always saying we're going to lock people up. first of all, how do you expect a community to respect its police officers if the police officers aren't given the force to demand that kind of respect? it doesn't seem to go both ways.
6:28 am
>> it is counterintuitive. you say we want our communities safe but not allow the police to do the job. >> julie: you have to hold the community responsible for dysrespecting their police. if you expect respect in the community, if you see disrespect in the community you need to hold them accountable and that's what law enforcement is for. >> it is. sad we have to legislate civility. we're seeing it's words that are empty and baseless. what i'm trying to push forward is where our police can hold people accountable for what they do. >> julie: the officers felt like they had no choice. they had to walk away. had they arrested these people for throwing water on them, perhaps it would have prevented copycat attacks. it has happened several times. had they arrested them would they have gotten in trouble? >> who knows? you saw that in the queens race where nobody wanted to prosecute crimes. what message are we sending to
6:29 am
our communities and neighborhoods and sending to our future generations? >> julie: what are we sending to police officers risking their lives that it's okay for people to come after you. >> certain politicians saying we don't care. >> julie: thank you for talking to us. good to see you again. >> bill: mitch mcconnell leaving the door open for some measure of gun reform come september. >> what i want to see here is an outcome, not a bunch of partisan back and forths. shots across the bow. >> bill: making it clear he won't call the senate back early. what can be done that would actually work? house minority whip steve scalise is our headliner. he was shot in the hip. republicans going to war with twitter over claims of anti-conservative buy -- bias. we'll talk about that with sean spicer who is coming up live in a moment. >> this morning as i talk to
6:30 am
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>> bill: waiting for the president to leave the white house heading to the hamptons on long island. several fundraisers there. you probably heard about them already. some are getting quite the controversy. out to new jersey over the weekend where he will spend the weekend and waiting to see if he takes questions from reporters. usually that's the drill. there is a lot to talk about, too. if and when it happens we'll get the play-out for you a and bring it to you on "america's newsroom" shortly. >> no doubt president trump drives twitter, a huge part of their success. right now we're trying to get to them by our financial means. we'll see if that works. hopefully twitter has a wake-up call and president trump doesn't have to address his mega phone around the
6:34 am
mainstream media. >> julie: that's trump 2020 press secretary kayleigh mcenany. republicans pulling ads and accusing twitter of having a double standard. sean spicer a former white house press secretary and author and spokesman for america first action. that's odd, double standard on social media, conservative bias, never heard that one before. >> no, first time. it has gone on well before now. we knew it during the campaign. i was involved in an incident where i mentioned in my book where dorsey canceled an ad buy we had on behalf of donald trump and the republican party because he thought it would disadvantage the democrats and hillary hadn't taken advantage of a similar type of buy. they canceled ours. they knew it would give us an advantage. this is not anything new. these are not claims. every instance occurs against conservatives. and then every time they blame
6:35 am
an algorithm. you said earlier you're right. humans create that algorithm. if you're liberal going in you're liberal coming out. the bias is against conservatives. it's real and it is against the president and they're doing everything they can to stop it. it is not just twitter. it is google and facebook and all the other social platforms. we're trying to pretend it is a theory for a while. it real and exists and created what they blocked mitch mcconnell for was ridiculous. they said it was a safety problem when he was putting out the video that was circulating about him and his staff saying this is what the left is doing. this is being called for by congressman castro and waters. they are telling people to get in republican conservatives faces and putting it on videotape and twitter wants everyone to pretend it never happened. >> julie: a twitter spokesman
6:36 am
said it was locked for violating the company's violent threat pollz. you can call out political donors but not people victimizing a conservative online. that seems bias. to be clear when information is used on the internet such as listing donors, right, isn't the whole point of that to get negative information -- negative feedback to those donors? so you could potentially be attracting hate in that regard. >> absolutely. no question about it. congressman castro put those names together and out for a reason. he is very clear he wanted them to think about their actions. he wanted people to react viscerally to them and wanted them to get doced and trolled and get threats. that's what he wanted to do. anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves. that's why you do something like this. the same thing with the event going on today. now we have worldwide boycotts of the different entities this
6:37 am
individual is affiliated with. this is so funny how the left preaches tolerance and yet as long as you -- if you don't go along with what their ideals and policies and priorities are and their extreme left wing socialist progressive thought, then you are not -- then you need to be banned. it is group think. everybody needs to be tolerated unless you don't agree with them. that's what is happening today. it is unbelievable that someone who wants to donate to the president, who supports his policies or him as an individual or republican party can't -- gets targeted and that's the only way they understand they can win. they talk about collusions and things. the bottom line is the liberals have tried to control social media, the mainstream media and now they're trying to control corporate america through boycotts to make sure that people can't go out and support president trump and conservatives. >> julie: to be clear campaign donor information is public information especially in the age of the internet where
6:38 am
information is so easily accessible. castro was doing much more than that. he wasn't just disclosing public information but trying to put bull's-eye on people's back. it will suspend all spending with twitter until further notice. we won't spend our resources on a platform that silences conservatives. do you think it will be a strong enough message to twitter to stop the bias. >> no. i think this is bigger than money to them. this is very personal. they know -- look, i told you about this before. they canceled a major ad buy. to them they're willing to give up money and resources to perpetuate and further philosophical and political goal. they don't like president trump. they don't like the progress that's going on because it undermines their agenda and their philosophy. so they'll do whatever it takes. if that means taking a bottom line hit they'll do it. they don't care about money as much anymore. they're so threatened by what the president and conservatives
6:39 am
have put forward. >> julie: thank you very much. happy friday. >> bill: thank you, sean. emotional tribute here. amazing story. american hero, air force colonel roy knight shot down in in vietnam in 1967. remains missing for 50 years. the crash site was excavated and the remains of the texas native were heading home. his son, brian, was the pilot on a southwest airlines plane flying his father back to a dallas airport where they last saw each other 50 years ago. >> as you probably noticed, a little bit of activity going on on the right side of the aircraft. he is taking one of our servicemen home to dallas. 52 years. >> january of 1967 the last time i saw my father. i was five years old at love field in dallas, texas. when i first got the call it
6:40 am
was almost surreal. i really didn't think it would ever happen. wow, he is really coming home. >> bill: beautiful. two fire trucks providing a water salute. an entire airport watching with respect. in silence as he finally came home. colonel knight to be laid to rest saturday in his home state of texas. that's beautiful stuff. >> julie: oh my goodness. for him to be the one to actually deliver his father back home. beautiful. >> bill: really awesome. well done in texas. in cleveland, however, well done rookie wide receiver day man. he can run. you see this man? 86 yards, undrafted free agent that he is. wasn't even on the depth chart. he is now. touchdown against washington what is a beautiful sight, too, is football.
6:41 am
you see football going on and wonder how did i get without football. how do you survive june and july until there is football? >> julie: i'm surviving just fine. you are trying to rush the summer? you want summer gone? >> bill: i'll take football 12 months a year. would you cut me that bargain? >> julie: i'm not a huge football fan but happy to see he is doing a great job on the field. any moment now president trump will take off from the south lawn. he could address a series of topics regarding anti-conservative bias, issues of gun control, many, many other options on the table. we'll take you there as soon as it gets done. >> bill: how nbc is responding to backlash against a new movie where rich people pay to hunt deplorables for sport. carley shimkus has the story. that's next.
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>> bill: this is gaining a lot of attention. upcoming film called "the hunt." scheduled for theaters in september despite growing backlash. it is satire where villains pay money to hunt trump supporters for sport. >> we pay for everything. this country belongs to us. >> it's just business. >> hunting human beings for sport. >> they're not human beings. >> every year a bunch of elites kidnap normal folk like us. >> they got me from wyoming and hunt us for sport. >> bill: carley shimkus has a look at this. hello to you. the hunt? still going to go out, right? >> still going to go out. this movie was originally going to be called red state versus
6:46 am
blue state. very on the nose there. >> bill: i did not know that. >> it's all about liberal elites murdering deplorables for sport. they said the movie's marketing campaign has been put on pause in the week of this weekend's shootings. they say there is no intention to scrap the movie. many people say it should not see the light of day. >> bill: satire they say. billed as a satire. >> the thing i find curious about this is the negative reaction to this movie appears to all be coming from the right side of the aisle. a lot of conservatives up in arms over this. i think liberals should be just as mad because they are the ones that are really the bad guys in this movie. how many stories have you seen, read, heard about where trump supporters are getting attacked wearing maga hats. this is that in real life.
6:47 am
if this movie is as political as it appears to be according to this hollywood report, i think both sides of the aisle should be outraged. >> bill: mid august. it is getting plenty of publicity. >> i think they'll try to edit some of the political portions out. >> bill: you believe? >> look how much backlash it's already gotten. we'll wait and see. >> bill: taylor swift is talking about why she wasn't political in 2016. >> everybody was wondering who she would vote for in the 2016 presidential election. trending #going around talking about is she really a closeted trump supporter because she comes from a country music background? now sh*e released a statement in vogue magazine talking about why she did not endorse hillary clinton as she has since come out as a democrat. she says unfortunately in the 2016 election, you had a political opponent who was
6:48 am
weaponizing the idea of the celebrity endorsement. i just knew i wasn't going to help. would i be an endorsement or a liability? look, snakes of a feather flock together, look, the two lying women, the two nasty women. people were telling me to disappear so i disappeared. what see is talking about the feud she had with kim kardashian, accused about being outraged about song lyrics. she said she felt like she was going to be a liability to hillary clinton so she didn't come out. >> bill: the other thing interesting what she said how she characterized the way donald trump isolated celebrities suggesting it wasn't what it used to be. >> the conversation whether celebrity endorsements are valuable. we put so much emphasis on what celebrities have to say. hillary clinton is a classic
6:49 am
example is that they don't work. she had every celebrity under the sun endorsing her and she still lost. just because you're the best singer, dancer, actor in the world. why would people believe you are an expert on the economy and foreign policy? >> bill: why is she -- >> she is on the cover of vogue magazine. she has an album coming out. >> bill: that's why she is talking. >> she is talking and endorsing and see what she has to say about the 2020 election. >> bill: have a great weekend. >> julie: how is this for putting a damper on summer vacations. record amounts of seaweed on the beaches in florida. what is causing this mess? that's next. so any plans for this weekend? of course he's got plans. with labor day deals starting from 20% off,
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>> julie: you might think twist about your next beach getaway depends where you live. if you're in florida piles and piles of seaweed are washing up on the coast and caribbean islands putting a damper on beach goers. phil keating is at miami beach with more. >> it is a gorgeous and sunny perfect beach day on this stretch of miami beach like anybody would hope and expect. most importantly up and down where the surf hits the sand no mini mountains of seaweed has has been the case most of the summer. this is what people have been dealing with. this has become so unpleasant and unsightly throughout the caribbean miami-dade county is
6:54 am
spending thousands of dollars to remove it. bulldozers and dump trucks are scooping it up and hauling it away into a three-month seaweed removal plans. it has been going on and on down the beach. stacked up in piles where the surf meets the sand. it's critical economically, 16 million tourists around the world come here every day spending $30 billion. >> this is terrible. this is nature. >> we were shocked when we walked on the beach. it is full of weeds. >> gross. it smells bad. >> importantly this is not just a florida problem. this stretches 5,000 miles through the caribbean and south america. the mexican state with cancun has declared a state of emergency as did barbados.
6:55 am
>> it causes deforestation causing the seaweed to bloom and coming to the caribbean and the gulf stream brings it here and we have this mess. >> warmer temperatures only help the bloom. it is so bad in mexico right now the navy has been deployed to help clean up all the seaweed. in miami beach right now tranquil and near perfect. >> julie: i guess the cleanup crews got in there early. all right, phil keating. thank you so much. that's gross. >> bill: you love the water? >> julie: it's mucky and not fun for beachgoer. it is worse for a beachgoer than boater. >> bill: remarks from the president. he will leave the white house. he is talking to reporters, is it 10 minutes now? we'll get a time for you. we'll get the tape turned around four and play it for you
6:56 am
in a matter of moments. a manhunt underway for an escaped inmate in tennessee. police say he is extremely dangerous. details on that as a brand-new hour gets started shortly coming up. >> this is not how my life was supposed to go. i'm not supposed to be without a mom at 37. my kids are not supposed to be without a grandmother just yet. get 0.9% apr for 60 months on all 2019 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. i had a few good tricks to help hide my bladder leak pad. like the old "tunic tug". but always discreet is less bulky. and it really protects. 'cause it turns liquid to gel. so i have nothing to hide. always discreet.
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7:00 am
president trump right now speaking with reporters before leaving for a couple of fundraisers on long island, new york, covering a wide range of topics now. still taking questions now from china and trade to gun control and background checks. the massacres in el paso and dayton. we have a statewide alert in the state of tennessee. a manhunt for an escaped inmate. a brand-new hour. i'm bill hemmer live on a friday in new york city. >> julie: i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. curtis ray watson has been on the run for three days. investigators say he killed a prison official before breaking out from the penitentiary. they are warning he could be anywhere. here is the state's governor. >> make no mistake, we need you
7:01 am
to be vigilant. we need folks in this state and particularly in the region where this occurred to report any and all information to local law enforcement and to the tbi. this man is considered extremely dangerous and we need to find him. >> julie: steve harrigan has more from atlanta. >> this is a rare blue alert. only the third time in history that tennessee has issued such an alert. they do so when a member of law enforcement has been killed or seriously wounded in the line of duty. watson is accused of killing prison administrator debra johnson. a 64-year-old mother of three, grandmother of seven. watson made his escape from the prison yard on a track -- tractor. he was on farm duty. it was found one mile away from the prison.
7:02 am
people are being told in western tennessee to be alert for any signs of watson. >> we are asking you to check your property for things that are out of place. looking at things like food supplies and sources and vehicles, outbuildings, dog houses, anything where a person might hide. >> this is day three of an intense manhunt. there are helicopters in the sky along the drones. cars are being searched. watson was six years into a sentence for aggravated kidnapping and now a suspect in murder as well. >> julie: thank you. >> bill: thank you. republicans now trying to hit twitter where it hurts. trump 2020 campaign, rnc and other groups refusing to buy ads on twitter after it froze mitch mcconnell's page after posting videos protestors outside of his home making profane threats outside the
7:03 am
house. we'll bring in steve scalise, our headliner. good morning to you on friday. how are you going to manage this thing? what do you think is the best way to take it on? >> well look, twitter and other social media platforms have been having an anti-conservative bias for a long time. we've seen shadow banning and other techniques they've used. algorithms they've rewritten in many ways to bias against conservative viewpoints. it has to stop. i think what they're doing, the rnc and nrsc and the other groups are sending a strong message. if you have an anti-conservative bias it will affect you. >> julie: mr. mcconnell says this talking about being in a major war with them. do we have that sound? >> we're in a major war with them and they haven't given up yet. this shows you the political tilt, the left wing tilt of these big companies and how they try to suppress speech
7:04 am
when it is inconvenient. >> julie: it is interesting. he says when it's inconvenient. when castro tweeted out the names of donors which is public information, he was doing so obviously to bring negative light to those people and negative light could potentially turn into a violent reaction from haters. is that not the same thing as mcconnell's putting out video of protestors outside his home? i think we might have lost steve scalise. >> bill: want the frame this more. julie heard the sound bite from his radio interview. here are the protestors the other night outside his home in louisville. go ahead and roll it. go for it.
7:05 am
he is in their nursing his arm. he should have broken his neck. >> stab the [bleep] in the house. >> this is louisville kentucky [bleep]. >> bill: we just want to give more context on that, sir. go ahead. >> it's disgraceful. there is no place for this in american politics and why we've seen such an escalation and why we're seeing so much violence. it has to be called out by both sides. republicans can't be the only ones that say this is wrong. democrats have to stand up against it, too. we've done this. if people from our side have said something like this. they are making death threats based on political views. there is no place for it and it does lead to worse things. it has to stop.
7:06 am
>> bill: the president is taking questions on guns a moment ago at the white house. he is talking about possibly expanding background checks and suggested that the other day. as a victim of gun violence yourself, you think about the state of texas. they enacted 25 laws, the attorney general, lieutenant governor told us yesterday, ken paxton. what he said was none of those laws would have prevented that shooter in el paso. all the laws are crafted to increase school safety throughout the state of texas. so what is the answer do you think? that's a problem. so we're 0 for 2 on steve scalise. let's figure it out and get it fixed. we don't want to gyp the minority leader. here is mitch mcconnell talking about gun control. >> we want to see if we can
7:07 am
achieve something on a bipartisan basis. i don't want to just engage in finger pointing or making a point. what's happened after every one of these shootings there has been a temptation to just engage in political discourse rather than actually passing something. you make a law right now, you have to pass the house, has to get 60 votes in the senate. and has to be signed by president trump. so that means these discussions need to occur. >> bill: they will occur come september. julie talked with kayleigh mcenany on this, too. >> the president stands by the second amendment. no greater proponent of the second amendment. we have to look at the mental health aspect of this and what these red playing laws do. they differ from state to state. >> bill: is it red flags? what is it, sir? >> you've got a number of things being looked at but the first thing you have to keep in
7:08 am
mind when speaker pelosi sent the letter to the president the other day she talked about a bill that would have done absolutely nothing to affect any of these mass shootings that we've seen. in fact, one of the big concerns we brought up when the bill came through the house is how many constitutional rights it takes away from law abiding citizen including if a domestic abuse victim is being threatened by her ex-boyfriend and asks her neighbor to borrow the gun for the night because she is afraid she will be murdered. that would be a criminal offense under pelosi's bill. let's keep in mind we ought to focus on solving the problem. you're seeing the rhetoric from the left. if there was an easy bill to have fixed all this. nancy pelosi when they had the super majority, they didn't bring any bills to address this. we focused on mental health. it has to be addressed even more. some of the red flag laws being looked at have merit but have to have strong due process to make sure you aren't going
7:09 am
after people based on political views or something else. so there are a lot of things being looked at but whatever we do we shouldn't just do something out of the desire to do something. let's focus on solving these problems and mental health is a big part of the problem in many of these cases. >> julie: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell indicated yesterday he won't be calling the senate back from recess to debate the gun legislation. how many shootings have to happen before lawmakers can all come together and come up with some kind of comprehensive plan, a solution to end these mass shootings in the united states? >> first of all to suggest that the shootings are a result of lack of laws. there are already laws -- so many laws broken in most of these mass shootings including the fact that it is against the law to kill somebody. so let's look at focusing on things that will work and try to solve the problems. that will close loopholes and help local law enforcement level where people see signs.
7:10 am
after 9/11 we got really good about being vigilant in airports. if you see a bag sitting unattended everybody knows to go and alert somebody because we know that could be a dangerous problem. in most of these shootings, over 80% of the shootings somebody was told or knew about it and didn't act. we need to focus on the things that will solve the problems. not try to blame somebody else. nobody is to blame except the shooter in these mass shootings and let's see how we can make laws work better for people. >> bill: when you were shot on the baseball field and think about the gunman in that case. is there a particular law that could have prevented that from happening to you? >> this was a guy who fell between the shadows. he disappeared, had an estranged wife and went off the grid. what are you going to do about that? what law are you going to pass to address that? in the end all you end up doing
7:11 am
is seeing more and more attempts to take away rights from law-abiding citizens. when nancy pelosi drew up the bill she keeps talking about, that bill doesn't address any of these shootings. they want to take away people's guns. they want lists of guns. many people who pushed gun control legislation have said they have a deeper intention. they think only the militia means somebody in the military. you should only have a gun in the military. some of these people believe that. let's focus solving the real problem. take out the finger pointing. >> bill: if this shooter who was involved with you had fallen through the cracks, is there a red flag law that would have identified him? >> in this case, nobody even knew what he was up to. it didn't seem like even on social media he was talking to other people what he did. he had a clear intention of what he tried to do. sure, he had political motivations but i don't blame any politician that he supported, which by the way
7:12 am
were not conservatives. nobody was to blame except the shooter. how is there a better way to identify these mass shooters beforehand? in the case of parkland he was telling people he wanted to be a school shooter but nothing was done about it. isn't that where we should be focusing some attention? if people actually do have a red flag that other people see and law enforcement somebody else gets it and drops the ball, why should we pass another law that only infringess on law-abiding citizens instead of going after the breakdowns in society and existing laws. >> julie: background check. republican pushback on that. the president said he would endorse that idea. do you believe a background check would have prevented other shootings including yours? >> i don't see how the things that they've been proposing lately would have done anything to prevent these shootings that we're talking about. so again let's focus on solving the problems not just trying to assess blame to other people
7:13 am
who didn't pull the trigger. focus on the shooter. if there is a better way we can stop it from happening again and identify these people that are telling other people in many cases they'll go kill somebody. in ohio he had a hit list and a rape his and people knew about it months ago. why wasn't that dealt with properly? >> bill: thank you for your time and apologies about the tech issue there. thanks for hanging in there. hope your health is well, sir. thank you, steve scalise there. >> julie: the fox news alert on the case of a missing connecticut mother. her estranged husband is in court today facing charges of evidence tampering and hampering and hindering the prosecution. laura engel is there. >> well, there has been a lot of court action in terms of court filings in this case over the last several weeks, many of which should be addressed today at the status conference hearing in the criminal
7:14 am
proceedings against fotis dulos. he just arrived at the criminal courthouse about half an hour ago ignoring reporters as he walked in. the last time we saw jennifer dulos's husband in court was in june. he was wearing a monitoring device while the investigation continues. the missing mother of five hasn't been seen since may 24th after dropping off her kids at school that morning. after she was reported missing investigators found evidence of a physical assault in her garage and blood evidence that matched her dna. days later fotis and his girlfriend were arrested for tampering for evidence. two people matching their descriptions were seen throwing out bags of garbage when jennifer went missing. since then it has been report evidence that the bloody items including the t-shirt jennifer dulos was wearing the day she
7:15 am
vanished and knife were recovered in the bags. it is that information that led fotis duloss attorney looking for leaks. the state's district attorney has filed a motion for a gag order to prevent lawyers from discussing the charges to the media. claiming there is insufficient evidence to proceed. the defense wants the medical reports opened and family custody study going on in the divorce proceeding that they were going through as a matter of saying that he needs it for their defense. the hearing is expected to get underway any minute now. >> julie: thank you so much. >> bill: new documents showing the f.b.i. knew the author of the anti-trump dossier was bias but used it anyway to go to court after the trump campaign
7:16 am
anyway. >> we had a justice department that was warped. these are crimes that are shocking and go to the very heart of our republic. >> bill: then why was the dossier still used in multiple fisa court warrant applications? >> julie: we'll try to get to the bottom of that. any moment now the president will be heading out to a fundraiser in new york. while a boycott is underway against companies the fundraiser's host has a stake in. charles payne is here. and need cash? eran, ow you should know about the newday va guaranteed cash out loan. it lets you take out an average of over 50,000 dollars. you could refinance your mortgage, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over 600 dollars a month. newday looks at your whole financial picture, not just your credit score, so if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, call newday usa.
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7:20 am
>> bill: here is the word from the white house. the producers are telling us it turned into a full on press conference. it has been going on for a half an hour. so 30 minutes now the president has been speaking with reporters. a few notes on this. he addressed the fundraisers in new york. he is also talked about receiving a letter from chairman kim yesterday. president called it a beautiful letter saying he thinks they will have another meeting. much more on that. you have these missiles that were tested over the past couple of weeks now. some believe they were encouraged on behalf of beijing because the trade talks have hit a roadblock right now. there you see the meeting at the dmz. when this becomes available we'll turn it around for you.
7:21 am
stand by on that. a lot of news on guns and background checks and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell. that is coming up momentarily. >> julie: president trump heading to a campaign fundraiser on long island this morning. the event hosted by steven ross owner of the miami dolphins who has a stake in full cycle and equinox. people calling for boycotts. charles payne is here. another boycott. >> another boycott. another one for political purposes. i understand if you don't want to support a business for a variety of reasons that's our prerogative. it gets bogged down when celebrities try to influence us into not doing this and not going there. sometimes it can actually defeat the purpose. we should be happy for the most part these don't work. essentially what they're saying is we don't want the people
7:22 am
that work at soul cycle, the receptionists trainer. i'll make $100,000 for a photo shoot or a million dollars for a movie but drop your gym membership. >> bill: he interviewed 10 people members there. they are like keep the politics out of this. >> julie: what does it have to do with your bike ride? >> everything is so politicized and not working. i say the same thing to conservative friends with investing. stocks hit all time records in the last couple of months, starbucks, nike, costco. let's make money. >> bill: they are making money. >> there are places i won't go for a variety of reasons but i don't publicly say don't go there. it's just me. not for just how i've been treated at a business, not for
7:23 am
political reasons. you go somewhere. >> bill: did you see this from msnbc, roll it. >> you're my source. >> people of color are already targets under this administration. i have no problem with shining the light back on the donors who fund this kind of racialized hate. i go further. i want pitch forks and torches outside this man's house in the hamptons. >> julie: that's a little extreme. >> bill: what's going on? no reason why this guy should have a nice time. >> it is tough. people are advocating the things they say they're against in the first place. you can't say you're against violence and then target people and then urge this. he is urging violence on national tv. it is scary how far we've come with this conversation. >> bill: those who urge violence outside of mitch mcconnell's house the other night. steven ross had a statement. while some prefer to sit
7:24 am
outside the process and criticize i prefer to engage directly and support the things i deeply care about. i have and will continue to support leaders on both sides of the aisle. he is hosting one of those fundraisers. >> a biggie, $100,000 for a photo, $250,000 to sit down with the president. he is at the center of the soul cycle situation. a lot of progressives live in buildings he build. here in manhattan forget it. he put together one of the most amazing complexes in the world. 99% progressives who live there. i don't think anybody wants to move out. they love it. >> bill: he knows what he is doing. >> that's how you become a billionaire in the first place. >> bill: when the stock market went down the other day? charles came out and handed me a sheet. this is what happens a week later when you see the biggest drops. >> bill: reversal from wednesday's low to yesterday's close almost 1,000 points on the dow and that was the worst
7:25 am
performer. we're giving some of it back now. resolve is the case right now. make sure that you don't sell a great stock in all the emotions going on right now. the emotions will go away. >> julie: don't let your emotions rule your brain. >> bill: easier said than done. come on now. thank you, charles. been a long key stop on the road to the nomination. 2020 dems heading to iowa. they will all be there for the state fair this weekend. joe biden could be forced to explain a bit of a gaffe while campaigning in that battleground state. we'll play it for you and you make a decision. a-team is on deck coming up.
7:26 am
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
>> bill: here it is, a read-out. 35 minutes of the president and reporters. we'll play it for a moment. as we wait for that let's bring in america's a-team. jeanne zaino, josh kraushaar, ed rollins, good day to all of you. he took on a lot of issues,
7:30 am
china, north korea, a lot of news that is breaking here. also talked about gun control or background checks and ed, i draw on your experience here. what he is about to say he has had conversations with pelosi and schumer and mcconnell. they're not coming back right now. these committee heads are working on something. >> i think this year there will be some change in the gun laws of the country. i think realistically. background, not taking guns away or banning the big guns but i think the reality is there is enough pressure on all sides that i think there will be something. >> bill: something meaning can you define it? >> i think it will be this red tagging and -- red flagging. >> bill: josh. >> politics of gun control are changing and republicans are wore aoefd about suburban women and mcconnell is the ultimate political operator. he wouldn't be talking about bringing up background checks if he didn't think there was a
7:31 am
political vulnerability. he wants to get trump a victory and get something passed. >> i agree. we'll see something finally. i think certainly the red flag probably universal background check. i also think we may see something in the tech space with smart guns. i think for all sides that's something that is more palatable than taking away semi automatics. >> bill: does it look like background checks would have stopped a guy in el paso or dayton. >> it won't stop violent, crazy people. they can go from guns and firebombs and kill people in schools, people will do that. you have to do it more security and you have to basically look at the mental health. >> julie: steve scalise in fact a victim of gun violence when asked do you believe background checks could have potentially prevented your shootings and other shootings his answer was no. a lot of information is withheld within the community about people who have the ill intentions of killing, raping and murdering people. something he says laws will not
7:32 am
change that. >> steve scalise in right in that the background checks if you look at the cases very few of them would have been prevented for background checks. red flag legislation has more opportunity. mental health and gun control. if someone says something scary or acts in an extreme way you would be able to report them to the police and actually get a process going to prevent them from accessing. >> you can see in the el paso case his mother did report to the police. she did so anonymously i understand but potentially. >> bill: the lawyer for the mother brought the story to the media. we don't have a lot of information about the call and the police department said they don't have a log of the phone call itself. >> the red flag laws in place at the state level, we know the data shows they're better at preventing suicide, which is critically important than they are the mass shootings. so we do have some data there. >> when you think i've lived in new york city and worked in
7:33 am
d.c. with the strictest gun laws and have high murder rates. people want to get guns they'll get guns. the key thing is to try to stop the crazy people early enough. but again even if you identify them how do you get the gun away from them. knock down the door? >> bill: see what the president says. let's push to iowa. it will get a lot of attention over the weekend with all the democratic candidates there. we have sound bite two, joe biden i believe yesterday afternoon. go ahead and roll this here. >> poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids, wealthy kids, black kids, asian kids. think how we think about it. we think now we'll dumb it down. they can do anything anybody else can do given a shot. >> bill: then he tried to clean this up, josh. another time he said we're into what was it truth, not facts. >> joe biden is a gaffe machine. do voters understand that and price it into their view of him
7:34 am
or is this a sign that maybe he is not up for prime time and not ready to compete against the big dogs in the democratic field? i don't think it will be a significant blow. if he continues to makes the gaffes and mistakes a lot of the democratic activists are the ones pointing out it is a big mistake to make to make that equation as he did in iowa. so i mean, if it's a repeated issue for him he has to be worried. >> bill: the reporters asked him about that, too. that's forthcoming. >> julie: these remarks we're awaiting from the president getting questions from reporters, he did address joe biden. we're about to hear it in a moment where he says he is not really quite dealing with a full deck. i believe the president is sitting back and loving every gaffe that comes out of joe biden's mouth. >> he is. tweeting about it yesterday, saying something today. this fits within the president's narrative of sleepy joe. he is not up to the job. one thing joe biden has going for him amongst other things is that he is a known entity.
7:35 am
anybody who doesn't know he is a gaffe machine yet really hasn't been paying much attention to american policy. >> we're within the two-minute warning. >> he is being viewed as a presidential candidate this time. been around a long time. a new generation of voters that have dealt with him as vice president and basically going to watch with the other candidates there. a man his age -- >> bill: how many candidates do you see are in it for the long time. meaning convention in milwaukee? >> three or four will be there. >> julie: who? >> i certainly think warren will be there. she has run the best campaign to date. she knocks sanders out. possibly harris if she does well in california. and i think certainly biden could be there if he doesn't stumble his way through. he is not allowed to have a big gaffe and one of the others. >> bill: a heck of a convention. >> it will be. >> bill: they changed the rules on super delegates. they can't vote until they get to the second vote in milwaukee.
7:36 am
>> you have to get 15% of the states in order to get any delegates at all. not a winner take all. >> hillary beat bernie before they showed up. >> bill: he was asked about colin kaepernick. china and trade certainly is there as well. we mentioned chairman kim, a letter was received at the white house yesterday. steven ross the fundraiser where the president is bound for in the hamptons here is going to make money there today. and a lot of criticism has come his way also because of that fundraiser that we've been talking over the last couple of days here. schumer, rather, pelosi, mitch mcconnell. here we go. 34 minutes now. >> president trump: we're doing very well with china. we're talking to china. we're not ready to make a deal but we'll see what happens. but we've been hurt by china
7:37 am
for 25, 30 years. nobody has done anything about it. we have no choice but to do what we're doing. it's working out very well as you know. we called them on manipulation and they brought their numbers back and they brought them back rapidly and they were able to do that because they manipulate. that's called monetary manipulation. not good. but what happens and what is happening with china now, we have an open dialogue. we'll see whether or not we keep our meeting in september. if we do that, fine, if we don't, that's fine. but it's time that somebody does what we're doing and i said the american taxpayer is not paying for it. we had a big day in the stock market yesterday. but the american taxpayer is not paying for it. what china is doing is by depressing their currency and pouring tremendous amounts of money into their system. they are paying for it.
7:38 am
the prices have not gone up. in fact, in some cases they've gone down because the devalueation. and the amount of money they pour in, which is a form of manipulation, has more than compensated for an increase in price. so as i said and everybody questioned it, in the case of china, the tariffs have been amazing. we are taking in billions of dollars. china has had their worst year in 35 years now. it was 26 years, now 35 years. i want them to do well but as of this moment they're having the worst year they've had in decades. and really we're just bringing the system back into order. we have all the cards. we're doing well. our country is doing fantastically well. europe has problems, the biggest problem we have is the fact that a lot of other
7:39 am
continents and countries are not doing well. but we're doing great and we continue to do great. our companies are poised. they have a lot of cash. our system is beautiful. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: i don't think i'll be there. i have a great relationship with the nra. they supported me very early. and that's been a great decision they made. we have justice kavanaugh and justice gorsuch. they feel strongly about the second amendment. the nra made a great decision in supporting me. i have a very good relationship. i'll change it. i have a great relationship with the nra. i have a lot of respect for the people at the nra and i have already spoken to them on
7:40 am
numerous occasions. numerous occasions. and frankly, we need intelligent background checks. it isn't a question of nra, republican or democrat. i will tell you, i spoke to mitch mcconnell yesterday. he is totally on board. he said i've been waiting for your call. he is totally onboard. i spoke to senators that in some cases -- friends of mine but pretty hard line senators, when i say that i say it in a positive way. hard line on the second amendment. and they understand we don't want insane people, mentally ill people, bad people, dangerous people, we don't want guns in the hands of the wrong people. i think that the republicans are going to be great and lead the charge along with the democrats. i spoke yesterday to nancy pelosi. we had a great talk. i spoke to chuck schumer, we had a great talk.
7:41 am
chuck schumer in particular loves my china policy as you probably know. i said i can't believe it, you actually like something i'm doing. he said not like, love. so chuck schumer is great on the china situation, which we are winning and winning big. china wants to do something. i'm not ready to do anything yet. 25 years of abuse i'm not ready so fast. we'll see how that works out. on the background checks, on background checks, we have tremendous support for really common sense, sensible, important background checks. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: time goes by. i don't think i'm different but i think the senate is different. i think other people in the house are different. i have think that people that
7:42 am
maybe had their arm up a couple of years ago, maybe they feel differently. i don't think i feel any differently. i think with a lot of success that we have i think i have a greater influence now over the senate and over the house. i think we can get something really good done. i think we could have some really meaningful background checks. we don't want people that are mentally ill, people that are sick, we don't want them having guns. who does? >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: we'll see where the nra will be. we have to have meaningful background checks. in the case -- in both cases it is possible they wouldn't have been caught but in the one case we also have to talk about age because he did things that were very, very bad in ohio, in dayton. he did some things that were really bad. his school knew about it.
7:43 am
when he turned 18 everything was expunged. we have to get rid of that. you can't have that barrier. if they would have had that barrier they would have been able to see. because he was a minor it was expunged. we'll have to get rid of that barrier. i think that a lot of really meaningful things on background checks will take place including red flags, including a lot of other very, very important items. and the republicans are looking at it very seriously and i really believe that the nra -- i've spoken to them numerous times. they're really good people and great patriots. they love our country. they love our country so much and frankly, i really think they'll get there also. >> when you talked the lapierre several times, did he warn you that it could hurt you
7:44 am
politically? >> president trump: i had a good talk with wayne. they supported me early. and that support has paid off. we have two supreme court justices that are phenomenal. kavanaugh and gorsuch. they're phenomenal people. and they're people who believe in the second amendment which wayne is also and which i am. there has been no president that feels more strongly about the second amendment than i do. however, we need meaningful background checks so that sick people don't get guns. i think in the end wayne and the nra will either be there or maybe we'll be a little more neutral and that would be okay, too. look, the nra has over the years taken a very tough stance on everything and i understand
7:45 am
it. it's a slippery slope. they think you approve one thing and that leads to a lot of bad things. i don't agree with that. i think we can do meaningful -- very meaningful background checks. i want to see it happen. so i've got a lot of support and i also have the support of other people on the other side. and i think the democrats and republicans have a chance to really come together. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: the reason is because you have to go in. you can't let anybody know. otherwise when you get there nobody will be there. a big factor is to let people outside of the country that want to come in illegally into our country where they come in in caravans and surge the border, which by the way we have the numbers way down right now as you see because mexico has done a fantastic job. mexico has 26,000 soldiers right now on the border.
7:46 am
they have been fantastic. because of tariffs but i don't care what it is because of. mexico. i'll be calling the president at a certain point. i hope they keep it up. if the democrats would change the laws. i was thinking about putting together, as you know, with the gun situation that we have immigration and we have let's say some of the things we're talking about right now. you have them together. but i want people to know that if they come into the united states illegally, they are getting out. they'll be brought out. and this is a very good deterrent. if people come into our country illegally, they're going out. they're not coming in illegally and staying. we have bad laws. they may get in. we're being very tough. they may get in. it doesn't matter because they're going on. when people see what they saw yesterday and like they'll see for a long time, they know that they aren't staying here.
7:47 am
>> [inaudible question] >> president trump: i think they really like it. it is amazing because african-american unemployment just came out very recently the lowest in history. it's the best. the best numbers in history. african-american employment and hispanic and asian, too, have more people working today than ever worked in the history of our country. plus i did criminal justice reform which president obama could not get approved which the media never talks about. if president obama got criminal justice reform done it would be front page stories all over the place. i got it done. i think that african-americans appreciate it. so i got that, i have the best unemployment numbers, the best employment numbers for a lot of people but african-americans number one we've ever had. one other thing we did.
7:48 am
aside from criminal justice reform opportunity zones. they're doing unbelievably well. you have already seen it. but opportunity zones. the biggest beneficiary there is african-americans. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: who are you talking about? >> the president of ukraine. you bring him to the white house and how to communicate with vp to stop the conflicts in eastern ukraine. >> president trump: i think he is going to make a deal with president putin. he will be invited to the white house and we look forward to seeing him. he has already been invited to the white house and he wants to come. i think he will. he is a very reasonable guy. he wants to see peace in ukraine. i think he will be coming very soon actually. >> [inaudible question]
7:49 am
>> president trump: his comments, look, look. joe is not playing with a full deck. he made that comment. i said whoa, i saw it. i was on something. i had a television. i saw his comments. joe biden is not playing with a full deck. this is not somebody you can have as your president. but if he got the nomination i would be thrilled. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: we are looking at that right now. we have a lot of these companies coming in a little while, as you know. we will be very tough with them. they are treating conservatives very unfairly. hollywood -- i don't call them the elites. i think the elites are the people they go after in many cases. hollywood is really terrible. you talk about racist. hollywood is racist. what they're doing with the kind of movies they're putting out is very dangerous for our
7:50 am
country. what hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country. we have now in a little while all of the heads of the biggest companies coming in and we will talk to them. they treat conservatives, republicans totally different than they treat others. and they can't do that. >> [inaudible question] >> does this administration devalue the u.s. dollar? >> president trump: we don't have to. the advantage to doing what we have is money is pouring in because we have the safest currency in the world. we have the standard of the world. but because it's so strong it has gotten so strong because other countries have problems, it makes it harder for our manufacturers. so if we lowered the interest rate by the fed reserve it would make it easier for caterpillar and these countries. , no i wouldn't do that.
7:51 am
>> are you thinking of canceling the trade talks next month with china? >> president trump: china wants to settle this deal. they've had the worst year they've had in many, many decades. it is getting only worse. thousands of companies are leaving china. they would like to make a deal. i'm not ready to make a deal. >> >> are you willing to cancel the talks next month? >> president trump: the talks are scheduled in september. whether or not they're canceled, we'll see. look, as i said, our people are not paying for these billions and billions of dollars that came in, 16 billion of which i gave to the farmers because they were targeted by china. that's just a small fraction of what we've taken in. so they are not -- because what china has been doing. they've manipulated the value
7:52 am
of their currency and that's where the money comes. and also they put tremendous money into the system. so if you look prices have not risen. our people have not paid. so all of these guys that say oh, trump, trump, trump, they don't know what they're talking about. china is unique. that doesn't mean it happens with other countries, it probably doesn't. but the prices have not gone up. in fact, we have virtually no inflation in our country. if the federal reserve would bring down interest rates over a period of time, i would love to see a point or a little more than that. if they would stop quantitative tightening we have a rocket ship. we're doing well without it but we are being handcuffed by the federal reserve. if they could stop that it would be great. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: i hope that
7:53 am
south korea -- and i hope that japan start getting along with each other. they are supposed to be allies. and it puts us in a very difficult position. south korea and japan are fighting all the time. they have to get along because it puts us in a very bad position. with that being said i got a very beautiful letter from kim jong-un yesterday. it was delivered. >> what did he say? >> president trump: it was a positive letter. i would love to give it to you, i really would. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: i think we'll have another meeting. he wrote a beautiful three-page right from top to bottom, a really beautiful letter and maybe i'll release the results of the letter but it was very
7:54 am
positive. >> [inaudible question] >> we aren't doing business with huawei. it is much simpler not to do any business with huawei. we're not doing business with them. it doesn't mean we won't agree to something if and when we make a trade deal but we aren't going to be doing business with huawei. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: mcguire is excellent, highly rerespected, great leader. he is acting right now. sue gordon, i like her very much. she did a great job. over a period of time. i'm in no rush because we have a great acting. i like hoekstra a lot. i spoke to senator burr. i'm working with the whole committee. i want to get somebody that everybody can really come together with. i like pete hoekstra a lot.
7:55 am
he is doing a fantastic job in the netherlands right now. >> you had mentioned down to three. >> president trump: that's a job that everybody wants. but i'm dealing with a committee. i'm dealing with really senator burr a lot and we'll come up with somebody that's great. we have a lot of choice. a lot of people want the job. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: i'm concerned they aren't getting along with each other. they have to get along with each other. if they don't get along, what are we doing? they have to get along with each other. south korea and japan have to sit down and get along with each other. otherwise what are we all doing? >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: poland has been a great, great friend of ours, they've offered to build
7:56 am
a military base at a cost of many billion of dollars. no money put up by the united states whatsoever. they offered to fund our troops and lots of other things. that's the way it should be. not the stupid deals we made with all these other countries that take advantage of us. poland has been terrific and we'll be going to poland very soon. i'm sure you'll be going with us. i had a great experience in poland the last time i went. in fact, some of you actually said the speech was one of the best ever made in europe by an american president. hard to believe that you actually said that. when you said that i was like in a state of shock. >> [inaudible question] >> did steven ross -- >> president trump: he is a friend of mine. successful guy. we were competitors but friends in real estate in new york in the old days. he is a great guy. he is by the way, i think he is probably more inclined to be a
7:57 am
liberal if you want to know the truth. but he likes me, he respects me. we're doing a fundraiser there. we're doing another fundraiser with another friend of mine and i understand the fundraiser was totally sold out and it is very successful. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: i think it just makes steve much hotter. i explained i didn't speak to him yet. i'll see him in a little while. the controversy makes steve ross hotter. he is very happy and got a very successful -- a lot of people are going. we have two fundraisers, one is steve and one is another gentleman. i guess they'll raise $11 or $12 million. i'm getting used to saying billion. we're talking about a lot of money. >> when you talk about age restrictions to buy guns. 18 months ago you supported long guns at the age of 25.
7:58 am
raising the age. >> president trump: we aren't talking about anything specific. tremendous goodwill, meaningful -- i'm talking about meaningful background checks so that sick and demented people don't carry around guns. you have to remember and i've said it. it's a big mental illness problem. and the gun doesn't pull the trigger, a mind, a sick mind pulls the trigger. we want to take that out of the equation. >> long guns, 25 years. >> president trump: we're looking at manchin. there are many bills put in over a period of four or five years. they went nowhere but there has never been a president like president trump. >> are you going to get it done? >> president trump: i don't think we'll need to. i may. leadership is dealing along with me right now.
7:59 am
by the time you call them back they'll be back anyway. i don't think we'll need to call them back. i think we'll have a very good package by the time they come back and they can start debating and voting on it then. i really don't think for the extra little time it matters. leadership is doing a really good job. mitch mcconnell, kevin, nancy. i spoke with nancy pelosi yesterday and chuck schumer yesterday. there is a lot of goodwill about this issue. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: i don't think so, no. i think we have a lot of support. i'm very fortunate in the republican party i'm at 94% approval rating so that helps. i have a great relationship with the republican senators and i really think they are looking for me to make -- give them a signal and we'll have great support and i think we'll have the support from the democrats also.
8:00 am
>> [inaudible question] >> president trump: i never said what i'm saying now. what i'm saying -- what i said there you had tremendous opposition from many people on both sides. i see a better feeling right now towards getting something meaningful done. and we did do things after parkland but it wasn't to the same level i'm talking about now. we did do other things. we did a lot of work after parkland but i think we have now a chance to see something much more meaningful. having to do -- having to do as you know with background checks. >> [inaudible question] >> it's almost back to school season, what is your message to young children and teenagers who are anxious or nervous about going back to school after these mass shootings? >> president trump: my message to young children going back to school is go and study hard and someday you'll grow up and
8:01 am
maybe be president of the united states or do something else that's fantastic. they have nothing to fear. they have nothing to worry about. in addition we're in constant contact with states, state governments, and they are really doing a great job. we have so much better than it was 2 1/2 years ago. 2 1/2 years ago when i came in it was really not a good situation. i think we have a very, very system right now. that doesn't mean that there is not going to be some crazy person but that's what we want to do. we want to take the guns out of the hands of crazy, demented, sick people. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: we're not looking at that right now. we're looking at very meaningful background checks. i think it is going to happen. there is great, great support. we're looking at very meaningful background checks.
8:02 am
>> [inaudible question] >> president trump: admiral mcguire is a very talented man. he is a great leader, as an admiral was always a great leader. he is a man who is respected by everybody and he is going to be there for a period of time. who knows, maybe he gets the job. but he will be there for a period of time. maybe a longer period of time than we think. we'll see. we're dealing with senator burr and the committee, we're dealing with probably nine or 10 people that want the job very much. you know the name of almost every one of them. they are truly outstanding. everybody wants it. i will say that the admiral is such a great choice from the standpoint of now.
8:03 am
maybe he goes further, we'll see what happens. we're dealing with the committee and senator burr. we have people all of whom you know, highly respected people. we'll be making a decision in the not too distant future. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: eugene scalia is a highly respected lawyer in washington his father as you know was the great, great, great supreme court justice. even the people with not his views would say he was a great gentleman, a great man. eugene scalia has had a fantastic career. as you know he is our appointment for labor secretary. i think so far it has been received very well. he is a very -- he is one of the finest minds and lawyers in washington i will say so far that's been received very well.
8:04 am
>> [inaudible question] >> president trump: he gave me a great letter. i would love to give it to you but i don't think it would be appropriate. it was a very personal letter. he talked about what he is doing. he is not happy with the testing. it is a very small testing that we did. he wasn't happy with the testing. he put that in the letter. but he also sees a great future for north korea and so we'll see how it all works out. in the meantime i say it again, there have been no nuclear tests, the missile tests have all been short-range, no ballistic missile tests, no long-range missiles. we got back and we're getting back as we speak, we're getting back a lot of our fallen heroes, you know that. they're coming back into and through hawaii and we got back our hostages. so i saw the letter. i just got it yesterday. it was hand delivered and it wasn't touched by anybody.
8:05 am
they literally take it from north korea to my office. the old-fashioned system. you don't have to worry about leaks. something nice about that. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: he wasn't happy with the tests, the war games. the war games on the other side with the united states. as you know i've never liked it either. i don't like paying for it. i don't like it, either. we should be reimbursed for it. this was a turnover of various areas to south korea. i like that because that's what should happen. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: well, i can't imagine that. if they did that we would just
8:06 am
reciprocate. we are a very reciprocal nation with me as the head. when somebody does something negative to us in terms of a country, we do it to them. look, our country has been taken advantage of by foreign countries, even allies, including allies, and in many cases more than anybody else. we've been taken advantage of for many, many years and it stops. it stops. >> in your view, mr. president, should colin kaepernick get an opportunity to play in the nfl? >> president trump: only if he is good enough. if he is good enough. why would he play? if he is good enough. i think if he was good enough i know the owners, i know bob craft and so many of the owners, if he is good enough they'd sign him. so if he is good enough, i know these people. they would sign him in a heartbeat. they'll do anything they can to win games. so i would like to see it. frankly i would love to see
8:07 am
kaepernick come in if he is good enough. i don't want to see him come in because it's a good p.r. move. if he is good enough he'll be in. >> are you worried about global markets? >> president trump: our market has been really good. it's never positive although you could say it puts us in an even better position. i view it differently. most people say it's a bad thing. i would say the fact that other countries aren't doing really well, china in particular, china is doing horribly, horribly. first time anyone can remember they are having a year like they've never had. almost go back 30, 40 years. they are having one of the worst years ever. the numbers are phony. they aren't doing 6.2. they're doing a totally different number. maybe neutral. maybe even -- >> [inaudible question]
8:08 am
>> president trump: i don't think it helps. first of all i don't like it when they do it because i'm not any of those things. i think it's a disgrace. i think it shows how desperate the democrats are. look, right now i'm working with the democrats on meaningful background checks. that's a big thing. hopefully we can do something. but i don't want to focus too much on that. i will say this, for them to throw out the race word again, racist, racist, racist. that's all they use for anybody. they called nancy pelosi a racist. she have is not a racist. they call anybody a racist when they run out of cards. i'm winning in the polls, they're desperate. they have lousy candidates. they got bad candidates. i watched the debates. i looked. joe biden can't answer a simple question. something is going wrong with him. the only thing is, i mean, a
8:09 am
lot of people think that he was the one that wanted bob mueller to testify because it made joe look intelligent, okay? >> [inaudible question] >> is your base supporting background checks? >> president trump: i think my base rely on common sense and me in terms of telling them what's happening. i think meaningful background checks. i don't say just background checks. we passed that a number of times, meaning -- but everybody knew they weren't that strong. i think meaningful background checks are a real positive. politically i can't tell you. i don't know, good, bad or indifferent i don't care politically. i don't want crazy people having guns. >> [inaudible question]
8:10 am
>> bill: waiting to see if we get one more question in there. 34 minutes and the president gets on board marine one heading to the hamptons for fundraisers. headlines with regard to mitch mcconnell, he is totally on board with background checks and gun issue here. background checks common sense. meaningful and he used it several times. in the end the nra will either be there or they'll be neutral. with regard to joe biden, quote, he is not playing with a full deck. with regard to trade talks on china, not willing to make a deal right now. letter from chairman kim, three pages in length received yesterday at the white house described as beautiful and very positive. with regard to these fundraisers in the hamptons and steven ross i like him and he
8:11 am
likes me. we did business together when we were competing in new york city. so a lot more on that, too, from the white house. that's a way to start a new hour. i'm bill hemmer on friday. julie, how are you doing? >> julie: i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. let's bring in leland vittert watching the developments unfold. >> certainly a lot to digest over the next week as the president heads to the hamptons and heads out to his club in bedminster, new jersey for his summer vacation. as you guys noted 34 minutes of questions in the baking washington sun about 90 degrees on the south lawn. he is en route right now to the hamptons and to his billionaire good friend steven ross. ross has come under a lot of fire from people who frequent his two businesses, soul cycle and equinox. the president said it will only make ross's businesses more
8:12 am
popular because they've gotten so much publicity. ross is now having these fundraisers, as bill pointed out the headlines on north korea received this beautiful letter, he said, from chairman kim and he also left open the possibility of another sit-down meeting with kim jong-un and discussion. we keep hearing this from the white house as it relates to the north koreans with their short range rocket tests. the president doesn't seem to be bothered very much as it relates to that. also very noteworthy what he said about background checks. there seems to be a place the president is willing to go ahead and put some political muscle behind and put his shoulder behind. he said republican senators are waiting for him to give the go ahead and his base will go along with background checks. he made a real point in distinguishing the time talking about gun control after the parkland shootings and talking about gun control now. anthony scaramucci summed up
8:13 am
the president's mood heading out to vacation as the associated press as smug. pick your own adjective. it was a confident president trump as he headed out and one unconcerned with any of the 2020 candidates. >> julie: all right, thank you very much. we'll discuss that beautiful letter he received from kim jong-un coming up in a moment. >> bill: thank you julie and leland. lara trump with me now in studio. nice to see you back in new york city. he said i have greater influence over the house and the senate suggesting that there is a change in washington do you sense that? >> maybe there is. i think people are demanding a change. especially when you've seen how nothing has gotten accomplished with congress since really this past fall. maybe even since the president took office. the only movement that we've seen at all in washington, d.c. is thanks solely to president donald trump. congress really hasn't done their job. maybe they're coming to their
8:14 am
senses and realizing that americans are demanding change and demanding something happen. >> bill: do you have inside on the conversation with wayne lapierre and the nra? >> i don't. >> bill: he said the nra will be there or neutral. the comment on background checks from the south lawn. >> president trump: i think i have a greater influence now over the senate and over the house. i think we can get something really good done. i think we can have some really meaningful background checks. we don't want people that are mentally ill, people that are sick, we don't want them having guns. who does? >> bill: he used the word meaningful a couple of times. what's the appetite for trying to figure this out. and get america out of this cycle, lara. >> i think that's exactly what he is recognizing now. people are demanding, like i said, change in this space. we see this time and time again. there are these shootings and everybody says we have to
8:15 am
change something and nothing happens. why wouldn't we have more background checks and make sure that somebody doesn't purchase a gun that shouldn't have one? the president is being very clear about that and i think on both sides of the aisle maybe that's the one place people can finally agree. >> bill: i want to get to a few more topics. perhaps you saw this the other night outside mcconnell's house in louisville, kentucky this week. >> bill: react to that. >> this is just disgusting and it is shocking but i don't think people are surprised to see this. what is surprising is that mitch mcconnell had his twitter account suspended for posting a video of these people outside of his house yet hamas, bill, still has their twitter page and you have to click and say i understand this is a dangerous
8:16 am
page to get on before you go on there. >> bill: you had some supporters of the president, joaquin castro in texas called them out and put their names on twitter. some supported him and his brother along the way, too, half a dozen as well. there is an outrage factor in this country that you can feel every day. you just wonder at what point, when does that outrage get an ice pack on it? when does it come back down? are we always going to be flying right and left? >> i certainly hope not. we haven't always been in this space. we used to exist in a space where if we had different political views we could sit down together and exist in harmony. unfortunately people are -- there is so much out there, such an effort whether you talk about on social media or like you saw the congressman in texas do trying to silence conservatives and prevent people from speaking out or supporting this president monetarily. unfortunately for them we've
8:17 am
seen contributions at the rnc and campaign go up since the list came out. people are outraged by this. where in america do we have space for this? you should be able to support whatever political view you want in this country and you shouldn't be made to feel badly about it or be put on a hit list like this. this is horrible. >> bill: tech companies are meeting at the white house. what can come out of that? >> i certainly hope they're made aware of the fact this president is very aware that what we're doing is wrong. what they're doing is silencing conservatives and we talk about it all the time and seeing it in practice when it comes to people like mitch mcconnell, for example. >> bill: they could also play a role in this debate over red flag laws. >> they could. >> bill: i don't know how you define that. 17 states have some form of a red flag law. how do you know when you can call the bluff on a neighbor or ex-boyfriend or ex-husband? >> the main issue is people want to remain anonymous. you never want something to
8:18 am
come back on you or sue you because you said maybe there was an issue with them. at the same time we always hear after the fact there was somebody that saw something or someone knew something or said i had a feeling this person would do it. >> bill: you don't know how you define it. is the phone call based on politics, personal issue or do you have a legitimate concern over the mental health of someone in society? >> it is a tough question. we're in an unknown space here. since we've seen so much of these mass murders really, these mass shootings, the rise in them, we have had the internet, social media, 24-hour news cycle. they have all changed and as such as a society we have to look at that and figure out the best way forward. i don't know anyone has a perfect answer. maybe all these folks can get together and maybe they can talk about it and maybe we can get some solutions. >> bill: there is a campaign, meanwhile, on the democratic side. here is joe biden apparently
8:19 am
made a few comments just yesterday that have been received in a critical way. the president was asked about that last hour. watch here. >> president trump: joe is not playing with a full deck. he made that comment and i said whoa, i saw it. i had a tell vision, i saw his comments. this is not somebody you could have as your president. but if he got the nomination i would be thrilled. >> bill: on that comment does the campaign feel inside the trump campaign that joe biden has lost something? >> well, if you go back to even before joe biden started running for president, i said that we were never worried about joe biden. i don't know if he has lost anything or this has always been joe biden. i do think when you hear time after time these slip-ups from him people question his mental acuity to a degree. i think that would give people a lot of pause in voting for him for president. >> bill: the other comment you made a week ago. you prefer to run against joe
8:20 am
biden. he is leading in all the polls. has a lot of money and support. why him? >> i don't know that he has the stamina to beat this president. you have to remember this is a president that everybody on the campaign would tell you that he outworked them. i think in order to beat a president like donald trump which we think is impossible, you will have to put in overtime. i don't know that joe biden can do it. >> bill: we'll see what shakes free in the end. thank you for coming in. niles -- nice to see you. stay healthy. >> julie: as we heard moments ago president trump says another meeting with kim jong-un may be in the works as denuclearization stalls and they fireballistic missiles. i apparently got a letter from him. new documents showing the f.b.i. knew the man behind the anti-trump dossier was biased but they kept using it anyway. more on that stunning
8:21 am
revelation next. >> i think the insurance policy is what we're seeing here. getting into the trump campaign, the fisa warrant against carter page was a fraud, i believe. the counter intelligence investigation is something we need to look at really closely. always a catch. like somehow you wind up getting less. but now that i book at, and i get all these great perks. i got to select my room from the floor plan... very nice... i know, i'm good at picking stuff. free wi-fi... laptop by the pool is a bold choice... and the price match guarantee. how do you know all of this? are you like some magical hilton fairy? it's just here on the hilton app. just available to the public, so... book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. if you find a lower rate, we match it and give you 25% off that stay. and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both... adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements
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8:25 am
communication and uses words like beautiful, i think what american people have to understand he is talking to directly to kim jong-un. he is not telling the american people what a great person kim jong-un is, he is doing diplomacy. a lot of people are concerned by that for obvious reasons but it is my belief he chooses these words specifically because he knows they will be translated and come across the certain way and part of his diplomacy. with that being said, how many meetings are we going to get with the same rhetoric in place but no meaningful change? i think him coming out and saying he is not a fan of these
8:26 am
exercises is talking out of both sides of your mouth that's diplomacy. these exercises are very important and our military needs them and the only communication we have with our allies that we may need to include china and iran in that region. rhetoric and diplomacy line up in front of a microphone sometimes. in this case i don't think he is calling kim jong-un beautiful. he is saying this type of dialogue and the fact he is addressing concerns with one another is a good thing and i agree with that. >> julie: it is important to highlight the fact that there is doing log in the first place. the first u.s. president ever to set foot into north korea. so certainly the relationship between these two is unlike any we've ever seen in any white house administration. what could that potentially mean for denuclearization talks considering they're stalled? >> if you ask someone to help you out and tell them you'll give them $100.
8:27 am
you can hand them the $100 before they do it or after they do it or give them $50 now and $50 after they're done. i think president trump understand it's safer and likely to give them 50 now and then 50 more. they're looking for points of leverage. is it economic sanctions that are having a mass effect? making sure china, russia, some half ally, half foe isn't helping them out to relieve the sanctions? is it looking at things like relations with south korea? what is that $100 and the 50 now and 50 later and what do we need in return in north korea and this regime believes having nuclear weapons is their only security for stability. how do we show regime change isn't the effect of denuclearization. i don't know that. i don't have that answer. we can look at these points of dialogue and start to understand what direction we're moving. it seems like we're moving in the right direction. if you step on the head of a
8:28 am
snake it will strike back before it dies. when kim jong-un sends missiles in the air it's acting out because he is feeling the pressure as it is defiance. >> julie: i want to turn to iran real quick. up to the same old dirty tricks using gps jamers trying to trick vessels to travel through iranian waters and seizing them. how does the u.s. react this time? >> this is a tough one. i used to work in signal in the marine corps. when you jam something you send out a signal at the same frequency to override the other signal. can you encrypt and different forms of communication and overriding the jamming? possibly. the greater skill here iran is actively acting against merchant vessels and u.s. and allied interests in the region and using this guise. if they shoot down our drone it was over our airspace.
8:29 am
if they seize a ship they say it was in our waters. they are using international law against itself here and acting out. i don't know what the answer is. i can tell you the u.s. will not stand by and say you get to rewrite the rules. we deal with this with china and other countries. these are merchant and civilian ships that we'll secure and escort if we have to. >> julie: let's hope the european allies join to protect the waters of the persian gulf. thank you so much johnny joey jones. i love that name. >> bill: major bombshell. the f.b.i. used the dirty dossier to get warrants from the court repeatedly even after the agency knew about the author's anti-trump bias and also learning more about a phone call from the el paso killer's mother to police. was that a warning weeks before the shooting spree? what we're learning and what we can report about that coming up next.
8:30 am
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>> julie: fox news aler. new information coming in this morning about a phone call received by el paso police weeks before this past weekend's deadly shooting spree. the question now was it a warning sign from the shooter's mother? jeff paul is live in el paso with the very latest. >> police say it wasn't a 911 call or call for service. strictly to get some more information. in fact, the mom of the suspected shooter didn't leave her name or her son's name. the only way they were able to confirm that a call like this was made was going through their security camera footage and listening to their end of the conversation. now this call according to police made late june and the mom was calling about her son owning an a.k. type rifle and concerned over her son's age, maturity level and experience in owning a gun like this.
8:34 am
>> she was fearful she would injure himself with this type of weapon. so after that, the public service officer comes around yet again and says is your son suicidal? has he made any threats against others? or has there been any dramatic change in his behavior recently that would cause alarm? and the answer to those apparently was no. >> the memorial behind us continues to grow outside the wal-mart where the shooting was. funerals for the 22 victims who were murdered in this attack continue on today and will continue on through the next week on both sides of the border, julie. >> julie: jeff paul, thank you so much. >> bill: newly released records showing the f.b.i. kept using the dirty steele dossier to secure a court warrant repeatedly, despite the documents and the documenting that the former spy's anti-trump bias was real.
8:35 am
former assistant a.g. with the new york attorney general's office. good morning to you from albany today. what does this tell us now, do you think? >> this is a bombshell and not a good one. the reason it's not a good one is you know and i know the vast majority of people who work in the f.b.i. are brave public servants but there are always some bad apples. so what this shows is that there was a political bias underlying the trump investigation and even at a point when they knew that the information came ultimately and originally as political opposition research, then they said that they knew it was wrong but what's coming out today is that they're saying they knew it was wrong and they kept using it anyway. and that should concern everybody because it's not how law enforcement is supposed to work. whether you like the person being investigated or not. >> bill: it reveals top d.o.j. official bruce ohr maintained contact with steele for at least six months, chris? >> exactly.
8:36 am
and the obvious question is this could be something going on in middle school. if someone says they weren't contacting somebody anymore then why are they using something like whatsapp to stay in touch with them for another six months and you have to wonder what were they talking about and why? no matter how you look at it, again, it just doesn't look good because it makes it look like they are using law enforcement for political purposes and we have that under j. edgar hoover. it was wrong then. >> whatsapp is where you can send text messages and not supposed to be read by others. not so sure that's the case. lindsey graham last night this way. >> this is the tip of the iceberg. i know personally there is a lot more out there. and the word that keeps coming out is bias. the people investigating clinton wanted her to win and trump to lose. the people who started the
8:37 am
investigation against president trump wanted him to lose and her to win. the chief source of the fisa warrant was mr. steele who hated trump's guts. so there is a common theme here that the investigation of trump was very biased. >> bill: if he is talking about the tip of the iceberg, what's underneath the water, chris? >> if lindsey graham is coming on fox news and saying it publicly i'm sure there is much more. if i had to speculate, what i think is there is probably even more damaging information in terms of the motivation underlying as bad as what is out now, it's probably worse in terms of what they were saying about trump and what measures they were willing to take. >> bill: what do you think we find out then, chris? >> well, i think based on what we already know if i had to speculate, i think there is information that will come out based on what has been
8:38 am
discussed today that even further illustrates that the people investigating trump did have a bias and again whether you like trump or not, any american, you should not want to be investigated by law enforcement for political reasons. >> bill: chris staszak in albany, new york. thank you for coming back. nice to see you. >> julie: former u.s. olympian charged with attempted murder accused of shooting a woman on his farm in new jersey. jackie heinrich joins us now. >> according to several reports, this all began over a landlord/tenant dispute. police have not confirmed the victim's identities. the woman shot is lauren, a competitive rider. the shooting happened at a farm in washington township new jersey wednesday afternoon. police say when they got on scene they found a woman with multiple gunshot wounds. another man with minor injuries and former olympian and found a
8:39 am
handgun. the next day investigators charged the man with weapons charges and attempted murder. they wouldn't give an update on the woman's status confirming she is still alive. according to several news outlets lauren posted on social media saying she feared for her life. none of the posts mentioned the man by name but she and her -- police were called to the farm several times before the shooting. some have rushed to defend the olympian who runs a training facility. he was the 2009 supportsman international horseman of the year. lauren took her bullying too far.
8:40 am
dressiage support barrison. no word when he is due back in court. the incident is still under investigation. >> julie: thank you very much. >> check this out, scary moment in the state of texas. look at this. oh my. that's not what we were expecting, was it? that driver losing control on that road veered off, went airborne into the parked truck. bystanders running for cover. driver survived. we don't know what caused him to lose control. look at that. you don't see that every day. the one guy just a couple yards to the left got out of the way in time from the state of texas. a cool story coming up here, julie, nice story. >> julie: i'm looking forward to this one. the 2022 special olympics usa games getting a fresh new look.
8:41 am
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i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be a part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better. >> look at our mission statement. it focuses on athletes and showcases the athlete's ability to the world. we looked at the logo and had an aha moment. >> julie: a brand-new logo for the special olympics unveiled for the 2022usa games. for the very first time the athletes helped design it.
8:45 am
one of the artist, arusha pray tap and sherry wheelock special olympics president and ceo. aarushi. i want to start with you. you were a talented artist and selected nine artists to inspire some 5 million global special olympic athletes. what was your inspiration? >> i got inspired by other artists and my mentors and i talked about orlando special olympics in florida and i talked about that. and i drew many designs. >> julie: what was it about the designs? what made you think of the designs? what led you to come up with this innovative new logo? >> i think about the logo designs of orlando, florida,
8:46 am
and special olympics, and i observed and i think on my brain and i drew 10 designs of the logo. >> julie: very cool. this is very inspiring for a lot of special athletes as well. many of these athletes are just not athletes. they have a lot of really special gifts such as aarushi. tell me what this means to the special olympics? >> it's a brilliant opportunity for us not to just talk about the inspiration from the athletes but allowing them to lead and create. as you mentioned, share their talents and as you can see, the outcome has been tremendous. it is a beautiful logo with great meaning to not only those who will be competing but to our entire community. so we're really excited they were the ones that did the designing behind it. >> julie: there were nine athletes chosen. how do you choose nine athletes
8:47 am
out of tens of millions? >> we looked at the states who hosted the usa games in the past. we had one athlete from each of those states come forth as well as some of our talented athletes from florida who will be hosting in 2022. it was a brilliant way to think about including all of the other national games history into this logo as well. >> julie: you are a fashion designer and auctioned off at a special olympics fundraiser a dress that sold for $2,000. congratulations to you. you're not only a fashion designer, i have a list of all the things you do. you are an athlete competing in basketball, cheerleading, stand up paddle and track. how do you do that? >> i do all kinds of many sports and i like special olympics because i did lots of hard work of these sports and i made many friends.
8:48 am
i was being confident and have lots of fun. >> julie: i just love that. to be confident. that is, i think, the center of the special olympics. not so much about the athleticism. it is of course, but it is giving these people confidence and that's what the special olympics is all about. >> sports is our vehicle and we create the platform that allows them to shine and show their abilities to the world and to the community and i'm really excited about the upcoming florida one. we have great thought leaders, businessman and the jersey mikes team will be the presenting sponsors and amazing hosts will be at walt disney world. i can't wait to see the level of platform that will be provided for these. >> julie: congratulations to you. keep designing those dresses as well. that's awesome. >> thank you. >> julie: so great to meet you both. >> thank you so much for the time. >> you're welcome. >> julie: thank you. >> bill: beautiful stuff and beautiful people. "outnumbered" is next. here is melissa and kennedy. preview on friday.
8:49 am
how are you doing? >> happy friday, bill. the president attending a fundraiser in long island today despite critics naming trump supporters in an attempt to shame them. one celebrity chef urging the host to cancel it saying these are not normal times. how abnormal will things get? >> much more so. new claims of anti-conservative bias as twitter locks out mcconnell's campaign page for protestors making threats outside his house. how republican groups are responding and where that could all lead. >> all that and #oneluckyguy on "outnumbered" top of the hour. >> bill: see you in 10 minutes. if you build it, major league baseball will find a way to get there. they're about to make history on a special field in iowa. the field of dreams, jared maxx has that story in a moment. >> hey, is this heaven?
8:50 am
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the number on your screen that's the number on your screen. or go to the website on your screen. the buck's got your back. >> if you build it, we will come. >> if you build it, we will come. >> bill: such a great movie and great message. they built it. major league baseball will be will. yankees and white sox will visit the field of dreams in iowa. this is a cool story. >> what a great baseball movie as well. up there in the list of people's great movies, 1989 classic stars kevin kostner. we get to see life imitate art.
8:54 am
the crux of that movie is kevin kostner wants to reconnect with his father as it turns out. the father of his youth. all about having a catch with his dad. this is a movie that connects kids with fathers across the country and major league baseball is taking advantage. next august 13th. first time ever major league baseball game will be filmed on the site where the movie was filmed. they build an 8,000 seat temporary stadium. it will be for this yankees/white sox game. >> bill: i think it's great for baseball. major league baseball needs it. every year perhaps? >> why not. get the yankees and white sox are featured in the movie, the 1919 team and the character of joe jackson becomes part of it. the yankees already sent out this recreated trailer
8:55 am
basically of their star walking into the corn fields like we see the players do it. there is something so american about this. the middle of corn fields in iowa. they serve nib lets maybe? corn dogs? >> bill: you wonder why it took them so long. a great marketing idea. >> julie: the land was only purchased back in 2013 bought it and have the field. we thought oh, they'll have to move the fences back in the baseball field because the dimensions are little league style. the field will be built next to the actual field that was used. >> bill: i like the commissioner celebrating the movie's message how baseball brings people together at this special place in iowa. >> it's about kids and their fathers. he wants to throw catch with his dad. if that doesn't bring tears to your eyes you probably didn't grow up playing ball with your dad. >> bill: you are right about
8:56 am
that. a metaphor for a father/son relationships. >> julie: the whole concept if you build it they will come. you can apply that to anything in life. you build it and make it happen and it will happen. >> bill: nice story, thank you, jared. >> julie: president trump arriving in long island for two fundraisers today as one of his billionaire donors faces calls for a boycott. the growing backlash next on "outnumbered." ellow veterans, because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it was two years, fours years, or nearly thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is a va mortgage benefit that lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa with our veteran-friendly approval process we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call.
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>> bill: the "newsroom news vault," jesse owens triumphant at the berlin olympics on the state in 1936. the track star and his teammates at a world record, a feat that stood unmatched for 20 years. that is tough to do. jesse owens' four gold medal served as a blow to adolf hitler, it was in audience that day. owens retired soon after the olympics in berlin at the age of
9:00 am
23. going out on top at a very young age. >> julie: always good to go out on top. >> bill: nice to be with you, have a great weekend. >> julie: we will see you on fox news sunday, right? >> bill: working for my man, chris wallace. >> julie: "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, president, arriving a short time ago to a fund-raiser in long island, new york, to host an event. the host of that event being done i face a growing criticism as the supporters get publicly named and in some cases they have been harassed, they say. this is to is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today is that host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. former ohio senate democrat minority leader, capri cafaro. joining us on the couch, david webb, sirius xm radio host and the host of "reality check" on fox nation. he is "outnumbered." >> david: you know it really upsets me?


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