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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 9, 2019 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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sentiments, if consumers think is creepy, it won't. >> neil: warning, warning. >> danger, danger. >> neil: thank you very much. good read on all of this. >> ♪ >> hello. i dana perino with dan bongino, laura jones and greg gutfeld. it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." president trump not backing down as outrage from the left intensifies over a fundraiser hosting by the chairman of exinx. urging boycotts. >> i want pitch forks out this
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man's house in the hamptons. >> you don't get to say i am for racial equality. but i like his economic views. >> you own the blood that happens. you can't do it. that's what swing voters have to understand and be shamed into. >> president trump responding by defending stephen ross and saying the back lash will back fire. >> stephen ross is a great friend of mine. he is a successful guy. by the way, i think he is probably more inclined to be a liberal if you want to know the truth. but he likes me and respects me. the controversy makes me hotter. they will figure that out in a week. he is very successful. i guess they are going to raise 11 or $12 million. >> mr. president --know.
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>> i am used to saying billion. >> he was right. president trump raised $12 million today. the campaign is awash in money. >> how sorry and sad of a life do you have to have to be focussed on endless boycotts all the time. go to your kids soccer game and have popcorn and go to a movie. the difference between the right and the left. the right boycotts things because of people's way of life. the betsy ross flag. the left boycotts on the dumbest things. ross who is clearly not a conservative and said i don't agree with everything donald trump has. he wants conversation going with the president. they boycott him. like they have nothing else to do. go to a soccer game. enjoy your life.
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is there a list of all of the liberal boycotts? >> danny deutsch said you own everything. if you support a politician you own everything. >> i think it's better to try to be danny trahoe and not danny deutsch. this is linking innocent people to a horrific event and instigate a mob on twitter. this is mob action. it's not a boycott. it's more like get these people! pitchfork. he said that. the great thing about "the five" we can read the mood of a nation. even if we wanted to stay certain things, we wake every morning and ask ourselves whether we will be a plus or a minus. >> i am a plus. >> you are a plus!
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your viewers are no different. they go to work thinking i will make somebody pay. at msnbc you have to ask yourself: do you want to wake up every morning and make a terrible week worse? that's what you are doing. they are not reading the mood of the nation. they are not checking the thermostat. they say swing voters have blood on their hands. you are escalating demonizing these people. can you disagree with people and calm down. this is not right. >> what do you think about that? when people crit size the president, his supporters? >> people felt the same way when people went after president obama. the outrage machine is active on both sides. i recall a couple of months ago i got a message i could not go to home depot.
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>> why? >> because the owner of home depot made a comment that he was going to give to this president's campaign. unfortunately i was one of those people that for years begged for home depot come into the inner city of washington, d.c. oh, god, i have a coupon. i need to go to home depot because the boy cot begins. i ran to home depot and wanted to put on a disguise but i realized no one looks like me. some people on the right were criticizing netflix. i cannot. boycott starbucks and nike. at&t. the president tweeted that. this is free speech. if you run for congress, i might give you a nickel or two. i won't give you all my money.
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i might even throw a fundraiser. because i know you and like you. >> that's nice of you. >> hell yeah! do you think i am scared? hell no! >> [laughing]. >> lawrence, did you go to the gym today? >> still light today. >> is the boy cot working? >> i think it is working and i don't care. it's a clean gym and that's the only thing i care about. >> it is the cleanest gym. the point that bothers me about this debate is the hypocrisy. saying that the president is the only one escalating things. the democrats and the president are not far apart. it's only one side telling the other side to calm down. everything is taken so personnel. the democrats call the
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republicans hateful people. any time we like something, we are the racists. they are the ones like we saw on tv saying show up to people's homes with pitch forks. when we don't like something, this is a boycott but not coming with guns. >> it's like you say you don't like it. you go to a soccer game. can i play this sound bite. let me play this sound from president trump. we talked about that movie yesterday. the hunted. president trump was asked about that today. >> hollywood is really terrible. you talk about racism. hollywood is racist. what they are doing with the kind of movies they are putting out is very dangerous for our country. what hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country. we have now in a little while all of the heads of the biggest
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companies coming in and we will talk to them. they treat conservatives and republicans totally different than they treat others. they can't do that. >> he was talking about hollywood and punching back. >> well, this is always going to be hollywood is the land of the left. there will always be conflict. the last couple of days we have seen a lot of incidents happening at wal-mart. it's because of this galvanized hyper-intense coverage in missouri, and florida and washington. it's not just about the left versus the right and these people suck and these don't. it keeps escalating. you have lonely, alienated individuals who see this as an opportunity for infamy. that's what i worry about. >> the coverage is also agenda driven. when it came down to chicago and
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59 people shot, 7 people killed, the media was silent on that. i think the media because they have decided to pick teams and she issues, they only cover it when it's issued filled. any murder should be covered. that's not what we are seeing. >> the local media and the national media. local media often cover these stories. national media, we tend to get into this outrage stuff. >> the problem is with local media, they are suffering because they can't survive in the era of online stuff. >> why aren't they outraged about chicago? >> [overlapping talking]. >> they should be outraged. >> that is untrue.
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>> murder is murder. >> that's a good way to end the segment. more coming up. watch this. >> joe biden is not playing with a full deck. this is not somebody you could have as your president. >> details on that ahead. >> ♪ >> ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? dprevagen is the number onemild memopharmacist-recommendedng? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> ♪ >> it's friday and president trump is going after joe biden over his latest campaign misstep. after the 2020 front runner had a slip of the tongue in iowa.
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>> they have advanced placement programs. we have a notion if you are poor you can't do it. poor kids are just as talented as white kids, wealthy kids. >> [applauding]. >> think about it. >> [laughing]. >> well, well, well. >> [laughing]. >> vice-president quickly corrected lim eed himself but t not stop president trump from taking a what type at joe biden. >> joe is not playing with a full deck. i saw that. i had a television. i saw his comment. joe biden is not playing with a full deck. this is not somebody you could have as your president. but if he got the nomination, i would be thrilled. >> [laughing]. >> oh my god. let's get into the superficial. joe biden has been known to mis-speak from time to time.
2:16 pm
>> you think? >> it really was a slippery slope. he gained his footing and got it right and said wealthy kid. >> you are real dancing on this one? >> i am dancing. >> [laughing]. >> yes, but you know what? he picked his step up. >> he always clicks with black people. obama was his educator. he is clean. with the democrats having a problem not with the black vote but black voters showing up to the polls, even though they may not vote for republicans, they may stay at home because the democratic party is not doing a good job to get those votes. i am sorry, if this is the best the democrats have to go against donald trump it will be a sad, sad day. >> isn't it true joe biden has been able to hold the highest amount of support from african-americans? >> his support among african-americans after kamala harris went after him in the first debate.
2:17 pm
his support almost doubled. kamala harris, she had's double digits percentage with black votes. after that interchange, joe biden's support went up. i don't think this is about taking anyone for granted. we know that black voters are still with the democratic candidates. i believe that joe biden when he is talking about every child deserves a shot, he slipped. maybe in his mind he thought white. but he was trying to say wealthy. i don't know how you make that mistake. >> if a republican did that, he would be barbecued. his gaffes are not new. it's new if he gets through a thought without a gaff. our producer has an interesting piece of tape. >> we excuse unity over division and science over fiction and truth over facts.
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>> [laughing]. >> that to me is better. this is the biggest fight of his life and he is doing it in his 8th decade. i was in the democratic party i would be worried. this is early. >> do you remember how many gaffs president trump made? >> i do. what is happening with bind, the people who supported president trump it made them more endeared and i think that's happened for biden as well. >> here's what people should know about joe biden. he has one of the best civil rights record of any politician running today. i say that with respect for a lot of people including bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and kamala harris. he's been fighting for civil righ rights. i don't think this will hurt him. i think joe biden will be careful next time. >> did biden free a rapper?
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>> joe biden you drop a quarter and gas comes out. he was barack obama was the first black man he met who was articulate. if a republican said that it would be over. donald trump low african-american and latino unemployment. hold on. donald trump lowered flags to half staff on august 8th. numberology guy says this is tied to the arian brothers. >> md-dnc? >> was that a slip.
2:20 pm
>> no, that's what they do. >> how is that not a dog whistle. saying they are as smart as the white kids? >> he said poor kids. he corrected himself. he misspoke. without joe biden we would not have anything to talk about on friday. >> the gaffs of trump and biden. trump's gaffs don't seem relateed to age. biden it makes him feel like he is slowing down. >> trump's gaffs bring up other things not age. >> all right. new york democrats, not all new
2:21 pm
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get them started right with carnation breakfast essentials. it has protein plus vitamins and minerals to help kids be their best. carnation breakfast essentials. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> two stories that highlight the lunacy of the left. first the water bucket attacks on police. democrats in new york state are blocking a republican bill that would make it a felony to dump water on cops. this has me fired up. as a former police officers myself, i don't think has seen the practice implications. there could be a chemical in there. secondly, their equipment is electronic. has anybody thought of this? you could render a lot of their
2:26 pm
communications gear infective. why would any sane person -- anyone who objects to this gets your butt in a uniform or do a ride along with a cop and see what they have to deal with. then tell me it's unfair. >> the problem is if a cop react to this, it was just water! what are you supposed to do? the fact that the democrats are blocking this is borne from a fear of a reaction from activists. will they come after me? will they shout at me in a meeting or come after me on twitter? they sacrifice the safety of the police and the community so they don't get swarmed bay activists. >> so, the lawmakers who introduced this bill. my uncle retired from the new
2:27 pm
york police department and my cousin was injured on the job and he is not able to work. i still have a cousin in new orleans on active duty. water is not harmless. they are also throwing roxand concrete. this is clearly a crime. they arrested some people. the question is, before albany, will these individuals be charged with a felony? some of the democrats oppose the sentence. they want it to be a misdemeanor. the bottom line this is wrong, people! these are men and women that we pay to protect us. to be there when we need them. not to throw water or concrete or bottles. do not do this! this is bad. the police will arrest you. >> where do you put them?
2:28 pm
>> if it's a felony, you are less likely to do it. >> yes. if it's a misdemeanor you don't care. >> i was on the street, if you didn't do anything it led to street chaos. guys say i just not up and spit on his back. it graduates to the incident in new york city where they dropped the bag of concrete. >> when i was a kid my parents would never put up with anything like that. >> we were scared of cops in my towns. >> if it's a felony they are less likely to do it. if it's a misdemeanor it doesn't matter. being able to urinate in public and now you can't even get a ticket for that. >> a lot have been protesting for bill de blasio. part is the environment he set
2:29 pm
in this community. he would not even condemn a lot of this stuff on "hannity." >> topic number 2: liberals in california would rather protect rats than prevent the plague. the homelessness crisis caused a large rodent process. the year of donald trump has liberals defending kim jong-un and rodents. >> yes, they were on his side when he was going after donald trump. >> i went to the liberals city and part of the trump effect is it makes democrats take responsibility for their cities. they try to paint the cities as peaches and cream. the residents talk about how bad they are. rats are just another example. >> i am glad on this show. as an american, i paam offendedy
2:30 pm
rats. i don't like vermin. >> you have a personal issue with rats? >> i have come in contact with a few in my life. there is no good rat. there is no good rat recipe. >> [laughing]. >> no way of defending a rat. i am ratted out. i will rat you out if you try to deal with rats. i don't like rats. someone says you see the snake? no, i kill the snake. >> it's what happened with ddt. we were concerned. this about chemicals that will work. what it gets into the water? what is a cat it's a rat and it's in the cat. >> dana is right.
2:31 pm
the worry is by poisoning these rats, that we are poisoning the environment. >> we don't live in a world -- >> [overlapping talking]. >> it comes down to a cowardice act. this doesn't happen overnight. right now there are people who are reluctant to take action in this alternative universe on the streets of l.a. >> its action they should take is to make housing more affordable. >> i wish it could be a housing problem. it's not a housing problem. most of the people there are mentally ill or drug addicted and don't want to leave the streets. >> we have to give more resources for cities to pick up the trash. >> i don't want rats in my
2:32 pm
house. >> [overlapping talking]. >> squirrels? >> i don't want them in my house. in florida the tree rats are everywhere. there was a dead rat in my driveway and i thought someone found me. >> i hate rats. >> a baseball fan [laughing]. [inaudible]. why cats don't care about your feelings. i just blew that whole thing on the fastest-7 next. don't go anywhere. >> ♪ armers bell] ♪ (burke) a "rock and wreck." seen it. covered it. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work.
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>> welcome back to "the five." the fastest-7. >> ♪ >> first up baseball fans dream about what it would be like to play professionally. one lucky guy got closer to making it a reality. it happened after he was caught
2:37 pm
throwing the heat during a speed test challenge at a colorado rockies game. >> yes! >> throwing a 96 miles per hour. because of that viral video, he got signed to a minor league deal with the oakland a's. >> that was a fastball. >> i flew on a logan and i ate 5 mcmuffins. i could be in one of those eating contest. >> everybody has a fantasy you will be discovered with your secret talent. >> it could happen. >> stripping in queens. >> yeah, okay. >> [laughing]. >> it won't happen in colorado. i don't have any special
2:38 pm
talents. i will film you and i will be famous. >> that's serious. >> i am a speed reader. but you don't get signed for that. >> people would pay to see you speed read. >> yes. >> you could be at a desk. i would be there. >> in two years this guy will be in the majors. >> that's a serious fast ball. >> we didn't see it. it might have just been the sound they made. >> up next you can always count on your siblings to call and you one instagram user is learning the hard way. she tagged a hiking trail and the sister passed the buck. the picture was staged and the caption is priceless. my sister said she was going hiking. this is our back yard. >> [laughing]. >> i can't stand instagram
2:39 pm
celebrities. >> my sister busted me. she said what is in your hair? it looks like a brillo-pad. i love you. >> my brother was very offended at something i said. you are really a sports idiot. that quarterback you said was trying out for the team. baker mayfield is one of the best quarterbacks. you just humiliated yourself. >> he was shamed for the family. >> i am changing my last name to get away from you. >> we need some are of this instagram shaming. the lifestyle of status posting is too much. we never used to see people richer than us or better looking than us. instagram is an hourly reminder there is something better than you. it's a parade of inequality and makes people unhappy. >> no one posts the bad stuff. >> the "new york post" had an
2:40 pm
article about that. how hard it is in the hamptons if you don't have a sub-zero fridge because your neighbors have one. >> come on. >> [laughing]. >> you can always depend on your siblings to humble you. >> and ever wonder why your cats won't do what you say? like when you call their name over and over and nothing? your cat is choosing to ignore you. that's right. knows what you are saying but don't care about your feelings. >> my sister has a cat and named it tickles. pickles. she never responded to her name. i called her mini-moo and she responded to me. cats are smarter than dogs. >> i had a cat and the cat would
2:41 pm
jump on the screen and hang there. my neighbors thought it was a decoration. i said that's an actual cat. he ripped the screen and escaped. the cast left. >> never saw him again? >> never saw him again. >> we should adopt the behavior of cats. if there was twitter for animals, cats would not be interested. unless you talked about the location of fish, cats would not be on twitter. they can't be bothered. >> cats would be smug on twitter. >> dogs and parrots would be on twitter all the time. >> my sister as 4 rescue cats. >> stray cats? >> [laughing]. >> put rescue in front of things. >> she has a big heart for these cats. one has diabetes and you have to give it medicine every 12 hours. a big commitment. >> cats at least they take care of themselves. you don't have to take them out
2:42 pm
to use the restroom. i am allergic and don't like them. >> do you like dogs? >> my girlfriend wants a dog. >> you should get a dog. >> no. >> just don't try to walk it in the rain like dana tried. >> i have not plugged my book in a long time. >> stay right there. "fan mail friday" is next. >> ♪ (groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast with tums smoothies. ♪ tum tum-tum tum tums
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>> "fan mail friday." your questions. good questions from ken. first thing in the morning, what can throw off your entire day? think about it. dana. >> i just remembered this one time. got up to go to the bathroom and jasper got in the bed and peter was going to get back in the bed and he why would at jasper. i didn't talk to him for several hours. it ruined my whole day. >> whoa! >> but he said he didn't really yell at jasper. >> jasper wears the pants. >> [laughing].
2:47 pm
>> envisioning your dog wearing pants. >> a bad phone call. that's why i don't like phone calls before air. it will throw me off. >> like an email from the boss. >> could you come see me next week? >> the boss did that on a thursday. can you see me next week? it ruined my whole weekend. >> when the paper man delivers my daily newspapers and leaves them on the sidewalk. put them on my porch! i got my moo-moo on. >> i will get my moo-moo on later. >> it's when i can't find clothes. once in a while you will get a text from gavin. can you do a 6:30. i just got up at 6:27. i will do it and i have to pop on the air. i bring it right there. >> pants tie and a shirt. >> you have no idea what is
2:48 pm
going on below. it's frightening. >> a male moo-moo? >> i would wear one on the air. >> all right. that would be great. what movie do you hope they never remake? you know mine. love actually. worst movie ever made. >> carrie. >> they did remake it. >> i was not allowed to watch horror movies. i went to a slumber party and they were playing it and i was scarred from it. >> that was last year. you still have slumber parties with shannon bream. >> [laughing]. >> and watch horror movies and do each other's air and crank calls. >> [laughing]. >> tombstone. >> you are right. >> it should be a great film you don't remake.
2:49 pm
>> yes. >> jaws. it kept me out of the water for decades. >> [laughing]. >> i am scared. >> i was doing a secret service assignment and i watched the exorcist the extended cut. out in the middle of nowhere. >> one of the greatest movies ever made. i would only have kids to force them to watch the exorcist. >> oh, god. >> [laughing]. >> love actually? >> because the first motive was so bad. unless they redid love actually and killed off each character. facebook question: what makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it? >> oh, my gosh. when people say frankly. i hate it. >> really? >> i hate it. i try to say candidly because i am objecting to the frinkly
2:50 pm
people. can you use another word. i hate. it i am rolling my eyes even now. >> i have so many. i will just roll my eyes at you. >> this will get in my trouble. i hate when people say where do we go from here? what do you mean? >> we have a national conversation. >> oh! >> [laughing]. >> a national conversation. we need a national conversation. >> [laughing]. >> oh! >> we can't a national conversation. we yell at each other. >> a teachable moment. >> dana? >> this will get me in trouble. deep state. that got me for a long time. >> because it exists. >> i am part of it. >> it got to you, dana. if you could be a member of any
2:51 pm
band in history which would it be and why? >> pink floyd. >> earth, wind and fire. >> new addition. >> [laughing]. >> i don't know. i don't know any bands. >> the gatwick band. >> brothers. >> [laughing]. >> i won't get into it. i would have to say the festival. >> "one more thing" is up next. idle equipment costs you time and money.
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>> time for one more thing. >> tomorrow night i have terry
2:56 pm
shappard, i have pirates, tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. august 10. watch it or i will never forgive you. let dozen one of these. ♪ check out this, dane. not just one thirsty hedgehog, but i have three. aren't they adorable? >> how does this show animals are great? >> they can just lie around. i like their style. >> they're not rats are they? >> they're not rats. they're sexy rats. >> kind of. ♪ >> hedgehogs are fine but work on the video. south bend fire department saved a pair of raccoons from a ranling warehouse fire. the raccoons were on the top of
2:57 pm
the roof there, and the fire broke out. firemen figured out how to get them down. that's really going above and beyond to get two ladders and help the raccoons. i don't know a lot of people especially my sister, wouldn't have helped those raccoons. the south bend fire department said life, safety, prosecute conservation are their pry orgts. that ex -- priorities. that extends to all creatures. don't know if mayor pete was involved. >> they look like rats. >> tremendous story. american hero's remains finally home. travelers in dallas able to witness an emotional with it when the plane carrying vietnam veteran roy knight jr. touched down. his son, captain knight, was the captain flying the plane with his heroic father's remains. they saluted the vietnam veteran when he came home 52 years later. i lost an uncle in vietnam.
2:58 pm
god bless all who served. >> the son last saw his father at that airport. that they flew back into. >> amazing story. lawrence? >> on this day in 1936, jesse owens, son of the alabama share cropper, wins his fourth gold medal at the berlin olympics as the united states takes first place in the 400 meter relay. this was important as well, hitler was there watching and this was a major blow, that a black man representing the united states, it was a blow to his propaganda. >> pretty amazing. amazing video. >> happy birthday to smokey the bear, his 75th birthday. many of us remember smokey the bear, the cartoon, and that famous line "only you can prevent forest fires." well i still believe 75 years later this bear is still a national treasure.
2:59 pm
happy birthday, smokey the bear. >> i think smokey the bear was a dangerous symbol, it convinced bears they could wear hats. they wear hats, shirts, hawaiian shirts, shorts. >> then they blend in. >> it's sexy, greg, something you might not understand. [ laughing ] >> i haven't met a lot of bears in my time. >> any other questions? >> moment from your childhood or early adulthood you're glad happened before the invention of social media and cell phones. >> my entire life. none of us would have jobs. >> nope. >> the young ones would. >> that's awful. >> dana would be fine. >> i don't think so. >> there was a dark side to dana? >> well, not dark. what about instagram of my plane trip that my parents didn't know i went on. >> pictures of my childhood and more pictures of my parents, i'm sad.
3:00 pm
>> i wish we had more pictures. we'll see you back here on monday, have a great weekend for us at "the five." >> president trump says he wants meaningful background checks and does not expect major opposition from the powerful gun lobby. the president says joe biden is not playing with a full deck after the democratic front runner makes another embarrassing statement. plus, how big tech is affecting your life and what government could and should do about it. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington, i'm john roberts in for bret baier this evening. president trump wants meaningful common sense background checks in order to keep guns out of the hands of in his words crazy, dementedsi


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