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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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will be back monday, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and, and groupthink. have the best we can with the ones you love. ♪ >> sean: welcome to the special edition of "hannity" beer and i'm dan bongino in tonight for sean. bruce ohr's throat to his or her out and let me tell you, the contents are absolutely devastating. we now have document and proof that the highest levels of jim comey's fbi's and the obama administration, knowingly loose information tainted with bias to target donald trump and everyone around him, everyone knew the dossier was garbage. a fraud was committed at the fisa court. trenton associates were spied on all over the world and the witch hunt was born. last night on this program,
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senator lindsey graham summed it up like this. take a look. speak of the best you could say is that they were incompetent and the most likely outcome is that they wanted a result. here is what we are looking at. systematic corruption at the highest level of the department of justice and the fbi against president trump and in favor of hurley clinton. >> dan: the biggest abuse of power plays out before our very eyes. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler is stuck on the deboned to run show hoax despite four separate investigations concluding that there was no collusion or conspiracy. nadler announced that his committee has launched formal impeachment proceedings against president trump. really question my joining us now is more common judicial watch chairman tom fitton along with the author of the upcoming book, witch hunt, by a gregg jarrett. fox news legal analyst
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gregg jarrett and fox news contributor sara carter. greg, i go you first. the speech you throw to his or her out. devastating information. if it appears the fbi has to be lying because they deem to 2016 on paper, their source, christopher steele, unsuitable for use. their words. and now, we know he is speeding information to bruce ohr six month after he was deemed unsuitable. >> they recommended to the fisa court that he was reliable. even though they had fired him for leaking and lying about it. so what they did was, they set up this very clever information laundering scheme, very much like money laundering. simpson and steele would feed phony disinformation to bruce ohr who was the conduit. ohr i get debriefed by fbi agents who would then slip the material who would give it to andrew mccabe who will give it to james comey. and by laundering so many transactions here, they really
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were able to disguise the true source and obscure the fact that it was coming from a guy that they weren't allowed to use because they had fired him, they knew he was unreliable, and yet, they represent into the court that he was reliable and they essentially lied about the information. >> dan: you can't have in a quote from the fbi saying the source you are using to spy on a presidential candidate is not suitable for use while you will simultaneously still use the same source. a man, tom, one quick thing to throw in here. it's fascinating in the footnotes and he or warrants, they have the fbi no derogatory information on steel although is your organization, judicial watch, judicial watch, you guys said it when you got that three oh choose, it's clear as day that they use deals motivations as political.
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somebody is lying here. >> all, it is documented in the fbi records. or had already met with simpson and steele and joy of 2016. he knew then and recorded to his colleagues that this guy had it in for tron. the phrase is desperate. the phrase is passionate being against trump. but yet, they continue to use him for months through this, let me just tell you how outrageous it is. ohr is a senior justice department official. he is being interviewed almost a dozen times by fbi agents about his communications with a foreign spy who they know was working for the clinton campaign. the idea that a senior doj official would be in this position, communicating with them according to the three oh two's, through the what's app act and on face on, you know, that would be communal if it weren't such a dangerous assault on our constitutional republic because the goal here, the simpt
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explanation given this craziness is, they were desperate to remove the president from office. if this is a coup scheme, as described in the through two reports. >> dan: this is like a spy story for idiots. unfortunately, it's the ramifications of it were so dramatic. but i wanted to ask you this. it appears now, it's him looking increasingly likely that what we are referring to is the steele dossier was not in fact the steele dossier but may have been the steele simpson, speech you dossier. what i mean by that is, a lot of this information we are finding out, nellie ohr had a dossier now, paul manafort, is it possible, sarah, that christopher steele's name was slapped on this dossier because he was the only moment of credible work history from the fbi they could've gotten this past the fisa court? >> absolutely. i think this was a hodgepodge effort among all of them. i mean, exactly what you and greg had said.
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bruce ohr, as well as glenn simpson, nellie ohr, christopher steele, the highest levels of the fbi, they were laundering information through glenn simpson and i don't think we have spent enough time on gloom simpson year that you know, he has been able to escape by under the radar to some extent. he owned and founded fusion gps. the research firm that was paid for by hillary clinton end of the democratic national committee. i'd like to know what his connections were with people. how he operated. because i believe what we are going to find out is that they were a central player, along with the state department, in this laundering service and remember, not only was bruce ohr the back channel for the british spy christopher steele but he was also the back channel to move in information from his wife nellie ohr. we know that based on the three oh two is that tom fitton was able to get with judicial watch. this is what is so important here. and i agree with you
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wholeheartedly, this is such a complex yet failed at first efforts at trying to concocted this soft cool. it's the only reason why we even know anything, jan, the only reason why we even know anything is because donald trump won the election. they believed to -- that's why they were so sloppy. they were sloppy because they thought hillary was going to win. >> dan: yeah, there was no reason to cover their tracks. but greg, sarah brings up an excellent point here for when it comes to simpson, he has largely skated on this and you and i were chatting about this trade what's fascinating is glenn simpson's journalistic history with "the wall street journal," you can go back and read these articles, he writes these articles at the same exact players keep showing up throughout his career. you made a great point before the show. you said even the language was the same as the dossier. >> right. if you go back as i have in writing my new book and i examine simpson's pieces that he wrote for
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"the wall street journal" ." hypocrisy and compromise our frequent terms and he loves to use. well, where are those found question mike they are found in the dossier right here. glenn simpson is not out of the woods yet. he invoked the fifth because he caught and what is clearly to me an absolute lie for what he could be prosecuted. so he is clammed up and invoked the fifth amendment here he is a guy, this crazy walter o'malley like figure who imagines he something he's not. this is a guy who fancied himself as an expert on -- the guy has never even been to russia. he doesn't speak english. he doesn't speak russian. he doesn't read russian. you know, i have forgotten more about russia than he will ever know and yet, he is a central player, along with christopher steele, two nefarious guys, it's unimaginable that essentially we are able to help the entire
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nation and a presidency hostage for more than two years. those guys have a lot to answer for and they are in legal jeopardy. >> dan: let me get a quick word from tom and sarah on this. if you notice, these speech you 302s wrath right behind the time being on his appointment. does it appear to you that a football was pressed from the campaign operation to a five's so then bob mueller like this how potatoes was passed? i mean, they wrap up right around the time those speech you wrap up at the mueller appointment. >> come mueller in his report references the dossier. and of course, there was the renewal of the pfizer application during his term in office. he denied he was involved in the approval process they because he didn't want any part of that but i can imagine they did not continue to communicate with steele. the fbi was desperate to talk to steele in may and the idea that it stopped because the same gang
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and started working for mueller as opposed to the doj mena doesn't pass the smell test. >> dan: is mueller the last resort for the hot potato? >> yeah, mueller was the last resort for this hot potato but i think nadler is like the hail mary i mean, come on. >> dan: you're right. there was actually a fourth player and nadler. i mistype your time, greg coming at sarah, thank you so much for great points. this way, the less the monetization of the republican supporters reached a new fever pitch. some are now coming calling for boycott of the soulcycle company equinox all because he is holding a fund-raiser for president trump at one end is nbc hack urges for a left followers to show up with pitchforks and torches outside of this business man's house may take a at this. >> i want pitchforks and torches outside this man's house in the hamptons. i've been to the hamptons. it's very nice. there's no reason why it has to be. it is no reason he should
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continue to have a nice little party. i wants -- there is no reason why people shouldn't be able to be outside of his house and making their peacefully understood stuff. >> dan: today president trump defined and his friends right in political news. >> david ross is a great friend of mine, he's a very successful guy. we were competitors but friends in real estate in new york and the old days. he is a great guy. he is, by the way, i think he is probably more inclined to be a liberal. if you want to know the truth. but he likes me, he respects me, we are doing a fund-raiser there, we are doing another fund-raiser with another friend of mine and i understand the fund-raiser was totally sold out and it's very successful for the controversy makes it even hotter. it figure that out in about a week. but he's very happy. he's got a very successful a lot of people going.
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>> dan: the billionaire fund-raiser wasn't the only target in the far left mob. this week on an actual mild of just a short up outside of the house and obscenity majority leader mitch mcconnell paid some of the crowd called for violence against the senator, other skirts, others chanted. mcconnell's campaign posted a video of the incident on his twitter account and guest list, they were temporarily locked out of their own account for violating twitters abusive behavior. this comes as congressman joaquin castro's weeded out the names of and employees of trumped honors in his district and another link in an effort to publicly shame him. one man takes some serious precautions with his family. watch this. >> i have a wife and three kids living at home so when we learned of the news, we convene together as a family and talked about situational awareness. talked about exit strategy, avoiding and exiting conflict,
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talked about staying low, staying close to home, and just being at our very highest sense this and it's been knocked bad for the last couple days. >> dan: joining is now his reaction is matt gaetz inchworm from 2020 press secretary, kaylee mcinerney. tongass men, all go to you first because you've been a victim of this yourself it is ridiculous milk shake and garbage. i got to tell you come i don't want to speak for you but i'm pretty confident you might be losing my, i'm getting tired of this. the left always accuses you of what they are guilty of themselves. they are the ones -- i'm not talking about all democrats but i'm not going to stare dead like do to us but this radical left antifa at milk shake could throw water at people, you don't see this i conservative tea party rallies. i'm i wrong which among >> you are right. the hypocrisy and the production of the left is absolutely dizzying. they are so committed to nonviolence they are willing to snap mitch mcconnell's neck and put stephen ross on a
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pitchfork to prove it. it's just absolutely ludicrous but i thought the way stephen ross handled this when he was criticized by a wide receiver from the miami dolphins, the team he owns, was the correct way pretty sad look on my engagement political process and the civic process. i want our government to be better. stephen ross has donated to republicans and democrats, i don't know who has donated two more for conley but he didn't back down or shy away from this political participation and that's how you got to be a trump supporter in 2020 but you got to be willing to put the bit in your teeth and carry forward one of the greatest political movements that i know i'm proud to be a part of and i know our president is proud to lead. >> dan: what's really embarrassing about this deranged radical left, they are driving me crazy, you have this guy that donates to to democrats and republicans who clearly, presidential trump acknowledged and saw, may have some liberal leanings. so this guy gets a few minutes with the president at this
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fund-raiser, maybe an hour to talk to him, wouldn't you want to get that voice to the white house? this is the most counterproductive it's too good of boycott i've ever heard in my life and they've had a lot of a lot of dumb boycotts. >> yeah, it's a pretty dumb one. when you consider the fact that joaquin castro, six of those donors on the list had actually donated to the democrats, we, bully him and intimidate their own constituents. that's exactly right up your what congressman gaetz said is so important. it's motivating the group of 2020 supporters behind his president. they want us to back down but we are doubling down. i talked to be what the rallies who camped out overnight, they don't want us to rally on the left. they don't want to talk about a local immigration, they don't want to donate but they are putting out fire under every trump supporter and this contributed we are more movement motivated than ever before. so it is not working. >> dan: i think this is going to backfire and what's particularly infuriating, i'll never forget that story of bernie sanders who shares
6:16 pm
nothing and calming with any of us on this panel showing up as a liberal university, he got a standing ovation, round of applause, everyone treated him respectfully, you don't have to agree with him but he was welcome with open arms. you just don't see this kind of behavior. the tea party showed up on the lawn in d.c. and clean the place up. it's never been cleaner. you just don't see this on our side. it seems to be a uniquely far left phenomenon. >> that's because the country is doing so well and the conservatives and trump supporter's are eager to engage on the issues to talk about the ways in which the transformational presidency of donald trump is actually improving quality of life for american people in every racial group and every economic demographic but instead of engaging us in fair debate, the radical left just wants to leave the platform and demonize and destroy because they know if we start talking about the facts and economic realities and really the chance our country has to prosper, they don't have a leg to stand on to it all has to be about making people who support donald trump out to be monsters and that will backfire because it's going to drive turnout in places where people
6:17 pm
won't go talk about politics at the water cooler but they are going to speak with their votes in this 2020 election. >> dan: you know, given your position as an insight on the campaign, you're probably aware where the platform is going to go. in addition to social media prompts, twitter, facebook, and sharon, whatever, i'm on those accounts, they can ignore it all they want and pretend it's not happening but any conservative them sure, you know what happens but i'm not even allowed to run ads on my twitter account for some unknown reason twitter won't tell me about. it if president trump is going to make this social media, but at least using his boys to fight back against, we seen him do it so far? >> there is no doubt. president trump understands this. he has put a spotlight on it. he had a meeting about this are people who have been centered conservatives who have been censored by social media just a few weeks ago. he is keenly in tune with this, the var at the google, i've been blocked on instagram.
6:18 pm
this happens everywhere to every conservative and two conservative men and women who are the grassroots around the country, we have a megaphone to expose it but there are innocent conservatives who don't and president trump is standing up for those forgot men and women, there goes all the way to taking these big social media companies to task because their censorship is wrong. >> dan: i know the white house's focus on coming in, i'm not suggesting -- i've had a liberty streak in the end i'm never going to get rid of it and i'm not suggesting there's a government solution but it doesn't mean there shouldn't be a government attention provided. it is the congress aware, it's a real problem -- 's because they are aware. mark meadows, jim jordan, devin nunes, matt gaetz, now, i don't think that's a coincidence that they were the only four to receive the treatment but we can work to remove some of the special protections that only social media and digital platforms enjoy that protect them from liability that would apply to this news channel or
6:19 pm
your podcast or even "the wall street journal" and i think that they ought to have to play by the same rules as other platforms if they are choosing to be editorial. that's not more government, that's less government and then having to take more responsibility for the bias. >> dan: i agree. they need to make a choice we do we want to be a platform that's neutral or do you want to be a publisher? you can't do both because they are a different world to think about. great job. thanks a lot. i've next, brand-new hollywood satire film about hunting deplorables. it's coming to a theater near you. we will tell you how to smoke you might just expose the left's blatant hypocrisy spirit stay with us in this special edition of "hannity." ♪ memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. doctor bob, what should i take for back pain? before you take anything, i recommend applying topical relievers first.
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>> dan: will come back to the special edition of "hannity,"
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trump versus life. a hollywood hate machine appears to be taking its anti-trump derangement syndrome to disturbing new levels. as universal consent confirms, it will move forward with the release of the controversial film titled the hunts. it commercials for the movie i have been told. it take a look. >> your idea is incredible. you can argue with that. we pay for everything. the country belongs to us. >> it's just business. >> hunting human beings for sport. >> they are not human beings. >> every year, bunch of elites kidnapped normal folk like us. it where did get you from? they hunt us for sport. >> dan: it's a satire film but it's exposing even more how they more hollywood hypocrisy on the issue of gun violence inflammatory rhetoric.
6:25 pm
even president trump we did earlier today. take a look. >> hollywood, i don't call them the elites come i think the elites are people who go after in many cases but how but hollywood is really terrible. what they are doing with the kind of movies they are putting out, that's actually very dangerous for our country. but hollywood is doing a tremendous disturbance or country. >> dan: joining enough or, relatable podcasts host, alley, along with patriot host, take it, and fox news contributor, tammy bruce bear tammy, i will go to you for us. i can almost guarantee you every so-called deplorable in this movie is going to be some ridiculous hollywood snobby elitist stereotype of what a trump loader looks for and it is probably not going to be positive. do you think i'm right on that or is that a stretch? >> i think so and as a matter of fact, the hollywood reporter, the trade magazine for
6:26 pm
hollywood, and the industry, reports that in fact, this is so bad or at least within many studios is recognized earlier this year as being a problem here one executive, according to a source to the hollywood reporter, noted that they refused to even read the script at the studio because the idea was so crazy. others recognized the danger involved and i think what that tells you is that even they do know what this means. the other report from the hollywood reporter was that there have been some edits to this film already and so that would indicate also an acknowledgment of responsibility in the impact of what film and television due to the nature to our culture and the way people relate to each other paid in fact, that's what they take pride in. this is why they do the movies they do.
6:27 pm
and why they are so shocked at the election in 2016. and so i think they recognize this. the fact that they were willing to do it does confirm that they -- that this divide exists and that they are willing and even interested in perpetuating and we have seen this in some of the protests and some of the liberal elites, high-profile individuals, have noted, you know, desire for certain kinds of violent. the threats and the desire for violence against mitch mcconnell, so i think this is an indication that hollywood knows what it's doing. >> dan: when you wake up in the morning, you want to believe you are contributing to some earthly good and not making the world a worse place but i wonder what hollywood executives sat around with the focus group and this time of, let's just be honest, very friction and politics, and thought the idea of hunting the opposition political supporters would be a good idea. it does this not speak to be out of touch a loose nature of hollywood?
6:28 pm
>> so true good and think about this for a second. it wasn't this movie already done in another way? conservative like a rip-off of some other films that were already done in hollywood but they decided to tweak it a bit and say let's go after some conservatives instead. that'll be huge laugh. but still, what concerns me here is that we are already seeing lawmakers and a number of the 2020 democrats who are accusing donald trump and a number of his supporters are inciting violence and still, what they end up doing is whipping up their own days and end up causing their own frenzy and then when you confront them on this, in fact, i asked her about and i'm like, aren't you sort of looking up your own sort of rhetoric here? are you being divisive yourself? and he said no, i'm being accurate. i'm being truthful. so as far as they are concerned, they are not whipping out their base, they are not whipping up a frenzy, they are being accurate. and that's something that is pretty concerning because as far
6:29 pm
as hollywood is concerned, they are singing, look, we are just making our movies. we are just practicing our first amendment rights. we are not whipping anything out. >> dan: you know, the hollywood hypocrisy on the gun if she was stunning could one of the best pieces i've ever read, to go is at town hall, it was about the firearm issue. one of the reasons the left has a hard time making progress on the issue of guns and what they call gun control is the fact that they don't understand firearm owners at all. they made no effort to understand them. when you contrast that with the effort by everyone to stop smoking in the united states, everybody was a smoker so they knew would say about this this movie is like an epidemic. just from the trailer along come i haven't seen the whole thing because honestly, but just the stereotypes alone el camino come on educated buffoons voting for donald trump and a bunch of smart elitists, just kind of fills the stereotype they have had forever. >> i'm a fan of satire. they say this is supposed to be satirical, i think satire has a an important and political dialogue without kind of misses
6:30 pm
the mark when it is representing reality so closely. not the people are actually hunting conservatives but this seems like kind of a fantasy of harming or even killing conservatives as a goal of some people on the far left good inning, we saw that represented in front of mitch mcconnell's private residence this week. some people actually want conservatives dad and that's why i think this kind of satire is, like you say, so out of touch and this is the mark and not going to bring up a whole lot or that's just the state that we are in right now. it is too tense to make jokes about political opponents killing each other for support and it's crazy that we have to say that on the show but apparently we do. >> dan: you know, what worries me about this is, on the right, we have a couple of the emergency brakes. again come every side has people who do stupid things that i don't want to be overly hyper volatile here but when you're trying to mud an this stuff, on the right we have our own media outlets that would never let us
6:31 pm
do this. god forbid you call for pitchforks, i'd be off the air tomorrow morning to blow it when you believe in our god-given rights come you the rights of everyone included. the second radical far left, not all democrats, they don't have that emergency brake and that's why movies like this, this kind of stuff worries me. i don't know what they are going to do with this kind of stuck >> well, the fact is, you are right, of course, but of standards, standards, and born f values. so, you know, what many people may think certain things in their minds and then you move ay from that. you not only do not make plans to enact things that are awful, you don't then try to engage other people to do it or than promote it as something that is valuable and people should pay to see to influence society as a whole. so, it the values that we hold as a society should inform these things. and this is not a reflection at all about what americans want. this is why hollywood has begun
6:32 pm
to fail, relying on international ticket sales for their upkeep. and, it's because americans have stopped patronizing that industry and that continues. but now, we are at a point where they are also saying coming out, there's a narrative on the left. about guns and we know what's hs many layers and we ate cannot deny that it is the culture in which we live that it's a contributing factor in the outcome of the people that are in control of our culture, if you will, they deny that this is at all involving then and it shows you the malevolence involved in their mind-set. and it's a wonderful american industry, it's something that we all rely on and have enjoyed in the past and hopefully at some day, when they adjust and americans have truly had enough, we will get some good films again and won't have to deal with this with this. >> dan: ladies, thank you so much. great commentary to be appreciated. coming out, lara trump joins
6:33 pm
sean hannity for a one-on-one interview you do not want to miss. plus, we will discuss a brand-new bill in new york that makes water attacks on police a felony. but you won't believe who was opposing this new legislation. don't go away. ♪ woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. >> dan: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity," trump versus the left. earlier this week sean sat down with president trump's daughter-in-law, lara trump. they covered a wide range of topics including hannity's interview with male mayor de blasio. take a look. >> sean: drawing is not, lara trump and a baby and two weeks. congratulations to you. so what you watched this
6:38 pm
interview with me and me and bill de blasio. you saw the whole thing. it went over 60 minutes something stuck out in my mind, never wants to give answers on a lot of things. to new york's and americans have the right to have a gun in their home? wouldn't get any answers on abortion, a lot of things. that's not donald trump. he answers everything. >> yeah, he is very straightforward on exactly where he stands on everything. exactly where he stands on abortion, the second amendment, he's very clear he does not want to take your guns, he's made very clear that infanticide in nine months abortion are not something that he stands for. alan, i didn't think it was interesting that our mayor was asking you a lot of questions. maybe he could at guest host for you. but no, listen, i think anybody
6:39 pm
that watches exactly how that went down will take the same thing away which is that we did not get an answer. we did not -- i do not really know what he stands for except taxing the hill out of the rich and there wasn't an answer on exactly how that is going to work out for everybody. the reality is this president has brought the american dream back and it's back under president donald j. trump because whenever you look at the fact that we have the lowest unemployment in the history of this country, we have hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs coming back to be forgotten men and women of this country, and when you look at what he's doing in inner cities of this country, he really wants to make sure that people are paid attention to. he has created something called opportunity zones implemented in baltimore, chicago, detroit come all across this country to bring money into these places to make sure that people can work and have their shot at the american dream. >> sean: this is why i kept going back to -- i gave the old, body numbers and
6:40 pm
they should be happy because it helps him against biden. you have 13 million more americans on food stamps. a more in poverty. they had eight years to fix it. donald trump into an end half years, the best employment situation since 1969 and the people that benefited the most are the forgotten men and women. i mean, i think i made it clear what my background is. blue-collar guy. and african-americans, asian-americans, hispanic-americans, women, youth and employment, to me, that's the greatest success story. >> come it's interesting because what use are also is that he stands for what so many of these democrats running for president stand for. they really stand for full government control of almost everything great if i heard him talk about pre-k, again, you talked about it a lot, but they want to run our schools, hospitals, they want to run our health care, they want to run everything. socialism and most of the people up there stand for that. they stand for giving free health care to illegal aliens
6:41 pm
when we can even take care of our own people. and so, i think it's going to be hard for people to rationalize voting against their best interest and their best interest is to keep donald trump in office he had when things are working for them and not go the other way because it doesn't make sense to people. >> sean: you are running trump 2020, the reelection campaign. what's your title? >> senior advisor. >> sean: okay. here's the thing. in every election, all are we better off than where we were four years ago? the american people ascertain that on the economy, we are not dropping cargo planes of cash on the mueller's runway on iran which was stupid but all of these records, energy independence, he keeps his promises, judges, energy, taxes, deregulation, trade deals, everything he said he would do, it's now working. and then the question is, has the president lost any
6:42 pm
enthusiasm? well, the 20 people who went out for him it in 2020 stay with him? i think the answer is yes. the next question i have is, all of these groups, does he have a chance at the people who are benefiting the most from his policy that dented benefit under the last eight years under obama and biden? >> i always say it. i think there will be so many more people that will come out and support this president because at the end of the day, what matters to people is making sure that their life is headed in the right direction. it's likely better for you, as you are saying, than it was four years ago. is it better now than it was before donald trump took office? so many people in this country would say yes. >> sean: what you people in north carolina think of america's comeback? >> people in north carolina, pennsylvania, ohio, all because this country, they are thrilled that now not only is somebody doing the right thing in our economy through the roof and we
6:43 pm
have jobs coming back, we have something standing up for us as a country but we have a fighter and office, and the white house, who we know has our back. who all across the world is looking out for americans. >> sean: great to see you. thank you for coming up. congrats. we probably won't see you until after the baby comes but we will look forward to all the great news and all the best. thank you, lara trump. >> dan: don't miss this. coming up next, bill and new york would make throwing water on a police officer a felony. but new york's top democrats aren't exactly lining up to support this new piece of legislation. sebastian gorka and, many governments come away and coming next. stay with us as the special edition of hannity continues. ♪ ♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free.
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>> dan: welcome back to the "hannity" special. in recent weeks, we've seen several danger in's and frankly disgusting videos of water being doused on cops. while, new republican bill would make it a class e felony to attack nypd officers by splashing with them with water or any other substance up to four years in jail. you would think this should be a slam-dunk, no-brainer, but some democrats are opposing it. joining us now with reaction, former nypd sergeant manny gomez and sebastian gorka. a former brother and blue like myself, manny, i think what's getting lost in the state about this water dowsing stuff is we don't know that's water, number one, number two, as i said earlier on when i was i in here, these guys have the equipment did you throw water on their clinic how you render it entirely nonfunctional. and, this is not a joke.
6:49 pm
>> i could be anything the attic be a knife, could be a shank, he could be a gun. the bottom line is, those men and women in blue are there to defend us against the bad guys. and if the bad guys are disrespecting them, then the message to them, the bad guys, is, they could disrespect and do whatever they want with the rest of the citizens. so we need to protect to them first and put laws in place like this one in order to protect the rest of the city and the rest of this country so if we can protect our own, then we can prt large. stu and i agree. sebastian, go to you. i'm sure when you were growing up, and i know when i was going out, if i were to come home until my mother or father you know, i threw some water on a cop, i think i want to be arrested and wind up in central booking because i would get my caboose, show a call, kate across the room.
6:50 pm
is this more a symptom of our culture, this going disrespect for people to put their on the line every day for us? >> first things first. the pinstriped suit and this i come i like the new dan bongino very much. >> dan: you're the only one. everyone on twitter hates the tide. to get a first want to say that. thank you. i'm telling you, my ego was crushed, everybody's crushing me on this tide and i. that's why love you. nice job. >> stick with us. hey, let's just put two things next to each other. the juxtaposition of what the democrats are trying to do in new york to stop this legislation, to protect your brothers and sisters in blue. let's just oppose that with the footage that was least just a few weeks ago from dayton, ohio, paired what did we see in dayton, ohio? we saw your brothers run to the gun fire. they neutralize that killer in 30 seconds flat and this is how
6:51 pm
the democrats want to show their respect for the people who every single day are putting their life on the line? you nailed it. this is about culture. this is about a mayor and new york who disrespects the police they keep new york safe. it's about eight years under obama when the police were pillorying when an nfl player would come onto the plate with socks that had polices portrayed as pigs. they are the first and last life line of defense of the hoodlums, the gangs, the gang bangers come the democrats have to stop acting like adults but i'll tell will, i'm not holding my breath. >> dan: you and i worked the streets, manny. i think what some in the public are missing, primarily people who are anti, this you know from history that once you allow water, then you allow -- not suggesting that i'm a libertarian.
6:52 pm
but we are to have cc rvs, you can file an internal affairs complaint, those avenues are open to the public. but there's absolutely no excuse for this kind of stuff happening and once this is happening, it lends to a sense of chaos that street cops, you get the broken windows. >> absolutely agree with you. once you have police officers that believe they getting doused in water by delegates and getting laughed at is okay and acceptable and part of community policing, then that leads to chaos, that leads to gang bangers, street thugs, basically open seizing under regular citizens because if the police is not going to stand up for itself, how could they stand up for the regular citizens? that's the problem, the essential problem that i have with the administration, with the people that are letting this happen. back in my day, if this would've happened, we would've had 300 cops out on the streets
6:53 pm
enforcing every regulation to ensure that the cops were safe come of the city and citizens were safe, and about this would not be tolerated. apparently, it's tolerated and accepted in today's environment. >> dan: you know, sebastian, one of the things about this that really irks me is with his really heard about this is the citizens of high craig community. you know and i know a good after the ferguson incident, we saw a police officers and discretionary place incidents back away if they weren't forced to take police action because ty were afraid they would not be backed up and who gets our? the citizens of high crime communities. >> bingo. this isn't about water. forget about whether it's going to be bleached. if what you are doing by doing this to a law enforcement officer is you are testing your probing, you're pushing the boundaries of what is permissible to a points of which the police officer knows he doesn't have the back of the commissioner, he doesn't have
6:54 pm
the support of the mayor, and you get to a point where you have portland, oregon, think about this. we are five weeks since the enemies journalist was beaten so badly by antifa and portland, one block from the police headquarters, that he had to go to the icu with a brain bleed and the portland police, to this day, haven't arrested anybody who beat up andy and the mayor who is also the commissioner has clearly told them you stand down. if they are left-wing aunt eva, you don't arrest them. that wage lies anarchy. >> dan: we have about 30 seconds left but i say to anyone out there, get your any uniform. go to a right along with the cops. and it will open your eyes quickly. would you agree? >> absolutely. it's life or death out there. cops have to make split decisions and they have to protect us from the rest of
6:55 pm
society that is willing to hurt us and they deserve the respect and we deserve the respect that they deserve to protect them. >> dan: yeah, it's easy for politicians to talk from their thrones. get your out on a car with police officers and see what they go through every day. you're right be at the split-second decisions that these politics don't have to make a mess of sleepless attic. they sit there on their thrones and lecture the rest of us. it's pathetic. thank you. special edition of "hannity," after the break. ♪ barb! i can taste my beer. samuel adams sam '76 -- finally a refreshing lager that you can taste.
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or talk with your doctor to create an exercise, diet and medication plan that works for you. go to head to toe, everything's changed. head to toe. >> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." unfortunately, that's all the time we have left. don't forget my new book, "exonerated, the failed take down of donald trump" is out next month. folks, they tried this before. you'll see it in the book. believe me, they didn't think of this overnight.
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sean is back monday. grateful for that. have a great weekend. enjoy your weekend. thanks for tuning in. >> i'm raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. president trump opens the door to national background checks for gun purchases in the wake of last weekend's shooting massacres. what will that mean for gun owners? we'll debate it. our political panel is here on joe biden's latest blunders, aoc advocating radicalism in 2020 and kamala harris's 3:00 a.m. agenda. where have i heard that before? alan dershowitz is here to exclusively respond to those new jeffery epstein d


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