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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 9, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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sean is back monday. grateful for that. have a great weekend. enjoy your weekend. thanks for tuning in. >> i'm raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. president trump opens the door to national background checks for gun purchases in the wake of last weekend's shooting massacres. what will that mean for gun owners? we'll debate it. our political panel is here on joe biden's latest blunders, aoc advocating radicalism in 2020 and kamala harris's 3:00 a.m. agenda. where have i heard that before? alan dershowitz is here to exclusively respond to those new jeffery epstein documents which name and shame him.
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he will weigh-in on congressman nadler's announcement that a formal impeachment proceeding is in fact underway. news to a lot of people. and robert dobby is here featuring "the hunting of maga supporters." here in new york, republican lawmakers want to make water attacks on cops a felony. democrats are pushing back. former nypd commissioner bernie carrick is here to respond. first, president trump is open to embracing new gun control measures. the commander-in-chief says change is needed in the pair of mass shootings last weekend that left 31 dead. he claims it's logical, not political. >> frankly, we need intelligent background checks. this is not republican, democrat or nra.
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i spoke to mitch mcconnell yesterday. he's totally on board. we don't want insane people, mentally ill people, bad people, dangerous people, we don't want guns in the hands of the wrong people. >> fox's kristin fisher is live at the white house today with reactions from both sides of the aisle. kristin? >> raymond, before leaving the white house today for new jersey, president trump said the time has come for tighter background checks on gun buyers in america. now, he said this before, but backed down to the pressure from the nra, which is led by wayne lapierre. this time he says it's different. >> this time wayne and the nra will either be there or maybe we'll be a little bit more neutral. that would be okay, too. it's a slippery slope. one thing leads to a lot of bad things. i don't agree with that.
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i think we can do meaningful, very meaningful background checks. i want to see it happen. >> the president spoke with another skeptic of background checks, mitch mcconnell and president trump says mcconnell is "totally on board." the president and mcconnell have denied democrat's requests to call congress back early from august recess to vote. mcconnell said the issue will be front and center when they get back in september. senate majority leader, chuck schumer, said that mcconnell must commit to putting the bipartisan house-passed universal background checks legislation on the floor for a vote. pressure has been mounding on president trump and congressional republicans to act after the mass shooting last weekend that killed 31 people in texas and ohio. in addition to tighter background checks, president trump said he would consider supporting red flag laws, but he's not in favor of an assault weapons ban. so the big questions now, will
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this push for tighter gun control reform, will this push finally be different? and how will this play with the president's base heading into 2020. raymond? >> kristin, thanks for the report. here to respond is eric pratt, senior vice president of gun owners for americans and mark glaze. eric, i'm interesting in how gun rights organizations see this. do you and your members believe the president is caving or is supporting background checks a sensible way to respond to these massacres while protecting gun rights? eric. >> raymond, what the president is pushing is not only going to violate the second amendment rights of americans, it's going to backfire on republicans. this is akin to george bush's read my lips, no new taxes broken promise of the 1990s. this is going to completely backfire. rush limbaugh has been talking
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about this for two days. here you have a president that two years ago promised the second -- the assault on the second amendment is over. now he's doing an about-face. if republicans stab gun owners in the back, they'll suffer at the polls in the same way that george bush did, the same way that bill clinton did when he said he lost the majority of the congress because of the gun issue and the same way that kelly ayott lost her seat by 1,000 votes because key gun rights organizations say they wouldn't support her because of her gun votes. she lost by 1,000 votes. >> but eric, it's background checks. i mean, it's not limiting capacity, it's not taking guns off the market. it's simply background checks. i'll get to mark and let you respond. mark, how effective would these be even if you did pass them nationally? ohio and texas have them.
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these guys got their guns. >> well, those states don't have universal background check laws. the way the system works now, the only way i take a background check is if i buy it from a licensed dealer. if i'm a felon, i know how to avoid that. i go online or buy from a private seller. that's how people slip through the cracks. the checks are effective. they don't stop anything any law-abiding citizen wants to do. if you're a felon, if you're under a domestic violence restraining order, if a judge said you're too mentally ill, that check stops you. that's why 90% of republicans in a politco poll just came out said it's a good idea. >> it does stop good people from getting guns. there's mistakes in the system and people end up dying. a right delayed is a right denied. people have died waiting to get their firearms. police by a 2-1 margin favor concealed carry-over expanding
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background checks because that's the way you stop the mass shootings. you need people that to shoot back. the fbi has documented many, many cases where that's how mass shootings have been stopped. >> let me stop a second. erich, i hear in your voice, do you believe the president will pay a political cost for backing even this limited background check, national or universal background check? >> i'm not god or predict the future. president clinton lost control of the congress he said because of the gun issue. >> will your organization oppose the president in 2020 if he backs background checks? >> we won't support him if he goes forward with, this. >> mark, i want to move on to you. >> there was talk of red flag laws that would confiscate guns from individuals. a judge deems them a threat to himself and others.
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here's the president from earlier this week. >> we have to make sure that those that pose a great risk to public safety don't have access to firearms. if they do, the firearms can be taken through rapid due process. that's why i have called for red flag laws also known as extreme risk protection orders. >> mark, the studies on the red flag laws are all over the place. they have a zero impact on the outcome, on firearm homicides. >> they're relatively new. they just started to be passed. we know what the immediate effect is, in the 17 states that have these laws, they've been used hundreds of times to prevent people from buying guns with mental illness or other problems. the el paso shooter might have been one of them if texas had one of these laws.
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his own mother reported him to the police. >> before we go, one of the dayton shooter's notebooks were released to the daily mail. they're filled with a desire to hunt people down, satanic references, referring to himself as a servant of the evil incarnate. friends describe him as a methamphetamine smoker that played violent video games. these are common marks. they share isolation, mental illness, violent video games. are we focused on the wrong thing by worrying about barometric ground checks and limiting to guns when perhaps it's the perpetrator and not the instrument that we should be focused on and identifying these people early? i'll give you each of you a chance. >> banning the tool or controlling the tool will not stop the evil in the heart. california, illinois, florida, all have red flag laws and yet they've had mass shootings in
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the past year. the laws are not working to make people safer what they do do is allow police to take guns from people without due process and in some cases that's resulted in death like gary willis, an african american gentleman in maryland where an angry relative wanted to get revenge against him after an argument. he was completely innocent. police came to the home when he answered the door with a gun in his hand because it was 5:17 a.m. he ended up being shot to death. these are very dangerous laws and no republican or senate, democrat -- >> before i run out of time, mark, quickly. >> here's the common sense answer. people in every country in the world play violent video games. people watch violent movies. people in every country have the same incidence of mental illness in the united states. it's only in the united states that we have these mass shootings this frequently -- >> that's not true. >> tell that to the guy that went to four places in orange
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county and stabbed people. you can use a car a knife. you can see the knife violence in london. the instrument is secondary. >> the united states is not even in the top 50 when -- >> i have to leave it there. thanks for this embracing discussion. joe biden is living up to his reputation as a gaffe machine. campaigning in iowa, he had two big blunders, including -- just watch. watch it for yourself. >> we choose unity over division. we choose science over fiction. >> we have this notion that somehow if you're poor, you cannot do it. poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids. >> here's how the president reacted to that today. >> joe biden is not playing with a full deck. this is not somebody that you can have as your president. if he got the nomination, i'd be
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thrilled. >> here to debate, mark lauder for trump's 2020 campaign and mark levine. mark, i want to start with you. biden's gaffe's derailed his past presidential runs. are you and the democrats concerned that we're seeing more than slips of the tongue? >> no, not really. joe biden is a known quantity and his gaffes are far less than those of the president. so you did some selective editing there. you cut out where he said the poor people can do as well as the wealthy kids and the white kids as much as the black kids. but he phrased it wrong. he corrected himself immediately. it's different from this president. he uses racism and white supremacy to divide the nation. a slip of the tongue is different. >> mark, even msnbc wrote the former v.p. can't afford for voters to see him as an unpredictable risk. mark lauder, is that a danger?
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>> even "the washington post" asked democrats if they should reevaluate their presumed front runner and his electability status. let's correct one thing. these are not gaffes, this is a pattern. in 2007 joe biden talked about education in the district of columbia and how they have higher racial minorities than in iowa. he said things that were disparaging of barack obama. so it's not a gaffe. it's a pattern. after two failed tries -- >> calling the kettle black here. >> you'd think that joe biden would learn. it's blundering by biden all over again. >> mark? >> it's crazy to compare a few gaffes by the vice president to donald trump's open embrace of racism. >> that's a lie. >> he's the one that provoked a
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domestic terrorist -- >> did you hear donald trump talk about mexicans and racist -- >> mark, don't talk over -- >> there's a big difference between mixing up some words and intentional -- >> mixing up words -- >> mark, mark -- >> over a decade -- >> mark and mark, please. i watched these gentlemen -- the president held court for 35 minutes before getting on his helicopter. i watched biden weaving his way through the iowa fair. biden is addeled, confused. not sure where to go. the stumbling syntax -- just as an impression from a voter, it could cause them to second guess him. i want to move on. congress -- >> they did this to hillary clinton, too. she's a little faint. >> she was failing. she fell. >> joe biden is the prime minister of great britain.
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>> congress woman ocasio-cortez has a new rest me to beat trump. i want your reaction. >> i think moving the party in the direction is how we get trump out of office. i don't think radical is a bad word. >> how do you think that will play in 2020, mark lauder? >> i welcome it. say more of those things, aoc. the more you take the democrat party to the radical left, which is what you endorsed, the easier it is for president trump to win. every time she talks and every time their candidates talk, the middle of america, people that are moderate are tuning out. >> mark levine? >> it's a radical message. even nancy pelosi hassed that to put the bridle on some of these congress woman. >> aoc is not running for president. she doesn't represent the mainstream of the democratic party. i understand why mark wants to talk about her. she's one member of congress. she's not represented by congress. let her say what she wants.
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let's not pretend she's the face of the democratic party. >> most of their candidates signed on to her green raw deal -- >> the green new deal -- >> eliminates cars and cows -- >> you don't believe that alexandria ocasio-cortez is a thought leader in the democratic party? >> she's a thoughtful person. she's a socialist. she and bernie sanders are the two socialists in congress. hundreds of members of congress in the democratic party. she's an interesting character, says interesting things. i don't think she represents the mainstream of the democratic party, no. >> before i let you, go i have to have your reactions. kamala harris is out with a new campaign ad and focused on her 3:00 a.m. agenda, which is very reminiscent of another former candidates' classic ad. look. >> after we were fed and in bed, our mother would sit up trying to figure out how to make it work. that's something that most americans know all too well. that's what my 3:00 a.m. agenda
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is all about. >> now where have i heard 3:00 a.m. agenda before. >> it's 3:00 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. who do you want answering the phone? >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> what difference does it make? mark, why would kamala harris borrow an ad idea from a failed presidential candidate? >> why would up from trump borrow make america great again from ronald reagan? you -- >> yeah, but he won. ronald reagan won an election or two. >> and hillary won by 3 million votes. she was pretty successful. i understand the russians invaded and all of those things. kamala harris, 3:00 a.m., it's an interesting idea. who do we want to pick up the phone at 3:00 a.m.? kamala harris would be a good choice. >> mark lauder, i bet you don't agree. >> of course not. kamala harris' problem is not 3:00 a.m. or her ad.
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it's going there iowa -- she's going to race taxes by $1,400 and 1.9 people will have their health insurance taken away. >> she's lowering mid class taxes. raising taxes on the billionaires and -- >> spin your narrative. >> i have to leave it there. when it's 3:00 a.m., i hope we're all sleeping. thank you. up next, alan dershowitz is here to rerespond to the jeffery epstein sex trafficking documents. react to news that a formal impeachment proceeding is indeed underway. stay there.
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>> raymond: new tonight, federal prosecutors unsealing thousands of pages of documents in a case against jeffery epstein. the wealthy investor charged with child sex trafficking. the documents name numerous poll situations, businessmen and harvard law professor alan dershowitz that joins me to respond to the new revelations. first, let's go to fox's chief correspondent, jonathan hunt in the west coast news bureau. jonathan? >> good evening, raymond. around 2,000 pages of documents related to a lawsuit involving a former girlfriend of jeffery
7:22 pm
epstein and one of his accusers were released and revealed that in the 2015 lawsuit, the alleged victim, virginia giuffre, accused epstein of forcing her to have sex with a string of public figures. they include names we've heard before. prince andrew, for instance. seen here in a photograph with then 17-year-old giuffre. in the background is maxwell, epstein's former girlfriend and the woman giuffre accused of orchestrating a so-called sex slave ring with epstein. giuffre names a well known lawyer, alan dershowitz as one of those with whom she was forced to have sex. dershowitz has repeatedly denied the accusations. a new name surfaced in the documents. among them, former senate majority leader, george mitchell and former new mexico governor,
7:23 pm
bill richardson. richardson denied the allegations. he said "governor richardson has never been contacted by any party regarding this lawsuit." to be clear, in governor richardson's limited interactions with mr. epstein, he never saw him in the presence of young or underage girls. the documents reveal that in a 2016 deposition for the laws, epstein repeatedly refused to answer questions about alleged sex trafficking invoking his fifth amendment right to avoid self incrimination. epstein was arrested july 6 of this year and has pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges. >> raymond: thanks, jonathan. joining me now is alan dershowitz, the former counsel to jeffery epstein and harvard law professor. thanks for being here. you actually called for these documents to be unsealed. the documents include an e-mail
7:24 pm
in which reporter sharon crutcher tells virginia giuffre, you're accuser, that dershowitz is a good name for a book pitch. you go on to say there's no proof she met you. you said she probably met him. your reaction, alan. >> i asked for these to be released because they're totally exculpatory and prove that she made up the story about me. after she was told to my name in the book, because it will help her sell books, she does put me in the book. she puts people in the book that she did have sex with. another harvard professor, steve, the former majority leader of the senate, the prince. a bunch of people. then she puts me in the book as someone she did not have sex with. she also told the same thing to the fbi. she named the people she claimed to have sex with. not me. she told her former boyfriend all the people she had sex with.
7:25 pm
not me. she told her best friend the people she had sex with. not me. she said she didn't want the name me because she was innocent but she was pressured to do so by her lawyer because she saw a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. >> raymond: so what do you plan to do with in. >> she's a liar. >> we're going to court. first, we're going to go to court. we're going to prove that this woman is a liar put up to it by her lawyers. her best friend on a tape recording says that she was pressured to name me by her lawyer. we'll prove that the years and years she said she never had sex with me. she included me as somebody that she didn't have sex with while naming other people. i don't know if she's making up and fantasizing about these other people. i can tell you she's totally fantasizing about me. made up the story. no truth to it. i can prove it.
7:26 pm
these e-mails are smoking guns that prove that she made up the story about me. i'm so pleased they came out. >> raymond: alan, i want your response before we run out of time. jerry nadler on opening an impeachment investigation. listen to this. >> this is formal impeachment proceedings. we're investigating all the evidence, gathering the evidence and we will at the conclusion of this hopefully by the end of the year vote articles of impeachment to the house floor or we won't, a decision to make. that's exactly the process we're in right now. >> raymond: alan dershowitz, is this credible? what is the legal strategy here? >> it's not credible. there's no evidence that the president has committed any impeachable offenses, high crimes, treason or bribery. so congress is not above the law. they can't make it up as they go along. the constitution sets out criteria. so i predict here and now and
7:27 pm
all of my predictions have been correct from day one. i predict there will not be a vote by the house to impeach the president of the united states. he will go to the elections and the fate will be determined in a democracy. >> raymond: i have under a minute. your a democrat. your advice to democrats pushing this impeachment process going forward. could it hurt them in 2020? >> it will hurt them. they should learn the lesson that the republicans painfully learned that tried to impeach and did impeach bill clinton. they should not be moving toward impeachment. they should be moving toward trying to nominate a centerist candidate that can appeal to midwestern and moderate americans, reject the extremism of some of the newly elected members of congress and reject the extremism of those calling for impeachment. in a democracy, you decide by the ballot box who is to be the
7:28 pm
president. accept that there's specified crimes committed by a sitting president and the mueller report conclusively proves there were no such crimes. there was insufficient evidence to charge the president even if he were not sitting president with any impeachable offenses. >> raymond: thanks, professor dershowitz. nbc universal is moving forward with a controversial movie where trump supporters are hunted, literally. actor robert dobby is here to respond to that and hollywood embraces boycott mania. details next! music in
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>> normal folk like us. hunt us for sport. >> raymond: we were the first to tell you that about the nbc universal movie. now they're facing backlash for moving forward with this controversial film "the hunt". the film is about wealthy liberals hunting and killing deplorables on a deserve. the film pulled the ads after the dayton and el paso shootings. there's no plans to move the release. will this be a decision they come to regret? joining me is actor robert dobby.
7:32 pm
you starred in diehard, the bond movies. nbc says this is a satire. your thoughts on this film being released this moment. >> the cultural impact -- hollywood has a responsibility on its cultural impact to society. we just saw what happened in dayton, ohio, texas. what we saw happen in las vegas, a shooting gallery for someone. freedom of speech, culture, i like that. i like people expressing themselves. there's this responsibility to culture. how many kids are -- who know whose will kidnap who and say let's have fun. i have not seen the film. i heard the controversy about it. the film makers have been controversial before. "compliance" was about a female being abused in a mcdonald's or something to that effect. people of sundance walked out on
7:33 pm
it. jason bloom and his company did "whiplash." it was a financial failure but won the oscar. there's a responsibility in our business to not have this -- something like this happen. >> when we know these mass shooters respond to violent imagery, to set up a picture where you have americans hunting other americans -- the president talked about the hunt today. watch this. >> you talk about racist? hollywood is racist. what they're doing with the kind of movies they're putting out is very dangerous for our country. what hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country. >> robert davi, the film makers of "the hunt" said the deplorables turned the table the
7:34 pm
on them. isn't this political murder? homicide. >> it's wrong both ways. imagine having a film where people are kidnapping muslims or black people or italians and having a shooting gallery. or jews. it's a no-win film. we shouldn't be propagating that into society. it's so dangerous. people out there in our society have problems. the mental illness. this will affect someone and someone will -- who knows what might generate from this film. it's not the kind of entertainment we should be doing. >> we've been hearing about the rhetoric that people use and how that leads to bad ends. why isn't something like this considered a variable here? we have to move on to this uproar -- >> you know what lenin said
7:35 pm
about cinema. it was the most important tool for propaganda. >> raymond: let's pray it's not. i fear you're right. robert, i want to move on to this uproar over stephen ross. he hosted the big fund raiser for trump today. a few protesters lined the streets outside his hampton new york, home. the real backlash comes from celebrities like michael moore and chrissy teigen calling for people to cancel their membership because ross is an investor in those gyms. what is going on here? how is cancelling a gym membership stop an administration that you might disagree with? >> again, it's the wrong idea. we can't be doing this to each other in the nation. we should be doing things to unify. you mean to tell me anyone that supports somebody else and gives money to a campaign -- this is taking it to the next level. george soros, how much money has
7:36 pm
he given to people? the koch brothers. how much money bob iger from disney given to the democrats? are we going to start boycotting every business that gives money here and there? it's a no-win situation. i disagree with it. you do what you want to do. >> raymond: it's the politicization of everything. the president hauled in $12 million. actor army hammer is also jumping on the shame train. he's calling out a major executive supporting trump tweeting, hey, while everyone seems to be on equinox things, one of trump's largest donors is head of marvel. seems to me this is the real hunt. an attempt to purge any one from hollywood that might support someone that the majority disagrees with there.
7:37 pm
>> i think people should goingle arm and hammer that said to al gore senior, i will make your season al jr. president of the united states. i mean, there's a culture. i met arm and hammer. he's a nice guy. but this is freedom. what happens to democracy. what is happening to our democracy, people are afraid -- if they -- if kids are afraid to vote or speak their mind, it does have an effect. these celebrities have an effect. it's irresponsible to do that. >> raymond: before i let you go, 30 second. tell me quickly about this core idea you have almost a neighborhood watch as a result of these mass shootings. >> well, since 2001, i was on the homeland security policy institute. when i saw things happening and people not knowing what to do, i came up to do a white paper to
7:38 pm
protect the critical infrastructure and the soft targets of america. based on those guys in pennsylvania took the plane and went into the ground. it's something that can help this nation. the woman in san diego that saw something and was afraid to say it pause of political correctness. a civilian patrol -- it's more than 30 seconds. it's not weaponry. it's an intelligence for the communities to work with law enforcement. they're sensitized, small background checks. we need eyes and ears that will save lives. >> raymond: robert, thanks so much. you've written about it. thanks for being here. new developments in the shocking viral videos of police officers being doused with water. attacks are grow more violent and the attempts to stop it being pushed by democrats.
7:39 pm
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>> i'm raymond arroyo sitting in for laura ingraham. we showed videos of hooligans throwing water at new york city police officers in brooklyn. and then another attack. showing an officer making an arrest in harlem getting drenched with water and then hit in the head with a bucket. in the days and weeks to follow, more videos of people
7:42 pm
disrespecting police have surfaced. these attacks are escalating. the "new york post" reports. chunk of concrete, bottles thrown at nypd cops in separate incidents. attacks like these have moved from new york state gop to lawmakers to proposed legislation making it a felony to dumping water on cops. some democrats are trying to stop it. joining me is bernie kerik. >> what this does, it emboldens these guys that go out and do this stuff. they see it on video. there's copycat attacks. we're seeing it not only in new york city. in new york city we've seen a number of them. the new york city cops have laid back. they're afraid of the mayor. they're concerned they'll never
7:43 pm
been supported by the mayor. the mayor said we're going to arrest them. they're arresting them after the fact because of public pressure. the cops should not be afraid to do their job because we have a weak mayor. >> raymond: and do it in the moment. >> yeah. there's plenty of charges, whether it's criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, harassment, assault. plenty of charges these people could have been charged with but were not. i see cops that are afraid to do their job because of the mayor that is an anti cop mayor. >> raymond: sean hannity asked de blasio about this. we'll play the clip. watch. >> here's my question for you. every person on video that has committed a crime -- every -- >> look at that guy. >> you see what he just did? >> this is incredible. >> that's not a good enough statement. everybody that commit as crime will be brought to justice.
7:44 pm
>> our police officers know who commits a crime and they will bring them -- >> raymond: what kind of message -- >> you're looking at a guy that has villainized cops dating back to when his son was young and he told his son that you need to watch out for the men and women in the new york city police department. don't give me this garbage now everybody will be arrested. that's not the mentality of this mayor. this mayor villainizes the cops. he's done it consistently. the men and the women in new york city know it. >> this is governor andrew cuomo. this is what he said about the state of the cop attacks. >> the video of the cops getting doused with water and walking away is 1 of the most disturbing, embarrassing situations. i can tell you this. if that ever happened to the state police, would bet you my
7:45 pm
bottom dollar that you wouldn't see state police officers assaulted and they turn around and they get back into the car. >> raymond: your response. >> listen. i'd agree with him that it's disgusting and disturbing. but it's the democrats that are emboldening people to do this type of behavior. if we had governors and mayors and legislators that were supporting the men and women in law enforcement, there would be a different mindset. the cops across the country dating from ferguson till now, they're afraid to do their job. they're handcuffed. >> raymond: we're hearing reports from times square on this fourth anniversary of the michael brown affair that there was another cop that was jumped during an arrest in times square. how long will this go on and when does somebody either in the
7:46 pm
political state or national level step in and empower these officers to do their job and protect themselves? >> you know what happens? this goes back to rudy guliani. things have to get completely out of hand. the crime rate will go up. people in the city will be afraid and then and only then will they elect somebody that gets out in the street and lets the cops do their job. this is only going to get worse. >> raymond: do we have the video? we have. michael brown protest. this is just in, by the way. in a moment you'll see the cops attempting to arrest somebody. then you have people attacking these officers while they're trying to protect citizens in what should be a street and is now a pedestrian plaza. watch this. the cops are surrounded by these
7:47 pm
protesters. i've never seen anything like this. >> all i can say is, under rudy guliani that stuff wouldn't happen. he would not allow it. for this to go on, these cops are basically -- they're a coddle -- >> raymond: they're afraid. the cameras make them more afraid. >> i can't blame them. i feel sorry for them. the union leaders will tell you that. >> raymond: the media exploits children to advance a political agenda and a network contributor calls for violence. the worst in the media this week is next. stay there. we trust usaa more than any other company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service.
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>> it's easy to become numb to media bias so "the ingraham angle" is keeping track of the worst offenders. joining me now, jeffery, former cnn contributor and author of "swamp wars" and kathy lerew. ice arrested 600 and the media including cnn took it upon themselves to exploit innocent children for a political purpose. watch this. >> you can say something to your dad right now.
7:51 pm
>> i hope you come back. the government, please put your heart -- don't take my parents. >> have you talked to your dad on the road? >> no. >> hispanic people don't come here to hurt anybody. >> these kids have been exploited enough. we shouldn't be contributed to it. we're not going to. that image of these traumatized kids getting traumatized again is personally disgusting. your reaction, jeffery. >> raymond, i was infuriated when i saw this. the media today, they're flow longer in the news business. they're in the narrative business. they moved from russia, russia, russia to racism, racism. the democrats supported slavery, segregation and now identity politics. that's what they're trying to do
7:52 pm
now and using these kids here. it's unacceptable. >> raymond: kathy, i have to say i agree with jeffery on this 1. you're compounding the trauma of these children. using them. you're leading the witnesses for a response that you want to hear. don't you think is emotional manipulation of the worst sort? >> well, i agree. but the media has always had strict rules. unicef has rules for the media in treating children. journalists are not allowed to use children in these situations no matter how newsworthy. we cannot address minors, interview minors and showcase them for media no matter how news worthy it is. this is not allowed. this breaks the guidelines. it's not okay. >> talk to grownups. don't talk to kids. certainly don't squeeze the emotion out of them. let's go to msnbc.
7:53 pm
frequent guests think it's okay to threaten trump supporters. >> i'm on a pitchfork and torches outside this man's house in the hamptons. it's nice. theres no reason he shouldn't have a nice party. there's no reason why people shouldn't be able to be outside of his house and making their -- >> demonstrating. >> making it understood -- >> raymond: i was stunned that the host didn't push back. he agreed with that. kathy, what about pitchforks and torches scream peaceful protesting to you? >> yeah. pitch forks. doesn't go together with peace. no one in the media should even opinion pieces. we know msnbc leans to the left. the viewers understand that. never okay to say peacefully protest with a pitchfork in front of this guy's house. not okay.
7:54 pm
>> jeffery, your take. >> what if they did this to a supporter of hillary clinton or barack obama and the head of msnbc? it's totally wrong. >> raymond: when you're creating a fantasia of a movie where americans are hunting other americans, all bets are off. let's go to msnbc nicole wallaces disturbing remarks about president trump this week. >> what do you do with an infestation? the natural conclusion is to attempt extermination. >> you have a president you talk about exterminating latinos. >> wallace did say she's misspoke. how did you interpret those comments? >> how else could you -- you know what got to me, nicole wallace worked for president george w. bush, bush 43. one of the most -- i meet him years ago. one of the most decent human
7:55 pm
beings on planet earth. he was called a racist and hitler. she of all people should know that this is not the proper thing to be saying about the president of the united states. it was done to her boss and it was a disgrace. >> raymond: kathy, is it fair to claim that the president's border enforcement efforts are extermination of an ethnic group? basically mine. >> i don't think she should have apologized. she works for msnbc now. the viewers expect this. the president of the united states tweeted that hollywood is full of racists. so we have a world now are claiming both sides are racist. >> raymond: wait a minute. you don't think she should apologize? she said he was exterminating a whole ethnic group. >> she was quoting a hispanic from u.s.a. today, a journalist that said it on her network. so msnbc, this is what is expected -- >> raymond: i can tell you right now, kathy, if i quoted that
7:56 pm
person, they would boot me off tomorrow. we'll leave it there. coming up, a remarkable video, the american dream coming true. an uplifting last bite. stay there.
7:57 pm
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7:59 pm
>> raymond: it time for the last bite. football is back. this is why i love it. >> inside the 16 and he gets one block and he's gone. >> that was an 86-yard punt returned for a touchdown by cleveland browns why receiver. an american story. he played football for a no-name college without a scholarship. that didn't stop him. he talked his way into an invite- invite- invite-only try-out. despite this story from cleveland, i don't want anybody from the who-dat nation think i don't love the saints. that's all the time we have.
8:00 pm
i'm raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham. thank you and good night. >> shannon: hello. i'm shannon bream. ground zero for democratic hopefuls, iowa state fair. joe biden addressing the crowd and he's not holding back. invoking white supremacy. another day of damage control for the former v.p. after yet another gaffe as the president says biden is "not playing with a full deck." plus, despite controversy and boycott threats to the rnc, pr


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