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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  August 10, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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claims against it. as well as these allegations against very prominent people who may not be in a position to refute them. >> this will end "fox and friends" coverage of this, stay tuned for additional coverage of this suicide. heather: neil: he is dead, involving girls as young as 14 was found dead in his new york jail cell in an apparent suicide. epstein had artie been on suicide watch since he was found in that same cell 3 weeks ago. what authorities thought at the time was a suicide attempt was the result of a jailhouse assault. epstein was very rich and well-connected. the former investment banker pal around with everyone from bill clinton and donald trump to present true and a host of entertainers and politicians would only this past week a self
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identified victim details other high profile names who she said were part of that network of customers including george mitchell and former new mexico governor bill richardson. charges heatedly denied by both men. so much we still don't know including what happens to this case and how a man on suicide watch could end up dead at his own hands. the latest, brian, what have you found out? >> jeffrey epstein was -- the manhattan correctional center where their free epstein was spending his time at the beginning of the trial. the call came in at 6:38 for cardiac arrest and now we are seeing based on other reports that this is an apparent suicide. new york times reporting was found hung inside his jail cell. i think the point you made is important here in the sense that
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it is incredibly scandalous. that this man was able to kill himself despite being on suicide watch, reports that he was found with marks around his neck. this manhattan correctional center is a place where el chapo was being held for two years, where the most hardened criminals are held, even terrorists themselves are held. this is an extremely secure facility and the fact that jeffrey epstein was able to somehow kill himself in his cell is something that is going to not only cause questions today but i think it is going to probably call for some hearings here as to why and how this happened. multimillionaire financier was worth at least $500 million. the accusations against him were
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incredibly grave. dozens, dozens of young girls accusing this man of just heinous sexual abuse, sexual assault and you had mentioned also this document released that happened in new york federal court, federal appeals court in new york, 2000 pages were just released this week in which it detailed more and more about his connections to other wealthy people including mexico governor bill richardson and even more connections to donald trump. this is a man who somehow for decades was able to get away with at the very least accusations of this, sexually abusing young girls despite all his connections to wealthy and powerful people. that is only going to add to questions and conspiracy that will eventually come out of this, people are going to wonder
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why somebody this connected this powerful was able not only to get away with it the last two decades but then somehow was able to evade justice inside the manhattan correctional center, the most secure facility, most secure facilities in new york. neil: keep in mind epstein had been convicted in 2008 in florida on charges of soliciting and procuring a person under 18 for prostitution, he got off on what was deemed a pretty light sentence orchestrated by the former us attorney alex acosta who later became the secretary -- labor secretary. that drew a lot of scrutiny and ultimately forced acosta out of office. remaining on the phone with us on how this is sorting out, the former new york police detective, you have a guy on suicide watch, we are told he handed himself, that's coming from a number of sources, you
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would think that anything that could do that would be taken away from him so a lot of questions here, what do you think? >> a couple things, good morning. what we see here is a job drop, mind blowing example of a breach of prison protocol by the department of justice but an unusual set of circumstances. we have jeffrey epstein, shades of the 1956 movie the man who knew too much the doj guidelines on suicide watch are very clear. it is continuous and uninterrupted, clear and unobstructed view. these are the guidelines for what they call active suicide watch. we know that he attempted suicide july 2015 that cell makes him an active suicide watch candidate. this is an absolutely
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astonishing breach and i smell foul all over it. all of my investigative antenna is on the rise. >> do you think it was a suicide? >> i can't speak to whether it was suicide watch because it is too premature but if it were to be a suicide it only takes three minutes, 180 seconds to commit suicide and there are numerous ways to do it. it is available despite all the actions they implement to mitigate and manage that risk. the fact is there are ways to make it happen. to get a handle on above, it could be spangler head. there are ways to accomplish it if you're dead set but the key is that 182nd window, the lapse of uninterrupted, clear, the other word was clear and
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uninterrupted, continuous, that methodology that seems to do it and put forward by the department of justice, the guards have to watch 24/7 on an active suicide watch, some looks away for three to four minutes, that is all it took and that, my friend is extremely suspicious. it goes back to the man who knew too much. neil: and new too many. thank you very much. they are trying to pinpoint the time at which this might have occurred and everyone seems to be grouping around the 6:30 a.m. time. go in which jeffrey epstein might have taken his own life. i stress might. he is dead, thinking this was a suicide, don't know for sure until they continue this investigation. on the phone the former federal prosecutor, john sale. i will ask what i just asked. for a guy who is under 24 hour suicide watch surveillance, how does something like this happen?
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>> i wouldn't say -- very very suspicious. they take away sheets, they take away toothbrush, you stay in that small for 23 hours a day. you are escorted to the shower. it is very suspicious. everything about the epstein case from the beginning is suspicious. it started in florida and i can tell you alex acosta is a good and decent person. he should be okay but having served in the united states attorney's office in the southern district, the chief assistant, the plea agreement to me, the most unusual part about it was it had a provision in which said the parties intend that this not be made public.
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we just don't do that. i would like to know why that happened and governor desantis ordered the investigation of what happened in a palm beach county jail be taken away from the palm beach county sheriff and be done by florida department of law enforcement. that is only done when something is highly suspicious. how was he put in a country club rather than in a typical county jail. more that he should have gone to state prison. anyone sentenced to more than a year goes to state prison. he was a private wing of the county jail. everything is suspicious. as i said, i wasn't a police officer but in the mcc which is very very secure, very difficult to get in and out of even if you're an attorney it raises a lot of questions. in the alford hitchcock movie the man who knew too much, i
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agree with what you said. the man who knew too many. names of been mentioned, i don't want to mention those names because those people are innocent but the real question is what happens as far as them if any of them were committing, having sex with underage girls? you do not need corroboration to prosecute that as a practical matter you do because you can't -- difficult to prove the case against one individual or one individual beyond reasonable doubt without some corroboration but that could be in the emails that were just discovered. it be in the form of other witnesses who might make a deal but something nobody is talking about. deal, only the way the new york
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post could do it, a sweetheart deal, new york post headline was born that is, worst deal in the history of deal so with that background there is more in terms of what happened and on the civil side. these victims still can go against his estate they still need to prove it. victim or victims have to prove their claims so whether or not they will get justice remains to be seen. epstein's offenses were so egregious, he was not going to get a get out of jail card no matter what happened but maybe in the hopes he would not die in jail it is possible, no information as to this that he could have been, his lawyers could have been talking about him cooperating in exchange for
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a rule of substantial assistance. it is suspicious, the man who knew too many. i can't remember, i don't know everything, anybody on a suicide watch in such a case committing suicide. brett velicovich do you know when you are on suicide watch and have to be monitored 24/7, if you are not being monitored in person are there cameras? >> sure. neil: there is video of this and someone just stopped looking? >> convenience lapse in zone, that could happen mechanically. we are not perfect but it would be quite convenient if it was all of a sudden a 2-minute lapse and that was the time when he died.
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neil: what did you think of the timing of this woman who came, self identified victim who raised these other names and that might have had something to do with the timing of this? >> that is your point, the man who knew too many. too many strange circumstances from the day he was apprehended in south florida right up to the shocking news this morning. we have to get to the bottom of this, the system is not working unless we do. neil: thank you for taking the time. the former federal prosecutor. there is so much we don't know. this much we do. very influential billionaire with connections with everyone from the political community to politicians, entertainers is now dead and he died, a big mystery, a series of mysteries, not only the timing of it but what he knew at the time. the political fallout is next.
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brett velicovich with the death of jeffrey of seen apparently by suicide now we don't know for sure the fallout from all of this, trafficking in minors, sexual favors but on this ongoing presidential race the question that ties to so many either considering a run for office or behind those who are, hillary von is at the iowa fairground in the morning where this is seeking through. have you heard anything on this? >> reporter: j in lee -- inslee is the first to speak. senator gillibrand is the senator from new york who will probably weigh in on what has happened with jeffrey epstein and we will hear from cory booker from new jersey and senator kamala harris early this
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morning as well. we have heard candidates take the soapbox in iowa and promote their policies that come with a hefty price tag. senator kamala harris has been advocating for universal basic income plan, expanding title i, bernie sanders advocating medicare for all and they argue these programs will be paid for through taxpayers. >> the american people are more important than your greed. >> my initiative will be paid for by raising the estate tax. >> in iowa trade is a big voter issue because it produces more pork than any state in america so some candidates are promising to end the trade fight with china. >> and i with the trade wars have really harmed -- i would export a lot of pork for
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ethanol. china is the number one excerpt. >> reporter: we spoke to chuck grassley about how pig farmers are taking these terrorists and he said he has been talking to farmers and thinks they are playing the long game and is optimistic that congress will be able to pass the us mca through congress in september. >> the farmers appreciate the president standing up against china unlike clinton and bush and obama did not do. >> 9 candidates total will be here at the fair today including kamala harris, cory booker, j inslee is on stage now and harris will take the soapbox. neil: we are getting some more details about what transpired at
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the manhattan jail where jeffrey epstein took his own life. he was carted out of there in the middle of cardiac arrest. various sites report he tried to hang himself. we don't have confirmation one way or the other. we do know he was distraught over the fact that a judge sometime ago said he had to fight these charges that he was a flight risk and that prompted the first attempt on his own life we are told. others said there are those in that manhattan facility who were trying to kill him. it has not been confirmed one way or the other but we know he was looking at 45 years in jail which for 66-year-old man is a death sentence and he was reportedly considering
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cooperating and naming names that could reduce that sentence. so much we don't know, this much we do, politically it is going to be one hot topic today and among those likely to talk about it are those campaigning in iowa. john higgins a blooper is among the 2020 presidential candidates, former colorado governor. so i can buy from
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heather: neil: he was rich and influential and now jeffrey epstein is very much dead. what we don't know is how his life ended or if he was behind ending his own life. he was placed on suicide watch since first attempting to take his life a few weeks ago so
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there was an understanding he would be monitored 24/7 directly by guards or being monitored. the second question is how he could pull this off if that was the case. there are other charges that like the first case this might've involved someone else in the manhattan jail cell community. we just don't know. we do now his case has spurred international interest because he hung out with an influential international crowd of politicians and entertainers and those who sought his influence and money and power and impact. the democratic presidential candidate and former governor of colorado john hickenlooper with us. you are campaigning in and around iowa and elsewhere but this is a big jolt and i wonder what you make of it and the potential fallout. >> this is one of those
7:26 am
inexplicable -- people like epstein, i look at it, he was wealthy and powerful, and create this web of terror of so many women. that is what i have a hard time getting my arms around his understanding the man himself. neil: many whose names have been brought up that knew him or befriended him, went to events with him claim they had no idea about this trafficking, girls as young as 14, some as young as 12 so they were oblivious to this, didn't know it. what do you think? >> in business or in politics you meet a lot of different people. i never met epstein but i meet all kinds of people. your worst fear is somebody you spend an hour talking to turns
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out to be an evil criminal. nothing you can do about that. it is horrifying. neil: if you were to become president a lot of people say there has to be a way to undo the penal system, those who have influence and power don't get special treatment, a lot of accusations earlier on, the first accusations against him for these alleged crimes, he got off pretty easily and was able to spend the day at his apartment and then go to jail at night and live a fairly normal life and that is something wrong with our system. what do you think? >> i totally agree. this whole country is based on the notion that we are all created equal and we should all be treated equally under the law and that isn't happening in this is the only example.
7:28 am
you don't have to look far to find places where those who are successful and wealthy and powerful get a better deal when they get in trouble than people working hourly jobs. neil: you mentioned at the outset you don't know who you are hanging out with, a governor, prominent presidential candidate, a lot of people, you don't know their past. a lot of people did though these accusations but continued palling around with him. what do you think? >> celebrities in hollywood, successful business executives.
7:29 am
you have an identity, aggregation of values people think about when they see your picture, they want to treat that. you want people to respect you. who you hang out with becomes part of that identity. sometimes you do something with one person and get into trouble and couldn't anticipate. there is nothing you can do about that but most of us are careful to a certain extent and try to approach our lives. you can't be perfect but you want to make sure you are reflecting the best qualities of america. neil: if you were nice enough, breaking developments. in that upper tier.
7:30 am
it is a tough race. it happens at a lot of time when people were picking apart a lot of things joe biden stumbled on phrases, forgotten words. i'm curious what you make of that on his performance. he's holding up well in the polls but a lot of people saying he is something every bit as 76 years. do you agree with that? >> i am not sure that is true. we all get caught up on saying the wrong word or making mistakes like that. so part hasn't had any effect on the polls or very little. i think -- this is just what we were talking about. he has tried to live his life in as patriotic a way as you can imagine. serving this country for 50 years, he went through great challenges when he was young. when he became a senator he lost his family.
7:31 am
these are challenges we all face in our lives and he has done it with courage and he continues public service. those little slip ups he will be forgiven those. neil: the closer i get to the age group the less unlikely to pick on people because i'm that much older. i wonder if you share your opponent's concern that may be because he appears to be losing his fastball or doesn't be as on the stump as he used to be, he should step aside for someone who is. >> as long as he has a section of voters, he spent a lot of time trying to decide if he was going to run. once he gets into the race he will run as long as people continue to embrace him. the question, is he going to get
7:32 am
his rhythm and get stronger or is he going to struggle? we have to see, but so far the voters, when i am in iowa, too many people say you would be our first choice if it wasn't for joe biden. neil: good shouting with you. much more after this. i can't believe it. that karl brought his karaoke machine? ♪ ain't nothing but a heartache... ♪ no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. ♪ i never wanna hear you say... ♪ no, kevin... no, kevin! believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. neil: the questions they are asking about jeffrey epstein. how is it possible guy on
7:36 am
suicide watch could end of committing suicide less than two weeks after being placed on suicide watch from the same jail cell. a lot we don't know about this case but we do know jeffrey epstein is now dead and takes to his grave a lot of unanswered questions. they might get to the bottom of it now and try to find out who associated with and famous friends and entertainers and politicians might have participated in some of this underage sex you have heard so much about some involving girls as young as 12 years old. some things we don't know including how he was able to pull off killing himself in the first place. we will have investigators who follow how this could have happened, how man under 24/7 surveillance could have had this in the first place. the political fallout, chris
7:37 am
wilson, democratic strategists and partners. leaving aside the timing of this and how it could happen. political fallout and snares republicans and democrats alike but i'm wondering where it goes now and if there is any place to go. >> i would say with the recent relation, richardson and democrats coming out, democrats are in trouble here but it cuts both ways. i don't think it hurts any party more than the other, democrats go after democrats, all they have to do is show a picture of donald trump and it is game over. i don't think it matters. it is a symbol in the story people are talking about. on both sides i think everybody best leave this alone. >> i don't know in politics if that happens. >> i'm sure people will try to make something of it. my guess is it is not the smartest strategy.
7:38 am
this is a guy who was a disgusting human being who did terrible things and i think people would be best to focus on that and the investigation and it raises a broader issue which is who is going to be the candidate for making sure these powerful people who continue to abuse their power over and over in different ways, financial, sexual, whatever it is, how do we change our justice system, jeffrey epstein had these charges 10 years ago against him and his obvious the case was handled poorly. people who are rich and powerful have one set of rules versus those who are not. neil: i do know it was only yesterday this self identified victim referred to individuals, senator george mitchell, former
7:39 am
governor bill richardson, again, innocent until proven guilty and all have denied these allegations but that was drip dripping out. i am wondering if that continues down. >> i don't believe in conspiracy theories but when you have someone on 24 hour suicide watch, my disbelief in conspiracy theories until proven otherwise. we have to be careful here before -- remember people are innocent until proven guilty no matter the charges. these charges are so disgusting and squirrels i'm hesitant to mention names associated with him. if they are proven false, have someone regain their reputation after being charged with something like that. if proven guilty and it is true there is not a dark enough place in hell for the people who committed these crimes. neil: if you have money and
7:40 am
influence, he experienced that a decade ago and got a cushy deal. the back story on that, wouldn't have done any jail time. i wonder if this whole drama, treating the very wealthy and well-connected differently than we do average people. >> we are so anti-elite, so anti-wealthy. if you look at 7 in 10 americans aren't sure what the wealthy class brings to america, people want to tax the wealthy, they don't understand we are in this position, bernie sanders this morning, there's a real narrative around this. something has to be done to make
7:41 am
more people -- neil: looking at any of these, they are in iowa. don't know what to do if you are a vegan in iowa. how is it sorted out? >> he maintains his lead but the persons watch this weekend in iowa is elizabeth warren. a lot of people paying more attention. the strongest organization in iowa, organization really matters. not necessarily what you see. i think iowa is a place where she should be strong. someone like her having a surprise win in iowa and the
7:42 am
question becomes every other state, biden couldn't win iowa. neil: right there and this one. >> that is the nature of the iowa caucus. they are actually going to be doing some remote voting this year. they are changing that stuff. you have to defend your person or persons but this, i have been to the iowa state fair. a time honored tradition. neil: the president yesterday was talking about joe biden. it is pretty clear he is looking at him as the likely nominee. >> i think donald trump is
7:43 am
trying to do something political in terms of trying to make democrats think that is what he wants to run against. and becoming interesting, 3 different tears. in the democratic primary, perform to the top and the second you have kamala harris and bernie sanders, you see harris take biden's place, you could see sanders take warren's place. the third tier, all these candidates have one opportunity to get to the top. he was leading in december. one person fascinating to me is tom stier. he has the money, the organization and the names to make his way to this serious player.
7:44 am
neil: he has the money to do it. we are getting more news on what transpired at the manhattan jail cell was altered in the death of jeffrey epstein. connect the dots, they don't all line up. got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands?
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neil: accused traffic or jeffrey epstein killed himself in jail this morning. that was first reported by the new york post. what do we know of what went down? >> right now less than 2 hours old but in suicide watch, what he could use to hang himself is being investigated right now. in downtown new york, he was put
7:48 am
out of bed and we see how this was able to happen. neil: reportedly in cardiac arrest when they took him out. did anyone explain that? >> he tried to hang himself. he did hang himself, he was successful. going into cardiac arrest when you hang yourself, the heart gives out. neil: they are convinced it was a suicide. it almost seems too neat. >> like i said, less than 2 hours old right now but what they call an apparent suicide. an investigation going on. federal marshals are seeing what happened.
7:49 am
there were conflicting stories. whether it was another cellmate and that was going on. they still haven't made a final decision on that. neil: when you are under suicide watch you are being monitored 24/seven. >> despite physical checks, that leaves the question how did this happen? there are a lot of theories out there right now, who was behind this. a lot of people under investigation, rich and prominent people under investigation who have not been cleared.
7:50 am
so a lot of people talking about paying someone to look the other way but no indication of that at this time. all we know definitely is he did hang himself definitely and there's an investigation going on. neil: thank you very much. new york post reporter who broke this incredible story, we have a lot more including the read from trey gowdy. ayment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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neil: what happens now after a
7:54 am
parent death by suicide of jeffrey epstein, the 66-year-old million or who powell around with some very powerful people and what happens now? an investigation that looks like it was getting promising results. former house oversight chairman congressman trey gowdy with us. where does this case go? >> the case against him is over. to the extent there are others who aided and abetted or had knowledge of these crimes and had a duty to report and failed to do so, sufficient factual predicate, i am heartbroken only for the victims who were denied an opportunity to see their attacker, he is not in control. he's not in power. he's not calling the shots. he is in court in a jumpsuit and handcuffed. for a lot of victims that final
7:55 am
image provides closure to the extent you can have it. i am starting with them but he wasn't going to testify against others. i would not give him a time to go implicate people who may have been less culpable. that makes no sense in the criminal justice system. i will say this. you can't get the death penalty for anything other than taking another life but most americans think you want to be able to get it for getting a sex assault on a child. the supreme court disagrees but most americans if we had a hierarchy of crimes, including sexual crimes against children, would be right up near the top of it so i am glad he is dead but i'm site for the victims that they are denied an opportunity to see him in a different light. neil: he was under suicide watch, a lot of people scratching their heads that he committed suicide in the first place, assuming he was under
7:56 am
24/7 surveillance, how could that happen? >> jack ruby could shoot lee harvey oswald in a police station. i'm a big believer in gathering the facts and you can draw whatever conclusion you want from the facts. talk to the guards. people particularly criminals, high end criminals, either escaping, taking their own life. that is how they even rated capture thus far because they are creative. i'm going to withhold judgment until i know exactly how it happened. neil: that is great concept,
7:57 am
thank you very much. neil: guilt by association is a little extreme, because you hung out with a guy now or years ago doesn't mean you did anything that guy is alleged to have done. that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go.
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it's how we care for our patients-
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like job. his team at ctca treated his cancer and side effects. so job can stay strong for his family. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. >> jeffrey epstein is dead. and people are wondering how it could happen if he's under suicide watch this morning and the case that broke intentionally or unintentionally, big names, some dragged into it. >> we're looking for information on how this could happen. trying to get any information as to when someone is on suicide watch, how something like this can go on. we can confirm that at 6:38 in the morning, the call came in
8:01 am
for cardiac arrest. jeffrey epstein was transferred to the a downtown hospital and dead on arrival and that's the extent of what we know this morning. that's all coming in after a significant document dump by the court yesterday, containing numerous allegations by epstein accus accuser saying that she was forced to have sex not only with epstein, but high profile men, george mitchell, former governor richardson and alan dershowitz. all of them denied the allegations and, releasing a statement saying that the allegations were completely false denying he'd met or spoken to her. and dershowitz said he believed the paper work would exonerate him and repeatedly denied wrongdoing. the other court documents
8:02 am
revealed sexual abuse in a lawsuit and epstein took the fifth, a right against self-incrimination and included in the documents was photographs, including one previously released showing an epstein acquaintance, prince andrew drew, with his arm around the waste waist of the accuser at the home of his confident maxwell. so these claims have really put everything in the spotlight. the other feats were released yesterday, allegedly taken at epstein's new mexico ranch, including a photo after young pre pubescent girl partially naked. and these were part of a lawsuit that went down yesterday. this was breaking news yesterday and then the news came in this morning that jeffrey epstein was found dead and we are still looking for answers as to how this could happen, neil, when someone has
8:03 am
been placed on suicide watch. neil: yeah, and supposedly on 24/7 surveillance. a lot we don't know to your report. a great report. on the phone is a former d.c. homicide detective, ted williams. and thank you for taking the time to join us, first is how someone on suicide watch could kill himself. >> neil, this is a mystery. i don't think we've had a mystery in new york since a mast mastio-- mafioso was alleged to have been out of a hotel. there's a news for a press conference right away because there's so much of a mystery and the mystery is growing out there. neil, you said something earlier that's very significant
8:04 am
and going to be very important in this investigation and that is video. if this man, as we know, was under a suicide watch 24/7, they've got video out there. so that video is going to help law enforcement start to make a determination as to what happened i wonder if that video is cut then-- >> this is scary. what we have in new york in the metropolitan correction center there is a crime scene. and that crime scene is now being processed by and again, there's a need to hold a pros conference to assure the public as to what happened to epstein in this jail cell. neil: ted, what do they do -- i
8:05 am
know it's asking obvious questions and you've endured by idiotic questions for years now and i can get away with it, when you're under a suicide watch what are you forbid from having or-- >> they take away shoe strings or anything that would let you hang yourself or harm yourself, and there is-- and in recent years because we have video you're supposed to be watched 24/7 on that screen and that person watching at that screen is as well trained for that person and that person only to watch out for individuals who are on suicide watch. so that's very significant and important and by the way, neil, you've never asked an idioticic question, okay. neil: could i ask you this then?
8:06 am
what happens to the case? he's obviously a central figure, there have been reports, just reports that he was looking to cooperate with the government not so much to get out of jail, but not stay in jail as long. i think he was looking at 45 years which for a 66-year-old guy is a death sentence and that may be cooperation or maybe naming names would have been a step in that direction. what happens now? >> well, what happens here is the case against jeffrey epstein has-- is over for all intents and purposes because of his death. he died with a wealth of information on a lot of powerful people and unfortunately, that information is now going to be taken to the grave with jeffrey epstein. but this is the key. there was supposedly pimp who were pimping young girls for epstein, and quite naturally, that case may very well have
8:07 am
legs and that case may continue if there's not a statute of limitation that is run on the various pimps who were helping jeffrey epstein. so there are portions of it that will continue. now, also, what will continue is the civil litigation. his estate. you will find that individuals who believe that they have a viable claim against his estate, those cases will continue, irrespective. so if powerful people believe that with the death of epstein here, that their secrets have gone to the grave, they may be whistling dixie because i can unequivocally tell you there's more to come out and our public and viewers should know, yesterday they unsealed some documents that brought out a great deal about what epstein was doing with these young girls. neil: yeah, that was virginia
8:08 am
who cited the former senator george mitchell, governor governor bill richardson, and money manager and they said there is no truth. and there are other women. ted, thank you for taking the time. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. neil: we are getting an official statement out of the department of justice federal bureau of prison stating the obvious here, approximately 6:30 a.m., inmate jeffrey edward epstein was found unresponsive in his special jail cell from an apparent suicide at the metropolitan correctional center in new york. life saving measures were initiated immediately by responding staff. staff requested emergency medical services and life saving efforts continued. mr. ensteen was transported then by e.m.s. to a local hospital for treatment of life
8:09 am
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8:13 am
i'm honored. neil: you know, ken, stepping back from this crazy market, what happened? a lot of people are skittish over last monday and many reliao he have had about the markets sort of stabilizing my week's end, but even within those days, wild swings. are we back to that now? >> we don't really ever no. the reality in the short-term stocks are volatile, they always have been and sometimes volatility comes and sometimes it goes. what i think you can say with some certainty is that before that, we had this notion that was pretty prevalent, but wrong, that the fed cutting rates would be a bullish thing. the fact of the matter is, that was so widely known and so widely expected and had to be pre priced and after that happened, that was kind of blah. and then you get the fears about china and people start to panic and when people want to panic,
8:14 am
we had a pretty good period before that of markets not being very volatile, you get the panic and the reality is panic, panic and you bounce back the other way and then that volatility makes people still jittery, and then after a while, reality takes over. it's markets like to bounce around. neil: so what's the reality now? the consensus view, you always challenge that, made a lot of money for you and your investors going ahead and challenging consensus, is that the prospect that no trade deal with china or one that's significantly delayed is going to be a negative for the market. do you agree with that? >> so tariffs are a negative. i've said this before on your show a time ago last year when this was first starting. but they're a little negative in the scale of the size of global trade. in that, we have an 87 trillion dollar global gdp. we have a world that's growing at a few percent real and a
8:15 am
little bit of inflation so we've got something like tral and a half new gdp growth in a calendar year and this al ago gates to something like 10% of that. so it's a negative that flows down growth, but it doesn't turn the economy over, it doesn't create disaster. people tend to be making mountains out of a molehill here. a reasonable molehill, but a molehill. and i said i don't think it's that bad that that is partly a real game and it's partly a political game and it's hard to disentangle that always and part of this will be settled next year as both the chinese decide, do they think president trump gets reelected or not. neil: right. >> and how much should they play with him versus stalling off for a potential democrat alternative. and then at the same time, how much does president trump decide he wants to get a small victory
8:16 am
by getting a little something out of them, whatever that might be, how much can he get and more to his advantage to get it next year rather than this year when it's going to be then fresh in people's minds for the election. neil: maybe i'm showing my age here, ken, but there's something about august. i don't know whether you go back to august 1990 when iraq invaded kuwait or august '97 with the contagious. august with the chinese currency mess, but the noteworthy when the dow would fall close to if not well over double digits. is there something to this month? >> you know, i think there is. i mean, i think that there's something about all the joan s geniuses and everyone going off to the beach, and allows a little bit of activity to get
8:17 am
carried away. if you think of those that you rattled off, for the most part the aftermath was pretty good. you run down those one after another of volatility by itself, as i've said many, many times is not predictive of anything. people often want to think it is, and then when your next-door neighbor panics, you're more likely to panic, but that's a behavioral mistake, a cognitive error. >> a lot of people that approach retirement, they're ready to get ready for a relaxed life and all of a sudden the markets are sort of shaking beneath them. what do you tell those people? well, the first thing, in my opinion, is that they shouldn't look at short-term wiggles pretty much at all. they ought to kind of focus on looking at their portfolio, at maybe once a quarter. if they're trying to actively manage it themselves, they have to ask themselves, are they really good at that and if they've been previously in their life busy doing a job like
8:18 am
they're an engineer or whatever it is and now they're shifting to that, they're then a beginner and that's probably tough, but are they good at that? if they think they are, that's fine, do your due. and if not, a different issue, oh, by the way, why are you paying attention to this on a short-term basis all the time? what are you going to do with that? and the answer is as all kind of behavior shows, most people overtrade and most people trade at the wrong time, in and out at the wrong times and they're better off just slowing down and taking it more easy. neil: real quickly, i know you don't get caught up in political theater and what's going on, and the larry epstein-- the jeffrey epstein death today and the political fallout to that and what's happening on the campaign trail and will donald trump get reelected and all that. that's noise to you, but how do you rise. >> i don't think-- i'm very interested in all things political if they have
8:19 am
consequence. some of those that you rattled off, like mr. epstein's death, you know, i don't know anything about that, i don't get into that, i don't think that has any political fallout that matters for legislation and things that really count to markets down the road. the election, of course, in 2020 does, and there's things you can say about that, i think there's things you can say that have some significance. one of them is, third years of president's terms don't go back. fourth years of president's temperatures generally don't go bad, when we fear the outcome of an election, which we do, that is pre priced in and the inaugural year is pretty good. for example, if there's a lot of fear next year about, fearful democratic nominee getting elected, that's going to get pre
8:20 am
priced into 2020 and the relative aftermath in 2021. all of these you look at one year at a time. i would say, i would not say this with heavy conviction, that if you just look at the history of the times when america has unelected a president, that the odds of unelecting this president in 2020 are not terribly high because consistently boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, going back to herbert hoover in world war i we only do that in a bad economy or the perception of a bad economy and we have neither. and the perceptions of the economy if the public voters eye, they don't lead the economy, they're not concurrent, they lag. from here, it's unlikely by the time we get to 2020 that we're mired in recession or that kind
8:21 am
of thing. neil: thank you for being here on saturday no less. ken fisher's read on that. a democratic congressman who might feel pretty bad about that forecast. i'll explain after this. oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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8:25 am
ohio mayor, the republican governor of ohio joining me earlier in the week saying that they think in the wake of these tragic shootings democrats and republicans can come together on gun legislation, some sort of legislation. they've attempted before. what happens now? democratic congressman al green with us right now. congressman, do you agree, a democrat and republican who say they're optimistic progress can be made this go-round, are you? >> i'm optimistic with a certain degree of pessimism. i think that we can make some progress, but i do want to be assured that the progress is not limited. we ought to take up the bills that are currently pending in the senate to deal with background checks. this is very important, comprehensive background checks and we ought to take up the bill that deals with the charleston loophole, hr-1112 which expands the background checks and i'm always very sporty of doing
8:26 am
something with these assault represents. i think they cannot be allowed to continue to slaughter people to the extent that we see this taking place. guns don't kill, people do. we've got to take the people into consideration, but we ought to take the weapons off the street. neil: now, the other push on the red flag laws, i guess already in effect in 17 states, congressmen, it seems that both parties are in agreement that where there is a sign of trouble, you know, people should feel free to share that with authorities, not be fingered for privacy invasion and the like. that does seem to be something in which both parties agree in the broadest sense. do you? >> i think i do. i used to conduct probable cause hearings. this is where we would ascertain whether a person would be of harm who himself or someone else. i understand the need for this investigation, a neutral magistrate to come to conclusions, but i don't think
8:27 am
we should do this to the extent that we conclude that mental illness is the significant reason why these people are committing these dastardly deeds. we don't want to demean someone who may have an illness to the extent that they become suspect. so i would support red flag laws. texas doesn't have one. i would support it, but i don't want to go too far with it, mr. cavuto. neil: you know, bill clinton said when he signed the assault weapon, essential ban, even though people found loopholes around it in '94, it did dramatically cut down on these mass homicides, the likes of which are so common today, but when it expired in 2004, they started increasing again. others disagree with that, congressman, saying that during that interim we still had columbine, that if someone is intent on killing people, they will find a way to do it.
8:28 am
what do you say? >> well, they may, but we can at least limit the means which which they can commit a dastardly deed. 100 rounds, that's too much, mr. cavuto. a person ought not to be able to discharge 100 rounds without reloading in some way. shotguns-- >> which is the case of the dayton shooter who was able to kill the number of people he did in seconds. >> yes, sir, just in seconds, mr. cavuto. that's just totally unacceptable. the american people are not going to stand for it and we have to change this. we can impose laws that will ban these high capacity magazines. that's not going too far. and i would beg that the n.r.a. release people and let them vote their consciences. this is going too far now. neil: while i have you, congressman, joe biden still appears to be holding his grip on that -- as a leading candidate to challenge donald trump. there must be something to it because the president mentions him the most often, you know, said that, you know, he's a
8:29 am
disappointment, and a little slow out of the gate and you've heard some of the criticism. what do you think if it ends up that joe biden is your party's nominee? would you be an enthusiastic supporter? >> of course i would, but i wouldn't conclude right now that any of the persons will be the nominee and i'm supporting one of them in the sense of full disclosure, i'm supporting senator harris, but you might remember early on in the process a person who had this 999 near i, and there would be the ebbs and flows. it's too early, mr. cavuto, we have to wait and see. neil: i was wanting to see if you'd fall into the too early trap. . >> may i add one thing, mr. cavuto. neil: neil, please. >> thank you. on this situation with mr. epstein, mr. cavuto, it's
8:30 am
supposed to be impossible for this to happen. impossible. when the impossible occurs, we have to act with immediacy. we need to see the video immediately and if the video doesn't show what it should and some technology failed, mr. cavuto we cannot allow ourselves to believe absurdities because it would allow us to have-- >> what are you saying, that someone killed him? >> i don't know what happened. that's why we have to find out right away and we also need to see if there's a video of those who were watching him, who are monitoring him. we need to see that video. this is not supposed to happen. we have to know immediately what occurred and i thank you for giving me that and i'm going to-- >> no, it's very strange. it doesn't add up. congressman, thank you very, very much. >> thank you, sir. neil: be well. the congressman's not the only one saying that, a lot of things
8:31 am
don't add up. a guy on suicide watch committing suicide while he was being watched. it's weird. more after this.
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
>> all right. it is not easing conspiracy theorists fears. right now you just heard al green the democratic congressman among those like ted williams saying how is it a guy on
8:35 am
suicide watch and 24/7 watch commit something attempted a couple of weeks ago. we get the latest from bryan llenas. hey, bryan. >> the federal bureau of prisons has come up with what we've been reporting that jeffrey epstein was found dead in his jail cell, said that life saving measures were initiated, but too late. they're calling it an apparent suicide officially coming from the bureau of prisons. now, we're talking about what's happening to jeffrey epstein. i think it's important to realize the level of charges that this man was facing. this is somebody who was facing 45 years in prison, and the evidence against him was overwhelming. millions of court documents, dozens of victims, thousands of photos found recently in his home, in his mansion in new york, of girls and minors, nude
8:36 am
and semi nude. the weight of the southern district of new york was against him and just recently this week thousands of other documents were released in civil lawsuits against him. again, this case was a -- was pretty rock solid in terms of the evidence coming towards him. so, i think it's important to realize that as we try to analyze what we're seeing here with jeffrey epstein killing himself. another thing, the attorneys for some of the victims, have released a statement. brad edwards is an attorney for virgin virginia giuffre, the fact that he was able to take his life is unfortunate and predictable. the victims owed it to see him held responsible for all the pain that he caused. and that's some of the sentiment
8:37 am
that's now coming from all of these women who accused this man and waited for at least, almost two decades to see some sort of justice served here. so i also think the thoughts here now with those people who are trying to now figure out how they're going to see justice done. you know, i think about being in the courtroom when annie farmer said when she was 16 years old epstein had her sent to his new mexico ranch and he was inappropriate with her and courtney while she was 14 when she was sexually abused. they spoke at his court bail hearing a few weeks ago and said, please, judge, do not let this man out, he is a danger to the community. and, in fact, you know, they were really adamant about that and for them, that was the very first time that they had seen jeffrey epstein in a courtroom and they spoke directly to him
8:38 am
and to the court. and that was a moment for them when they were able to finally feel as though they were getting their voices heard and so i not only am i thinking about annie and courtney wile, but the other potential victims here now robbed of the chance to able to see justice served or a process of a trial for themselves. in terms of what's next, neil, quickly here, the federal bureau of prisons has steps that need to be taken. in the event of a suicide, there's going to be-- right now they are treating that jail cell as a crime scene. the fbi is now investigating and now, what's now going to happen is there's going to be a report that's going to be put together by a psychologist and others and it's called a mortality review report and that's going to be prepared, and it's going to explain essentially what's happened here and also a psychological reconstruction report. those are then going to be sent to a special review committee
8:39 am
and that special review committee will essentially see if what kind of recommendations need to be taken for either corrective action or if something needs to be happen-- you know, who needs to be at fault here for this. you had mentioned this before. this is a man who was at the metropolitan correctional center under 24-hour security and surveillance and somebody who was on suicide watch. obviously, right now, there are big, big questions about how this could happen and, obviously, because of this man's connections to politically important people from both sides of the aisle, as well as celebrities and wealthy people, of course those conspiracy theories are going to be out on twitter and until we know more though, i think it's again, important to realize the weight of the charges leveled against this guy and that obviously he tried to kill himself again. we'll see, the facts will play itself out here, neil, but
8:40 am
that's what we know so far. neil: bryan llenas, thank you, very, very much. to bryan's point there is presumably tape of this and you can bet that authorities have already searched that tape 6:30 a.m. when by almost all accounts, he killed himself, jeffrey epstein dead at 66. more after this. that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. uh-huh, where's the camel? "mr. big shot's" got his own trailer. ♪ wheeeeeee! believe it! geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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8:44 am
what you've got is kim jong-un is continuing to test his multiple rocket launchers. he's got an artillery centric army and he's got some new capability that he's developed and this is a ground-based system that is ground to ground and what he wants to do is put all of south korea under his artillery umbrella that allows him the freedom of maneuver, should, in his belief, south korea and the united states attack across the dmz. he wants to be able to retaliate. now, these are very offensive weapons and they are used in rolling barrages where these multiple rocket launchers can move forward and launch complete pods of rockets and then reload in about 30 minutes and then launch more. and they're, you know, a dangerous pep that is part of north korea's artillery centric army. neil: now, we're told that this is an armed protest aimed at our joint military exercises with
8:45 am
south korea, do you believe that? >> i do. i think it's positioning for the talks that are-- everybody hopes that will happen here in the near future and we've got two things going on with south korea, one is the exercises and it's a command post exercise that takes place every august and what you do, you get the generals from south korea and the united states and some other partner nations on the ground and going over how you would deploy and defend south korea. it's a purely defensive operation, but it also calls for looking at the counter attacks and that kind of thing, if north korea does cross the border so there's an offensive capability there as well. the other thing that happened, the south korea just started receiving f-35's from the united states and that, you know, that's strictly offensive kind of weapon and that airplane, and north korea sees both of those as provocation. neil: do you think that the president puts too much stock in his personal relationship with
8:46 am
kim jong-un? because kim jong-un keeps doing this. >> well, i would make the distinction. no, i don't believe he puts too much stock in it, neil, because we've not had a nuclear test and that was the big thing. you know, this conventional capability is there and he's had that conventional capability and he continues to have it and what we're dealing missiles are really rockets in their artillery and they don't have a parabolic arc that a nuclear weapon would have. and they can't launch nuclear weapons with these missiles. so, we've had no nuclear tests and that's the litmus test for me. neil: general, if you're not worried and you're kind of the expert, i'm not worried. thank you. >> thank you, neil. neil: a look at the market going forward, a lot to chew on this week and then what? after this. old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed.
8:47 am
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8:50 am
>> all right. it's a boycott that won't end. the cycle over there, a billionaire holding a fundraiser for trump. and tracy is outside of equinox here in new york city. >> good morning, neil, pretty standard crowd this morning in manhattan. despite the calls for a boycott and the controversy surrounding the high scale gym, upscale gym and the sole cycle. back lashed after it was discovered steven ross the chairman of the company that owned sole cycle and equinox. both have distanced themselves from the fundraiser. saying they had nothing to do
8:51 am
with it, that took place in the hamptons. and republican chairman committee said thanked to the unhinged mob on the left. real donald trump raised $12 million today and 2 million more than expected. many we spoke it including one cycle employee split on the backlash. listen. >> you want to go work out, work out at your jim. steve ross is an investor like other people. >> i wouldn't support someone who supported a president that i don't support either. >> what are you going to boycott everything associated with trump now, sole cycle, equinox, the list never endsments a person wants to protest and not have their membership in equinox, good for them, do that. >> it's unfortunate that people are choosing to boycott because everyone who truly knows us and sees us there's a lot of love that goes on behind those doors. >> just before president trump left the white house yesterday, he dismissed all of this
8:52 am
backlash against ross and even saying all of this drama could benefit ross saying, quote, i think it just makes steve much hotter, neil. neil: thank you, very very much. let's get the read on this with gary, danielle, and i'm wondering if there's going to be an impact on these establishments? >> financially? we've seen people cry for boycotts. how-- at this point i think i've seen at least 50 to 100 calls for boycotts over this span that i've been covering in retail. none of it really manifests the way they want them to manifest, meaning having a real impact on sales for the company. i think that people were calling for a boycott on walmart because of the tragedy that happened over the weekend, last weekend. neil: they usually don't go anywhere. >> and they don't go anywhere. i think there are other ways to handle something. i understand the power of the purse and speaking, you know, from a standpoint, and making a statement through your financial
8:53 am
and your ability to spend, but, this is not going to have an impact. neil: i always find it weird, too, gary, it would be like conservative ranting against ben and jerry. but whatever their cause, their chunky monkey is delicious. >> or cherry garcia. and when they talked about kaepernick. neil: one of your sons wanted sneakers? >> they're nice sneakers. neil: i'm sure they are. >> when you have a celebrity trying to get front and center, what if the business go go down, and people were laid off. this will last as long as the sun will shine today and be on to something else. that's the good news. unfortunately, we're going to get a lot more of this, not less because of the president and
8:54 am
just the absolute hate and who knows which company, which person. they went after the ceo of marvel yesterday because he's a trump-- >> it's armchair activism and as we know that never takes any sort of effect. when people just shout into their computer screens, that doesn't have any impact on anything. neil: you know, we're free to do this, right, danielle, in this country and you're free not to. if you feel there's a financial impacts, go for that financial impact. i wonder how far it goes, hosts on news networks, if whether somebody msnbc or conservatives on someone on this network saying outlandish things, maybe myself included, boycott the show. it seems like overdone, overdone, overdone. >> to me it seems incredibly overdone because people who don't realize this is the way the political system works. you have millionaires and billionaires, that's what they
8:55 am
do, they raise money and give that money to campaigns. so when people are up in arms over soulcycle, you have to ask them every time you go to target and purchase you make, are you checking if the political beliefs of that company-- >> if you don't like it, right, i don't want to go there anymore, but when you're making it your agenda to economically bring them down, that's a whole other kind of-- >> let's take it a step further. who rents property, cnn a huge renter of the space there. if you're going to go ahead and boycott-- >> and hudson yards is on the extreme west side. >> you know, where steve has made investments and a big related properties is big lan lord there. if you're going to boycott soulcycle, boycott cnn then. >> and we saw the young lady, we
8:56 am
have love there, you're not going off steve ross, you're going after the employees. neil: aren't you a scattered skeptical of people being in a fervor on an exercise bike? there are going to be other targets? >> there are going to be others, especially going into 2020 and this is going to continue to go on and also give other businesses some opportunity here because now you have other soulcycle businesses that are-- sorry, not -- other businesses or competitors coming out and saying, guess what? how you can come to our gym for free. neil: oh, boy, now i know my alternatives are out there. i want to thank you all and thank you for the patience with breaking news today. we should just posit here that these kind of things happen all the time, but i think we live in an environment where on the right and left, people just got
8:57 am
to bring it down a notch or two. we're going to continue to get updates throughout the day on exactly what was behind this suicide of jeffrey epstein. so much that doesn't add up continues on fox throughout the day. what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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>> this is a fox news alert. disgraced financier jeffrey epstein found dead in his jail cell overnight in what the doj is calling an apparent suicide. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm kristin fisher and surprising since epstein was on suicide watch. leland: a lot of questions and more theory. if you check out twitter on hour by hour basis. dare we say this is a coincidence perhaps, more than two weeks since the 66-year-old was placed on suicide watch and one day after thousands of documents were unsealed in connection with his lawsuit that was filed by his accusers with a lot of prominent and powerful names in that laws


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