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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 10, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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through friday, paul is back next week, we hope to see you then. snoit ♪ >> fox news alert, general william barr, attorney general william barr say it is justice inspector general and fbi will investigate apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein after the wealth y financeerr awaiting trafficking charges. hello, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm we are -- eric sean, revealed new details about alleged crimes and names prominent politicians who deny any wrongdoing. epstein apparently found last month unconscious in jail cell
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then with bruises on his neck that caused him to be placed on suicide watch but sources familiar with the matter at the associated press say that the safeguard of suicide watch was in place today, we don't know why the suicide watch may have been lifted. here is former homicide detective ted williams talking about this earlier this afternoon. >> i can tell you that they're going to be some heads rolling over this one, the bureau of prisons, the federal bureau of prisons need to get on front of this right away. arthel: let's go with jackie heinrich with more. >> appears epstein was taken off suicide watch, epstein was in special housing unit which would indicate for prison policy that he had been downgraded. had been placed on suicide watch 3 weeks ago after found in jail cell with marks on his neck, he reportedly hung himself this morning, he was found unresponsive in his cell around
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6:30 a.m. attorney general william barr says death raises serious questions, i was appalled that epstein was found dead while in federal custody, mr. epstein's death raises serious questions that must be answered, in addition to the fbi's investigation, i've consulted with the inspector general who is opening an investigation in the circumstances of mr. epstein's death. the fbi will determine whether a crime was committed and whether there was any foul play but former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein suggested on twitter that there might not be more here beneath the surface, he wrote, pedophiles facing charges high risk of suicide, detained pedophiles require special attention, stopping people from harming themselves is difficult. one of epstein's attorneys blasted the judge, the media upon hearing of his client's
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suicide, arthel. arthel: so, jackie, what does all of this mean for the case against epstein? >> well, epstein dead the criminal case against him end but investigators can still pursue possible cospon sir or o- conspirators still have evidence, new details of sexual abuse claim against the 66-year-old and several associates and also all that evidence from the fbi epstein's mansion to swift through. >> the investigation can continue and it will depend upon what is being uncovered during the ongoing investigation with regard to coconconspirators, whether obstruction of any ongoing inspections. >> manhattan u.s. attorney jeffrey berman said today's events are disturbing and another hurdle for giving epstein's victims day in court, brave young women who have came forward and many other who is
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have yet to do, let me reiterate we remain committed to stand up for you and indictment which include a conspiracy count remains ongoing, a lawyer for several of epstein's accusers lisa bloom said they are getting started and they will sue his estate, arthel. arthel: all right, jacqui heinrich, thank you, jackie. >> a death in federal custody perhaps the most defended in the nation but some calling suspicious, defense attorney, former head prosecutor of morris county new jersey, bob, how can this happen, you are in a special unit which is segregated from other people, obviously monitored and watched and yet he's still able to apparently kill himself. >> even the attorney general is saying i'm outraged over this for the very fact that you're mentioning, an instance that was suspicious, marks around his neck, bound in feetal position in his position in his cell, why
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he was put in special unit potentially if we are learning the report is correct taking off suicide watch when all the troll of documents came out the day before and there are so many other nefarious reasons that people could try to take him out, that is correctional person of bureau of prisons, i want to make sure he's monitored 24/7 so we don't have to get in the conspiracy theory that somebody else did it or -- eric: that's already out there, you have to take a look about conspiracy theories all over the place, was he taken off suicide watch for someone knowing that he would commit suicide, linked to most prominent names in the country running this huge some type of alleged scheme, conspiracy accused of sex trafficking with minors with big names through the years, do you find this suspicious or do you find this incompetence or something else? >> it's either going to be suspicious or incompetent.
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[laughter] >> okay, so you hit the two areas there, but what really offend me is that this may be incompetence or may be a suicide but the victims have been victimized twice now by the federal government, they were victimized by u.s. attorney acosta in florida with the agreement that anybody who came out of any prosecutor school knows was a corrupt deal to the core and so they didn't get justice there. now they finally have an opportunity to get justice and whether it's out of nefarious reasons or negligence, confronting the person in court, you did this to me and i want this to pay and that's sad day that victims don't get the opportunity. eric: could some victims get paid off? >> i've done a lot of civil rights gerps jails and some things that go inside jail, i don't want to cast any any aspersions, but, you know,
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people have lots of money and lots of interest and that would concern me as a prosecutor if i were investigating the case, could be made look like a suicide and i've handled cases like. eric: you have. >> cases that look like suicide in jail. i've had a couple in jail and outside of jail and what i always say to my staff until you can prove otherwise any unattended death is a murder case, it's a murder case and so you prove otherwise. eric: should this be treated as a murder -- homicide? >> i would say to my staff until you can go in there, there's a note or whatever, when you come to the satisfactory conclusion that this was not a murder but suicide find, people jump to the conclusions, i was kind of shocked, it was a suicide, i've been there, i've been at the crime scenes and i've watched this happen and despite all other piece of evidence to the contrary they are lock that that's what the investigation
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is. i hope the fbi and inspector general will do better. we are we are 6:00 o'clock, 6:30, could he have studied the guards, coffee break, watching television, leaves, that's the moment he sees it happening at 6:15 in the morning, someone leaves and that's the shot to take the sheet? >> absolutely. if he's sophisticated and smart to figure that out, yes, if it were me, i don't run the world, if the guy previously try today commit suicide, funny about it, highest profile cases in the united states of america, one of the biggest sex offender rapists of children that we've ever had in this country, he escaped justice under u.s. attorney acosta f he was in my charge, correctional institution, now in southern district i'm going to make sure there's a camera on the guy. >> biggest names in the world. society and new york city society and conspiracy means other people and there shall unnamed other people.
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finally it's not just the allegations dealing with minors but also financial issues. tom of college of staten island in new york, writing a book about jeffrey epstein, he says this, quote, i think he's engaged in blackmail, the reason i think that is i read the palm beach police report, when they did the search warrant, epstein had advance so he scrubbed the places he could but left audio for up loading video files to computers, some of the victims like virginia roberts and court filings that, quote, information is king and mention that bill clinton was there because, quote, he owes me a favor, he bragged that's how powerful he was and i suspect based on the evidence that it's likely since that's the way epstein operates he uses information to his advantage, was he running a blackmail operation, major figures in the island in the caribbean with the thing that he
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had? >> i wouldn't be unusual if he had stockpile or if they get into trouble a get out of jail card. i think it's a damaging place to be at this point in time because we could all be associated with somebody and have no idea they are doing the things that they are doing and the people are running in big circles, a lot of money going on so i'm careful and before i start playing finger unless there's solid evidence that indicate, blackmail for all sorts of other reasons, it could be infidelity with woman with age of consent, who knows. >> president clinton and others have denied wrongdoing of allegations that happened against mr. epstein, bob, thank you, the investigation is just beginning, thank you for your insight, arthel. >> meaningful, very meaningful background checks, i want to see it happen, so i've got a lot of support and i also have the
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support of other people on the other side and i think the democrats and republicans have a chance to really come together. arthel: president trump striking optimistic note he sees bipartisan support for taking action, push for gun reform also gaining momentum on capitol hill as both parties move the issue higher up on the agenda, mark meredith is in washington now with more, hi, mark. >> hi, arthel, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has no plans to call session over gun control, president trump says he's supporting legislation to expand background checks, president has spoken with gop lawmakers, democratic congressional leaders and nra, he believes following last week's shooting is time to act. nra does not appear backing any proposals, they put out statement this week, this is
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what they had to say, the proposals would not have prevented disasters in el paso and dayton. the president says he has consulted with nra officials and made sure that they would have role in debate. >> mark, how are 2020 candidates responding to all of this? >> well, they are certainly bringing up the issue of gun control out on the campaign trail, a lot of them were out in iowa this weekend, they are trying to make the case to voters, president trump and nra are working hand in hand, here is what a few of the candidates had to say. >> we've got a guy in the white house that's afraid, he's afraid of the nra. >> every mayor in the country is fighting gun violence with a hand tied behind our back because of the failure of washington. >> california senator kamala harris says it's not only congress that needs to act in the wake of last week's
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shooting, harris is calling on wal-mart to stop selling guns. >> yeah, they should stop selling guns, i do believe that. we need background checks, let's just start with that. >> harris and fellow democratic senators know doubt have a lot more to say on this issue when they return to dc well after labor day, arthel. arthel: all right, mark meredith, right now we will bring in panel scott bolden, dc democratic chairman and amir, former republican candidate for new york's fourth congressional district, i thank both of you for being here. >> thank you. arthel: all right. >> thank you. arthel: amir, he seems optimistic about getting something done, but bipartisan support are not, does the buck stop with president trump on gun control and should senate majority leader mcconnell put gun control measures up for a vote in september if not sooner?
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>> well, i think that they should do it sooner, i think that they should call a special session in august, bring the legislators back from the recess, have august session that deals with security and safety, but it shouldn't just be based on gun control, there's a whole host of measures and i do think that some of it does rest with the current congress and the president but much of it, and this is what i will take issue with mayor pete buttigieg with democrat runners and democrat legislators that haven't taken measure but, in fact, have taken enactive legislation that rolls back some of the legislation that would have protected communities. they should bring people to washington to talk about such things as enacting legislation, making domestic terrorism a federal crime which is not now, i think they should make stricter penalties for gun offenses, i think they should put the death penalty back on the table, i think we have to talk about taking action against
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sanctuary cities. arthel: right, wait a minute -- those are good points, amir, yes or no, are you say to go bundle -- all of that together, bundle it together? >> well, i think that you can't talk about safety and security without talking all of these things in a package. if we are really serious about securing our communities, talk to them about expanding universal background checks when 80% of guns that are used in these crimes are -- are bought illegally is not going to solve the problem. for instance, i will tell you in new york, in new york in an effort -- arthel: all right, let me jump in, i'm sorry, because i need -- for time sake. i have scott hanging there and i know he has a lot to say because you had a lot to say, amir, scott, you have the floor. >> we are talking about safety
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in the communities? i agree with amir that we need to come back to congress but it starts with congress and we need to come to session in august, what message are you sending america, we will wait and talk and we will bring it back in september, october, whenever they come back, that's not sending the right message, people are dying because of the weapons of mass destruction, whether they got them illegally or legally, if it could help by expanding background checks, having mental health wait periods for those who are either buying guns legally or using them illegally, it's got to help. hundreds of people in the last 20 years have died because of these weapons that are being used and they have access to them, and don't tell me people kill people guns don't kill people, people kill people because they have access to guns, that's not right. so when massacre, when they call massacre mcconnell i don't like the name, if you will, but if he doesn't start with leadership and it doesn't start with him, the house passed some expanded
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background check legislation and mitch mcconnell is holding it up, we need to be back in congress and showing america that we are ready to lead and we don't care about the nra because applications are in 2020, nra is going to play a big role in this and my colleague who is on the other side of this debate, he's right about one thing, democrats and republicans quite frankly have not led on this issue, and these massacres continue and they are going to be more, if we don't do something they'll be more. arthel: well, i want to play sound from congressman of california, he's a democrat, he was on our air earlier expressing what he hopes will happen when congress returns. >> i want focus on what we have in front of us that could be accomplishment for both parties and mostly it would save people's lives now that republicans and democrats do support, so the whole notion that we can never agree on something, we have to dispel, we have an opportunity to do that.
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arthel: very good and also -- >> exactly. arthel: yeah, people are tired of this left and right. >> this is not a political issue, this is america's issue, look at new zealand, when they have their incident, they acted affirmatively, led and you know what, we don't know whether the ban or the wait period will fix it or not, but we do know historically when we had a ban on -- on weapons of mass destruction, in the 80's and we left that legislation run out, we know that we reduced the carnage and that legislation isn't going to stop people from killing people but it's going to reduce the carnage and the scar on america and the number of victims and that's really the first step at eliminating this pain and the massacres that are happening over and over again. arthel: amir, i will get you in a second, but i want to read a statement from senator rick scott of florida, he wrote an op-ed on red flag laws. he says that he would pass it, he says, i'm a gun owner, member of the national rifle association and a strong supporter of the second
1:19 pm
amendment, but the horror of parkland demand a swift practical legislative response to try to prevent future nightmares, anyone who has threatened self-harm have threatened to harm others or mentally unstable should not have access to a gun at all. you can call it infringement on your rights if you want to, i don't care, just get gun asway from such people and then i want to show now a map of 17 states that have the red flag laws which is law that allows guns to be removed from those who may be a danger to themselves and to others. something that we already discussed will garner bipartisan support in congress, scott, is that enough, it's definitely a good starting point? >> it's a good starting point, we have to got the other states lined up but you understand the value of that, i'm a former prosecutor, my colleague on this debate is a former prosecutor from the same office, it's about implementation and how effective the implementation is at the state level, we need to have it
1:20 pm
at federal level and press hard to implement and not be afraid to take these guns from people who are either mentally challenged or their families and friends think they are mentally challenged. arthel: yeah, amir, i meant to go back to you but -- >> i'm sorry, amir. [laughter] >> go ahead, amir. >> that's okay, first of all, when we are talking about federal red flag laws i'm not sure that article 1 section 8 empowers to pass federal red flag law. when we are talking about state laws every single state in the union has a law right now on civil confinement that deals with, dealing with the underlying mental health issues, the problem with red flag laws is we can't talk about them in the abstract because due process requires that we assess the particularity and if we don't know the particulars of the specific law, then in broad strokes it sounds fine but when you get into the details, that's when we reach the issues of due process and we have laws on the
1:21 pm
books that would allow somebody who present -- arthel: that's where i have to leave. i apologize, amir, scott, thanks to both of you. >> thank you. arthel: hard break, we are back in a moment. >> thank you ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance,
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arthel: american soldier has died during mission in northern iraq, third in the country this year, u.s. officials say the service member was on a planned operation to fight isis along side iraqi security forces, the name has not yet been released. this comes a few days after the pentagon announced the terror group was making a comeback in syria. eric: north korea filing two more short-range missiles, president trump is not closing the door on diplomacy with kim jong un, tweeting he looks forward to seeing him again in the, quote, not too distant
1:25 pm
future after he said, quote, he received a beautiful letter from kim and gillian turner has more on all of this from washington. gillian: president trump has got north korean dictator on his mind in particular he says he's impressed, the first part of tweet reads in a letter to me sent by kim jong un he stated very nicely that he would like to meet and start negotiations as soon as the joint u.s.-south korea exercises are over, long letter and much of it complaining about ridiculous and expensive exercises, the president says that he agrees despite the fact that military advisers believe exercises there's crucial element of the bilateral relationship. >> as you know, i've never liked it either, i've never been a fan, you know why, i don't like paying for it, we should be reimbursed for it, i told that to south korea. i don't like it either.
1:26 pm
gillian: second part of president trump's tweet addressed launch of two more missiles into the sea of japan, he writes it was also a small apology for testing the short-range missiles and that the testing would stop when the exercises ends, i look forward to seeing kim jong un in not try distant future, nuclear-free north korea would lead to one of the most successful countries in the world, now the pentagon confirmed to fox news last night this was the fifth time kim's regime launched missile tests in two weeks, but the president is not letting that stop him from pursuing another face to face. >> i think we will have another meeting, he wrote a beautiful 3-page, really beautiful letter. >> the idea of yet another meeting between trump and kim is something secretary of state who has talked about several times in recent weeks, pompeo also backed president trump's claim that the firing of the short-range missiles doesn't violate the agreement the u.s. hatched with north korea in hanoi earlier this year, in
1:27 pm
washington gillian turner, fox news. eric: war of words between president trump and front runner joe biden continues but could line of attacks against the president that democrats are using actually backfire in 2020? ♪[upbeat music]
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>> do you believe the president is a racist, is the president a white supremacists?
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>> he is, fan the flames of white supremacy in this nation. >> division in his entire presidency and campaign, he's embolden white supremacist. >> we have a president of the united states that gives me no pleasure to say it but he's a racist. >> racist attacks, the divisiveness. eric: well, 2020 democratic candidates suggesting or bluntly stating that in their view president trump is racist or white supremacist, candidates pointing on actions in response of deadly mass shootings and long-term rhetoric on illegal immigrants and other issues, for example, where the president for his part denied the characterization thrown by critics and political opponents, in fact, he said this late last month. >> i'm the least racist person anywhere in the world.
1:32 pm
let me explain to you, what i've done for african americans in 2 and a half years, no president has been able to do anything like it. unemployment at the lowest level in the history of our country for african americans, nobody can beat that. eric: despite those facts look at the poll from the quinnipiac university last week, just over half of the voters believe the commander in chief is racist, 1300 people were polled, so we will look at those facts about african-american progress under the administration in a moment, but how does the president shake the image framed by the critics on race? >> well, the president was asked a very similar question yesterday prior to his departure for week-long vacation and the president said all attacks benefit him. to a certain extent the president may be right, if you look back at 2016, you saw
1:33 pm
hillary clinton's strategy in general election attacking president trump personally in pauling his supporters deplorables and that is essentially what's happening in playing out here for 2020, when you have all of these candidates that are attacking the president, calling him a racist, calling him a white supremacist, the implicit idea is that his supporters also feel the same way about the president and i don't think that's necessarily a really good strategy for those democrats running in the general election, maybe good for them in terms of securing the nomination, but it's not a good general election policy. eric: when we get to general application, what is the response to people sitting at home like they are now, like the folks are now watching on television who support the president and you have the opponents calling him a racist implicitly as you say, they are calling the folks watching television as racists? >> well, it energizes the base, you saw this in 2016, seemed as if -- it wasn't just seem as if, it did energize the base, people
1:34 pm
called deplorables embraced that, they came out in droves to hear the president, they obviously came out in droves to elect the president in 2016, so the president maybe on the right idea that it does help him in the long run when democrats make this charge against the president, you may recall eric, just a few weeks ago, the full house, every member of the house who is a democrat labeled the tweet the president put out as racist, so this idea is one that is essentially one that is shared by the entire democratic party, it's not one that's just on the left or the progressive field this way, it's all democrats essentially who feel this way based upon vote that took place in the house of representatives just a few weeks ago. >> and they point to his rhetoric, they point to the fact that he seems to target african-american lawmakers, a lot of people but elijah cummings, watters and others and that feeds into the charge that the democrats are saying that he
1:35 pm
does come from this racial profile, look, he's from new york city, in park 5, big ad calling for the death penalty, later on many years later, decades later court cleared the case, the trump organization in the past under his father was accused under the -- in 1973 about discrimination allegedly in housing and long thought of and accused of this type of situation. >> well, it's one of the toughest charges to defend yourself against being called a racist or being called a white supremacist because it's one of the difficult things that you have to disprove, the president and the speak that speak on behalf of the president do fine job on behalf of the president but having said that, this is not a good, long-term strategy for those who secure the democratic nomination, it's a strategy that i think faults
1:36 pm
them in a sense that you have some things that you can perhaps run against the president on if you feel strongly the president's immigration policies are not good, run on that, if you think the president's takes for judicial nominees are poor choices, run on that, this is not one that motivates a general election electorate to go to the polls, it certainly elements of the democratic party but those in the democratic party feel for the president is going to be regardless of this charge that is leveled against the president. >> but then there are the fact that is belie the accusation, let's look at the facts in dealing with african-american community with the country, numbers look pretty good, african-american unemployment record lows, take a look at this, 2019 as of july 6%, it's been going down since the president took office, back in 2016, hitting almost 8% when president obama was in office so it's going down in this
1:37 pm
administration. african-american poverty rate, that also going down, 2017 as you can see just over 18%, look how much it went down. 3 points, more than 3 points since 2014 under the obama administration. why doesn't the administration get these numbers out more or the president tweet these numbers out more because it seems to me that that's one way he can plump the allegations even though there's issues as we recently seen in baltimore. >> yeah, well, the president does not talk about this and may not be as often as supporters would like but he talks about unemployment for african-american at historic low, unemployment for hispanic americans for historic low and same thing for asian americans, these are good arguments the president can make to rebut those churches that have been leveled against him. the policies certainly have been benefited minorities an there's no arguing with that even if you
1:38 pm
are a democrat who really des -- dislikes the president, those are facts of the administration, two and a half years into presidency. eric: perhaps some of the critics don't want to see those and it's inconvenient, john decker. arthel: white supremacist planning attack in synagogue in las vegas now behind bars, he chatted online with other white supremacists and recently told an fbi informant he was scouting places to attack, he's been held on firearms charges and will be in court august 23rd, the man interviewed by the local patrolling neighborhood with battle geared and neighbors expressed concern then but he was not arrested. universal pictures scrapping release of controversial film the hunt, the
1:39 pm
film was pulled in wake of last weekend's shootings, liberal elites hunt, quote, deplorables for sport, jonathan hunt in los angeles with more, jonathan. >> arthel, in the wake of those shootings in el paso and dayton universal found itself under pressure all week over the movie and now it has vow today that pressure posting the statement on the movie website that reads, quote, while universal pictures has pulled the marketing campaign for the hunt after pulled for consideration the studio has decided to cancel our plans to release the film, we standby our filmmakers and continue to distribute films in partnership with bold and visionary creators like those associated with this social thriller, but we understand that now is not the right time to release this film. the hollywood reporter had previously said the original
1:40 pm
title of the hunt was red state versus blue state and one of the characters says nothing better than going after the manner and slaughtering of dozen deplorables, we have not seen the movie nor read the screen so independently confirmed the line about deplorables was in the movie, what we have seen is one of the trailers released by universal in which two characters talk about the right of wealthy one percenters to hunt the well off. >> we pay for everything. this country belongs to us. >> haunting human beings for sport. >> they're not human beings. >> just yesterday president trump without specifically naming the movie lashed out at hollywood. >> you talk about racists, hollywood is racists, what they are doing with the kind of movies they are putting out is actually very dangerous for our country, what hollywood is doing
1:41 pm
is a tremendous disservice to our country. >> we should point out, arthel, that as far as we are aware, no one has suggested at any point that this movie had any racist material in it, but clearly had violent political overturns and in pulling the movie universal seems to be accepting movie that was it was an ill-conceived idea in time of polarization in this country, arthel. arthel: jonathan hunt, thank you. eric: south carolina all the way to texas. >> it's gross and smells bad. >> this is nature. eric: happens to be rotting seaweed, we will show you that next.
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eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress arthel: new information in the search for an inmate who escaped
1:45 pm
from a tennessee prison, curtis ray watson was at a home of prison official 3 hours before her body was discovered wednesday, watson who fled that day from west tennessee state is expected of killing debra johnson which is located in prison grounds. >> he's extremely dangerous, he's on the run, at this point we still believe he is probably still in the area. we have following a lot of leads and information that at this point we are pretty confident that he's still in the area right now, but it's still possible that he has gotten outside of the tennessee area. arthel: watson was serving 15 years for aggregating kidnapping. eric: local officials there are concerned that this all could
1:46 pm
impact tourism industry. >> family of 4 today should have been a picture-perfect day in miami beach but then they smelled it and then they saw it. >> we were shocked when we were on the beach, we had no idea and full of weeds. >> smelly rotting seaweed are washing up in the shore in record amount decorating the sand with brown carpet twisting and tangling around ankles of beach visitors. >> this is nature. >> this is not a toxic algae but when there's large amount of it it smells bad and looks kind of like leftover food with too much soy sauce on it. >> from the view up top you can see how much of the beach it covers, scientists put the blame
1:47 pm
on things like pollution and rising ocean temperatures. >> amazon river causes and coming around the caribbean and gulf stream brings it and now we have this mess. >> 16 million tourists visit each year spending nearly 30 billion, now officials are worrying about their tourism dollars, why go to miami if you can't go to the beach? >> well, it's a challenge that we will have to deal with because whether you're a resident or visitor, you expect to be able to spend seconds or a few minutes in beautiful pristine beaches. >> clean-up crews targeting areas of the beach with build-up of seaweed, dump trucks and -- >> countries like méxico and people help clean nice beach again as soon as possible, in miami alina, fox news.
1:48 pm
>> tornadoes ripping through europe causing extensive damage this as the central united states prepares for severe storms, your weather forecast is up next. not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair. overstepped.
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arthel: severe weather slamming parts of europe as two tornadoes touchdown and are caught on video, one struck the southern part of where 100 homes were damaged and several people injured, winds speeds nearly reaching 80 miles per hour, authorities say another tornado was also spotted in the city of amsterdam in netherlands. eric: how about that? deadly typhoon that made
1:52 pm
landfall in china, forced a million more people to evacuate homes happening earlier this morning. nearly dozen people have been reported missing so far and according to chinese state media estimated 2.7 million homes in the region lost power as, of course, the power lines were toppled in high winds. arthel: eric, back here at home violent thunderstorms and flooding expected in parts of the plains this weekend after severe weather pounded south dakota yesterday, meteorologist adam klotz. hi, adam. >> we are set up in a pattern here same areas, slow-moving system, big low pressure system in the pacific northwest and we are beginning to see some to have big thunderstorms in wyoming, portions of montana, this is going to be a spot to pay attention and over the course of the weekend, entire system slowly drifts off towards the east, center in the country and more in the plains, these are the spots we are paying attention to, thunderstorms winds up to 60 miles an hour, big hail and isolated tornadoes
1:53 pm
possible but this isn't going to be huge tornado outbreak, more really big thunderstorms that could be causing damage and at times very heavy rain and that could be causing flooding, as far as flooding goes, this is your rainfall totals from now all the way to early monday morning and you see do isolated spots there that are getting right in the center of the country from places like iowa back to kansas, nebraska, maybe as 4 to 5-inches coming down relatively quickly, isolated areas but could cause flooding and that's something we will be catching, the story besides the rain will continue to be the heat, further to the south, current temperatures across the country, texas is hot but you run across the entire gulf coast it's going to be hot, sticky, muggy, we have a large area here with heat advisories because of that feels like temperature getting up in a lot of cases to triple digits, these are your feels like heat index, 103 in charleston, tulsa all the way to 111, that continues against --
1:54 pm
again on sunday, 112 in tulsa, a lot of really intense heat, arthel, you're from the south, you know that humidity, it can hit you and take your breath away. arthel: good for your skin. adam klotz, keep it in mind, campaign trail also hot as 2020 candidates continue to make their pitch to voters in hawkeye state, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren right out there now on stage in the iowa at the state fair. more coverage next hour its show of strength... or its sign of intelligence? in crossing harsh terrain... or breaking new ground? this is the time to get an exceptional offer on the mercedes of your midsummer dreams at the mercedes-benz summer event, going on now. lease the gla 250 suv for just $329 a month at the mercedes-benz summer event.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ eric: the rush hour, it went dark in the u.k. last night as parts of england and wales were suddenly without power. that stranded commuters on trains and leaving others locked in gridlocked traffic because, well, you don't have electricity, the traffic lights don't work. reports say rail services though were not fully restored until this morning. however, power was back for about 1 million customers. don't want that to happen in the summer. arthel: at all. for the third consecutive weekend, thousands of people taking to the streets in moscow, angry over the exclusion of opposition and independent candidate from the city council ballot. today's protests appear to have had the largest turnout so far. but unlike the previous two protests, which sometimes saw violent police crackdowns and numerous arrests, today's was
1:59 pm
sanctioned by the city. fox news alert, attorney general william barr opening a federal investigation into the apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein as the fbi announces it too will look into his death. the wealthy financier was found unresponsive in his jail cell this morning at a federal prison in manhattan, where he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. hello everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. eric: thank you nor joining us. -- for joining us. i'm eric shawn. several weeks ago epstein allegedly tried to hurt himself at that time. he was found unconscious 18 days ago in his jail cell with bruises on his neck say officials and was put on suicide watch at that time. as of this hour, it is not clear why he apparently was taken off suicide watch and how this could apparently happen. there are a lot of questions and
2:00 pm
accusations involving this sudden surprising death. jackie heinrich has more on the latest developments. hi, jackie. >> hi, eric. it appears that epstein was taken off suicide watch. the bureau of prisons says epstein was in a special housing unit and that would indicate per prison policy that he was at one point downgraded. epstein has been placed on suicide watch nearly three weeks ago now after he was found in his jail cell with marks on his neck. he reportedly hung himself this morning. he was found unresponsive in his cell around 6:30 a.m. attorney general william barr says his death raises serious questions and will be investigated by both the fbi and the inspector general. the fbi will determine whether a crime was committed and whether there was foul play. former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein suggested on twitter there really may not be more here beneath the surface tweeting that pedophiles facing federal criminal charges are at high risk from suicide and stopping people from harming themselves is difficult. the next steps in the
2:01 pm
investigation will be determining whether there was any negligence, eric, on the part of the prison. eric: certainly one of the questions. meanwhile, jackie, of course the case against him personally ends, but, you know, he was charged as part of a conspiracy, a conspiracy that involves other people. no one yet has been charged. what do we know about the future of the case? >> with epstein dead, the criminal case against him ends, but investigators can still pursue possible co-conspirators and his alleged victims still have their civil cases. a lawyer for several of his accusers, lisa bloom, shared this message from one of epstein's alleged victims. it reads i will never have a sense of closure now. i'm angry as hell that the person who could have allowed this to happen and that i and the other victim wills never see the consequences for his horrendous actions. i hope whoever allowed this to happen also faces some type of consequence. you stole from us a huge piece that we needed to move on from our lives. bloom says epstein's victims are
2:02 pm
just getting started and will sue his estate. >> in the civil case, the plaintiffs in those cases certainly have a right to now seek to have the estate's assets frozen and ensure that they in some way can get the benefits of the assets that are contained in his now estates assets and portfolio. >> just yesterday, a new york federal court unsealed hundreds of pages of court documents alleging new details of second yule abuse claims against the -- sexual abuse claim against the 66-year-old. and the u.s. attorney from the southern district of new york says this is not the end of the road in the criminal case. the charges they are investigating in that indictment which included that conspiracy count remain ongoing. er eric? eric: thank you very much. arthel? arthel: yep, that's me. [laughter] arthel: we're bringing a civil and criminal defense attorney, eric guster. how could this happen, a prisoner on suicide watch
2:03 pm
commits suicide in jail? >> this is very bizarre, especially the day after all these documents were coming out and all these do you wants were released. -- all these documents were released. jeffrey epstein was the pillar of sexual predators as far as accusations, and the name drops that happened yesterday were like the political who's who in the world. so i don't know -- i'm not a big conspiracy theorist, but they do need to investigate how this happened, who allowed this to happen. did someone actually coerce someone to change the rules and give him access to kill himself because this is the type of situation where we need to know exactly who participated in this and who allowed this to happen, especially when he tried to kill himself just a couple weeks ago. arthel: yeah, there must be video. i'm wondering when will we get to see that video? do you know? do you have any ideas? >>i'm sure the authorities have the videos now because when a
2:04 pm
person is on suicide watch, such a high-profile particular prisoner, they will have this person on video in the prison cells because they are tasked with the duty to protect someone from themselves and from other people, so they want video to make sure that he's not assaulted by other prisoners, or he's not assaulted by a prison guards or anyone who has access to him. so they will have video to show exactly what happened in this particular case, and back to what we said a little bit earlier, he was on suicide watch a couple of weeks ago, so why was he -- why did he have access to something that could harm himself in which he did? arthel: eric, i'm with you. i don't subscribe to conspiracy theories, but in this case, you do have thoughts that crop up of foul play or perhaps an inside job. i mean who has to answer this? how will this be investigated? >> they are going to try to piece the puzzle together. there's always an electronic web and money trail. when people start conspiring to
2:05 pm
hurt someone or necessarily not hurt them, but allow them to hurt themselves, there's always a trail of bread crumbs, whether it's text messages, e-mails, phone calls, all types of communication because people get very sloppy. and yeah, like i said, we're not conspiracy theorists but this man was name dropping people in a possible criminal conspiracy -- arthel: in the meantime, you have attorney general william barr and the fbi saying they will be investigating this. so hopefully with that kind of power behind this, that we will get to some answers. but meanwhile, eric, as you know, epstein was set to face trial next summer. does this derail the criminal investigation? >> it does derail the criminal investigation. however, the civil investigation will continue, and there may be more civil cases that evolve because his estate was healthy. it had a lot of money, so they have the ability to freeze
2:06 pm
assets, stop these assets from being sold off and sue the estate for what he may have done to his alleged victims. arthel: would it be easy or difficult to track down some of his estates and accounts he left behind? who knows where they are, in foreign countries or what have you. >> that's why you have the power of the federal government who is investigating this. they will track down his money now, and they will track down his relatives, those who may have had access to his funds. they will subpoena his accountant's records, his cpa's records and his attorney's records to see where all of his money was hidden in place. but the people who are going to sue the estate, they're going to have their own types of investigations to find out where his money is so they can try to get a piece of it based upon what they are alleging he did to them. arthel: you started on this earlier, but what about the prominent people identified by at least one of the victims, alleged to have taken part in epstein's scheme? what happens with that? >> all those cases can be prosecuted separately from
2:07 pm
epstein. now, epstein, he was the nucleus of the entire web, so he was the one that was holding everything together, but if a man sexually assaulted a young girl, he still has to face those particular charges, and he may face charges for a civil litigation cases as well in reference to suing him and trying to get money from him for what he did to any particular victim. arthel: finally, eric, considering all that has transpired in the past few hours, five or so hours, how does this impact witness and victim testimony? are they now more likely to be believed? >> some of them will definitely be more likely believed because when you have someone who has killed himself or committed suicide in the wake of all types of allegations, people tend to think that person killed himself because he did it, but they still have to prove their case in court.
2:08 pm
on the civil side, it is preponderance of the evidence where they have to prove he was more likely than not guilty of doing something to them. and the criminal case against the other people are beyond a reasonable doubt when charges are brought against any of his co-conspirators in his case, i'm sure the states and federal courts are looking at that as well. arthel: eric guster, thank you very much, eric. >> thank you. eric: i like that eric. some top capitol hill democrats are calling for the senate to reconvene to pass meaningful gun control legislation. majority leader mcconnell says the issue of gun control will be front and center when lawmakers return to capitol hill next month. mcconnell along with pelosi are rejecting those calls to bring lawmakers back now from summer recess to try and address the different proposals that are being floated after the mass shootings in el paso texas, and dayton, ohio. but president trump striking an optimistic tone, getting at least one of those proposals to
2:09 pm
become law. >> frankly we need intelligent background checks. okay? this isn't a question of nra, republican or democrat. we don't want insane people, mentally ill people, bad people, dangerous people. we don't want guns in the hands of the wrong people. eric: rich edson is in new jersey, the president's golf club in bedminster where he will spend the next ten days on his working summer vacation, some golf out there as well as the issues. hi, rick. >> hi, eric. that's what the president is calling it here, a working vacation. the president spent his first full day here, about ten days or so he's going to spend here, then back to washington, d.c., when the president returns, congress returns next month. the president says he is confident that he can get skeptics and those opposed to what he wants on background checks to mostly support that legislation. >> there's been no president
2:10 pm
that feels more strongly about the 2nd amendment than i do. however, we need meaningful background checks so that sick people don't get guns. i think in the end, i think in the end, wayne and the nra will either be there or maybe will be a little bit more neutral. and that would be okay too. >> now the national rifle association and its ceo wayne lapierre has said that the organization is against anything that would limit the ability of american law-abiding citizens to own or purchase firearms and has also said that a lot of what lawmakers are discussing right now are proposals that would do just that. so it's unclear the specifics on this one. the senate majority leader has spoken about this. congress, though, is really going to have to debate the details of this, but the president pushing this before his trip here to bedminster. back to you.
2:11 pm
eric: all right, probably have something next month. thank you, arthel. arthel: for more on how members of congress are reacting, we are in washington with that part of the story. mark? >> several senate democrats have been calling on majority leader mitch mcconnell to reconvene the senate. he's rejecting that. instead mcconnell says the issue will be front and center in september. he said he's looking at options to see what's viable to pass the senate. senator mcconnell called into radio station whaf on thursday. this is what he had to say. >> we're going to put together a bipartisan discussions and get started so that we're hopefully by the time we get back, see some of the differences, and see what we can turn into a law rather than just finger pointing. >> democrats say they already know what needs to happen. they want congress to approve universal background checks, ban assault weapons and expand red flag laws. minority leader schumer and house speaker pelosi put out a
2:12 pm
statement earlier this week. they said quote, the president gave us his assurances that he would review the bipartisan house-passed legislation and understood our interest in moving as quickly as possible to help save lives. but not every senate democrat is convinced these renewed gun control proposals will ever become law. and some are pointing the finger back at president trump. >> he has no empathy for the suffering and concern that families are facing because if he did, he'd stand up to the nra. he would ban the assault rifles. he would ban the large magazines. he would pass universal background checks and he would demand that mitch mcconnell would go back into congress to get that done. >> there's a bipartisan effort by senators graham and blumenthal to expand federal grants to allow states to enact red flag laws. senator graham says it is a way to potentially save lives and protect americans' rights. >> there has to be an imminent threat of harm to one self. it can only be the police can go to a judge. the gun owner can come in and defend themselves >> that's one of the many
2:13 pm
proposals lawmakers are expecting to consider when they return to d.c., going to be after labor day. arthel? arthel: all right, thank you very much, mark meredith. >> thanks. eric: police say the man accused of carry ought a deadly mass -- carrying out a deadly mass shooting in el paso texas confessed to targeting mexicans. the 21-year-old suspect, patrick crusius is waiving his miranda rights and making the startling admission while he was speaking to detectives. 22 people were killed and more than two dozen were wounded in that horrible attack last saturday. the suspect is charged with murder and is being held without bond. federal prosecutors say they are considering filing hate crime charges against him arthel: a media company having a chance -- a change of heart about a movie striking the nerves of many conservatives. your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances.
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2:17 pm
>> they are treating conservatives very unfairly. hollywood, i don't call them the elites. i think the elites are people they go after in many cases, but hollywood is really terrible. you talk about racist. hollywood is racist. arthel: that's president trump slamming hollywood as quote very dangerous for our country as universal pictures announces it is cancelling its release of its controversial thriller called "the hunt" following last weekend's two mass shootings. the movie is based on a satire where elites hunt human victims called deplorables for sport. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles with more. jonathan? >> arthel, also talk here and in fairness to universal, we should point out that no one as far as we're aware has suggested as president trump implied that this movie had any racist
2:18 pm
content. having said that, here's the wider point president trump wanted to make in terms of his view of hollywood. >> what they are doing with the kind of movies they are putting out, it's actually very dangerous for our country. what hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country. >> "the hunt" movie clearly had overtly violent political overtones. the hollywood reporter has claimed that early in the script one of the characters says quote nothing better than going out to the manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables. we can't independently confirm the line about deplorables was in the movie because we have neither seen it nor read the screenplay. what we have seen is one of the trailers released by universal in which two characters talk about the right of wealthy 1 percenters to hunt the -- >> we pay for everything so this
2:19 pm
country belongs to us. >> hunting human beings for sport. >> they are not human beings. >> today universal suddenly pulled the movie saying on its website quote while universal pictures had already paused the marketing campaign for "the hunt", after thoughtful consideration the studio has decided to cancel our plans to release the film. we stand by our filmmakers and will continue to distribute films in partnership with bold and visionary creators, like those associated with this satirical social thriller. but we understand that now is not the right time to release this film. this of course is not the first time that real life events have affected a movie's reception or release. "collateral damage" starring schwarzenegger was pushed back after the 9/11 attacks. and in 2017 the remake of "death wish" was delayed several months
2:20 pm
after the mass shooting at a concert in las vegas. arthel? arthel: thank you. eric: former vice president joe biden has been taking some heat from critics amid a number of recent verbal slip ups on the campaign trail. here's what he said on thursday when he was speaking to the asian and latino coalition pac in iowa followed by responses from both mr. biden and the president. >> poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids, wealthy kids, black kids, asian kids. think how we think about it. >> he's not playing with a full deck. he made that comment. i said woe -- i saw it, i was on something. i had a television. i saw his comments. joe biden is not playing with a full deck. this is not somebody you can have as your president. but if he got the nomination, i would be thrilled. >> [inaudible].
2:21 pm
eric: he has occasional gaffes. a white house reporter is joining us here in the new york studio, not just in washington. great to see you in person. >> thank you. eric: he says he's authentic, he's uncle joe, and he corrected himself immediately. the president -- throwing bricks back at each other. does this have the possibility of damaging his campaign or his effort, or will it pass? >> i think it is important to remember the former vice president has had a reputation of making gaffes his entire career. he maeng managed to keep going. he was in the senate for decades. became the vice president of the united states. it is part of who he is. i'm sure some advisors around him wish he would be less prone to some of those gaffes. it can be a weakness. that's why you are seeing the president right now zoom-in on that, and no doubt, he will, in particular, if biden ends up
2:22 pm
being the nominee. eric: there was a saturday night live characterization. george w. bush obviously with some of his isms. does it get to the point where the electorate says that's just the way he is an he's out there speaking, or does it indicate something for troubling when he's 76 years old? >> well, i think that people who are concerned about his age and president trump may be one of the people who tries to emphasize that may see that as a ramification or a symptom of that. that said, i mean, joe biden has been in the public arena for decades. he's able to correct when he issues a gaffe or when a gaffe comes out of his mouth, and i think some of president trump's critics would say look, we can handle a few gaffes in joe biden, the words that are coming out of president trump's mouth are much more concerning than a gaffe. eric: that's certainly the case
2:23 pm
of the critics who say they look at the president's rhetoric, for example, and point to that. in fact, mr. biden's campaign manager, said that the president is using this to, quote, turn the attention away from the atrocious record of using racism to divide this country. one one hand you can point to a joe biden, but the biden folks say no, no, no, it is the president's rhetoric and language that should be under the microscope and criticized. >> i think that's the argument they will continue to make as this campaign continues. i mean you have some gaffes from joe biden, but you have on the side of the president, some of his comments over the last two and a half years about there being good people on both sides of the charlottesville controversy of, you know, telling the four congresswomen of color to go back. those types of things critics will say have racial overtones or are overtly racist. democrats and people around joe biden will say that's a much more serious problem.
2:24 pm
eric: the guru of the way the numbers work in the elections, from the new york times, he said this quote it is not that complicated folks, in a tweet, biden is going to lose the nomination if the democrats will become convinced that he can beat trump or they become convinced that someone else can otherwise he's likely to be pretty resilient. the bottom line what nate is bringing up whoever they think can beat the president is who will get the nomination. >> that's right. that's one of the reasons the former vice president is doing so well in the polls. people think he can win. there are polls that show him beating president trump in a head-to-head contest. despite some of the issues that he's had, a couple debates that weren't super strorng he maintains a significant lead in the democratic polls. that means at least right now and things could change very quickly. but at least right now he's the kand candidate on the democrat's side to beat. >> what his strengths? >> his strengths are experience,
2:25 pm
foreign and domestic policy. his time in the senate, his time serving with barack obama in the white house. that's appealing to african-american voters which is interesting because there are a couple of other african-american candidates in the race but a lot of that electorate have continued to throwing their support behind biden. he's got good people around him. and he has been in the arena for a long time. now, being in the arena for a long time has pros and cons. eric: there's a record they can attack. >> that es 's right, but he is proud for the most part of that record and i think he will emphasize the things he's proud of. eric: or a record that he can and others can support. he also reaches out to the union guys, the working class. can he appeal to those obama voters who switched to trump and then may be on the fence? >> well, i think that's a good question, and we will see that -- we will be looking for that in states like pennsylvania, michigan, some of the swing states that went for obama -- that went for obama and then went for trump. certainly some of those voters are key targets for the biden
2:26 pm
campaign and other democrats, but i think the biden campaign has presented itself, and he has presented himself as somebody who understands those voters, understands those workers, has that working class background. he loves talking about his family, loves talking about his parents, and that resonates. that resonates with voters. eric: always reminding people it doesn't hurt in pennsylvania from scranton, born and raised scranton joe, down in delaware, in fact about two hours ago, mr. biden on the campaign trail, up in iowa with some other candidates. he addressed some of these issues. here's what he said about the race >> you're going to see these numbers go up and down, up and down. so all that i can do is just continue to do what i've done my career. at this time i have more of a platform now in which to do it, and that is to just try to be as authentic as i can, let people know who i am, and, you know, and just make a choice.
2:27 pm
i'm not looking to change. thank you. eric: there it is, i'm trying to be as authentic as i can. i'm not looking to make a change. >> that authenticity has served him well even though he's had some ups and downs with the gaffes, but the ability to connect with people has always been a key characteristic of joe biden that voters in his home state and nationally have liked. eric: jeff, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. arthel: jeff, thanks for being in the studio with us. the campaign trail, and by the way, the food, they are both sizzling at the iowa state fair. yummy. wait a minute, that just looks like regular old hamburgers. >> that's pork? eric: i want to see the fried oreos and deep-fried twinkies. arthel: i want something decadent like that too. that's a pork chop? i'm hungry now. we will be there live in a
2:28 pm
second. i'm just like salivating right now. go to break, guys. go to break. wow, that looks delicious.
2:29 pm
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alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. so, give that just saw a puppy look and whatever that look is. look like you with fewer lines. own your look with the one and only botox® cosmetic. arthel: in the race for the white house, more than 14 democratic presidential candidates are expected to give soap box speeches at the iowa state fair this weekend. there's senator cory booker on the stage right now. senator kamala harris was up there earlier. senator elizabeth warren up
2:32 pm
there as well earlier. see, look at senator harris. she's getting in on the cooking. that's her specialty. hillary vaughan is also there in des moines iowa with the latest. hey, hillary. >> arthel, thank you for having me. presidential candidates have been sounding off all day at the gun safety reform forum in iowa on preventing gun violence. this forum was sparked by back-to-back mass shootings in texas and ohio. senator elizabeth warren came out with her own gun control plan today, saying she will use executive action paired with legislation through congress to lower gun-related deaths by 80%. senator harris proposes a tighter deadline for congress than warren, if she were in the house, proposing executive action on gun control if congress does not step up within the first 100 days of her term. harris says she is not worried about legal challenges to her executive action. >> we've done the legal research
2:33 pm
on it. i'm not concerned about it. i'm sure there will be challenges, but it's strong. >> biden agrees with harris, but says executive action is not a cure-all for gun violence problems. >> gun shop where you would expect to sell a certain number of guns. you're selling ten times more guns. you have and must have the legal responsibility of understanding something is going on. >> so that was senator sanders explaining he thinks retail companies should also be held accountable if they sell guns to someone that is stock piling. candidates have been filing in all day, going back and forth between the forum which is ten minutes away from the fair to here to step on the soap box and talk to iowa caucus-goers. arthel? arthel: most of the people i see walking behind you there, they are all about the food. they don't worry about the politics. are the candidates enjoying themselves there as well?
2:34 pm
>> they are. in fact, they are enjoying the food as well. senator kamala harris earlier stepped up to the grill to try her hand at flipping a pork chop. and i asked her if that was easier than flipping republican voters. >> i think it might be a little easier, but i'm not giving up. [inaudible]. >> senator cory booker is here right now speaking. he is a vegetarian, arthel, so we will have to wait and see if he tries his hand at flipping pork chops or also what he eats here, because he can't have any pork. arthel: i'd be eating the pork. you know senator harris is a really good cook. you know that; right? >> she was giving someone a recipe actually while she was cooking on the grill for her pork. she was saying something about marinading it and i didn't catch all of it, but yes, she is a
2:35 pm
good cook, and she also shares those tips. arthel: all right, hillary, thank you very much. have fun. eric: one of the great traditions of the legendary iowa state fair is you can partake in almost anything that's fried or on a stick, like bacon wrapped hot dogs for fried twinkies and here you can see a presidential candidate. new jersey's cory booker is there on the soap box right now giving a speech. let's listen in. >> -- who we must be to each other in the generation ahead. [cheers] >> we have big challenges, america. we have the challenge of climate change. we have the challenge of a generation for the first time in our history with a lower life expectancy than the one before. we have a challenge that there are people in our nation who are working hard, whether they're farmers in fields, whether they're men and women at factories, whether they're waitresses in cities like mine, who work full time jobs, but still find themselves with more
2:36 pm
month at the end of their money than money at the end of their month because we have stripped the dignity from work in this country. we have got to get back to the nation we were. my grand father was a union worker on an assembly line during the depression in world war ii. he stood side by side with white workers joined together in the cause of a union and the idea that in this nation if you work hard, if you play by the rules, you can have your american dream. it is time -- [cheers] >> it is time that this generation restores the very idea of this country, that this generation restores the american dream, and that's not going to be easy. to achieve that, we've got to not turn against each other, but turn towards each other. to do that, we've got to get rid of leaders that try to demean and degrade and pit americans against each other. it is time to have leaders that speak to that revival, to speak
2:37 pm
to our common values, because if you are an american, i know you agree with me, that no american should go without health coverage. it is an american right, not a privilege. eric: you can see senator booker braving the heat up on the soap b box, which is one of the legend dare political traditions -- legendary political traditions at the iowa state fair which they step on the soap box like the old times. anybody can see a presidential candidate in person. that's the way they do the politics in iowa. at least two of the democratic candidates who are running are trying to snag more voters. they are doing that by advertising positions on their campaign teams for a faith engagement and faith outreach director. some say democratic push to amend a bill that protects religious freedoms could potentially jeopardize those efforts. chief religion correspondent lauren green has more. >> democrats are not giving the religious vote to the
2:38 pm
republicans. >> galatians 6:7 reads do not be deceived. god is not mocked. >> i'm walking the way of a religious progressive. >> presidential candidate and indiana mayor pete buttigieg is hiring a faith advisor for his campaign so is cory booker as democrats work to appeal to a different kind of faith voter. >> some candidates are going to do better amongst some slices of religious america than others and i think that's a healthy thing. it shows these candidates are running with a level of authenticity to who they are and what their approach to the campaign. >> in 2016, the evangelical vote helped donald trump take office. 80% of white evangelicals voted for him. while the republicans have cornered the religious market on pro-life issues and traditional marriage, pastor jim wallace, founder of a magazine and a political activist, says there are other faith issues democrats can claim >> the bible has 2,000 verses about the poor, 2,000 verses.
2:39 pm
i never hear any of that from republicans, never ever. >> a conservative like tommy perkins of the family research council point to democrats support of a bill in congress that he says emphasizes lgbtq and abortion rights at the expense of individuals religious freedoms. perkins believes voters are looking for more than mere words. >> people who follow the bible, that believe the bible, that it gives direction to our lives, are not going to be deceived by the rhetoric. they're going to look at the record. >> but there is one thing that both religious liberals and conservatives agree on, it is that god does not belong to any political party. in new york, lauren green, fox news. arthel: thank you. police in hong kong clashing with protesters. as pro democracy marches continue flooding the streets. f" sweepstakes and i get to be in this geico commercial?
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arthel: clashes breaking out in hong kong for the 10th straight weekend as protesters marched in the streets there in defiance of a police ban. officers in riot gear firing tear gas to disperse the crowds. ellison barber has more. >> for nine weeks, antigovernment protests have rocked hong kong. protesters say if the government thinks they are going to give up, they are sore ri mistaken. -- sorely mistaken. on saturday, protesters and police clashed well into the night in parts of the semiautonomous territory. police reportedly used tear gas with little to no warning after protesters blocked an intersection. thousands of prost protesters gathered at the airport as well. all of them seeming to protest peacefully in one of the busiest
2:44 pm
airports in the world. >> our government didn't respond to our demands, yeah, after people marching out, they didn't respond. they didn't respond. this is why we're still here. >> the hong kong protests began two months ago after the government tried to introduce legislation allowing defendants to be extradited to mainland china where courts are controlled by the ruling communist party. the controversial bill was suspended, but the protests continue. activists say they are about something bigger now. they want more freedom, greater democracy, and they want hong kong's top leader to resign. the central government in beijing has condemned the protests and accused the united states of helping to fuel the unrest. the united states says those claims are ridiculous. ellison barber, fox news. eric: it was one week ago that a nation was shaken again.
2:45 pm
even more mass shootings in el paso and dayton, coming up, we will talk to some leaders of the united way in both cities and how they are coming together and how you can help. we trust usaa more than any other company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. car vending machines and buying a car 100% online.vented now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old, we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value
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arthel: america continues to mourn after two mass shootings in el paso, texas, and dayton, ohio, last weekend, left 31 people dead and dozens more injured. for more on how the two cities are coming together during these very difficult times, let's bring in president and ceo of united way of el paso county and vice president of community impact for the united way of greater dayton. i want to say to both of you first that i'm very sorry for
2:49 pm
your loss, and debra, i want to start with you -- >> thank you. arthel: absolutely from my heart. how are you, debra, able to help out with the emotional healing? >> well, you know, el paso as you have heard from a number of individuals, from our community, we're a very very unique community in that we really do come together and work together as a community, and we're very fortunate that we have two strong community foundations who are leading the immediate efforts of support for the victims and their families. our united way's role is going to be towards really working on the long-term process for our community. so we're working on volunteers, volunteer support for the community. we're also working on important issues, like making sure that all of our out-of-school time programs are receiving tools and curriculums that will help them
2:50 pm
as they work with the children who are just in the community and really a part of it and feeling the pain of this unspeakable situation. we've also established our united way established the el paso community assistance fund which will be supporting agencies and the work of the agencies through the lengthy healing process, because we know this is a ripple effect. it affects an entire community. a long-term need. arthel: yeah, and part of those long-term and immediate needs, tracy, it's the psychological healing. how are you helping in that regard? >> well, we certainly have a great deal of healing to occur, and our community was still reeling from the memorial day tornadoes that devastated so many, to be followed so closely behind by this tragedy has created a lot of need in terms
2:51 pm
of mental health counselling, and the united way is working with local officials and our amazing nonprofit partners to make sure that we have adequate services and make sure that they are available. our united way also has a help link 211 information and referral service that's available 24 hours. i will tell you that the individuals that work in that department have been answering calls daily, from people who not only were impacted by the tornado, but also the victims, the family members of the victims and even beyond that, the community at large who is just trying very hard to cope with the emotional toll that this played, and so we just really encourage everyone in our community and really across the nation to get the help that they need and be really focused as well on self-care and self-love
2:52 pm
in a very difficult time. arthel: indeed, they have to take care of themselves and know that it's okay, you know, to turn -- a lot of people want to be strong and hold up for everybody else in the family, which is great, but you've got to take care of yourself as well, and before i go to my next question, to you, debra, i wanted to show on the screen some other organizations that are helping out in el paso and dayton. also to any of our viewers, we will post a list of organizations on if you want to help out >> thank you. arthel: that's the list i told you i was going to show. debra, there's also the physical healing. are you in touch with any of the shooting victims that are still in the hospital? >> we're not in touch with any of the shooting victims who are in the hospital. we have had interaction with some of the individuals who were
2:53 pm
there and had some needs that we helped out with, but we feel that the healthcare professionals, the mental health professionals are better suited to make sure that the needs of those victims and their families are being met. arthel: no, absolutely. and then tracy, you know, there's a spiritual aspect to the healing, which i imagine you're providing that as well. and before you give me that answer, you know, we're talking specifically about el paso, texas, and we're talking about dayton, ohio, but this hits in the heart of all americans. how do we as a nationwide community, not only process this, but try to prevent this homegrown terrorism from attacking our country again and again? >> it's a very difficult question, right, that we're all grappling with and trying to determine and what's the best path forward. i think united way has a very important and unique role in that one of the things that's
2:54 pm
kind of a tenet of united ways across the globe is that we are neutral and we set a neutral table and we invite all people, regardless of political affiliation, religious beliefs, to come together to try to figure out the best path forward and strategies to help individuals and family to lead the best life possible, and i think we need to continue to do that work, and if you are not currently engaged in your local united way, i would encourage you to pick up the phone and see how you can be involved. our donors, our volunteers, again, are very diverse, and their primary mission for being engaged -- engaged with the united way is because they care about the communities they live in and want to be a part of making it stronger. arthel: indeed, this is not a racial issue. it is a human issue. thank you both for being here, tracy and debra, thank you very much. we will be right back. >> thank you. and simple.
2:55 pm
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♪ as your love flies kraft. for the win win. eric: violent thunderstorm ts and flooding expected this parts of the great plains this weekend. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking it all from the fox extreme weather center. adam: we are beginning to see only of the storms fire up, saw a couple on friday, across the dakotas, a low pressure system will spin these up the next two to three days. some are firing up from wyoming running into montana. across montana an area to pay attention to as all the conditions are there for big thunderstorms. the severe thunderstorms would
2:59 pm
include winds up to 60 miles-an-hour, possibly some hail, very heavy rain, and maybe even a couple spin-up tornadoes although it shouldn't be a huge tornado event. you see it happening across idaho and then across large portions of montana. this system will drift slowly to the east. as it moves towards the course of the weekend, it will bring heavy rain with it. some of these areas here, in the orange to yellow color, stretching across the plains, gets into portions of minnesota. that's going -- and wisconsin. that's going talk about rain 3 to 4 inches coming down relatively quickly. we could see some flash flooding in some of these areas. outside of this, everything out in front of it, not a ton of rain. what you are seeing is just very hot conditions. temperatures running up there to 100 to 90 degrees. and then you add in the humidity, that's when you get the feels-like temperatures. large area, here, eric, we're going to see 105 degrees going to feel like it. some cases feel like 110 degrees. real warm here as we continue to move through august. eric: folks needs to be careful.
3:00 pm
adam, thank you very much. arthel: that's going to do it for us. we hope to see you again tomorrow at noon eastern. we will be here. eric: also at 4:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. so have a good night. fox report with jon scott next. arthel: yep. jon: fbi investigation is underway into the death of accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. the disgraced multimillionaire dead from apparent suicide. he was found unconscious this morning in the manhattan jail cell. i'm john scott. this is the fox report. epstein's death comes two weeks after he was placed on suicide watch and one day after an appeals court unsealed nearly 2,000 pages of documents giving new details on how he allegedly recruited dozens of underage girls. attorney general william barr calling his death appalling, saying the doj inspector general will investigate it, along with the fbi. legal experts saying there will be consequences. >> i can unequivo


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