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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  August 10, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ hello america i'm mark levin we have a great guest neil ferguson how are you my friend? >> plb to be here. >> it is a pleasure. one of the smart people. >> i don't know. for a very long time you are a fellow at the hoover institution sanford, university ph.d. in philosophy written 15 book. i've seen you here and there. i've much of what you've written smart, sub about standtive information that's why h i wantd
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you here tonight. i want to talk about several issues but one in particular the president as focused on early on and that is china. and you write about and you talk about a second cold war and that cold war is with china and it is happening now. can you explain that? >> well if you think back to the first cold. war we went quite quickly from being the alleys of the soviet union world war ii to being att odds with them within just a few years. why was that? it was partly the classic yterritorial issues that the soviet unionac appeared to be expanding in all directions. but it was also technological soviet union was stealing technology and stole the atomic bomb design through its spy network. and in many ways cold war was kind of technological race that produced the space race as well as the nuclear arms race. fast forward to the late 20th century for a time, the united
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states and the people's republic of china a strategically aligned 50 years ago nearly since he began opening to china as a move against the soviet union in the first cold war, it was very smart. it split the communist world to have the u.s. and china alined against soviet union and worked brilliantly from a economic point of view in a sense that raptd growth in the late 20th and early 30th century wassed a vainro agous for all concern and probably more for china. only m relatively recently, i think has america begun to wonder if it has gone too far in encouraging china's growth because suddenly china is not just the gin partner. china is catching up, and asserting itself not only in terms of the economics. but it is expanding territorially. asserting itself in the south china sea and above all else, it is competing technologically usingov property theft to
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accelerate its technological advance to i would argue that we've been in the early stages of cold war too for a while. but president trump woke america up. if you think back to when his campaign gab back in 2015 started talking about putting tariffs on chinese imports, establishment america was outraged. efast forward to 2019, and there's a bipartisan consensus which there isn't on many things but china poses fund mental threat notot only to country's economic future. but it poses straw strategic tht and i think future historians a historian much more than i'm a philosophy will say the most important thing that president trump did was to change the direction of u.s. policy on china, and wake the nation up to what was a fundamental threat. >> is china as time goes on a greater threat to us than soviet union was? but it certainly a far more plausible economic rival the
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soviet union despite its claim it is that it would overtake the united states claims that many liberals in the united states believe include the grace and economist pollms never got clos. it never got much beyond 40% the size of the u.s. economy. peak and it fell away. china by at least one measure is a ready larger economy than the united states. on a current dollar basis it could well overtake the united states in next ten or 15 years. so the the soviets never got anything like that close in economic terms. in nuclear terms china still a long way behind whereas soviet union achieve with the yiet to round about about 1970. but i think the key difference is that technologically china is catching up rapidly, and not just in terms of weapons technology but in terms of civilian computing technology. we all hear every other day about artificial intelligence there's only one rival to the united states when it comes to
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research on i.a. and i'm china that we hear all of the time about about huawei dominance of 5g network equipment and in that respect you could argue china is ready ahead of the united states. i'llll give you one more mark. we still pay for things in this country with bank notes, we write checks. we use credit cards. if you goh to beijing you won't see anything of that anymore and people pay with smart phones because china in terms and financial terms is overtaking the yiet. so i think when you look at technology, china is in many ways far closer to the united states than the soviet union ever got. the soviet were only able to copy our military hardware in civilian terms they never got post. >> you mentioned -- he's been signaling that this is a problem. valley his tariffs on china slowed china down? have an effect on china? and a good thing with respect to america national security?
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>> they have. they have slowed down china. not massively but let me put it this way the cost to china impact on china's economy is roughly four times greater than the impact on the u.s. economy. now, conventionally liberal economists say oh this is all crazy because the tariffs not paid by china, as president says. but tariffs are paid by american consumers. that isn't quite true. some of the cost is being ab so should by chinese companies as they try to offset the impact of the tariffs. but i think the most important cost ising being born by the chinese economy as a whole. it has significantly slowed down. it probably will at around 6.1% in the second half of this year. that's a lot higher you'll see any n any developed country but relative to double dints rates of china saw ten years ago it is a meaningful slowdown and that i
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think impactt is important because what president trump is doing is using tariffs to apply pressure on china to change its ways. our trade representative has been negotiating extremely effectively to force the chinese nott just to increase their imports as americans soybeans, that's not a meaningful l change inmp chinese policy. he's pressurizing china to stop the kind of theft of property rights to stop the kind of systemic rigging of markets in favor of chinese companies that are central to china's central strategy mark the chinese joined world trade organization back in 2001 many way i think it was a mistake. that we let them do that -- or it was a mistake that we didn'tet really enforce the wto rules on the chinese. we have essentially had the benefits of free trade with the rest of the world from not really allowing free trade with china.
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it has not a level playing field in china. if you're a u.s. company, whether you were investing there or selling there had, your chinese competitors will always have the upper hand. and if you don't believe me then ask any of the major u.s. companieses that have tried to make it in china. whether you're talking about google or über. so i think the president strategy, though, it makes free traders or very nervous and i think few markers as free trade or i guess i'm a trade with with china when it comes to china what the president is doing is using tariffs as a leader to try to change china's behavior. i think it to be an american interest to do that. the previous policy look back at the obama administration in second term, essentially was to ac l wee pivot to asia that didt amount to anything by the end of obama tile in the white house, the u.s. was essentially accepting that china wases going to be number one and well, what can we do? i think it is important that
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president trump has stood up against that and said no we actually do need to do something it be . now, what's interesting to me is that having started with tariffs, what what the president has tone is to achieve a kind of see change in attitudes right across the american political spectrum. because in the space less than a year really i think more or less the entire foreign policy establishment has come to agree with them. and so has big tech. so has silicon valley so you see and this ish why i think it has the quality of a cold war. and escalation from tariff to try to effect china behave in trade to other policy measures restricting for example, the exporters sophisticated microprocesses, and then actually tries to prevent huawei becoming come come dominant flap the chinese turning the south china sea into an area of their
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own military expansion. and i haven't even started on one belt road which was essential think a chinese strategy but all around the world. which had when you look closely at it isn't the particularly -- pretty picture. it involved not just the investment. but often i think it involves establishing chinese power over local governments in ways that are not conducive to say human rights or incomes in those countries so china is -- expanding in a number of different dimensions not just in terms of its industrial exports. andng the united states has qoan up to this challenge i think it is president trump who is taking the lead here. but with remarkable speeds democratses and republicans have fallen in line and we now have a remarkable consensus in the country that china is a challenge. and we have to do something it be. looks at things in the long-term
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our government really doesn't. elections have consequences talked about obama who did basically nothing. trump acted. democrats support what he's doing whether they say so or not there's a policy party. trump leaves. question is, he said this is a new cold war. who wins this new cold war? too early to know? do you think the spirit of this country is strong enough top engage this war for the long haul? what do you think? >> well i think xi jinping china's president expect that china will win this war and thinks that china has a number of advantages not just its much larger population. but also perhaps he thinks it is stronger work ethic something that always impresses me when i go to china. and i think china's leaders prassume that democracies are weakness. they have, of course, an extremely negative view of democracy and the last thing
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that they would of dream of is to introduce it in china we've only just remembered the 30th anniversary of the where democracy movement which was so ruthlessly crushed china lead verse learned one big lesson from the last cold war and that is don't do what the soviet union did. don't do what we -- don't l liberalize so chinese i think quietly optimistic that they will win this. because they are catching up with us economically, and because of our political system and because of our internal divisions we're just is not going to be able to go -- when we come back, your view you have a long view of history too. ancient and otherwise, how do you think we fair? do you think they think they win? how do you think the united states fairs? ladies and gentlemen, don't forget virtually eve weeknight watch me on levin tv, levin tv. go to blaze to sign up blaze give us a
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>> neil ferguson so the question is, how do you thinknk the unitd states fares? >> well in cold war i there was a striking bathroom consensus on the need to resist expansion. that really took the u.s. from years of harry truman right the way through to lyndon johnson and only began to fall apart during the vietnam war. john f. kennedy he ran for election claims that izenen, however, was too soft on the soviets and was failing to maintain u.s. dominance. if we can recreate that bipartisan consensus, if we can persuade democrats that there is really a profound threat from china that we maintain the pressure that current administration iss exerting then we should be in good shape but if we allow ourselfves to be divided to the point that the democrats essentially want to
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repudiate president trump's national security strategy then i think the chinese will sit back and wait for us to fold. remember, one of the most interesting things that happened in the but i'll call first trump term was a major reshaping of national security strategy. hr mcmaster and colleague of hooverra institution i thought d a superb job in recon figuring for obama into one that a clearly identified china as a major threat to the interest of the united states now if democrats say we get this then i think the united states is soak but i don't think we're there yet but there's a consensus on trade but not there on national security. remember, one of the first things joe bieldzen said and he stole front runner for democratic nomination and said i'm relaxed about china. china is not a problem and i think if that's what he's going to campaign on then president trump should win reelection easily because what's interesting to me is that
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ordinary americans get this. to surprise extent i think people have own up to chinese threat not just a threat to manufacture jobs whichav is i think where this conversation began back in 2015, '16. i think now americans see that there's a threat that's more profound they understand that china is a one party state. they understand that it is not going to become a liberal democracy but that clinton visionoc bill clinton's vision which to some extent i think hillary clinton shared that china was going to evolve over time because of economics in our direction. i think ordinary americans get that but never going happen certainly not in our lifetime. and they also see that china is posing this major technological economic threat around the world so kind of a wakening in middle america to the chinese threat. and that gives me some reason of confidence because what made america successful in the first cold war was that. ace fundamental commitment to
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individual that meant thaten americans wanted their presidents project strength against the soviet union when jimmy carter failed to do that, he was gone he was a one-term president ronald reagan took over and most successful of all of the coldle war presidents. i think we're similar moment where the american people even if the political elites have been slow the american people realize that there's a fundamental challenge here and we've got to win this cold war mark you asked are we going to win it for sure we weren't for sure going to win first cold war we could have lost against the soviet union more than one occasion. if it had become a hot war maybe over cuba, or later on, i'm not sure that the united states qowld necessarily have prevailed. they certainly had as many for a1970s and could you withstood a cost of a world war 3 but guarantee to win the first cold war that wasn't guaranteed. >> you also make the point i'm
4:21 pm
right -- t that all history isn't driven by economic pps now we've talked about economics. tariffs, so forth with respect toto china. and mark had had this notion that all history of the materialism and economics and so forth. what is it that drives society when you look back on history. >> it won't come it a surprise if i'm not a historian and a spent much of my career trying to show that history isn't some kind of inevitable deterministic process in which economic forces overwhelm individuals. i think it is just as important to ask questions about coolture and institutions civilizations are not just giant machines but held together by volume shared volumes. and leadership is crucial too. we need to remember that critical junctures in the 20th century, it was strong visionary leadership that saved the west. think only of the role that winston churchill played in the
4:22 pm
1930s and 1940s in 1938 a lone voice more or less opposing appeasement by the prime minister question saved not just britain and its empire but i think really saved western civilization so when one looks at history from my vantage point, the thing that leaps out is economics is not all powerful it is not all come dominant and sometimes it is morale, it is culture, that dominates if economics predicted all wars outcomes then the united states qowld have won vietnam war and won the korean war handedly. >> in the context of china then how does china fare when it comes to culture and aside the economic issues that tariff issues and so forth. does it farewell or not? >> if you go as i frequently do top china and listen to -- the chinese economics or political figures, they nearly always begin their speeches by
4:23 pm
saying that their civilization is thousands of years old and has i this extraordinary strengh and a continue knewty and therefore you newbies who only just created your republican 1776us should be intimidated. but this is all -- all reallyou rather implausible because in reality chinese history is a history of great upheaval of turmoil the biggest war of the 19th century was not the american civil war and any other war it was the typing rebellion in china. and rebellions upheaval of characterized chinese history had, the most recent was, of course, the revolution that produced the communist regime we know today that was only in 1949 they're a long way from being able to celebrate even their 100th birthday. and ping it spends time listening to china's leaders a little bit more carefully . you realized that they feel insecurity not with respect to mthe outside world about about which i think they're quite
4:24 pm
confident they feel insecure about their own domestic situation. because they know that after all of the upheavals of the years and then the growth that followed down south ping comes to par. it depends primarily on delivering growth. it is the fact that they've taken hundreds of millions of ordinary chinese out of poverty that keeps the communist party in power. not any great ideological commitment to commune pism as an ide you'll because everybody knows that it is just something that the leadership pays lip service to everybody knows that party has become extraordinarily corrupt as a result of enormous amount of money that were being generatorred so i think this insecurity there, and that's the thing that we foreigners often misunderstand about china. we'll be right back. l congestio, which most pills don't. l congestio, flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances.
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controversial thriller, the hunt. amid major backlash after last weekend's two mass shootings. the studio called it a satire in which elites hunt human victims called deplorable for sport there are no future official about plays for the date or released to a streams service i'm jan scott now to life, liberty, and levin. >> neil ferguson talk about soviet union doesn't exist more there's russia and putin talked about china. russia, putin. grave threat society that's unraveling. how do you see that? >> declining power it has the classic symptom of imperial decline which is a leader who wishes it could somehow be arrested. but if r you look at the sign of russian economy it is really a relatively minor forest. what russia still has is considerable military capability still has a huge nuclear
4:30 pm
weapons --bi but because its relatively economically weak, it has to fight in what i'll call low budget ways if information warfare melding in other people politics is a pretty cheap way iof disrupting your enemies, ad that is something that the russians have been doing not only in the united states they certainly tried it in 2016. but they have been doing it in other countries ukraine is their experimental -- now ier think it will be very surprising if president putin of some point does not try to challenge nato, as an institutin break the atlantic alliance. i think he must calculate that there's a possibility he can drive ank wedge between the unid states and the europeans particularly during the presidency when for example, the germans have such a negative view of president trump. if putin wants to exercise that option he may not have a
4:31 pm
limitless amount of time to do is it so i think we need to watch for russia trying it on in say baltic state where it doesn't rally. >> what would it look like? >> a bit like what happened in ukraine when unmarked russian troops began violating the sovereignty of crane you can imagine that in lithuania but combined with information warfare and would involve trying to mobilize the russian ethnic minority in that country. we've seen the play book beef, the question would be would anyway e toe hold together under article five rule that in the fact on one is an attack on all or would with we find that between berlin and washington there was uncertainty and division? other point i would make about russia is remember, although putin has been aggress i-not only in kriew yain but also in syria, the price of that has been an increasing dependence on china. the closest relationship is
4:32 pm
between putin but there's no question in my mind that putin season junior partner and for many russians there's something a bit uneverybodying about fact that they're playing second fields to china. that's anomaly hispanicly indeed enemies that came to blows that came to war in the late 1960s. so that's one of the odysseys about our world today the russian china partnership, and it is one l that i think u.s. policy should be trying to break up. >> how qow do that ?fnl even if president trump settles on trade, even if there's a trade deal between now and the election, i think in all kiengdz of other domain south china sea and other issues i don't think that u.s. and china are about to becomen besties again. so the question is, can the united states improve relations with russia? if there'sel some way of taking this relationship between president putin and president trump which has been so controversial, and turning it into something that is a value
4:33 pm
strategically my value has been that argue of 2016 would diminish if there was some use -- some benefit to the united states? and i do think that problem a moment is partly that we are on a kind of permanent war footing with respect to moscow whether it is sanctionses or other issues. it is also partly theth the putin simple isly cannot bring himself to trust the united states. i think thehe only way to try to improve the geopolitical situationro is to try to improve relation with russia that is not going to be easy. >> won't be easy because the democrat party ain't permitting. russia collusion, russia collusion. >> i'm republican who is feel much of the same way this is a big problem i think that president trump has to try to figure out. between now and i would say the election a change ofof the subjt so next year we're talking about -- a situation improving not only with respect to trade in china but situation perhaps improving
4:34 pm
with with respect to north korea we haven't talked about iran. if president trump is smart he's going to change the subject to foreign policy next year this was what richard nixon did so successfully in 1972 when he was running against the democratic candidate and he was able to unroll a few of the important policy break throughs of which opening to china was probably the biggest and when the election by a landslide so i think there's much that can be done with respect to foreign policy to decide next year in a way that will be very, very difficult for the democrats to counter from their relatively weak position and democrats want is to have an election that is all about health care -- and maybe race relations. but if it's a health -- election about foreign policy in the american strength, i don't see how any of the democratic candidate has a hope. when we come back i want to ask you about domestic policy have the democrat now personal injurien hole themselves to left and president pigeon them
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i try to put myself in their shoes from my own experience. i connect to them because i've been there. helping families like mine save a little money changes everything. this is personalized guidance. this is wells fargo. >> neil ferguson domestic politics upcoming election, has the president successfully or look like he's going to be successful in defining the in thes the democrat party they pretty much define themselves as hard left, they throw around these titles socialist democratic socialist. clearly that benefits him. do we see parallels with recent history in this campaign that's coming up? >> you know, i think that many ways the democrats have done this to themselves i don't think president trump has worked very hard because almost all of the running in terms of media and especially social media has been made by the so-called squad of
4:40 pm
young radical congress women led by alexandria cortez and nancy pelosi's nightmare is that they are getting all the air time and more air time they get the more left wing that democratic party looks. i mean, just think of aoc green new a deal i call it the green leap forward because it would imply radical expansion of the power of the federal government over economic life. that it would be more or less the soviet of the u.s. economy, and it certainly be the end of economic growth. so that stuff is extraordinary damaging for the democrats hopes and 2020 election. because you don't have to travel too far away from cambridge, massachusetts or for that matter berkeley, california to find the people think social pism is a pretty dangerous thing the only americans who have a positive view of socialism are the so-called generation z of people kind ofat in college being
4:41 pm
doctrined by professors but the rest of america still thinks that socialism is a pretty bad idea and as long as that's the case -- then if the democratic candidate associated however with socialism then i think it is a major problem and doesn't need to do match to achieve that. when the democratic party has left historically tend to lose that's why i'm kind of attracted tora this 1972 analogy when government democratic candidate really stood for a pretty left sensor set of policies, and he got destroyed. by richard nixon who ran on foreign policy achievement. that would be the -- that would be be my playbook if i were advising trump first you make sure that everybody gets left wing the democrats have become. including even sleepy joe biden, and then you change the subject from domestic policies to foreign policy issues where i think they're extremely weak. and it look like in in the
4:42 pm
democrats are trying to define him there was a poll ab year ago in august that showed that president was making headway in the african-american community. 20, 22%ing looking at it favorly in the democrat party one course looking for every opportunity to call himim a racist eneven thouh he packs really -- anybody who attacks him. regardless of race. even this most recent example. with respect to baltimore so oarngd they're trying to define him pigeon hole him, do you think that will be successful? >> well if one looks at the most recent polling -- there's clearly something going on that's alienating suburban women from the president and suburban white women from the president in particular. i'm not somebody who thinks that it is a slam dunk. that gets reelected ting could be well tight. ting they are reasons to be uneasy about the way about, for
4:43 pm
example, health care is the number one issue or in so many states including the key swing states that gave him the presidency in 2016. i think democrats are making a mistake by putting oat identity politics and trying to insist that trump is a racist and ultimately he stangdz for white supremacy because i don't think that incredible argument in the eyes of most americans but i think most americans don't want to feel that their lives are beginning to be dominated by the racial questions. so my sense that's a state but weakness that in thes can explore, and i think one of the obvious ones is obvious one of health care. in the end, the republicans made a huge blunder that it wasn't with really the president trump's doing it was their failurere to repeal and replace obamacare and minute they failed to do that, obamacare with all
4:44 pm
of its faults became their problem rather than the democrats problem . my sense is that if the democrats want to really make headway they should focus on that issue because people in america care more about that than they do about reviving all divisions along -- >> are they getting that right? >> i don't think they are oddly enough. ought to be low hanging fruit but if one just looks at the way kamala harris who is formidable candidate in many ways but has reallyny blown this by shifting her position back and forth to the point at which even i'm not quite sure what she now stands for i think it is hard for them afterall it is hard to reform american health care. let's face it this is extraordinary complex system, you wouldn't really start from here if you were building it anew but that's the about i think republican candidates jrnl generally are most vulnerable and smart strategy for president trump to emphasize foreign policy issues in particular the chinese threat. you know the country is a funny country andue i speak as an
4:45 pm
immigrant newly american citizen what one year old american citizen to me the fascinating thing about this country is that if there isn't a meaningful external threat the division suddenly open up at home to in a way that is kind of alarming. and so one of the benefits and i know this sounds paradox but one of the benefits the korld war 2 is i think it will help us to heal some w of our internal divisions. when we wake up to the fact that is a communist led superpower out there that wants to eat our lunch. don't forget to check me out most weeknights sign up go to blaze blaze, or give us us a call at 844-levin 844 levin tv and love to have you over there and don't forget to get your copy of on freedom of the press and half of a million of you have. we'll be right back. ♪ boom goes the dynamite,
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neil ferguson the democrat party is moving hard left. at least if you listen to presidential candidates the squad and so forth, let me talk about democratic socialism they talk about socialism freely we see this in the press. socialism versus capitalism, whichci has upper hand?
4:50 pm
>> well joseph -- who was a great economist said that socialism was bound to win in the end. partly because the intellectuals wouldin always be seduced by it and also because the bureaucracy seduced by it but at least wrong in 20th century lost out, i think if you told me back in 1989 as berlin wall was come tongue that socialism would make a comeback 30 years later in the united states either just assumed that you were smoking illegal substance but here we are. democratic socialism is what bernie sanders identifies with he's one of the front runners for anonymous still, and aoc, the pinup the pinup star of the democratic left is also the self-proclaimm socialism well good news is i don't think young americans know what socialism is because when had pressed, alexandria cortez said that she saw sweden as being a socialist country i don't know if she's been to sweeledden lately but it
4:51 pm
ranks in the kind of top ten of free market economies these days if so you drill town and you find what they really mean by socialism is canceling student debt. free health care that kind of thing. they want ultimately to move united states closer to a west european welfare state and ironical that very moment those welfare states and difficulties, delivering low growth for social democrat parties and collapsing in europe they're trying to revive socialism in the united states. i think it is a case of mistaken identity. and i think it isal also a flawd political strategy. >> harder to explain capitalism the socialism just ease here from emotional perspective? >> well, looking at the polling data if you say to american -- in favor of capitalism they go meh but in favor of free market, their much more positive if you say, are you in favor of small business they're much more positive. so i think part of this is a
4:52 pm
branding problem. and more capitalism is a left wing word. it became popular mainly because karl marx used this a lot and i sometimes worry that we shouldn't really use the wod at all because byry using capitalim we're conceding equality or parody with socialism i prefer the free market because it is all about individual freedom an ultimately what we learn from 20th century is that socialism have to limit economic freedom. they have to limit people's ability to control their own wealth to control their own income to achieve goal of legaltarianism of equal society and try to achieve that they don't achieve that ander end up with a corrupt inefficient society and if you don't believe me tick a try to venezuela the latest example of a country destroyed in the name of socialism, andat when that was happening, the american left was cheering hugo chavez on, and it
4:53 pm
is worth reminding people of justst how much nonsense was tak about chavez look at venezuela today. >> look at capitalism exactly what prime minister benjamin netanyahu talked about i don't talk about capitalism because anybody can pour whatever they want into that word. interesting to me is that younger people tend to reject authority. well social pism we all about authority. i feel if we can get to them and teach them properly what free markets are all about individualism -- would win them over. we'll be right back. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? you're having one more bite no! one more bite! ♪
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4:58 pm
has a very is clear choice. >> it can continue reasserting itselflf geopolitically, and making itself more dynamic economically had. it canic go down that root and t prove that america is still number and is going to stay number one that's option a. option b is that we can embrace a foreign policy and a domestic policy that shows the economy down, weakens the united states as a great part and opens the door to a chinese century. divides us domestically but also weakens us internationally as i've said history is all about choice. it is about leadership but the democracy it is about the individual citizen making the choice. so question get to choose the america of next five or ten years i want to be optimist i'm immigrant of two boy i want next ten, 50, 100 years to be great but i'm keenly aware that it hang it is in the balance and it
4:59 pm
will be determined that the ballot box next year. >> going to ask you that so this a,al or b? at least it starts but this next plex that important isn't it? >> i think it is that important, though, we're always told that each election is a huge turning point but this is a -- really difficult one. it is a difficult one for some of t my close friends who thinkf them as never trumpers who have been critical of the president -- wasn't an early supporter of president trump either. but in the end, they have to ask ourselfves, what the choice is, and what alternative will be. and it is all very well to say that you're never trumper does that mean you're ready for the biden presidency? the sanders presidency and warren presidency? the harris presidency. that's the choice that we face. and it is central to our democratic system that we have to choose not between perfection and evil but also we have to make difficult tough choices. i hope we maybe the right one next. >> amen it is been a great pleasure.
5:00 pm
thank you. thank you don't miss us on live, liberty, and levin. >> welcome to wears world i'm jesse waters truth about el paso and tai ton the subject of waters word. el paso shooter has zero to do request donald trump he says so in his manifesto. had it right here paraphrasing it he said he killed to stop hispanics from invading texas and goes on to say, that he arrived at his immigration ideology long before trump came on to the scene. and that trump's rhetoric did not inspire him. say it is right here. in the manifesto. but the left straight up lies to you. >> we have a president of the united states who is particularly responsible. he is in large


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