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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 12, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the officer should be punished since police do not have authorization to escort. rob: ugly cop is not happy since mocked a drug dealer on the run. mocked a mugshot. there is a lot of comments on this one. we don't have time to tell you because we are out of time. carley: all about the hair. ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you, i got it good. carley: good morning. happy monday. we have two new individuals brian and and steve. pete and. griff: griff never know what you are going to get on a monday. ainsley: especially summer people take vacations. pete: griff is everywhere.
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griff: i just got back from dropping my daughter off at college. ainsley: how was it. griff: fantastic. i can do a good job today so i stay employed. college is expensive. my daughter is in there 24 hours. she already needs money. ainsley: out of state tuition, too. pete: was it emotional. >> it was emotional. first child to go. we are very happy for her. mom, i think, is doing okay. it was tougher for her, i think, than me. but we are excited to seat next four years. ainsley: i remember that day. and my dad said your mom cried the entire way home the six-hour drive. i'm sure it's hard. griff: it is indeed. ainsley: the house is a little quieter. griff: youngest sister is most upset because she accident have a bigger sister to blame and can't blame everything on the dog. ainsley: will she take her big sister's bedroom? griff: i'm not weighing in on that. we also have news i would be remiss to not give it to you. the prison guard to give
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watch on jeff epstein's cell watching maximum overtime shifts ahead of the suicide. ainsley: the fbi and doj are opening their own investigations. pete: aishah joins us live with the latest on his autopsy. >> many people left with more questions than answers in the death of jeffrey epstein. the multimillionaire died from apparent suicide. many are wondering how this could have happened if he was in federal protection. the housing unit where epstein was being kept was only staffed with two guards because of shortages. and officials tell the "new york post" surveillance cameras were not pointed inside his cell only outside of it. epstein was arrested july 6th in new jersey. days later he pled not guilty to charges of conspiracy and sex trafficking. about two weeks later he was
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found unconscious in his cell with marks on his neck in what's being described as a suicide attempt. of course as you know less than a week after sources say epstein was removed from suicide watch. the white house says the president wants answers. >> >> i think the president just wants everything to be investigated, and it's not me to go further than what the duong and fbi are right now. you do hear people asking questions. they want to know who else was involved. >> pete, griff and ainsley. the medical examiner's office did perform an autopsy. they have yet to release results pending further information. ainsley: thank you. everyone was talked about it over the weekend in my little circle i'm sure you were talking about it with your families just because he was connected to so many powerful people. they want answers. they want to know why he was not on suicide watch anymore. they took him off suicide watch a few weeks ago.
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pete: after he was attacked or attempted suicide. they don't know what happened. griff: investigations are going to be important. there are a lot of theories out there. a lot of people asking about it. i was having dinner when i got to town. two random strangers said what happened? i said i don't know. we have to stick to facts on this. even before you get these investigations, you will get at least an after action report. that's exactly what they call it in the bureau of prisons that may give us a little bit of a timeline. elliott fee leg, an attorney in the manhattan's d.a.'s office said this about the facility itself. listen. >> right to be shocked. this is a secure facility. this is the facility that's helpeheld some of the most high profile criminal notice country's interesting. we should get interest because it is so secure. cameras everywhere. all communications would have been recorded. it's not a case, for example recommendation of a body found in the dessert after
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nobody had seen the guy. we should ultimately get accounting every moment to first as far as rated to when he was found dead. pete: so much money involved. some politicians involved. maybe a lack of trust in the process. cameras are pointed in the hallway. wasn't on suicide watch. the workers were overworked. we don't know what the autopsy is going to say. as we get more facts or information -- a lot of speculation. ainsley: supposed to have a cell mate. the cell mate was transferred out of his jail and that's a violation of jail protocol. pete: we will see where that goes. griff: more on that. we murs go to iowa. it is iowa state fair time. i can tell you having covered testimony times. pork chop on the stick. ainsley: isn't this the cleanest fair? griff: it is. i don't want to disparage any other fairs. ainsley: a special one. griff: iowa in terms of politics is important one. they have soapbox. des moines newspaper puts on soapbox all candidates for
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really any party in an election year can come and talk. >> 15 months from an election and already. ainsley: look how many were there this weekend. griff: it was the scene. we covered it all weekend long. i take issue. the minnesota state fair is slightly better. i'm biased. political season these candidates are descending there. there is a lot of them, almost 20. as you can expect a lot of hatred toward president trump was the core theme for all of them. they also had the news of the worksite enforcement raids that happened in mississippi. kamala harris was on the soapbox yesterday talking about that. well, here is how she characterized it. >> this administration has directed dhs to conduct these raids as part of what i believe is this administration's campaign of terror, which is to make whole populations of people afraid to go to work, children are afraid to go to school for fear when they come home their parents
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won't be there. pete: that would by default make ice agents terrorists in the verbiage of kamala harris. that was an interview not on the soapbox but still in iowa. ainsley: she said campaign of terror. they had these jars. you probably seen them at the fair. you put a colone kernel of corn. who do you like the most. they them for all the democratic candidates and biden got the most. pete: tweeted at me trump has by far the most. flowing over. griff: they don't want to talk about that. kamala harris' comments are very interesting. she is the the one candidate former law enforcement personal. the former attorney general of california. and so to characterize enforcement of laws on our books, in such political, really over the top language may come back to hawngts her. the commissioner of-i think commissioner of cbp and acting dhs secretary here is where they stand on what is
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law enforcement. watch. >> this was a joint criminal investigation with ice and the department of justice targeting worksite enforcement. meaning companies that knowingly and willfully hire illegal aliens so that in most cases they can pay them reduced wages, exploit them further for their bottom line. that's what this investigation was about, a criminal investigation. >> these employers are exploiting undocumented workers. this is a situation where you have 680 arrests just in this one operation. that means those employers are just egg norg ignoring the w entirely in what they do. ainsley: i was watching the sunday shows yesterday and all the reporters were hounding border patrol agents. why didn't they arrest the guys hiring all of these people at that processing plant? and they said we will. we are investigating. we are trying to determine if they did anything wrong, if they knew and that kind of thing.
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pete: different process if you are here illegall legally aa citizen and here illegally. i believe 271 folks have been deported as a result of this. the left will always call them raids. hey, these are just worksite enforcement. if you are knowingly hiring illegallies, paying them and exploiting them as a result. illegally game the system to make a bigger profit and u.s. citizens aren't getting access to those jobs. that's a crime. that's what you are enforcing. that's not terror. ainsley: i wanted to scream yes, these individuals, yes it's heart breaking when they interview their kids and their kids are crying. that is sad. if their parents broke the law and they are here illegally, we are supposed to turn a blind eye to that you? are not supposed to go and arrest them. pete: what about the children crying because their parents are arrested and convicted for meth?
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>> that's what happens. the left tries to focus on emotion. if you don't like the law, change the law. that is the way it is right now. griff: here about the enforcement of everify and making it so these companies can't do it. that hasn't happened yet. if you are going to do immigration reform, that has he to be a component holding these companies as well accountable. meanwhile, perhaps one of the most interesting stories over the weekend and pete talked about it an olympic kneeler happened again. actually two. one was pumping their fist. the kneeler was a fencer. ainsley: this happened in lima peru at the pan american games. three people on our team that got gold medals and one of them decided to take a knee during the national anthem. pete: yeah. his name is raisin bow den i will use it once and not use it anymore. we should be using names of the guys and stag. we won 393 medals so far.
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291 of them divided to do the right thing and stand for the anthem. the one couple of them decided to disrespect our country. ainsley: gary meinhardt and chris iksten. he used a photo of himself i chose to sacrifice my moment today on the top of the podium to call attention to the issues i believe need to be addressed. i encourage others to use your platform for empowerment and change. claims it was about racism and the shootings. so he took a knee. griff: let me tell you who also saw that dan crenshaw, congressman and former navy seal. here is what he said about this. if you think this is sacrifice. you are delusional. all have you done is haphazardly denounce the entirety of our country because of its imperfections. you and your fellow athletes have only succeeded in politicizing one of the few things that still unite us,
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sports. ainsley: they might be disciplined because of it. we will continue to follow that story and keep you posted. pete: they weren't going to get political if given that moment. people look at this and sick of it. dan crenshaw is right. that is the farthest thing from sacrifice i have seen. look around in this country, the mental in blue, the folks who wear camouflage and your talk about sacrifice? ainsley: dan should know. he lost his eye fighting for our country. pete: what do you make of the latest kneeler? should we even talk about it? ainsley: all right. griff: carley is here with us. carley: we will kick things off on this monday morning with a fox news alert. the marine killed in combat in iraq identified overnight. gunnery sergeant scott coppin haver died from enemy fire saturday while advising iraqi security forces. he joined the marine corps in 2005 and earned several honors including bronze stars and the title of marine special operator of
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the year. coppinhaver leaves behind wife and two kids. first american service member to die in combat in iraq this year. an escaped inmate accused of killing a prison worker is back behind bars. curtis ray watson captured in tennessee after a couple spotted him ransacking their refrigerator. take a look at that video as they ended up calling police. he was arrested in a soybean field 10 miles from the prison. watson was behind bars on kidnapping charges. he could now face the death penalty if he is found guilty of killing that prison worker. hong kong international airport shut down overnight as protesters hold a sit-in in the main terminal. try to clear out demonstrators. comes weekend of violent crashes after officers fired tear gas inside a train station. activists rioting for a
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month that would extradite criminals to mainland, china. can you call this play well done. check out this hungry fan's awesome's catch. >> check out the catch. look at that. holding a burger, too. carley: the braves fan catching a home run ball without dropping his burger. braves won 5-4. those are your headlines. the guy who puts food first is my kind of person. pete: you my kind of guy indeed. i agree with you. that's not an easy grab to make. griff: i like he is not going to put the burger down. i may catch the ball, i don't know. but i'm not putting the burger down. pete: do you know how long he waited in line for that. ainsley: and how much money it was and how hungry it was. five burger king workers are fired after serving this burger with a pig drawn on
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it. pete: that officer joins us next. ♪ ♪ if you live with diabetes,
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pete: welcome back. new outrage after a cop gets fast food order with a pig drawn on it with a badge. while on lunch break and in uniform i ordered food at burger king and received. this the patties were burnt and the burger was of very poor quality. soon after posting, burger king fired five employees responsible. here to react is that officer. tina rosenthal of the low bits police department in new mexico. thank you for being here. i appreciate your time. it's a normal day. you are going through the drive-thru. you receive the order. you receive this. what is your first reaction? >> so my first reaction was i thought it was comical. i had a rookie with me and we left the drive-thru, set up at a spot where we would eat and i pulled out the burger and i saw the pig. wow, this is kind of funny. you know. i have a good sense of humor. i'm an immigrant so we have good sense of humor once i
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opened up the burger and poor quality of the burger. i knew it wasn't a joke. i knew it was out of spite. pete: anything like this happened to you before? and you obviously ended up posting this. what was your reason for posting it? >> i just wanted to share it with my family and friends. i had no idea it would go this viral. i don't blame burger king at all. it's not burger king's fault. it's the fault of a few people that work there and they took swift action got them fired. they reached out to me and apologized. to answer your question, no, not in this situation like i have never had my food tampered with. not in my community. pete: burger king put out a response and said what occurred is not acceptable and in not in line with brand values. when made aware the restaurant owner immediately reached out to the officer
3:21 am
involved apologized. offering free meals to officers and provide a catered lunch to the police department as a gesture of goodwill. so you feel like as far as burger king is concerned in your community they have responded the right way. >> i definitely do feel they responded the right way. everybody needs to be held accountable for their actions. that's what they did, holding the people accountable. they haven't told us about the free meal yet but i do think that's the right step to mend the relationship again. pete: timo it's good to see people step up at any moment, you are exactly right. things like this. i think people respond so emotionally to it because they feel like there has been a culture created against police. targeting of police. characterization of police as a certain thing. do you feel that? do you feel like we live in an environment where there is not enough respect for law enforcement? >> i definitely do. but i mean on the other hand, i have been asked multiple times why i didn't
3:22 am
delete the very hateful comments that were under my post. you know, as an immigrant from germany, i love this country and i think one thing that makes our country great is our wonderful constitution. and everybody has a second amendment right -- first amendment, i'm sorry. pete: and second amendment. >> that's right. everybody has freedom of speech and if people want to express the hate and resentment they have for law enforcement they can do that. but if they follow it up with action which then i don't get to enjoy my lunch or other action, new york the people who throw water on the cops. that's not okay. pete: that's exactly right, timo, as you mentioned you are immigrant to this country came here legally. not only do you love this country you give back and serve. why does america matter so much to you? >> why does america matter? pete: what does it mean to you? >> oh, i think america is one of the greatest
3:23 am
countries in the world. i think america provides so many opportunities. i think the american dream is alive and well this day. i'm a good example for it. i came here legally like you said. i got married to my wife. she serves in the armed forces. she is active duty air force. america provides opportunity even to immigrants like me. if you are willing to work hard, i believe america will reward you. pete: what a beautiful message. officer timo rosenthal, thank you for your time and service to community and country. listen, your whole department just got a free lunch on your behalf. you are a popular guy today. >> thank you, guys. pete: appreciate it. iowa is all corn and pork but democrats tulsi gabbard and cory booker are creating political beef. they don't eat meat. growing outrage. is it outrage? we will discuss and debate
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griff: good morning. quick headlines for you. guatemala electing a new president overtime. he tells roirtsz is he not satisfied with the country's immigration deal with the u.s. the agreement keeps refugees seeking asylum in guatemala during the process rather than in the u.s. he takes office in january. national security advisor john bolton is in london today expected to push tough officials on china and iran. iran seized a british oil tanker in july. bolbolton will push huawei.
3:28 am
it could expose security risk. ainsley: descending on iowa state fair to rally voters. while the two did the time honored tradition chowing down on pork, the nonmeat eaters of the group tulsi gabbard and cory booker avoid the tradition all together. some voters have a beef with it. here is drew of the pork producer's association. hey, drew. >> hey, ainsley, how are we doing today? ainsley: i'm doing good. i told our producers they broke tradition. >> the iowa pork has been in operation since 1981. run by the farmers, the men and women who are working every day with the animals in iowa. they are the ones cooking and serving here at the iowa state fair. since 1981, every president since ronald's reagan has visited the iowa pork either as a sitting president or a candidate to flip chops,
3:29 am
enjoy our famous pork chop on a stick. that's the long tradition we have got here at the iowa state fair, and we are really proud of that. ainsley: we all go to the state fair for food. let's go to eat dinner at the fair tonight. you have chocolate brownies. you are a waffle stick bacon wrapped pick wing. four ounces of pork shank wrapped in bacon. italian marinara served on a stick. soft serve cookie dough on a cone. the colossus. three italian sausage patties. 10 ounces of mac and cheese. three slices of american cheese, three slices of pepper jack cheese. how do these candidates go to the iowa state fair and don't eat the meat? >> absolutely, yeah. when u. come to the iowa state fair, you are going to be inundated with choices. ainsley: clearly. >> we will welcome anyone
3:30 am
who wants to come to our booth and enjoy high quawttledz good tasting pork product produced by the hard working men and women in the pork industry. hard to pass up our pork chop on a stick or one of our more popular items brown sugar pork belly on a stick. any of the presidential candidates who come by, we will welcome any of them. those who don't choose to come by, it's a long standing tradition at the iowa state fair. ainsley: it's a fun topic to talk about they are entitled to their choices vegan or vegetarian might be religious reasons too. i know gabbard is hindu. there might be a religious factor there how important is that to the voters in iowa? >> well, like i said, with our food stand, we have over 900 farmers who work at our stand throughout the 11 days of the iowa state fair. and it's an opportunity for them to visit with these candidates to come through.
3:31 am
there is a lot of important issues for our farmers today, like expanding export opportunities for our industry. find ago solution to the tight labor markets in rural america and strengthening biosecurity on our borders to keep foreign animal disease out. they're missing out on that opportunity to visit with farmers and talk about those issues as well. ainsley: i know president trump won iowa not by a lot though. 51.1%. how do you think he will fair in the next election there? >> well, i think farmers tend to take a long-term view of things. a lot of our farmers are family farms. they think in terms of generations. and so, you know, they are going to definitely take the long-term view on things like this. and they are hopeful that these issues are going to be worked out in the long term and they will be able to sustain their farms in to future generations. ainsley: drew mogler, thank you for joining us this
3:32 am
early in the morning. >> you are welcome. appreciate it. ainsley: congresswoman ilhan omar once called the state department evil. the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake.
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morning. take a really close look at this back-to-school picture. can you spot slithering surprise? ainsley: on the tree. >> it's a snake crawling down a tree and photo bombing this seventh grader's picture. the alabama teenager's mom told her to move as soon as she saw it. griff: some people believe it's rat snake. not venomous to humans. for the record jay giles did not jump in and save the girl from the snake. pete: looked like it was poised. ainsley: look like the head was right there toward her. very scar scary. ainsley: her mom saw it and screamed for her to get out of way. pete: it's a classic. ainsley: she was not harmed though. she is adorable. pete: do you know that for sure? ainsley: we would report that we would know that. pete: we would. ainsley: carley, right? carley: that would definitely be part of the story. i'm sure she is fine.
3:37 am
some grim news to bring you right now. two people are killed and more than 40 injured in weekend gun violence in chicago. among those hurt an 8-year-old girl shot in the leg at a barbecue. more than 1600 people have been shot in chicago this year at least 306 people have died. faa is investigating after medical helicopter pilot is accused of falling asleep in mid-air with a patient on board. the helicopter just like this one was flying from martha's vineyard to boston in june. the company boston med flight claims the pilot overflew the helipad and fatigue played a role in the incident. the pilot no longer works for the company. the thrill of a lifetime. that is what a family is calling this very close encounter with a great white. the group coming within a few feet of the shark off the coast of cape cod. >> i got a lot of adrenaline in the moment. it was crazy because that's
3:38 am
where we fish like all the time. >> it was pretty unique and surreal to be able to see a great white shark in the very same waters that we have been fishing in for years. carley: way calmer than i would have been. 161 shark sightings near cape cod since june. a golfer earns his pga tour card get this a year after putting his career on hold to care for his sick wife. watch this incredible moment. [cheers] carley: scott harrington embracing his wife jen at the 18th green. he finished sixth in the korn ferry tournament in oregon. jen's cancer is in remission. isn't that fantastic, guys? ainsley: that is amazing. pete: that is not easy to do, beat cancer and make the
3:39 am
pga tour. ainsley: congratulations. we will be following them. let's go to janice who has the forecast for the week. janice: beautiful day in new york city. it's gorgeous. look who came up to see me. >> mary and. >> dave. >> janice: what are you doing here. >> coming to see you. janice: thank you so much. hi, everybody. come here. what's your name? >> [inaudible] >> ashlynn. >> where are you from. >> california. >> what are you doing up so early? >> going to the today show. janice: okay. you are on "fox & friends" right now. right? are you excited about that? >> oh, good. fantastic. janice: hello "fox & friends" viewers. take a look at your maps real quick and show you what the temperatures are right now in new york city. 68 in new york right now. it is a spectacular day. mostly sunny skies for the big apple. we do have the potential for showers and thunderstorms across the central u.s. kansas city look out we could see some hail, some damaging winds. isolated tornadoes and very heavy rain.
3:40 am
flash flooding in the forecast unfortunately today. know what to do if there is a watch or warning. heat advisories in effect for parts of the south. dangerous heat with heat indices well over 100 degrees. just be careful. take care of your pets. take care of your kids and the elderly. things are going to be warm not only today but tuesday. the temperature starts to break as we go through the next couple of days. thank you for watching "fox & friends." can i give you a big old hug. >> oh, we love you. janice: yes, hugs are free. >> she is your biggest fan. janice: i love you, thank you so much. it's pete and griff and ainsley today. >> we love them, too. >> we just saw you on tv back at the hotel so glad to be here. griff: hello, hi. give them a hug for me, too janice. thank you for being out there. fantastic. all right. democratic congresswoman ilhan omar has long been criticized for anti-israel comments. the latest when she defended a resolution to boycott foreign nations. last month she said this: it is an opportunity for us
3:41 am
to explain why it is we support a nonviolent movement, which is the bds movement. americans have a proud history of boycotts human rights abroad including boycotting nazi germany in the lead up to the holocaust. now the state department taking new action. revising its defense of anti-semitism. joining me now is former new york state assemblyman doug hikeman. thank you for being here. >> a pleasure. griff: quickly show our viewers what the state department has done. they have added to the definition of anti-semitism by adding. this we will show it to you. drawing comparisons of contemporary israeli policy to that of the nazis. if you do that, you are anti-semitic. what do you make of this? >> i want to thank the president of the united states, secretary of state carr. i want to thank them for doing the right thing. the message is a very, very clear one. the idea of talking about
3:42 am
israeli policy and talking about well comparable to what happened in nazi germany the way the israelis treat the issues that they are confronted with in terms of their security and compare this to anything with the word nazi, germany and so on is absolutely outrageous and nothing but anti-semitism. the bds movement, clearly. nancy pelosi, i don't agree with anything about nancy pelosi, but i do agree with her when she says that supporting bds is being anti-semitic. if that's the case nancy pelosi and chuck schumer says the exact same thing. how come they are not taking to task individuals in the democratic party omar, tlaib, aoc, why aren't they calling them anti-semite. that's what they are when they, you know -- my mother went to auschwitz in 1944 with her grandmother with other siblings. let me tell you what
3:43 am
concentration camps are. that's where you are sent to your death. mile grandmother went to the gas chamber the day she arrived in auschwitz. anaunts, uncles, nieces of my mother went straight to the gas chambers. people were worked to death. people were tortured. people were experimented on. that's what a concentration camp is. the hutzpah, the audacity of especially democrats, i mean, it's either they are completely ignorant -- i have raised the question. griff: you are a democratic, dov, coming from someone within the party pushing back on it. let me ask you this. when this comes to aapplauding president trump, secretary pompeo. is there more that they need to do considering the leaders of the democratic party aren't doing enough? >> look, the president of the united states and his team, they just get it. they understand is that when you single out one country in the world, there is no
3:44 am
bds movement for any other country in the world. imagine this, there are 200 nations in the world. griff: understand this is a boycott divestment sanction. one country we want to sanction. the country that is surrounded by enemies who vow to destroy the state of israel. and israel defends itself. you have members of the united states congress supporting the bdf against the state of israel? where are these same people to talk about china? china has a million people. a million muslims in concentration camps right now as we sit here and talk. where are they in the hypocrisy of the democratic party, the double standard. there has got to be one standard. griff: why has it become partisan? >> i think what has happened is a number of people have hijacked the democratic party. there's no question about that. that the progressives, the liberals. you know. this is another fascinating thing. liberals, progressives, you know, when i was growing up i thought that meant open
3:45 am
open-minded people. people understood other points of view. that's not the case. they understand other points of view as long as it's their point of view. otherwise they call you all kinds of names. when it comes to the president and his team, anything that happens, they jump and they criticize and say the most outlandish and horrible things about the president of the united states. and within their own house, the democratic party, they cannot do a resolution against these anti-semites. it's amazing. griff: doug, would you vote for a democrat today? >> look, i am still a democrat but the democratic party of today has gone off the cliff. they have gone so far to the left. whifwhen i have my senator from new york, senator schumer whoever single sunday for the past 20 years does a press conference on sunday has done press conference on some issue has
3:46 am
never done one on anti-semitism. shame on him and nancy pelosi they came to a resolution against omar, tlaib and aoc. aoc recently talked about illegal immigrants coming into this country and talking about concentration camps and never again? what audacity. what hutzpah. griff: you are straying, dov from the current democratic party and 2020 field. i ask you, this as a former democrat, someone who feels passionate about this issue, could you as a democrat vote for president trump in 2020? >> the answer is yes. and i think the democrats all over this country, you know, you may have your disagreements with the president. you may not like certain things about the president. but at the end of the day, i ask people out there look at the reality. look at the facts on the ground. yes, you have your disagreements with the president, fine. i get it. >> right. >> you need to send a message to the democratic party. take a vacation in 2020.
3:47 am
take a vacation. send a message that do you not accept this double standard when it comes to anti-semitism. when it comes to racism. i don't care if you are democrat, republican. hate on the right and the left must be equally condemned. you can't play politics with hate. and that's what the democratic party is doing at the present time. shame on the democratic party at the present time. griff: doug, thank you for being here. we will see if any of the 2020 democratic candidates take your advice. >> thanks for having me. griff: back-to-school time is almost here. the top gadgets to get your kids ready including a new tool to make sure they never forget their locker combination. kurt, unlock that lock ♪ don't you be sold on the very first one ♪ good looking guy
3:48 am
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motor? nope. not motor? it's pronounced "motaur." for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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carley: good morning. quick headlines to get today. today the nr will challenge a controversial new law in los angeles. the city's rule requires contractors to disclose all business ties affiliated with the nra. the organization argues it violates the first amendment right to free speech. the city says the public
3:52 am
deserves to know how funds are being spent. and hundreds of thousands of ford and lincoln owners could soon get a big check. the company reportedly coming to a 17-million-dollar settlement in a class action lawsuit over navigation and entertainment software. those who are eligible could get up to $400 wow. guys? griff: thank you. it's back-to-school week. ainsley: can you believe that? it's middle of august already. >> essentials you need to start the year right. it's basic that makes sense such as this one. the little one goes back. i use luggage. you put a tile, bluetooth tracker on the back back and lunch box. even on a thermos. ainsley: you know where your child is. >> mom, someone stole my lunch. we will find out where the lunch is it will track that back to the app. and see
3:53 am
where that is. pete: kids loose backpacks. >> they come down in brice. they were sold $20 for one of them. sold in bigger packs. i use it for my own luggage kids going back to school. yes it does give you reassurance. ainsley: put it your luggage if delta loses your luggage you will know where it is. >> this is interesting. you combination locker back at school. this is a fingerprint lock. so you put your finger right there. and when you are not on live tv it opens right away. there it is. and then it also will open up with an app. the trick with that is it holds only a 30 day charge. you are going to have to take it home once a month and charge it. it just takes an hour to charge it. but for $37. and it is, you know, it's like a no name lock. works really really well. it's a great option. this right here is offloading school projects.
3:54 am
this is my passport go. this is a solid state drive. but it's got the cable built in. so the kids aren't going to lose the cable. it's rugged. it's got rub iron it. super light weight. and these are also come down in price. also about two and a half times the speed of other hard drives that are on the market. and hold anywhere from a half tear by the or 500 gigs to a ter b teargi terabyte. >> power supply. empowers creepy parent. this actually is a power strip from ebe. connects up to home kit or home automation. can you turn on any of these three outlets via an app. or from programming or by voice. but you also could tune in and find out if somebody has the light on at home
3:55 am
studying at their desk or not. pete: remotely turn on on a and off power to certain swichesz. >> you can. if you are on vacation, you can have it do things that make it look like you are at home. griff: turn the tvo do your homework. see they are not on. turn it off. >> you could. i would not like you as my dad. >> we showed you this is a great towel that i saw at the beach. it's the monster towel. it's 10 feet by 10 feet microfiber. the last time i had it on, we had a whole bunch left over. and one of our people visiting said, you know, i'm going to give this to my daughter for back-to-school. that's a brilliant idea. i forgot to mention at the time. that if you go to monster, you get $15 off if you use code word fox. ainsley: that's a good savings. >> it's amazing towel. it replaces about six giant
3:56 am
beach towels or take it to the park. ainsley: how big is it exactly. >> 10 feet by 10 feet. griff: we haven't had lock revolution. >> i have been waiting for something like that, right? it actually does work. >> just have to get o'er the challenge at some point have to bring it back home and charge it up. ainsley: you could use it like to lock up your bicycle. take it back home and charge it. >> you could. griff: kurt the cyberguy, thank you very much. >> you too. have a good monday. pete: this fbi agent, there he is, served our country more than 20 years. marine's surprise last day on the job that was life-changing. incredible story behind this reunion next. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug
3:57 am
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♪ i hit the ground running ♪ i snow exactly what i do honey. ainsley: good monday morning to you. look at the date right there, it's august 12th. where has the summer gone you? took your daughter back to school or to school for the first time, right? griff: yes. cleaning for the first time and quickly came right here to the other couch with you. you need to hit the ground running like keith urban did. hit the ground running. ainsley: sit back by me and delivering the news this morning. thank you for being here. pete: still summer. national middle child day. ainsley: it is? pete: my middle child peter boon and i played the other kids in basketball. two games we won though. it raises my confidence to beat an 8-year-old. >> do you get like a prize? >> i don't know. i hadn't thought about it. >> were you the middle
4:01 am
child. >> not how about you. ainsley: i'm the middle child. let's celebrate me today. are you the middle child. griff: i'm the baby. spoistled according to my brother and sister but i disagree with the characterization. pete: ainsley's day as it should be every day on "fox & friends." we do have some news this morning. we will start with a fox news alert driven guard assigned to keep watch on jeffrey epstein's cell assigned to work overtime shifts ahead of apparent suicide. griff: comes ahead of the fbi and doj opening investigations. ainsley: everyone was talked about this over the weekend. rob schmitt joins us on the latest of his autopsy, rob? rob: this is a story everybody was curious about. how in the world was this able to happen? over the weekend accuse you had sex offender was able to take his own life in a second attempt in a span of just about two weeks. epstein found unconscious in his cell saturday morning at the metropolitan corrections
4:02 am
centered in lower manhattan. he was rushed to the hospital and declared dead. now many wonder why epstein was reportedly only on suicide watch for six days after that suicide attempt from just about a couple of weeks ago, you will remember. "the washington post" reports that epstein was supposed to be checked on every 20 minutes but was left alone for hours before he was found dead. epstein was also supposed to have a cell mate but that cell mate was transferred out of his cell on friday and then epstein was left alone at that point and there has been no explanation as to why he was left alone. why he got his successfully tried and took his own life. told the a.p. the prison is very short-staffed with guards working extreme overtime just to keep up. the attorney general bill barr said he was appalled this could happen the fbi and inspector general will investigate and the white house says that the president also wants answers. >> i think the president just wants everything to be investigated. it's not further for me to go further than wha doj and fbi.
4:03 am
they do have questions and want to know who else is involved. >> epstein held without bail on -- there are so many different questions how this happened. some different things went wrong for him to be able to do this. send it back to you. pete: we talked about it over the weekend on "fox & friends." everyone did everywhere they were what happened? was it really a suicide? who is behind it. so much money. so many powerful political people involved. i have a feeling until evidence comes up, i want to see the videotape and exactly what happened. ainsley: so many things went wrong here. he was supposed to have someone in his cell with him and he didn't. that person was transferred out. the cameras that were supposed toen watching his cell were turned the other way. officers standing guard outside of his jail cell were overworked five days in a row overtime for one of
4:04 am
the employees. and have staff shortage. griff: he was not on suicide watch. really interesting. we know he was on suicide watch. ainsley: at the end of july they took him off. griff: reportedly possibly tried to commit suicide. not sure what happened. ainsley: bruises on his neck. griff: he is taken off and put back in housing unit, special housing unit is what they call it. everybody knew he was a suicide risk and sticking to the facts and what the investigation shows is really important because this is part of what makes people distrust law enforcement, how this could happen given all of the powerful connections surrounding this case that got to get this investigation and the after action report as it were correct. ainsley: there were so many -- is he connected to so many high powered people. there were conspiracy theories about, you know, how this happened. was it really a suicide. we do not know. we don't know all the facts yet. there is an autopsy report.
4:05 am
the medical examiner said the cause is still not official. and they are bringing in michael baden, a fox news contributor. they are bringing him in. is he a private pathologist to try to determine exactly what happened. happened.griff. pete: the more people that can be party to that autopsy and other things to make sure it's done properly the better. that's the way you get away from theories and fact situations like this. griff: that's right. griff: this weekend we covered a lot in iowa. griff: chop times. pete: about food. this year primary elections for democrats all about politics. they have political soapbox. candidates are free -- there you go. just 16. there may have even been more. they get time on the soapbox to address voters in iowa. one of the folks on that podium was joe biden. he didn't have a great weekend at the iowa state fair recently talked about truth over facts.
4:06 am
made a number of joe biden a & a financials. we knew he said something with the wrong date on it. what we didn't realize over the weekend he actually said it twice. here is joe biden on misremembering the parkland shootings in iowa. listen. >> i watch what happened when the kids from parkland marched up and i met with them and went up on the hill when i was vice president. went up the hill to go in those neighborhoods. >> i watched when those folks from parkland came up to see me when i was vice president. some of you covered it. and watched what happened when they went up on the halls of congress. congressman were basically cowering, not wanting to see them. they did not want to have to face it on camera. >> problem is it happened in 2018. >> claimed he was talking about sandy hook which happened six years before that in 2012. leaving leading at love people observing joe biden if this is the middle of the super bowl of your political career and you are bringing your b game at best and
4:07 am
misremembering things, have you lost a step or two? are you ready to take on president trump? ainsley: still doing well amongst the candidates. in iowa they have these jars because it's a corn state take a corn kernel and take a kernel and put it in your jar of choice. out of democrats joe biden got the most corn kernels. griff: democrats are looking for the candidate out of these 19 now best suited to take on trump and joe biden is suited for the iowa state fair. is he good at it. you know, it's your pal, uncle joe. ainsley: blue collar guy. griff: confusing parkland with sandy hook is a problem. pragmatic way for the guy to beat him if he can't keep things straight in what should be an easy forum and easy environment for joe biden. pete: remember he sent out the wrong text number.
4:08 am
there has been instance after instance after instance where joe biden doesn't seem to be bringing it the way he could have in the past. democratic thinking a lot could beat trump who would be the alternative be. ainsley: protesters came from new york city to go all the way with iowa with these fake dollar bills. they had bill de blasio's face on it instead of george washington. they were throwing these out. and it says in bill we trusted in iowa. he fails new yorkers. pete: a lot of taxpayers dollars going back and forth for him to run for president. not even cracking 1%. it's a vanity project. ainsley: guy who organized this is from new york. i said to myself if this is guy is wasting millions of dollars in taxpayer money to run for president and no one supports him. i there to myself what a
4:09 am
waste. print dollar bills and hand it around. griff: i will miss de blasio when he is forced to get out. can't keep the polling the. next debate 130,000 original voters. really he doesn't have anything else to do. he has plenty of time. he is on the way out. whether a is significant the amount of time candidates are spending away from their job in congress they are rainfalling on gun control and railing on immigration reform. they are railing on all these issues. we put together for you a percentage of votes missed by these candidates since february take a look at this. you see here booker, 4 will%. harris 48%. those are the two top being followed by sanders, gillibrand, ryan, tim ryan that is. elizabeth warren, bennett, gabbard,:00, seth moulton. if you are going to campaign vigorously.
4:10 am
i understand when you are on the eve of the election. really 15 in months from an election. in the case of booker and harris, talking about only showing up for work half the time. pete: yeah. the current forum in which they could effect change the senate or the house isn't doing anything to address the big issues. look at illegal immigration. look at the crisis we have there nothing is being done in congress. running around for president. what else do you hear from iowa and elsewhere? until this field narrows down, there is a lot of wasted time and energy going on. you have juans in some of these small towns say i have heard three or four times from candidates 1%. not voting for them. get out. you see biden's lead. if you look and add up the numbers of the other leftists, the progressives. they actually have a larger percentage of the vote there are so many of them right now. ainsley: that's right. that's true. pete: biden camp is worried if he fades the progressive strain. ainsley: people so mad at bill de blasio when he was out on the campaign trail when there was that
4:11 am
blackout. it was all over the newspapers here. griff: right. i was in the street reporting for us. ainsley: i talked to someone who was here the other day and they said they were from southbound oh do you know mayor pete buttigieg is he doing a good job? he is never here. is he always out on the campaign trail. he has forgotten us. if you look at how many campaign events outside of their home state that some of these candidates are participating. in bill de blasio since february has had 51 campaign events outside of new york. mayor buttigieg 112 since february. bullock 57 since march and inslee 57 since january. >> they are current office hold ares rubbing for president. i get it they are willing to sacrifice current job to run for president. ainsley: complaining about immigration laws meanwhile they could be in washington changing them. griff: you have de blasio protesters biden.
4:12 am
political reporter in me you you have to listen to what the candidates are saying. bernie sanders is a viable candidate right now. he is not in first place but he could certainly take his army of supporters who really want to see him win when you listen to his plans whether it be medicare for all or green new deal, he says, and this is the point i want to make that hey, you know what? of course it's going to cost trillions of dollars, so what. listen to this. >> no reason why we don't make these houses and institutions tuition free. of course it will cost a little bit of money. pete: when you add a little bit of money so what green new deal, relieving college debt, all the other things he wants to spend money on, it becomes a big so what. bill de blasio has talked about 70% or higher tax rate for folks on -- at the highest level.
4:13 am
ainsley: 70% of your paycheck. you live on 30% of your paycheck. that's what they want. griff griff look at barack obama running for president said he was going to do olbermanobamacare and he did it. president trump said going to build the wall. you should take them at their word and the expenditures for which sanders is expending there. and senator elizabeth warren going to do it if they win. take that into consideration. pete: forgot medicare for all the other one on his list. that's truly what he wants. that's what you have got to give bernie sanders credit for. this is what i stand for. i'm a democratic socialist. pete: if that's what america wants, god help us. ainsley: carley shimkus has headlines for us. carley: we begin with a fox news alert. the marine killed in combat in iraq identified overnight. gunnery sergeant scott copenhaffer died from enemy fire on saturday while advises iraqi forces. he joined the marine corps
4:14 am
in 2005 and earned several honors including bronze stars and the title of marine special operator of the year he least behind a wife and two children. he is the first american service member to die in combat in iraq this year. an investigation is underway after five children are killed in a massive fire at a day care. four siblings are among the dead. they were staying at a home in eary, pennsylvania while their mother worked an overnight shift. officials believe the fire may have been caused by an electrical issue. there was only one smoke detector in the home. the victims were between 8 months and 8 years old. accused turning the u.s. persian gulf matchbox ready to ignite. al jazeera reporting he claims the u.s. is making the region less safe and american navy vessels are flooding the american
4:15 am
waterway with weapons. the u.s. navy is ramping up patrol near the strait of hormuz amid rising tensions with iran. fbi agents powerful reminder about the impact of his career. agent troy sauers totally shocked when he is reunited with the baby he saved 22 years ago. [applause] that is marine corps corporal stuart surprising the agent at his retirement ceremony. agent sauers was on the job for two months when he found him in a dumpster in washington state in 1997. he was just two days old and had been kidnapped from the hospital. the agent shocked by the reunion. he says all he wanted for retirement was coffee and donuts. and he got so much more, guys.
4:16 am
ainsley: kidnapped out of the hospital when he was a baby. carley: they hadn't seen each other for 22 years and to see the man he has become. pete: thank you very much. carley mentioned it gunnery sergeant scott copenfaffer. i hope i'm pronouncing that correctly. his name just announced yesterday. that's the kind of name. that's the name america needs to know is scott copenhaffer. marine special operator of the marines last year. best of the best still out there small arms fire with remnants of isis. god bless him and his family. griff: i'm not sure you are going to like this story though. there is a new call to action at the border. this time it's the left pledging a resistance conover jans to shut it down. ainsley: we are getting reaction from u.s. border patrol chief carla provost coming up next ♪ ♪ feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin
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-oh. thank you. -yeah. hey! i live on my own now! i've got xfinity, because i like to live life in the fast lane. unlike my parents. you rambling about xfinity again? you're so cute when you get excited... anyways... i've got their app right here, i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. griff: 20 minutes after the hour here. putting final touches on the wall in san diego on friday.
4:21 am
measuring 18 feet high and 14 miles long. here to react is carla provost. chief, good morning to you. it actually looks like they are completing much needed repair out there in san diego area. tell me what's going on. >> they definitely are, griff. i will tell you this is a big for us to complete that project. that leads to a total of 57 miles that we have put in. we have another 47 miles under contract. by the end of 2020 we are expecting to have over 330 miles of new border wall capability in place for my men and women. griff: chief, it's much talked about, to reiterate for viewers, why does this matter to you? what does this deliver to you in terms of needed resources? >> well, numerous things, impedence and denial, of course, is something that we need. more importantly, this new infrastructure makes it safer for my men and women to do their job, they have been assaulted over 600 times this year, which is
4:22 am
just unacceptable. they can see through this. it has anti-dig feature to it. anti-climb features, it makes it really, really difficult for the bad actors though are coming across the border and there are still many, many bad actors still trying to come across our border. griff: indeed. at the end of lafers week some of your agents were fired upon from the mexican side from the river bank. i wanted to talk to you a little bit about something that is coming. something that i thought as a reporter who has covered a lot of protests for this channel, whether it be opposing the iraq war or antifa and the like, but now there is a call for a border resistance in el paso. ground zero for all of this. i want to show you this poster we are seeing. it is called convergence on the border resistance convergence. starting at the beginning of september. you see there abolish ice. shut it down. are you concerned, chief, that this is not going to
4:23 am
help this situation? >> well, certainly doesn't help the situation when we are vilifying the agents and the officers. my men and women, the men and women of ice are doing the job that they are sworn to do and to protect this country. and i hate to see when the protests are impacting my men and women because they are doing annual amazes job on the border. griff: chief, for the better part of a year that i have covered border issues, i have seen your men and women courageously show up for work and go through unbelievable hardships. what is the morale in the border patrol today? how are you handling this and particularly when you see yet again, in september thee going to be rid ciewltd personally for the job they have sworn to uphold in delivering law enforcement. >> it certain slay concern. whenever i'm out in the field talking with the agents, this is something that i always discuss with them is their morale and keeping their spirits up. i always remind them how
4:24 am
proud i am of them and what they're doing. and many americans are understand the job they are doing, the importance of the job and support them. i will tell you they are a resilient group. it's impressive to see when you consider all of the challenges that they are up against. griff: chief, quickly, some news yesterday, guatemala elected a new president who has indicated he may want to change the immigration deal that the former president made in terms of a safer country status your thoughts? are you concerned this new administration may set you back in terms of progress? >> it certainly is a concern. we need both mexico and guatemala to continue doing what they're doing. that being said, it's still just a band-aid to the situation. we need congress to do something if we are really going to to deal with the immigration problem. griff: chief carla provost, thank you for your time today. our thoughts and appreciation go out to the men and women of the border patrol. thanks for being here. >> thanks. griff: elizabeth warren
4:25 am
spark outrage after tweeting that michael brown was murdered by police. next guest a democrat. and a police officer. he said every officer in america should be offended america should be offended by her that's coming up. did you know congress is working to end surprise medical billing? that's when patients are hit with medical bills they thought would be covered by insurance. the problem is big insurance companies want a one-size-fits-all approach that lets them decide what they'll pay doctors for yocare. letting insurance companies decide means it could be harder
4:26 am
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4:28 am
what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels. >> senator elizabeth warren received major backlash on twitter after receiving. this michael brown was murdered by a white police officer in ferguson, missouri. michael was unarmed yet he was shot six times. i stand with activists and organizers who continue the fight for justice for michael we must fight systemic racism and police violence head on. next guest a democrat is going after members of his own party for uninformed attacks on law enforcement
4:29 am
his or her with more is missouri state representative and retired police officer jeff roorda and author of the book "the war on police." you see this tweet from elizabeth warren why does it have you and so many others fired up? >> well, it's offensive to every police officer in america, pete that senator warren is clinging to this false narrative. there is no reason to do that other than it pays electoral dividends. >> so you think there politics behind this some have said maybe pandering. >> pander something a good word. i don't know what purpose is served by extending this narrative by justice department and grand jury why flected flatly. pete: this is what the obama defense department the conclusion they came to in the mike brown case doj excuse me. mike brown's account is corroborated by physical evidence and the perception
4:30 am
of threat posed by brown is corroborated by other eyewitnesses there is no credible evidence that wilson willfully shot brown as he was attempting to surrender or otherwise not posing a threat. no credible evidence of a murder here. yet, elizabeth warren says that's exactly what happened. >> yeah, it's really exhausting, we keep addressing the fantasy of the situation instead of the reality. we can't make any progress under those circumstances. pete: why has the fantasy taken hold? why has the mischaracterization of the event become the way a lot of people see it especially on the left? >> i think it'sing convenient for some that want to villainize law enforcement. they see as it a way i can tell you they are just listening to the protesters, now listen tout people in the community that want police there and want community safe. pete: great point. as a democrat you see the the
4:31 am
villeification of law enforcement. is your party doing enough to address it and stand by the men and women in blue? >> not really hillary clinton lost the election to president trump. the minute that she paraded the mother ofs of the movement out on the stage at the democratic national convention. and if folks in my party don't figure out this tired false narrative turns out voters then they are never going to get the white house back. pete: do you think that becomes the -- a big parted of the debate in 2020? law enforcement vs. lawlessness, citizenship vs. illegality, how does an entire party align itself in that direction? >> well, they shouldn't. and it's electoral loser. and i don't understanded desperate pandering that goes on sometimes. pete: i can sense the frustration in your voice that it's been so much for
4:32 am
so long all you want is the truth to be told. thank you so much for your time on our program this morning. >> you bet. glad to be on. pete: thank you. well, two american athletes protesting our national anthem on the world stage. now, both of them could be punished. dan bongino says those protests are, quote: liberal self-promotion, not sacrifice. he is come up. ♪ ♪ like the rivers and the woodlands wild and free ♪ i got 100 years of down home ♪ running saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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money, just keep making history simone bile. griff: keep making history. simone bias wins 6 u.s. gymnastic title after this historic floor routine. ainsley: the first woman ever to land a triple double flip. pete: she seems very happy with her performance as she should. you pointed out taking a moment to do a victory. ainsley: she does a little dance, a little shimmy. pete: they say simone biles is the greatest gymnast of all time. pete: i grew up on carrie shook. you remember the landing. ainsley: i grew up with marilou let ton and now i
4:37 am
see her on commercials. griff: triple double flips all the time. ainsley: me? griff: not you. secret service agent and author of spy gate the attempted sabotage of donald j. trump. dan, good morning to you. we're not going to obviously hit you up about this unbelievable performance by simone biles. but we want to talk to you about two gold medalists, one in particular a fencer could be disciplined after taking a knee after he won the gold. >> you know, griff, i saw that story. i'm really tired of these people. i think a lot of america is, too. we share nothing in common with them. number one about self-promotion. rarely about them engaging in any kind of a positive way to change things for the better. kneeling is a sign of disrespect to our flag which many of the patriotic americans who watch this network know shuts the argument down right away.
4:38 am
so whatever you are trying to argue for, you know, what did kaepernick say social justice and i believe this kneeler at the pan-american games i believe his thing he was protesting some systemic racism. those are all horrible things. we should all be trying to things. shut the conversation down immediately when you disrespect our flag, what, you know, people have come home in boxes for this. it reminds me again, one more thing we share almost nothing in common anymore with liberals. this was once a common space sport where americans could go for a refuge from the back and forth and the friction of politics and liberals have to destroy it because they are a forest fire every single thing they touch and this too. the guy was representing the united states. get up and put your hand over your heart and give a speech later about how you want to protest racism. that's great. we will all be with you for that you don't do in this way.
4:39 am
ainsley: dan, he violated guidelines, the u.s. olympic and paraolympic pick committee says this protest violates guidelines and considering disciplining this individual. do you think that should happen. >> it should happen, ainsley, yes. but honestly it's going to be counter productive. i hate to say that you may be surprised i even said it. when i say counter productive it doesn't matter then become a martyr with the liberal. sanctioned and liberal also love him. liberals like when this stuff happens. they just love to kind of stick it and poke it to everybody else and it's why they never get anything substantively done. think about it whether it's the firearm issue or abortion issue with liberals. what they do is poke you and prod you by attacking itstack us personally claiming it's bad idea. he will be a martyr with the left if they punish him. he took the pledge not to do it. which says this guy has no character to begin with.
4:40 am
you swore to them you would not engage in political statements to be part of the team. you then turned around and slapped everybody in the face. pete: dan, you are right. i'm glad you didn't play his game. plays a sport with weapon that's not real. this morning we are using the name gunnery sergeant scott coppin haver the marine killed in iraq and name just announced. talk about. on sacrifice that really matters. >> pete, i lost my uncle in vietnam before i was born. my family was never the same. my grandmother died with a broken heart that flag means a lot more tom-to-some people than it does to other who kneel in front of it. i wish these kneelers would understand that. griff: let me ask you about it's obviously political season in iowa all the candidates out there. you talk about the sort of straight offensive talk as you put it talk about bernie sanders note talking about
4:41 am
climate change issue which is popular among niece candidates. trump from believes climate change is a hoax. donald trump is an idiot. just straight -- what do you make of that? >> is this the comedy block? it's 7:30 in the morning? bernie sanders i want to spend $30 trillion in 10 years. do you like my donald trump imitation? donald trump is an i understand? he wants to spend $30 trillion over the next 20 years we are 20 in debt. griff: here is what you are talking about. >> senator senator, give me a number medicare for all, an approximate number. how much would it cost? >> somewhere between 3 30 and 40 trillion over a 10 year period. >> just nonchalantly dropping that out there. >> talking about a guy can't do first grade level math and donald trump is an idiot? shall we go on? bernie said this guy has
4:42 am
never had a real job outside of politics his entire life. i believe there is a story he was kicked out of a come moon engaged in communist work program or something and donald trump is an idiot? again, you understand he can't do basic math. griff, he believes in the money fairy. yeah, we can find money anywhere, money here, money there it's never his money. griff, the guy owns, what is it two or three houses? is it two or three now i'm not sure. he claims two or three houses and claims to be a socialist. donald trump is an idiot? let me tell you something all you sanders supporters out there. i don't know the guy i never met him. i'm telling you based on his public statement i have never seen in me life a bigger phony fake fraud in politics than this joker. he has never had a job. he doesn't work. i'm a millionaire. this guy, you notice he stopped railing against millionaires and billionaires. he only rails against billionaires now. do you know wife? because is he a millionaire.
4:43 am
he is the biggest phony out there. total fraud. and martha mccallum in his town hall nailed him to the wall on you don't like the trump tax cuts. you pay that rate. don't you? you don't pay extra. >> of course i'm going to pay that rate. phoney, fraud, fake. pete: $30 trillion over 10 years. current budget is 7 trillion. is he going to double the size of the budget each year to pay for medicare for all. it's lunancy. >> he thinks there is a money fairy out there. he thinks like the tooth fairy they come in the middle of the night and just drop money on people's pillow to pay their taxes. this guy is a total phoney. he is the biggest fake i have ever seen in politics. i can't believe people are getting suckered guy this guy every day. remember that story about his private travel? i thought he was a climate change guy. climate change, you are spewing co 2 all over the
4:44 am
country to fly on a private jet. is he a big phony. ages ainsley they hear freer college, free health insurance, free, free, free. pete: we always wonder whether you will tell us how you feel? >> it's my favorite one. thanks. ainsley: 7:44 on the east coast and carley has headlines for us. carley: got some new updates to get to right now. the trial begins today for a former eagle scout accused of running a multi-million-dollar drug empire. investigators call king pin counter fit pain killers laced with fentanyl in utah and distributed them nationwide. prosecutors say the operation sold nearly half a million pills dozen afternoons of people died from overdoses after buying from the drug ring. three dogs are dead after playing in a pond filled with toxic algae.
4:45 am
their health deteriorated within hours after the animals went swimming in north carolina. they started to seize and could not breathe. but the vet could not save the dogs. that owner now warning others about the dangers of blue green algae poisoning. a police officer is under investigation after giving hulk hogan a ride to the airport. >> here we go. >> my uber has a siren. >> we love chicago ph.d. >> chicago pd for life. carley: viral video officer we'ving past planes at chicago's o'hare airport. the officer could be punished since police did not authorize the escort. a wild animal barely escapes police after breaking into a colorado home. the bear forced itself through a hole in the wall like the kool-aid man. you can see pink insulation
4:46 am
sticking out where the beast pushed through right there. they think it was lured inside by the smell of trash. could you imagine being home and see a bear boost through your door like a kool-aid man? pete: that's called living in montana. those are tough people. pete: stuff we couldn't conceive of could be normal. i went to a camp site and there was a bear always around. little too domestic indicated. ainsley: that's a little too scary. ainsley: i have a friend in north carolina and she posts picture of the bear right on her front porch. pete: they live with us. thank you, carley. ainsley: that's what happens when you live in the woods. griff: let's ask janice dean. janice: did you see any bears when you came in what's your name? >> wendy from austin, texas. my mom and dad are watching right now. they can't get out of house i told them i would say hi.
4:47 am
janice: hi. thanks for watching "fox & friends." show you how spectacular in new york city. 69 degrees, we are looking at mostly sunny skies. the potential for showers and thunderstorms across the midwest and, perhaps, the northern plains later today. we could see some large hail and damaging winds, isolated tornadoes as well as heavy rainfall. now across the south, across our friends in texas. we have the potential for heat advisories and heat warnings where it will feel well over 100 degrees. in some cases 111, 112 degrees. summertime is setting in. there is your forecast today. say hi to pete and griff and ainsley today, everybody. [cheers and applause] griff: go crowd. i love it. ainsley: janice is out there giving hugs. griff: to new details in the death of jeffrey epstein. turns out his guards were working overtime. ainsley: former acting attorney general matthew whitcher is going to weigh in on that coming up next.
4:48 am
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4:51 am
griff: fox news alert. jeffrey epstein not chexd on for hours. ainsley: learning that he should have been checked on every 30 minutes.
4:52 am
let's bring on matthew whitaker former acting attorney general and incoming outside general counsel for pcatic. thanks for being here. >> i'm excited to work with the folks at pcatic clients as part of my law practice. i really like the company and it should be a fun time. ainsley: what do you make of what happened to epstein? do you think this was is you suicide. >> this is the great thing department of justice and former attorney general i head up the bureau of prisons among other things. i was very pleased that bill barr took this incredibly seriously and said we have to get to the bottom of this and brought in michael horowitz who is the inspector general and who has a lot of experience investigating things that have happened at vop including in its new york city jail. i also know, you know, was there when general sessions appointed hugh horowitz to be the vop. is he a methodical procedure
4:53 am
based person. vop nobody does it better than vop. i was surprised to see some of these protocols and procedures 30 minute check and the like were not followed. i think there are serious questions that rizzs rad are rad here. i think reason and common sense would suggest that someone should have been checking on him basted on what had happened several weeks before. griff: you say serious questions being asked. in the "wall street journal" today their op-ed basically says that this fiasco, this whatever has happened, we will get the facts, but this is part of why americans don't trust their government how important is getting this investigation right, concise, and transparent? >> well, the transparency is the key. that's what build confidence for the american people. if you don't give all of the facts and essentially a line by line as to what we looked into, what we talked to, what we found, what we saw, what was violated, if anything, and the who, what,
4:54 am
just like the facts, then the confidence won't be there. so we need like ultimate transparency in this case. now, this is the same jail that chapo was just being held before he was transferred out to the super max in colorado. so i was surprised to see that they can hold limb him basically without incident and epstein twice. once an alleged failed attempt at suicide and now a successful attempted. something, i think, the question surroundings this something doesn't add up. we need full transparency and we need the answers on this. pete: you mentioned horowitz which sent my mind in another direction and his name has been used on the other inspector general investigation. any sense on when his other investigation comes out about what happened? >> pete, i think everyone believes that it's going to be september and those are -- that together with the durham piece of those investigations into that entire russia investigation is going to be key. and, again, that's one we will need full transparency.
4:55 am
we will need to know what decisions were made. why did they make them? what was the predicate for these investigations? i mean, i know some of it, but one of the things that i heard bill barr say after he took over in february from me is that he couldn't get answers to some of these questions. i felt the same way. i asked the same questions and i couldn't get answers either. i was glad to see him do this because i think we will get some of these answers. ainsley: as far as the transparency in the epstein thing, how do you find out what really goes on behind bars don't snitch, don't tattle because bad things could happen to you if you do that. how do you really find out the truth? >> it's like conducting any other investigation. you start on the outside and work your way in. the interesting thing is they have canal are as but not in the cells. only there was staff there doing things. at the same time, there was nobody in the cell with him. to some extent it's going to be what was happening outside of the cell and in
4:56 am
the hallways and who was moving around at the time. those cameras usually are your best fact provider. griff: you mentioned barr. is he very outraged and upset. is that justified? >> i'm sure when he got the news, i'm guessing he did not use the best language because i mean, that is -- that was, if not the most high profile case going on at doj the most high profile case. you want to make sure those victims receive the satisfaction and the justice that they deserve. so, to be -- to have it go down the way 20 down, i think is -- you would want the attorney general outraged and very angry and commanding answers. griff: we shall see what happens. matt whitcher, thank you for being here. congratulations on the new gig for pcatic. >> i was at the iowa state fair they have corn dogs --
4:57 am
griff: we have to leave it there we will be back with more "fox & friends." you don't want to miss it. what's coming ahead, a big show. charles payne, mollie hemingway and mark steyn. it's only monday. . ..
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ ainsley: good morning to you. it is 8:00 here on the east coast on this beautiful monday. it is the middle of august, hard to believe. griff: summer not over yet. it is hot outside. you have pete on the couch. ainsley: i know. brian and steve are away. pete: extended weekend for some people in the middle of august. ainsley: how was the weekend? it felt like fall. griff: break in the humidity on the east coast. pete: it is good to be live right now.
5:01 am
you think about years. this time of year is the best. going to the end of summer, kids are heading off to school, football is coming. feel that fall weather. ainsley: fall in new york is wonderful. you took your daughter to college yesterday. griff: dropped off my daughter at college. bittersweet, sad moment but very proud of her. hard to believe that she is actually starting college. ainsley: your first. your first. pete: you're an old man, griff. griff: it won't stop me doing my job as intrepid reporter here. the news we have, a lot of it. ainsley: start with fox news alert. jeffrey epstein was not checked on for several hours leading up to an apparent suicide. that is what a source told fox news. griff: a guard assigned to watch epstein's cell working overtime shifts. pete: rob schmitt from times square with the latest. reporter: crazy story. it appears millionaire accused
5:02 am
sex offender jeffrey epstein was able to take his own life. it was the second attempt in a span of two weeks. we covered the story. epstein was found unconscious in his cell on saturday morning at metropolitan corrections center in lower manhattan. he was rushed to hospital and declared dead. they wonder why jeffrey epstein was only on suicide watch for six days after that last attempt but was taken off on it. he was supposed to be checked on every 30 minutes but was left for hours. epstein was supposed to have a cellmate out of suicide watch but he was transferred out. that cellmate was transferred out of the cell on friday. epstein was left all alone. there has been no explanation why he had his own cell. the prison is short staffed with the guards working extreme overtime just to keep up. attorney general bill barr is appalled by this, that that
5:03 am
could happen. the fbi and inspector general will investigate. the white house says the president wants answers. >> i think the president wants everything to be investigated and it is not for me to go further where the doj and fbi are right now. you do hear people asking questions. they want to know who else was involved. reporter: epstein was being held without bail on charges of child sex trafficking and conspiracy. he faced 45 years in prison. the victims wondering what it means for their case after he committed suicide? where does it go from here? is it civil now? back to you. griff: good point, rob, a lot of questions as we heard from matt whitaker, an important need for transparency. ainsley: what he did allegedly is disgusting and but a lot of these victims that i heard interviews with they did want a trial. they didn't, they felt like this was easy way out. they wanted him to suffer behind
5:04 am
bars. pete: wanted their day in court. bill barr being frustrated about a high-profile case. mark fuhrman, fox news contributor, former lapd detective. mark, as you watch the initial information we're getting on the case, update us on your thoughts? >> i see the gossip and innuendos it was a -- preceding the facts, that that is a mista. you see the immediate response to blame -- for not checking on him, even though he wasn't on suicide watch. you hear suicide watch is checking on an inmate 30 minutes, it is kind of odd how much time 30 minutes to actually asphixate yourself. that is what we're dealing with. maybe we should pause until we know the cause and manner of death, toxicology, pathologists
5:05 am
makes the findings, the path technologist will say was this homicide, was this natural, was it accidental or was it a suicide. you can't investigate a homicide if the pathologist says it's a suicide. ainsley: how easy is that to determine? >> very. ainsley: really? >> yes. it will be -- so the first thing is, they're going to do a toxicology, they will do an autopsy, the cause of death if it is asphyxiation, in toxicology he had no drugs would make him compliant or unconscious to allow somebody kill him and stage the scene. the second thing, the crime scene, is it consistent with what the victim could actually do? could he tear up clothes, create a rob, a ligature. could he hang himself or would that rope or ligature withstand the weight of his body to render
5:06 am
him unconscious, continue having that tension to render him dead? once you have the crime scene, yes it's possible, you have nobody coming into his cell and you have no toxicology that indicate that he was made, unable to fight or made him compliant, then you have a suicide. griff: mark, someone who has been in some cases as pete has pointed out in terms of investigations, setting aside the autopsy, what are you most interested in learning in the investigation inside that correctional facility? >> well, inside the correctional facility i think a lot of people don't realize how many in-custody deaths there are in this country every week. but we don't know their names. to tree to keep somebody alive that is not motivated to stay alive is pretty difficult. sue said watch i think is somewhat of a joke. you have to take everything out of that cell that you can
5:07 am
possibly take out to actually keep them doing that but obviously, clothes and bedding. so i really don't see the fingerpointing towards the correctional facility that is understaffed and overworked and they were actually following exactly the protocols that they were supposed to but i have a feeling that somebody is going to have a head roll, and it will probably be the lowest man on the totem pole. pete: that is often how it goes. we want to highlight your new series, "the fuhrman diaries" on "fox nation." profile a case a lot of people heard a lot about, but you will bring new evidence. take a listen to this. >> well -- >> [inaudible] >> this is somebody going into different disorders varied and
5:08 am
overlapping. she is a fares sy it, only cared about herself. of. she had no conscience. she had no guilt. she could play on sexuality, and flirtation to actually push him to a place that she could control him. that is what she did on the night of the murder. she cut down his defenses. planned the murder. griff: fascinating stuff, mark, jodi arias, a case we will not forget. what else can we see in the "fox nation" special about what happened with her case? >> well, she's really interesting because when we see it in the news, it is always in segments, and little fragments of information. on "fox nation" we have the opportunity for the viewer to see how a detective sees this case actually develop in front of the detective and how the
5:09 am
commitment of the suspect now, you in -- just how obvious she was, and how much of a premeditated case is was, and how crazy she was. but you know, all those things in little snippet are hard to see. you know when, you don't have to argue point for point on a show, and you can just give it some flow, you can actually start to see how a detective put as case together, and just how committed the suspect is. pete: mark fuhrman you know your stuff. folks can get it on "fox nation," airing right now. appreciate it. ainsley: thank you, mark. you sat down with jodi arias. griff: i did. playing that footage. i sat in the courtroom every single day of that trial in 2013. i was reporting for greta van susteren. it was really unbelievable how overwhelming the evidence was against her in this brutal murder of her boyfriend but yet, sort of the antics, she is a
5:10 am
very fascinating person. i would recommend to our viewers if you don't know the case of jodi arias, get on position nation, watch this, it was really a unique situation. we were able to interview her. ainsley: what was she like? griff: she was just a very narcissistic as he pointed out, person, i will deny it in grand fashion. you go with it. and feel sorry for me. in the end nobody was buying it. pete: it is justice month on "fox nation." download it if you want stories. as we talk about jeffrey epstein, rule of law, talk about cases like this, how central your day in court is to the american system. no matter how rich or poor you are, justice will be served, you get the due process no matter what. it is a special thing around the world. isn't perfect obviously as these cases reveal. most people that lived on planet
5:11 am
earth in human history have not had the opportunity for a day in court. griff: you know who is perfect? carley shimkus. what a transition. carley: what a guy. pete: that feels like pandering. griff: she is perfect. carley: we'll kick things off with a fox news alert. the marine killed in combat iraq identify overnight. gunnery sergeant scott copeenhaverk he died saturday. 35-year-old from colorado joined the marine corps in 2005, earned several honors including bronze stars and the title of marine special freight tore of the year. he leaves behind a wife and two children. he is the first american service member to die inner rack this year. hong kong international airport shut down overnight as protesters hold a sit-in the
5:12 am
main terminal. police tried to clear out the demonstrators. this comes after a weekend of violent clashes including officers firing tear gas inside of a train station. activists have been rioting for months over a bill that would extradite criminals to mainland china. hundreds of demonstrators occupying the amazon flagship store in new york city on the annual jewish day of mourning. those activists demanding the company cut its ties with i.c.e., days after sweeping raids in mississippi. they say amazon hosts databases for software used by the immigration agencies. other similar protests held in cities around the country. national a guardsman received top honor from the air force after a act of heroism. he was flying a plane during training in 2016 when an engine propeller failed. he managed to land the plane
5:13 am
safely saving five people. >> it's a big deal. this is the distinguished flying cross. >> i'm an air force pilot. i've been trained to handle situations like this and that's what i did. carley: god bless him. horrigan was awarded distinguished flying cross and he deserved it. ainsley: twitter unlocked senator mitch mcconnell's account after he had protesters harassing him. >> this is mitch mcconnell's house. the [bleep] might not about to get rest. not if the children you're kidnapping. griff: our next guest says don't let twitter's reversal fool you. that is coming up next. >> keep it going y'all. murder turtle.
5:14 am
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5:18 am
jaw-dropping video swarming the house of senator mitch mcconnell. they tweeted the video and twitter locked out the account but after growing backlash twitter up froze it. our next guest says we can't let that stop efforts against big tech bias. we have vice president for communications, harmeet dillon. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: it worked. republican said we'll not buy ads on twitter. twitter responded by unfreezing mitch mcconnell's account. what do you make of that? >> well, what i make of that is, the second most powerful republican in the united states was frozen from twitter for several days. his campaign account was frozen. it was only threats of significant monetary sanctions that got it unfrozen which is not a tool that most of us have. in fact not even a tool that most republican candidates have or disfavored democratic candidates. this is very dangerous going into the 2020 election.
5:19 am
we saw the big tech companies use similar censorship methods in the 2018 election against conservatives such as marsha blackburn in tennessee, refusing to run some of her ads. facebook has refused to run some of the p's ads. we don't want to mandate particular channels carry all ads or equal access if they violate their own consumer promises to sell an ad, if they use this type of a selective censorship to do a contribution in kind, then i think that can really affect the outcome of elections. i think it is very dangerous. we need to look what is going on here. >> read the article at fox news .com. i was reading it. you say this censorship can pose a serious threat to our democracy. is that what you mean, because it can affect elections? >> absolutely. technology evolved so fast, we're no longer in the air people will see adds so much on broadcast television. now a significant portion of
5:20 am
that campaign messaging and spending happens on social media platforms. what we have seen, i have personally seen anecdotally here in california, right before an election on the republican side, somebody trying to run an ad as competitor for rebrevard county shun, they will have the ads frozen. they can't buy the ad, get an error message that doesn't happen to the democratic opponents. one is it selectively silenced as opposed to other. in the particular case of mitch mcconnell. that was more insidious. he was drawing attention to threats of violence against him. at same time twitter allowed massacre mitch and other -- ainsley: #assassinate trump you right. >> there are so many like this. you know, peter fonda is still on there, after having suggested that barron trump, the president's adolescent son thrown into cases with pedophiles. louis fairy kahn was not
5:21 am
suspended. the it was awful as a baseline. when these companies, two or three companies could affect the out comes of close elections. that is not acceptable in america. ainsley: twitter said about the reason they were doing for what they did. multiple appeals from users and mitch mcconnell confirming intent to highlights the threat for public discussion, we reviewed this case more closely. going forward the video will be visible on the service with a sensitive media interstitial and only in cases where the tweet content does not otherwise violate twitter rules. they are not saying it was because after money thing, are you buying it. >> it is nonsense. i will go far to say that's a lie, ainsley. they do not censor similar content when posted by liberals. i can tell you my client, andy gno, assaulted in portland, received death threats through twitter, he report them.
5:22 am
twitter doesn't take them down. depend who you are. it is okay to attack, have hashtags to as senate the person but not the okay for the person to report the threats on twitter. that is ridiculous. no one is buying that is even-handed application of so-called objective criteria. ainsley: thank you so much. read her article on have a good one. as president trump pushes for more american-made cars, toyota is driving full speed ahead recruiting hundreds of american workers. we'll take you inside one of those plants where it is happening. charles payne reacts to all the big jobs coming here. he is on deck. ♪ ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination.
5:23 am
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♪ >> we want them to build more cars in the united states and, also build them here, ship them overseas. ainsley: the president calling for more auto companies to build here in the u.s., foreign auto companies. toyota says we are. griff: that's right. the automaker looking to hire hundreds of workers in two states. pete: grady trimble joins us from a toyota plant with more on those jobs. good morning. reporter: good morning, guys. this is literally the end of the line. this is where the finished product comes to the end of the line f you like the new car smell, it doesn't get any fresher here. this is millie who is president of toyota in indiana. her job to hire a lot of new workers, 400 in the southwest indiana. >> that's correct, grady. jobs, jobs, we're a family in
5:27 am
toyota indiana. we want everybody to come. we have on sight child care, competitive wages. we're looking for 400 people. reporter: you moved here yourself. why should people move here? >> it's a great community to raise your children. it's a great community for businesses. i encourage everybody to go to, put their resume' in for a job, and a career here at toyota indiana. reporter: thank you, millie. the president has called for automakers, whether foreign or here, to make more cars in the united states and that is exactly what they're trying to do here in toyota in indiana. as well as other parts of the country as well. so it is great to see all these american workers with their hard hats on, ready to get to work, driving right off the line. guys? ainsley: thank you, a grady. let's bring in charles payne, host of "making money" on fox business network. that is great, 400 employees they're hiring in princeton in
5:28 am
indiana, and 400 in alabama. >> this is a continuation. a couple things. first of all the auto industry how it expanded t was a michigan, detroit centric story. now it is south carolina story, it is an alabama story, and indiana store. what is more remarkable, you keep hearing peak auto. that term suggests we can't sell anymore cars. i think it is true with cars, we have a love affair with pickup trucks, crossovers. you saw vehicles coming off the assembly line. ford reported earnings a week ago. 3 billion cash flow in america. you know what they did outside of the country? they lost a half billion dollars. it makes automakers, domestic and foreign, be closer to the customer spending big bucks lining their pockets. griff: president calling for something like this. do you think this is more of toyota doing what makes sense in
5:29 am
this economy or answering actually the president's call to do so. >> i don't think they're mutually exclusive. i think the president urging them to do might speed up plans if you're on a board, if you're in a boardroom, contemplating it, half the board thinks we should do it, whatever, whoever is making the final decisions this nudge does not hurt at all. and of course it is going to be americans who are buying these products. listen -- griff: i own a toyota four runner, 2006. i will never give it up. >> number one american made car in the country was like a honda accord because 98% was made in the country. the only thing japanese was the name. we want those things and want those jobs. because we're the customer actually guying these products at the rate keeping companies in business. they're expanding are aarp the world but not making money anywhere but this country. pete: this is good news. economy is booming but some are
5:30 am
speculating recession is coming. a columnist in the "washington post," with this headline, is the economy turning against president trump? he is basing that anything, like bill maher who is cheering for recession, sometimes, feels like folks are rooting for it? >> the fact it is in the op-ed part of the paper, not necessarily a financial thing per se. so you might argue that. we heard this from the media before. there are signs. goldman sachs is out with a report hey, we're moving closer to a recession because of tariffs, but i got to tell you guys something, all the doom and gloom promised us when the tariffs went into place a year-and-a-half ago, haven't materialized. all the articles say the same thing. i don't know if the same person writes it. tariffs increase costs for consumers and businesses. you know the worst problem, the number one issue we should be kearned about, costs are free fall, deflation, particularly in manufacturing. this is how crazy it is. we had tariffs on manufacturing a year-and-a-half. manufacturing prices have plummeted. now i don't know why.
5:31 am
i'm not sure why we were promised they would go through the roof. they have done the exact opposite. the federal reserve right now is the most dangerous part of the economy. the next misstep we could go into recession but it won't be from tariffs in my opinion. pete: interesting, that is all i heard, tariffs and trade is the thing that can take it down. has it had benefit what we've done staring down china or potential downside? a lot of companies are moving supply chain out of china. look, i don't think the goal was to hurt their economy. they have lost millions of johns. they have taken extraordinary action to hold up their economy. if you look on our side, consumer side, costco's stock, could be a bell weather, up 35%. ross stores up 27%. target is up 25%. ebay up 44%. dollar general up 25%. these are how much the stocks are up this year. if wall street saw some cataclysmic impact because of tariffs on the retail, retailers would get hurt.
5:32 am
only retailers are department stores. that is whole different story. that is just a model that doesn't work anymore. you got it. griff: got our man charles -- >> the fed is number one that can only hurt the economy and tip it into recession. griff: thank you, charles. this video is insane. a tesla explodes and bursts into flames in the middle of a highway. watch. what sparked that massive fireball? we'll find out. pete: mollie hemingway joins us live from the latest on the political world. ♪ imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
5:33 am
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5:37 am
another day. [buzzer] ainsley: molly hem ink way, author from the federal lift and author of "justice on trial." good morning. griff: we'll not ask you to pick between the jonas brothers and one direction. we have politics in iowa. state fair time. we have a blunder not once, but twice from front-runner joe biden. take a listen to the one of two times recalling the wrong incident, listen. >> i watch what happened when the kids from parkland mared up, i met with them, walked up the hill to go into neighborhoods. i watched what happened when the kids from parkland, i was vice president, some of you covered it, you watched what happened when they went up to the halls of congress, congress
5:38 am
was cowering, they did not want to face it on camera. griff: people talking about that blunder. how significant is this, mollie? >> not that he had this misspeaking twice. he has had a few cognitive malfunctions one type or another, confusing theresa may for margaret thatcher. he had his gaffe last week, that equated poverty with blackness and wealth with whiteness. he is doing well in the polls. he continued to do well even after these mistakes probably because people are not paying attention to them. the question once people spend more time watching him, will he keep the good poll numbers or people decide he have what it takes to take on president trump. pete: if you're a democrat how concern ared you. you need him playing well in fourth quarter, if this is indicative of future performance that is a big problem. >> he clearly has lost a step
5:39 am
when i was last on the national stage. as pleasant as people think he is, he doesn't have a lot of steps to lose. will he have what it takes to make it through an unbelievable grind. a presidential campaign is difficult. anyone who completes it accomplished quite a bit. will he take on all the candidates he needs to defeat in order to secure the democratic primary r will he be able to take on president trump is an entirely separate issue? you might think people, democratic voters care about one thing, to take on president trump to defeat him. if they don't think he is up to the task, they will cast him to the side. you start looking for other quasi-moderate candidates who might be able to secure his vote. ainsley: why do you think -- he said he got parkland confused with sandy hook. parkland happened last year. he misspoke. he clearly misspoke. do you think he is exhausted on the campaign trail? >> it might be misspeaking of the type. he has developed a reputation
5:40 am
for this. some people don't remember what it was like when he was running for president before, he had a problem with story telling, being accurate about his details, whatnot. this is a long problem he suffered from. it will just be important for him to get those folks right. again, show a strength of mine sometimes people feel is lacking. griff: you talk about facts, can often be destroyed of facts on twitter. a new op-ed in the "new york post," here is the headline. the dems can't win in 2020 if they keep listening to twitter. you know, this is very interesting op-ed out there, talking about you know, democrats taking twitter for too much reality. what do you make of this op-ed? >> point of the op-ed is, that twitter is this place where people are extreme. there is mob-like behavior. it really enforces conformity. if the democratic candidate are trying to appeal to this
5:41 am
far-left, really extreme base, they're going to lose out on those less extreme votes. but the problem is, that it is not just on twitter. it is throughout the democratic party where you're seeing this tension between people who are really extreme, justified mob-like behavior, people who don't agree with republican ideas. you're seeing a lot of candidates have to bow down to these more extreme parts including on twitter. joe biden likes to present himself as a moderate candidate, but he, just last week, one of the things he said, was there are at least three genders. that, he also had said that people have to pay for abortion against their will. things that he never stood for before when he was billing himself as more moderate candidate. there is this tension here. it is on twitter, but also off twitter. it might help people secure the democratic primary nod. they will not fair as well in the general, if they are so extreme against a fairly successful president.
5:42 am
pete: mollie hemingway, thank you for. it is a bit of an alternate universe. ainsley: carley has headlines. thank you. carley: a inmate accused of killing a prison worker is back behind bars. curtis ray watson captured in tennessee after couple saw him ransacking their refrigerator. he was arrested 10 miles from the prison. he was behind bars on kidnapping charges. but he now could face the death penalty if he is found guilty of killing the prison worker. attempted robbery turned deadly when a homeowner pulls out his own gun. police say two suspects ambushed the man inside of his texas garage and threatened to shoot him. he grabbed his gun and killed one much the would-be robbers. the other ran away and has not been found. the homeowner is not facing charges. a tesla explodes into a fireball after crashing on a
5:43 am
highway. watch this. or my. the car bursting into the flames on side after russian highway. local media reports that the driver was using autopilot mode when it slammed into a tow truck this will make you smile all day. a group of middle schoolboys stopped to help the an elderly woman. she was having trouble navigate ing her wheelchair on grass. the players offered to help without being asked. what gentlemen. isn't that great. pete: well don boys. good kids, good parents. great job. ainsley: janice has some weather for us. hey, jd. janice: good morning, everyone, how are you. what is your name.
5:44 am
>> kristin. >> ron. bucks county pennsylvania. janice: big anniversary? >> 21 years. janice: what is the secret? >> trust, understanding. janice: i love it. big anniversary. my husband lloyd for 32 years. janice: lloyd what is the secret? >> paying attention to your wife. ainsley: also bringing her coffee. watching "fox & friends." let's look at the map. a beautiful day here in new york city, 71 degrees. mostly sunny skies. you have a chance of showers, thunderstorms, across the u.s., plain states, isolated winds and tornadoes and flash fooding will be possible. know what to do if there is a watch or warning in the area. we have flash flooding occurring right now in parts of illinois. all of that will move towards the northeast tomorrow. we have a beautiful day in the neighborhood. ian cam own here. >> austin. janice: what is your name?
5:45 am
>> austan. janice: i love you're here on "fox & friends." what is your name? >> jacob. janice: where are you from? >> michigan. janice: thanks for coming. high-five. pete, griff, ainsley. they're all here for you. yea! [applause] ainsley: thank you, janice. two american athletes, both facing punishment for protesting our national anthem, including a fencer who actually took a knee. you can see it there. mark steyn says that is worse than what colin kaepernick did. he is here live. pete: first check in with sandra smith. what is coming up at the top of the hour? >> we're awaiting a news conference on immigration. that is expected one hour from now. we'll have more information and get it to you when we get it. waiting on more answers to the death of yep from epstein over
5:46 am
the weekend. what is next for his accusers? 2020 democrats barnstorming the iowa stay fair over the weekend, making big promises to voters there. we'll have a big line upcoming up, tom homan, general jack keane, rick scott and more. join us live from "america's newsroom" as bill and i kick off a brand new week. we'll see you at top of the hour what pain? with advil liqui-gels. there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories
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carley: good morning, some headlines. things are getting cheesy at chik-fil-a. they are rolling out macaroni and cheese nationwide today. it was tested in five markets last year and passed with flying colors. if you want to kick things up a notch. wendy's spicy chicken nuggets are back. because of a social media push by chance the rapper. he tweeted about spicy nuggets in may. they made a deal to bring them back, if they gave the post 2 million likes and they did and we have to try. griff: run up the street and get us some for tomorrow morning. ainsley: thanks, carley. griff: who is here? mark steyn.
5:51 am
>> they invent dishes cory booker will never eat. they're just you r humiliating him to drag the numbers even lower. ainsley: cory booker was at iowa state fair. all the candidates try the meat. he is vegan so he didn't try it. >> he could have had my fair, i always get there early, i had three bloom inch onions before nine in the morning. you go on the roller coaster and the blooming onions are turning around. you're having a great time. you're down around. the minute you leave the fair, it is like they're just sitting in your stomach, like rusting tugboats at the bottom of the suez canal. it is just like, but you got to do it. you know, it is like, you can't go to the state fair, oh, have you got any arugula on a bed of of arugula.
5:52 am
griff: there has been another instance of kneeling in the pan am games in peru. a fencer won a gold medal taking a knee at the ceremony. you see him here, saying that he wanted to protest, he wanted to quote sacrifice his moment to protest racism and mistreatment of immigrants and the like. additionally there was hammer thrower who raised her fist. two cases at the olympic committee is looking at, where they may be disciplined. what do you make of it. >> i think this is worse than the colin kaepernick thing. you know, i don't agree with what kaepernick does. he is playing for some local sports team against another local sports team n this case, this guy has been specifically invited to represent his country. if he has such a bone with his country that he cannot even stand for its national anthem, should look at those guys, not just the other americans,
5:53 am
whoever those other teams are, that is the most basic, that is the most basic thing you can do. he has chosen to humiliate america on the international stage. remember that, the height of the kaepernick, there was some team, american team playing in london and they took a knee for "the star-spangled banner." then stood up for god save the queen. this guy is actually worse than that, because he is consciously chosen to humiliate his country on an international occasion, if you don't, you know, no one is ever going to listen to what you have to say about policing or gun control or anything of that, if you don't even share enough to stand for a national anthem. that is basic as it can get. pete: well-said. we want to get your take on another story. this movie, "the hunt." put out by universal pictures.
5:54 am
liberal elites go on a hunt for deploreables. we have only seen the trailer. universal canceling the film. what do you think of them stepping back not to even show night i was curious to see this. in the normal form of hollywood story telling, if bad guys are hunting a group of people, the hunted are usually the good group who win. so i assumed like, three or four, you know, low-ranking deplorables would be picked off in the first part of the film, then the surviving group of a-list star deplorables would turn the tables and, and whack the globalist elites. that is what -- what kind of plot well, you know elites hunt deplorables and the elites win? i'm actually, i'm actually puzzled as to quite why they withdrew this. and i actually would prefer something real in movies. i get bored by x-men 37.
5:55 am
i can't stand, my kids like them. what happened? oh cardboard man was battling franchise girl up in the sky and they ripped a hole -- there are all kinds of great stories down on the ground? why can't we tell them? ainsley: this is statement from universal pictures, we stand by our film-makers, will continue to distribute films in partnership with bold and visionary creators with this satirical social thriller. we understand now is not the right time to release this film. not saying they're not going to release it. >> no. griff: save that thought. we'll tease this. can you stay? >> i love to stay. it is like a guest host, the meeting of the union of guest hosts. griff: more "fox & friends" moments away with mark steyn. stayle put.
5:56 am
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." we have mark steny for another
5:59 am
minute. joe biden's been in iowa with gaffs. what do you make of the state of his candidacy. >> i don't care how many corn kernels he's ahead by in the jar and that's better than chads in florida. he won't make it to the primaries at all or new hampshire unless he ups his game seriously. >> matthew whittaker was at the fair and a said what about the trump jar was it full and he said it was over flowing. >> those are the kernels that go missing when the democrats start counting the corn kernels. they're swept under the table. >> you're hosting tonight. >> yeah, for tucker. it's that grim season of guest hosts. disheartening to see the last real talent in the building. i assume ainsley is guest
6:00 am
hosting for the pre-scheduled guest host and someone is washing their hair and ainsley is guest hosting. >> bill: good morning. great show, fox news alert and we'll take questions as the trump administration defending last week's massive i.c.e. raid that resulted in about 700 arrests within moments on "america's newsroom." first, new information surrounding the death of jeffery epstein. fox news learning he was unchecked in his cell several hours prior to his reported death. this is gaining a lot of answering now for good weekend. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. the fbi and


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