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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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retweet if you are not surprise surprised. epstein suicide, clinton. the president wants everything investigated. thanks for that, trace. tune in. sean hannity is here. >> sean: market, it's good to see you. it took me a year year to get r on the pulse. i'm going to get you on the post at some point. i don't know when. take it away. great show. good to see you. >> mark: it's all yours. >> sean: welcome to hannity. buckle up. a lot of news tonight. a horrific disaster this weekend for sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe biden. the media mob is even sicker. everything they are saying and doing. they are never going to admit they are wrong. they've peddled lies, conspiracy theories, a hoax. now they've just doubled up on
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all of them. it will be that way from now until election day. they will take a day off, they want to take a second off. i promise you. but we start tonight in new york city where there is a prison that we were told is so secure, that it has been compared to guantanamo bay. since the 1970s, it has locked up the most notorious gangsters, ponzi scheme, bernie made off. for decades, the metropolitan center has been the single most trusted prison for america's high risk criminals before and after they are brought to justice in the court of law. but now, all ultra wealthy epsn was found dead in his cell. he was hung with a bedsheet from the bunk. he allegedly tried to kill himself just days before, what
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now many are saying is a bizarre move. he was recently taken off suicide watch, was in a cell without anyone else, and epstein had been behind bars since july 6th when he was charged with sex trafficking of teenage girls. the exploitation of dozens of young girls, as young as 12 and 13. epstein was denied bail because of the severity of his crimes. this posed a serious flight risk. the media, now, obsessed with the story because of epstein's high-profile friends. he was full of movie stars, billionaires. we'll have more on that in a moment. he owned a private jet. >> and 8,000-acre ranch in new mexico. an oceanfront beach in bonn florida and a large private island, his own island, and the caribbean, nicknamed island. and today, a dozen fbi agents
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that were spotted on the islands, some were canvassing the 70-acre property and golf carts. others were seeing off the coast searching under water could we don't know what the ages are looking for but a previous warrant was carried out weeks ago on that island as well as other properties that were owned by epstein. tonight, we can only tell you what we do know. epstein's autopsy is still pending. they were reportedly no cameras inside a cell. let's be clear. there are wild conspiracies out there. , a lot of talk i'm a lot of chatter, well, we are not engaging that. that's what the media mob does every day. this is what we do know. there were serious issues at the metropolitan correctional center, including broken protocol, staffing shortages, some guards forced to work with what they call extreme over time. with little sleep you look, i know this from my own personal life, back on chromatic screens, my mother was a prison guard. she worked 16 hour shifts, seven days a week, months on end.
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it was a tiring position. they were always understaffed. and with si, this president and in this present an apparent suicide is an acceptable bid we deserve answers. epstein's victims and, more than anybody, attorney general barr said, they deserve justice. joining us now at the very latest, our west coast newsroom reported, our own trace gallagher. getting more and bizarre and strange by the second. >> yeah. and the idea is, a plane is never crashed by one thing. it's always a series of events for this case is very much the same. but getting back on july 3rd when jeffrey epstein was found with bruises on his neck. epstein said he was beaten up but the injuries were treated as self-inflicted and he was placed on suicide watch, meaning 24-hour surveillance. after psychological assessments and pressure from epstein's attorney, the suicide watch was dropped and the 66-year-old sex offender was put in special
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housing with a cellmate which is policy but for unknown reasons, the cellmate transferred out and at the time of his death, epstein was alone. the jail assured of the department of justice that epstein would be checked every 30 minutes when he was found unresponsive, he had not been checked for several hours. the union representing the guards blames understaffing saying the two guards on duty at the time were working overtime here and one was doing an 80 hour a week. it still experts say ignoring such a high-profile inmate is unheard of. the autopsy as you mentioned is complete but results are pending because the medical examiner needs more information and exactly how long before the guards found him unresponsive and how long he had been unresponsive remains very unclear tonight. >> sean: very unclear certainly. they are awaiting toxicology reports, if there was anything in his system, we will continue to monitor. thank you very much craig you know, if the allegations are in fact true and jeffrey epstein did not act alone, many
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individuals were likely complicit or participated in the sexual abuse of children but for years, epstein and others, they have evaded justice. in 2008, after a criminal investigation, discovered epstein's rampant abuse of young girls, well, he struck as a very favorable plea deal serving only 13 months in jail while getting to go to work every day. well, no coconspirators were even charge. it was an absolute injustice. and for years, a dangerous unrepentant predator roamed the streets. epstein is now dead but the attorney general of the united states is now dedicated to getting to the truth and he had a strong message for any coconspirators that they should be very worried tonight. here's the attorney general. >> i was appalled and indeed the whole department was and frankly, angry to learn that the mcc's failure to adequately secure the spreads are. we are in our learning of
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serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation. let me assure you, this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with epstein. any coconspirators should not rest easy. the victims deserve justice and they will get it. >> sean: the victims deserve justice. that is a promise from the attorney general. serious irregularities by the way. we need to figure out what they all wear. this week and also the attorney general order the inspector general to investigate epstein's death and you just heard if you had a federal investigation into these egregious crimes is still very much ongoing pair we will have more on that in a moment. first, we do have a big update on the never-ending witch hunts. look at this brand-new report from "the washington post." democrats, they are asking a federal judge to force ex-white house counsel don began
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to testify. now get this, even though mcgann denied he witnessed any violation of the law and that the president told him to, quote, cooperate fully with the special counsel. at this point, democrats, they don't want to hear the truth. for them, this is one ongoing never ending, every second, every minute of hour of every 24-hour day, political smear campaign. what are they ever going to do to help the american people? when are they going to serve their constituents? that's not going to happen until the 4,992nd investigation into finding no trump russia collusion or obstruction of any kind. here with the very latest, fox news investigative reporter, sara carter. >> look on the. it appears that judiciary chairman jerry nadler isn't going to stop. he apparently is trying to
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compile the court to get down mcgann to actually testified before the committee. now, down mcgann's attorneys are very clear here. they said that john mcgann has no evidence of any of the sort of obstruction and unless the white house changes, they are not going to let him talk. so he is basically the wording nonlawyers request and now his demands to have him talk before the committee and it would appear that nadler will have a lot more fight in the courtroom before that happens. even if the judge does compel him to speak, nadler's attorneys are oppressed in saying that unless the white house changes their mind, they are just not going to have him talk to the committee. >> sean: we have to remember, he was the white house counsel. over million and a half documents handed over to a end. personally, i can't believe that they didn't invoke executive privilege, especially for the white house counsel. 30 plus hours before mueller, his lawyer said he saw no crimes
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of the president, this is now beyond a witch hunt. this is presidential harassment. it clearly they have no interest in serving the american people. >> that's right. this is attorney client privilege and what john mcgann is saying is that when he spoke to about president trump is their attorney and client client privilege that he should not be compelled to speak before the committee to begin with. president trump was not accused of obstruction, he did not obstruct justice, there was no conspiracy with russia, and so, this is just another attempt by nadler to keep pushing this issue forward. an issue that is dead. it's like beating a dead horse and unfortunately, for nadler, and unfortunately for mcgann, this is not the end of it. >> sean: i will make a prediction. don mcgahn will not be before the committee and if he is, they will not be saying anything they want him to say. but the fact that the president told him to fully cooperate and he denies he ever saw witness
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and he's a lawyer, and he is the white house counsel, and he gave mueller 30 hours, the american people need to see this for what it is. this is now everything. it everything through the prism of 2020. thank you. and when it comes to jeffrey epstein, there are definitely a lot of unanswered questions tonight. as we speak, yes, the media mob is going wild with conspiracies, speculations, they are obsessed with epstein's mysterious wealth, his high-profile connections, in fact, former president bill clinton flew on epstein's lolita express over two dozen times. a high-profile hollywood actors including kevin spacey also apparently flew on his plane. many others took trips to island. donald trump, well, he knew epstein himself. epstein would sometimes hang out at mar-a-lago. donald trump threw head out of mar-a-lago. why? he banned him from the club after complaints that he was mistreating the staff. good for the president to buy
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the way, where's the media reporting on that information? over the years, epstein donated millions of dollars to different foundations, charities, political campaigns, he donated both democrats and republicans. tonight, we won't speculate beyond the facts as we know them but at this hour, well, the most important fact is that the attorney general of the united states, bill barr, is on the case, he has now involved in the inspector general, he is now pledged to victims that he will get to the bottom it it and at the end, we have to hope justice will be served. here we now interaction, formal police commissioner of new york city. former independent counsel, by the lake, one of jeffrey epstein's at previous lows are lawyers, ken starr, a lot of aspects of this, ken starr will be honest, to me, everything i right, everything i thought, i believe in due process, i believe in presumption of innocence. everything i see in points to a
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lot of smoke involving this man and young girls. >> i'm surprised you were representing him. everyone deserves an defense but what can you talk about him. >> welcome i was in fact brought in in florida to address one specific issue and that is whether the issue should be handled by the state hit is no question pair there were serious issues and he was accepting the responsibility for those in palm beach county but the issue was, should there be a federal offense as well? but we are going to see what all of these facts are. these are all new facts and thank you for saying it. you believe in the presumption of innocence and he believes in due process and so i'm very happy that the attorney general, is a man of his word, and is going to get to get to the bottom of how this happen. these regularities of great concern. they should be of great concern to all of us but especially in light of the fact that jeffrey epstein was in this very precarious situation and he
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deserved protection. he also deserved monitoring. so we shall see. there are a lot of questions. but i must say, i'm very distressed by the very fact that the day after, he was visiting with his defense lawyers, and he has found her dad that strikes me as very, very concerning. >> most people know you for your heroism on 9/11 and you and theg their lives. you are right there, ground zero, at the time, he barely escaped with your life that day but many may not know that you ran the department of prisons for new york for some period of time as well. how many years? >> i had rikers and the department of corrections for six years involving hundred 33,000 inmate admissions a year and about 13,000 staff members. >> sean: a lot of people, some of the toughest. look at rikers with some of the toughest prisons in the country. you know this facility well.
6:15 pm
let's talk specifically about the decisions that you saw that were made here especially in light of what had happened just two short weeks ago. >> i think there's a couple of things that the attorney general is going to focus on. i'm wiley, who authorized him to come off of suicide watch, was he put into a buddy system question mike was there a secondary person and that's all? if there was, that person was removed. i can tell you, i know that housing area he was in quite well. in the north side and the south side of the hallway where those cells are, there are cameras over hide. so you will be able to see who wins in the cell, who came out of the cell, there is no camera facing in the cell so you wouldn't see inside. >> sean: but we would know the time that he was last checked on. look, this is kind of person for me because my mother did this and my mother worked for 212 and midnight to eight and she worked 16 hour shifts constantly but she had around.
6:16 pm
she described it. she was counseling making rounds at come all throughout the night, checking every cell, checking if they were asleep, if there was any activity, it was her job to go over and make sure nothing horrible was happening. all of those things, there was a redundancy of what they did every night and it had to be done in a timely manner and from what i recall, they were checking who checked when and where and i had it all right it down. >> that area that he was in, nine south, historically those bad checks are a 15 to 30 minutes. a bed shack is looking into the cell, identifying the person that's in there, and they have to guarantee that they are bleeding. if they can't see that they are bleeding, once they see the body, they have to wake the person off and make sure they are alive. i can tell you if that was not done, those are alike in areas that the talking about.
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>> let's go back to florida, what many have described is a sweetheart deal. i know we spoke about this before. i'm times, for example, the issue of james comey. probably a perfect case in point. if we know that he had government documents. we know that that would violate the espionage act. we know you showed a lack of candor. but the intent side of the law is probably not as serious as, for example, premeditated fraud committed on a fisa court or the outsourcing using of intelligence that would be illegal and i have a funny feeling that drunk and barr and the inspector general have focused on bigger picture items but still, i've never heard of a deal like that where a guy gets to leave all week long and go to work in his own office and with the allegations as serious as they were down in florida, how did he get that kind of deal in palm beach? >> well, he should have never been released when he was in jail serving his jail time.
6:18 pm
someone who is accused of sex crimes convicted should never be on work release. he got a deal and that was due to the sheriff or the department of corrections, not the prosecutor's and then, you have to know it, so many more brave victims have come forward. so what we have now? we have a dad it, most likely coward and we have very brave victims who wants to face the person that did this to them. and, i hope we have a lot of scared women out there who participated in this period in my experience, what i've seen, some of the worst people out there are the women who go out and procure these young girls because the girls then tend to trust women and they bring these women into this life of human trafficking and bring them to epstein and or his friends. >> sean: that's what supposedly the system was with ken starr. do you feel --
6:19 pm
i don't believe in my heart, now i have had my issues with the southern district as it relates to some of the matters involving the witch hunt. but, look, that doesn't get any better. the people of come out of the southern district of new york and they are the top prosecutors in the country. it's indisputable. so, i've got to believe that they have a lot of information and from what i have heard, some of the women that were involved, as pam said, procuring his women for him and others, apparently they had flipped. my sources telling me. >> these are serious allegations. this is a totally different set of facts that we had in florida so 20/20 hindsight, we were dealing with the facts that palm beach county and the prosecutors and investigators had developed and we dealt with those facts. but let's get all of these facts in and yes, no one is approving of this kind of horrible conduct but at the same time, let's just see in fact what did happen? these are the most serious kinds
6:20 pm
of allegations, they are new allegations, these are not the allegations that we were dealing with now almost 15 years ago. >> sean: thank you all for being with us. great perspective. we will have more developments as they become available and what was probably the single worst gaffe weekend for any politician i have ever seen in my life. it's crazy crazy sleepy uncle joe, blunder after blunder, we've got it all chronicled. we will get to that in a special monologue and check in with sean spicer. coming up next and much more, straight-ahead. ♪ en you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks.
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>> sean: sleepy crazy crazy uncle joe biden. biggest up on it right now continues to be himself. the so-called democratic front
6:25 pm
runners still making gaffe after gas after gas, blunder after blunder, getting worse by the day. if i'm donald trump i'm thinking maybe i want this guy to get the nomination because during a recent campaign again, uncle jack joe apparently didn't even remember what year he was the vice president. he was talking about the tragedy in parkland, florida, in 2018. the shooting which occurred a year after he left office. this is what he thought about it. >> i watch what happened when the kids from parkland marched up to me and i met with them and then they went off but on the hill to going out to those neighborhoods but all those congress people like i'm not here, my dear, don't tell them i'm around. they are afraid of it. they should be exposed. >> sean: doesn't stop there. biden is stumbling over his words at almost every event. here's a small little sample from iowa. let's take a look at crazy uncle joe now. >> we are. we choose unity over division.
6:26 pm
we choose science over fiction. we choose truth over facts and >> the words that stung the nation, i would argue, i know, shock the world. a national leader spoke about it. people like margaret thatcher -- cooksey's income you have people like the former chairman and leader of the party in germany, you have alan markel. >> we had this notion that somehow if you are poor, you cannot do it. poor kids are just as brave and just as talented as white kids. >> sean: poor kids are just as bright as white kids and he was in vice president during the parkland shooting and he said we choose truth over facts and prime minister thatcher has been gone a long time. didn't we tell you this would happen? by noon would be spinning in a million directions? unable to stay on message. his team is running scared. they don't know what to do at this point. and putting his campaign and
6:27 pm
nonstop damage control, you can't work it in the dunkin' donuts and 7-eleven unless you've got a slight indian accent. and then he said about barack obama, he's clean and articulate. this is the first african-american. this is storybook man. and of course he wants to take donald trump behind the school. biden can to run on the obama biden failed to record either. because not only is that a record of failure, let's see, 13 million more americans on food stamps, a million more in poverty, lowest labor participation since the 70s, worse recovery since the 40s. donald trump, the best employment situation since 1969. i know, i was eight years old, the mets won the world series. i could tell you little one appeared not only that, record low unemployment african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace, and youth unemployment here that didn't happen in the obama biden years. that happened under trunk years. after the taxes, after massive
6:28 pm
deregulation, after enticing businesses to invest in america again, energy and independent for the first time in 75 years and if they are energy companies training truck drivers to drive trucks and then starting to pay 80 grand a year. this will raise the standard of living of every american and we've got gold under our feet in every single american can benefit. unless of course, we get biden's version of the new green deal. and if not enough, by the way, they want open borders. they want trillions of new entitlements pay they want to get rid of the combustion engine, oil, gas, clothes, planes. that will take the country into poverty almost instantaneously. and biden can't run on his own senate record either. he was against integration, he wanted more segregation, he wand creditors on our streets. remember that particular? and even raise the formal
6:29 pm
klansman, robert kkk byrd calling him a great friend of his at his funeral. imagine if john trumped it up. now, it's what you could see biden continuing to weaponized's identity politics. remember, we will put you all back in chains. trying to hide from his own disturbing political past and of course, that's nothing new for the democratic party. here's a glimpse of the sick, by the way, this used to be every two and for years to come now it's every second of every day. this is now full on 2020 campaign. everything you see and hear from these candidates is all about the election. take a look. >> many republicans talking coded language about takers and losers. they demonize president obama and to encourage the ugliest impulses of the paranoid french. >> if you accept that the four clan sympathizers, before you are president, you will accept their support after you are president.
6:30 pm
>> he let the big banks once again it right their own rules. unchained wall street. they are going to put you all back in chains. >> is wrong with the leader of the republican party and this congress are doing and blocking an accurate census because they don't want to count everyone that they don't think they can count on. >> they are in favor of affirmative action if you can junk the basketball or sank a three-point shot. but they are not in favor of it if you merely have the potential to be a leader in your community and to bring people together. don't tell me we've got a blind society. >> beaten, chance, and dragged e he was black. so when governor george w. bush refused to score hate crime as legislation, it was like my father was killed all over again.
6:31 pm
>> and you don't own, you let another church explode. when you don't vote, you allow another cross to burn. >> sean: here and i with reaction, action senior advisor, sean spicer and former g.o.p. chairman, bryce brave's. good to see you both. bryce, let's start with you. we see this every two and four years. now it's every second pair look, they are going to go from russia russia impeachment impeachment collusion inclusion stormy stormy and then its racist races, doesn't matter. oh, and it's a manufactured crisis. this is what they will do every second of every day that they are on the air. this is all they have been doing. does that work when it comes to 2020? >> well, i don't think it's going to work. what the voters are going to look at it as the economy. but president trump is done there. below, as far as joe biden is concerned and he does have a
6:32 pm
pattern of saying racially stupid things dating back to the 1970s that you have chronicled very well but here's the thing that's different about joe biden in 2019 and 2020. it's not just that it's a pattern. the question is whether that pattern is linked to mental coherence. because if it's linked to mental coherence, then the democrats have a problem because then they have to choose from the 18 other or 19 other sort of clearly socialist lefties to run against a pretty darn good economy led by donald trump so biden is in the lead now because people think that joe biden is the one that can be donald trump but if these gaffes and these comments he are making are because of mental coherence, while now, that's a deadly problem for joe biden. >> sean: i've got to tell you, i don't think there is -- i personally prefer he stay in the rate spirit i want to see
6:33 pm
more of this every single solitary day. but, you know, -- >> he might not laugh as he keeps it up. >> sean: imagine from the american people, the picture of obama smiling with louis farrakhan. we know he went to the church of gd america for 20 years and we know he started his political career in the home of unrepentant domestic terrorist. nobody seemed to want to report that. imagine if any of those things were donald trump. >> right. but to get to what he was talking about, biden is the front runner right now but i think there is a false media narrative. yes, they cover up and they try to help them out in instances but let's remember, joe biden entered politics in 1977. then at the age of 29, he was elected to the u.s. senate from delaware and served six terms with barely any competition. the point is in this, biden has barely taken a political punch. he was chosen by barack obama to
6:34 pm
be his vice president twice and obama led the ticket. biden has not been contested political candidate. he hasn't run a tough campaign and succeeded. both times when he sought the presidency, he failed ethically. he was caught plagiarizing one time and he filled the other and didn't break out of the field here the bottom line is, i think the media and the democrats have put all of their eggs in the biden basket and they are starting to see the real biden here which is that he is not tested, he doesn't have the political metal to get through and that leaves him in a very precarious situation because you end up with 18 other people on a clown car that is driving to the far, far socialist left. >> so who do you think gets it? does this now take the polls out of it? does this have a big impact or no? >> outcome of the problem the democrats have is that coming out, and 2016, we had it 16 joe biden's and one major disruptor.
6:35 pm
in 2020, they've got 19 disruptors in one joe biden. so they have a real problem on their hands. president trump, by the way, the most devastating, and he made all weekend was that joe biden lost his fastball here the reason i was release part of the president is because he went right to the heart of what the issue is which is whether or not joe biden is capable of leaving the country. >> sean: he is no match for chum. it's got to be bernie sanders. people are forgetting. this is early organizing effort in the states. bernie is going to carry iowa, new hampshire, and nevada. he will lose up to line up with those first four states, giving real opportunity to show his strength. >> he's on air force one or the campaign trail we get calve c, wendy's, mcdonald's, you look good. good to see you. >> blaming, no. the left selective moral outrage
6:36 pm
full display, i'm going to explain you the hannity and many monologue or do you know that there were 40 people shot in chicago this weekend? where is the medium long? i will tell you why they are missing in action, next. ♪ beep goes off ] now that you have new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move. ♪ (music plays throughout)♪
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>> sean: de left left's hypocrisy knows no bounds. the predictable pattern is unfolding right before our eyes. immigrants every two years, republicans are racist, misogynistic, zenith will become is will become islamophobic, one dirty water, want children to die, and they want grandma and grandpa eating dog food or cat food and then throwing them over the cliff. this is now a constant campaign. about every two years, every four years, every second of every day, now all in an effort, this time, they want to smear,
6:41 pm
slander, besmirch a president. here's a small sample of what i'm talking about. >> impeachment. imputable. >> impeachment. >> collusion. >> stormy daniels. >> the stormy saga. >> is there a difference if the president and has said get out. >> do you think they are racist? >> racist. racist. >> sean: for two and half years, the left have spread their nonstop never-ending conspiracy theories, their lives, their propaganda. even russia and in misinformation, their hoax on the american people, lying every single minute of every day. they are not learning. there is no adjustments. there is no apologies. there's no retractions. don't ever expect that from the mob and the media. everything now is about 2020. they just want to take this president down. they don't like his success. they don't like that he fights back. mueller was the key to all of this. during testimony, they were just hoping, just give us one
6:42 pm
sentence that we can calling onto like a life raft so we can push impeachment and take this president down. it didn't work out that way, did a question i get back fired and yet the smear campaign, they don't stop you now they just move on to the next thing. now they are going to compare detention centers with soccer fields, telephones, rec facilities, doctors, blankets, pillows, baby formula, medical supplies, they are going to compare that to a concentration camp come auschwitz? well, they are not the best place to be but i'd rather be there than in some of these big cities because they are well taken care of in spite of the media line. they are not concentration camps. we sent our own griff jenkins down to the biggest one. that is for any moral selective outrage on their part. where's the outrage about what's happening in chicago? with all the coverage of dayton, with all the coverage of el paso, because they can bludgeon trump with that, and they can make it political, four
6:43 pm
people killed, 52 shock, this weekend alone. there have been over 1600 shooting incidents over 20 some people shot in 2019. why don't they ever talk about that? let's see, because democrats owned chicago? their politics decades? where's the national nonstop coverage? the outrage? the concern for people? well, that doesn't advance democrats anti-trump narrative. they can bludgeon trump with the statistics away talk about a question like it with reaction, national syndicated radio host, larry held them. author of why we fight, dr. sebastian gorka. you know larry, i look at this, we talk about it all the time. i don't care about russian interference. if it's hillary, they don't care about obstruction if it's hillary. those are slam-dunk cases. they don't care about sexual assault if it's a democrat lieutenant governor of virginia. only if it's cavanaugh and they can bludgeon trump eight so it's
6:44 pm
not the issue is that they care about. it's the political weaponization that they care about. >> that's right. dead young black families and the inner city is not news as far as the left is concerned viewed on cnn a couple years ago, there was a reality-based series called chicagoland where they followed around a principal of an urban high school in chicago on the south side called finger high. she and her staff were literally mapping out routes to and from school and they would test out to those students to advise them the most safe routes to pass through going to and from school so they don't get killed by gangs. now, i don't think they are worried about net white nationalist or supremacist. they are worried about young black boys killing other black boys for that's what the problem here is going on in this country and you can blame it on the walls, you much tougher laws on guns and they arty have heard you can't blame it on politicians i can. there's now a black man, the head of the police department as a black eye great cancer politicians don't care. you have to look for the source and the source is a breakdown of the family on the left does not
6:45 pm
want to talk about that because their liberal policies have helped to create the problem in the very first place. >> sean: your take, dr. gorka? >> it's unbelievable sean. the local channel in baltimore, channel 13, due to p6 days ago where they said there have been more mass shootings in baltimore this year than they have been days in the year. 250 mass shootings and 216 days when that article was published. if the democrats cared, really cared, about minorities, if they really cared about children getting shot, they would go into the cities they've been running for generations and they would dismantle the political connotation that they've created. they would destroy this dependency culture and this ideology is a victim because sean, i don't think any of those 250 shootings were white supremacist but democrats just
6:46 pm
don't care. >> sean: if they cared, larry, they would be in baltimore every weekend. they be in chicago, detroit, los angeles, where you are, and other places. do they care about people at al all? or is it just political weapons? >> how about vouchers? if you live that high school, if just sit by those teachers mapping out routes you don't get shot by gangs. how about giving parents a chance? the one presents a mass proficiency 0%. zero. it non. at 13 separate high schools. 0% math proficiency. that's unbelievable. we owe our family, our family, better than this. and they don't seem to care. thank you both. when we come back, they hate trump media mauled more on his end by the day. we will explain here also, hollywood wants to backtrack over this movie that hunts down
6:47 pm
conservatives and kills them. joe concha, trace gallagher, and eight with jeffrey epstein judd, moran, straight ahead, on hannity. ms. goodman is motor? nope. not motor? it's pronounced "motaur." for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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>> sean: the medium and it is a mom out now completely unhinged. they are only getting worse. goes for hollywood to be a look at the universal picture is set to release a new movie about hunting irredeemable deplorables first board meeting on, we smelly trump walmart voters that cling to our guns, god, religion, and bibles. well, now the movie has been pulled. meanwhile, just last week you had the psychos of conspiracy tv, this time, cole wallace claiming that the president called for the extermination of latinos. don't expect a real apology from anybody over there. this is pretty much every second
6:52 pm
minute and hour of their day as they follow conspiracy theorists, the best of them all, ross mel rachel. won't be apologies. they just make up the next conspiracy. here and i was reaction, the health, joe concha variable, i don't expect them to ever admit they're wrong. i don't expect them to own it. i don't expect them to change where they are who they are and i think now they have kind of been exposed and the president has done a good job of tattooing fake news into their branding and i don't think they ever get beyond it. >> show. why were they apologize if there is never any accountability? why would you ever apologize for saying that the president is actually rooting for a mass shootings to happen in this country. why would joe scarborough ever apologize for throwing out a conspiracy theory that the russians somehow had a hand in the killing of jeffrey epstein question mike why would msnbc ever apologize for putting on a former fbi assistant director wt the president was only re-raising flags on 88 because
6:53 pm
that's a bad signal to neo-nazis? if there is never any accountability, of course nothing's going to happen. and as for the hunts, try to picture a world where supporters of elizabeth warren or alexandria ocasio-cortez are hunted and gunned down by pro-trump supporters and then tried to picture the media area reaction. the pitchforks and torches in-store would run out of them and be on backorder for months and the media back reaction would be apocalyptic. it probably linking that back to the next mass shooting and saying this is what incited thad so i think the president deserves credit. he said quote the movie coming out, spew 26, is made in order to inflame and cause chaos. they create their own violence and then try to blame others. that is precisely rights and that is why that movie was pulled a day or two later, the backlash was just too overwhelming. at >> sean: for all the criticism of donald trump, at te root of it, there is a deeper
6:54 pm
anger and that's that there really is a belief system that we are smelly walmart voters pee irredeemable deplorable that -- i'm guilty. i try to cling to god. be a better person. and, believe in a the second amendment. bible, yeah, i believe in the bible and religion. i think that's good for society. i happen to be a christian, judeo-christian principles both as contribute i don't know. i think it's insulting the american people and it's not going to work well for them. your thoughts which marks to go it will not. you think of the current turning point in 2016 when hillary clinton called trump supporter's a basket of deplorable spray that change the whole game and that's what will give the president his momentum ultimately end winning that election peered >> sean: on the combat, trace gallagher, an object, breaking news on jeffrey epstein just a second here we will giveth you that, straight ahead. his good ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination.
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♪ >> sean: still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the shocking death of alleged
6:59 pm
jeff epstein. trace gallagher's life or my west coast newsroom and we have new information about one of the people guarding him was not a corrections officer? >> indeed. after he was found with bruises on his neck back in july, jeffrey epstein was on suicide watch meeting 24-hour surveillance. after pressure from epstein's attorney, the watch was dropped and he was put in special housing with no cameras. he did have a cellmate which was policy but for some unknown reason the cellmate transferred out. the jail was mandated to check epstein every 30 minutes but when he was found unresponsive he had not been checked for hours. it's unclear exactly how long he had been unresponsive. the associated press now says one of the two guards on duty wasn't even officially a prison guard, simply a corrections employee that filled the void during that time.
7:00 pm
>> sean: i know my mom as a prison guard had all this forced overtime but they were all corrections officers. all right trace, thank you. we will never be the destroyed trunk media mob, we will be the other side, hold those accountable, investigate investigators. let not your heart be troubled, jason chaffetz is filling in for laura. tucker is off, everybody is off this week and hannity has to work? >> jason: please, take some time off, i'd love it. >> sean: unlike the sucker that comes in every night and takes very little vacation. what's wrong with me? >> jason: and you do the radio for three hours and you do this for three hours, nobody can keep up with you. the at >> sean: i love our country, we are at a tipping point. this will go on forever. mark my words. >> we have trey


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