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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 13, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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pomposity, smugness, and group think. it dvr. if you have a clue, i don't, i try to but that's surprisingly easy. much more agreeable way than bumping into chris cromer from the restaurant. good night from new york. the man is here, sean hannity. let it rip. >> sean: i'm going to let you and risk played out. i'll explain later in the program why i don't think he needed to apologize to anybody for it he needed the apology and in that case, we will get to that. we have big breaking news, multiple fronts. we begin tonight, we will bring you the very latest on yet another violent attack at an immigration and customs facility. now, if talk radio, fox news or president trump according to the left, and "the new york times" " toppled, front page, if we are response will for the el paso shooting, we are not sure the medium but led by "the new york times," they are going to blame all of the democrats and frankly, themselves, for their rhetoric
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and parenchyma let's say, detention centers to concentration camps and attacking our brave border agents, old, and of course, the in d.c. conspiracy news anchors that still have jobs that say donald trump has been talking about exterminating latinos. actually, he set it on the air if it all coming out. also, bad news for sleepy creepy cozy uncle joe biden. his bumbling campaign for president keeps getting more embarrassing by the second beer later, we will give you a full take on all of that and yet, kris, who we were just talking about, very intense altercation with a heckler and frankly, i don't blame him for his reaction. but first, this hour, we still of more questions than we do answers and the apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein beat as you know by now, epstein was an altar which while connected convicted. he was facing a life behind bars for allegedly trafficking young girls all over the world. this was being taken up by the
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southern district of new york. these are serious prosecutors. and according to "the new york times" reporter who interviewed epstein at his manhattan mansion last year, well, the convicted claim to have a lot of dirt on some powerful people. i was townhouse and have proceeded east side was covered with framed photos of's liberties, bill clinton, woody allen, even the crown prince of saudi arabia. yeah, and epstein told the times that he witnessed prominent figures taking drugs and arranging for and epstein also allegedly stated that criminalizing with teenage girls was a cultural aberration and that at times in history, it was publicly acceptable. according to the times quote, many prominent men and at least a few women must be reading sighs of relief that whatever mr. epstein knew, he has taken it with him to his grave. or to help. wherever he may be.
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and not so fast. the attorney general barr has vowed to move forward with the case against any coconspirators with epstein, including those who may have helped him traffic in these young girls and others who participated in any sexual abuse of these minors. after his death, epstein's private island in the caribbean, once dubbed islands was raided by the fbi. you can see the drone footage captured in the islands main structure as well as other billings that are on the island including that mysterious blue and whites and ex-pats on a hill overlooking the ocean. that was once topped with a gold dome. many celebrity's, many politicians, while the socialites, while, they all went to visit island where epstein will reportedly throw big parties attended by underage girls. one of those young girls now in her 30s claiming under oath that former president bill clinton visited that island and accusation is denied. she also made some pretty shocking claims about the duke
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of york, prince andrew. u.s. governor. a u.s. senator. all of these allegations have been denied but they are being investigated. the main question tonight, who will be implicated in epstein's horrific crimes? who helps him operate this a sex trafficking ring? and glenn will justice be served? here now with more, our very own trace gallagher. a lot of news on this front to make it what you have? >> for those who think timing is important in this case, remember, jeffrey epstein committed suicide just hours after federal appeals court on sealed more than 2,000 documents that concern jeffrey epstein's alleged ring. the court records are from a defamation lawsuit filed by virginia goo fray who accused epstein of sexually abusing her and filed against epstein's former girlfriend who is said to have orchestrated the entire ring. the documents also name several public figures that she was forced to have with my former senate majority leader, george mitchell, will richardson, and
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prince andrew. the documents include a photo showing then 17-year-old goo fray with dealing max on the background and a deposition from event 21-year-old woman who said andrew touched her breath inappropriately. prince andrew famously nicknamed randy andy by the british media was spotted over the weekend attending mass with the queen. reportedly a sign of support from the palace which issued a statement saying cut in part, any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors in his caro get a clearly untrue. general bill barr saying that any of epstein's coconspirators should not at rest easy. some believe we will be hearing a lot more from ghee lane maxwell. >> sean: thank you from our west coast bureau tonight beer and i would epstein send out, federal prosecutors, investigators, they have a lot of work out of them and jeffrey epstein was one of the highest profile inmates at new york city's metropolitan
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correctional center which has been described as one of the most secure presence in the entire world. okay? it if so, how then did epstein die? after all, just days ago he was on attorney for our suicide watch after first allegedly try to kill himself less than a month ago. now, when you have a choice between conspiracy and incompetence, well, i guess always choose the latter. according to initial reports, extreme over time broken protocol, plugged this particular present. "cbs news" reporting to make claiming corrections officers may have falsified reports showing that they routinely checked on epstein's cell. tonight, the attorney general is now reassigned to the warden at that prison and placed two of the guards on a leave of absence. according to the hills, investigative reporter, the investigative vice president of the hill, well, epstein's death was years in the making, a result of massive problems associated with a feeling prison bureaucracy. here now to explain, the hills john solomon.
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as you get your story, i do have some personal perspective here appeared my mother was a prison guard. she often worked 16 hour shifts. they were mandatory. days, weeks, they would go by and they would be working 16 hour shifts. they had a routine. they had a check-in. there was duplication. there was accountability whether they were doing their job. it adds that i know for sure. but the hours are real because not many people want to work in prison because it's kind of a prison sentence yourself and in many ways. speak obsolete. listen, what i was putting myself through school, i worked as a share of bailiff and i move prisoners around in the courthouse. they are extremely strict protocols and as long as there is a good culture of management around you, you can be a very good security guard, very good prison guard, very good sheriff's deputy but what you find out in the justice department is going back 25 years to the last high-profile suicide we had in the prison, this right after the oklahoma city bombing in 1995,
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and very little has changed. the bureau prisons on the justice department is cited dozens of times over the last 25 years for an in-transit bureaucracy that allowed all sorts of safety flaws come all sorts of bad contacts, all sorts of poor planning to persist throughout the entire prison syt risk and guards at risk and it puts the american public at risk. all of these pleas fell in deaf ears. >> sean: how did el chapo go in this prison and we know he is going to be watched over and taking care of. also, different issues regarding the time that he had been with another prisoner and who that prisoner was and when that prisoner left and at how many hours before they actually found him dead. i know michael baden was brought in to witness the autopsy. i assume they are waiting for toxicology at this point before they can have a definitive answer but it seems like a death by hanging which is possible even in an area where you don't
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have the ability to drop. speak obsolete. the prison suicides are not uncommon and they have happened in the past and they will happen in the future. it's really the culture of poor management at the bureau prison that i think is going to come under the most harsh scrutiny over the next few weeks. all throughout the obama years, there were countless warnings by the justice department inspector general, markel horwitz, who are we are going to hear from later this year, and yet there was so little in action. >> sean: the only thing i didn't catch -- our audience here is too smart. michael horowitz on call me perhaps? yes. >> i think michael horowitz could be as early as thursday. >> sean: i don't want people's expectations to get out of whack. this is going to be specifically about the documents that we already knew about, correct? >> that's right. the story that broke a couple weeks ago on your show. >> sean: john solomon, thought he was going to sneak out and be a great job. thank you for that report. now, it is important to hold all aspects about federal government
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accountable and just like our investigation into the investigators, there is going to be a lot more beyond what comes out this week perhaps as a relates to call me on the documents that he shouldn't have had in his house and then of course, him being grilled by the fbi and his lack of candor. it's going to get a lot bigger. it's going to have to do with pfizer and fisa abuse and premeditated fraud committed to multiple times on a fisa courts and then, did our intelligence community at the upper ranks, did they literally outsource cash that they would be guilty of in this country that would be a legal? in other words, did they have valid countries do the spine for them knowing it was illegal to do it themselves question mike then, we are going to get into all of that as the days and weeks unfold there we took our e cast also probing all aspects back to the epstein case, that includes judicial watch. they filed a four-year request for information on jeffrey epstein's death. it was more with details on that point, judicial watch is
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tom fitton. i hope they handed over and i hope it doesn't take as long as some of the other information that we have had a right to see and that is taken on time to ge get. >> while, and expect we will file information act requests with bureau prisons on the psychiatric presence on that. audio and visual recording some of the issues things like that. you know, i think they are real questions here about how that prison was operated. it's one thing to talk about incompetence. it's another thing to talk about corruption and all of this report that we are hearing, by the way, from the media about what went on, they are just reports. we want to see done underlying documents. we have also asked the fbi for their epstein records and more is coming. we can't trust the justice department. i know attorney general barr seems like a good guy but the agency is run by bureaucrats
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whose chief job is always going to be to protect the institution and themselves so you really do need judicial watch asking his questions and not accepting the immediate putting that out in a blinding way. >> sean: ra, thank you. this night and each night we are dedicated to getting truth, justice, we are not rushing in judgment. we believe in due process, the presumption of innocence. but as we all know by now, the left does not give a hoot about any of that. they are willing to pretty much believe anything. especially if they can use something to bludgeon president trump. no matter how absurd as long as it advances their sick twisted political agenda. bludgeon tromp every second, every minute, every hour of every day. remember all of the eye believers during the cavanaugh hearing? i haven't heard any of the eye believers as it relates to
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lieutenant governor of the, commonwealth of virginia. he happens to be a democrat. don't forget about the three very long russia hoax, the lies, misinformation, conspiracy theories. false claims of instruction, and of course, yes, braswell rachelw conspiracy tv msdn c suggesting that trump was a russian operative. i can go on and on. what you really want to trust them? after epstein's death? well, the same people who had the same group of people that live for three straight years, the same conspiracy theorists. well, they are weighing in on this. especially among them, the lunatics in hollywood pure look at debra messing, the actress, tweeting "trump killed epstein here he finally killed someone on death avenue." the big conspiracy theorists michael moore, he's witty, i guess they think and country young enough to electronic is dumb enough to think jeffrey epstein committed suicide.
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and then writing, the can of epstein's worms has been opened. it they will be crawling all over some very powerful people. have a nice vacation mr. president. and then there's actor zach who treated at the summative bar saying, should we make it look like a hanging or an overdose? patricia arquette also suggesting that barr murdered epstein. at one former "star trek" actors seem to place the blame on russia russia russia. a clause fails, go back to that. and these deranged people, they all think they know better than you could remember, we are the smelly walmart trump voters with the iridium molds of portables who believe in our god, our bibles, and our religion. we actually pay. oh, my gosh. and in every election cycle, they do the same thing. they try to tell you who to vote for, they played a vos curtain, that they tell you but republicans are racist, misogyns enough of it, they want dirty
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water, they want to kill grandma and grandpa and they want them to eat dog food and then we want to throw them over a cliff but now it's every single second of every single ever of every day. now, ultimately in the end, the doj under bar leadership, they will get to the bottom of epstein's death. i can tell you with a straight face, i don't know what happen here. i don't know what he knew that i don't know who did what. but i do know that people that were victims here, they deserve justice and answers. that is what the system is about and what it should be about. let's get to where the truth will bring us. by the way, anybody that assisted epstein, anyone participating in his rampant abuse of children, they all need to be held accountable. here with reaction, fox news contributor, sara carter. author of this now the follow-up, that could have been that russia's second book. i told you so but it was called witch hunt. the story of the greatest mass pollution in american political history. gregg jarrett. reality is, we don't know what
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happened. we know they hung out with a lot of people. it is to go they are acting like idiots talking about something they know nothing about. just as doesn't even know the answers yet which is why william barr has immediately assigned a special investigation to get to the bottom of it. >> sean: by the way, we got to remind our audience. one guy that literally threw epstein out of his life 16 years ago, he kicked epstein's out of mar-a-lago. that would be donald trump. >> right. because he got wind that was behavior that there was inappropriate towards young women. he said you're out of here. but of course, the media and the hollywood elite ignore all that appear below, they already -- the fbi has already been down to the island created they will be at his other properties if they haven't already done so here they want to do two things. first, seizing incriminating evidence as to other
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coconspirators and number two, federal forfeiture laws. they literally want to see some of the properties. it'll be a battle with those who are filing a flood of lawsuits against his estate for monetary damages from the pain and suffering they endured in these heinous acts if, in fact, they did occur. it's going to mean that maxwell hasn't already been indicted. there are at least six women who are aiding and abetting maxwell it is believed is believe. >> sean: >> sean: well, it is alleged. >> right. so they -- it's going to be a rush to new york attorney's office to say let's make a deal and whoever makes the first deal is going to be the best deal. >> sean: well said. sara carter? >> come general authorities have suspected epstein for decades. what they are charging with is a specific grade of time. and virginia dupree, min, 17 years old here we see her in the pictures here now that these documents have been released,
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out-of-court seal, you know with chris banjo, with others, this is something that has been happening for quite a long time and for the first time attorney general william barr and i know i've talked to the source is very close to the attorney general, it's dead set on going set after going after anybody associated and who was associated with epstein and wants a full investigation into this. this is why he said he was appalled that there were these irregularities that he, you know, basically they had not seen before. so this is not about an overall problem with the prison system which we know exists. but this is about a man who was connected to very, very powerful with people on a global level, not just in the united states but overseas who is now dead as an apparent suicide and whose information has now gone permanently. at least what he would have been able to transmit. so now the fbi and the doj had to diligently go through, gives lane maxwell is a family in london, she left the
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united states somewhere around 2016, where they actually began investigating epstein again. so they are going to need to find her. they are going to need to find people associated with these people and these powerful people who abuse young women, possibly young men, we don't know. and they are all of these allegations out there that a lot of people would not want to go public so there needs to be a full investigation about what happened inside of the mcc, inside a lower manhattan jail while he was being held because it's amazing that someone like el chapo who was how they are, you mention that, was just fine and believe me, he had a lot of enemies. so the important thing was to have someone on here 24/7 to make sure he did not get harmed. they failed to do that. >> they are going to be a lot of people to be interviewed here they had all the alleged victims. plus want to interview the employees, all of the work he is at his various properties from the waterfront state of florida
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to the island in the virgin islands. he's got a property out west pit of course he's got property here in manhattan viewed all of the people who were connected who could be witnesses that would corroborate this sex trafficking scheme would have to be interviewed and then you want to go through all of the documents. you've got computers and emails come you got physical records and notes, diaries perhaps. financial transactions that might be important evidence. so, there is a lot of evidence and witnesses to go through here but i think maxwell's indictment, i don't think -- i don't see how she enjoys it. >> obsolete. i think what we are going to see is the attorney general william barr looking into every aspect of what happened in the jail, at the ncc, particularly, i spoke to schwartz. that's going to be very important. these issues are issues that can
6:21 pm
be investigated and should be made public. >> sean: thank you both here we will stay on that story. twists and turns and developments as they become available grid also, would we come back, wow. the 2020 crop of radical extreme democratic presidential hopefuls, they are in a lot of trouble. kamala harris, pulled out while visiting a retirement home. we got the tape. democrats are in an all out panic tonight about biden losing his fastball and constant blunders. later, i will explain why i will defend chris caldwell. straight ahead. ms. camus is going ♪ motor? nope. not motor? it's pronounced "motaur."
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>> sean: every day voters are getting more and more skeptical of the new radical extreme democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls.
6:26 pm
take a look at senator kamala harris. she was calling out bingo number is at an senior center yesterday at 91-year-old resident had some pretty strong words for her. medicare fraud, no private plane, that means keep your doctor, keep your plan, you are screwed. no matter how that it fails, you are screwed. take a look. >> i understand. yes, ma'am, . we are going to pay for it. we are all paying for health care for everyone. okay. i don't intend -- [indistinct speaking] i want to make sure your health care is the way you like it. i promise you that. i won't mess with the health care that you have. >> sean: okay, that didn't exactly reinforce what the lady was saying. ouch. and then of course, the sleepy
6:27 pm
crazy crazy uncle joel lanning,d spin in a million different directions. i don't think he knows what he stands for. he contradicts himself every other day and then of course, stepping in and every other second. it among his allies are trying to downplay it, there is a panic all joe being joe, the verbal mishaps are piling up by the second. raising serious questions among democrats about his liability. well, what's put it this way. i would argue that david axelrod is right. that's probably the best you are going to get out of sleepy creepy uncle joe. he is losing his fastball. here are just a few of some of his biggest blunders from the past or present. i think you will find this quite entertaining. take a look. >> do you agree with me? go to joe 30330. and during in this fight. i watch what happen when the kids from parkland marched up and that i met with them and i
6:28 pm
went off the hill to go into those neighborhoods. >> we've got to let them know who we are. we choose unity over division. we choose science over fiction. we choose truth over facts. the words that stung the nation and i would argue, i know, struck the world. you had people like -- excuse me. people like the former chairman and the leader of the party in germany. you had alan merkel. it you had this notion that somehow if you are poor, you cannot do it. poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids. while the kids. black kids. asian kids. mom lived in long island for ten years or so, god rest her soul, and although she's right. your mom is still alive. your dad passed. god bless her soul. chuck graham, state senator. stand up chuck. let them see you.
6:29 pm
oh, god love you. what am i talking about. the largest growth in population in indian americans moving from india. you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. what kind of a chance what a northeastern liberal like joe biden stand in the sow? >> better than anybody else but you don't know my state beard my state a state. my state is the eighth largest black population in the country. >> the first sort of mainstream american who is taking and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. i mean, that's the story. >> they are going to put you all back and chains. >> sean: first mainstream african-american that's clean, articulate, and bright? hang on, stay with us. for kids are just as bright as
6:30 pm
white kids. oh. oh and then of course, he thought he was vice president during the 2018 shooting. didn't realize i guess that prime minister thatcher has a long been dead and we choose truth over facts. this seems to be a little bit of a problem and democrats are panicking. he with reaction come ari fleischer come along with the author of the new book, so winning, fox news contributor, charlie hurt to go to see both pete ari fleischer, i think i'm being kind and gracious in sayig that he lost his fastball here let's assume he ever had oe but let's just say there is a huge panic within democratic circles. as a matter of fact, they are telling me and if they are tying me that means they are telling each other a lot more honestly. >> that was a real fun listening. i was great. >> sean: the hannity classic gala spanish. it we keep building these montages and add to them as time goes on. >> you are going to have a lot more to add.
6:31 pm
joe biden's a weak front runner and everybody knows it. as soon as this field wills, you get fewer candidates and on, eat someone is going to emerge and you know it's not going to be joe. he's kind of like a paper straw. we'll all just watching him dissolve before our very eyes. >> sean: that's the harshest ari fleischer ever on this show. i'll stand up and applaud because you are such a nice guy. charlie, i thought kamala harris had a shot. she is now bought the new green deal. a metaphoric care for all, no private insurance whatsoever. how to keep your doctoral plan and save money work out? i don't see -- she didn't do well in the last of eight i don't see her opinions going over well with the american people. as i mean we are left with bernie and elizabeth warren >> i'm still waiting. i think it's very possible that it's somebody that we are not even talking about right now
6:32 pm
that winds up coming to the lead of the pack because it is such an appalling leave bad field by now. >> sean: you want michelle obama to get in the race question marks because she has made it clear as oprah winfrey has made it clear that they are not getting in. but i have to say, and i'm so glad that montage that you did with joe biden that you went back past the last couple weeks because, you know, a lot of democrats think well, you know, when joe biden says something on that, he is just showing what a real guy he is. no it doesn't. it shows what a faker he is. and the fact that you can go back to 2007, you could go back to 2,000, you could go back to 1976, you can find it is gas throughout and they don't prove that he's a real guy like he tries to portray. it proves that he's a faker and he's been faking it forever in washington and washington of course, the only place where a faker like that can survive that
6:33 pm
long. >> sean: i believe in truth over facts fit wholly without one. >> yeah, well one of the facts and the truth is that joe biden has run twice before and lost twice before and that's a pretty good sign that there has been something subtly wrong with joe biden when it comes to winning and i do think that is a caution here that you have to inject. the democrats are going to face the moment where they are so driven to elect someone to defeat donald trump that they will elect to have or they think is going to win. the sleeper that i see out there still is pete buttigieg great he's just as liberal as it all the others. he's just as socialistic as all the others. he wants to make crazy changes. >> sean: the guy came from south and yeah. that his record there is atrocious. >> i'm just saying, keep your eye on him. >> sean: i take you seriously, i do. there was a shooting in el paso and dayton just within hours of
6:34 pm
each other although we have 59 shootings this weekend and in chicago nobody talked about that. because they can't bludgeon tromp with it. but he referred to the shootings in el paso and in dayton as michigan and houston. that's not a deal. >> i also would not rule out the possibility that biden drifts to the backside for a while while the others fight it out but at the end of the lake amari is right. democrats care more than anything else about beating donald trump and they could right on picking biden because they think he's like i am then biden will go on to lose against ron. >> sean: if i'm donald trump tonight, i'm not afraid of any of these candidates but that's my own $0.02. thank you all. i, coming out, disturbing story out of san antonio, texas, today. the fbi investigating shooting at a nice office. we follow liberal logic and they blame top radio fox news president trump for what
6:35 pm
happened in el paso. but to the people that said all these horrible things about i.c.e. agents and those that said detention centers or concentration jams, using their logic, doesn't that mean that t? trace gallagher, dan bongino, geraldo rivera, and i'm going to explain, i know some of you are mad at what i said last night defending chris comeau, i'll explain, straight-ahead. ♪
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>> sean: into story developing out of san antonio tonight. police investigating a shooting incident at an ice office. fox news chief braking correspondent trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with the developments here. this is scary. these guys work 24/7.
6:40 pm
there were people on duty and yet, some of them didn't have bulletproof glass and it penetrated into that office. >> even though it was overnight, you are exactly right. there were people inside the building and at san antonio ice facility. no one was hit but officials say they were working, they were nearly missed, and several windows were broken. the fbi says the location of the gunshots is no accident. watch. >> all of the shots that we had found are on floors where i.c.e. had offices. so this is no question. it was a very targeted attack. you can go on long, it's public, it's out there. >> one person was apparently held for questioning but it released and while investigators scan surveillance video, there is ongoing concern over the potential for future attacks with a sustained chemical, political rhetoric and misinformation to various politicians media outlets and activist groups recklessly disseminates the american people regarding the i.c.e. mission only served for further
6:41 pm
encouraging these violent acts. this came one month after a man with a rifle attracted attention center in washington. trying to blow up a propane tank that could have killed many. the man was shot and killed by responding officers. stealing very scary. trace gallagher. tonight. also, congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez doubling down on her comments comparing border detention facilities, the ones that griff jenkins went to that had soccer fields and other facilities and telephones and tvs, the same facilities that come lessee, had beds and cots and blankets and pillows and baby formula and medicine and doctors on hand to end diapers? the ones that she compared to concentration camps? she is doubling down on stupid saying she doesn't regret it at all. somebody please take her to auschwitz and police educator. this is yet another glaring example of the laughs and
6:42 pm
hypocrisy. it now, if this were a liberal program, lessee, we would be blaming the rhetoric on the left for these attacks on san antonio on the i.c.e. facilitation to detention centers. just like we would blame bernie sanders because one of his supporters shot steve scalise. just like we blame elizabeth warren for what happened in dayton with the shooter there. just like we would also blame democrats for the 59 shootings that the media doesn't care about. that happened this weekend in chicago. 59 people shot. one weekend. and not a peep out of them. why? because they can't bludgeon and lame donald trump and you can't blame tromp, why bother talking about it? joining us on, geraldo rivera, fox news correspondent at large and former secret service agent, dan bongino. you know what, it's the truth. if you can't bludgeon sean, you don't care about russia, you
6:43 pm
don't care about obstruction, you don't care about blaming people and put his eyes and try. only if you can use the incident to bludgeon politically donald trump and exploit strategy for political gain. >> i absolutely agree with you. just as i agree with you about chris, but that's another story. i don't blame rhetoric or any of these crimes. i don't blame president obama for the mother and the annual massacre in a church they are over at sandy hook. i don't blame president trump for what happened in el paso and i don't blame alexandria ocasio-cortez for what happen into, or in san antonio. the people who commit these deeds have to be held responsible. people have to have the freedom to say their mind and to make their points and to go on in life we cannot be pretending every time someone makes a fiery speech that that is going to now enable someone to go out and commit dreadful acts of
6:44 pm
violence. i think that's a transfer of responsibility. it's a cowards way out. we've got a blame the people who commit the deed, keep the ion responsibility, personal responsibility, and stop with trying to mess with purples people's first amendment rights. >> sean: blaming conservatives, blaming fox, blame and talk radio, blaming the president for what happened in el paso, but they don't apply these same standards to dayton, to the school shooting, to the violence in the city's dan bongino that have been run for decades and ruined by liberal policies, again, it's selector of moral outrage. they don't care about the issue. i don't care about cavanaugh. they use cavanaugh to bludgeon trump. they don't go after the governor of virginia. it is because he is something interesting. you said media standards in the same sentence which i had a chuckle because they don't actually have standards.
6:45 pm
shawn, the idea of a standard is that a standard that applies to both of you don't go in a boxing range but this guy gets to go in there boxing. the media doesn't have a standard. they don't call out the rhetoric on the left and the blame game here that the media has been engaging as a born beard is being done for a reason. we should never forget. the reason they do this is because they want to engage in a type of heckler's veto. if they can respectively blame conservatives, not just donald trump, he's a target outcome of that conservatives in general for these horrible verandas deeds, they can effectively gain a veto over their speech and get them to shut up you that's what they really want to do and that's the danger and the reason you and i refuse to play in the same game against the left that i don't want to silence him. what i want to do is i want to argue with him. >> sean: we are intellectually honest. i said at the time, you can't blame bernie for one of his
6:46 pm
dolby, 90, grady supporters. but they do this all the time. and her older, they talk about the rhetoric of the president could you try to lecture him. with all due respect, there is nobody that gets more of a pounding every single second of everyday than him. and then god he is so willing to fight back and take it. >> i spoke to him on friday, i said, you know, you are causing a lot of your own troubles with some of the language and tweets and he didn't respond to my points directly but he did say, you know, i appreciate your advice. so my advice to the president is to be more disciplined in his language. >> sean: he should take their and not fight back. >> no, he should fight back. he deftly should fight back. >> sean: you been you wouldn't be able to not fight back it is impossible. you are telling him to do something you couldn't do. >> that's why i'm not mad at chris, and why am pleased that
6:47 pm
you asked it. the one you know i would love him jan question mike because he knows i'm right. he could not take that without throwing a punch. steege and we got on tape. we got on tape. this is the first time actually get to checkmate my friend geraldo appeared he would be throwing the first punch and 20 seconds. anyway, love you. exactly. i feel for them to it all right, speaking of comeau, got in on tape, verbal altercation, the man who frequently was wrong in his confrontation. i'm defending him. some of your mad at him to it i will explain why, next. ♪
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>> sean: this video survey showing an altercation between chris comeau of cnn and another man who is lobbing insults. he started a common got in comeau's face, by the way, that his 9-year-old daughter and wife are there. take a look. >> don't insult me like that. >> i didn't insult you. >> did you call me a nickname? it you call me for no good you know my name's not afraid of. you know my name is not freda. i'll throw you down the stairs like a punk. you want to call me freda? take a swing. take a swing. >> sean: last night on twitter i defendant come on. he did not start this because i don't support harassment of any public figure. especially in front of their children. and their family and their wife. no person in this country should be taunted because of their political beliefs or opinions and with that said, frito was designed to be an insult. meaning, frito, the kara leone
6:53 pm
family, . okay. it was an insult. he was like the dumb brother in the show. he is in the child's whole thing chris comeau and chris has a right to defend himself and let's not be phoning it. everybody, we have all heard those words before. we have watched youtube and anyone fading out knows your presaged ears. never heard these words before. cranky, you're probably full of it or you are acting like a liberal that is offended by everything. anyway, joining us now to discuss, i don't think he should've apologized, the author of swamp wars, number one best seller, jeff lord. lisa boothe. what's your take? >> i wonder what this is what the left me and so talk about toxic masculinity. i mean, it's hilarious. the president selling t-shirts or someone changes wikipedia yesterday to say freda,, i mean,
6:54 pm
now get on with you in this sense. you're out with your family coming out with friends, i just don't think someone should go up to you and heckle you. i don't think that's cool did i just don't think that's right. >> sean: i guess people think that because you are in the public eye, by the way, i've been through very similar things myself. i was never called frito though. because a lot of other things. joe florida, i'm sorry, i kind of egg admired that he stood upr himself. good friend. >> come i'm totally with you. you know, i'm sorry. right. i know chris as a former cnn colleague and come you know, he doesn't deserve this. he's a good person and i have to say, i have family and friends on shelter island. i know where this place is.
6:55 pm
you go there to relax, to be with your family and friends, which is what he was doing. this is outrageous kind of stuff that's done to them and i frankly don't care whether it's chris cuomo or trauma or ted cruz. this is totally unacceptable. it clearly unacceptable. and good for chris for standing up for himself. >> it was really lame of him to try to say that being called frito was somehow akin to being called the n-word or for cnn to double down and say that was a flare. it particular when you go back and you look at the amount of dust that were on cnn and chris, called himself that as well so that part is not okay. >> sean: the guy started it. >> true. >> sean: is over. all right here we come back, you won't believe i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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♪ >> sean: london university has some beef with these goldsmith university in the u.k. banning burgers, burritos and all other
7:00 pm
bee products for september to combat climate change and save the earth. guess what? this is coming to your country with the green new deal. no burgers, no combustion engine oil, no planes, no cows. good luck with that. let not your heart be troubled, if this doesn't have enough on this network we have waters world, we have "the five" and now, how are you, sir? i missed the five so i'm just making up for it? >> sean: wait a minute, you missed the five? >> they were delays. i don't have a jet like you, sean. >> sean: work a little harder. >> okay comeau one day -- >> have a great show. >> i'm jesse watters in for laura ingle and from new york city to make him breaking new details this hour in the death of millionaire jeffrey epstein and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here


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