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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 14, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> thank you for having me, i appreciate it. >> go to fox nation and will do that after the show show downstairs with some make a morning deals. >> have a great wednesday everybody. we will see you tomorrow. >> thanks guys good morning everybody knew this morning the justice department taking the lead in the death of jeffrey epstein and today multiple reports that guards fell asleep on the job and then tried to cover their tracks. good morning everybody i'm bill hemmer a lot to get to on this today is the story continues and will for some time. hello. >> sandra: good morning, bill. i'm sandra smith, attorney general bill barr of effectively putting those two guards on leave and reassigning the warden running that prison. plus, there are new questions this morning around at the of his death and that has everyone from white house to congress demanding answers. >> bill bore wants to do an entire investigation of the whole matter.
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it's been going on for a long time. the whole epstein episode. >> this is way too convenient. this makes no sense. he is one of the most prominent prisoners in america at that point. in one of the most premier federal facilities in the country come it belongs to the justice department, how on earth did they miss this? why were they understaffed in such a high-profile area? we've asked this question of the bureau prison. we want an investigation into why this happened. there was a ton of reaction on the story today let's start here in new york with brad yunus on this. >> scrutiny increasing this morning for the correctional center in manhattan. the jail managed to hold el chapo khalil smith post notorious drug lord a known escape yard for over two years but could not can keep convicted sex offenders before a live for little over a month. attorney general william barr is taking direct action, temporarily replacing the warden and placing the two guards
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assigned to watch over epstein on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the fbi in the department of justice investigation. the doj hinting that this could be just the beginning, "additional actions may be taken as the circumstances warrant." this is the associated press reported that the two guards are suspected of falsified log entries showing they were checking on epstein and other inmates every 30 minutes is required when they actually were not. surveillance video reportedly showed they never made the rounds, "the new york times" reported the guards fell asleep and went three hours without checking on the epstein. >> 30 minute checks is an issue that always has been around. people not making proper 30 30 minute checks. they either do not make them or they prefer the drive by, a cursory quick walk through the range so if those officers were not making the checks, they're not making proper checks, that's
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the first bit of video that's going to be reviewed. speak of the union representing the guards says they were overworked, one had worked 80 hours that work the other volunteered to work because of understaffing. the warden is under scrutiny for taking epstein off of suicide watch and for allowing him to be alone in his cell. meantime the federal bureau of prisons has reportedly sent a suicide reconstruction team to analyze how and why epstein apparently hanged himself at the mcc. meanwhile this morning epstein accuser jennifer arose filed a lawsuit against epstein's estate come his former girlfriend, and three unnamed female household staffs. she claims that he sexually assaulted her repeatedly when she was 14 and 15 years old. aorez claims epstein recruited underaged girl for epstein entering three girls were made available for him every single day. michael has been identified by
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multiple accusers as his pride mary coconspirator. >> bill: brian, thank you. >> sandra: the fight for freedom continues in hong kong today after two days a mess of protest to on a major. dry place armed with batons and pepper spray clashing with thousands of protesters yesterday. a new satellite images shows gathering near the hong kong border. president trump calling for calm. >> the hong kong thing it's a very tough situation. very tough i hope it works out for liberty, i hope it works out for everybody. including china. i hope it works out in big places. i hope nobody gets hurt, i hope nobody gets killed. >> sandra: benjamin hall is following this story for us from london this morning. benjamin. >> good morning, sandra, hong kong airport is at the moment much quieter. that's after a court order and a
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new one from protesting inside. there remain the few dozen protesters but it was what we saw last night that that was such a dramatic escalation, and a real turning point perhaps in the 11 week long process that we have seen. this is a turning point because of one of the closures of one of the world's busiest airports by protesters. a major economic hub, training simply could not allow it to go on. yesterday there were these violent scenes is a riot police clashed with some of the estimated 10,000 protesters who for two straight days that prevented passengers from reaching their flights. at one point mob mentality took over as protester captives three people they saw were undercover police officers, they beat one person very badly in need are not just to be a journalist. they held them hostage until he was rescued. as all of this was happening, president trump he tweeted this, "our intelligence inform us that the chinese government is moving troops to the border with hong kong, everybody should be calm and safe."
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soon after military buildup was reported at the border. up till now china was letting hong kong police take the lead but yesterday the descriptive protesters for the first time as terrorists. it isn't portland thinking that could allow china to intervene directly. u.s. politicians also weighed in from of both house speaker pelosi and mitch mcconnell issuing statement in support of the protesters. try to subordinate groups funded directly to those in washington's real goal was to inside the, gas and hong kong so that the u.s. is directly involved in the unrest. so is he chinese troops moving to the border, ever increasing rhetoric from china coming out the chinese have pulled back permission for u.s. would warships to dock in hong kong at the end of this month and all the time the underlying issues which led to these protests, the extradition bill to china as well as cost for the leader, they remain unsolved. this will continue until one side of the other back down and there are fears that there may be figure protests this coming
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weekend. >> sandra: we will certainly see how the situation regresses there. thank you.
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>> women have found acceptable. i think that state will be very close again. he could and he could end up being in trouble. >> bill: do see political side of this?
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>> be seen both parties react with equal outrage. in congress who seem both parties want information at the same level. aggressiveness. i don't think this is one of those issues that will cut when we are the other. at least for the time being. i don't know why everybody is so surprised. an entity controlled by the federal government may have acted incompetently. this tends to happen over time with things controlled by the government. the >> bill: thank you, david. david drucker, good to have you back on come out of washington, d.c. are you a fan of the paper straws? are you buying into that? >> sandra: i'm a fan of the concept, and why it's there. but it's not efficient. [laughs] >> bill: tried the hey! it has more durability ! >> sandra: or the metal washable when you can put in your purse. [laughs] >> bill: i can do that, too. >> melissa: meanwhile the fbi now investigating a shooting at two i.c.e. offices in texas. >> we cannot allow political discourse to lead us to the point of
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violence. federal employees, innocent people doing their jobs, are put in harm's way. >> sandra: of the fbi making it clear the shootings were a "targeted attack" on the i.c.e. officials. are they any closer now to finding the suspect? >> bill: democrats blasting mitch mcconnell on election security bills in the senate. jason chaffetz argues they want to scare power. he will make his argument coming up next. opposite of her security. you need to authenticate who that person is. authentication is the key to this. they are not allowing that to happen. when you're not able to smile, you become closed off. i felt withdrawn, alone... having to live with bad teeth for so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed.
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>> sandra: fbi investigating after shots were fired into a nice office in san antonio and
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another business associated with the agency. no one was hurt but federal agents are treating it as a attack. although the shots were fired at about 3:00 in the morning. there were people in the building, had the both gone to entrance in another direction we could be here today talking about the murder of a federal official. all of the shots we found are on the floor where ice had offices. so this is no question in a targeted attack. >> sandra: authorities did obtain a man shortly after the shooting but later released him. >> russia will attempt to interfere in the 2020 elections and is already doing it. so here is an easy way for a leader mechanical to silence the critics who accuse him of blocking election security, stop blocking it. >> bill: that come in from the floor two months ago chuck schumer going after mitch mcconnell arguing he's been blocking this election security built in the senate. former utah congressman says
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"democrats don't care about it election security, they care about securing power. jason chaffetz author of a new book called the power grab. sarah, how are you doing good morning to you. i want our viewers to say the no little bit. the solution to climate change, the democratic solution brought plums of election security are not serious. they just want to justify another unprecedented consolidation of power. it's part of your new book, make your case. speak at the democrats want to federalize the election system. they claimed that it's for the people act but it really empowers the swamp. they want to get rid of any of authorization a secretary of state can do, they want to empower vote harvesting which allows an individual to go out and collect ballots. not valid into that person is and then turn them in en masse. they were opposed to in north carolina where we are going to have an election in
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september because the republicans erroneously did it, but they do it in california and it overturned many seats there in california. they don't want to get rid of the ability of the secretary of state and lieutenant governors to cross reference with the postal service and other things. and they want a 6-1 match. they want to reach into the taxpayer's wallet pay congressional candidates to a tune of 6-1 for any donation that is less than $200 if they forgo raising money of more than $100,000. there is so much in this bill but it has nothing to do with authenticating the vote and fighting back against those who want to manipulate an election. >> bill: it appears at the moment that it's going nowhere but we will keep an eye on it. now it rudy giuliani at talking but apparently there is still at an impeachment push in the house. a little quiet right now. i will ask you about it next. >> these denon credits were doing this, i think they need
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therapy. he's been cleared three times, he's my client. i never had a client that's been cleared three times. once it is usually enough. twice is ridiculous. three times? he didn't collude with the russians. he didn't obstructed justice. get over it. >> apparently that's not the case. what do we need to understand about what jerry nadler has been doing in this? >> you need to understand that in the last week terry now jerry nadler is sending out fund-raising emails and he is claiming that the impeachment process meetings have already begun. i think is the chairman of the judiciary committee, you should probably believe him. they used to be a time when i was in congress where the national media would be all over you if you were fund-raising if something you're doing in terms of an investigation. jerry nadler in a fund-raiser going out and saying yes, impeachment has begun. but rudy giuliani is right, for what? for what in the world are they going to impeach this president? they are doing it so quietly because they don't have a case.
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they need evidence and they need witness is, they need neither. >> after labor day where is this issue? >> i think they will slowly continue to chip away. jerry nadler and elijah cummings and chairman waters, adam schif adam schiff, they put together a plan before they even took power in this congressional system and they have started this process already, bill. they are going to continue to chip away but i think it's going to be to their detriment because they continue to fish. they don't have any evidence. >> they will still be in the water so to speak and apparently some form or another. jason chaffetz thank you. is. speedy police in dayton, ohio, piecing together a timeline from that shooting that left nine people dead. 26 people shot in just 32 seconds but are they in closer to finding a motive? >> a 16 fold radiation spike inn
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a russian town after a serious and mysterious route nuclear exclusion. we'll tell you what the pentagon is saying about that today. tv just keeps getting better.
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access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> getting word that the fbi will assist portland as density prepares for dueling protests this weekend. released by the far left and farr let it ride this weekend. last rally come very violent. later in our show today, we are going to talk to the mayor of portland. he is a ted wheeler, he has a lot to say in all this on with the city is trying to do to try and keep those protests peaceful come this weekend in portland. >> sandra: meanwhile new information on that nuclear explosion in northern russia. radiation levels in the area spiking 16 times above normal.
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after the blast which defense officials believe was a failed missile test. look tom is live with the pentagon from that. >> eight, sandra, that blast killed five nuclear scientists working on the project. yesterday the russian government called for an evacuation of that small town but hours later mysteriously canceled the order due to the high levels of radiation. but hours later, that added just to the confusion of the situation, sandra. >> it was a technological nightmare and an ecological hazard. this is not a technology that i think makes a lot of sense for the united states, for whatever reason the russians have a different sense may be because they treat environmentalists differently than we do in the united states. i'm not sure that the system is ever going to work. >> at first the russian defense ministry downplayed reports of a radiation leak, saying there was "no harmful atmospheric
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discharges." five days later a special train was supposed to be dispatched to the northern russian city to ferry away anybody who may be exposed to the high levels of radiation. satellite photos showed ships known to carry nuclear fuel near the test site. this was a test for sky fall, when the most world respected missile experts so the u.s. tried to develop a similar missile in the 60s but abandoned the effort because it didn't make sense. from the shape of the cruise missile this looks like it will fly sub sonically, below the speed of sound. this is more like an airplane. >> last year russian president vladimir pollutant in a state of the union address said this missile could invade u.s. missiles defense system. >> sandra: think you. >> i think we are looking good. i think we are looking good in
6:27 am
ohio. in north carolina, south carolina, florida. we just got numbers in florida. we are looking fantastically good. >> that from pittsburgh yesterday, the president think he will sweep good amount of those key battleground states that he needs for the road to victory in 2020 and now due to data shows that grassroots enthusiasm is growing. we will tell you what the numbers are showing come up here in a moment. >> sandra: plus president trump think he might have to go a bit harder on one democratic presidential candidates. the nc communications directly, that she and jose will be here next on that. because i don't think it matters who this president runs against him he would be happy to run against joe biden but if it happens to be to be elizabeth warren, then we feel very comfortable there too sts. bookers know summer is for booking it. (chime, slam, chime) like booking a beachside resort and ordering two more tacos than you need to. check. showing the deep end who's boss. check.
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direction to the downside. right now off nearly 400 points, more than 400 points at the moment. this undoes all of yesterday's gains based on the delay of those chinese tariffs by the president. that was seen as a positive for the markets this morning it's all about the retailers. macy's can the department store, had a big earnings miss. the stock is down 16% this morning and so a lot of the big real toll names are down. walmart will be reporting tomorrow but lower interest rates, all of this is feeding into a negative picture for the stock market this morning. >> down 400 and monday, up 401 to come down 400 today. they see the pattern customer gets pretty obvious. >> 9:30 one here new york. >> new figures showing a major chip indonesian bettors for it but doug donald trump's election campaign. they gave revealing about 61% about stomach of the trump donors contributed $200 or less. some key metrics from cal twait to pick up and wash busy.
6:32 am
what is at stake, doug? >> good morning, bill. it's not so much of the shift of campaign donated from big donations to small but how the trump campaign is achieving it. here is the case in point. remember the picture of a sea turtle with a straw up its nose? it was a picture worth a thousand words and thousands of dollars to two. that image sparked a nationwide movement to ban plastic straws. it also sparked a backlash against the ban. >> i do think we have bigger problems than plastic straws. >> july remarks the trump campaign began merchandising recyclable plastic trump straws. a pack of ten of them for 15 bucks. the company slogan says liberal paper straws don't work can stand with trump and by your pack of recyclable straws today. this is exactly what they were due to the economy is welcome,
6:33 am
squeeze it until it doesn't wor work. it might've repulsed trump opponents but the trump campaign recognized small opportunity in it. stepping into the sins of many americans that the band was politically correct to overreach and that the backlash could be monetized. federal election numbers suggest it is working, 61% of money raised directly by the trump campaign this election cycle has come from small donors. he's raised a whopping 121 plus dollars, more than two and half times his closest democratic rival, bernie sanders. >> trump has been masterful at the fund-raising especially with small donors donations. these are the donations of $200 or less and at 61% so far this cycle that is an astonishing accomplishment. >> bill: democrats are stimulating their own small donors search with incendiary
6:34 am
claims about the presidents racism, sexism, passion, emotion and anger. to get people to open their water wits. >> bill: doug mccallie in washington. >> she's staging a comeback i'm sleepy joe. i don't know who's going to win. but we will have to hit book hunt is very hard again if she does when. but, she is staging a little bit of a comeback. what a group. pocahontas and sleepy joe. i don't think they give a damn about western pennsylvania, do you? >> president trump and bought a gram pennsylvania amp for lasting some of the 2020 democrats. today dems are focusing their sights on iowa and new hampshire. let's bring them to medications directory national committee. while joe biden is still the frontrunner is there momentum growing behind elizabeth warren?
6:35 am
>> i find it interesting that donald trump used his speech and press sylvania, a clear battleground state to attack democrats that he had threatened by an set of talking to the american worker. i think that's the problem with this campaign. i think that if he continues to not deliver and not talk to the markham worker but about how he's going to help them come the democrats are going to win. i think that right now we have a primary and people are talking about the issues. you've seen this time and time again in iowa and new hampshire and all across the country and even in our debates but we are talking but the debates we are talking about health care. whoever our nominee is, that person will be a strong position to beat them all trump and they will be talking about how they are going to help people. >> what's the answer to the question? as their growing momentum behind elizabeth warren? >> we don't know yet. we are very far from the iowa caucus and i think that anyone who emerges from the next few debates and from the iowa caucus and from the first four early states will be able to beat the donald trump.
6:36 am
i think that right now why you are hearing donald trump attack elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, joe biden, a lot of the top candidates in recent polls because and had to head he does not do well. he is falling behind. i think he is a little bit worried about that and you're going to continue to hear those attacks on these candidates. disputed very interesting. he was there to talk about this new facility that will create thousands of construction jobs and ultimately 600 permanent jobs using natural gas to make plastics in the state of pennsylvania. but your point, here are the results from 2016 and some of those states. michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, you're quickly reminded just how close everything was, which is why you saw the president in pennsylvania yesterday. when it comes to the economy i hear you talking about it, eric trump made the republican case into the presidents case on the economy this morning on fox. >> i don't think any of them are all that impressive. i would love to run against just about any of their records
6:37 am
because quite frankly they haven't done too well. every company leaves this nation. people will have no incentive to work anymore. literally our economy, our markets will crater if that happens. be to the presidents team in the republican party continued to make a very strong case that this economy has benefited under president trump. what is the message coming from your part of this morning customer cardio when voters on that? >> absolutely when it comes to economy and health care two of the top issues of voters want to hear about right now, it's clear the democrats stand on the side of workers. i think you see democrats talking about wanting to raise wages, uc skills training, time and time again we are talking about how we are going to fill the economy while you have donald trump come again yes he was in pennsylvania to highlight his economic record, but at the same time he is about himself. poll after poll shows that voters are really sick of him tweeting and the attacks. i think that if he continues
6:38 am
that then democrats will be in strong position. let me tell you, we are not taking anything for granted. we want to make sure, we understand that it's going to be an uphill battle to beat donald trump. that's what we put organizers on the ground very early on. you've never seen this coming from the democratic party and especially in a place like pennsylvania because we understand that we need to start talking to voters now and we are about how the democratic party has the american workers back. >> i'm pushing through because i have a lot that i want to get to. lara trump, eric's wife kim is on the presidents campaign and she says they're not worrying about any individual candidate. >> people in this country are focused on how much better their life is under this president. versus the socialist ideas that many of these candidates are proposing in the left. either one of them, we are very happy to run against. >> so who is it going to be? joe biden clearly when it comes
6:39 am
to polling is clearly the frontrunner. who has the best chance in your party of beating donald trump at this point? >> based on polling they all do. i think right now it's laughable to hear her say that they don't care who they run against. that's actually hilarious because donald trump continues to attack them so maybe they should have a conversation with donald trump on how he continues to single out many of our democratic candidates because he is threatened by them. you see this time and time again this is what he did with the women of color in congress. i think that whoever our democratic nominee is is going to have a good chance but at the same time we are not taking anything for granted and we understand that we need to keep fund-raising to come you mentioned grassroots donations, we have democrats that are doing extremely well when it comes to raising from low dollar donations and we are very proud of that. >> sandra: you talk about those donations, look at the trump small dollar contributions compared to past g.o.p. campaigns. with the numbers for you here, trump 2020. 61% of them in 2016 come he had
6:40 am
65%. you look at romney, much smaller numbers. 26%, mccain 25%. that is what we are seeing now. find a reaction to that as i think we will have to wrap it up there this morning? >> we recognize that and that's what the dnc announced his debate threshold that announce that we were introducing if grassroots fund-raising donation because we understand that in order to beat donald trump you have to be a strong grassroots fund-raiser and actually recently released information saying that this year there are 3.3 million unique donors donating to democrats. that is up compared to where we were in all of 2018 which is 4.7. we are seeing a lot of enthusiasm i looked on with got excited i am confident that whoever our nominee will be there will be able to compete with donald trump. >> we always appreciate getting on the program, xochitl hinojosa, come back soon. >> bill: seattle mariners kyle seger made history, not exactly
6:41 am
the way he planned to do. home runs going to his final at-bat against the tigris and cedar hit but seem to be at the fly ball until it bounces off the outfielders glove and over the fence. secret is the 11th marinara to hit 11 home runs and one game. >> sandra: three home runs, the third one with a little hel help. >> bill: moving on to this stunning new detail after the death of jeffrey epstein. multiple reports now revealing that his guards fell asleep on the job and then covered up what happened. now attorney general bill barr is taking action against some of those people involved but the justice department says this is far from over. >> i am sure that bill barr is waiting for the next shoe to drop to find out what else happened at this facility. it's really concerning. one of the things that i think
6:42 am
everyone needs to remember, this case is not over just because of the staff. red lobster's weekday win menu
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speak of the checks will not make a difference. if someone wants to harm themselves in a federal prison sunday, our policies are very clear it could be accomplished in less than 10 minutes. well i don't condone with the officers did or didn't do, i can tell you that if somebody wants to kill themselves in a federal prison, it can be done well within the 30 hour period. >> that is a former federal prison guard speaking earlier today at fox & friends as we get reports that the guards who are supposed to be monitoring epstein fell asleep on the job. robert ray has been inside that prison come he is whitewater prosecutor. welcome back and good morning. just give our viewers is a sense you go to this facility in downtown manhattan, what did you notice? what did you observe in there? >> two things to keep in mind. there are general population and went to client in an ordinary
6:46 am
course you go to an attorney waiting area to meet with the client. the special housing unit is especially designated part of that facility. i've been in there and that is a very different place, much different than general population. you see very few people visibly or that you are aware of. there are prison guards around, you go through a whole bunch of security procedures to get to the appropriate floor, and it's a very isolating experience. there are very few people around. >> you go as a lawyer to meet with the client that they have a separate meeting area for you to gather there. do you know on a saturday night overnight shift how many guards are on duty and how many inmates are they watching? >> i don't because it's intended that you don't know how many people are around. you encounter may be two or three people to pass through an area in a very isolated, i've been in the special housing unit for example when there are
6:47 am
security precautions in place where i'm not free to leave, even if i desire to go after i've completed an interview of a client. i could be there an hour or two beyond the time allocated sibley because of the security procedures that don't allow me to leave until they've decided that i am free to go. >> bill: this is full on mock-up. >> exactly. i want to convey the impression to you and the reviewers, this is a very different experience, it's very isolating, it's an incredibly secure environment and you are not always aware of how many people are around. you don't dumb like. >> bill: is the mayor. >> stand how anyone can explaint having them under 24-hour surveillance were not kept checking the camera constantly. that leads to all of the speculation. >> bill: there is the problem for him as you get all of this
6:48 am
speculation. >> looked, there is one thing to talk about someone on suicide watch and another thing to talk about the ordinary person who is in the special housing unit. it's entirely another thing to talk about the foremost prosecution pending in the united states at the time and certain enhanced procedures were not place in order to deal with this particular situation. i think look, it's true as he saw the prison guard, that if someone is determined to kill themselves, even the security broke the call says check every 30 minutes may not be enough. spewing suicide watch normally last three days. we were told that epstein was on it for a week. with julie and i also said it's going to be several weeks before we have a full read out of what happened here. how do you think bill barr is handling this so far? >> i think he has done what he is trying to signal within the department of justice, and also to the country, that this remains a priority and that the
6:49 am
momentum will not be lost with regard to holding those who were responsible, including potential coconspirators accountable for these actions. i think it will be difficult to do in light of this death and this is suicide. the way you describe it there's only so many employees on that jail and saturday night. the investigation will not be that extensive. there are not that many people to talk about robert wright, thank you for your time. >> i always will say that in terms of of a priority of a prosecution one will be left to wonder why there weren't more efforts directly through the department of justice, including to the u.s. attorney's office to make sure that this particular inmate was focused on. look, the message from the prosecutor should have been to the mcc, this is a priority we expect you to monitor this situation carefully. that will all come out in the inspector general's investigation so we will see what happens. >> sandra: we are seat hearing it from 2020 democrats, but now
6:50 am
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>> sandra: we have heard it from democrats but now the head of the ftc, the federal trade commission says he is prepared to break up the big technology giants. if you have to do it, it's not ideal because it is pretty messy, but if you have to you, you have to. here to talk about it is brett larson. good morning. what does it mean for companies like apple and facebook? >> a lot of people have argued that they are too big.
6:54 am
if you look at a company like google for example, they are doing web search, they are doing online stores, they are making smartphones, they are doing youtube. it means for them they are probably a little nervous this morning because the ftc has been a little upfront about that. it's one thing when people to run for president talk about, it's another thing one head of the ftc talk about it. i think facebook has the most to be worried about right now because they have recently acquired some other companies, they acquired whatsapp. >> purchases that were approved by the ftc. >> the problem for all of these companies, not necessarily apple and amazon, but for google and facebook, they are not charging customers to use their product. it's going to be a hard sell to say these companies are harming can consumers by stifling competition. how are they harming come tumors? it's not because it thing the
6:55 am
morty use facebook. it is costing me privacy and facebook knows more than me about the cia, but is not harming consumers. that's where it is a tough line to walk. are these companies to make it? maybe. is breaking them up going to fix these data privacy problems in these data have asked that we have? absolutely not. >> sandra: elizabeth warren seems to think that this is popular with voters because she pitched it, she says it's time to break up america's big tech giants and then we've seen this growing list of democrats calling for the same. among them, joe biden, the front runner as far as democratic candidate. many others, including elizabeth warned herself come say let's break them up. >> i said heard what elizabeth warren said about amazon, she has some valid points about it. here is the company that sells you stuff, they are tracking what is searching for, they know what it is you want, they know how to get it to your doorstep the fastest. they have a massive amount of information that could be seen
6:56 am
as stifling competition. >> she mentioned acquisitions as google's purchase of the ways and then facebook's purchase of instagram. instagram got big very fast. >> very much what is happening reminds me of what is happening in the radio industry in the late 90s. there was a handful of companies that divvied up the audience and that's what we were looking at. >> it's a big talking point. >> the dow is sinking, uncertainty and the china trade medicament is one of the many issues charlie payne will tell you what you need to know in a moment here. plus there is no video, the movements of a killer during the night of the mass shooting in dayton, ohio, . police can learn from that next. chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye.
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speedy fox news alert. stocks are dropping out of the gate this morning, a half-hour into training on wall street. new recession fears continue to hit the u.s. stock market. obviously there was some good news yesterday with the president delaying those tariffs. that provided a boost to markets but as you can see that is being completely undone this morning with a 400-point drop on the dow. treasury yields are also down on global gross fears. retailers are getting hit after macy's. all of that was playing into some negative sentiment on wall street with the dow off 400 points. more coming up with charles payne in the moment.
7:01 am
but first, fox news alert new reaction from president trump as the fight for freedom continues in hong kong. trent appears to be ready inc. a response. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning the airport in hong kong now opened after two days of violent protests that went like this. police officers armed with pepper spray swimming batons fighting with protesters in a chaotic scene, china calling the movement "terrorism." ." as beijing signals a stronger response could be coming soon. a speedo president trump weighing in on the unrest tweeting this, our intelligence from us that the chinese government is moving troops of the border with hong kong. everyone should be calm and safe. and now there appears to be credible evidence backing the president's claims. >> bill: hey rich, good morning. >> good morning, bill. officials here are watching that build up. it unclear if it committees
7:02 am
forces are deployed to confront these protesters come in to intimidate them, or as the chinese government says this is simply a military drill in that area. protests held the plate for two straight days at the hong kong airport, bringing concern still a higher level after clashes with police and protesters beating two men from mainland china. one report of the writer for a communist party newspaper, another protester said they suspect it was an undercover chinese security officer. the state department warned americans traveling in hong kong that these demonstrations happen with little or no notice and are likely to continue. state department spokesperson says the united states has long supported democracy in hong kong come here freedom of expression and freedom of assembly our core values that we share with hong kong. these freedoms must be vigorously protected. the state to permit also says
7:03 am
china needs to respect its agreement with the british government, the one that transferred authority of hong kong from the british over to china, that allows hong kong some level of autonomy. some of the demonstrators have carried american flags and china's government is blaming the u.s. government for promoting these protests. the chinese government told critical u.s. congressman to mind their own business and stay out of hong kong affairs. the u.s. defense official also says that china has canceled port visits of two american warships that were supposed to dock there later this month and next month, these protests seem to continue. dispute rich absent from the state department. >> sandra: new report this morning jeffrey epstein's cards falsified records to show that they were keeping an eye on epstein. surveillance video revealing that they did not make regular checks as they were supposed to. as claimed in those official logs. let's bring in our 18. a team.
7:04 am
jeff mason, reuters wright has reported. good money to all of you. start us off here, jason, first on what we are learning. the details on the cards that were on duty and what they were supposed to have been doing it, what they said they did come and what never happened. >> a bunch of media is reporting that the two guards who were assigned to be checking on epstein every 30 minutes or so apparently fell asleep or did not make those checks and then afterwards, after about three hours of not going into see him, falsify the records suggesting they had. that is certainly putting more pressure on the justice department, certainly putting pressure on that prison and they've been put on administrative leave while the warden has been reassigned. >> is a lawyer i am appalled that this was even able to take place. you had obviously warden who did not have control over the institution.
7:05 am
and then you have the falsification of records after the fact. i think william barr has gotten a lot more to do with to convince the american people that he will clean this up and make sure this never happens again and those responsible will be brought to justice. >> i agree that the integrity of the justice department is on the line here. if you look at suicide watch there are two ways that it is done in every facility in the nation. one is that you have someone 24/7 that takes people's money. to come of that 30 minutes isn't supposed to be 30 minutes because you don't want that prisoner to know when you are coming, because they could commit suicide in between. it has to be irregular so they catch them off guard. these people need to be fired, there needs to be not just a thorough investigation but for these victims, this cannot dive with epstein. you have other people alleged like maxwell, who was allegedly a recruiter, there are other people involved and this is
7:06 am
sex trafficking, this is what some people talk about building a wall for to keep from happening in our nation and to other nations and we have this happening with this man and with others in the justice department hast to do something. >> i think we found out the system is not so good after all. if i truly only put a fine point on it yesterday when he was on our program and said this. speak at this argument about whether he was on suicide watch or not. he wasn't on suicide watch, he should have been on watch. the guy was a high risk prisoner, wasn't the? he's a guy who there are probably 50 very important people who have a vote motive to kill him. we don't even know who they are. i don't know how anyone could understand not having them in 24-hour surveillance or not checking the camera constantly. >> his big point is at suicide watch, but the guy and watch. hannity said this last night as well. >> i don't know what happened here. i don't know what he knew, i don't know what who did what, but i do know that people who were victims here, they deserve
7:07 am
just the scent answers. that is what the system is about, what it should be about. let's get to where the truth will bring us. by the way, anybody who assisted epstein come anybody participating in his rampant abuse of children, they all need to be held accountable. >> bill: we all agree with that stunned them as well. you were with the president yesterday in pennsylvania. >> the president came under criticism in the last few days for having retweeted a conspiracy theory about the clinton's involvement in this entire affair and asked him if he really believes that the clintons were in any way related port responsible for epstein's death and he says i have no idea but suggested that it would be good for people to find out whether bill clinton had gone to this island that epstein had owned. he's been under a lot of criticism for that. >> sandra: also the administration coming under fire for these changes to green card status. ken cuccinelli is defending that rule change here. >> refugees and trafficking
7:08 am
victims, all of the humanitarian categories are not covered by the public charge rule at all. america has been the most generous company country in history of the world when it comes to having open arms to the rest of the world, but look american immigration system is first and foremost for the benefit of america and our system. >> sandra: them because i've been hammering the administration for this move saying they have unfairly targeted some. >> is not so. we are a nation of laws. we expect people to obey our laws. our citizens seek to come to this country. yet to come to it legally. they are making our case, democrats claimed they are not a burden on local miss as nyssa polities. democrats say they are now by challenging the president. >> sandra: what is the case democrat are making against it? >> you have to say they are
7:09 am
coming here illegally, they are coming here illegally. some people arty have green cards and could be losing them. we are also looking at programs like medicaid which covers disability. if you come to this country and you work for somebody in the united states who has offered you a job and you come here for that job legally and you get your green card you're a resident alien ship or you are wearing them for that and it is pending and you could hurt you are not allowed to partake in our program to take care of it? gifted everyone was talking but the statue of liberty, really we have two white out what it says. this is not just cruel, it can't targets low-income minority specifically and i fear that it becomes the rich write a check, they can get a green card. >> this is 900 pages, not a lot of people have been able to dig through the entire rule change but is it a change or is it enforcing what was already in the book? >> it may be a little bit of a both. you're right it had a long comment period, there was a lot of criticism and some of the comments concerns by critics that people who are here legally
7:10 am
will start staying away from taking nutritional assistance. that is certainly the criticism and it underscores both sides of what is a pretty hot-button issue for democrats and republicans going to the 2020 race. >> look, we want people to come here, but they need to follow the rules and the need to come here legally. we have millions here illegally. democrats have encouraged many more to come here through sanctuary cities. i believe that any court looking at the new regulations or added regulations with the president is added, there is a rational basis for that. there is an invasion on our southern border. they claim it's a crisis as well. speak to the people this would apply to have come here legally, have combed through the proper channels, are either already in possession of their green card
7:11 am
and have resident alien ship, are waiting for that now they are saying wait a minute, the game has changed. by the way, we did have many years ago a public change rule and you couldn't come into the country prior. the other thing that bothers me about this is, like you said, 900 pages were very vague. if you perceive that you could end up on public assistance how do you perceive that postmark >> question and answer. that's the process. jeff, you are in pennsylvania yesterday. how does that look for the trump team there? >> the president was talking about how it looked really good for him. it wasn't an official event about energy, but they talk a lot about politics. >> how was the crowd? >> the crowd was mixed. he got support for sure but i saw one person in the crowd who was kind of rolling his eyes at the end and i went up and asked him, what did you think chris mccain's of the rhetoric just gets kind of old. i'm glad he brought in jobs but the rhetoric it's kind of old. >> the rhetoric could be decided
7:12 am
in western p.a. >> there is this history of obsession with violence and violent ideations with discussion on interest in mass shootings and the expressions and of desired to carry out a mass shooting. i think that should be enough thematically that you should get a pretty clear picture of what was going on here. >> they are still surfing for a motive, that is dayton, ohio, nine dead the city's entertainment district on the saturday night. investigators releasing new video laying out a timeline for the suspects movement that night. ike tobin following that now from our midwest bureau today. mike. >> bill, a parking receipt shows the gunman come his sister, and a friend arrived at a section of bars and restaurant in dayton known as the organ district at 11: 04:00 p.m. they went will bar called blind bobs with a state for approximately an hour and 15 minutes. the government government
7:13 am
separated and went across the street for a half-hour. a security video then catches the loan back to his car coming up that he is wearing a t-shirt end. also note that spooky, casual manner in which he just strolled in route to mass murder. there are some shots arriving at the parked car but the video is not very good. what we can truly very clearly is the gunman walking back from the car. he changes into long sleeves, he's carrying a loaded them back back to my police chief believes the weapon used the kill nine people is in that backpack. >> i don't think he could've put that weapon in its fully built out state in that backpack and not had it sticking out. so it's to some degree i think it was disassembled. >> behind the restaurant police found around objective from the murder weapon and that is where police believe he assembled his rifle. he came out of the alley firing come his sister was one of the first killed, meanwhile end of the longtime government was
7:14 am
supplied some of the hardware is due in court today. he is not treacherously applying the equipment committee is charged relying on a federal firearms form and possessing a gun while using drugs. >> sandra: we have some breaking news coming in from hong kong at this moment. new images. written out protesters out in the street in a standoff with police. you will remember a similar situation playing out this time yesterday at the major international airport there in hong kong. the situation on the ground is getting more intense by the minute. we are watching it for you. a big question this morning, will china take action and will president trump get involved? he addressed that in a tweet yesterday saying and wondering out loud why people are blaming him for what we are seeing in hong kong. of course lights route did resume after all of the unrest there yesterday.
7:15 am
major hub was shut down with his protest and -- >> a lot of cameras in the airport if it continues we will bring you back there in a moment. in the meantime at home bernie sanders trying to reboot his campaign in the plan is to double down on medicare for all. the money men, charles payne, takes on that next. >> we are going to win a michigan, we are going to win in wisconsin, i think we have a good child in pennsylvania, we are ahead in florida and north carolina it lets you take out an average of over 50,000 dollars. you could refinance your mortgage, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over 600 dollars a month. newday looks at your whole financial picture, not just your credit score, so if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, call newday usa.
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speak a big reaction in the stock market this morning with the sell-off of nearly 400 points, more than 400 at one point of the morning. we are looking at a scene in hong kong right now, not directly tied to the markets but something we are watching protesters there and police with shields and a standoff with china, the center of all of this controversy. charles payne is the host of making money on the fox business network. when you're watching the markets you can't rule anything out, you've got the yield in the bond market affecting the sell-off on wall street. you've got the retailers getting hit because of a mess for macy's, the department store chain, and the nick at the terror situation in this unrest in hong kong. what is moving markets right now? >> because driver is officially the inverted yield curve you will leave it to.
7:20 am
this eventually yields as you borrow money at two euros you actually could get more back then if you borrowed money for ten years. >> first time that's happened since 2007. >> i should say that 2007 inverted yield curve begin in 2005 and lasted until 2007. a lot of people say it's a harbinger of a good indicator that a recession is going to come. historically, if you use that than the recession usually comes on average 18 months later. the irony here is that the market typically rallies into that 18 months as much is 15% on average. so this is sort of a knee-jerk bounce because people are wondering also come history is a good guy but the circumstances are different right now. including the images we are watching on the screen. the world has changed so much that one and half percent, 1.6% 10-year bonds, government bonds, are extremely attractive when you've got $17 trillion worth of
7:21 am
bonds around the world that have negative yields. that means i lend you ten bucks, ten years later you give me back $9.90. how did that work out? i note in the kind of environment, money is pouring into american bonds. the more people want these bonds, the lower the yield goes. it's the inverse also. money is pouring in and that pushes down the yield because if money is pouring in you don't have to pay people back that much. it's sort of the opposite. people didn't want over bonds we would offer them more yield to induce them to bind them. right now money is pouring and, that's one of the intangibles, may be tangible actually, that actually did not exist in any of the prior times that we had this so-called yield curve. >> sandra: you are not looking at the inverted yield curve is a red flag. >> it's a flag, but again there
7:22 am
are extenuating circumstances. you always hesitate to say that this time is different. it will save us a lot of times and esther we fed inverted yield curves and nothing's happened later. here's what i think people see, charles, they see the dow on monday down 400. they see the dow up on tuesday 400, they see the dow back down again for 50 today. make sense of it. to speak of the volatility has been driven by events more than anything else. yesterday's bounce was a change in some of the tariff stuff, some is going to be delayed, some taken off the table. if you look at the list of things that are going into effect on september 1st, there is 122 pages of those, just 21 pages of things that are delayed. intriguing items like toys and games and things that wouldn't hurt the middle class per say if it were to come to that. i think you got the uncertainty are the question marks, what is the inverted yield curve mean in the global economy that is sinking where you have negative
7:23 am
yields. what happens with the trade situation? what happens around a world where you have autocrats and dictators in every single country, not every single country but the bigger countries who don't want to apply to sort of norms can like to give you an example earlier this week there was an election in argentina. it was a major upset. that they the argentina stock market was up 38%. why? because the folks in argentina are on the verge of electing a group of people who are not going to honor their doubts. who are not going to be honest participants in a global financial system. this type of stuff is happening more and more. there are so many things and those all add up to one gargantuan? that helps the volatility we are looking at. >> sandra: it looks interesting to see the president drop off of those settings. he doesn't want the shopping season to be affected by that. i also wonder if that is playing apart. he saw the president, peter navarro said earlier on cnn the
7:24 am
president's flexibility when it comes to that. it does it also show his cards in a trade negotiation? >> i don't think so. i think what we say yesterday's president trump negotiating with his own team. if you follow the timeline very closely, we announced some changes to the u.s. trade representative to the tariff and permission paris followed closely by eight tweet from president trump. it sounded like okay, i'm going to go with glenn heiser minh nguyen for now but china still hasn't bought any of our agricultural products. i still don't think he's a believer but he will allow them more room to try and find a diplomatic solution to this. as far as it trumps saying that it is going to hurt the consumer, he did add just in case he doesn't believe that this is hurting the consumer. i will point out the macy's ceo said this morning that the consumer had zero appetite for higher prices and they will not be raising their prices because
7:25 am
of tariffs. people should know the facts out there. now what is happened in the past but right now consumers are not bearing the brunt of this. speed at walmart brew report that later this week. >> bill: charles payne, well done. from portland, oregon, now and the bracing for dueling protests over the weekend. far right and far left troops will converge in the city yet again. the portland mayor is ted wheeler, he is making it clear anyone who plans violence is not welcome. he will have that message when he joins us live in a few minutes. >> sandra: >> sandra: presidentp meanwhile in pennsylvania promoting economic security in a battle for the rust belt. sean spicer is our headliner come he is up next. >> our vision is pro-worker, projects, pro-family, pro-growth, pro-energy, and 100% pro-american to look at me now,
7:26 am
7:27 am
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>> it's clear that democrats stand on the side of workers. i think you see the democrats talk about wanting to rate wages come you took what skills training, time and time again we are talking about how we want to fuel the economy and pull up your poll shows that voters are sick of him tweeting and the attacks. i think that if he continues that then democrats will be in a strong position. >> the dnc communications director, xochitl hinojosa can explain how democrats can win back the white house. we talked about that with her headliner, sean spicer. sean, good morning and thank you for coming back. i think what he lays out is where the election hinges next year, would you agree or not? >> when you look at the three states who were really close, michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania there is no question that those are pivotal. president trump when 306 electoral votes, pennsylvania alone is worth 20 of those electoral votes. he won pennsylvania by just over
7:31 am
44,000 votes, which was .72 of a margin of victory. there is no question it's going to be about a crown this time around. i think the big differences the results the president has made. he has not theoretically talking about what he will do as president, he has a record of results. >> sandra: i just wonder what's going to happen if some of these counties that did flip for donald trump, and they were promised big rebounds in their economy, their jobs, as you know she, sean, if you dig and they are some of those counties have not benefited as much as the rest of the country. that's going to be a big question that they stick with the president this time around. >> -- two questions. one is the political logistics piece on the ground. i think the ground came in the data game that the rnc and the trump campaign are playing this cycle is by far the best in the history of politics. i don't think either side would dispute that because of the ability that they've had to build off of the system was
7:32 am
created last cycle. they know who they need to go to, what message they need to get to them at that, when you're playing with a game of inches as we are in a state like pennsylvania, that's the difference. in a presidential year you're going to have a greater turnout than you are intimate term, that is good for the resident. secondly there's two issues, when you look at manufacturing is really important in towns like he visited yesterday. manufacturing is going to be key. when the president come into office, there's been 500,000 more manufacturing jobs created, which is a reverse mode that will stagnant growth that it occurred in the previous two years to his election. that's positive for the court. one of the things that people have to understand about elections is a lot of it is cut. do you feel things are going in the right direction question make you feel that you have a fighter in the white house? i think both scores, the president has a record with people now that he is going to stand up for them to him he's going to stand up for them and he's going to deliver for them. that's something that whether or not it's improving as fast as some people like or not, the
7:33 am
reality knows that this isn't a politician who is just coming in giving excuses. he's got results the show and he's going to keep fighting and standing up for them. >> bill: areas in pennsylvania yesterday just listen here in pittsburgh. >> for generations, america greatness was forged and fueled by the extraordinary workers of this region. pennsylvania steel raised the skyscrapers that built our cities and i tell you what, those steel mills, all of them can but they are expending all over the place. no mills, new expansions. >> that goes to the point that sander was making and we will see what that argument goes. that rust belt area is really going to be an interesting place to watch. ari fleischer on joe biden right now and we will continue on the competition. as soon as this field widows and
7:34 am
you get fewer candidates in there, someone is going to emerge and you know it's not going to be joe. he is kind of like a paper straw, we are just watching them dissolve before our very eyes. that's the biting candidacy. >> there is the metaphor, what you think? >> i love the paper straw analogy. he is spot on the ninth. i think people have to remember to get biden in context and he was elected to the senate and age 29. he was reelected six times. this is a guy who politically hasn't taken a punch, at least in modern times and when he did, when he ran for president twice, he failed epically. we are seeing it all over again. the guy doesn't know how to run a good campaign come he's not a good candidate. he is mostly a media creation and as already pointed out, he's the frontrunner because he has high name i.d. and his association with the former democratic president. that's it. he's folding before our eyes because he didn't have the political metal to be successful in the past and he won't now.
7:35 am
>> he's got a lot of money and it's got some good pull numbers as well. i think that they are a fresh new face the points to the future. granted, it's far less left tob joe biden's. it just because biden has money and we've seen what money in politics does before and it doesn't really guarantee a success. >> sandra: there is this growing feud with anthony scaramucci and the president. the latest from scary movie on cnn. >> he's obviously very notice nervous, you can tell how he is talking. second late, he's begging for a job so that's ridiculous. you saw my tweet about the revolving door with the backstabbing. he can say what he wants to say. unfortunately he's dug in deep with the lies come he can't help himself. that's the white house employment agency right there. speedy strong words there from
7:36 am
scaramucci, the president responded and we will get your response after the president. >> i think anthony is somebody who is very much out of control. he wanted to come back into the administration, i said anthony i can't take you when, i'm sorry. he's a nervous, neurotic rack. >> a little hard to hear yesterday but he responded to scaramucci saying that he is very much out of control. he begged to come back to the administration for months. to the president said no thank you. what's going on here, sean? >> i think what's going on is anthony obviously wants to express his view out there. i think it's unfortunate that he is doing this because if he really was a friend of the president he would confide to him in confidence what his opinions and concerns were and give him sage advice to help them be successful. but going out there and going to a media outlet that is clearly not a friend of the president and that's what's happening here.
7:37 am
it's catnip for the left-wing media to go out and use somebody like him to create a controvers controversy. >> sean, mercedes schlapp was on her program yesterday. she was blasting scarab which he, everyone is scared to death of him. is that your experience with scaramucci? >> i have not and never will be scared of him. i do know that it was a very rocky tenure. obviously it was after i had announced that i was leaving the white house, i do know that there was some concern about his management style if you well. it didn't last too long and i think that's exactly what a lot of people have predicted. he moved on. i just wish he had moved on and continued to support the president in a much more respectable way than he is right now. he has become as i said cat what nap for the left-wing media because they want to find somebody who is going to say whatever they will against him. i think ray is losing the battle is the folks on the left and the
7:38 am
media, they are going to use him for their sound bite they go against of the media, to go against the president now and then they will forget him in a week. that's that. >> we will see how that turns out. thank you sean spence her for coming back today. a lot more on this coming up. we will get more coming up shortly. speeded government forces close in on the last remaining militant stronghold. 59 people were killed yesterday amidst fierce fighting between the two sides. trey jinxed his life from an update from jerusalem. the trade. >> sandra, intense fighting discontinuing northern syria is forces have to keep towns in the. reports indicate that 59 people were killed yesterday alone. following hundreds of fatalities over the weekend. at the advancing forces directed by syrian president have been fighting al qaeda linked militants since april of this
7:39 am
year. in an offensive to capture the rebel stronghold. air strikes by the russian military along with heavy shelling's have killed around 2,000 people and displaced nearly half a million beard throughout the country seven years of a warm 3g minutes forces have often targeted civilians, killing hundreds of thousands. this because they are targeting civilians more than the army. inside the city there is no army. the armies of the front. they are targeting the innocent civilians more than the front. >> while the united states and turkey agreed earlier this month and safe zone in northern syria, hundreds of thousands are left with nowhere to go as fighting intensifies. the united nations has planned to take in up to 900,000 people, but there is concerned that if the troops make it to the center of bliss, displacement of more than a million civilians could occur. last week there was hope after a small cease-fire was brokered by the international community, the cease-fire fell apart over the weekend as fighting continues.
7:40 am
speeded trait jinxed, thank you. >> bill: the fbi says it is now ready to assist in portland, oregon, after dueling protests. it got antifa on one side, far right protesters on the other side. we will talk to him coming up next. speeded plus a police officer saves a baby locked inside a sweltering car in the nick of time. >> it is not okay anymore. his heads are down from his eyes are closed, that's when the adrenaline, that's when i start to freak out own little world. especially these days. (dad) i think it's here. (mom vo) especially at this age. (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. (little sister) woah... (big sister) wow. see that? (mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it. (avo) the three-row subaru ascent. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. >> sandra: the city bracing for dueling protests this weekend by far right end and thief activists. the fbi called in to assist local police as an added precaution after violence erupted during demonstrations back in june. that was when a conservative
7:45 am
journalist was brutally assaulted while covering this story. portland mayor joins us now. good morning to you. what is your message to anyone who is planning to processed violently this weekend? >> our message is a simple one. we are unified as a city, we are opposed to violence, if you bring your violence here, we will have the people, we will have the personnel, we will have the resources to enforce the law and we will be ready for you. we are asking people not to come here if they are planning on committing violence. that's not our valley and we don't want it. >> bill: what have you done with local and state police? >> the first thing we have done is we build partnerships. we have spoken to federal state regional and local law enforcement officials. we have the personnel we need, we have the resources we need. people are going to see a much larger police presence, we've worked with our local district attorney so if there is a protest we can process that. what is different this time is
7:46 am
our city has never been a more unified. we have government leaders, business leaders, faith leaders, labor leaders, school leaders. all coming together with a clear message. if you are coming to our city to commit acts of violence you are not welcome here. >> bill: i just want to follow-up one thing. the thing we learned about charlotte, they had all that in place too. they local police, sheriffs deputies deputies come of it straight true peers. they might've had some elements of the state cards there as well. the mistake they made was allowing these two groups to get in physical contact with each other. how can you prevent that, mayor? >> that's exactly right. all police agencies across the nation, including our own have learned a lot from the charlottesville experience. the key is from the very beginning, keep those different factions separated. give people the space they need to exercise their right to assembly and the right the first amendment rights as long as they
7:47 am
are being peaceful. we are going to keep people separated, we are going to make sure that we keep personnel and other tactics to keep that separation and on the whole we have been very good at that. that's what we are going to continue to do. speeded there have been no arrests, we know that they are still in the process of trying to make an arrest in the case. what message does that send if there was not follow through their on what happens to active journalists? >> with all due respect i disagree. we don't tolerate any acts of violence, not a that act of violence or any other. the police are investigating and they are following up on leads. >> bill: here is the tweet from andy, i was beaten on the head and arrived on june 29th and people continue to throw milk shakes at my bleeding face. i was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage come there still hasn't been a single arrest. there are cameras everywhere the capture that incident. >> indeed there are's.
7:48 am
and police have asked for that video footage is lit recently as a few days ago, they put that call again. they have photographs of some of the individuals they believe were the perpetrators, i know that the intelligence unit continues to follow-up on those leads and i am confident that there will be a lot rests in the particular case. >> bill: okay. speeded what do you expect from this weekend based on the precaution in the planning that your city has done. how prepared are you? >> we are very prepared. we have seen this national rising tide of violence and hate speech and intolerance and it has mostly been geared toward women come up toward people of color, toward immigrants, that's not who we are. we know the people are coming here from other parts of the country, we know that they intend to engage and ask of violence, and we want to put up the message, we will be ready for them, we will be enforcing the law. >> and i apologize for that commune of the record of and
7:49 am
thief as? >> look. this isn't about anybody's politics, this is about behavior. whether they are coming here, whether they live here, if they are engaged in acts of violence, if they are breaking the law, we are going to enforce it and hold people accountable. >> sandra: obviously you are doing your best to track their movements and their plans for the weekends. the local entity for an affiliate, they claimed responsibility for the attack of andy. what do you know about their whereabouts and their plans for the weekend? it's because the police commissioner my brought job is to give broad strategic direct actions. what i am saying is no violence, no vandalism, don't let the city gets shut down, make sure people have the ability to go about their business, don't let people stop this city. they operationalized that and so i would defer to them in terms of the investigation. i don't personally as the mayor
7:50 am
get involved in investigations but i know that they are moving forward. spill and thank you for your time. good luck this weekend. ted wheeler is the mayor of portland, oregon, thank you for talking with us today. in a moment our controversy mirror on the wall of a high school will live on after decision to paint over it sparked a major backlash. how do they reach a compromise on this idea? >> why would you want to soft shoe history. this is what happened. >> this mural is not historic, it is a relic.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> bill: that image will not be covered with panels. what's up with that? carly. what's the issue? >> this is a very interesting turn of events. we have heard from people across the country say that confederate statues should be removed, calling for columbus day to be changed to indigenous peoples day, george washington university to get rid of their colonial mascot, but the other side says wait a second, you are erasing history. how can we learn if not from our mistakes. you were also destroying these old monuments in the process. the san francisco school board
7:55 am
originally voted to paint over this old mural that depicted a native american dead. and the working at george washington's estate. if they are not going to paint over it, they are actually going to cover it with panels so as to preserve it, but then paint over on those panels a mural that celebrates african-american culture. is this a happy medium? or are both sides of both now going to be mad. >> bill: 's of the art lives but you don't get to see the original. to speak of the history of this painting is interesting. it was painted in 1936 by a russian artist who was very critical of our history of racism. fast forward to today and some parents and teachers said that this mural glorifies of slavery. that was never the intention. after daniel glover went to this school nt did not want to think mural to be painted over, he released a statement saying that i view the mural as they were
7:56 am
for me a reminder of the horrors of human bondage and the mistreatment of native people, even by the father of our country due to its dry them or pluck them from view would be akin to book burning. we would be missing the opportunity for introspection come this moment has provided us. it's very interesting to hear him say don't take it down, let's learn from it. >> sandra: carly. world leaders calling for a peaceful resolution to the unrest in hong kong as fears grow that china could use force. we are on the ground in hong kong at the brand-new hour coming up is that net carbs or total?...
7:57 am
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speedy fox news alert, attacked against immigration agents growing more brazen by the minute does fp i now investigate shots fired outside and ice office in san antonio. welcome back to america's news from on this wednesday morning, and sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning and early morning shooting. fortunately no one was hurt when at least one bullet pierced the window. casey picks up the story live in dallas. >> bill, not only one ice office targeted here in san antonio, but two. according to the fbi. these are in large privately owned commercial buildings, we understand, with other tenants. although federal investigators
8:01 am
to say there is no mistaking that the question on whether or not the suspect or the suspects knew exactly what they were aiming for. the evidence shows that only floors with i.c.e. offices were shot up. we are talking to different buildings right around the corner from each other. this happened early yesterday morning. though the shots were fired in the middle of the night, there were ice employees present. >> there were people in the building. we had federal employees who were present, although they were not hit by the rounds fired by the grace of god had the both gone 2 inches in another direction we could be here today talking about the murder of a federal official. >> bill: the san antonio i.c.e. investigator blamed the shooting on politicians, media outlets, and activates groups recklessly sharing information and misinformation to the public. fbi special agents called these
8:02 am
dangerous times and confirmed that they are investigating other threats against other ice offices around the country. last month you may remember outside and i.c.e. detention center in tacoma, washington, a man was shot and killed by police after they say he was throwing molotov cocktails at the building, trying to set cars on fire in the parking lot. that death sparking protests in washington state. in the meantime down in san antonio a person of interest was taking into custody and questioned but later released, so no arrests have been made in this case. spewing casey stegall in dallas, texas, . >> i'm challenging media folks, it is about electability. this bigot it's been surprising to me just how distorted our conversation gets because of the fact that our messages get filtered through mainstream media. >> sandra: 's 2020 democrats taking aim at the news media.
8:03 am
bernie sanders among the democratic candidates slamming media for what this is skewed coverage. my voice jumping ahead of the stop because i was noting a drop in the stock market this morning, the dow is up down 500 points. all of that will play a part in 2020, where you are hearing democrats slamming the media for this alleged bias coverage. what are we seeing, katie? >> look, politicians in general are people who are in prominent positions in business don't like the press because a lot of times there questioning what they are doing. things like inconsistencies with joe biden. when it comes to bernie sanders, who's been complaining a lot in the last couple of weeks by "the washington post" being connected to amazon coming he actually in the second debate at the second highest amount of time to talk. elizabeth warren was number one person in the second debate that he was up against her.
8:04 am
she spoke for 45 seconds, longer than he did. when it comes to the media, yes there are of course biases that are easily detectable as cory booker was saying to the electability question. i think these candidates get frustrated because they are out on the campaign trail talking to people day today and if you like that message of when it goes on air or when it gets printed in articles isn't the same and is and what they are hearing out of the campaign trail. >> perhaps someone like bernie sanders taking notes from the president, who was recently gone after the media for coverage of him. speak of this all the way back. i hear about biased press coverage, i remember ronald reagan in the 1980s saying this is my microphone and i paid for it when people try to eliminate what he was saying in the number of candidates who were on stage. this is nothing new. president trump has taken this to a whole new level in terms of going around the media.
8:05 am
he tweets a lot, he says things that maybe he wouldn't be able to say on television on the internet. bernie sanders is doing some of the same. barack obama also did the same thing. he was credited as a social media president, the guy who could get his own message out without necessarily going to the press and bernie sanders is doing that but so are a lot of candidates and they feel like they can do that and don't need the media but then they complain about it. it's almost like they need you but they don't like you so much. speedy democratic strategist but it like this to the hills saying "democrats are not trying to completely paired on the fourth estate." referencing the presidents private treatment of the media. it can be very frustrating when that does not happen. again sounding a bit like the president. he differentiated from the president's attack on the press saying that democrats are not putting journalists in danger, like the president is doing. the difference with bernie sanders and some of the
8:06 am
others when it comes to these attacks on the press is that he is calling them out by name, such as networks like you did. >> look, the interesting thing is going to be how the media responds to these attacks on them by democrats. as we have seen with president trump, they have to protect a democracy, they have to protect the first amendment, but i haven't heard much of the same when it comes to democratic candidates going after reporters in their coverage. while politicians and candidates come it's the media's job to hold them accountable for what they are saying to come up media also should be held accountable for things they are printing and the fact that they are laying out on the ground. when it comes the frustration of these candidates not being able to get their message out, this is what happens in a primary with more than a dozen people. people don't have a lot of time to speak in these debate stages, everybody is trying to spread out resources and newsrooms to cover each candidate, people who are pulling in the top tier really get most of the attention. there is frustration from the people at the bottom who are
8:07 am
trying to get up to the top, and people from people like joe biden's team who says that the media is too focused on him and the things that he is saying simply because he is the front-runner. >> sandra: real quick what's the reaction from the dnc this morning. >> he was in pennsylvania to highlight his economic record but at the same time he used it but himself. poll after poll shows that voters are really sick of him tweeting into the attacks. i think that if he continues that then democrats will be in a strong position. >> sandra: for the very reasons of media bias, the president has said, he uses twitter to put his message across. she was making the case on the part of democrats that voters don't like that so much and that it's not pulling well. katie we will leave it there, final thoughts if you have any. >> within the democrats would love it if president trump stopped tweeted and allowed the main street message to distort his message. i think they are hoping for that and it's not going to happen. >> sandra: think you.
8:08 am
>> bill: fox news alert, we are watching this very carefully. this is the area of kowloon, which is across the water from hong kong island, still a part of hong kong's proved third to consecutive day of protests there. police in riot gear in the streets out in force two days of violent crashes crippling that the city's airport. susan lee is watching it all, she's on the streets of hong kong with the latest today. susan at the airport. >> still built we have the fight back on the street of hong kong. we have hundreds of protesters in a rural district again clashing with riot police. a live rounds of tear gas have been fired once again. according to reports from hong kong police were provoked when the protesters started shooting at laser beams directly at them. here at the hong kong airport it's a much door more subdued environment today compared to the pictures you saw yesterday with the confrontation and the clashes that you saw. hong kong airport is back up and running after being shut down
8:09 am
for two straight days. this is the world's eighth busiest airport and today receiving arrivals and also departures. we still have a few dozen protesters camped out here in hong kong airport, they are still talking to passengers. they want to be here talking to the international passengers that land here in the city of hong kong to explain why they are doing what they are doing, why they are fighting for their freedom and democracy. we still have a lot of their messages beings strewn across the floor here. people have been coming up to ask them what is going on and they've been describing it to them and that we are looking for our rights and we are also protesting against what they are calling police brutality as well. we also have the house of foreign affairs releasing a statement today saying that 30 years after the chinese communist party's brutal of people protests and democratic protesters in tiananmen square. we are concerned they say but china would consider again
8:10 am
brutally putting down people protests and we urged china to avoid making such a mistake which would be met with universal condemnation and swift consequences. beijing of course responding saying that what they saw yesterday in hong kong airport no different from terrorism. back to you, bill. >> bill: thank you, keep a close eye on it from the airport in hong kong today. thanks. speedy fox news alert, wall street and sell-off mode amid new recession fears. at the moment the dow following through with the lowest of the session, 565-point drop in the dow, white house trade advisor peter navarro will join us live next to react to that more spewing their new reporting that the guards assigned it to jeffrey epstein were asleep on the job and falsified efforts to cover it up. so what happens next? john yoo our deputy ag will come up to tell us more next
8:11 am
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nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief speedy fox news alert, stocks are plunging on the wall street with the sell-off of nearly 600 points on the dow. that's two and a quarter percent to put things in perspective that is just a day after markets rallied to him after president trump announced he would be delaying a new round of tariffs on china. jennings knows peter navarro. great time to have you one. what can you say about markets right now? anything to calm the situation? >> sure.
8:15 am
yesterday we had a big bump up on the market on president trump announcement to tariffs. today, before the market opened, they had what's called a mild yield curve inversion, which means a long term bond rate fell below the short-term rate. this is basically the federal reserve's problem. they are causing this because when jay powell got in this chairman he proceeded to rein in interest rates by at 100 interest points, too far too fast. even though the trump economy is rock solid, it slowed us down a bit because of those higher interest rates. >> sandra: are you suggesting the markets are falling because of the interest rate environment right now? >> yes. if you watched your sister channel, fox business, that was all the discussion before the market opened. the problem when you have an inverted yield curve is it is
8:16 am
viewed as a sign of the slow down here's the thing -- >> sandra: hold on. it's not just viewed as a slide of a slow down commits historically been accurate in predicting recessions. that yield curve is inverted for the first time since 2007. >> i didn't write the book on inverted yield curve, but i literally wrote several books on what the inverted yield curve means and we don't really have numbers and yet, what we have is a flat yield curve which means the short and in the long and -- >> were going to get too far in the yield for our audience. how should we interpret that move? >> we should interpret that is good news in the sense that it gives the federal reserve even more reason to immediately lower interest rates by 50 basis points and another 25 or 50 before the holidays. this is what everybody on wall street, except the fed, believes should be happening no
8:17 am
now. look, the underlying fundamentals of the u.s. economy is solid as a rock. all we need to do is get the fed basically to give the right interest rate policy. the problem we have here, sandra, is our interest rates are significantly higher than the rest of the world. that creates all sorts of opportunities that don't help -- >> sandra: at the interest rate environment and certainty is one thing and i hear you as we have heard the president being very critical of the fed, which is ended independent body. those who push back on that sing the fed should act as the fed does. >> this is the fed slow down. let's keep on the good news, what president trump does every day is trying to figure out how to grow the economy. yesterday besides the tariff decision was historic in that he went to a shell refinery outside of pittsburgh, which is going to take natural gas in
8:18 am
pennsylvania, crack that gas, turn it into a million tons of plastic a year they can be used to make products like phone cases, auto parts, and food packaging that is creating over 6,000 construction jobs, there will be 3300 freight cars that -- >> sandra: many a part of that move. the thousands of jobs, the construction jobs, obviously temporary. permanent jobs it creates about 600. there is that. >> let's celebrate that. basically, if the fed gets this right and if we pass the u.s. mexico can came to agreement, those are the two most important things that we need to do over the next several months. >> sandra: when we hear the administration we hear you and we hear the president telling jay powell at the federal reserve to cut interest rates, whether it's a quarter or a half point or i hear you
8:19 am
calling for three quarters of a point by the end of the year, is that what you're saying is going to take to stabilize the markets? >> that's what everybody says. the only thing is whether they are going to do it in 25 basis point increments or go 50 now and 25 later. >> sandra: do you fear that jay powell hearing that hearing that from the white house and hearing that from the president do you fear that he may act differently because of that? obviously his -- >> we never use that word around here. i think what we have is the federal reserve with the number of board of governors, they make decisions as a body come i think there is general consensus on the federal reserve board of governors that they went too far and too fast. they are trying to walk that back. they did it with both 25 basis points. >> i think what's going to happen is we are talking about
8:20 am
them and what we've got significant structural issues and i think speculating about that really doesn't help the negotiations along. what we know now is that for christmas the president basically will not be putting tariffs on some key products so that we have an inflation pre-christmas and give the federal reserve more room to run and terms of lowering the rates. great economy, i think we can have a bullish stock market but the fed has got to work as hard as president trump is in moving this economy. speedy final thoughts on this market because we've got you, the big trade negotiator inside with the president talking the economy, the markets can have you talked to the president about the sell-off today? >> no. look, markets go up and markets go down. yesterday we got very big bump on the china tariff news. >> sandra: that's been undone. >> today is all about the federal reserve interest rate policy.
8:21 am
we have to get that right, sandra, we can't have a current interest rates in this country 200 basis points above the rest of the world. what happens is you get these arbitrage things that create bad distortions and don't create conductive endemic productive capacity. speedy you've got the bank selling off because they are worried about the inverted yield curve, but the retailer, macy's is having a hard time. they got it down word to all of the retailers are getting hit. i've got five seconds. >> macy's is an outlier in terms of that. is peter we will hear from walmart later this week. peter navarro, always appreciate your time. spew and really get interesting stuff there. consider that i would consider this, war of words heating up between the president and his former communications director, anthony scaramucci. the latest on their back and forth on what is really behind it. howard kurtz has the story, he is next.
8:22 am
>> unfortunately for them it's a little bit of a production. he's obviously very nervous, you can tell by the way he is talking on his campaign routes. i sort of feel bad for that this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. expedia. front slams on his the hbrakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual
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8:25 am
>> anthony was a guy who worked for me who didn't have a clue. he worked for 11 days, he made terrible suggestions and everything for people that worked in the office. not at fan of him i haven't been for a long time. i think anthony has really somebody who gets very much out of control. >> bill: that's the president responding to his former comms director, anthony scaramucci, who had the job about 11 days. the comments coming after scaramucci tweaked this. for the last three years i have fully supported this president,
8:26 am
he recently said some things that was unacceptable. i didn't pass the 100% litmus test. eventually he turns on everyone and soon it will be you and then the entire country. let's bring in fox news media analyst cohost of media buzz, howard kurtz. good morning to you. what's the back story here? >> i talked to anthony scaramucci yesterday right after the president unloaded on him and he denied begging for a return to the administration. he said his first in d.c. almost cost him his marriage. more importantly, why is he doing this now customer the criticism that he just wants the media attention. what scaramucci told me is that he believes that the president's confidence but now believes those achievements has been overshadowed by what he believes is the present president bullying. >> he fired the first shot about a week ago. what was that all about? what triggered that?
8:27 am
>> he had gone on various television programs including media buzz and after the president went after the four thick democratic congress movement of color and said basically he thought the present racist remarks should get toned down. what happened that is you can't really understate this, he has gone from saying that the president might jeopardize his reelection if he doesn't tone down the rhetoric to calling him for him to be replaced at the top of the 2020 tickets. which is a fantasy given the president's strong support among republicans. >> mercedes was blasting him yesterday. he said his ten years dared the whole staff come i don't know what's true and what's not. sean spicer did not work directly with scaramucci, he joined us last hour and framed it this way. >> he has become like i said catnip for the left-wing media because they want to find somebody who is going to say whatever they well against them. i think where he is losing the battle is the folks on the left and the media, they are going to use him for their sound bite to
8:28 am
go against the media, to go against the president and the label forget them in a week. that is sad. >> i don't know if the much ever goes away, but the bigger point is that the media will use him. what you think of that? >> it certainly true that cnn and msnbc have suddenly developed a great opportunity appetite for having scaramucci on various programs. he knows that because they can build that as a former trump insider trends against the president. his argument is looked at him he knows he is going to take a lot of heat. he is speaking up because he think the president's rhetoric is gone too far. he tried to get him to moderate and the truth is while he has supported donald trump of the past, he is often criticized him for going too far in his view on a tax on the press. there is a history now of these bitter breakups between the president and people in his inner orbit, but i have to say in this particular case, it's not a president souring on someone like jeff sessions, it is scaramucci throwing these punches knowing full well he was
8:29 am
getting into a big battle. >> new yorkers going at it in a very public way. see you on sunday. howie kurtz in washington thanks. is peter fox news alert and potential shades of chernobyl as we now learn radiation levels spiked even higher than we saw thought after a suspected cruise missile explosion in russia. plus, disturbing the details about what went on and lock up the jeffrey epstein died. so where does this investigation go next? former deputy attorney, assistant attorney general, john you will weigh in. >> bill barr wants to do an entire investigation of the whole epstein matter. what happens has been going on for a long time. the whole epstein episode my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt.
8:30 am
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speedy fox news alert taking a
8:33 am
look at the markets just before the noon hour on the east coast and the dow is still in major sell-off point most common down 570 points. that's more than a 2% drop after it gained triple digits yesterday after the president delaying those tariffs. tariffs on some goods including computer, cell phones, and things like that. the sell-off today tied to the interest rate environment, some of the things happening in the u.s. bond market. we are watching this for you, a lot of uncertainty still building into recession fears among other things. so sell-off mode, dow down 6%. speedy one normally say if the buying opportunity, let's go get something. we will see with the big boys are saying whether or not that is the time. speedy we just talked to peter navarro the white house, they feel a lot of this is because of the federal reserve interest rate environment and they want to see interest rates come down. >> bill: he wants three quarters of a point to cut before christmas. >> sandra: we will see if that happens. >> bill: another alert, what's
8:34 am
going on with jeffrey epstein before his appearance was cited. we are now learning there are reports that the two guards assigned to watch epstein were asleep on the job and then falsified logs that showed that they were checking on him. john you come, former deputy assistant ag, professor of law at university of berkeley. good morning to you and welcome back. what is your hunch based on the reports we are getting today? >> let's not leap to conclusions and think there is automatically a conspiracy theory by a powerful outsider to have mr. epstein killed. it could well be incompetence. what i really have faith in is that the justice department will get to the bottom of what happened in that prison, attorney general barr is cracking the whip as it were and is ordering people to investigate what happened. he has also removed the warden and the two guards, they have been suspended and transferred which is the right thing to do it first while the investigation is going on. we also should say that the
8:35 am
broader investigation has occurred, just because epstein has gone, i have no grief or somebody for him. the justice department should still continue to investigate the alleged child trafficking ring to see who else might have cooperated in helping epstein commit these terrible crimes. steel and the investigation. he said this is not an extensive matter. i would assume on the point there's not a lot of people to talk to. if cut two guards, it you've got the supervisor, who else beyond that? >> you might also have the other prisoners, who might've had contact with him, you might have people who try to see him. you're right, it shouldn't take too long. it's not a big potential conspiracy. it could well have been incompetence as we are starting to see reports that the prison was really understaffed and these people were working overtime. they were even pulling people off desk duty who were no longer guards to come back and help
8:36 am
out. it could have just been people who were tired, overworked, and as attorney general bar has also said we need to start hiring more personnel for these prisons so it could have been an oversight. we want to make absolutely sure because it's important that americans have confidence in the prison system as well as the courts. >> bill: here's robert gray from two hours ago on our program. spigot is one thing to talk about someone on suicide watch, and another to talk about an ordinary person who is in special housing unit. it's an entirely another thing to talk about the foremost prosecution pending in the united states at the time and certain enhanced procedures were not in place in order to deal with this particular situation. i think that's a very good and valid point. suicide watch or not, you got to be watching him. >> i agree and attorney general barr himself is not going to be in charge of the policies for every prisoner in
8:37 am
the system but certainly the warden should've been on top of this. they may have signed off on the right procedures but it sounds to me just looking at the people were really overworked, tired, and the place was understaffed. that's why we need investigation. >> bill: one last thing you said in confidence twice now by my count. do you think ultimately that's where the truth lies in this story? put all of this wild speculation aside, was it incompetence inside of jail? >> i know a lot of people on the internet are generating conspiracy theory. i'm saying don't leap to those. this is not like the godfather at the end of the movie, where it robert devol comes and talks to the government witnessing and gets them to suicide. it's also possible. i tend to see more people arise in our government because of incompetence because it's so big and so sprawling that no one is accountable. that's what i think attorney general barr is going to do so something like this
8:38 am
can't happen in the future. that's what's really important is to make sure the people of confidence in our prison system going forward. >> bill: thanks john. >> sandra: a breakthrough to solve the problem of plastic waste clogging our oceans. a lab in colorado discovering two different ways to make a type of plastic that is lighter, stronger, and more easily recyclable. alicia acuna does is live with the details on that. >> good morning sandra, it takes centuries for plastic bottles to break down. the scientists in the u.k. in the national renewable laboratory here in colorado were working on a bacteria enzyme, science stuff. they accidentally created a mutant enzyme that can break down certain plastics in a matter of days. we have a picture that you can see. the green that you can see is plastic, the gray is the enzyme at work.
8:39 am
you see that it's still under development but in relative the problem miss out a whole is immense is immense. >> speak quickly to take it in e laboratory we can accelerated from the order of centuries to the order of weeks to months. we are working on making it to look and get down to days, which would be really exciting. >> they have also developed a composite made of certain plastics and fiberglass to create a super strong but lightweight product. this helps clean up the oceans because the plastic waste that gets there now that is discarded into the water could become an estimated five times more valuable to all kinds of manufacturers for things like surfboards and cars but this is just another excuse to show this video of fox's griff jenkins on a surfboard. >> aluminum cans are a good example, you don't find many aluminum cans in the ocean because it's a good way to recycle aluminum. it's a very established methods. we need the same type of recycling can method for plasti
8:40 am
plastic. >> the ocean conservancy says 800 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean really annually. they say that's like the new york city dump truck full of plastic going into the ocean every minute of every day for an entire year. >> sandra: that's staggering. alecia continues, thank you. >> summertime in the city. a lot of americans indicate a fortification. the new online poll finds that 42% of americans say high costs are keeping them from getting away and that more than a quarter of americans say they cannot afford to dinner out or a movie. some of the reasons for it include rising debts, signs of a slowing economy, and mounting bills. online poll, everybody deserves a vacation. speeded there are staycation's to come of this can work. sometimes that can be fun. but very interesting economic indicator, we need to feel like money is tight, where do you cut back?
8:41 am
certainly that's one area. eating out among other things. an interesting one. meanwhile another round of protests in hong kong this morning. police in riot gear in a standoff with demonstrators on the streets of the city. so how is it china responding? we will talk to former cia chief, daniel hoffman about that next. >> the hong kong thing is a very tough situation. i hope it works out for liberty, i hope it works out for everybody, including china. i hope it works out peacefully. i hope nobody gets hurt to come i hope nobody gets killed if you live with diabetes,
8:42 am
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8:44 am
>> sandra: protests are reigniting today in hong kong after violent clashes canceled flights at the major international airport that they are in hong kong. meanwhile new satellite images showing chinese forces massing near the hong kong border. president trump tweeting "our intelligence has informed us that the chinese government is moving trip to the border with
8:45 am
hong kong. everyone should be calm and safe." daniel, good morning to you and thank you for being here. what can you tell us first off about the situation that is developing there in hong kong this morning? >> there is no question that china has made it clear that they are threatening to bring some kind of action against hong kong involving the police or their military, their paramilitary forces. there is widespread recognition that china's hand picked chief executive in hong kong has failed to quell the protests which have gone on for more than a month after she sought to push through an extradition bill which would force hong kong residents to be transported to china the face china's nefarious judicial system. >> sandra: what about these satellite photos that appear to show china nearing the hong kong border as i hear from you that it's a real possibility that
8:46 am
china may act militarily here. >> it's possible. we have reached a real impact here and china has to weigh the impact, the significant casualties that they would be looking at their become a roughly estimated a million protesters. that's 7 million residents in hong kong and then the impact on financial markets. hong kong is really a gateway to china as well as gateway in its own right. i think china would be reluctant to commit forces but they are clearly preparing to do so if they feel like it is necessary. the protesters are demanding things i think china would not want to give up, that she would resign, that the hong kong police be held accountable for their brutal tactics, that the extradition bill be permanently withdrawn, and that protesters receive amnesty. >> sandra: as far as the long history of protests in hong kong, give us some perspective as what we are seeing there now. how it is similar, how it is different from what we've seen in the past.
8:47 am
>> we have seen a lot of protests going back to 2003 in hong kong and really this is almost a clash of civilization and what threatens china most is democracy. hong kong residents have protested because they have been denied universal suffrage, beijing has sought to impose their candidates on hong kong residents, including chief executive carrie lam. most interesting and compelling protest was in 2014, name to the umbrella movement because protesters were using umbrellas does shield themselves from pepper spray. hong kong has a long history of standing up for their democratic rights and china unfortunately has a long history of abusing them. in their own country and taking to do so oversees. >> sandra: i want to get your thoughts on this, russian government admission,, that this radiation spike that follows a nuclear power missile engine exploded. we saw that it caused a 16 fold radiation spike. final thoughts on that and what
8:48 am
we see there? >> i just thought russia's lack of transparently transparency eerily similar. it's going to have domestic impact on vladimir putin who is already struggling with protests in moscow over election issues. it also highlights a new arms race not based on how many missiles a country might build, but on cutting-edge technology implementing it in new arms like this cruise missile powered by nuclear force. >> sandra: a lot of big stuff there that we covered with you dan, appreciate you coming on this morning. thank you. >> bill: outnumbered comes on next. >> hey, bill, a search for suspects after somebody shot through the window of an i.c.e. office in texas. the fbi office sing a federal official was nearly killed. no i.c.e. officials believe
8:49 am
political rhetoric is to blame. some democrats, including 2020 democrat, warning the supreme court to get their act together or face the consequences. what does that mean? we will examine all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy on outnumbered. as he went out of way for team divine in college football season. the peptalk that is going viral. have you seen it? check it out. ♪ memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours.
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8:53 am
>> come >> bill: texas longhorn football players getting hit in getting hypnotized. i'm going to bring jared maximum. what was exactly going on there? >> team bonding. we see this more and more in sports. coach tom herman bringing in this expert hypnotist. anybody who doesn't believe this, bill, you just ask me wondered if all this was real. i think it's very real. we seen people get hit and ties before and look at that reactions on the players, they make him sleep like it's nothing. there were tons of laughs. i think he had some anger issue, they were bringing it out. one guy got stuck in place, i did this years ago. what is it like going under? >> bill: i only went halfway.
8:54 am
i really wanted to be hypnotized, but i only got halfway. >> there's the guy right there. >> bill: here's what happened you are sitting there paralyzed in everything that's going around unto you, but you cannot get unstuck. so the tension moves through your arms and your legs and that's the experience you have. >> if you only went halfway i believe it can you get stuck. steve and i wanted to be hypnotized. i only got 50% of the way there. daisy is hooking up with the nfl. very interesting to come you know what i would say quick mike i think this is the biggest victory for colin kaepernick and since he's played football in for the 49ers. it jay-z said that this absolutely, collin brought this conversation alive. he hopes he says kaepernick would have a top form to express himself or maybe he doesn't have to take place in the field. : starting with all of the kneeling it, eventually leads to the nfl's thing we're going to pledge $90 million toward social
8:55 am
justice issues. they created inspired change come and now colin kaepernick in a way could, wouldn't it be interesting if he finds a way back into the nfl through something? >> the president said if he's good enough one of these owners are going to sign them. so far that hasn't happened. jay-z has a big platform commit has to be all-inclusive, they are willing to do things that can make some changes, we can do some good. how does the nfl benefit from bringing jay-z on? >> very much so because jay-z speaks to the players better than roger goodell or most of the owners can. 70% of the nfl african-american. he is also going to be producing the halftime show at the super bowl. >> and i think that's where the story is going. i think players feel that halftime acts are not as good as they used to be. if you are getting set maroon five and have some of the big-time acts saying no to the leak, may be jay-z recruits them. >> i agree. i think it's probably the end of days. if company were still around we probably wouldn't be seeing them
8:56 am
in the beginning as part of the halftime show. you look at who the nfl layers are. jay-z's rock nation represents some of the best players. he speaks to the players. better than anyone in the nfl can. may be nfl players if you you know what, we have somebody here who is looking out to us in talking to us. >> bill: nice to see you. don't get hypnotized, or do it just go the whole bite. >> i'm going to sleep for four hours. >> sandra: fox news alert texas authorities investigating an attack on the i.c.e. facility, a bullet fired, shattering a window there. we will have the latest on that next address my fellow veterans, because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it was two years, fours years, or nearly thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is a va mortgage benefit that lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa with our veteran-friendly approval process
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9:00 am
>> bill: have you ever been hypnotized? >> sandra: i have not, hemmer. i heard you went halfway. is that possible? >> bill: it is, it happens! it was back in college. >> sandra: i've got to get that story. thank you for joining us this morning. we will see you here tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, protests in hong kong flaring up again. police in riot gear firing tear gas on crowds as the u.s. state department warns that the u.s. is "deeply concerned" about reports that china is now moving troops to the hong kong border. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today's harris faulkner, political columnist for the "washington examiner," kristen soltis anderson, former ohio senate democratic minority leader, capri cafaro, and joining us on the couch, cohost of "the five" and fox news poll to go analyst, juan williams. a good day to have you here, you have a lot of politics. >> juan: i love summer, i love hot water


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