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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOXNEWSW  August 15, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> jason: vintage trump. my new book is called "power grab," coming out september 3 but you can preorder it and you'll love it. you're going to want to get it. i will be back here again tomorrow night. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team to get from here. >> shannon: let's do it two nights in a row. i will see you tomorrow. thanks so much. we begin with fox news alert. president trump rallying in new hampshire tonight, vowing to turn the blues to read, he did focus on is democrats rivals. telling the rowdy ground "we have a bunch of socialists or communists to beat next year. stick around for highlights. israel says to democratic congress women who support a boycott against israel will not be allowed to visit the country. president trump taking his views of the so-called squad to the next level, encouraging the ban as progressive democrats are now calling in, a muslim man. we have the latest. video surfacing showing onlookers in philadelphia taunting, even throwing things at police officers who responded
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to last nights hours long standoff. we covered it right here. six officers have been shot at that point. heather mcdonald's and invited talk about the war on cops. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. democrats are livid night after president trump encouraged israel's ban against two progressive congresswomen and members of the so-called squad. correspondent david spunt fills us in. >> just days before congresswomen rashida tlaib and ilhan omar were to walk the streets of jerusalem, they were informed the door will be closed. >> we will not allow into israel people who call for the boycott of israel. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu blames the two women's muslim congresswomen support of bds. a palestinian lead campaign calling for the boycott of israel. just last month, netanyahu's ambassador to the united states said "out of respect for the u.s. congress and the great
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alliance between israel and america, we would not deny entry to any member of congress into israel." congresswomen rashida tlaib tweeted a photograph of her grandmother who lives in the west bank. israeli officials say tlaib may be able to visit family if she files a humanitarian request. >> she is not carrying a weapon and directing it against israel. she's coming to visit her family, or country, or people. it's a right to visit our country and family. >> congresswoman omar released a statement "the irony of the only democracy in the middle east making such a decision is that it's both an insult to democratic values and a chilling response to a visit by government officials from an allied nation." house speaker nancy pelosi called it "a sign of weakness and beneath the dignity of the great state of israel." the republican author of an anti-bds bill says israel made a mistake by denying the freshman lawmakers entry.
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florida senator marco rubio tweeting "being blocked is what they really hoped for a long period in order to bolster their attacks against the jewish state." president trump, a close ally of netanyahu said today, the prime minister made the right decision. >> president trump: i think if israel allowed them to come in for the normal reasons other than those reasons i really believe that it would be a terrible thing for israel. >> aipac, the political action committee in the business of promoting israel, disagrees with both president trump and prime minister netanyahu stating "we also believe every member of congress should be able to the visit and experience our democratic ally, israel, first hand." >> shannon: thank you very much. does israel's decision to ban to members of the so-called squad help or hurt the president? let's discuss with the democrats seeking to unseat congressman jerry nadler, lindsey boylan. and dr. robert jeffress. welcome to you both.
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"the new york times" says, the editorial board, what are trump and netanyahu afraid of? it's long been israel's mantra that critics should come see for themselves in the country certainly strong enough to handle criticism from two members of congress. mr. trump has done israel no favor." >> it's important to understand these women were denied entry into israel not because they're women or their women of color or their democrats. they were denied entry because they have engaged in caustic, anti-semitic rhetoric and they have embraced policies that are just as great of a threat is real as any terrorist attack. we need to remember, shannon, that israel is a nation the size of new jersey. yet for 3,000 years, it's endured attacks by ideologies and countries that want to wipe the jewish people off the face of the earth. it's easy for us in america, separated by two oceans, big country, to say israel ought to be more tolerant.
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when you are a small country under threat 24/7, you can't give an inch to people who would question the right for even to exist, like these two congresswomen. netanyahu did the right thing and barring these women from coming into israel and president trump as usual to the right thing in supporting israel. >> shannon: here is a bit of what netanyahu said "the itinerary of the congresswomen revealed that the sole purpose of their visit is to harm israel and increase insight against it." the jerusalem pulsing "netanyahu statement that no country in the world respects the u.s. congress more than israel but that is really law prohibits entry to those calling for a boycott of the country." lindsay, he and others say they refuse to meet with his really fizzles and appeared to have that there were only there to cause trouble. your response. >> the only problem here is not admitting to congresswoman for representing a million and a half people in america being barred from entry to israel.
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this is squarely on the israeli government officials and also on our president who has gone above and beyond, taken and never before seen step to actually ask that his fellow politicians in the united states not be allowed into israel, a democracy. one democracy to another. this is one of the worst days that we've seen, and it's unfortunate the pastor to carry water for such a terrible cost. >> it's a great cause. >> shannon: the federal saying israel has every right to block them. "in 2012 the obama administration denied a visa to michael ben ari, member of the hard right israeli party. then ari is no worse than tlaib or omar." what you say, lindsay? >> i think the best example of
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democracy is when we have people who disagree. we don't need to agree on every single issue. these two members of congress are representing people of the district and use before the israeli ambassador's office said before they would have no problem with these two women entering israel for the purposes of a political gathering, for meetings. the only difference now is that both the president of the united states has chosen to make this his cause and for whatever reason bibi netanyahu feels this is also a good look for him, which it is not. >> shannon: senator bernie sanders has said he wants to leverage all the aid we are giving to israel to fight when he calls the racist policies. he says there's no reason an array for israel to do this. >> i communicated today with our great ambassador to israel in david friedman and david made a tremendous point. he said the israeli government was going to welcome these
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congresswomen into israel and they just wanted them to spend a little time with israeli officials so israeli officials could give them an overview of what they were doing to treat the palestinians and humanitarian way. these two congresswomen refused to meet with israeli officials. instead the only place they wanted to go was occupied palestine. while we were doing was gathering evidence and ammunition against the israeli people to use in their propaganda, and israel had every right to refuse them. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. pastor jeffers, lindsey boylan, thank you both. president trump staying focused on his democratic 2020 rivals, hosting a keep america great rally in the early voting state of new hampshire. most of the democrats continue to try to woo voters in iowa. we have fox team coverage tonight. kristin fisher is standing by live in des moines but first we go live to correspondent molly line in new hampshire where the president has just
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wrapped up his latest campaign rally. >> good evening, shannon. the president was greeted by expenditures by supporters of this his first big rally here in the granite state since the 2016 election cycle. ♪ he slammed his 2020 opponents, namely joe biden and elizabeth warren. he bragged about the economy, employment, the boom in the oil, gas, trade and helping those suffering from mental illness. he touched on topics to people here, the opioid epidemic and second amendment rights. >> president trump: we can't make it harder for a good solid law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. we will always uphold the right to self-defense and we will always uphold these second
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amendment. we will. >> one new hampshire voters told me she her just what she wanted to hear tonight. >> i want to see the continued stance for pro-life, the right to bear arms, getting those judges replaced. may be another supreme court judge, china, the wall, immigration, illegal aliens. >> the new hampshire democratic party correlated the robust response. including an organized protest outside. here is the party chair ray buckley. >> sending the message of the people of new hampshire don't support donald trump in his message. they do believe we need an economy that works for all. we believe we should drain the swamp, not empower the swamp, what is what donald trump did. >> speculation as to whether corey lewandowski will run for senate. lewandowski met the presidents plane today and attended the rally.
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>> president trump: i think he would be tough to beat. i will tell you one thing. he will go into washington he's going to have you in mind. he is going to do a job if he does do it. >> no big announcement tonight from lewandowski and the president said cory, let us know please. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: molly line, thank you so much. as president trump aims to keep america great, that's the slogan, 2020 democrats working on new strategies to keep him from winning a second term. kristin fisher is on the scene of the iowa state fair tracking what's going on with this presidential hopeful. good evening, kristen. >> good evening. if 2016 was about finding a candidate that would shake up washington, 2020 is turning out to be for democrats about finding a candidate can return american politics to what it was before president trump. according to a new fox news poll out today, 60% of the democratic primary voters polled say
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restoring politics to normalcy is more important in deciding who to vote for then the candidate will change how washington works. and increasingly on the campaign trail, the pitch from the 2020 democratic contenders is with me in the white house, you can relax. >> i'm not going around doing crazy things looking for a viral moment. >> the other day, if you elect me president, you can count on there being two weeks to go by when you don't need to think about what i'm doing. >> it's tiring. >> the 2020 horse races never dull. the first major shake-up to the leaderboard according to the new fox news poll, joe biden is still in the lead but elizabeth warren has leapfrogged over bernie sanders. she's up eight points from july while he's down five. kamala harris is in fourth place with 8%, cory booker, pete buttigieg, andrew yang are tied at 3% and amy klobuchar in beto o'rourke right to present, everyone else 1% or less. today beto o'rourke was back campaigning for the first time
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after returning home to el paso in the wake of the city's mass shooting. >> someone asked if i was going to be heading back to iowa to go to the iowa state fair. corn dogs inferiors wheels. and i said no, i can't go back for that, the kind of challenges that we face in this country at this moment of crisis require an urgency. >> beto o'rourke may not be here for the corn dogs and ferris wheels but we are, and personally i'm here for a lot of the sweet treats. fried oreos, probably my favorite thing. i've had them every day since i've been here. most people come to the state fair for the pork. i was the number one pork producing statement our country. i don't like pork too much for my producer does so i sent him out on a pork scavenger hunt tonight to see the best pork treats he could find at the
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iowa state fair. what did you find? >> bacon balls. bacon and cheese. they are bacon and cheese wrapped together with even more bacon and then dumped in barbecue sauce. there is nine pieces of bacon. >> nine pieces of bacon! wow! >> then we have pork legs. i was known for their part. >> number one pork producing state in the country. as i said, and i'm sure some of you at home or wondering what on earth are you wearing? please tell me about your local. >> the iowa cubs, aaa farm team of the chicago cubs, on august 30, going to be playing at the iowa caucuses wearing this hat and special jerseys. they sell these t-shirts. they are doing it in honor of the iowa caucus being the first place for people to vote. >> perfect. you know, shannon, i'm sure you may be wondering if jason put this on for this life shot but no, he's been wearing this all day long. that's how committed he is to the iowa state fair. i think he's coming back to d.c. a changed man.
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>> shannon: i know jason i don't doubt anything you're telling me. if you could, the bacon balls for chris stirewalt and i will take a couple fried oreos. deal? >> i'm not sure i can get that through a tsa checkpoint but i will do my best. >> shannon: thank you, have fun. be safe. this is a fox news alert. north korea firing to short-range missiles into the easy tonight. south korea converting convenil security session pyongyang says it won't talk with the south again until the drills are done. the latest round of short range boasted missile tests seen as an effort to build leverage ahead of nuclear negotiations with president trump. also on the foreign policy front, president trump is expected to host a meeting with top national security officials on afghanistan. sources say the meeting will focus on u.s. peace negotiations with the taliban. the state department's afghan
8:16 pm
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>> shannon: disturbing video surfacing of onlookers in philadelphia taunting, even throwing things at police officers who are responding to that very active hours-long shoot-out and subsequent standoff last night i made the news six police officers had been shot. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight. >> good evening, shannon. not only was the attack on philadelphia police live stream by the alleged shooter in an unfolded live on national tv. six officers shot and wounded, three injured trying to get to
8:21 pm
the scene. two additional police officers pin down on the second floor of the building while the shooter shot rounds into the ceiling of the first floor. while police were fighting for their lives, local philly tv reporter alexandria half tweeted "a major moment of disappointment this evening was watching a crowd of people taunt police officers, laughing and yelling at them in the midst of the gunfire." other video showed an officer being shoved by resident and that's just what the cameras caught. antipathy towards police as a national trend, and not far from the shooting in philadelphia, new york police officer was also shot and killed, except the wound was self-inflicted. marking the ninth nypd officer to die by suicide this year. here is the new york mayor. lodge. >> the suicides of our officers, it 6 nearly painful. we have lost officers in the past but this concentration is
8:22 pm
devastating. >> while the mayor vows to help bullies, mental health program spearheaded by de blasio's life, just canceled an offer to give psychological support to first responders. because the event was sponsored by blue lives matter, a pro-police group. it's notable that nationwide, 27 police officers have died in the line of duty in 2019. 122, nearly five times as many, have reportedly killed themselves. this week democratic presidential candidates elizabeth warren and kamala harris both tweeted that five years ago, michael brown in ferguson, missouri, was murdered by a white police officer despite the doj under president obama saying the shooting was justified. still, politifact refused to say that warren and harris were wrong. prompting "the wall street journal" james turano to right "i've been on to you guys for more than a decade it you still managed to surprise
8:23 pm
me with your dishonesty." had no problem saying that harris and warren were "the washington post" gave them four pinocchios. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you, sir. breaking tonight, newly released congressional record soaring senior fbi leaders under the bu bus. the officers bravely responding to the active scene were taunted and mocked by some of the people. a california highway patrol officer laid to rest. two ic offices in texas apparently shot up in a targeted attack. let's talk about with heather macdonald. heather, great to have you with us. i want to talk about what people are describing, they sell reporters on the scene in philadelphia, still ongoing. well past midnight. here's what rush limbaugh had to say. >> some lunatic going crazy and
8:24 pm
shooting cops sadly is not the story. the story is philadelphia residents of his apartment building harassing, taunting, and threatening throwing objece police. responding to an active shooting that was endangering every citizen in this neighborhood. >> shannon: heather, how did we get to this place? >> we get to it because of a poisonous false narrative that the democratic party has embraced for the last five years, and is continuing to pump out into the body politic. just last week, shannon, you had elizabeth warren claiming that michael brown was murdered by a white officer and we need to confront systemic racism and police violence. kamala harris made a similar calumny against the officer in ferguson, missouri. the justice department completely disprove that lie.
8:25 pm
the whole handsome, don't shoot narrative was made up out of whole cloth. and yet the democrats continue to pump out this idea that policing is systemically biased against blacks. it is not true. within the last month, the national academy of sciences published yet another study showing that there is no bias in police shootings. but this rhetoric matters. it creates hostility that cops are getting across the country. it's much is philadelphia. it's not just new york. it's not just chicago. it's california. the democrats are playing with fire. >> shannon: the u.s. attorney there, william mcswain, says the d.a.'s office is not prosecuting violent crime. he said there's a new culture of disrespect for law enforcement in the city that's promoted and championed by district attorney larry krasner. i am fed up with that. started with chance at the das
8:26 pm
victory party, chance of f the police had no good cops in a racist system. he's a law enforcement officer himself. as the d.a. >> yeah, it just shows ideology is more important than experience. i wish we could say philadelphia was an isolated incident and this is the result of one left-wing prosecutor. of course, larry krasner has his counterparts across the country that are based on the phone the idea that we have mass incarceration the targets blacks. the shooter that shot these cops in philadelphia had a criminal record involving robbery, gun crimes, drug crimes of mile-long peer keys on the streets. it's simply not the case that we are locking up harmless joint smokers and throwing away the key. in fact, we are letting out violent criminals on a routine basis. but again, shannon, philadelphia is not unique. this is happening everywhere, and it's been happening for the
8:27 pm
last five years. i worried. i thought maybe with trump in office when you did not have any longer somebody who invites black lives matter activist of the white house to meet with them as president obama did, that the effects of this phony narrative would dissipate. they have not. they have now worked their way into the prosecutorial system, academia embraces this idea. it's going to take a lot to extirpate it. if we get another democratic president, philadelphia is going to look like a cakewalk. spew what i would encourage people to read these justice department -- the obama justice department report on the shooting investigations. find the facts and make their determinations. we hate to say we have marked this week the ninth suicide in the nypd. it's an incredibly stressful thing our law enforcement officers face when they suit up and got out every day. heather, thank you. great to have you tonight.
8:28 pm
>> thank you. i appreciate it. >> shannon: breaking tonight, newly released congressional record soaring senior fbi leaders under the bus. it's all linked to hillary clinton's private email server and peter strzok. catherine herridge is next fur cy nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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you see that transformation firsthand knowing that she had options that she could choose, helped restore hope. my team made me feel like a whole person again. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. >> shannon: brand-new memos shedding light on how the fbi, including peter strzok, reacted to news that hillary clinton's private email server may have been compromised by a foreign entity. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has new details. catherine. >> shannon, according to these newly released congressional records, senior fbi leader seemed "indifferent to evidence that hillary clinton's personal server may have been compromised." there's a direct link to peter strzok. in 2016, investigators discovered the clinton emails went to an account possibly linked to china.
8:33 pm
the finding was immediately shared with agent strzok who was later removed over his anti-trump texts. "some members of the fbi investigative team seem indifferent to evidence of a possible intrusion by a foreign adversary into secretary clinton's nongovernment server." when strzok testified, republican congressman pressed him on the 26 team briefing from an investigator who worked directly for the intelligence community's internal watchdog. at the time, strzok seemed to minimize the contact. >> i remember meeting him on one or two occasions. i do not remember the specific content or discussions. >> mr. rucker reported to those of you the four of you there in the presence of the ic, ig attorney, that they had found this anomaly on hillary clinton's emails going through her private server. do you recall that? >> sir, i don't. >> former fbi director james comey said they reviewed
8:34 pm
clinton's service and devices and found no direct evidence it was hacked. the fbi acknowledged that "hostile actors didn't gain access to the private commercial email accounts of some clinton aides." according to the newly released records, the mysterious email account was very similar to a chinese firm but the fbi said it was actually a dummy account set up by a company that managed the clinton server to transfer archived emails. shannon. >> shannon: catherine herridge, thank you. new questions surrounding the death of financier and accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. autopsy shows injuries related to suicide or something more similar. >> "the washington post" citing two individuals familiar with the findings of jeffrey epstein's autopsy reports epstein broke multiple bones in his neck, including the hyoid bone near his adam's apple. multiple experts tell fox news such breaks can occur in hangings but are more common in
8:35 pm
victims of homicide by strangulation. the reported results has fueled skepticism by some leading medical examiners who question report epstein killed himself by tying a bedsheet around his neck to his jail cell bunk bed, strangling himself. >> it would be exceedingly rare. i always hesitate to say something is impossible. but i do not hesitate in saying they'd given this scenario, of leaning forward. >> epstein's autopsy completed sunday but the chief medical examiner said she needed more information before determining cause of death which may include surveillance video. >> let's see the tapes. there's not individual cell cameras. there are range cameras. >> epstein's lawyers are fighting in court to keep his controversial 2008 plea deal from being thrown out despite the fact that the client is dead. lawyers for the accusers argue
8:36 pm
the nonprosecution agreement should be nullified because it unfairly provides immunity to any potential coconspirators of epstein. attorney ken starr who helped negotiate the controversial plea deal says it's the -- it should stand. >> page after page, every word negotiated and it was a global resolution. this case is closed. >> nebraska senator ben sasse has asked attorney general william barr to "rip up the plea deal," stated the federal government cannot allow epstein's accomplices accompli. >> shannon: bryan llenas in new york. president trump reportedly wants to go green, greenland, that is. new reports tonight that president trump has floated the idea of buying the danish territory. "the wall street journal" reporting the plan does have support from some of the president's top advisors while others say it's simply a fleeting fascination. president trump is set to make his first visit to denmark early next month.
8:37 pm
exclusive surveillance video from a failed attack last month on a washington i.c.e. facility. this video shows a suspect storming the facility armed with explosives on a rifle. the suspect fired at the buildings, set a vehicle on fire and attempted to light propane tanks in an effort to burn the facility to the ground. google staffers signing a petition to get the company to halt plans to bid on a multimillion dollar cloud contract with customs and border protection. google employs tens of thousands and the hundreds who signed the petition call it "unconscionable that google would support agencies engaged in caging and torturing vulnerable people." trump tells his rally goers they have no choice but to vote for him in 2020. he says the democratic field is full of socialists and communists. in reaction from jessica tarlov and guy benson x.
8:38 pm
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♪ >> president trump: pocahontas is rising. we have kamala. kamala is falling. you've got vado. vado is like gone. i think sleepy joe may be able to limp across the finish line. today they announced they're going to cut way back on his appearances because he's such a disaster. >> shannon: lot to talk about, his keep america great rally. president trump said he hopes he gets to go head-to-head with former vice president joe biden. brand-new fox news poll says if primary voters were casting their ballots today that would likely happen. we have 14 months to go. let's discuss with with jessica tarlov and guy benson. joe biden at the front of the pack at 31% but elizabeth warren
8:43 pm
has leapfrogged bernie sanders. 20%. sanders at 10%. we learned that apparently her gains have come at sanders' expense. she's the top picked with those under 45 and those who call themselves very liberal. >> she is eating sanders' lunch. i'm not surprised. she is doing quite in iowa. it's the very first date, the opening caucuses coming up, still very many months from now. that doesn't necessarily shock anyone because she has a very strong ground game and presence in the state of iowa. she's been working very hard. it's a very white state. she does very well with white democratic voters, not so well with african-americans. i think she's got a lot of momentum. we have yet to see her head-to-head with joe biden in a debate. that's going to come multiple times down the stretch here and i think those will be pretty
8:44 pm
critical exchanges. >> shannon: i think will be interesting. "new york times" writing " "democrats in places like iowa, new hampshire, south carolina worried that her liberalism would alienate moderates and battleground states or otherwise willing to oppose the president. many fear ms. warren's past claims of native american ancestry would let mr. trump drown out her message." her professorial feel when she's talking to people. what you make of those fears? >> "the new york times," as they often do, speaking directly to my heart. i have warren gear that i sport around the city. she's one of my absolute favorites. joe biden and elizabeth warren. many democrats are deciding between them. they're the ones i feel are going to give us the best chance of defeating donald trump. there's more apprehension on this very liberal campaign when it comes to a general election.
8:45 pm
embedded within that data from the fox news poll which was good overall for democrats, one central finding that keeps joe biden on top and concerns people about elizabeth warren. 60% of democratic voters want a return to normalcy in washington versus just over 30% that are looking for revolution. or to really shake things up and elizabeth warren's campaign, much like bernie sanders' was in 2016, is a revolution. >> shannon: she's talked about don't talk about what we can get done. i want to ask, the whisper there's talk about keeping joe biden off the trail so he will stop making these gaps. we could play them but you know what they are. david axelrod tweeting "you can't cloister the candidate and win. he can either cut it or he can't and the only way he can prove he can is to be an active and vigorous candidate. he's running for president of the united states for god sake."
8:46 pm
guy. >> i want to know who the biden people are on the team who signed up to work for joe biden knowing what he is, who he's been for decades, and now they have the vapors over gaffes. my god. this man is making lots of gaps. let's panic. it's practically his brand, gaffing all the time. of course axelrod is right. they can't throw a candidate in the closet and hope everything works out. he has to interact with the press and voters. the strange, clutching at pearls over the gaffes. this is who he is. >> shannon: let me bring jessica in. >> i agree. i agree with him here and we've seen total resiliency in his numbers.
8:47 pm
african-american support. holding strong, where he was in the national average around 30 percentage points. people know who joe biden's. that includes the gaps. they feel comparable with him. the interviews from iowa, how many voters said i know joe. i know what he stands for. and there's no malice. to his gaps. >> shannon: faked into how they feel. thank you both very much. amazon says technology can read the fear in your face and it could be sold to the u.s. government. that's not why bernie sanders is upset with the tech giant. steve hilton next. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith, who met with humana to create a personalized care plan. at humana, we have more ways to care for your health, and we find one that works just for you.
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>> shannon: presidential hopeful bernie sandal starting to sound a little bit like president trump when it comes to mainstream media coverage. >> anyone here know how much amazon [indistinct] i talk about all the time. and they wondered why "the washington post" which is owned by jeff bezos who owns amazon. >> shannon: tonight the sanders campaign is doubling down, launching its own newsletter called burn notice. today's edition with a fire ant against so-called corporate
8:52 pm
media. let's turn to steve hilton. great to have you with us. what do you make of this? it's funny because president trump talks a lot about how he gets mistreated by the mainstream media now you have bernie sanders making some of the same accusations but saying it's because media outlets are run by billionaires and corporations. they are never going to treat him fairly because he criticizes them. >> it's uncanny, especially "the washington post." how many times have we seen tweets from the president about jeff bezos, amazon, "washington post" ." i think bernie gets pretty good press coverage frankly, especially considering how crazy some of his ideas are. he's taken seriously. he's become a really good national figure. precisely because his ideas and critiques of various policy areas have been reported. he's made a big impact. he's talking about one specific aspect, complains about amazon.
8:53 pm
not paying tax. i think his criticisms of corporate america are very well known and often reported faithfully in the media. >> shannon: it's interesting because there's a lot of talk now from folks within some of these organizations not happy they may be willing to do business with the u.s. government. we talked about a group of google employees that have a petition on medium where they are basically saying if you work with selling any of this technology to something like customs and border protection or if you've been on contracts with the government, you are essentially enabling human rights abuses. what do you make of that? >> this is so interesting, so many angles. it reminds me of a phrase i heard from your previous gas, guy benson. the politicization of everything. everything is politics. we side with the boycotts against fitness studios because of a political donation. it's a big deal.
8:54 pm
you saw with google as you reporting on the border contract but then previously we saw with google in relation to the department of defense and the project maven i think it was called. one after another we have seen these employees of companies saying we won't work with a regime, the trump administration, that they consider to be authoritarian. at the same time, especially with google, they will work with the chinese regime, which is obviously far more authoritarian than anything you can imagine here in america. and connecting it to the facial recognition story which you mentioned from amazon developing their facial recognition, it's the chinese government that's really deploying facial recognition. in orwellian ways to control the population to literally block them from traveling around the country or from participating in society if they do certain things, if they are dissidents or do anything to criticize the
8:55 pm
government. it's frightening. >> shannon: i know you have concerns or at least it we need to be asking more questions about how this could be used here and other places and dig in with a critical mind in these technology and ask deeper questions. thank you. ♪ tonight's midnight hero being hailed as russia's captain -- a airline on route to crimea from moscow hit singles. the quick thinking pilot brought the plane down. the russians are hailing the pilot is a hero, saying he saved sue hundred 33 lives "having masterfully landed a plane without its landing gear with the failing engine in a
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come out with a win, that's the story, we will see you back tomorrow night. >> mark: this is a fox news alert. president trump is speaking to thousands of supporters in manchester, new hampshire. good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." on mark steyn informed tucker. the president is visiting my state. he is rocking and rolling. he's on a tear and the crowd is loving it. let's listen in. >> president trump: add to that the fact that we love our neighbors and we love our country. [cheers and applause] together, we are all united by one fundamental principle and a nation's first duty must alwaysc be to its own citizens. its own. we h


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