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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 15, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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thank god they got out with the perpetrators they had in custody. we have a lot to be thankful for. these brave men and women put their lives on the line every day. let not your heart be troubled. here he is, jason chaffetz for laura. how are you? >> doing great. thank you, sean >> sean: you have secrets like mark meadows and jordan and you never tell me and that annoys me. you should share your secrets. >> i can't. i won't. >> sean: these are national security secrets. people are going to be thinking the worst. >> jason: the government trusts me and you should, too, sean. >> sean: am i over the target? the answer i usually get is yes. >> jason: you are more over the neighborhood and more over the target than anybody and you are the one of the hardest working peoplein television andm amazing every time i talk to i. >> sean: tucker was off all week. laura is off all week. i'm a loser. i don't take vacation. >> jason: i fill in for them.
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what does that make me?come on. >> sean: makes you someone who probably takes advantage of the opportunity when it's available. have a great show. >> jason: thanks, sean. i'm jason chaffetz in for laura ingraham, and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. president trump just wrapped up a huge campaign rally in the battleground state of new hampshire. our power panel is standing by to break down the big moments. and, shocking new information tonight about the suspect who shot six police officers in philadelphia in that standoff you saw here last night. neww jeffrey epstein autopsy details raised serious questions about what happened in that cell. more than 100 seizures and dozens of teens hospitalized with severe lung injuries possibly tied to vaping. undr. drew pinsky is here with e prescription to end this. plus, some information aboutin what's going on in california with homelessness.
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the millennial who wants to unseat one of trump's biggest headaches in washington is here exclusively. but, first, we start with a fox news alert. president trump holding a massive campaign rally in new hampshiree tonight. trump hit all his biggest accomplishments in office and promised to keep america great if re-elected. >> president trump: we are actually here today to officially launch our campaign to win the great state of new hampshire in 2020. three years ago, we campaigned across country on a pledge to make america great again, and that's exactly what we've done. the united states right now has the hottest economy anywhere in the world. we are rebuilding that awesome might that we were just talking
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about, our united states armed forces. america is working again, america is winning again, and america is respected again. respected like never before. my administration is fighting to expand opportunity for citizens of every background and every race, religion, color and creed. very important. because we are all americans. we all share the same home. we all share the same heart. we all share the same dreams. we are all children of the same almighty god. the forgotten men and women of america will never, ever be forgotten again. you were forgotten. e i have also taken the toughest ever action to stand up to china's chronic trade abuses.
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earlier this month, the u.s. government officially labeled china for the first time ever a currency manipulator, another kept.e globalism. i love our country. i'm the president of the united states of america. i'm not the president of the world. and, as long as i'm president america will never bow to a foreign nation like we were for so many years. >> jason: vintage trump. here now is my political power panel. kayleigh mcenany, national press secretary for trump's 2020 campaign. byron york, chief political correspondent for the washington examiner and fox news contributor, and jamila bey radio talk show host and democratic strategist who is joining ushere in the studio. thanks all three of you. i want to give you a chance what's your take away from president trump? a lot of energy, big crowds
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and a good message. how do democrats fight back against that? >> i don't know. that's a hard thing for democrats to do, and to be blunt, that's what trump's base wants. he did exactly what is expected of him. he went out there, he hit his talking points and that's what his base wants. when you press on policy points, that's where i think the democrats are going to have their opportunity. >> jason: kayleigh, as youou watched, i believe you were at the rally tonight. what was the energy in the room and how is this resonating on the ground, from your perspective? >> the energy was incredible. we had 12,000 inside and getting here was very difficult, jason, because i had to navigate my way through 5,000 people outside. do the math. that is 17,000 people who showed up in a blue state. we are in new hampshire. people came all the way from massachusetts and all over the new england a corridor because blue state voters have been left behind by democrats. i would challenge the point that
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policy is going to help democrats.on the contrary, as pt trump noted tonight, our numbers go up when democrats proliferate across iowa. be out there, 2020 field, because you're helping us with your talking points that are radical socialism. >> jason: byron, there's a reason why donald trump went to new hampshire. it's only got four electoral votes. there's a reason he's here more than a year in advance of the general election.what is your ay he was there, and did he do what he was supposed to do tonight for his own good? >> obviously, democrats have to concentrate on primary states because they have primaries coming up. the president doesn't have those, and he's looking at general election states. he started his campaign in florida. he was recently in pennsylvania. we've heard a lot about the states president trump barelywo. pennsylvania, michigan wisconsin. new hampshire is a state that he
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barely lost by 2,736 votes. it was really, really close.and, if the election is close again, turning new hampshire into his column could be a very big deal. >> jason: look at the numbers there, it was exceptionally close and i think donald trump thinks he can actually win there. jamila, you made the point about's donald trump whene assesses policy. look at him, democrats versus the g.o.p. donald trump. >> president trump: democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, and socialism. the republican party is the party of freedom. we are the party of the american worker, the american family, and the american dream, and i'm fighting for you each and every day. >> jason: so, i watched that and i think donald trump is actually running on issues and things are going so well, as well as the
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economy. how are the democrats going to make a case against that? >> well, we have to figure out, first of all, which democrats are we talking about. now, this thing is really open wide for anybody at this point. i like to joke with my friends. i say, you know, i am just dating right now. ask me whose ring i'm going to accept come next february or whatnot. to be blunt, the democrats are in a bit of disarray. we don't know which people we are going to actually see duke it out come primary season. we have issues all over the board. and, frankly, i will hand it to this president. he is talking about his base.noe brings up -- >> jason: it's broader than just his base. these things resonate with the american people. it's broader than just the far right side of the party. >> i'll tell you what, when we
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talk about making america great again and whatnot and we are talking about real americans and whatnot, this china thing is blowing up farmers right now. american farmers are hurting. when the government shut down back in january, a lot of issues there. the delivery on promised loans and subsidies and whatnot has not come through for our farmers. we are going to see that when it's time to sit down at thanksgiving and those prices for the staples are going up. the fact that we are in this war with china right now of rhetoric, american workers are hurting and american families are feeling it. it's great at a rally right now and we're's not hearing any specific democrats coming out on those issues, but that's what i'm looking at. >> jason: there are a lot of people that finally see donald trump standing up to china and standing up on trade where other presidents left to fester. to her point, how long can this go on before a deal has to get struck before donald trump really takes a hit in the polls?
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>> farmers love our president and they support our president, and they know they've never had a fighter like what they have in president trump.ol so, rest assured, farmers support our president, as do the american people. in our polling, we see the hispanic community coming toward the president because of china antariffs. they understand jobs have been taken, wages have gone down because of china. america is behind the president. who they are not behind are the usradical democrats. you haove aoc with a 20% approval rating. ilhan omar, 9%. socialism 18%. these are democratic poll numbers. this president stands for america, he's patriotic. he has a roaring economy that's not stopping, and democrats have embraced radicalism all the way from bernie to biden. >> jason: byron, i want to ask you. this is donald trump talking about open borders. i don't know how the democrats survive with a policy that is an open border policy. how that would resonate with the american people. here's donald trump tonight. w >> president trump: they
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accuse our heroic border agents of running concentration camps. and they do an incredible job. and the democrats don't want to fix the loopholes. we have serious, serious criminals that want to come in, and if we had open borders, they would be flowing in like you've never seen before. democrats want open borders. they don't mind crime. we do mind crime. >> what he was referring to is in the recent democratic debates when many raised their hands to support decriminalizing crossing the border illegally. and offering government paid health care to people who have come to the country illegally. there are a number of democrats who are pretty nervous about this. jeh johnson, who was president obama's last secretary of homeland security, said that this amounts to virtually open borders.
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and indeed it does. this is one of the big, big vulnerabilities that they have. otherwise, the president just kind of hit his greatest hits tonight. you played the biggest applause line which is "i'm the president of the united states, not the president of the world." >> jason: i think he drives home a really big point, and i think we're going to continue to hear that time and time again. but i've never, ever seen a national party thrive nationally who goes after law enforcement, border patrol, i.c.e. agents. how is that a winning formula come november of 2020? >> when you say "go after," i want to talk -- >> jason: disparage them, talk about how they're running concentration camps. you don't see them patting them on the back, i tell you that. >> here's the thing. if you're going to show pictures of people with wire around them and laying on cement floors -- >> jason: do you mean those pictures from the obama administration, you mean those ones? >> no, the ones with crying children being denied access to
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showers and whatnot. >> jason: i don't buy that. how do you not buy that? >> jason: i don't think it's true. >> that's what's actually happening at this point and the bottom line is, it's not illegal to plead asylum. this country allows you to come here and say give me -- >> jason: it's illegal to come across the border and then try ac do that. coming across the border -- >> how does one -- >> jason: you go to the port of entry. >> how do you get there? how do you get there? i am in complete agreement. >> jason: you can go to our can go to our -- >> for people who believe that this is the best country in the world and that there's opportunity here, bringing your family when you say, okay, we are in danger of our lives, we are going to plead asylum, it's no different from ellis island. what is different, what is different is taking children away from their parents, and that's a problem. you want to talk about radicalizing people? you want to talk about an issue down thet line? >> jason: you see this
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building right behind me, the capitol. point to the congress because there's i.c.e. agents and border patrol agents, they are enforcing the current law. i agree there should be changes but you know what, what i see from the democrats -- hold on. i have to go to kayleigh.but whm disparaging the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our country, protect our livelihoods, protect our safety. there's a big contrast between what donald trump and the republicans are saying and the democrats are saying. kayleigh, i want to bring you in here because this is going to be a big issue. whether democrats want it oro not, donald trump believes he can drive this issue all the way to november 2020, right? >> no doubt. the policies we just heard began under the obama administration. it was actually president trump who ended family separation, but anyway. i digress.ti it wasn't just aoc comparing the detention facilities to concentration camps. it was kamala harris comparing
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i.c.e. to the kkk. it was marianne williamson saying what is happening to illegal immigrants, it's like what nazis did in germany to jews. it's horrible. we see attacks on i.c.e. facilities. it's disgusting and hateful and wthe american people stand behd i.c.e., which is why we stopped hearing calls to abolish i.c.e. they were loud about it and it petered out. they are back and it's going to be to the chagrin of the democrats, as their poll numbers plummet. >> jason: there will be a lot more discussion on this show and tothers. byron, i want to ask you here ethe final question. the corey lewandowski factor in new hampshire. four electoral votes, the president is going to fight to get those but there's also a fight for the senate. there is the belief the republican side of the aisle of the current democrat senator is
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vulnerable, but is corey lewandowski the right solution? there's a lot of articles saying there might be some controversy. >> corey lewandowski could be a target rich environment for some democrats, and the fact is there was a very, very close race in i maggie hassan beat kelly ayotte by two tenths of one percentage point.really, really close. so, obviously, there isan an opportunity for republicans. corey lewandowski was president trump's first campaign manager, until he was fired. no one really leaves trump world. the president warmly endorsed him tonight. whether he would be a candidate who can actually get the support of new hampshire's republican establishment.a real, real ques. >> jason: it's one of the political dynamics going on there. i would push back on the idea of somebody leaving the trump world. i don't think mooch is coming back into the orbit. at the end of the day, though, it's going to be the real men
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and women across this country who actually make the difference here. this to me personifies in a picture the difference between what donald trump is doing and what the democrats are doing. this picture was taken and posted. this ise aoc with some of hollywood's biggest elite. you see john legend, chrissy teigen, you see -- you take a look at that picture. there are a lot of hollywood celebrities there, and i'm telling you this does not sit well. she can talk all she wants and the democrats can claim that they are a party of the people, but when they go out and do those big hollywood photos like that, i'm telling you there are people, across this country who just say, oh, yeah, that's what they are really about. that's really where they're going. and i think you're going to see more of that in this election coming up. i want to thank our power panel. there's going to be a lot more to discuss. up next, disturbing new details tonight about the suspected gunman in that standoff that injured six policemen in philadelphia. former u.s. attorney andy mccarthy is here on why this guy should have been behind bars.
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>> units, use caution. >> jason: that is audio from the hours-long philadelphia police standoff last night that left six officers injured. the heroism there is unbelievable to me. these men and women, the greatest respect. amazing. what they do and how they do it. we have learned the suspect has a very long violent, violent criminal history. the big question, how was he not in prison? >> this was someone who needed to be off the streets. these are more than enough charges so that mr. maurice hill may never exit jail. >> jason: chris o'connell, of our news affiliate wtxf, is live with the late-breaking details.chris, w? >> jason, investigators a few hours ago were able to get back into that home where the gunman really paralyzed this section of north philadelphia last night
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during the seven and a half hour standoff. six police officers were injured and miraculously they were erscharged from the hospital before the suspect surrendered after midnight last night. just miraculous.he now, that suspect, 36-year-old maurice hill, he's been described as a career criminal. police went to his home in north philadelphia to serve a drug warrant, but they were met by gunfire. more than 200 rounds of gun shots were fired in a barrage of bullets. at one point in that were trapped two police officers and three prisoner hostages. they were in there for several hours communicating with police negotiators, but they were able to be freed, rescued by swat and for the next two and a half hours, maurice hill holed up inside that philadelphia row home armed with an ak-15 assault style rifle, and then, when
11:23 pm
teargas was deployed, he came out with his hands up. but, in his waistband, another handgun. ,he was then taken into custody without incident. tonight, police are just trying to deconstruct everything, especially what went on inside that house. they had to clear it with all the teargas. it took about 18 hours before police could get but now the big question is how this guy with a career criminal record got his hands on so much weaponry. >> jason: let me follow-up with that, chris. not only the weaponry but how in the world -- why was this guy even out of jail? he shouldn't have been breathino the air we breathe on the outside world. that guy should have been behind bars. even the philadelphia district attorney said so. how in the world was he not behind bars? >> well, that's a very goodhi question, a question that many people are asking tonight. i can tell you 36-year-old maurice hill has been described as a career criminal, first
11:24 pm
entering the criminal justice system in 2001. he was arrested morete than a dozen times, convicted six other times, as recently as this year. he was arrested. but, apparently, the district attorney decided not to prosecute the cases the last time he was arrested. so that's the big question tonight, is why maurice hill was out on the street in the first place. >> jason: one other very quick question, chris. miraculously, how s.w.a.t. got up on the second floor and extracted five people when you have an active gunman right below them who was firing shots through the floor. any other details you can give us about that? >>iv well, a couple other vignettes. first of all, the policece won't get into strategy and to how those hostages were rescued, but they did say they were in constant communicationho with police officers, the police chief and the district attorney by phone throughout these
11:25 pm
negotiations. so they were in constant contact. in fact, that information they were giving to police help them make the decision on how to actually go into this house, especially with the teargas. they told this guy they are coming in at 11:45, and shortly rfter midnight, he came out with his hands up. >> jason: we don't want the police to give away their tactics and the way they do things, but my goodness, i could not be more proud and more happy. i can't even imagine the joy hwithin those families. chris, thank you for the great report. we do appreciate it. it didn't take long for the democrats to shamelessly play politics with the philadelphia shoot-out. watch this. >> no one should have access to the kind of weaponry and firepower that we saw in north philadelphia yesterday. >> i will do everything i can as governor to get the general assembly to step up and pass legislation that will start getting guns out of the hands of criminals like this. >> a ban on military-style assault weapons, which are
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weapons of war that should notip be on our streets. >> jason: news flash: the suspected gunman can't legally own guns under existing laws. he was breaking the law. one other law isn't necessarily going to change that. he has got a long criminal rap sheet that includes arrest for things like attempted murder, kidnapping and his past convictions, he's a felon. he's a suspect, but he was a convicted felon, including drug dealing, aggravated assault illegal possessiondi of a gun. that's just a start. this thing goesio on for pages. it's so frustrating that our men and women in uniform have to go at and clear out somebody like that. because he should have been behind bars, and he should have neverr ever, ever be breathing the light of day. joining me now is andrew mccarthy, former u.s. attorney, one of the smartest people you'll ever meet. fox news contributor and author of a brand-new book "ball of collusion," the plot to rig an election and destroy a presidency. you're not going to want to miss this.
11:27 pm
he's one of the great writers and great minds, and i can't wait to go through your book. and andrew, thank you for being here and the great work you've done as a prosecutor along the way. i've said it like five times but how the world is a punk like this even on the streets? >> you know, jason, i think the problem here is as you listen to this stuff is we are bipolar on this. monday, wednesday, friday we are like, how does a guy like this gett on the street? and then tuesday, thursday saturday we want to be in favor of criminal justice reform. we are convinced that we are the carceral state, that there are too many people in prison. the pressure that that creates is what we're doing ispreciselye to be. >> jason: wait, wait. ii'm going to push back a little bit. i was the original author of the criminal justice reform. it's not about punks like this. it's not against hardenedcrimin- it is about dealing with how we deal with people with addiction
11:28 pm
and that sort of thing. but there's a huge difference with a guy with a rap sheet like this. >> you're going to tell. me that the federal prisons and the state prisons p are teeming with nonviolent drug offenders, and i'm going to tell you that prison in this country, as heather mcdonald says, remains a lifetime achievement award for criminals. 99% of the people who are in prison belong in prison. and, if you're going to make a priority into springing the people who are in prison to get them out, then you're going toop have more guys like this out on the street. you've got to make up your mind what you want. >> jason: i kind of disagree with you. because if you're there for at. drug offense, you should serve your time, but we've got to reduce the rate of jail. guys who have drug problems,yest if you have weapons charges, aggravated assault, robbery attempted murder. those are the people we should put in jail and throw away the key. that's where we need more -- we have to keep going. >> the reason he's out is because the pressure is ondth the prosecutors to plead that
11:29 pm
stuff down to much less serious offenses so we don't fill up the jails. >> jason: that's totally wrong. exactly. they should be prosecuting more gun related -- if you have a gun violation, they should be prosecuted, and they should serve that time. people should bebe scared toho death. but, you're right. they know they can plea thiso stuff out and they are going to be out of jail because no prosecutor thinks this is going to be a big resume item.right? >> well, if your priority is to get people out when they belong in, you're going to create an incentive system to plead things down, and the result inevitably is going to be people like this guy are out on the street. >> jason: no, i think the incentive is to get guys like this who have violent histories in jail. that should be the incentive. let me move on. we will continue to talk about t this. i want to talk about the epstein situation, because he's on suicide watch and then suddenly the defendant's attorney comes in and says we want to take him
11:30 pm
off that and it appears as if they did that. does that ever happen in your situation? you've dealt with this directlyy in this prison. >> yeah, no, jason, it never happens. the infuriating thing with this guy is that kind of thing happened with him from the beginning to the end. everything that happened with this guy going back to 2007 2008, was that he was given the upper grade of a two-tier system of justice, and he got cut every break imaginable and then some that had to get made up as they went along. right up until the end when he should have been on suicide watch, should have been on a much higher level of scrutiny, and his lawyers went in and demanded. think about it. you are the warden of this prison, a lawyer comes in and says we really think he doesn't need suicide watch anymore when you are two andci half weeks afr an incident where it looks like he might have tried to off himself. you are going to let the lawyer
11:31 pm
talk you into not doing your job and making sure these prisoners are kept -- what if you are a federal judge in the next case where the government really needs to keep somebody in custody prior to trial because he might actually flee or intimidate witnesses? do you want to be the judge to incarcerate somebody prior to trial if the government can't tell you they can protect the people they have in the system? >> jason: no, this is too convenient and too fishy. i've only got about 20 seconds. tell us about your book.what isd what did you put in the book? >> the real collusion is that the obama administration put the counterintelligence and law enforcement apparatus of ourco government in the service of the clinton campaign and used our laws that are supposed to protect us from foreign powers to scrutinize and to monitor the opposition party's campaign. >> jason: it's absolutely stunning, and i'm sure you've got a great number of details.
11:32 pm
andrew, thank you so much for being here. andrew mccarthy. breaking news details in the investigation into the mysterious death of millionaire jeffrey epstein. a live report on what we just learned. then, dr. marc siegel on what new reports --
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11:34 pm
>> these bones are typically indicative, typically indicative of strangulation by another person. that doesn't mean that's what happened. you know, we don't want to feed conspiracy theories. we just think at "the washington post" you need
11:35 pm
to have all the information that we can gather for you. >> jason: that was "washington post" reporter carol leonnig on her bombshell new report revealing shocking details about jeffrey epstein's autopsy. dr. marcta siegel is standing by and why this changes the entire narrative on epstein's death.g but, first, we begin with fox news chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with the new details. trace. >> jason, the autopsy showed multiple broken bones in jeffrey epstein's neck, including the hyoid bone in the adam's apple in most men. for clarity, these types of breaks can absolutely happen in those who hang themselves. as your guest noted, forensic experts point out they are much more common in victims of strangulation. that's not to say epstein was strangled, but it does tend to boost the level of intrigue especially about context and circumstances. our corporate cousin the new york post says epstein hung himself with a bedsheet tied to the top bunk in his cell. but, the correctional center has
11:36 pm
not released any details on exactly how he did it, meaning did he jump, roll, or fall off the bunk? standard prison bunks are five and half feet high and forensic pathologist dr. cyril wecht iss skeptical about how epstein generating enough force to break several bones. >> the nature of the hanging, no jumping, no falling through a floor like an execution, and no jumping from the top of a step ladder. there is no velocity. where does the force come from? >> remember, on july 23rd, epstein was found with bruises on his neck and claimed he was beaten up and choked by his cellmate. autopsy was completed sunday but the cause of death is still pending. it's important to point out the guards ignored epstein for hours, so he could have been hanging for a while. but, in 2008, a maryland teenager accused of killing a police officer died of an
11:37 pm
apparent suicide in jail, but two days later, the cause of death was changed to homicide because the medical examiner found the teen had a broken anhyoid. no one was charged with the teen's death and it remains a mystery. >> jason: interesting, joining me dr. marc siegel, professor of medicine at nyu and a fox news contributor. doctor, i've heard you many times on fox and i appreciate your reporting. going back to what the other doctor talked about, the idea of velocity.e this is a medical -- this is a detention center that's been in place p for decades. it's not like they haven't dealt with it before.they do know howh it. to the other doctor's comment about velocity, this looks so suspicious. what's your medical take on it? >> i want to start with what the medical examiner, chief medical examiner of new york, has said. which is that all information
11:38 pm
must be synthesized in order to determine the cause and manner of death. the fact that she is even saying that means that all the information is not in, and we are getting very sketchy information. it certainly looked like a suicide to begin with. "the new york post" reportingth, the bunk bed, which is ridiculous, in the room that he was alone and the guards were sleep and that they falsified records, that he'd been on b suicide watch previously. that he was clearly depressed. all of these things pointed inat that direction and pointed towards incompetence. now you have to wonder, because of the report out today that talks about multiple fractures in the neck. now, you just showed dr. wechtt. i want to add, i spoke to a top trauma surgeon who said multiple fractions in the neck are more consistent -- again, not definitive, but more consistent with homicidal strangulation than with hanging.
11:39 pm
and the hyoid bone, now as you get older, i don't want to be too technical, but as you get older, the chances of breaking that hyoid bone right around the adam's apple, as trace pointed out, goes up with hanging, but it is still far more common with just regular homicidal strangulation. we don't know yet. we don't have enough information. we don't know if the door was open. we don't know what happened to the arteries in the neck. we don't know where they fractures in the neck were. we need more information. were there bruises on the body? these things have to come out and they have to come out in the final report. homicide, in my opinion, has been added to the possibilities here, and that is deeply disturbing. >> jason: my understanding doctor, is that the autopsy was done days ago. aren't they going to know at the end of that -- maybe i was watching "quincy" when i was a little kid too often but you pretty much know at the end of the autopsy. they are legitimately waiting for a lab report that takes a week, but it seems highly suspicious to me on such a high-profile case. they know, don't they, what
11:40 pm
happened at this point? >> let me push back, little s son. it's highly suspicious, yes, that they haven't released the findings at all so they brought in dr. michael baden, a superstar at these things, but if he's on a case, overlooking it, you better believe that there's a question mark here. whatst caused it. you know somebody suffocated but you don't know how and with all these fractures, i am more nspicious than before and again, i can't rule out suicide here. that is still on the table. but now we need more information because homicide is a possibility. dr. michael baden is famous for being brought into cases like this and overruling what the presumption is. ut jason: doctor, thank you so much. there's a whole medical side. i totally get that but there's also the suspicion of what was going on in that prison facility. thank you for your expertiseand. >> very strange.thanks. >> jason: dozens of teens hospitalized with severe lung injuries possibly tied to
11:41 pm
vaping. dr. drew pinsky, one of our favorites is here, with newon warnings to parents, up next.
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>> i'm 22 years oldso i'm using. they are cool. you rip them. there's nothing cooler than they call me the collosus oft. cloud. it helps my helped my d. i love walking around. it's good for getting chicks. honestly, i started about a year
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ago.i haven't looked back since. >>ce wow! that was barstool sports personality tommy smokes telling laura why he loves to vape with e-cigarettes. millions of people are vaping for precisely the same reason. it looks cool, supposedly. but, is looking cool really worth a trip to the hospital? several midwest states are investigating dozens of cases of teenagers being hospitalized with severe lung issues after reportedly using e-cigarettes. on top of that, the fda is already looking into 127 reports of seizures possibly tied to vaping. joining me now is dr. drew pinsky, radio host and medicine addiction specialist. dr. drew, thank you for being here. my understanding of vaping, if you have a cigarette addiction and you're trying to wean your way off of it, maybe this is a good way to do that. but, we have millions of young people who are thinking, hey, this is safe. nothing is going to happen too me. i'm just vaping. it's not cigarettes. >> right, so it is a little
11:45 pm
complicated. the guy that was talking about his swag, that was just beyond imagination. you could imagine in the 1930s somebody saying that about cigarettes, right? a similar kind of a phenomenon going on here. theon fact is medical literature shows repeatedly that vaping is one of the best ways to get off cigarettes. tobacco is the problem, not nicotine. for some reason, we are in a moral panicc about nicotine. now, whether or not the vaping products themselves have something in them that could cause lung damage, for instance, that is a concern. in this particular case you guys are reporting on, these were all cannabis or cbd products. these were not nicotine products. at least every one i have read about. and, so it may not be the vaping in this case. it may be something aboutan the cannabis products or the way they are being prepared. now, even though the vaping is a great way to get off cigarettes and tobacco, it doesn't mean it's good for adolescents to
11:46 pm
expose their brain to nicotine., when you are exposed to it early, you become permanently addicted to it. >> jason: we are going to scroll on the screen some of the ads. some of these are targeted to very young people. gummy bears and those types of things. >> yes.they have them, yes, yes. >> jason: they have been targeting the youth market as a way to grow this segment of the business. >> look, when it comes to -- to my eye, when i look at vaping, when i look at the cannabis products, they are all taking a page from big tobacco. they are using all the same mechanisms, the same ideas addicting people early and young. it's all the same stuff. so that's where our focus should be. it shouldn'tde be a moral panic about vaping generally or about nicotine products. it should be about the marketing to young people and the fact that these companies, both thc and cbd, really the thc and the vaping companies are going at us in the very same way that the tobacco companies
11:47 pm
>> jason: dr. drew, i want to go to something you're passionate about and that is the homelessness problem in california. i want to show you governor newsom and what he said recently. >> the folks that were on the street when we left, the vast majority were not from california..six the vast majoriw they come from texas. the vast majority.interesting fact. >> jason: are you kidding me? he is dismissing this as if it's not a california problem. these people are coming from texas. that's what's causing the problem. >> one of the things that has me so passionate about this is the ways our representatives are talking about the issue. they keep focusing on the economic disparity and the housing issue which is not what ehis is. this is a mental health crisis. this is not something you see in third world countries because third world countries take care of their sick people.we are alle have a symptom called
11:48 pm
anosognosia that happens when you get a stroke in the right side of your brain,ee the left side goes out. you aree unaware of it. it turns out that addiction psychotic, psychiatric illnesses because the very same part ofre the brain to shut off and we have privilege that in the law now so we can get near people to help them whenng they need it. it sends them to the streets. they languish and people are dying. my question to newsom and the rest, what is the body count? how many have to die before they are going to do something about this and change their rhetoric and focus on the mental health crisis this is? >> jason: i only have 30 seconds, but in hawaii they are doing something differently. what do you suggest california do? >> expand conservatorships. modify prop 47 which has made drug use and even essentially trafficking legal. enforce the vagrancy laws so people are motivated into's very simple. most importantly, always get a mental health team in with the police. it's working in the city of pomona.. we can do this if we focus on
11:49 pm
the fact that this is a mental health crisis as a result of shutting down the state mental health system. >> jason: i love your passion behind this. t dr. drew, i hope you keep it up and are able to continue to spread the word. i think you are part of the solution, not part of the problem.thank you for joining u. coming up, meet the man who wants to replace one of the most powerful democrat in washington. it's an "ingraham angle" exclusive, up next. hey! i'm bill slowsky jr.,
11:50 pm
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go to to get started. >> last year, i moved to iowa to help build a grassroots presidential campaign. as the campaign took off, the question came up over and over again. how are we going to get the agenda through congress? this is my answer. so join the movement and let's fix the system together. >> jason: that was jonathan herzog, a former top staffer on democratic presidential candidate andrew yang's presidential campaign, and now he's formally announced, since he left the campaign, a bid of his own to unseat house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler in new york's tenth congressional district. joining me now for an "ingraham angle" exclusive is jonathan herzog. hey, i appreciate, respect anybody who is willing to throw their hat the ring and thinks they can do something better. especially against the long-term
11:53 pm
incumbent. by the way, i took on somebody in my party had been there for 14 years and i beat him. it can be done with even a small amount of money. your platform, i've got to tell you, when i look at it, freedom dividend, medicare for all. democracy dollars that you call is that really what it takes in order to win in new york's tenth district? >> thank you for having me. the reason i'm running on this platform is we are going through isa fundamental economic shift. the greatest in our history where we are automating away the most common jobs in our economy. working in retail is still the most common job. and so we need to enact meaningful solutions to help hundredso of thousands of folks here in new york and especially in the tenth district transition through this fundamental economic shift. >> jason: how do you beat jerry nadler? he's been there for a long time. he is a powerful judiciary committee chairman. how do you actually beat an incumbent like that in new york city?
11:54 pm
>> it starts with proposing bold solutions that address the central challenges of our time. again, if you have a trillion dollar tech company like amazon let's say, paying zero and in federal taxes, then certainly we need to look up and say we need to pass freedom dividend of a thousand dollars a month to put it into the hands, put economic resources directly into the hands of new yorkers.y so putting forth bold solutions that address the challenges of t our time is what will bring us across the finish line. >> jason: jonathan, are you following in aoc's footsteps and saying amazon, don't come to new york. we don't want you here? >> certainly, we have to embrace technology and progress andy all the great innovations that are coming our way. >> jason: come on, jonathan. do you want amazon to come to new york, yes or no? >> look, we are pro-jobs. >>or jason: it was a yes-no question. >> yes, it's good to have job growth. >> jason: so aoc was wrong? aoc was wrong? >> [laughs] look, we have to focus on the
11:55 pm
fact that if you go to the amazon go store in our district. >> jason: no, no, no. jonathan. i do this for a living. you're going to get a lot of it if you're running, was aoc wrong orun right?ro >> look, our focus is on making sure that the tens of millions of folks who work right now in retail have a meaningful path forward and a transition. right here in the tenth district, we lost 10,000 retail jobs over the last number of years. so we have to focus on the problems on the ground facing new yorkers. we have a mind-set of economic andd social insecurity, and we have to put resources into our hands to help us move forward. >> jason: well, listen, i appreciate it. i think you have a -- you were harvard law. you're very accomplished. i love you have passion for being involved and helping out on the presidential campaign. we need good people on both sides of the aisle. the only thing i will challenge you with, and i won't give you enough time to answer, unfortunately, while you did
11:56 pm
well in harvard law, maybe not so good in math, because giving 250 million people, adults, a thousand dollars a month adds up to trillions of dollars. i think $3 trillion. indon't know how you get from here to there. i will give you 20 secondsbefor. >> the headline cost is much lower but we have to ask the question and look up, how is it that these trillion dollar companies are paying zero in taxes, less than you and i? this is the key challenge. >> jason: there's a reason for that. we will do the tax thing. i've got to wrap up. good luck. you. are running against jerry nadler so we are rooting for t you. good luck. stay tuned. >> thank you. >> president trump with our last bite coming up next.
11:57 pm
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11:59 pm
>> president trump: the green new deal is a beautiful thing. no, it's a beautiful thing. we want it to continue onward until about a month before the election. i will let them have it like you' >> we wanted to continue on word
12:00 am
until a month before the election, i will let them have it like you never heard before. >> vintage trump. my new book is called power grab, got september 3rd but you can preorder it and you will love it, i will be back tomorrow night. shannon bream and the fox news 19 take it from here. >> we begin with a fox news alert, donald trump rallies in new hampshire tonight vowing to turn the blue state read. he did focus on his democratic 2020 rivals telling the rowdy crowd with a bunch of socialists or communists to beat next year. israel says two the congresswoman who support a by caught against israel not be allowed to visit the country, donald trump taking his feud with the so-called squad to the next level, encouraging the ban, democrats calling in a muslim man. dist v


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