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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 16, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> i know you like me and this room is a love fest but you have no choice but to vote for me, you got to vote for me whether you love me or hate me. >> it is friday, august 16th, this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast donald trump rallies a record-breaking new hampshire crowd taking on his critics and competition in one dose. live reaction from voters in the granite state. reaction from washington and all over the world after israel tells congresswoman omar and
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rashida tlaib that they can't visit from a very unlikely source. a major scare from royal families, the latest on dale earnhardt junior and his family after their fiery plane crash. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ hands up for the weekend ♪ oh my god ♪ it's the weekend ♪ hands up for the weekend ♪ ♪ heather: you are watching "fox and friends first" on this friday, thank you for starting your day and your weekend with us. let's begin with donald trump firing of his supporters in new hampshire.
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the president making his case for reelection while going after the democrats. >> we have a group of socialists or communists. every major democrat running for president, government takeover of healthcare that would raid medicare and destroy the private health insurance plan of millions of american families and they love the party of high taxes. high crime, open borders, late-term abortion and socialism. the republican party is the party of freedom. we are fighting to reduce violent crime. we are working very hard to make sure we keep guns out of the hands of insane people and those who are mentally sick. it is not the gun that pulled the trigger, it is the person holding the gun. we are fighting for every young boy and girl who deserves to
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grow up in a nation of builders and pioneers and we are making america great again. heather: the crowd going wild as the president takes aim at democrats running to replace them, griff jenkins live from manchester this morning with reaction to the rally. >> reporter: outside the airport diner manchester where we talk to people having breakfast about the rally and we can't confirm the numbers but southern new hampshire university says the area has 11,770 capacity and we were outside where there were 2 or 3000 so one thing is for sure, it was a fool house. the president saying whether you love me or hate me you have no choice but to vote for me in the crowd went nuts.
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the president had choice words for his 2020 democrat field competition. here is what he had to say. >> i don't mind any of them. you've got pocahontas rising, kamala is falling, beto is like -- gone. but i don't know. i think sleepy joe might be able to limp across.22%, sanders at followed by kamala harris at 8%, at the back end booker and buttigieg, there were protesters as well. this is warren country, they are supporting the senator. listens what they told us. >> elizabeth warren all the way.
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>> i continue to support bernie sanders. >> elizabeth. >> bernie or elizabeth. >> anyone else on the democratic side. >> reporter: we talked to supporters at the rally and asked them about the rise in the polls of senator warren. here is what they told me. do you think elizabeth one could be donald trump? >> i don't think so. >> they are not quick enough to get trump. >> who wants socialism? >> they should let donald trump do his job. >> reporter: that crowd was fired up, glad to see the president here last night. we will find out what folks have to say this morning. also happening overnight south korea holding an emergency security meeting as north korea lunches a new round of missiles,
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the sixth such test in a month. the launch comes one day after south korean president moon vowed to reunify the peninsula. the north says they will not sit down for any more meetings calling the comments foolish and reckless. the white house has not commented. and intruders shot and killed after crashing into and air force base and stabbing a security guard. police in guam say the suspect drove into a gay trying to escape high-speed chase. he hidden the jungle for hours, forcing anderson air force base to lockdown. the man was shot and killed, he stabbed the defense department member who was trying to arrest, dramatic new video shows officers hiding behind cars and dodging bullets in the wild philadelphia shootout.
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6 officers were injured in the 8 hour standoff but they will all be okay and it is amazing too. the top prosecutor in philadelphia blasting the district attorney blaming him for the attacks on cops. >> over a year and a half of the worst kind of slander against law enforcement with the da calling police and prosecutors corrupt and racist. >> the suspect opened fire on officers and barricaded himself inside his home as police tried serving a narcotics warrant. he has a long criminal history and should not have been able to own a gun. a republican senator wants investigation into jeffrey epstein's death to be public. in a letter to william barr, ron johnson and chuck grassley, full transparency is new details raise questions about his
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apparent suicide. the washington post reporting epstein broke a bone that most often associated with homicide. chief medical officer says she needs more information before determining a cause of death. that may include surveillance video from the jail, different surveillance video than what we were told about. this is going to be disturbing news to a lot of folks, nascar legend dale earnhardt junior is out of the hospital hours after his plane skidded off the runway and burst into flames. aishah hasnie how the whole family made it out including their pet dog. >> reporter: dale earnhardt junior has survived many racing crashes but walking away from that rate there some are calling it remarkable. look at the video of the nascar legend's private plane crashing on a tennessee highway and bursting into flames yesterday. thick black smoke billowing up,
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witnesses capturing this video said a baby and the dog are being pulled out of the plane, the baby is dale's one-year-old daughter. dale's sister tweeting shortly after, i can confirm dale, amy and iowa along with his two pilots were involved in a crash in bristol, tennessee this afternoon. everyone is safe and has been taken to the hospital for further evaluation. the sheriff says this could have been a whole lot worse. >> the only word i can say is extraordinarily lucky. the fence wrapped around the airplane and there is a section wrapped around the plane, that would have been where the door was, it would have been a lot more difficult. >> reporter: no word what caused the crash, the ntsb sending two investigators to begin
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investigations of the runway excursion accident involving 86. horrible memories of the crash. a race analyst for nbc sports on his way to bristol to announce saturday's race. we are all in agreement he should take this weekend off to be with his family. he would rather go back to work. so glad. >> if you are headed to space you have to go to new mexico first. version galactic unveiling its gateway to space. to the stars and beyond. 600 people have reserved a spot
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on board rocket planes, $250,000 apiece, no official launch date has been set. the time is 10 minutes after the hour. the conviction in the murder case that brought ashton kutcher to the stand. the witness's testimony helped seal the verdict. >> in the history of our country and you're going to vote for somebody else. >> new hampshire barely went blue in 2016. is it back in play for 2020 with unemployment nearing its lowest level in history, deputy director of communications for the president's 2020 campaign says you better believe it and she joins us up next. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family.
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>> we campaigns across the
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country on a pledge to make america great again. today our nation is stronger than ever before. the hottest economy anywhere in the world. for the first time in 20 years wages are rising. america first. >> donald trump touting his achievement at last night's record-breaking rally in new hampshire. the president narrowly lost the granite state in 2016. can he win it this time around? joining me to campaign with a campaign's perspective trump 2020 deputy director of communications, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. i know you were there last night, give us your perspective. what does the crowd feel like being there in person? >> were, quote, blue state in new hampshire we had a rocket crowd to support donald trump
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last night, 12,000 people in the arena, record-breaking crowd inside and thousands of people who couldn't make it into the arena outside enjoying the show. it was loud and energetic and showing support for donald trump to turn new hampshire read in 2020. heather: it was loud as most of his rallies are. the election results in 2016, donald trump narrowly lost the state, less 3000 votes. do you think it is in play this time around is is it due in part of a strong economy? we heard the president talking about the successes. >> new hampshire in place for 2020, we want to turn the state read. the record low unemployment in new hampshire, the lowest unemployment thanks to 20,000 jobs in new hampshire by donald trump's policies, 1700 of those
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jobs being manufacturing jobs alone. the president put forward policies that are moving the economy forward, making this economy boom and new hampshire, they are reaping the benefits. we can bring new hampshire to donald trump's camp in 2020. heather: he said nearing the lowest unemployment. what are the other issues important in new hampshire? >> we see a number of important issues, obviously the opioid epidemic is critically in new hampshire and donald trump has taken the strongest stance and strongest action to be the opioid epidemic. he has signed into law to support the care act, the strongest action taken to help make sure first responders have what they need to address the crisis, and those who come out and when the battle to more fully come back into society, something that could be critical
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in new hampshire and donald trump has results to show he has kept those promises as president. bill: has been vocal about representatives ilhan omar and rashida tlaib announced yesterday israel will ban them from entering the country over suspected provocations and support for boycotts. what is the response for the campaign or is there one? >> donald trump says he support his relapse decision. the two congresswomen at play are the strongest supporters in congress of the boycott divestment movement, they want to economically destroy our strongest ally in the middle east and as benjamin netanyahu said that, that is there reason. israel has a right to say by their laws that if you are trying to boycott they don't
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have to welcome you. it is no surprise it found them again. this time our strongest ally in the middle east everyone on this campaign, stands with benjamin netanyahu's decision. heather: several others expressing their support yesterday. thank you for joining us. appreciate it, a long night. the time is 19 after the top of the hour. beto o'rourke resets his struggling campaign with a dire warning. >> at this moment we do not wake up to this threat, then we as a country will die in our sleep. heather: is inciting fear his do campaign strategy? facebook admitted pays people to listen to your conversations. kurt the cyber guy says nothing. facebook from violating its own
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policies. he is here live. you've had quite the career.
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>> the man known as the hollywood rippers found guilty of murder. he step two women to death in 2001. one of them was killed hours before she was supposed to go on a date with ashton kutcher. the actor testified in the case he went to her house the night she was killed but she never answered. when illegal immigrant convicted of killing a coworker was released by ice multiple times was the agency admits he was
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told to leave the us less than a month before he strangled jared and burned his body in san antonio, texas. he insists the killing was self defense. his wife says he murdered vargas for his car. facebook under the microscope, admitted to paying contractors to report consumer, despite mark zuckerberg saying this to congress last year. >> to enrich personal information about its users. >> talking about this conspiracy theory that gets passed around that we listen to what is going on in your microphone and use that, we don't do that. heather: joining me with reaction is the cyber guy, good morning to you, thank you for joining us. >> the third party that facebook
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hired, hundreds of these employees, some of those came forward saying this doesn't feel very ethical. and how did facebook and the fact they are normally recording our audio but having it transcribed under the auspices that they were trying to figure out if there audio system was working well, if they have the audio flips correctly. certainly not for advertising, facebook didn't have much to do with that, that is nonsense. yet again here we are with facebook proving they don't care about terms of service. heather: i don't understand this part. >> you might be a victim of
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this, inside a facebook messenger, normally typewritten words but connect the audio, they were taking audio clips, transcribing clips to see how closely it matched the words that came out. that is what they were doing. heather: this is the statement from facebook on audio recording saying much like apple and google, we have human review of audio more than a week ago and they are not the only ones that do this. other tech companies that have been confirmed reporting users as well. >> the other tech companies have done this to legitimize their service, to make it better for its users, not to invade their privacy. the business to invade privacy, the more they learn about our
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personal lives the more they can build a giant database predicting what we are going to do next, more valuable to over it -- millions upon millions of dollars every year. heather: might help if they come clean to begin with. we will see. >> sometimes i think it is so pervasive in its own culture to disregard us as people and certainly americans and instead stay on the same train they have been on for years which is engage people, make lots of money. that is their primary focus regardless of the nonsense you see coming out of mark zuckerberg's now. heather: have a great weekend. half past the top of the hour, portland bracing for dueling antifa and far right protests. one former antifa member warning this protest could end in
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violence like this if police aren't allowed to do their job. he is live up next. coming up, performing on fox square for the all-americans summer concert series so don't go anywhere. ♪
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>> a vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the american dream. heather: donald trump blasting opponents. a look at our top headlines and that is what we begin with. the president rallying supporters during that jampacked rally in new hampshire. he slammed the group of 2020 contenders as socialists, communists while highlighting
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his economic and foreign policy success. next, republican congressman michael a condemning his relapse decision to been two house democrats from visiting this weekend. he told lawyers, quote, it would benefit all if they see that firsthand. dale earnhardt junior and his family escape a fiery plane crash while on their way to a nascar race. the racing legend's private jet bursting into flames. the ntsb is investigating and we are glad they are all okay. let's talk about china. china threatening it has the power to end months of protests in hong kong is military drills draw attention in the region. benjamin hall joins us in london as donald trump ways in on how to end the conflict. >> the state department making
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comments saying it is deeply disturbed by these reports of military buildup across the border with hong kong and donald trump also weighing in trying to encourage dialogue between president xi and the protesters. >> they have a certain leadership pool. if he said that with that leadership pool, seems like things to be worked out. >> reporter: chinese paramilitaries forces conduct exercises 20 miles from hong kong and very visibly, soldiers conducting drills and hundreds of armored vehicles. >> enough power of facing laws to quell any unrest.
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>> reporter: despite these threats protesters expect to reason with greater intensity over the weekend. demonstrations were started in defiance of a new extradition law spilled over into general unrest and plans for another million man march, the biggest challenge yet to president xi jinping. our troops across the border. or any chance of chinese military intervention. >> have a good weekend. a 14-year-old boy back at home fighting for his life after being sucked into a drain at a waterpark, lifted up a great and pulled into the pump system, severed internal injury and in a medically induced coma. the boy may have went into the drain on a dare. a high school athlete who died practicing in a stream heat
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preparing to take legal action. state to include hate crimes in domestic terror laws, governor cuomo proposing to treat to the identity-based attacks as domestic terrorism was a conflict could face life in prison without parole. cuomo says the us can no longer think of terrorism is just a foreign threat. martha max sally proposed a similar law at the federal level. 2020 hopeful beto o'rourke has agreed morning as he restarts the campaign again. the former texas congressman slamming donald trump's policies in the wake of the deadly el paso shooting.
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>> we do not wake up to this threat, we have a country will die. >> he has been absent, he is calling for universal background check. tensions are high. and antifa and far right protesters. and turned rights in the past, what can we expect? thank you for joining us. we appreciate having you back. what will we see this weekend with dueling protests? >> portland's mayor is taking it seriously and i wish he had done that a few weeks ago.
1:37 am
every time you don't hold antifa accountable it will get worse and hopefully it will be a peaceful rally but at the same time we have seen in the past and wouldn't be surprised if something tragic were to happen. >> the mayor of portland taking it seriously, listen to what he had to say. a little bit of it. >> those of you plan on using portland on august 17th as a platform to spread your hate you are not welcome here. to those who promote violence during otherwise peaceful demonstrations you are not welcome here. heather: will that be enough to quell planned violence? >> i think it is a start but at the end of the day they need to allow police to do their jobs. last time they couldn't arrest anybody. another thing is where is the silence and rhetoric coming
1:38 am
from? is from the mainstream media. there was an embassy panelist advocating people to march to trump supporters homes with pitchforks and torches just to be rate people because they disagree with them and this is streaking from the antifa playbook. so long as people encourage this behavior, i'm glad to see the mayor of portland is taking this seriously. >> in terms of antifa, should they continue to be covered in a way. >> for posting the truth about this it is not an organization inciting fascism. at first glance itself like a good thing. that is why i joined all those years ago. it is an inherently violent organization, the mainstream media needs to report the truth
1:39 am
about antifa that it is not -- they are not fighting fascism, they are fighting anybody and everybody they disagree with. heather: how did you come to that realization and why did you decide to cut ties with them? >> i came to the realization, i had a lot of questions, a lot of people basically berating me for asking questions and it was thanks to the leadership that i left antifa. i work for the leadership institute now and going on a campus tour behind the black mask. my goal is to talk to as many, the threat of political violence and dialogue is better. heather: dialogue is a better route to go. thank you for joining us. let's hope you have a great weekend and nothing happens in portland. talk about the save of the century.
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the little boy was saved from being hit in the face by an out-of-control scooter. it pays to be nice. amazon ambassador program sparks backlash after a twitter feud.
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julie: you are watching "fox and friends first". look at this, the 7 foot crocodile spotted feet away from children in ohio. swimming in the same creek where kids were playing. the group leader posting this video on facebook saying jesus protected these children. crocodiles are not native to ohio. panel experts think at some point it was a pet and someone released it into the creek when
1:44 am
it got too big. a pair of boaters spot and injured bald eagle floating in the river but it wasn't hurt, just hungry. >> it is a live monkey. heather: you can see the eagle dragging the fish out of the river. the video is going viral. they are powerful. let's talk about some business. walmart will continue selling guns despite growing calls from lawmakers to stop after the el paso shooting. tracy carrasco is here with more from the ceo's big decision. >> walmart estimates sells one in every 50 guns that are sold and one in every five to come
1:45 am
from walmart, walmart says it will not go back on its decision. it will continue to sell firearms despite the pressure it has been facing from lawmakers, following those fatal shootings, one of course in el paso, texas and the other in mississippi. walmart ceo made some comments and changes when it comes to selling guns. as we shared previously we strive to use these experiences to identify additional actions we can take to strengthen our processes. including a safer environment in our stores. walmart does require gun buyers to be 21 years or older. he did say he welcomed broader discussion on background checks. walmart said they are going to pull video displays that might show violent video games so that is one step they are taking.
1:46 am
heather: they are paying warehouse workers to give them good reviews. what is that about? >> on social media to promote how much they like working at amazon. this is a program they started last year in august and there have been questions and criticisms about this program whether these tweets and posts, someone complained they put profits over people, boycott amazon and cindy, and amazon ambassador, wrote back i have to disagree, i haven't felt that way during my time here. i feel i am valued as an employee. posts like that is what ambassadors do. heather: have a great weekend. 15 minutes until the top of the hour and addiction in america. one couple going viral for their
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before and after photos after they quit using meth. they join us next with their inspirational story. ♪ tv just keeps getting better.
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my first job is to care for derek. everything i do is for him. when i moved to this apartment after six months, we need to connect with the world. i use the internet to keep him in the language, because that's the way to connect to my family's traditions. he has to know where he comes from. we need internet essentials. there's no excuse to not get connected.
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heather: alarming new numbers as we confront addiction in america. san francisco's latest public health report, fentanyl related despite 150% last year. as the nation sites this epidemic, one tennessee couple is going viral for their inspiring message, before and after photo included giving hope to those struggling with addiction. that couple, brent and ashley walker join us to talk more about their message and how they
1:51 am
were able to turn their lives around. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. can you hear me, hello? i will start with you. share with us a little about what you and your wife have gone through as we show the pictures again because they are so dramatic. >> we lived out of garbage bags and just wants to get sober and clean and live the right way. they can give us -- my new friends at charge programs like every program and we got our own place and all that for the first time. heather: you had a lot of people in your life impacted by
1:52 am
addiction as well, right? >> i had multiple family members. it has been a big issue in my family growing up and it is in my family. we show them there is a way out and you can have a sober life. heather: let's bring this chart that shows the nationwide increase in fentanyl deaths, year over year. you can see it increasing. your story in and of itself shows this doesn't have to be the case. as you were discussing at the beginning of the conversation, faith has a big part to do with it. >> if it does, yes. that was the one thing that got us through this. i started getting in charge, got saved, made new friendss and it has been a blessing.
1:53 am
heather: if you were still addicted and listening to the message that you are giving folks, how receptive would you be to it and how can you get through to those folks? >> knowing somebody has walked in my shoes and able to tell the story of their addiction and how they come out of it, to know that there is hope you can live a sober life, you can deal with things in a better way. heather: takes a lot of support and love. final word because we have to wrap it up. >> get rid of all our friends and people actually care about drugs. and that helped out tremendously.
1:54 am
heather: this is a great inspirational story for this morning and to kick off the weekend. we appreciate you joining us, thank you for sharing with us. have a great weekend and a great day. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. it really hasn't been your year. remember this? we just got blasted in court for his appalling criminal history. 2020 hopeful andrew yang on the campaign trail, will he be walking it by himself all the way to the white house? the latest social media stretch. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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heather: news boys performing all morning long for the all-american summer concert series on fox square. join us if you can. 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren facing a labor complaint from a
1:59 am
bernie sanders supported. the confidentiality clause is unfair to campaign workers into keeps employees from speaking out against workplace conditions. the lawyer has never worked for the warren campaign and insists the suit is not politically motivated. the white house isn't in andrew yang's future dancing with the stars might be. ♪ heather: the 2020 presidential candidate getting down to the cupid shuffle, yang joined a line dancing class while campaigning in south carolina. it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. a little boy save from applying scooter. the rider loses control after landing a stand, a bystander reaches out and grabs them in midair preventing the child from hitting it. now the bad. remember what went viral because he looks like actor david
2:00 am
schwimmer ross from friends? the british man sentenced to nine months in prison. the ugly. a close call for a group of kayakers. that is a glacial bridge collapsing in alaska. both kayakers said they should have listened to their wives and not gotten so close. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". happy birthday to will, one of our line producers. goodbye. >> pocahontas rising, kamala is falling, beto is like, the most successful state in the history of your state and you vote for somebody else. jillian: donald trump rally in a record-setting crowd hoping to turn ast


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