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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 16, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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schwimmer ross from friends? the british man sentenced to nine months in prison. the ugly. a close call for a group of kayakers. that is a glacial bridge collapsing in alaska. both kayakers said they should have listened to their wives and not gotten so close. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". happy birthday to will, one of our line producers. goodbye. >> pocahontas rising, kamala is falling, beto is like, the most successful state in the history of your state and you vote for somebody else. jillian: donald trump rally in a record-setting crowd hoping to turn a blue state into m aga
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country. rob: what both sides have to say. crash landing scare, the plane of dale earnhardt burst into flames in tennessee. jillian: he and his family got out in time. remember the viral beer feed that was re-created by his doppelgänger, david schwimmer? rob: this turned into 9 months behind bars. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ working for the weekend ♪ ♪ todd: this song played in the famous saturday night live sketch with patrick swayze.
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which one would you want to be cute you jillian: i have no idea. todd: i want to be chris farley. he just likes to go. jillian: there is nothing else to say. todd: good friday morning. you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: thank you for starting the day with us, donald trump firing up his supporters in the first in the nation primary state of new hampshire. todd: making his case for reelection, going after democrats. >> we have a group of socialists or communists, every major democrat running for president support a massive government takeover of healthcare that would raid medicare and destroy the private health insurance plan of millions of american families that they love, the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion and socialism.
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the republican party is the party of freedom. we are fighting to reduce violent crime. we are working very hard to make sure we keep guns out of the hands of insane people and those who are mentally sick and shouldn't have guns. it is not the gun that pulled the trigger. it is the person holding the gun. we are fighting for every young boy and girl who deserves to grow up in a nation of builders and dreamers, pioneers and patriots and we are making america great again. heather: crowd going wild, the president out a strong economy, democrats running to replace him. jillian: griff jenkins joining us with reaction to the rally. >> reporter: we are at the airport in manchester.
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you see diners coming in, the door just opened. as trump revs up the granite state backers, that he did, we are not sure. there was a record crowd, the president tweeted the capacity, 11,00770 and there were 2 or 3000 here where we were so fair to say it was a packed crowd. the president had words for his competitors on the 2020 democratic field. here is what he said. >> i don't mind any of them. you have pocahontas rising. kamala is falling. beto is like gone. i don't know. i think sleepy joe might be able to limp across. >> reporter: elizabeth warren is rising. a new fox news poll has joe biden in the lead at 31% but warren ahead of sanders, 20%,
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sanders 10%, kamala harris 8%, booker and buttigieg bringing up the rear at 3%. a few hundred protesters as well, we ask them, elizabeth warren is a hometown girl, whether they supported her. here is what they said. >> elizabeth warren all the way. >> i currently am continuing to support bernie sanders. >> bernie or elizabeth. >> bernie or elizabeth. >> anyone else on the democratic side? >> reporter: when we asked supporters if they thought anybody that alone elizabeth warren could beat him they are standing behind their man. could elizabeth warren be donald trump? >> i don't think so. >> they are not quick enough to get trump. >> who wants socialism? >> they should let donald trump do his job. >> reporter: coming up on "fox
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and friends" we are talking to diners like david. we will talk to them. they just got engaged in supporting donald trump. todd: have fun today. south korea, emergency security meeting of north korea launches in a round of missiles, the sixth test in less then a month, the launch comes one day after president moon vowed to reunify the peninsula. the north says they will not sit down for any more meetings colin moon's comments foolish and reckless. the white house has not commented. an intruder shot and killed after crashing into air force base, police in guam said the suspect drove into a gay trying to escape a high-speed chase. he was in the jungle for hours forcing anderson air force base to lockdown. the man was shot and killed, stab the defense department member who was trying to arrest him.
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>> new video showing officers hiding behind cars and dodging bullets in the wild philadelphia shootout. [gunshots] jillian: 6 officers were hurt in the 8 hour standoff. they will be okay. the top prosecutor in philadelphia blasting the district attorney, blaming him for the attack on cops. >> a year and a half of the worst kind of slander against law enforcement with the da routinely calling police and prosecutors jillian: he barricaded himself inside the home is police served a narcotics warrant. he has a long criminal history and should not have owned a gun. donald trump posting a high-level meeting with top security officials today
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focusing on us negotiations for the talent band. the us is looking for assurances from the taliban and that it would not provide a safe haven for terrorists in afghanistan and lead to american troops being pulled from the country ending our longest war ever. todd: a republican condemning israel's decision to ban two house democrats from entering the country. congressman mike mccall telling reuters, quote, is really is a us ally and a thriving bastian of democracy. it would benefit all of us for representatives rashida tlaib and omar to see that firsthand. >> they will not allow democrats to visit since they support a boycott against the country, surely before the announcement donald trump said it would show great weakness to allow them in. democrats and some republicans are denouncing the decision. record-breaking hail hammers colorado. watch and listen to this incredible video taken from the inside of a car.
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[clattering] todd: listen to that. storm producing huge hailstones. one breaking the colorado state record. grapefruit sized stone measuring 4.8 inches in diameter. you see this all the time, you follow this. is that normal? >> i don't see that all the time. you can get baseball sized hail, grapefruit is hard to get. obviously breaking a record. 5 inches in diameter and that could do some damage. i am outside because we have our summer concert series. paper boys united, newsboys united. and my apologies. they are coming up today and here's the storm report we got across portions of the rockies towards the northeast and the mid-atlantic, large hail,
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damaging wind and an isolated tornado outside kansas city. we have the potential for more damaging wind and hail later today for the high plains across portions of the central plains and the midwest. be aware of a watch or warning in your area and flooding is going to be a possibility. it is a minute across the west coast of florida. we don't have any tropical storms we are getting into that season the gulf starts to get active and we get more moisture moving into the sunshine state, parts of the southeast. there is your forecast today, 96 in houston and here is your forecast for later today for the summer concert series brought to you by sandals, beautiful sunshine, sunny skies and temperatures in the low 70s. newsboys united coming up as the lineup is down the lane. jillian: is going to be nice out. todd: i love it. jillian: 10 minutes after the
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hour donald from rally a massive crowd in the first in the nation primary state. >> the hottest economy anywhere in the world. for the first time in 20 years wages are rising. america first. >> that is the state he barely lost remain in play in 2020? liz harrington ways in next. jillian: stay in your lane? melt down in the middle of a manhattan street that nearly ended in an all-out brawl you will want to see. we are coming right back. aaaah! nooooo... nooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent.
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make it simple. make it ship sticks. >> we campaigned across the country on a pledge to make america great again. today our nation is stronger than ever before. the hottest economy anywhere in the world. for the first time in 20 years wages are rising.
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it is called america first. jillian: donald trump touting his achievements in new hampshire. todd: the president lost the granite state in 2016 x 3000 votes. jillian: joining us is our international spokesperson, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. lost by 3000 votes, seems to me this is a state that is very much at play. what are we looking at in new hampshire? >> reporter: >> the granite state is in play. judging by enthusiasm alone, a packed house, thousands of people outside that couldn't get into the arena and down the street joe biden had a counter rally if you can call it that of 30 people. that shows you where the enthusiasm level is for this president because he is delivering on the promises he made. 6 million jobs, look at the job growth in new hampshire, 1700 new manufacturing jobs, 2.5%
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unemployment, beto o'rourke is polling, that shows you where the economy is and we can turn this state read in november 2020. todd: personal freedom is issue one, 2 and 3 in terms of what people care about, slogan on the license plates, live free or die. how important, how sad of the president to make a selection while he was in his speech a referendum on socialism. >> the president laid it out so clearly what this choice is about, want to continue with the president's progrowth the agenda where we know the strength of the country comes from individual americans and individual liberty or do we want to throw that all-out for a socialist vision that where everything is free except us. we don't want that. the democrats are leading us down a path of bigger government, higher taxes, that destroy this booming economy and
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destroy our freedom. jillian: this has been a hot topic. israel band ilhan omar and rashida tlaib from entering the country over the suspected provocations on different boycotts. there's been a lot of opinion on this, mixed reaction on both sides. some clips of what some people, looking at joe biden's tweet that says no democracy should deny entry to visit is based on the content of their ideas and bernie sanders imparting banning congresswoman omar and rashida tlaib from entering israel and palestine is a sign of enormous disrespect and finally delaney saying it is clear donald trump pushed him to do so as part of his effort to make israel policy a partisan wedge, is blaming him the right move? >> absolutely not. it is sad to see the democratic party embrace anti-semitic members of congress, comments
2:18 am
made by rashida tlaib and ilhan omar and their activism for the bds movement is clear. israel has every right to do the item andrea. they were going to give them a waiver if it was a trip to have a dialogue, to learn something about the state of israel, they do not believe israel has a right to exist, it was clear on their itinerary that they named the destination palestine and not israel. the democratic party are embracing radical members of the squad who are anti-semitic. it is to their own paralytic dangerous to mainstream discussing bigoted ideas out of the squad. >> benjamin netanyahu says itinerary for their visit revealed the full objective is to strengthen the boycott against, denying his relapse legitimacy. the destination is listed as
2:19 am
palestine and not israel. ilhan omar, one of those not allowed to go. against two duly elected members of congress. ten seconds. does this last beyond the next 48 hours of the news cycle? will this be done in 48 to 28 hours? >> this initial controversy will go away but anti-semitism cannot. nothing to do with their religion, everything to do with their bigotry against the state of israel. time now 19 after the hour. majors care, dale junior's private jet bursting into flames after running off the runway. >> how the earnhardts are doing this morning, we are right back. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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jillian: the man known as the hollywood ripper found guilty of murder. he stabbed two women to death in 2001 was one of them was killed hours before she was supposed to go on a date with ashton kutcher. the actor testified he went to her house the night she was killed but she never answered. he is accused of another murder in illinois. todd: a man charged with terrorism accused of yelling we are going to die on a packed plane. police say timothy norton was drunk when he was arrested on a southwest airlines flight in oklahoma city when a member told him to stop yelling he reportedly told her shut up, call her an expletive. jillian: dale earnhardt junior and his family are out of the hospital just hours after their planes get off the runway and
2:24 am
burst into flames. rob: aishah hasnie with how they made it out live. >> reporter: they are hard junior has survived many crashes but walking away from this, some are calling this remarkable. look at the video. the nascar legend at small private plane crashing and bursting into flames yesterday. that thick black smoke i can confirm dale, amy and iowa along with two pilots were involved in a crash in bristol, tennessee this afternoon. everyone is safe and has been taken to the hospital for further evaluation. the sheriff said this could have been so much worse.
2:25 am
>> we were strongly lucky. >> the fence wrapped around the airplane and there is a section wrapped around the plane. of that had been where the door was a would have been more difficult to get the door open. >> reporter: what happened? no one knows, the ntsb tweeting they are sending two investigators to tennessee to begin investigation of the accident. for fans the initial report brought back horrible memories of dale are hard senior's fatal crash at the daytona 500. thankfully everyone is doing well and sending thanks to god. dale earnhardt junior is a race analyst for nbc sports and was on his way to bristol to announce saturday's race. that is not going to happen. the network confirming we are all in agreement he should take this weekend off to be with his
2:26 am
family. he won't go back to work. hopefully we will see him labor day weekend in darlington. jillian: they are lucky. heather: illegal immigrants accused of murdering molly tibbetts says his rights were violated and he wants charges against him dropped. does someone here illegally have constitutional rights? we will debate next. jillian: a new voice performing on fox square for the all-american summer concert series. don't go anywhere, we are coming right back on friday morning. ic. a blend of quality probiotics and fermented whole food botanicals, expertly curated to naturally support your gut health every day. go with align whole food blend. from the pros in digestive health.
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.. todd: israel grants rashida tlaib a request to visit the
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west bank on humanitarian grounds. jillian: it was approved by his relapse interior minister, one day after israel told them they were not allowed to enter israel. donald trump blasting opponents at a jampacked rally in new hampshire last night. >> a vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and disruption of the american dream. todd: the president slamming group of 2020 contenders a socialist and communist while highlighting economic and foreign policies. hillary clinton in 2016 x 3000 votes. jillian: a 14-year-old boy fighting for his life after being sucked into a drain at a waterpark. a texas sheriff, made have been
2:31 am
acting on a day when he lifted a great and was pulled into the pump system. he is in a medically induced coma. the family of a high school athlete who died practicing in extreme heat is preparing to take legal action. he was running in 200 ° weather in georgia when she suddenly collapsed. the georgia bureau of investigation looking at why practicing outside during a heat wave. republican senators want the investigation into jeffrey epstein's death to be made public. in a letter to william barr, ron johnson and chuck grassley called for full transparency is new details from epstein's autopsy raise questions about his apparent suicide. the washington post reporting epstein, a break mostly associated with homicide. the chief medical examiner says she needs more information before determining a cause of death that may include surveillance video from the
2:32 am
jail. tension higher ahead of dueling rallies between antifa and far right protesters in portland, the mayor and police chief morning they will use the full force of the law against anyone who in ages and violent activity. a former antifa member told "fox and friends first" the city is taking things seriously. >> every time you don't hold antifa accountable it will get worse and hopefully it will be a peaceful rally but i would not be surprised if something tragic were to happen. jillian: a conservative journalist was attacked when a rally in portland turned violent. todd: and illegal immigrant charged with murdering molly tibbetts as his rights were violated by police. last summer he month-long search led to police finding tibbetts's body in iowa. the accused killer's confession comes out to this question, does
2:33 am
someone here illegally have constitutional rights in the first place. and we have peter lamaze, thank you for being here. first question to you. does an illegal immigrant have constitutional rights? >> this is settled by the supreme court. look at the decision from 1993 where due process rights are accorded to people based on personhood, jurisdiction in the united states of america not based on citizenship. there was a period of time in the united states where we questioned people's constitutional rights because of who they are, their citizenship status. it was handed down by the supreme court. the idea that someone is not protected by the united states constitution, the immigration doesn't hold any legal water. todd: how do you respond to that argument? >> it will come down to the 14th
2:34 am
amendment, whether it applies to american citizens or any person -- the 14th amendment deals with three things, the religious clause, due process and equal protection of the law. it is clear privileges apply to american citizens only. if i review this case i believe -- it is not an american citizen, no legal status, should not have been in the united states to begin with. immunities and privileges that applies to him and he has no constitutional rights, nor does he have due process, that american citizens one or equal protection of the law. due to the fact that he is illegal in the united states, if we grant him constitutional rights, the right to vote in the united states. where does this stop? the intent of the 14th amendment
2:35 am
was best. what applies to american citizens or any person in the world. todd: let's go into background, 24 years old, undocumented immigrant, native of guerrero, mexico, in iowa for 4 to 7 years, let's break down a little more specifics of what the defense is alleging. the miranda rights were not given in a timely fashion, 11 hours after he was first brought in for questioning. they would efficient and because he was a mexican national he should have gotten an opportunity to speak with the consulates. in your experience are those arguments cogent cute you >> let's understand the supreme court held on many occasions the constitutional rights to citizens. your right to due process accorded to you.
2:36 am
the standard words of criminal evidence and consulting the council for criminal charges are brought forward. it is standard and most prosecutors anticipate. we already have people here who are undocumented in the military. the idea that the 14th amendment doesn't apply to people, they should have freedom of religion or assembly. we know the constitution applies to anybody and jurisdictional boundaries, well-settled law. it is absolutely accorded to people outside the status. heather: last word to you, 15 seconds. >> it depends whether mister rivera was in custody or not.
2:37 am
was he one of the police officers interrogating him? he was free to leave, we didn't see the push whether he has done the rights that were violated or not. they were read to him in custody. it is not clear. heather: intersection of criminal procedure and immigration law and you know where that will end up, the supreme court. thanks for joining us on friday. jillian: 37 after the hour, dozens of teens sent to the hospital with breathing and lung problems tied to vapor. my next guest says your kids could be suffocating themselves and they don't even know it. the urgent message for parents this morning. what families need to know now.
2:38 am
>> what is wrong with us the wisdom watch this all day long. stay in your late down, melt down in the middle of manhattan.
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>> new york could include hate crimes in the mystic terror laws. governor cuomo proposing a bill to treat deadly identity based attacks as domestic terrorism. convicts could face life in prison without parole. cuomo says the us can no longer think terrorism is just a foreign threat. martha mcnally has proposed a similar law at the federal level. jillian: beto o'rourke has agreed morning as he restarts his campaign again. the texas congressman slamming donald trump's policies in the wake of the deadly el paso shooting. >> this moment we do not wake up
2:42 am
to this threat, then we as a country will die in our sleep. jillian: he has been largely absent from the campaign trail since his attack in his hometown calling for universal background checks. rob: medical emergencies linked to vapor being on the rise nationwide. 22 teens hospitalized including the icu. jillian: what to parents need to know to keep their could save? here to answer that question is emergency medicine expert doctor jeanette. thank you for joining us. it took us so long to learn the dangers of cigarettes, more specific about the dangers, learn the dangers of they bring. >> we have to take precautions because we are still learning and researching the effects of
2:43 am
inhaling these chemicals, and how they are affecting children. so many young teenagers and kids are hospitalized on ventilators in the icu and yesterday in the in new york, help the permit issued an advisory warning, severe lung damage. todd: this is involving teens which at the end of they are still kidney. misunderstood -- illinois 6. those are those numbers. what happens in the lung? >> what happens especially in young people. we are seeing this mainly in younger people. usually what is an of a product,
2:44 am
and when they come together it is possible that is what is causing inflammation in their lungs. it is also possible they are putting other things in. marijuana, some other type of drug. when you have mixtures of chemicals. you mix them together, they are heated up and it could because inflammation or irritation putting them in respiratory distress. we are seeing this in young folks because their airways are more sensitive than older people and that is why we are wondering what is going on here but in all fairness, it can help them quit regular cigarette smoking if used properly. jillian: you wonder if it is a band-aid you are putting on because you don't know the full effect. >> some people have success quitting smoking but we don't
2:45 am
know all the side effects, we should avoid it altogether and what it can cause, pneumonia, respiratory tract infection. >> they use six. >> middle schoolers, they don't know what is going on if their child complains of shortness of breath, let them seen right away. >> it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. police officers being harassed and attacked by water in buckets and these are a few examples. jillian: where do the people go to get help when they need help? the anti-cop culture playing its own. retired nypd detective with a message you need to hear. jillian: time to check with steve doocy for what is coming
2:46 am
up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: i wish we had smell her vision. it is summer, we are on fifth avenue. all-american summer concert series and some guests you know by one name. we have geraldo and sean duffy, plenty to talk about. portland, oregon gearing up for a rally between antifa and right-wing protesters. what will happen? journalist andino was assaulted by antifa protesters and he says it will be a powder cake. he will join us live. are on all-american summer concert series brought to you by our friends at sandals with the christian rock band news boys, a busy 3 hours kicks off in 14 minutes on the channel you trust for morning news, "fox and friends first" back in two minutes. whoops. sorry.
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>> ask and nypd cop how many times they had to protect the politician who verbally degraded them. asked how easy it is to do their job and still go home and deal with marriage, kids, life. that is a dose of harsh reality and going viral online. falling victim to a mental health crisis. in new york, nine cops have committed suicide just this year. they run towards danger to keep us safe, how do we help them. where do we go when they need help? joining me is angel mason, thank you for being here. where do they go when they need help? >> organizations like papa.
2:51 am
there is a stigma attached to seeking help. not being able to enter the pressure. >> look at those numbers, 124 deaths by suicide, it has got to make you sick. >> it is horrible, i think it is a momentary lapse in judgment. many of these officers don't realize what they are doing at the time. it is an emotional decision. they don't realize what they are leaving behind. >> and families have to go on without them, heartbreaking. >> and their partners. >> why are we seeing an increase, 24% increase? what do you attribute that to?
2:52 am
>> the anti-police climate in this country. from every democratic candidate running for president vilifying police every chance they get. the nypd, the way he constantly is vilifying police officers. >> in my hometown of philadelphia, reporting on the tough eight hours they had the other night where 6 police officers were shot, all of them survived but there was video of philadelphia police officers in a standoff that lasted 8 hours being harassed, things being thrown at them, shouted at them by people in the neighborhood. >> the ironic part is if somebody pulled out a gun in that crowd and started shooting those officers would have laid their lives on the line for the people that were attacking them that day. heather: new york city police
2:53 am
officers, water being thrown at them. it is not just one area. we are talking about this being a nationwide problem. >> the problem is people are being am bold and by anti-police rhetoric in this country. they get in the face of police officers, you will pay a price. it is different now. jillian: does it make a difference that everyone is recording? >> hurting as much as it is helping. when you have to take action as a police officer, the first thing that goes through your mind rather than protecting yourself physically you worry about protecting yourself after the fact. >> what do you want us to know? how do we help police officers? >> show support. there are viral videos on social media, it is sporadic. show support.
2:54 am
goes one officer and thank them for their service. remember we are human beings, we have issues and problems like everybody else. jillian: there is a picture going viral of a police officer from the incident the other night holding a baby he helped get safely out of daycare and people say this is the picture that needs to go viral. thank you, appreciate it, we are coming right back. [throat clears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too! ♪ boom goes the dynamite, club yoko plays ] ♪ feels like i'm taking flight. ♪ [sfx: poof] [sfx: squeaking eraser sound effect.] . .
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♪ i'm the outside. todd: i always thought smithy and i were the news boys. incorrect. >> you are our news boys. >> performing on the plaza, don't miss it. remember the beer thief who went viral because looks like david zimmer, aka ross from friends he just got sentenced to nine months in prison. british man found guilty after a two day trial. surveillance video went viral after it was posted. shimmer even responded with video proving he wasn't it. >> if the white house isn't andrew i can't think feature dancing wit"dancing with the st" may be. ♪ dancing to the left, to the left, to the left ♪ now kick, now kick, now kick. >> julie can dance. >> the 2020 presidential
2:59 am
candidate getting down to keep it shuffle. i do like a good keep it shuffle. yang briefly joined a line dancing class while campaigning in south carolina. todd: next week we are going to do it. make it happen. a little boy saved from a flying scooter. watch as the rider loses control after landing a stunt. there it is. nice catch. by stander reaching out grabs the scooter mid-air keeping the child from getting hit. >> rookie football player forced to tackle. 49's receiver picking up bill which included $122 worth of cab lakes and coconut shrimp. rookie dinner is a tradition. >> finally the ugly, businessman riding a fold-up bike meltdown on the streets of new york. [shouting] >> i will destroy you. you are on a fold up bike,
3:00 am
dude. can you hear him shouting he was apparently upset about the man walking in front of him. wow, the things you see in new york. nothing surprises you, right? only in the big apple. >> thanks for watching. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york, it's news boys. feature performers today on our all-american summer concert series brought to you by our friends at sandals. somebody is getting married at fox square today because some people get married at sandals and,look at that. ainsley: if you want a destination wedding that's the place to go. look at that serving barbecue ribs this early. it's delicious. we get a p


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