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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 16, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> yeah, you'll watch pumping iron tonight. >> dana: okay. and the g.g. show. >> yes. >> dana: thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. see you in a couple hours. here's trace for shep. >> president trump meeting with top officials right now about america's longest war. the u.s. has been holding peace talks with the taliban. what would it a deal mean for our troops and the future of afghanistan? and plus, the hunt for a person of interest after a chaotic morning manhattan. suspicious rice cookers turning up in a subway station near the world trade center. a weight loss company defending a new program aimed at kids and teenagers. is it fighting childhood obesity or causing eating disorders and other problems? i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith this hour. but we begin with breaking news.
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sirens blairing in israel. the israeli government says a rocket fired into israel, but the iron dome missile defense system intercepted it. we'll keep an eye on this story throughout the hour. congresswoman rashida talib rejecting an offer from the israeli government to visit the west bank after it banned her from entering israel. talib, a democrat and daughter of palestinian immigrants, has a grandmother that lives in the west bank. she was set to travel there with her muslim fellow congress woman ilhan omar next week. but yesterday israel denied them entry because they support boycotting israel due to their treatment of the palestinian people. the announcement came after president trump urged israel not to let the lawmakers in to the country. then the israelis offered to let congress woman talib visit her grandmother under the condition that she not promote the boycott while she's there.
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congress woman talib turned them down. she said -- >> trey yingst reporting live outside the grandmother's home in the west bank. trey? >> trace, the family of congress woman rashida talib says they're disappointed that she won't be visiting but their support her decision. we spoke with her grandmother in the west bank and a few uncles that said that this was something that -- a larger thing for the palestinian people. they showed her statement to me on facebook. they were interested in what the american people thought about this, but for them, they said they just wanted to see their family member. all of this after the israeli government did offer the congresswoman a humanitarian visa to visit her grandmother in the west bank.
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she turned that down after a series of political statements going back and forth overnight. the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, making a statement. the president tweeting two times yesterday. also congresswoman ilhan omar, that was supposed to travel to the region with congress woman rashida talib making statements about this issue. the family here in the west bank tried to avoid the politics saying they're not interested in that. they wanted to see their family member. but rashida talibed uncle did have something to say about the situation. take a listen. >> they don't want her to come. they prevent her because they know she's coming here to see and her own eyes the suffering of the palestinian people and the relation of the occupation on the people lives here. >> the family of congress woman rashida talib does have a front row view of the tension between the palestinians and the israelis.
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there's an israeli checkpoint. in order to get to the home of rashida talib's home, you have to drive an hour through checkpoints, this is something that the palestinians say they won't like to see. they were hoping the visit by the women would see more. >> what are we hearing from benjamin netanyahu? >> the prime minister said that this entire visit was planned because these congress women hate israel. they wanted to use it as a way to continue the bds, boycott and sanctions movement. the prime minister is in a difficult situation, a few weeks ago, it was reported that he supported the visit of ilhan omar and rashida talib. then just yesterday, he came out against it. he was consulted by the interior ministry in israel. it's a difficult situation for the prime minister because he
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does have relationships in washington across the aisle, democrats and republicans. they have close relationships with the israelis. while the decision yesterday to ban both of these congress women from entering israel, a standard visa was seen by a positive from a white house perspective. certainly house democrats upset by this decision, putting the prime minister in a difficult situation ahead of his own elections next month. trace? >> trey yingst outside the grandmother's house in the west bank. thanks so much. let's bring in jeff mason, the white house correspondent for reuters. jeff, highly unusual for my president to get involved in a situation a foreign situation like this. what do you make of it? >> it is highly unusual. i think in this case, it's another sign of the president busting through norms. he's shown during his 2 1/2 year presidency and his 2016 campaign that that is something that he
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often delights in doing. he's done it again and done it in a way that some people believe will harm the bipartisan support for israel, certainly harm relationships between the democrats and this white house. he's gotten some criticism from fellow republicans as well. >> but israel says look, this ban happened solely because ilhan omar and rashida talib were working to impose these boycotts in israel, which they believe are damaging to the country. >> sure. that is the reasoning that israel sided. but before that, the ambassador to the israeli ambassador to the united states had a sured the congress woman that these women of congress would be allowed to come in. under pressure apparently from president trump, that decision was reversed. >> yeah. republicans clearly are criticizing the president for getting involved. you have marco rubio, kevin
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mccarthy saying that he should not be involved in this. on the flip side, jeff, you know, there's this push back in the democratic party as well because you have the inflammatory statements made by the women. the democratic party has always been a very big supporter of israel. so you have conflict in both parties right now. >> absolutely. conflict in terms of just the tension that it creates amongst democrats offering support for these congress women. that said, when something like this is -- a step like this is taken, it's very clear to democrats that that is a step too far. they can be critical or feel they can be critical for their views, but they would not support and do not support any action that would prevent them from travelling to a foreign country and making an official visit. >> this is the latest tweet from rashida talib. she quoted the south african religious leader desmond tutu saying i'm not interested in
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picking up of crumbs from compassion from someone that considers himself my master. i want the full menu of rights. the truth is, she wanted to go and show would play by the rules. they said you can go and then she backed out. is she playing her own type of political game here a little bit, jeff? >> it's hard to say. certainly it's interesting that she did indicated that she would like to see her grandmother and agreed in a lettered with that request not to talk about a boycott. then there was some criticism of her from palestinians. then she sort of backtracked from there. so it's hard to say what the motivations are on both sides. she'll probably face criticism either way. in the end, a lot of the focus has been on president trump for his role in this and for his -- encouraging of netanyahu not to allow them to come in in the first place. >> i want to put this up from the israeli interior minister.
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he said -- >> so clearly the israeli government thinks she ginned this things up. she wanted to come. when they said okay, i wouldn't stand for it. >> seems like there's some g ginning up of both sides. >> jeff mason, good of you to join us. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> and we have breaking news coming in. we have just learned that the autopsy report in the jeffery epstein suicide has been ruled a
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suicide. will be out today. it could come out at any minute. this is critical. remember, parts of this autopsy have been released. the washington, "the new york times" have quoted sources as saying that in this autopsy, they found that jeffery epstein had in fact broken a number of bones in his neck, including the hyoid bone. that is critical. the question has been that normally happens or it often happens in a strangulation bringing up the proposition that he might not have killed himself but might have had help in his death. we'll get more into this. the question now is what more does the autopsy say. it was completed sunday. the medical examiner said they wouldn't release it because they had more questions. apparently now the questions have been answered and we will bring you those answers coming up on "shepard smith reporting."
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>> trace: and continuing coverage now of breaking news. federal officials tell fox news that they expect the medical examiner to release the results of jeffery epstein's autopsy sometime today. keep in mind, this is critical. the autopsy was completed on sunday. but the medical examiner would not release the autopsy results because the examiner had other questions that they wanted clarified. some of that autopsy was leaked to "the washington post" and in it they said that jeffery epstein was found to have broken a number of bones in his neck. certainly not unusual when you hang yourself, but they were kind of focusing on the hyoid bone. that bone needs a fair bit of force to be broken. it often happens in cases of strangulation, which is not to say it does not happen when you
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hang yourself. the question is, it brings up other possibilities because you have to keep in mind the logistics inside the cell where jeffery epstein was. he had a bunk bed. they say, according to our corporate cousin, that he hanged himself using a sheet that was tied to the top of the bunk bed. what has not been addressed, how did he do it? did he jump off the bed, fall off the bed? what was the force that caused him to break that hyoid bone. that's the question. and i want to bring in bryan llenas from new york city. bryan? >> you make a good point about the autopsy coming out sunday. they said that they needed more information. pending more information. that could be criminal
12:17 pm
background information we were told, things like the surveillance cameras inside of the metropolitan correctional center. could be witnesses. did anybody see anything when it came to this apparent suicide. it could be the toxicology reports, microscopic information. all the things that are important to a medical examiner. all of this is happening as multiple investigations taking place. there's five happening into epstein's death. you have the department of justice, the fbi, the bureau of prisons, the action review team and you also have the suicide reconstruction team. that goes into see how and why somebody may have killed themselves, an inmate. then you have congress asking for transparency in all of this. they -- two senators, ron johnson and chuck grassley asking for all of this information to be made available to the public. and for good reason. because there's speculation in this. you were talking about the hyoid
12:18 pm
bone and the multiple bones broken in epstein's neck according to "the washington post." when you speak to certain medical examiners, they say some of that could be because of the hanging, but like you said, some of that could be seen in homicidal strangulation. we'll see what happens with this. again, once this report comes out, it's going to be clear that they want full transparency on this because depending what you believe, suspicions continue. trace? >> not lost in this, bryan, the fact that the reason they have all of these investigations, people are baffled. if you rewind the clock to july 23, that's when jeffrey epstein was trying to self-inflict damage on himself or was beaten up as he says in his jail cell because there were bruises on his neck. he was placed on suicide watch because they deemed those injuries to be self-inflicted. six days later, he was taken off
12:19 pm
the suicide watch and people are baffled as to why, bryan. >> yeah. that's right. there seems to be a lot of convenient things that have happened here. the fact that he didn't have a cell mate, the fact that he was taken off of suicide watch. when you speak to the experts, being on suicide watch more than a week or two is rare. the fact that there was no cell mate and that cell mate was taken out the night before this incident happened, of course, you'll have questions about that. let's also talk about the fact that there are questions around the guard and the warden. the warden obviously has been reassigned by the department of justice. why? because these decisions ultimately land with the warden of the mcc. why was the cell mate taken out? why was he taken off of a suicide watch? and then the questions about the two guards. those two guards have now been on administrative leave. suspended as this investigation continues. the associated press has reported that surveillance video shows that these two did not
12:20 pm
make the rounds as often as they should have. that is every 30 minutes that they should have gone around to check if epstein was in his cell. as well as the other inmates in that special housing unit that particularly protective area of the mcc. look, the union representing these two guards has said time and time again that this is just a systemic -- if this wasn't epstein, it would have happened at some point because the guards are overworked. they talk about the fact that their guards are thinly placed throughout this facility. people that are working overtime. one of the guards saying that he had worked over 80 hours a week according to the union. the other, who was volunteering that night to work overtime. so what the people that are saying that represent these two guards, this is about the bop, that this is about more than just this particular case. we'll see. lots of people here wanting to
12:21 pm
see -- >> and bryan, you're right. you get down to brass tacks, some are saying the guards fell asleep. one wasn't even a guard. he volunteered to help because his co-workers were working so much overtime, he wasn't really a guard and fell asleep and tried to falsify the documents allegedly saying that they did check on jeffery epstein every 30 minutes. stand by. the breaking news continues. i want to bring in dr. wecht, a medical legal consultant. he performs around 500 autopsies a year. dr. wecht, you brought up a great point yesterday when we talked to you about the force. we know that jeffery epstein was in a cell, that he had a bunk about 5 1/2 feet high. jeffery epstein, 5'10." the question everybody is wondering here, with a bed sheet -- these are not supposed to be strong. they're supposed to be paper grade. you're not supposed to wrap them around your neck unless you double or triple tie it. the question is how do you
12:22 pm
generate the force in a cell like that with a bunk bed to break your hyoid bone? >> in my opinion, the only way in which the hyoid bone and cervical vertebral bodies would have been broken in a suicidal scenario would be for epstein to have been on the top bunk and to have literally hurl himself off. not just climb down, stepping down carefully. to literally hurl himself off. as they said yesterday, force equals one half mass times velocity squared. you have to have velocity. the velocity could develop in that leap from a 5 1/2 foot high bunk. so a hyoid bone fracture are seen only in about 2, 2.5% of suicidal hangings. sear call vertebral fractures
12:23 pm
are not necessarily seen in hangings unless somebody is dropped through the platform door of an executioner's chamber like the napoleon era in france. but the leaning into suicide scenario, which had first been suggested, that would not in my opinion have led to a fracture of the hyoid bone and one or more of the cervical vertebrae. so now if you have this hurdling phenomenon, then the question is, was he alone in his cell, he he goaded. that gets into other things which would arise from a thorough investigation. so you know, all the things that you and your reporter mentioned -- >> trace: want to bring in, dr. wecht, one point here. we now know or we believe that the guards fell asleep. so he may not have been watched for three hours.
12:24 pm
if someone is hanging for two or three hours, if you're older, 66 years old, jeffery epstein could that potential lead to a break in the hyoid bone the longer you hang there, the more brittle your bones become. is that a fair assessment, dr. wecht? >> no. the length of time hanging, unless the body is moving with wind or so on from the outside. but if you are just left hanging, that lapse of time is not going to add any fractures. there will be no movement of the body obviously. there's no wind factor in that jail cell. so the passage of two or three hours of nonvisualization by guards would not have changed what existed at the moment that the actual physical events occurred associated with the hanging. so that takes you back to the
12:25 pm
nature of the hanging. and they should have to show how he would have been up there on the top bunk, the alignment of the sheets and so on and how he would have hurled himself off, what was the position of the body then using -- you can do this even with people like hollywood stunt men. you jump off the bed and let me see how you land and so on. does that fit in with the position in which the body was found. so these are important things. all the things you pointed out about the suicide watch and the untrained guards, the overworked, tired guards, the removal of the jail cell mate, the muscular cop charged with four murders the day before, the breakdown of the cameras and so on. this is an incredible debacle. they better do a thorough job
12:26 pm
investigation and better interrogate every person in the jail and that could have access to epstein. >> trace: and with the number of investigations ongoing right now, those questions may be answered, dr. cyril wecht. thanks to you. >> thank you. >> trace: meantime, more when the epstein autopsy is released. a lot of questions, a lot of answers we hope. meantime, police in new york on the hunt for a person that left rice cookers in the subway station. cops clearing them as possible explosive devices, but not before they caused major problems during the rush hour commute. we're live on scene with that and waiting for the autopsy of jeffery epstein. "shepard smith reporting" continues. get ready crab fans
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they say left rice cookers that look like pressure cookers in the subway. happened during rush hour. as you might imagine, people had to evacuate. somebody reported two suspicious packages in a subway station in manhattan. police said they were not explosive. service was disrupted on several lines. let's get to laura ingle with more. laura? >> hi, trace. nerves were rattled early this morning when that news of two suspicious packages at this very busy subway station went out. we heard that they could be pressure cookers. that adding to the tense situation. there have evacuations underground and above ground. nearby buildings. the bomb squad was called in and determined that they were empty rice cookers, not explosives, deemed them not a threat.
12:32 pm
investigators were carefully processing the evidence. hours later after the all clear was given. the nypd put out two images from surveillance footage captured of a man seen going through the turnstiles before taking two rice cookers out of a shopping card and placing them in the subway station at two different spots downstairs. while police worked to find out who the guy is, they have emphasized it's not clear whether he was trying to scare people or merely throwing the objects away. >> i would stop short of calling him a suspect. right now we just -- because of the time, rush hour, the place, a subway station, the items, rice cookers that could be mistaken for pressure cookers, it certainly is the kind of thing that we would want to know why is he placing them there. >> a third rice cooker was found
12:33 pm
abandoned on the sidewalk in chelsea, manhattan. that was a site where a pressure cooker did explode and many people were hurt. all of the rice cookers were the same model. >> trace: laura, i guess it was a computer that reported the rice cookers. >> yeah, that old slogan that we've been saying over and over again, if you see something, say something really paid off today. it was a commuter that alerted somebody with the mta, the metropolitan transportation authority around 7:00 a.m. prompting the evacuations and road blocks that we saw at the height of the morning commute. police and the mta said they took this seriously because a rice cooker looks so similar to a pressure cooker which has in the past caused death and injuries after being made into explosive devices. the nypd counter terrorism unit sending out a tweet, trying to calm the nerves of new yorkers
12:34 pm
saying that they have officers throughout the city and more today at subway stations. trace? >> trace: thanks, laura. thank you. the national transportation safety board investing the plane crash of dale earnhardt jr. and his wife and daughter and two dogs and the pilots. they're all safe according to earnhar earnhardt's sister. the plane rolled off the end of the runway and burns into flames. steve harrigan has more. >> trace, the charred wreckage of that six seater cessna plane is behind me on highway 91. it was supposed to come in for a landing at 3:40 yesterday afternoon. it was pretty good weather out. instead, the plane went through the runway a cross a field, through a fence and exploded in flames on a five-lane road. officials have been examining
12:35 pm
the scene since early morning. the initial conclusion is that the plane suffered from a hard landing. >> the airplane bounced twice before coming down hard on the right main landing gear. you can see the right main landing gear collapsing. >> you can hear the cutting going on now. they're going to take the plane apart and look at the engines and the nose to try to determine what caused this failure, trace. >> trace: i know earnhardt's sister says they're safe. do we know the extent of the injuries? >> it's remarkable when you compare the scene, just the charred corpse of a plane and five people came out, including an infant. they were all checked out for minor bruises and burns. the sister says they're okay. but it's remarkable. the plane was on fire.
12:36 pm
they got themselves out of the plane. the plane was completely destroyed except for the nose and the door. that allowed them to get out. earnhardt was supposed to broadcast a race in bristol this weekend. instead, he's recovering with his family. back to you, trace. >> trace: steve harrigan, thank you. ww, formerly known as weight watchers facing backlash over an app for kids. it's for kids 8 to 17 years old. the company says the program is meant to help kids get to a healthier weight. some dietitians say dieting at such a young age can lead to eating disorders and body image issues. jonathan serrie reporting live with more. jonathan? >> hi, trace. the app is getting some praise. i faced immediate backlash on social media. take a look at this tweet from emmy brunner. she said the fact that people
12:37 pm
built this app for teens is abhorrent. kurbo, which gives kids a traffic light rating system for the foods they eat will lead to eating disorders. the apps fans say the real abuse would be doing nothing to combat childhood obesity rates. according to centers for disease control and prevention, more than 18% of u.s. children ages 6-11 are obese. the figure is higher than 20% for adolescents ages 12 through 19. federal health official as tribute much of the increase to poor diet and sedentary lifestyles. the question is whether kurbo is part of the solution. >> and ww is now respond something. >> yeah, we reached out to the company. we got a statement from their chief scientific officer, gary foster. he said in a statement --
12:38 pm
>> w.w. insists that kurbo is a tool and backed by so i yensz. trace? >> thanks, jonathan. thank you. back now to our breaking news. we're expecting autopsy results on jeffery epstein as question continue about how the convicted sex offender died in a federal jail. in that autopsy report, we know because it leaked that he had a number of broken bones in his neck. what we have not found out and we expect the report to include is what the outside of his neck looked like. the bruising, the marks on the outside of the neck. investigators say that will be pivotal to finding out exactly what happened in that jail cell. continuing coverage of breaking
12:39 pm
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>> trace: some wells fargo customers say the company closed their accounts but continued to charge them. that's according to "the new york times." some customers say they have
12:43 pm
complained to the feds about the issue. the fox business network's kristina partsinevelos reporting live from the new york stock exchange. kristina? imagine being told your bank accounts had to be closed for confidential reasons. and then you find out they have been accumulating overdraft fees. that's what happened to a roofing company. according to the owner, he thought all of his accounts were closed, he took out the money but there was still automatic withdrawals happening. so he got charged overdraft fees to the tune of about $1, 500. we went to the branch, called. he said nobody could help him. according to "the new york time times", several people are saying that this happens often enough. even if there's a negative balance, your account may stay open.
12:44 pm
there's a situation where a debt collection department accumulated over $100,000 in fees. the customers have brought complaints to try to resolve it. >> trace: does wells fargo have a response? >> we reached out to wells fargo hoping to get something. they said they can't comment on confidential private cases. but they did issue a statement and they said that as part of our reviews, an account may be closed for many facts and circumstances. some account closures are confidential. each case, we take appropriate steps to notified or customers. but according to this man, that's not what happened. wells fargo had a little tough time as of late. they've had some fake accounts, they forced people to get insurance that they didn't necessarily need. so the stock has been hammered the last little while. today it's over 2%.
12:45 pm
the company is still on the hunt for finding a new ceo. check your bank statements and make sure your accounts are closed. back to you, trace. >> good advice, kristina. a star from "that 70s show" previously accused of rape facing a new lawsuit. four women suing danny master son and the church of scientology. masterson denies the accusations. kristina coleman has more. >> the women that filed this lawsuit are seeking a jury trail and unspecified damages. masterson said the claims were ridiculous. the woman said the claims took place in early 2000s. but they have been stalked and intimidated by members of the church of scientology. according to the lawsuit, master
12:46 pm
son's accusers say they have been follows and chased online. one of the women said she was run off the road, targeted for credit card fraud and fake craigslist ads were posted online soliciting sex. her bedroom window was smashed and her business vandalized. an her attorney says -- >> masterson was fired from his role on the netflix series "the ranch" and dropped by his agents over the allegations which he has repeatedly denied. in a statement, master son said he was go to sue for damage saying -- >> litigation counsel for the church of scientology told fox news the lawsuit is baseless and will go in where because the
12:47 pm
claims are ludicrous and a sham. >> trace: now the actress, leah remeny is involved as we. >> yes, she says that this is a publicity stunt and her a&edocu series will air and it will mention claims made in this lawsuit. no a heavy lawsuit. thanks, christina. >> thank you. >> trace: ahead, president trump eyeing a very large new property. greenland. turns out, there's not enough green that can buy it. reaction from the island and a journalist whose paper broke the story is coming up next in don't forget the jeffrey epstein autopsy is about to drop. we'll have that when it does. don't go away. at visionworks, we guarantee you'll see great and look great. "guarantee". we uh...
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>> trace: continuing coverage of breaking news. the jeffery epstein autopsy report is expected to be released any moment now. there's some pivotal questions in that report. part of it has leaked. as we've been telling you throughout the hour, we know there's reports that the autopsy showed that he had multiple broken bones in his neck including the hyoid bone, which in men is near the adam's apple. for clarity, we should note that these types of breaks can certainly happen to those that hang themselves. but forensic experts also point out they're much more common in victims of strangulation. we're not saying jeffery epstein was strangled. we're saying it does bring up another level of intrigue. a lot more questions about exactly what happened inside that jail cell. let's bring back in bryan llenas. he's been covering this from the get-go. when this drops, one of the first things to look at is exactly what the medical examiner found in and around the
12:53 pm
neck of jeffery epstein. >> that's right, trace. from what we understand, jeff epstein killed himself by tie ago blanket around his neck and leaning forward. he leaned forward until he strangled himself. that's the reporting from the "new york post." when you talk to experts, they're back and forth. some say that is enough to break multiple bones in your neck, including hyoid bone. others are skeptical that that is enough force to break multiple bones including hyoid bone. that's why we have this question and some speculation right now, which will ultimately be answered when this autopsy report is released. remember, this autopsy was done sunday. we were waiting for this information because the chief medical examiner here in new york city said that she needed more information. that could include, we don't know, criminal background information, circumstances as to when this happened, the surveillance tapes and
12:54 pm
interviewing witnesses and the microscopic force and the toxicology reports. trace? >> trace: yeah. and look, we know that a lot of information has leaked, bryan. what we don't know and what we may never know is how this happened. we don't know how jeffery epstein, if he killed himself, how he did it. we don't know if he rolled himself off the bunk. it was a bed sheet. we don't know if he rolled him off, jumped off. we don't know anything about how he exactly killed himself. the autopsy report is not going show that because there was no witness, we don't think, so we may never know this. but it's critical in determining how many bones he broke. >> that's right. and the bureau of prisons has sent a suicide reconstruction team to figure out how in fact he did do this. you know, they send these in after an inmate does die of an apparent suicide. they'll figure out those answers to those questions. again, i go back to that initial premise here.
12:55 pm
all of the questions exist because to many people, this crime, this death, seemed way too perfect, right? the cell mate that was taken out the night before, the fact that he was in a special housing unit and on suicide watch but then taken off suicide watch and the fact that he had the bed sheet in the first place. given the fact that there was an incident weeks prior that had been investigated and we still don't know what they found where there were marks around his neck. so the question is for the warden and the construction center, why would you leave the highest profile inmate you have, in an emotional state to be determined, that seems to be off kiltered here alone. that is going to be one of the many questions. that's why they're asking full trans. that's why the release of this autopsy is so important. it's one of many things that will put the pieces of the puzzle together so hopefully the conspiracy theorys can fall by the wayside.
12:56 pm
>> trace: when it drops, we'll bring you the information. bryan llenas, great information from new york. i also want to point out, another twist in this. in 2008, an inmate killed himself. when they found that he had broken his hyoid, they changed the investigation, changed the result saying that he did not kill himself, that they believe it might have been a homicide. it's still unsolved to this day. that bone is very important. meantime, greenland is open for business, not for sale. that's the message from the island's government. it comes from the "wall street journal" reported that president trump has expressed interest in buying greenland. the journal reports people familiar with the matter that the president asked his white house counsel to look into the purchase. it's a semi autonomous danish territory and this is not the first time the administration has floated the first time of buying it. in 1946, $100 million was offered for the island. the state department looked into it in 1867.
12:57 pm
let's bring in gene cummings for the wall street journal. her white house team broken this story. jean, i guess some say the president was kind of joking about this. others say, well, he was also semi serious. what is your take? >> he seems to vacillate in these conversations. our reporting shows that in some cases he did ask for real data, real information about how or could this work. in other conversations, they say oh, you know, he was just making a big joke and trying to -- get a good laugh out of it. so he seems to have mixed emotions, but it has been a topic of discussion. >> trace: so what is the reasoning here, jeane? we know it has an abundance of natural resources to energy, diamonds, coal. is it for the natural resources or is this a military strategic
12:58 pm
positioning that the administration or others are looking at to really take over this island? >> well, if you look at the offer president truman made, it was after the world war ii. so greenland at that time was a strategic position even then. now we have an air base on the northern part of greenland that serves as part of our missile defense system. that also is connected with nasa. it is an air force location. so there are real military interests. in recent years, china has been trying to create a presence there. because we're there, we know it and we can do something about it. as global warming continues, the greenland is basically been covered in ice. it's not all covered in ice anymore and things are changing. that makes navigation or could in the future make navigation
12:59 pm
around there improving and that could change the dynamics entirely. >> trace: i got to go here, but you touched on something. china has been trying to make inroads economically in greenland and the u.s. has been trying to push them off. we know when china makes economic inroads, they try to midd militarize things the more they want in. >> exactly. >> trace: it's an amazing scenario. i have to ask you, any chance, any chance at all, that greenland says okay, we might negotiate in the future? >> no, i don't think so. they've come out pretty strong that they're not prepared to sell 50,000 of their own citizens to the united states. >> trace: it's a wild story. jeane, thanks very much.
1:00 pm
>> thank you. >> trace: breaking news continues. we're waiting for the jeffery epstein autopsy to drop. when we have it, you'll have it. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. "your world" with charles payne in for neil next. >> the new york city medical examiner's office is expected to release the autopsy results for jeffery epstein at any time, any moment now. the federal jail where epstein was being held now under scrutiny after the apparent suicide. the autopsy could settle it once and for all. when the autopsy is released, we'll bring it to you. meanwhile, stocks surging continuing to rebound from wednesday's 800-point plunk. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." while stocks were rallying, was it enough for wall street to finish in the green?


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