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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 16, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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story" of friday, august 16. but "the story with martha" goes on. we'll see you monday at 7:00. have a fantastic weekend, everybody. good night. ♪ good evening, everybody. welcome to a live special inside the issues edition of "tucker carlson tonight." i'm obviously not tucker. i'm tammy bruce filling in for the fabulous man during his fishing vacation. i hope he is having a great time. it's an honor to fill in for him this evening and be with you on friday. the full autopsy of jeffrey epstein has been released. does it bring us any closer to solving the mystery if it is a mystery of his death? giving us insight, the medical contributor, dr. marc siegel joining us. >> good to see you. >> the worldwide speculation considering the nature of what had gone on, the fact he was able to die in some fashion in
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that prison. one of the highest profile people in the world. yet he seemed to manage to pull it off. we now have the autopsy. they say unequivocally it was a suicide. do you buy that? and are you comfortable with that finding? >> i think we have to start right there. i think the new york city medical examiner was very definitive on this, it was a hanging, a suicide. i think we have to accept that. it's quite definitive. it doesn't answer other questions like why he was taken off suicide watch? was he attacked by the cell mate before that, around the 26th of july? why he was unobserved? why he was in a cell by himself? why he had a bunk beld in there? why he had regular sheets? >> it's like a perfect storm of everything you want to pull it off. >> so that makes you wonder how that happens? people don't just fall asleep. cameras are not just turned away. i tell you one thing that did come out if it was a suicide and a hanging -- i'm accepting
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that -- it means it was forceful. for the bones to break, we have been talking about that. the hyoid bone to break you have to have a pronounced force. >> this is why you are not supposed to have bunk beld in a cell. i allows you some height to do that. and in many people this is strange, we don't think about this because the lives don't involve that. where you manage to do that, use your own weight. you pass out. even the weight is as a result of a dead body that pulls you further down and it finishes the act. is there anything that you would have expected to see if it wasn't suicide that was missing? >> well, any other -- >> any other signs, any other evidence? >> that is a good point. something they would have looked for sign of a struggle or bruises on the body or something about how the neck was. but look, i talk to a vascular
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surgeon who says this amount of fracture in the neck is unusual for hanging. so you have to envision he flung himself off the bunkbed with a lot of force. i have to look at it that way. it's less likely than what i expect. but it's possible. >> forget the height. remember kate spade. rest her soul. used a scarf and doorknob on her bathroom door. no height whatsoever. epstein is 66-year-old man. where the indications are the older you are -- >> bones break more easily. >> in men and women. if you are doing something deliberately to do nij to your neck -- he was a large man. he was tall. he wasn't small. the weight is more serious when you lose consciousness. for those of us who have gone through knowing someone who committed suicide, you know if
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they really want to do it, they will do it. in this case, this is what is remarkable. there were allegedly, we may find there were cameras. but some of the other evidence is the medical examiner responsible for asking or knowing if there was video evidence of someone going in the cell? would they look at the context of the surrounding -- >> that is so important, tammy. that is so important. that is what a medical examiner has to do. it's not just the cause of death. it's all of the circumstances around whether it was enables or whether it wasn't. i want to spend a second here talking about what a psychiatric disgray this is. someone is on suicide watch, i don't care what the reason is. you don't take them off suicide watch and put them in unobserved area where they can kill themselves. you transfer them to a psyche hospital or prison ward. >> there are a lot of questions in what seems to be somewhat corrupt dynamic throughout the government. thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. earlier today another one of the medical experts had
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interesting things to say about epstein's autopsy. >> you don't break vertebrae in a suicidal hanging in which this scenario is a leaning into. if they tell me he hurdles himself down, fine. but they tell me he was kneeling down and he broke the hyoid bone and cervical vertebrae, no way with all do respects to the pathologist. i'm sorry. i do not buy that. >> that was some of you who might recognize the voice, dr. cyril wech. and jen is a forensic expert and she is joining us now. thank you for coming by. there are a lot of politics involved, scienter actions involved, medical studies involved. that the nature of the horrible dynamic of suicide. listening to dr. wech, he was suspicious about things that a
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lot of other people are agreeing on when it comes to the expectation of certain bones breaking, et cetera. what is your take on what we found out today? >> i think a lot of people are uncomfortable from the forensics community. as you discussed with a lot of people. it's unlikely and very rare to have the hyoid bone broken on a continual compression of air suicidal hanging. it happens often when they do it from a height. sometimes when they jump, things like that. but to have the hyoid bone break when you are compressing it yourself is very rare. so i understand the discomfort. but as you mentioned with the other expert, it happens that the medical examiner has a lot more information than we do when they take the manner of death into consideration. so, it may be the case that the medical examiner has seen a tape perhaps from the prison cells where there was no one else in there with him and if they have seen something like that, then they know for certain this was a suicide. the murder mystery at some
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point is gone at this point. >> americans, we all get used to the tv shows. right? the "c.u.s." shows, the forensic shows. we love them and we get a sense that there is always some kind of evidence to give us the answer within an hour. in this particular case and i asked dr. siegel about this, when it comes to if there had been a struggle and assault, that would have been apparent, right? when you look to exclude over information that you might look for to eliminate that this was a homicide. >> they did mention multiple bones were broken. that did sound suspicious to me yesterday but the fact they have come in with not undetermined manner of death but manner of death that says suicide. they must know something else. there must be other evidence that is pointing to that. as you mentioned, a lot of times you have a lot of bruising and other things like that, they are taking into consideration.
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>> i think we need to wait for more information on which cameras were operating. but not to indicate if anybody was going past his cell, but perhaps cameras were watching the guards sleep where there was proof that any other individual in that area was, in fact, found in a particular place. the medical examiner would care about something like that as well, about access to the deceased. >> absolutely. they are going to take everything into consideration before they have the manner of death. of course, so the murder mystery is somewhat solved. but the legal issues here are staggering frankly. i mean definitely, i can't imagine that the family is not going to sue the prison system at this point. because there was so much going on that perhaps shouldn't have been going on. or vice versa, perhaps. >> the silver lining is there is a lot of focus on what happened. new york will have to dole with that and so is the federal government. jen thank you for joining us. i appreciate it.
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>> sure. >> epstein's death just one of many things that is making the story more and more bizarre. that is an understatement. new reports say epstein's personal possessions including a painting of president bill clinton wearing a blue dress that he has flung across the chair. you see it on the screen and wearing a pair of red pumps. i have a pair of bumps that look like that but they are probably a tad smaller than what is on his feet. this is hanging allegedly, in a couple of reports in the mansion in new york. and the associate that the women have been looking for -- woman have been looking for, emerged from hiding to stop at a in and out in los angeles area. that is the life. mark steyn had an excellent run of hosting this. and he joins us now. this is burning up now for an encore appearance. >> stepping in my red pumps.
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>> they look awfully darn good. if we could ever have imagined ever saying painting of bill clinton wearing a blue dress and red pumps. even we should have thought we were insane. >> i think i saw this as a cartoon in whatever year that was. 1998. where his defense supposedly was it was my blue dress. nothing is going to change. the way the people feel about this. certainly not the autopsy report. basically, as you said it was a perfect storm. it was in fact too perfect a storm. when everything goes wrong. when everything in the system goes wrong. and then you have an autopsy report that is at odds, as general was just saying. she basically said what is in the autopsy report does not explain the medical examiner's verdict. i mean, the only survey they have done on this, it's 239
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people from the coroner's office in quebec. six hangings had the broken hyoid bone. so this is untypical of the 95.7% of hangings. >> in the meantime, maxwell did something typical. she did go to an in and out burger apparently. this is a recognizable woman. we have seen a photograph of her there. she has not changed anything about her look. she is sitting there. i'm at native of los angeles. you don't really eat at the in and out. that is why they call it "in and out." you go and leave. you do a drive through. what in god's name is going on with this woman? she was there with a little dog and was alone and was surprised people were taking her picture. >> she wasn't that surprised, which is what surprised me, actually, tammy. i met miss maxwell about 25 years ago briefly. she is a woman who sort of has stumbled from one mystery including the mysterious also
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supposedly suicide of her father to another. she does not -- put it this way. if she thought she was in danger of jail time she would be in london. she is a british citizen and doesn't have to be in the united states. the fact she is wandering in and out of the in and out burgers suggests to me whatever deal was cobbled up a decade ago in florida she thinks pretty much is keeping her safe. >> i think we have seen with the government, the d.o.j., the f.b.i., epstein himself, perhaps this woman. they have gotten away with so much for so long, it may be inconceivable to them that something is about to happen. >> yes, it may be that. i think if it was just a prison suicide fiasco, you could put it down to incompetence. >> yes. >> what cast the doubt over it
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is the terms of the oddly phrased plea deal. where parties that is not part of the agreement has a part in this. >> that is very interesting. thank you for being here. the only man i want here to talk about bill clinton in a dress. that is it. all right, guys. congresswoman rashida tlaib despises israel american than sheven more thanshe loves her g. she went visit the country after they grant her a visa. that's next on our "inside the issues" special.
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>> tammy: hi, everybody. back to tonight's special. welcome aboard. appreciate you being here. "new york times" shifting the coverage from russia to racism. the paper spent two years as one of the chief pushers of the false russian collusion conspiracy theory. it's completely fallen apart. the paper recently held a crisis town hall meeting of its own staff. where the paper executive editor said the paper is transitioning from suggesting trump is a spy, because that was fake, to suggesting that he is a racism, which, of course, also fake. larry o'connor is a radio show host and a fabulous one at that. he joins us now. larry, you know, the news over the last two and a half years since the election has been extraordinary. it's been remarkable and fabulous to be an american but
5:19 pm
we see remarkable, american institutions like the "new york times" devolve to a keystone kop comic book. give us your thought of the impacts of this and what we are facing. >> it's a great point. after the election the "new york times" apologized. mr. solsberger the publicer apologizing saying we got it right. something happened in the 2016 election we were following, the voters and the sentiments and we underestimate and they promised they would get down and cover the news as it is fit to print. they slipped right back to this pattern. it's more than just getting this story wrong. the executive editor in this meeting according to -- >> tammy: let me stop you there. some of the audience may not now. there is an audiotape of this
5:20 pm
crisis town hall that was leaked. so we are not just guessing at the attitude. bring up part of what he is saying at this meeting to his staff at the "new york times." we built our newsroom to cover one story. we did it truly well. now we have to regroup. and shift resources. emphasis to take on a different story. this is not news gathering. you usually have to wait for the news. this is a propaganda planning meeting to decide already what they will say and how they will say it. how do we describe it any differently? >> it's an astounding admission. i thought a newsroom was supposed to be built around, i don't know, covering the news. >> tammy: yeah, weird, right? >> that should be the priority. but they decided at the sometimes they were going to build the newsroom around one story. the russian collusion conspiracy hoax, which was a
5:21 pm
hoax. by the way, manufactured from propagandaist in moscow. >> tammy: but we know what the next two years of the "new york times" will be. bring this up, a final statement from them about what now the plan needs to be. the chief, push the trump racism theme. race in the next year, i think what would be frank, what i hope you come away with the discussion with. race in the next year is going to be a huge part of the american story. now this, remember, is a meeting. the context is how they are going to shape the narrative. that is what they have already decided. >> tammy, the two stories, the russian conspiracy, collusion hoax and the racism story, they have one common denominator. that is it is going to pit americans against each other. >> tammy: correct. >> it will divide us for the first half of the trump presidency with the shadow hanging over from before when he was inaugurated.
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>> tammy: horrible. >> it painted the picture as the president as a punt o puppef foreign government and those of us supporting him auz as stooges for vladimir putin. those who support him are working against the country. >> tammy: destruction of the "new york times." how dare they. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> tammy: congresswoman ilhan omar and rashida tlaib are best known for the feuds with president trump. but now they are in a fight with the nation of israel as well. yesterday after some encouragement from president trump, prime minister benjamin netanyahu banned omar and tlaib from visiting the country due to the pup or the of the anti-israel boycott effort. then the minister said that tlaib could visit for humanitarian reasons to see her grandmother in the west bank. her response, "no thanks." apparently her dislike of israel outweighs her love of her grand mother. the attorney and founder of
5:23 pm
the law fair project and brook joins us now. welcome aboard. thank you for coming on with me. >> thank you for having me. >> tammy: you have a fabulous piece and i want everyone to look at it on about the issue. what we see unfolding here seems to be pretty typical. you lay out in the article about why israel did the right thing. why it was important. americans have been listening to the rhetoric and, of course, they support policies and attitudes. an efforts to injure the state of israel, right? to effectively facilitate the wiping off of the map. is this, of course, the thing any normal nation would do when dealing with the individuals who advocate this kind of talk? some are saying of course, that they have a right to be there or certainly u.s. congress members. what do you say about that? >> well, i think before the nation engages in the type of the political hysteric, we
5:24 pm
should all sit back and look at the facts. number one, these are congress women whose trip was paid for by a group that spread so muchment semitic jew hatred they posted not only neo-nazi articles but they fled the blood libel that jews kill christian babies. it was reported that the congress women were going to met with the popular front for the liberation of palestine, a designated terrorist group. that is enough to deny enter on security grounds. what americans should be concerned with is the fact that you have u.s. members of congress who are cooperating with foreign entities including the p.l.o. and the arab league, not only to boycott a u.s. ally but to facilitate unlawful discrimination against jewish
5:25 pm
persons. what rashida tlaib and ilhan omar advocate is for a jew ban. a ban on doing business with jews who live in judea and somaria. >> tammy: they had an opportunity a few weeks ago to go with the democratic caucus going to israel. they declined. it's interesting. they do seem to get a lot of the individual attention when it comes to the attitudes. if they were with the caucus, maybe it would have been more difficult to engage in rhetoric or meet people. who are not certainly sympathetic to israel and hostile to israel if they were with the entire democratic caucus at that point. they declined that. isn't that right? they decided they were going to go on their own. >> right. they wanted to go on a propaganda tour. not a fact finding mission. there were no meetings set with israeli officials or the palestinian officials. what is incredible is the double standard we are seeing.
5:26 pm
every single country in the world agrees on one thing, whether it's a democracy or dictatorship. they have the sovereign right to control the borders, to control who comes in and who comes out. in 2012, the u.s. government banned palestinian official ashwari entering in the united states for security reasons. italy, italy bans leila for her connections to pflp the same terrorist group at issue here. every muslim majority country in the world, saudi arabia, the emirates, kuwait, lebanon banned israelis. where is the outrage? >> tammy: i would like people to take a look at your article at thank you for joining me today. they did do the right thing. i appreciate you explaining it for us here tonight. thank you very much. well, america's second amendment existed for almost 230 years but now the press
5:27 pm
and the democratic party want to abolish it based on a handful of current events. that is next on tonight's "inside the issues" special.
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prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. is that welcome back to this special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." three years ago, think about this, barack obama was president of the united states. but now his legacy of the chief executive is drawing up. first trump came in and began undoing the policies. but now even the democrats are turning on the former president. in the last democratic debate round candidates took turn bashes joe biden for his connection to the obama policies for other issues. now new report says obama urged biden not to run and is worried that his gaffe-filled campaign will further damage obama's legacy.
5:32 pm
buck sexton is going to give us clarity on this. thank you for coming on tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> tammy: this is an interesting turn of events. we know that barack obama destroyed the democratic party with obamacare and the 2010 shift. they lost a huge number of the back bench, the talent back bench. it was not worried about -- he was not worried about the health of the party going forward or major messaging. do you think now that -- biden is still nicely ahead in the polls. do you think this problem will be what undoes him and puts someone else as the front runner? >> biden has been the candidate in the lead up to this point through default and he has been riding on the fumes of the obama presidency. he doesn't have obama's coattails anymore to hold on to. when people learn more about him as a candidate they start to think who is this guy exactly? for eight years he was v.p. he was somebody yeah, he was at a lot of events. his name recognition went up
5:33 pm
dramatically, which is a big difference of 2008 when he couldn't get more than 5% in any poll because people didn't know who he was. eight years as v.p., they think okay, continuation of the obama legacy. but then hillary swooped in and was the candidate last time around. if he was so great, why wasn't he the guy then? he seems to be the guy now because nobody else has come to the forefront that the party can get behind. i say some of the new things that are coming up like maybe they won't give him so many events late in the day or come one a new way so he doesn't get tired. we want find ways to make it eadessier for him. >> tammy: the primary season is for that. you find out what people are made of. you learn who they are. you have some name recognition with vice president biden. that is it. but you find out, that is how people learned about trump. you find out if someone is consistent and who they are. if they are going to talk about the policy.
5:34 pm
it's not a joke. the president has high energy. if you have the energy and the wherewithal to deal with this. and we saw that report in "the hill. " to stop gaffes maybe they need him to stop talking at certain points. i will only get more intense, isn't it? >> absolutely. >> tammy: as more people fall out from the democrats and you have a general election. it's impossible for them. >> not just the pressure that will increase when there are fewer candidates in the race. clearly biden will be around for quite some time. it's also when all of a sudden donald trump who we saw last night in the usual form he shows, which is a guy who is an entertainer with a tremendous amount of energy and also a fighter, especially on the campaign trail. they will have joe biden up against him. keep in mind, you have had the democrats saying that trump doesn't have the mental faculty to be president. they talk about the 25th amendment. as a result, you will look at biden's age, the temperament, the energy, that is all completely fair game stuff now. when you see the democratic
5:35 pm
party repudiating as they did on the last debate obama's legacy -- >> tammy: i got to ask you, though, i got to ask you this. when we talk about that people say barack obama's concerned about joe biden. and he is concerned about the campaign. is that what barack obama is really concerned about when he tries to stop joe biden from talking or running? >> no. this is a very -- this is an obamaism. you mentioned at the start of the segment, obama was incredibly successful running for himself at different points in the political campaign. the democratic party was in shambles when he was done. his success never translated to other people. >> tammy: it will happen this time. >> they are hoping that biden gets surpassed but doesn't collapse. that is why obama is stepping in. >> tammy: we have to go. i have a feeling this is a premonition here of what we see coming up. buck, thank you for joining me. >> good to see you. >> tammy: democratic candidates are not just pushing for new gun control. they want to seize guns from
5:36 pm
law-abiding owners, and imprison them -- that's like you -- if they refuse to go along. trace gallagher has more on that. >> tammy, this is a illustration slippery slope that conservatives refer to when they talk about democratic gun control. kirsten gillibrand appeared on tv saying assault weapons should be banned nationwide, there should be a buyback program. and then gillibrand was pressed on if those who don't want to sell the guns should be criminally prosecuted. watch. >> the point is you don't want people using assault weapons. so the point is if you are arrested for using an assault weapon, you will have an aggravated felony. >> that is a yes. fellow 2020 hopeful beto o'rourke on the same page releasing what he says is a new plan to end gun violence. in addition to mandatory gun buy-back on assault weapons the plan also calls for creating a nationwide gun
5:37 pm
licensing system and reasonable industry and and to d up, tell the truth and offer bold solutions without fear of political ramifications to finally make progress and saving lives. meantime, msnbc host joe scarborough said today for voters who may think that elizabeth warren is too liberal for america, the alternative is much worse. watch. >> at least she won't threaten the safety of members of the press. at least she won't inspire mass shootings. >> he was a once g.o.p. congressman. he added that she would respect the constitution norms and that congress would, "balance her out." >> tammy: all right, trace. thank you very much. i don't know if we want somebody who needs to be balanced out in that way. but, thank you, trace. collian is a lawyer and second
5:38 pm
amendment advocate and he joins us. thank you for joining us tonight. a lot of scary things. major american politicians, candidates for president of the united states suggesting things that are more, something that more than you would hear in china. it's concerning that the high level individuals think that the things would work. let me ask you, sir. if there were some kind of national confiscation program, do you think americans would comply? >> no, i highly doubt it, actually. if you think about it, the last time we had an issue of confiscation in this country, we started a revolutionary war. that puts thing in perspective blatantly at that point. i know a ton of americans who would not succumb to the idea or idea of having weapons confiscated from them based on their second amendment right. from that standpoint what i have a hard time trying to understand is why with we consistently talking about
5:39 pm
ar-15s when they account for almost less than 0% gun deaths? there are more people stabbed to death than killed by aar-15s. >> tammy: they hope that people are ignorant and it's something that won't affect them. they can describe it in any way they choose. taking more step toward the cliff. you know, we had the horrible shooting in philadelphia. a man with a number of crimes, huge rap sheet including gun crimes had, he should never have had the firearms he had. we know, of course, it's the old adage here that criminals don't care about the law because they're criminals. they will always get what they need to go. like in prohibition, people got booze if they had enough money and they were inclined. when it comes to the personal safety and the personal
5:40 pm
freedom there is talk by some of the candidates about a tax, new tax or a fee. wouldn't it make it more possible for the rich to enjoy the second amendment while shutting out once again the poor and the disenfranchised? >> i said it before and you'll say it again. i have been saying it for years. the vast majority of gun control disproportionately affects people of lower economic means. >> correct. >> and the people in these places need guns more than the individuals like you and i or the people pushing the gun control measures. >> tammy: correct. >> so it has nothing to do with saving lives. it's about scoring political talking points to get elected. >> tammy: and isn't it about fear? still pitting americans against americans. they are trying to do that on sex, on race, now economic status. the right, the rich versus the poor. and it seems like everything is technically about how you
5:41 pm
can make americans suspicious of their neighbors. >> absolutely! i'll add on to that, it's not only about fear, it's about control. for them they understand the empowerment that a firearm provides for individuals in this country. the country was founded on the concept for individualism and the ability to protect your life and this country. from their perspective, if they can remove that idea from us by taking away certain firearms or just firearms in general -- >> tammy: psychological -- >> they are in control. exactly. >> tammy: i hope people in washington watch this and they know it's all of america who knows what is going on here. thank you for joining me. now, next up -- >> thank you for having me. >> tammy: thank you, sir. americans have enough to deal with. but could they be battling visitors from the next one, too? we look at the haunted baby monitors just ahead. but first, time for the "final exam." can you beat fox professionals
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at remembering the weird news of the week? martha maccallum versus jesse waters up next. ♪ relaxing guitar
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>> tammy: all right. welcome back to tonight's "inside the issues" special. time now for a special "final exam" where fox's professional news experts. two of them here. maybe the only two. come on to prove their worth. and try to win the coveted wimple mug. you can get it online -- >> it's a prize. >> tammy: that is why you keep coming back. you want more. this week's defending champion is martha maccallum. host, of course, of "the story with martha maccallum" every night before this show. her challenger is one of the returning champs, "waters
5:47 pm
world host" and "the five" co-host, jesse water. man everywhere all the time. >> he is everywhere all the time. i'm tired of him. >> can i go? >> tammy: neither one of you has beaten the other one so this is a fresh championship. you are both rogue. i know you will be able to handle it and really deliver well. you have the hands on the buzzers. >> ready. >> tammy: i'll ask questions. the first one, of course, to buzz in, gets to have the answer. we'll give you that chance. you must wait until i finish asking the question. >> wait, martha. >> tammy: no jumping the gun there. you can answer once i acknowledge you by saying your name. which i hope i remember, which i think i should. each correct answer is worth one point. get it wrong and you lose a point. best of five wins. you know, you will be the winner. let's get started. ready? >> ready. >> tammy: question one. this is multiple choice. reports say that president trump is expressing serious interest in buying greenland,
5:48 pm
which is currently, of course, a territory owned by denmark. what is greenland's capital city? nook, vic, thunder bay? martha? >> i think it's nook. >> tammy: let's find out. we have a tape. see what the truth is. >> the trip from vancouver to the capital city nuuk took 24 days. >> darn. i'm down earlier. >> tammy: it looks beautiful, greenland. i think the united states should buy it. >> we should annex it. we get it for free. >> tammy: it's fabulous country. we need it. they need a trump tower, obviously. question two. another multiple choice question, guys. the iowa state fair, which is a wonderful thing, was this week. and the 2020 candidates flocked there to eat all sorts of unhealthy food. cory booker, however, is a vegan. not the optimum choice in life at the fair. his options were limited. no, no, keep the hand off the
5:49 pm
buzzer, martha. >> i'm wait. >> tammy: what did he eat? tofu corndog, vegan pork chop, or fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. oh, jesse! >> faster on the buzzer. >> i'm going with the "c," fried pb&j. >> tammy: i guess it is vegan. go to the answer. >> andrew yang promised turkey leg $1,000 if it voted for him. even the vegan cory booker ate deep fried me nut butter and jelly on -- peanut butter and jelly on the stick. as a we have van vegan i assumeo ate the stick. >> it's a tie. >> it's a tie. >> tammy: in an attempt to show he is a regular guy, which 2020 candidate posted a video this week that shows him changing a flat tire?
5:50 pm
>> that would be beto o'rourke. >> tammy: he was quick on that. >> that was not a multiple choice question, i guess. so was it? >> tammy: let's see. go to the tape. >> if he can change a tire, maybe he can change the world. >> there he is. >> tammy: i guess when it's multiple choice i say it ahead of time. >> what other impersonations of a regular guy can he do. >> tammy: martha may challenge. >> it's good. >> she is not challenging. >> is the next one multiple choice? i waited until the last word of peanut better and jelly sandwich. >> tammy: i'd announce it at the top so this is not multiple choice. ready. question four. pro golfer john daly hit the links with president trump this week. not the first time that he golfed with a u.s. president. he claims he once played with
5:51 pm
commander-in-chief who cheated in their outing. who was it? jesse? >> i'm going to get bill clinton. >> tammy: well, that might be a good guess. it would be maybe an obvious one. let's check the tape. >> you know, it was a fun day, a fun match. it's just amazing that people call him a cheat in golf. if you want to call it cheating golf, i'll tell you bill clinton -- >> that was, that was a -- >> i don't think bill clinton could have broke 100. >> excellent educated guess. >> tammy: unfortunate we would have known it's clinton. did i hear from the gods above this is a two-point question? wow! this is not multiple choice. it is multiple choice. good. multiple choice. look at the image on the screen. photo of a cabin in the woods.
5:52 pm
somewhere near the arctic circle. which fox news host is staying there? geraldo -- >> she buzzed too early! you buzzed too early! >> tammy: is that a penalty? >> yes. you cannot buzz in early. >> tammy: it goes to jesse by default. >> what is the answer? >> i'm going to refuse to answer because i don't need to. >> tammy: the options are geraldo, laura ingraham and tucker carlson. jesse, refusing to answer? >> i don't need to answer, do i? >> you do! >> tammy: it goes back to martha. >> if i have to answer i know what it is, i think. i'll guess, if i have to -- >> tammy: see the cabin. show the cabin. you know the three individuals. >> yes. >> tammy: who would be staying there? >> tucker. >> absolutely. >> tammy: go to the tape. we'll find out. it's one of them. >> hey, it's tucker. greetings from la from labradore
5:53 pm
the trout is huge. good luck on "final exam." i'll see you monday. >> tammy: give him the mug. congratulations. >> i have winning for so long i got tired of winning. >> tammy: everyone can have their own personal one at there you go. >> win it back. that is the plan. >> tammy: there you go. >> ready to receive you. >> tammy: the rematch coming. i feel it in the air. that is all for this week's "final exam." pay attention to the news each week and tune in to see if you can beat the fox news experts. we'll be right back for more of our "inside the issues" special.
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>> tammy: welcome back to tonight's "inside the issues" special. the show has closely followed the possibility there could be unknown entities in the skies
5:58 pm
above us. i believe that. could they be closer than that? right here? a new "wall street journal" profiles many parents think they can see the ghosts, specters and movement on the advanced baby monitors. that means a baby is there. some parents describe blurry humanoid figures and others see bright orbs. bret larson is joining us. what is the deal? >> it's interesting. more of us put cameras in the home we capture unusual events. but some think it's capturing a glimpse of something unusual. this is a baby monitor. the colors is noting the movement but the family says the baby was sleeping peacefully in the bassinet and nothing was moving. was something pai paranormal watching the baby? and another group was alerted to movement and they checked the video and they found the closet door open.
5:59 pm
neither opened the door. on the replay they see the door open itself. was it pair normal? paranormal? no. something fell and it was a blanket. a camera expert said the likely explanation is the dust particles and curtains moving. it caused it to go haywire. one suggested it was installed incorrectly. but some don't accept that explanation and they think it's like the loved ones who died to keep a watchful eye on the home and newborn. paranormal investigator suggested to install a second camera to see if they're captured on both devices. i actually have a camera that watches over my dog. sometimes it switches over and it is capturing the dust particles. >> sean: yoparticles.
6:00 pm
>> tammy: you are a skeptic. i'm a believer. but thank you for joining us. tune in each night to 8:00 at the show, the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, group think. tucker will be on monday. ♪ welcome to the special edition of "hannity." issues facing america. i'm gregg jarrett in for sean. jeffrey epstein's autopsy has been completed and it's been officially ruled a suicide. but according to reports epstein was in great spirits. just hours before the suicide. and was confident about his ongoing criminal case. coming up, forensic pathologist cyril wech will be here for a full analysis. but first, ginning with us more is trace


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