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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 16, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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american political history." you can order it on-line in all of the usual places. sean will be back monday. have a great weekend.. have a great weekend. >> this is a special edition of the ingram angle from washington. rashid talib makes a huge issue of wanting to go to israel and says no thanks when she's granted a visa. we have breaking news of jeffrey epstein's cause of death. and hundreds of google employees call for the company not to work with i.c.e. and c.c.p. you want to hear about it. tom holman and brandon judd of the national border patrol counsel are here to respond. plus raymond arroyo on bernie
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teaming one a rap megastar, a shocking poll about american's underwear habits and spam with a new fall flavor. you're going to love it in this friday's follies. first one of aoc plus three makes a huge fuss about israel. israel denied talib's request for a visa but said she needed a humanitarian exception to visit her sick grandmother. decision only for the radical to say, oh never mind. the liberal left is going bonkers. watch this.. >> this is un-american to have a president by dictate with his relationship with a fellow right wing leader. >> never seen donald trump dictate what the foreign policy should be. >> it's stunning to i can't wrap my mind around it.w
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>> what they're not telling you is talib and her squad members were invited last week, with dozens of colleagues, nearly 70 of them, and declined. kevin mccarthy tweeting out this photo of the bipartisan group bipartisan who spent a week learning about the country. heland genre joins us live with the story. >> it wasn't enough to be able go or be blocked from going. she wanted to be allowed to gosn and say no to the invitation, at least that's what happened. here is how president trump explained it in a tweet tonight. talib wanted to visit her grandmother, permission was granted whereupon she obnoxiously turned the approval down, a complete setup. the only real winner is talib'se grandmother, she doesn't have to see her now. talib and omar were planning a trip to their words, palestine.
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israel agreed to let them in and president trump said it would show weakness because they supported bds that promotes sanctions against israel for the policies in the west bank. then after the trump tweet israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the two weren't welcome citing israeli law for those who ban and support pds.n next talib wrote on congressional letterhead she would like to visit her grandmother and i will respect any restrictions and will not support boycotts to israel in my visit. within hours of that letter israel said, okay. then talib said, essentially never mind, i'm not coming. the israeli minister who approved the nonpolitical visit tweeted this, i approved her request as a gesture of goodwill on humanitarian basis but it was a provocative request for bashing israel. apparently her hate for israel overtakes her love for her
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grandmother. we will only have peace with the arabs when they love their children more than they hate us. >> heland, thank you very much. joining me is the founder of th muslim reform movement and victor david hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution.n. i thank you both for joining us tonight. ezra, i want to start with you. what's your take on this whole situation? >> representative talib and homer should open up a new caucus, the grievance caucus in congress. every day, another grievance. this is on israel. i brought with me a little thing i got in bethlehem. do you know what it is? >> tell me about it. >> this is a key. the key says "my home," and it's a symbol of the movement that representative talib and omar are a part of. the boycott divest sanctions
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movement is an attempt to get a one-state solution that wants palestinians to be able to take a key that they call the key to their home, to their ancestral land that is now current day israel and claim it. they want a right of return of palestinians and they want to be able to rename israel palestine. when i went from the river to the sea in my own journeys and my own reporting, this was a mantra i heard again and again from the palestinian side. and unfortunately, many more palestinians say this does not represent the real interest of palestinians. >> now, is this -- victor, you have such great insight. s you know the history of the region and whatnot. as you see this situation unfold, give us somen perspective? >> well, i think on the domestic political theme, it's more than just a civil war. nancy pelosi dismissed the squad and said they have more votes.
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but remember when the 41 democratic representatives, it was a news blackout. they didn't want to mention they were even inside israel.s and when we looked at the failure to pass a -- a resolution condemning anti-semitism, you can see they have an enormous amount of influence. why is that true? i think what we're seeing is a passing of the old guard. i mean, there was a time when dick durbin or nancy pelosi or steny hoyer or chuck schumer or diane finestein represented the liberal jewish tradition in the democratic party. that's starting to change. there's changing demography and a long history of anti-semitism i can't mention the names al sharpton, jesse jackson, the reverend wright coming up on a quote of something that's anti-semetic. and there's something else going on. that is that the new generation of young jewish americans they're assimilated. they remind me of the greek lobby.
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they're not observant jews and they find their jewish heritage sort of an embarrassment in the confines of the progressive movement. a lot of this new generation is not speaking up on behalf of israel. some have not been to israel.el we're going to see a landmark change in the democratic party very >> i think it's happening. >> the quad is going to -- the view of the squad is going to be the majority. >> i worry about that. as we look at this situation they will not even recognize the name "israel," the top of their itinerary said they were going to go to palestine. they were not trying to go to israel. >> the point of this deterioration, what's happened is the radical muslim lobby has inserted itself and they hijacked the party with this agenda. the agenda is clear destruction of israel. they didn't even name israel on their itinerary as you mentioned. so, bernie sanders, he's the triumph to buy the democrats, by linda sarsour and all of the
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others that are part of this network in the u.s., because they have inserted their idea about the destruction of israel into the democratic agenda. that's really dangerous. people need to think -- whatever your criticism is of israel, do you believe that a state has to be extinguished from this earth? >> oh, yeah. i've seen this. you go to the middle east, you travel there.ah you go to the region, they don't even have israel on the map when you go to the local store in order to go there. and i also saw, victor, i want to get your take on this because there was all of this exasperation from the media and what not about, oh, my gosh, israel decided not to let them in and then they invited them in. they forget when barack obama was the president, obama, thee administration, refused to allow somebody from the israeli legislature to come in to the
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country, mr. ben arie as theytr act as if that never happened. >> and i might -- >> i think every country -- >> go ahead, victor. >> they're not -- they're not committed to a suicide pact. they don't have to invite whether it's states or israel. even to the democratic ally they don't have to invite anybody they feel has pledged to the destruction of their state. one thing that's strange is this new anti-semitism is pretty easily defined. that is when the squad says they're worried about occupied territories, they never talk about occupied cypress and turkey. they talk about refugees, they don't talk about the half million jews, up to a million ethnically cleansed from the middle east much less the germans that walked back to germany about the same time the palestinians were made refugees. so it's always selective. and all of the problems in the world are of no interest to representatives omar and talib.
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it's only israel. this tiny little democracy, this oasis in a see of autocracy and dictatorship they focus on. the question is why do they focus on it? and that is they have a deep-seeded anti-semitism and a hatred of this country. and it's shocking to me at this period in 2019 that the democratic party, which prided itself as the bulwark, the protector of the jewish americans, has abdicated that goal and let the four young radicals hijack the party and they're doing it through social media and an appeal to youthou culture. t i a wish people would realize a look at the truth of this matter . it was a stunt. i think it was meant to try to embarrass israel. they could have gone with 0 other member -- 70 other members of look at this picture of aoc. during the time -- i'm not sure there's an exact overlap here
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but aoc spending time in hollywood. she's there in hollywood. she wasn't on that trip. but this is where the democratic party is going these days, at least that's my opinion. ezra and victor, thank you so, i appreciate you joining us here tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we're learning more tonight about what happened behind the scenes at "the new york times" after they caved to the media mob and changed a positive headline from the trump perspective to a negative one. "the new york times" originally published "trump urges unity versus racism." there's all sorts of backlash and the headline was amended to "assailing hate, but not guns." in a newly released transcript of the meeting at the paper executive editor david bacat told staffers their mission is changing saying, quote, chapter one of the story of donald trum, is not only for our newsroom but frankly for our readers. was, "did donald trump have untoward relationships with the russians." and was there obstruction of
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justice? the vision for coverage for the next two years is how did we cover america that's become so divided by donald trump. here to respond is kimberly straussle, one of our favorites "the wall street journal" editorial board member and fox news contributor and the author of the upcoming book, you want to get this one, she's one of the best writers out there resistance at all costs. kimberly is joining us live now. i do appreciate it. when i see this, kimberly, it strikes me that here "the new york times" is already presupposing the conclusion. they've already told you what they're going to print for the next year and a half as we go through this election. how do you see it?f >> well, that is what is so stunning about this. >> not unusual for leaders to task a group of reporters they're bringing it to light. the goal is to report, highlight an issue, maybe win a prize. this is entirely different. this is him saying, look
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basically we have a partisan and political agenda to push a narrative out there. and he also admitted, which i thought was incredibly honest and revealing, why did we do it? well, one because of the sentiment of reporters within their newsroom. and, two, and he had a quote, he said, you know, well, the problem was our readers who really want trump gone, they saw the results of the mueller report and thought, oh, plantty blank. now we need to change focus and we're moving on to trump is a racist. it was incredible. >> the other quote, he says here, this is the executive editor of "the new york times." he says, we built our newsroom to cover one story and we did it truly well. first of all, there's so much wrong with that.
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first of all, you build the newsroom to cover a story because it turns out to be totally false? >> well, exactly. newsrooms are meant to report the news, okay? you never know what the news is going to be. it comes as it comes. and, again, you can have a particular focus, but your goal is to be to report the latest things that came out. not to presuppose donald trump was colluding with the russians or obstructing justice, which is, of course, their mission. and then as you say, totally embarrassing, how can you say we did a good job when the mueller report proved almost everything that you reported to beue completely false over the past two years? the only thing that's good about this, jason, is they've nowy informed us what they're going to do the next subject is. again, trump is a racist. i think one of the problems that the times has is how can anyone trust any accuracy in that story given the failure in the last? >> it's the projection by this newspaper and the -- democrats
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do it and say, hey, this is exactly what the news is going to be no matter what donald trump does. do you think there's strength -- he talks about fake news, fake news. i mean, these people have predicted because they actually get to write the paper, they have the ink. what's your take? >> that is a political side of and they are handing him a club to use against them when they engage in this kind of t journalism. but i think the more serious issue is we hear so much about supposed norm breaking by this administration, if you care about journalism, this truly is norm breaking and it is one of the reasons so many americans lack trust in the media these days. that's not a good situation for civil society and the country. >> no, i got to tell you. the paper you work for, "the wall street journal," i think is the best of the best. and i appreciate your writing and -- >> i have to agree. >> appreciate your writing. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> up next, the results of
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access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> there are more questions than answers tonight about the death of jeffrey epstein.
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the medical examiner officially rulingy tonight it was a suicid by hanging. but attorneys for the alleged child sex trafficker say they do not accept that conclusion. fox news correspondent brianiv yeddis is live with the late-breaking details. brian? >> good evening.s. new york city's chief medical examiner announcing the findings of jeffrey epstein's autopsy in one sentence, quote, after careful review of allst investigated information including complete autopsy findings, the determination on the death of jeffrey epstein is below, cause, hanging, manner suicide. the daily beast is reporting marks found on epstein's neck are consistent with those left by a fabric. that matches reports that epstein hanged himself with a bed sheet off of his bunk inside of his cell in the special housing unit of the correctional center. he was found dead in his cell last saturday morning. his autopsy was completed on sunday.
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but the medical examiner said she needed further information to complete the report. tonight, epstein's defense team said it's not satisfied with the examiner's conclusions and the team expects to conduct its own independent and completete investigation. the lawyers are demanding to see the surveillance video of the hallways outside of epstein's jail there was speculation in the last couple of days about whether epstein really did this to himself. after "the washington post"s reported he broke multiple bones in his neck including the hyoid bone. experts say such a break is more common in strangulation. the medical examiner concluding this was not a homicide. the department of justice, the fbi, and the bureau of prisons are all investigating the circumstances of epstein's death, this as a source tells us, jason, that some mcc jail staff have not been initially cooperative with investigators.
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jason? >> bryan, thank you very much for that reporting. joining me now is john yanarelli, former spokesman and former fbi special agent in charge and john yu, former attorney general. i'd like to start with you, john yu. based on this, it's interestingg to me that the counsel for the now deceased, jeffrey epstein the three attorneys there saying we're not buying it., we're not concluding that.ei for those sitting home in the legal world, what does that mean when the person who committed suicide, the legal team is saying we don't believe it. >> that's a strange thing for his lawyers to do. i think maybe in part it's an effort to try to protect thehi estate in some way, but i don't think it really makes sense. i think what the best thing for them to do at this point is just to accept the medical examiner's conclusion to stop -- i think everyone should stop spreading
11:22 pm
conspiracy theories, somehow some nefarious outside forces got to him like at the end of godfather ii and got him to kill himself or got people to kill themselves and recognize this prison might be ours might have -- it was an appropriate supervision of the employees and to ask the attorney general to get to the bottom of it and to make sure that the public has confidence about the prison system going forward. >> john, you have a perspective too. your time as a special agent and in the fbi, there were reports that the attorney general was wanting updates every three hours. a s there was something highlyts suspicious here. and the highest profile prisoner they had at the time. the other prisoners are high profile and vital performance. but when you see the attorneys discrediting, you know questioning this report, what do you think?
11:23 pm
>> two words come to mind. billable hours. the reality is whether he was murdered, which he wasn't, it was a suicide. or, in fact, a suicide. he was still arrested for the crimes that are being alleged and going to be found guilty. they need to move on from that. because the victims are out there and they're still suffering from having been epstein's victims.m this is all a side show to the fact that it's not unusual. a billionaire guy whose life isw going to change forever. he's going to prison and not getting out. not a big surprise in the law enforcement world that he decides to take his own life. >> yeah.i i would agree with you in part. but john yu, what is surprising to me, and we had the brain room here at fox news confirm this, that in the 40 years of existence of that prison, only one other time in the history of that, for 40 years, has anybody ever f successfully committed suicide? so, i mean, come on, that's a little suspicious, isn't it?
11:24 pm
>> i completely agree with you. i can see why people are worried about this. as you say, in 40 years, there's only been one successful suicide. there's only been three attempted suicide there. you have weird facts, you know there are guards there who weren't checking in on mr. epstein at the rate they were supposed to. you have the cells not covered by surveillance cameras. his roommate wasn't there. i don't blame people for asking these kinds of questions. in fact, the attorney general of the united states says something funny was going on here. usually, though, i tend to chalk these things up to incompetence rather than maliciousness. and i think that's why as you are a congressman and you did a good job in oversight. this is a good example of when you need outside investigation from either the top of justice department, like the independent -- i'm sorry, the inspector general, or the house and senate oversight committees over the justice department. and let all of the facts out. let's have a transparent investigation. i think that's what the attorney
11:25 pm
general wants to do. we need to restore confidence in the integrity of our prison system. >> i think government in general is suffering because they don't trust them and all of a sudden things break down and it's so suspicious.. before i get you to comment, i want you to hear the sounds from one of the prison consultants and their take on things. >> let's see the tapes. because every federal prison has what they refer to as range cameras. so even though there's not individual cell cameras in theho cells ordinarily, there are range cameras. >> what's your take on that when you hear them say that? every door has cameras on both sides of it so that the guards can actually see what's going on, who's coming and going there's going to be a lot of tapes there, right?s >> absolutely. you know, for your viewing population that has not been to a prison, i will tell you, it'ss not like walking into 7-eleven
11:26 pm
doors are not going to slide over for you. there are checks and procedures. you have to show multiple forms of identification. the reality is there are many points that you have to identify yourself. no one is going to wander in commit a murder, and wander out. it's important that we shouldn't underestimate the government's ability to be incompetent ande allow this to happen.he as far as the suicide, you putut more billionaires in prison you're going to see more suicide. that's the reality. somebody having a dramatic change in their life and deciding to take their own life as a result. >> so, john, where do we go from here. where is this case going next? >> it's a good question, mr. chafis. look, the prosecution is still going to go ahead. because mr. epstein was according to the view conspiring with other people to engage in child sex trafficking. that's going to continue. anybody helping or cooperating with mr. epstein, they shouldn't think it's over.
11:27 pm
and the government can seize the assets where he used where the crimes occurred and try to use that where they distribute the assets of victims. and we see news of more people coming forward, filing lawsuits against the estate. i'm sorry, this is going to get what we get in probate law and trust and estates law. a terrible thing to get involved with. a lot of lawyers are going to be involved and what's going to happen, the judge will see that. hopefully will distribute the estate and make sure that all of the victims are fairlyut compensated. not going to make up for what mr. epstein did, but they'll have their chance to tell their side of the story and get compensation. >> my take on it is that the reason the three attorneys for mr. epstein are trying to discredit this is they're trying to limit the liability. but as both of you have pointed out, the lawyers always make out like the bandits that they should. but i do hope there's justice for all of these particularly young women harmed -- more than harmed along the way.. but gentlemen, i appreciate your expertise tonight and thank you for joining us. >> next, bernie gets advice from a big name rapper.
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the dirty underwear secret. and a new flavor of spam?thet you're going to love it. raymond arroyo is here to break it down in friday follies, stayy there. follies, stay there.
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>> it's friday. that means it's time for friday follies. bernie sanders is teaming up with one of rap's biggest names. a new survey revealing some
11:31 pm
dirty laundry. and why everyone, except me thinks that spam's new fall b flavor is going too far. joining us now with all of the details is raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. raymond, tell me about bernie sanders' latest campaign side kick? >> jason, this has to be the weirdest pairing of the week really, since walter matthau and jack lemon. bernie appeared at a detroit nail salon for an intimate conversation with rapper cardi b to discuss police brutality to the living wage, believe it or not. >> what are we going to do about wages in america? >> we have tens of millions of people earning what i consider to be starvation wages. can you imagine someone earning $9 an hour. >> it don't make no sense. people like to brag there's more jobs now in america. but what are they paying? and these jobs, they're paying practically nothing. >> you got it.
11:32 pm
>> the jobs numbers may not matter to cardib, but taxes matter to her. here she is in march. >> the government is taking 40% of my taxes. and uncle sam, i want to know what you're doing with my [ bleep ] tax money. so what is [ bleep ] doing with my money? >> if she's worried about tax dollars being spent, why is she helping bernie sanders. he promises $42 trillion in new taxes. that's before you pay for free tuition, the daca for parents. where did she get all of that money she's so concerned about. hmm? f >> yeah, yeah -- [ bleep ]. that's what i use. >> hmm. you know, jason, i think bernie has the stripper vote locked
11:33 pm
down. this is a lock for him. he's going to move up in those polls. those were a certain type of polls, i guess. but it reminds me, jason, of the nfl this week. they recruited jay-z to try to buy cred in the african-american community. that's what bernie is trying to do here. they need african-american support in the democratic caucus. that clearly a stretch towards or ap attempt to reach. >> someone like her, cardi-b people pay her money. that's stunning to me. >> there's a new poll released by the clothing maker, tommy john.>> it furnished me and it will you with much more information than we think we needed. they found that nearly half of americans, 45%, have worn the same pair of underwear for two days or more. 13% say they've worn the same pair for a week or more. can you imagine what that hampea smells like on sunday? now, there are all kinds of bacterial infections and health problems that accompany these
11:34 pm
undie-reduundies, why wouldn't you put a fresh pair on assuming you have one to choose from. >> i have one pair of underwear. the billionaires, they got three, four pairs. i don't have a drier. i have to put my clothes on the radiator. >> we're trying to tie all of this together. bernie and the underwear. but if you have them, you should clean them.. this is ridiculous. it's unsanitary. it's awful. and i think there's a tie-in here, jason. last week we covered a group ofe millennials 18 to 25 who did not use deodorant for a year. they need to get to the program here. >> one quick question. asking for a friend, but, if you go commando, then what do you do? >> i'm not addressing that. full disclosure, i've never gone commando and i'm not about to do it here or tell you about it. >> some people tell me, i don't
11:35 pm
know, some people say it's very interesting. okay, raymond, before we go some people get excited about the return of pumpkin spice frappuccinos or maybe pumpkin spice bread, but i'm so looking forward to welcoming with fall pumpkin spice spam. hormel is making the new seasonal spam available on september 23. my calendar is marked. i'm a big fan. i love spam. i've been eating it since i was a little kid. but i understand maybe you don't share my excitement. >> jason, i tell you why i came here tonight. i came for an intervention. you can't eat spam any longeru my friend.. you know what's in this stuff? i researched this all day after you told me we should do this segment. it's every piece of pig but the squeal mashed together with potato and salt and shoe forward and sodium nitrate. it's pig part jello. why add artificial flavoring.
11:36 pm
>> i'm sold. you don't have to sell me anymore. you don't get a body like mine by missing out on spam. i love this stuff. >> why don't we get crackling and dip it in flavored sauces and then eat that. you can skip the flavored spam all together. >> i do that. >> i do that too. >> you do? >> i love it. of course. >> i know you're in new orleans. great cuisine down there. but spam should be on the menu at some of these high-endd restaurants that you're eating at. >> very big in hawaii. in my studies, i realize that's what they sell the most. in utah, in your house. but we're not going to put pumpkin spice in gumbo. t we're not going to put it on our steaks or hot dogs, you shouldn't put it in spam. i've got to get it off of the stuff. >> if you like steak and hot dog and hamburger like i do, you can get it all in one and we call it spam. so we'll get you some.
11:37 pm
we'll get you some. have a great weekend. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> first, aoc plus three, now hundreds of employees at google demand the company not work with immigration enforcement agencies. tom holman and brandon judd are here to respond. you're going to want to see this. stay with us. here to re
11:38 pm
11:39 pm
>> we can replace it with a humane agency that's directed to safe passage. i don't think i.c.e. today is
11:40 pm
working as intended. >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm a jew. and we are raised to say never again. it's happening. >> that's been the message of the radical left for months. and just this week, a man showed up in an i.c.e. office in san antonio, texas. now hundreds of google punks are demanding the tech giant not do business with immigration enforcement agencies. protesters writing in a petition, quote, in working with cpb, ice, or office of refugee resettlement, google is trading the integrity for a bit of profit and joining a shameful lineage. we only to look at ibm's role in working with the nazis -- nazis -- in the holocaust to
11:41 pm
understand the role technology can play in automating mass atrocity. here to respond is a former acting i.c.e. director and fox news contributor and brandon judd is the national border patrol counsel. i know these gentlemen. i worked with these gentlemen. they put their lives on the line to protect this country and fight the people trying to do illegal things in this country. and to deport people who have criminal backgrounds and records. i'm honored to sit here with the two of you. they try to compare what cpb and i.c.e. and all of that is doing to nazis. i can't even imagine what you and your family think of when we see that.n >> i can't tell you how disgusted i am that becausee we're enforcing the laws that congress passed, we're doing it in a humane manner, by the way all you have to do is go down and watch the way we do it we're compared to people who murdered -- a group of nazis murdered 6,000 jews. what we're doing -- >> sorry, 6 million. >> sorry, 6 million jews.
11:42 pm
what we're doing is we're holding people pending deportation proceedings. if they have the right to be in the united states, we'rere ultimately going to let them in to the united states. if they don't have the right to be in the united states, then we send them back to their country and we send them in airplanes. we feed them, we clothe them, we give them all of the necessities for life.he the nazis didn't do that. >> yeah. it's disgusting. but, tom, you put your life on the line. you've been down to the border. if you were standing in front of these google geeks, what -- what would you tell them about the w reality of life and what's going on? >> first off, i say get out of the building, fire them. i don't know any employeesth contracts with the federal government. they're supposed to be techie smart, this generation, these people are morons. they haven't studied the issues. find out what i.c.e. does. you know 9 out of 10 people that
11:43 pm
i.c.e. arrests are convicted criminals are pending criminal charges against the united states citizen? you know that i.c.e. took enough opioids off of the street last year to kill every man, woman and child in this country twice. you know i.c.e. saved thousands of children from childan predators. i.c.e. saved hundreds of women from sex trafficking. you know i.c.e. arrested 137,000 criminals, public safety threats off of your streets to make your streets safer. as far as nazis. m let me educate you on that too i.c.e. has an entire division that investigates and removes human rights violators. in my 34 years with i.c.e., we arrested and removed hundreds of nazi war criminals to go back and stand trial. i.c.e. arrests human rights violators every year, hundreds and sends them back to theirdr homeland to face charges. so i.c.e. is an exact opposite
11:44 pm
operational mold. we attack human violators and we remove them and deport them and send them back to face consequences in their homeland. >> you understand how the technology works and why they contract -- first of all, google doesn't need to bid on these contracts. there are good companies that can do this. their fight is internal. but tell people the irony of what they're -- what they're trying to -- what they're advocating for. >> so, these people are saying that we have to protect these illegal immigrants that are coming across the border illegally. if we can't process them, if we don't have the eck the -- the technology that google can offer, then we can't process them in a timely manner and we have to hold them even longer. so what they're asking us to do is they're asking us to actually hold them in our custody even longer because they won't give us the technology in order to process them through. what makes me sick is you've had the opportunity, i've had the opportunity, i wish all of the
11:45 pm
american citizens will be able to talk with president trump. if he wants to do is he wants to protect the american people. and because he wants to protect the american people, he gets called names and he gets vilified when in reality, the villains are the cartels that put these people in danger whens they're crossing the border illegally. and now google wants to put more people into the hands of the cartels because that's what invites them to come here to the united states illegally in the first place. >> it's disgusting. what i see google doing is bending all of the rules and trying to help out but they won't help out our pentagon, they won't help our military, they don't want to help the law enforcement here in this country. google, go ahead, stop bidding on those contracts because you have more in tune with china and what they want to do and bending your rules. it's absolutely disgusting. we had this horrific case. and, tom, i want you to comment on it, a young 11-year-old girl allegedly raped by a 27-year-old and a 28-year-old. these alleged punks right here were under deportation orders, i know one of them was, but
11:46 pm
explain what your organization what you see in law enforcement what their role is, and remember, there's an 11-year-olr girl who was raped repeatedly and law enforcement has to go in and take care of it and your folks are the ones that actually do it. >> actually, that's exactly right. and maybe the google employeeso ought to listen to this. now, these two subjects, one was actually arrested, went through due process, was deported back to el salvador for re-entry into the united states, a felony. the other had due process and ordered to remove but he failedt to leave.ue and if people want to see and the border patrol fail, this is what happened. montgomery county is a sanctuary city.r knowing the release a public safety threat out to the public to -- look, you have to look at recidivism rates, half will commit a crime in the first year, 75% will recommit in five years, i.c.e. is keeping a community safe, let me say a number, 137,000 convicted criminals we took off of the streets of this country.oo the google employees to aoc, the squad, you're welcome.
11:47 pm
aoc, we arrested 5,000 criminalg aliens off of the streets in new york. i've done for the safety of new york than you did. let's aiming at i.c.e. and border patrol. border patrol agents and i.c.e. agents have died protecting this country. they strap a gun to their hip every day to protect this nation. >> you're right. we have tens of thousands of heroes, men and women who put their lives on the line to take care of those punks and get them out of the street. a federal judge ordered them to leave the country. they didn't just pack up their bags and go, somebody's get out to go in there, put their life on the line. drag them out of here, and kick ass out of the country. it doesn't happen magically by a typing into your google browser. those folks at google need to get a reality check, get out of your palo alto chairs and go with yourself down on the border and see what these men and women do. stop disparaging them, attacking them they're the bad guys. if you have a problem, talk to aoc, the democrats, congress because they enforced the law.
11:48 pm
i've seen it up close and personal. i've been out there. i've been on the border, i've seen what they do. i come in and do it for a day or two. they do it every day. i'm sick of these google punks and what they're doing. i have to take a deep breath. but i've got to tell you, i appreciate what you do. we're out of time. i've got to keep going because this network sells commercials. >> jason, thank you. >> i appreciate it. listen, all right, taking a deep breath. next, the worst media offenders of the week. it doesn't compare to what's going on on the border. but i have to tell you, the media offenders drive us nuts too, stay with us. aptop could h. plus, tech support to stay worry free. worry free. boom! ha.ha. boom! now save up to 40% on all furniture. up to 40% at office depot officemax or
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i'll pass.
11:51 pm
>> it's >> it's easy to become numb to the media bias these days, it's so prevalent. so the ingraham angle is keeping track of the worst defenders of the week. joining me now, charlie kirk founder and president of turning point usa and author of theun upcoming book, the maga doctrine, i look forward to seeing that.wa congratulations on the book. also with me, kathy aru, liberal news analyst. all right, we have to go through the rapid fire. let's begin with the cnn analyst who's rooting for the economy to collapse. >> i'm sorry.
11:52 pm
years of a global recession. that's right, the "r" word and the weakening american economy have rattled the wall street the dow plummeted 800 points. that is the worst day of the year. you look at this and you say it's here. >> it's here. i said that in -- on sunday and in a column and i'm not sure whether to be happy i was right or devastated that my retirement savings has gone down. >> kathy, what's your take on that? >> it should be a cnn op-ed personality. analyst. they're confusing editors with an opinion editor. rooting for the economy to go bad, that's an opinion, not hard news. that should not be her title. that's a political analyst. >> what was your take on it when you saw that? >> i hear nothing. i'm not hearing anything. >> we're having audio problems. we're going to go to the nextng one and hopefully we could get some audio working for charlie there.
11:53 pm
liberals were, of course, up in arms over a new report president trump wanted to buy greenland from denmark. but an msnbc guest took it to disgraceful new heights. >> you know, his supporters are like blind followers of his, and i just wonder when it becomes a talking point of his on the campaign trail. anybody at the maga rally point out greenland on a map. i would be interested to see or tell us what kind of government they are or who the indigenous people are. i highly doubt it. >> kathy, i think we have charlie back now. but i want to go to you first kathy. to attack the audience, the i general public, is that a wise thing to do? >> look, msnbc -- it's what the msnbc audience wants to hear. the liberal media is going to the left and this is what they expect to hear from their guest commentators. it wasn't the right thing to do. a lot of people don't know what the government of greenland is anyway.
11:54 pm
and now many people actually do know. but, no, to say that on national media, not the right way to go it was a commentator, it was a guest. it is to be expected from the media that slants to the left. >> charlie, what they're trying to do is saying anybody who supports trump, they're stupid. they can't even point to greenland on the map, it's offensive, right? >> that's right, it's a. recurring trend, whether hillary clinton called her opponent's supporters, deplorables or peter struck said the walmart smelly people. it's never a good strategy to attack the supporters of that side. you're trying to win over the voters. t it's a common theme of what i like to call the elites of malibu and manhattan who don't think highly of people of michigan or missouri or montana the middle parts of this country. it's a condescension, a greater than thou elitism if you will that's not a great strategy. >> go attack the idea, the public policy holder, to attack the audience like that is never
11:55 pm
good advice.k moving on here, i think it might be the last one, late-night show host stephen colbert who bashes president trump pretty much every hour on the hour made a bizarre claim on cnn's anderson cooper last night. watch this. >> i'm not going against him. i'm not the resistance. this is not the resistance. this is alternative programming. what we want to do is point and laugh at what he thinks is his own unassailable dignity that he thinks he gets from that office. that's not resisting, that's laughing. that's not the same thing. g i'm not a political figure. >> that's an interesting self-convenient take on it. what do you think, kathy?in >> yeah, he is a political figure. he mocks politicians, he's a leader, he uses his voice toto talk about politics. so, sorry, he is part of the resistance.ut he's a liberal.
11:56 pm
>> charlie, what's your take on it? >> well, i'll challenge him a little bit. people don't laugh when they go to his shows, they clap because he's not funny, he's a political commentator. because they used to laugh when you'd go to late night television, now everybody claps because he's saying things that they agree in order to have comedy, you must actually be funny which he is not, he used to be but now hs just cares about hating donald trump. >> oh no, listen, i miss the days of jay leno.on i really do. charlie, kathy, thank you very much, have a good weekend. the last bite when we come back. . as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. ..
11:57 pm
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>> hey! >> hey! we need some more. >> that is andrew yang and he
12:00 am
eats. that is all-time we have tonight. i am jason chaffetz, order my new book power grab. it goes on sale december 3rd. shannon bream, take it from here. have a great weekend. >> i am shannon bream in washington. we begin with a fox news alert, donald trump keeping the feud with the so-called squad of progressive congresswomen alive and well suggesting congresswoman rashida tlaib set up the israeli government, they called her bluff. the squad's firing back. breaking news from jeffrey epstein's legal team reacting to autopsy results ruling is that the suicide vowing their own investigation, we have late breaking news. the ninth circuit has handed planned parenthood a big defeat,


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