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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 17, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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tucker will be on monday. ♪ welcome to the special edition of "hannity." issues facing america. i'm gregg jarrett in for sean. jeffrey epstein's autopsy has been completed and it's been officially ruled a suicide. but according to reports epstein was in great spirits. just hours before the suicide. and was confident about his ongoing criminal case. coming up, forensic pathologist cyril wech will be here for a full analysis. but first, ginning with us more is trace gallagher.
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>> three of epstein's lawyers are challenging the autopsy report planning their own investigation in the cause of death. the lawyers also blame the metropolitan correctional center for the medieval conditions and for not protecting epstein violating numerous protocols. meantime the autopsy results themselves are vague. normally we get the diagrams, descriptions and the definitions to help decipher the findings. but so far, all the medical examiner is saying is that jeffrey epstein died by suicide and the cause was hanging. the "daily beast" is reporting that the marks on epstein's neck looks like those from fabric, which squares with the information that epstein tied a bed sheet around his neck and secured it to the top bunk. there are reports that epstein was found kneeling forward as if lungeing forward. but several medical examiners say lunging as a rule is not enough force to break the hyoid bone. just because he was found on his knees does not mean he didn't throw himself off the
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top bunk. adding another twist to dizzies canvas, fox news can confirm some m.c.c. personnel including the prison staff are not cooperating with the investigations in to epstein's death. but many will be compelled to cooperate. >> tonight we know that epstein's autopsy concluded he hung himself reportedly with a bed sheet. but the next guest says there could be more to the story. joining us is pathologist dr. cyril wech. great to see you. >> good evening. >> there is a great deal of talk that epstein suffered hyoid fracture around the adam's apple area. but i want to caution our viewers, that is only from sources to the "washington post," which broke that story. we haven't heard that from the medical examiner herself.
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so that, i mean, it would be important to know "a," that is confirmed. "b," what i imagine the nature of that fracture. >> yes. it's my understanding that no details have been released. we are just simply told what the medical examiner's conclusions were. vis-a-vis the manner of death is hanging, suicide. i'd need to see all the details. let me say this. if this is a leaning into kind of a hanging, not someone hurling himself from the top bunk, but if he were for example maybe sitting on the lower bunk, or kneeling by there, and no evidence of his having been on the top bunk and hurling himself off, then there is no velocity, there is no force imparted to that
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scenario. leaning forward, in my opinion, would not lead to what we are told multiple "multe fractures." we don't know what was broken exactly. no details have come from the medical examiner's office. we are told by the "washington post," the "new york post" the hyoid bone was broken. that is above the adam's apple by a couple of inches in a good size man. the other fractures, if they are fractures of the thyroid cart ridge, adam's apple in association with the fracture of the hyoid bone that is highly suspicious. in my opinion unlikely to be caused by leaning into suicidal hanging. >> but to be clear, if he is on the top bunk with bed sheet around his neck and propels himself off the top bunk, the
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hyoid fracture and another fracture or two, that would be consistent with the behavior? >> yes. if he were on the top bunk and he hurled himself, he jumped off, that is i understand five and a half feet high. you have his increased height from the waist to head. so you have seven feet or so roughly. that drop could lead to those kind of fractures. so, i agree. and i want to make that clear, i cannot express an opinion with reasonable medical certainty. i can only repeat what i have said based upon the cases i have myself examined. hundreds of cases over the years in my 20,000-plus autopsies. 40,000 other cases that i have reviewed, supervisorred or signed off on i -- supervised or signed off on, that i have not seen multiple fractures on single leaning into suicidal
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hanging where there is no velocity. velocity is what gives you force. >> right. >> if you don't have velocity, you don't have force. that is what this case is all about. they should have done, maybe they have, an investigation of the cell. first of all, why was there a double bunk cell. taking out the cell mate the day before. if you have someone on suicide watch and he still should have been on suicide watch, don't you think gee, maybe he mightjump from the higher balcony? why are there two bunks like that? a lot of things have to be core latecorrelated with the anc findings. what was the position of the body? was he kneeling as if he had leaned forward? if you hurl yourself off, i heard you say, quoting somebody else, well, me might land like that on your knees. yeah, you can do that. you can do it with people, you don't have to tie their necks or so on. but guys that do stunt and so on, give them knee padding and let them jump off and see how
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they land. it's highly doubtful they will land in kind of a bent over, kneeling position from the waist. it's highly unlikely. >> you would want -- >> from five and a half feet high >> you want to look for abrasions on the knee and the other evidence of trauma to the body. dr. wecht, many thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> without a doubt, irregularity surrounding jeffrey epstein's death are shocking. we learned today attorney general william barr dispatched two senior department of justice officials to the metropolitan corrections center to gather additional information. those officials have been there, actually, since thursday. joining us now with a full report is catherine herridge. >> thank you. we could get a reading next week of the justice department preliminary findings in the epstein case. they are investigating how the bureau prison staffing and
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overtime may have contributed to the events surrounding his death. william barr you mentioned dispatching two of his top aids to independentl --aides ton where epstein was being held. the team has been on site since thursday. separately, there is a review team under the bureau of prisons that falls under the justice department. they are still on the scene analyzing what went wrong. nearly a week out from epstein's death and the key issue is staffing, who was working overtime shift and whether the protocols monitoring epstein were followed after he came off the suicide watch as well as the removal of the cell mate. fox news reports tonight that the officials found 94% of the overtime hours in the critical period were done voluntarily and also this evening, new information from the producer that there are indications that there was a lack of cooperation among some of the m.c.c. staffers.
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>> catherine herridge in washington. thanks very much. >> you're welcome. >> joining us now is fox news contributor and retired lapd detective mark furman, former special agent manny gomez and emily campano, a fox news contributor. mark, i'll begin with you. this strikes me that a critical component of this are the videotape of the cameras that would have been in the hallway and general area. you would want to examine the three-hour period of time in which he allegedly killed himself to determine if anyone had access or egress to his jail cell, right? >> absolutely! the interesting part of the pathology report is that we don't have the summary or the protocols. but we have the cause and the manner of death, as dr. wecht stated. this gives you a finding combined with the detectives' view of the crime scene. one of those is the
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surveillance video during the estimated time of death, before and after, nobody entered the cell. nobody approached the door. nobody exited. so that eliminates the death at the hands of another. and thousand we have to conclude with the evidence that it is suicide. >> emily, the defense lawyers for jeffrey epstein are hinting they don't buy it. they want to conduct their own investigation. maybe another autopsy. it's a little bit unclear. i suspect they are driven by guilty more than anything else. it was the defense attorney who was urging the metropolitan corrections center to take him off suicide watch. but for that request epstein might still be alive today. >> there is a level of responsibility at minimum and culpability as maximum that they hold. yes. i want to point out that the fact that the autopsy ruled
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this a suicide means that epstein's estate can sue for what is essentially wrongful death at the hands of the state. what is interesting to note is that the standard of review for those kind of the cases, when the inmates commit suicide and the family of the loved ones saying it was your fault, state. you broke in the protocol or there was negligence that led to the suicide that you knew could have happened, the standard is deliberate indifference. it's a very tough bar to cross. of all the cases i reviewed the vast majority were moved out of court at the summary judgment stage, which meant that the defendant simply even falling asleep it still didn't qualify. >> manny, there is a report and this may also be fed by the defense attorneys who harbor guilt of their own by virtue of their actions, that well, he was upbeat. he was optimistic about his chances on a double jeopardy motion that had been filed.
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frankly, i always as a defense attorney discount the mindset of a client. >> absolutely. the mindset of this individual before he perhaps committed suicide, apparently committed suicide, has no to do with the negligence, the recklessness of how m.c.c. behaved in this matter. in fact, they are acting as psychologist which has nothing to do with the case at hand, which is how is the most highly visible inmate in the united states capable of committing suicide when they went against every protocol that they, themselves have in place to prevent that? >> mark, if it's not suicide, but rather a homicide, that would require some fairly insurmountable challenges to carry out, wouldn't it? >> well, it would. dr. wecht pointed out both sides of the coin in the
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medical evidence. but there was no filmed or witnessed inside the cell. we don't know if he jumped from the top of the bunk or he merely leaned over in a forceful way. we don't know that. so to change a suicide to a homicide in this respect, you are going to have to have a witness or you'll have to have a film of the act or a participant in the act to come forward. so, we know nobody entered the cell. so, he did not die at the hands of another. we certainly don't know the toxicology yet. but if they are going to rule it a suicide i would say that there is no drugs in his suicide that would make him compliant or unconscious so somebody could stage the scene. so that is a huge bar to change it from a suicide or implicate it was a homicide. >> sean: al >> all right. so where does the case go now? it's possible cocosponnors could be charged.
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ghislaine maxwell has been identified a the madam that coordinated this. she knows where to find a good burger. the question is does she know where to find a good criminal defense lawyer? i suspect she will need one. >> so, as of yet, she has been unundieted, unnamed. but that said, there are unnamed co-conspirators in the charging documents. she has a lot to answer for. accused in the organize stration of the vast network but also an abuser herself. she is right now the confident of civil lawsuits in state of new york in terms of -- as well as the defendant estate of epstein. note for the viewers to keep track of this all there is also an f.b.i. and a d.o.j. investigation in to this correctional institution. there are many threads. bottom line as well with
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maxwell, with ghislaine maxwell, if she proves a useful source of information, then it would behoove her to -- >> flip. >> to be as transparent as possible to the government. yes. she would have to be charged first with something because of now, we don't know. >> we need leverage. manny, there was back in the original case in 2007 in which was there a plea deal to two charges, a non-prosecution immunity agreement that apparently affects others. i suspect that is not worth the paper it's written on. for a couple of reasons. first, it doesn't immunize you for future acts so acts after 2007 are not covered. second, it appears that it violated the crime victims rights act in which the victims were never notified. >> right. he had a hubris that he was falling under double jeopardy and he would not be found guilty or this.
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and it would be thrown out of court. that was not the case. he obviously was desperate and apparently committed suicide. that being said, it still does not excuse actions of m.c.c. bureau prisons, et cetera, and it certainly doesn't excuse the action of coconspirators as william barr said. they will still continued to be investigators and prosecuted if needed. >> you can tell that barr is angry. he will get to the bottom of what happened here. >> absolutely. >> mark, i want you to have the final word here. as the case moves forward forwa, there have been identified half a dozen women allegedly aiding and abetting according to some of the victims. is that where the case goes now? >> i think it where it has to go. they don't have epstein now so they will go with all the people they might have been able to flip. have them testify against
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epstein. now they will have to pursue some of the most important ones and have the minor ones testify against him to prove the case. but most of the crimes, if it wasn't filmed or witnessed and you don't have a victim, then you have sex trafficking but you really don't have a strong case. they need someone on the inside. >> they need someone on the inside. of course, they need the alleged accusers to come forward and say this happened to me, it was sexual assault. a horrendous, violent crime. mark, manny, emily, thank you for being with us. coming up next, big greating news ibreakingnews in the invesn the investigators. plus, we will recap bide joe biden's bad week. stay with us as this special edition of "hannity"
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only person she gave the anti-trump information to was her husband. now it turns out that at least three prosecutors were given the information by nellie ohr. there are 339 pages of e-mails showing it. that looks like lying to congress, which is the last
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time i check and we can all check with michael cohen, that is a crime, isn't it? >> it is a crime. the entire situation surrounding bruce ohr and nellie ohr was concerning to me when i was at the department of justice. this is a key thing that mr. durham is looking at, how did the whole investigation start. i know mr. huber, u.s. attorney from utah is looking at the fisa abuse. i know the inspector general is looking at it. i hope we can get full transparency and all the answers to the questions, gregg, because i know that you and others have been asking the questions and really receiving unsatisfactory answers. there was no doubt that fusion g.p.s. was trying to get the false dossier and the information it contained to anyone who could launch an investigation or otherwise throw a wrench in the campaign in 2016. we have to make sure it never happens again. >> gregg: how is it possible that bruce ohr is still
1:26 am
employed at the department of justice? this guy is required under federal regulation to disclose financial benefits he was receiving. his wife is paid by fusion through hillary clinton's campaign. it's going to the bruce and nellie ohr joint bank account. he didn't disclose it. nor did he see seek resuze calle case. is that not fireable offense? >> it's something that they fill out every year to look at conflict of interest and i think the process for employment for career officials, there is, it's a long process in order to terminate someone. there has to be enough evidence and a record. so the investigations by both the inspector general and the two attorneys i mentioned could be the basis for that. that is what happened in
1:27 am
mccabe's situation, where the inspector general decision drove the decision to terminate him. once the reports come out it could be basis for employment investigation. >> gregg: thank you for being with me. joining me now is the former attorney bret tollman and florida congressman matt gaetz. there is already a criminal referral against nellie ohr and probably should be one against bruce ohr in my judgment. we'll wait to see. i want to tackle another suggest with you. congressman gaetz we learned you can read about in "the daily caller" that according to a senate report, every single hillary clinton e-mail was sent secretly to a cryptic gmail address, including classified documents. so you have potentially hundreds if not thousands of documents that are senseivetive, if not classify -- sensitive, if not classified that can be hacked
1:28 am
on a google server. intelligent agent discovered it. notified peter strozk who was "disinterested and dismissive." congressman, how can that be? >> the reason this is the case is because they all thought hillary clinton was going to win. remember, gregg, the trump russia allegations weren't the crime. they were the cover-up. because a lot of the folks at the f.b.i. and the department of justice thought they would be retaliated against by a future president hillary clinton if they aggressively pursued the facts and applied the law when it related to her unlawful conduct with her e-mails. the reason we get this drip by drip is you have people who were paving a yellow brick road to exoneration for hillary clinton they should have been doing their job. that is because susan g james cy curated an environment where they were not doing investigations at the f.b.i. they were trying to shape public opinion. when you see the bias that was
1:29 am
so evident of those investigating hillary clinton there is no excuse for the outcome she wasn't forced to account for the bad conduct. >> gregg: if you have classified documents on a google server, i mean everybody has got it. including the russians. we now also know that the chinese apparently hacked hillary clinton's classified documents. once again, the f.b.i. is notified of this. they didn't care. isn't that just the quintessential malfeasances of the f.b.i.? >> i know a hundred agents and executives of the f.b.i. that would have reacted differently than peter strozk did. and would have placed this at the top of their priority list. the bottom line on classified information, think about this, gregg. taking any classified
1:30 am
information and mishandling it to summarize what the laws state, mishandling of classified information is a crime in this country. perhaps the only one that is a bit relieved tonight is hillary clinton because the story doesn't seem to come back to focus on the fact that she has a private server. and these e-mails are on a private server. those e-mails end up going to a more public place. by her instruction, you have to believe it's by her instruction. she hired the company. they put it on the public place for anyone to potentially see it. let's face it right now, and back then, china is absolutely one of our top threats to this country's national security. >> gregg: paul kombata the i.t. guy that worked for hillary clinton. unbelievably, congressman, he got immunity from the f.b.i. in exchange for nothing, which
1:31 am
in my almost 40 years of a lawyer i have never heard of that, never seen that before. he gets immunity from prosecution. able noand now he is refusing to cooperate or even talk to the d.o.j. inspector general. >> well, when we in the congress saw the immunity deals that were given not only in this instance but to a variety of other hillary clinton associates, you wonder what was bargained for. immunity deal is exchange for evidence that leads to a high profile or a high priority target that they have in a case. but you saw the blanket immunity deals given to people. it didn't give them more of an incentive. it created less of an incentive. it was drawn to critique by the inspector general when he analyzed the bias that existed here and the extent to which the bias could have impacted the outcome of the case. >> gregg: you can have the last word because i have 30 seconds left. this is as crooked as the day
1:32 am
is long, isn't it? >> it is. in 20 years of practicing federal criminal law, i was never able to get blanket immunity. not for a cooperator that i wanted d.o.j. to give immunity. not when i became a defense attorney. not for any of my clients. they had limited immunity and they always had to give something up that was substantial. what we have here is failure that is starting to percolate up at multiple levels. it's just the beginning. >> gregg: yeah. this was james comey's f.b.i. the sanctimonious and the glorious former f.b.i. director. gentlemen, thank you for being with us. congressman gaetz, bret tohlman, thank you so much. up next, you can run but you can't hide. the biden campaign is allegedly considering scaling back his campaign to avoid putting his foot in his mouth.
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stay with us. as this special edition of "hannity" continues.
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>> gregg: welcome back to the "hannity" special. president trump at his rally in new hampshire last night calling out joe biden's campaign over talks that they might dial back his appearances because of the former v.p.'s incessant gaffes. watch this. >> but i don't know, i think sleepy joe may be able to limp across the finish line. but today they announced that they are going to cut way back on his appearances because he is such a disaster they are going to have fewer appearances. you have heard that, right? they are cutting way back on his appearances. can you believe it? if i ever did that, it would
1:38 am
be over. >> gregg: that is not all. the "new york times" is reporting today in a private conversation, earlier this year, obama even discouraged biden from running. the report says obama told biden, "you don't have to do this, joe. you really don't." but that is not all. the report goes on to say that obama told biden's adviser in march that they can't let biden, "embarrass himself" or "damage his legacy." joining us now for reaction, c.e.o. of the new voice herman cain. always good to talk to you. is hiding from voters a sound campaign strategy? >> no. as you said earlier, you can run, but you can't hide. you are not going to win an election by the people not being able to hear and see you. so, it might be a good strategy to avoid some future gaffes by joe biden.
1:39 am
but it's not a good strategy in order to endear voters to vote for you. so no, it's not a good strategy. >> gregg: no getting around the fact that joe biden has a reputation of being a gaffe machine. >> right. >> gregg: you know, which may account for why he was a plagiarist until he got caught. it's tempting to say he is not up for the beckettual challenge for the campaign -- intellectual challenge for the campaign or the presidency. what do you think? >> if he makes it to the nomination, he will embarrass himself and he will embarrass the democrat party. let's face it. he is not sharp enough to be in this race. the only reason joe biden is leading in the polls amongst the democratic presidential wannabes is because he is the lesser of all the socialist evils. that is why.
1:40 am
most normal democrats if there are such a thing as normal democrats would like to go with someone like joe, more normal to lead us back where we were than the socialists out there. other one of the candidates, every one of them, have proked socialists ideas -- proposed socialists ideas. that is why he is leading in the polls. so they think if they keep him out of sight he will continue to lead in the polls. >> gregg: i have news for them. he is not doing well in iowa. that is the first contest. if elizabeth warren wins there as one polype poll indicates ths finito for joe biden. herman, thank you for being with us. good to see you. >> thank you. >> gregg: joining us with more reaction author of "still winnings request," co fox news
1:41 am
contributor charlie hurt. and also joining us is doug schoen. when the former president of the united states says you don't need to do this, joe, is that a polite way of saying don't do this, joe? >> yeah. i think so. to herman cain's point i think of myself as a normal democrat. ide logically i'm a -- ideologically i'm aligned with joe biden but seeing gaffe after gaffe after gaffe it's becoming clear to me as you mention the polls in iowa and new hampshire and the national numbers joe biden is on a skid i'm not sure he can recover from. >> gregg: but it's not something is it, charlie? joe biden has been iting both feet in his mouth for decades. >> this has been his shtick for years. he has never managed to get the nomination for president. the closest he has come to the white house was being hand picked by barack obama to be
1:42 am
his vice president. think about this for a minute. think about how embarrassed barack obama must be to have this guy trying to go out there and uphold obama's legacy. it will be hugely embarrassing. but think about the other thing, which is who leaked all of this stuff? who leaked these conversations to the "new york times"? it wasn't biden's campaign. this is hugely embarrassing to biden's campaign. the only people that could have leaked all this stuff to the "new york times" is barack obama's people. and i mean, what a shiv in the back. >> gregg: it is a shiv in the back. it had to have come from obama's people. they are watching for example, doug, the debates. fellow democrats are attacking biden over obama legacy programs like the deportation of illegal immigrants. and obamacare. >> right. biden has had trouble defending those policies,
1:43 am
articulating his own policies. what has been really a problem is he has been saddled with support for the '94 crime bill. he hasn't been able to defend himself which also included an assault weapon ban. and the fact that he has been linked to segregationist in the first debate and still hasn't really credibly answered that, this is a campaign in crisis and indeed i'd say some degree of disarray. >> gregg: yeah, i mentioned a moment ago, charlie. there is a poll and it may be an outlier but it shows a trend with other polls that biden going down in iowa and warren is going up. if biden can't win iowa it's finito, isn't it? >> yeah, no, it's a real problem for him. i think the rest of the filed ofieldof the democrats running,s
1:44 am
dug pointed out, the rest of the democrats running, they have gone plum crazy. plum full socialism. i don't think that is where the regular main stream democratic voters are. so my question then is okay, well, then, where is barack obama? he is the most popular democrat in the land. if he is the leader of the party, why doesn't he step in to this and mediate some of this? his legacy is going down the toilet with any of the socialists that get picked. barack obama is just standing on the sideline. pathetic leadership. >> gregg: why doesn't obama jump in? >> the strongest candidate that obama knows well is named michelle obama and she has made it clear she not going to run. this is insoluble problem because the democrats moved so far left people like me could not vote for socialists for president. i'm a capitalist. >> gregg: yeah. all right. doug schoen and charlie hurt, good to see you both.
1:45 am
have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> good to be with you. >> gregg: coming up, dems, rat call dems ratcheting up the rhetoric. elizabeth warren and kamala harris spreading dangerous falsehoods -- i call them "lies." the media is afraid to call them out on it.
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>> gregg: welcome back to this "hannity" special. "issues facing america." more than 20 democratic presidential contenders fight for the nomination, many are competing to see how far left they can go or how crazy they can be. yesterday in a campaign event, beto o'rourke made this ominous prediction about president trump. take a look. >> when we allow this country to be defined along lines of race, and ethnicity, and
1:50 am
religion, we allow a commander-in-chief to not only welcome that but the violence that follows to defy our laws, our institutions, and any ethical or moral boundaries. that if at this moment we do not wake up to this threat, then we as a country will die in our sleep. >> gregg: we will die in our sleep. also this week, senator elizabeth warren defended her claim that michael brown was, "murdered" by white police officer in ferguson. the liberal fact checking website politifact failed to call out warren and fellow candidate kamala harris for calling the shooting "murder" even though the officer was never indicted. and, in fact, obama's d.o.j. declared that the officer, "did not act with a requisite criminal intent to be charged with a federal offense." joining us with reaction.
1:51 am
siriusxm radio host and fox news contributor david webb. and joe concho. good to see you. david, we're going to die in our sleep. when a candidate says something really profoundly stupid, one can reasonably conclude that the speaker is stupid. as he forfeited his right to be taken seriously as a candidate? >> he forfeited a long time ago. if you look at what he has said on the campaign trail this is the fourth or the fifth restart of the campaign. it's failing. it has fall on the the bottom tier. he needs the outrage, just like castro needs outrage to get any attention. >> gregg: you know, initially, joe, his campaign, beto's campaign took off like a rocket. since then it has gone down like the hindenburg.
1:52 am
is that the risk you run as media darling of qua "vanity fair"? >> yes. people thought because he ran in a couple of points of cruz in texas he must be viable candidate. but if you look at the polling, beto o'rourke doesn't have gravitas, he doesn't fill the screen. he is running for vice president at this point. if elizabeth warren gets the nomination, he is positioning himself as a vice presidential candidate. or possibility. instead of actually winning the presidency because he has no shot of doing that. he pulled out everything after el paso in terms of calling the president a white supremacist and racist. it didn't get him anywhere in terms of the jump of the polls and now he is playing for second place, not first, gregg. >> fy could interject, joe. i agree he is playing for
1:53 am
second place. but the second part of the ticket is usually a complement. he is a not a complement to elizabeth warren or to any of them. he advocates for open borders with socialist policies so i don't think he is even qualified for that. >> david, not even open borders. he actually told chris hayes of msnbc in an interview a couple of months ago he would tear down the borders around el paso. not even open. he wants to take down walls altogether. that is even beyond open borders. but again, that seems to be the way the democratic party is going on the issue in terms of not just allowing people to come in illegally. but also knocking down walls keeping them from coming in illegally. >> gregg: we have run out of time for me to trash elizabeth warren and kamala harris for accusing the police officer in the shooting death of michael brown of murder. when, in fact, they are both lawyers. i mean, c'mon, they know the definition of "murder."
1:54 am
>> gregg, one point. >> gregg: go ahead. >> politifact never fact checked elizabeth warren's claim she is part cherokee indian. if you are a fact checkings a, i would think it would be at the top of the list in terms of things you fact check and don't fact check. that is all you need to know about politifact and elizabeth warren. >> gregg: i have my own beef with them. they criticizedded my book and only read
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soap welcome to the special edition of hannity. intrigue surrounding the jeffrey epstein case continues following his death with so many unanswered questions looming. trace gallagher with more. trace?
1:59 am
>> while the investigations move forward, the focus will be on the women in his life, alleged victims and potential witnesses like his girlfriend who some accuse of helping to orchestrate his teenage sex ring. and yesterday she was spotted on the west coast in a southern california in and out burger reading a novel about the cia, a nonfiction book about the cia. epstein did not speak about the accusations against her. one day after being taken off of a suicide watch, epstein spent two hours with a mystery woman, possibly from his legal team, a different attorney visiting the jail told nbc news the quote, optics were startling because the woman was young and pretty and on it gos. >> that's all the time we have for this evening. thanks for being with us. if you haven't already, make sure to order a copy of my new
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book, "witch hunt, the story of the greatest mass delusion in american political history." you can order it on-line in all of the usual channel. "the five" starts right now. ♪ 12340e9 >> i'm juan williams, with emily, dana, and greg. it's 5:00 in new york city, this is "the five." >> the autopsy report for jeffrey epstein has just been released. the new york city medical examiner saying it was suicide by hanging. this comes less an week after the convicted sex offender was found dead inside his jail cell here in manhattan as he awaited trial. brian is standing by brand new information. brian? >> hey, juan, we've been


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