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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 17, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> it was a wild week on wall street as donald trump is downplaying fears of a global recession. welcome to america's news headquarters. you are at the president's rally in new hampshire, talking about the economy. >> he continues to tout the economy, some investors are nervous about it, some on edge. the president doubling downtown us economy, the market will collapse if he is not reelected. kevin cork has the latest on this. >> always good to be with you.
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it is difficult to make a call on a possible recession was given the overall strength of the us economy, it is to see a slide in that direction. all that said we have to be honest about possible economic head wents. we consider some of the things we saw last week. and, and there will position to post the deal on china. no other president before him has demanded it. >> others allow china to freely loot the us economy $500 billion
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a year, not million, billion with would be, we have made it clear that the best of american jobs and american wealth is over. >> that was certainly an applause line. the unrest in hong kong that and well and is random and continued missile testing from north korea, uncertainty over the hard brexit, all of that continues to roil global markets, the white house remains utterly convinced that right now the us is in the most incredible position from a global perspective to keep a stronger economy not just now but into the 2020 election cycle and beyond. don't forget this week housing information on new home sales, existing home sales and friday jerome powell, the fed chair will step up to the microphone looking forward to that and more but now back to you. >> much more of the economy and politics coming up. kevin cork, thank you.
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>> we are talking with a member of the house small business and energy commerce committee, nice to see you, appreciate it. think about it, james carville was right, it's the economy, stupid. >> things are going very well. we are very concerned donald trump's talk about tariffs in the back and forth with china is going to accelerate us into recession, no president is immune to recession but the comments the president makes and lack of understanding about the way markets work and the economy works should concern each and everyone of us. >> reporting behind-the-scenes in terms of support on the way the president is taking on china seems to be deepened by
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bipartisan support. talking about how the president is getting tough on china. >> no question, things they do in china should concern all of us but to get to a trade war with them. we have general motors plant in arlington, texas, general motors july, in order to make these cars and keep them affordable we rely on a supply chain that is worldwide, talking tariffs, vehicles -- if the president doesn't back off soon i'm afraid he will accelerate us into recession. >> i've heard the accelerated recession a couple times, the president and his team have learned a little about economics and decided to back off the talking point, prices do go up but brings up an important question and that is if there is
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a national security interest in confronting china confronting an adversary getting away with so much the chinese have for 30 years, doesn't come for free, there is pain for that, do you tonight is an incredible national security interest in going after china and holding them accountable and dealing with the pain. >> to make sure they are doing what they were supposed to. monitoring, etc. etc.. they never got the message and never cleaned up their act. >> never tried to accelerate at. and some level of cooperation. and it was his own fox news corporation. you have seen the editorial page, very conservative.
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repeatedly the way he is dealing with china relates to china and the economy is the only thing donald trump has. what else does he have to hang his hat on? >> you give the president credit on the economy and the wall street journal talked about peter navarro's recession and followed -- and important point. if you don't confront the chinese economically and try to put the thumbscrews on in terms of tariffs than the only other way to confront them is militarily. you are not in board with that either, what is the answer? >> the answer is if you look at previous administrations and how they dealt with china -- >> you just agreed to reason china is out of control is what
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previous administrations have done hasn't worked. >> i'm not going to say -- >> the obama administration wasn't able to put them in line. >> the chinese economy is large and sprawling. we have to accept that and figure out how to hold them accountable, but taking us into a recession when the economy is doing so well is not the way to go and that is what donald trump is doing and he's not going to have anything, the economy is what he is counting on in 2020. >> we got to run. we appreciate it. enjoy texas. a lot more on the economy. dana perino is in with chris wallace, talking to larry kudlow, fascinating interview. the next hour, to preview that,
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tomorrow at 11 am eastern, talking to white house the beauty press secretary about the media coverage of the white house and tariffs specifically this week. >> donald trump touting the strength of the economy think it is doing incredible as stocks bounce back on friday into the volatile week with global fears of recession. more insight on this, let's bring capitalist hedge fund manager and fox news contributor jonathan koenig. it is fun to talk to you. i had a chance to go to this rally on thursday where he touted the economy quite a bit and he said this. >> i know you like me in this room is a lovefirst but you have no choice but to vote for me because your 401(k)s down the tubes, everything is going to be down the tubes. whether you love me or hate me
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you got to vote for me. >> that got rousing reaction from this crowd. they wanted to see him speak. your thoughts on that statement? >> a bit of a false choice. i am an investor, not a politician. the president presided over a strong economy but there are a lot of signs on the horizon and one is self caused and that is the trade issue. you talked about it before but this is top of mind. one reason is such dramatic swings in the market this we, 800 points up down 300 points up. we always say the market hate uncertainty and just like during barack obama's stimulus program, the cash for clunkers, investors have to invest 15 or 20 years out, they can't make those decisions when trade policy is being announced by twitter on a haphazard basis, tariffs being announced and withdrawn a couple days later. this makes it difficult to invest. >> folks closely watch the
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market as you mentioned, watching all these tweets the president puts out but what he did, talking to these voters, how do they identify the market? many of them have 401(k)s which you are not supposed to look at every day, watching if they are going up or down. is it wise to talk to these voters, something they can relate to as far as the economy is concerned and if they are keeping an eye on that and tie his electoral prospects to those numbers? someone's personal 401(k)? >> i'm an investor, not a political strategist. i think it is dangerous knowing we are into the longest expansion in history, one of the longest bull market in history and there are worrisome signs on the horizon the consumer confidence number came out this week, the lowest of the year reflecting trade worries. even when the president called the ceos of the three biggest
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banks they mentioned trade. at on the the global economy is slowing, whether it be china or germany or the rest of europe. the global economy is slowing and whether the president wants to hitch his wagon to that, his advisors should caution him on that. >> trade war china, big impact, the president he line to delay the tariffs, and also hong kong as well, incredible volatility come something to watch. a lot of folks have multinational business interests have taken hits to their bottom line. what does that mean if the president goes forward touting the strong economy saying now is the time to take these risks because the economy is doing so well? >> you can't discount what you alluded to with hong kong or anywhere else in the world. there's an old saying one part of the world catches cold the rest of the world gets pneumonia. in the late 1990s a currency
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crisis in asian countries impacted in a major global route for all markets, that is one of the fears. as much we try to be america alone, it is a global interconnected economy and that is one of the reasons we are seeing wild machinations in markets worldwide. >> thank you so much, they appreciate it. >> development continue on jeffrey of cnet lawyers who say they are, quote, not satisfied with conclusions of the medical examiner's released friday, jackie heinrich joins us this weekend on epstein's legal plans next. >> epstein's defense team wants to see any surveillance video from around his cell leading up to his death. medical examiner ruled his death a suicide by hanging, some medical experts of questions how
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he broke certain bones in his neck by himself the daily beast reported he had next -- mark on his neck, use the bedsheet to hang himself up washington post and new york times reported epstein broke multiple neck bones, will it can break during hanging but is more commonly broken by strangulation. a source tells fox news the autopsy report will be released to his family sometime next week. autopsy reports are not public record in new york so we might never know what exactly led the medical examiner to determine the cause of death as suicide. fox news can confirm some of the prison staff at the metropolitan correction center were not initially cooperative with investigators and some of the guards on duty were forced to work overtime. in the hours of 14 died, one guard, after midnight and guards were working overtime, one of those guards forced to work that shift involuntarily. new york times is also reporting investigators looking into whether two guards assigned to epstein's wing may have followed asleep on duty.
9:14 am
fox news is not been able to confirm that independently. a former employee tells us even of check did happen on time it may not have prevented suicide. >> suicides happen in a matter of minutes and the assumption is he would still be alive. proper 30 minute checks cannot have prevented that death. >> more victims filing lawsuits against his estate. there will be more on that in the next hour. meantime out of new york, a man suspected in the subway scare in downtown manhattan is in police custody. police are identifying him as larry penson griffin seen on surveillance tape as the man on video leaving behind two rice covers in that lower manhattan subway station.
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it caused delays during the busy morning commute. as of now, no charges have been announced. >> massachusetts senator and president candidate elizabeth warren holding a campaign event in atlanta at this hour, new fox news poll shows her climbing up among the competition. peter doocy is on the campaign trail following mayor pete in the campaign trail, he joins us with the latest. >> everybody is trying to catch joe biden and we learned about a series of conversations with barack obama. the new york times just reported mister biden and mister obama have been talking about the way forward and obama is meeting with biden aids to ensure along the campaign trail biden does not embarrass himself. his interactions with joe biden,
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had a quiet lunch in washington, mister obama has hammered away at me in a campaign to expand his aging in her circle. mister biden's closest advisers are too old and out of touch with the current political climate urging him to include more younger aides including three democrats, biden was called out for invoking president obama, by cory booker who is starting on his chances in early states for somebody who only registers in the cleared politics average of polls with 2% support. >> elizabeth warren is doing well. she and i have the best organization, i have the best organization of the ground in iowa. the things that matter we are doing really well. >> mayor pete buttigieg trying to improve his polling with
9:17 am
african-american primary voters and quiet concerns among moderate democrats about being the first openly gay candidate. >> a lot of changes in our society. some people more accustomed to that and others. this is about making sure we support each other and living well and living full lives. >> buttigieg is a military veteran, and at the american legion in hampton, talking about his plan improving rural economies in areas like this one. >> thank you so much. in south carolina, 2020 presidential candidate pete buttigieg is speaking at a roundtable event. and we are moving on.
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>> hundreds of people meantime paying their respects to one of the victims in the el paso mass shooting. according to facebook post by a local funeral home, margie records husband invited the public to attend his wife's funeral and they had few relatives nearby. record was an employee of the walmart where she and 21 others were killed and dozens injured after the gunmen opened fire august 3rd. something we talked about on the campaign trail a lot. >> this subject as well, donald trump wins a partial victory for asylum-seekers at the border. we will talk with us citizenship and acting director ken cuchin l cuchinelli next. i don't keep track of regrets.
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>> welcome back. donald trump enjoying a partial legal victory is federal appeals court has back administration's effort to limit final claims at the southern border, julian turner breaking down the court ruling at what this means. >> the appeals court sided with
9:23 am
donald trump. they will allow the new policy that is designed to limit asylum requests for immigrants in honduras, el salvador and mexico. the sand court blocked the nationwide injunction from a california judge, from implementing their policies. the district court erred by failing to consider whether nationwide release is necessary to remedy plaintiffs amended harms, based on limited records before us we don't believe nationwide injunction is justified. the acting customs and border chief said this order will pave the way for the fulfillment of top-tier trump priority. >> in texas and new mexico where we can institute this this will be a game changer. it will allow us to institute an initiative we believe will help stem the flow of illegal immigration. >> from in the white house has been tussling with individual federal judges who tried to fight the president's policies
9:24 am
by imposing these nationwide injunctions. california officials say the reality is the trump administration doesn't like foreigners or immigrants. >> this trump or weapon eyes as nutrition, health care and housing, acts like a ticking time bomb. remarkable what the administration is up to, insidious beyond words. california will have none of it. >> oral arguments, filed by immigration rights opposing asylum policy. >> this victory is that the ninth circuit and the trump administration got it yesterday in terms of what is going on. molly has a lot more on this. >> california leading the latest legal charge to the trump administration public charge
9:25 am
policy. and prevent applicants in a green card if they are likely at any time to become a public charge. joining us to talk about this, acting director ken cuchinelli. >> good to be with you. >> with begin with the fact there is significant political pushback from the other side of the aisle. if we start things off and go with the elizabeth warren, democratic candidate for president, climbing in the polls and here's what she tweeted. trump's public charge policy makes it harder for immigrants to rely on government services to get permanent legal status. family shouldn't be forced to choose between staying in our country and having access to basic healthcare and housing. as president i would overturn this rule. how do you respond to the pushback from the other side of
9:26 am
the aisle? >> first of all remember, we are not writing laws here, we are implementing laws passed on a bipartisan basis and signed by bill clinton himself. this law was so uncontroversial in 1996 that it passed on a voice vote in the senate. not a single vote against it in the senate. all we are doing is continuing 140 years federal legal tradition to require people who want to become legal immigrants must be able to sustain themselves. doesn't seem like too much to ask people who want to join us permanently in america won't go on welfare in the future. donald trump said many times first and foremost strengthening america and this is an important part of that. >> you expect that there could be lawsuits. and many states. working towards legal challenges.
9:27 am
here's a little bit from california leaders. >> to create anxiety and create the chilling effect. you are seeing a decline in people, supports that they are legally entitled to. >> i will tell you this trump rule the way it targets and attacks immigrants, it is personal. as the attorney general of the state of california i can tell you this trump rule is unlawful. >> your reaction to this idea you are somehow doing something against the law because you argue this is about enforcing the law within the law. >> this has been consistent in keeping donald trump's promises, they were reflected in early executive orders in this administration and is completely
9:28 am
and the boundaries of 140 year legal tradition of this country reaching back to 1882 when we required at the federal level immigrants coming here be self-sufficient. i should say this doesn't apply to asylum, doesn't apply to refugee status or domestic violence or human trafficking. of humanitarian visas are excluded but ordinary legal immigration, we continue to expect immigrants who want to join us permanently and ultimately many become citizens they will be self-sufficient and stand on their own two feet and this will be one factor in only one factor, considered by 3 immigration service officers in deciding where people get green cards. >> immigration groups pushing back against this, the national law center, one particular quote from the executive director, this pernicious regulation would
9:29 am
create a byzantine structure to send one message and one message only. if you are not white and wealthy you are no longer welcome in this country, the land of opportunity. the president and his administration repeatedly accused of racism particularly in the last couple weeks. what do you say to push back on that particular charge? >> that is outrageous. it is sort of a brand, the report to work. that is where they put their marbles. and onto the next thing. they will say the president is a -- they are implementing 140 years legal tradition in the united states and the way it was implement it before was a lot less consistent, never the unifying overarching guidance that provides the consistency that is a critical element of fairness. we are going to get these complaints, people who didn't
9:30 am
want the president to be elected in the first place who object to the policy. but the law is solidly founded and we have 266,000 public comments we address very thoroughly and made major changes based on public input so we are in we are well within boundaries of law and i'm confident that the rules will still stand. >> busy week behind you, i imagine many busy weeks ahead. thank you. >> also true. ♪ ♪ leland: sounds of generation, opening credits for 1969 baby boomer block fester, easy rider. passed away in los angeles, came
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from hollywood loyalty, his father henry, two-time oscar winner jane, peter fonda nominated for the oscars although he never won. jane fonda said i'm very sad, he went out laughing, peter fonda was 79 year's old.
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9:36 am
12%. as you can see sanders and warren still beat president trump and voters say they have a negative view of both biden and trump but they back the former vp43 to trump's 10%, with that we bring in colorado talk radio show ross, hey, buddy, we will start local and then zoom out, is colorado for sure lost for president trump in terms of electoral college? >> i don't like to say for sure, yeah, probably. leland: not to say for sure. >> yeah, that's right. and then 2018 here was an unbelievable blue wave that i think you have to attribute to most lisa burr bean counties just not liking president trump. leland: that's been a sort of trend even since i was out in denver back in early 2000's of things moving blue, brings up important point, though, in terms of what people are voting on pocketbooks as president trump talked on rally, if you
9:37 am
like your 401(k) vote for me, who cares what i do, or what you said, they just don't like him? >> here it seems the latter dominates a little more but i think the economic question is really important too, i think part of the thing is the economy is good for so long, i think people are pretty complacent about it and, you know, i think trump is making the right argument but i don't know whether it'll stick. i think people feel like, the president doesn't make that much difference, we are doing fine. leland: that's an interesting point in term of complacency, you were a trader before taking legitimate work as radio talk show host, now you have a radio job, you've been critical at times, this is how kruger from the washington research group puts it in the wall street journal talking about president trump and china, it's not entirely accurate to label this as deescalation, i was going to
9:38 am
break both of your arms on september 1st, now i'm only going to break your elbow. any uncertainty among suburban voters about the economy or are they just letting the good times rolls? >> i think it's more of the latter and i think a lot of this trade war stuff, going about everyday jobs taking care of the kids, everything that we are doing. i think people don't understand the implications of trade war very much, some people say it's going to hurt you, president trump says it won't, i know what i think but talking about what voters think, i think the message is confused they put it to the side. leland: the way it would begin to hurt and affect consumers in the way they understood immediately is rising prices an president trump and his team said we didn't want to do that around christmas hence backing off on a lot of the tariffs, since you're in colorado, we have to ask you john
9:39 am
hickenlooper dropping out of presidential race, thoughts, surprise? >> not a surprise at all, what i wonder about is he hasn't yet saying he's going run for the senate and i'm trying to figure out whether that is legitimate indecision in his part or whether he just want it to look like that's a guy that wants to be in office and doesn't care what office it is. leland: he talked about how he didn't wanted to be a senator, he wasn't cut out to be a senator. >> that's right. leland: took cory gardner as popular as he is with republicans, obviously the coat tails from nrnc, that would be a tough race for the republicans. >> i think it would be tough combining with the stuff we were talking about earlier how blue the state is and here just a small tidbit, one thing that concerns for corey who i like a lot and i think corey is a great senator for colorado, a lot of the very conservative part of the republican base doesn't think he's conservative enough.
9:40 am
so i worry about whether they'll turn out for him. leland: good point especially when they feel colorado is a loss cause to put a bow on it. i appreciate you coming from the evergreen to the big industry on a sad and have a great saturday with the family. >> thanks for having me. leland: appreciate it, enjoy the mountains, molly. >> pete buttigieg and series campaign events in south carolina today, our panel coming up, we will break down the latest on the democratic race for the top next.
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let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. >> 20 democratic candidates on campaign trail hope to go gain traction and qualify for the next democratic debate this as the new fox news poll shows that elizabeth warren closing the gap between herself and the front runner joe biden. warren coming in at 20% and biden down to 31%.
9:45 am
bernie sanders slip to go 10%, kamala harris down to 8%. more on all of this let's bring in our panel, 2008 obama campaign spokesperson democratic strategist and president of cape cod and former obama campaign strategist robin byron, thank you so much to talk about, kicking things off, we have seen down there in the polls as far as democrats are concern, elizabeth warren making things competitive at the top of the ticket, but let's start with a little chat about what we saw thursday night in new hampshire, the president at rally feels comfortable facing whoever comes to the ticket, take a listen. >> what about sleeping joe biden rally, sort of hope it's him. i don't mind any of them, we've got pocahontas rising, we've got
9:46 am
kamala, kamala is falling. >> he's essentially packing the big arenas year before the election. early primary voting states, robin, we will start with you, you had a chance to follow speech, your thoughts and he seems ready to take on whoever, who has the best chance to beat them because that's what democrats want to know? >> molly, i was grateful to hear that president trump was dismissive of 2020 candidates because he could very well make the same mistake that we did in 2016 by just dismissing him. all of the polling showed that we had this in the bag, i was grateful that he was dismissive. i talked to people in new hampshire, they thought that he didn't seem to get their issues, he did on one-on-one radio interviews but not so much in the rally, he even mentioned that they were in the front lines about mill closures, they closed 95 years ago when child
9:47 am
labor was being outlawed, didn't resinate in the rally but did on 101 interviews. >> what do you think, kevin, as far as delivery in new hampshire, something that actually the democratic leadership in new hampshire wanted to point out, they would be coming all over from across new england which, of course, would include maine which he could pick up some numbers there, somewhere down the road. your thoughts on what he said as he faces off against whoever this potential candidate on the democratic side might be? >> yeah, i mean, he's going to new hampshire because he lost new hampshire frankly and he's trying to pick something back up looking at your own fox news polling saying he's behind, trailing every major candidate we have on the democrat psych so he's going there, cover it is boston media market, maybe she's just going where the cameras are and he sees the other candidates having fun in new hampshire and
9:48 am
iowa on the campaign trail. [laughter] >> right, well, donald trump loves to be in crowds and on the campaign trail probably more than being in the white house, to be expected he's going with the cameras are. >> i want to safety gears, south carolina, we have pete buttigieg, mayor pete down there as well as many other candidates, all important state for both sides, democrats and republicans as well, who do you stands the best chance as we shift to the first in the south? >> that's going to be tough. is this directed at me or kevin? >> sorry, kevin, go ahead. >> yeah, i think it's open right now, you've seen in morning consul poll, you look at tom, if national polls were everything in the primaries rudy giuliani would have been nominated in 2008 on the republican side, do i think we've seen a pattern of people dismissing nevada and
9:49 am
focusing mainly on iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, which is smart on the east coast and midwest, and so it's closer to get to but i do think south carolina is going to be a challenge for anybody who doesn't do well and people forget, joe biden actually dropped out of iowa, he did so poorly in his last presidential campaign and not everybody and we will see what happens. >> the president speaking at a big corporation there, a company that shows there's major construction site, some 6,000 construction workers building a plastic plant and the way he sold it in the rust belt the rollback of regulations, sustaining all energy, profracking, this type of thing, pennsylvania was major thing,
9:50 am
michigan, talk about bringing manufacturing jobs, protecting the american energy industry, how will democrats combat that as the president talks about strong economy and workers and manufacturing and bringing those jobs back? >> i will tell you exactly they -- how they do it, molly, they talk about promises unfilled and litany of those, they need to outline those specifically and talk about that because the president is not polling so well right now in the rust belt and mid western flyover states and if they can make that show, unfilled promises, they are golden. >> thank you so much both for joining us today, appreciate it. >> thank you, molly. >> thank you. leland: check out these lines, tech problems causing major delays at airports around the country, what it meant for security and why this happened. ♪
9:51 am
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9:55 am
>> hectic time in virginia during temporary nationwide computer outage, u.s. customs and border protection last night experienced temporary outage with processing systems, 2 hours and affected passengers arriving into the u.s. and going through customs, during that time, the cpb said it used alternative procedures to clear international travelers, long lines, long waits and lots of frustration at major airports in philadelphia, new york, dallas, and san francisco, airports had already warned travelers of possible delays during last weekend or the last weekends of the summer vacation rather, but travelers said they couldn't plan for a problem like this. >> i didn't know what was dpoik on, the line was so long, we just had to wait. >> it was pretty inconvenient. i was not expecting that.
9:56 am
>> cbp said they can't describe exactly what caused the technological glitch but the agency said there was no indication the outage was malicious in nature, leland. leland: all right, we are watching kristina coleman in los angeles, thanks, kristina, molly. >> calling off trip to israel after she and several freshmen omar banned from entering the country, political fallout coming up. s insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. there's brushing and there's oral-b power brushing.
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♪ ♪ >> president trump is doubling down on the economy brushing off fears of a global recession after pretty wild week on wall street. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm molly. leland: hour two as democratic presidential candidates are blasting the president of market volatility hope to go chip away of key part of the president's reelection strategy, kevin corke traveling with the president ending week long or so vacation. >> the real question is the u.s. economy strong enough to withstand economic headwinds, not just here at home but all over the globe, the answer manifestly yes, although to be honest there was a great deal of volatility last week, all that
10:01 am
said, there's still economic headwinds but i think we should address, let me take you inside the numbers especially for the people that were busy last week, didn't have a chance to watch the market play itself out, the yield as you know, 30th treasury note falling to fresh record low while the benchmark 10-year treasury yield fell below, lowest in 3 years, manufacturing has generally been very strong but actually fallen just a bit more than, says and a half percent since december 2018. the president says no, no, no. he said in an audience of thousands in rally in new hampshire this week, democrats will wreck the strong economy if you pick them in 2020. >> you have no choice but to vote for me because your 401(k)'s down the tubes,
10:02 am
everything will be down the tubes, whether you love me or hate me, you to vote for me. >> now, leland, you and i have talked at length about headwinds but i want to share a number that stuck out in my mind last week near the end of the week, le tail sales, measure of purchases in stores, restaurants, actually climbed in july, from a month earlier, that's important news, are we looking at possible recession going forward, the white house says don't bet on that and says they'll stay strong in 2020 and beyond. jarome powell, the fed chair will step before microphones on friday, that should be interesting and the president has been aggressive in call for more rate calls, we will see what that all looks like, back to you, my friend. >> aggressive might be
10:03 am
delicately or lightly. kevin corke with the president, thanks, kevin. molly. >> so much talk to about when it comes to economy and politics, earlier we had texas congressman giving perspective on the economy, let's turn to north carolina congressman and member of house homeland security mark walker, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, molly. >> let's kick things off, we've had a chance to listen to kevin corke. your thoughts on a recession? >> when we start hearing buzz words like this week like inverted yield and the panic is that i think it's premature, remember, i looked this up today, the day that president trump the dow was at 18,200, now we are looking to 26,000, 29% increase, so i think it's early to hit the panic button. >> let's go to the other side of the aisle, we have the congressman from texas, take a listen. >> sure.
10:04 am
>> we are very concerned that president trump with talk about tariffs and the back and forth with china, that he is going to accelerate us into a recession, the comments that the president makes and his lack of understanding of the way how markets work and how the economy work, should concern each and every one of us. >> your reaction to that as he talks a little bit about tariffs, you're not the biggest fan of tariffs either. >> sure, takes me back to this morning i have having breakfast with a friend of mine, retired colonel and he was reminding me make us choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong, the president is taking on something that other presidents have simply looked the other way, as the president said whether you love me or hate me, at least applaud him for willing to do something that other presidents didn't want to touch. this has impacted the american worker for decades and i applaud for at least challenging, listen, that's why other
10:05 am
presidents refuse today mess with, this let's give him a little bit of credit for waiting into this and trying to resolve this for the american worker. >> the president himself, this is him defending what he's doing with china on the tarmac a little earlier this week. >> i think the longer the trade war goes on, the weaker china gets and the stronger we get, i have a feeling it's going to go fairly short, i think it's going to be china -- >> he was talking -- talking about the lose of millions of jobs, as you mentioned the back and forth with china for decades, big impact on the economy in the united states, he's taking the stance that the american economy can handle this, your thoughts? >> i believe we can, we want to resolve, discussions 2 weeks from now, once again for the president to jump into this, i think he deserves some kind of credit for willing to tackle this. this is a complex issue and china is building 5 different major ships right now, aircraft carriers, they're increasing the
10:06 am
military, what they're doing in the south china sea should concern us and they're doing that on the backs of american workers, this is all tied together and we hope that we can find some resolution, i hope that china is willing to come to the table and be a fair trade partner as we have seen in the past, they have not been such. >> not so far off in hong kong a situation there and that seems to be having big impact on some of the corporations particularly those selling luxury goods, hospitality, the entertainment industry as well, your thoughts on what's happening there as the folks are essentially fighting for democracy. >> as a former minister and working in refugee camps, your heart -- you have to look at the situation where what it is, these people are looking to be be able to stand up for their freedom, i hope that we can do both, continue to maintain, work trade deals with china but let's not ignore the plight for freedom that we have seen among hong kong people as well. >> and now shifting gears quite a bit actually, we are keeping
10:07 am
an ion portland where they are concerned about antifa violence, you introduced a resolution condemning antifa and the president tweeting about this today, your thoughts as we keep an eye on the situation there, potential for violence? >> we certainly hope that mayor wheeler holds boldness and strength on calling this what it is and that's domestic terrorism, i'm working with representative dr. mark green on some long-term legislation that would identify this, we've got to make sure that we protect people's right to free speech, even if it's stupid sometimes that does not alaw people to counter with violence, if you look at antifa, that's part of mantra, we have to be able to push back and i hope that the mayor and other people will stand up and speak against this. >> what about more broadly, the issue of domestic terrorism that's come up so greatly in the last couple of weeks with gun attacks. does this go into that, the is that part of greater effort? >> i think it can all be connected, as ranking member on
10:08 am
counterintelligence and terrorism we brought in andy attacked by antifa and bridge by some of the men and women who have been really attacked, you look at thing on ice and other places, even some of the members of congress and rhetoric to refer to concentration camps, all of this is part of the issue, doesn't excuse anybody from taking action to do wrong or be violent, but we have to make sure that our rhetoric is in such a way that's not insightful. >> congressman walker, thank you for being here. >> great to be here. >> appreciate it. leland: now, for those trying to become the next president, live pictures out of hampton, south carolina, south bend mayor pete buttigieg holding campaign event, he's one of just several 2020 democrats hitting the campaign trail this weekend, and who else, peter doocy, the reporter who needs no sleep on the ground with them in hompton, hi, peter. >> leland, pete buttigieg just
10:09 am
showed up and he's got company in the low country, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren both also going to be in south carolina later on, those two stops today in georgia on their way here as part of an effort to court african-american primary voters. >> why should black folk votes trust you. >> i have a lot of plans. >> i've heard. >> the reason for doing that is partly to say this is where we all go and who can hold me accountable. [applause] >> as democracy, i think that's the way it should work. >> warren's main competition for progressive voters, bernie sanders also generating a lot of excitement in the south with his promise to wipe out student loan debt, just listen to the applause here.
10:10 am
>> we are leading the effort to cancel all student debt in this country. [cheers and applause] >> and we are doing that because in the richest country in the history of the world your generation should not have a lower standard of living than your parents. >> bernie sanders has lost his grip on the second spot in new fox news poll, elizabeth warren she's jumped 8 points in a month all the way to 20%, sanders has lost 5%, he's all the way down to 10, join joe biden as only dems in double digits, cory booker up slightly to 3%, he believes he's still in stronger position than rivals. >> i think that a lot of folks on the polls, elizabeth warren is doing well, she and i have the best organization, she has the best organization in iowa,
10:11 am
so on the things that matter, we are doing really well. >> booker has had the most events of any candidate in south carolina according to post and courier and tied between kamala harris and marianne williamson. leland: heard about her this weekend. saturday in august after the iowa state fair and the front runner joe biden is nowhere to be seen on the trail, what do you make of it this weekend? >> he's been on vacation in delaware, he did have a couple of closed events, public fundraisers with deep-pocketed donors, people that he has known for a long time in delaware, some reporting not only especially in the hill, democratic donors unnamed, maybe joe biden should cut back on events particularly in the day because that's when the verial errors are made but once he gets
10:12 am
back from vacation there's no clear indication whether or not that's something that he's going to do but he certainly does keep a lighter schedule than some of the primary rivals who are lesser known. leland: so far hasn't hurt him in the polls, peter doocy, we will check back with you, thanks, peter. >> medical examiner ruling that jeffrey epstein's death was suicide by hanging but not everyone is satisfied with the conclusion. jacqui heinrich joins us live with what epstein's attorneys are saying about the roberto. >> defense team wants to see surveillance video around cell, they are launching their own investigation after some medical experts had questions about the suicide ruling. the daily beast reported epstein had marks on his neck indicating he used bed sheet to hang himself, epstein broke multiple neck bones, bone which can break during hangings but more
10:13 am
commonly broken by strangulation, we spoke to two experts that had different opinion. >> machine consistent with manual strangulation, it's lower down. >> undetermined manner of death, manner of death that says suicide. they must know something else, there must be other evidence that are pointing to that. >> a source tells fox news epstein's autopsy report will be release today family sometime next week. autopsy reports are not public record in new york so we might not know why the medical examiner determined cause of death as suicide. meanwhile attorneys for epstein's alleged victims with dismay, lisa bloom filing 100,000 lawsuit, deprives victims of seeing epstein sentenced for lifetime of
10:14 am
predation, we will accept nothing less than full and fair compensation for the damage he caused to women's lives, bloom also said that she is talking to 8 more alleged accusers, right now there are at least 5 separate probes into epstein's death including by the doj, the fbi and congress and investigators are reportedly looking into whether guards assigned to the wing where epstein was feel asleep or falsified bed sheet records. we are still work to go confirm that information. >> far from over, jacqui heinrich, thank you. police identifying the man suspected of placing two rice cookers in new york subway station on friday, now in police custody, caught on camera leaving the rice cookers that that manhattan station causing evacuation and sending morning commuters into a scramble, no charges yet.
10:15 am
leland: congresswoman tlaib not heading to holy land. garrett tenney as the story has changed and turned almost 12 hours, she was going, she wasn't going, never mind, take it from there. >> yeah, her grandmother has become big part of the story. >> celebrity here. >> the 90-year-old grandmother now been big part of the story because when ig -- israel denied that omar can enter the country, requested special permission to visit grandmother, 90 year's old who lives in west bank, maybe her last chance to see her before she dies, that request was granted with the condition that tlaib not promote international boycott of israel during trip, she previously agreed to that but then changed her mind explaining in a statement visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions meant to mum illuate would break my grandmother's heart silencing me with treatment to make me feel
10:16 am
less is not what she wants for me, it would kill a piece of me that stands up against racism and injustice. president trump has repeatedly said israel should not allow the two members of the squad to visit. in tweets on friday accusedded tlaib of grand standing, representative tlaib wrote letter to officials and permission granted whereupon turned the approval down, complete set-up, the only real winner here is tlaib grandmother's who she doesn't have to see her now. tlaib received criticism from activists for initially agreeing to visit while not speaking out against israel during the trip and the family in the west bank say they fully support her decision not to come. >> she didn't come, her mother used to visit her, she didn't allow rashida to come.
10:17 am
we consider it a right decision. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is also weighing on this, calling the move by israel a sign of weakness and desperation from both prime minister benjamin netanyahu and president trump who are both up for reelection, she also said she wouldn't discourage any member of congress from traveling to israel. >> no word that in the letter ta tlaib wrote to israelis asking to visit grandmother, i will respect any restrictions and not promote boycotts during my visit, israel says come, never mind. garrett, great reporting, we will continue on this, tlaib's 90-year-old grandmother spoke to fox news about the congressman's decision not to visit israel saying she was excited to see her granddaughter, take a listen. >> i'm going to meet her and hope to see her. >> all right, and this is how president trump summed it up as garrett reported earlier, the only real winner is tlaib's
10:18 am
grandmother, she doesn't have to see her now. with that bring in tony, radio host heard worldwide in web and indianapolis, boy, grandma had the dates, is she the real loser or winner as the president says. >> i think the whole grandma story is nowhere near the story, it's not worth our conversation. leland: hold on. >> leland. leland: you have absolutely no feelings ta tlaib wanted to see the grandmother? >> grandmother is not the story, the story is first and foremost, tlaib is antisemite, the democratic party is okay with that in their ranks, what nancy pelosi said about israel being weak, she's afraid to have squad, she's afraid to say to these people -- hold on, leland.
10:19 am
leland: i only have 60 seconds. we have to get in here. you yourself said that you were questioning whether or not netanyahu should have made the decision to bar them in the first. this is how thomas freeman sums it up in new york times, current prime minister netanyahu is doing something no american president and israeli prime minister have done before, they are making support for israel issue in american politics, few things are more dangerous to israel's long-term interest than becoming partisan matter in america. do you agree? >> quoting thomas freedman does not make one an intellectual. and it was the obama administration that didn't allow connected officials into the u.s. first thing is first, tlaib is antisemite. no, i'm not getting interrupted. leland, second thing is second, the democratic party refuses to address the anti-semitism amongst them and jews who votes for democrats need to look in the mirror and ask themselves what their plan is, tlaib calls
10:20 am
it palestine, she wanted to go on this trip with group, she could have gone with the congressional delegation and welcomed, she took the dollars from a group which supports terrorism, which -- >> tony, our you understand better than most that we are up against hard break, we have to run, appreciate it as always, we will be right back. too many people in pain settle for
10:21 am
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10:24 am
>> family and friends gather to go say good-bye to corrections employee who investigators say was killed by escaped inmate, johnson worked for the tennessee department of corrections almost 40 years and was plan to go retire this year, watson allegedly killed johnson before escaping from the state and johnson leaves behind 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 siblings. >> busy saturday, indeed, for the 2020 democrats across the country today, live pictures once again, mayor pete buttigieg still at his round table in hampton, south carolina, number of candidates out on the trail, peter dogsy was tracking all of them and with that we bring in the anchor of the daily briefing, cohost of the 5 who will be filling in for chris wallace on fox news 5 dana perino, nice to see you as always.
10:25 am
welcome back to the swamp. >> hot here. >> do you miss the humidity! >> noticeable difference, yes. i remember it well. >> all right, you went through the '04 campaign and we look at poll numbers, president trump so far down against top 4 democrats, does that make a difference this far out do you think? >> i don't think so, we are in a different time, i think comparisons to the bush administration to now because it was nation right after 9/11, the economy was good, pretty good but not as good as it is today, -- leland: better comparison to '12 than the '04 race? >> comparison to '12. because there are 23 democratic candidates still and long way away and a lot could happen, does feel to me that the member for romney supporters in 2012,
10:26 am
the obama looked at them, bless your hearts, they really believed they were going to win reelection. i feel like the trump people look at the democrats that way now. leland: interesting comparison, you said 23 democrats, but only 9 have managed to qualify for the debates in september. is this going to be the bloody august, if you will, of people dropping out? >> well, tomorrow on fox news sundayly have a happens to talk with governor of montana, he has not quite made -- >> westerner. >> he has not made debate stage and there's frustration about how the dnc has set up the threshold. leland: frustration to have dnc, that's never happened before. >> look, i think that the dnc had the best of intentions to try to figure out out a way to make this as fair as possible, they maintain if you're not at 2% by the september before the iowa caucus votes, you're not going to be the nominee anyway. but this time feels different and because so many small donors, some of the candidates will be able to stay in even if they don't make the debate
10:27 am
stage, it won't matter. >> good point. the other thing you will be talking about tomorrow is the economy with larry kudlow and there seems to be major rift in the administration between the kudlow folks and the peter navarro folks, how is that playing out and is that something that the media is making too big of a deal out of? >> i think that the stories might be exaggerated because now there could be different point of views within the administration and you want that, however, i think variations because what matters, it matters what president trump thinks. he's the decider and makes the decision and they can provide him different points of views and he will make the decision, the president's economy is very good, they are running on it now, i will ask larry kudlow what does the future hold, there's a lot of variables and i think the think is the uncertainty. >> to go back to either -- to
10:28 am
'04 you knew well, the economy was good back then, was there fear among those in the administration, those in the white house of what do we do if the economy turns south between now and november? >> well, i wasn't on the campaign, i was working at the white house council environmental quality at the time. the economy -- there were not dark clouds on the horizon at the time. now, there were in '06 going into the midterm and in the midterm is when the president lost the majority in house and senate. i would say not during the reelection, but just after. leland: yeah, the eternal wisdom of james in 1992, it's the economy stupid. >> he didn't have to add the stupid. [laughter] >> all right. >> it's the economy. >> only dana would point that out, i will use that from now on. >> great. >> we will see you tomorrow on fox news sunday. as dana mentioned here is the promo, will be talking to montana governor, why somebody like him has the possibility of
10:29 am
winning, she will talk about that, local listings for time and channel. ♪ >> cbp reporting drop in migrant apprehensions in southwest border for second straight month, we will talk to former dhs employee about trump's policies at the southern border coming up. ecause you bundled home and auto. sarah, get in the house. we're all here for you. all: all day, all night. (dramatic music) great job speaking calmly and clearly everyone. that's how you put a customer at ease. hey, did anyone else hear weird voices while they were in the corn? no. no. me either. whispering voice: jamie. what? ♪ boom goes the dynamite, club yoko plays ] ♪ feels like i'm taking flight. ♪ [sfx: poof] [sfx: squeaking eraser sound effect.]
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10:33 am
several states are taking legal action against the trump ministration public charge policy that would deny green cards to applicants that receive long-term public assistance. let's bring in former oversight council at the dhs and the senior senior advisor at the heritage foundation mike howell. thank you so much for joining us.
10:34 am
just to begin, how impactful do you think the new policy will be as it's rolled out? >> i think this is the most consequential action of this policy. and perhaps the most consequential action in many decades full in forest and carried out it has massive implications for the incoming legal population and those already in the country. >> we talked to being fully enforced what you think the likelihood is of that. it all depends on the amount of ice to actually remove folks. they have made it big policy of those to limit the capacity of ice to the extent of those numbers they are able to get higher. there is more space for folks to be removed. >> against this in general. broadly from folks that are running to the white house. advocacy organizations as well as lawsuits. there is some multitude of states more than a dozen file including robert santos. the trump administration message is clear if you are wealthy you are block your report you are not.
10:35 am
it forces them to sacrifice as their dream for food or roof over their children's head. i would encourage you to the actual rule. like a full understanding of what's happening. there is still an allowance for asylum. and humanitarian cases and asking for immigrants to be wealthy. to not be reliant on the limited social services of this company are reserved for americans. speak to why you think the roll out now. it has rolled out a number of policies. some have been challenged by the courts. why now?
10:36 am
>> is a great question. this is the day one priority at dhs in the direction of the wanted to do it right. they put it through a very robust process. it took well over two years to get where we are now but now we are very solid legal foundation and can survive a myriad of challenges. if you look at some of the losses that are coming out of california and the far left, they are really making a valid legal claim these are policy objections. the administration is a good legal footing because of the deliverance of nature that they took. bq one of the things that they took. is related to racism. but specifically when it comes to this policy number of immigrant organizations have come out and push back. among them the national immigration law center. she writes if you are not white and wealthy you are no longer wealthy --dash welcome welcome in this country. your response to this is
10:37 am
something to rate immigrants. from other countries. >> i would encourage her to read the rule. it is a racially neutral rule it does not care what color you are. it applies to people across the board. i'll show you, wherever you want. it is racially neutral is simply asking the immigrants who wish to come into this country show that they can be self-sufficient and not a drain on the public service as that is reserved for americans in the country. >> we appreciate it. >> migrants are stranded up a border of italy. deviant refugees from entering the country despite the communitarian ship to introduce waters. several european countries have offered to take in the migrants it's unclear right now how the standup is going to end.
10:38 am
thank you so much. estate.
10:39 am
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doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. at least 20 local government entities is dealing with a coordinated ransom where attack the state department of information resources is working with cyber security experts to get all of the systems back online. no word yet on who is responsible or potentially which entities were affected. >> investigation into jeffrey epstein's suicide continues. victims had filed a lawsuit against his estate. this state. this is a second suit filed since his suicide and the
10:43 am
lawyer said more victims could be coming forward as well. they have handled him himself. nice to see you. on a saturday. thank you for taking out of time for family time for us. this seems to be getting worse and worse but at the same time that men tell no tales. it's open season on this 500 million-dollar estate. >> i think the civil cases will proceed and be more successful now. he's can have money that he would've spent millions of dollars on his criminal defense. >> who makes the decisions to defend the estate. we don't know p have a well and who the money would have gone to buy because they just eat up all of the money fighting the civil lawsuits or do that to settle at some point.
10:44 am
>> the one question here there is a potential rumor that has brother might be the executor. about how to defend those cases. i think whoever that person is asking to be a very important position. plays an important defense. we know that there where the treasure trove that the fbi got from his mansion in new york and possibly also from his island down in the caribbean where he took a lot of the young women and other places. does a civil lawyers now had rights to all of that evidence. >> this would be a two-step process. that government takes in the criminal case. and then the lawyers in the civil case they we are still in your suing your guy we know you have all of the evidence. that will probably happen the question is how much of this evidence does the government get to the defense lawyers who
10:45 am
are in the criminal case. and now that he's dead they probably won't do it. might be a little bit harder for the victim to get that evidence. but they will certainly try. if there were other alleged molesters who were involved there. correct me if i'm wrong but this case. >> the day or two after he killed himself there were fbi agent down in st. john executing search warrants on his house and island down there. they are going after something or someone that will continue. payment if the fbi thought that it ended with epstein with a consider with the search warrants and raids. you are knocking to do that if you don't think you are building a case. i think the folks that are close to him that are enabling
10:46 am
this activity are going to in the crosshairs for an indictment. >> there had been a lot of big names tossed around in connection with epstein in and perhaps with unsavory behavior. based on what you have seen is the fbi working at the food chain from epstein were down to enablers and drivers in a kind of step. >> i would say working outward. the rings of enablers around him i suspect they will be the next level. if it turns out there were p all that work soliciting epstein those folks could be in the crosshairs as well. >> is there anyway to tell based on what is in the indictment what search warrants are being performed which one it is of this to scenarios. >> if they are going after other folks who did what he did at that level who were up the food chain those folks and lawyers are going to tell you in the and the investigation will be done quietly.
10:47 am
>> the daily beast has articles out now. the closest pal drugged and raped them. if you are in the orbit whether you did anything wrong or not. we met i have no problem with that in terms of public opinion. he was doing what he was doing so openly and clearly that the folks really had to turn a blind eye. you had to know what he was doing and i think they deserve the taint that association. anything that can be done in some by the other victims how directly associated with that behavior do you have to be for them to go after somebody. >> that can be directly sued. the lawyers or get are gonna look for justice. >> if you were one of these individuals in the orbit of unsavory activities as their
10:48 am
lawyer would you be breathe a sigh of relief were more worried? >> i would be absolutely more worried now. hopefully you don't have to part of a walk outside of the air conditioning down there. enjoy the rest of this august saturday. >> protesters begin taking to the streets of hong kong again. thousands turning out again. this is hal. this is hal's heart. it's been broken. and put back together. this is also hal's heart. and this is hal's relief, knowing he's covered. this is hal's heart.
10:49 am
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>> the white house is working to finalize a possible peace deal in afghanistan. united states in the taliban appear to be closing in on the agreement. they briefed the president president on friday on negotiations with the taliban and the potential for a political between the united states in the taliban. democracy. turning out in hong kong today.
10:53 am
his life in hong kong with the latest on this development. a mass demonstration across the city with several rallies that were planned. some that were supporting that. some of it turned a little tense. they took to the rally right in the heart of hong kong this morning. some 20,000 turned out. we know a few of billionaires in attendance. they support the hong kong government. and then one that was meant to be a peaceful part of democracy. turn into a circumstance that they are now all too familiar with over the last few months.
10:54 am
>> hong kong had the descendents that have a tense scene up. with the right police being called in. they have to chase and go off the protesters in those really bustling streets. unfortunately for hong kong residents this has become a new reality. no one was hurt. talking to some of the local shop owners. with 11 weeks of protest and by the way sites are dug and it doesn't seem like the protest will end anytime soon. in the heart of hong kong. one to 2 million of the hong kong residents turned out.
10:55 am
you see the posters. they are expecting hundreds to thousands. >> certainly tomorrow's reporting as well. credible what they had been able to accomplish. it takes two to tango. it was a great scene in true lies. will check in we will check in on the world championship and what it next. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him.
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the answer with their tango moves. the semi final more than 700 couples from 30 nations are in argentina the final round of competition set for tuesday and wednesday. made us think of all of our favorite spy movies. is there just the one tango rule if you just tango on it.
11:00 am
we have now exhausted the tango knowledge. we leave 15 seconds. great show today. other than that have a great rest of your saturday. new questions about what comes next in america's longest war. after this is some of his national security team the white house to reach a deal with the taliban if that's possible but the devil as you know could be in the details welcome to "america's news hq" eric shawn. the meeting with the president happening today at his new jersey golf club. the u.s. looks for a way forward to a way forward that thousands of troops to fight against the taliban. one of the biggest concerns from preventing them


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