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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  August 18, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> blink of an eye get tickets now to put september 12 across the country. thank you to the fans, you guys are awesome! an honor to have you here. go check out blink of an eye .com. maria: good sunday morning everyone thank you for joining us and maria bartiromo jordan a straightahead here on "sunday morning futures" my exclusive interview with lindsey graham coming up. what he is finding out about the deep dive into investigating the investigators. plus his thoughts on what he feels the taliban could look like.senator graham and joe manchin iii this morning on gun legislation payware president trump find common ground. and a democracy advocate back
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with us right there today with demonstrators in hong kong. with the biggest protest march in weeks. the message amid questions about how all of this could ultimately impact trade talks between the u.s. and china. plus major internal reform at the justice department in the wake of the trump russia probe all of this right here right now as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures". we begin with looming questions about a potential peace deal with the taliban. the presidents national security team briefed him on talks. he campaigned on ending the longest but there are lingering concerns about the country stability. just just a more than 60 people were killed in a suicide bombing at a wedding party. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack.
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dreaming is a republican senator from south carolina, lindsey graham. senate judiciary committee also sits on senate appropriation, foreign relations and budget committees. it is always great to see you thank you for joining us, mr. chairman. >> thank you. maria: assess the situation for us in terms of afghanistan. what you would like to see the president move to do next. >> okay, well i support the idea of trying to get a peace deal with the taliban. but here are the conditions. we can have any deal that denies the american military the right to stay in afghanistan to protect us against isis and al qaeda. my get them at the table email never get al qaeda and isis at the peace table the they are radicals that want to kill people like us. they say if you leave them alone they will leave you alone but the taliban was brutal to
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women, they invited al qaeda into afghanistan as their honored guest and we got 9/11. there is no circumstance i can envision leaving afghanistan without a counterterrorism force and intel capability to protect us against another 9/11 al qaeda and isis is alive and well in afghanistan. maria: the masculine that that because you've seen the intelligence on this subject. can you assess how strong they have become in the last several years? based on your intel. >> well, i would invite every member of the united states senate and the house to look at the intel assessment as to what would happen to america we pulled the plug in afghanistan if we did not have a counterterrorism force. it is ominous to the homeland. every national security advisor for president trump is recommended unanimously that if we do a peace agreement with the taliban we must maintain the ability to have a
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counterterrorism force with intel capability as long as conditions on the ground warrants. the idea of leaving it a date certain is a disaster for the united states because isis and al qaeda will regenerate and the intel assessment i just spoke of also has real-time events for al qaeda and isis reaching back to the homeland to try to attack us. general jack keane has an idea on how to and worked the taliban. i would recommend the president take a look at that. the taliban, you may get them at the peace table. there got six of the constitution of afghanistan they cannot brutalize women. they have to give up their efforts to overthrow the government. the afghan people reject the taliban, 80/20. any deal with the taliban you'll never get a deal with al qaeda and isis. that is all we need some of our troops over there to make sure they never come here again. finally when it comes to radical islam you can fight the war in their backyard hours,
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you can do alone with partners. the afghan people would be a good partner in fighting. we should leave residual force if we do not the same thing will happen in iraq when obama withdrew what happened in afghanistan.maria: you make a good point, fighting in their backyard, not ours. i want to ask you about getting back to work the next two weeks you see congress come back and you have got major priorities for the fall. let's talk border for a moment senator because before you left, your bill passed your committee. where is it heading now? >> well, i hope mitch mcconnell will take it up. one thing i can tell you, problems at the border, they will never get better until we change our laws. you can build a wall 2200 miles it will not matter here. people from central america are turning themselves in. they rented the first border patrol agent they can find and claiming asylum. if you put one foot here you are claiming asylum coming
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hearing is three years away and you never show up. we can hold a child for 20 days but since we don't want to separate families we let the families go. 52,000 families have been released at the border because we do not have the capability told families and the floors decision putting a 20 day limit on holding the minor child is being abused. if you do not change the floors decision, you do not require applications in the home country or mexico, they will keep coming, they will never stop coming and we need to change our laws and if i were mitch mcconnell i would make democrats vote on my bill. maria: so what is the hold up then? we've been talking about this for a long time. we took the whole show to the border. i was there and if saw this firsthand. how come your colleagues on the left, are you getting any support on the left for this bill? >> no. no these people, they want to go the other way. you know how to change asylum laws so the central america and mexico you do not come to america anymore. people stop paying the
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smugglers to get to america if they realize you cannot apply for asylum here in your sent back to mexico or your home country. they will stop bringing small children if we hold the families long enough to adjudicate the claim, send them all back if they want to claim they can be released here in the country. until you stop that they will keep coming. so what do the democrats want? they want to decriminalize entry into the country and give people free healthcare. they cannot be more opposite than where we are. if i were mitch mcconnell, i would make every democrat vote unable to change our laws on the floors decision and change asylum so we can stop the flow from central america because it's just a matter of time that the terrorists take advantage of the loopholes and our laws. maria: and i know we are seeing a mix of people coming in is not all central are seeing middle easterners come in. >> can you give an example? we went to the border there were 985 guys in detention in a makeshift tent and in jails, or people in the gel could accommodate so we can set up a
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tent in the back. only eight were for low 62 countries have been, people have been detained from 62 different countries syria, iran, there advertising if you come to guatemala it will cost about $30,000, they will give you a smuggler to get to the u.s. border and from the first border patrol agent you can find and turn yourself in and seek asylum. they're playing the system into my democratic colleagues i will work with you on daca i will do things you want to do, i will invest in central america to make life better but you have to work with us to change laws. president trump is right about this. maria: right, and he said that when you came back from the border. you said, you made a commitment you would be willing to allocate some aid to central america to actually get these loopholes fixed. this is one piece of business when you come back in september. what about gun legislation? we've been talking about this more so recently, obviously after these three deadly shootings. what do you want to see,
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senator? >> the president is more determined than ever to get something on it makes sense we will not take peoples guns away from them. i own an ar-15 i lawfully own a gun. if you took my gun away the bad guys will not give up their guns. it is the person with the gun i'm focused on. we want to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people who are hateful or mentally ill. the red flaglegislation grants the state to have these red flag laws , the president is focused on that. working with senator joe manchin we can enhance background checks. the guy in philadelphia has been convicted six or eight times how the hell did he get a gun again? and their hate sites whether radical is each other which is just the site stampede the guy in dayton was kicked out of school because he had a rape list and a kill list, he was clearly violent. what did he get a gun to begin with?we looking at protecting border legislation, red flag legislation, grant programs to help states a higher mental health professionals and
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evaluate what cases to go to court. plenty of due process and do something about background checks. i hope actively the president will lead us to a solution this time.maria: you know with the red flag legislation, i understand the issue and it is a good effort to make sure to get in front of these things. not allowing guns to be in the hands of wrong people. but can that be abused? can someone abuse that by raising the red flag about someone that actually may not exist? >> well, yeah. you worry about that that's what you have due process. the grant program have a senator blumenthal allows the cops to go to court, family members and neighbors can't because you don't want family going to court. only the police can petition the judge. the judge decides, not the cops. you have to prove more likely than not there is an imminent threat or death or bodily harm. in a full-blown hearing 70s it where the government has taken mr. judge by clear and convincing evidence that the person in question is danger to themselves and others.
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there is a cause of action to the gun owner to sue people that accuse him falsely but here's the problem. 40 business by the cops to mr. cruz at parkland pretty positive threat, the fbi hotline to tips saying the sky will blow they did not do anything, he had a rape list, a kill list in dayton. this allows cops go to judges with plenty of due process. maria: you mentioned senator joe manchin he will be here later and get his take on that as well. he said there's no need for the assault band. you said that you have an ar-15, senator? >> i do! and joe manchin is a great go to work with and i think he will support what i say. i have an ar-15, i was a reservist in afghanistan, our unit bought some and we put the sale of the unit on it as a
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piece of memorabilia for me. i shoot it on occasion but sometimes you may find yourself along with our will get to because of natural disaster, you may need an ar-15 believe it or not if a mob shows up at your house. but taking my gun away from you not going to solve the problem. we want to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, mental health issues are what we should be focusing our efforts. and how a guy gets a gun after all of these convictions is why we need to look at the background checks. maria: would come back and wanted to get your take on what can be done in september with your democratic colleagues. much more to come with senator instagram paris take a short break and including the chairman of the judiciary committee paid what they're learning about the investigation of the investigators. plus 2020 democratic candidates pledging to expand the number of supreme court justices sitting on the bench. also ahead democratic senator joe manchin on legislation. and jimmy lai are the largest protest that hong kong has ever
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enterprise makes it easy. maria: welcome back. we are back with senator lindsey graham and senator, we were just talking about potential gun changes. we know five, at least five democratic senators are threatening a restructuring of the supreme court. if they do not get their way in these gun cases. tell us how you see it. >> well, this is been a dream of the left for decades to increase the number of judges on the court. pack them with judges of the court can do, the legal system
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what they cannot do through the ballot box. the dream of every leftist is to have a liberal court and that evolves from the bench. the dream of every conservative is to have judges who will interpret the law, not make the law. when you are expanding the court, that is code for liberals packing the court. over my dead body is not going to happen. when they want to do away with the electoral college is telling every rural america to go to hell. mood me los angeles and new york would decide who is the president, the electoral college allows rural american to have a say about picking the president. they accused donald trump of changing the system. they are the ones turned upside down because it cannot win in the current constructs of this idea of packing the court has been a dream of the court and -- a dream of left and we will let happen. maria: they hit the power that
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the president has in naming supreme court justices prodigious extraordinary what you hearing on the left. i want to get your take on these new fox news polls. joe biden is in the lead still with 31 percent to look at elizabeth warren, she is now second leaving at 20 percent followed by bernie sanders. what are your thoughts in terms of how wealth elizabeth warren is doing and bernie sanders? given their socialist agenda. >> i think all of the energy in the democratic party is with bernie and elizabeth warren and the squad. i think the squad represents the heart andsoul of the democratic , modern democratic party on domestic policy and foreign policy. i saw the polls. i've never been more confident of president trump being reelected than i am right now. because when you get on the stage whether it is joe biden or elizabeth warren or bernie sanders, look at the contrast. they want to basically take your private healthcare away from give illegal immigrants
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free healthcare, taking your private healthcare away. they want high taxes, we want low taxes. they will get the military, they will pack the court with a bunch of liberals. when it comes to foreign policy president trump has destroyed isis. he is in everything opposite of obama. he got out of iran which was a threat to israel and he advocates a nuclear weapon he will use appeared unless we make a mistake in afghanistan and it is okay to reduce our presence in is okay to want to pay less in afghanistan but we need people over there to protect us from al qaeda and isis. the president will clean their clock on the stage. when you compare what he has done with what they are going to do, weak versus strong foreign policy, high taxes versus lower taxes, healthcare taken away from working people to be given to illegal immigrants. he is going to win. i don't care what the polls say. the democratic party so much on the left. maria: pretty incredible! i don't know what these polls are saying.
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if you look at everything leading democratic candidate they are beating donald trump in ahead-to-head. joe biden you know, 50 percent versus 38 percent, bernie sanders 48 percent versus 39 percent. the list goes on. you are not buying this? >> i am not buying it. i think president trump, if he can lead us to a solution on guns with the average american that is a good idea, mr. president. let's keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. work with joe manchin iii at other people to find enhanced background checks. do some things for roads and bridges, reach across the aisle, trying to find a solution to our problems that will help him. but here's the deal. when you compare what he has done and what he will do with what they will do, i will make a prediction. i do not think any democrat can beat president of the note states who openly wants illegal entry and giving every immigrant free healthcare.
7:21 am
it's extreme you cannot win with that agenda. if you take peoples private healthcare insurance in the name of medicare for all you lose a lot of folks chris coons you think with congressman ilhan omar and tlaib -- >> it has been bipartisan up until now about israel. those who want to destroy israel want to destroy us. name one radical islamic group that wants to destroy israel that does not want to destroy america. isis and al qaeda pledged to hurt israel and us. tlaib and omar calling for an economic boycott of the state of israel which will destroy the state of israel. the reason she is not visiting her grandmother is because she has embraced the destruction of israel through an economic boycott. she was offered a chance to see her grandmother. she said all i want to do is see my grandmother. they said yes and she pulled
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the rug out from under the offer. the bottom line here is, they are radical when it comes to israel, radical in the economy, they are weak when it comes to fighting terrorism. donald trump is going to win the election because he's been a damn good president and what they're trying to do is make america -- maria: senator stay with us we will ask about the judiciary investigation of the investigators. back in a minute. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell.
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tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms. if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. i got real relief. i got clearer skin and feel better. now, watch me. get real relief with cosentyx. maria: welcome back i am with
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senator lindsey graham chairman of the judiciary committee. a deep dive into the origins of the russia probe. where does the investigation stand? >> well, you've got three lanes here. you have what the committee will do, my committee. you have criminality the u.s. attorney in connecticut and got the inspector general report. i think it will be coming out
7:26 am
in weeks, not days, not months. the horowitz report will probably be ugly and damning regarding the department of justice handling of the russia probe. maria: tell me about that, we know that the doj is not prosecuting james comey. learned that about a month ago. we know we just got the so-called 302 out of bruce ohr and interviews with the fbi. and the ig report, we were supposed to get it months ago. how committed so late? >> every time you turn around you find something new. mr. hurwitz is doing a very in-depth dive about the fisa warrant application. the behavior regarding the counterintelligence operation. he will send his report over to the department of justice, they will look at for classified information. i am going to meet with the attorney general next week, i want to declassify as much as possible.
7:27 am
on the american public to hear the story, i would all of this information to come out, i didn't want people to believe what i said i want them to read for themselves how bad it was. the word application, to the fisa court, i think right frankly was a fraud. one all the committee cases out, whether they will notice a christopher steele hated trump that he was and unreliable informant. i want unverified information on what transcripts surround interviews with papadopoulos to be released what was clear he was not working with the russians. i wanted all out. i want people to see how this investigation got in one people to be held accountable and i am patient, and not in a hurry i want to do it right. maria: trey gowdy says there some interviews of papadopoulos were transcripts rather, conversations with papadopoulos that are so clear that he had nothing to do but they did not present that to the fisa court. he mentioned george
7:28 am
papadopoulos, we had him on the show and he told me he's intending on testifying in front of your committee. when do you expect that to take place? >> what i want to do is get the horowitz report and have him come testify about it. my job will be to make sure this never happens again. do we need to change the fisa warrant application process to protect against this in the future? do we need to have rules about counterintelligence investigations being open against politicians? do we need to restructure the department of justice? these are things that congress will be looking at. durum will be looking at criminality, did someone violate the law? and horowitz will be telling us about the good, the bad and the ugly and what should be done internally. garlic papadopoulos, yeah, i would like to call him. i would like for him to tell the world what kind of interactions he had, where he had them and what did he say that working with the russians and is there verification that he told the informants early on that russia would be treason in
7:29 am
a crime i would never do that. if he did say that and they went ahead anyway, it raises a lot of concerns. maria: senator you've done a lot of work on this. this is my final question on the subject, who do you think is the mastermind of this? whose idea was it to insert donald trump into russia meddling? >> you know, i really am very curious about the role that cia played here. we know that the fisa -- this whole intelligence operation, what role did the cia play? he knew about this in the white house?there is a question! was president obama briefed on the fact that they were opening up the counterintelligence investigation against the trump campaign? i would like to know that. maria: in at the time john brennan was running cia. will you call him to testify? >> we will see. maria: okay. we will leave it there.
7:30 am
from one story to another had to ask about china and hong kong. we have these pictures today. it is 10:30 p.m. in hong kong right now and the protesting is continuing. they are fighting china, wanting to bring anyone who is arrested back to the chinese mainland. what is your take on what's going on and is this leverage for president trump as he tries to do a deal with china? >> this is a moment for president trump to stand up for democracy and freedom. when the people went out on the streets in iran, obama sat on the silence and watch them get shut down and never said a word. what are the protesting about? when hong kong was turned over to china from britain, there was an agreement that the hong kong system would be left in place. this idea of extraditing people back to the mainland, china, is very threatening to hong kong's democracy. that is what they are upset about. here's the problem with china. they do not respect the rule of
7:31 am
law. they made an agreement about hong kong they are trying to break it. when it comes to disputed territory instead of arbitration or going to court, the military islands over the disputed area. they still-- they steal intelle property. they manipulate rules, they constantly break the law. to get their own way and this is a chance for president trump to tell them, i will hold you to the agreement that you made with hong kong. if you violate this agreement then you will pay a heavy price economically. maria: there are a lot of reports that chinese officials are saying america is behind this. and hong kong. we know that they have a host of china breaking promises.
7:32 am
should the u.s. do more to protect and support these protesters? real quick. >> yeah, i think we should lend her voice to the protest. they're not asking for too much they're asking for china to honor the agreement they made regarding the hong kong. these people fighting for their freedom, something we take for granted. at the end of the day i think the american president needs to speak up and put the chinese communist government on notice that if you violate the agreement with hong kong, you have a different relationship with united states. congress need that, they need to stand behind the president. this is a defining moment in his presidency. maria: senator, great to have you this morning. thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: senator lindsey graham join us. up next, jimmy lai is live, he is right there today with temperatures as hong kong witnessed the biggest protest march in beijing. his comments when we come back. k the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars,
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believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. one welcome back the fight for democracy continues and hong kong. tensions remain high just days after violent clashes broke out between protesters and riot police of the main airport. this comes at an inopportune time for beijing and talks with the united states. the present tweeting the spirit of the present would meet with the protesters they would be happy ending. i've no doubt. earlier today pro-democracy activist -- a peaceful rally in the rain. the largest tasting weeks. my next guest was in that part is he joins me by skype. jimmy lai, thank you for
7:37 am
joining me again. >> thank you.maria: what has changed in this timeframe since this originally started? >> nothing has changed. hong kong people feel very determined to persist the fight. until we get what we want. maria: what do you want? >> what we want is universal suffrage. because constantly encroachment on our freedom. maria: and china wants anybody who was arrested to go back to the mainland china to be dealt with and in their jail, you say if that bill goes through, that is the end of hong kong. >> because you undermined our rule. if we don't have rule we will not be, we won't be the financial sector anymore because the rule of law the
7:38 am
financial center will collapse. maria: we are looking at these incredible pictures right now. this is just today, where almost 2 milly people came out. even in the pouring rain. tell us about the scene. what are you saying there and why is this so important to that you are out there? you are an incredibly successful you know, billionaire. and you are there protesting the streets, why? >> because it is everybody's responsibility to fight.the dictatorship. you know we have to keep hong kong free. hong kong is very different from china because we share. different values. then from china. you know, because the legacy of the colonial past. we have to keep that, we have to keep the rule of law, we have to keep human rights, we have to keep the way of life we
7:39 am
have had. maria: jimmy, we have a statement, a joint statement from the european union and canada. and they basically support the protesters and in a statement they write, fundamental freedom including the right of peaceful assembly and hong kong high degree of autonomy under the one country to -- two systems principal p must be enshrined in the basic law and international agreements and must continue to be upheld. this is a statement from the eu and canada. the last time you were with me, jimmy, you made an appeal to the u.s. government, to president trump to support hong kong. have you spoken with anyone in the administration? >> no, i haven't. but mr. trump has already spoken. he -- the trade negotiations which is very good. maria: there is you know, state
7:40 am
media and china saying that america is behind these protests. what do you say to that? >> well, if they say so, they have to show some evidence. there is not a shred of evidence. they always lie! they can say anything without evidence but that is not true. maria: is this being used as leverage in this trade fight between the u.s. and china? >> excuse me? >> is this going to be leverage for the president and his fight with china? connect the dots for us in terms of why this is important to the president in the united states and what he is going to do with china. >> i think it is a time that united states should uphold the moral authority you know the value of the west. the value of we are actually fighting the same war.
7:41 am
the new cold war, we are fighting because we share the same values with you. so it is very important for you to uphold the values we are fighting. maria: you, you make a good -- >> it is the interest of you, america to have us.maria: yeah, you make a good point because this really is a fight over values. over governance. >> definitely. maria: freedom versus communism. jimmy, we certainly have supported having you on and we will watch closely. thank you very much. >> thank you. maria: jimmy lai joining us live back this morning from hong kong where it is 10:41 pm. up next, our next guest, showing why -- should have never become doj surface. john solomon is your opinion ready for the hill. he will explain what he means. and senator joe manchin to pay lawmakers and the president, where will they find common ground on gun reform
7:42 am
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program we spoke with senator lindsey graham as pressure mounts on congress to reach a consensus on gun legislation. no reaction from the office of the aisle joining in a democratic senator, joe manchin west virginia. it is good to have you, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. maria: back in session in two weeks, what will be your party? >> well mr. trump says we will take something about or something to help make america safe again.we need to make erica safe again people have to have confidence they can go out with friends and family and be safe. we have got to start. and background checks is an absolute building block. maria: how do you do that senator? there is this worry out there on the right that gun control will only be a crease and it will be more and more and more if you allow assault weapons to
7:46 am
be banned, what's next in terms of the constitutional rights? >> the bill that i drafted back in 2013, it is a bill that would draft that we took into consideration law-abiding gun owners, rights of law-abiding gun owners. they will do the right thing. i come from a gun culture, i'm a gun owner. i'm not going to give my go to a stranger or someone with a criminal background were not mentally stable. not going to do that. but don't think a person through a commercial transaction at a gun show or something you should know who they are and what their intent is and background. that is the building block. we are not infringing on law-abiding gun owners. we not doing any of that and we do not want to take anyone's guns away. i will not have my guns taken away.we will protect the second amendment but there has to be -- maria: this seems like, this is all practical ideas that seem
7:47 am
to make sense. why is it so tough to get anything done? does it speak more to the makeup of the congress that it does not seem that you can agree on anything, within your own party you got the progressives versus the moderates. then we look at the democrats and republicans, how do you get anything done? >> well, this is where the president comes in. the president is the only one that can make this happen with the control they have as far as the republicans have control over senate. if the republicans do not have the president and the president says will make america safe again by starting with a building block of a background check, it makes so much sense, our bill has been active for six years, it does not threaten law-abiding gun owners but it will prevent people that should not have guns. people that are not worthy of having a gun. they have a criminal background have been adjudicated mentally. we've got to start with common sense and we cannot even get
7:48 am
that basic building block, that is the problem. maria: is it up to mitch mcconnell to bring these bills to the floor? how do you actually move one step further? >> yeah, well here, i have said this. there is so much power in the leadership of the congress today it is just basically been displaced. sooner or later we've got to take it back. the committees willing to work they are coming to the floor mitch mcconnell right now has the sole discretion does it come to the floor and get to vote, do we get to put amendments on it? can we have basically, some type of a working procedure that people would expect congress and especially the senate to have? maria: nancy pelosi is the same kind of power, right? she won't even bring usmca to the floor. you yourself said it was better than after, bring it to the floor! >> i have no idea why we are not those talks or discussions, the house side but first of all i'm not a fan of the nafta treaty. it hurt my state of west virginia. but we have we have today, can
7:49 am
we improve on it? can we make it more competitive, better wages to where we can basically have a fair and level playing field to compete. we've been hurt drastically. and most of our jobs, especially good paying manufacturing jobs. maria: you make a really good point and your constituents want to hear you talk like that.we appreciate you joining us. thank you. >> we need to do the right thing maria, and we can. we need to come together as a country and stop playing politics with peoples lives. maria: lindsey graham says he wants to work with you on the red flag bill, are you willing to do that? >> i will be with him 1000 percent. it makes sense. if we can prevent and identify someone that could be harm to themselves or the community as a whole, we should be intervening. this will allow us to do it. it makes all the sense.
7:50 am
maria: it is practical. senator, it is great to see you please come back soon. >> thank you. maria: senator joe manchin. john solomon is up next about what he learned by ey investigating the investigators. stay with us. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. maria: welcome back and thus
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guesses the russia investigation has highlighted the need for internal reform at the justice department. he made his case an opinion piece for the hill they see or hear this is john solomon, opinion contributor for the hill. john, your most recent op-ed, your most recent op-ed, goes through this people that were feeding information to the fbi. tell us about it. >> actually. we used to have the bermuda trial now we have the fusion gps.
7:54 am
you have christopher steele desperate to influence the election to defeat trump also being paid bill clinton they have nellie ohr, the wife of the senior justice department official being paid by the same firm, fusion gps on the same project.then the last corner have glenn simpson, founder gps and contractor of hillary clinton. the middle of those three is bruce ohr, senior justice department official taking highly uncorroborated, highly partisan, highly conflicted information and getting to the top of the fbi and justice department and nobody saw a problem with that.maria: all because i just didn't like him and they just didn't want him as president. so they decided to come up with a scheme to actually spy on american citizens. do you think john durham is aware of all of this? where's the investigation today?>> a great question. i think senator graham did a good job in describing what the ig is doing. i'm hearing that john durham and bill barr focused on the part refer the fbi official got started on july 31, 2016. from march until july and whether intelligence assets,
7:55 am
western, private or u.s. were deployed in an earlier effort to start probing the trump campaign and russia ties. maybe later breadcrumb trail of evidence christopher steele then collected up and gave to the fbi. that is where i think we heard the term the other day from the attorney general, i believe there is political surveillance going on. i believe that's what he's referring to. >> and they were people like george papadopoulos. he's been on this program and he told me directly on the show that -- the guy they wanted him to be in italy, they said do not quit you have to work for trump we want to send you to rome and meet mr. joseph. that is the individual who told him russia has emails of hillary clinton. why is that important? >> i interviewed his lawyer the other day and he told me and also brought a deposition for congress and myself that his client was being directed and
7:56 am
long work with worsening children's he was being directed specifically, he was asked to connect george papadopoulos -- it was in operation they would lawyers own words. if that's the case it means the flashpoint the start of the whole investigation was in fact manufactured from the beginning. maria: manufactured from the beginning. in other was a put this guy on george papadopoulos, he dropped the bomb on his lap saying russia has emails with hopes that papadopoulos goes and tells donald trump and just getting them involved in a conspiracy. meanwhile, his working for western intelligence. >> i know both john durham and two different committees in congress they recently reached out to get the evidence from the lawyer which includes audiotape deposition that he gave the lawyer before he went into hiding. and there's a lot of evidence we can go through we can get to the bottom of this but i think
7:57 am
the investigations looking more intensively at a period of his lack of scrutiny in american public and thus the march to july timeframe. maria: real quick, who do you think is the mastermind?one word, real quick. >> i think the cia. we had to take a closer look and see some of that. maria: we will have to leave it there have a great sunday. ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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doubt threatening, donald trump blames the media for wanted to chrissy, repair some pundits faulting for the decline. >> the dow closing over 800 points down today. has donald trump political weakness foreign policy cluelessness and evocation of american leadership on the worldstage , on full and stark display. brexit trump market meltdown. the president -- quick good evening everyone. talking down the trump stock market and economy today. where was all of the reporting when trump's bull market was


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