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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 19, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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golden noodle owners out there. jillian: i'm sorry, what happened there? rob: but can you imagine being the pet you? are thinking it's a party. i'm ready for the weekend. i'm going out with my girls. jillian: have a good day, everyone. ♪ ♪ ainsley: a little rascal flatts on this monday morning, august 19th. hope you had a great weekend. thank you for joining us. steve: brian is off today. griff jenkins is in his seat. griff: thank you. good morning. ainsley: griff is a big surfer. i watched it on "fox & friends first." we will show it. griff: i have the best job in the country. roll outs of bed and talk about sipperring. we have steve's steaks on the grill later.
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steve: first day of grilling contest. ainsley: great summer recipes. favorite recipe that involved grilling and yours is can you say? steve: steve's steaks adopted from the happy cookbook, of course. ainsley: what steak do you prefer? are you sirloin or porter house? steve: i like the fillet or new york strip or as we call it the kansas city strip because i'm from kansas. cheesy loaded fully skill let french fries on the grill. griff: you showed me a picture. it looks fantastic. steve: thank you for joining us. the conventional wisdom is if the economy is doing well the incumbent president of the united states usually gets elected suddenly after a very wild to say the least week on wall street. over the weekend do you know what people are talking about in the economy not doing well. watch this.
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>> recession jitters. president trump said to be rattled economic alarm bells cause a wild week on wall street. >> there are indicators that the u.s. could be headed for a recession. >> there are some rough waters ahead, maybe a recession. >> fears of a coming recession spiked on the heels of a key economic indicator called inverted yield curve. >> the yield curve has inverted before every u.s. recession since 1955. >> they say potential recession on horizon. >> recession. >> recession. >> recession. steve: so you get the idea. we brought in an expert who knows about the recession. charles payne. knows about recessions. ainsley: so obvious what they are doing. they do not want him to win again and do not like to the economy is doing well. >> the ceo of bank of america said it best only fear of recession we have fear of recession. owner thing that can happen
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is fear jugser naught everyone believes it's going to be derailed. i hate to say it to the degree the media almost did that in december. some people do it dlicketsly. there is no economic data out there that suggests we are on the cusp of a recession. steve: they have suggested the inverted yield curve where have you more money on the short-term bond than the long-term bond. >> two and 10 year has inverted 24 hours. it has to be longer than 24 hours. we saw retail sales sore. absolutely sore significantly better than anyone participated. we saw an earnings report from walmart absolutely remarkable. walmart is a great proxy. not because they did almost $131 billion in sales in three months every american goes there one third of the shoppers have $100,000 income. walmart lower end. no. that's americana. steve: they are america's number one grocery store as well. >> that's another big seller for them. bottom line is it seems to
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be a deliberate attempt by many people to make this economy go into recession. steve: you mean talk it down. >> talk it down. griff: clearly a strong economy is key to president trump's re-election. >> sure. griff: going after it. yet larry kudlow playing down fears of recession. take a listen to what he had to say. >> consumers, first of all, they are working. the employment numbers are terrific. second of all, they are working at much higher wages, third of all, they are spending and, fourth of all, interestingly, they are saving even while they are spending. that's about as good as it gets and i notice at the end of the week a lot of the wall street firms have been marking up their economic growth forecast. i think we are in pretty good shape. ainsley: the president said he was very optimistic about the outlook. look at walmart's numbers they are through the roof just a few days ago. larry kudlow went on to say don't be afraid of this optimism. the truth is unemployment is
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down, 4011 ks are up. wages are up. lower tax rate. they are rolling back regulations. the economy is good, right. >> the economy ebbs and flows, but the idea that we are going to fall off of a cliff right now is far-fetched. on friday the atlanta fed marked up third quarter from 1.8% to 2.2%. to say larry kudlow's point some people see the economy doing better not worse right now. griff: what's the difference though because steve mentioned the inverted yield curve no one seems to know unless you are a economist, flight as i understand it it's different when it was a marker during high inflation vs. low inflation. why does that matter? >> a lot of things are different right now. this is the first time in history that governments around the world are borrowing money and you have to pay them to hold your money. in other words, if i'm germany and you give germany 10 bucks, in 10 years, 30 years they will give you back $9.50. i'm exaggerating and trying
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to make the point. it's odd. have you never heard that before. what happens is, when that's the case, guess where you go you go to a country like america that's actually paying a yield. so billions, if not trillions of dollars are pouring into our bonds. that's driving the yield down. this is where the inversion comes from. it's amazing. $16 trillion with a negative yield around the world that money wants to find a place where they can get some return. not to have to pay you for holding the money. steve: something else happened on friday. you mentioned something that came in on friday. the president actually had dinner, apparently, out at bedminster in new jersey with the guy who runs apple which is one of the most valuable companies in the world. he made a case -- we heard yesterday as the president was heading back to washington that tim cook made a case for how the trade war, such as it is with china is, impacting apple because they have a really strong competitor not involved in it. listen. here's the president. >> i had a very good meeting
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for tim cook. i have a lot of respect for tim cook. tim was talking to me about tariffs. you know, one of the things that he made a good case is that samsung is their number one competitor and samsung is not paying tariffs because they are based in south korea and it's tough for apple to pay tariffs if they are competing with a very good company that's not. steve: because apple makes most of their products in china and samsung number one rival makes them around the world, not china. >> apple is in an awkward position. and tim apple or tim cook. [laughter] >> you know, he is trying to make the case he also said, tim cook himself said earlier in the week that apple is bringing back thousands of jobs in america. hey, if you want this exclusion. if you want to be called out of, this you also have step up and be a good american citizen, not just a company that sells products to americans. i think you will see apple bring more of their production back to this country. by the way, that's how any business can get around the
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terrorist. it's not a tariff against business. steve: make it here. >> how about making some of this stuff in america? how did we get in this predicament in the first place. you want to avoid tariffs? hire americans. that's pretty simple. that's what's going to happen. ainsley: there is this business owner in california she put on twitter emotional speech about why she is having to shut down her shop in california because of the homelessness she is cleaning up needles. she had a message from gavin newsom. watch what she posted on video. this video is for gavin newsom. i want to tell you what happens when i get to work. i have to clean up the poop and the pee off of my doorstep. i have to clean up the syringes. i have to politely ask the people who i care for. i care for these people who are homeless, to move your tents. you want to make it comfortable for everybody except people who work hard and mak now we have to change that due to your lies. what are you going to do for us? steve: she has a business sacramento 15 years has to leave and close up shop.
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>> that's why when i talk about markets and investing. the first thing i look at you have to have stability and peace. that's why violence, drug epidemics, all of those things, that's your foundation. you can't have prosperity without having that first. and, you know, listen, i understand where she is coming from. we see it to a degree here in new york city. and this whole thing about being woke as a politician and you have got to remember who is actually generating the income. who is generating the tax dollars. if you really want to be a great governor. if you want to be a great mayor, you've got to realize there is certain -- have you got to have the businesses generate the money so can you do really good things for people. i think california has gone so far left that, you know, listen, they got silicon valley, they have hollywood. they have a strong tax base. other than that their buy if you are occasion between poor and rich is atrocious. people talk about the genome
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of you will income. they have land of milk and honey. steve: how did they wind up there. >> you go past the rubicon and promise so many things to so many people you can't get back to a real smart fiscal policy low taxes. you couldn't get through the transition. place like venezuela maybe someone has the best of up tension. promise so much to too many people for not doing anything, this is what happens. you have to pay for it. griff: we reached out to the governor and did not get a response from gavin newsom about this particular owner. they have said for a long time, as goes california goes the rest of the country. we have seen that with plastic straws and plastic bags and stuff. are the problems in california going to end up. >> that's corporate virtue signaling and things like that. no, california is losing out to states like texas, utah. just like new york is losing out to north carolina, virginia. florida. i mean, the bottom line is every state is not california. in fact, many states are doing the right thing for citizens and creating
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prosperity for everyone. ainsley: it's fun i couldn't say that you go on her twitter account she blocks and chooses who gets to see it. see the comments of what people are saying. people are posting penske truck saying move out of california. another lady said i grew up in california my whole life. i'm thinking about moving. another person had a lot of trashed in the picture and tents and said clean it up, gavin. >> to that point i read it somewhere. i didn't get a chance to investigate it. usually i investigate these things before i mention them it. is intriguing, it's true, a u-haul truck from texas to california cost 100 percent more than a u-haul truck from california to texas. that's how much demand there is right now to get the heck out of that state. steve: that woman you saw in the twitter video, a business owner elizabeth novak is going to be joining us two hours from now 8:15 in person. at least on the tv. >> charles: have a good day. steve: charles rushed. in he was supposed to be on
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at 6:30. >> markets may be up big this morning. steve: i heard there was a recession coming. >> just saying. ainsley: charles, behind you, is jillian. jillian: let's start off with a story out of florida. this is a fox news alert. the search intensifying overnight for two firefighters missing off the coast of florida. justin walker and brian mcclooney were last seen leaving for a fishing trip friday morning from port canaveral. their families returnin prayinga safe return. >> anyone going to get through this is my brother a u.s. navy, fallujah. he has been sailing all his life. >> covered 20,000 square miles by air and sea. >> severe storms sweep the nation bringing mild weather from the midwest to to the northeast. at least nine people hurt including seven kids in pennsylvania when lightning struck a tree sending it crashing on to a tent. take a look at this.
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a car buried by falling tree outside of pittsburgh in chicago, heavy downpours counseling more than 500 flights. the iranian tanker released heading to greece. the ship originally seized by the british more than a month ago suspected of carrying toil syria in violation of the eu sanctions. iran warning the united states against any attempt to seize the tanker again. it was released despite a request by the u.s. to keep the ship there. and do you remember when we showed you this video of democratic presidential candidate andrew yang last week? ♪ to the left ♪ to the left ♪ to the left ♪ now kick, now kick, now kick. jillian: now fellow democratic presidential hopeful tim ryan sharing this picture tweeting quote negotiating the terms of my dance-off with andrew yang. not yet determined, seeking a location. the winner gets $1,000 a
3:14 am
month. ryan poking fun at yang's campaign promise to enact a $1,000 month campaign fun. some people might want to see that happen. steve: universal dance lessons. jillian: a lot of us could use them, yes. griff: you were covering but you were actually dancing. jillian: yeah, i can do those dances like you can't mess up the move. steve: the line dance. jillian: any other kind of dancing. ainsley: it tells you what to do. now now kick, now kick. jillian: you can't mess it up. steve: coming up on this monday, no death penalty. voting rights for felons, and legal safe injection sites. it's all part of bernie sanders criminal justice plan. >> dealing with a barbaric and dysfunctional criminal justice system which has very, very little to do with justice. ainsley: so is that really what americans want? we are breakin breaking it down
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any other country on earth. steve: there you have got presidential candidate senator bernie sanders unveiling the sweeping criminal justice plan. here to break down details is the policy director for the conservative partnership institute. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: before we get into the some of the nuts and bolts of what bernie is suggesting, why is he suggesting it now? >> he is about to do a sweep through south carolina where the large voting demographic of democrats is african-american and this is the group most disproportionally impacted by mass incarceration. steve: all right. let's take a look at some of the points of bernie's criminal justice plan. end mandatory sentencing minimums and three strikes law. abolish the death penalty. legalize pot. end solitary confinement. legalize safe injection sites and guarantee living wages. all right. let's start with abolish the death penalty. is that popular in south carolina? >> i don't know about south carolina but it is very polarizing throughout the nation. there is a lot of
3:20 am
interesting criminal justice reform. we saw this when president trump signed into law the first step act at the end of last year. no democrats give him credit for that, of course. but, bernie in true fashion has taken popular ideas and just taken them a little bit too far. safe injection needle sites too far. steve: what does that mean. >> using iv drugs and go to this place and what do they do? give you clean syringes. >> they give you clean syringes and be there in case you overdose. is the idea of safe injection sites. steve: that's a good idea. >> according to bernie sanders is it is. steve: it would keep people from spreading disease i would imagine. >> and keeps them safe, i guess, when they overdose. steve: in the meanwhile andrew yang who we saw dance dancing a little bit ago has this proposal. listen to this. >> i'm going to mass pardon everyone in jail for a nonviolent marijuana offense and high five them on the
3:21 am
way out it. makes no sense that people are in jail for something that's legal in other parts of the country. steve: what do you think about that past pardons over marijuana offenses nonviolent. >> most important part the high five on the way out of mass incarceration. that's as much as we have heard from andrew yang pardon and high five. steve: why would he be making this suggestion now. >> you know, he is fighting for relevance right now. again, he is going in for the pot-smoking demographic, i think it is what we refer to it nonviolent drug offenses. this polls well in parts of the democratic party and andrew yang is push for that vote. steve: okay. meanwhile i was just out in orange county, california, it turns out that has been a rather red district for a very long time and now for the first time in orange county california, which includes newport beach, democrats outnumber republicans. and just by, about 900. a little less than that what do you make of that? >> you can't take anything for granted if you are a
3:22 am
republican. you always have to fight for those votes regardless of where they are, about you i would say census data tells us people are fleeing california, republicans in particular 2016 and 2017 the state lost 120,000 people. over 53% of residents are thinking about pulling the plug on living in california. steve: what do you make of our lead story talked about how all the news over the weekend sounds like we are on the verge of a recession given the fact it's been wild on wall street we are in this trade tussle with china. what's going on? >> you know, uncertainty and markets respond to it, right? i think a lot of this is narrative. you push us in one direction. confidence goes that way as well. all the other indicators say we are doing great. president trump has put us in a good spot. steve: i guess we are done talking about russia and collusion and obstruction we have. >> we have to find something new. steve: we do because we presidential race. looks like joe biden is still holding firm at number
3:23 am
one but elizabeth warren is surging. >> she is. she is now in second place. again, we haven't seen these two on the debate stage together. we haven't seen them face off. they have a long standing personal animosity towards each other. steve: oh, wait. tell me about that. >> bankruptcy bill joe biden was pushing in 2005 and 2002. elizabeth warren then harvard professor elizabeth warren went after him saying he was antiwoman, anti-single mother. should be interesting. steve: did i not realize that. >> get the popcorn. steve: rachel conservative policy institute thank you for joining us live. >> my pleasure. steve: meanwhile, that movie, the hunt, could still be on. the controversial movie's professor wants to produce it even though the studio suspended it. actor zachery bryant here to call out hollywood's hypocrisy and that's coming up next.
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griff: quick headlines forever you now. president trump condemning as he weigh as troop withdrawal in afghanistan. >> we are there for one reason, we don't want that to be a laboratory, okay? it can't be a laboratory for terror. griff: about 14,000 u.s. service members remain stationed in afghanistan after nearly 20 years at war. and this: a new report says two russian nuclear monitoring stations went silent in the days after an explosion. an official tells the "wall street journal" the site experienced communication and network problems. the blast is believed to have been caused by nuclear missile testing earlier this month. radiation levels increasing 20 times above normal right after the blast. ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much, griff. a controversial film featuring elites hunting down so-called deplorables was supposed to be put on hold. >> every year a bunch of elites kidnap normal folks like us. >> where did they get from
3:28 am
you. >> wyoming. >> mississippi. >> orlando. >> and hunt us for sport. >> now the producer still wants that film released. here to weigh in is former home improvement star zachery thai brian. >> hi, ainsley, thank you for having me. ainsley: what do you think about this? they pulled the film and producer saying timing was off but we might release it later on. >> yeah, i mean, i think they probably pulled it because of those shootings out of the gate. i mean, at the end of the day, they have a lot of money into this and i'm sure they want to recoup as much as possible if not make money on it. and, again, i'm a free market guy. so i say put it out into the marketplace. let's see how it does. you know, promoting political violence is dangerous, if ask you me. and it seems like they kind of always accuse us of what they are actually doing, you know. they tell us that we are more divided now than ever. but if you look at it, you
3:29 am
know, have you snoop dogg that shot trump in one of his music videos. you had kathy griffin hold a severed head of our president. it seems a lot of violence or rhetoric is coming from hollywood. so, and then you look at a movie like this, i guess it's good to know how they really feel about us. they dehuman nice us, calling us racists and bigots. when you dehumanize somebody like that, why not hunt them? ainsley: encouraging violence is what they are doing in this movie. this is an excerpt from "the hunt" watch this. it says at least the hunt coming suspect nothing better than going out to the manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables. so they actually use the word deplorables. they are not even trying to hide it. >> i guests that's the political climate we are in right now. for me, it's, you know, it's kind of sad. but what are you going to do? you know, i think we all
3:30 am
have the decision on whether or not we want to see this film i'm a free market guy. there is a sense, too, one the elitist are the bad guys. the one thing i do want to say is in my town specifically, they are always, you know, whether they are fighting for gun control and a lot of them just want guns eradicated yet they make all these movies with guns and killings in them. they are all about, you know, redistributing the wealth or the top 1%. we are in a business where you pay the lead actor $20 million and everybody else gets paid scraps. it's definitely do as i say, not as i do. i would love to see them pay everybody and let everybody have proper participation as if you were in a socialist i can time government. they won't do it. it's hard to take them seriously will. ainsley: what do you know about this professor. he worked for harvey
3:31 am
weinstein and he made a lot of money on paranormal activity. he will spent $15,000 and made 200 million. do you know him? do yodo you think universal is afraid to lose him? they want this video or film released because is he such a big money maker? >> yeah. i think there is definitely a part of that i don't know him on a personal level. but i do know he has a really, really good track record. the horror space is definitely his genre and what he knows best. yes, there is definitely -- i mean, i don't even want to know how much money they have into this budgetary wise but i'm sure it's quite a bit. i'm sure us talking about it right now makes them happy because the controversy, as they say, bad publicity is good publicity. but, yes, i would suggest everybody go out and see a really good film that we have out called skin right now with jamie bell. we have won a ton of awards. yes, i think it's definite a
3:32 am
connection between the studio. again, they wants to be in the green. and they want to put this out and see what they can do. now we all have the chance whether or not we want to support the film or not. ainsley: you are right. we have the choice to do it. do you think it will be released eventually? >> my gut says yes. this town is about one thing and one thing only and that's money. so i would say yes. you know, i think the moral glart hollywood has been gone for a long time. ainsley: all right, zachery. thanks for joining us. >> sure. thank you. ainsley: everyone go see "skin" '2 minutes after the top of the hour. officers in a fight over the weekend. mayor's police union says de blasio is to blame. we have an officer here next sounding off. ♪ under measure ♪
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3:37 am
coaches a current and retired officer. griff: the harrisonville police department showing appreciation on facebook writing in part we are so thankful for the show of support. best of luck this year, boys. steve: very nice. do you know who likes that dan bongino i was with us on the couch on friday and joins us now from down in florida. that's a lovely gesture by those kids, isn't it. >> it's amazing. let me say of being there friday i have a new found respect for the hours you and ainsley and brian keep regularly. you guys have a tremendous -- i just want the audience to know their work ethic is tremendous. i'm still recovering. i only did one day and i'm still recovering on a monday. ainsley: try doing it for how many years, steve? steve: like 70. [laughter] ainsley: brian, i hope you are in bed. >> steve has been doing this since i was in the secret service. this is my fourth career. steve: almost seems like it. look at the cover much the "new york post" today. chaos runs the streets.
3:38 am
it tells the story about how on friday night here in new york city three police officers injured, assailants in one of the housing complex at bedford marci houses targeted cops with hurled bottles, other debris which police believed tossed out of the windows from the roorooftops there are so many police who feel like this administration doesn't have their back. >> yeah. steve, these stories make me sick. you know, we had an incident before i came on with the police department but was well known because it was in the area i had worked. where a box -- smeer, a bag of cement, dry cement was dropped and killed the police officer. they called it -- it had a name. it was called airmail. they always used to teach you when i was a cop before you walked into hiewsing project for a vertical. you walk up and down the stairwells and check each floor. they would tell you always, always look up because you don't know what's going to come from the top.
3:39 am
having said that this disgusting gross, unforgivable anti-cop atmosphere permeating down from the top of new york city is a danger to every cop out there. and what's even worse about it is the failed communist mayor of new york, de blasio, he understands this is not a dumb guy. believe me, i would love to say it but he is not. he is not stupid. he understands using the cops as a whipping boy is a political tactic for him to gain favor amongst his far left base. in other words, what i'm telling you, is he putting cops in danger. i have no doubt about that with this defactor screw the cops attitude he has. he is doing it strictly for his own political career. not if it was any better for f. it wasn't for politics. only worse now that he is only doing it for his political career. griff: what happened, dan over the weekend not the first time police deescalation situation and have to respond. that's why the new york police benevolent association tweeted this out
3:40 am
they say how are cops supposed to do our job in this environment? when will nypd our mayor de blasio stand up and say enough is enough. chaos is running the streets. this is outrageous. we're lucky, it wasn't worse. your point. >> fair point you make there, griff. this is not the first time. not like mayor de blasio get in office and do things against the cops. i get that the problem i have here is since mayor de blasio is in office. it's affected the psychology of the workforce. i mean, think about it. imagine where we work every time you came on the air every single day someone told you are doing it wrong, griff, you are terrible, you are not, of course. you are awful at this. eventually you goal to work and do what you have to do but you just can't stand it. nine suicides of police officers this year? i'm not pinning those on de blasio. i am simply saying i know cops. i talk to them. not all of them but a good lot of them that i know are miserable working for this mayor. they have no leadership at
3:41 am
all. and they are putting these cops in danger every day because the word gets out on the street that the cops with demoralized and not do anything and see incidents like this happen. ainsley: we talked on friday there were going to be protestprotests in portland that happened over the weekend. the mayor of portland said it was the worse case scenario has been avoided because no one died. at least andy ngo i was watching an interview with him. he said that's how the mayor decides that it's peaceful because there weren't any deaths. look at this video there were six people that had injuries. there were -- there was concrete that was thrown. metal and wooden polls con iconfiscated. shields were confiscated. what do you think? >> >> let me get this straight. your standard for success is hey, well, nobody died. i mean is, that for real? is this guy serious? excuse me. talking about the mayor. serious? this is insane. the police chief down there is completely failed.
3:42 am
i believe they sit in the same role. completely failed. this is a terror group. there is no doubt about it. by every measure of what a terror group would be, antifa fits it. they use violence and intimidation to harass people. this is what they do. and by the way this is a group of unbelievable losers like i have never seen in my life. the thing about losers is they attack in packs. losers and cowards. they are not packs of wolves. they are like packs of angry poodles. these are people with no prospects for any job anywhere. they would be full-time s'mores roasters in their mom's basement eating s'mores because they would have no prospects of anything else. so they go out in the street and they cause chaos. this is a terror group, nothing more. they were trying to hit people with hammers. they were chasing that young lady around stalking her like a bunch of animals. this is a terror group no doubt about it. something needs to be done. steve: dan bongino that is not the way a lot of people described antifa yesterday
3:43 am
on tv. listen to this. >> violence, street confrontationconfrontations in d oregon. 13 people injured. 6 injured. more than 1,000 right wing demonstrators and counter protesters descended on the downtown area. >> protest not guilty middle of what appear to be a right wing protester and they are doing all they can to push him out. steve: had a little problem with the audio right there. what did you make of the coverage regarding antifa. >> they are not counter protesters, okay? you have been in the media a long time. other outlets do this it's called gaslighting, tell a lie, tell a lie confidently and isolate people from the truth and can you get people to believe anything. antifa are not counter protesters. it is an anti first amendment. that's what it stands for. they tell you it stands for anti-fascist. it really is anti-first amendment. they are anti-first amendment ultra violent terror group that wants to see you lens people's free speech. they are not counter
3:44 am
protesters. i don't know what the other group was about. i totally, completely 100 percent disavow violence. it has no place in a political conversation ever. period, full stop. on any side. and that will never ever ever back away from that no matter what. >> antifa, i'm not saying nobody else does anything wrong, i'm saying the evidence of antifa and ultra violent routine is everywhere. stop calling them counter protesters. griff: there is far right protesters on one side. proud boys whatever it is. and then there is antifa. we have been seeing. this as i was talking this weekend trying to sort of lay it out, the antifa folks really found donald trump as a target. and so we have seen this escalation and the problem is that you have mayor ted wheeler in portland saying it was largely peaceful. you have police that are incident. the antifa people are not getting hurt. it's people like you saw on that bus getting hammered and pepper sprayed. the question now is what needs to be done? >> yeah. i'm sorry i screwed up the
3:45 am
mayor before. my apologies for that what needs to be done, griff, the group, one, you have to actually police your city. the mayor has completely let down the people of portland, instead of acknowledging the problem he is involved that 365 gas lighting effort. i saw your piece this weekend it was a good one. you can check the video yourself, don't take my word for it. antifa out in the street actually directing traffic. i'm not kidding. telling people and i don't mean directing traffic. telling people you can't drive this way or that way. this is complete urban chaos. these people have to be immediately told, can i just add one more things, but, the giuliani approach when i was a cop was this. i have said this a couple times. you throw a bottle, you throw a rock, you get eard. the second person who throws a bottle or rock they get arrested, too. i promise you, because i was at these things, there was no third person who threw the bottle. it didn't happen.
3:46 am
because they were already in jail the first two. the mayor needs to take the giuliani approach. steve: all right. dan bongino joining us today from florida where he says he is not a morning person but he seems pretty awake. griff: thanks, dan. >> i only slept two hours my smoke alarm went off at 2:15. ainsley: why did it go off? >> the batteries are dying. the worst thing ever. steve: that's why you change. >> folks, public service announcement. change your smoke alarm batteries. there you go. griff: back to sleep. thanks, dan. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: that is the worst. follow this story we are following. inspector general's report on the russia investigation will be, quote. ugly and damning. that's the word from lindsey graham looking for answers on the origins of the fbi probe and the unverified trump dossier. >> the warrant application to the fisa court, i think, was quite frankly a fraud on the court. i want all the
3:47 am
communications out where they were on notice that christopher steele hated trump. that he was unreliable informant. i want people to see how off the rails this investigation got. and i want people to be held accountable. jillian: the report is expected to be released in the coming week. elected official is apologizing for a mock presidential assassination at fundraising event. illinois state senator mark sand bull under fire for these images showing people points ago fake gun at a man in a trump mask. the weapon is not real. in the statement he called it unacceptable and says he does not condone violence. the head of the state gop is calling for his termination. a shop owner chases out a pair of thieves armed with sledge hammers. watch this as the man shows no fear immediately confronting the masked suspect smashing gladys play cases. as soon as he gets that guy out the door, another crook starts to attack. ironically the jewelry heist happened at a shop called
3:48 am
heist jewelry. you really can't make that up. four people are under arrest. send it back to you. ainsley: thank you, jillian. steve: those images are troubling. we have great guests kellyanne conway advisor to the president is going to be here as will former speaker of the house newt gingrich. griff: that's not all. todd piro and i hit the beach for his first surfing lesson. how did he do? did he drown? were there sharks? no. he did put his wet suit on backwards. stick around. find out what happened. ainsley: he got up though. that's good. ♪ ♪ i wrapped a towel around me ♪ and i opened the door ♪ and then accomplish splash ♪ i jumped back in the bath ♪ how was i to know there was a party going on
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
steve: well, we have learned that todd piro does not know which is the correct direction to put his wet suit on. ainsley: that's okay. he learned to surf. is he doing a lot more than any of us do right? you actually stood up on the board. todd: somewhat. griff: for months, todd said, i want to learn to surf, griff. i want to learn to surf. we said all right. let's go and do this. let's get out there. so we started a little bit off on the wrong foot. get better. can i roll it. todd: roll it.
3:53 am
griff: this is todd piro goes surfing take one. this is the back. todd: i would like to say this was a plan oh we are going to make a funny gag. i literally put it on wrong. griff: it's going to be a long afternoon. whoever has ever met me or knows me knows surfing is my passion. it's a way of life for me. todd: i grew up in new jersey i have been coming i can body surf and boogie board but i can't real surf. griff: mark gill martin. summertime surf school. >> monday to sunday. today we had 40 kids ages 4 to 16. next generation of surfers trying to teach them about ocean awareness and safety. griff: with the kids you will apply some of the same things to todd that you would give anyone. >> 100 percent. the fundamental is the same. >> small guy tell it right there. >> lots of pressure is on my friend. >> setting the bar.
3:54 am
>> keeping her knees bent. >> break it down four p's. first one positioning. sweet spot when you pop on the board every time that's where you want to pop. paddle, 1, 2, 3, punch -- 1, 2, 3, pop up. very good, guys, looking stylish. literally you are about to get bitten, not by a shark but by the surfing bug, and it's never going to let you go. yes. [cheers] >> his first wave. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
3:55 am
>> doing good so far. honestly got out easy. form looks good. >> how is todd doing? >> oh, is he doing great. griff: he seems pretty stoked. explain what stoked means. >> stokeside kind of like excitement but it's special. a feeling you get when you are throughout and you catch a wave and you just can't explain it except to say that you are stoked. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all right, so it's time for the post game. guys? >> well, how was it? >> it was awesome. >> together. >> we did.
3:56 am
get up on the board a few times made me feel like there is some slight semblance. griff: what's the first golden. todd: just have fun. griff: having the most fun best surfer out there. ainsley: dude, did you well. todd: it's a legal requirement for fox news i have to embarrass myself each day and this was the day. >> did you great. you enjoyed it and i told you that the bug was going to bite you. you actually continued? todd: i have gone on my own time with summertime surf. drew and wolfy helped me out. i'm going on another one next saturday. ainsley: balancing on the water. how hard is that. >> it's hard for me i don't have great core strength. i'm learning tricks. i get on the board later now which always helps. steve: think fair and balanced. griff: some synergy. we will get you guys out there if you ever want. to say just out there
3:57 am
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♪ steve: live from new york city, it's hour two of "fox & friends" for this very busy monday. you know, griff, a lot of people don't realize that you can actually surf in new jersey. griff: yes. some of the best waives on the east coast. we have todd piro out surfing. a good time. that's what summer is all about. summer is not over yet. steve: no. ainsley: that's intimidating to try to do that, to try to surf if you have never done it before on am are a and then air it on national television. griff: particularly since he started by putting his wet suit on backwards. he had a lot of ways to grow but did he it.
4:01 am
steve: it's ha. griff: best surfer out there having the most fun because you are out there. the waves, nature, it's good stuff. steve: indeed. all right. thank you very much for joining us. brian is off today. griff is in his chair. it's good to have him. the cover of the "new york post" today chaos runs the streets. what they are talking about is something that happened over the weekend. three police officers were injured here in new york city. apparently they were targeted with hurled bottles and live -- other debris which police believe were tossed out of the windows or rooftops. none of the projectiles. one of the officers was head butted by a teenager carrying pepper spray according to the "new york post." this is on the heels of all those dousings of police officers. ainsley: can you believe this? i'm reading all these articles about this. people standing on top of the roof and throwing things down on top of the police officers. three of the police officers were injured. minor injuries. thank goodness. that could be very -- that could be very, very dangerous. it could hit someone in the wrong place in the head.
4:02 am
how painful would that be? griff: the problem is that it keeps happening. i was filling in on the weekend. we talked about this. the new york police union, the benevolent association is tweeting about it, too. saying how are cops supposed to do our job in this environment? when will nypd or mayor de blasio stand up and say enough is enough? chaos is running the streets. this is outrageous. we are lucky, to your point, ainsley, it wasn't worse. ainsley: 11 people were arrested the next morning it. happened overnight and then that next morning 11 people were, thankfully, apprehended. steve: remember a couple weeks ago we were showing you all the embarrassing video of police officers doing their job responding to calls and people throwing buckets of water on them. one guy got hit in the head. i mean, look at them. they don't even flinch. they don't turn around and say hey, i'm going to write you up. that guy gets conked in the head. now there have been a couple of bills introduced in the state legislature that would make those kind of attacks on police officers, a
4:03 am
felony. the big question is whether or not they will pass, of course, they have got to, don't they? >> dan bongino has a long history in law enforcement. he had this to say about it. >> this disgusting, gross, unforgivable anti-cop atmosphere permeating down from the top of new york city is a danger to every cop out there. and what's even worse about it is the failed communist mayor of new york, de blasio, he understands this is not a dumb guy, believe me, i would love to say it but he is not. he is not stupid. he understands using the cops as a whipping boy is a political tactic for him to gain favor amongst his far left base. in other words, what i'm telling you is, he is putting cops in danger. i have no doubt about that with this de facto screw the cops attitude he has, he is doing it strictly for his own political career. griff: tragically, it's putting the mindset, dan was telling us, griff, what if they came in every day and told you are doing your job
4:04 am
terrible and your morale really got shot down? that's another take away, it's the accumulation of all these attacks, it's not a good environment and doesn't lead to a good end. steve: after the police officers' union sent out that tweet, the mayor yesterday at 4:15 responded via twitter because is he campaigning for president in new hampshire, he said it's really simple. anybody who attacks our new york city police officers will be caught and will pay the consequences, he tweeted. and asking the public for more information. steve: once again, he is not in town. is he out running for president where i think he has got 1%? ainsley: i know. the economy doing is well as we gear up for the next election and another year we will know who the two candidates are on -- for both parties. and the president has been out there touting the economy. he was doing that over the weekend. the media, because some of the stocks fell a little bit last week. steve: they fell a lot.
4:05 am
ainsley: the media ran with that saying there was going to be a recession coming up. listen to this. >> recession jitters, president trump said to be rattled as economic alarm bells caused a wild week on wall street. >> there are indicators that the u.s. could be headed for a recession. >> there are some rough waters ahead, maybe a recession. >> fears of a coming recession spiked on the heels of a key economic indicator what's called inverted yield curve. >> yield curve has inverted every -- before every u.s. recession since 1955. >> they say recession on horizon. >> recession. >> recession. >> recession. steve: you get the idea a lot of recession talk. inverted yield curve for a period charles payne said it was less than 24 hours. for a short period of time the rate you got paid on short-term bond was actually more than the long-term bond. usually you put your money not long-term bond because it's a safer bet. people were so worried about the future the short-term was better.
4:06 am
24 hours according to charles. griff: this administration is pushing back. president trump, his advisors are saying listen, the yield curve has been an indicator in the past. these are different times. these are different circumstances. this is the president pushing back saying he doesn't see the recession. >> we have the strongest economy by far in the world. the tariffs have caused nothing, or very little. i don't see a recession. the world is in a recession right now. although that's too big a statement. but if you look at china. china doing very, very poorly. they have h i just saw a report. they have had the worst year in 27 years because of what i have done and they want to come to the negotiable table. we are doing tremendously well. our consumers are rich. i gave a tremendous tax cut. and they are loaded up with money. they are buying -- we are doing better than any country or even area anywhere in the world. we are doing great. and our consumer is really,
4:07 am
really strong. and it looks like they are going to be for a long time. ainsley: he said walmart's numbers are through the roof. national association of business economics they did have a report that was released. they said 34% of the economists believe that there will be a recession in 2021. and when you look at that number against february, there were 25% of the economists believe that but, i'm not an economist. you know, no one can really predict what's going to happen. these are the experts that are listening to the experts and many of them disagree with what the president is doing when it comes to tariffs. but, if you look at -- don't you have to look at the overall picture? steve: 23 you look at the whole globe, the globe is slowing down. the yates is actually the bright spot and the president, that's why. ainsley: strongest economy in the world. >> strong labor market and robust consumer spending. "wall street journal" said retail spending strong in july. but the u.s. consumer sentiment slipped to a seven-year low in august and corporate profits are down 2.2% over the same period
4:08 am
last year. the worry is that the trade talks, with china, because, you know, it doesn't seem like the president is in any hurry to just take any deal. he wants his deal, it looks as if, you know, the worry is that the trade talks are impacting our economy. ainsley: he said china has had worst year in 27 years. griff: they have. many say the trade war, the tariffs is going to ultimately hurt the consumer in the end. we asked charles payne okay, even considering a situation that we find ourselves in, does that mean we are going to get an answer or not. answer on monday morning, here's what he says. >> the only thing that can happen in this country right now and can derail this economic juggernaut is in everyone believes it's going to be der5eu89d. i hate to say it but to a degree the media almost did it in december. some people do it deliberately. listen, there is no economic data out there that suggests we are on the cusp of a recession. meantime guess what we saw last week. retail sales soar.
4:09 am
absolutely soar better than anyone anticipated. earnings report from walmart absolutely remarkable. steve: him talking about the walmart thing that you were talking about. regarding the trade troubles with china, the president yesterday warned the chinese president xi, keep in mind we are about to start another round of talks in washington, d.c. he warned the president xi against reacting violently to the protest in hong kong that we have been watching over the weekend. he said, quote: it would be much harder for me to sign a deal if he did something violent in hong kong. ainsley: what charles said was interesting. if they can get america to believe that we are heading for a recession, then that's when we could enter into a recession. so the media is here saying recession, recession, recession, knowing this is going to be a big issue for americans when they go to the polls next year. griff: meanwhile, that's not playing on the 2020 democratic campaign trail. steve: not yet. because they don't like to talk about the trump economy. for the most part, it's been
4:10 am
pretty good. griff: hard thing to run against. one of the things bernie sanders wants to do though is completely revamp prison. ainsley: criminal justifiable. steve: unveiled a plan yesterday aimed at slashing the country's prison population in half and riding institutional racism and corporate profiteering. here are some of the points of berniey's plan. ainsley: he wants to abolish the death penalty. he wants to stop excessive sentencing, end mandatory sentencing minimums and end three strikes law and expand the use of sentencing alternatives. steve: we had with us earlier today rachel the policy director for the consumer rather the conservative partnership institute. and she took a look at the political dynamics of what's going on here, and she had this observation just about an hour ago. >> there is a lot of interesting criminal justice reform. we saw this when president trump signed into law the first step act at the end of last year, no democrats give him credit for that, of course. but, bernie in true fashion
4:11 am
has taken popular ideas and just taken them a little too far. safe injection needle sites. >> what does that mean, a safe place to inject. griff: latest fox news poll elizabeth warren jumping ahead of bernie sanders. taking for granted biden because of name recognition maintains the lead. now here you have these policies getting unveiled. we will see if this is a bridge too far and whether biden will respond to this sort of policy proposal. because he has been pushed each time. we will see how he responds. steve: we will indeed. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us, hey, jillian two fire firefighters missing off the coast of florida. justin walker and brian mcclooney were last seen leaving for a fishing trip friday morning from port canaveral. their families praying for a safe return. >> anybody going to get through, this it's my brother, combat veteran. u.s. navy, fallujah,
4:12 am
firefighter in jacksonville, florida right now. he knows what he is doing. he has been sailing all his life. jillian: the coast guard has covered 20,000 square miles by air and sea. bail is set at $200,000 for the man accused of sparking a bomb scare. placing bombs in new york city. the west virginia man planted a pair of rice cookers in a subway station forcing emergency evacuations and a lot of chaos and panic on friday. griffin will be back in court later this week. a motive is still unknown. former governor who led the state during hurricane katrina has died. current governor john bel edwards tweeting about heir legacy saying she was a, quote, trailblazer and broke many barriers leading the way for others to follow. she stands among the giants who have helped shape louisiana's history. blanco was the first female governor of louisiana. she had been battling a rare form of cancer that spread to her liver. blanco was 76 years old.
4:13 am
he picked the wrong car. a man is arrested for impersonating a cop after he pulled over a van filled with real detectives. he turned on emergency lights and sounded an air horn to try to stop the van on long island, new york. ran away as soon as the cops identified himself. he was arrested a short time later. ainsley: what was the motive? he was just -- did he want to steal their car or something? just wanted to act like a cop? jillian: i don't know. steve: that's enough. just picked the wrong car to pull over. griff: criminals do dumb things. ainsley: thank you, jillian. 13 minutes after the top of the hour. congresswoman rasheda tlaib's grandmother slamming president trump after she turns down a visit to israel. house democrats could punish israel's ambassador. griff: congress lee zeldin says there is a big double standard on the left. he is here to weigh in next.
4:14 am
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it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. griff: congressman woman rasheda tlaib's grandmother coming out against president trump. the 90-year-old speaking out
4:18 am
after her granddaughter decided not to visit israel telling reuters, quote: trump tells me i should be happy rasheda is not coming. may god ruin him. the move comes as consider action against u.s. and israeli ambassadors. here to weigh in is new york congressman lee zeldin one of two jewish republican men in congress. good morning, congressman. what is your reaction to what has transpired here? >> over the course of the last few days, it's been a lot of back and forth. but, very quickly, you know, to kind of catch up, israel said that if rasheda tlaib wanted to estimate humanitarian visa to visit her grandmother that israel would grant it. rasheda tlaib then submits the request to have that humanitarian visa. israel grants it and then rasheda tlaib turns around and goes after israel for granting this humanitarian visa because she wants to not only visit her grandmother but she also wants to go over there and
4:19 am
advocate for harm to the nation of israelunfortunate that all of these events transpired the way it did. there was an opportunity for tlaib and omar to have gone earlier this month with 70 colleagues, republicans and democrats, to listen, learn, in good faith it. would have been a genuine and productive, substantive dialogue, hopefully if they approached it in the right way. instead what we have seen is this bad faith pr attempt and this latest news is now she is not going over and they want to blame donald trump. but it's really the fact that they are promoting policies to harm israel. griff: well, congressman, israel has a law that allows them to bar people who boycott israel. that was initial barring. then the humanitarian visa was granted. and, yet, tlaib rejected it again as you pointed out. my question to you is, what is her motivation and is this something that's coming back to washington when you guys are back in september?
4:20 am
>> as far as motivation, just look at her policy and her rhetoric. she supports -- she has endorsed a one state solution that would effectively remove jews from power in israel. just a few weeks ago she stood on the floor of the house of representatives and compared boycotting israel to boycotting nazi germany. she says thinking about the holocaust gives her a calming feeling because of the safe haven that she says the palestinians provide to the jews, which is factually inaccurate. so her and her squad mate, ilhan omar, who has said that israel hypnotized the world. if you support israel, you have pledged allegiance to a foreign power. if you support israel have you been bought off by jews. the two of them were looking to tag team this trip in bad faith. rhetoric, policy, it's all there, what their intentions were about and it wasn't good. griff: congressman, we saw some house democrats calling, to i guess, take a vote of no confidence on two israeli ambassadors are we going to see that? and, if so, should your speaker, pelosi, allow that?
4:21 am
>> it would be a huge strategic mistake on their part. it's wrong on the merits. it's bad politics on top of it all. one is the israeli ambassador to the u.s., the other individual is the u.s. ambassador to israel. and israel has a law that is on the books that allows them to prevent anyone to visit their country who seeks to harm their country. it would be wrong to be criticizing israeli ambassador to the united states for his role in this because they don't want to have people traveling to their country that want to harm it. as far as the u.s. ambassador to israel goes, we have to understand that these two members were going -- they were claiming to be representatives of the u.s. government. but they were seeking to undercut u.s. foreign policy and not represent our actual distances government. griff: why, quickly, has speaker pelosi not attempted to reign some of this in and it looks like we will see more of it? >> because she has no control over the squad.
4:22 am
as aoc said at the beginning beginnings of this year. i'm not stuck here with you y'all are stuck here with me. the squad has been rolling the leadership and the leadership doesn't know how to deal with them. so, as far as tlaib and omar goes or this situation, and the radical left all across this entire country, nancy pelosi has lost control. she wants to stay a speaker, and doesn't believe she could stay as speaker if she doesn't appease these radical members of her conference. >> all right. congressman lee zeldin thank you very much. you mentioned lee and omar actually have a press conference this afternoon. we shall see what they say. congressman, thank you for being here. >> thank you. griff: all right. our next guest was a lifelong democrat calling to repeal the second amendment. now is he a trump supporting gun hunting republican and is he opening up about the backlash he received because he changed his party. that's coming up next ♪ all right now ♪ baby, it's all right now ♪
4:23 am
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plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer. ♪ ♪ ♪ layla griff: time for news by the numbers, $2.5 million that's how much duane al manned's guitar used on the classic song layla was sold for. one of the last time he played the guitar before being killed in motorcycle crash. $2.5 million value of a massive stash found in medical in jalapeño shipment. found the drugs in california. finally 40, that's how many homers the mets first
4:27 am
bademan peter lonzo has set this year beating a record. they beat the royals sunday 11 to 5. ainsley? ainsley: thank you. not too long ago next guest lifelong democrat was tweeting at president trump demanding that he repeal the second amendment and stop the nra. steve: and to barack obama as well. fast forward to today, that democrat is now a gun toting conservative and a trump supporter. and now he is calling attention to all the backlash he received in a new op-ed urging the return to civility in united states. ainsley: here with more behind that story is ryan moore. thank you for being with us. >> hi, ainsley thank you for having me on. ainsley: lifelong democrat and then you switched. why? >> absolutely. i mean, a lot of reasons. but, one of the big events was i was living in san francisco and i was mugged by two guys with guns. and that was in 2013 and it was i wouldn't say it was a
4:28 am
traumatic experience but it got me started the ball rolling and got me thinking about guns. and then as time went along a few years later, i was, you know, kind of easing my views in terms of the second amendment and gun ownership. i decided to move back to washington state and i was building a house. i started thinking about what i'm going to do the police are minutes away. what am i going to do? how am i going to defend my life, you know, so that's when i really -- my views really changed and i decided to purchase the gun. steve: sure. well, let's talk a little bit, ryan, about where your views came from originally. because when you were a young man, you loved music. you went out to california. you went out to los angeles. you wanted to work for divo. you drove up to their office. you got hired by divo, the rock band. and you worked for them for seven years. and it was the girlfriend of one of the lead singers who kind of shaped your early days, right? >> exactly, yeah.
4:29 am
you have did your homework. steve: i did. >> yeah. so, basically, i mean, i was 18 and getting ready to vote for the first time. and i was really, you know, a huge divo fan and so basically said hey you should always vote democrat. i was like okay, i'm a democrat. steve: that's where it came from. ainsley: that's interesting. >> yeah. exactly. that's how i started. someone i really looked up to told me how to vote. i was a big fan of the beatles, too. i was really young when john lenin was killed, so that really affected me as well and made me kind of anti-gun as well. ainsley: what's been the reaction? i have read some of the comments on social media. but tell us about the backlash. i know you have experienced that. >> yeah. for sure. it's pretty surprising. you know, it just seems so many democrats, i believe they, you know, seems like they support the first amendment when they agree with what you are saying. snels they disagree with
4:30 am
what you are saying, now they automatically just call you racist or white supremacist or just attack you personally. they don't come back at you and even argue your views. they just attack you personally. so i have experienced a lot of that. and, you know, it doesn't bother me. i don't really read the comments. i do my thing on social media. i tweet out what i want to tweet out or i leave a comment or a post. and then i don't really, you know, stick around to argue with everybody about it. steve: well, you wrote the op-ed. it's called how i went from a liberal to conservative in 30 short years. i understand these days though, ryan, because you are now a supporter of the president, you know, you are defending a lot of his policies. what is it you like about it. >> the biggest thing that attracted me to president trump that made me come around and switch originally
4:31 am
was just his putting america and all americans first. like i really believe in that. i really am a big, you know, i love america. i love products to be made in america. i love all americans. and i really, absolutely, believe that the president does as well. he really truly cares. he loves america like, you know, no one else. and he loves all americans and wants everyone to succeed. so, that's really the biggest thing for me is we are finally putting our own country ahead of other countries. ainsley: when i listen to your story, the biggest take away for me you looked up to this rock group and they told you to be a democrat and you just said okay. it's fine to be a republican. it's fine to be a democrat. but i feel like the message here is just do your homework know why you are voting for someone. know the issues. >> exactly. i mean, i was -- you know at 18 i was a lot more naive than a lot of 18-year-olds
4:32 am
now and more impressionable, hopefully. and, yeah, you just -- i finally started thinking for myself. i mean, i had to learn -- i had to learn -- i had basically what i believed on a certain issue but then i had to learn what the democrat position was on that. and then i was like okay, so i made those my views even though those weren't my natural views. so i had to learn to be a democrat. steve: and because you are living in the pacific northwest now, which you are in a state right now that is very blue, do you talk much about politics or, you know, do you talk to your neighbors how you feel about different things or do you just write podesta? >> yeah. i mean, i mostly as far as interacting with people about politics mostly on social media or on op-eds. my mom, i moved up here to also kind of take care of my mom. she is a little older. and she is a lifelong republican, conservative, she is a big supporter of
4:33 am
president trump from, you know, since always. she has always loved him. so, yeah. but back when i was a democrat. we used to have arguments about politics, of course. and you know but we were able to remain civil and still love each other. so that's something that i feel that we have really lost with whether -- you know like on social media, when i switched and came out as republican, i lost thousands of social media followers who were liberal or democrat. you know, and including people that i know in person, family members. you know, it's crazy. that people can't, you know, remain connected and remain friends afternoon get along ryan ryan agree with that a lot of people feel the way do you but too scared to wear the hat and his policies. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me on, absolutely. steve: ryan moore, absolutely. meanwhile colin kaepernick calling out jay-z after he apparently is on the verge of a deal with the nfl.
4:34 am
ainsley: and he has a new message for his fellow anthem protesters. that's coming up next most? - [narrator] do you have less energy than you used to? after we reach age 40, there's a big drop in our energy level and now you can get it back. jumpstart your heart-healthy energy with the circulation superfood of superbeets by humann. one teaspoon of superbeets every day
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♪ this is what they're giving ♪ because i'm working for a living. steve: live from new york city, it's hour two. actually we are about half done. ainsley: we are working for a livings. griff: say it ain't so. ainsley: you are getting up for work, thank you so much for watching it. we appreciate it. steve: indeed. listen, on friday, jay-z, the media mogul and performer, he was at a press conference with roger goodell and they were talking about how to go forward with what's going on there. he was asked directly about kneeling and he said we are past it. we have moved past kneeling to actionable items. they are talking about social justice items. ainsley: workinworking with rogr goodell. steve: he could become partial owner of an nfl team. griff: there are rumors he may do that what jay-z wants to do is bring diversity to halftime shows and that's what they were announcing and basically making the point hey, listener, i'm glad kaepernick raised awareness but it's time to move past that. it's time to move more. well, that brought a lot of
4:39 am
outrage. steve: i wonder how colin kaepernick feels about that. ainsley: my brothers eric ride, kenny stills and albert wilson continue to fight for the people even in the face of death threats. they have never moved past the people and continue to put their beliefs in action. stay strong, brothers. griff: well, you know, the eric reid part 2 it basically said kiln kaepernick has to get a job. now it's turned to this mess. i was working on my fantasy football team last night. football is about to start. we will start the season with this thing. the "new york post" weighing in on an op-ed. steve: they did. the headline was you know things are bad when the pc mob comes for jay-z. just out of curiosity, what team are they talking about him buying? griff: we don't know. there are just reports out there. and he, of course, has had a professional sports team before. not football. basketball now he wants to weigh in. he would, if jay-z did get an ownership stake in nfl team would be the first
4:40 am
american owner to own an nfl team and that would be historic. there is this camp that is fighting for colin kaepernick. colin kaepernick must get a job or get a quarterback job to go along with it and, you know, as we were talking about a lot on the weekend, a lot of people, our viewers and people said this is, you know, it's time to move beyond -- ainsley: if he did bay team and they went to the super bowl, would beyonce perform at the halftime show? because i would buy tickets for that. griff: i don't know. i don't know. you can ask jay-z if you want. tweet at him. ainsley: let us know what you think about that and the colin kaepernick thing. steve: meanwhile a high school principal going strirl for this incredible catch. look at. this act like you have been here before. easy money. [cheers]
4:41 am
ainsley: he won a bet against the football coach the whole team got a day off football camp. griff: lasalle high school in ohio. the kicker the kicker at the school. amazing kick and catch. coach or principal, what -- tell us more about what happened here. >> well, good morning. ainsley: good morning. >> and thank you for having us on this morning. who would have thought that a simple kick and catch would garner so much interest. it's incredible. the story is that i went out to talk with the team and i like to do each season, talk with our young men on the different sports teams and tell them how much we are proud of them and excited for the upcoming season and also to embrace leadership and talking about being leaders in the classroom and in the community and at the end of that particular
4:42 am
conversation with the football team, our head coach pat mclaughlin said that if this man next to me, jake cyber, i sign seiber cixd n the air and i caught it they would have the afternoon practice off i told my coach i can't do that coach. i said i mean you can't catch a kick? no i think i can catch a kick but we play a pretty challenging schedule. steve: we need a practice. >> for me to catch it and give the team off weed be prepared. he assured me that the boys have been working really really hard and that they would use that time to study their playbooks and do some team bonding experiences. so, jake, who is committed to the ohio state university. is he one of the best kirks in the country. he gave me a softball. it was easy for me to catch and the rest is history. steve: jake, the pressure is on you. everybody wanted practice off. had you to really get it to him and he had to catch it, which was the hard part. >> yep, um-huh. i try to make it as easy as
4:43 am
i could for him. >> the truth be told, the coaches were telling me just to stand on the hash and jake is so good he can put the ball on the hash. but he wanted to actually see if i could catch it. so he kicked it a little off center intentionally and wanted to see if i could, you know get over there, shuffle my feet and catch it, it's a good thing i caught it or we wouldn't be sitting here this morning. ainsley: aaron, were you nervous? >> i don't know that i time to be nervous because, you know, one of the things we do at lasalle high school is we work on building relationships with our young men. we had a lot of fun even before that video was recording. and, you know, we talked back and forth and we are having fun with it. so i went back there just thinking i was going to catch a simple kick. i will say there was about a half a second thinking if i don't catch this and practice is on the line that wouldn't be good at this point. griff: jake, congratulations, going to ohio state. >> thank you. griff: can you kick that
4:44 am
every day? do you know the to play in the nfl? >> yeah, of course i want to play in the nfl. who doesn't? i work on kickoffs all the time so i'm able to get it to where he wanted it to be. steve: right. jake, are you astounded at the social media reaction and how this has gone viral? >> yeah, i am. we do that every year. and only thing we switched up is instead of having a lineman catch it, we had our principal catch it and that blew up that's pretty amazing. >> i'm a step up from like a lineman. ainsley: jake, tell us about your principal and coach. i come from a family my dad was a coach and i see the influence that my dad has had on so many individuals. he still gets letters from kids who have went on to college to play. tell us about your coach and your principal. >> coach is always working with the team to make us better. and just the fact that he is will to give us one practice
4:45 am
off is awesome. he is willing to trust us with our abilities and he knows come back the next day working harder. so, that's -- it was awesome to see him do that for us. and then a principal here, he is one of the most fun guys to be around. and i'm glad he is able to catch it for me. steve: aaron, you realize from now on, once a year, you are going to have to catch the ball. [laughter] >> well, i have already had the different teams, you know, be it soccer or basketball challenge me to do different things. i might just stop after catching this and not risk it. griff: all right. we look forward to following your career. are you going to be more nervous trying to kick like that or do you think you have got confidence that you have been prepared there to deliver it for four years in college? >> no, i don't see any pressure to it as long as i keep working on it. pressure is nothing. steve: all right. well have a great rest of the summer, guys.
4:46 am
aaron marshall principal at the lasalle high school and jake siebeer heading to the united states university. ainsley: jake, we will be following your career. we wish all the best. >> you are welcome have a great day. >> thank you. ainsley: good story. steve: good thing he didn't drop the ball. right, jillian? jillian: and, griff, it's the ohio state. steve: they are trademarking that. jillian: they are. one story and this is a sad story the american doctor's dreams falls short after he falls 80 feet to his death on vacation. daniel losing footing while taking a moat photo. the new jersey native was set to begin dream job just days from now as a trauma doctor in boston. he leaves behind a fiancee who he was supposed to marry next year. a news reporter is punched on live tv at massive protest. we want to warn you this may be hard to watch.
4:47 am
>> [speaking spanish] yeah that is tough to watch. the reporter knocked to the ground as you can see as his attacker runs away in mexico city. he was covering a protest over two police officers accused of sexual assault. the reporter will be okay. planned parenthood is expected to give up millions of dollars in federal funding today. the organization does not want to be forced to comply with the new trump administration rule which prevents title 10 participants from referring patients for abortions. planned parenthood has sued to block the title 10 changes from taking effect. a woman is seeing red after her dog comes home from the groomer looking like this. green eyebrows and pink ears. the dog's owner tells the palm beach post it looks like someone shaved her golden doodle's eyebrows off and drew new ones on to make
4:48 am
her look like a clown. the owner of the pet spa claims trying to beautify the dog they should have asked before using the dye. steve: she took the dog in and it came back like that. >> came back like that. ainsley: without her requesting the colors. i understand that they do that when the owner asked. jillian: maybe there was a mix-up in dogs or something. griff: poor dogs. i have think dogs are conscientious, too. hopefully the poor little fellow. jillian: maybe the dog requested it. ainsley: maybe the owner liked that my daughter would love a pink dog. she would. griff: email us ought and let us know if you you would like your dog coming home like that. ainsley: they do that. there is this cart that comes around new york and they come and groom inside your apartment. and they have pictures on the side of the truck with a white dog with pink ears and like pink around her face. my daughter saw and it said i want the pink dog, momma. i want a pink dog. i said they don't really come like that. griff: maybe it's a new thing. who knows?
4:49 am
steve: maybe. griff: president trump says china is losing the trade battle this as the media tries to sound the alarm about a loom region session. >> indicators that the u.s. could be headed for a recession. >> there are some rough waters ahead, maybe a recession. >> fears of a coming recession. steve: do you know who is not afraid of a recession? newt gingrich. he is going to join us live next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [farmers bell] ♪ (burke) a "rock and wreck." seen it. covered it. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ and relief from symptoms caused feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin by over 200 indoor
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and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear.
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steve: all right. welcome back. let's bring in newt gingrich, forminger speaker of the house, fox news contributor. he writes a free newsletter available at gingrich it's available right now. newt, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: i'm sure you were watching a lot of television over the last couple of days. there has been a lot of reporting how it looks like we are aiming for a recession because there was inverted yield curve thing and trade war with china. what do you make of it? >> well, look, i think every left wing reporter in the country and every democratic presidential candidate is desperate for a recession.
4:54 am
it's kind of weird. you know, they are running to be president in the hopes that more americans will be unemployed. and so, any indicator of any kind that gives them an excuse to say oh the recession is on the way, the recession is on the way, just makes them feel good. now, the fact is that the president's policies are working overall. that the decline, for example, in the cost of oil and gas and natural gas is the equivalent of big tax cut. and that we are going through a lot of changes. and the changes in a frequent, you get turmoil. you get somebody inevents apple. somebody inevents a computer. somebody inevents a new drug. so a lot of churning, so far, at least, we are probably the healthiest economy on the planet. and we are more likely to avoid a recession than any other country in the world. griff: ask you about the "new york times" magazine.
4:55 am
crusade reframe america as defined by slavery and racism. here's the headline i want to show it to you. the 1619 project and the quote inside says q it aims to reframe the country's history, understanding 1619 as our true founding and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black americans at the very center of the story tell us who we're. you are a historian. your reaction? >> yeah, the whole project is a lie. look, i think slavery a terrible thing. i think putting slavery in context is important. we still have slavery in places around the world today so, we recognize this is an ongoing story. i think certainly if you are an african-american, slavery is at the center of what you sees a the american experience. but, for most americans, most of the time, there were a lot of other things going on. there were several hundred thousand white americans who died in the civil war in order to free the slaves.
4:56 am
the fact is that i saw one reference that the "new york times" claims that the american revolution was caused in part to defend slavery. that is such historically factually false nonsense that it's embarrassing that the "new york times" is doing. this but, if you saw the recent leaked interview, town hall meeting with the "new york times" editor, he basically said, look, we blew it on russian collusion, didn't work. now we are going to go to racism, that's our new model. the next two years will be trump and racism. this is a tragic decline of the "new york times" into a propaganda paper worthy of provada in the soviet union. steve: thank you. griff: homeless drug crisis growing in california. one business owner says it's gotten so bad she has had to close up shop. she joins us next. >> this video is for gavin newsom, i just want to tell you what happens when i get to work. i have to clean up the poop
4:57 am
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♪ steve: be good to yourself. watch the next and final hour of "fox & friends" on this monday morning. griff: good to be here. you start your monday. todd piro surfing and we dive into the news with you guys. normally in washington. much prefer hanging out on the couch. i will be back here later this week. ainsley: normally you're in washington. you're a reporter covering something in texas. you're all over the place. griff: celebrate 21 years of marriage next month. my wife said i don't think you
5:01 am
have sat still for any of them. ainsley: got to pay the bills, right? steve: we'll kick off a week-long series, it's a contest, summer grilling contest. i will go first. i will prepare steve's steaks. something you never cooked on the grill before, that is french fries. ainsley: i saw the picture you posted on social media. steve: i practiced last night. ainsley: my word, they were good. steve: fully loaded cheesy crinkle cuts on the grill. kind of a long name but they're delicious. griff: we have news to get to. there are fears of a recession. steve: keep in mind the conventional wisdom when it comes to re-election of a incumbent president, if the economy is doing well, usually, statistically they get reelected. now last week there was a crazy thing with the inverted yield curve. a little too technical for breakfast time, trade talks, stock market sold off 800 points
5:02 am
at one point last week. people are going wait a minute, maybe the economy is not so good? ainsley: some economists say there will be a recession in 2021. who really knows at this point. but the media, sunday shows, the media over the weekend they ran with this, making you wonder do they want a recession? listen to this. >> recession jitters. president trump said to be rattled as economic alarm bells cause a wild week on wall street. >> there are indicators that the u.s. could be headed for recession. >> there are some rough waters ahead, maybe a recession. >> fears of a coming recession spiked on the heels of a key economic indicator which calls inverted yield curve. >> the yield curve has inverted, before every u.s. recession since 1955. >> they say potential recession on the rise. >> recession. >> recession. >> recession. griff: clearly my colleagues in the media are jumping on the
5:03 am
yield curve indicator which led to recession, president trump in new jersey, pushing hard back, he doesn't see that coming. here is what the president said. >> we have the strongest economy by far in the world. the tariffs have caused nothing in my opinion or certainly very little. i don't see a recession. the world is in a recession right now. although that is too big a statement, if you look at china, china is doing very, very poorly. they have had, i just saw a report, they have had the worst year in 27 years because of what i've done and they want to come to the negotiating table. we're doing tremendously well. our consumers are rich. i gave a tremendous tax cut. they're loaded up with money. they're buying. we are doing better than any country or even area anywhere in the world. we're doing great. and our consumer really, really strong and looks like they're going to be for a long time. steve: the president pointed to the strong labor market and
5:04 am
amount of money people are spending. consumer sentiment is high he said right there. also he revealed on friday night, he talked to tim cook who runs apple. >> apple cook. tim apple, that is right. steve: explained something to me i hadn't really thought about, one of their biggest competitors for apple who makes most of the products in china is samsung. samsung is not impacted they don't make things in china. they make things around the world. the president said that was impactful on him but also at the same time he doesn't appear to be in any big hurry to get a deal with china although they are going to open another round of talks. ainsley: the majority of economists are not thinking there will be recession, but the national association for business economics did a report, 34% of the economists did believe we were heading for recession in 2021. charles payne was on with us earlier. he says there is no evidence
5:05 am
we're on the brink of a recession. listen. >> the only thing that can happen in this country right now that can derail this economic juggernaut if everyone believes it will be derailed. i hate to say it, the media almost did that in december. i think some people do it deliberately. there is no economic data out there that suggestions we're on the cusp of a recession. meantime, guess what we saw last week? retail sales soar, absolutely soar, significantly better than anyone anticipated. we saw earnings report from walmart that was absolutely remarkable. griff: we don't know what's going to happen and as charles payne said there is no economic data that indicates recession is coming. interesting to see whether the trade war with china hurts consumers as many critics -- ainsley: we don't want recession. we don't want people to lose their jobs or their money. steve: regarding china, regarding president xi of china, suggesting he not react violently to the protests we're about to talk about.
5:06 am
would be much harder for me to sign a deal, if he, president xi did something violent in hong kong. ainsley: speaking of that, here is a fox news alert. protests in hong kong showing no signs of slowing down or stopping. steve: look at that. nearly two million people, a quarter of the population in hong kong filling the streets this weekend defying threats from mainland china. griff: susan li joins us live from hong kong where rallies are set to begin. susan, good morning. reporter: good morning to you, we had one of the largest turnouts in the 11 weeks of protest here in hong kong. emphatic show of support for hong kong yesterday for the pro-democracy movement. we saw close to two million, according to some reports, as really a sign of unity among the hong kong public that we're together in this. we can do this peacefully as well. a sign no one is fearful after china troop buildup along the hong kong border with china.
5:07 am
we're out there yesterday. torrential rains didn't start crowds from coming out. we saw families there. we saw people young and old. we saw students, we saw professionals. they were really in this together and enthusiastic, in fact. i guess the pressure is back on beijing to respond to this. there was some controversy last week, when the star of the live action disney film, mulan, supports the them and jackie chan. they fear backlash if they go against china and beijing. one celebrity voiced support for prodemocracy movement in hong kong, she is a pop star in this community. she says her career has been hurt as a result of that. >> i have been banned from china, all brands and businesses keeping their distance from me. so dropped to near zero.
5:08 am
reporter: we do have more protests planned for rest of this month. another big one expected on august 31st, they expect maybe another million people to come on to the hong kong streets, guys. griff: wow, thank you, susan. >> thank you, susan. a lot of umbrellas out there in the streets. steve: rainy day but didn't slow them down. meanwhile on friday when we saw you we told you about awe ilhan omar and rashida tlaib were denied access to enter the country of israel with a codel, a congressional delegation, that came on heels president tweeting out israel would look weak if they allowed. rashida tlaib then sent a letter to the interior minister, hey look, this could be the last time i see my grandma, she is 90. i promise not to talk about the
5:09 am
boycotts which she talked about the in past interior minister granted entry into israel. you know what? it is too restrictive. i don't want to go. now, sounds like democrat are issuing a no confidence statement regarding the israeli ambassador to the united states, ron dermer because he had said israel would never prevent a member of congress from visiting israel and they changed their mind. ainsley: they will have a press conference. we'll learn more what rashida tlaib and omar think of this. the president tweeting about this. house democrats want to take action against israel, fighting back against two, maybe four people, said unthinkably bad things about it and israeli people. dems have such disdain for israel. what happened? aoc plus 4 is the new face of the democratic party. griff: we talked about it over the weekend. one thing you have to remember democrats have been calling out president trump over the situation.
5:10 am
israel has a law that allows them to speak out that calls for a boycott of israel. here is some democrats calling out the president over the situation dating even before this incident with talib and omar. listen. >> donald trump is not doing any favors to himself or to israel with his tremendously cruel and childish behavior. >> should there been repercussions for israel? >> i think our obligation as an ally and as a friend is hold them accountable when they're wrong. i think anytime you're undermining basic free speech rights and human rights you're going in the wrong direction. >> i think that you do not have a president of the united states suggesting to an ally that congress members should not be able to visit their country. steve: so the democrats are considering a no confidence statement regarding israeli ambassador. they're talking about perhaps
5:11 am
opening an inspector general investigation into the u.s. ambassador to jerusalem, mr. david friedman. ainsley: president said this, he tweeted about that. it is complete set-up. she wanted to use the grandmother. they said fine you can go to the country. i retract that, i'm not going. griff: congressman lee zeldin one of only two republicans, jewish republicans in congress we had him on earlier, i asked him about the motivations what talib wants to accomplish. here is what zeldin said. >> we've seen a bad faith pr attempt, this latest news, now she is not going over. they want to blame donald trump, but just a few weeks ago, she stood on the floor of the house of representatives and compared boycotting israel to boycotting nazi germany. she says thinking about the holocaust gives her a calming feeling because of safe haven palestinians provide to the jews which is factually inaccurate. her and her squad mate, ilhan
5:12 am
omar, israel hypnotized world, if you support israel you pledge allegiance to foreign power, if you support israel, rhetoric, policy, it is all there what their intentions were about and it wasn't good. griff: as you point out ainsley, later this afternoon in minnesota you will have a press conference omar and talib. nancy pelosi cannot control this squad. it is likely we see something when congress returns in september with regards to this. steve: we'll talk about tomorrow if you miss it this afternoon. dozen minutes after the top of the hour. ainsley: jailian has headlines. jillian: we continue to follow this story, the search intensifying overnight for two firefighters missing off the coast of florida, justin walker and brian mcclooney were last seen leaving for a fishing trip friday from port canaveral.
5:13 am
the families praying for a safe return. >> anybody who will get through this my brother, combat veteran, firefighter in jacksonville, florida, he knows what he is doing. he has been sailing all his life. jillian: more on the extensive search out of florida in a live report. severe storms sweep the nation, wild weather from the midwest all the way to the northeast. nine people are hurt, including seven kids in pennsylvania, lightning struck a tee, sending it crashing on to a tent. a car buried by a falling tree outside of pittsburgh. in chicago heavy downpours canceling more than 500 flights. dwayne "the rock" johnson is a married man. he announced his marriage to his long-time girlfriend singer lauren hashin. the newlyweds never announced the engagement before tying the not in private ceremony in hawaii yesterday. the couple have been together 12 years. they have two daughters together. we certainly wish them
5:14 am
congratulations. ainsley: good for them. i'm sure their daughters were involved. steve: the rock and the ring. ainsley: he gave her a rock. thanks, jillian. griff: a california business owner says the state's homeless crisis is forcing her to close-up shot. ainsley: she took to twitter with a message for the governor. she will join us live next. >> tell you what happens when i get to work. i have to clean up the poop and pee off my doorstep. i care for people who are homeless, to move their tents. ii want to know what you're goig to do for us. that helps her heart so she can keep on doing what she loves. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. it helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body.
5:15 am
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with new downy wrinkleguard.
5:18 am
♪ >> this video is for gavin newsom. i had a business in downtown sacramento for 15 years. i want to tell you what happens when i get to work. i have to clean up the poop and pee off my doorstep. i have to politely ask for people, who i care for, i care for people who are homeless to move their tents. i want toe no what you're going to do for us. ainsley: that san francisco hair salon owner slamming california governor gavin newsom. she says the state's homelessness and drug crisis are forcing her to relocate. that owner, elizabeth novak joins us right now. >> good morning thank you for having me. ainsley: we saw the video. we've been talking about it all
5:19 am
morning. why do you post that? >> people say why go directly to the governor? why take it to that level. i think it is a sos for all small business owners but not all business owners but employees in the downtown area. ainsley: how disheartening. you took that step, you did it. you have a successful hair salon. now you have to move because something is totally out of your control. how does that make you feel? >> you know, it is disheartening, you said it perfectly. i'm angry about it as well. you know i wouldn't be relocating if it wasn't for this issue. ainsley: tell us about the issue. you described some of the disgusting things you have to clean up when you get to work every morning. go into detail about that, why you actually decided to move your business. >> when i come into work i'm never sure what i will walk into. i've been broken into. i had my glass broken. i clean up human excrement off my doorstep every week.
5:20 am
cups of urine, things like that. i do have compassion for these people, you know, they're sleeping in front of your door, leaving trash, turning over garbage cans. i can't do that anymore. ainsley: we showed some video what you have to clean up in your business when it was broken into. i was at dinner with friends from california yesterday, is this all hype? is it really as bad as everyone is talking about, since i live on the east coast? she said absolutely. it is so bad. we have to fix the problem. if you look at some of the stats. it shows how big of a problem. homelessness is up 19% since 2017. more than 5500 people are living on the streets this is the stat that really shocked me n california, you guys have 1/4 of the nation's homeless population living in californias, at least as of january 2018. the numbers were released that is incredible. one-fourth of the home less population lives where you guys are. what is your reaction. is it as bad as media talking it
5:21 am
is? >> it is as bad. it is definitely, a lot of people want to say it's a housing issue. it's a drug issue. it's a drug issue. ainsley: what is the governor doing to combat the drug issue? i hear he wants to offer safe spaces where you can shoot up now? >> absolutely. i have spoken with a lot of law enforcement in my area. they have all the same answers. their hands are tied. they can't arrest them. a lot of people think that arresting them won't do much, but it definitely will. ainsley: i'm from south carolina. if i opened a business, i was forced to shut down because of something i can't control i would be like you said so disheart inned, but in addition to that, it is my state, where i grew up. i love it. i love the people there i love you said that in the video. you have compassion for the homeless individuals there? >> i do. i have, the utmost compassion. myself, i'm a recovering woman, by grace of jesus christ i'm sober today. ainsley: really? >> absolutely. >> i saw on social media page
5:22 am
you're an evangelist. tell us about that. i thought initially hair salon, when i read your story, pretty incredible. tell the folks at home about it. >> like i said, the lord changed my life about 3 1/2 years ago and, when i say evangelist, i'm here to spread the gospel of jesus christ. a lot of these problems that we have could be solved. jesus came, died on a christ, if we put our faith in him we can have eternal life, have a different life. ainsley: i'm a christian too. i love this message. >> great. ainsley: i was reading comments from people. people were writing bible verses on there i saw pictures of penske trucks, moving trucks, get out of california, move. what was your reaction to some. people responding to the video? >> it is expected in this political climate, when you attack any sort of, you know, liberal legislation, you're going to get that, that you know, those responses. that is okay with me.
5:23 am
i forgive you. i forgive all the people that said some really interesting things i didn't know about myself. ainsley: they do that. listen, don't, yeah, don't pay attention to the noise. i was talking about, i read more people were in support of what you were saying. >> yeah. yes. i did, i did see a lot of that, i did. thank you. you know. ainsley: you're welcome. elizabeth, i wish you the best. god bless you. you're moving your business. we're praying you will be successful. we're praying for homeless individuals, that something is done about the drug problem. god bless you. >> thank you. >> we reached out from the governor's office. we have not heard back from gaff vin newsom. his new book is giving new insight into johnny cash's struggle to find faith. ♪ do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging?
5:24 am
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steve: we're back with a fox news alert. the search intensifying overnight for two firefighters now missing off the coast of the state of florida. ainsley: gosh, there are their pictures. these two guys were last seen leaving on a fishing trip. griff: our fox affiliate in orlando is live in brevard county where the search is under way. sydney, good morning. reporter: those two firefighters left from this boat ramp here in port canaveral, florida. the u.s. coast guard is searching by air and ground this morning for this boat. here is a picture of it, and those two firefighters on board. unfortunately they have not found anything so far. but they have covered some 24,000 square miles. take a look at firefighters. firefighters brian mcclune any
5:28 am
as well as justin walker, vanishing three days ago after taking that boat out on a fishing trip on friday. the coast guard searched today, they will take them from port canaveral up to jacksonville and north of jacksonville. they searched all of charleston, south carolina as well yesterday. family and friends spent the weekend praying on the beach, and trying to stay optimistic, saying the men have survival skills and cluney is a navy veteran. >> we're optimistic. a lot of people are searching. >> anybody will get through this, my brother, combat veteran, navy, fallujah, firefighter in jacksonville, florida. he knows what he is doing. he has been sailing all his life. reporter: those two firefighters live in jacksonville and fairfax, virginia, they were taking the boat out one last time before they were planning to sell it. sydney cameron, live in brevard county, fox news.
5:29 am
ainsley: that is hard to see. imagine what the family is going through. steve: switching gears. he is one of the most influential musical artists of all time ♪ you wonder why i always dress in black, why you never see write -- bright colors on my back ♪ griff: we know johnny cash and his music but a new book talks about struggle for faith. steve: senior pastor at the harvest christian fellowship, greg laurie, who appropriately is dressed in black. >> this is navy blue but close to black. steve: where did that start with johnny cash? >> it started early on. he started wearing black more and more. he became identified as "the man in black." even recorded a song about it ultimately. it became part of his image. people thought johnny was a horrible outlaw, this criminal because he sang, i shot a man in
5:30 am
reno just to watch him die. he actually didn't do that, but he put it in a long, folsom city blues, but he did live this conflicted life. so part of that image he had was the man in black. steve: right. ainsley: i remember seeing billy graham at usc, the stadium there, johnny cash came on stage. >> that's right. ainsley: my dad, i was so little, myi didn't know who johnny cash was, that he became a christian in prison. i don't know if that is true. he was arrested in five times seven years. he was probably all a christian but did he find god behind bars? >> yes, yes, yes. he was raised as a christian by parents. had a harsh father. steve: grew up in the depression. >> he grew up in the depression, literally out in the fields picking cotton. his brother died in a tragic accident when he was very young, it had a big impact on johnny's life, sent johnny on a search. johnny made a commitment as a
5:31 am
young boy to the lord. when he became popular, his recording career took off, he started using amphetamines on the road. it became ad diction. he didn't go to prison, ainsley, but he went to jail for smuggling amphetamines across the border. he had the struggle throughout his life. he is honest about the strug fell. the movie walk the line, starring joaquin phoenix and reese witherspoon was a very good depiction much the life of cash. i'm picking up where the movie left off, weaving in the faith story that was bedrock of johnny's life. that is why he lived to the tell the story. griff: you have great quotes in this book, one a bit of a confessional where johnny cash says i was a bad boy at times but god was always there for me. i knew that. i guess i always took advantage of that. >> yeah. ainsley: a lot of us do that. >> a lot of us do that. you know, welcome to the human race. i mean if you're a believer, you
5:32 am
struggle. johnny struggled. he was very close friends with billy graham as you mentioned ainsley. there was a dual personality. johnny said is the good one, cash gives me all the trouble. there was johnny who was good would be with billy graham in his crusades, used his tv program as a platform for sharing his faith, but cash struggled and fell, but he came up again. look at pantheon of rock stars that died from drug overdose, that could have happened to johnny cash. the reason it didn't happen, johnny had bedrock faith he always returned to again and glen. at the end of his career he had huge musical resurgence and spiritual commitment. he started strong at sun records in the old days with elvis and jerry lee lewis, he finished strong when producer rick rubin discovered him, relaunched him, became a hip icon for
5:33 am
generation-x. steve: he was on "fox & friends" to talk about that. at core of the book it is all about redemption. the story of johnny cash is a story people can identify with. >> it is everybody's story. here is the real message, no matter what you've done, no matter how many mistakes you made, no matter how far you've fallen there is a god in heaven will forgive you and give you a second chance. johnny is great example. his sister, joanna cash yates, says he would have liked this book more than any other book about him, because it tells that story. that is why i wrote the book. i'm not really a biographer per se, i'm a pastor. i have written a couple of biographies. steve: you know about redemption. >> i love stories about redemption. to me the story of johnny cash is a classic redemption story. ainsley: why did you use johnny cash to highlight? >> i always liked him. going back to my childhood i remember watching him on tv
5:34 am
later in life i rediscovered when i became a christian in 1970. i said, wow, this guy is a christian? a cool person is a christian? johnny was called the godfather of cool. he had the coolness right to the end of his life. i've always been a fan of cash. but since writing this book i gotten to know a lot more about him. griff: it's a great book. johnny cash, redemption of an american icon. bob dylan saying that johnny was the north star you can set your guide ship, he would be your guide. thanks very much, greg. ainsley: if you're in riverside, california, go to greg's church. >> we're doing a big crusade this weekend at angels stadium. so that is going to be a big thing. check it out. thank you, guys. steve: straight ahead, the white house reacts to the media's recession rhetoric over the weekend. kellyanne conway live from the white house when we come back. ♪ the first survivor of alzheimer's disease
5:35 am
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♪ ♪ ♪
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introducing the all-new chevy silverado. with fifty industry-firsts. it's the strongest, most advanced silverado ever. ♪ steve: view of the north lawn,
5:39 am
of the white house, i believe on the north lawn at our camera location we've got kellyanne conway, counselor to the president. yep, there she is. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: hey, kellyanne, hey i was watching tv over the weekend, we'll play a little snippet for folks at home. >> rejection sitters. >> president trump said to be rattleed as. >> there are indicators the u.s. is headed for recession. >> there are some rough waters ahead, maybe a recession. >> they say potential recession on the horizon. >> recession. >> recession. >> recession. >> recession. steve: first sound bite i believe was jake tapper. recession jitters, president trump said to be rattled as economic alarm bells lead to wild week on wall street? is that true. >> finally having the mainstream
5:40 am
media covering the economy but they only use grover assessing see street word of the day, recession. more people are work now than ever before in american history. more people off the sidelines back into the workforce and those wages are up particularly among blue-collar workers. a lot of the trade deals the president has renegotiated, continues to negotiate in a bilateral, reciprocal, more fairway to american workers and american interests and america are happening and also the optimism is there. people are spending money. they're also saving money. some people are saving money. some people no longer dipping into the savings to meet basic household, life expenses. all the fundamentals haven't changed. 2 1/2 years, collusion hunt and mueller report were a big dud. now they're searching around and they're trying to, they're trying to bureau into the president's number one issues in the polls. a majority of americans approve he handled the economy. that hasn't changed over time.
5:41 am
they need to go against the fundamentals. they realize it was bill clinton who denied george herbert walker bush his second term saying it is economy stupid, even though we were into recovery by then. people didn't believe it. they didn't feel it yet. that just not going to work, if people know the economy and fundamentals are strong. steve: kellyanne, last week was a wild week on wall street. >> no doubt. >> because of the trade deal with china, it doesn't look like we're anywhere close to a deal. are we? >> well the president said yesterday that he could do a deal right now and, that the economy would take off like a rocket, i'm paraphrasing his words yesterday but he doesn't want to do a deal if it's a bad deal. too many presidents in the past have done that. we ended up where we are, which is half a trillion dollar trade deficit with china, the world's second largest economy where the technology transfers and the theft of intellectual property went unabated and unpunished. this president is waiting for a
5:42 am
better deal for this country but, look, we can't deny the fact that because of his tax cuts, his deregulations, the energy explosion in this country, where now we are the world's largest exporter of natural gas and oil, people can't deny the manufacturing base is back. i watched somebody on tv yesterday say, manufacturing never recovered. the president promised it. what are they talking about? there is over half a million new manufacturing jobs since president trump was elected, six million jobs. the wage growth is important because people are raising wages to compete for these workers. workers right now can compete for over 7 million available jobs. the reskilling going on, dignifying all types of work. this is important to the fundamentals in the economy. everywhere i go people stopped me, i didn't vote last time, i didn't vote for him, i'm going to this time. they usually mention the economy. griff: will that be the case, kellyanne, if this trade war
5:43 am
with china ends up hurting as critics pointed out herring consumers? >> the president takes the long view on all of this. he takes the long view. he want a better deal. he inherited a imbalanced, non-reciprocal unfair trade deficit with china. when i say trade deficit, we have half a trillion dollars. makes no sense to the average american worker, we were told, find a new line of work. your job has been outsourced. we have to somehow give money to, be on the losing side as number one, world's number one economy to the world's number two economy. it makes no sense to americans. part of how the president got elected in the first place. but again those people who originally said the tax cuts can't pass if they do, it will never rebound to the benefit of worker. millions of americans got higher wages or races or both. we mention health care t doesn't get mentioned enough. health care eats up a major share of many household budgets.
5:44 am
why is that? because obama-biden care left 28 million plus americans with no health insurance whatsoever. this president comes out with a major plan to fix health care, make it even better. we're waiting on fifth circuit decisions as well in the azar-texas case. meantime he is doing away with surprise medical billing. bringing more transparency. he is making moves to make health care, more accessible, more affordable, to more americans. that is big part of many people's budget. ainsley: you break it down, when you talk about budget. are you doing better now than before. move to israel. israel bars rashida tlaib and ilhan omar from coming into the country. talib says my grandmother lives there, i might not be able to see her again. israel says yes as long as you don't protest. she says i will not go now, the restrictions are only to humiliate her. why do you think she did this in
5:45 am
the first place? she appealed to want to go, now i'm not going? the president tweeted said, this was all a set-up. what do you say? >> how can you con conclude than anything what it usually is with them, raw politics and media attention? and, if she wants to go see her grandmother she should do that she is allowed to do that. no, i can't do it now. what was that in the first place? also, there was an 80-person bipartisan congressional delegation that went to israel around the time that ilhan omar and rashida tlaib were planning on going. why didn't they join the delegation? i can tell you why. they want to be two of two gobbling up media attention. they don't want to be two of 80. there is another reason. they are anti-israel. they were coordinating their trips with vicious anti-semites. so, now rashida tlaib instead of getting an plane going to visit her mother in the west bank which she is allowed to do, her
5:46 am
90-year-old grandmother, she is telling everybody to boycott bill maher's show on hbo. he dared call out her and ilhan omar being against the country they want to visit. if people want to visit the country to learn something, correct their ways, not be anti-semitic anymore, fine. the fact-checkers on these two and rest of the squad are still in nantucket and martha's vineyard or europe for the summer, they never challenge them on basic principles. they like -- one of them will break away beyonce leaves destiny child at some point. they like a lot of media attention. boy, do they get it. griff: over the weekend we saw another sort of violent antifa protest. >> disgusting. griff: in portland. portland is ground zero. i stride to explain the rise of antifa because of president trump has been the catalyst. but the president had tweeted, maybe it is time to designate antifa as a domestic terrorist
5:47 am
organization. can you tell me this morning that we can expect to see action on this other than just a tweet? >> the president's looking at it. fbi director chris wray made very clear that their arrests based on domestic terrorism are up now. the fbi, includes white supremacy, also includes antifa, it can also include anti-semitism, it includes all types of hate and the president does have different folks with those powers looking whether to designate them. >> right. >> if you roll the tape, you see what they're doing. they're not just taunting, they're not expressing nonsense on twitter like some do, they're not just taunting other people, they're physically violent. they're hurting people. griff: yeah. >> by did you see, i tweeted out a few of them, or more, they're completely harassing brave men and women in blue. one was hurling racial insults at an african-american police officer.
5:48 am
i'm not even going to repeat what they said. everybody should look at tape. griff: i talked to one of the leader of antifa, they say they don't have leaders, i spoke to prominent one in washington that was there during your inauguration and she says that she sees this as an attempt, an assault on their first amendment rights. your reaction? >> my reaction, do we know what antifa stand for. it is anti-first amendment. that is very curious. but your first amendment, first amendment rights of free speech do not extend to be physically violent towards another human being because you disagree with their politics because they have a red maga hat on. that has to stop. guy at fill self shooting at six police officers. has a rap sheet size of me, and everybody screaming about gun control. people have to focus on the violence that is happening. you can pick and choose who you think is criminally reprehensible and violent, worthy of punishment based on their politics. we're a nation built on the rule
5:49 am
of law. steve: we are indeed. kellyanne, thanks for joining us. >> have the best day. take care. ainsley: you too. 48 after the top of the hour. a jaw-dropping moment a biker is sent flying. we'll tell you what happens next. griff: a few weeks of summer left. we're making the most of it with a grilling contest. ainsley: steve is up first. he heads out to fox square to check out his steak and cheesy fries. griff: sandra has what is coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning, griff, ainsley and steve. a news conference happening hours from now with congresswomen omar and talib. the latest on the back and fourth with israel. what we may hear from them. plus isis claiming responsibility for a terror attack in afghanistan, killing 63 over the weekend. general jack keane will be here on that. joe biden saying there is a lot of good republicans out there. the latest on 2020. andy mccarthy our headliner
5:50 am
and our a-team is ready to go. we'll see you top of the hour. it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint.
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5:53 am
♪ griff: this week we're sharing our favorite summer grilling recipes with you. ainsley: and steve is up first. steve, what are we making today?
5:54 am
steve: we'll make steve's steaks. we'll do french fries on the grill. first dot marinade. griff, one cup of olive oil. griff: let's get this going. steve: that is close enough. jillian, red wine. jillian: how much? as much as we want? steve: that much. what you do you add a little bit of the garlic, you add some chaets, you marinade for an hour. it smells so good. you marinade them. you put them on the grill like this. they are just beautiful. halfway through you brush a little of the marinade on it that you set aside. this is showstopper right here. you make french fries on the grill. you start with, one of the things, when you work with a cast iron skillet, you make sure you don't touch the skillet.
5:55 am
you brown half a packet of bacon right there, like that. can't get the things apart. griff, work on that. ainsley: chef is only as good as his tools. steve: imagine we taken that out. you put in some french fries like that. jillian: how long? steve: do it for ten minutes. jillian: okay. steve: the key, make sure you keys the bacon grease. once you've got them nice and crispy, you add some scallions, you add bacon on top. you put a whole bunch of cheese. and the cheese is the the v. credit. griff: it is, yeah, now we're talking. you close the grill. jillian: i don't eat meat this is beautiful. steve: this is the at end, steve's steak. you also got cheesy fryies which are in "the happy cookbook," available at does did you can get
5:56 am
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6:00 am
>> tomorrow, and he's going to do some cooking. if the cheesy fries will change your life. it go go to fox & o get the recipe. >> head over to the fox nation app for the after show show. >> sandra: good morning. ice is claiming responsibility for a terrorist attack in afghanistan as the usn taliban reach an agreement, as is the right time to withdraw troops from that nation? >> i am jon scott in for bill hemmer. if now the deadliest attack in the afghan capital this year, 63 people are dead. the afghan he president vowing to crush isis safe havens. and now peace talks are on the way between the u.s. and the taliban. >> sandra: he was president trump on all of that yesterday. >> we are talking to afghanista afghanistan, both the government and also talking to the


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