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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 20, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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more free time and money. jillian: less cleaning up. that's how much time we have. we have got to go. you have a have a good day. todd: goodbye, everybody. ♪ ♪ ainsley: that's a little keith urban. have you all been to his concert? e. puts on a good show. brian: country music, should not be allowed in australia. ainsley: genre has changed. britain. brian: and you become italian. [laughter] ainsley: bon journe joran know. i'm a little more country than italian. i wish i was italian. pete: are you any italian? brian: not at all.
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ainsley: i'm loud and i like food and the kitchen. brian: physical and something else about italians they like to grab and hold. brian: i hope everyone is having a good day. change the subject. welcome, you are in for steve today. pete: thanks for having me. brian: congratulations on your wedding. ainsley: are you wearing your ring? pete: i am. we might talk about it later in the show. brian: ilhan omar and rasheda tlaib blasting president trump emotional presser yesterday over israel's decision to ban them from entering. ainsley: one of them even suggesting the u.s. reconsiders financial aid that we give to israel. pete: griff jenkins live in washington with the white house response. griff, good morning. griff: good morning to you. israel isenned thatting by its decision to bar tlaib and omar and they are blasting president trump and prime minister netanyahu for denying their entry accusing them of trying to, quote, hide the cruel reality of occupation. they are also suggesting that the u.s. should reconsider how much aid it gives to israel.
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>> we give israel more than $3 million in aid every year. this is predicated on their being an important ally in the region and the only democracy in the middle east. but denying visit to duly elected members of congress is not consistent with being an ally. griff: almost all is shall 2016 memorandum of understanding. the u.s. has pledged from 38 billion from fiscal 19 to 20208. omar and tlaib have created a situation pit them against each other. defending israel's decision. congressman tlaib and ilhan omar have a well documented history of anti-semitic comments and anti-semiticsome posts and anti-semitic relationships.
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israel has a right to prevent people from' wanting to destroy the country entering the country. shall pete, ainsley, brian? brian: thanks, griff. one of the things blown up already is the story that president trump pushed benjamin netanyahu to do this, the israeli ambassador to the united nations said no the decision was made before the tweet went out. they basically as lee zeldin said on the couch yesterday. there is a law in israel. it's on the books. it says if you have anti-israel goals are aspirations or display that type of conduct they have a right not to let you in, especially when you look to an international quest to divest all investment in that country. ainsley: that's what the white house is saying. they were their support. they wanted to support a boycott. they did support a boycott against israel. so israel has the right to say you can't come in our country. pete: you watch that press conference yesterday it
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validated why you wouldn't allow them to go there for propaganda purposes that was a pr stunt. she could have visited her grandmother if she wanted. to say members of the european parliament have been blocked from going to israel before to your point, brian. they support the bds movement. they don't support israel's trite defend itself and stand with people who seek israel's destruction. they talk about going to palestine. there is no palestine. they don't see israel as a state on the map. that's a problem with their viewpoint. they would have gone there on one sided tour anti-israeli tour. why would they allow this to happen. ainsley: she watched her mother go through dehumanizing check point. grandmother got in an accident and she and her cousins had to cry to get her the best healthcare which is jerusalem. pete: there are checkpoints because suicide bombers try to blow themselves up in jerusalem every morning. >> i went to check point this morning to leave my house. and another check point to get in my office building.
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i prefer that than watching people blow up. there is a reason why there are checkpoints. brian: walls don't work. tell that to the people of israel. the suicide bombers stopped the day that wall was put together. they were blowing up people in cafes right after 9/11. quick thing, i think it's worth looking into this group that you guys have brought up a few days. this miftah group that seems to be in support of suicide bombings, sacrificing lice for the cause seems to be overwhelmingly anti-israel in every way,way, shape, or form and they are the group that sponsored these two going over there. if you are israel, you say they are going to go over to the territories. they are in to divesting all investments to that country. sponsored by a group that hates us and sponsors suicide bombers. isn't that enough to say i'm going to put up the stop sign? pete: rejected offers to go on bipartisan congressional delegation that were going to see both sides of the story. they said we want to go with this radical islamist group.
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ainsley: they don't represent every will woman. drurem>> this is the problem wih the left media is they only allow these muslims to speak on behalf of the rest of us in the american muslim community. and there are a million muslims that live inside israel that are probably offended by their radicalism. there are many muslims that reject bds that accept israel as our ally, as our democracy. make no mistake the bds movement is not about one side of the equation. it's a movement that seeks to destroy and eliminate israel. it has no other end point that has no asks other than to see israel die. pete: 90% of palestinians live under the corrupt palestinian authority. they haven't held elections for 10 years. if they held elections hamas would get elected like they did in gaza. dr. zuhdi yasser makes a great point.
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too many support terrorism. that's why you are not getting a peace deal. ainsley: you brought up a point walls don't work. video prove otherwise. two illegal immigrants trying to cross over the wall one of president trump's new sections of the wall. it's 18 feet tall. 14 miles long in the san diego region. and see those guys, they were trying to cross over, they couldn't and go and hide in crates and border agents come and get them. >> the president wants to start building 40 miles a week. get up to 400 miles by election day. now they are at the point where the grounds men settled and the wall should be going up especially now that they have got that financing. a couple other things. at the end of this month we could be down 100 down illegals crossing our border. a series of rules and regulations the play forcing these countries to stay in the third country first one they cross into. crack down by mexicans on their southern border and the ability for anybody who tries to declare for asylum
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in our country illegally as now ineligible for it. ainsley: we were seeing 100,000 come in illegally per month. when the president had the deal with mexico and mexico started enforcing their southern border laws. then we saw that 80,000 in the latest months and latest members. it is still a lot. brian: by the august could be down 100,000. ainsley was up to 144,000. ainsley: one month, right. pete: really simple. look at that individual wrote we just showed. if there wasn't a wall there before and you were involved with smuggling people and drugs. it's easy. you have a wall now either go over it, under it or around it. disrupting mechanism for anyone trying to come in our country illegally. that's why the border patrol down there put this video out on a statement saying our job just got easier. they can't just run across the border. brian: it's not a cure-all but a help. ainsley: barriers gave agents the time that they needed to respond. this is the border wall that
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has the bars so can you see through it. and then they use this infrared camera and a surveillance video to find out where they are and where they are hiding because they do it from above. brian: 8 minutes after the top of the hour. other big story in portland. the president made it clear he is keeping a close eye on what's happening in portland, oregon because of what is happening with antifa and maybe looking at labeling antifa a terrorist organization. this certainly will give the president a reason to think -- take that even more seriously. pete: over the weekend we saw this violence and a lot of videotape came out of what antifa was doing clearly violent intentions. one the journalists covering the violence. ainsley: took this video. pete: speaking out about it. he talked about the violence he saw from antifa, watch. >> on one hand, there was a narrative from the mayor, ted wheeler there was going to be a strong police presence. what he did not say was that the police were not going to
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get involved when illegal activity was taking place. this is proven by one of the most infamous antifa thugs from the weekend who committed at least 7 illegal acts including stopping traffic. throwing concrete at a bus. and also throwing a hammer at an individual who originally tried to use a self-defense as they attacked their buses in the middle of traffic. he got away with all of this. they were not intervening or stopping the damage it. looked like the city was complicit with the violence. brian: try by being anti fascist. they just seem to be anti-american. pete: did you see that he had a hammer. ainsley: some sort of smengt on the ground they were mixing. pete: journalists are supposed to go there and get the truth about it. this journalist we just played sound from he was criticized for saying you doctored the tapes of what you were showing. he responded to the criticism about his videos. listen to this. >> what's absolutely
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interesting about this is that the mayor is like every democrat politician out there saying that everything is peaceful, when they were not there. still being accused of lying about fellow journalist andy ngo about the events that took place. they are denying the video evidence. i ran right past the vice, and bbc busy filming useless peaceful demonstrations while the real news was taking place ahead. that's what citizen journalism has become it's actually because the mainstream outlets are ignoring the truth. i'm watching violence. i recorded it. the sad thing is it's out on the internet. >> laura: it's crazy. >> the left is saying it's a lie. brian: great if nancy pelosi and company start calling out groups like this bring more credibility once she see groups on the right bothering her. that doesn't happen. let's talk a little 2020. ainsley: dr. jill biden's wife was speaking at bookstore in new hampshire. she was basically looking at
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the crowd and saying i know y'all don't support my husband. you have to look at the polls. he is the only formidable candidate go up against trump ohio michigan. let's see what else she says. >> your candidate might be better on, i don't know, healthcare than joe is. but you have got to look at who is going to win this election and maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say okay, i like so and so better. but your bottom line has to be that we have to beat trump. brian: her point is electability. who can beat trump number within on everyone's list. you have to wonder if someone who has this the series of filibusters i has had over the last two weeks should be considered of a front runner. ainsley: listen, what she is saying might be true if he is the only one who can beat president trump and they are so against president trump then he needs to be the nominee. but she is saying as a wife but he might not be the best candidate, you might not like him and you might not
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like him on healthcare. i was surprised that a wife is going to say these kinds of negative things. pete: she is probably speaking what she feels. remember how many times in 2016 we have to elect jeb bush because they are the only ones who can beat hillary clinton. donald trump cangt do it. electability movement what you use when you are out of step where the voters are and no passion for the candidate. ainsley: basically what you are saying. pete: basically a front runner name only. brian: truth over facts getting the cities wrong with the two horrible mass shootings taking place. then you are finding he is pretending to have met with parkland shooting victims when he wasn't vice president when it happened. ainsley: he got it politicsed up with sandy hook. brian: it's a series of colossal mistakes that make you wonder and now his own camp is wondering because they are starting to pair back his appearances and on top of this talk about president obama not supporting him. no one is denying the story
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that president obama went up to him when he heard the vice president is going to run joe, you don't have to do this while david axelrod perhaps speaking for the president has been very critical of joe biden. pete: yeah, when you are returning as a candidate, your strategy is to hide and beg people. brian: number one asset might not be in your corner barack obama. steve: you use his name all the time. ainsley: she said that's a major red flag if president obama has not come out and endorsed him yet. brian: all right. when your other frontrunner elizabeth warren is still trying to justify her use of phony native american heritage and kamala harris suddenly tells a group of rich people in the hamptons and i'm a capitalist and medicare for all doesn't work even though i co-sponsored the legislation maybe joe biden is the best option. ainsley: michelle obama most famous democrats in the country. so highly looked upon around the world many people love
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michelle obama and president obama. he doesn't want to endorse someone. what if elizabeth warren does better than joe biden eventually. we have another year. pete: that happens a lot. people in prominent places want to hold back on endorsements because they want to see where the horse race goes. if think it's joe. brian: there is joe biden. [laughter] there is jillian, not joe biden. jillian: blinding me with that new bling going on there. brian: we will get more of that story later. jillian: start with a fox news alert now. crews are working through the night with renewed hope of finding those missing firefighters alive. we telling you about this yesterday. now, a tackle bag belonging to justin walker and brian mcclooney discovered in the waters off florida. and their families say it is a sign. >> it will gives me a lot of hope because they are out there and alive and trying to tell us they are here and come get us.
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with the tackle box. putting out bread crumbs for us. jillian: the firefighters went fishing on friday. we will speak with brian's wife and mother in the next hour. accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein signed a will two days before signing a wilhangingin a jail cell. -- previously held a position from 1992 until 2003. nascar legend dale earnhardt jr. is speaking out after escaping a fiery plane crash with his wife and 1-year-old daughter. >> we're so thankful for all the prayers and phone calls and everything everybody did over the last several days has really helped lift us up. isla is here, it's been a
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very difficult few days, but me and my wife and our family are just try our best to get back to normal. jillian: also posting a message online quote i am thankful for the quick response of my pilots, local law enforcement, emergency personnel and hospital staff. the family is doing well after their plane crash landed in tennessee last week. congratulations are in order for larr rand eric trump the couple welcoming second child overnight. eric tweeting lara and i are tweeted to welcome carolina dort trump into the world. we love you already. carolina is president trump's 10 grandchild and she is beautiful. ainsley: that is so beautiful. carolina. she is from north carolina. pete: beautiful. forget buying greenland, could president trump develop it and build a trump tower there? we'll find out ♪ i'm a revel ♪
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from accessing your passwords, credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. >> i want to help this country reconcile with an horrific chapter of our
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past. we can atone. we can make amends. when and if i'm president of the united states we will. we will begin by taking that picture of andrew jackson off the wall of the oval office i assure you. [applause] brian: right. that's important. 2020 hopeful marianne williamson calling for a new ear wrath american history vowing to take back medals of honor and remove andrew jackson's portrait to atone the american spirit. doug we'd, do you support those policies. >> you should know better than anybody you wrote the book the battle of new orleans. he is a great american hero. he was our seventh president. fdr loved him. put up -- you can't erase history. he gave the british black eye at the end of the war of 1812 and said you better not try that again.
3:23 am
we wouldn't have barack obama without abraham lincoln who left a million saves in bondage when he signed the emancipation patrol car k4r578 immigration and we wouldn't have abraham lincoln arguably without andrew jackson and george washington even though they owned slaves. each step towards freedom is an important step. brian: 13-year-old orphan becomes a senator, a lawyer, a judge, a congressman and a two-term president but, most will all, a major general that won one of the most decisive battles and biggest upsets in american history and you want to say well because of his stance with native american issues i don't believe he belongs to be studied. i think he should be vilified? nobody can stand that test. add to the people that like andrew jackson lbj. he is teddy roosevelt wrote a book about andrew jackson. marianne williamson in 2019 is so enlightened she wants him out. i sense this is just the tip of the iceberg. because this whole next
3:24 am
generation wants american history out, doug. >> yeah. we will have to change the name of washington district of columbia. we will have to do that. look, andrew jackson was the founder of the modern democratic party. so marianne williamson wouldn't be able to run for president. not only lbj but hubert humphrey a pioneer in civil rights would celebrate the jefferson jackson day and raise money on that day. so he has been their hero, too. it is interesting how all of this is really about trump. everything is about trump. so because people compare andrew jackson to donald trump, now they don't like andrew jackson. it's fascinating. brian: there is a lot of comparisons, a man that wasn't accepted by washington. took his case to the people. brought it through campaigning. no one ever thought he would win. he ended up winning. and then a lot things he did ended up rank cling. he hired his family like jackson hired his family only people he could trust. doug wead, always great to
3:25 am
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ainsley: former fbi director james comey and his wife have donated nearly $20,000 to democrats this year. that's according to the washington free beacon. comey, who was fired by president trump has called on americans to deliver a landslide victory for democrats in 2020. attorney michael avenatti claims he was exercising free speech when he allegedly extorted $22.5 million from nike. the disgraced lawyer is accused of attempting to shake down the sports wear giant over a pay for play scheme. avenatti's lawyers want the case dismissed. brian: congresswoman regard rasa tlaib and ilhan omar
3:29 am
demanding israel to act. >> it's apparent that prime minister netanyahu has taken a page out of president trump's book. >> netanyahu's decision to deny us entry might be unprecedented for members of congress. this is the policy of his government when it comes to anyone who holds views that threaten the occupation. brian: this as house democratic lawmakers reportedly consider retaliatory action against the diplomats involved. pete: here with how this is being received in israel is michael oren. thank you very much for joining us this morning. how is this all being received in israel? >> good to be with you. well, israel has moved on. we have had three rockets fired at our citizens this week. we have had a young citizen, 19-year-old student killed in judy a and samaria. west bank. israel is focused on terror that is attacking us daily.
3:30 am
it was controversial here and there was criticism of the government. i personally thought maybe we should have let those congresswomen in. but then oblige them to do what all congress people do. visit our congress. visit our national holocaust memorial and if they rev to do either one of them i think then that the true hatred of these congress members would have been exposed. ainsley: the press secretary hogan gidley released this statement. israel has a trite to destroy people wha right to deno destroy this country. what is your response? >> white house is absolutely right. absolutely right. every country in the world, not just israel, has a right to deny entry to those who would hurt that country or certainly would want to destroy that country. someone shows up to the united states and says i'm here because i deny the right of the united states to exist and i'm going to work to try to eliminate the united states. believe me, that person is not getting into a u.s.
3:31 am
airport. same thing here is true. these two members of congress have supported and organization called bds which didn't aspire to create a better two state solution it. aspires to destroy the state of israel through economic strangulation. being sponsored by an organization here which not only supports bds which is known for anti-semitic comments and supporting terror. no such country would let people in unless they had a diplomatic reason. again, i would have preferred them to come in and force them to go to our national holocaust memorial but certainly israel was in its rights. brian: look. if she was born in the palestinian territories, as a mom there. you have a point of view, but you can get your point of view across if you look as though you are looking at something on both sides. and instead, she was totally unhinged at a preference yesterday and that's probably indicative of the time of message she would have had had she went there anyway. your point is well taken.
3:32 am
the media is not covering who miftah is. this group is a group linked directed whether i terrorist activity. supports palestinian suicide bombers. and the "new york times" says this. an organization headed by a long time palestinian lawmaker, "the washington post" calls it a non-productivity organization headed by a palestinian lawmaker and long-time peace negotiator hanan ashrawi. a non-organization headed by a palestinian lawmaker. is this the way you would describe miff tanchts it is headed by a lawmaker and former negotiator but an organization that seeks the destruction of the state of israel that supports terror and has backed anti-semitism. not only ngos because they are ngos are good. in case the ngo supports vile abhorrent objectives. the fact these two members of congress were being sponsored by this group
3:33 am
speaks volumes about who they are and what they aspire to do here. ainsley: according to one report. democrats in congress were mauling legislation action against the israeli ambassador to wawcket and david freidman the u.s. ambassador to israel have you talked to them and what are they saying? >> i haven't talked to them speakly. i know them, of course, very, very well. they are excellent ambassadors. they are doing their job. and i cannot foresee a situation where the u.s. congress would in any way censure a democrat that is doing his job by representing the position of his government. pete: michael, as you november, it's all about words. you use judea and samaria. the other side often wants to call it the west bank. when these two congressman are talking about israel, they don't even say it. they said they were going to go visit palestine. do you believe they recognize israel's right to exist and then, the other part is they talk a lot about checkpoints. explain checkpoints for the
3:34 am
american audience that doesn't understand why they are there and what they do. >> well, clearly do not accept israel's right to exist. they support an organization that is actively seeking israel's destruction. and neither of these congress members if they were press wood say that israel has a right to exist. again, this is not an organization seeking better peace between israel and the palestinians, it wants peace without israel and explain. the checkpoints are necessary. i have to go through checkpoints. when guy through a supermarket in israel i am checked. when i go into a movie theater. when guy into a mall because we exist in a very, very tough neighborhood. over the years thousands of israelis have been killed by terrorists. in many ways the security in judea and samaria what these members of congress are going to call the west bank. that security is also good for the palestinians. if israeli security forces weren't there, one of the first victims would be the leaders of the palestinian
3:35 am
authority. ainsley: thank you so much for being on this morning. pete pete thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it. decision to fire the officer eric garner case. next guest says retired nypd lieutenant says the commissioner caved. we're back with that. your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months and free home delivery. ends saturday
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you ever wish you weren't a motaur? sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top?
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yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. yeah, i could see that. what sore muscles? what with advpounding head? .. advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil. [bagpipes] ainsley: this is your shot of the morning this national firefighter is known as the
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hover piper. that's tim appis entertaining his colleagues playing traditional bagpipes while riding a hover board. pete: group of firefighters who play for ceremonies and other events. ainsley: nonchalantly sitting there. pete: a lot of times the firehouse you have got to stay busy. brian: i don't know how you listen to bagpipes as it's any other day they get your attention. pete: they do. brian: maybe he plays all the time. let's bring in joy, we love tjoe.we love to see him on the couch. we know about eric garner andcer who subdued him who had the chokehold on was found -- they did not file criminal charges against him but something else came down yesterday. they took his job. they took his pension. he was fired. your reaction? >> >> i think it's a wrongful firing. i think he should have kept his job. i think he went through the
3:40 am
process that anybody would want somebody to go through. he went through two different courts and found not guilty. but, in the court of public opinion, he is guilty and to satisfy the hoards of all the people out there that wanted more, they want blood. they want blood. so, the firing came. ainsley: joe, what happened here? why did he get fired? >> because in the court of public opinion all right he was guilty. pete: political opinion. >> de blasio and his whole crew there and o'neil works for de blasio. ainsley: he is the commissioner. >> he is the commissioner. he wants his job. he does what -- he could say he had the final say. he didn't have the final say. that came right from the mayor. directly from the mayor. and can he sugar coat it any way he wants, all right? this is a wrongful firing. pete: you mentioned nypd police commissioner james o'neil. here is what he said about this firing. >> it's clear that daniel pant lay owe can no longer
3:41 am
serve as a new york city police officer. i know many will disagree with this decision. that is their right. there are absolutely no victors here today. i have been a cop a long time. and if i was still a cop, i probably would be mad at me. i would. not looking out for us but i am. pete: i'm still a cop i would probably be mad at me. >> he is a cop. you are always a cop. you start off in the police academy and make your way up to police commissioner. you are still a cop. you have to think that way. that's what he forgot how to be a cop. he can say anything he wants, all right? right now i would be mad at me. well, you had it in your power to save this man's job. and if the mayor turned around and said i told to you fire him and he said well, you know what? it's my discretion. it's my call. is he calling rose mary like
3:42 am
they are friends and all hanging out together. bottom discussion was you are going to come out and say this is your determination that he should be fired. brian: this happened five years ago and eric garner selling cigarettes in front of a convenience store. the store owner said can he get him out of the way he keeps doing this and it's hurting our sales and our business. he wouldn't move and he ends up with five guys around him getting choked to death and famously he said "i can't breathe." do you think from the garner family's perspective they are like why was it necessary to continue that chokehold while he was saying i can't breathe? >> you know, i really don't, to this day i don't see it as an outright chokehold. all right? it's taking somebody down. look at the size of eric garner, right? and the simple thing right here is and even commissioner o'neil said it yesterday, comply. just don't fight, don't resist. now you have this big man resisting and we have seen how things on the street can go sour in seconds.
3:43 am
and they took him down. and everybody is going to look at it every different way and say it's too much force because he died. had it been a regular arrest and nothing happened to him it would be business as usual. no, it sparked outrage and once again they just want to deal with the aftermath of that. ainsley: this is the portion of the email sent by the police ben november atlanta association members not having any confidence. it's absolutely essential they say that the world know that the new york city police department is rudderless and frozen. the leadership has abandonedship and left our police officers on the street alone without backing. >> i totally agree with that you know, we are at a stage in the new york city right now with the nypd where we have taken steps backwards, it's no longer the elite force it once was. you can blame the leadership for that there is no support for the cops out in the street. you see what's happening all
3:44 am
over town you have food being thrown at cops and shots being fired. they put it down i believe it was in the 7-3 precinct in brooklyn. thrown through the. cops being hurt. this is random being thrown through the window. this is disrespect for law enforcement. brian: three separate incidents over the weekend. you had one cop got head butted by a teen who was caught with a canister of pepper spray. they called out violence after a series of water dousing. we know about that. also three cops were all injured and treated at local hospitals and released after confrontations with people in new york city. so they are no longer afraid. >> no. brian: or intimidated. no respect. >> they are very bold right now because they feel they have the back of everybody in new york city, you know. and as i said, you know, you have city council members wearing shirts "i can't breathe" at a hearing. can you see it on tv. not once do you ever see anybody on that panel wearing something in support
3:45 am
of law enforcement never. you never see it because it's not there if it's not professed by the people and then de blasio, we have to stand behind our police officers and everything. he doesn't stand behind them. how do you expect. brian: and the cops know it. they turn their back. ainsley: are they doing anything within the police department to make sure the bad apples are out though because some cops are too forceful and they just take advantage of the power? >> yeah. absolutely. you have the largest police force in the world right here, all right? and sure you are going to get a few bad apples and they do weed them out. funny part is everybody thinks the blue wall and everything. you will have a cop rat out another cop for something like that before the public even knows about it and something is done about that. there are steps in place for that. but, in this day and age, i don't see it the way everybody saw it years ago. years ago had you some cops totally out of control. today it's a rare few you will see.
3:46 am
and it's dealt with right away. brian: new york sets the tone for the story. joe, thank you so much appreciate it. ainsley: thank you. jillian has headlines for us. jillian: good morning. a number of stories. accused rapist in the country illegally is allowed to walk free in maryland. released on bond despite an ice hold request. the salvadorian national is due back in court on rape charges next month. this comes just days after officials in the same county vow to nofe notify ice when two accused rapist released from jail. designated itself sanctuary status last month. jillian: watch this video. >> [screams] jillian: wow. the driver losing control at the clarksville zombie school bus races in indiana. here you see a toddler standing in the front row as
3:47 am
the bus comes barreling towards him. his mom grabbing him just in time. thankfully, no one was hurt. president trump makes an interesting vow on twitter. the president posting this photo shopped image with the caption saying quote, i promise not to do this to green land. the president is looking into the possibility of purchasing greenland for the united states saying it would benefit the country strategically. the prime minister of denmark says the island is not for sale. stay tuned for that and we are celebrating this morning on "fox & friends" because pete is a married man. pete: that's right, jillian. thank you very much. there is some photos of my wonderful bride once jenny cunningham now jennifer hegseth. that is our crew. we got married on friday. can you see some attitude amongst our young seven. our blended family. she has three. i have three. we have one little gwinn together. she turned two -- her birthday was our wedding day as well. it was a wonderful evening. i will out both ainsley and
3:48 am
brian who were there. thank you both for being there. brian: we enjoy being outed. ainsley: of course, all groomsmen and bridesmaids were your kids and wearing camouflage bow ties. pete: and shoes. blooms flowers from kin is i and iron man from boone. brian: how is the blending. >> it's been a process two or three years. we love each other and we love them and it's amazing. i love you generally, thank you very much for saying yes. ainsley: it was a beautiful wedding and those children are just stunning. it was so fun to watch. pete: it was a ton of fun. brian: thank you for producing it top to bought. pete: and thank you for showing up. ainsley: of course we wouldn't missed it. 2015 movie stun you had hollywood by becoming the number one movie in america. two christian filmmakers are back with a brand new film about finding faith. they are creators of overcomers. war room. now they are doing overcomer. they join us live.
3:49 am
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ainsley: okay their 2015 movie war room shocked hollywood by becoming the number one movie in america.
3:53 am
now those christian filmmakers are returning to the big screen with another film called overcomer. >> let's do. this. [buzzer] [cheers] >> the oldest manufacturing plant is closing its doors. >> most of my players have players that work at the plant. this isn't going to be prettiy. >> i am down three coaches but i do think i have a solution for cross-country. >> no. >> the film about life changes focuses on finding identity in jesus christ. here with more is the director alex kendrick who plays the main character. coach john harrison producer and co-writer steven kendrick and priscilla schrier who also plays olivia brooks in the movie. she is also an international speaker as we all know and bible teacher. have you influenced my life in major ways. we do your bible study occasionally. you and beth moore were in war room. oh my gosh these are the ladies who really influenced my life so god bless you. >> thank you. ainsley: congratulations on new movie. i know it's going to do so
3:54 am
well. tell me about the movie, please. >> overcomer is our sixth film it. is a very family friendly film. it's about identity. and it follows a young 15-year-old girl who has asthma and she is a cross-country runner. and when a factory closes down, a little small town, half the town moves away. this coach loses most of his players and basketball team. given a cross-country program. given one girl with asthma to run. is he frustrated but it talks how do we become who god made us to be and what do we have to overcome to get there? ainsley: steven, why this film. >> i have think this movie is really relevant for this generation. we have got so much confusion concerning identity and people are wondering why am i here what's my value? what's my purpose? and they are putting their value and identity into things that can be taken away. in movie, you follow a coach who has had his team taken away. a girl who has had her parents taken away. a man in a hospital who has had his health taken away. all three of them discover where they can find their identity because it transforms every areas of
3:55 am
their lives. ainsley: priscilla you grew up, tony evans is your father. you grew up with this famous amazing man this mass tore who has influenced your life. have you written all these bikes and bible studies and now you are an actress. how did this happen? >> i don't know. one day these gentlemen right here called and said we are writing this script with what was going to be war room. every time we write these lines for elizabeth jordan we are thinking what would priscilla schrier say? would you do it my first response was you know i'm not an actress, right? we think when you read this script and pray about it it's not just a movie it is ministry. it is what you do. ainsley: what does this film mean to you. >> it means a lot. this film is critical. if we don't know who we're in christ. roofted in something that cannot be changed and touched by external circumstances, then we are going to find our emotional stability up one day and down the other. we have got to be anchored and solid and secure and this movie will introduce that concept to some and then reintroduce it to
3:56 am
others. ainsley: alex, we are searching for significance, aren't we? >> that's right. everybody tries to find their identity in their job and their feelings or their circumstance. we think the creator gets to define his creation. when we find ourself in him, that's the fullest version of ourselves. ainsley: once we see the movie overcomers these books are follow-ups. >> yes. with every one of these movies people are moved emotionally. laughing and crying in the neither. they walk out saying i want to dive deeper. we tried to provide them with resources so they can study and grow personally. ainsley: this is your book called radiant. did you also write this one. >> we wrote. ainsley: you all wrote this together. great, so these are great follow-ups. everyone should see war room and our country is searching for family faith filled movies. i appreciate you doing. this i am raising a child and i'm so excited we have these options. god bless you all. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: i hope it's a success. we have senator martha mcsally and gregg jarrett and david webb.
3:57 am
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most advanced silverado ever. ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along ♪ if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ because i'm happy. brian: hey, we are back you, everybody. get ready, it is tuesday. this week is well underway as we are getting ready to close out the summer any day now. i hate to tell you, it's coming up. ainsley: can you believe it's the end of august already? pete: closing the summer, brian? brian: although i expect summer -- i expect september to be nice. i really sense we are coming to a close here. ainsley: are you okay with closing summer? pete: only because fall is coming i love fall and football and thanksgiving and weather turning. i still don't want to give up summer. i'm against democrat addition, brian. brian: can you come out firmly against. that's the beauty of the couch. you can always be wrong. it is coming to an end. next week is labor day. for now we have a lot to
4:01 am
discuss. democratic congresswomen over the weekend made news because they were told to stay home instead of going to israel. israel's commitment to democracy is up for debate now according to these two members of the squad, after decision to ban them from entering the country took place last week. ainsley: those two members of the squad even claiming that president trump wants to pit muslims and jewish people against each other. pete: okay. griff jenkins in washington with the white house response, griff, good morning. >> good morning, pete, ainsley and brian. the white house is defending israel's decision to deny anyone who supports boycotting their nation. spokesman hogan gidley issuing this statement. saying congresswomen rasheda tlaib and ilhan omar have a well documented history of anti-semitic comments and anti-semitic social media posts and anti-semitic relationships. israel has a right to prevent people who want to destroy it from entering the country: cruel reality of the occupation their words. and suggesting the u.s. should reconsider how much
4:02 am
aid it gives to israel. >> we give israel more than $3 million in aid every year. this is predicated on their being an important ally in the region and the only democracy in the middle east. but denying visit to duly elected members of congress is not consistent with being an ally. >> currently the u.s. has pledged 38 billion over 10 years from fiscal year 201 to 2028. almost all of it in the form of military assistance agreed upon under a 2016 memorandum of understanding signed by president barack obama who said this in a statement at the time, quote: this commitment to israel's security has been unwavering and is based on a general win and abiding concern for the welfare of the israeli people and the future of this state of israel. we should also point out congresswoman tlaib was granted a humanitarian visa to visit her aging grandmother but rejected it
4:03 am
under conditions in that visa, guys? >> thanks, griff. brian: keep in mind, too they can do whatever they want in heir press conference. but to say we should revisit aid to israel when we we get in return for that aid comes back not only in dollars iron dome. raytheon and a lot of experts in israel. missile ditches we are now using different ways as well as the fact that they are a democracy in that has our back and provide the point that they made there exposes their agenda. only democracy in the middle east surrounded by countries that want to kill them. the organization we are going to get to in a second that was going to sponsor this trip is supposed to be in charge of palestinian
4:04 am
democracy. 97% of palestinians live under the palestinian authority. has not held an election in a decade. if they held an election, hamas would win. just like they did in the gaza strip. hamas is a dedicated terrorist organization that seeks the destruction of israel. these two congresswomen talk about in coded language like the occupation and liberation using the palestinian narrative it. is anti-israeli it. is anti-semitic. it's the only view they have of that region and that's why they say the things they say. ainsley: you talk to evangelicals many of them went to the polls and voted for the conservative donald trump in the last election because of what he would do for judges and pro-life stance and pro-israeli stance. it's important to a lot of christians. or most christians around the world for us to support israel. brian: stunningly, most democrats support -- excuse me, the majority of the american jewish support goes to democratic candidates. president trump only got
4:05 am
24%. when president bush 43 and this president have been the better allies to israel. brian: i think you are right. ainsley: this might change. brian: barack obama was inside double digits approval ratings inside israeli. the question was and pointed out by "the national review" initially, who is the group that sponsored these two members of the squad? why didn't they go over with the 70 other lawmakers, democrats and republicans that have been there weeks prior? this group is questionable because this group is called miftah and that is an acronym. that group has supported palestinian suicide bombers. destruction of israel being one of their goals and to establish palestine right there in the region. ainsley: former israeli ambassador to the united states on our show earlier. he called it a pro-terrorist group. if you read anything in the media, they call it an organization like the "new york times" said an organization led headed by a
4:06 am
long time lawmaker. non-prophet organization headed by palestinian lawmaker and long time peace negotiator. and "l.a. times" a nonprofit organization headed by a palestinian lawmaker. pete: so much security significance there as well. you understand language is everything and most groups have an agenda. in this case, this group's agenda is to make israel look bad and demonize them and that's what they chose to go with. brian: palestinian writes very much on president trump's agenda. jared kushner is working it. the plan is released after benjamin netanyahu's long awaited plan. benjamin netanyahu's gunning for another election since september. after that the plan is going to be out there. the problem is right now palestinian leadership. there is nobody for the israelis to negotiate with. pete: every time we give them land hamas takes over. i'm going to give wisconsin
4:07 am
their land and hire a terrorist organization to lob rockets at them. how many times are you going to do that before you realize it is not going to work. ainsley: sownelsd bite earlier. >> it is a nongovernment organization headed by a lawmaker and former negotiator. but an organization that seeks the destruction of the state of israel that supports terror and backed anti-semitism. not all ngos because they are ngos are good there. this case the ngo supports vile, abhorrent objectives. the fact that these two members of congress were being sponsored by this group i said speaks volumes about who they are. and what they aspire to do here. pete: just let that sink. in two congresswomen from our country wanted to go on a trip sponsored by an organization that celebrates palestinian terrorists kill innocent people. brian: and the president of the united states says until further notice, that's how the democrats feel. because they are the spokespeople and the front -- they have been front and center on democratic initiatives when it comes to israel.
4:08 am
i don't see anybody else calling a press conference. rebuking some of their calls and actions. pete: to that point he had this a call to rebuke ilhan omar for her anti-semitic i can comments they watered it down to nothing and never named her. they have not had the courage to call her out because they are scared. ainsley: we have been talking about anti-cop protests. stands on top of roofs and hurling things down on top of their heads. latest attack in new york. they accused attackers. walk out of court with no bail no, jail, and one of them had the gal to demand a job. brian: series of incidents over the weekend. three officers were hurt. anti-cop chaos. they assaulted a cop. would we saw about the water. and it's not a new york story because other officers around the country are also experiencing some of the disrespect the nypd is dealing with in manhattan. and the surrounding burrows.
4:09 am
pete: a big culture of disrespect. we had card nellie we tired lieutenant on who understands this environment very well talking about the lack of respect for cops. listen. >> we are at a stage in new york city right now with the nypd where we have taken steps backwards no respect for cops in the street. you see what's happening around town. food being thrown at cops and shots being fired. at the put it down in the 73 precinct in brooklyn shot through the winelsd dove the rp two cops got hurt. this is a random shot being thrown through the window. disrespect for law enforcement. we have to stand behind our police officers and everything. he doesn't stand behind them. brian: but new yorkers keep electing de blasio twice easily. first time was tough. second time was relatively easily. you have to see if republicans are going to put
4:10 am
up some type of alternative. meanwhile, let's change gears. a lot of people right now are gearing up for fall sports. in the middle if you are if division one or division two or division three athlete. high school starts now if you are playing football. you probably started last week in july. and it makes you wonder when it comes to effective coaches, going to motivate your kid or your team, what works the best? praise, anger, urging, they did a study, the berkeley school. the school berkeley in california. they asked northern california teams, high school and college, do us a favor. tape your speeches. they got 304 speeches over the course of a couple years from 23 teams. and can you guess what is more effective anger or praise when it comes to victories? first off, let's look at some movies in the past and tell us what gets your blood going. >> me being perfect is not
4:11 am
about that scoreboard out there. it's not about winning. >> we are fighting something else out on that field right now. and that's why winning this one means nothing if you lose yourselves. if you put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential to be the best that you can be beings, i don't care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game in my book we are going to be winners. ainsley: those are inspirational. do you like those or do you like the negative, angry speeches, watch this? >> hard work for so many sacrificed by the disrespect of few. was it fun? was it fun? do you know how to win football? you play football like continue narrow played football. >> that's what living is. >> that's right. >> that's 6 inches in front of your face. now i can't make you do it. what are you going to do?
4:12 am
brian: that's my favorite speech of all time. brian: what do you think is more effective. pete: taped the halftime speeches and cataloged negative or inspirational which do you think is more effective. brian: angry more effective producing results. up by 10 good job but up by 10, you can do better. the kids will hate you but you will have more wins which will make the kids happier. ainsley: this happen in female sports, too? brian: absolutely. especially now. ainsley: really? brian: absolutely. pete: ultimately if you are a kid and you are playing. i reflect on this myself playing well and poorly. if you know you are playing bad, you don't want to be told you are playing good. you need ton told this is what you are doing wrong. you need to do better. brian: what if you are playing good and the coach wants you to be better? pete: well then. brian: that's what we are
4:13 am
seeing. he is saying don't settle for up by 10. go up by 20. ainsley: who was your most inspirational coach was that coach angry? pete: i had a lot of angry coaches. i think what was most effective was when they were largely positive and instructive but when the moment required it they were negative. brian: here are some negative speeches and we want you to vote at home and i know everyone has an opinion on this. let's listen. wait. pete: realready played that. brian: i thought we had more. oh, okay. steve: any given sunday is the negative one. ainsley: we have worse than we what we just saw? brian: 50 high school coaches. 304 speeches. what do you think was more effective? tell us what works for you. ainsley: what was more effective for you? brian: depends on the team. a lot of times you have a team that's talented keep pushing the envelope and judge them against their own effort. other times you have a bunch of underdogs too hard on
4:14 am
themselves and have you got to pull back. ainsley: i played softball and i swam. i wasn't good enough to play in high school. it was a public school. in middle school if i had a coach that came in and acted like that. i could see all my friends being what is wrong with her. pete: have you got to know your players. my college coach looked at me why didn't i play? he said because you are not good. if you were better you would be in the game. not really constructive feedback. brian: do you know what the bottom line is, if you allow the players and coaches to interact and keep the players out of it, the key part parents go you hurt my son's feeling at halftime. that he was the problem. pete: that is the problem., negative, positive speeches. which is better? we want to know from you. ainsley: now let's hand it over to jillian who has the headlines for us. jill gizelle i totally enjoyed this conversation. ainsley: what do you think? jillian: best coaches are
4:15 am
the ones that can do both find the middle ground. a college advisor is stabbed to death on the first dave of the school year. police safe steven check khan. finding a backpack with flammable liquid. they believe it was a targeted attack on the finance professor who was helping with student registration. the suspect was seen running away on surveillance video. only kill when necessary. that is the new requirement for police in california. governor gavin newsom signing one of the toughest use of force measure in the u.s. the bill stops officers from firing on felons who are trying to escape if they are not in immediate danger. officers are use deadly force only when necessary. but the definition of necessary is up to prosecutors and the courts. the law goes into effect next year. two drug maker could say soon settle to avoid going to court over the opioid epidemic. endo international is working to finalize a
4:16 am
10-million-dollar deal while allergan is in talks. claims in two ohio counties. the company also facing lawsuits from hundreds of cities and states they deny allegations of fueling the opioid crisis. joe biden's presidential endorsement is raising some eyebrows. the former second lady suggesting voters, some of them anyway, might have to settle for joe. >> your candidate might be better on, i don't know, healthcare than joe is. but you have got to look at who is going to win this election. and maybe you have to swallow a little bit to say okay, i per personally like so and so better. but your bottom line has to be that we have to beat trump. jillian: what do you think about those comments? let us know. send us your comments on facebook, twitter and instagram. we will share them in the next hour. i'm curious t curious to hear what people have to say about this.
4:17 am
brian: honey, next time you want to defend me, can we go over this ahead of time. you may not like him that much. but, listen, he will make -- ainsley: he could win. he is top of the list. brian: he could beat trump. pete: such a revealing moment. jillian, thank you very much. ainsley: a fox news alert. a desperate search growing by the hour down in florida for those two firefighters that are still missing at sea. brian: as crews come across a new clue the brother of one of those firefighters will join us live next. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? for all-day, when didwhen i needed ton?. jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage.
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my first job is to care for derek. everything i do is for him. when i moved to this apartment after six months, we need to connect with the world. i use the internet to keep him in the language, because that's the way to connect to my family's traditions. he has to know where he comes from.
4:21 am
we need internet essentials. there's no excuse to not get connected. ainsley: well in a major decision yesterday, planned parenthood announced it is abandoning $60 million in federal funding all to avoid a new trump administration rule. the rule bars federally funded clinics to referring patients to abortion providers. in a tweet the organization says the trump administration forced them out of the funding calling the rule a direct attack on them. so what does this decision really say about planned parenthood? here to react is fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier. good morning. what was the new rule they didn't want to comply with? >> the 2019 final rule put forth by the trump administration has been locked up in the court system right now, but it is just coming forth essentially saying they no longer allowing planned parenthood to directly refer
4:22 am
their pregnant patients for abortion. now, incorrectly being labeled as a gag rule because there is nothing stopping providers, physicians, nurses from actually discussion the option of abortion with the patients but they are no longer to directly refer forethese services. so, we know that a far majority of americans actually do support some type of abortion. multiple, multiple polls show us that. however, what is unquisk call is the jorlt d majority dot support federal funding for abortion services. this is really what this rule is making sure happens. they are not taking away access to abortions. they are saying if you are going to directly refer for these services, you are not going to be getting your federal fends. planned parenthood which has now turned into more of a political advocacy group than women's healthcare advocate are saying fine, we will not be taking those federal funds because you are not allowing us to do. this. ainsley: i think a lot of americans mighten happy about this because according to this kaiser family
4:23 am
foundation study support using money for abortions but 57% oppose it. >> that's not the only poll. people oppose using federal funds for abortion. the trump administration along with these laws are essentially saying that. they are making sure, they are not restricting access to abortion. they are just saying you cannot use federal funds for abortion and if you are receiving federal funds you cannot directly refer these women for abortion. ainsley: does this mean that planned parenthood did not want to comply with this rule that says you can direct someone to have an abortion, does this mean if you go there they are telling you your option is to have an abortion or pushing that on women. >> i don't know if they are pushing that on women. when you look at the breakdown of the women who go to planned parenthood, the far, far majority receive abortions as opposed to adoption or even just prenatal care. so, they do perform abortion supervisors. and they direct refer to themselves or other providers as well. ainsley: will they be able to survive? $60 million is a lot to say no to. >> they make over $1.6 billion in revenue in 2018. so the large majority of it over half of it is from
4:24 am
government funding however they have private donors as well. ainsley: thank you for being on with all of us. fox news alert here. a new clue in the desperate search for two firefighters missing ought sea. that search is growing by the hour. the wife and brother of one of those firefighters right there is going to join us live next. chair is just a chair. that a handle is just a handle. or... that you can't be both inside and outside. most people haven't driven a lincoln. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event. right now get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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and relief from symptoms caused feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals
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are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. pete: we are back with a fox news alert. crews are resuming search for two missing firefighters who never returned from a fishing trip off the coast of florida. >> this is still absolutely a rescue mission. we are talking about a decorated, you know, a combat veteran here. we are talking about a firefighter/paramedic. these guys have the skills to survive for a long time. brian: brian mcclooney and
4:28 am
justin walk investor been missing since friday. yesterday their families got a glimmer of hope when brian's tackle box was found 15 nautical miles off the coast of saint augustine. ainsley: joining us now is brian's wife stephanie mcclooney and brother and colleague of the jacksonville fire department. thank you all for joining us. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: i can't 345g what you are going through. stephanie, we will start with you. tell us what happened. >> it was just a short fishing trip with his buddy justin. something they do every time justin comes down to take the boat out they go fishing. when they didn't return in time, we got a little worried but maybe the trip went long. it went a little too long. we immediately called the coast guard and they were on it. pete: kevin, brian is your brother as we mentioned decorated navy veteran, firefighter. these guys have a lot of skills. as it's gone on, they found
4:29 am
this tackle bag. you are hopeful that's evidence they are trying to let people know they are out there. what's your take on the situation right now as you try maintain optimism? >> right. well, that's the best lead we have and we are currently believe what would call a bread crumb probably deliberately thrown out. definitely his. or we can tell was his. the bag that was found was given to my brother by our late father. and they would deliberately remove anything heavy so it would float. leaving in things we can i there is a fishing ma'am he bought at the bait shop earlier that we have been camping out at is kind of a headquarters. it's definitely his stuff he threw out to help us find. brian: rescue division, what can anybody do if they want to help out? >> right now. donation site available. any cent going in there is tax deductible. every correct of this is going for fuel for aircraft
4:30 am
and watercraft to go find brian and justin there is a huge effort underway. absolutely amazing. federal, state, local, everybody volunteers who have never met brian or justin are out there right now by sea and air trying to find them and bring them home. ainsley: scott, tell us about these men. what are they like? i know you worked with brian. >> brian's a hero. that's all i can say. he is he ask knicks anything. guy you go through when you have a problem he can help you through it. work problem, personal problem. brian is a combat veteran, purple heart. marines with their family today because brian was in iraq and saved their lives this guy is a hoe and we need to bring him home so he can be with his family like they where theirs. go to pete: stephanie, i can't imagine. your husband is out there. you want to be in contact with them you are not right now. this boat has had mechanical problems in the past from
4:31 am
what i understand. you're hopeful they are maybe stranded and hunkering down and waiting to be saved? >> absolutely. i'm confident it's 100 percent the situation. i have great faith in keeping that and those bread crumbs are clues and i hold tight to that faith. brian: kevin, what was the weather like that day? was there any sense that this could have been a challenging environment? >> not at all. the seas have been thankfully calm as far as i understand. i believe there was some rain. that's actually a good thing water has been a concern but these gentlemen know how to catch it and use it. it seems like if this was to happen, the conditions are ideal for people like brian and judge gorsuch to use everything they have and all the amazing individuals. the heroes searching for other heroes looking for them right now. ainsley: i know that was your good's boat and you told our producers it was the last fishing trip before you were going to sell the
4:32 am
boat. i saw that image that broke my heart three women that looked like they were praying and looking into the ocean on the beach. what was going on there and how is your family handling all of this? >> so that was organized beach walk. we combed the beaches from the port where they left all the way up to south georgia. beaches look for signs anything they might have tossed over. cover those beaches and waters with prayers. it was a powerful, powerful time. pete: wow, we will keep your family and colleagues in our prayers this morning. we just hope that the rescue is successful. ainsley: what's the website one more time for people at home that want to give to help find these guys? >> both 100 percent goes to air plane fuel. ainsley: jacksonville fire fire and rescue department?
4:33 am
jfrd. thank you. brian: new york city's police commissioner defending hills decision to fire the officer in the eric garner's case. >> the unintended consequence of mr. garner's death must have a consequence of its own. it is clear that daniel pant pant lay owe can no longer serve as a new york city police officer. pete: was that the right move? our panel here to discuss next. [farmers bell] ♪ (burke) a "rock and wreck." seen it. covered it. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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♪ we got bad blood ♪ you know we used to be mad love ♪ so take a look what you have done. brian: it's your shot of the morning, it's a fast food feud over chicken sandwiches. all started when chick-fil-a buns plus chicken plus pickles equals all the love for the original. it didn't end there. ainsley: popeye's disagreed with that the chain responding y'all good to chick-fil-a after releasing its own chicken sandwich last week. pete: wendy's getting in on the beef tweeting you are all out here fighting about which of these fools have second best chicken sandwich. brian: getting uglier than i thought. ainsley: we got chicken sandwiches. wendy's and chick-fil-as popeye's isn't open yet. brian: popeye's needs a
4:38 am
breakfast menu if they want to be a part of the competition. ainsley: looks a lot like the chick-fil-a biscuit. brian: does he work here? ainsley: john just came in here and grabbed a sandwich. brian: do you think chick-fil-a is better that pete's wendy's? [ding] pete: chick-fil-a better but wendy's not bad. shouldn't shouldn't you clean your pallet with sherri better? pete: i will next time. i think it's the bun. i love the pickle. brian: try it at home and see how it goes. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian? jillian: i will do headlines for a minute, take your time and taste them both. brian: joe can't believe he took this hour off that's the biggest story. jillian: he will come steal one. jury selection underway in a
4:39 am
case that sparked a national debate over florida's stand your ground law. michael drake can a is charged with manslaughter. shows them fighting over a handicapped sparking space before he was shot and killed. he was unarmed. draka wasn't initially charged in the shooting understand your ground law which allow allow force in the case of eminent danger. the director of a movie about elite hunting for deplorables is speaking out about the film's september release is cancelled. >> your idea is incredible. >> you can't argue with that we pay for everything. so this country belongs to us. >> the hunt director telling variety, quote: if i believed this film could insight silence i wouldn't have made it, adding our ambition was to spoke at both sides of the aisle equally. universal studios say the movie was called off in response to recent pass
4:40 am
shootings. a plastic water bottle ban goes into effect at the san francisco airport. thirsty treaferlts can only buy refillable plastic and glasfillable plays metaland gla. >> california i can do heroin in the middle of street and the government will give me a free needle. but if i drink water out of a plastic bottle at the airport apparently that is a border wall capital offense. jillian: the airport is working to cut carbon footprint and eliminate most landfill waste by 2021. a boy with special needs gets the ultimate encouragement to finish a race. watch this. [cheers] look how cute. nearly all of his classmates running alongside the 13-year-old as he fought to finish the final stretch of a race. they hoisted the australian
4:41 am
boy up as they celebrated his big achievement. and congrats to him a look at your headlines. time to go outside where we find janice dean. janice: good morning. happy tuesday. hello my friend. what's your name. >> carol from southern illinois. >> greg from southern illinois. janice: you know each other. >> yeah we might be married. janice: very nice what's your name. >> joe malone from st. louis. >> dave o'neil from pittsburgh. janice: very nice. where is your wife. >> she is checking us out of the hotel. janice: i'm glad she is doing the hard work so you can come to see me. it is a beautiful day right now in new york city. temperatures in the 70's. unfortunately we are going to be dealing with showers, thunderstorms, maybe some severe storms. we have severe thunderstorm watches in effect outside of the chicago area. east of kansas city. so, watches and warnings in effect where we could see some large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and that's going to happen throughout the day today into the afternoon and in the overnight. so just be aware if there is a watch or warning know what to do.
4:42 am
and certainly know that you have to take all the precautions if there is a watch or warning. also, it's going to be very warm across the southern u.s. we will keep you up to date. all right, my friends, thank you for coming back inside to pete, newly married pete and brian. oh, brian, just brian. brian: janice, i'm getting reports it's going to be warm because it's summer. i'm going to follow up on that. [laughter] >> nothing gets by you man. brian: rrnl perfect person i haven't introduced yet. officer accused in the death of eric garner was fired yesterday. >> clear that daniel pant lay owe can no longer serve as a new york city police officer. i know that many will disagree with this decision and that is their right there are absolutely no victors here today. i have been a cop for a long time. if i was still a cop i would probably be mad at me, i would, for not looking out for us but i am.
4:43 am
brian: but you are chief. is this decision the right decision? let's discuss it. former nypd officer and army veteran darrin porcher is here. fox news contributor host of reality check david webb on fox nation, david webb is here and fox news legal analyst and author of the forthcoming book witch-hunt the story of the greatest mass delusion in american history gregg jarrett is up early. first off former nypd officer darrin porcher when you see eric garner losing his life at 35 years old for selling cigarettes in front of a store. do you think this officer getting fired is the right thing? >> it's very difficult to make that assessment. i will tell to you with reasons. from a practitioner's perspective 50's on the street i would have handled it different. i'm speaking from a place of 20 years' service. when we look at how eric garner was handled in the street, the argument that he could have been -- that officer pantaleo should have been terminated and the other side is he shouldn't have been. i blame mayor de blasio.
4:44 am
he corrupted the due process from the very beginning. when we look at the failure to present a true bill in staten island when the staten island district attorney did not want to move forward with the true bill, mayor de blasio. brian: what do you mean the true bill. >> meaning an indictment. he expressed his repulsiveness to the process. as we moved forward we look at the democratic debates. mayor de blasio used this as a platform to slam officer pantaleo and state that the garden family, will in fact, receive justice. when we go back to the due process, it clearly shows that the police commissioner reports to the mayor. and there was a corruption in connection with how this decision came down. brian: about the case in particular, david, when you see a multiple, big guy, multiple officers around. one chokehold resulted in his death. he was saying "i can't breathe." >> 64, 300 pounds. try to bring that person down when they're resisting. look, the commissioner is right there. are no winners here. as a matter of fact, the
4:45 am
biggest loser and this is a point being ignored in this story that happens afterwards the net effect. guys going to do their 20 and get out. nypd may run into an issue with the broken trust with the mayor's office, with the leadership, when you talk to the rank and file should they stay on the job. should they retire and get out and how do you recruit new officers? we have got to be very careful of the leadership decisions and its effect. when you look at the retired detectives. the guys that deal with the day-to-day. these guys are concerned. and they are going to protect their career. brian: multiple incidents over the weekend. greg, legally pantaleo says i'm suing to get my job back and pension back. >> good luck with that as a defense attorney i look at the facts and photographs, videotape and i say to myself my goodness you are luck i couldn't weren't indicted for manslaughter reckless conduct result untiindeath.
4:46 am
severe physical trauma to the death including merging that means it was a chokehold, either blood choke or air choke both of which have been against policy for 26 years at the nypd. so it was the appropriate decision to terminate him because he violated nypd policy. it was an administrative judge. aptly experienced as a deputy police commissioner. use of force experts who said this was the wrong threatening to do. the defense tried to say oh, well this is a technique called the seat belt technique or neck hold. look at the photographs. it was a chokehold. you can't use it. brian: darren, he shouldn't have resisted, right? he didn't intend to kill him but he shouldn't have resisted. >> right. the natural order is when the police attempt to arrest you, you put your hands behind your back. the resisting, i don't think, results -- should result new losing your life. brian: absolutely not. >> the truth of the matter is just in connection with he mentioned the -- i don't see where we would have a manslaughter because when we
4:47 am
take into consideration the manslaughter, you intend physical injury and cause death. i don't think that officer pantaleo intended physical injury. brian: i want you to hear what patrick lynch said. is he head the police union. watch. >> to basically say that he followed the politics, ran it under the rule of law and the evidence is absolutely embarrassing. to try to say i was a cop for 34 years but now i'm the commissioner, i go by different rules is absolutely wrong. brian: david? >> compliance, compliance, compliance. when you are approached by law enforcement, you are not going to win the argument then. brian: union is doing the right thing sticking up for one of their own? >> yes. that's exactly what they are doing. look, i have great respect for police. it's a tough job out there. they keep us all safe. that doesn't mean that they are infallible. they do make mistakes. when you make a mistake, that results in somebody's
4:48 am
death, in a situation that could have been diest can a deee escalated instead of escalated. right course. brian: this veteran was deployed five times in iraq and afghanistan. now he is sharing stories from the front line. you will not hear these stories anywhere else. army ranger co-founder of black rifle coffee. he will be next ♪ ♪ ♪ let's get down to business. the business of atlanta on monday... ... cincinnati on tuesday. ...philly on wednesday. ...and thursday back to cincinnati . modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business keeps going, our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at
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♪ ♪ jillian: good morning, welcome back. quick headlines now. the justice department files a legal brief to the supreme court declaring president trump's decision to end daca was lawful. according to the "new york times," doj lawyers believe the obama era immigration program is illegal. the supreme court will hear arguments starting in november. and the white house tightening guidelines for immigrants who want to work in the u.s. the program allows foreigners to get temporary work permits if there are urgent humanitarian reasons or if the person's entry provides a significant public benefit. under new policy rules, the trump administration has full discretion in deciding who should be awarded the privilege. pete? pete: thank you very much. all right. have you ever wondered what
4:53 am
it's really like to serve our country on the front lines? well, in a new book out today titled "thank you for my service" a veteran uses honesty and humor to show what goes on inside the men and women protecting our country. joining me now is former army ranger and co-founder of black rifle coffee mat best. >> thank you for having me here i appreciate it. >> yeah. pete: title on the book thank you for my service. play on words thank you for your service. i was truly honored to serve my country in the special operations. i want to let people know that i enjoyed serving. it's cool taxpayers let me jump out of planes and helicopters and i thoroughly enjoyed it. pete: a lot of people have written combat books and can you write one, too. you are trying to go deeper than that, how? >> i want transparent honest look what 2 is like to serve in the military. not only that but post military. transition coming out of the military acheically mating
4:54 am
back into the civilian sector. and what i did with black rifle coffee. i want civilians to know what we went through and how we can succeed and veterans what they can do post war and post military and be hyper successful. pete: you have been very successful and we know guys that transition has been really difficult or never really happened. what in your mind is the secret to this being successful, mat. >> i had a very challenging time in my transition out of military. a lot of of my friends pulled me out of that slump. pulling same did i in military career. pete: i am going to started talking and put it on video and now 500 million views. >> i always want to have a saw tier calsatirical. there is a lot of humor and talented guys that love art in the military. i want to showcase a different perspective about who we are as a veteran culture. pete: then you said okay, i will start a coffee company as well black rifle coffee.
4:55 am
hugely successful now. >> yes. pete: did you know anything about business when you started that. >> i have failed a lot but also successful. that was our goal to provide opportunity to the veteran community and people that support it. just patriots in general. vote with your dollar and we have done a pretty good job of showcasing that at black rifle coffee. pete: what is the biggest misperception you talk about humor and comedy. what are people going to learn a little bit about in this book they wouldn't otherwise know. >> i can't stand the victim mentality. a lot of people see people go over and serve their country and almost i can't believe i'm so sorry. and for me i have been completely different. i am thankful for my service and i don't speak for the whole community, obviously. a lot of my friends are very similar that we loved our country, we served it and we're not victims. we are hard-working individuals that just want to go in the civilian sector and crush it. pete: why did you first put on the uniform? what motivated you? >> i come from a long history of family service. my two brothers were in the marines. my father was a marine. migrate uncles were all in world war ii. i just believe in america and how amazing this country
4:56 am
is and the only reason it's here is because of sacrifice. i wanted my little slice of service. pete: this book you can sum it up as america, a little bit of humor and killing bad guys? >> that's a fair synopsis. i like that. reader's digest version but i will take it. pete: the book is called "thank you for my service." it's out today. i'm guessing you can get it anywhere books are sold. >> today is publishing today. i love it. pete: thank you so much. happy to have you on "fox & friends." >> appreciate it. pete: congresswomen rashida tlaib and loirnl. talkinilhan omar. and senator mcsally says their words and actions are dangerous. the senator joins us live next hour. ♪ this is my people ♪ this is where i come from ♪ we're giving this life everything we've got and then some ♪ it ain't always pretty ♪ but it's real ♪
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ "we built this city" on rock and roll ♪ ainsley: usually build a city with cement, steel, concrete. they built the city on rock and roll. brian: mayor de blasio want to outlaw concrete. papier-mache. can we do papier-mache? [buzzer] ainsley: i don't want to be on the top floor. brian: he will fine people for building buildings out of metal and glass. pete: what do you build it out of if you don't use metal, glass, and concrete? brian: maybe we don't live in cities or buildings anymore?
5:01 am
lean-to. we have a sitting senator coming up in about ten minutes. there is new poll out shows joe biden widening his lead. we'll talk about him. democratic congresswoman challenges israel's commitment to democracy. have you heard about this? after a decision to ban them over the weekend from entering israel. ainsley: the two members of "the squad" claiming that president trump wants to pit muslims and jewish people against each other. pete: griff jenkins live in washington with the white house response this morning. griff? reporter: the white house is pushing back after being harshly criticized talib and omar with comments like this one. >> we cannot we cannot let trump and netanyahu succeed in hiding the cruel reality of the occupation from us. so i call on all of you to go. reporter: omar also suggesting that the u.s. should consider cutting aid to israel,
5:02 am
challenging their existence as a democracy. the denial of a visit is inconsistent with being an ally. hogan gidley defended israel in the statement. talib and omar have a well-documented history of anti-semitic comments, anti-semitic social media posts and anti-semitic relationships. she was allowed a visa to visit her aging grandmother but rejected it. the aid continues from 2019 to 2028 almost all in the form of military assistance. now if you look here, you will see that it was ayield to under a 2016 memorandum of understanding signed by president obama who said this in a statement. this commitment to israel's security has been you ever waivering and is based on genuine, abiding concern for bell fair of the israeli people and future of the state of israel. the deal, by the way is the largest of its kind with any
5:03 am
country the u.s. has in terms of a military agreement. but there is no indication that congress will bring up discussing changing that, when they return in september, guys. pete: thanks, griff. brian: how this happened a visit during your off period to an ally ends up being controversial in every way. pete: you end up saying in your press conference they are not a democracy and not an ally. these two had a chance to go with a delegation of republicans and democrats to see israel, syria and samaria. they said no. not on our watch. not right now, not when you're supporting bds movement which wants to get rid of israel's right to exist. this is pr stunt. that is what the whole thing was meant to be. now it is shut down. ainsley: it was very emotional because ilhan omar started speaking then invited rashida tlaib to come up. rashida tlaib has a grandmother
5:04 am
that lives there she got emotional. one time her grandmother was in accident. she had to cry to get her to a best hospitals in jerusalem. her mother had to go through a dehumanizing checkpoint. we can't go to the grocery store without some type after security to make sure we don't have weapons on us. his name is michael orin. he was former ambassador. he said no country would ever allow anyone in who is supporting a protest against that country, listen. >> every country in the world, not just israel has a right to denye entroy to those who would hurt that country or certainly would want to destroy that country. someone shows up in the united states i'm here because he deny the right of the united states to exist, i'm going to work to try to go eliminate the united states. believe me that person is not getting into a us airport. same thing here is true. these two members of congress supported a organization calls bds, which didn't aspire to
5:05 am
create a better two-state solution. it aspires to destroy the state of israel through economic strangulation. they were being sponsored by an organization here which not only supports bds but is known for anti-semitic comments and supporting terror. no country would let such people in. pete: go ahead, brian. brian: only thing i would add to that. on top of her stand is the move by israel when she heard they had a grandmother in the west bank in her '90s. congresswoman said, can i go see her. yes you can. no protests. go see her and go. she said yes and she said i'm not going to see her under those conditions. under those conditions? do you want to see your 90-year-old grandmother or not, the grandmother said something disparaging about president trump. saying his tweet prompted benjamin netanyahu to act. i don't know if people know he has a mind of his own.
5:06 am
the ambassador from the united states to israel the decision was made before the tweet was sent out. one other thing the palestinian authority did something interesting, usually democrats have a problem with, they ban ad protest or demonstration by their lgbtq community, they banned them from holding any events because the palestinian leadership banned them because they are damaging the fabric of palestinian society. that doesn't seem so open-minded, doesn't it. pete: wonderfully inclusive of them. every time democracy tried in the palestinian areas, it is taken over by terrorist organization called hamas. why they don't hold elections. that is why israel is not cutting a bad two state deal. if you want to push propaganda as these two tried to do, do it somewhere else, not in israel. ainsley: violent protests in israel, i've seen a video from journalists, mayor was saying, no, no, it was peaceful.
5:07 am
andy gno said the mayor is saying peaceful because nobody died. watch this. >> hey [bleep]. >> one hand narrative from the mayor, ted wheeler there would be a strong police presence. what he did not say was that the police were not going to get involved when illegal activity was taking place. this is proven by one of the most infamous antifa thugs from the weekend who committed at least seven illegal acts, stopping traffic, throwing concrete at a bus and throwing a hammer at an individual who originally tried to use self-defense as they attacked their buses in the middle of traffic. he got away with all of this. they were not intervening. they were not stopping damage. it looked like the city was complicit with the violence. pete: that is not peaceful. he is saying law enforcement did not stop up to people being attacked by antifa.
5:08 am
elijah schaefer is being criticized. he is covering certain part of protests or editing the tapes. actually the mainstream media that is ignoring the real story. watch. >> what is absolutely interesting about this is the mayor is like every democrat politician out there saying that everything's peaceful when they were not there. still being accused of lying with fellow journalist andy gno about the events at that took place. they are denying video evidence. by the way i ran right past vice. i ran right past bdc, who were filming peaceful demonstrations while the real news is ahead. mainstream outlets are ignoring the truth. i'm watching violence. i record it. the sad thing still the left is crazy, saying it a lie. pete: fake news is not what you say, but what you choose not to cover. brian: talk about 2020, what is going to be covered. a lot of big four. kamala harris who seems to be
5:09 am
dropping rapidly. bernie sanders pretty consistently in second place and elizabeth warren is rising in the polls. one person they're trying to catch all along is joe biden. biden is doing everything he can to go back to the pack. when he speaks there is something wrong. whether a belief that he had not '70s, '80s, '90s that is no longer relevant but obamacare he wanted to fix that he used to back. he will not following the facts, chooses truth over facts. how he pledged he was vice president when he greeted parkland students when the parkland shooting happen ad year-and-a-half ago. owe wasn't vice president. he picked out wrong cities about a couple shootings that took place in el paso and dayton. ainsley: president obama has not endorsed him. this is biden campaign ad, his television campaign ad talking about his legacy with president obama. listen.
5:10 am
>> polls agreed joe biden is the strongest democrat to do the job. no one is more qualified. for eight years president obama and vice president biden were an administration america could be proud of. our allies could trust and our kids could look up to. together they worked to save the economy, pass the his tore rack affordable care act, protecting over 100 million americans with preexisting conditions. now, joe biden is running for president with a plan for america's future. pete: one moment he embraces. the next moment he denied the obama legacy because he wasn't radical and extreme enough for today's modern, leftist democrat party. he doesn't know where to stand. he knows obama is still popular. he is trying to bear hug him as much as he can. what would you say joe biden's central message is other than obama 2.0? ainsley: cory booker said at that during the debate. you can't decide when you will use president obama and when you will not.
5:11 am
his wife, jill biden was speaking in bookstore in new hampshire, she said if you're a voter you have to swallow a little bit but definitely pull lever for her husband. >> your candidate might be better than health care on joe is, you have to look who will win the election. maybe you have to swallow a little bit, say okay, i particularly like so-and-so better but you bottom line has to be that we have to beat trump brian: in the book game change, mark halperin wrote wrote the book, inside story of 2016, the 2018 election, and they talked about how these two never got along. joe biden said to others behind the scenes, i would have been a better candidate than president obama. president obama evidently said to staffers, how many mistakes is this guy going to make on the campaign trail. they said nice things at the end when he got the freedom award in the last year, maybe finance funnily barack obama knows that president, joe biden wouldn't be
5:12 am
a good president on some level and that's why he has been conspicuous by his silence. ainsley: what she is saying, makes sense, i can understand that, who is the candidate that can win. i like, this, this, i like his policies but i don't like how he tweets but i will vote for him because i think he can win i ultimately support his conservatism. they might say that about joe biden. i just didn't expect that from his wife. i know a lot of y'all are not committed to my husband, i respect that but electability. you would think the wife would go out there, tell you the real joe biden is, he amazing man, he loves this country but instead i know you might like him. brian: i like to introduce you to my wife. political analyst, give us both sides of the good and bad news about me. pete: they're counting on the base hating trump so much, going with the guy they truly don't
5:13 am
want because he is the best. to your point, if you are watching joe biden, every gaffe he makes, every stance he takes back and forth, you can't have confidence coming a year from now, he will stand up quick on his feet with a president donald trump. he lost a step or two already. where will he be when he up against real counterpunch. brian: makes sense for president obama not to endorse his vice president. makes sense. you have a field of 25. let the field play out. if president obama says i want joe biden to be the guy, ends up being somebody else, he is totally neutralized here on in. if he gets close wants to do it. they say eisenhower didn't endorse nixon, only guy running on republican ticket until the very end. he ends up losing to kennedy. pete: exactly right. you would want to believe joe biden wants his camp we want to win on our own merits. they're losing it on their own merits.
5:14 am
he is front-runner in name only. brian: he has the black vote, how he is linked to president obama. ainsley: there are people in obama's circle like david axelrod who have been critical of his 2020 run. was on with tucker carlson, because president obama hasn't yesterday endorsed biden that is a red flag to voters. listen. >> it wasn't just reported in 2020, president obama tried to get him not to run, but also in 2016 as well. there were reports that president obama thought hillary clinton would be the more formidable candidate, would be the stronger candidate of the two. you know, tried to convince joe biden, convince them not to run. the question for the democratic primary voters, why put your faith in a candidate, when people closest to him seem to doubt his ability? brian: it well play out. their way of getting joe biden the nomination, give him less event and more scripted because he tends to get tired later in the day. he will have noontime rallies? there is major democratic event
5:15 am
taking place next week, he is passing on it? that is unbelievable to me. pete: like to hiding joe biden. that was the strategy. he popped up. made a lot of gaffs. now their strategy again is to hide him. do you win with that? ainsley: they really said afternoon rallies because he gets too tired? brian: one event a day. what is trump doing, six, sometimes a day. ainsley: take a nap. brian: nothing left to say. jillian: i get tired late in the day too. i'm up earlier than that. begin with breaking news a fox news alert. live look in rio de janeiro in brazil. a armed man is holding 37 people hostage on a public bus. police say he is threatening to set the bus on fire after spilling gasoline. at least four hostages have been released as police negotiate with the suspect. he claims to be a police officer although that is not confirmed. police say the suspect appears to have psychological problems.
5:16 am
we'll keep you updated on the breaking news. breaking right now, search crews working through the night with renew hope of finding two missing firefighters alive. a bag belonging to justin walker and brian mcclune any, discovered in waters off florida. the mcclune any family joined us earlier the booing was a sign. >> it was probably deliberately thrown out. there was stuff we can tell are his. >> we have great faith, those bread crumbs are clues and i hold tight to the that faith. reporter: the firefighters were last seen on friday. russia fires back at the u.s. after the pentagon passed a previously banned cruise missile. it was launched off the coast of california on sunday. according to reuters a top russian official said, quote, the united states has obviously taken the course of escalating military tensions. we will not succumb to provocations. it comes weeks after the trump
5:17 am
administration withdrew from a nuclear arms treaty. going to be lady's night at the country music awards. carrie underwood teaming up with dolly are parton and reba mcintyre to host country's biggest night. ♪ the all american girls are replacing brad paisley who has been hosting the show with underwood since 2018. he doesn't seem to mind. tweeting as a fan of all three of these amazing women, i can't wait to watch. the cmas are november 13th. it will be great. it will be strange seeing it without him. brian: i will say this, i think brad paisley made a choice, peyton manning or cmas. if you ever watch him with peyton manning on these commercials, they're fantastic. you know what i'm talking about? jillian: insurance, right? ainsley: reba said something about there aren't any women up for some award in country
5:18 am
television. by them putting three women, maybe that is why they're doing it? i love them all. they're great. brian: 17 minutes after the hour. this football team is honoring police on the field, wearing thin bluean line on the uniform. their all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today.
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♪ brian: she is a member of the u.s. armed services committee. comes to us from tucson, arizona. she is arizona senator martha mcsally. senator, we're seeing on the screen or we were, two members of "the squad," basically told by benjamin netanyahu we don't want you to visit israel because of your anti-israeli sentiments as well as your support of the divest from israel movement, bcs movement. was that a good move by the state of israel? >> well, israel gets to decide who can come into their country just like we do. i will tell you, these two members of congress, their views on israel are very clear. their support for the bds movement. their refusal to condemn anti-semitism. you see it in their rhetoric, in their social media posts, in their votes and i wish that they
5:23 am
would have maybe joined the bipartisan group that goes every every two years to inform freshmen about israel. i love israel. i deployed to the middle east five times. i know the dangerous neighborhood they live in, the existential threats that they have, i really wish that they would stop playing theater with this, actually be thoughtful and meaningful about the threats that israel faces every single day. brian: the other big story that took place not this weekend, but the weekend prior, was horrific shootings that took place in el paso as well as dayton. it is also prompted you to push for a federal bill, federal law that would define domestic terrorism as a federal crime. can you expand on that? >> right. yeah, brian. i was surprised as i took a look at what could we do meaningfully? i was surprised it wasn't a crime. it is defined in federal law but if somebody is going to support
5:24 am
isis or international terrorism, when they are brought up on charges, they are charged with supporting terrorism but there is no such crime for domestic terrorism. so the fbi association, the actually the fbi agents association brought this to our attention, i saw it in a media story and sprang into action. it is common sense, if we try to fight domestic terrorism, racially motivated violence, white nationalism, anti-semitism, when somebody is brought up on charges for these awful violent crimes, we call it what it is, charge them for what it is, which is terrorism. it helps to provide more resources, dedicate support, better track, understand the trends in these crimes. brian: right. we'll see if you get a cosponsor, everyone comes back to work in couple weeks. senator martha mcsally. thank you so much. >> thank you, brian. strong support from both sides of the aisle and white house is interested as well. brian: i can't imagine pushback on this we change gears when we come back. this youth football team
5:25 am
honoring our police wearing two thin blue lines on their uniforms. two of the coaches are in law enforcement. the entire team will join us without pads next, there will be a full contact talk. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association.
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5:28 am
♪ pete: time for the news by the numbers. brian was going to read it but i love the song and stole it pro him. 19 weeks, to bump old town road on number one spot on billboard top 100.
5:29 am
♪ give me old town road back. ilish is the first artist born in the 2000s to top the billboard list. 17 1/2 million, how many people are expected to fly this labor day weekend. basissest day will be friday august 30th. check the calendar. finally seven, how many homeless people being sued by the city of san francisco. the city says their repeat offenses is draining city resources. ainsley: a football team in missouri is honoring police officers with their uniform. brian: the 7th grade team chose to support the thin blue line uniform because two coaches are in law enforcement. pete: harrisonville from the ball coaches and players join us. you have coach steve bectel, retired police officer coach, michael adair. represents his entire squad, you can see there, ely baker.
5:30 am
gentlemen, team, how are you doing this morning? >> we're very good. pete: excellent. let me start with you, coach steve? where did this idea come from. i've seen a lot of youth football uniforms. none of them look like this. very cool you're honoring law enforcement. >> the head coach put a proposal to the players and the players decided on what jerseys they wanted this year. it has been tradition in harrisonville, the 7th grade team gets to choose the jerseys for the year. ainsley: what is the reaction from the community? >> from what i've seen it is has been positive support all the way around. everybody seems to like them. brian: mike, can you have one of the players stand up to show me the uniform. we'll take a look at it. show me what it features? >> just stand up here so they can see the jerseys.
5:31 am
stand up. there you go. turn around. brian: look at it. you have blue line through the back? so, this, more than one design to choose from, right, coach? >> you know, yeah, they had several designs to choose from for different styles of jerseys. this is the one that they picked. ainsley: eli, why do you like that jersey so much? >> i mean it represents our coaches as officers and, i mean, sometimes i just don't think they get enough credit for what they do. pete: well-said. smart 7th grader, eli. coach, you served, both of you have served in law enforcement. when you look at some of the headlines we've seen, some of the criticism of police officers, why do you see, is that why you see communities rallying back to support police in ways like this? >> well, you know, i don't
5:32 am
really think about it a whole lot. i go to work, i do my job the best that i can. i come out here on the football field. i teach these boys things i know who ten them become adults. pete: absolutely. brian: mike, what is your philosophy on coaching, how it fits into the real world? >> my philosophy comes from my law enforcement background, how it is structured and how we work together as a team. and how we build self-confidences among ourselves through hard work and dedication to our craft. and, you know, it just, it seems to resonate with the kids. every day they push themselves every day and, you know we have a saying amongst each other, you know, wildcats, what do we got? they will say one more. we always go one more. ainsley: coach, why did you decide to go into law enforcement and coach? i know you guys don't get paid
5:33 am
enough, but your influence in the lives of so many people keeping our community safe, clearly being a good influence on these kids? >> i went into law enforcement because it was something i was interested in and, you know, i just felt like i had a passion to do it. and i enjoyed it for 14 plus years and as far as coaching was concerned, my two children are in it so it was just something that felt natural to do. i played it in school. so i wanted to kind of pass on some things to them as well. brian: eli, what are some reactions from the other teams? have you had a chance to, you picked these uniforms, what kind of season do you think you guys will have, eli? >> well, hopefully it's a good one. we all think it will be a good one, with, winning last year and all that hopefully it will good. pete: eli, you're a wide receiver, i was as well, i'm sure not as good as you.
5:34 am
what is your favorite route? >> just, i mean hail mary pass works all the time. probably the best one. pete: i love it. ainsley: y'all are so cute. coaches, thank you for what you do for these kids and for protecting all of us. pete: good luck this season. i think the uniform will bode well. intimidating too, in addition to looking good. ainsley: go get them. tell the boys we said hey. >> hey. ainsley: i didn't mean now. so cute. so literal. pete: wonderful squad out of missouri. ainsley: 34 minutes after the top. hour. one mom going viral for her tough love. brian: because she held a job fair for her kid. ♪ allergies with sinus congestion and pressure?
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i did it. i did it. brian: shot of the morning. a toddler celebrates with fifth pumps have helping his little brother escape his crib. ainsley: the little boy saying i did it, i did it. pete: looks like the brother is yelling, i did it. i convinced him. ainsley: i told you. pete: tennessee boys wilder and george are best friends. brian: see another shot of that. escape happened prior. he escaped from his crib, sprung his brother. ainsley: i love it when little boys share rooms. my nephews share a room. it is so cute. you can listen to them talk. brian: have to put a top on the cribs. ainsley: when baby starts to escape, you have to do the big
5:40 am
bed. now mom and dad will dot big beds. brian: you can't put a top on a crib? ainsley: no. they have a tent, you can put a tent over them. pete: lean-to. ainsley: mesh. they can still breathe. brian: shortly you will be cooking soon. looking forward to that. ainsley: summer recipe contest. brian: it's a big contest. a lot of money. >> jillian pointed out it is kind of a stupid contest because you at home are voting but you're not eating the food. pete: they know. jillian: voting on what looks good. i already know i'm going to lose. that is fine. serious news, update on the story a short time ago. this is out of brazil. situation in rio is over after the suspect is shot and killed by police. officials say the armed man was holding 37 people hostage on a public bus. threatening to set it on fire. this video shows one hostage walking off the bus. everyone has been released
5:41 am
unharmed. police says the man claimed to be an officer. that is not confirmed. nasa legend dale earnhardt, jr., speaking out after escaping a fiery plane crash with his wife and one-year-old daughter. >> we're so thankful for all the prayers and phone calls and everything everybody did over the last several days really helped lift us up. it has been a very difficult few days but me and my wife and our family are just trying our best to try to get back to normal. jillian: the family is doing well after their plane crash-landed. bodyguard of cnn political analyst, april ryan is charged with assault. accused of forcibly removing a journalist in event in new jersey. >> no, no. no. no. get off of me [bleep] get off. [bleep] jillian: the journalist says he was at the event for two hours,
5:42 am
but wasn't thrown out until ryan started speaking. the body guard heads to court next month. fishing mogul known as the cod father is banned from fishing in the u.s. ever again. part of a settlement against carlos rafael and his fishing captains. he is serving a four year fishing sentence for evading fishing quotas an smuggling profits overseas. he must pay $3 million in fines. sell his assets, give up the seafood dealer permit. back to you. ainsley: thank you, jillian. pete: we head outside to jd. janice, good morning. janice: how are you? thank you for coming. i want to point out a little girl looking real cute. here in new york city, beautiful day. mostly sunny skies. we have the potential of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast across the plain states and midwest. we could see large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. if you live in the areas, know
5:43 am
what to do if there is watch or warning. as brian pointed out earlier. it is hot outside. it is summertime. we'll feel the heat. i love you what is your name? >> emily. janice: are you a big "fox & friends" fan? yes. thank you so much for coming. high-five? okay. wonderful. thank you so much. and back to pete and ainsley and brian. pete: thank you very much. ainsley: she almost forgot your name. brian: it happens. it is okay. it has been a week i've been away. this is the moment ainsley has been waiting for. america is clamoring for. ainsley: no, this is not the cooking segment. brian: okay. ainsley: we'll talk about something else. sense the start of his political career president trump has been dogged by accusations of racism by those on the left. pete: in a new op-ed our next guest says democrats and so-called mainstream media characterize race more than president ever has. brian: we'll talk about this the author of that article joins us. a fellow at the manhattan
5:44 am
institute, author of the diversity delusion. heather macdonald. welcome back. we know about the big move by "the new york times" to label the president a racist. you see right through it, you wrote about it. >> it is ludicrous. absolutely ludicrous. it is the press routinely characterizes politicians and voters by race. it is reflex response that, well the trump voter rallies are all white. remember the senate judiciary committee hearings on brett kavanaugh, we heard routinely the republicans on the committee all white males. that was a two-fer. the democratic candidates lecture voters constantly about their white privilege, whether kamala harris or pete buttigieg or kristin gillibrand or elizabeth warren. "new york times" has a race editor to keep race in the forefront, keep it boiling at absolute fever pitch. when trump criticizes people on the basis of their policies.
5:45 am
he criticized representative elijah cummings for presiding over a city that is now experiencing its highest per capita homicide rate in its history where children are routinely gunned down on street corners. that becomes somehow about race, and yet if trump criticizes, let's say joe biden, robert mueller, that is not about race. so the obsession with denty politics coming out of democratic party, out of the mainstream media, and it is extremely dangerous. peter: here is couple examples exactly what you're talking about heather. "washington post" headline, race dominates the political conversation, 10 white democratic candidates take the stage. "new york times," should a white man be the face of the democratic party in 2020? "axios," ahead of 2020, white evangelicals are sticking with trump. why do these outlets and 2020 democrats make such emphasis of
5:46 am
race? >> they're committed to a narrative that america remains endemically racist, and only they can save minorities from the deplorables who vote for trump. that is a false narrative. this country has changed radically. there is not a single mainstream institution that is not doing everything it can to hire and promote so-called people of color. i think they are simply engaged in racial division. they want to see whites as the enemy. the thing i worry about most is that this is creating a tribal identity politics. it is inevitable that some white people are going to say, if you're talking about toxic white privilege all the time, toxic white male privilege, and you're giving us a white identity, we will embrace that too. this is going to be a very hard thing to pull back on, but it is up to the sources of this false narrative and this dangerous narrative, those sources being initially the left-wing academy
5:47 am
that sends this stuff into the mainstream body politic to pull back on this rhetoric. ainsley: heather, we want to play sound bites of 2020 democrats talking about race. listen to this. >> when their son is walking down a street with a bag of m&m's in his pocket, his whiteness protects him from not being shot. >> one of the things about privilege, white privilege or male privilege, think about it very much. simply harder for candidates of color or female candidates i'm mindful of that. >> white supremacy has always been a problem in our american story. ainsley: heather, do these messages help or hurt these candidates? >> well they help with a small percentage of their base but i think that if they want to expand to most voters who have goodwill, the democratic party doesn't seem to know america. it should get out to talk to people who simply want to get along. we are ready to be post-racial.
5:48 am
i think it does alienate a large group of people and to be hoppest i think these mass shootings although they are, they are miniscule portion of gun homicide in this country, we are giving these alienated young white males who are cut off from family, from traditional sources of meaning, a pariah identity that is going to have some effects. brian: heather mcdonald, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: sadly race will be front and center. on a separate note. the moment we've been waiting for. at least pete and i can say that. day two of the "fox & friends" grilling contest. seems to have been going on forever. ainsley: on the edge of your seat. wait for it. brian: ainsley's turn, she is grilling something never been grilled before. pete: sandra smith coming up at top of the hour. we'll save some for you, sandra.
5:49 am
>> hey, brian, pete, ainsley. days leading up to jeffrey epstein's death. what we're learning he did two days before he hanged himself in that new york city jail plus rashida tlaib and ilhan omar condemning israel for banning them. how they are now calling on congress to act. "the new york times" under fire again this morning. why they are facing new backlash. big line up for you. our headliner is ready. our a-team is on deck. join us live from "america's newsroom," top of a brand newis hour. hat you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ a peaceful night sleep without only imagine... frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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♪ pete: this week we're sharing our favorite summer grilling recipes with hopes you will fix ours as the favorite. brian: a lot of tension on the set. ainsley, what have you been making? ainsley: tell you a story. i had a good friend when i lived in columbia, south carolina. his parents owned farmers market. he would say, come over i have fresh tomatoes just grown in south carolina. i would say yes. we would go on the back deck, grill flounder with olive oil and salt and pepper. put food on the grill. woe serve it with spices and tomatoes from the farmers' market. brian: those are just as fresh. >> these are fresh. brian: what is that? ainsley: grits, a southern
5:54 am
favorite. pete: love grits. love grits. ainsley: put heavy cream in there, my mom says cook it a long time. we do fresh corn or fresh okra. janice: what fish is that? ainsley: flounder. brian: when did you catch that fish? ainsley: don't ask me any questions. [laughter] jillian: i don't know how to make it. i know how to eat it. ainsley: my mom would always make -- jillian: we have a couple minutes. ainsley: this is from the grocery store. janice: i want some of that. ainsley: you don't trust this cooking i did. janice: i put heavy cream. ainsley: i know what i like in the summer. i don't necessarily know how to cook it. we'll have to ask my mom for recipes. pete: you put flounder on the grill. ainsley: i cooked it in the last segment. brian: you could be using a spoon. ainsley: wait.
5:55 am
pete: use this for the pie. jillian: this is grilling segment. what was grilled? ainsley: this was grilled and corn was grilled. apparently you're supposed to keep the corn in water. our chef at "fox & friends." brian: are you writing this down? janice: don't you love this corn salad? ainsley: let me tell you the best repefor the corn salad. ivan gardner has one on the website. i was at a dinner party the past weekend. they made it. so good. i'm not pretending to be a good cook. pete: you're trying to win the the contest you come with grouper? ainsley: you're trying to win the contest, you will serve fish? not fair. you're doing cheeseburgers. janice: you're doing corn. ainsley: steve did steaks.
5:56 am
jillian: mine is vegetarian. no one will go with that. we have to go, ainsley. ainsley: where do you get this? brian: click on cooking with friends. ainsley: have you ever had grits? brian: lifted the heavy cream with one hand. ♪ did you know congress is working to end surprise medical billing? that's when patients are hit with medical bills they thought would be covered by insurance. the problem is big insurance companies want
5:57 am
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it will be plenty of opportunities for growth and development. >> a georgia mom holds a job fair for her kids. kitchen manager and laundry supervisor, made them fill out this job application. the entire family joins us tomorrow. and the firefighter playing bagpipes while writing a hoverboard at his national
6:00 am
firehouse. >> you can go to and vote if you think this is the best recipe. that was so detailed. to make brand-new details in the jeffrey epstein case, now learning he actually prepared fr his death by signing his will just 48 hours before killing himself. it is morning, i am sandra smith on a tuesday. >> jon: i am jon scott in for bill hemmer this morning. if court records show a will for the disgraced financier was signed august 8th just two days before investigators say he hanged himself in his manhattan jail cell. >> sandra: meanwhile, attorney general bill barr continues to take action in the aftermath but first rick leventhal with some news on accusers. >> the latest of elements breaking overnight,


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