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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 21, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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fox & >> it's a party. at >> there you go. >> if you guys stick around for jillian. >> sandra: is a race against time to find two missing firefighters lost at sea as a search under is what is being called a critical 24-hour window. good morning everyone, i'm sandra smith. >> and i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. they have not been seen since friday when i left on a fishing trip in cape canaveral. if the only clue has been a tackle box. the search is covering tens of thousands of miles. >> there is something to be said about knowing we are looking for fellow firefighters or fellow first responders. everything we find at this point helps us complain that search area.
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the biggest challenge we have at the moment is the current. we are still holding out with guarded optimism but we are to be clear in a race against time. >> sandra: phil keating has elites on the spur miami. >> today is day number five from this growing search and rescue operation which is "critical" as a coast guard captain put it bluntly. it is a race against the clock and every hour and data go by only make it more daunting. last night the latest coast guard map was released showing the grid zone of the atlantic's card so far by air and by sea which cover the waters off of florida, georgia and now the carolinas. it has expanded to the whole southeast region is that gulfstream and drift patterns had up the coast. if the boat with the firefighters were in the water it would be heading that way. day five of the search begins at sunrise and tuesday's search was the largest yet.
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jacksonville's fire chief said nearly 200 people and 70 volts and ten aircraft search the ocean. all that in addition to the ships and aircraft of the coast guard, navy and customs and border protection. justin walker and brian macclenny departed from cape canaveral friday morning, both said to be experienced voters. this video shows them backing the boat into the water. last night before private prayer vigil, a clooney's wife praised the search vigil and then again earlier that day, another wife flew up to search the water. a tackle bag is the only thing so far that has been found floating out in the ocean. that tackle bag was found 50 miles east of st. augustine which is the other side of the gulfstream. presuming that the boaters were out that far, i spoke with an experienced both men and fishermen last night and he said in a 24-foot boat with two or
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3-foot waves, it is a significance distance and a rough ride but it is doable. >> sandra: thank you. we will have much more coming up with jacksonville fire and rescue chief keith powers who has the apartment where one of the missing firefighters, brian macclenny, works to. we will get his thoughts on this massive rescue effort. >> president trump: right now smugglers coached migrants to travel with minors and send miners alone to gain easy entry into the united states. catch and release must stop. dhs must have the authority to make humanely returned minors to be with their families in their home countries. >> jon: that's president trump talking about one of the biggest immigration loopholes that he says he wants to close. today his administration will reportedly be working toward that goal. acting dhs secretary will be announcing sweeping new roles look dumb academic rules less than 30 minutes from now.
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mark merritt at this live from the white house. >> we expect homeland security officials to address what is known as the florida settlement agreement which for years has mandated that children can be kept in custody for longer than 20 days after being caught crossing the border illegally. we expect to hear from dhs officials about new guidelines that children can be held indefinitely. it's expected though these changes will be challenged in court. three states are now suing the administration over a policy announced last week to reassess how green card applicants are judged. starting in october, immigration caseworkers will deduct points from applicant scores as they lie on things -- rely on things like public assistance and medicare. >> this rule will cost almost 400,000 people per year whose applications to become legal permanent residents will include any meaningful analysis of whether they are likely to become a public charge or not.
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>> jon: three states that you've seen here on the screen announced, and this is what the new york attorney general had to say. the trump administration thinly veiled efforts to only allow those who allow their it's a clear and several other states are making this happen as well. they will be heading to louisville, kentucky, a little bit later on this morning for a fund-raiser and meeting with above veterans group. john will be looking at what the president has to say when he heads out of town. >> jon: mark meredith. the acting head of homeland security will join us live for an exclusive interview, next hour on "america's newsroom." >> sandra: meanwhile president trump now calling out democratic congresswoman rashida to lead.
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at >> five years ago the concept of even cook talking about this, of cutting off aid to israel because of two people that hate israel and hate jewish people, i can't believe we are having this conversation. where has this democratic party gone? i think any jewish people to vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. >> sandra: a "washington post" columnist and washington news contributor, the president trying to convince democratic voters that these democratic congresswoman go against their interest. will it cost him votes in the democratic election? >> i wouldn't have chosen these words but his larger point is right. they are anti-semites. they've compared israel to nazi germany and they advocate the bds movement, the boy boycott movement.
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she said she supports a one state solution which means she doesn't support the existence of the state of israel so these people are really bad people. they not only tolerate them but are actually defending that is appalling. and it looked back -- look back just recently to win congressman steve king, a republican, made comments defending the white supremacy. the republicans on capitol hill stripped him of his committee assignments and passed a resolution condemning him. the democrats can't bring themselves to do the same thing, why not? why is omar sitting on the house foreign affairs committee which is the committee that decides u.s. policy towards israel? the fact that they tolerate these anti-semites in their midst calls in to their question their fitness. >> sandra: hillary clinton got 71% of the jewish vote to
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donald trump's 24% and it was even more prevalent in the 2018 election when jewish voters backed republicans. we will see where that goes. now to the president. a day after the white house said it was not under consideration, now saying he is considering a payroll tax cut. here's the president. >> president trump: payroll taxes. i've been thinking about whether or not i do it. at the criticism is already out there >> of the economy is doing very well and it may be slowing. most economies don't think it's going towards recession but it is slowing. the payroll tax cut is a perfectly a legitimate tool.
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in 2011 barack obama worked with republican congress to pass a payroll tax holiday to put about a thousand dollars in the pockets of every american family, the average american family. the difference between now and then is obama has leverage because the bush tax cuts were expiring. he cut a deal with republicans to extend the bush tax cuts for everybody but the people at the very top and to do this payroll tax thing, trump has no such leverage with the democrats. nancy pelosi isn't going to pass a payroll tax cut and give them a economic stimulus going into the election. >> sandra: very interesting, talk about the economy and how exactly it looks. there are big questions coming from both sides, both sides are making strong cases. i want to go now to this talk about greenland. what do you make of all this? now the president said he won't go to denmark because they kind of sad, he can't be serious about this. should it be taken seriously?
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>> first of all i don't know why people are dismissing this, because it was a necessary -- it had a military necessity at the time. it strategically placed and, now that the military reason isn't there anymore, it has incredible natural resources. and what makes it more valuable is global warming. that's off of the shipping from asia to the west. there are benefits to global warming, but for all these reasons denmark might not want to sell because they are sitting on a gold mine. it's not crazy for donald trump to want to buy it and it's not crazy for denmark to and not
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want to sell. a >> sandra: that visit for denmark was expected for september 2nd. but then the danish prime minister called the idea absurd. >> there would be a lot of benefit to having greenland. >> sandra: a lot of people are talking about it. >> jon: is isis gaining ground or is that group on the run? many are saying that terror group is gaining power. congressman adam ken's anger joins us next. >> sandra: and a debate in recent weeks surrounding a series of controversies in their coverage of president trump. today's headliner, jill abramson will be our guest come alive. live. happy i am.
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>> sandra: breaking news as we have learned the u.s. military
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drone has been shut down all over yemen. that happened yesterday and a senior u.s. defense official confirming it to fox news just moments ago. we are expecting a military statement later this morning. musical physical >> there are certainly places where isis is more powerful today than they were three or four years ago, but the caliphate is gone and their capacity to conduct external attacks, and it's been made much more difficult. we've taken down significant risk, not all of it but a significant amount. >> jon: it mike pompeo speaking on the current status of isis acknowledging that that terror group has gained some ground in some areas. this coming on the heels of a deadly bombing in afghanistan over the weekend. let's bring in congressman in congressman adam kinzinger, member of the house foreign affairs committee. isis is not nearly as powerful as it was, but they are still a
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very capable terror organization which is what the test secretary seems to be saying. >> here's a mistake that we made from the day after 9/11, until today which i think many in washington have tried to convince probably for political reasons, convince the american people that we can win this in a short amount of time whether it's al qaeda, isis or the war in afghanistan. the reality is we are fighting an ideology. just like in the cold war it took decades to overcome the ideology of communism until that third generation overthrew it. that's basically the same timeline that we are going to be fighting in terror. it was the same right after 9/11 when we told people generically that basically the war in afghanistan would be over quickly. this is along generational fight. >> jon: but it's true that for a long time you hated to open
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your morning newspaper because i would be some new horror from isis on the front page. setting them on fire or drowning them in cages, we don't see that anymore. >> absolutely. it's important to see the gains that we have made it's not to say that isis is gone, it's not just a caliphate, it's a mind-set. that can't be defeated in the military, it has to be defeated over time without religion. we've made an absolute monstrous gamegains and we are keeping isn the defense but there are moments where they will get a little stronger and get a little weaker but we have to prosecute them over there. you may not be interested but war is very interested in you.
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that i run irony tanker was released by gibraltar and the secretary of state's warning that any country that facilitates iran unloading that oil if they are doing so illegally is in for trouble. >> week made clear that anyone who touches at or supports it or allows a ship to dock is a risk of receiving sanctions from the united states of america. so if that ship heads to syria we will take every action that we can consistent with those sanctions to prevent that. >> i think gibraltar said it will let this thing go. i guess they signed some pledge that they promise they won't sell this to syria. so it could be a flash point at
6:19 am
least in the escalation of this whole process, whether it leads to any kind of shooting i don't know. iran will continue to go right up and just below the threshold that they think is going to provoke an american response, because they want to look tough but they also know that the u.s. response would beat them i devastating. >> jon: we also learned that a u.s. drone was shot down over yemen and that has iran's fingerprints on it, does it not? >> 1000%. if you look at yemen and when my democratic friends on the other side of the aisle say things like saudi arabia in yemen. the government overthrew the rebels and they have supplied no humanitarian aid this is the
6:20 am
cost of a fighter jet and it's a significant impact of the united states. iran's fingerprints are all over here, lebanon and syria, and you were bad in the middle east that you look. >> jon: in congressman adam kinzinger from the house foreign affairs committee, thanks for your expertise and your time this money. >> sandra: meanwhile, joe biden's latest gap misplacing two big historical events. just like in my generation, when bobby kennedy and dr. king had been assassinated in the 70s. >> sandra: a former vp getting the decade wrong. the biden campaign saying that gaps are just "joe being joel. >> jon: plus facebook under fire after review finds more anti-conservative bias. devices are like doorways
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>> sandra: a year-long audit led by former republican senator john kyle finds facebook needs to do significant work to ease concerns about anti-conservative bias. brett larson, fox news headlines of 24/7. it's a powerful piece and he chooses to point out with this headline why conservatives don't trust facebook. >> correct. he goes through a broad list of reasons why conservatives feel like the algorithm is sort of baked in to their views. facebook has repeatedly over and over said that's not the case. they are a platform that wants to monetize your behavior. if they want everybody on there and they want everybody sharing and reposting things and spending lots of time on there so that they see more advertising. we reached out to facebook in light of this report coming out which we also went through and facebook had this to say about them. they pointed us to an article on
6:25 am
their site that said we err on the side of free speech there are critical exceptions. we don't allow content that intimidates or assignments as people. and we worked to dispel things. this was an interesting point though that facebook was making. what is considered a fact versus fiction, which i understand you wouldn't want a company that is in the business of marketing. but you wouldn't necessarily want them but then, who is responsible? who do we want to be responsible for deciding, fact or fiction? >> sandra: i thought it was really anything in this piece by john kyle. he quoted josh hawley saying that merely asking somebody to listen to conservative concerns isn't an audit, it's a
6:26 am
smoke screen disguised as a solution that gives third party access >> i thought that was an interesting observation that he made it that's kind of a kin to someone saying, let me come in and see what the recipe is for coca-cola and how you're making this and why people prefer your soft drink versus pepsi. i want to see that because i want to be able to tell people. these claims of facebook being biased are, over and over again they are being found it to be unfounded. and before you start clocking out your tweets at me that you are going to send because of what i'm going to say, and the irony is not lost on me, thanks for that. when you are talking about hate speech, when you are re-tweeting things or calling people stupid, saying someone is an idiot, these kinds of behavior on social media, these are words that are in an algorithm that are going to slowly push lower
6:27 am
and lower on the totem pole. if you are retweeting something that is considered hateful by any group of people, and there are things that we can all agree was fate, can hate speech. >> facebook was forthcoming. and that's a fact in the news business. >> sandra: thank you. i'm sure we will keep up on that. >> jon: senator elizabeth warren wants to put an end to a jobs producer in the american heartland. >> i will revoke the permit for the pipelines. [cheers and applause] >> so why is the 2020 presidential candidate saying that and what would it mean for the economy? kevin kramer cedric senator warren is wrong and he will explain his point of view, next. >> sandra: plus, wait until you hear why nevada is issuing
6:28 am
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musical physical >> jon: we are awaiting the beginning any minute now of a news conference with acting new secretary kevin mcaleenan. this comes as the white house cracks down on asylum-seekers with sweeping new roles allowing the detention of illegal immigrants coming into the country for longer than 20 days. >> the president of the united states thinks the climate change is a hoax. they spend a trillion and a half dollars per year on weapons of destruction. maybe we could use those resources and come together to
6:32 am
fight our common enemy. sandra: is expected to unveil his climate plan tomorrow in california. kevin kramer is a member of the environment committee and joins us now. thank you for being here this morning. so what do you make it of what you are hearing out there on the campaign trail. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and others. >> just when you thought it couldn't get crazier after what senator warren said, you could always count on bernie sanders to up the ante. it's somewhere between pandering to the extreme left and ignorance, i'm afraid it's a little bit of both. the reality is that fossil fuels and all generations, all types of energy production is important, and it's good for the
6:33 am
economy, and job creation. we should be picking the winners and losers and announcing that we are going to resend the previous legal permits. at everything from technology and cleaner ways of mining and recovery and using fossil fuels, i think we can solve the probl problem. >> sandra: clearly when you see the polling out there in the response on the campaign trail, there is a growing appetite to climate change. how are republicans responding to that? >> that's an important point because i think you are right. there is a demand to do it, both sides are trying to do it. but i think there are solutions
6:34 am
there are opportunities to do exactly that. for republicans and frankly some democrats, we are working on appropriate credits and things like nuclear power for -- it stores the carbon and uses that not only is a waste product but a commodity that enhances oil recovery making it more efficient. obviously north dakota is a clean energy state as well as a fossil fuel state. >> jon: while that's incredibly important. and that's important for the decode access and the keystone pipeline, and you took her on for saying this. elizabeth warren tweeted "when trouble concerns conflicted with corporate profits or resource extraction, you try to lose. indian country won't proceed without consent.
6:35 am
that means lpl. >> is an illegally permitted pipeline when there's lots of consultation. elizabeth warren awards consent. that means something very specific in legal terms and if you have to have consent by tribes that are affected, that's every tribe and the country. remember native americans are indigenous to the entire count country. when you revoke legally permitted construction in this country, like i said 35% of north dakota's oil and we are the second leading oil production, nobody does
6:36 am
production cleaner and greener than the united states of america. i'd rather keep those jobs here and produce with the world nee needs, and he put out an opinion piece published in "the washington post." he had lined it, is the real economic threat. at this moment, that still looks pretty strong under term policies. some final thoughts to you as we hear from the democratic candidates including the front runner joe biden which said that he is trying to find some middle ground on climates. and what some of those proposals would mean ultimately for our economy. final thoughts. >> i think middle ground is where reality exists and that's the art of politics, and i would
6:37 am
urge everybody to look for some middle ground because people want a solution. we may argue about the extent of climate change and how existential it is and whose fault it is and to what degree it's people's fault but people do want a solution and i think we could find that if we work together on solutions. frankly there is some stuff going on. we just have to get past the noise. presidential politics by the way it is a hard place to is all things especially in the primary season. >> sandra: thank you for your time this morning, thank you. >> it began as a joke but now it's turned into something much more serious and that nevada is trying to get ahead of the storm area 51 event. lawmakers are voting to presign an emergency declaration after an online appeal drew interest from thousands of people. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with more. >> here's why that declaration,
6:38 am
you have an area larger than the state of connecticut and 184 hotel rooms. where do you put 100,000 people or more who show up to party in breach the military base where the government is allegedly hiding aliens and ufos? storm area 51 did begin as an internet joke but residents in rural nevada are not laughing. one county approved permits for a three day concert and expo, but supervisors work in a neighboring >> they say this is a no drug, no alcohol -- who are you trying to kid? >> i'm also concerned about, no smoking out here? i'm sorry, i didn't mean for that whole area to go up in flames.
6:39 am
>> jon: the air force isn't too happy either promising to protect a facility from trespassers. in short, you have a traffic, cell phone, sanitation and public safety nightmare in an area with basically 12 lane highway. but entrepreneurs see a gold mine and time. we are doing our absolute best and hopefully it ends up being an absolutely phenomenal event. >> jon: those planning to go will likely fly to vegas and drive an hour north. it looks like another world. >> i won't be there. thanks very much. >> sandra: acting dhs
6:40 am
secretary kevin mcaleenan is speaking in washington. he's announcing sweeping new immigration rules that will have an direct impact on catch and release. you have heard the president me and time again that he wants to target. kevin mcaleenan and the secretary will be joining us alive at the top of the hour -- approximately 10:30 a.m. eastern time, he will be joining us exclusively on these new rule changes. so we will be speaking to him in a short time. it's the one in, the search for firefighters lost at sea entering a critical 24-hour window. we will hear from one of their colleagues after the break. >> sandra: plus harry reid dishing out blunt criticism and why he says the nominee couldd face an uphill battle come the general election. by a heart valve problem. nd so if there's a better treatment than warfarin,
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>> sandra: 2019 could be an historic care for women in the workforce.
6:44 am
they take over men as a majority of college educated workers. "the wall street journal" front page story showing the decade-long rise of women in the labor market. the packages attract these qualified women and it will also increase women's earnings potential. very interesting story and i encourage everyone to take a look at "the wall street journal" this morning. it is forcing some of these offerings. good to hear. >> we are going to do it for as long as it takes. i'm just searching and looking. and keep praying that, begging god, now is the time. >> emotions are running high as crews intensify their search for
6:45 am
a brain macclenny and justin walker. joining us now, brian mcluhan's friend and colleague, jacksonville fire and rescue chief keith powers. chief powers, i know everybody is trying to stay optimistic there but it is said to be a critical day in the search. tell us why. >> time is not on our side. we need to quickly make some discoveries to help lead us in the direction of where they are at, and we are guarded in cautiously optimistic. time is our enemy. >> jon: you did find that one tackle pouch, where was it and what does that tell you about the men? >> it was found about 15 nautical miles east of st. augustine. he gave us an area that we could kind of move into and start concentrating search efforts on. we moved as many resources into that area as you could, and the
6:46 am
coast guard did as well. we've been frantically searching that area for the last day and a half. >> jon: up but a little concerning that you find something as small as a tackle pouch but you don't see the boat and you don't see the firefighters? >> it is concerning, it really is. we are at a critical stage. it was a miracle that we discover that fishing pouch that far off stroller, it's a big area that we are searching. but it did give us some hope and an area to focus on. >> jon: these guys are obviously well trained as firefighters and one was a navy veteran, so if there is a chance for survival it would seem that it would be these two. >> that has been my message from the start, these are firefighter paramedics. it macclenny is also a navy veteran, a decorated war veteran. if anyone has the skill to
6:47 am
survive, it's these two gentlemen. >> jon: there is a bittersweet story about the motivation behind this trip, can you tell us that? >> yes, sir. macclenny's dad passed away around july 4th. this was a trip, they went and got the boat from his mom, they were going to sell it. that was a plan. they were going to take one last offshore trip as a memorial to his dad and that was this particular trip. >> jon: it was an unusually good weather day, the winds weren't all that bad, am i rig right? >> that's correct, it was nice. but about the time they were scheduled to come back, it was an isolated rough storm that blew through that area, is what the coast guard is telling me. >> jon: it when you look at the map of the area that has been search so far you get some sense of just how fast this area is. you are talking about searching
6:48 am
everywhere from off the coast of florida to off the coast of the carolinas, with the gulfstream being that powerful, and they could be anywhere in there. >> that's correct. the coast guard has been pouring assets into this area searching, they searched all night last night way up to the northeast of us, like you said off the coast of north carolina. they are leaving no area on searched. i team is working the 60-mile an inward area and this morning we moved our resources north of jacksonville and into the savanna and brunswick area. we have about 32 boats searching about 30 to grade, that's about 100 volunteers going out of the brunswick port. also there's about eight boats and 50 volunteers.
6:49 am
we appreciate it, and our thoughts our prayers are with you and your department. >> sandra: we will have more and more 2020 democrats proposing a plan that gives hundreds of millions of dollars in student loan debt. a new survey finds that it would strike a big blow to the u.s. economy. charles payne our moneyman will be here to break it down next hour. >> jon: plus thousands of employees going above and beyond to help their colleague get back into college. amanda sanchez shares her heartwarming story, next. musica♪ memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> jon: is a feel-good story for a wednesday morning cup of coffee. a coffee q&a session with a keynote speaker, amanda sanchez simply ask for at about finishing college at fresno state after mentioning the school canceled her $5,000 financial aid grants. then this happens. >> there are 3,000 people that care about you and will help you figure it out today. what your venmo, we are going to fix that. >> jon: amanda sanchez joins us now. so pick up the story from there? let's go back to the beginning. you had been planning to attend college, but then you found out that they canceled a $5,000 financial aid package, why? >> so they accidentally had given me a grant that i actually didn't qualify for in the first
6:54 am
place but i was following up with them for a while and thought everything was taken care of. then when that happened, in a week i had to come up with the difference for the money pretty quickly. then when i got that email i was so overwhelmed and stressed because i didn't know what to do. i started thinking about finishing my last four semesters and how much it was going to overall cost me. then when i ended up going up and speaking to alex, i wanted to ask him if a thought college was worth going into debt or if i should finish on my own. >> jon: so alex was speaking at your company, dutch brothers coffee is a large company that you work for and you were there at a company event, kind of, how to do your jobs better event. >> yes, celebrating us.
6:55 am
>> jon: so, you asked that question then then all of your coworkers started chanting venmo? >> once they started shouting that, alex decided to just go with it. and within seconds my venmo, it was unbelievable. it just blew up from there. it was showing everybody's words of encouragement thing no matter what i do, just encouraging me. many of them were saying, go back to school. that type of selfless act is amazing and i can never say thank you enough for how generous they are. to this day, it's so amazing. it's an amazing company full of amazing people just like that. going into work every day is worth it. >> jon: they've given you a $6400 so they are well above what you would have gotten in that grant. i know you said you wanted to try to pay it forward, how? >> definitely. i actually was starting to
6:56 am
think, if i can start saving now, what i make just from working there, if i can at least try to raise a thousand dollars by the next event, that's where it happened, than i could maybe regift it to somebody. just personal goals. >> jon: it is an awesome story and we are so glad to have you on. amanda sanchez. >> sandra: breaking news in a very big hour coming up. first the trump administration taking action to officially close in immigration loophole. kevin mcaleenan will join us exclusively, and then what does the former executive editor jill abramson have to say billions of mouths.
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ask your doctor about entresto, for heart failure. where to next? entrust your heart to entresto. >> sandra: the trump administration taking a major step to and catch and release of the southern border. homeland security moving closer to closing in immigration loophole's which forces the fed to release families caught entering the country illegally after 20 days. secretary kevin mcaleenan announcing the policy a few moments ago. he will be joining us later this hour, exclusively. but first, 2020 democratic hopefuls are making their pace tcase to a key part of the debate, trying to win over union voters after many of them jumped ship for trump last time around. welcome to a brand-new hour of
7:01 am
the "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> and i'm jon scott and for bill hemmer. most of the contenders will be speaking at the afl-cio candidate reception in the buckeye state. >> sandra: peter doocy is live in iowa for us this morning. >> sandra, joe biden bluntly says, no. he's not going to consider a one term pledge to try to court any one concerned that he is too old to be the president. as he campaigns, is also continuing to completely ignore his democratic rivals to focus exclusively on president trump. >> like everything else he is always tough when he is not the getting hit. he's always tough when someone else is feeling the pain and he's not. we will make him feel the pain.
7:02 am
>> some verbal missteps have not dented biden's sizable lead, b but, he's doing something is primary rivals have not been doing and that is at informal outdoor events reading from a teleprompter. his event in the late afternoon was lightly attended to, something that we don't see from some of the more progressive primary candidates like the surging elizabeth warren. so i had a chance to add to kim if her larger crowds are cause for concern. >> i am drawing bigger crowds than anybody. have you seen anybody draw bigger crowds then here in the state? >> yes. >> biden and the rest of the field have it built in crowd today at this meeting where they
7:03 am
are going to have a chance to speak to several hundred influential labor leaders here. forgive the whisper they are about to start a prayer. >> sandra: always a good golf voice from you. >> jon: let's bring in our a-team now, jason nichols, professor at the university of maryland. and cheryl casone, filming her face and cohost of fbm a.m. so joe biden sounded a little surprise that there might be others drawing bigger crowds than him on the campaign trail? >> you can't compare the size of the crowds from the democratic side to donald trump, people come days before. he sells out arenas. if joe biden wants to talk crowds, i -- i guarantee him reelection though. >> the fact is joe biden has
7:04 am
been around so often in people i've seen them so often that they become tired. >> he has made another one. >> just like in my generation, when bobby kennedy and dr. king had been assassinated in the 70s, none of you women may know this but a couple men may remember. there was a time in the late 60s when it was dropped out. it don't get engaged, don't trust anybody over 30. >> i'm going to say he got a couple of things mixed up. >> there are reports that they were concerned about that. >> even these recent comments from joe biden, she recently made a comment that folks should basically just swallow and take
7:05 am
it, hold their nose and take a joke. that was kind of a response, sean hannity beating up on that response. i think the american people to be honest with the work kind of forgiving about these slight gaps or 60s or 70s. but if he is a nominee and he is on that debate stage against donald trump and he makes a serious policy gap, a major mistake. if these gaps become a problem then you have a serious issue. and let's play this song from sean hannity last night calling him a human death machine. >> he's crazy uncle joe, he's supposed to be the experience confident up a runner but in reality he is a walking disaster. by now we all know that the obama biden record was a complete and utter failure. he is nonstop human machine.
7:06 am
>> we have a president that makes up countries that don't exist and makes up words, but we called them alternative facts. i think that we are okay with joe biden making a few mistakes here and there. i think that when it comes to policy, and, even the ones with hillary clinton, he wasn't talking policy, he was talking big ideas which to anyone's credit i think is a good idea. >> promises made, promises kept. the policies that he talked about, he delivered on. talked about taxation, full employment. the fact is -- >> he talked about a while that needed to be 100 feet high and 30 feet deep.
7:07 am
that's absurd. >> talking about policy, there is criticism of the medicare for all movement in the democratic party and it comes from a prominent democrat. listen to harry reid. oh, it's not a quote, i'm sorry. he writes, how are you going to get it passed? i think you should focus on improving obamacare and we can do that without bringing something that would be much harder to sell, including obamacare. and people understand that. so he is slamming the idea of the medicare for. >> there are reports that as many as 70% of americans actually want medicare for all. they want the opportunity. they think health care is that the human right. these ideas that it will be hard to sell -- it will be hard to sell to republicans but i think
7:08 am
pete buttigieg is that it, it will be hard no matter what. >> arguably, and a bernie back to single payer was the ballot. medicare for all is a dead bang loser. they need to find something el else. >> and gaining momentum at
7:09 am
nearly 16%. joe biden is the anointed front runner. it doesn't mean he is the nominee. i think democrats get in trouble when they anoint a nominee because remember the party selects the people elect. you can select somebody who is totally unelectable but i think democrats are on that train to unelectability. you will select somebody that so far left it will not even become close to the middle, attracted to swing voters or independents. >> sandra: finally announced democratic hopefuls not hoping to repeat the mistakes of those in the rust belt, can they learn from their mistakes? >> it looks like and they are
7:10 am
really going after the spanish speaking. and they are putting their money where they need to this time around. >> making million-dollar investments, pennsylvania and wisconsin up on that map. >> i think the hillary clinton, and i think they should have and even people who are bilingual my wife who speak spanish and english, you hear spanish language for radio. i think it's important to go after that boat and attack those
7:11 am
areas. >> jon: i'm told we are running out of time and there's a push in the democratic party to get the electoral college. but we should take that up another time. >> sandra: we have time? okay, the electoral college has a racial injustice breakdown due to severe racial disparities in certain states. that's as opposed to those vot votes. >> you look at the history of the electoral college and first of all it was the idea that americans couldn't be trusted to make their own decisions about who their leaders were. this is why for the first 36
7:12 am
years, that's where the enslaved people were. that leads to people, -- that's nonsense. the race in 2020 has become a dog whistle for the left. the electoral college is there for a reason. we in virginia and other places where i live, we are not going to be ruled by people in new york and california and illinois. we are sorry but we are not having urban elections for president. >> we've been complaining about the electoral college since bush versus gore. that won't ever change. >> jon: are 18 panel today, jason, brad and carol. a new reaction, spiked radiation levels earlier this month.
7:13 am
good morning sandra. it's still unclear what exactly happened in that explosion and whether there is any threat from radiation in the region. the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization monitors these types of things and said russia has a resume sharing data some of the centers that had mysteriously stopped transmitting around the time of the explosion. russia's government issued a contradictory reports on whether there was a radiation. vladimir putin maintains there is no contamination risk or any danger of radiation. he said the russian government sent experts there to control the situation. officials are considering whether a failed test of a nuclear powered test missile because the explosion. secretary of state mike pompeo said any time there's a nuclear incident he expects countries to live up to their treaty and reporting act obligations.
7:14 am
>> jon: breaking news on the immigration crisis, the department odepartment of homely announcing sweeping new immigration rules. acting dhs secretary kevin mcaleenan is our headliner and we will speak to them about the changes. >> sandra: all right. the executive editor of "the new york times" explains how it should target the president. former executive editor jill abramson will be joining us at on that. >> and a race against time is of such intensifies were two firefighters missing at sea. those details are next. >> i'm searching and looking and i keep praying and begging god, now is the time wayfair's got your perfect mattress.
7:15 am
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>> jon: it's a race against time in the search for two firefighters who vanished while fishing off the coast of flori florida. the u.s. coast guard calling the next 24 hours critical as volunteer voters and pilots from as far away as north georgia joined the rescue effort. the missing firefighters setting out from port canaveral aboard a 24-foot boat on friday. a colleague. just last hour on "america's newsroom." >> time is not on our side.
7:19 am
we need to quickly make some discoveries to help lead us in the direction of where they are at, where they are guarded and cautiously optimistic but time is our enemy right now. >> jon: the search so far has covered 50,000 square miles of ocean. >> sandra: "the new york times" under fire after a transcript from a town hall meeting from an executive editor and its employees showing the publication discussing the evolution of how to cover the president. jill abramson is the author of the book "origins of truth" in the former executive editor of "the new york times." still, good morning to you and thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> it's great to have the opportunity to chat with you in the wake of several controversies that "the new york times" is facing but first if you could comment on your thoughts after your time in the newsroom on how the paper is covering the news today.
7:20 am
>> well, i think that the executive editor who presided over that internal meeting is really doing a brilliant job. i think under circumstances in terms of covering the white house that are more difficult when i was executive editor, because let's face it. he is criticized all the time by you at fox news and by conservatives were being way too hard on trump and being biased against them. and yet it's a readership which is quite liberal wants a paper to be even tougher on president trump. in the meeting, i was impressed because i thought he had it exactly right and was explaining to the staff that the job of "the new york times" is first and foremost to be independent
7:21 am
and to hold power accountable, and to report the news accurately, and, you know, not everybody inside the times was thrilled about hearing that. but i think that's exactly rig right. >> jon: is essentially he told reporters and staffers that we started trying to cover the trump and russia collusion narrative and that has kind of gone away. so now we are going to cover president trump as a racist. is that essentially what he says, would you agree with that? >> no, i think you mischaracterized what he said. what he was explaining was that the paper had been set up to cover a deep investigative story out of washington. and now they were pivoting to an election where the job of "the new york times" is to be out i in the country figuring ot
7:22 am
how people feel and what they think. it was not telling people get ready to cover a receptive administration. that was a complete mischaracterization of what he was saying. i read that transcript twice. >> sandra: let me read you a piece of that transcript and we've also taken the opportunity to read through that as well, where he is questioned by his staffers pretty aggressively. here is a bit of it. we built our newsroom to cover one story and we did it truly well. now, we have to regroup. it's a story that requires deep investigation and people who peddle hatred. it helps us write about race and class in a different way than we have in years. that was a point in which it was really criticized.
7:23 am
you heard some members of congress including ted cruz end of their speaking out pretty aggressively about that, revealing an intentional shift in coverage from the russia narrative to now race in covering the president, is that fair? >> i think that's an overstatement. if you look at the totality of what dean said it, he was urging his staff to make a pivot to cover out in the country in all america, not just in washington, but how people are feeling to understand deeply why they elected donald trump in 2016 and why they may possibly do so again in 2016 to really get in touch with the country. and that will involve foreshore understanding why not white nationalism is on the rise. why we have seen some racist
7:24 am
incidents, and i think that is what he was doing, if you look at the full transcript. >> you were critical of the story. and that was a headline that "the new york times" put out after the president spoke publicly after two mass shootings took place. many staffers, many readers and many subscribers spoke out of quickly about that headline. "the new york times" bowed to that pressure and change the headline to assailing hate but not guns. the headline was factual to start off, was it not? and why did "the new york times" change that? >> it was perhaps factual but it
7:25 am
didn't really carry the full context of the moment in which the president was given his speech. i don't think the times change the headline simply in reaction to online criticism and a tweet storm. >> the editor's looked at the headline when it went up and thought this is a bad headline. this doesn't give the right context so they weren't simply reacting to mass criticism. when i was executive aerated tour, i changed headlines because sometimes, they were off. sometimes they miss nuances and sometimes they had errors in them. it isn't done all the time but it's not a huge surprising event. i don't think they were doing
7:26 am
that -- >> i'm sorry to cut you short, we have seen you critical of the times coverage. we talked about "the new york times" missing the rise in the news when the time was covering it. it kind of irks me for a lack of saying that word on the air that "the new york times" is still asking who is alexandria ocasio-cortez when it should have covered her campai campaign. on that moment, you said it was time for "the new york times" to change course. do you believe they have? >> i think that the course of "the new york times" has always been to cover the news and when
7:27 am
a candidate that they had not covered comes and wins and they haven't written one story about it before the election, that isn't covering the news. and that's what i was criticizing. yes, it wasn't just "the new york times" that missed trump's building victory on election night 2016, it was pretty much the whole news media that decided hillary clinton was going to be elected and that's because they weren't really out in the country talking to voters and figuring out how people really felt and which way the election was turning. >> sandra: it's no secret, i will say that most people do view "the new york times." >> i don't think most people. >> but you know where i'm going with the question. in this day -- and i know your book writes about old school
7:28 am
general is him and the change in the media transcript and what's missing from journalism today. i will just ask you, does "the new york times" fairly cover the news, it doesn't fairly cover president trump? >> i think it does fairly cover president trump who makes it very difficult to cover him. how do you cover a president who according to "the washington post" just this week has over -- has said more than 10,000 falsehoods or misstatements or outright lies? it is extremely difficult. but dean back k and ag sulzberger, the publisher, have said many times that it's not the job of them to be the opposition party and they try to
7:29 am
make sure it isn't. >> jon: jill abramson, former executive editor of "the new york times," great to have you on. >> thanks for having me. >> jon: a new immigration policy closing a catch and release loophole. so how will it work? acting security secretary kevin mcaleenan is today's headline there and he joins us exclusively, next. >> what this will do what is it will substantially increase our ability to end the catch and release that has fueled this crisis for families ♪ introducing the all-new chevy silverado. with fifty industry-firsts. it's the strongest, most advanced silverado ever.
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7:34 am
headline or end. kevin mcaleenan joins us exclusively live. mr. secretary, good morning to you. the new rule changes just announced, make them clear to us as we begin here. >> this is a significant step in increasing the integrity of our system and the core aspect of our crisis at the border which has been the arrival of family units and absolutely record numbers. through july we saw 475,000 family units which is more than three times any previous full year, arriving at our border in just ten months. they've been coming to exploit the vulnerability in our immigration framework that says if you have a child with you, you can only be held for 20 da days. what this rule does is that establishes very high standards of care for children in federal custody but it also allows us to keep families through their these are fair and expeditious
7:35 am
proceedings with an immigration judge. when we repatriate those who don't have a meritorious claim we see that flow reduced significantly at the border. >> jon: in your department has taken heat in the past for separating children from their parents and now you will be keeping them together for a longer period of time and you are taking heat for that? >> this is what we did in 2014 and 2015. at that time the department of homeland security establish these family residential centers where we are going to be holding people in very high standard facilities, campus-like settings with educational, medical, dining and a separate private living facilities. they are not a holding facility, they are nonsecure. what people are allowed to do then is finished immigration proceedings and then, that will
7:36 am
have a huge deterrent effect on the flow. that's a very important step. >> sandra: so deterrence is the key goal but this has to be approved b by a federal judge because this will immediately be challenged in court. >> certainly this will be litigated. we carefully considered over 100,000 comments from stakeholders across the spectr spectrum. and that was when we published the first draft rule. this final rule has great faith and fidelity for the original purposes and the changes in the migration pattern. and that allows us to take the immigration portion.
7:37 am
the word is out in central america that if you bring a child into the united states, you are virtually guaranteed to be allowed to stay. does this address that? >> that was exactly right. i heard from a father in guatemala a few weeks ago to try to address address some of the root causes, and he basically said everybody knows that bringing a child as a passport for migration and release into the u.s. this helps us change that dynamic. this sends a message that you will no longer be released into the u.s. whether it's a migrant protection protocol with mexico or the implementation of this rule. we are allowing them to proceed into the u.s. >> sandra: i know that you are predicting this rule change would significantly decrease the number of families trying to cross the board illegally. can you quantify the number for us as far as your predictions
7:38 am
are concerned with this rule change? >> back in 2014, we had 68,000 families that year. when the initial decision was made to detain families to the proceedings by the department of homeland security, as soon as those first two flights landed in central america with people that had gone through a proceeding and were being repatriated, the message went out, the families knew they couldn't just cross the border and be released and the numbers dropped 90% overnight. we do expect a very similar deterrent effect when we can demonstrate that integrity in the system and actually get immigration results. >> jon: those who don't like a tough immigration policy are going to no doubt call this new announcement from the dhs rule. how do you answer that? >> i think the current system which is incentivizing, again almost 500,000 families this year to put their children at
7:39 am
risk, and that will have a safe facility that will go through an immigration facility. i told them that the system has provided families in the criminal organization is a much warmer situation in a fair and appropriate setting. some reaction coming in from him saying separating migrant children from their parents is appalling but indefinitely at detaining families is not a better alternative. we are obviously going to see, and this is in the wake of this happening a few moments ago. there is a political reaction, how do you respond to what you
7:40 am
are hearing so far? >> i would say two things. this is exactly what was done under president obama's 10-year and what the department of homeland security did in 2014 and 2015. he's criticizing with the prior democratic administration did to a big establish the integrity and addressed what was then an unchecked flow, but less than one fifth of what we were seei seeing. it's not safer or more humane to have a lawless process. we are applying alternatives right now and they don't work. families are not showing up for their hearing. 85% of our rulings right now in immigration courts are recent border rivals. that's why we need to house them in the facility that's appropriate for children so we can get immigration results. >> we wish you well with the
7:41 am
program. thanks very much for being with us. >> sandra: thank you. >> a fox news alert, the ongoing protests in hong kong are going on right now at one of the hong kong train stations. this is a long train station, the scene of an attack by a suspected triad gang members months ago. they have been protesting, while in favor of democracy about specifically protesting china. that's a suspect that is accused of activities to be taken to the mainland for trial. they don't like that idea and they have been protesting ever since. it has morphed into more of a pro-democracy movement since then and has really riled the government of xi jinping which has been putting armed troops in training facility is just across the border from hong kong.
7:42 am
very tense situation there. president trump has remarked on it, very tense situation there and you can see that this scene today and involving protesters wearing gas masks and so forth, they are expecting pretty severe backlash from the chinese authority. >> sandra: and those numbers have come to signify resistance. those numbers have come into this train station prior to this days ago at the major international airport there was protesters and police in riot gear, especially shutting down all operations. charles payne is joining us now as we watch these live images unfold in hong kong. trials, this is something that you have been watching the issues that you have set the protests off and have been quite complex but you've been following them. and obviously the part that america has been playing as we watch this and what it means to us. >> certainly we have seen the american flag and we have heard the national anthem sung at
7:43 am
several of these rallies. we are an inspiration, sort of a leak and if you well for a lot of these young people who, they are recoiling obviously, this act by china, the extradition act is sort of china revealing its hand. and they are worried. hong kong is an exemplary example of the democracy, free trade and free markets. now there is this awakening that, if not now, eventually, china has to be in control of all of this. the fact that they would violate the agreement that they had when the british headed over t to the hong kong essentially with this two-tiered system is a red flag for everyone. >> jon: in china was us supposed to allow hong kong to govern itself over the rules and the laws that have been in place for some time but dragging
7:44 am
somebody who was suspected of something, which could just be agitation against the communist party or something, you could understand why the people in hong kong are so repulsed by the idea that they would be dragged over to beijing or someplace like that to be tried. it certainly would not be a jury of their peers as we know it in this country. >> absolutely not. but this is how president xi jinping actually rose to power. it was a massive power struggle and i think many will forgot about it. his main rival wanted real free markets and a lot more in terms of a capitalistic western-style government. president xi you reverted back to talking points, and so that includes the heavy hand of government that is building a surveillance system that already is amazing on what they can do. they have social scores, so if you criticize the government on
7:45 am
a commuter train, they may -- they are moving fast toward something or raleigh and that obviously the people of hong kong are trying their best to resist. >> sandra: we will continue to watch these live images on the screen here in hong kong as those protests continue. meanwhile, at two other news of the day, we've been watching this survey on student loan new% of economists are now saying that plans to forgive student loan debt, much like candidatesd actually hurt the u.s. economy. let's get your take on that. >> it's like almost everything. there's no such thing as free and when you forgive something,
7:46 am
first of all, he keeps this crazy meteoric rise of students going because ultimately colleges will get the money and students will take the loans because someone is going to forgive it. then it goes back into the debt pile. we have student debt and the severe derogatory's are extremely late. that's our largest amount of loans, the largest loan category came out of nowhere to surge above all the other categories outside of mortgages. 1.5 and $1.6 trillion, it's a big number. >> the editorial board makes it very clear that we are not a fan of these proposals. the great student loan scam is in the headlines, the magnitude of federal budget losses is becoming clear. in that piece they write extensively about it but they ultimately question the vastly
7:47 am
underestimated future of taxpayer charge. and that's a problem. >> i think it was hinted at. president obama hinted at some point that this could be paid off. and remember, the middleman was taken out of this. pure hockey stick kind of curve with tuitions. in the meantime these colleges are building the amazing campuses and, my thing is, harvard paid for them. and then they work out an arrangement with the graduates because their education is that good. at some point they probably will be one way or the other.
7:48 am
>> when they say cancel student data, you are saying the minority of people that had the advantage of obtaining a degree should have their debt paid off. you open up a plumbing company, operate that for another ten years, and then you are hiring people and generating a prosperity for all those around you. your friend who went to college but borrowed all of his money and can't pay it back. >> i think harry reid is out saying some of the stuff -- not sure if you talk about student loan forgiveness. >> by utah student whose body
7:49 am
was found in a shallow grave is now facing more charges for assaulting a woman he met on a dating app aim to say that more with aimovig. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults that reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. don't take aimovig if you're allergic to it. allergic reactions like rash or swelling can happen hours to days after use. common side effects include injection site reactions and constipation. aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig.
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>> sandra: is already facing murder and kidnapping charges in the killing of utah college student mckenzie elect.
7:53 am
that college student is facing new charges after a woman comes forward claiming she was sexually assaulted. mercedes, what are we learning now? >> it's pretty unbelievable. in march of 18 a woman came forward accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting her which has change the paradigm with respect to what's happeni happening. the investigators are trying to piece together why mckenzie went to the park in middle of the night. they have some text messages between johnny and mckenzie leading up to that meeting that they had at that unfortunately led to her death eventually at his home. investigators are still trying to piece together what was this relationship, knowing now that he might actually have this propensity toward attacking young women, that certainly affects the investigation. >> sandra: that's what they are trying to figure out.
7:54 am
she took a card to meet him in the middle of the night in the park and it really befuddled investigators. that might be the tip of the iceberg if others come forward. >> this has been a bizarre story from the very beginning. >> this young beautiful girl, meeting who you would think by all accounts is a total stranger in the park. the family couldn't lend any knowledge to who this individual was, the accused was in her life. so it really has led investigators to question what is taking place especially with him. we know they are also -- there are also child pornography charges against them, 19 charges of that as well. >> but i wonder about this from a legal standpoint. his family has already claimed he can't get a fair trial anywhere in utah, they want his trial moved out of the state
7:55 am
which is probably impossible and unheard of but because of these new headlines, because his face will be on the front pages again because of this case, does that lead to a greater likelihood of a change in venue? >> sandra: it's so difficult to get a change in venue, the judge will ask, can you be fair and impartial. they've taken an oath before the questioning begins and the judge has taken them on their word of that they can be fair and impartial. at least there will be a showing that there can be prospective difficult. can be very >> that's digging into their phones and the computer history, they were texting each other in the days and moments that led up to her disappearance that night at 3:00 a.m. >> president trump said he is
7:56 am
"thinking about some payroll tax cuts but that it has nothing to do with peers or recession. he says the recession talk is fueled by the media. austan goolsbee was part of president obama's economic team and he will react, next. flonase sensimist is different. it relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. it's more complete allergy relief. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist helps block six key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. and six is greater than one. flonase sensimist.
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8:00 am
does stop and speak to reporters. ideas that could include more tax cuts. welcome back to the "america's newsroom." it's wednesday morning and i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott in for andrew hemmer. bill hemmer. the president this morning continuing to discuss ways to keep it that way. complete coverage with austin goolsby who was on president obama's economic team. >> austin obviously we'll know a lot about this because he was involved in something very similar. this is just in the talking phase right now but the president is thinking about potentially resurrecting the payroll tax cuts that the obama administration put into play in 2011 and 2012 as part of the economic stimulus package. in the oval office yesterday the president continues to insist that there is no recession on the horizon and the earnings numbers and stock market gains that we are using today would
8:01 am
back them up at least for the moment. still the president is considering taking steps of the economy shows signs of slowing. listen to what he said yesterday. >> president trump: payroll tax is something we think about and a lot of people would like to see that. i think the world recession is an inappropriate word because it's just a word that certain people -- i will be kind, certain people in the media are trying to build up because they would like to see a recession. >> jon: it clearly we will have more on this, but in 2011 and 2012 the government cut the personal payroll tax by two percentage points, to 4.2%. according to that, the average american worker would save about $900 per year in taxes and people who make $139,000 and above would save $2,650.
8:02 am
the payroll tax cut is specifically aimed at the middle class so that's why it's a very popular idea. another proposal the president is thinking about would largely benefit americans that are heavily invested in the stock market and that is the idea of indexing the capital gains tax. that takes into account how much an investment grows because of inflation versus performance of the company. so investors pay less money and capital gains. and he is with the president said about that yesterday. >> president trump: i'm not talking about doing anything at this moment but indexing is something that a lot of people have liked for a long time and it's something that would be very easy to do. a lot of people have been talking about indexing for many years and it's something that i am certainly thinking about. >> jon: and president trump says he has a presidential authority to implement indexing capital gains without having to go to congress. however a 1992 treasury
8:03 am
department office of legal counsel of opinion says, treasury does not have the authority to do that through regulation and that treasury continues to be bound by that 1992 opinion. so it's unclear where that all stands. certainly it would invite a legal challenge of the very least. if the president wants to cut payroll taxes he will have to go to the congress to get the authority to do that. >> jon: i thank you. >> sandra: let's bring in austan goolsbee. former chairman of the economic -- council of economic advisors under former president barack obama. austin, good morning to you. we haven't had chance to chat at a while. first off, where do you stand? there's a big debate going on right now whether or not a recession is coming. what do you think? >> you know, i have thought that the economy is not going as fast as the optimist thought, and then some slow down was coming. i would say you certainly can't rule out that there would be a
8:04 am
recession, mostly not caused by what's happening in the united states, mostly caused by the way the rest of the world is slowing down. but i do think it is a danger. you can see by how many times the president used the word recession in one paragraph, that he's nervous about it too. >> sandra: one might make the case responding to all the media reports that are out there that the recession is coming. so you are not ruling out the possibility of a recession, that doesn't sound like a strong warning that one may be coming from you as an economist. >> i would say the economists are mostly trying to stay out of the prediction business but i would say the dangers of recession are pretty high. >> so it for sure could be but
8:05 am
this time next year. the best thing so far that's going on and the consumer confidence hasn't followed by much. the red flags are the gdp growth rates slowed way down, and we have the tariffs and a large number of tariffs that the president has called off some of the future tariffs but we still have what has been pretty close to the biggest tax increase on the middle class ever. and then you have the rest of the world slowing down, having nothing to do with the united states. all three of those are pretty big red flags. >> sandra: the president continues to take on the federal reserve and concerned about the interest rate environment, and that we have seen play out in the stock market although we noticed the dow is up 254 points today, well
8:06 am
above 26,000 today. here's the president's latest tweet by the way, the latest tweet is, where is the federal reserve. doing great with china and other trade deals. the only problem we have is jay powell and of the fed. he's like a golfer that camp pot and has the touch. if he has the right thing, and they put a lot of pressure on jay powell at the federal reserve to cut interest rates. in addition to that the president, talking about the possibility of payroll tax cuts, something you are very familiar with as john roberts mentioned. >> you have two things going on there. both of those are why it feels like the president is getting a little -- feeling his collar on the economy. pressing the fed, you can understand where the president wants them to cut interest rates. i think everybody should take a
8:07 am
step back, even if you got the fed to start cutting rates substantially there is not a whole lot of room to cut rates and, historically in the last ten years the fed's cutting of rates hasn't had that big of an impact. so i can see why the president is pressing them and would like them to give his political campaign a boost, let's say. but i don't think that that will do that much. >> sandra: you are familiar with andy potts and r. former business plan, we chat with him offer. he penned an opinion piece in "the wall street journal" this morning, recession fears are overblown. he comments that the yield curve which a lot of folks have been looking out at some sort of indication that a recession is coming and it makes the case so that's no longer a reliable predictor. he points to gross domestic product. at 2.1% growth in the second quarter, consumption numbers look strong.
8:08 am
government spending, 18% of gdp in 2018. and, it's modest and mediocre. if that's what got people nervous, and we got a juicing from one year from the tax cut and now that will pass through. it's interesting that the president is calling for tax cuts. and that's indexing capital to inflation. he has targeted to this in the
8:09 am
past. should this be a reality? >> i don't think the high income investors have very much growth impact on the economy especially in the short run. and when the way he is of odd, i think the reason it hasn't been popular is the idea that if you cut taxes at the top, that will kind of have magic be in stock growth on the economy and it has been pretty much disproven. so i don't know if he has a legal authority to do it, i'm not a lawyer, but i don't think that would have as big of an economic impact as he would li like. >> sandra: finally austin, what is on your radar? i know you dig into the numbers and you are watching this all incredibly closely.
8:10 am
every economist sort of has their thing right now. so what is on your radar? >> i would watch two things. one, what are the components of gdp? if you have a recession you are going to start to see a significant slow down of business investment. so far we have seen it slow, but it hasn't gone anything like recession. then the second is, keep an eye on consumer confidence. that's been very supportive of the economy and when you go into recession that tends to vary suddenly turned downward. >> sandra: really quick before i let you go, we heard some democrats to give obama's policy credit for the boom in the stock in the economy. do you give him credit? >> with had 115 months of job growth and i think about two-thirds of that was under president obama.33 under trump so my view is, hats off to both
8:11 am
of them. >> sandra: good note to end on. thank you, we will come back soon. >> jon: a dramatic new video coming out of hong kong, protesters gathering out of the train station and right police firing tear gas into the crowd. benjamin hall is keeping an eye on them. >> we've been waiting to see whether or not this will escalate. in the past some of these protests have ended quite quickly and in other cases, they have -- this started a couple hours ago when thousands of protesters arrived at the specific transit station. it was where a month ago marked assailants attacked of them and they were said to be pro-chinese. this is in response to the fact that it would be no arrests from the previous attack. we seen the president demonstrate cooking oil on the floor to try to keep right police back. they have learned to be very
8:12 am
nimble and mobile, always popping up in different places. one reason this is key is because it's a protest at a major transit area. that forces the hong kong police and right police to get involved. when the city shuts down because of this protest they have no choice about to respond. still no question whether china will get involved, but for the moment that seems to be somewhat under control. >> jon: benjamin hall, live from london. >> sandra: the democratic party shifting its approach to at least one key rust belt data after losing to president trump in 2016. how democrats are avoiding the same mistake this time around. we will talk to karl rove just ahead. >> sandra: plus president trump making a play for jewish voters as he wraps up the fight for two jewish congresswomen who are condemning israel. more on that, just ahead. >> president trump: you should see the horrible things that she
8:13 am
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8:17 am
that vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. >> jon: that's president trump in the oval office yesterday stepping up the back and forth with democratic congresswoman rashida to leave and elon omar after they considered cutting aid to travel restrictions. joining us now, a fox news contributor. this flap is still going on more than a week after it began, and it's pretty interesting that the president is now kind of seeming to appeal to jewish voters over what these two are doing. >> the outrage over the term disloyalty, to ostracize and persecute but it's unclear whether president trump was
8:18 am
actually referring to disloyalty to america, disloyalty to judaism, to the republican party or to israel. but that has caused outrage. this comes in the broader context as you mentioned which is a feud with ilhan omar and rashida tlaib. he's talking about this problem that the democrats have now of constantly running to the defense of ilhan omar and rashida tlaib, and the question becomes do democrats endorse a trip like this for these two congresswoman that was backed by an organization that not only believes that israel shouldn't exist but that glorified suicide bombings of israelis and american citizens that has actually published neo-nazi propaganda.
8:19 am
they do not believe he should be using the term disloyalty given the history of the term however, the same people should also be questioning why the democratic party is defending people like congresswoman ilhan omar and rashida tlaib when they don't have the best american interest and not just an israeli interest. >> jon: there's an interesting piece in the washington beacon about how rashida tlaib would have had to pay for the trip personally because if the is not allowed to pay for a member of congress this pirate to israel. >> and there are lots of it ethics about palestinian or, based on the history of this organization, and the radical founders who founded part of the bds movement and of course, they
8:20 am
support which is an organization that wants to completely destroy the state of israel and everyone who lives within it. again we get back to this question, we get back to the party. we have chuck schumer who's been an advocate against the bds movement for years, and that's in terms of this topic. there has been a lot of focus on the terminology of what the president has said. as been very little focus on the actions and associations of these two congresswoman and what their plans were in terms of going to what they called palestine and the actions that while they would be there. >> jon: at the president likes the opportunity tighter actions on their act attitudes to the democratic party at large. this is their statement. check out representative omar, the great people of minnesota
8:21 am
won't stand for this. so he is making it obviously a political issue. >> sandra: and during a press conference, rashida tlaib and ilhan omar suggested we should cut off israel. we are an ally to israel because we have mutual interest and western democracy, we share intelligence. in return they give us intelligence on counterterrorism and they stopped more than 50 terror attacks in 20 countries last year. it's not that we are simply aiding israel but we have a mutual interest in terms of security of america in the middle east. >> jon: thank you. >> sandra: a mysterious lung disease reported in 15 states prompting the cdc to open an investigation. the question is, is that vaping to blame?
8:22 am
how big is a threat at this moment? >> caliphate is gone and there propensity for attacks has gone down. not all of it but it has gone down.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> sandra: a young girl alive thanks to the owner of a diner in queens. security footage of a restaurant showing a mother crying for help as her daughter is choking on going limp. the owner then begins performing the heimlich a maneuver but it doesn't work at first. at >> i was praying to god, don't die, don't die. i was thinking, -- >> sandra:
8:26 am
at the girl was finally able to breathe after the third attempt in the restaurant owner is being hailed a hero. to be one of the centers for disease control investigating now the link between vaping and more than 100 cases of a mysterious lung disease hitting teens and young adults in 15 states. this is the medical director at sitting empty. what are the symptoms and does it look like vaping is to blame? >> it could be, what's happening is these kids, these children are inhaling toxins and chemicals and carcinogens and what we call ultrafine particles that are going deep into their lungs, into the alveoli, which causes inflammation and the complained of chest pain and shortness of breath.
8:27 am
and >> so many of them take up vaping because they think it's "safe." >> sometimes it's peer pressure. and, we have to take a closer look at, is that the vape unit itself? are they inhaling chemicals, metals such as ten or a nickel or lead or is it a combination of the mixture of the artificial flavoring along with obviously the nicotine in the solvents that are used? if it could just be incorporating black-market drugs, thc in marijuana that's causing inflammation. we don't know exactly what's causing it but it's an epidemic and its growing and putting kids in the hospital. we got to tackle it because most people, about half of the people
8:28 am
that vaped within six months, they go on to be regular cigarette smokers and smoking itself causes more death than drugs, guns, alcohol, car accidents and hiv combined. >> jon: it's pretty hard to convince a teenager that they are not immortal. they think, this makes me look cool, i will try it for a while and give it up after a period of time. >> that's why it's important to start at an early age to educate. i strongly believe in prevention, it starts at home. coaches talk to your athletes and teach them, but it can affect your brain. the brains of young children are developing until about age 21. nicotine is highly addictive and it can affect their mood, it can affect their grades. i causes problems with anxiety and decision-making skills. a lot of problems could be the result of vaping or smoking.
8:29 am
but let's be fair, vaping has helped many adults quit cigarette smoking. >> sandra: democrats looking for a do over in the rust belt state, hillary clinton lost back in 2016. the dnc rolling out a more aggressive strategy, so will it work? karl rove it will give us his take, next. >> jon: plus a debate rages over the perfect temperature to cite your home thermostat. how hot is too hot? ♪ when you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system.
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>> sandra: democrats determined to avoid the missteps of 2016, the dnc sending 30 field organizers to wisconsin as part of a revamped ground game and several key states. the battleground will also host the parties national convention when it selects a 20 nominee.
8:33 am
karl rove, who is the executive chief to george w. bush and fox news contributor. do they have their work cut out for them? >> yes they do. when you are running for reelection. the winner has to ask, what is it that i did right and what is it that i did wrong. where was i lucky and where do i need to prepare for the other side not being so stupid to give me that chance to do the lucky thing last time around? last time, that's pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin and they will not make this mistake last time around. last time they were literally taking volunteers from michigan and shipping them into iowa and i don't think hillary clinton went to wisconsin. but that was on time and then not near the close of the campaign. you can't count on your opponent being stupid each and every time and so the democrats are making an effort this time.
8:34 am
the question will be will they have sufficient resources to keep it up? and tom perez, the rnc has been beating the pants off of them financially, and while i don't know the number of republican organizers, i bet you a dime to a dollar that it is considerably more than 30 in michigan, excuse me in wisconsin, today. >> sandra: you look back at those results, and i'm quoting communications director for the democratic party in wisconsin here, do you realize that they can't just show up in these communities before an election, also quoted in this piece to say, not only understanding
8:35 am
these elections of the top of the ticket but also the down ballot and we need to start talking to people now. and they do learn their lesson. >> 77,000 votes in three states, wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania, that was a president's margin so they will be focused on those lasers in three states and doing exactly what the democratic operatives talked about, now the interesting thing to me is, the trump campaign i think recognizes this. so when they have rallies in these states, we are using those rallies and if they are collecting the information of everybody who wants to get a ticket and everyone who is in the arena. they know the name, the address, the phone number, cell phone number, email address and all of their contact information. they are laying that i can support her file in an attempt
8:36 am
to figure out who among that group they ought to recruit among volunteers and persuaders in order to create a veritable army in the states and talking neighbor to neighbor on behalf of the president. the trump campaign is being less public and more circumspect about it but they are actively out there getting people armed up. >> it is a game on, that's for sure. joe biden is still the current front runner for the democratic presidential nominee is and has made another gap. >> bobby kennedy and dr. king were assassinated in the late 70s, and i got
8:37 am
engaged. up until that time, no women may remember this but a couple of men may remember. it was a drop out, don't get engaged, don't trust anybody over 30. >> sandra: while he was off of it there. there are reports that members of his own party, his own team are concerned about joe biden making some of those gaps. >> i think that's right. we heard this after the first debate, and the question for the democrat is, it looks like he's more electable over somebody like elizabeth warren or bernie sanders or kamala harris. but each and every one of these candidates will have flaws. elizabeth warren claimed to have native american heritage to get a job at a prestigious
8:38 am
university. we have bernie sanders way out there on the left and kamala harris who has a major position on issues like health care every day. so everyone has weaknesses. it's part of the currency, but the average democrat is -- well i like elizabeth even though i know this about her, and people are sometimes accommodating to mistakes and gaps and shortcomings. >> memories can be short. the real fair politics still show joe biden with a double digit leader. elizabeth warren has picked up some steam and she is they are just below 16%. it bernie sanders is just a fraction of a percent behind her. that being said as far as the work that the trump campaign asked to do particularly when it
8:39 am
comes to women, the trump campaign has launched this coast-to-coast campaign for suburban women. they are trying to mobilize suburban women. for women in that presidential race, and they win over women voters. >> also in 2018, suburbanites, particularly suburban college educated women sent democrats to the congress. great to have surrogates, they will be effective i'm sure. they will be out there working hard, but the base of it is, what is the president's message that he wants to convey between now and november 2020 that will have an effect on young women? they sort of like his economic policies and sort of like his defense posture. but it's tone and how he handles
8:40 am
himself, the question will be what can he do to help fix that problem? >> sandra: karl rove, always good to see you, thank you. >> jon: chilling new reports on the two teenage murder suspects who led canadian police on a nationwide manhunt last month. jacqui heinrich joins us now with more on that. >> sandra: police reportedly showed that video to the suspects family including detailed wishes from those teens on what should be done with their bodies. the families don't know how long the full recording is or whatx r comment on reports from the family members but they said they are committed to giving updates in the coming week. they could hold answers to why they allegedly killed three people including a
8:41 am
north carolina woman and her australian boyfriend and a canadian botany professor. police found them shot to death neither broken down van in british columbia. leonard body was found about 30. police revealed that the teens stole his truck and drove it nearly 2,000 miles to manitoba where they set it on fire and ventured into the wire held spraying and intense manhunt. police announced the two dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wounds just 5 miles from that car two weeks ago and while the discovery brought him into the search it never provided closure as to a motive. police have not said what links the teens to the death of that couple and were never charged before their bodies were found. canadian police saved that option is not off the table but are not giving a timeline as to when they will update the public. >> so money things.
8:42 am
>> sandra: we will have more details on that just ahead. >> jon: plus a tanker believed to illegally be transporting oil to syria is moving again reportedly sailing under orders from tehran's top military forces. how this new twist affects the already tense relationship with washington. former marine corps bomb technician johnny joey jones joins us next. >> you can't conduct terror efforts from all across the middle east and they are not going to build out a nuclear weapons program that we have put in place instead of sanctions that have denied the canadian regime well and we can see that that is working re cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate
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8:46 am
>> it could be a flash point at least in the escalation of this whole process and whether it leads to any amount of shooting i don't know. we will tell you this. iran is continuing to go right up and just below the threshold that they think is going to provoke an american response because they want to look tough but they also know the u.s. response would be devastating. >> jon: illinois congressman adam kinzinger there earlier this morning on iran's defiance as a new report suggests the iran a flag tanker that appears to be a sailing to syria is released by iran's elite military guard. let's bring in johnny joey jones, former marine corps bomb technician and a fox news contributor. you were injured while on active duty and so many other members have been injured by the iranian bombs. when you see them sort of
8:47 am
thumbing their nose at the united states in this way. it's russian bombs, assign bombs and ukrainian bombs, and what's unfortunate is the direct support and the role that they've played in financing some of their international work. what's important for us to understand is iran has shown that they are going to provoke and what we have to do is ask our administration to strengthen allies with places like bu. our sanctions are reciprocated throughout wherever iran is trying to do business. the problem right now is the stinker came into gibraltar under i believe a panamanian flag and it's been about a month there. it was seized by the brits because they were not sure what they could or couldn't do with it because they are not honoring sanctions placed on a ram. this is an opportunity to strengthen our relationships to show iran that this is an international call for them to
8:48 am
de-escalate and stop this thing that they are doing to support terrorism and ultimately disruption in that region. >> jon: if you are exactly right. that tanker is apparently owned by iran's revolutionary guard which the u.s. is designating as a foreign terrorist organizati organization. but the e.u. and the government of gibraltar do not recognize it as such. and therein lies the problem. >> another problem i have is we have presidential candidates like tulsi gabbard trying to point the blame away from iran at back toward the trump administration on this escalation of tensions. i don't believe we've had an american president, and you can ask jimmy carter about this, who felt like they could trust a deal with iran or that iran would stop what he was doing in this region to interrupt it. back at our administration regardless of who is in office,
8:49 am
and and at least one of them plays nice it's important to grab an answer and take a mile. and that should be the basis for which we should start the conversation. >> jon: it not only are we involved in some of the worst terror organizations around us. johnny joey jones, it's good to have your perspective. thank you. >> sandra: an update on the president speaking to reporters ahead of his trip to kentucky as we just told you, he stopped to talk to reporters upon his departure there and he is currently is still leaking with reporters.
8:50 am
some of the news he's making out of the gate, he said i'm not demanding jay powell, the federal reserve chairman, not demanding that he will lower interest rates and he totally missed the ball. he is also talking about the fed letting us down, they missed the goal and the quantity should not have done it. on gun control, the question was on gun control and is there an appetite for background checks, to which the president just responded, i have an appetite for background checks. it is also continuing discussion there about gun control, the economy among other things. we are just to getting some rough notes from the reporters on the ground of there. we are dealing with the dams, the e.r.a., the gun owners, everybody. he had a great talk with wayne he said. lots of background checks right now but there are certain weaknesses that we want to fix. this is some of what we are hearing from the president.
8:51 am
we will have that video for you in just a few moments and we will turn it back around andco play it for you. play it for you. stating for that. stay tuned for that. (laughs nervously) of course i know your name. i just get you mixed up with the other guy. what's his name? what's your name? switch to geico®. you could save 15% or more on car insurance. could you just tell me? i want this to be over.
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mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪ >> sandra: the feud escalating me to the president and two of those democratic squadron members, congresswoman ilhan omar and rashida tlaib. he says that because their colic support them, jewish americans who vote democrat are disloyal. we will debate what that means in the controversy around that. all that, in our hashtag one lucky guy outnumbere, "outnumbee top of the hour. >> sandra: a protest of the pan american games earlier this month. channel 115 on sirius xm, what's the news? >> at the pan american games,
8:55 am
both athletes won medals and were protested on the podium. it's a no-no and not what they signed up for. they've both been punished, 12 months probation. when barry and race in bowdoin, they get 12 months probation. but the u.s. olympic and paralympic, and that was a breach of what these rules will mean in the future. going forward issuing a reprimand is not just going to be sufficient. so we will look at what this is going to be for the 2020 olympics, and a little bit of a heads up, we will try something. >> sandra: that certainly was the case. carli lloyd with a 55-yard of field goal at eagles practice, and carly lloyd we know is a soccer player. >> jon: soccer star and lifelong philadelphia eagles fan. unbelievable in front of the eagles and ravens players, everyone is watching. she's kicking 40-yard field goal's like it's nothing and
8:56 am
also a 55-yard field goal which, this morning in our newsroom at fox news headlines we were saying, why not? could she get signed to an nfl team, or somebody like that? i think it brings up a great question. >> sandra: the current kicker for the eagles is elliott. >> jon: and he can kick pretty far so they should be okay. but it's got to raise the question, if you can kick a 55-yard field goal, that's worth a lot of money in the nfl. >> sandra: that's really something. and it doing it also in front of all the other players. >> sandra: she was excited to be there. she tweeted about it. thank you very much. >> jon: we are getting word of a news conference up to begin any moment in florida where crews have been searching for that pair of firefighters who went missing at sea. more on this as soon as the news conference begins. due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem.
8:57 am
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>> sandra: still waiting on that tape playback from the president.
9:00 am
talking to reporters as he left the white house. by the way, saying he's not looking at indexing capital gains. he's looking for a tax cut for the middle class. >> jon: we will have that for you when the plebe outcomes. >> sandra: absolutely. we will see you back here tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts now. we will not sever that breaking news. it's going to happen this hour that we will hear from president trump. he is speaking to reporters right now. as he departs for kentucky has made new comments about his ongoing feud with democratic so-called "quad" members, rashida tlaib and ilhan omar. the congresswomen flicking the president in that picture there. over their recent condemnation of israel, as the president's own remarks are drawing some fierce pushback today. all of it right now on "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner appeared here today, melissa francis. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. former ohio senate democratic minority leader, capri cafaro. and get ready, because in the center seat, fox & friends we


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