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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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all of which are in overabundance right now. keep the faith. it will get better. good night from washington. guess who's next. sean hannity! live from new york city. >> sean: at least i am glad you are sincerely against those things. >> tucker: i am! i'm not kidding. [laughs]gs >> sean: i am totally b.s. and you. sincerely. tucker, good to see you. another busy news night. welcome to "hannity." the 2020 race heating up for the democrats are melting down. this huge field, far left presidential, radical extreme socialist candidates, and they have utterly failed to impress hardly any american voters. the so-called front-runner, that sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe, now embarrassing himself daily. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, welcome of their policies would transform america into venezuela. then you have little old mayor pete, can't even run south bend, indiana, but he still wants a massive promotion.
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so the terrible field of candidates, democrats, the media mob, they are now turning to a very disgusting, despicable new tactics, along with "the new york times," as we've been telling you, they are now going full on racism, racism, racism. you have other groups, including "the times" now trying to talk the u.s. into an economic recession.. that's right, some are desperately hoping and praying and hoping and praying, americans will lose their jobs, lose theirei savings, see a majr decrease in their retirement 401(k)s, they want people to suffer. why? soas they can get back power and president trump will lose the election. you know what? it does not get any sicker than what these people are doing. let's take a look. >> i've been saying for about two years that i hope we have a recession. and people get mad at me, and sean hannity thinks i'm actually causing a recession. i'm just saying, we can to survive a recession. >> he's taking out recession
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insurance. things will start to turn downnc and he's desperately trying to blame somebody else when the bad news comes. >> there's lots and lots of little indicators that say to me, things are going south. speak of this president is driving the global economy and r economy recession. >> it's about time we get a recession. the president said this is the best economy ever. it's not. if we faced a recession, it would be normal and okay. >> sean: to bill barr, if i was like you, i would hope you get fired and go bankrupt and have no money. clearly, they hate trump so much they want you, we come of american people hurt. why? to score cheap political points and an advantage way they don't want to improve the lives of the millions of americans, they want to stick it to trump, the insane, psychotic, every second, minute, hour, every day, rage, psychosis against donald trump. this behavior is so sick, so twisted and ugly, we have one 2020 democratic opal, believe it or not, may not have heard of
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him comefu my name is john delaney, he is calling out his other colleagues. let's take a look. >> it feels like some democrats are cheering on a recession because they want to stick it to trump. i don't want a recession because i don't want these workers sitting here to face a recessio recession. >> sean: delaney is one of the only democratic candidates running who occasionally uses even just the small little bit of common sense and logic. by the way, therefore, he is close to pulling zero and this new, radical, socialist extreme democratic party. moderates need not apply. of course, contrary to the media mob's anti-trump wishes, our economy is booming. "wall street journal" pointing it out in w the last two days, e continue to see historic levels of employment for african-americans, hispanic-americans, women inn te workplace, and youth unemployment. look at median income in america. it's on the rise. we've lost millions for the food
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stamp enrollment. that is declining. now about 7 million. 7 million new jobs. for the first time in 75 years, this is where we can literally raise the standard of living for every american. we are energy independent. it has a not happened in 75 yea. they are training in the energy field truck drivers to drive trucks with energy -- that's right -- i guess what. they are starting about 80 grand a year, as much overtime as they can handle. that is the single greatest opportunity for every american to get rich and wealthy, nice house, safe neighborhood, good school, new f-150, new car, whatever you want, take your kids to disney once or twice a year, be miserable, they'll love it. even according to fake news at cnn, look at this, fake news at cnn, two-thirds of americans, they are happy with the economy, which is why they want to talk the economy down. the radical left, they want to do to america what democrats have done to the big cities that they alone have ruled for decades. let's see, chicago,
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san francisco, baltimore, los angeles, decades of democratic rule.ra crime, violence, poverty, misery, from one democratic city to another. that is their legacy of disastrous leadership. that is what they would bring to america. a strong u.s. economy should be good news for every patriotic american. sadly, democrats, well, many of them are now putting their depraved hatred and rage and psychosis for donald trump above everything else. again, trump cured cancer, a lot of these people would hate him. for example, they like to talk down the american economy, just a win back what? what do they want? power for themselves, control for themselves. we saw this trump derangement syndrome on full display after the president's remarks about his top trade negotiations with china.ot they purposely take it out of context. take a look and we'll break it down for you. >> over the last five or six
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years, china has made $500 billion. $500 billion. ripped it out of the united states. not only that, if you take a look, intellectual property theft. add that to it, and at a lot of other things to it. so -- excuse me. somebody had to do it. i am the chosen one. somebody had to do it. so i am taking on china. >> sean: i'm the chosen one -- somebody had to do it. media mob ridiculing the president saying he was a chosen one on trade negotiations, nobody else would do there was no religious connotation to that statement. they know better. they don't care. but if it's donald trump, it's rage 24/7. the president was referring to a simple fact. he is the only american leader in decades and even saying it for decades, he is seriously addressing what is the unfair trade agreements with china and other countries around the world. as far as intellectual property theft, one of my friends was the
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inventor of the year. and his inventions ripped off -- his paintings ripped off day in and day out, losing millions. what he created was amazing, happening every day. by the way, the trade deficit, why do they get to charge as for ourci goods and we are not charging them? he was chosen by the american people, this president, to be a negotiator in chief. we'll have our monologue or just a moment. first, try to guess now for reaction, he is the number one host on our sister network, then fox business channel, lou dobbs is with us. he knows a thing or two about the economy, which i think he w has been covering for many decades. here's the thing. how is it possible that you don't want america to succeed? i'm the dishwasher, i'm the cook, the waiter, bartender, construction guy. i want all those guys do succeed. that'ss me. >> is a foundation of the american dream. wee want everyone in this couny to succeed. this president, by the way, sean, is the guy who promised in
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his campaign that he would do everything he could for all americans, they would be no one left out, and guess what? we have the lowest unemployment rates for minorities in this country's history. we have one of the lowest unemployment rates over all in the country's history. and the nonsense that is being spewed, by the way, not just the radical dems come up with their composite left-wing media friends, they are basically buig a drumbeat for recession. and the reason, i truly believe, sean -- >> sean: can they do that? can they talk the economy or talk only consumer confidence? >> i don't believe they can because they have no credibilit credibility. they havepu purged himself of credibility with the american public. sure, some people on the left might want to buy in but not the whole country. i think the reason is, they have nothing to run against this president with. they have no social policy, they
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have noo economic policy of any merit. as they look at what he's done, he's a historic president. no president has accomplished what he has in the first two and a half years as presidency. >> sean: lou dobbs, liberal studies, one after another, we've had decades of liberal rule. they are the worsts cities in te country, the worst run, the most poverty, the most crime. eight years of obama-biden. 13 million more americans, food stamps, eight mandy moore, property, lowest labor participation rates and see '70s. really? we want to give these people power backe and now they want te new green deal on top of it? how is that going to work out, lou? >> i don't believe it's going to work out at all, sean. the reason is, this president has exposed the constituency and the coalition of the left in this country as simply being geared toward two things: more federal programs and more dependency. he is reversing dependency and as you pointed out in your
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monologue, we have fewer people on food stamps, fewer people taking welfare. they have jobs. he is creating more of them. he is truly -- right now, they are talking recession but the reason they are talking recession is that they are in depression about their prospects for 2020. >> sean: well said. lou dobbs, get those ratings up, being number one on your wow news network is not enough. you have to go higher than that. >> yes, sir. >> sean: congratulations on being number one. we'll get back to the bumbling field of the is 2020 radical extreme socialist democrats and a second. first, we turn to another big, breaking update. while mike brey gets more bizarre by the day on the obscene case. including shocking new connections, this time to bill gates. here with a full report from the west coast newsroom, trace gallagher. wow. >> before we get to the baffling point, because jeffrey epstein
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is dead, prosecutors are dismissing the charges against him but the judge overseeing the sex trafficking case says not so fast. judge richard berman set a hearing for next tuesday allowing epstein's alleged victims to speak. the judge acknowledges the case is over but says he is committed to stand up for the victims who have already come forward. "the washington post" is reporting at least eight bureau of prisons staffers, including top supervisors, knew that strict instructions had been given not to leave epstein alone in his cell. investigators call it a stunning failure to follow instruction but it may not be criminal conduct. and tonight, another astounding example of epstein's ability to surround himself with powerful people, even after he became a registered sex offender, microsoft founder bill gates not only spoke with epstein on more than one occasion about philanthropy but he also flew oe his private plane from new york to palm beach. bill gates reportedly refuses to say why. for the record, the plane was
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not the so-called lolita express with wow which allegedly was used to fly underage girls to epstein's private island. still, critics wonder why one of the world's richest men would need to take philanthropic advice from a convicted sex offender. during an impromptu news conference today, attorney general bill barr maintained the epstein suicide was riddled with present irregularities but said he has no reason to question the findings of the medical examiner who ruled epstein's death a suicide. sean? >> sean: trace gallagher, thank you. today, president trump, he doubled down on his criticism for the anti-semitic congresswoman, congresswoman tlaib, congresswoman omar. the government of israel initially blocking the two freshmen lawmakers from entering the country because of their support of a boycott of israel. all, congresswoman tlaib actually comparing that boycott to boycotting nazi germany. that is how sick, ugly, and twisted some of their remarks are.d of course, along with her other
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past and he said anti-semitic statements, by the way, their trip was planned, in case you did not know by the fake news media, by a radical group that wants praised suicide bombers. omar and tlaib responded this week by how? posting and anti-semitic cartoon, illustrated by a holocaust denier, came in second in an iranian contest to deny the holocaust. omar previously saying, jewish money controlled members of congress. all about the benjamins. she wants to eat or that evil israel was hypnotizing the w world and may all expose their evil. so yeah, trump is calling out these elected members of congress but their fellow democrats are nowhere to be found. the party that claims to reject hatred, anti-semitism, they won't even criticize their own anti-semitic colleagues. this is plain and simple. there is no ambiguity here. instead, they attacked president trump, falsely accuse
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him of anti-semitism. keep in mind, there has never been a better friend or ally to the state of israel then-president donald j. trump. he is the one that rippeded up that ridiculous iranian nuclear deal, made with the n same peope that pledged to wipe israel and the united states off thehe map. yeah, those people, the mullahs in iran. part of that deal, biden-obama, yeah, they gave them almost $150 billion in cash and other currency, so they could continue to foment terror, fight proxy wars, and, yeah, build their nuclear program. trump is also kept his promise. something so many presidents made. he moved to the embassy to jerusalem. every president that promised never fulfilled that promise. he also recognized israel's sovereignty over the golan again, many promised, no one delivered by donald trump. he's been called the most
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pro-israeli president since harry truman. tonight, democrats, they are taking the side of the two freshman radical virulent anti-semitic congresswoman with radical ties, a strange, bizarre, inexplicable deep-seated hatred of israel. that includes, by the way, sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe, who doesn't have the courage to call out either congresswoman. his lackluster campaign tonight is suffering one gaffe after another. eryesterday, he claimed, yeah, wrongly so, that jfk and mlk jr. were killed in the late '70s. he was off by over a decade. biden also claimed that he was vice president during the parkland shooting. he confused burlington, iowa, with burlington, vermont. he did not know where he was, i guess, and to confuse the former british prime minister theresa may with margaret thatcher. she was prime minister modi reagan was president. rest assured, biden's former surgeon said -- brain surgeon has proclaimed he's absolutely certain that his former patient has a functioning brain.
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that is such a relief. unfortunately for barden, the embarrassing gaffes are not his biggest problem. biden is having a tough time attracting crowds, any crowds. yesterday, peter doocy asked biden about his lack of enthusiasm. a sleepy creepy crazy. he got pretty angry. take a look. >> i'm drawing a speculative crowds are bigger than anyone. have you seen anybody draw bigger crowds than me? > yeah. >> you have, where? >> des moines. >> look, i know you're going to go after me no matter what. yeah, you. it's okay, it's good, i am a big boy. i can handle it. but i notice he did not ask me whyid i am a head and all the polls still. i notice you didn't ask me how i feel about the new cnn poll. >> sean: he didn't ask about why his fund-raising was tanking. he didn't ask why his balls had dropped precipitously since it is about appearances of his
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multiple gaps, which we could spend a whole program on. i'm not sure why he is so mad at, welcome our friend mr. ducey. after all, biden's own life -- his own life -- not a good endorsement -- he said that voters would need to hold their nose and swallow a little in order to vote for him. wow. there is an endorsement. meanwhile, biden's democratic challengers are looking for any and every opportunity to take down the alleged frontrunner. for example, elizabeth warren, she just bashed biden's 1994 crime bill and a spartacus pokep was just shocked -- shocked -- by jill biden step in endorsement of her husband. take a look. >> that is kind of frightening advice to me. democrats, we should not modulate our values are tried to triangulate our policy positions based upon what some pundits say is electability. we know what is electability.
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people that can energize our base,le energize black and brown voters, suburban voters, rural voters. we need somebody who can really excite this party and as far as falling right now, i think joe biden should be worried. >> sean: cory, your numbers are lower than his. spartacus, get your own numbers up, then you can lecture biden. it's clear, biden is running a lackluster campaign. the multiple gaffes show that he does not have a fastball if he ever did have a fastball. certainly does not have a curveball and i don't see any knuckleball's there either. democrats are not enthusiastic about biden. they are panicking, not inspired, not turning out delays events in his campaign is a disaster. lawrence jones was in iowa attending biden's events, oh, we've got all the video. not a lot of people showed up. his full report coming up with video later in the program. first, one announcement, if anyone cares, the crowded field of democratic radical socialists
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just shrunk by one. governor jay inslee dropped out of the race. did anybody even know he was in the race? joining us now, from rnc chairman, former white house chief of staff, reince priebus, and fox news contributor tammy bruce. let's go through a little bit of sleepy creepy crazy. let's see, his own wife, tammy, if we look at it, that wasn't very encouraging. you're going to have to swallow -- not good. his brain surgeon said, hiso, brain is okay. can't go to a 7-eleven or dunkin' donuts without a slight indian accent. bragging his estate was a state. that is -- oh, my favorite, this is the first time ever you got an african-american that is bright, articulate, and clean. it's storybook. or poor kids are just as talented as white kids.reus and joe 30330. i think that's my favorite. >> here's the thing that also i think americans should be concerned about and democrats
10:20 pm
should be appalled by. he's actually in this position. he is clear he should not be. yet, the democratic party is so destroyed and barack obama destroyed it in his cultivation of a call. they are pushing this man to do it because they do believe that he would have more of an appeal then all the rest of their talent. so there's a point where it's becoming embarrassing for this man to be in this position. his wife clearly wants to support him., she obviously is also worried about the party. but they can't even push through it on their own. that tells you everything you need to know. also, the democrats themselves, it also highlights the contempt they have it for the american people and for their own base. that there is no real interest in being there for everyone in the country. either they lie about who is a racist, they want to divide and conquer.
10:21 pm
they are opposing things, bernie sanders admitted when he was asked at a town hall how much medicare for all would cost, i don't have that in my pocket, nobody does. they have no idea. yet they are putting themselves in this position because they believe their own base is ignorant, they believe the american people are dumb, and this is what they have to offer the american people. i hope the republicans understand this because the democratss are really turning into a major problem for the american people. >> sean: my favorite is this comment, truth over facts. but he's got eight years of a record. eight years of economic policy failure. the irani and diehl, eight years of foreign policy failure. no one has even begun to talk about thatne part. >> well, the other problem that they have, if you are the campaign manager for joe biden, you've got to worry that these gaps are just a pattern. a lot of people are saying it's a pattern -- and all.
10:22 pm
the question is, if this pattern becomes an issue of mental competence, that is the issue that is going to bring him down. >> sean: hasn't already happened? as of that happening? >>in yes. it isea happening. the media, i think the media and some of the folks in the media that want a more progressive candidate, they wanted elizabeth warren, they want kamala harris, they will swarm over this issue that is plaguing joe biden, like we can't imagine. here's the other problem for the democrats, though. president trump has outmaneuvered the democrats on one of their signature issues, which is sentencing reform. elizabeth warren is talking about sentencing reform. the only problem i have is that the personn they actually have o run against actually did it andt did it more favorably than any president in modern history. so they've got a huge problem right now, not to mention the fact that newt gingrich wrote a book called "real change" many years ago..
10:23 pm
the whole premise was, you need to frame these issues in such a way that 70% of the american people agree with you on it. who does not agree with moving the capital from tel aviv to jerusalem? every president has promised ad for a trump delivered at. who didn't believe that the iran deal was bad? may be 30% like that. 70% -- this is what they are facing. >> sean: who gets the nomination as of tonight? tammy?gh >> i tell you, it won't be joe biden. when it comes to who the establishment thinks, i think they believe kamala harris will have it. we'll wait and see what happens. >> sean: who do you think? >> i think biden will squeeze through but i would look out for elizabeth warren. >> sean: i am leaning a slight advantage, elizabeth, as of tonight. thank you, both. and i come back, you will love this play lawrence jones was hanging out with sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe at the events in iowa. you won't believe how teeny and
10:24 pm
tiny has crowds were and he will join us from iowa with all the details. that exclusive tape is next. ♪
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simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. ♪ >> sean: many of the 2020 democratic radical socialist presidential candidates are campaigning in the all-important primary state of iowa. by the way, that include sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe whose campaign has been plagued by, as we just mentioned, gaffe after gaffe. lawrence jones was in the hawkeye state today at several of biden's events. look at your screen. the first event lawrence went to had a ridiculously low turnout. that sure does not look like a donald trump rally. and notice they dark into the back of the room because all the
10:29 pm
empty seats. in iowa, lawrence asked people what they think about the biden candidacy. let's take a look. >> is joe progressive enough? >> for me, yes. for the youth, i'm not so sure. >> what you expect from joe? >> can political speech. >> do you think he is the stamina to defeat donald trump? >> i hope so. i really hope so. >> do you know so? >> [laughs] i know so. i know so. >> he's probably tired. i would be exhausted. whoo could do what he's doing? would all these candidates are doing. >> how do you feel about the reports, president obama discouraging him to run for president. is that concern you? >> not at all. if biden wants to run for president, he can run and do whatever the heck he wants. >> i feel obama just shouldn't get in the middle of it. i think it's just not wanting to make enemies among candidates that are there. >> sean: joe is not the only person having a rough time
10:30 pm
today. comrade bill de blasio's video speech at a labor event had a few little itsy-bitsy technical issues. this could happen to anybody but when it happens, sometimes it's just a little bit funny. we thought we would share it with you. >> organized labor and iowa has been fighting a really, really bafficult battle but you've been doing it in a way that shows so much passion, so much strength. i apologize if you ever got to know donald trump but this new yorker volunteers to get rid of him for you. thank you, everybody. >> okay, so that was a little bit different. >> sean: kind of sounded like mickey mouse running for president. that is not his fault, and fairness to him. here with more, fox news, he is our special correspondent, investigative reporter, lawrence jones. radio reporter. i'm sorry, media reporter for "the hill" ," radio talk show ht in new york, joe concha is with
10:31 pm
us. so how many people were at the first event whether they darkened most of the room so you could not see how empty the room was cool, lawrence? >> probably about 75 people at the first event. >> sean: that's huge! that's big! >> not for a presidential race. you normally have people standing outside of trump rallies. even in the obama days, the lines -- >> sean:ay 75 people, he is getting close to 100. how many seeps, act seats were empty? >> seriously, sean, did you see the people, how they were talking? they weren't enthused to vote for him. a lot of people were undecided. his wife is getting a lot of crap for what she said but she was being honest. a lot of people are holding their nose to vote for him because they think is the best candidate to beat donald trump. barack obama tried to get him to not run in the race for a reason. democrats have this issue right now, either they get crazy progressives, which they know the electric will not vote in
10:32 pm
or theyral election settle for sleepy joe, and i just don't think he has the stamina for a presidential race against donald trump. he can't even run like a primary right now. >> sean: if you play close attention, you have dead fish emanuel, a horrible mayor in chicago, then you have the content people, then you have other obama people like axelrod saying, you can't hide. either you got it or you don't got it and that is the best he's got. these are -- except for the case of dead fish -- axelrod is a pretty smart guy. i would argue that he's in a nice way saying, joe, you've got to go. >> the veteran strategist. >> sean: joe concha? >> sorry. i thought you were talking to joe biden. you can't kind of get a girl pregnant. you can kind of run for president. you are either all and are you are all out. >> sean: the safe choice never
10:33 pm
wins. let's just look back to the last couple of presidential elections. hillary clinton, safe choice, 2016, lost. mitt romney lost. john mccain lost ray john kerry lost. al gore lost. bob goal lost. all chosen by the establishment, all the safe choice in the best chance to beat the other candidate and all did not win because they want the book bold candidate. joe biden's 78 years old on inauguration day. if you were to win, 86 when he leaves his second term. he's showing signs of decline, many democrats will say that. >> sean: wait aoc minute, i got a question. have two socialists, the angry vermont senator, then you have 1/1,024th. then you have kamala harris, all in on aoc, no private health care. what does that leave them with? mayor pete, whatever his name is? pete buttigieg. he can't run south bend, indiana. how will he ever run the countr
10:34 pm
country? >> i say the same thing about my senator, cory booker. look at his record or newer, same thing with pete buttigieg. another candidate may jump in at this point, looking at the field as it is, where you have a slow -- he honestly think, and listening to michael bloomberg, a couple of months ago, he said he would run if joe biden did not pray joe biden is running but it's not the full joe biden. i still think michael bloomberg, he has the money so it's not a matter of fund-raising. he has the experience, three term mayor in new york and a popular one and a businessman. he's a guy that could jump in here and be a formidable candidate. >> is clear that biden is going to be the nominee and people are going to have to hold their nose and vote for him because they realized that the progressive wing can't win a general election. his wife was right. >> sean: all right, campaign slogan, make america great by holding her nose again and voting for someone you don't like. all right. good luck with that. when we come back,
10:35 pm
senator lindsey graham broke a lot of news on the show last night that he is getting ready to sit down with the attorney general, that would be barr, to discuss the release of all the documents, yes, we have told you existed and are coming. so what are the documents going to show? we'll check in with sara and gregg next. sale and event. it's your chance to gear up for the upcoming season at big savings. your adventure starts here.
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♪ >> sean: so tonight as we await the release of the potentially explosive, well, pretty sure tivoli explosive ig report, especially unpremeditated fisa abuse, and spying on american citizens, and outsourcing the illegal activity to circumvent american law, there are lots of questions here to be answered. right here in this program, look at your screen. john solomon revealed ten declassified russia collusion revelations that will be coming
10:40 pm
this fall that will blow the lid off this deep state scandal. the biggest abuse of power, the biggest corruption scandal in our lifetimes. while the rest of the media was peddling their lives, their conspiracy theories, a hoax, propaganda, misinformation, we have now gone to the point where the truth is on monday, former u.s. attorney, guy lewis, a former colleague of doj inspector general horowitz, described what he believes to be a blockbuster report coming. take a look. >> it's going to come out, it's going to be hard-hitting. he spent almost two years interviewing various people, witnesses looking at what he describes as almost 1 million ildocuments, and i think he's going to make recommendations regarding prosecution and turn this whole fisa -- this foreign intelligence surveillance act, the submissions, i think he's going to turn them on their head. >> sean: meanwhile, the president is fueling the
10:41 pm
prediction that russian investigators are going to face prison time. senator lindsey graham will be advising the attorney general barr on the rollout of the russia-trump documents. here now with reaction, fox news contributor sara carter, best-selling author of now the second and what of the series "witch hunt: the story of the greatest mass delusion in american political history" fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. sara, let's start with you. we'll put up john's ten items come everything you talked about. he also said he will get to the bottom of hillary clinton and her rigged investigation. the items, christopher steele's human source reports, 53 intel interviews, stephan helper documents. it's right up there on thehe screenen. >> joseph misfud, all of the other people that were connected. sean, we've only seen -- and john is right. i think there is 20 or 30. that we are going to see. remember, horwitz's investigation, a lot of it is classified, i've spoken to sources who know horowitz,
10:42 pm
people have not had leaks from out of his office because the thing is, almost every document that has arrived to his office is highly classified. what we've seen over the last two and half years, and the information that has come out, sean, has been really just the tip of the iceberg. in fact, i was talking to john solomon about it today. we were saying, roughly 30%, maybe, is what we know. thee rest of it, the 70% or 75% is the bulk that's under the water that we don't know. so he will be looking at that. he'll beil looking at hillary clinton and that investigation. remember, people are coming out of the woodwork now. horowitz had been interviewing so many people in the fbi and others but remember, john durham has been interviewing people overseas, people connected with the cia, others in business who are outeo there, people who are coming forward and delivering information to the department ov justice. i tell you this, everyone is waiting for this big report, and we are hearing that there will be -- they will be handing
10:43 pm
people over for prosecution -- there will be from criminal referrals. i absolutely believe that.rr based on the sources i have spoken with and the people i have talked to you, we have to wait and see if the department of justice will actually charge these people with a crime and that is something we have to see. >> sean: i think in light of what we saw, especially lack of candor, literally premeditated fraud on a fisa court, rigging and investigation, trying to influence a presidential election, two instances, separate instances, spying on a presidential candidate, transition, and then president, and then all this activity that sara mentioned overseas with durum, we have to pay very close attention. that will o be the outsourcing f that which is illegal in this country, circumvent laws and span americans, and a presidential candidate and then president. gregg jarrett? >> the fbi and the department of justice not only engaged in
10:44 pm
corrupt acts, the engaged in wallace acts, encouraging that lindsey graham is going to be meeting the attorney general william barr. he wants to ensure that the findings, not just of the inspector general, by john durham, which will be forthcoming as well, are not hidden under classification status. you know, christopher wray, the fbi director and the intel chiefs have their way, everything would be hidden and covered up and concealed from the american public. ag barr will not allow that to happen. we know it already because look what he did with the mueller report, almost immediately he made nearly all of it public. he is dedicated to honesty andat transparency, and that will follow through here, so when lindsey graham says -- and he's not prone to hyperbole and exaggeration -- when he says, this is going to be ugly and devastating for obama administration officials and barr's comey's fbi, he knows. >> sean: when andy mccarthy,
10:45 pm
and you confirm this from a legal standpoint, you can't have a counterintelligence investigation, that would be the president counterintelligence investigation. what did barack hussein obama know and when did he know it? >> we know that from a text message from peter strzok to lisa page that the white house wants to know everything we're doing. >> sean: bingo. >> there it is. >> that's right. they weaponize the system, sean. they weaponize the system against a political opponent, and that we know. >> sean: people go to jail, yes or no, gregg? >> i know that there will be criminal referrals. we'll have to wait and see what barr and durham do without. >> sean: sara? >> there will be criminal referrals and people should go to jail. let's see what william barr and john durham do. >> sean: prediction: there will be indictments, and guilty verdicts. thank you, both. coming up, drugs, homelessness, huge problem in california and frankly, every big liberal run
10:46 pm
city. it's getting worse. you are not going to believe what lawmakers are focusing their time and energy on. we have pete hegseth, rachel, stuffy, they are coming up next. straight ahead. ♪ doug, doug! douglas! we're running dangerously low on beans. people love your beans, doug. they love 'em. doooooooooug! you want to go sell some tacos? progressive knows small business makes big demands. doug, where do we get a replacement chili pepper bulb? so we'll design the insurance solution that fits your business. it's a very niche bulb. it's a specialty bulb.
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♪ >> sean: as we continue to look at the failure of liberal-run cities across america, it is happening in city after city, and that is a cities run by liberal democrats for decades, they are in the worst condition with the most violence and the most poverty. we have an exclusive investigation exposing just how much conditions have deteriorated. for example, and the liberal city of portland, oregon, just like l.a., san francisco, baltimore, chicago, new york, and newark. take a look.
10:51 pm
>> portland was known for a mecca of the homeless to coming for the resources within the resources ran out, see you come here and now what? ♪ >> people cannot feel safe or comfortable coming to downtown because of it. i've literally had people running into my store saying, i do not feel safe. that is one thing that flipped my switch and i am like, we need to fix this. >> sadly, it's become the norm. when you see stuff, just like, there is a garbage can with all the stuff pulled out, i'm at the bus stop, i look behind the bench, there is an uncapped needle. >> sean: watch the investigation on rather than confront the serious issues, health issues, other cities like san francisco are now focused on items like, they want to ban plastic water bottles from airports. how about picking up the disgusting needles all over the streets 1 mile fromti nancy pelosi's house and another
10:52 pm
mile away from her office?se let's start there. what about the that is going on in the streets, the urination and feces smell? that's 1 mile from where she lives. joining us, pete hegseth, fox news contributor, rachel campos duffy. congratulations, pete. very proud and very happy for you. this is an institutionalized failure. this is happening in every big city run for decades by the people that say they have the most compassion. >> sean, this is one party rule with no accountability. they promised the populous time and timear again, there are $1 billion away from utopia. another program, another handout, another handcuffing of the police in search of social justice, another instance of a social program, and ultimately, what you arere seeing in this piece -- it's really interesting what fox news is doing here. there's a difference or to an act activist leftistss who believe they should be lauded
10:53 pm
for their good intentions but outcomes don't matter. and more pragmatic liberals who live in towns like portland to say, my quality of life has severely diminished. i might be liberal but i also own a business. i might be liberal but i am also a citizen and i see the drug use and the crime and the illegality and you know what, i want the best for people, i got a big, open, tolerant heart but my streets are infected and sfested. do something about it. the question is, it's on the democrat party, whether they will be a resurgence of practicalti liberals fighting bk against activist leftists who ultimately hate america, support illegality, pushback on our cops, and have not gotten any results. >> sean: well said.t rachel, lawrence jones, are a special correspondent has been traced to san francisco, numerous times in new york, l.a., covering this crisis, and chicago, and i got to tell you -- and baltimore. it is almost a squared, be squared from a secret, liberal
10:54 pm
role, decades of liberal role, disaster. >> there is another city -- another area that's not on your list and that is the whole island of puerto rico. another democrat-run please full of corruption, full of government programs that don't work and a focus on creating more dependency instead of financial independence. puerto ricans didn't just leave puerto rico because of the hurricane. they were leaving fororer years before because they couldn't make it on the islandd and they changed the u.s. a lowerth politics because of it. when you have democrats who don't believe in law and order, it doesn't matter if it's at the border, if it's a crime and homelessness, if it's trying to breaking the rules, they don't have respect for rule of law, and that is what you will get, and even further south than puerto rico, you have venezuela. it took 18 years or take venezuela from socialist ideas, socialist policies, one of the richest country in the world, to the poorest way that is what is in store for america if we elect democrats, any of the people on the field right now that are
10:55 pm
running for president. >> sean: affiant donald trump, i want to compare my record to biden-obama. wouldn't you, pete? >> of course i would. across the board, remember when he famously said to minority communities in thiss country, what do you have to lose? look at opportunity. i want for my kids and education opportunity to move up the ladder, and, and you look at these liberal policies, and government run schools, kids are stuck and they are being failed by liberal f politicians across the board. president trump is pursuing opportunity for all. >> sean: got to roll. congrats again, pete. >> sean, you are a good wedding gift giver. i want your audience to know that. >> sean: by the way, rachel is beating you on the kid thing. congrats.
10:56 pm
. .
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10:59 pm
>> sean: that is all the time we have left this evening. we make a pledge and promisedt o investigate the investigators. stay tuned.
11:00 pm
pay very close attention to john solomon's items, really close attention to door and the ig report on fisa abuse. we will never be the line conspiracy theory with the media mob, and let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is standing by in the swamp ready to take over. >> laura: hannity, it was a fantastic show. >>ve sean: here comes -- >> laura: we are still waiting for the ig report. every night. >> sean: no, no, do i have to explain this? do i have to explain this to you every night? you are like somebody, i can see you in a restaurant ordering your food and two seconds later i want it now. >> laura: this is like the longest build up to the ig we have to check on horowitz, is he okay? >> sean: the reason is, i told you last night, remember, they didn't have christopher steele they do. >> laura: they have him now, let's get it going and give us a report. u >> sean: i will tell him. >> laura: i'm getting nervous


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