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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 22, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: so fun when you were a kid suck the helium out of a balloon and your voice would go all crazy like that. todd: made it onto the campaign trail. guaranteed not to be the craziest thing we see in 2020. jillian: true, true. have a good day, everyone. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: look at that it's already the 22nd day of august. summer is coming to a close. ainsley: back in the city. people go out of town for the summer. brian: darker earlier. this way when you get up in the dark, too. ainsley: right. brian: and really cold in the morning. ainsley: that's why we love fall because it gets darker sooner. brian: revenue we get from raking. steve: when is the last time you did yard work? brian: i watch other people do it. ainsley: we had his friends
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out on the plaza yesterday cooking and had you to go do radio. we talked to them in the after the show show. we said how is his yard? they said he doesn't do it. he hires someone to do it. so nice try, buddy. steve: you hire somebody to do everything? brian: absolutely. i had my butler here a short time ago he had to run out and get me coffee. steve: could he bring us coffee, too. ainsley: is his name beauregard. brian: maybe. i basically won the contest. jillian shouldn't even show up with grilling. ainsley: you cheated. brian: he couldn't believe the talent. ainsley: he even said they have a supper club on their street and that brian was jonessing to get in it. you and dawn want to the get in it so badly. you get in it and you are supposed to cook a meal when you are hosting and you catered it. brian: we lost track of time. steve: i'm surprised you are here. brian: i could have had a
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substitute. steve: you never know. jillian is going to be cooking today. she has innovative recipe. ainsley: who is going to be better my fish or her vegetarian meal. brian: we will see whether she comes in second or not. steve: your friends cannot win the contest. it was a contest for all the hosts. brian: we had a food contest and the people that voted don't get to taste the food. this is kind of a unique series of events. ainsley: we apologize in advance because i have a feeling today's show is going to be off the wheels a little bit. can we talk about news? steve: let's talk about news. yesterday we told you the administration was going to reveal that the trump administration was going to move to change the flores settlement that was reached back in 97 by a judge. figured out all sorts of things on how to detain children. in the beginning it was all about children. and i think 2015 and a judge during the obama years changed it to include families because the obama administration was building a detention facility. well now the administration
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is saying you know what? those things were temporary. we're going to have permanent rules to establish that the fact that we can hold families together indefinitely until they get their day in court. brian: the goal is not to hold families indefinitely. the goal is toe bring in organizations to a situation in a situation out of control. people were abusing it. they were grabbing kids. third of the cases, that were not theirs. recycling those kids in order to get into the interior of the country in 20 days. now, how bad is this more than 432,000 members of family units have been taken into custody from october through july. how much worse is it last year? increase of 456%. that's the definition of a crisis. ainsley: so they come across our border. we put them in a detention facility. if they have kids with them. they can be released right now after 20 days. the president is saying look, the majority of these people are good people. what if, in that mix, is a
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criminal. what if in that mix is a killer. >> he is saying we need to hold them together because some of these kids aren't even their parents. they are lying to get across the border. he is saying let's just hold them together until they get their day in court. brian: killers and criminals bad, but what's worse is people abusing the system to break the asylum system just grabbing a kid because i would rather be in america rather than another country. that's not the way it works. steve: this is a loophole the president regards. it's catch and release he says. what it will do is keep, if it is a family, going to keep them together until they get their day in court. the maximum time they stay until they get their day in court. nonetheless, democrats say the new regulations will traumatize children. >> i think that the trump administration people sit around every single day thinking of new ways to be cruel to these migrants. >> immigrants families and specifically kids. they will be held, literally indefinitely at the pleasurable of the trump
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administration. kind of like guantanamo. >> they would rip kids from thboosmsboosms of their mothers. shall. steve: it's until they get their day in court. brian: they estimate is about two months is what the system needs. they have 900,000 people in backlog. here is what some of the headlines building on pundits said the "new york times" call it migrant families would face indefinite detention under a new trump rule. "the washington post" says the trump administration's new rule could prove deficit stating for migrant children at the border. u.s.a. today which is still free trump administration, to hotel stayers, trump administration announces plan that would let it detain undocumented children indefinitely. steve: it's not indefinitely. kevin mcaleenan yesterday said they were trying to get this gone through as the quickly as possible until they get their day in court and find out whether or not they get valid asylum claim.
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ainsley: president reminded focketds hey this has been going on past administrations. i was the one that put families back together. the previous administration was doing this, too. jeh johnson who was the dhs secretary under president obama agreed he was on with chris wallace on "fox news sunday" he said we did detain children alone and some families were together. we thought it was necessary at the time. here's a flashback of what jeh johnson. keep in mind he worked for president obama. this is what he had to say. >> well, we expanded family detention and then we ran into the issue of the flores case. i disagreed then with the ruling in the flores case because i think that our border patrol and our immigration enforcement people need those cools available to deal with situations like this. steve: situations like this. brian: so just keep in mind, if you don't like president trump or didn't vote for president trump, or you don't like his policies, the guy that had to deal with these policies, the same issues at the border, not nearly as bad. jeh johnson said the flores
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ruling hurts whether a was happening at the border and on top of that sent the wrong message to central and south america. and the apprehensions sank from 68,000 in 2014 to 48 -- they sank to 40,000 as soon as they found a way to address. this. steve: right. we are going to be talking to mark morgan he is the acting cbp commissioner just about an hour from now. meanwhile i'm sure you saw a couple days ago dr. jill biden was up in new hampshire. and she wants her husband to be the next president of the united states. but she said something that has a lot of people going wait a minute, is she saying this the way it sounds? listen. >> your candidate might be better on, i don't know, healthcare than joe is. but you have got to look at who is going to win this election and maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say i personally like so and so better, but, your bottom line has to be that we have
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to beat trump. steve: we have to beat trump and joe biden is the safe choice to beat trump according to his wife. ainsley: so confident in her husband. i watched the sean hannity show basically telling you as the voter to go to the polls, hold your nose, take a little swallow and then vote for her husband. brian: guess what? even though jay instantly inslee jumped out yesterday. steve: who. brian: governor of washington. 22 people want to be the nominee. one of which is cory booker. he also sounded somewhat disturbing that an automatic nomination process should take place. >> the next leader of our party can't be someone that is a safe bet oh, let's just find the person who can triangulate and get this done so we can beat donald trump. i'm running in this election because i know we can do more than that. ainsley: he said that two days after jill biden said
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that he didn't mention by name but is he polling at 2%. steve: i don't think joe biden is the nominee, i don't think cory booker is probably going to be his vice president. cory booker also in iowa yesterday said every election since before carter never had anybody leading this far in the polls went onto the president of the united states. so, in other words, joe biden, according to cory booker's metric will not be president of the united states. he might be the safe choice but he is not going to win according to him. brian: joe concha weighed in the safe choice traditionally isn't really the choice. >> the safe choice never wins. let's just look back the last couple presidential elections, hillary clinton safe choice, 2016, lost. mitt romney safe choice, 2012, lost. john kerry in '04 lost. gore 2,000 lost. bob dole 1996 lost. all chosen by the establishment. all the safe choice and the best chance to beat the
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other candidate and all didn't win because they weren't the bold candidate. they didn't have the clear message. brian: that's where we stood in the 2020 election. we will see what happens today. meanwhile if you were continuation glintingling to bee everybody can dance. steve: everybody can't dance. that's why dancing with the stars has been such a phenomenon for a long time. they are now entering the 28th year. this is a reality show that gets a lot of publicity from who they book. and they announce who is going to be on. yesterday they got a lot of publicity because it was announced that man right there, former press secretary for donald trump sean spicer would be "dancing with the stars." ainsley: tom bergeron long time host of "dancing with the stars" disappointed in the casting this year. he writes on social media a few months ago will i
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offered suggestions for season 28. chief new england them was my hope that "dancing with the stars" would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of inevitably divisive bookings from any political afaking united states. any party affiliation. i left that lunch tha convinced that we were in agreement. subsequently and rather obviously, a decision was made to, as we say often in hollywood. go in a different direction. brian: just feature on sean spicer's hamstrings and quads. ainsley: i agree with you it is a respite from politics to see them in a positive, fun light. brian: spicer is going to be in lycra. that's the story. [laughter] steve: the real story is mr. spicer is going to be joining us on the couch. he is going to be sachetting over at 7:30 this morning. and we are going to ask him about the blow back from all sorts of corners regarding
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his casting on "dancing with the stars." ainsley: i hate that tom bergeron got political. steve: what's going on. they have had political people on before. tom delay was on. rick perry. tucker carlson was on. brian: i have met tucker carlson. good damagesser. jillian: sheriff's deputy shot by a sniper right outside his station. >> jillian: 21-year-old deputy angel is expected to be okay after making that terrifying radio call. his bullet-proof vest is credited with saving his life. the los angeles county sheriff's office says the investigation is ongoing and no one has been arrested. two u.s. service members killed in afghanistan. at this hour their identities and other details about their deaths are unknown. 14 troops have been killed
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in combat in afghanistan this year. right now the u.s. is in peace talks with the taliban to possibly end america's longest war. another fox news alert. former colorado governor john hooper is officially running for senate in 2020. >> i'm not done fighting for the people of colorado. we ought to be working together to move this country forward and stop the political nonsense. jillian: hickenlooper one of 12 candidates vying for core gartdner's seat. he dropped out of the race last week. and jay inslee is following suit. is he expected to announce today that he is seeking a third term as governor one day after pulling out of the race for the white house. and that is a look at your headlines. steve: 20 to go. thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, jillian. steve: meanwhile the media focusing on the r word a lot lately. >> maybe a recession. >> potential recession on the horizon. >> recession. >> recession. ainsley: but there is another economic crisis the
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media is ignoring and you could be on the hook. brian brenberg is next. steve: oh, that's a good tease. ainsley: how are you doing? good to see you. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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>> recession jitters president trump rattled economic alarm bells wild week on wall street. >> there are indicators that the u.s. could be headed for a recession. >> there are some rough waters ahead, maybe a
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recession. >> they say potential recession on horizon. >> recession. >> recession. steve: you get the idea, some in the mainstream media focus on a potential recession. another crises is being ignored. that is the massive student loan debt that america's college students are running up and taxpayers could be on the hook. professor brian brenberg is the chairman of the program in business and finance at the kings college in new york city and he joins us right now. professor, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: first of all, let's start we are going to talk about the student debt threat but regarding recession yesterday, the president himself pushed back. look, we are not even close to that. >> we can speculate will recession. i think a lot of the talk has been overblown. we can talk right now about real financial problems that americans face if we don't do something about are going to put us on the hook for hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade. so you can speculate all you want. let's talk about real issues that exist right now. steve: okay. why are so many people defaulting and why are so many people with their student loans so far behind.
3:19 am
>> yeah, well, we have got this weird dynamic in the united states when the federal government has been pushing students into college education because we have always thought of it as the road to success. steve: sure. >> what ends up happening here is students increasingly are getting degrees they don't need for the job that they have. and the jobs they have aren't paying enough to pay for those degrees. and what happens is they can't pay those student loans and what the government is actually projecting now they used to say giving student loans is a profit center for us. now think are actually saying no, no, no. taxpayers are on the hook for potentially hundreds of billions of dollars of unpaid loans. steve: cbo predicts default loan forgiveness student loan could cost taxpayers $300 billion over the next 10 years. you were talking about income based repayment program where depending on how much you make that's how much you pay back. i read, i think it was in the "wall street journal" yesterday, that apparently a lot of people are paying it
3:20 am
back 1% a year which would take 100 years to pay back. >> as long as you are making those minimum payments, your credit situation is fine as a borrower. the problem is you never pay off that money. and with this income based repayment, after 20 years, if you have stayed current at least with those minimum payments, that debt is wiped away. which means you never pay it. but taxpayers absorb the cost. so people who have never gone to college, never participated in this end up paying for these college educations that don't give you a job, that gives you enough money to pay for the thing. steve: we are pretty close to free college for all. >> we talked about this happening in the future. folks, we are at that moment right now. understand we are halfway there. steve: holy cow. somebody who works with students who are running up a big debt brian brenberg, thank you very much for joining us live here. meanwhile, ms. nevada claims she was stripped of her title and banned from a pageant because she is a conservative. but she is going to fight and she is going to join us next on "fox & friends." ♪ she's got the look
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brian: quick headlines glad you are up and dressed. democratic governor roy cooper called the law unconstitutional and claimed it would weaken law enforcement by draining resources. it's unclear if lawmakers will try to override that veto. new york city mayor bill de blasio makes it easier for illegal immigrants to get affordable housing. 2020 hopeful unveiling new rules meant to expand eligibility for the program. applicants must now provide proof they pay their rent on time instead of submitting formal credit checks which
3:25 am
requires social security numbers. ainsley: combat veteran and conservative beauty queen from nevada was stripped of her title just days before the ms. america pageant. >> i was officially disqualified from competing in the ms. america pageant. i just don't understand how you can sensor someone with conservative values. my name is katie williams. i'm the former ms. nevada state 2019. and i have officially been dethroned. ainsley: former ms. nevada said she was banned after refusing to take down social media post showing support for the president's agenda. former merchandise nevada 2019 katie jo williams joining us now. hey, katie williams, thanks for being us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: tell us why you think you were dethroned. >> it's kind of a weird journey. i joined this pageant in april. and i joined to, you know, showcase my different aspects of my personality
3:26 am
and encourage young women to just be themselves and be different. and as the time went on and i had conversations over the phone with the coordinator and then emails back and forth it became very clear that there was a clear political bias towards me. other contestants posted things that were maybe more on the liberal side and nothing was ever done. and, yet, the moment i donned that trump 2020 hat, it was all going. ainsley: now, the statement from the pageant says katie williams is distorting the facts. none of this had to do with her personal political views. the ms. america is no politics pageant. ms. williams acknowledged both verbally and in writing she understood these rules before she was accepted into the pageant. some people might say the rules are the rules. what's your response? >> yeah, i understand, i definitely know their prerogative and what they said. i have definitely been reading it. like i said, they can say they are apolitical all they want. however, when they have other contestants posting
3:27 am
more liberal views and nothing has been done to them, you know, they are still wearing their crown and sash. and days before when i'm supposed to be in a hotel right now, they actually just stripped my crown, stripped my title. ainsley: i watched your interview this morning on "fox & friends first." you said you were confused your director was encouraging you to do this. explain that. >> when we first started this pageanted are road, she would call me on the phone and talk. we would talk about our political biases towards other things. and we would talk about what we agreed on and what we disagreed on. and it was actually very good conversations. she would turn around and email me and tell me how she was disappointed. she wasn't happy with what i was posting. you know, take it down. separate the pages, which i did do. so i do actually have another page. you know, and then after a while i just didn't feel right talking to her on the phone anymore, which is why i refused to speak to her anymore. i actually requested for everything in writing over and over and over again until she finally did.
3:28 am
ainsley: why do you think they caved? >> you know, i think that they just didn't want -- i really think it's honestly my support of the president. there is many different reasons why but i think that just having that kind of there. i don't think is he a controversial figure but other people do. ainsley: you wrote on twitter about antifa and also wrote on instagram you posted that picture of president trump. regardless of what's going on. regardless of you who you feel. regardless of who sits in the office. as long as i serve i will support our commander-in-chief. now isn't the time to lay blame towards anyone but the guilty party. mental illness is real. gun control doesn't fix it. you were asking folks to pray for pittsburgh. thank you so much, katie juror, for being with us and serving our country. i know you are a sergeant first class in the army national guard. god bless you. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you. "fox & friends" is going to the fair to eat some food. griff jenkins is live in louisville. he has a special guest.
3:29 am
hey, griff. griff: hey, good morning. i have the governor with me. one of the oldest fairs in the country. >> and the best state fair in america. don't miss it. griff: we got that when we come back. ♪ ♪ -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful. he has pics of you on his phone. did you know congress is working to end surprise medical billing? that's when patients are hit with medical bills they thought would be covered by insurance. the problem is big insurance companies want a one-size-fits-all approach that lets them decide what they'll pay doctors for yocare.
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elizabeth, i'm so proud of you guys, your mom, your dad, right? and, guys, j.r., dude, you were so awesome today, bud. so awesome. i love the way we didn't give up, man. i love the way we didn't give up. we fought. we fought. that's who we are. we are fighters. every single one of you is going to be successful, all right? for the rest of my life i'm proud that you guys are going to call me coach. alall right? there is dad and there is coach. i love you guys. >> we love you too.
3:33 am
>> ♪ ainsley: that's your shot of the morning. an inspiring speech after a heart-breaking loss. brian: right. you know what? we have been talking a lot about motivation. that powerful post game message at the little league world series. new jersey lost. steve: team was from new jersey after losing to louisiana. as you can hear the coach talking from the heart. brian: why couldn't he use that opportunity to blame the umpires and just say, you know, it's against us. espn is out to make sure louisiana wins. that's the opportunity so to push your lack of success on someone else. ainsley: according to that study we talked about yesterday the reason they lost is because the coach wasn't angry enough. brian: that's true. i'm just kidding. that's a great speech. it's gone viral. ainsley: he should have said if you are not first you are last. brian: that's from ricky bobby from talladega nights
3:34 am
which was a comedy. steve: technically. ainsley: sweet speech. steve: congratulations to all the teams that made it to the little league world series. there is jillian. jillian: hbo host bill maher responds to rashida tlaib's lead to boycott his show. mar tweeting some people have one move only boycott, cancel, make go away. but here's the thing. the house voted 318 to 17 to condemn th the bds movement including 93% of dems. does tlaib want to boycott 93 her93% of hen other party. al measure: doctors blame videotaping. kristin spent 10 days in medically induced coma in texas after blockage was discovered in his lungs. 17-year-old had been videotaping since the 8th
3:35 am
grade. agencies recovers, he is vowing to never spoke again. right now the cdc is investigating 153 cases of severe lung disease across the country, possibly connected to videotaping. vapin. a young, astackedded by a shark on popular florida beach. 11-year-old was in knee deep water when he felt something tug at his foot. >> i felt it clamp down and then let go and then i ran out very low chance to get bit by a shark but to be in the condition i am right now, that is also very lucky. jillian: the canadian boy rushed to the hospital to get 17 is stitches. he plans to get back in the water once he is all healed. new video shows the shocking decomposition of history's most famous ship. >> i'm flying, jack.
3:36 am
jillian: the titanic deterioration 12 now, feet under water. the entire deck house is collapsing and destroying state rooms. crews took this new video for a documentary about the ship. the titanic sank in 1912. wow. a look at your headlines, guys. brian: headline should be the most unsurprising story of the day the titanic which sank 100 years ago deteriorating in salt water. we could have lifted it. we talked about it, right? steve: i don't know that that was ever feasible. brian: you put balloons underneath it and lift it up. steve: you couldn't do that if it wasn't under 1,000 feet of water. brian: is anybody surprised titanic is wasting away at the bottom of the ocean? am i right, janice? janice: i have no commentary. brian: nothing on the titanic? janice: no, no, no. i don't think we can do that i don't think we have the technology for it. steve: it would be very hard. brian: let's put our minds
3:37 am
to it. steve: what's going on with the weather. janice: a cold front. amazing video. no one has harmed during the making of this video in st. louis. that's the famous arch. holy moly lots of storms moving through there and lightning as you see on your screen. know what they say when thunder roars go indoors. we do have cold front moving through and because of that cold front, the temperatures are going to be spectacular across the midwest in st. louis over the next couple of days. we could see the potential for showers, thunderstorms, thunder and lightning. along with this cold front that is settling in across the plain states in toward the mid-atlantic. look at these temperatures as they drop over the next couple of days. incredible. we are going to be, you know, into the 70's, in the overnight and the 50's and 60's across the great lakes. almost unheard of for the end of august. and that cold air is going to move in towards the northeast and mid-atlantic as far as south as parts of the mid south. so that's the good news along with this cold front.
3:38 am
there is your forecast today. still very hot and steamy across the south. again, very good news in terms of cooler weather. almost fall-like weather as we get into the weekend. steve: we love that all right, j.d., thank you very much. janice: you got it. ainsley: thank you, janice. steve: in kentucky the state fair in full swing with 600,000 people expected to attend the 117th annual event. brian: there is one guy who knew all of that ahead of time, griff jenkins. he joins us live from the blue glass state with a special, special guest. griff: that's right. good morning, guys. it's one of the oldest and they have blue grass, bourbon and horses. governor matt bevin is with us. governor, it's an amazing fair it? >> really is everyone brags about their state fair but no state fair is as fun to attend for everyone as the kentucky state fair. best food. griff: the food really is great. yesterday i had, among other things, a bacon cheeseburger on a doughnut that had been dipped in some sort of
3:39 am
bourbon glaze. i don't know how many years of my life i just took off but it was really tasty. >> here's the thing if you are given some type of catastrophic innovation from your doctor just come to the kentucky state fair, wind out your final days, your mouth will die happy. i will tell you that. steve: this morning you will be auctioning off a ham which i am hoping to get a bite off of. you did this last year. how much did it sell for. >> 2.6, 2.8 million. it is for charity. people cricket. it is a tradition here. millions of dollars have been raised selling a kentucky country ham, it's called. sawflted, cured ham. kids do this. 800 kids compete. they have to give a speech. it's leadership development speaking agriculture all rolled together. one is chosen that winning ham is auctioned off for charity. it's just a great event. there will be 1,000 people in here at a big breakfast celebrating.
3:40 am
griff: have to get a bite of a $3,000 ham. you were in here earlier this week wearing your blue and white trump jacket. what's with that jacket? >> that thing has taken on a life of its own. i acquired it here at the fair. i came -- actually, just for the record. this is how you should look when you come to the country fair. this is not how you should look coming to the country fair. i was looking not unlike you making my way around. it was a fun time. but in aisle 700 in the vendor booth there was a guy selling these. so i ended up getting one because they are pretty outstanding. they come in all different colors. my goodness did it create quite the sensation among people. but they come in all colors. i'm sure he is still here. his name is jimbo something or other. griff: we will find it. i want to ask you speaking of president trump. he made a visit here yesterday and you got it see him. >> i will tell you what, i'm grateful to have this man as president of the united states. he loves this country and loves people working class people like we have here in kentucky. i went with him to the
3:41 am
amvets where he signed an amazing executive order eliminating date for disabled veterans associated with higher education to be with him and see him interact with folks it was a special day here. griff: i saw here at the fair not just the jacket but a lot of other trump things. ultimately this fair is about families. this one is a special one the time you get to spend here. would you recommend people come here. >> i would. come here, go through the barnes, see the animals, eat the food. good times. griff: all right, governor. >> thank you very much. i have got to do some eating. a ham to get through. steve: 3-million-dollar ham. breakfast starts at 7:30 this morning. griff, have you got to give us a report in a couple perform hours. griff: you got it. brian: is he a surfer. 19 mention before the top of the hour. dolphin's owner steven ross criticized for hosting a fundraiser for president trump. now stepping down for nfl social justice committee. is that the right move? steve: ladies and gentlemen diamond and silk are in the studio and they have a lot
3:42 am
to say about that. they will join us on the other side of a quick time-out. you are watching "fox & friends." ♪ lunatic you are looking for ♪ too late to fight ♪ it's too late to change me ♪ you may be wrong ♪ because i know that you may be right ♪ ... cincinnati on tuesday. ...philly on wednesday. ...and thursday back to cincinnati . modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business keeps going, our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. quick headlines now. a new blood test could determine if a person will die within 10 years. german researchers looked at 44,000 people to pinpoint things that increase risk of death like inflammation, immunity and circulating fat. they claim the test is 83% accurate. although it is not ready for general use. and a warning about borrowing phone chargers from strangers. experts say hackers can use the cables to gain access to your electronic devices. the cords may look ordinary but they could contain malware capable of stealing
3:46 am
your information. brian? brian: all right. thanks, jillian. the owner of equinox, soulcycle and the miami dolphins, is he part owner in those other two places steven ross still facing backlash after hosting a fund raiser for the president of the united states. ainsley: steven ross now stepping down on his role on the nfl social justice committee reportedly at the request of the players coalition over his support for our president. steve: was that the right decision? here is diamond and silk. good morning to you and welcome to new york. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. steve: what do you make of this steven ross is a rich guy, throws a fund raiser for president trump, the president of the united states and look at all the backlash. >> well, first of all, he shouldn't have stepped down because if he is for equality, if he is for this social justice, he should have stayed on the committee. i don't think that trump supporters should get ostracized or criticized or stigmatized because they support him and then everybody wants them to step down. that's absolutely
3:47 am
unequivocally no. he should have stayed on the committee and do what he do or did what he did. >> whether a i really don't like about it is the backlash. why is it that trump supporters have to get backlash? what happened to equal rights for all? why can't we be a part of something without getting backlash because if they are able to support whoever they choose to support, why can't we support who we choose to support? brian: here is what chris long said, former defensive end and son of you whoy long. he said he held, meaning steven ross, a fundraiser for a guy protesters players sons of bitches that's why he said he shouldn't be on the committee. >> stop it with the antics. go back in everybody's past and see what they said. i get tired of that, too. he said this now he have to step down. stop it. let us all come together. if they are going to fight this social justice, if they want equality, come together, let's do it. but ostracizing,
3:48 am
criticizing, going back, this tit-for-tat is time to stop it. ainsley: miami dolphins spokesperson said espn made the decision last week and informed the nfl and members of the committee that he was going to step aside from the group and continue to focus his efforts. he believes in and is fully committed to the work that has been done by the group and will always be a passionate supporter and tireless advocate for social justice causes. the fight for equal rights and education. >> good for him. but i wouldn't have stepped down. >> it's really sad. it's really really sad that somebody can have a passion of wanting to do something but because they support somebody that somebody don't like or support this president, a president that is doing a imagine if i i a imai sent job for all. >> especially when it comes to equal rights. >> exactly. steve: all he did was try to hold a fundraiser and people are trying to destroy his businesses by calling for boicketsd. let's take a look at a new
3:49 am
fox news poll. democratic primary, black voter preference. joe biden as you can see there has doubled the number of supporters than bernie sanders and kamala harris, followed by the rest of the pack. what do you make of that? >> listen, i think when we look at joe biden, i think all americans should look at joe biden. is he like the gift that keeps on giving to the republican party. >> why? >> because. so things he say i can't believe. let me tell you something, if president trump said half the things that he said we would never hear the ends of it. steve: president trump says some pretty -- >> no, no. not in that context. >> wait a minute. joe biden, the things he say echo the sentiments of big got tri and racism. >> it does. >> i'm a black person and i feel it. this -- but what so a man think in his heart so is he. he has always had these ideas and thoughts. he gets the dates mixed up. i know have you brain freezes. have you senior moments. i don't know if it's mental capacity is waning or
3:50 am
slowing. job. he is the gift that keeping on giving. >> i look at the fact that he can't get that many people to his functions. we can get more people at our chitchat tour than he can. and it's a paid event. brian: on your chitchat tour you are going to be in new york city. >> this saturday. get your tickets at chitchat ainsley: and watch them on fox nation. if you don't have it download the app. >> download it diamond and silk. steve: thank you very much, ladies. ainsley: shifting in hyper drive. new series featuring racers on the largest course ever built. brian: fox news host lindsey takes us behind the wheel. ♪ baby you got the keys ♪ now shut up and drive ♪ ♪ we trust usaa more than any other company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental,
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3:54 am
>> this is the most spectacular car competition on earth. >> only know one way. >> wow. >> the more pressure we faced the more opportunity to be a diamond. brian: the new series hyper drive features 28 racers from around the world who take on what is being called the biggest automotive obstacle course ever built. here with more is one of the mosts of the netflix series itself in person fox news anchor full time but does this on the side lindsey. >> thanks. it's so good to be with you. brian: on netflix. the whole season is. >> there all 10 ensaid right now. last one i was binging one and two with my son, so funny. you can get the whole thing and it is really compelling
3:55 am
and awesome to see it? >> how would you describe it. they have a very interesting way of describing it. fitness ninja style obstacle. tailor made for tv with production team behind battle bots. >> yeah. that's very accurate description. what i'm telling my friends i'm home probably american ninja warrior crossed with the voice or one of those stories where you know you are getting insight that's the feature that you are going to learn more about each person other than what their race car does and all. that is like the stories behind each of these competitors is what i found most intriggering. back story makes it insane. brian: your experience. let's watch. >> fantastic. >> oh my god. >> whoa.
3:56 am
brian: that looks cool. >> yeah, have you done it. brian: no. >> you never drifted right before i got in that car the stunt driver worked with us on the show everything your body does is going to feel wrong. that's what's going to happen. i didn't want to throw up. you are not going to do that but it's going to feel really weird. you feel this real gravity pull did you it is so so exhilarating that i asked to do it again oh my gosh. brian: when you on the shore you get to do it again. sherri lease is the executive producer netflix put the whole series out. you did it last summer. >> >> i just personally think you do not have to be a sports fan to love it. brian: thank you so much. have a great year on fox sports. >> thank you. brian: straight ahead mark morgan and sean spicer and lawrence jones. only one of them is on "dancing with the stars." you pick the one at home. i hope you are right ♪ i want to fly
3:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ steve: we are on the upstairs part of the "fox & friends" studio. here at studio f. welcome aboard, folks. hour two. ainsley: the mezzanine level. thank you so much for waking up. brian: so interesting. when we first got here, i said okay coming to the studio as long as you have an elevator. steve: you bought the space from charles schwab. brian: i didn't buy it. i leased it i said fine as long as you have an elevator. we don't use it. ainsley: that's a working elevator over there have any
4:01 am
never seen anyone use it. steve: no one uses it. it's not certified for people. they can put equipment in i it. ainsley: like a dumbwaiter. brian: we walk a lot here. steve: we do. but then again we sit a lot. maybe a little walking a is good idea. thank you for joining us. hour two starts right now. anks ages the trump administration you will announcing change aimed the keeping families together. brian: the white house scrapping the flores agreement. the democrats seem furious. steve: kevin corke joins us from the white house with reaction from both sides and push back, kevin. some people are saying the children will be detained indepartmently which the white house says is not true. >> that's right the white house is effectively saying we understand a judge will have to approve. this keep in mind even though this would technically indefinite. looking at 60 as opposed to 0 days. let me tell you about this we are talking about
4:02 am
allowing family detentions to continue inel definitely at least legally, effectively scrapping the flores settlement. it was unveiled on wednesday it. will be published in the federal register tomorrow. and effective in 60 days, again, if approved by a judge. the concern, guys, is and has been for quite some time to be honest, that traffickers and others are effectively gaming our immigration and slirm systems by using children to get into the country. administration officials say the truth is the flores agreement made that problem worse. >> no child should be a pawn in a scheme to manipulate our immigration system, which is why the new rule eliminates the incentive to exploit children as a free ticket or as one gentleman in guatemala told me passport for migration to the united states. >> kevin mcaleenan right there about the idea of quote indefinite detention. benny thompson from the great state of mississippi chairman says terminating the flores settlement is illegal and goes against our
4:03 am
longstanding american values about the treatment of children. however, the president continues to insist this, frankly, is about deterrence and not cruelty. >> when they see you can't get into the united states or when they say if you do get into the united states they will be brought back to their country, it won't matter if they get in or not because we are doing that. they won't come. and many people will be saved. ngsd. >> and that's the idea, keeping people from coming here in the first place unless they do so lawfully. that is to say seeking asylum and in a third party country or coming through a port of entry or even applying, by the way in their countries of origin. don't forget very great day today here at the white house at 4:30. bob could you sey, 94 years young, former celtics standout will receive the presidential medal of freedom. i, for one, am looking forward to that. brian: important to bring up among the democrats using
4:04 am
this -- among the people been on the couch against the flores easement amendment. he wanted to expand family detention and did. and ran into the issue of the flores case. he said i disagreed then with the ruling in the flores case because i think our border patrol and immigration enforcement people need those tools to deal with situations like this. what happens is it lured families here with kids because they thought this is our green light to get into the country and in many cases not show up when i had chance to plead tore asylum be in already. being accused and things went up 450%. steve: keep in mind the flores settlement was agreed to in the judicial branch back in '97 and it applied largely only to children who appeared in the country unaccompanied. and then in 2015 a judge ruled requirements applied to kids with their families after the obama administration started
4:05 am
building the detention facilities. the worry is that if these new regulations which we will probably see in 60 days do not perfectly match the original judge's settlement, they could throw it out. ainsley: well, the president is just saying the majority of these individuals, once they are released, after 20 days don't show up for their court hearings. so he is just saying we are going to keep families together, we are going to keep them in these detention facilities. brian: we can't get to them in 20 days. that's the bottom line. these democrats making these statements know it. tom homan knows the reality at the border. listen what they did and now would potentially do. >> we have briefed congress for two and a half years on the flores settlement agreement. and that was the main magnet that brought these people here. and fy 14 and 15, during the first surge, when we built the first family detention center, we held families for about 40, 45 days. maybe up to 50. guess what?
4:06 am
90% of them lost their case in front of a judge. we put them on an airplane and sent them home. guess what happened? the numbers dropped signature contactually. then have you got the ninth circuit comes out and says you can only hold them 20 days. i told the court if you make that decision, we can't hold them long enough to see a judge. you will see a surge like you never saw before. i was told by the courts i was a fear monger. brian: and he wasn't. he was a forecaster. because that's exactly what happened. steve: kevin mcaleenan said yesterday if they are going to keep the families together. are they going to need more bed space and he said no because he expects fewer people are going to be coming when they find out that they have closed that particular loophole. brian: as the president said, it's all about deterrence. ainsley: well, the media at first they pushed russia and then they pushed racism and then they pushed recession. listen to this. >> recession jitters. president trump said to be rattled as economic alarm bells cause a wild week on wall street. >> there are indicators that the u.s. could be headed for a recession. >> there are some rough
4:07 am
waters ahead, maybe a recession. >> a potential recession on the hoards. >> recession. >> recession. >> recession. steve: you get the idea the white house has been pushing back. look, we are not even close to it. then, out of nowhere, yesterday in altoona, iowa, a democrat who is running for president, john delaney said this about that. >> i hope it's not like, you know, it feels like some democrats are cheering on a recession because they want to stick it to trump. i don't want a recession because i don't want these workers in here to face a recession. but i worry that trump's policies are bringing one on. >> i'm not going to name names, but you just get a sense. brian: the bottom line is the president didn't help himself saying that there would be no recession by saying by the way i'm looking at a payroll tax and rumors behind the scenes that the president was getting worried about it. when he came forward and said yeah, i was considering a payroll tax after hogan gidley said they weren't at the administration level. and then the next day he
4:08 am
said i don't think i need that so people are wondering why would you want a payroll tax cut if you didn't fear a recession? and yesterday he backtracked off that. steve: look, when you have certain tools in your toolbox, given, you know, what could happen in the future, and for the president, particularly in election year, you always think okay, what are our contingency plans? the president made it clear yesterday, nothing on the table right now. ainsley: joe biden is taking credit for it on the campaign trail. is he saying that it was because of president obama that our economy. steve: he is not getting enough credit. ainsley: that's right. steve: brian brenberg was with us just about an hour ago. he said there are more important issues on america's agenda than this. watch. >> look, we can speculate about recession. i think a lot of the talk has been overblown. >> right. >> we can talk right now about real financial problems that americans face if we don't do something about are going to put us on the hook for hundreds of billions of dollars over the
4:09 am
next decade. can you speculate all you want, let's talk about real issues that exist right now. the federal government has been pushing students into college education because we have always thought of it as the road to success. >> sure. >> students increasingly are getting degrees they don't need for the job that they have. and the jobs they have aren't paying enough to pay for those degrees. and what happens is they can't pay those students loans. steve: and what happens is they end up paying off about 1% a year which means it would take 100 years to pay off some student loans. unbelievable. brian: all right. so, what do you think? are we headed towards a recession? there is this story right now out on drudge the first story that said we overestimated job gains by the tune of 500,000 jobs. i don't know where that number came from. but, let's find out what the healthy economy is we are about to find out. ainsley: let us know what you think hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you. let's beginning with this story we are following a hotel cook is under arrest
4:10 am
accused of threatening to shoot and kill customers and co-workers. police in long beach, california, finding an arsenal of weapons inside montoya's home including multiple guns and hundreds of rounds of ammo. >> suspect montoya had clear plans intent and the means to carry out an act of violence that may have resulted in a mass casualty incident. jillian: police were tipped off by montoya's co-worker at marriott hotel saying he was upset about h.r. issues and want to shoot everybody that he saw. an inmate is executed overnight for killing a college students more than 20 years ago. larry died by lethal injection in texas. the 48-year-old sharing chilling words before his last breath telling an officer, quote, lord forgive them, they don't know what they are doing. he abducted, raped and killed a 19-year-old college student in houston in 1998. protesters intruntsd house speaker nancy pelosi as she is honored with you a lifetime achievement award.
4:11 am
[shouting] [chanting let her speak] >> activists demand the california democrat start impeachment proceedings against president trump. exescorted out of the event in san francisco. unclear if anyone was arrested: president trump using an executive order to cancel their debt. >> we will wipe out an averages of $30,000 in debt owed by more than 25,000 eligible veterans who have made immense sacrifices. the ultimate sacrifice in many -- in many ways. jillian: eligible veterans will also be cleared from having to pay federal income tax on the loans. the president signed the order at the amvets convention in kentucky. i will send it back to you. steve: good news for a lot of vets. thank you very much. meanwhile, the media slamming the trump administration's new rules
4:12 am
for detaining migrants. >> some people sit around every single day thinking of new ways to be cruel. >> they will be held, literally, indefinitely at the pleasure of the trump administration. kind of like guantanamo. brian: is all of that true. acting cbp commissioner mark morgan here to take it on. ow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at [fa♪mers bell] (burke) a "rock and wreck." seen it. covered it. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ copdso, to breathe better,the. i started with anoro. ♪ go your own way
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4:16 am
♪ >> president obama had separation. i'm the one that brought them together. this new rule will do even more to bring them together. >> at the heart of this new rule are two core principles that families should remain together during immigration proceedings and that conditions for care of children must be appropriate. ainsley: well, critics are pushing back over the administration's new migrant detention rule aimed at keeping migrant families together by scrang the decades old flores agreement. and ending limits on migrant families in detention. brian: joining us right now is acting u.s. customs and border commissioner mark morgan. mark, when you were on here as an expert before you got the job, you were pureblegging for, this overturning this rule. why? >> because this is a game changer, brian. the three of you have been doing a great job this morning laying it out for the american people. right now because of current flores settlement agreement,
4:17 am
irving knows the smugglers know, and those trying to enter the country illegally know i grab a kid that's a u.s. passport into the united states. we can only 20 days that's not long enough to go through the immigration proceedings. that's catch and release. that's the significant driver of this the first 10 months of this fiscal year over 470,000 family members that's more than tripled any other previous year in history. it's a crisis. this new rule is going to address. this. steve: okay. so, mark, what will happen is these family units will be detained as a unit. two questions for you. one, some critics say it's indefinite, which makes it sound like it could be 25 years. or 25 months or something. is it indefinite and, also, if, for instance, somebody is posing as a family member, and they are not part of the family, will they still be kept together? >> so, two great questions. the first one indefinite. that's just a false narrative. the three of have you been
4:18 am
doing a great job. history shows -- remember, the family residential centers, this process, this isn't new. this is actually created in 2015 under the previous administration, under the family residential centers. so it's not indefinite and history shows it's about 40 or 50 days. that's what we are talking about from 20 to about 50 to 60 days and what we are talking about. it's not indefinite. it's just long enough to go through the immigration process. then with your other question, no. if you present as a fake family, if you are not a true family, yeah, you will be separated there. those trying to come across as a fake family, those adults will be prosecuted. ainsley: is this rule going to be implemented. the left is not happy with this and it's going to get caught up in the courts. >> another great question. we are anticipating that it's absolutely going to -- we will see some lawsuits like we have seen any other attempt initiative to stem this flow by this president's administration. but i'm hopeful that we're going to get this passed. we need -- the american people need to understand this is a game changer. this needs to get passed.
4:19 am
this will absolutely eliminate a significant part of this crisis. brian: by the way, jeh johnson, used to work for the obama administration. jeh johnson knew the flores agreement was a problem, ruling was a problem. he knew this was going to turn out this way. so this is not a democrat-republican issue. is it? >> brian, that's absolutely right. and there is another congresswoman had you on a few minutes ago who said this is a new concept or a new rule. it's not. this was actually -- the family residential centers that we are talking about where these individuals are going to be held, families high level of care, families together. that was create created in 2015 under the obama administration. so it's just a false narrative. steve: before you go, give us an update. you know, we knowed when president suggested there could be tariffs on mexico, unless they cracked down, and then they started to crack down and the numbers went down, how many people are still streaming across our southern border? >> the numbers are drastically gone down. from may to july, 43%. this month we are seeing
4:20 am
another right now 20% reduction. >> wow. steve: for a total of how many, mark? >> so right now, july the numbers went down to 80,000. so, if you remember, back in may it was 144,000. last month in july, down 82,000. it's a game changer. mexico unprecedented support. they are coming together as true equal partners. more than they ever have. they are seeing this as a regional crisis. this is absolutely because of this president and this administration. brian: yeah. they say they don't know if they're on board with the flores agreement if they are going to adhere to that keeping families together indefinitely which we know is going to be less than two months. we will see what they say on that. >> that's right. brian: all right. mark, i know how hard you are working. thanks. >> thank you. ainsley: two toddler brothers team up for a greatest escape and even greater celebration. >> i did it.
4:21 am
did i it. brian: what do their parents have to say about this escape? the entire family is here live next. ♪ ♪ frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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4:25 am
over 10-lane freeway giving wild animals access to food and spaces it's open in 2023. finally two. that's how many mouths this trout appears to have. the one on the top and the one on the bottom. the angler reeling in a catch of a lifetime in upstate, new york. they took the picture and then they threw it back. but it still looks real. ainsley? ainsley: that's bizarre. thank you, steve. toddler brothers team up for daring escape and all caught on camera. >> i did it. i did it. > i helped you. ainsley: the boys are going viral for daring crib escape. 3-year-old georgey shouting with fist pumps saying i did it after freeing younger brother wild from her his
4:26 am
crib. they join us along with their parents ashley and trey. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: they are adorable. we love kids. you posted this video on social media and it went wild. everyone was commenting, right? >> yes. i have a lifestyle slog wherslogvlogwhere i show videose time this one went crazy. >> early i didn't one morning. this guy to sleep in wilder's room in a crib. trying to adjust to his own big boy bed. and lo and behold about 5:30 in the morning our nanny cam went off. i said what are they doing? and i just was kind of watching it. and downloaded the clip and texted it to ashley. and said oh my gosh, have you got to see this, it's funny. george just helped wild
4:27 am
errors escape. ainsley: that is awesome. they are just a year apart a 2-year-old and 3-year-old? >> they are pretty funny. you can see they are a handful. ainsley: i know. they are great. they don't share a room though. you were trying to transition georgey into a big boy bed and you moved the crib into that room. >> we had just gotten george a big boy bed and we hadn't taken down the crib in wilder's room. we had them both in there for just a second. george had the idea to have a slumber party, right? oh my word. so. ainsley: they turn 3 that's about the age you get them a big boy bed. my doctor has said the moment hayden tries to get out of her crib if it's earlier than that you have to get her a bed. now that wilder knows how to get out of his crib, are you going to have to put him in a big boy bed. >> we do. he follows everything george does anyway. so it's really no surprise that we will have to get him
4:28 am
a big boy bed now. ainsley: tell us about your family. where dual? what do you do. >> we are in nashville. oh, george, we are in nashville. i'm a lifestyle vlogger. i share stuff with these boys and travel. and trey is in the music industry. ainsley: good. i love nashville. if we want to follow you what's your vlog. >> bos and ashley. ainsley: thank you for giving us something to laugh about. bye georgey, bye wilder. >> back i sean spicer is back in the spotlight. >> from the briefing room, it's sean spicer. [cheers and applause] ainsley: not everybody is happy that he is joining the next season of "dancing with the stars." sean spicer is here to respond to all the backlash and show off his moves. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ i want to dance
4:29 am
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4:32 am
>> straight from the briefing room, it's sean spicer. [cheers and applause] brian: morning show on another channel? i had no idea. steve: we are busy at the time. hey, look, sean spicer, former white house press secretary and senior advisor and spokesman for american first action pac joins us live. congratulations, you are going to be on the new season of "dancing with the stars." >> i can't believe you are saying that. ainsley: are you nervous. >> oh god, yeah. ainsley: it's going to be really hard it? >> is going to be really hard but it's going to be fun. steve: are you good dancer? >> no, a horrible dancer. i got approached when i left the white house it didn't work out for a lot of reasons both ply political businesses and consulting firm are taken off.
4:33 am
brian: and wrote a book. >> thank you. i finally have time in my life. i thought you know what? it's going to be fun. it's the kind of entertainment that i can actually encourage my kids and family to watch. and it's what we need more of, which is good wholesome entertainment and i get way out of my comfort zone and do something that's totally new to me. brian: does reince priebus have to sign off on it? >> i don't think he would have, no. steve: you are actually going to dance a little with ainsley at the conclusion of this segment in all goes well. >> okay. ainsley: lord help us. gosh. you have to show me some moves. >> this is my first lesson. steve: listen, so after you were named as one of the new dancers, the long-time host tom bergeron came out on twitter and he put out a statement. and it reads this and we would like your reaction. he says a few months ago during a lunch with "dancing with the stars" new executive producer i offered suggestions for this new season. chief among them was my hope that the show would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of inevitably
4:34 am
divisive bookings from any party affiliations. i left that lunch convinced we were in agreement. subsequently and rather obviously, a decision was made, to as we often say in hollywood, go in a different direction. it looks like he is not happy that you are there. >> well, it could have been christie brinkley. [laughter] i'm kidding. yeah, look, he is entitled to his opinion. tom has been, you know, this is 28 seasons. i always thought he did a great job as host. and i share his sentiment. this should be two hours of politics-free. more than that, and i hope what this show is at the end of the season is an example of people of a bunch of different background getting together, leaving politics aside and having a good time in a civil and respectful way. and so my hope and goal is that at the end of the season, tom looks back and says you know what? we need more of this, not less of it. we need more bringing people together of different background and saying hey, come together, show how much you actually can enjoy each
4:35 am
other's company, have a conversation, be together, dance around, enjoy each other because i think too much of what we have in this country right now is every conversation has to turn into politics. ainsley: yes. >> and as much as i have enjoyed that most of my life, think there is times when we want to as a family, as an organization, as friends, sit down and have an enjoyable politics-free conversation. ainsley: he got political. 50% of the country is going to be watching and they are conservative and they support this president and this administration. >> i need their vote. [laughter] ainsley: what are you going to say to him you see him the first time? >> i'm focused on working hard and learning how to dance and then doing the best job that i can. so that's where i'm going to focus my time and effort on. brian: it's up to him, too. my goodness. he doesn't have to talk to you about politics. he can talk to you about what you do in spare time. talk about training for the actual event? is somebody on abc going to do a feature on you and the history of the republican party and spicer uncovered? >> if it's nice, i wouldn't
4:36 am
be opposed to that. look, i had a chance to get together with the cast and the crew and the dancers, and they are just some amazing people with various and different background. steve: so some of them have reached out to you? >> we have obviously spent a lot of time together over the last 48 hours. it's been so heart-warming to have people say hey, i would really like to learn more about your background and i read about this or heard about this. i'm saying the same thing about them. tell me about this experience. so, i think it's going to be a really great cast and, as i said, i think that with the diversity that's in that cast, we actually could be a great example of you who you can do things going forward. steve: they are now in the 28th season, tom delay, prominent republican was featured one time. had you rick perry as well. >> yep. >> so if they look at politics, there have been some very prominent republicans.
4:37 am
>> and a lot of folks have done very well. so, again, i think i'm looking forward to getting away from politics for a while. a couple hours every week and hopefully entertaining a lot of folks and not embarrassing my family and my daughter. >> who is your partner going to be? >> i don't know yet. if ainsley works out, maybe we can make a deal. >they don't tell you. this year is very different than years' past. early next week you go to where you are going to rehearse and they show up and it's a surprise to each one of the cast members. steve: boot camp? >> yeah. brian: this guy caramel brown on queer eye? he came out and support. i just found out about the cast. i will tell you this i'm excited to sit down with him meaning you and engage in a respectful conversation. the only way things get better is if we try to educate those who have different points of view than us. and because he said something positive, he got blow back. >> yeah. and we actually had a great conversation well before the statement came out the first
4:38 am
two nights. he is a really interesting guy. a therapist by training. goes out and tries to help people. we clearly don't agree politically. but i think is he absolutely right. sitting down and having a conversation where you can talk about, a, other things than politics is great, but, b, even when you do, do so in a way that we are trying to understand the other side. i mean to ainsley's point. 50% of this country for the most part are on one side and roughly 1 rough 50% are on e other. what we need to do more of listener to what makes these people -- you are not bad because you are one side or the other. you have certain values or rachessed a certain way. i think what we need more of is exactly what he is talking about. tell me why you think the way you do or how are and why you believe it. we learn and grow as people when we do that. ainsley: all right. are you ready? are you ready to show what you have got? come on. come on. >> i know brian is jealous. [laughter] ♪ let's get loud.
4:39 am
ainsley: okay. show me how to dance. >> this is all i have got right now good old box step. ainsley: is it the fox? >> oh, no, box, step. ainsley: this is the sixth grade dance, remember? >> if that's the dance i'm going to win that one oh what are we doing here? you are a good little spinner. now here we go. can you dip me? [cheers] ainsley: there you go. okay. you are going to win. jillian is upstairs. she has some headlines. jillian: yea, that was awesome. good job both of you. let's start with this. a plane slides off the runway and bursts into flames trying to take off in california. look at this. you can see the raging fire fueled by a full tank of gas. amazingly, all 10 passengers and both pilots got off the
4:40 am
plane safely. the faa is investigating the plane was supposed to fly to portland. a police chase comes to a dramatic end when the speeding car suddenly slips on the road. watch this. >> oh. >> what the -- oh my god. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> phone the police. phone the police. >> police just released that insane dash cam video from last year. they say the driver was trying to outrun officers attempting to pull him over. no one was seriously hurt. a middle school wants to tackle drug addiction by randomly drug testing athletes. the north olmsted school district planning to test all students involved in sports and extracurricular activities. they could be benched for half the season if they are found using drugs. police are l. not be involved of the school superintendent says is he receiving overwhelming support from parents. and this: 2020 hopeful bill
4:41 am
de blasio ends the campaign livestream appearance on a very high note. listen to. this i apologize that you ever got to know donald trump. but this new yorker volunteers to get rid of him for you. thank you, everybody. i really really. jillian: can you see somebody frantically trying to fix the audio malfunction. barstool news tweeting the mayor's voice is higher than his poll numbers. a look at your headlines. let's go to janice dean right now. hi, janice. janice: good morning. beautiful day in new york city. right my friends? >> absolutely. janice: what are your names and where are you from. >> ginn from houston, texas. >> joe from houston, texas. >> betsy from asheville, north carolina. >> ashville. >> clinton michigan. >> what are your names. >> beth,. >> dave. janice: all right. we did it well and we didn't even rehearse. take a look at the maps and i will show you what a nice day in new york. it's going to get even nicer as we head into the weekends. temperatures are going to cool off and less humidity. that's exactly what's happening across the you were midwest and the great
4:42 am
lakes today. look at the maps. we could see the potential for showers and thunderstorms, however, because of this cold front along this cold front, some of those could turn severe, unfortunately with large hail and damaging winds so we will keep an eye out for that of course, it is tropical season so we are watching some activity in the atlantic. just near the baum that's could develobahamas thatcould dt couple of days. we will continue to monitor it. say hi, to steve ainsley and brian. >> good morning, everybody. we will come out in about an hour to do some cooking. brian: jillian will lead the way. meanwhile. steve: straight ahead gregg jarrett is going to join us live. first, sean, ains live "dancing with the stars." ♪ let's get loud ♪ ain't nobody got to tell you what you have got to do. ♪
4:43 am
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brian: prosecutors in washington state dealing with a new challenge verdicts from juries. steve: the state becoming the first in the nation to require judges to investigate possible implicit bias among the jurors. ainsley: okay. our next guest warns it could run the risk of setting guilty people free. brian: i don't see how. here to explain fox news legal analyst and author of for the coming book. witch-hunt, the story of the greatest mass delusion in american political history. does this concern you or hearten you to think we are going to purity test for juries. >> it is equally as absurd as sean spicer on dancing with the stars. to put it in perspective here. a juror voted to convict african-american woman went to the defense afterwards. she had post conviction
4:47 am
remorse which is fairly typical. she said oh, you know, my fellow jurors didn't like the arguments i was making. the defense said ah-ha this is implicit racial bias and the supreme court in washington state bought it saying now judges must hold full blown hearings to determine implicit racial bias. that's an impossible standard. brian: it is. >> now we want judges to intuit the inner feelings they have to be clairvoyant or tell path thick to do it. steve: after a jury reach as verdict they have to figure whether or not there was bias. >> if there is a claim by defense concept. brian: if you are a defense lawyer and you lose why wouldn't you claim that. >> of course you would. this has a severe chilling effect. think of it now. if you are a juror, you are going to be afraid to disagree with a fellow juror of color because then you will be acaused of implicit racial bias. if this case ever actually
4:48 am
gets to the u.s. supreme court, they will laugh it out of building. ainsley: what about in california? they are testing out a system where they eliminate bail for certain criminals? >> yeah. they want to use, in some jurisdictions, a mathematical algorithm instead of using a judge. algorithms have their bias as well. in fact, some instances have shown that it's actually more punishing to an accused individual who will be denied bail based on the algorithm. look. bail has long existed for hundreds of years going back to great britain. there is a couple of good reasons for it. first of all, ten sures public safety and second of all it assures the accused is going to show up for trial. judges are in the best position to determine that and they always have. sure there is disparity and iniquity. but to leave it to mathematical algorithms or in some jurisdictions to just eliminate bail whatsoever is obviously dangerous. brian: when are we going to get the horowitz report as
4:49 am
we go back to russia real quick? >> it's completed and durham, the u.s. attorney all the transcripts of 100 plus witnesses and a million pages of documents and so forth. so it's now going through a classification review. you can bet that christopher wray, the fbi director is fighting tooth and nail to hide and conceal and cover up everything. it's time christopher wray leave the fbi. steve: all right. gregg jarrett author of the new book "witch-hunt" comes out soon. ainsley: you can preorder it now. >> yes. thank you. i will give you guys free copies. brian: absolutely. or at least a discount. steve: thank you, gregg. ainsley: 49 minutes after the top of the hour. we are getting a taste of the kentucky state fair. griff jenkins is trying everything from the deep fried oreos to a cajun corn dog and we are "fox news live" louisville. brian: we are checking his cholesterol, next. ♪ i
4:50 am
♪ -motor? -it's pronounced "mo-tour." for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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4:53 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: the kentucky state fair officially in full swing with more than 600,000 people expected to attend the 117th annual event. steve: and griff jenkins has been there checking out all the food. griff, last week we saw a lot of the candidates at the iowa state fair with a lot of things on sticks and they have the same stuff in louisville, don't they? >> they do. kentucky, guys has not been kind to my waist line. they have been trying more than chicken. i have been eating a cheeseburger on a doughnut or meet royalty, the corn dog king. watch. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:54 am
♪ griff: not everybody admits it but it's pretty well known a lot of people come to the fair for the food. here in kentucky, they have got some of the best. ♪ ♪ griff: what have you got? >> i have the deep fried oreos. griff: take a bite and let me know how it is. >> that's really good. griff: what are you selling? >> we have doughnut burgers, hamburger, and then we put bacon, cheese, lettuce, pickle, onions. the doughnuts are the bun. griff: that maybe the best burger i have ever eaten. >> looks like have you ice cream. what are you making. >> homemade ice cream john deere 1928 engine. griff: is it any good. >> best there is here. best in kentucky. griff: i'll be the judge of that. hold. this. >> all right. griff: wow. i came here.
4:55 am
what have you got for me? >> an ear of corn here butter and salt on it. you tell me if it's any good or not. ♪ ♪ griff: yes. wow. wouldn't be a state fair without corn dogs and so we have come here where we heard there is a corn dog king. what exactly is this? >> it's spicy gooey sausage i dipped in jalapeño corn batter. griff: that's the best corn dog i have ever had. >> thank you. griff: they are going gourmet here. what i really want to taste before i leave kentucky is that 2.5, 3-million-dollar ham governor bevin is in there trying to get that auction started. guys? steve: so, griff, after they auction off a ham for last year it was $2.8 million, do people actually eat the ham? griff: exactly. so it's auctioned off. obviously the high dollar is for charity as the governor mentioned. but then they cut it all up and everybody at the famous
4:56 am
ham breakfast gets to eat the million-dollar ham. and i'm hoping to be one of those. we don't know exactly when that auction will happen. but it's some time this morning and i don't know, i just got to try a million-dollar ham. brian: griff, how much did you pay to get in? griff: what's that? brian: how much did you pay to get in? griff: i didn't pay anything to get in. it's the fair. you can come and it's free except for at the gate you do have to buy a ticket. and i had to buy a ticket to go on those rides, by the way, which are a little bit scary but nikki was brave enough to hold a camera when i was doing like 100-foot drop. we will bring that to you in the next hour. i will admit i was scared. brian: that should be very interesting on the expense report. ainsley: get the coupon in the newspaper sometimes you can get 50% off one day. steve: griff is brilliant. he showed up before dawn before the ticket takers were there and he had a live truck. griff, thank you very much.
4:57 am
we are going to step aside. the final hour of this "fox & friends" for a thursday. bill bennett and lawrence jones will be here. brian: neither of them are on dancing with the stars. ♪ that a handle is just a handle. or... that you can't be both inside and outside. . . w get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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♪ steve: all right. live from new york city, thursday august 22nd "fox & friends" for very busy thursday. you saw ainsley actually dancing one of the new stars, there he is, mr. sean spicer. brian: ainsley, they will be calling you next. can you dance? ainsley: no, i cannot. i can do a few moves. brian: did you stretch out before the segment. ainsley: i had three bottles of wine. that is my liquid courage,
5:01 am
getting on a dance floor. i've seen you dance at a wedding before. steve: yes you have. ainsley: you do a lot of bouncing and acrobatic. brian: he does work on a trampoline. ainsley: the best dancer i ever seen is elaine on "seinfeld." steve: that is exactly right. coming up at the hour challenge on the grill continues today. jillian will be preparing something. she is trying to beat all of us. you have to stick around. it is a unique recipe. brian: never seen jillian so nervous. she wants to win. steve: they're laughing back there. brian: she is so focused. ainsley: i was told when i cooked fish i was definitely losing. you came out with fish and clams. brian: angry clams. ainsley: angry clams. you're losing too. you didn't even cook. you got friends to do it. brian: i supervised. i brought in friends. ainsley: jillian is vegetarian.
5:02 am
sorry, jillian, you might lose. steak and potatoes. steve: steak and potatoes, hard to go wrongers use your own cow? >> no. it was from the store. we have done that in the past. news of the day yesterday, the department of homeland security announced a permanent fix to the flores settlement. that was always temporary. the administration will come out with a set of rules, so the migrant families can be kept completely intact through the adjudication process. the flores agreement says after 20 days you have to let the families go. this will change that until they get the day in court. ainsley: the max couple time they are there is 60 days. not indefinite. brian: in the proposal that lindsey graham put forward that was getting some democratic support, he talked about the flores rule, how it was preventing them from enforcing the border, incentivizing those in central america to come here, because in 20 days you get to stay here.
5:03 am
but nobody on the left thought they would miss an opportunity to say the president doesn't like children. watch. >> i think that the trump administration, people sit around every single day thinking of new ways to be cruel to these migrants? immigrant families and specifically kids, they will be held, literally indefinitely. at the pleasure of the trump administration. kind of like guantanamo. >> pursue immigration reform with common sense and compassion. instead of this cruelty that this administration continues to show. steve: that was the announcement. the department of homeland security is coming up with permanent regulations. i think they will announce them officially on friday. then there will be 60 days where you can make public comments. they will undoubtedly be sued. nonetheless the president yesterday, as he was heading to louisville, kentucky, made it cleaver where he stands on all of this. >> if you remember president obama had separation.
5:04 am
i'm the one that brought them together. this new rule will do even more to bring them together. but it was president obama that had the separation. i am the one that kept the families together. brian: so, what he is trying to say is, also steve, marge morgan told us in the break, there is time for public comment. they asked congress to do it. congress didn't do it. they put put it up public comment. each one of public comments had to be answered. steve: he said over 100,000. brian: they're ready to present. courts will take action on every executive order the president puts out. maybe the president could use somebody to back him. maybe somebody who worked for president obama. jeh johnson. here is what he said about the flores rule. >> well, we expanded family detention. then we ran into the issue of flores case. i disagreed with the ruling in the flores case. i think our border patrol,
5:05 am
immigration enforcement people need tools to deal with situations like this. steve: when flores came out in '97, it applied mainly to kids that came in the country alone. during the obama administration, a judge ruled that the requirements applied to children with families after the obama administration started to build detention centers for families. ainsley: the bottom line is. president said this. when the individuals after 20 days, when they're released into the united states, they don't show up. a majority of them do not show up for their court date. so the president is saying look, most of them are good people, but this is way we can get them in front of a judge, to find out exactly what the situation is back home. they're seeking asylum, they're in jeopardy, their lives are in danger, they let them stay. if not, they go back home. also a way for us to determine if they're criminals, really more about the individuals. brian: they use the system. they were abusing the system by bringing, taking advantage of the flores rule. it wasn't the intention of the
5:06 am
judge or the rule itself but it was taken advantage by central and south americans. as tom homan predicted, talked about earlier, former border patrol chief, he said he knew this would cause a flood at the gates. it raised illegal apprehensions up 450%. steve: just about an hour ago we had mark morgan, the acting cpb commissioner, also worked during the obama administration. he says this rule change is a step in the right direction. >> right now because of the current flores settlement agreement, everybody knows the smugglers know, those trying to enter illegally into the country know, you grab a kid that is u.s. passport into the united states. we can't hold you more than 20 days. that is not long enough to go through immigration proceedings. it's a crisis. this new rule will address this, about 40 or 50 days. that is what we're talking about, 20 do 50 to 60 days in general what we're talking about. it is not indefinite. long enough to go through the immigration process.
5:07 am
the american people need to understand. this is a game-changer. this needs to get passed. this will eliminate a significant part of this crisis. brian: i know we're in the political season. mark morgan worked for president obama on border patrol. kevin mcaleenan had a key position with democratic administration. he is running dhs. jeh johnson, they had the same thing, they felt the same way. this is not a political move. this is humanitarian way to be, to form a deterrent to stop the flood of illegals coming to our border. breaking the asylum system. steve: the key to this new regulation is that it has to perfectly mirror the flores settlement. we talked to mr. morgan during the commercial break. he said not only does it mirror it, it actually improves on it. so they are expecting that it will become regulation. ainsley: if you look at polls though, you ask most americans, they could want to know who is
5:08 am
coming into the country. this is an important issue. brian: a basic thing. we used to all agree. it seems to have changed. you might not watch bill maher on hbo you might not have hbo but you know he is impact player on the left. many people took note, he thought this bds movement, international movement to divest from investing in israel is ridiculous and hurts the democratic party. here is what he said on his show. >> it's a [bleep] purity test. bds a [bleep] purity test by people who want to appear woke but actually slept through history class. as if the occupation came right out of the blue. that this completely peaceful people, found themselves occupied. forget about the intifadas and suicide bombers. steve: reason he was talking about that on his program last friday night, last night, rather last week, the country of israel denied rashida tlaib and congresswoman omar access to go into israel and then talib,
5:09 am
congresswoman tlaib applied for humanitarian consideration and she was granted it. she said i'm not going to go. so ultimately he was talking about how talib was a big supporter of bds but nobody knew about that who voted for her until she was actually elected. she came out and announced that. ainsley: congresswoman tlaib tweeted this out on saturday. maybe folks should boycott his show, talking about bill maher. i'm tired of folks discrediting a form of speech centered on equality and freedom this is how they tried to discredit, stop the boycott to stand up against apartheid in south africa. it didn't work then it, won't now. brian: does anyone not, does anyone not agree with her think that is leap way too far? answer, yes, me for one. bill maher for two. he tweeted this back. some people have one move only, boycott, cancel, make go away. here is the thing, the house voted 318-17 to condemn the bds
5:10 am
movement including 93% of democrats. does talib want to boycott 93% of her own party? steve: bill maher got the number wrong. it was 398. he is calling her on the boycott business. email us, fox we're also on facebook. ainsley: jillian has more headlines. jillian: good morning to you. let's begin with a fox news alert. a sheriff's deputy is shot by a sniper, it happened outside of his station. >> taken a shot. shots fired. i'm hit in the right shoulder. it might have gone through. [inaudible]. jillian: 21-year-old deputy angel renosos made a terrifying radio call in lancaster, california. the though said the officer will be okayed because he was
5:11 am
prepared. >> he fortunately was wearing a vest. the vest saved his life. jillian: no arrests have been made. breaking right now, former colorado governor john hickenlooper is officially running for senate in 2020. he is one of 12 candidates vying for republican cory gardner's seat. he dropped out of the presidential race last week. washington governor jay inslee is following suit. he is expected to announce today he is seeking a third term as governor. one day after pulling out of the race for the white house. neither inslee or hickenlooper qualified for a third democratic debate in houston next month. the moderators will be george stephanopoulos, lindsey davis, david muir, george ramos on abc news. did i say his name right? gaffe rin scott is charged with manslaughter. he claimed mitchell showed up had his family's hotel room and
5:12 am
demanding money in april. mitchell tested positive for drugs. hasgood says he is innocent. he didn't think he will getget a fair trial. former custodian is starting as principal of a elementary school after working in the denver public school system for 30 years. michael says hopes to be a role model. >> don't let someone bright your own story. write your own story. if someone has something to do with your own story, let them edit, right? do in the let them create. jillian: atkins hopes his story will inspire kids. steve: thank you. brian: jillian, put on your apron. 12 minutes after the hour. joe biden is campaigning in iowa all month. what do voters there think about him? we sent lawrence jones to find out. >> do you think he has the stamina to defeat donald trump? >> i hope so. i really hope so. >> do you know so?
5:13 am
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♪ steve: you know that former vice president joe biden has been leading in national polls ever since he declared and he
5:17 am
has been on the campaign trail this past week in the state of iowa. ainsley: fox news contributor lawrence jones was in the hawkeye state at several joe biden events to see what voters think of his campaign pitch. >> who is your favorite in the race. >> joe and pete. >> joe and pete. >> is joe progressive enough? >> for me, yes. for the youth i'm not so sure. >> when you look at the other candidates right now, it seems to be the more progressive candidates. do you think joe is heading that direction? >> he is not more progressive but more moderate. i think he is the one to beat trump. >> what do you expect from biden? >> canned political speech. >> do you think he has the stamina to defeat donald trump. >> i hope so. i hope so. >> do you know so? >> i know so. i know so. >> he is probably tired. i would be exhausted.
5:18 am
who could do what he is doing, what all the candidates are -- >> what do you think of reports president obama discouraging him to run for president, does that concern you? >> not at all. if biden wants to run for president, he can run do whatever the heck he wants. >> i feel obama doesn't want to get in the middle of it. >> i think he is not wanting to make enemies among the candidates that are there. >> joe's joe. he was a political leader before obama came along. he has to got to respect presidt obama. this is joe's campaign. steve: joe is the front-runner. although couple people were asked whether or not he is progressive enough. that is the key to the difference between the general election and primary election. during the primaries, particularly now, joe is the establishment safe candidate as we heard this week. and everybody else is trying to be more progressive. more like bernie sanders who really caught fire last time but he feels, famously, that the
5:19 am
system was rigged against him. that is why hillary clinton got the nomination and why he lost. ainsley: 75 people were there. many were not enthused. many undecided voters who there to hear joe biden, what he stood for. when you watch the sound bites lawrence put together, they lack confidence in him. but if you ask conservatives if they think, the president, most people if you ask they think president trump will win again, they are supporters of his, oh, yeah, he definitely will win. there is more confidence i feel like on the conservative side. steve: the number one issue for democrats, who is the candidate that can beat donald trump. right now, a majority of them are at least, plurality of them, feel it is joe biden. all right. moving on from that, 8:20 here in new york is it. he is a former wwe wrestler. he is stepping out of the wring, into the political arena. ainsley: dan is here with a big announcement coming up next.
5:20 am
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5:24 am
should pay $167 it owes in taxes if they want to reopen. when the restaurant was shut down this week, the 2020 hopeful tweeted, it must be saved. i'm ready to anything i can to get them reopened. brian, down to you. brian: thanks, jillian. you know him from the wwe. he is entering the political arena. dan rodemeir, better known in wrestling as dan rodman, announced this morning right here he is running for congress in nevada's third congressional district. he joins us to tell us what his message is. number one, you're wearing a shirt. that is different from the shot. >> a little bit different. brian: what makes you want to do this. >> one, thank you very much for having me. you know, you would know better than most. you're a wrestling fan. there is a lot of congressman lawyers up there, but are there any wrestlers? i don't think so. brian: jesse's gone but you're a lawyer. >> i think i will be the first
5:25 am
one. but, yeah, the thing is, when i was in wwe, i wasn't the best wrestler, okay, but i was great on a microphone. do a two-minute promo on a eight minute match. i would do a eight-minute promo for a two minute match. that is what i'm good at, bringing people together. my thing is results, okay. i want results, not resistance. i think that is what nevada wants. that is what america wants. brian: linda mcmahon did exceedingly well one of the founders, president of wwe. for president trump, almost was senator from connecticut. jesse ventura, who had a very checkered four years in office as governor. what do you think you bring to the table and what do you think, what do you think your earlier training can help you with now? >> well, honestly i don't know what congress is like because i'm not there yet. when i do get to congress i look forward to it. i can't wait to work with our great president and, you know, between the two of us i think we
5:26 am
can definitely get up there and knock some sense into the washington, d.c. kind of like a tag-team i guess. you know? brian: absolutely. blackjack mulligan. >> yeah. brian: we'll see if you get some help. a couple things. you're comfortable in front of the camera. you're comfortable with the microphone. you're comfortable in an ad-lib situation. in terms of political background, you're a lawyer, right? >> i have my jd. i graduated from "ave maria," one of the most conservative law schools in the nation. i can read a bill. write a bill. written a few, helped out doing that i'm not just a big meathead. brian: nevada is, it's a state the president wants, thought he had last time. it's a state that can either way, purple. you're in a district barely republican, right, plus two? >> r plus two. yep. brian: how does that affect what you will be representing? how do you feel about guns? you talked about a panic button
5:27 am
for classrooms? >> yeah i'm on the school safety advisory committee. children are number one priority. i have got five kids myself. i'm worried about the future of them. i'm a small business owner too. i'm frustrated with the red tape from bureaucrats when it comes to small businesses. you know, i want to cut that. i believe in tax cuts for small businesses. heck, i believe in a tax cut for the middle class as well. brian: a lot of people think that could be payroll tax cuts. that would be something that would resonate. >> we'll see how it goes. i can't wait it sit down with the president, talk to him, i'm pretty sure we can, we can come up with some good ideas. brian: you have to get through the primary. >> through the primary. brian: susan li, would be your opponent, right. >> susie lee. she voted 98 with aoc. she is pretty far left. even democrats are not big fans. brian: that is what you want to do. now, true or false, you did have a problem in a waffle house, right? >> a waffle house, yes.
5:28 am
actually, [laughter] on halloween i was dressed up. one of my little buddies at law school, he was dressed up in my wwe outfit. sure enough, three or four guys started pushing on him, pushing him around. i went to stop it. the guy is point at me. i did a shove. that's about it. my shove is big shoves. talking about shoves, sean spicer was on here earlier. he got to dance. does that mean you and i get to wrestle? brian: i would love to wrestle. i didn't bring my gear now. i like to fight in tight outfits. i'm afraid you will grab me, take advantage. we'll see. >> i have something special for you. brian: really? >> i brought you something. hang on a second. now this, brian hopefully will fit you. this is the first shirt, okay, this is the number one shirt, big dan for congress.
5:29 am
brian: i can't pick a candidate. i don't know if i can accept the exist. i am honored to get it. always great when people give back. that is what it is supposed to be about service. >> any of your friend want one. go to dan in case your family comes on. brian: we invited democratic congresswoman susan li to appear in the program. we did not hear back yet but we have tape of dan. best of luck. i wish you weren't so shy. don't call them felons that might hurt their feelings. justice-involved person is better. how one city is trying to rebrand criminals. how do you feel about that? plus "fox & friends" will go to the fair. griff jenkins is live in louisville where he did not pay to get in. griff? reporter: that's right. this morning we rode rides. walk ad goat. saw a horse show. look, we've got ham.
5:30 am
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♪ >> from the briefing room, it is sean spicer. [applause] steve: you have got one of the new stars of "dancing with the stars." brian: christie brinkley. >> she will be on there. so is somebody we've known for a very long time, sean spicer. as soon as it was announced that sean spicer was going to be on the show, a lot of people were going, wait a minute. you mean the guy from the trump administration? there has been a lot of blowback. >> tom bergeron, a long-time host of that show got political. people didn't know that he, i don't know, he has never been political before. he is upset that sean's going to be on the show because of who he
5:34 am
stands for. he worked for the administration. this is what tom bergeron on twitter. a few month ago with "dancing with the stars" new producer i offered suggestions for season 28. chief among them that "dancing with the stars" would be respite from exhausting political climate. reprieve from any bookings with party affiliations. i left that lunch convinced we were in agreement. subsequently, obviously a decision was made as we say in hollywood go into a different direction. brian: i don't get it, if you don't want it to be political. it was on the entertainment division. we would have rolled in one of jillian's news stories. caught sean's attention, bring him in. it became a major political story because tom bergeron put out that statement. steve: "new york times" has an article today, don't like sean spicer tap dance out of infamy on "dancing with the stars."
5:35 am
the casting the on reality stars makes political deception a joke. that is what "new york times" says. what did sean spicer say about all the reaction. here is what he said on the program an hour ago. >> i share his sentiment. this should be two hours of politics-free. more than that, i hope what this show is at the end of the season is an example of people of a bunch of different backgrounds getting together, leaving politics aside, having a good time in a civil respectful way. my hope and goal is that at the end of the season, tom looks back, you know what, we need more of this, not less of it. steve: would also like to think at the end of the season he is the winner. brian: right. ainsley: i don't think it was smart, i'm sure abc was mad at him, tweeting him out, half of their audience, most of their audience, probably women. a lot of them live in middle america, a lot of them support the president. brian: i have a little different theory. i have theory they knew exactly
5:36 am
what he would do. we have news shows, political shows, entertainment shows, all talking about this thing. i think they benefit from the so-called controversy. steve: ultimately they have the launch on "good morning america" to generate buzz. now a lot of people will be tuning in to see that guidance. brian: a lot more will be tuning in to watch -- by the way a lot of people tune in to watch jillian cook shortly. first things first. jillian: start off with the headlines, this story a young boy rush to the hospital overnight after police say he was attacked by a mountain lion. the attacked happen in bailey colorado, an hour outside of denver. the parks and wildlife department is searching for the animal and warning people to keep their pets inside. no word on the 8-year-old's injuries. despite the high crime rate, san francisco is rebranding its language to change how people view criminals. from now on, convicted felons will be known as justice-involved people. the words offender and addict
5:37 am
will also be nixed. a city supervisor tells the "san francisco chronicle" quote, we don't want people to be forever labeled for the worst things they have done, adding referring to them as felons scarlet letter they can never get away from. combat veteran and beauty queen stripped of her crown days before the america pageant. former miss nevada katy joe williams was banned over politically conservative social media posts. williams told us earlier she disagrees. >> they can say they're apolitical all they want, however when they have other contestants posting more liberal views and nothing's been done to them, they're still wearing their crown and sash. jillian: pageant officials say williams is quote, distorting the facts. send it back to you. steve: moving on to other things. thank you very much. ainsley: 117th kentucky state fair is officially in full swing. brian: 600,000 people expected it is a busy week and a half at
5:38 am
the fairgrounds. steve: week 1/2 long, that's right. griff jenkins joins us live from the fair. griff, earlier you showed us fantastic state fair food. now i bet you will go for a ride? >> absolutely, steve. from corndogs to ferris wheels. even a world championship horse show, they have everything here in kentucky. watch. ♪ kentucky known for three things, bluegrass, bourbon, horses. they have all three right here at the state fair. ♪ >> our world championship show. people wait all year. they work all year for this particular show. >> instead of riding my horse, i will drive it. it's a little buggy. it is really fun. reporter: a celebrity does this too. >> william shatner, if you haven't seen him. it is so exciting.
5:39 am
♪ reporter: this cow? >> charlie can. reporter: sometimes you have to take a load off at the fair, huh? ♪ not everybody will admit the reason they come to the fair is for the food. ♪ that is even better than the ice cream. holy cow. what is the best part of the fair? this? >> yes. definitely. >> only come to the fair for the food. >> this is really good. >> i like to eat corndogs. ♪ >> that is the best corndog i ever had. >> thank you. reporter: two things i love in life. the one is doughnuts. the other is cheese bergers. easy when i found her doughnut
5:40 am
burger. >> doughnuts with hamburger. we dip the patty in maple bourbon glaze. reporter: oh. ♪ that is really good. wristband to ride the rides. game tickets to win the big prize. come on, let's go. ♪ [buzzer] [buzzer] [applause] thank you, sir. what's your favorite thing about the fair? >> going on rides. reporter: any of the rides scary? >> no, not really. reporter: [screaming] the best food, best rides, the horse show, and this scary thing. from the kentucky state fair. the woman that gave me that doughnut burger, her name is
5:41 am
cecelia. today is her birthday. we want to wish her a happy birthday. the million dollar ham. they gave me some ham. it is not the million dollar one. they say this is his brother. steve: we'll have to trust them. terrific. looks like a lot of fun. griff, thank you very much. ainsley: first it was recreational pot. now a judge down in mexico just approved recreational cocaine. is that really a good idea? brian: i don't think so but let's see. former drug czar bill bennett here to react to that and so much more. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around? that's why there's ilumya. with just 2 doses, a majority of people were clear or almost clear. and over time, even more people were clear or almost clear. all with dosing 4 times a year... after 2 initial doses.
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♪ jillian: good morning. welcome back. some quick headlines now. new york city mayor de blasio makes it easier for illegal immigrants to get affordable housing. he revealed new rules to expand eligibility for the program. applicants must provide proof they pay their rent on time, instead of former creditly
5:45 am
credit checks which require social security numbers. new law prevents illegal immigrants from being evicted. democrat governor jb pritzker signed the law, calling it a firewall against president trump who he says is creating a climate of fear. back to you guys. ainsley: judge in mexico issuing a stunning ruling allowing two people to possess transport, even use cocaine recreationally. steve: recreational cocaine, you heard right. the decision is hailed as historic step for ending mexico's war on drugs. will it have the impact on the illegal drug trade at our southern border? brian: ask former drug czar under george h.w. bush administration, host of weiss weiss wiseguys on "fox nation." >> this is big deal. you have a difficult situation
5:46 am
in mexico. this will not improve things. this will not improve things for the u.s. it will probably drive up immigration, because it will cause more chaos. take the experience of the united states here as precedent. if you look at a state like california, which passed legalization on the grounds that it would eliminate the black market. 2/3 of the marijuana sold in the state of california is still black market. they won't eliminate the cartels. they will have a lot more cocaine. it is really bad idea. ainsley: it is crazy when you read the reason. the judge said he is for recreational use of cocaine because it relieves tensions and allows people to have a new personal and spiritual experience? steve: oh. ainsley: could this bleed into the united states? because we know the majority of our drugs are coming over the border. >> maybe we hear it in a democrat debate, i don't know. you can kill yourself and that relieves tension as well. if you take a lot of cocaine that is exactly what you're doing. it could bleed into the united states. i'm afraid that the softness of many of the states here, not all
5:47 am
of them on this issue, is probably not helping mexico does look to us as, you know, as a precedent, as a country that knows what it is doing. the president i think, his instincts are very good on this issue. for pete's sakes, anybody noticed we're in the midst of a terrible, awful, opioid crisis, illegal drug crisis. now we've got this legalization effort at the border and in our states. steve: looks like a step in the wrong direction. >> absolutely. >> for the folks who are watching now, there is a new episode on healing cultural divide in the united states. the man in the striped tie is in that. here's a clip from it. >> where does this cultural divide go? is it settled by an election. >> this is job for the president of the united states, trump in his second term, the next president, schools, how do we do it? >> you are the greatest educator that is the problem on campuses. you would win an election in one
5:48 am
direction. campuses are using the war room, justice room. a reform in education is what i think the most important matter to do to -- >> looking to the campuses for unification of the country? shakespeare said, don't trouble the poor with begging. steve: taking on the cultural divide. what did you figure out at the end of the roundtable.? >> i call it wise guys. we call it bill and friends. who how do we people to understand the country, understand it, love it, love the traditions and ideals if we don't teach it? knows of what they get in school is criticism of america. but my specific question was, if this is where we are 14 1/2 months out from the election, with this kind of stuff being said about the president, this kind of divide, where are we going to be in a year?
5:49 am
where will we be in nine months? steve: where do you think? >> i expect in a worse place. i don't see democrat calming down. maybe, maybe, they will try to go back to the middle after they get a nominee. but i don't know. they are out there, by the way. it is not just talib and ilhan omar who are out there. the major presidential candidates are out there to the left. we have a major cultural divide. brian: a guy like harry reid comes out of and says democrats are way out there you know they're way out there. >> that's right. harry reid. tom friedman. "morning joe," you may have heard of him, i don't know. they all said the democratic party is putting itself in the position where it can't win. that is fine with me. it is not good for the country. that divide is not good for the country. steve: check that out, wise guys. known as bill and friends on, as of today. bill, thank you very much for being here. >> as always. brian: if we get greenland, everything else will be easy. steve: i heard iceland.
5:50 am
ainsley: iceland is the one that is preen land. greenland is the one that is cold. brian: vikings tried to screw us up. nice try, vikings. steve: grill in front of the building. day four of the "fox & friends" grilling contest. it is jillian's turn. what is she cooking? find out next. first let's check in with sandra smith at the top of the hour. >> save some for us. gunman opening fire outside after california sheriff's office. a gunman still on the loose. we'll have an update at the top of the hour. plus a connecticut man charged with killing a hotel worker saying he would do it all over again to protect his family. he will head to court today on the caribbean island. will i get a fair trial? president trump doubling down on two democratic congresswoman. brand new reaction. congressman lee zeldin, newt gingrich, former obama
5:51 am
economist, mohammed el-erian. more coming up live on america's newsroom top of the hour. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed. i wish that i had gone to aspen dental on day one and not waited three years. at aspen dental, we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exams and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes, whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call now at 1-800-aspendental.
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♪ ainsley: all week long we've been sharing our favorite grilling recipes. at the end of the week you will be able to pick the favorite by voting on our online poll. steve: jillian is actually cooking and not brought in her neighbors. jillian: not brought in the neighbors. this is zucchini. i will not demonstrate, i have cut my finger. you slice it, get the thin pieces. put them on the grill. in fairness, i totally bake
5:55 am
this, i grilled it, because we had to break something. put grill marks on it. put the zucchini in x shape. you see that you whip up the middle. ainsley: got to put the sauce on this. jillian: there is parmesan, there is an egg. put salt or garlic. you literally fold it into an envelope. turn it over, put it in the baking dish or the grill. at the very end put the sauce. ainsley: show us how to do the sauce. jillian: there you go. janice: that is amazing. it is a vegetarian recipe. bake it 25, 30 minutes, 375. if you grill it. whatever works. anything. lots of wine. truly, i never grilled it. i never thought how it would turn out. i thought you can't go wrong with cookies and ice cream. brian: you can't grill cookies, can you? jillian: we did. they're on the grill. it makes them nice and warm. you have the warm cookies.
5:56 am
brian: that is bribing, bribing the judges who we are americans. with sweets. jillian: this was all me. i didn't bring in my neighbors, okay? janice: jillian, i am impressed. it is very good. jillian: called zucchini ravioli. brian: oh, yeah? jillian: when i became a vegetarian. i looking for recipes. steve: it is so simple. get the recipe on you can start voting for your favorites starting on sunday after everybody has prepared. janice is tomorrow. brian: going for show. more "fox & friends" show in just a moment. ♪ y, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more
5:57 am
e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country.
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>> there's a reason why were playing that song. scott will be rocking this veranda on that stage tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow. >> sandra: southern california on high alert after a sniper opens fire outside of the california sheriff's office. the gunman remains at large after wounding a deputy in the shoulder. that same deputy was able to call it in. >> taking shots. got me in the right shoulder. >> sandra: that deputy, we are told, will be okay, but now a massive manhunt is underway. we are going to have more on this later in the hour. but first, an american man charged with killing a hotel worker on his family's vacation. heading to court and the caribbean tay


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