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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 22, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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e that! it goes by, a metaphor -- enjoy every second. we'll be back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., the show that is sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. sean hannity next from new york. >> sean: we have a lot of ground to cover tonight, buckle up. bernie sanders just rolled out a laughable $16.3 trillion plan to end all carbon pollution but our total federal budget is around $4 trillion. if we will do the math and put logic behind it, also tonight congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, the leader of the "squatter," she has called the electoral college racist all while ignoring the virulent anti-semites in her own squad, we will have a lot on that coming up. we begin tonight, a shocking new development surrounding hillary clinton, the hills john
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sullivan reporting the case surrounding her illicit server might not be settled. james comey and his fbi failed to grant investigators access, we learned highly classified information that we now know was critical to you there case. agents were tasked with investigating hillary clinton but they weren't allowed to see key pieces of damning evidence, it appears the rigged investigation was far more red than we ever knew. the probe was a calm job, it's obvious the investigation was rigged from the beginning under comey, mccabe, strzok, they were never going to bring any charges against hillary clinton, she absolutely got eight get out of jail free card and if you don't believe me, if you ever have your email subpoenaed, you delete them, you acid wash your
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hard drive and you destroy your phones with a hammer and remove the sim card, good luck with that. maybe try lying to a judge one day on a spectacular level using russian lies. maybe try spying on innocent people one day, try that. good luck to you, if the people who did all of this are not held accountable, we might as well just shred the united states constitution because this will be the banana republic states of america. that's not going to be good to. one system of justice for the powerful, connected, one for the rest of us. it appears tonight the level of commitment to protect hillary clinton and take down donald trump was real at the center of all this with these people in power in the washington swamp. they called it operation cross fire hurricane against donald trump immediately after sweeping the clinton matter under the rug and we will give you the details, after wrecking her investigation, details coming. comey's fbi embarked on
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intensive witch hunt, they spied on his campaign with multiple undercover operations, they tapped into his staff communications and they outsourced and coordinated spying to our allies, their intelligence agencies, all to circumvent u.s. laws. all in an effort to dig up any dirt possible on donald trump and helped elect the candidate they just saved from indictment, they just used his russian lies to try to remove a duly elected president after he won, in spite of their efforts, that's their insurance policy. tonight, the question is not whether this is true, we have real evidence to back all of this up. the question is tonight whether or not we will have equal justice and equal application of our nation's laws or will the powerful, the most powerful, the lawbreakers get a pass just like
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hillary clinton was given a pass. will she still continued to get that pass? if this great republic is to survive as a great republic, this two tiered justice system can't stand. the only way you're going to prevent it is to hold those people accountable. i could not in full confidence tell you tonight that everybody who deserves to be held accountable will be held accountable. i can tell you with 1000% confidence, all of this abuse of power and corruption did a occ. sadly i must report that the new fbi director, for some inexplicable reason, christopher wray is now stonewalling the investigation into the investigators every step of the way. that is not a good sign for cleaning up what i have said is the premier law enforcement agency in the world. with more on this breaking news report, john solomon.
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i'm reading your piece, we had critical, crucial, key information and you didn't even point to where we can find it. comey did not allow his investigators access to it, why? >> it's an unclear answer whether it was a blunder or an intentional effort to bury evidence. what's disturbing about the fact that we don't know the answer is the inspector general michael horowitz identified this failure in the email case a year ago. you had to attorney generals since then, jeff sessions and bill barr. if we had chris wray in charge and despite numerous letters from senators grassley and johnson, the justice department has yet to respond to let us know even after the fact, they went to look at this evidence the fbi agents themselves said was important for them to see. >> sean: the attorney general
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was asked by senator grassley and you point this out in your confirmation hearing whether or not he would give a written report, where does that stand? >> there's been no response, crickets and the senate. the american public are left in the dark and it creates that perception as you rightfully mentioned. >> sean: explain the nature of this evidence they have right at their fingertips. they didn't allow investigators to see. >> we can only get a little glimpse of it from the descriptions and correspondence that i was able to look at. it appears to be highly classified information, or people who looked at them, other evidence of communication around her email server, it is highly classified. so classified some members of congress even though they have high levels of classification couldn't see it come only special people could go in. whatever this is, it's sensitive information and the fbi should have sought three years ago.
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>> sean: that has to be gotten to the bottom of, that's pretty serious. lindsey graham said the ig report will be chilling and he said horowitz will come to his committee to testify, get all the time he needs, it will be in public, they will do as much as possible in the open. now the question is if, in fact, based on your reporting that they were all warned the dossier was dirty, it was russian lies, later we find out the fbi mapped out 90 to 100% was false but it was the bulk of information to spy on the president, his transition team, and a presidential candidate, the question is if i lied to a judge, if i had a premeditated fraud before a judge and i was warned it was a fraud ahead of time multiple times, what i be going to jail? >> you absolutely would, the question remains, will those involved in this case it faced
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the same of justice? >> sean: you would agree i would go to jail, sean hannity would go to jail. >> i would too and i would expect to. if i did those things, those are criminal in nature. what i can report is the ig has completed his report, it is expected to be transmitted as early as next week to attorney general william barr and that will begin a process of declassification. i think we are still on track for that timeline, mid-september to early october seems the most likely release point. it's going to be a tough report. >> sean: john solomon investigative reporter. judicial watch has used the freedom of information act to chip away at the clinton server scandal and today they made some real progress. here with more is catherine herridge. >> this afternoon after five years of litigation, the federal judge here in washington gave judicial watch everything i asked for and according to this
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court order, that means additional discovery and witnesses. two key witnesses could be under oath again, the judge gave attorneys for hillary clinton and her longtime eight cheryl mills 30 days to oppose the depositions and with the former secretary of state and the mishandling of classified information. according to judicial watch, d.c. district court judge said early discovery in the case only raised more questions about clinton's personal email set up, efforts to circumvent freedom of information act laws and the judge wants more information about a gmail account set up to archive the clinton emails. this is significant, that address mirrors the name of a chinese company. the judge told judicial watch to shake the tree on this issue. judicial watch also reports lawyers for the justice and state departments oppose their
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request for more records. >> sean: catherine herridge reporting in washington, we'll get back to my opening monologue is just a minute but we have other brand-new developments in the epstein suicide. our west coast news man his life in los angeles, what do you got? >> the metropolitan correctional center is known for being understaffed and the way investigations are going, the inmates might be running this place. a number of sources now say there are between 15 and 20 mcc correctional officers who have gotten grand jury subpoenas just in the past week. this all relates to the highly unusual suicide of jeffrey epstein who at the time was the most famous jail inmates in the country. attorney general bill barr has completed a few times about serious irregularities at mcc but the ag then went even further, listen. >> unfortunately there have been some delays because a number of witnesses were not cooperative.
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>> the new subpoenas are part of three separate investigations into epstein's death, already the acting director of the bureau of prisons has been reassigned a muscle has the mcc warden and the two guards who reportedly fell asleep while watching epstein have been placed on leave. worry not, we are told teachers, cooks, nurses, and other staff members have stepped in when necessary to fill guard positions. >> sean: thank you. we do have more on epstein coming up later in the program including a new revelation about the creepiest painting found in the sky new mexico's ranch and i mean creepy. now we turn our attention to the democratic party, nothing but an extension of the press office of the dnc. remember first it was russia, stormy, then it was impeach,
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while the hysteria shifted, the goal remain unchanged. destroy, bludgeon the trump presidency, unfortunately for them all the previous narratives ended in failure, they are trying something new and telling us what they are doing led by "the new york times" after first dedicating their entire newsroom as they say to the conspiracy and hoax. now "the new york times" is shifting their efforts to paint trump and everyone in his orbit as a racist. this is not a revolutionary concept, i have chronicled on this program every two or four years, the left in this country will accuse republicans, conservatives of being racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, they want to kill children, they want drama and grandpa to eat dog food and cat food and throw them over a cliff. as we speak and the democrats around the country are already
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breathlessly accusing trump of bigotry, racism, even anti-semitism, the biggest ally in history for israel is donald j. trump. these phony charges are coming from the same democratic party that is the home to two of the most vehement anti-semites to ever hold public office. that would be congresswoman tlaib and congresswoman omar who are obsessed with hating israel. they both supported the anti-semitic bds movement, a boycott of israel and they compared a boycott of israel to a boycott of nazi germany. they both need an education about the horrors of what happened in the holocaust and what happened in those concentration camps. they shared this anti-semitic content on social media including that cartoon from a holocaust denier, came in second in on a rainy and contest. they were also both blocked on
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entering israel on a trip planned by a radical islamic group that praised suicide bombers and congresswoman omar claimed lawmakers were controlled by jewish money. she tweeted israel hypnotize the world, may allah awake the peo. if to top it all off, they are good friends with the vile activists, linda sarsour. she supports sharia law and blamed her bad reputation on the jewish media. tonight, a simple question to all the democrats, all of you in the media mob accusing trump of anti-semitism, the guy who recognized the sovereignty of the golan heights after so many other presidents promised to move the embassy to jerusalem --
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that donald trump. your accusing him of anti-semitism, where's your widespread condemnation of these two congresswoman? the left's accusations against trump, it matters if he doesn't but on the other side, that selective phony outrage -- if she aligns herself with russian lies, that's fine. don't even talk about the lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of virginia. it's a shameful display of hypocrisy and a double standard. just today and editor for "the new york times" was forced to apologize for a tweet he had sent out in the past that was anti-semitic and racist and don't forget the times was forced to apologize for publishing a horrible cartoon picturing prime minister benjamin netanyahu is trump's seeing-eye dog. we just learned that many 2020 democrats called for a boycott
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of uber and lyft, they spent hundreds of dollars on these car services even on the day they propose the boycott. this came from bernie sanders, the angry socialist himself, just a few hours ago he unveiled his version of the green new deal and the contents are what you would expect from a 77-year-old angry socialist who had his honeymoon in the soviet union. no more oil and gas by 2030. magic planes that don't emit carbon and an end to all unemployment, guaranteed jobs and the wish list goes on and o on. so does the bill, how does that get paid for? its 16.3 trillion with a t, dollars. the entire federal budget is 4 trillion. sanders claims the plan is going to pay for itself with taxes on oil and gas companies, reduced
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military spending and a vague promise of making corporations pay their fair share. can i just put this in context? in 2018 american oil companies made a profit of $28 billion a year, that's a lot of money but the entire budget for the u.s. military is less than $1 trillion. if you do some basic, simple math, you will find out that bernie is about $14 trillion short of his goal. if yes who's going to pick up the bill? he is going to attack the oil and gas companies, corporations don't pay taxes, they pass it on to us. the american people. if bernie sanders becomes your president, your income will disappear and so will the american economy, it will die into a depression, probably immediately if we get rid of oil and gas. if elizabeth warren gets her way, the money saved up in the bank is also going to be subject to a government confiscation tax called the wealth tax. they have already taxed to ed if you are stupid enough to save any money or lucky enough, they
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want another bite out of the apple called the wealth tax. then when you die, they're going to take more, 40% of whatever is left. let's not forget about conrad bill de blasio, the mayor in new york, while homeless americans lined the streets, he is now dedicating public resources to make sure illegal immigrants can access public housing in his city. this all comes as creepy, crazy, sleepy joe biden barely can draw a crowd on the campaign trail, even "the new york times" took notice of his lack of enthusiasm on the ground and without a doubt, the big winner in the democratic primary i would say is president donald trump. here with the reaction, fox news contributor sara carter and charlie hurt author of the upcoming book, still winning. let's start with john's report, pretty and my concern which is -- it's all true, we have all the evidence, we've been bringing it out. we hear lindsey graham's
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comments, are they going to enforce the laws of this country equally? is there going to be equal justice under the law in this country? >> think about this, had hillary clinton won the election, we probably would never know any of us had ever happened. if that is how frightening this is. based on the evidence it has been exposed over the last two and a half years, we have seen a two tear justice system. i think it was quite shocking not just for me but for other people investigating this -- i certainly hope so. i truly believe that attorney general william barr will do the right thing, that he and john durham are conducting a thorough investigation. just look at john's story, what happened? they did nothing. they are burying this, we know christopher wray is fighting, judicial watch and everything else, not to give up any information. all that we can hope is the department of justice does its job, that it cleans house, that
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it exposes those documents that are supposed to be made public to the american people and we know the truth once and for all. we cannot afford to have a two tear justice system because the most important department in this country is the department of justice and that's what we count on, that is the final say. otherwise nothing will happen. >> sean: let's get to the politics side of this. $16 trillion, we are going to eliminate oil and gas, everything is free and guaranteed. every democratic hopeful has expressed some sort of support for the green deal, illegal immigrants, open borders, free health care, on policy, assuming creepy, crazy, lazy, sleepy uncle joe is going to make it -- can they win on those issues? >> the real problem for them is
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this is devastating and a general election when all of these issues like you mentioned, free health care for illegals, open borders, this crazy green new deal nonsense, the elimination of all cows and absurd stuff -- it's terrible in a general election but actually i would argue that it's terrible in the democratic primary. they can't line up a regular democratic voters who would get behind this stuff. i talk to voters all the time, democrats who don't like donald trump and can give you an intelligent argument for why they don't like donald trump and they are getting misrepresented by the leaders of their own party with all of this absurd nonsense and all the stuff about the russia hoax thing, calling donald trump a racist, they don't like donald trump, they don't like him for very specific reasons. when they hear democratic leaders talk about this stuff, they scratch their head and
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wonder what these people are talking about? i think they are doing themselves a tremendous amount of damage for the general election. >> sean: let me go to sarah on this issue. we built our newsroom to cover one story, meaning the russian hoax conspiracy and lying they did for two and a half years, now we have to regroup because things got trickier. there lies didn't come to fruition. now we have to shift our resources and emphasis and take on a different story, the story they picked as racism. they have their own anti-semitism problem but the democrats are quiet on the squad and the two anti-semites there, how do they get away with that? >> they don't. this is coming out publicly, they are filled with hypocrisy. they need to take a look in the mirror and fix the problem of anti-semitism within "the new york times" before they try to go after president trump. it's not going to happen and
6:23 pm
going to work. >> sean: who's the nominee for the democrats? >> it's either going to be biden or whoever replaces him in that lane. >> sean: warren, who do you think? >> i think it's going to be biden too, he is the most centrist. >> sean: i have a hannity monologue on congress when alexandria ocasio-cortez and her comments on the electoral college next. after walking six miles at an amusement park... bill's back needed a vacation from his vacation. so he stepped on the dr. scholl's kiosk. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain. so you can move more. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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>> sean: the democrats are labeling anything they disagree with racist enzymatic.
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alexandria ocasio-cortez is again taking aim at the electoral college claiming it's all a racist scam, take a look. >> it's been a minute, we are coming to you live from the electoral college. many votes here as you can see, a very efficient way to leadership of the country. i can't think of any other way, can you? >> sean: alexandria ocasio-cortez claiming it's racist. we can go back a little bit because i wrote this out perfectly. that sparked a major reaction from lawmakers like a joni ernst who tweeted "limited in the electoral college would silence our voices here in iowa, many other states across the country. just more evidence on how out of touch the democrats have become become." here is the history lesson i wanted, the entire point of the
6:29 pm
electoral college is to give every american in every state of voice to ensure fairness in the political process. let me break it down even further because joni ernst is right. you can't have new york, new jersey, illinois, and california -- the highest taxed states with the most violence, the most anti-second amendment and the most poverty because of their liberal policies -- 13.5% estate tax in california, they don't get to pick the president for the rest of the country. it has nothing to do with race, it's a fair representation for all regardless of whether they live in a big city or that red state called rest of america, flyover country. at the electoral college is about fundamental fairness for those states. i don't think a lot of those states would stay in the united states of america if that was the case. if new york and california were picking the president every time. it's about making sure candidates are forced to
6:30 pm
consider the needs and interests of every voter in every state all across the country not just in big city liberal elite enclaves. the founders understood this, they understood how important the electoral college was to preserve our system of federalism. reckless rhetoric is nothing new, a lot of the squad has comparing -- making these comparisons to nazi germany like the detention centers, that's not nazi germany. those in the squad need to stop comparing everything they disagree with with nazi germany, israel is not nazi germany, that detention centers that have soccer fields, recreational facilities, telephones, tvs, beds, blankets, pillows, baby formula, baby diapers and everything else in between, that isn't auschwitz. stop minimizing one of the biggest mass murders we have ever had in history, the terror, the misery, human suffering and
6:31 pm
murder on a mass scale. don't compare things that aren't on that scale to that. if the squad will like i will pay for their trip, let them go see auschwitz, let them go see what these concentration camps were really like and maybe they can come back and apologize for making these comparisons. maybe they can also be held accountable for their own bigotry, squad members spreading anti-semitic tropes, constantly attacking the state of israel. isn't it ironic the party that claims to reject hate is almost entirely silent when it comes to criticizing their own anti-semitic colleagues? it's because the radicals rule the party. if there is no more room for moderates in this new democratic extreme socialist party. have a front row seat to see all of it. fox news contributor dan bongino along with dr. sebastian gorka.
6:32 pm
it used to be if you made a comparison and minimized the horror of nazi germany, you were held accountable for that. they aren't being held accountable, nor can the democrats in congress call out their own anti-semitic colleagues. >> that's because liberals in the media newsrooms are terrified of them and so are democrats on the hill. that was interesting what you did there putting together some of the aoc stuff because she won a seat in congress. i ran for congress, i lost, i said from the beginning, congratulations, i'm sure she worked hard to do it. it's her responsibility as a powerful member of the united states congress to know stuff and she doesn't know anything. if she demonstrates ignorance that she just's eager to not be
6:33 pm
corrected about. you mentioned her comparisons to the holocaust what that line about the electoral college -- what an elitist snob. if it's not a densely packed area of jackson heights where she's a congresswoman, those people are irrelevant? we have a system of the electoral college because there are regional interests in this country. do you want to new yorkers -- i'm from new york, i love new york and i was born there, do you want them floating on citrus policy for floridians? what about dairy farmer policy for wisconsin? aoc doesn't understand that because he doesn't want to understand that. >> sean: why are people leaving new york, new jersey, california, illinois in droves and why are they going to florida, texas, tennessee, and the carolinas could it be, because those liberal policies rule in those states and people are fed up with it? if you are going to move to any of these states, don't bring your stupid ideas with you, stay where you are. >> leaving those states to go to
6:34 pm
those areas, the founding fathers deliberately protected with the electoral college, they don't want the electoral college because they want to new york, los angeles, and boston to pick the administration for the rest of the human history. you can laugh at the stupidity of aoc who was surprised the vegetable role in dirt or who is never seen a trash disposable l before. but this is serious, 6 million were killed in the holocaust and what you call the facilities that we provide for the feeding end of the care of people who come here illegally concentration camps, you are stepping on the memory, you are soiling the memory of every single child, every single woman, every single man killed by the third reich, they so over
6:35 pm
used the word, they have emptied it of meaning, the president is the most pro-israeli, pro-jewish presidents we have had in these people are insulting the holocaust. >> sean: thank you both. sean spicer set to compete on the new season of "dancing with the stars." on the left, members of the media mob are ridiculing it. i didn't know geraldo rivera once did this, i think we got the video next. straight ahead. announcer: ride the totally realistic traffic jam. ♪ beep, beep, beep, beep children: traffic jam! announcer: and the world's first never bump bumper cars. children: never bump! announcer: it's a real savings hootenanny with options that fit your budget. that's fun for the whole family. announcer: only at progressive par...
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♪ >> sean: the media mob has delivering what is a brutal, downright nasty coverage of
6:40 pm
sean spicer because he announced he's going to be a contestant on the ever important show "dancing with the stars." they are upset about this, watc watch. >> he's not at the top of his career right now, you don't go on "dancing with the stars" when you are at your peak. it's more like dancing with the down and out. >> i give him one episode. >> in the u.k., they would be wanting to punish him particularly if it is not a great dancer. >> not everyone is happy over sean spicer being selected for this gig. some people describe it as a slap in the face. others said they were disgusted by this. >> when you take somebody, particularly why is sean spicer -- he is known for the controversies around his misinforming the country, they are warning that. >> sean: can somebody tell humpty dumpty at fake news cnn, a professional fox hater,
6:41 pm
there's not an hour of their 24-hour day that gets a million viewers, we don't care what you think. sean spicer is more well-known that you are, a lot more well-known. even the show's host is now trashing spicer being on the show, writing on twitter that he disagreed with the divisive casting. everyone is so upset about everything these days. he is responding to the outrage, trying to lower the temperature saying he hopes for a politics free zone. i think he is nuts for doing it, only the latest example of what is selective anti-trump outrage from the media mob, do they really give a rip? no. they want to bludgeon trump as usual paren . we have geraldo the fighter, the best coverage ever willowbrook,
6:42 pm
it really transforms how we treat and deserve our help, -- >> get to the punch line. >> sean: then there is this geraldo on "dancing with the stars" ." here we go. i see the face, there is the dancer. nice face. why are they making a big deal about this? >> why are they making a big deal about sean spicer or me? >> i was a 72-year-old one leg at the man, the only puerto rican in the country who can't dance. it was a lot of fun, the thing about sean spicer, tom delay was on the the show, rick perry wan the show, tom bergeron is a great guy. i think he has fallen into now,
6:43 pm
it's politically incorrect to be welcoming, to be a compromiser, middle-of-the-road. to be a peacemaker. >> sean: hell would freeze over, i'm still not going on that show, not that they even asked me. if i'm sean spicer, you know what i would say? i don't need this show, who cares? do they pay you for that show? >> they pay you something but it's chump change compared to your expenses. it would as an excuse for my family to get together, we had a lot of fun. i got to meet von miller. >> sean: i liked we needed a boxing match too. if i'm sean spicer i say goodbye and let their ratings tank. >> i know he's going to do
6:44 pm
really well at this because of the job requirement for white house press secretary is to know how to dance and he does it very well. i think the media is going to play a role in reelecting the president when they keep this stuff up because people are watching in some cases, they are fed up with it. they know it's fake news, they know they have an agenda. sean spicer wants to go and have a good time with nice people and have fun, that's it. >> sean: you go on there, you have a good time, probably most people make a full of themselves but they enjoyed the process. you get the judges yelling at you. if i'm sean spicer i'm saying you know what? no. all he's going to do is bring interest to the show, it's going to be how to sean spicer do?
6:45 pm
he had a lot of courage when he went on saturday night live, we all need to lighten up a little bit. do you believe humpty dumpty is outraged? or the other guy -- he's a strange guy. i'm like who are you, i'm like oliver who? i don't know the guy. geraldo should he go or not go? >> he should definitely do it, it's a lot of fun. it was just before the election, i got to renew that relationshi relationship. i knew when she was married to the president, it was a lot of fun, i think he should do it. >> sean: jeff, you're going to be next on "dancing with the stars." you might be getting fired from either the white house or fake news cnn. >> i want to see a dance off between geraldo, sean spicer, or
6:46 pm
tucker carlson. >> sean: i don't want to see that. we will put them on fantasy island somewhere, thank you guys. when we come back, in san francisco they have a new term if you are a convicted felon. if it wasn't so insane, it would be funny. gregg jarrett and emily compagno respond, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> sean: i've been pointing out for some time there is a crisis in america's big liberal cities especially in san francisco. the board of supervisors, have now adopted a new measure to refer to convicted felons, a new
6:51 pm
way, "just this involved persons." our own gregg jarrett points out on a brand-new piece, a new failed algorithm system poses serious public safety risks. here with reaction is the author of soon-to-be released sequel to his first number one best seller "witch hunt: the story of the greatest mass delusion and political history." if i say you are a felon, does that mean i'm going to be breaking the next pc law -- i'd break all the other rules, so why not break that one? >> this is political correctness run amok, this is liberal democrats deliberately trying to conceal and disguise convicted felons in the community. that term has a plain meaning that everyone understands but when you change it to one of the recommendations is you must call
6:52 pm
them a returning resident. a potential employer or landlord is saying oh returning from san quentin having done a dime for manslaughter. the liberal democrats in san francisco have turned my city where i used to live from this beautiful pristine place into this post-apocalyptic dystopia, nobody is leaving their heart in san francisco anymore, it's filled with homeless encampments, an infestation of drugs, rampant crime, and filth. it's the equivalent of a garbage dump and it's a tragedy. >> sean: it's a tragedy but it's systematic in all these big liberal cities. >> i agree with both of you, i think it just hurts those that were incarcerated themselves. when you are changing the language from a drug addict to someone who has used substances in the past, that totally
6:53 pm
diverts what should be actual money and programs to that person, how are we to know the needs associated with it? what i find the most reprehensible is the fact that this is hypocritical and it is lip service because yet again there are no fundamental changes to the criminal justice system. have we seen any changes to restitution for the crippling court fees and costs or the degree and quality of food that inmates face in the san francisco county jail? every part of that system is broken and i have enjoyed many sentencings where there is absolutely no sense of fairness or a criminal justice. the fact that it is changing language is ridiculous. >> sean: i know senator tillis talks about a bill that will allow people or victims of crime and sanctuary cities are states to be able to sue, will that pass, will that be legal? >> the way san francisco and
6:54 pm
california is going, yeah, something like that would. we are at the point where i would expect -- go ahead and sue us. >> sean: i would love to see that become law, would that be constitutional? >> absolutely, i would love to see that and i would love to see it pass constitutional muster once it's challenged in federal court because we will see citizens take into their own hands with the city won't do. >> sean: hold the government accountable. as creepy as epstein is, you aren't going to believe the painting he has at his home in new mexico with a young woman and an animal. trace gallagher is back with that report. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
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♪ >> sean: the story around jeffrey epstein's life and death continues to get more twisted, bizarre, and creepy by the moment.
6:59 pm
fox news breaking news correspondent in our west coast news room, i thought the first picture of clinton was creepy. >> it was but it was weird. some of the details are weird, the big painting of former president bill clinton wearing a blue dress, other details -- it's kind of creepy including the revelations inside his home in stanley new mexico, he had a massive painting showing a young woman wearing a wedding ring cuddled up alongside a big cat, it's not to investigators, the photo of the woman in the cat was taken by a contractor who worked at his home back in 2013 and the canvas may pale in comparison to some of his other art, including a giant mural of a prison yard to come up framed prosthetic eyeballs, human dolls hanging from chandeliers, and a scantily clad figurines that appear to be from a tawdry
7:00 pm
version of "alice in wonderland." "the new york times" said epstein had planned to use his sprawling compound to impregnate scores of females in a quest to see to the human race with his dna. >> sean: wow. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is with us. that is so creepy. >> laura: has anyone seen at the cutting edge contemporary art? i don't think what was described would be all that shocking. >> sean: bill clinton in a blue dress with high heels? we are talking about kids here. they deserve justice in this case and i'm glad the attorney general has pledged to do so and i hope he gets to the bottom of anyone and everyone involved in t


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