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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 22, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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version of "alice in wonderland." "the new york times" said epstein had planned to use his sprawling compound to impregnate scores of females in a quest to see to the human race with his dna. >> sean: wow. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is with us. that is so creepy. >> laura: has anyone seen at the cutting edge contemporary art? i don't think what was described would be all that shocking. >> sean: bill clinton in a blue dress with high heels? we are talking about kids here. they deserve justice in this case and i'm glad the attorney general has pledged to do so and i hope he gets to the bottom of anyone and everyone involved in this. be one awesome show.
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you have a great night, i'm a laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. first, obama era waiver allowed to violent criminal illegals to walk free over the last decade until a whistle-blower went to the trump administration to spill the beans. in his first tv interview, he is here to tell us about it. plus a popular online leftist mocked congressman and veteran dan crenshaw war wound and set america deserved 9/11, the congressman is here to respond. in the wake of the shootings in el paso and dayton, we've heard a lot about red flag in domestic terror laws but how can they affect your rights? and maybe even diminish them? a can't-miss debate at the end of tonight's hour for all of you who believe in the second amendment. but first, the left's urge to purge, that is the focus of
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tonight's angle. with liberals having monopolized the fields of journalism, academia, and the entertainment industry for decades, you would think they would be happier people but they are not. in the age of trauma, many democrats, hardcore political activists and the elites in the entertainment industry just seemed miserable and perpetually angry. >> donald trump is a guy who you understand he hurts you and my testosterone sometimes makes me feel like punching him. >> [bleep] >> we need somebody who can take this guy on, and punch him in the face. >> the president is a flaming racist flaming racist. >> laura: they all mouth platitudes of loving diversity but they want none of it.
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they want conservatives banished from the public square and treated like political lepers. if you're a trump supporter, you shouldn't even be allowed to do a guest spot on the tv show. remember when that story broke one former white house press secretary sean spicer would be a contestant in the new season of "dancing with the stars," host tom bergeron protested. >> my preference, it's not my call. other people book the show -- would have been to avoid any political lightning rods. i think dancing at its best is an oasis away from all of the divisiveness and all of the stuff that we are all wrestling with right now. >> laura: wrestling, dancing. right on cue, reporters at cnn vomited out this headline, check it out. it cites nine unnamed sources affiliated with abc's news
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division and one source said it's disgusting to think he's getting on the show and getting paid by our company. it's really the shareholders company, idiot. about half of them will probably vote for trump. what is truly disgusting is the rabid partisanship at a formerly very respected news agency like "abc news" ." nobody had any qualms about hiring george stephanopoulos from bill clinton's white house, and i like him, he's always been kind to me when i've been on abc. he's not a commentator, he's one of the marquee news posts and the left is fine with that. sean spicer, is he going to be attempting the tango? it's somehow an affront to the journalistic integrity at abc. please. yesterday, this is unreal, the miss nevada pageant winner katie williams was stripped of her crown after she dared to express
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pro-trump views on her personal social media account. >> many emails of the coordinators emailing me saying that i'm "too political" to be in the pageant. when i would reply back and ask what i could do or anything else, their basic answer was to delete everything on my page. i asked what was the actual content they didn't like and they would never give me an answer. >> laura: would she have gotten booted if she was a climate change alarmist or at planned parenthood supporter? you know the answer. now miss williams will be joining us and moments to tell us more. even billionaire sports moguls aren't safe from the leftist purge patrol. miami dolphins owner steve ross is being ejected from the league's social justice committee -- by the way, it's committee he founded.
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the reason? he dared to host a trump fund-raiser. [shouting] this blacklisting and intimidation and public shunning as part of a pattern that has intensified since the election of trump. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet, that restaurant, at a gasoline station, you tell them they aren't welcome, anymore, anywhere. >> get up and get up in the face of some congresspeople. >> when they go low, we go high -- no. when they go low, we kick them. >> laura: we know what that hateful talk encouraged, more peace and understanding? we saw prominent conservatives harassed in public.
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[shouting] [shouting] >> laura: these people don't even want conservatives to be able to relax in the sanctityf their own home. >> that's probably what it is. just stab the [bleep] in the heart, please. >> laura: universities don't expect conservatives to get treated any better. [chanting] >> laura: if you are a retiree or a small business owner who donates to trump campaign, you are also not immune. you too can be targeted and even
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doxxed by your own congressman, no less. >> i hope these donors in san antonio and donors throughout the country, unless you support the white nationalism and the racism that donald trump is paying for and fueling, i hope you as a person of good conscience will think twice about contributing to his campaign. >> laura: the same people who blame trump's rhetoric for the recent el paso mass shooting use as he does the most vicious, toxic language to smear their political adversaries. forget the real debate, just smear them. it's all with the goal of making them social and cultural outcasts. ♪ >> god be with you.
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>> laura: they would probably send us all to leper colonies if they could. do they really think most americans support these malicious efforts, their language? i don't. i think our citizens disagree vigorously but they are fair-minded people and they don't like to see their neighbors or friends on both sides of the aisle living in fear of expressing their views. so many conservatives today come up and tell me i'm really quiet about what i believe, afraid of saying the wrong thing at work, they are all afraid come all the time. the cultural and political progressives, i think they ought to be very careful. while demonizing conservatives and driving them underground may feel good to them in the moment, the nastiness may just end up driving more voters into the arms of donald trump. and that is the angle. joining me now with reaction is mike huckabee, 2016 presidential candidate in fox news contributor.
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governor, your daughter has dealt with this. former press secretary to president trump and she will soon or is now a fox news contributor, we are excited about that at the network, she dealt with that and she is likely going to continue to deal with that. what happened to the party of tolerance? >> you just played a whole of great expressions of liberal love. that's what they are all about -- it's tolerance, its diversity, except in their world, diversity means uniformity, tolerance means intolerance and basically a form of utter bigotry. the irony is they don't even understand what bigotry means when they talk about racism, bigotry is racism. what they have is a form of identity politics. let us ask ourselves why are they this way? the reason is when people have a very weak position, they have to raise the volume and express it in a strong way because their argument cannot hold to a
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legitimate discussion. if you look at what these people are advocating, they cannot defend it so the only thing is to silence the voices of dissent and try to make it appear those voices do not exist. it's truly shameful, i feel more sorry for them than i do angry at them and i wish them someday -- >> laura: you're a better person, i don't feel sorry for them. they know what they are doing. it's not just they are angry and want to engage in a vigorous debate. it's not even that they want to silence, they want conservatives, donors to the president, supporters -- they want them removed. they don't want them to have future employment, they don't want them to be in public, they want to drive them underground. i want to play something, this is something joe scarborough said, a former republican, now
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he hangs out with the heavies in manhattan and florida. he is basically warning people implicitly about if you work for this president beware what will happen to you in the future, watch. >> what happens to people who destroy their legacy? does trump thank you for destroying your legacy, by showing you have no respect for the rule of law? what happens to those people? let me answer, they get thrown out. >> laura: essentially, you have no future, you are over. >> what a shame and joe scarborough, shame on him, he knows better. his show has become "morning joke" and he has become the joke. when you have that kind of attitude, when you don't agree with me come you don't have the right to a job, you don't have the right to feed your family or go to a movie, to pump gas in
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your car or to even enjoy a baseball game or to travel through an airport, to change plans, you know have no right e you don't agree with me, that the tragic place for people to get when they are so very threatened by the opinion of someone else that they can't stand it. you are right, i was being sarcastic and snarky but the truth is they want to put people of a differing viewpoint out of business, out of sight, out of mind. they want to bury us. the long-term effect of that is there are a lot of decent, fair-minded people, some of whom are democrats and liberals who can't stomach that kind of hatred, that kind of bigotry and prejudice. they've seen it and how destructive it is and it is going to backfire on them. >> laura: cnn's brian seltzer had an excuse today for why sean spicer dancing on tv is so offensive, watch.
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>> abc has a george stephanopoulos during the clinton years, many examples of this -- the difference with the trump white house is the record of misleading the public. all administration's spin, this administration lies consistently whether it's sanders or spicer or other white house aides and it's all led by the top by the president who lies about the weather and the time of day. >> laura: this from a guy who's network thought that michael avenatti would be a great presidential candidate. who defended one of their anchors who falsely tried to say someone attacked him and gave a racial epithet when in fact there have been been many on te network who have used that term. >> laura: have contributors over at cnn including jim klapper who think most people
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lied before congress. the obama administration had lots of lies -- you can keep your insurance, your premiums aren't going to go up, it was a video that started the attack in benghazi, they have no problem welcoming those people into their ranks. >> to call the president of the united states guilty of treason, that is an offense punishable by death. they say these things, they do these things, they don't understand the irony of looking at their own words and not seeing the hypocrisy of it, not seeing the bigotry of it, the hatred of it, the smallmindedness of it but in the long term, i just believe they are going to bury themselves with their own words. the bottom line, never forget this, they are very weak people with weak positions who can't defend them in an honest discussion and debate, the only thing they can do is yell and scream and try to put the other side out of business.
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>> laura: everybody is a white nationalist who disagrees, it is a tedious refrain and i agreed. the end of my ankle said that, be careful where you are going with this because i think there's a lot of pent up frustration that people have. everyone else can mouth off but they have to be silent. fantastic to see you as always. my next guest is the latest glaring example of the left trying to silence conservatives. katie williams said she was stripped of her title just days before competing in the miss america pageant, all because she supports president trump, she joins me now. it's great to see you tonight. the organizers of the pageant say you signed a contract and you are distorting the facts and the problem is solely your attaching your political views to your pageant's facebook page. what is your response? >> i want to thank you for
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having me on here. i understand what the pageant said. i stand by what i say. i'm a u.s. army veteran and i'm proud of that fact. if everyone else gets to speak their mind, i think i should to too. >> i think what we see is a double standard. if you had posted a few musings about climate change or maybe some support or retweeted a video that was favorable toward planned parenthood or elizabeth warren -- any of those issues. maybe i'm wrong but i think they would have somehow thought isn't it lovely that she's such a vocal supporter of her issues, her truth. if your truth is conservative, there seems to be a different
7:18 pm
standard. >> i agree, i think the american people are sick of it. that they aren't able to speak what they feel, that they are going to get penalized by their jobs. if the american people are as sick of it as i am, they can join me and we can fight together. i want to continue fighting this -- against censorship. >> laura: won the pageant told you to give up your crown, they ask you to agree to this and i'm a lawyer, i loved reading this. they made you agree you will not make any appearances or indicate to anyone that you are or were ms. nevada, 2019. you can't write an agreement like this or post electronically in perpetuity. anything conserving concerninge
7:19 pm
miss america pageant. are you worried their big law firm is going to come after you? i'll represent you pro bono. >> i'm not worried. i have had an overwhelming amount of support from both sides because even though people don't necessarily agree with me sometimes, they agree with my right to free speech. as a u.s. army veteran, i fought overseas to be able to speak my mind, i'm going to continue speaking at spirit of >> laura: i love that parting word, you can never speak in perpetuity. it's called "overbroad," it will never be enforced. thanks so much for appearing here tonight. up next, we have a "the ingraham angle" exclusive. a top government watchdog claims the customs and border protection agency failed to collect dna samples from migrants for decades. the man who blew the whistle on
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the obama era negligence has more to tell us, next. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> the failure to implement this program has a real risk for americans. >> is not a risk, it's factual that since this law was passed
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almost ten years ago, u.s. citizens and lawful permanent residents and others have been harmed and killed by people that cbp had in custody and in many respects on multiple occasions. >> laura: a shocking morning from a government whistle-blower on the decade-long failure of customs and border protection officials to follow the law. and take dna samples from detained migrants. the goal of that program was to prosecute and remove illegals whose dna matched the fbi's violent criminal database. the obama administration put this program on hold in 2010 and as a result, criminals were allowed to walk free in your community. trunk and put a stop to that thanks to my next guest. mark jones is one of the whistle-blowers, he joins us exclusively. how could such a massive problem like this go on for so long?
7:24 pm
>> we have been asked that for many times and we can't get an answer that says why we would allow what was defined as a one year delay go nearly a decade. >> laura: why was it delayed for that year? collecting dna of detained migrants to make sure they aren't already wanted for something in the united states. if everyone watching this is going this is so obvious, it's a typical big government screwup. why was the pause implemented in the first place? >> it was based on exigent circumstances, volume of individuals, time taken to collect the samples. it wasn't necessarily personnel, it was about a 15 minute initial process and over the years, the fbi has reduced that time. >> laura: it's gone back now, you can collect dna samples and match them with alacrity.
7:25 pm
>> the collection is much quicker, it's a 2-3 turnaround for that sample to be identified. >> laura: not bad, not to be totally wonky but read this regulation, it's pretty clear. "an agency of the united states that arrest or the teens individuals or supervises, shall collect dna samples from dna samples that are arrested. for nonunited states persons or detained under the authority of the united states." dhs is the only department that didn't comply with the spirit >> the department of justice became compliant on january 9th 2009. >> laura: this is separate from the collection of dna to confirm family status when we have border crossers who claim family units and often time we find out they aren't family units. what can the trump administration do to make sure
7:26 pm
this is happening right now? >> we filed the complaint with the office of special counsel. this delay was never intended to be permanent let alone a decade. what we could do based on the findings of the special counsel, the secretary could write a letter to the attorney general today and say we recognize this waiver was never intended to be for a decade and order dhs to begin the process of implementation. >> laura: they are overwhelmed with the volume crossing the border. secretary mcelhinney has been on the show before, i want to get to the bottom of this and we really appreciate you sticking your neck out and doing what patriots should be doing inside this government which is pointing out this type of dereliction of duty, malfeasance or sheer stupidity. we appreciate you doing it, thank you for being here tonigh tonight. phelan, juvenile delinquent, conflict, do you see a problem?
7:27 pm
we just talked about something that didn't make sense at dhs but the pc police of san francisco want to redefine how you refer to criminals. according to "the san francisco chronicle," the city's board of supervisors, changing the guidelines and watering down the words as to not offend criminal criminals. can we even say criminals anymore? instead of convicted felons, it's now "justice involved person." instead of juvenile delinquent, it's "young person with justice system involvement." joining me now, victor hansen. i was driving through your neck of the woods, i should've stopped and had a coke with you, driving through your neck of the woods, i got a bird's-eye view on that part of california, modesto -- doesn't san francisco
7:28 pm
have other more pressing problems to solve instead of changing the nomenclature of how you refer to criminals. what is this all about. >> that's why they do it, they can't address the felonies under their noses so they talk about the abstraction. they never read orwell, they don't know anything about animal farm apparently because the lesson was when you can't change reality, you try to debase the language to reflect a fake or alternate reality. the problem is in san francisco it looks like 19th century london or even medieval constantinople. there's traps, needles, thousands of homeless people, we had 200,000 felonies downgraded to misdemeanors as far as property crimes go. san francisco rates amongst the highest city in the united states for property crime. when you are faced with all of that, you say there is no such
7:29 pm
thing as felonies or criminals, there's something else. we sought with the obama administration. man caused disasters for terrorism and workplace violence for fort hood or overseas contingency operations. we see it, the doublespeak and doublethink and newspeak is all over is progressively run cities. i wrote a column on what's called the bloomberg syndrome. when michael bloomberg couldn't get the snow out in 2010 in new york, he started talking about supersized drinks and climate change. when you can't address these existential problems in your city or your locale, you have to pontificate on the paris climate accord or some existential threat to a penguin or polar bear somewhere. it's a psychological mechanism they use to avoid dealing with their failures. >> laura: when i was working at "cbs news," i worked with
7:30 pm
some really nice people. they wouldn't let me say "pro-life" in one of my scripts, they made me change it to "antiabortion rights activists." that's part of it. it's all the euphemistic language into making it all seem like it's something it's not or more pernicious one is not. countering violent extremism instead of fighting terror. it's all of peace. i want to get your response to this news today that many of the illegals arrested in those raids that got a lot of weepy coverage in the media at those processing plants are now accused of using -- shocker -- stolen identities. the left has defended them as innocent victims. >> that's an old story the left keeps trying to hide.
7:31 pm
the irs not long ago reported over a million taxpayer ids that didn't match w-2s and the social security administration said not long ago there were over 30 million come i think it was closer to 40 million fraudulent social security numbers that were circulating. it makes logical sense because of the first thing to do is cross the border illegally and you flaunt of the law and the second thing you do is continue to flaunt to the law by residing in the united states illegally, then the third thing becomes pretty easy, that is to have a fraudulent i.d. and speaking as someone who has had someone steal my i.d. and put their name on checks and still my routing number, it's not a minor crime at all, to wake up and have somebody steal your i.d. if you did it or i that we would be in jail and our careers will be over. if if somebody does it who is here illegally, it's not a deportable offense. >> laura: the left is going to say it's not a crime to steal an i.d. because they are yearning to be free as they steal someone
7:32 pm
else's identity and scrub their social security. >> until it happens to them, then when it happens to them it becomes a felony. >> laura: you are right about that. next, another "the ingraham angle" exclusive, dan crenshaw is here to tell us about it.
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>> laura: the radical left seems to be getting more depraved every day. the latest display, the young turks contribute their on this vulgar rant mocking wounded war
7:35 pm
vent congressman dan crenshaw loosing his eye fighting for our freedom. come of this guy has the understanding of foreign policy of a 12-year-old. didn't he lose his eye because some will hundred been late la. america deserved 9/11, i'm saying it's. >> laura: here to respond to that vile creature is dan crenshaw, what was your reaction when you first heard this. >> he is triggered, wasn't he? that is the definition of a leftist getting triggered, he doesn't like what he's hearing, he disagrees with it, he doesn't understand foreign policy -- i have almost 12 years of
7:36 pm
experience in deploying overseas, maybe that's what he meant. he clearly doesn't know much and when you don't know much about foreign policy, you get really mad when people disagree with you. when you can't argue your point, you tend to insult people. that is the outrage culture we have. he was trying to walk his comments back now, good on him for trying to do that >> laura: that is fine, he's walking his comments back. we have all said things in the past, we shouldn't have ordered it that way -- that's human nature. this was so -- there wasn't a lot of room for nuance there. >> it reflects a very deep anti-americanism that is inherent in some of these left-wing politics. when you say america deserved 9/11, he is trying to say that's not what i meant. he said it was our fault -- not a big difference.
7:37 pm
he doesn't understand history or understand foreign policy, he can't actually make an argument to connect those two things and he says the only reason i'm making the argument is because i lost my eye -- it doesn't make any sense. >> laura: i hate even asking about this stuff because he sounds like a valley girl and he speaks, he's a young man, he sounds pathetic. that's number one, number two, we have to also recognize that this is of a piece, et cetera directory of where we are going under this president. they can't stand that, i don't know what they are going to do if he wins reelection. >> we are triggered constantly, if these small things get them
7:38 pm
riled up, a mentor and what another win in 2020, let's watch them melt down then. this kind of stuff has to stop, we have to be able to have nuanced conversations and when you are talking about "the young turks" in particular, they are highly radical, they're given a platform by youtube tv which is something that is incomprehensible to me, this guy was back on the young turks just now talking about those same comments and trying to defend them. >> laura: youtube would never tolerate anything like that from a conservative, they are deep platform and people all over the place. i think it's the first time on the show and we really appreciate your being here. say high to all of our friends in texas. in the next segment, what would life under bernie sanders presidency really mean? real debate at the right way, when we come back.
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7:42 pm
new deal. he wants to run the whole country on green energy and government jobs for whoever wants them. it's only the latest democrat plan to dramatically reshape the country so what would life actually be like under this plan? here now is matt schlapp, chairman of the american conservative union, monique presley as well is with us. please tell me, everything should get along, we shouldn't have to have any weapons, that would be great. how is this feasible economically and physically possible to accomplish? >> some parts of it are not physically possible to accomplish right now. the plan that he rolled out is one that is going to in my opinion take a lifetime and a few people's lifetimes to accomplish. it is definitely ambitious, it's
7:43 pm
not my favorite out of all the candidates out there who have plans but there are things that are important. recognizing climate is an issue that can no longer be ignored and we can't be in this land of climate change, claimant crisis denying and actually have something left for our children and our grandchildren. in terms of our goals, it's necessary. it can be done. >> laura: by 2050, foley d carbonized. >> we are -- >> laura: i would like to put that into baltimore, chicago, l.a., san francisco, i would like to not fight these foreign wars, bernie and i agree on a lot of military intervention, i'm with him on a lot of that stuff. it is crazy.
7:44 pm
if you want a goal of having a better -- it's fine. but these are facts, these are things he says he can do. >> we have to give him credit. why this is plan cost more? he's the first candidate to say if we are going to d carbonized our economy, we have to do some expensive things. it's not 16 trillion, 2d-carbonized our society, i give them a lot of credit but it is looney tunes. every middle-class family that tries to fill their tank, rich people like the obama's and others. the 1%, the middle class better hold on to their umbrellas because it's going to rain on them. >> laura: they can always figure it out, it's the poor people in the middle class i'm concerned about. apparently the dnc committee on the debate tonight decided they
7:45 pm
aren't doing a debate on climate change dedicated to climate change. as popular as this is especially among young people, that is a big thing. they don't want to talk about this because i think they know if we are mixing my metaphors, radioactive. >> if they don't want to devote an entire debate to it, i wish they had to. it's not something i agree with. >> laura: what does that tell you about their confidence? >> is not confidence in the issue needing to be addressed, its confidence in where it lies among the voters which is what matters. to senator sanders credit, it's an expensive proposition but the reason why it's important. it's not something we can do alone. we can be the best in the world of trying to combat climate change but if the world is and tried to combat it. >> i agree with you. every little drop that we don't used to fuel our economy, somebody else on the globe will
7:46 pm
use. there will be no net benefit. >> laura: we will be energy independent, we've got to give it all up. it's a quote, patrick murray, director of monmouth poland is worried about biden. "i didn't meet one biden voter who wasn't in any way excited voting for biden. if they had to feel somebody from the left who they feel is unelectable getting the nomination. it sounds like hillary clinton, he's hillary 2.0. is there a concern about the excitement cap about voting for biden versus warren? >> i'm not hearing that right now, this is a poll done in iowa, it's talking about a small percentage of biden voters. i think people are more excited to biden and they are committed to biden, that's what matters. that is what is going to turn a
7:47 pm
vote. the excitement cap can go to one candidate and another one and another one and technically -- we haven't even started election season. >> it's joe biden's race to lose, but the problem is doing a pretty good job losing it. >> laura: joe biden doesn't seem like he's into it half the time, i think jill biden should run. she seems more hopped up about it. obama says joe, you don't have to do it. thanks so much. lawmakers propose new bills to combat domestic terrorism after the mass shooting in dayton and el paso. some civil libertarians worrying -- a fiery debate, you don't want to miss it, next. let's take a look at some numbers:
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>> this is a major threat of domestic terrorism. >> we have to develop a piece of legislation that strikes the right balance but gets at domestic terrorism. >> laura: a familiar refrain from the left after the mass shootings in el paso and gilroy, congress will consider several
7:51 pm
domestic terrorism bills. the goal well intentioned enough to identify to stop them. it will empower police to arrest them for crimes in many cases haven't been committed yet. joining me now, the former director of every town for gun safety and eric kratz senior vice president for gun owners of america. should americans be concerned about this increasingly popular idea of declaring certain groups domestic terror groups? >> the definitive study was done by the crime research prevention center and they found these laws don't reduce mass shootings, they don't reduce murders or mass suicides. if there is any area there is in effect, it's in rape and there's a slight uptick.
7:52 pm
these laws are used by men to disarm their female victims and disarm good people like gary willis of maryland, a decent law-abiding -- shot in his own home. when they came to confiscate his guns. it was a family argument and the relative who filed a false claim against him for revenge, they showed up to take his firearms, he answered the door with a gun in hand, that's how most gun owners would answer and they shot him anyway. >> laura: jeh johnson former obama press secretary was on msnbc and he said you've got to be very careful here. you can't criminalize thoughts. you can't criminalize thought connected to action that is criminal but you can't -- even extremist groups cannot do that. he was sounding the alarm and chuck todd didn't know what to do with that.
7:53 pm
are you concerned? you are also a civil libertarian, are you concerned about criminalizing thought? >> i don't think we should do what you are worried about which is name entire groups if they are extremist domestic terrorists. we should take a page from what we have done from what to stopt efforts to stop domestic terrorism, not just people are saying but what they are doing. you have the el paso shooter whose mother is calling the police because she is concerned, and a case like that everyone adds up to a person posing a risk to mother to be something authorities can do. >> laura: is there a crime, a red flag law, any federal law, would that have stopped him? >> there already laws on the books since those shootings, there have been almost 30 people arrested for threats of mass killing and they've done it the old-fashioned way. >> laura: he had something
7:54 pm
written where he was threatening -- he had a rape list. he was banned from school for a year. from making that threat. that seems like someone who needed an intervention. if you do not have a criminal act, that's a criminal threat. if you don't have a criminal act -- >> that's a felony threat, he could've been arrested. >> laura: but he wasn't, people aren't being arrested. that case in florida, parkland, horrible carnage. that kid was shuffled around, he was a huge problem to the school, huge behavioral problem but the school didn't want to report him as a criminal threat because then they get branded an unsafe school. a lot of different dynamics going on here, where is this going to end up? >> there's a lot of support in places you wouldn't expect it, the president is looking closely at it. lindsey graham has proposed it,
7:55 pm
the heritage foundation has produced a report -- as long as there are safeguards that prevent people from getting in trouble, i think we are on the same page. >> laura: in some cases that is obvious, what if some people -- no one is taking my guns away and i'm really mad right now. it's someone who had depressive tendencies in the past -- you can kind of spin out the facts. >> every state that has a red flag law throws due process out the window. they don't have due process and it eviscerates second amendment rights. >> laura: you have to have second amendment procedures. otherwise -- it depends on who is in power. thank you so much for joining u us. the latest red scare from msnbc's tonight's last bite -- you're not going to believe this one.
7:56 pm
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7:59 pm
♪ >> laura: it's time for the last bite. reality still hasn't said and for the mornay morning joe gren phony russian collusion. >> this is what we are concerned about. i do remember a president who seemed as, clearly a willing agent of a foreign government. >> donald trump is beholden to russia, and trump apologists in the media get very angry whenever anybody suggests that and start pushing back. >> if they don't like donald trump or if he is being blackmailed i vladimir putin, then there has been no evidence of that. what is their explanation? >> laura: we had obama actually tell him, give me some flexibility, have more flexibility after the election.
8:00 pm
there is an astonishing lack of curiosity about that. by donald trump, who bars diplomats, posts sanctions, he is the bad guy. unbelievable. raymond arroyo, by the way, he will give us an exclusive preview in l.a. of what is going on. and my new podcast drops today. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. to be i will listen to it tomorrow okay, we begin tonight with a fox news alert. in 2016, hillary clinton supporters demanded that electoral college voters buck tradition and refused to vote for donald trump here tonight, a federal court ruling could make that scenario a reality. it will give a handful of people you've never heard of the power to pick your next president. we will debate. in another move from california progressive's parking backlash tonight. san francisco supervisors say words like a criminal and felon enable racism and supremacy. if


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